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Influencer Marketing: Consumer Perception Of Trust and Purchasing Behavior

  • Masters Thesis
  • Ahir, Megha S
  • Shikha Upadhyaya
  • Maryam Tofighi
  • Stephen J.J. McGuire
  • Joseph C. Otto
  • Los Angeles
  • College of Business and Economics
  • Business Administration
  • California State University, Los Angeles
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California State University, Los Angeles

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Consumer Behavior

Open theses.

Normally, the subject for the Master thesis is selected among the topics of the Major. There is a possibility to write a thesis in the context of the current research projects even though there are no explicit theses announced.

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Bachelor's thesis IMPACTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOR – Decision Making Process

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consumer behaviour master thesis

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Dr. Theodore J Bagwell

This paper examined the influence of social media advertising on consumers during their purchase decision-making process and the implication for marketers. It was a qualitative study that utilized secondary data to base its findings and generalizations. The study was motivated by the need to highlight the roles played by social media advertising on consumers during their purchase decision-making process. Since, it was a qualitative study, no hypotheses were tested to generate findings. Instead, the findings of the study were extracted from empirical review of similar studies conducted by researchers around the world. These findings revealed that social media advertising (FaceBook advertising, Instagram advertising, Twitter advertising, and YouTube advertising) a significant influence on consumers during their purchase decision-making process. On that note, it was concluded that social media advertising plays a fundamental role in influencing consumer behavior during the purchase decision-making process. The following implications were drawn for marketers: social media advertising has come to stay, so marketers of the modern age should learn and adopt this important strategy; social media advertising is more strategic, targeted and measurable than traditional media advertising; social media advertising can substitute for traditional media advertising in some cases; the advent of social media advertising is only one step towards a more digitized and internet-based marketing practice in the nearest future; and marketing requires adaptation and innovation, hence as customers have gone digital, so should modern marketers.

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Bajon Daa Useni

This study investigates the impact of social media advertising on consumer buying behavior. With the pervasive influence of social media platforms in contemporary society, businesses increasingly rely on social media advertising to reach and engage with consumers. The study utilizes secondary data spanning from 2013 to 2023 to analyze the relationship between social media advertising exposure and consumer buying behavior. Drawing on theories from economics and marketing, as well as empirical research on social media advertising effectiveness, the study employs regression analysis, mediation analysis, and moderation analysis to examine the direct and indirect effects of social media advertising on consumer purchase intentions and satisfaction. The findings reveal that social media exposure positively influences consumer purchase intentions, with brand awareness mediating this relationship. Additionally, demographic variables such as gender, age group, and occupation moderate the effectiveness of social media advertising on consumer buying behavior. Based on these findings, recommendations are provided for businesses to optimize their social media advertising strategies and enhance consumer engagement and satisfaction. The study contributes to the understanding of the role of social media advertising in shaping consumer behavior and provides valuable insights for practitioners and researchers in the fields of marketing and economics.

SDIWC Organization

The flow of information in the age of social media is bidirectional and interactive, hence creating wealth of information. This information is leveraged by the consumer when conducting external search for his consumption decisions. However, only few studies have explored the influence of social media content on decision making act during the consumption process, it hence needs further investigation. In this study, we try to fill the gap by using in depth interviews with 21 participants, to investigate how product information on social media influences consumers’ propensity to consume. The findings of the research propose the “IDEA” model which explains that Social Media Content can influence the decision making process of other consumers (1) by providing Information about products, (2) by instilling Desire among consumers, (3) by sharing of Experience knowledge and (4) by extinguishing Anxiety around a product purchase decision. Our results give the community managers some elements to understand and manage their brand’s appearance in different social media.

husnain mustafa


Geofrey Lusaggi

For any business to thrive in this era, it has to embrace social media in its marketing strategy combination as a critical element of business operations. The strength of the customer relationships is through uniting communications across the entire business, from 6 marketing and sales to customer service and operations. Cheri Husney in Guth, D. J .(2021) is asserts that even if one uses the traditional marketing platforms like seminar, the exercise becomes more fulfilling and effective when followed by social media platforms like tweeter, SMS, and others. A business must engage hybrid marketing approach of including online and traditional marketing. This helps the business to optimize the scarce recourse for best results. Integration of social media marketing to other core business process enables greater yields (Bae, Il-Hyun, Zamrudi, M.F., 2018). This approach strikes a balance between the positives impacts of conventional marketing like: ease, faster and cheap way of reaching mass customers, instant feedback, market intelligence and proactive enablement among others, yet traditional marketing approaches bring in positives impacts like: the ability to reach prospects that are off online or not any social media, control of people’s feedback, focused customer reach and others. Furthermore, elements in a marketing mix complement and generate information of one another. Data security and information control must be handled with lots vigilance and with caution.

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ABS students win MAB thesis award

10 July 2024

This award was launched by MAB in 2023. Its purpose is to recognise high-quality theses that have practical relevance in the field. In addition to a 1,000 euro cash prize, both students’ theses were featured as articles in the MAB journal. The students drafted the articles with their thesis supervisors.

Kim van Schie

The winning theses

Van Schie’s thesis How do consumers react to LGBTQ+ activism? Evidence from mobile phone geolocation data (thesis supervisor Susanne Preuss) weighs the pros and cons of corporate activism. Mobile phone geolocation data is used explore how LGBTQ+ activism influences consumer behavior (such as store visits).

Joost Hoenderdos

Hoenderdos’ thesis  Unlocking RPA potential: understanding the use of Robotic Process Automation by finance employees (thesis supervisor Sander van Triest) analyses the factors influencing finance employees to use robotic process automation (RPA) in their work. Why do some employees see no benefits to using RPA, while others experience benefits from using it in their daily work?

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Staff Spotlight: Matt McGrievy

Staff Spotlight

July 10, 2024  | Erin Bluvas,  [email protected]

“There are not many cities in the country that are both the state capital and the home of the flagship university, which makes Columbia a really unique and vibrant place to live,” says Matt McGrievy , Director of Information Services.

Raised in Akron, Ohio, McGrievy attended the University of Miami in his home state. He studied English – not knowing that he would one day use the degree in his role as a director overseeing communications at a major school of public health. McGrievy also met interdisciplinary studies student, Brie Turner – not knowing that they would share intertwined careers in public health and a set of twins.

Every day is slightly different, and supporting people with such diverse skillsets and helping them to work through challenges is extremely fulfilling.

After graduating with their bachelor’s degrees, the pair moved to Texas, where McGrievy earned a Master’s in Library and Information Science at the University of Texas – preparing him for the web development responsibilities of his future work at the Arnold School. Two years working as a computer services librarian at the University of Alabama resulted in professional experience for McGrievy in computing services and a master’s degree in nutrition for Turner-McGrievy (they got married in 1999). 

The next four years saw them in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area, where McGrievy worked as an IT specialist in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Johns Hopkins University, and Turner-McGrievy gained clinical research experience. Their final stop (before finding their home at South Carolina) was the longest yet. Nearly seven years in Chapel Hill at the University of North Carolina led to a Ph.D. in Nutrition and a postdoctoral fellowship for Turner-McGrievy and increasingly higher-level administrative roles managing information services for McGrievy.

Arriving at USC in 2011 for Turner-McGrievy’s faculty appointment with the Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior, the McGrievys have been with the Arnold School for 13 years this month. They’ve loved living close to  downtown activities and work as well as seeing the capitol city’s growth – adding new restaurants, breweries and fun things to explore. Both dedicated runners, they’ve enjoyed a thriving, close-knit running community and cheering on the development of trails along the Three Rivers Greenway.

Matt McGrievy

When he first joined the university, McGrievy was hired as the informatics manager on a federally-funded project aimed at training the state’s public health workforce. In less than three years, he transitioned to serving the Arnold School as a whole.

And by 2016, McGrievy had been promoted to director. Though the name of his group has gone through various iterations, today it is known as Information Services.

“Every day is slightly different, and supporting people with such diverse skillsets and helping them to work through challenges is extremely fulfilling,” says McGrievy, who continued developing his leadership skills with a doctoral degree from the College of Education that integrated his expertise in technology, communication and public health. “I also just really enjoy working with everyone on the Information Services team and feel lucky and proud to get to work with them every day.”

“Dr. McGrievy is a thoughtful leader who brings a collaborative spirit to every aspect of his work,” says Lee Pearson , Executive Director of Operations and Accreditation. “He and his impressive team have elevated the information services of our school to be the envy of campus, and his devoted efforts are a key ingredient in that success.”  

Overseeing a team of specialists, McGrievy is responsible for the Arnold School’s more than 1,500 web pages, its communications/marketing activities and approximately 50 projects that range from study recruitment websites to mobile apps for research projects to web-based wellness assessments built for two state hospital associations.  His favorite aspect of this work is the team he collaborates with every day.

“My job is somewhat unique in that I oversee both communications and marketing for the school, as well as web development projects,” McGrievy says. “Communications and IT responsibilities aren’t usually grouped together, and it requires a wide variety of skills for one team. We have such an incredible group of people in Information Services, with expertise in communications, marketing, graphic design, multimedia development, web development and application programming.”

Dr. McGrievy is a thoughtful leader who brings a collaborative spirit to every aspect of his work. He and his impressive team have elevated the information services of our school to be the envy of campus, and his devoted efforts are a key ingredient in that success.

There have been so many good times – the annual Montgomery Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic fundraisers, anniversary celebrations and meeting colleagues for a beer, to name a few. But he also points out that the tough times are when the Arnold School community really shines. In McGrievy’s decade-plus at USC, there have been tragic deaths, floods and even a worldwide pandemic.

“I think the people are what really make the place special, and some of the memories that stick with me are when the Arnold School has been faced with crises, including COVID, that have allowed people to step up and show their professionalism, compassion and grace,” he says. “The most difficult situations have really brought out the best in people and offered good reminders that we have an amazing community at the university, but more specifically in the Arnold School.”

Of course, he leads by example.

“Dr. McGrievy is a unique talent in that he has an equal balance of expertise and kindness – both in full measure,” Pearson says. “His approach to guiding projects and people begins with a foundation of courtesy, and that has become his trademark. We are truly fortunate to have him in the Arnold School.”

The Staff Spotlight Series is sponsored by the Arnold School's Office of Access and Collective Engagement.

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    TURKU UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES THESIS | Ethel Lee Appendix 1 Cover Letter Dear all, I am Ethel Lee, IB09, and currently writing my thesis about the impacts of social media on consumer behavior. The survey will only take few minutes to answer, and your answers will have a huge contribution to my thesis writing.

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    Master-Thesis-Kana - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. This study examines the factors affecting consumer buying behaviour and household expenditure in Malaysia during the COVID-19 pandemic. A survey was conducted with 200 respondents to understand how information, trust, price, convenience and fear of missing out influenced their purchases and spending.

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    behaviour, overall consumer engagement, and brand awareness?" this thesis will expand our understanding of how digital marketing is evolving and how it affects consumer decisions in the context of Bangladesh's thriving industry. Key Words Consumer Behaviour, Digital Marketing, Online Purchase Social Media Marketing.

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    Van Schie's thesis How do consumers react to LGBTQ+ activism? Evidence from mobile phone geolocation data (thesis supervisor Susanne Preuss) weighs the pros and cons of corporate activism. Mobile phone geolocation data is used explore how LGBTQ+ activism influences consumer behavior (such as store visits).

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