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Classify Jobs by Type

classification of jobs essay

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Early childhood professionalism essay.

By definition, a teacher is someone who provides educational instruction and communicates lifelong lessons. To me, teachers are much more than that. Teachers can touch base on topics you normally wouldn’t find in a text book. The purpose of education is not to fill the minds of children with facts, but to teach them how to think for themselves. Teachers can inspire children to be proud of who they are and help them overcome their adversities. I have chosen to go into this field because I want to help get children ready for an important part of their lives. Watching my son grow and having the privilege of being able to see how his young mind is starting to put pieces together has made me want to be a part of that for all young…

Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

* Select jobs that allow you to have the leeway to work as hard as you want and in which you are encouraged to measure your own productivity. You will feel challenged and alive in these environment.…

Top 5 Careers: A Career As A Therapist

There are a million different types of careers in the world to choose from. In this essay you will see the top 5 careers I chose which fits me best. These careers are; a Nurse Practitioner, Realtor, Event Planner, Dermatologist, and a Sports Physical Therapist. Even though these jobs are in different fields, they still attract my interest in each and every way.…

Prize Giving Harwood

People representing two worlds- Intellectual versus creative. We must understand and develop both of these characteristics in order to develop wholely.…

Inclusive Practice

The very basic purpose of a teacher is to convey information from one medium, whether that 's a book, a syllabus or themselves, to the student through a relatable manner. This relatable matter can come from many sources, but mainly from the teacher support that is provided through the school and the curriculum (…

Jacqueline Maldonado Resume 1

Creative (hands on) can be efficient, useful and committed to my team members, managers with new ideas to bring such as productively for the company to be recognized. Organized (motivated) to best of my ability; learning my sales professional with 3 years of sales representative experience. Positive (energy) lastly but more importantly with persuading my customers with a welcoming greeting. To persuade them with promotions and introduce my name…

C. In addition, living in the city is also easy for getting information from everywhere or…

Career Assessment Paper

The results from the survey gave me a better understanding of my interest in the career field. When exploring each personality profile, I discovered that the letter “C” profile offered the most types of careers that would best suit my interests. The career that I selected from the list was the career of computer operator. Computers play a large part in our society today. They are used for various personal and business reasons and many people would find it difficult to live without them. For this reason, computer-related jobs are quite prominent in the job market. A computer operator has various duties depending on their specific job title and place of employment.…

Activity 11 Identify Four Possible Consequences

4. Job roles-the specific learning needs of each job or group of jobs. All the employees responsible for creating new stationery designs are likely to…

For example the employees that work in web design and desktop publishing will be known to be creative in that area as they can come up with lots of unique ideas to make the web design or desktop look really good. But there is lots of other ways in being creative. For example you can just be creative by coming up with ideas for new products or even improving old products or services.…

Anesthesiologist Career

Many people don't know that many career pathways available to them,Therefore the purpose of the purpose of this paper is to introduce five careers that people may have not considered ,which is assistant anesthesiologist,clinical phycology,fashion designer,college professor and chef.…

Career Interest Profiler

The results from my interest profiler were enterprising occupations, social occupations and conventional occupations. Enterprising occupations include starting up and carrying out projects. These occupations can involve leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business. Social occupations frequently involve working with, communicating with, and teaching people. These occupations often involve helping or providing service to others and conventional occupations frequently involve following set procedures and routines. These occupations can include working with data and details more than with ideas. Usually there is a clear line of authority to follow.…

Personal Narrative: A Career As A Surgical Assistant

There are many jobs to choose from to fit every persons personalities and the way people interact with people.…

Robert Reich's Work of Nations

The last job is the symbolic analytic service worker. People in this category are problem-solving, problem-identifying, and strategic-brokering workers. Their services can be traded worldwide and compete with foreign markets. Things that are traded are not physical or commercial things but rather data, oral and visual representations. Jobs included in this category are research scientists, design engineers, software engineers, civil engineers, biotechnology engineers, sound engineers, public relations…

Systems and Operations Management Mercedes Benz

Aswathappa.K, (2006), ‘Job Analysis and Job Design’, Human Resource and Personal Management, 4th Edition, pp.93-125, India: Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited.…

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Essay On Job Classification

RECRUITMENT PROCESS Job classification is to group job positions and then value them in a fair and transparent manner according to various functions as well as geographically. Job titling is to provide a title to each job classification in order to define and recognise the responsibility and level of the position. At ArcelorMittal, they use a customised statistical tool known as the LDA methodology which rates the function of the job, its content and the responsibility involved. Factors such as value added by a given business area, scope of function covered by the position, level of skill and professional know-how, geographical scope of the position – regional, national or global, autonomy – reporting levels and several Macro and Micro-economic environmental accountabilities and challenges are considered to obtain a numerical value termed ‘JOB POINTS’, based on which jobs are then classified. After this step an evaluation is carried out by the current incumbent and the manager in order to have a detailed understanding of the position. A report is then prepared on the...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that job classification is to group job positions and then value them in a fair and transparent manner according to various functions as well as geographically. job titling defines and recognises the responsibility and level of the position.
  • Explains that factors such as value added by a given business area, scope of function covered by the position, level of skill and professional know-how are considered to obtain 'job points', based on which jobs are then classified.
  • Explains that an evaluation is carried out by the current incumbent and the manager in order to have a detailed understanding of the position.
  • Explains that arcelormittal's 'resourcing' process involves attracting, selecting and inducting suitable candidates. each applicant is treated with fairness and diversity is central to the recruitment process.
  • Explains that before external recruitment, internal candidates are considered and those meeting job requirements are given preference. job rotation is also a means of improving skill and encouraging greater involvement by an individual.
  • Explains that talent identification and development, from outside or internally, is considered one of the key challenges for businesses today. arcelormittal aims to develop people for future advancement in business and technology by making available career development opportunities.
  • Explains that selection from within the company is most favoured. individuals showing the ability and aspiration to rise and succeed at the next level position are immediately recognised and offered opportunities to grow.
  • Explains how skill gaps are identified and candidates with skills required to fill them are chosen. based on the report analysing job competencies, an interview is setup.
  • Explains that each candidate is interviewed by a minimum of two people apart from the hr representative and manager of the respective department. the interview is conducted in accordance with the national labour laws.

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FastCat Pay Structure

The four categories do have different requirements per job. The knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics have to be considered in each position. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to use different grades per job family. It is important to have each grade clearly defined so that the route of the career path is easily understood by all members of the organization. The steps to promotion should also be clearly defined. If employees understand how they can improve and move up in the company then that will lead to an increase in employee productivity and motivation.

Importance Of Recruitment Process In Tesco

Firstly, Job Analysis selecting a suitable job analysis method depends on the structure of the organization, hierarchical levels, nature of job and responsibilities and duties involved in it. It involves collecting and recording job information, checking the job information accuracy using this information to determine their skills and abilities (Hrwale, 2011). The job description is basically an outline of how

Tomx Corporation Case Study: Tomax's Business Strategy

Once the system has been put into place, it is rather easy to use. The main advantage of the point system is that it is a more precise way to evaluate a job. It is a more comprehensive job evaluation system in that it includes the talents, energies, duties and working environments from one job to the next. Financial responsibility, leadership, collaboration and other key indicators are included as well. The fourth type of system is the Work Evaluation system and this system measures a job’s value through its importance to the business and the goals set forth. By using this type of system, an energetic business can truly see how a job contributes and relevance in attaining the company goals or objectives. The disadvantage to this type of evaluation is that certain jobs that are important and needed are overlooked due to the main focus on its worth to helping the company achieve its

Purpose Of Job Description

The job description is useful to explain the scope, purpose, duties and responsibilities of a specific job.

Job Analysis Essay

Job analysis can be defined as a method used to describe the specific role of a job, and the attributes necessary to properly perform the tasks needed to complete that job. A job analysis method answers criteria about a job such as: the job description, the tasks needing to be done while on the job, the length of time needed to accomplish mandatory tasks, how difficult the job is, length of time needed to learn how to complete the job, and personal characteristics needing to be attained for a higher performance level. Defining a formal job analysis consists of three main elements. First, the procedure must be systematic. Second, a job must be described in components rather than the overall job. Lastly, the analysis results in a written product.

performance apraisal critique

The supervisor and the employee review the job description standards and compare the employee’s accomplishments against the standards set. The data comes from established performance metrics, employee self-assessment and customer or coworker feedback from daily activities.

Three Types Of Personnel Strategies For Position Classification

Job analysis helps determined selection criterion that is both legal and practical for the selection process. This process also aids in identifying and detailing competencies needed to perform the job as well as any gaps that exist between those competencies and incumbent performance, this is crucial information for training and development. The identifying of concrete standards and cataloging evaluation criteria is another use for job analysis, this can potentially aid with employee appraisals. Lastly, job analysis is critical in making reasonable accommodations for those individuals who are disabled and in the redesigning jobs

Performance Appraisal of Agilent Technology

3.     Paterson, T. T. 1972, 2nd edn, Job Evaluation: A New Method. Business Books Limited, London.

James Hotel Case Study

Step one: Job analysis process should be undertaken by figuring out what is it needed to develop for the job. What is required for the job and is it aligning with the business strategies. It is important that the job analysis is linked with the organisation’s mission and values, because it represents what the hotel stands

Understanding Job Analysis: Importance and Applications

The job analysis is a source used to heighten an organizations understanding and improve performances. It is a critical piece of information that can reveal hidden truths about an employer and their employees’. Although, some people or organizations challenge the process, it is needed to maintain structure and order. The job analysis not only provides stability, but direction and knowledge of the employees’ position in an organization, which can make performances easier to achieve. The organization that has an understanding and direction as to how to apply a job analysis is sure to conquer all odds and discrepancies. The correct strategy will help employers and employees overcome and improve the job analysis process.

Employee Motivation: The Two Levels Of Job Satisfaction

First is the single global rating which is a response to a question like, “How satisfied are you with your job?”. Staff are supposed to circle a number between 1 and 5 on a scale from “highly dissatisfied” to “highly satisfied”. The next method, the adding up of job facets, is more complicated. It identifies key elements in a job such as the nature of the work, opportunities, relationships with co-workers, present pay, supervision, and promotion.

Importance Of Job Analysis In Human Resource Management

This essay underscores a number of somewhat recent developments in the area. As we have mentioned, there are a number of different conclusions that must be drawn while doing a job analysis and when there is no single standard or test for judging accuracy of its result. There are different models for analysis the jobs and related tools to gauge their respective accuracies. It is upon the job role and the researches what method does they adopt and how do they approach the

Recruitment And Selection Process Essay

Job description is a sum up of a job that is in the recruitment, in this description, employees will write down the job title, so applicants will able to understand what the job is about. Also, the department, applicants should know where would they work if they were going to work in that organization. Next i...

Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal is considered a key tool for managerial needs of today’s organizations. Performance appraisal is the process by which organizations evaluate job performance. Usually a performance appraisal system requires a manager to rate each employee’s performance according to performance criteria’s that have already been established over a period of time. Performance appraisal systems also provide a basis for planning improvement as well as means for determining merit increases, transfers and even dismissals.

The Importance Of Job Evaluation

According to Chaneta (2014), job evaluation is the process of analyzing and assessing the relative worth of various jobs in an organization for the purpose of comparison and pay grading, and based on qualifications and skills required for a range of jobs. In other words, it forms the basis for pay and benefits negotiation. It helps to compensate employees accurately based on their job grades or values, and hence avoid issues of inequity and indifference at the workplace. To ensure effective job evaluation process, market-driven and job worth systems are largely used. While market-driven system is determined by the existing pay grade or structure in the opened market based on workforce demand and availability for particular positions, job-worth system depends on the value of the job or position to the organization. Both systems can be influenced by the external labor market and there become difficult for managers to apply as they would be torn between fulfilling internal and external demands. Another significant resemblance between market-driven and job worth systems is that they both require the same qualifications and other characteristics from the job performer as the basis for occupying a specific position. For instance, before HR practitioners decide on which system to use to determine Quality Specialist 's pay, they must make sure the potential worker has the job requirements and competencies to execute the job. One of the criteria for rewarding an employee is his or her ability to complete tasks in a proficient, productive, and effective way (Kaifi, Khanfar, Nafei, & Kaifi,

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Employment Categories: Classifying Workers Essay examples

  • 2 Works Cited

Facially Discriminatory

Employers that base employment decisions, including hiring and promotion, on protected class characteristics are engaging in disparate treatment. When they do so overtly and argue that it is necessary to limit a particular type of employment to people with specific protected class characteristics, this type of disparate treatment is termed a facially discriminator policy or practice. An important, but limited, defense is available to employers that adopt facially discriminatory requirement is legal. If an employer can show that a particular protected class characteristic is a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) for the job in question, the facially discriminatory requirement is legal. According to the Title VII of the Civil Right Act,

Explain Why Do You Need To Know About Err

employed by an agency; a home worker ; a part-time worker ; a casual worker ; a pieceworker ; a worker on a short-term contract

Essay about Workers Compensation Fraud

 Misclassification of workers. Employers can either classify workers as independent contractor or misrepresent the work performed, which places workers in a less hazardous occupational category. Both of these tactics are intended to avoid or reduce premiums.

Tanglewood Case 5

EEO states which is that EEOC is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person 's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. These laws apply to all types of work situations, including hiring, firing, promotions, harassment, training, wages, and benefits.

The Aspects Of Employment Covered By Law

Employers have legal obligations, when drawing up a job description. The law states that employers must not discriminate against a persons, age, race, sex, religion or disability.

3mer Guidance Leaflet

* 3 different types of employment status and 3 reasons why it is important to clarify/determine an individual’s employment status

Three different types of employment status are an employee, a worker and self-employed. An employee can be part-time, full-time, permanent or temporary. They will work under a contract of employment which can be written or verbal. They have full rights. All employees will be workers but not all workers are employees. Workers do still have some rights. Workers will be working under various contracts. Workers do have part rights. This is one

3mer Assignment

Understanding your employment status is the first step to finding out what rights and protection you may have at work. Each type of employment status has different legal rights and will determine your rights at work.

Unit 5 - 3mer - Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations

Employee – this is the most common status and applies to the largest group of people within the workplace. You are defined as an employee if you are working under a contract of employment. Your employer is obliged to deduct income tax and national insurance contributions from your wage before paying you. You are entitled to all minimum statutory employment rights including statutory sick pay and statutory redundancy pay.

Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations – 3mer

Temporary contracts, like fixed term contracts are usually contracted for a specific period of time. Temporary workers can be seasonal, contractors/freelancers, casual and/ or agency workers.

3MER Assignment

The definition of 'employee' and 'worker' differs slightly from one area of legislation to another, but generally workers have less rights

The Employment Status Of Workers Essay

It is certainly true that the current law defining the employment status of ‘workers’ is uncertain, as it is wholly inflexible to deal effectively with cases of non-standard forms of employment, atypical workers, for example: agency workers, part-time workers, fixed-term workers, as required workers and homeworkers. Thus, reform is necessary to redress the concerns of lack of legal certainty in relation to this area of the law.

Employee Behaviour Essay examples

Employee Behaviour Works Cited Missing Introduction To organizations, humans are wonderful resources, because they are compact and multi-purpose, capable of simple manual tasks or dealing with complicated machines. However, there is a problem - how to get employees work effectively and productively? Is their behaviour just a reflection of individual differences?

Essay on Employment and Labor Laws

  • 7 Works Cited

Employment or labor laws have been developed to facilitate smooth relationship between employers and employees. Employment laws provide rules and regulations that should govern both the employer and the employees in their places of work. Employment laws discuss issues related to child labor, wages and salaries, retirement, working conditions, compensations, incentives and employment benefits among others. The major objective is to ensure the employer does not exploit the employee and on the other hand, the employee honors the terms and conditions of the job as presented by the employer.

Labor Law Ch 7 Review

1. those who are engaged to perform necessary or desirable activities for trade of employer, except when employment is fixed for specific term or project

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Types of Jobs in Business - Essay Example

Types of Jobs in Business

  • Subject: Miscellaneous
  • Type: Essay
  • Level: Masters
  • Pages: 2 (500 words)
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  • Author: kozeymaggie

Extract of sample "Types of Jobs in Business"

“Many businesses are for-profit organizations as opposed to a non-profit organization or hobby job” (Free Advice). The concept of a joint venture in businesses is getting very popular because it allows an individual to share the expenses of running the business with other individuals with investments, though the profit is also shared in accordance with the percentage of investment. A businessman’s job is to supervise things. A businessman either takes contracts or does his/her own work with personal investment. To get the work done, the businessman has to recruit a workforce and fulfill such legal obligations as insurance of work and workers’ compensation. There is no limit to what a businessman can earn. In fact, the business may also end up in loss incurring the businessman a lot of money after all the effort he/she may have put in.

A biologist is a scientist who studies organisms to produce results of biological significance. The fundamental objective of a biologist is to determine the impact of the environment upon organisms and of organisms upon the environment. The field evolved as more research was done to see how organisms function. The job of a biologist that does apply research is to find out innovative treatments and cures for medical conditions. Some biologists supervise the research and coordinate things among the parties involved, thus playing the role of a manager in the process. The US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics tells that the annual salary of a biologist on average is nearly $57000 (“Biologist Salary”).

A computer programmer’s work is to develop programs that can be applied for enhancing the efficiency of a business. A host of languages including Visual Basic and C are used by the computer programmer to develop software for particular works. The computer programmer develops and controls pages. Popular languages of web programming are Ruby and Python. A computer programmer has to abide by strict deadlines and he/she has to deal with a lot of pressure. “A computer programmer's salary can range from $50,000 to upwards of $100,000 per year, and freelance programmers can earn about $50 an hour” (Casuto).

The business provides an individual with freedom (Burrows) as compared to doing the job as a biologist or a computer programmer. In business, the individual is the owner whereas, in the other two, he/she is the employee. Nevertheless, business requires investment as well as experience for an individual to be successful in it, whereas the individual can start work as a biologist or a computer programmer as a freshman. A businessman’s revenue sees fluctuations throughout the year whereas a biologist and a computer programmer get fixed salaries.

  • The Python Programming Language Computer Science
  • Cited: 0 times
  • Copy Citation Citation is copied Copy Citation Citation is copied Copy Citation Citation is copied

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To what extent does personality predicts employee performance, types of unemployment, time and stress management and personal effectiveness, holland's theory about human nature and job seeking, types of compensations to motivate employees, steve jobs leadership style based on apple business strategies, companys employment of the correct type of organizational structure, leadership style of steve jobs.

classification of jobs essay

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Compare and Contrast the Various Employment Classification Essay

Compare and Contrast the Various Employment Classification Essay

The Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA) was set up to guide in the understanding of the different types of employment and also to provide all the laws that aid in determining the minimum wage, the number of hours worked, employment issues and even things that have to do with overtime pay. The standards that are under this act make it clear that all the employees are supposed to be treated according to its tenets, and it cuts across those who are in the private and public sector. Also, the act is still administered with respect to the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labour (DOL).

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There are three types of employment classification and they include, exempt, non-exempt and independent contractor. In exempt type of employment, the employees are supposed to primarily perform work that has not been subjected to any form of overtime provisions that are under the FLSA (Acs, 2004). FLSA does not support anything that has to do with overtime, and therefore it exempts the employees from the same. In this type of employment, the employees are also not allowed to take part in activities that will endanger their lives regardless of the fact that they will be paid by the management or not. In that case, it means that the employees only take part in activities that are in line with provisions of the law and the kind of pay that they get is also settled by the law. The positive aspect of this form of employment is that it facilitates better forms of compensations to all regardless of the positions that they hold. The negative aspect that it bears is that the employees are not free to exercise any overtime services as they will not be paid even if they want to.

On the other hand, the non-exempt is similar to the exempt when looked from the perspective of the kind of work that they do and also the kind of pay that they get. In this case, there is the difference that exists between non-exempt and exempt in that in non-exempt, the workers spend more time at work as the aspect of overtime is supposed by the FLSA. The employee is therefore supposed to work for overtime, but he or she is supposed to be paid for that. The university employees work under this type of employment as they are supposed to stay at work until the management feels that everything has been accomplished according to the set goals (White & Vanc, 2010). The main advantage or positive aspect of this form of employment is that it allows the employees to be compensated if they happen to take part in an activity that was not in the contract. The negative aspect of this employment is that employees are restricted from getting payments if they fail to work for overtime if it is a mandate of the organization.

Some tests are run to determine whether employment is exempt or non-exempt. Some of them are the executive test, the profession test, the administrative test, the outside sales test and the computer test. Those who qualify to work under the exempt employees are supposed to be able to manage all the issues that are connected to the enterprise, and they are also given the opportunity to hire or fire some employees in that line (Scherer, 1967). On the other hand, those who qualify for non-exempt are those who cannot practice independent judgment when it comes to issues that are of much significance to the organization. In that case, it means that those who are in the exempt form of employment enjoy more benefits as compared to those who are in non-exempt.

There is also the independent contractor form of employment which entails a situation where a person or business takes part in the provision of goods and services to different entities under some terms that supports the running of activities. In this case, the person of business is free to either work for overtime or not as they are the ones who determine the kind of pay that they will get. In that case, FLSA has not put in place too many rules that are supposed to be followed under this form of employment. This form of employment has got an advantage in that the forms of compensation that have been put in place vary depending on the workload. Also, the E-benefits can be seen from the state where the employees can get there issues handled from an online perspective (Scherer, 1967). The negative aspect of this form of employment is that it does not facilitate changes that have been put in place by FLSA regardless of the hardships that come along.

All the three employment classifications are guided by the FLSA which makes sure that the needs of employees are handled in the right manner. The compensation in that aspects differs in all of them, but this is also guided by the rules and regulations set up by the specific organizations. Also, they are similar when looked from the e-benefits that are attached to all the employees in that line.

  • Incidence of Full time They are still exempted if the pay is on a salaried structure They are still non-exempt if the pay goes below the boundary that has been set by the organization. They are either exempt or non-exempt depending on the rules.
  • Incidence of Part time They are still exempted if the pay is on a salaried structure They are still non-exempt if the pay goes below the boundary that has been set by the organization. They are either exempt or non-exempt depending on the rules.

Jobs by definition Teachers, lawyers, government jobs Hourly paid jobs, customer service representatives, cleaning staff Teachers, lawyers, government jobs, Hourly paid jobs, customer service representatives, cleaning staff

Acs, Z. (2004). "Employment growth and entrepreneurial activity in cities." Regional Studies, 38(8), 911-927

Scherer, F. M. (1967). Market structure and the employment of scientists and engineers. The American Economic Review.

White, C., & Vanc, A. (2010). "Internal communication information satisfaction, and sense of community, and sense of community: The effect of personal influence." Journal of Public Relations Research, 22(1). 65-84

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Classification of Employability Skills

Essay deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches, and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.

Employability skills are a range of skills that will allow a person to perform different jobs well. These are essential to be able to work effectively in a modern workplace. You can subdivide employability skills, I explain them below. Suitable qualifications. For different types of jobs there are different types of qualification required. Egg. Professional careers such as accountancy, human resources and marketing employers will often look for candidates with problem solving and critical skills who have at least A- level.

To work at TNT as Junior Legal Counsel you need a completed education business economics and you need National and/or international law degree. Experience in similar job roles. If you have done a similar work in a organisation, it should indicate that you can do this again in a other organisation. When you are applying for a job, you should thing about what experience you already have and if some of those experiences also can be successful in the new role.

If you already worked in the same industry, you should make this very clear in your CV and letter of application because such experience could be very valued for the prospective employer. Experience of specific industry. If you can show that you have worked in a specific industry before, you should demonstrate this when you are applying for a job. If you already have worked in the same industry, employers do not have to train you again.

classification of jobs essay

Proficient in: Communication

“ Have been using her for a while and please believe when I tell you, she never fail. Thanks Writer Lyla you are indeed awesome ”

TNT would appreciate experience.

This means that a person is able to handle the functions that are described in the advertisement. Knowledge of services and products. To improve your chances by obtaining for a job if you can demonstrate a sound understanding of the products or services the company provides, so product knowledge is essential, especially if you want to work in a customer service role. TNT provides services. TNT has a website with a lot of information about all their insurances and services they provide, so you can read about the product you sell.

Effectiveness in meeting personal and team’s or departments targets. Meeting targets is essential for every business’s success, and employees must be able to meets targets too. If there is worked for targets in your previous jobs too, you should be able to explain how successful you have been in your job-interview or letter of application. TNT asks for someone who is not going to be stressed out at the end of the deadline. Planning and making schedules are necessary. Ability to observe and raise professional standards of production or service delivery

Employees who are able to work consistently with the standards of the organisation will be appreciated by the organisation, which aims are to improve the standards by suggesting and the implementation of better ways of doing the job are even more successful. Candidates who can describe or demonstrate how they have done this in previous posts will undoubtedly improve their chances of being employed. It’s not very useful to immediately wanting to improve standards by suggesting and implementing thins at once. When you are new, you first need to observe the company. Personal skills

Certain skills will be beneficial regardless of the job or career that you pursue and these transferable personal skills make a candidate attractive to a new employer. Hardworking and patient. Someone who gets a lot of work done is bound to be valued, if those workers spend much time with answering their mobile phones & surfing the Internet during working hours will not make a good impression. So have a good handle against the distractions of modern life. Patience is also required in many jobs, especially if you are dealing with members of the public! It’s not only TNT who needs people that are hardworking and patient.

Every manager would like these skills. It’s good for the organisation. Good interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills can enable us to get working along with other people, promoting good relationships at the workplace and enable us to do the work better or more efficiently. Some people are naturally good to get on with others and encourage colleagues, but it is possible to learn good interpersonal skills. If you think your skills in this area could be lacking it worth it will be active to them; these opportunities will make you more employable and will also allow you to do a better job.

Some interpersonal skills are very simple, such as smiling. A cheerful smile can split up barriers and encourage someone to listen and speak to you, remind yourself to smile because it is a good is beginning for improving tour interpersonal skills! TNT asks for good communications skills, you need foot interpersonal skills for this. Able to work as part of a team. Interpersonal skills will be crucial to your ability to work effectively in a team of people, but a series of skills and other considerations are also important.

By TNT you’re going to work in a central team of 4 lawyers assisted, teamwork is really important. Negotiation. Another useful skill for a worker is the ability to negotiate effectively. Negotiating deals with a subject with a view to some agreement or a common ground. At the beginning of the negotiations concerned parties usually have very different opinions about what should be done so that the art of negotiation is to find common ground that both parties can agree on – making it a ‘win-win’ situation.

Negotiation is the process of consent and may therefore be useful for resolving conflicts between members of staff, agreeing personal or departmental objectives, agreeing the financial resources and interviewing, especially for new employees. It may also be useful to personally negotiate salary increases and better working conditions. TNT don’t need someone who can negotiate very well. Interview skills. Interviewing skills can be useful in some contexts. Being able to interview clients or customers actually encourages the sale or improving relationships with customers will be useful for many organizations.

Moreover it will be a plus for the effective identification of the best candidates in the interviewing of potential new employees or dealing with situations for the assessment of the current members of the staff. TNT like to have them but for this advertisement it’s not necessary. Communication skills Formal and informal communication Formal communication includes board meetings, letters, formal reports and presentations. With formal communication you need to use specific formats and follow acceptable rules and conventions.

Informal communication doesn’t follow any prescribed conventions or formats and often happen spontaneously. Because TNT ask for a responsible attitude, you need to use clear communication to everybody so that everyone can understand what you are doing. Non-verbal/verbal communication methods Non-verbal communication involves written communication. Mostly common methods are letters, memos, reports, invoices, flow charts, publicity material, email, text messaging and web pages. Verbal communication involves those using the human voice such as presentations, interviews, meetings, telephone calls and video conferencing.

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Classification of Employability Skills

Jobs and Their Salaries in Canada Classification Essay

Statistics on low paying jobs, statistics on high paying jobs, discussion on effects of low paying jobs, works cited.

Everyone has to work if they are to survive and live a good and decent life as a human being. Jobs are the work we do for pay. Jobs have been have been listed as one of the basic needs of life after food, shelter, clothing, and security.

The amount of pay received when one has completed the work assigned to them determines whether the person will feel appreciated and motivated to perform any other task given to them.

Their ambition, hard work, loyalty and pride in the work they do are also determined by the returns that they get after completing their job or in the stipulated time of payment, these returns should be adequate to ensure that a worker has a better standard of living. In Canada today different jobs have different salaries, there are those that are highly paid and those that are lowly paid.

Lowly paid workers in Canada are not only teenagers, school and college dropouts, or the less educated as many people have assumed. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in its recent studies has found out that seventy five percent of new jobs created in Canada in the last one year paid wages that were lower than the average standard.

Most low paying jobs are in the industrial sector, in leather and cloth manufacturing, food and accommodation services, management support, retail and other agricultural sectors.

These jobs pay below ten dollars per hour (Human Resources and skills Canada 3). Some of these jobs in the service industry include hotel cooks, chefs, counter attendants and cashiers, retail salespersons and clerks, security guards and general farm workers.

These jobs are mostly taken on a part time basis rather than fulltime jobs because their pay is so low that they cannot fully satisfy an individual’s need (Kerstetter110).

Although most of the jobs with low salaries do not have unions, others like school teachers and language teachers in colleges. Clerical and junior administration jobs are also in the category of low paying jobs especially when the jobs are full time.

It is important to note here that low paid workers are mostly female and many of them are above the age of 35. Most of them tend to stagnate in these positions even after they have increased their knowledge and skills on the jobs that they do through getting diplomas and other certificates.

Apart from experience, education level also plays an important role in determining the amount of pay received in particular jobs. College graduates are among the highly paid workers in Canada, most of them receive over a hundred dollars of average annual income.

Among those topping the list are engineers in the IT, chemical and manufacturing, oil and petroleum and other sectors with the highest salaries. This could be because of their small population and the lack of competition in their fields.

Engineers constitute less than two percent of undergraduates. Considering an individual’s position in a company or industry, salaries can vary according to the sales capacity and the market of goods especially in the private sector (Black 251).

Workers in the health sector also receive significantly high salaries as compared to other fields with specialist physicians earning about 180 thousand dollars of annual income, dentist about 132 thousand dollars annual income, general practitioners and family physicians earn an average of about 133 thousand dollars per year and nurses earning just a little bit less. This can also be attributed to their small population and the high demand for their services.

Senior managers in production and service industries are also included in this group; they earn an average of between 160 thousand and 165 thousand dollar in annual income. Lawyers earn an annual average of 124 thousand dollars and judges are estimated at around 179 thousand. This estimates do not take include some allowances bonuses and other payouts made to the individual.

The debate on whether the salaries given to particular jobs are genuine or not and the negative effects of low paying jobs continues in Canada with enough evidence of an increase in earnings inequalities. Low paid work has been increasingly isolated with workers facing many barriers to their advancement into better paying jobs.

Many of them are offered jobs because of their skills at that moment without any consideration of their advancement in future. They are rarely considered for training either by their employers or even by the government. Most of them have no access to some services like health insurance incase of chronic illnesses and mortgages (Maxwell 5).

According to Vandenberghe (108), it is important to realize that the payment of salaries for jobs depends on the knowledge and skills acquired by an individual.

The government should set out strategies to increase education and skills in order to create an effective and flexible workforce that is able to receive better and sustainable salaries for their work. Some of the measures that should be taken include strengthening of college and other tertiary education programs by providing sustained and reliable funding.

Try to develop responsibility and accountability in the public in order to achieve goals and targets in increasing public knowledge. There should also be efforts to give better financial support to students and support seminars, training programs and promotions in the workplace so that people are more ambitious.

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Kerstetter, Steve. A Closer Look at Low Wages in BC; Behind the Numbers. Vancouver: Canadian center for policy alternatives, 2010. Print.

Maxwell Judith. Smart social policy –“making work pay. Ontario: Canadian policy research networks, 2002. Print.

Vandenberghe Vincent. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Canada. Paris: OECD, 2008. Print.

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IvyPanda . "Jobs and Their Salaries in Canada." July 8, 2020.

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How to Write a Classification Essay Easily

The classification essay is frequently assigned both in science and social studies. Maybe you had already written such sociology essays, but had no idea what they were called. If you were assigned to write a classification essay, there is no need to panic. First, let’s figure out what sort of essay it is and learn from the best classification essay examples.

how to write a classification essay

What Is a Classification Essay?

To classify means to gather something into appropriate categories, kinds, or types. For example, orders in a restaurant can be divided into: incoming, in process, ready, and delivered. A classification essay is a kind of paper that presents information divided into certain categories according to a unified basis of division. Students need to sort certain material related to a topic into categories and write it in appropriate paragraphs. For example, your classification essay assignment can look like this: “State and discuss the significant causes of World War I.”

If you are ready to dig deeper into the matter of classification essay writing, the following step-by-step guide will show you how to write a classification paragraph.

Classification Essay Pre-Writing Steps

Step 1. Analyze your audience. To understand the purpose of your classification essay, you need to know for what kind of public you need to write it. Do you need to define certain terms or is your audience familiar with this topic? Do you need to provide background information?

Step 2. Brainstorm on the topic. You need to pick a topic that is not only interesting, but also can be easily divided into categories or types. Freewrite, read the news, think about your favorite topics that you have already learned in this subject, etc. Check out our topics for classification essay as well.

Step 3. Collect information. As soon as you pick the topic, start collecting more information about it. Without proper information, you won’t be able to pick categories.

Step 4. Divide the topic into categories. This will be the basis for your essay and everything will depend on what kind of information you want to deliver. All categories should be logically connected and relate to the topic. Make sure that you have enough information to cover each category equally.

Step 5. Create an outline. Briefly think how you will arrange the text and choose the method of organizing information. If you don’t know how to write a classification essay outline, start with writing down all key points on the list. As you finish you will see the overall picture, and you will be able to arrange them in logical order and remove unnecessary points. Classification essays are usually organized by importance, chronically or spatially. Create a plan numbering the classification categories in specific order. Take a look at this example:

  • Introduction.
  • Category 1.
  • Category 2.
  • Category 3.
  • Conclusion.

Classification Essay Writing Steps

Step 1. Write an interesting title. Keep in mind that your title should clearly state the classification subject or directly refer to it.

Step 2. Write the introduction. Start with writing the purpose of the classification and value of your essay. The core of your introduction is the thesis statement.

How to write a thesis statement for a classification essay? Here you need to announce the subject, state your attitude to the topic, and tell about the organizing principle that you will follow through the entire essay, separating one piece of information from another. A thesis statement will map the content of your essay and make organizational structure clearer both for you and your reader. Clearly state the method you are using to divide the subject into parts and list the categories that you will be describing in the body paragraph (three or four will be a good choice).

The formula for a classification thesis statement is as follows: topic + organizing method + categories. For example: There are four levels of vegetarianism – vegan, lacto vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, and lacto-ovo vegetarian.

Step 3. Write the body paragraph. Before writing the body paragraph of this essay, let’s learn what is a classification paragraph. It is the part of the classification essay that describes one of the categories. Usually a classification paragraph consists of two parts: the topic sentence and basis of classification. Every paragraph should have a logical sequence: from most to least important, most to least harmful, most to least expensive, etc.

You can create a particular paragraph for a certain category or make one body paragraph. For one single paragraph, you should consider numbering each type, as it will be easier for readers to remember and understand your classification. If you have decided to use several body paragraphs, you should focus on one category of which the topic is divided. For example, the body structure about categorizing books in your home library may look like this:

  • The first body paragraph will be about drama.
  • The second body paragraph will be about prose.
  • The third paragraph will be about poetry.
  • The fourth paragraph will be about nonfiction.

Start every category with a topic sentence that will highlight the essence of the particular classification. Each category should be supported with an explanation of how this category identifies among others. Don’t forget to support your categories with detailed examples to explain each category.

Note: Indicate if some items from the list can change their classification or whether they can belong to more than one category at the same time.

Step 4. Write a conclusion. A classification essay conclusion should naturally flow from the body paragraph. Once you have finished describing your categories, jot the main ideas from all paragraphs and write your final thoughts about the subject. Restate the thesis statement and express you own thoughts about the subject. Describe how it’s important to separate the subject into categories and underscore the importance to look on this issue afresh.

Classification Essay Post-Writing Steps

Step 1. Revise your text. Check your writing for logic, unity, support, and coherence. Make sure that the text is easy to read, all parts have transitional phrases, and one thought flows into another.

Step 2. Proofread the text. Look for mistakes in punctuation, grammar, spelling, mechanics, and sentence structure. Make at least five changes in your draft to be sure that your writing is coherent and logical.

Step 3. Ask someone for help. Ask your parents or friends who are good at writing to read and evaluate your essay. Even if you are a skilled writer, you still can miss some mistakes.

Classification Essay Checklist

  • Have you used only one organizing principle?
  • Does your thesis statement list all categories?
  • Do the categories you have chosen serve the purpose?
  • Does your essay establish clear categories or can they be confused?
  • Are body paragraphs complete and well organized?
  • Are your paragraphs properly ordered?
  • Have you supported categories with examples that clearly express the idea?
  • Have you used transitions between paragraphs?
  • Are your points concrete and forceful?
  • Does your conclusion explain the purpose of the categories?

Classification Essay Paragraph Sample

Here you can see the example of a classification essay. Our specialist has picked one of the classification essay samples and analyzed it. As you read, pay attention to structure and how the correct format helps to create a clear and easy-to-read message.

Click the images to see their full size.

how to write a thesis statement for a classification essay

You may also be interested in other classification essay examples .

Classification essay tips.

  • One of the most challenging activities in essay writing is producing a thesis statement. Usually, a good thesis statement consists of the topic of your essay and how you are going to classify it. You do not have to name all of the classified elements: it would be enough just to indicate the principle you use in your essay. For example, you may say: “The citizens of Guatemala involve themselves in three types of jobs: a, b, c…” This format will make it clear for your readers what exactly you will be discussing in the essay.
  • Also, it is important to use transitions when writing body paragraphs. Here are the most popular ones: subsequently, firstly, initially, lastly, in regard to, in terms of, etc.
  • A lot of students forget that writing a lot of content does not guarantee them success in the completion of their essays. Another popular mistake is using too many elements of a classified object. It’s always better to choose less, but describe them properly, than to choose five or seven aspects, but say little about them.
  • Avoid mixing various classification criteria. It is not good to start to write about part-time jobs and freelance jobs, and then move onto to describing creative jobs.
  • To help your readers be more focused on separate categories and announce upcoming categories, you can use the following phrases for transition between paragraphs: the first group, the last category, are classified.
  • Prewrite before selecting a topic. This exercise will help you make sure that you are going to pick the right topic. Select a topic, decide on the purpose of your classification, and generate several examples.


The list below provides common phrases that can be useful to create transitional expressions between classification paragraphs and connect related ideas. Adding such phrases to your text will help you to keep the readers focused on a specific paragraph or category and control the idea. Combine these key words to make your text more logical and clear:

kinds of sections… different grouping… types of headings… category parts… can be divided… can be classified… can be categorized… in this section… a final subdivision… one of the partitions… one of the classes… on this kind… in the same branch… a first/second/third element… the most important piece… the last type…

Now we can say that you have read much information about classification essay writing. It’s time to create your own ideas and pay for help with term paper . We hope our advice will be at hand and we wish you luck. Live long and prosper!

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