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Assignment cover sheets, where can i find cover sheets for handing in hard copies of my assignments.

Copies of cover sheets are usually kept near the faculty or graduate school's assignment hand-in location, or on the relevant faculty or graduate school website.

Please note that not all Schools or Departments require coversheets, and this list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure whether you need to hand in a cover sheet with your assignment, you should contact the subject coordinator.

Faculty of Arts

Forms which are specific to your studies in a particular area can be obtained online from the relevant Faculty or Graduate School's website.

  • Extension forms 
  • Essay/assignment cover sheets
  • Thesis forms

Faculty of the Victoria College of the Arts and Music

Assignment cover sheets are located on the Faculty of VCA & MCM website :

  • VCA subjects
  • MCM subjects

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Assignment cover sheets can be downloaded from the  LMS .

Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Melbourne School of Health Sciences

Where required, assignment cover sheets can be downloaded by students via the LMS . Many subjects in this school do not require cover sheets, as assignments are handed in digitally via Turnitin. If you are unsure whether you need to prepared a cover sheet, please contact your subject coordinator.

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Faculty of science, melbourne school of engineering, school of veterinary science, faculty of business and economics.

Most of this Faculty's assignments are submitted online only. When required, assignment cover sheets can be downloaded by students via the LMS . Please check with your tutor or subject coordinator to confirm the submission method of your assignments.

Melbourne Law School

Assignment cover sheets are no longer required.

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assignment cover sheet - School of Social and Political Sciences

assignment cover sheet unimelb

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Faculty of Health Sciences

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  1. Assignment Cover Sheet Unimelb

    assignment cover sheet unimelb

  2. Assignment Cover Sheet

    assignment cover sheet unimelb

  3. Assignment Cover Sheet

    assignment cover sheet unimelb

  4. Assignment Cover Sheet

    assignment cover sheet unimelb

  5. Assignment Cover Sheet Unimelb

    assignment cover sheet unimelb

  6. Engineering Assignment Cover Sheet Unimelb

    assignment cover sheet unimelb


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