QA Engineer Cover Letter Example

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Start your QA Engineer cover letter by addressing the hiring manager directly, if possible. Then, introduce yourself and state the position you're applying for. Mention where you found the job posting and if you were referred by someone within the company. In the first paragraph, highlight your most relevant experience, skills, and achievements that make you a strong candidate for the role. For example, you could say, "As a QA Engineer with X years of experience in software testing and quality assurance, I have developed strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail that would make me a valuable addition to your team." This will grab the reader's attention and encourage them to read further.

The best way for QA Engineers to end a cover letter is by summarizing their key skills and expressing enthusiasm for the opportunity. They should reiterate their interest in the role and the company, and express eagerness to contribute their skills and experiences. It's also important to thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration. For example: "I am excited about the opportunity to bring my unique blend of skills and experience to your team and am confident that I can contribute to the quality assurance efforts at your company. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of discussing this opportunity further." This ending is assertive, shows gratitude, and opens the door for further communication.

A cover letter for a QA Engineer should include the following elements: 1. Introduction: Start with a brief introduction about yourself and your current role. Mention the job you're applying for and where you found the job posting. 2. Professional Experience: Highlight your relevant professional experience. Discuss the projects you've worked on, the teams you've collaborated with, and the impact of your work. Be sure to mention any specific QA methodologies or tools you've used, such as automated testing tools, bug tracking systems, or test case management tools. 3. Skills and Certifications: List your technical skills that are relevant to the job description. This could include knowledge of programming languages, testing tools, or QA methodologies. If you have any certifications, such as Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) or Certified Quality Analyst (CQA), be sure to mention them. 4. Achievements: Discuss any significant achievements in your career. This could be a project you completed ahead of schedule, a bug you identified that led to significant improvements, or a process you implemented that increased efficiency. 5. Understanding of the Role: Show that you understand the role of a QA Engineer and the value they bring to a software development team. This could include ensuring the quality of the product, identifying and fixing bugs, and collaborating with developers to improve the software. 6. Enthusiasm for the Company: Express your interest in the company you're applying to. Mention any specific projects, values, or aspects of the company culture that appeal to you. 7. Closing: In your closing paragraph, reiterate your interest in the role and the value you can bring to the team. Thank the hiring manager for considering your application and express your interest in discussing the role further in an interview. Remember, a cover letter should be tailored to each job application, highlighting the most relevant skills and experiences that align with the job description.

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qa engineer cover letter

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QA Engineer (Quality Assurance) Cover Letter Samples & Examples That Worked in 2024

Julia Gergelova — Resume Writer

Are you ready to debug your QA engineer cover letter ? Crafting this important document isn't rocket science but it can be akin to engineering. 

Quality Control Analyst Cover Letter Example

Think of this guide as your own personal cheat-sheet. It serves to help you uncover the necessary skills to write a persuasive sales pitch for your QA expertise. And if your cover letter compiles right, it could quite literally open doors.

Stay tuned for practical tips and examples as we walk you through the process and learn all about:

  • Nailing the formatting details for your QA engineer cover letter
  • Designing a standout cover letter header 
  • Formulating an engaging headline for your cover letter
  • Customizing the greeting of your QA engineer cover letter
  • Establishing a solid introduction for your cover letter
  • Showcasing your QA engineering skills and accomplishments
  • Concluding your cover letter with a compelling call to action
  • Dodging frequent mistakes in a QA engineer cover letter
  • Getting familiar with the average salary and job outlook for QA engineers
  • Leveraging valuable resources for QA engineers during your job hunt

1. How to properly format your QA engineer cover letter

The formatting of your cover letter is a vital element often neglected. Keeping it smooth and straightforward can make your letter more digestible and navigation-friendly. Let's delve into some useful tips:

  • Margins & spacing: Leave even white space on both sides of the page. A one-inch margin on all sides should do the trick. Don’t forget to use single line spacing for text!
  • Font type & size: Stick with professional, readable fonts. Think Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman, and keep an 11 or 12-point size for easy reading. Bold headers can create contrast.
  • Intro, body & conclusion: The cover letter holy trinity. Your introduction should hook the reader, the body should brim with relevant examples and achievements, and the conclusion should simply wrap up with a call to action.
  • Consistency: Ensure uniformity in your cover letter format. This includes consistent font types and sizes, bullet styles, and heading sizes. Just as in quality assurance, maintaining consistency reduces confusion and enhances readability.

Remember that like a well-documented piece of code, a properly formatted cover letter boosts legibility and increases your chance of leaving that great first impression.

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2. how to write a proper qa engineer cover letter header.

The header of your cover letter is like your business card — a snapshot of essential, contact-related information. It's normally placed at the top of the page and gives the employer quick access to your details.

Your header should contain:

  • Your full name
  • Your full address
  • Your professional email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your LinkedIn profile (this is optional but can be effective)

In addition, include the following:

  • Recipient's name
  • Recipient's professional title
  • Company name
  • Company address

What if you can't find the recipient's name ? use a professional and general greeting such as "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear [Company Name] Team".

Let's put these guidelines into practice and see how they shape up in real life. Here are some contrasting examples of a QA engineer cover letter header to guide you on the correct and incorrect practices.

Incorrect cover letter header example

QA King 1234 QA Street, Debug City, Silicon State, 9000 Phone: 0123456789 Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: QA-King

Why is it incorrect? Firstly, the closure lacks the recipient's name, title, and company details. It's as aimless as a bug without code. Secondly, using casual or funky emails and LinkedIn aliases undermines the professional tone of the cover letter. It's like wearing shorts and flip-flops to a formal interview — not the best impression.

Correct cover letter header example

Jacob Brown San Francisco, CA Phone: (123) 456-7890 Email: [email protected] LinkedIn: 14th March, 2023

To: Ms. Emily Johnson Senior HR Manager Innovative Software, Inc. 123 Company Lane New York, NY

Why is this a proper header? This header contains all the necessary elements, displays professionalism with a clean, formal email and LinkedIn handle, and provides recipient's details. Plus, including the recipient's name and title means that you've done your research and tailored your cover letter for the company.

In essence, the header is your first opportunity to make an impression. So, keep it concise, professional, and tailor the details to match the potential employer. Let's help your job application pass the initial ‘code review’ with flying colors!

3. How to write a compelling QA engineer cover letter headline

The headline of your cover letter is quite similar to the title of a bug report. Catchy, concise, and crystal clear. 

It aims to draw in your potential employer and encourage them to read further. A potent cover letter headline captures the essence of your role or key strength.

Here are two contrasting examples:

Weak cover letter headline example

QA Engineer Cover Letter

Why is it weak? This headline merely restates the obvious. It's like naming a function 'DoStuff()'. Generic, dull, and doesn't give any specifics about your skills or what you bring to the table.

Strong cover letter headline example

Experienced QA Engineer Specializing in Agile Methodologies and Automation Testing

Why is it strong? This headline swiftly encapsulates specific expertise areas — Agile methodologies and automation testing. It's actionable and gives a clear snapshot of what sets you apart from other candidates. It's not just stating your job title, but it's showcasing your unique specializations, piquing recruiters' interest right from the start.

It's surely worth spending time to come up with an impressive headline. It sets the tone for your cover letter, and can add that added layer of interest, just like a helpful tooltip on an intriguing piece of software.

4. How to tailor the greeting on your cover letter

Let's face it: "To Whom It May Concern" is the outdated catch-all that didn't require any effort. In the current job market, personalization is paramount , and that starts with addressing the hiring manager by name. It's akin to a user-friendly software interface — your intent to connect is distinctly clearer.

Finding the hiring manager's name can involve a little detective work. Start with the job posting . If it's not mentioned there, company websites , LinkedIn , or even a quick phone call to the company can help you find it.

Personalized greetings examples

Dear Mr. Williams, Dear Mr. Tom Williams, Dear Hiring Manager Tom Williams,

These greetings immediately indicate that you've taken time to customize your application, which can set you ahead of the generic crowd.

But what if your sleuthing proves unsuccessful, and you can't find a name? Use a professional but less generic greeting.

General greetings examples and contexts

Dear Hiring Manager, — It’s a safe and widely accepted option. Dear Software Development Team, — It’s a good option when applying to a closely-knit team. Dear [Company Name] Recruiter, — It’s suitable when the company culture is more relaxed and modern. 

Remember, tailoring the salutation demonstrates your attention to detail — a crucial trait for any QA engineer.

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5. How to write a compelling introduction for your QA engineer cover letter

A captivating cover letter opening will include a brief overview of your professional and academic history, a statement on why you're applying to this specific position, and, if suitable, a mention of a mutual acquaintance .

Now, let's indulge in some live coding with three different examples:

Incorrect cover letter opening example

I saw your job posting on XYZ job board and am applying for the QA engineer position. I graduated from XYZ college and have worked at a couple of companies.

What goes wrong here? It's too dry, bland, and tells a tale as engaging as an endless loop that leads nowhere.

Correct opening for an experienced QA engineer

Driven by a passion for ensuring that applications run smoothly, I've honed my skills as a QA engineer over the past seven years. Applying at Unified Solutions Inc. aligns perfectly with my desire to contribute to a company that values consistency and high-quality software.

Why does it work? It gives a glimpse into their experience, shows the motivation behind the application, and demonstrates familiarity with the company culture.

But if you’re fresh out of university ? Let's see how your introduction can reflect your enthusiasm, academic competences, and readiness to contribute to the industry, even if your experience section is still under development.

Correct opening for a fresh graduate

As a recent computer science graduate from XYZ University with a year-long immersive experience in a real-world QA project, I am eager to launch my career with an industry front-runner like Unified Solutions Inc.

Why does it work? This introduction smartly highlights academic accomplishments and real-world project experience while stating a clear objective for starting their career with the company. The clarity and confidence here can prove refreshing as much as a perfectly debugged script in a sea of elusive bugs. 

Remember, influential introductions require mastery in conciseness and vividity. Put in the effort to make it reflective of your zeal and potential, and you'll be one step closer to landing your dream QA engineer role.

qa engineer cover letter introduction examples

6. How to highlight your top skills and accomplishments

The body of your cover letter is where you truly get to shine. It's the main act, the user journey of your professional story. Here, you need to focus on clearly outlining your top skills and achievements.

To keep your cover letter smooth and easy to read, stick to 1-3 key points in the body. Each point should ideally start with an attention-grabbing statement about a skill or achievement , followed by evidence or context.

Key skills a QA engineer might highlight include

  • Proficiency in automated testing tools
  • Knowledge of Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Understanding of programming languages such as Python and Java
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with a team

If you're an experienced QA engineer , you might already be reminiscing about a few high points in your career. Let's cast them uniquely in your cover letter:

Cover letter body paragraph for an accomplished QA engineer

During my five-year tenure at XYZ Software, I had the fortunate opportunity to delve deeply into automated testing tools, namely Selenium and TestComplete. This proficiency was instrumental in causing a significant 30% plunge in software defects pre-release. This led to an uptick in customer contentment with our flagship product.

Why is this an effective paragraph? The inherent achievement is amplified here by a tangible metric, showing how the candidate’s skills register a real-world impact.

But what if you don't have years of experience under your belt and are instead a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed graduate keen on making your mark?

Cover letter body paragraph for an entry-level candidate

During my final year project at XYZ University, I was part of a team developing a QA testing process for a mobile application. Even though I was at the learning stage, I managed to apply Agile methodologies effectively and wielded automation tools like Selenium. This experience, apart from boosting my confidence in my skills, also resulted in us reducing bugs by 40% pre-launch.

Why does it work? Here, the candidate effectively presents their hands-on project experience, throwing light on relevant industry coursework and practical impact.

Just remember, your cover letter is not a memoir, but rather, a curated exhibition of your best works. Make sure to highlight not only the 'what' of your achievements, but the 'how' — the tools, the methodologies, and most importantly, the positive outcomes of your work.

Quality Control Assistant Cover Letter Sample

7. How to conclude persuasively your QA engineer cover letter

The conclusion of your cover letter is like the final release of a software project — it leaves a lasting impression long after the interaction. This portion conveys your interest in continuing further with the recruitment process, so make sure to leave a convincing endnote.

A persuasive conclusion should:

  • Express gratitude for the reader's time and consideration
  • Reinstate your interest in the role and the company
  • Mention your anticipation to discuss in the next steps
  • Suggest your preferred method and time of contact
  • Include a professional sign-off

Now let's review two contrasting examples:

Incorrect cover letter conclusion example

I hope you enjoyed my letter. If you want to talk more or schedule an interview, you can call me or email me. Anyway, catch you later.

[Your Name]

Why doesn't it work? It lacks enthusiasm and confidence, both crucial in the job application process. It's also very vague with no clear action points or follow-up methods provided.

Correct cover letter conclusion example

I'm delighted at the prospect of contributing my unique blend of skills and experience to your dynamic team. I'm available for an interview weekdays after 5 PM, but I'm willing to accommodate your schedule. 

I will make a follow-up call next week concerning my application's status, but please feel free to reach me sooner at [email protected] or 123-456-7890 if preferable. 

Thank you for considering my application and looking forward to the possibility of further discussing how I can contribute to the innovative work at [Company Name].

Why does it work? This conclusion reaffirms interest in the role, graciously thanks the recipient, specifies the candidate's availability for an interview, and communicates a clear plan to follow up — all wrapped up with a professional sign-off.

8. How to avoid common mistakes in a QA engineer cover letter

Cover letters are somewhat like the user interface — even the smallest of errors can significantly downgrade the user experience. Here are some common pitfalls to bypass when writing your cover letter:

  • Being too generic: A cover letter isn't a one-size-fits-all document. Tailor it to each application, highlighting the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the specific job description.
  • Typos and grammar mistakes: These errors are to your cover letter what bugs are to software. Proofread your document multiple times and consider using grammar checking tools. Better yet, ask someone else to review it.
  • Repeating your resume: Your cover letter should complement, not duplicate your resume . Use this space to detail the skills and experiences on your resume and how they make you a great fit for the role.
  • Focusing on what the company can do for you: Instead, your cover letter should show what you can do for the company. Display how your skills align with the company’s goals.
  • Writing a novel: Your cover letter is a brief introduction, not an exhaustive biography. Stick to a single page. The hiring manager is likely short on time and won't appreciate reading a lengthy document.
  • Using unprofessional language: Keep the language professional and refrain from using colloquial expressions. A conversational yet formal tone strikes the right balance.

Remember, the QA principle of "catching faults, not faulting catches" applies here. It's better to find and correct these mistakes before your cover letter reaches the employer. It's all about preserving the experience while showcasing your best self.

9. Average salary and job outlook for QA engineers

"You get what you pay for" might be a cliche, but when it comes to salary expectations and job prospects in the QA Engineering field, it holds some water. 

Over the last few years, QA engineers have not only become linchpins in software development companies but also in any organization, big or small, that uses software solutions.

Reflecting on the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the average yearly salary for QA engineers was a handsome $124,200 in May 2022.

As for the job outlook, it's as crisp as an error-free line of code. The overall employment of software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers is projected to skyrocket by 25 percent from 2022 to 2032, which is significantly faster than the average for all other occupations.

Even more promising, about 153,900 openings on average are projected every year over the course of this decade for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers. That's quite a lot of job opportunities floating around!

With the right set of skills, determination, and, of course, a stellar cover letter , you're ready to tackle the sweet challenges that come with being a QA Engineer.

qa engineer average salary and job outlook

10. Helpful resources for QA engineer job seekers

Even the most skilled QA engineer knows that continuous learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends is the key to staying on top of their game. Just like regular updates keep software functioning at optimal levels, useful resources can keep your career progressive.

Here's a handy list of resources you might want to check out:

  • LinkedIn: This professional networking site isn't just for adding connections or finding job posts; it's a powerful resource for insightful articles, industry news, and engaging with a community of peers. What’s more, you can now turn your LinkedIn profile into a polished resume in mere seconds.
  • QA forums and websites: Forums like StackExchange or sites like Software Testing Help can provide answers to your pressing QA questions and keep you in the loop on recent advancements in the field.
  • Technical e-learning platforms: Websites like Coursera , edX , and Udemy offer a plethora of in-depth courses on QA, testing tools, and methodologies.
  • Your local library or bookstore: Don't underestimate the power of a good book. Titles like "Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams" can be incredibly helpful.
  • Industry events and webinars: These can boost your knowledge, allow you to network with industry experts, and even lead to potential job opportunities.
  • GitHub: It's a haven of open-source projects where you can gain practical exposure, contribute, and join communities of like-minded peers.
  • Certifications and relevant learning materials: Websites like  International Software Testing Qualifications Board  (ISTQB) offer globally recognized certifications for QA professionals. Equally valuable are learning materials provided by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), which has an extensive repository of articles, white papers, and case studies related to the QA industry. These resources can remarkably broaden your knowledge and strengthen your position in the job market.

So whether you’re just starting your QA engineering journey or looking for your next career opportunity, use these resources to your advantage. Remember, with the blend of the right skills, continuous learning, and a strong network, you're on a promising path. 

To all the QA engineers out there ready to take on the job market with their bug-bashing abilities, happy job hunting!

QA Engineer (Quality Assurance) Cover Letter FAQ

Generally, a cover letter should be succinct and not exceed one page. This ensures brevity and clarity in expressing your core qualifications.

Yes, if you know the name of the hiring manager, it is advisable to address them directly. This adds a personal touch to your cover letter.

Generally, a one-week or a ten-day period is an appropriate waiting time to follow up after sending your application.

No. Your cover letter should complement your resume, not replicate it. It should highlight your key skills and experiences that fit the job description, raising interest to examine your resume further. 

It's not advisable. You should customize your cover letter for each job application as it shows your specific interest and effort put towards the particular job.

Julia Gergelova — Resume Writer

Julia Gergelova

Julia is a professional writer, translator and graphic designer. She holds degrees in translation and interpretation, and has international work experience from a number of different countries in Europe as well as China and Panama. Julia formerly taught academic writing and as a graphic designer contributed to outlets such as  The Business of Business . She has a passion for lifelong learning and good coffee.

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QA Engineer Cover Letter Example (Free Guide)

Create an qa engineer cover letter that lands you the interview with our free examples and writing tips. use and customize our template and land an interview today..

QA Engineer Cover Letter Example

Are you looking to become a QA Engineer? This guide will show you how to write a stand-out covering letter that will help you get your foot in the door. We will cover all the essential components of a successful covering letter and provide you with helpful tips on how to make your application stand out from the crowd.

We will cover:

  • How to write a cover letter, no matter your industry or job title.
  • What to put on a cover letter to stand out.
  • The top skills employers from every industry want to see.
  • How to build a cover letter fast with our professional Cover Letter Builder .
  • What a cover letter template is, and why you should use it.

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QA Engineer Cover Letter Sample

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Dear [Employer Name],

I am writing to apply for the QA Engineer position at [Employer Name]. With more than [Number] years of experience in software testing and quality assurance, I am confident that I have the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful addition to your team.

Throughout my career, I have worked extensively with manual and automated testing. I have developed and implemented test plans, cases, and scripts to ensure that software is functioning correctly and is of a high quality. I can also provide detailed reports and analysis of test results. Additionally, I have experience with debugging software and resolving any issues that may arise.

I have an in-depth knowledge of software development processes, and I understand how to best integrate QA testing into the development cycle. I am also well-versed in the latest tools and technologies used in software testing and quality assurance, including [List Software].

I have an excellent eye for detail and a commitment to producing high-quality work. I am confident that I can use my skills and experience to make an immediate and positive contribution to your team.

I am excited to learn more about the QA Engineer role at [Employer Name] and to discuss how I can help you meet your goals. I have attached my resume and I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Why Do you Need a QA Engineer Cover Letter?

A QA Engineer cover letter is an important part of a job application for any QA Engineer position. It serves to introduce yourself to an employer and provide an opportunity for you to communicate your qualifications, skills and experience in a more personal manner than a resume. Here are some reasons why you need a QA Engineer cover letter:

  • To emphasize your experience and qualifications for the specific job
  • To provide information on your technical skills that may not be apparent in your resume
  • To describe your problem-solving and communication skills
  • To explain why you are a good fit for the position
  • To showcase your enthusiasm and interest in the role
  • To demonstrate your writing and communication skills
  • To set yourself apart from other applicants

A Few Important Rules To Keep In Mind

  • Start with a strong opening that clearly states why you are writing the letter and the position you are applying for.
  • Explain why you are the best fit for the job, drawing on your unique qualifications, experience, and skills.
  • Highlight any relevant QA experience and successes.
  • Discuss your ability to work as part of a team, and any collaborative projects you have worked on.
  • Emphasize your commitment to quality assurance, and detail any specific QA techniques you are familiar with.
  • Provide examples of successes you have had in the past in the QA field.
  • Conclude the letter by expressing your enthusiasm for the position and your desire to be contacted for an interview.

What's The Best Structure For QA Engineer Cover Letters?

After creating an impressive QA Engineer resume , the next step is crafting a compelling cover letter to accompany your job applications. It's essential to remember that your cover letter should maintain a formal tone and follow a recommended structure. But what exactly does this structure entail, and what key elements should be included in a QA Engineer cover letter? Let's explore the guidelines and components that will make your cover letter stand out.

Key Components For QA Engineer Cover Letters:

  • Your contact information, including the date of writing
  • The recipient's details, such as the company's name and the name of the addressee
  • A professional greeting or salutation, like "Dear Mr. Levi,"
  • An attention-grabbing opening statement to captivate the reader's interest
  • A concise paragraph explaining why you are an excellent fit for the role
  • Another paragraph highlighting why the position aligns with your career goals and aspirations
  • A closing statement that reinforces your enthusiasm and suitability for the role
  • A complimentary closing, such as "Regards" or "Sincerely," followed by your name
  • An optional postscript (P.S.) to add a brief, impactful note or mention any additional relevant information.

Cover Letter Header

A header in a cover letter should typically include the following information:

  • Your Full Name: Begin with your first and last name, written in a clear and legible format.
  • Contact Information: Include your phone number, email address, and optionally, your mailing address. Providing multiple methods of contact ensures that the hiring manager can reach you easily.
  • Date: Add the date on which you are writing the cover letter. This helps establish the timeline of your application.

It's important to place the header at the top of the cover letter, aligning it to the left or center of the page. This ensures that the reader can quickly identify your contact details and know when the cover letter was written.

Cover Letter Greeting / Salutation

A greeting in a cover letter should contain the following elements:

  • Personalized Salutation: Address the hiring manager or the specific recipient of the cover letter by their name. If the name is not mentioned in the job posting or you are unsure about the recipient's name, it's acceptable to use a general salutation such as "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear [Company Name] Recruiting Team."
  • Professional Tone: Maintain a formal and respectful tone throughout the greeting. Avoid using overly casual language or informal expressions.
  • Correct Spelling and Title: Double-check the spelling of the recipient's name and ensure that you use the appropriate title (e.g., Mr., Ms., Dr., or Professor) if applicable. This shows attention to detail and professionalism.

For example, a suitable greeting could be "Dear Ms. Johnson," or "Dear Hiring Manager," depending on the information available. It's important to tailor the greeting to the specific recipient to create a personalized and professional tone for your cover letter.

Cover Letter Introduction

An introduction for a cover letter should capture the reader's attention and provide a brief overview of your background and interest in the position. Here's how an effective introduction should look:

  • Opening Statement: Start with a strong opening sentence that immediately grabs the reader's attention. Consider mentioning your enthusiasm for the job opportunity or any specific aspect of the company or organization that sparked your interest.
  • Brief Introduction: Provide a concise introduction of yourself and mention the specific position you are applying for. Include any relevant background information, such as your current role, educational background, or notable achievements that are directly related to the position.
  • Connection to the Company: Demonstrate your knowledge of the company or organization and establish a connection between your skills and experiences with their mission, values, or industry. Showcasing your understanding and alignment with their goals helps to emphasize your fit for the role.
  • Engaging Hook: Consider including a compelling sentence or two that highlights your unique selling points or key qualifications that make you stand out from other candidates. This can be a specific accomplishment, a relevant skill, or an experience that demonstrates your value as a potential employee.
  • Transition to the Body: Conclude the introduction by smoothly transitioning to the main body of the cover letter, where you will provide more detailed information about your qualifications, experiences, and how they align with the requirements of the position.

By following these guidelines, your cover letter introduction will make a strong first impression and set the stage for the rest of your application.

Cover Letter Body

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the QA Engineer role at your company. With my experience in developing and implementing quality assurance processes, I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to your team.

I have worked on numerous projects to ensure the quality and reliability of software applications. My experience includes designing and executing test plans, creating and executing automated test scripts, and developing test plans and test cases. I also have experience with manual and automated testing tools such as Selenium, JMeter, and SoapUI. I am also very familiar with the process of debugging and resolving issues as they arise.

In addition to my technical skills, I am an excellent communicator and problem-solver. I am highly organized and detail-oriented, and I am confident in my ability to work independently and as part of a team. I have a strong work ethic and am committed to meeting deadlines and producing high-quality results.

I am excited about the opportunity to join your team and believe I can be a valuable asset. I would love the chance to discuss my qualifications and experience with you in more detail. Please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Complimentary Close

The conclusion and signature of a cover letter provide a final opportunity to leave a positive impression and invite further action. Here's how the conclusion and signature of a cover letter should look:

  • Summary of Interest: In the conclusion paragraph, summarize your interest in the position and reiterate your enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to the organization or school. Emphasize the value you can bring to the role and briefly mention your key qualifications or unique selling points.
  • Appreciation and Gratitude: Express appreciation for the reader's time and consideration in reviewing your application. Thank them for the opportunity to be considered for the position and acknowledge any additional materials or documents you have included, such as references or a portfolio.
  • Call to Action: Conclude the cover letter with a clear call to action. Indicate your availability for an interview or express your interest in discussing the opportunity further. Encourage the reader to contact you to schedule a meeting or provide any additional information they may require.
  • Complimentary Closing: Choose a professional and appropriate complimentary closing to end your cover letter, such as "Sincerely," "Best Regards," or "Thank you." Ensure the closing reflects the overall tone and formality of the letter.
  • Signature: Below the complimentary closing, leave space for your handwritten signature. Sign your name in ink using a legible and professional style. If you are submitting a digital or typed cover letter, you can simply type your full name.
  • Typed Name: Beneath your signature, type your full name in a clear and readable font. This allows for easy identification and ensures clarity in case the handwritten signature is not clear.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a QA Engineer Cover Letter

When crafting a cover letter, it's essential to present yourself in the best possible light to potential employers. However, there are common mistakes that can hinder your chances of making a strong impression. By being aware of these pitfalls and avoiding them, you can ensure that your cover letter effectively highlights your qualifications and stands out from the competition. In this article, we will explore some of the most common mistakes to avoid when writing a cover letter, providing you with valuable insights and practical tips to help you create a compelling and impactful introduction that captures the attention of hiring managers. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, understanding these mistakes will greatly enhance your chances of success in the job application process. So, let's dive in and discover how to steer clear of these common missteps and create a standout cover letter that gets you noticed by potential employers.

  • Not mentioning the job title or company name in the cover letter.
  • Using a generic cover letter template that doesn’t match the job description.
  • Failing to personalize the letter for the company and job.
  • Making typos or grammatical errors.
  • Focusing on your own needs and not the employer's.
  • Writing too much or too little.
  • Failing to explain why you’re a good fit for the position.
  • Failing to include any concrete accomplishments.
  • Using a formal or informal tone.

Key Takeaways For a QA Engineer Cover Letter

  • Highlight relevant QA experience and technical skills
  • Showcase your attention to detail and ability to find bugs
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various software testing tools and techniques
  • Explain how you can help to improve the overall quality of the product
  • Reinforce your commitment to following QA standards and procedures
  • Include relevant certifications or qualifications
  • Ensure your cover letter is concise and error-free

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Qa Engineer Cover Letter Examples

Use these Qa Engineer cover letter examples to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

cover letter for senior software qa engineer

Qa engineers are responsible for ensuring the quality of software products. They work with developers and testers to identify and fix problems before products are released to the public.

Qa engineers need to be detail-oriented and have a strong understanding of software development processes. They also need to be able to communicate effectively with other members of the team.

To show hiring managers that you’re the right person for the job, you need a well-written cover letter. Follow these examples to learn how to write a qa engineer cover letter that will get you noticed.

Formal/Professional Writing Style Example

With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and over five years of experience in the field of Quality Assurance, I believe I possess the right skillset and industry knowledge that would make me a valuable addition to your team.

Throughout my career, I have been responsible for the creation and execution of test plans, monitoring testing processes, and recommending improvements to ensure that applications meet the highest quality standards. I have experience with both automated and manual testing, and I am proficient in multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, and C#. Furthermore, I am highly skilled in test automation tools like Selenium, TestNG, and JUnit.

Working as a QA Engineer for ABC Software Solutions, I took on the responsibility of ensuring timely delivery of well-tested software applications that met both client expectations and industry standards. My collaborative approach enabled me to work effectively with cross-functional teams to identify and resolve defects in the applications promptly. As a result, my efforts have led to a significant reduction in post-release issues and an improved overall software quality.

I have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as a strong attention to detail. I am highly adaptable and capable of working efficiently in fast-changing environments. My ability to quickly learn new technologies and dedication to continuous improvement have consistently contributed to the success of the projects I have worked on.

I am excited about the opportunity to join your company and contribute to the quality assurance aspect of your software development process. I would like to discuss my qualifications further and learn more about your team and company goals. I look forward to the opportunity for an interview and appreciate your time and consideration.

[Your Name]

Entry-Level Writing Style Example

As a recent graduate from XYZ University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, I am eager to apply my knowledge and passion for quality assurance to contribute positively to your organization.

During my college years, I gained hands-on experience in various software testing methodologies both manual and automated, including functional, integration, regression, and performance testing. My experience further includes developing test plans and test cases as part of several university projects. These experiences have helped me develop strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the importance of quality assurance in the software development life cycle.

One of the aspects that drew me to your company is its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. I am confident in my ability to learn quickly and adapt to new technologies and processes. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to work with a diverse team of professionals, collaborating to deliver high-quality products to clients.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and learn more about your organization’s QA practices. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to your positive response.

Networking/Referral Writing Style Example

I was fortunate enough to be referred to your company by my friend and former colleague, Jane Doe, who currently holds a Senior QA Engineer position on your team. Based on my discussions with Jane, I believe my background in software testing, passion for quality assurance, and strong analytical skills make me an ideal candidate for this role at your organization.

Jane and I have worked together on several successful projects in the past, and she always speaks highly of your company’s commitment to excellence, the supportive team environment, and the opportunities for growth within the organization. This is exactly the kind of environment I am seeking to continue my career and further develop my skills as a QA Engineer.

With over five years of experience in the software testing industry, I have a well-rounded understanding of the QA process and have successfully implemented test plans, executed test cases, and reported defects for a number of diverse projects. In my previous role, I played a key role in improving the overall quality of our software products by reducing bug counts by 30% and decreasing customer complaints by 20%.

I am confident that my experience, strong technical skills, and ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams make me an excellent fit for your QA Engineer position. I am eager for the opportunity to contribute to the continued success of your team and help uphold your high quality standards.

Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and demonstrate how my experiences align with the needs of your organization.

Enthusiastic/Passionate Writing Style Example

As a dedicated and ambitious individual, I have long admired your company’s reputation for innovation and commitment to excellence. When I saw the job opening, it felt like the perfect opportunity to contribute my expertise and passion to an industry leader. With my strong background in software testing and quality assurance, as well as my commitment to continuous learning and professional growth, I firmly believe I would be an exceptional fit for your team.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality work that consistently meets or exceeds expectations. My experience in creating test plans, identifying and addressing critical bugs, and collaborating with cross-functional teams has allowed me to hone my analytical and problem-solving skills. Moreover, my passion for emerging technologies and eagerness to stay current with industry trends make me a highly motivated asset to any team.

What truly sets me apart, however, is my unwavering enthusiasm and passion for the work I do. While technical skills and experience are undeniably important, it’s my belief that it is this genuine excitement and drive that will set the foundation for a truly successful career. I am confident that my strong work ethic and positive attitude, coupled with my technical expertise, will make me a valued addition to your company.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications and demonstrate my impassioned commitment to making a meaningful contribution to your exceptional team.

Problem-Solving Writing Style Example

Being an ardent follower of your company’s success, I am excited about the opportunity to become part of your innovative and dynamic team. As an experienced Qa Engineer, I am confident that my skills and passion for solving complex problems will allow me to rapidly add value and contribute to your mission of delivering cutting-edge products to the market.

In reviewing your company’s recent customer feedback and software release announcements, I have identified that the engineering team is currently facing challenges in maintaining software quality and ensuring smooth user experience. This is indeed a substantial issue as it directly impacts customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the company’s reputation in a fiercely competitive market.

Drawing on my extensive background in Quality Assurance and Engineering, I am confident that I can adapt quickly to your software development processes, jump into your ongoing projects, and make an immediate impact. My track record includes diagnosing and troubleshooting performance and reliability issues, implementing test automation frameworks, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive continuous improvement initiatives. By joining your team as a Qa Engineer, I envision working closely with software developers and product managers to identify areas of inconsistency and potential improvement in product quality.

In my previous role at XYZ Company, I played a crucial role in improving the software testing process, which reduced our post-release defect rate by 35% in less than a year. This achievement was a testament to my ability to implement best practices in quality assurance, ensuring the timely release of high-quality products.

In short, I am eager to leverage my experience and expertise to help your company navigate through the challenges it is currently facing, while continuously striving for excellence. I am excited to discuss how my skills and experiences can contribute to the growth and success of your organization while fulfilling the Qa Engineer role.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you further about my qualifications.

Storytelling/Narrative Writing Style Example

As I sat in the coffee shop, sipping my latte and flipping through a tech magazine, I stumbled upon an article about your company’s innovative approach to product development. My eyes lit up as I read about your dedication to delivering high-quality products, and I knew I wanted to be a part of your team. What struck me the most was the attention to detail and the passion for perfection that resonated throughout the article. It was as if the writer had taken a sneak peek into my own work philosophy and put it into words.

My passion for quality assurance began during my time at TechCorp, where I was entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that our flagship product met the highest quality standards. This responsibility turned out to be a catalyst for my commitment to delivering products that not only functioned seamlessly but also left a lasting impression on the user.

Over the past five years, I have honed my skills as a Qa Engineer, working on a wide range of projects in various industries. Each project has presented its own unique challenges, but I have always been able to find creative solutions that ensure the final product meets or exceeds expectations. My experience has made me proficient in various testing methodologies, automation tools, and programming languages.

I believe that my passion for quality assurance, coupled with my technical expertise and strong work ethic, make me the ideal candidate for the Qa Engineer position at your organization. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your company’s mission of delivering top-notch products and am confident that my skills and experiences align perfectly with the requirements of the role.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further and demonstrate how I can contribute to your organization’s success.

Associate Consultant Cover Letter Examples

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How To Write an Effective Cover Letter for a QA Engineer (With Examples)

flat art illustration of a QA Engineer

Applying for a job as a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to writing a cover letter. Your cover letter is an opportunity to showcase your skills and experience, and convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the job. Here are some tips on how to write an effective cover letter for a QA Engineer:

  • Do your research: Before you start writing your cover letter, research the company and the specific job you are applying for. Look for information about the company's mission, values, and culture, and try to incorporate this information into your cover letter.
  • Highlight your relevant experience: In your cover letter, make sure to highlight your experience as a QA Engineer. Mention any relevant software testing certifications, your knowledge of different testing methodologies, and any experience you have with automation testing.
  • Showcase your problem-solving skills: As a QA Engineer, problem-solving skills are essential. Use your cover letter to showcase your ability to solve complex problems and find bugs or errors in software applications. Provide specific examples of problems you have solved in the past.
  • Emphasize your attention to detail: Attention to detail is critical for QA Engineers. Use your cover letter to highlight your ability to spot even the smallest errors and your dedication to ensuring that software applications are of the highest quality.
  • Be professional: Make sure your cover letter is professional and error-free. Use a formal tone and avoid using slang or informal language. Also, ensure that your cover letter is well-organized and easy to read.
  • Customize your cover letter: Finally, customize your cover letter for each job you apply for. Tailor your cover letter to the specific job requirements and use keywords from the job posting to demonstrate that you are the perfect fit for the role.

Writing an effective cover letter can be challenging, but it can also make a big difference in your job search. By following these tips, you can create a cover letter that highlights your skills and experience as a QA Engineer and makes you stand out from other applicants.

Example Cover Letters

Dear Hiring Manager at XYZ Company, I'm writing to apply for the QA Engineer position at XYZ Company. My experience in manual and automated testing, proficiency with various testing tools and programming languages, and keen attention to detail make me a strong fit for the role. I was excited to learn about the innovative solutions XYZ Company offers and their commitment to quality. As an accomplished QA Engineer, I am confident I can contribute to this mission from day one. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further in an interview. Sincerely, [Your Name]

Dear Hiring Manager at PixelRocket,

I am excited to apply for the QA Engineer position listed on Remote Rocketship. With over 5 years of experience in software testing, I am confident in my ability to ensure the high quality of your products.

During my time at XYZ Software, I successfully implemented automated testing processes that reduced testing time by 50%. Additionally, as someone who is highly detail-oriented, I am able to identify and report on bugs quickly and effectively.

I am excited about the opportunity to join the team at PixelRocket and bring value to your customers through exceptional software quality. Thank you for your consideration.

Dear [Hiring Manager's Name],

I am excited to apply for the QA Engineer position at [Company Name]. With [Number of Years] years of experience in software testing and quality assurance, I am confident that I have the skills and expertise needed to excel in this role.

I was drawn to [Company Name]'s commitment to [Core Value or Mission Statement]. From my research, I can see that innovation and quality are top priorities, which resonates deeply with my personal and professional values.

My experience includes developing and implementing test plans, executing manual and automated tests, and identifying and resolving issues. In my previous position at [Previous Company Name], I was able to reduce software defects by [Percentage] by implementing a new testing methodology.

I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to the team at [Company Name]. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your success.

[Your Name]


Writing a cover letter as a QA engineer can be challenging, but it's also the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers. Remember to tailor your cover letter to the position you're applying for, highlight your relevant qualifications, and demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role.

One of the next crucial steps is to prepare an outstanding resume. Check out our guide on how to write a great resume for QA Engineer positions here .

If you're looking for Remote QA Engineer jobs, make sure to visit our dedicated page for remote quality assurance testing jobs.

Lastly, prepare yourself for interviews, and do your research on the company and the position. Good luck landing your dream remote job!

If you're preparing for your interviews, we're here to help! We've created comprehensive guides that cover interview questions and answers for various qa engineer specializations, including Manual Testing , Automated Testing , Performance Testing , Mobile App Testing , and Security Testing .

senior software engineer cover letter examples

How to write a cover letter for senior software engineers, senior software engineer cover letter example and template, apply for a senior software developer job at epam anywhere.

With a focus on remote lifestyle and career development, Gayane shares practical insight and career advice that informs and empowers tech talent to thrive in the world of remote work.

Having a senior software developer cover letter is important. Yes, at this advanced stage of your career, you've got the experience (and the skills to back it up). However, if you want to stand out from the crowd on your next job application, a top-notch letter of introduction is still crucial.

To help you out, we compiled a few helpful resources. Use the following tips and tricks (and a free senior software engineer cover letter sample you’ll find below) to create a compelling opening statement for any hiring manager.

The secret to creating a remarkable cover letter depends on how you present your skills. Can your mastery and previous experience solve an existing pain point for the company? The new organization is hiring to address a specific issue that only the abilities of a senior engineer can facilitate — it’s your job to frame your cover letter according to those demands.

In short, your cover letter should showcase how you are the best answer to the various problems listed in the job description. Luckily, that answer does not need to turn into a long and arduous process. Cover letter submissions with the best levels of success include common, expected elements that often follow a known format. Also, make sure to write a cover letter yourself, as recruiters may use AI detection tools to spot any generated content.

How to start your senior software engineer cover letter

Regardless of the company, your cover letter should begin with a header and a salutation:

  • The header: List your contact information and any pertinent identification details. Hiring managers may see hundreds of cover letters in a single day — your name, phone number, and email should be visible and easy to read. You might be the ideal candidate, but if your resume does not include your name, you're still out of luck. If possible, add additional data such as your location, the date, and the recruiter's name.
  • The salutation: Introduce yourself with a professional demeanor to make a positive impression. The exact words you can use will depend on the context of the submission. For example, if you know the recruiter personally, you can create much better rapport by using casual language beyond the standard “To whom it may concern.” However, when in doubt, err on the side of caution. If you don’t know the hiring manager's name, stick with professional salutations such as “Dear hiring committee.” If all goes well, you will see the same recruiter later in the hiring process for the senior software engineer interview questions , so stay professional and friendly.

What to include in the cover letter body

The body of the cover letter is your chance to demonstrate how you are the ideal fit for the open position. Most senior software engineer cover letter examples take pains to explain applicable career achievements using the following format:

  • The opening paragraph: List the skills and experiences that will catch the attention of the hiring rep. Now is your chance to impress, so showcase the unique abilities you possess and explain how they are of value to the organization. Introduce pertinent and current projects, education information, and referrals in the opening paragraph.
  • Company highlights: Prove how your skills can help the company achieve its goals and central mission. Use the second paragraph to relate how your work aligns with the organization's office culture. Explain how your experience and skills can be of service.
  • Relevant details: Add any additional professional development or educational knowledge that would be of interest to the hiring manager. Extra data will depict your current career trajectory and hint at how easily you can repeat past successes. Get specific about the results you have achieved previously. You can also use keywords here to help you pass any digital screening tools.

How to best conclude your senior software developer cover letter

The ending of your senior software engineer cover letter is the opportunity to thank the hiring manager for their time. However, more importantly, it is how you can encourage further communication. For example, you can ask if there is any additional information from your resume or portfolio that you can give to the recruiter or outline your availability for an interview so that hiring reps are more likely to take the time to call or email. The more you convey an open attitude that attempts to build a fruitful work relationship, the better. For bonus points, list your contact information again.

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Use this cover letter sample for senior software engineers to help guide your writing:

For additional cover letter samples, explore our front end developer cover letter and web developer cover letter . You can also download our free senior software engineer cover letter template below:

So, are you ready to write that cover letter and submit your application? Head to our remote senior software engineer jobs to access flexible work opportunities from around the world, in addition to the education and professional development support of EPAM Anywhere.

Explore our Editorial Policy to learn more about our standards for content creation.

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  • • Developed and maintained Manual and Automated Test Scripts using Selenium resulting in 30% reduction in testing time
  • • Performed API and Stress Testing resulting in 15% improvement in system performance
  • • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify, report, and troubleshoot issues, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction
  • • Developed and maintained Manual and Automated Test Scripts using Selenium resulting in 35% reduction in testing time
  • • Performed API Testing and Black-Box Testing resulting in 10% improvement in system performance
  • • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify, report, and troubleshoot issues, resulting in 95% customer satisfaction
  • • Developed and maintained Manual and Automated Test Scripts using Selenium resulting in 25% reduction in testing time
  • • Performed API and Load Testing resulting in 8% improvement in system performance
  • • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify, report, and troubleshoot issues, resulting in 90% customer satisfaction

5 Software QA Engineer Resume Examples & Guide for 2024

Customize this resume with ease using our seamless online resume builder.

All resume examples in this guide

cover letter for senior software qa engineer


Resume Guide

How to write a software qa engineer resume experience section, software qa engineer resume: the skills section, software qa engineer resume header: tips, red flags, and best practices, a career summary for your software qa engineer resume, software qa engineer resume: the education section, choosing the right format for your software qa engineer resume, other sections suitable for your software qa engineer resume, how to add creativity to your software qa engineer resume, what makes a great software qa engineer resume: key takeaways.

Software QA Engineer resume example


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, IT and Software Engineering positions are at a much faster than average growth rate, which is 22%. With that said, there are currently 1,847,900 jobs in the market right now. The total number of jobs is expected to increase by 409,500 to 2,257,400 in the period of 2020-30.

What’s more, the median annual wage for the IT and Software Engineering jobs was $110,140 in May 2020. The lowest 10% earned less than $65,210 , and the highest 10% more than $170,100 .

Our conclusion? The IT and Software Engineering job market is facing competition due to decreasing demand.

Top software QA engineer sections that make the best resume

  • Professional summary
  • Experience (with numbers and results)
  • Relevant skills
  • Certifications

what to write in your resume experience section

Software QA Engineer Resume Experience: Checklist

  • Use either chronological or reverse-chronological format when listing your previous jobs;
  • Mention only relevant positions that add value to your resume;
  • Briefly state the challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome them;
  • Highlight the results from your efforts (for bonus points, add numbers, percentage rates, etc.);
  • Forget about buzzwords! Use power verbs instead.

Use the examples below to build your own experience section!

  • Single handedly developed Python based test framework to automate entirety of the frontend UI and REST API automation, 95% which eliminated need for QA team to spend one week manually processing and instead running automatically and concurrently to other projects.
  • Responsible for build release, test development, execution, reporting issues and results for all software TV Client and backend components.
  • Handled emergency Hotfix testing, essential for TV Client firmware fix typically needing emergency turn- around time of days or up to 1 week.
  • Setup CI by utilizing Jenkins.
  • Utilizing github for version control and maintaing automation repository
  • Managing local and offshore teams in Irvine and Bulgaria for release testing.
  • Reporting to VP engineering, responsible for all test, automation, integration and quality teams.
  • Recruiting, developing,managing and leading onshore and offshore QA teams
  • Created and managed local, internal development, device and release testing as needed.
  • Work closely with Products, DevOps, Developers, Program Management on current and upcoming projects.
  • Prepared reports for weekly executive management meetings.
  • Developed Test Plan and automated Test Cases using Python
  • Mentor Jr. QA Engineers on domain knowledge and test automation framework
  • Interview QA candidates at different level (Principal, Sr., Jr.).
  • Heavily involved in automation framework development and optimization.
  • REST API automation using Python
  • Managed local and offshore QA team.
  • Worked closely with Developer, Product Manager on root cause analysis on the issue's found and customer escalation issues.
  • Server side automation for backend distributed components
  • Leading/managing QA team on Backup & Sync feature
  • Developing test plans and automated test cases for features.
  • Worked closely with Dev's, Product and Program Management on new features
  • Automated test cases for UI (Python + Selenium) decreasing engineer time from an average of 2 hours manually down to 15 minutes.
  • Worked closely with Products, Development and Program Management on issues and new features.
  • Lead offshore QA team on product testing
  • Automated Admin UI Portal using Selenium with Python.
  • Setup complex test environment using different flavors of Linux (Red hat, CentOS, Ubuntu) Windows 2003/2008
  • Developed Test Plan and automated test cases
  • Setup CI using Jenkins.
  • Automated REST API and UI using python/selenium
  • Tested government web-based system in an Agile Scrum environment.
  • Created detailed and comprehensive test plans and test cases based on business and functional requirements.
  • Participated in product design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, schedules, or potential problems.
  • Coordinated with software developers, project manager, and business analysts to discuss QA concerns.
  • Reported, tracked, and monitored bugs in Redmine.
  • Served as the lead for new hire QA onboarding process.
  • Created a well-structured status reporting and implemented to QA team.
  • Trained to use Selenium IDE and Webdriver automation tool.
  • SQA Role into Scrum Team.
  • Collaborate with the Product Owner in the refinement process.
  • Design and execution of test cases.
  • Manage defects list and test environments.
  • Maintain and increase automated integration testing.
  • Design and implementation of performance testing.
  • Did robot automation for API testing
  • Guided an automation task for legacy features successfully
  • Analyzed and Filled multiple automation gaps
  • Grasped new automation frameworks with python
  • Worked on Netflow and Deep packet Inspection related projects
  • Pcap parsing and analysis
  • Work on Regression failure analysis, POCs and CRDs
  • Work with cross-functional teams to identify and develop test cases for functional testing
  • Individually handled automation for features and manual testing for multiple features including licensing related ones
  • Did Robot Automation for API testing
  • Analysed and Filled multiple automation gaps
  • Individually handled automation and manual testing for multiple features including licensing related ones
  • Designed and implemented an automation strategy to effectively test the AWS lambdas used in our scalable videotranscoding system that leverages AWS MediaConvert which enables CSOD clients to upload videos and stream them on different devices
  • Designed and led the implementation of a strategy to enable the automation of the CSOD's on prem authorizationsystem that enables CSOD business partners to effectively help clients in resolving issues
  • Eliminated the financial charges incurred in the automation of a multi-factor authentication project by creating a service which mimics 2FA vendors Authy and Twilio
  • Identified and resolved critical issues which had the potential to be showstoppers
  • Developed automation test framework to functionally test the APIs and worked closely with developers to optimize APIs Performance Improvements
  • Contributed in fixing existing test failures and achieved pass percentage from 72% to 95%
  • Reduced automation effort by 30% by modifying and enabling automation to be dynamic data driven
  • Established alerts on Splunk and created a dashboard in Grafana to proactively identify issues
  • Played an active role in Requirement Reviews, creating user stories,creating test plan, test cases, automation strategy, documentation
  • Test Front office connectivity/trading system ideally within OTC, Derivatives and Equities Markets
  • Good understanding of full trade lifecycle
  • Good knowledge on FIX protocol
  • Work in Agile development environm
  • Installation, configuration and setting up test environme
  • nts - Analyze requirements and create or assist in designing test plans for correspondant migrations - Plan, coordinate and execute financial software application releases in a Linux environment using both manual and automation techniques. - Create automation scripts using Python and Java - Create test plans from scratch - Identify and report defects concisely on Jira - Support clients during Dress Rehearsal tests on production environments and after go live - Work with git and bitbucket to manage repositories for our automation test scripts - Integrate Automated Tests pipelines with Quickbuild for Continuous Integration - Test API’s with Postman - Document functional and technical aspects of every migrat ion TOOLS & technical environment : Testlink , JIRA, GIT, Bitbucket, Quickbuild, Confluence, Verifix, Postman, Oracle DB, HSQL DB, Linus shell, Redhat7, Winscp, putty, python, java, Groovy, Apitools, TAT, Visual Studio , SQL server
  • Supporting Cross functional QA efforts for new software projects: Octagon, Screen Time, Stocks, Widgets and Page Hiding.
  • Presenting QA reports, and providing clear status updates to Directors and Engineering Managers in weekly Sponsor meetings.
  • Creating and executing end to end test suites to support Core Test Pass and Acceptance Test Pass.
  • Managing projects via Radar, Apples Bug management tool equivalent to Jira/Selenium.
  • Prioritizing top issues via keyword management within each release milestone.
  • Auditing cross functional test suites to ensure appropriate coverage on all integrated system features and hardware.
  • Onboarding white glove and international teams at key milestones for expanded quality efforts and living on programs.
  • Handling QA activities and QA planning
  • Creation of QA Strategy, QA Planning, Monitoring and mentoring the team, Preparation of High Level Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Scripts
  • Creation of Automation scripts and CI/CT process.
  • Handling scrum and managing sprint activities.
  • Involved in peer review and re-work.
  • Performing Penetration testing , API testing and performance testing, understanding NFR's and estimating.
  • Handling QA activities.
  • Creation of QA Strategy, Monitoring the team, Preparation of High Level Test scenarios, Test cases and Test scripts
  • Involved in peer review and re-work
  • User stories and issues tracking by JIRA and Zephyr
  • Responsible for manual testing of Dynamics 365 in Browser and Mobile version
  • Develop data for testing in Dynamics 365 as Administrator
  • Testing WebApi and Price services from SAP (by Postman)
  • Review data/price conditions in SAP (by SAP NetWeaver)
  • Prepare quotations and contracts in SAP (by SAP NetWeaver)
  • Automate testing using Visual Studio with Selenium and Specflow (basic tests)
  • Preparing and managing test plans, scenarios and test cases
  • Responsible for manual testing of Mobile, Web, Win and OSX clients
  • Bug tracking support front-end and back-end developer team by Youtrack from Jetbrains
  • API testing by Postman and Swagger
  • Customer service support and Scrum master (last 2 month)
  • Collaboration with Developer team and Product Owner on daily bases
  • test framework development
  • Selenium regression tests / Java
  • mentoring junior software tester
  • performance tests
  • bash scripts
  • jMeter scripts / groovy
  • environment data loaders
  • Agile environment
  • Part of a scrum team that took part in bi-weekly sprints
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Test as part of a microservices architecture
  • Collaborated with dev/product/dev-ops daily to ensure product quality
  • Took initiative to transition the QA team to a different test management platform that led to an increase in visibility and overall quality of the system
  • Learned the automation framework Selenium on my own time and had an end-to-end test running within a week
  • Helped clean up the test suites to understand gaps and overlap in coverage which led to faster regression cycles and better quality

Include quantitative data throughout your Software QA Engineer resume to impress the hiring manager. Real facts and figures that show off your competency as an audit manager go a long way. Did you reduce the costs of audits? Manage a large team? Boosted efficiency? Show off the real numbers!

Action verbs for your software QA engineer resume

Target Illustration

Recommended reads:

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  • Can I Leave a Job I Was Fired From Off My Resume?

How to write a strong software QA engineer resume skills section?

  • Make sure to include all types of skills - soft, hard, technical;
  • Focus on skills that show your expertise in the field;
  • Check the job description for keywords and make sure to add them to your resume – this will help you pass ATS;
  • Leave room for discussion – elaborate on some of your strongest skills in other sections of your resume

Top skills for your software QA engineer resume

Teamwork and communication

Creative problem solving

Analystical thinking

Owning up to errors


Time management

Don’t feel obliged to spend a separate section for your soft skills - you can weave them throughout your job experience or career summary. But, don’t just write empty words - back them with examples.

recommended reads:

  • Hard Skills on Resume: Top Hard Skills by Industry Sector

what to write in your resume header

Checklist for your software QA engineer resume header

  • Your name and surname in a legible and larger resume font
  • The job title you’re applying for or your current job title as a subheading to your name
  • Link to your portfolio or online profile, such as LinkedIn
  • Address (City and State for the US; just your city for rest of the world)
  • Email address
  • Headshot (required or welcomed in the EU; not required and sometimes frowned upon in the US)

Stick to popular email providers such as Gmail or Outlook. And use these professional formats to create your username:

Some companies, states, and countries have non-discrimination policies about what kind of information can be included on your Software QA Engineer resume. This might include a photo (which is often included in a resume header and might be on personal web pages you link to). You can always email the company’s HR department to ask about their policies before you apply.

what to write in your resume summary

Things to include in your software QA engineer resume summary:

  • Your total years of experience in the industry;
  • 2-3 of your most remarkable achievements so far;
  • How your experience relates to the position you’re applying for;
  • A very brief description of your strengths.

Resume summary formula:

You’re not going to get hired simply because of a good summary or objective. However, your recruiter can bump you up in front of similarly experienced candidates who didn’t demonstrate such passion and drive.

  • 83 Resume Summary Examples & How-To Guide

Things to include in your resume's education section:

  • Your highest education degree – including course, year of graduation, institution;
  • Awards received as part of your education;
  • Extracurricular activities that have helped you gain relevant skills;
  • Certifications that have helped you master new skills and increase your expertise;
  • Entry-level applicants only: relevant courses and projects.

Top Certifications for your Software QA Engineer resume

certification image

Software Testing Masterclass (2022) - From Novice to Expert

Learn software testing and become QA Engineer/Agile Tester. Mobile/Backend/Web/QA testing. JIRA, TestRail & much more!

certification image

Quality Assurance Mastery - Manual Software Testing

Become Quality Assurance Engineer as a Complete Beginner. QA Masterclass for Junior QA Engineers.

certification image

Software Testing Interview Masterclass: Ace the QA interview

The Ultimate Software Testing Interview Course. Get a job as a software tester, QA, Manual QA, Quality Analyst, Engineer

certification image

Fundamentals of Quality Assurance Engineer

Learn How to Become a Software Quality Assurance Engineer

certification image

Software Testing,QA Testing, Manual Testing,SDLC,Test Plan

Become an expert QA Tester by mastering software testing, manual testing, SDLC, test plan and test case concepts..

  • How To List Certifications On A Resume (Examples Included)
  • When Should You Include Your High School on Your Resume?

There are dozens of certifications that you can claim as a Software QA Engineer. But, some are more effective than others. That’s why you mustn’t include every certificate other applicants might have. Try instead to earn and list a few of the difficult ones.

In general, there are three basic formats for your resume :

  • Reverse-chronological resume format ;
  • Functional skills-based resume format ;
  • Combination (or Hybrid) resume format .

Some things to consider when choosing the right format for your Software QA Engineer resume include the stage of your career, whether you have all the right skills required for the job or are looking for an industry change, and what field you’re looking to grow in.

The reverse-chronological resume format is the most common one. It lets you describe your most recent job and then move backward. This makes it great for people who have around or less than 10 years of experience and are looking to highlight only their work-related skills and qualities.

If you’re just starting your career journey and reverse-chronological resumes sound too demanding, go for the functional resume format. It’s ideal for showcasing your strengths, personal qualities, skills, education, and the courses you’ve taken, without putting too much pressure on experience and expertise.

Don’t worry if neither of these sounds suitable for you – the hybrid or combination resume format will surely match your needs. It’s similar to the reverse-chronological, but with a catchy twist. Combination or hybrid resumes are great for showcasing both your experience and work-related skills and your personal qualities. Add a “What my day looks like” section for enhancing the jaw-dropping experience!

hybrid (combination) resume format built on Enhancv platform

Here are some more things worth remembering when it comes to formatting your Software QA Engineer resume:

  • Choose standard 1-inch resume margins ;
  • Go for traditional resume fonts sized 10-12p;
  • Match the length of your Software QA Engineer resume with your experience – choose a one-page template if you have less than 10 years of experience, and be careful with two-page templates – use them only when applying for executive positions;
  • Save your resume in PDF to avoid formatting issues and potential unauthorized editing.

Tired of getting rejected? Check out this article on how to craft a resume that stands out !

  • Resume Headings To Stand Out With
  • Parts of a Job-Winning Resume: How to Choose Resume Elements

Test your draft Software QA Engineer resume by sending it out to peers and mentors in your circles. Ask them to review it as if they are hiring you for a project and implement the feedback afterwards.

Depending on the position and the industry, you can spice your resume up by adding some more sections. They will help the recruiter get a glimpse of who you are as a person, besides all your job-related skills and qualities.

Here are some examples:

  • Publications
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Language skills
  • Volunteer work

Gone are the days when creative resumes were frowned upon by recruiters!

What’s more, the right amount of creativity will make recruiters remember you and want to learn more about who you are – both as an individual and as a professional.

There are two ways to build a creative resume - add creative sections or go for a more creative design approach in general. Go for whatever suits you, the position, and the industry most!

day of my life on resume   Enhancv resume section

  • Choose a resume layout that sends the right message across and fits your current career situation;
  • Create a resume header that shows your desired job title, and easy to find contact numbers;
  • Be specific about your experience, accomplishments and future goals in your summary;
  • Feature detailed metrics and specific examples that show the impact you made in your previous roles when describing your experience;
  • List soft skills backed by examples;
  • Add all of your technical skills and certifications that you have and match the job description;
  • Show off a dash of personality in your resume that will demonstrate your culture fit and the right mix of hard and soft skills.

software qa engineer resume example

Looking to build your own Software QA Engineer resume?

Author image

  • Resume Examples

Cover Letter Vs. Resume: Which Should You Use?

What are the contents of a cv, a guide to leaving your job on your terms, what is an activities resume for college tips and examples, how specific should a resume be, cv på en sida: 3 exempel som visar hur effektivt det är.

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Senior Qa Engineer Resume Examples

Are you looking to create a senior QA engineer resume that will get you noticed? If so, you have come to the right place. Writing a resume for a senior QA engineer position can be daunting, especially if you are new to the job market or don’t have much experience. However, with a few key tips and the right examples, you can make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. In this guide, we will walk you through each step of the resume-writing process, from outlining your experience and skills to formatting your resume for maximum impact. We will also provide examples of resumes for senior QA engineer roles so you can get an idea of what a winning resume looks like. By the end of this guide, you should have an effective resume ready to be submitted to prospective employers.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, be sure to check out our complete library of resume examples .


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Senior Qa Engineer

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email: [email protected]

A highly experienced Senior QA Engineer with over 10 years of experience in software quality assurance and testing. Experienced in developing comprehensive test plans, designing and executing manual and automated tests, and coordinating testing activities. Strong knowledge in software development life cycle, software quality assurance processes, and software test automation. Skilled in leading teams and driving projects through to successful completion.

Core Skills :

  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Test Automation
  • Manual Testing
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Test Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Team Leadership

Professional Experience :

  • Senior QA Engineer – Company Name, City, ST (2018- Present)
  • Developed test plans and test cases based on product requirements; configured test environment, executed tests, and identified bugs.
  • Collaborated with developers to ensure that all software defects are documented and tracked.
  • Developed and maintained automated test scripts for new and existing features in the software.
  • Tracked and reported testing progress and results to project stakeholders.
  • Assisted in the analysis of system performance and stability.
  • Trained and mentored junior QA engineers.

Education :

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science – University Name, City, ST (2013)

Create My Resume

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Senior Qa Engineer Resume with No Experience

  • A highly motivated and experienced QA Engineer with strong knowledge of manual and automation testing.
  • Strong problem- solving, communication, and organizational skills; with a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality assurance.
  • Highly organized with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work independently and efficiently.
  • Programming Languages: Java, C++, Python
  • Testing Tools: Selenium, QTP, Appium
  • Databases: SQL
  • Test Automation Frameworks: JUnit, TestNG
  • Bug/Issue Tracking Tools: JIRA, Bugzilla


  • Develop and execute test plans, test cases, and test scripts to ensure the quality of software applications.
  • Identify, report, and track software defects.
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of test automation frameworks.
  • Monitoring the performance of applications to ensure they meet quality standards.
  • Collaborate with development teams to ensure that issues are addressed and resolved.
  • Analyze and document test results to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • Perform root cause analysis to identify and resolve issues.

Experience 0 Years

Level Junior

Education Bachelor’s

Senior Qa Engineer Resume with 2 Years of Experience

Highly experienced and motivated Senior QA Engineer with two years of experience in software testing and quality assurance. Proven ability to analyze complex systems, identify bugs and provide practical solutions to ensure software products meet quality standards. Excellent communication and problem- solving skills. Works effectively in a team environment.

  • Automated Testing
  • Test Case Development
  • Verifying Functionality
  • Quality Assurance
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Agile Methodology
  • System Integration Testing
  • Software Documentation
  • Defect Tracking

Responsibilities :

  • Developing and executing test cases to ensure software products meet required quality standards.
  • Validating system functionality and reviewing the system for errors.
  • Analyzing software requirements and specifications to create test plans.
  • Performing manual and automated software testing.
  • Tracking and reporting software defects and ensuring timely resolution.
  • Participating in Agile software development process.
  • Performing integration, performance and regression testing.
  • Debugging errors and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Maintaining software quality assurance documentation.
  • Collaborating with development teams to ensure system requirements are met.
  • Writing and executing test scripts.

Experience 2+ Years

Senior Qa Engineer Resume with 5 Years of Experience

Highly experienced Senior QA Engineer with 5 years of software testing experience in the software development industry. Proven ability to develop and execute test plans, test cases, and automated test scripts. Skilled in developing API automation tests and experience in bug tracking, reporting and validation. Effective at communicating technical information to team members and other stakeholders.

  • Automated and API Testing
  • Test Scripts Development
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Functional Testing
  • Software Debugging
  • SQL Database Testing
  • System Analysis & Design
  • bug Tracking & Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Developing and executing test plans, test cases, and automated test scripts.
  • Developing and maintaining API automation tests.
  • Tracking, reporting and validating bugs, and providing feedback as required.
  • Reporting progress, issues, and risks to management and other stakeholders.
  • Analyzing, troubleshooting and debugging software errors.
  • Testing software and web applications for functionality and performance.
  • Testing databases to ensure accuracy of data stored.
  • Carrying out impact analysis and system analysis.
  • Validating software requirements and designing test plans.
  • Utilizing Agile methodology for software development and testing.
  • Documenting and reporting software defects and issues.

Experience 5+ Years

Level Senior

Senior Qa Engineer Resume with 7 Years of Experience

Results- driven and highly experienced Senior QA Engineer with 7 years of experience in software quality assurance for a variety of IT systems. Adept at developing and executing comprehensive test plans and strategies that maximize testers’ efficiency and ensure the quality of products. Proven track record of success in improving the overall quality of software systems and products to meet customer requirements.

  • Test Planning & Execution
  • Test Strategies & Methodologies
  • Bug Tracking & Management
  • Defect Resolution
  • Automation Testing
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Developed and implemented test plans and strategies to ensure quality and accuracy of software products.
  • Managed bug tracking and defect resolution process.
  • Conducted manual and automated tests to ensure software systems met customer requirements.
  • Developed and maintained software documentation.
  • Collaborated with developers and other stakeholders to identify and address software issues.
  • Leveraged automation testing tools and techniques to improve the efficiency of testing processes.
  • Provided feedback and recommendations to software development teams to improve the overall quality of software products.

Experience 7+ Years

Senior Qa Engineer Resume with 10 Years of Experience

Highly experienced Senior QA Engineer with 10 years of experience in software testing, quality assurance, and automated testing. Accomplished in designing, executing, and managing automated test suites and manual testing plans. Experienced in debugging, troubleshooting, and developing software to meet customer requirements and expectations. Skilled in identifying and implementing testing strategies to ensure maximum system performance.

  • Software QA
  • System Debugging
  • Troubleshooting
  • Test Design & Execution
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Agile Scrum Methodologies
  • Developed, executed, and maintained manual and automated test scripts for software applications
  • Implemented and managed automated test suites for functional and regression testing
  • Developed test plans, test cases and test scenarios for manual and automated testing
  • Analyzed and identified customer requirements to design test plans and test cases
  • Ensured quality of software applications by verifying and validating software functions
  • Identified, tracked and reported defects and errors found during testing process
  • Debugged and troubleshooted software applications to ensure maximum system performance
  • Collaborated with development and operations teams to ensure software quality standards are met
  • Followed Agile Scrum development methodology and documented all necessary process documents

Experience 10+ Years

Level Senior Manager

Education Master’s

Senior Qa Engineer Resume with 15 Years of Experience

Highly experienced Senior Quality Assurance Engineer with 15 years of experience in the design, development, and execution of software testing strategies. Proven ability to manage multiple complex projects and cultivate customer relationships. Skilled in the development of automated test scripts and utilization of test management tools. Possesses a strong attention to detail and passion for the delivery of quality products.

  • Test planning and management
  • Test automation
  • Automated test scripts
  • Test data analysis
  • Test case development
  • Defect management
  • Quality assurance
  • Software testing
  • Requirements gathering
  • Analytical problem solving
  • Database validation
  • Developed and implemented test plans and strategies to ensure the delivery of quality products
  • Executed manual and automated tests, analyzed results, and reported defects to the development team
  • Developed automated test scripts and maintained test data
  • Utilized test management tools and created test cases to ensure comprehensive coverage
  • Ensured requirements were gathered, documented, and implemented properly
  • Researched and resolved defects in a timely and accurate manner
  • Collaborated with developers to ensure effective product design and implementation
  • Monitored software development projects to ensure adherence to quality standards

Experience 15+ Years

Level Director

In addition to this, be sure to check out our resume templates , resume formats ,  cover letter examples ,  job description , and  career advice  pages for more helpful tips and advice.

What should be included in a Senior Qa Engineer resume?

A senior QA engineer is responsible for ensuring the highest quality of a product before it is shipped to the customer. As such, they must have extensive knowledge and experience in software testing. It is important for a senior QA engineer to have a resume that reflects their experience and technical skills. Here is a list of what should be included in a senior QA engineer resume:

  • A summary statement that outlines the candidate’s experience in software testing and the skills that make them an ideal candidate for a senior QA engineering role.
  • A list of technical skills relevant to the job such as SQL, scripting languages, and automation tools.
  • Experience with different types of software testing such as unit, integration, and system testing.
  • Knowledge of software development processes and tools such as source code management tools and defect tracking tools.
  • Experience in creating detailed test plans, test cases, and bug reports.
  • Ability to collaborate with stakeholders, software developers, and other QA engineers.
  • A track record of meeting testing deadlines and providing feedback to development teams.
  • Experience in using software testing frameworks and automated test solutions.
  • A portfolio of successful software testing projects.

By including these aspects in a senior QA engineer resume, candidates can demonstrate their knowledge and experience in the field, and increase their chances of getting hired.

What is a good summary for a Senior Qa Engineer resume?

A Senior QA Engineer is responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of software products and services. To be successful in this role, a candidate must have a strong background in software quality assurance, testing, and defect tracking.

A good summary for a Senior QA Engineer resume should include the candidate’s key strengths and qualifications. This should include technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and experience with software quality assurance practices and procedures. The summary should also highlight the candidate’s ability to create and maintain test plans, develop test scripts, and execute automated testing.

The summary should mention any previous experience the candidate has had working in a collaborative environment. Special attention should be given to any industry certifications or awards the candidate has earned. In addition, a good summary should also demonstrate the candidate’s commitment to quality assurance and their ability to stay organized and efficient when working on multiple projects.

By providing a comprehensive summary, a Senior QA Engineer can show potential employers that they have the skills and qualifications necessary to excel in the role.

What is a good objective for a Senior Qa Engineer resume?

Are you a Senior QA Engineer looking for a new job? Writing an effective resume is essential for making a good impression on potential employers. Your resume should include a clear description of your qualifications, experience, and objectives. In particular, it is important to have a good objective statement that illustrates your goals and ambitions. Below, we will discuss what makes for a good objective for a Senior QA Engineer resume.

  • Focus on Qualifications: It is essential to focus on the qualifications that make you an ideal candidate for the job. Show off your technical knowledge and experience with testing and quality assurance. Highlight any certifications or credentials that you have obtained.
  • Demonstrate Your Experience: Employers will want to know about the experience you have in the QA engineering field. Be sure to include any projects you have worked on and any successes you have had.
  • Emphasize Your Work Ethic and Problem Solving Skills: QA engineers must be able to think on their feet and solve problems quickly. Show employers that you have the skills and work ethic to be successful in this position.
  • Mention Your Goals: While it is important to show employers that you are a qualified candidate, it is also important to show them that you have a clear set of goals. Show employers that you are looking to be a leader in the QA engineering field and that you have a plan for success.

By focusing on these key points, you can create an effective objective statement for your Senior QA Engineer resume. This statement will give employers a clear idea of your qualifications, experience, and ambitions. Good luck with your job search!

How do you list Senior Qa Engineer skills on a resume?

When creating a resume for a Senior QA Engineer, it’s important to list your skills and experience to demonstrate your value to employers. Use the following tips to craft a top-notch resume that highlights your skills and knowledge.

  • Understand software development life cycles and the software quality assurance processes.
  • Identify and troubleshoot software issues and bugs.
  • Prepare and execute test cases, scenarios, scripts and plans.
  • Analyze system requirements and software specifications.
  • Track and document software defects.
  • Monitor and maintain software performance.
  • Provide input on software design and requirements.
  • Develop and implement automation testing procedures.
  • Develop and maintain test plans and test cases.
  • Identify areas of improvement in the software development process.
  • Collaborate with software developers, product managers and other stakeholders.
  • Utilize bug tracking and issue tracking software.
  • Develop and maintain automated test scripts.
  • Monitor software performance and suggest improvements.

What skills should I put on my resume for Senior Qa Engineer?

When you’re looking for a Senior QA Engineer position, you want to make sure that your resume stands out from the competition. Your resume should be customized to demonstrate how your experience and qualifications make you a great candidate for the role.

When it comes to the skills section, it’s important to highlight the most relevant skills for a Senior QA Engineer position. Here are some essential skills to include on your resume:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of software testing methodologies: You should demonstrate your knowledge of software testing methods such as regression testing, functional testing, unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing.
  • Automation experience: Senior QA Engineers should have experience with automation tools and techniques, including scripting, code writing, and automation frameworks.
  • Strong debugging skills: Senior QA Engineers need to be able to identify, isolate, and debug complex software problems.
  • Knowledge of QA processes and standards: You should be able to show that you know how to develop and maintain quality standards and processes.
  • Excellent communication skills: As a Senior QA Engineer, you will need to be able to effectively communicate with developers and other stakeholders.
  • Attention to detail: Senior QA Engineers need to be able to spot even the smallest mistakes or discrepancies to ensure the highest level of quality.

By including these skills on your resume, you can show employers that you are up to the challenge of becoming a Senior QA Engineer. Make sure to tailor your skills section to the specific requirements of the position you’re applying for to make sure your resume stands out from the competition.

Key takeaways for an Senior Qa Engineer resume

When you are a Senior QA Engineer, you have the opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge on your resume. As a senior-level professional, you must ensure that your resume is comprehensive and clear. This will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by potential employers.

In this blog post, we will discuss some key takeaways for a Senior QA Engineer resume. These takeaways will help you create a resume that is impressive, comprehensive, and tailored to your skills and experience.

First, it is important to demonstrate your knowledge of the software development process. Showcasing your knowledge of the software development process will show potential employers that you have an understanding of the technical aspects of the job. Include any experience you may have with software development tools, such as version control systems, test automation tools, and requirements management systems.

Second, make sure to highlight the projects you have worked on. This will show potential employers that you are not only knowledgeable but also experienced. Include any relevant accomplishments and awards you have received from previous employers. This will help potential employers to better understand the level of experience you have and the quality of your work.

Third, demonstrate your knowledge of quality assurance processes. Quality assurance processes can be complex and detailed, and employers will be looking for someone who is knowledgeable in this area. Be sure to include any certifications or trainings you have attended that show your knowledge of quality assurance processes.

Finally, include any relevant certifications or awards you may have received. These will demonstrate to potential employers that you are a skilled and experienced professional.

By following these key takeaways, you can create a resume that will help you stand out from other Senior QA Engineers and get noticed by potential employers. Remember to tailor your resume to your skills and experience, and include any relevant certifications or awards you may have received. With a comprehensive and impressive resume, you will be ready to take on the challenge of

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Resume template

Senior QA Engineer Resume Samples

A senior level Quality Assurance Engineer is involved in developing and executing automated and exploratory tests that will guarantee product quality. The typical duties for this job description include – designing and implementing tests, conducting tests before the launch of the product, reviewing requirements and specifications, planning and coordinating testing activities . Identifying and documenting documents, conducting regression tests, monitoring debugging process , tracking quality assurance metrics , and training junior staff on how to implement solutions are the other tasks that are mentioned on the Senior QA Engineer Resume .

The skills and abilities that determine the success of a Senior QA Engineer include – proven work experience, strong knowledge of software QA methodologies and tools; hands-on experience with automated testing tools, and experience with Agile/Scrum development process. Staying up-to-date with the latest testing tools and test strategies is a must. A Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering along with solid work experience is preferred by the employers.

Senior QA Engineer Resume example

  • Resume Samples
  • Engineering
  • Senior QA Engineer

Contractor (Senior QA Engineer) Resume

Summary : Senior QA Engineer with 11 years of QA expertise in Retail Banking, Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile check deposits, Alert Management, E-learning, etc. Well-versed with SDLC, STLC, Waterfall Model, Agile testing. Experienced in Business, Functional Requirement Analysis, User stories review/Analysis Experience in Sprint planning, System Test Plan creation, UAT plan, and Test Strategy design, and System Test Report creation, UAT Report creation.

Skills : Manual testing, Automation, Project Management, Mobile testing.

Contractor (Senior QA Engineer) Resume Example

Description :

  • Participated in the User Stories Review/ Requirement Analysis and Walkthrough meetings with Business teams, Bas and understand the existing and changing Business Requirements Provide suggestions, feedbacks during brainstorming sessions based on previous experience.
  • Get all the clarifications raised by self, testers answered by BA/Business team on time and have it documented, and make sure user stories are updated in TFS accordingly.
  • Managed Test data creation Closely work with various teams such as Hogan team, ESB, team, Dev team, DevOps team, Third-party vendors to make sure Test environments are up and running and test environment has the latest codes available for testing.
  • Made sure all the required physical mobile devices, perfecto devices are available with the required IOS versions and follow up with concerned teams if there is an issue.
  • Conducted a sanity check of environments and follow with Technical teams if there is any blockers.
  • Participated in Daily Scrum meeting and provide updates on QA tasks progress and discuss/follow up on Critical defects, Roadblocks with scrum master.
  • Coordinated between offshore teams and Onshore teams Send Daily execution report containing execution details, Defect reports to all the stakeholders.

Senior QA Engineer/Analyst Resume

Objective : Senior QA Engineer/Analyst with six years of IT experience testing data warehousing/Business Intelligence Reporting, mainframe, client-server and web-based financial systems in the Capital Markets Domain. Experienced in all phases of software testing life cycle including smoke, functional, integration, regression, UI, Backend, UAT and performance testing. 

Skills : Software QA Tester, Software QA Senior Engineer, Software QA Lead, Automation QA Engineer, Web / Mobile QA Tester, Software Internal Trainer, Front End, User Interface, New Functionality and Defect Testing.

Senior QA Engineer/Analyst Resume Template

  • Used to manage all financing rates for the firm's shorts, primes cash interest/debit and alternative financing methods.
  • Used Agile/Scrum methodology to ensure the new features meet the customer requirements (user stories) and acceptable quality assurance standards.
  • Analyzed user stories to create project documentation, including Test Strategy, Entry Criteria, Exit Criteria, Test Scripts, Test Execution Plans, and Test Exit Report.
  • Communicated effectively with Project Managers, Development and Test teams throughout the test life cycle to provide clear objectives and report on progress and issues in a timely manner using ALM/QC.
  • Performed functional, integration and regression testing using ALM/QC tool Automated regression scripts using Automation Test Manager (QTP/UFT) framework (data & keyword-driven) Configured test environment, created the test data and mocked up the existing data to simulate test conditions.
  • Validated accrual calc for short trading (borrowed) and margin lending (rehypothecated) long position.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries to verify PBW business rules and data quality Extensively used UNIX shell scripts and commands for fetching and checking the Log files.

Senior QA Engineer/Lead Resume

Objective : Total of 8+ years of experience in IT QA. As a QA Manager / Lead / Test Engineer. Have experience in Finance, Insurance, and Telecommunication and Healthcare domains in Agile as well as Waterfall environment. Experience with regulatory reporting (Dodd-Frank) and PCI compliant. Strong experience in waterfall methodology, agile methodology, and web testing. Experienced with Defect tracking systems such as ALM, QC/Test Director, BUGZILLA and JIRA Tracker Professional experience in designing Test Cases and Test Scripts for Mainframe, Windows, Java and UNIX environments.

Skills : Test cases, QA, System testing, Functional testing, Exploratory Testing, Consulting, Test plans, HP Quality Center, Regression testing, Acceptance testing.

Senior QA Engineer/Lead Resume Template

  • Understood 6 different Detail Business requirement, Detailed Technical Design Document, I Specification Review Deliverable's with Business Analyst and Developers and prepare Test Scripts and Test data accordingly.
  • Attended 3 amigos meeting to understand business requirement and propose a testing strategy.
  • Managed 10 Members team both offshore/onshore. Well versed in designing and executing Manual Test Case and Test Scripts.
  • Responsible for preparing requirements traceability matrix to ensure that all requirements were covered with respective test cases Used Quality Center for tracking, reporting and managing bug life cycle during testing process.
  • Responsible for assigning automation tasks to the QA team Executed test cases for integrated testing in live UNIX QA environment and validated the request and response in the XML files.
  • Worked with development to ensure timely delivery of the product.
  • Created different Automated scripts to test functionalities Generated HTML Test Result Reports using Reporting.

Senior QA Engineer/Executive Resume

Summary : Senior QA Engineer/Executive with a good track record on people management and leading the teams. Extensive knowledge in Test Automation using Selenium and UFT. To obtain a position in a challenging, progressive work environment that provides the opportunity to use my experience and knowledge for strategic decisions, planning, and execution inherent in the QA process of the software development life cycle with a specific focus on automated testing.

Skills : C#, SQL, Microsoft Office, QA, Selenium, SOAP-UI/ReadyAPI, HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, JAVA, Mainframe

Senior QA Engineer/Executive Resume Template

  • Integrated logging and screen captures into test case results to make it faster and more efficient to troubleshoot where and why automated test cases were failing.
  • Used Eclipse IDE to write runnable jar to expand the coverage of testing to multiple OS+Browser combinations.
  • Wrote custom common java methods leveraging the user-extensions functionality of Selenium Webdriver.
  • Wrote a global variables function as a more efficient way to identify item location information which dynamically changed from release to release.
  • Integrated Testopia over Bugzilla installation to manage product closedown to show test coverage and better assess areas of risk.
  • Implemented a post-release analysis process to identify which issues could be caught before release and rolled up into automated test coverage.
  • Developed an automated "smoke test" called from the automated build process to evaluate the functionality of a build as part of the automated build and release process.

Senior QA Engineer/Consultant Resume

Summary : Senior QA Engineer/Consultant with nine years of IT experience testing data warehousing/Business Intelligence Reporting, mainframe, client-server and web-based financial systems in the Capital Markets Domain. Experienced in all phases of software testing life cycle including smoke, functional, integration, regression, UI, Backend, UAT and performance testing. 

Skills : Java, TestNG, Junit, Cucumber, Selenium, QTP/UFT, TOSCA Test Suite

Senior QA Engineer/Consultant Resume Example

  • Attended in Project workshop in accordance with QA Work-Bench as well as Business requirement and functional specification along with project managers, Business team, a stakeholder in Kick-off meeting for Project Goal, TimeLine and discussed the Project Scope in details during Phase.
  • Developed testing artifacts like Project Timeline, Test plan, test approach, test scenarios, test cases, based on Business requirements, Functional Specification and Design Documentation.
  • Analyzed the Low-Level Design (LLD's) and High-Level Design (HLD's) documents as part of the UAT/SIT testing phase.
  • Provided detailed QA estimates and timelines for various testing cycles during each release period Creation of Test Summary report once testing is completed and ensured it is approved for CTT ticket for the final production deployment.
  • Participated in Sprint Planning meetings where the Testers will identify the strategic features of the user stories and review the current sprint user stories during the Sprint Planning and Acceptance criteria for Testing will be documented.
  • Participated in Sprint Planning meetings where the Testers will identify the strategic features of the user stories and review the current sprint user stories that are in Rational Team Concert during the Sprint Planning and Acceptance criteria for Testing will be documented.
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings where all the testers will address any blockers blocking testing and discuss the status of assigned tasks.

Senior QA Engineer/Manager Resume

Headline : Senior QA Engineer/Manager worked 10 years in the testing of Software products in Linux/Windows environments Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Expertise in testing Java-based web applications and database using Agile (SCRUM/TDDM) methodology and Waterfall model Experience in design, development, and execution of manual test cases Experience in virtualization technologies such as VMWare VSphere and ESXi hypervisor. Expertise in Functional, Integration, UAT, E2E and Regression tests.

Skills : Cisco Technologies, Functional, Regression Testing, System Integration Testing, Database Testing, VOIP, Switches, Routers.

Senior QA Engineer/Manager Resume Example

  • Raised defects into CDETS/TIMS effectively track and regression testing and working with the development team for graceful closure of defects.
  • Regular Attended Daily standups, giving constant updates from test perspective Breaking up of user stories into technical tasks with a test perspective.
  • Provided test scenarios and test cases for user stories in sprints upfront, before the start of development, managing the traceability matrix with requirements.
  • Attended daily stand-up meetings and participated in technical discussions and issue reporting.
  • Executed manual test cases for the user stories assigned and completing the test tasks as per estimates.
  • Participated in Sprint demo meetings with internal/external stakeholders.
  • Attended Sprint retrospective meetings with the scrum team. 

Senior QA Engineer/Supervisor Resume

Summary : An experienced Senior QA Engineer/Supervisor seeking software development opportunities to utilize recent training received while obtaining a Masters degree in Software Engineering in addition to 9 years experience in the industry, with 4 of them as a software developer and with experience working on different platforms including Windows, Linux, and UNIX.


Senior QA Engineer/Supervisor Resume Sample

  • Responsible for testing several new and existing products performing mainly unit, integration, system, installation, and regression testing and also performance, load, and stress testing.
  • Provided developer teams with detailed reports on quality metrics, identified defects and recommended fixes.
  • Documented software defects using a bug tracking system and reported defects involving program functionality and content to software developers.
  • Delivered Quality Summary reports that described the product quality and release readiness and were distributed to company executives.
  • Used Jenkins, Subversion, Selenium, Quality First Test, and Customized Atlassian JIRA for test automation and bug reporting.
  • Performed Platform testing on Windows, Linux, and UNIX.
  • Responsible for CFD reduction, defect tracking, and defect matrix collection.

Senior QA Engineer/Contract Resume

Objective : Senior QA Engineer/Contract handled complex automation projects involving Web, Mobile applications, and APIs. Mobile Test Automation using Appium. Experience in Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with Cucumber and QMetry. Experienced with Continuous Integration using Jenkins and Build tool Maven. Experienced in Agile Scrum and Test-Driven Development (TDD). Experienced in automated testing of REST API using Excel macro and Postman. Experienced in Developing and Enhancing Automation Frameworks like Data-Driven, keyword-driven and Hybrid using UFT (QTP).

Skills : SQL Server 2008, Java, Win XP, QTP 11.0, JIRA, ALM

Senior QA Engineer/Contract Resume Sample

  • Responsible for following activities Coordinating activities within the team.
  • Led a team of 6 people Coordinating the team for activities like writing test cases as per the requirements for the different modules in PM Coordinating the team for test case execution as per the requirements.
  • Wrote test automation test cases using REST.
  • Provided design inputs to the product architecture team.
  • Provided support to SVT team with their queries Providing support to System Testing Team Providing fixes to customer issues.
  • Co-ordinated with Product Management team Solution Environment Windows XP, HP-UX, LINUX Oracle, MYSQL, JAVA, Shell Scripting, PERL, SWINGS Project Name Optical Network Management System (ONMS) Aftercare and NMS VnV Client Alcatel-Lucent Project Description Alcatel-Lucent has a suite of Network Management System products like Navis Optical MRP (Multi-Regional Provisioning), Navis Optical NMS, Navis OMS (Optical Management System), Regional Manager, 1350OMS and EMS systems (ITM-SC, SNMS).
  • Used in the Telecom Network for managing huge number of SDH Network Elements.

Lead/Senior QA Engineer Resume

Summary : QA Lead and Senior Experience Web / Mobile Based Testing Experience Experience with Waterfall and Agile Processes. Experience in Automation Testing using selenium and TestNg. Experienced in Testing on Client-Server, web-based application, and GUI application. Good at Identifying business logic and design as well.

Skills : Javascript, Java, Agile Development, Quality Assurance, Subversion, JSP, JSON, SQL, XML, Oracle, DB2, Sql Server, Windows, Linux, Solaris, JUnit, HTML, JIRA.

Lead/Senior QA Engineer Resume Template

  • Responsible for testing several new and existing products performing systems, unit, performance, load, regression, installation and stress testing.
  • Delivered Quality Summary testing reports that determined product quality and release readiness and distributed to company executives.
  • Automated system testing for trading transactions, exchange operations and payment methods using UFT.  
  • Developed, executed and maintained automation scripts for a trading web application.  
  • Provided one-site solution for managing the Telecom Network.
  • Participated in reviews of unit test cases and other documents related to the product.
  • Participated and contributed to the product documentation. Mentored junior test engineers and new joiners to the team and was responsible for maintenance of Automation testbed facilities.

Headline : Highly qualified Senior QA Engineer/Manager with experience in the industry. Enjoy creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects, and I would excel in the collaborative environment on which your company prides itself. Thoroughly involved in different types of testing's like Smoke, Functional Testing, Regression Testing and Browser Compatibility Testing.

Skills : Manual Testing, Test Cases, Test Scenerios, Quality Assurance, Quick Test Professional, Quality Control, Bugzilla, JIRA, UML, Sequence Diagram, Test Plan Review, Traceability Matrix.

Senior QA Engineer/Manager Resume Template

  • Analyzed of requirements and preparing understanding, test case and test plan documents Interacting with Clients and Business Analysts for requirement gathering for modules related requirements Identified and Developed Test Case Design from complex Business rules defined in Use case document.
  • Actively Involved with formal Review for Requirements Documents and Design Documents at every phase of development.
  • Participated and coordinated with Functional Testing, RegressionTesting, Compatibility testing for browsers, DB Testing.
  • Created Checklist and Executed Smoke Test for Build Acceptance.
  • Participated with Import/Export Functionalities Testing on Multiple Systems.
  • Involved with writing SQL scripts and Queries for DB Testing.
  • Scheduled and participated for Defect Review meeting during testing of the build.

Headline : Senior QA Engineer/Consultant with strong healthcare industry experience in business data modeling, software requirement analysis, process modeling, process flow, and quality assurance skills Exceptional knowledge in testing phases with state HIX projects. Thorough knowledge of ICD-9, ICD-10 codes and CPT codes for both Mental and Medical Health. Very good experience on EDI testing and ITS systems. Excellent knowledge of HIPAA standards, EDI (Electronic data interchange) Transaction syntax like ANSI X12, Implementation and Knowledge of HIPAA code sets and HL7.


Senior QA Engineer/Consultant Resume Example

  • Managed the team of consultants responsible for developing on-demand Medicaid Management System reports.
  • Tested and implemented HIPAA 4010 and 5010 and ICD 10, version for all EDI transactions.
  • Prepared master test plan covers both the HIPAA 5010 compliance system impact documentation based on 5010 changes and ICD-9 to ICD-10 migration.
  • Designed and development of test cases based on functional requirements for Institutional and Professional claims for EDI and HIPAA transactions 834, 270/271 testing.
  • Performed requirement analysis by gathering both functional and non-functional requirements based on interactions with the process owners and stakeholders and document analysis, represented them in Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Prepared high-level end to end-use cases and individual use cases for each 5010 transaction.
  • Facilitated four-hour long round table discussion with most HR directors, managers, and analysts along with QA manager to get their input [ad-hoc UAT] in the project.
  • Used SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) methodologies like the RUP and the waterfall.

Senior QA Engineer/Associate Resume

Summary : Senior QA Engineer/Associate with overall 7 years of professional experience and 5 years of relevant experience in Software Testing Life Cycles (STLC) in the context of conventional and rapid development environments using manual and automated testing tools and technologies. Extensive knowledge of Quality Assurance standards, methodologies, and strategies with a good understanding of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Waterfall and Agile methodology.

Skills : Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle 11g, DB2, Linux, VI, SSH Tectia and ETL (Informatica).

Senior QA Engineer/Associate Resume Example

  • Managed lead generation and marketing software testing and test process development, collaborating with project and development professionals throughout the SDLC and project phases.
  • Performed complex requirements analysis, functional specification evaluation, and black-box testing strategy development, forming deep expertise in product features, back-ends, and data sets.
  • Implemented and updated the automated testing framework and scripts for positive regression testing.
  • Utilized proven testing techniques for superior product quality assurance, issue resolution, and risk mitigation.
  • Collaborated on infrastructure conversion efforts involving dynamic site framework and back end integration.
  • Guided protocols and practices between development, testing, and production environments.
  • Developed and maintained a suite of automated test cases for positive regression testing of dynamic data generating sites using Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, NUnit, and C#.
  • Developed a suite of automated tests for regression testing of a mobile account management tool.

Senior QA Engineer I Resume

Headline : Senior QA Engineer I with a unique mix of business and technical experience. I have over ten years of agile methodology experience. A trusted passionate leader for numerous agile projects and staff delivering the most innovative technical solutions to the most successful companies globally. I am motivated by transforming the IT organization into performing and delivering ROI from a business point of view.

Skills : Manual Testing, Automation anywhere, RPA, RPA Implementation, Automation Testing, Database Testing, HP ALM, SQL, JIRA

Senior QA Engineer I Resume Example

  • Worked on a scrum team for an eCommerce solutions application in .NET.
  • Coordinated capacity, release planning and reporting to Release Management teams using Mingle and JIRA tools.
  • Implemented, updated, monitored, and audited Software Testing and Quality Assurance processes.
  • Performed validation of new products, system enhancements, modifications, system upgrades, and code fixes in production deployments.
  • Planned and executed the successful running of test cycles in multiple environments including Development branches, integration, staging and production.
  • Produced smoke test/integration test platforms and organized support teams involved in each release from a testing perspective.
  • Managed bug reports and risk analysis matrixes to streamline development gaps and bug fixing cost.
  • Developed the first version of a CCR( Change Control Release) process which documented and tracked statuses performed in our testing and product development cycles Utilized Value Stream Mapping to delineate waste throughout our project development cycles.

Senior QA Engineer (Contractor) Resume

Summary : Senior QA Engineer with 8+ years of experience in both manual and automation Software Quality Assurance testing of web-based application and Backend Testing. Solid experience Object-Oriented Analysis and Coding (OOAD) and with Java, C#, Python and C++. Experienced in front-end testing: GUI, Functional, Regression, Integration, and User Acceptance Testing. Experienced in using Selenium IDE/ Web Driver/ GRID, JXL, TestNG, JUnit Frameworks, Cucumber, and Firebug.

Skills : Manual Testing, Automation anywhere, RPA, RPA Implementation, Automation Testing, Database Testing

Senior QA Engineer (Contractor) Resume Sample

  • Developed testing strategies and test plans based on products or solutions, reviewed test cases for QA Team and provided feedback.
  • Communicated project status and risk assessment with manager prior to Product release.
  • Developed test plan, test cases and test methodology based on software specification and requirements for various test phases to ensure product quality.
  • Supported customer support team by investigating, resolving or escalating high-priority issues in a timely manner, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Installed and configured ADSP system in customer's network during Beta testing and monitored performance of system.
  • Analyzed wireless / wired frames, validated data integrity and executed performance benchmarking by utilizing Airopeek, Etherpeek and Wireshark.
  • Wrote bug report and verify bug, review release note, knows issues, user guide, and quick help guide to improved usability of the product for the customer.
  • Prioritized and reassigned bugs to appropriate developer through weekly bug review meetings with developers and PLM team.

Headline : Senior QA Engineer I with professional experience in Software Testing and development in Oracle PLSQL, ETL and Oracle E-Business Suite HRMS(11i and R12), Healthcare and Telecom domain. Functional expertise in Oracle Applications with Implementation, Development, Testing and Post Production Support for Core HR, Payroll, Self-Service HR (SSHR). In-depth knowledge of software engineering. 

Skills : Testing Skills, QA Lead.

Senior QA Engineer I Resume Template

  • Role Involved in the E2E Product design, Planning and Testing stages, Understanding the Client Requirements, design, functionality, Change request and enhancements of the system by reviewing the FDD(functional design document), Technical Design Document(TDD) Specification document(MIG) and Use Case.
  • Derived Test Objectives and Child objectives from FDD and TDD Preparing the Test Plan for the Enhancements.
  • Prepared Test Data for the identified test objective in the planning stage.
  • Attended meetings regarding the Change Request/Problem Tickets with Development Team, and Product management Team Prepared Test Conditions, Test Cases and Test Summary Report.
  • Involved in Customer-related issues and bugs testing.
  • Performed Sanity Test, System Testing, Regression Testing.
  • Performed Back end Testing-using SQL queries, generating reports to ensure data integrity and validate business rules.
  • Identified the test scripts to be automated for Smoke testing and developed using OATS (Oracle application test suit).

Senior QA Engineer II Resume

Summary : Senior QA Engineer II with over 8 years of experience in Quality Assurance in the IT, Hardware, Printing, Financial & Education industries with the emphasis on Manual and Automated Testing of Windows, Client/Server, API, Firmware, Driver, Web service and Web-based Applications. Hands-on Experience on Embedded software testing: Firmware & Drivers testing Involved in all phases of the SDLC and performed all activities in QA life cycle.

Skills : Planning Skills, Testing Skills.

Senior QA Engineer II Resume Example

  • Responsible for keeping track of testing activities as per the agreed project objectives and milestones.
  • Responsible for developing test strategy and project deliverables for application-specific.
  • Worked closely with the product owner, project stakeholders to identify, understand, and analyze appropriate processes.
  • Developed automated Build Acceptance Test script for every build to be deployed to QA and production environment.
  • Performed further manual and automated test on the production release candidate.
  • Performed smoke and Functional Test on the production release Performed UI testing manually and run automated testing using Selenium.
  • Performed Web Service testing ( REST calls) using SoapUI pro, RESTClient, Postman Performed back end testing: Database testing and payload testing Jason format (request and response).
  • Analyzed issues/ bugs further by using network traffic based on request and response using FireBug and by inspecting element: console, net, Firepath, etc.

Summary : Senior QA Engineer with understanding and hands-on experience in all phases of the Software development, web and mobile technologies, Testing Methodology, UAT and release support Extensive experience working within Agile Environment/ multiple groups. Possess strong problem-solving skills, effective oral and written communication skills, and excellent analytical as well as organizational skills. Ability to learn technical concepts.

Skills : Manual Testing {Functional (GUI) Testing, Web Testing), Testing Tool: TFS, Jira (Bug Reporting), Jmeter (load testing), Testingbot

Contractor (Senior QA Engineer) Resume Format

  • Conducted full functional, integration, regression and performance testing based on business requirements and design documents for Financial, Investment Accounts, Trading, Holdings, Banking, and Account Maintenance.
  • Participated in the testing of IPO application: developed Use Cases, Test scenarios, Test cases, analyzed Design Document and provided Developers with feedback, communicating with Business Partners daily and worked closely with Developing and other QA's groups at Schwab.
  • Assisted Test Manager in planning testing resource, estimates, and schedules.
  • Setup data for different testing scenarios.
  • Coordinated and control of test environments.
  • Wrote and execute SQL query and stored procedures for testing purposes.
  • Supported Quality Management of applications built by customizing Siebel software and Client- Middleware- Mainframe schema.
  • Partnered with PMO Team to define testing activities and communicated issues with Business and Customer Service teams.

Senior QA Engineer/Project Manager Resume

Objective : Senior QA Engineer/Project Manager with IT industry experience in Audit, Insurance, HR, pharmaceutical, ERP Applications Excellent knowledge on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and QA methodologies solid understanding of software testing process and standards. Very strong experience in Handling Agile projects. Experience as an Independent QA Analyst. Excellent in leading teams and managing complex projects focused on the overall enhancement of software product quality.

Skills : Software Quality Analyst, Automation Testing, QTP, SOAPUI, XML, Doumentum, SQL Server, Java, Agile, Data Warehousing.

Senior QA Engineer/Project Manager Resume Sample

  • Performed functional testing manually and constructed positive and negative test scenarios as per requirements.
  • Generated Various Defects reports and Managed Defects thru Bug Tracker and reported to QA Manager.
  • Scheduled and tracked the progress of projects and updated project status to the QA manager periodically.
  • Developed automated test case framework to expedite the development of new automated tests.
  • Worked on the waterfall, Agile/Scrum methodology for test execution and automation.
  • Extensively created Data-Driven Test scripts to read data from excel using POI API for testing.
  • Performed end-end trade-locate matching process in the prime brokerage workstation Tested trades, positions, pricing rules, accrual rules, and client profile rate/locate schedules for shorts and Long Tested revenue share reports for hard-to-borrow securities.

Senior QA Engineer Resume

Headline : Senior QA Engineer with 5 years of experience, primarily with mobile devices in the Telecommunication industry. Highly motivated goal-oriented team player with excellent organizational, interpersonal, presentation and written/verbal communication skills. Quick learner, who enjoys new technical challenges. Strengths in software testing, new product introductions/development, proficient in driving software quality processes and methodologies.

Skills : Selenium Web Driver, QTP, SQL, Oracle, XML, Webservices, SOAPUI, Documentum, ALM, QC, Integration Testing.

Senior QA Engineer Resume Format

  • Actively involved in Requirement reviews and provided comments to the Business Analyst and Developers Prepared functional, Data validation and user interface test case Executed the test cases using QC 10.0 and followed the defect management process.
  • Performed database testing using SQL server 2008.
  • Performed web service testing using SOAPUI.
  • Automated web services for regression testing.
  • Created assertion methodology for validating SOAP response and regression testing.
  • Performed XQuery Match and X path validation methods Performed Data-driven Test using multiple data sources Prepared timely status report to Test Manager Used agile methodology and performed testing based on a 3-week Iteration.
  • Verified data from the source systems and verified the data is loading into the project database once the ETL job is completed.

Headline : Senior QA Engineer I with over 11 years of professional experience in all stages of Software QA, including manual and some automated testing. Thorough knowledge of SDLC, testing approaches and techniques including Functional, Installation, System, Stress and Regression tests. Extensive experience testing client-server, Web and Mobile applications; excellent knowledge of various Web Browsers. Experience in leading a team of QA Engineers.

Skills : Team Work, Leadership.

Senior QA Engineer I Resume Example

  • Led projects for Badgeville applications that provide the most robust set of engagement mechanics.
  • Tested the Behavior Platform and API, Visualization of achievements, Analytics presentations all of which empower users to build more personalized and rewarding experiences for their customers and employees on top of their websites, enterprise applications, social networks, and communities.
  • Created test plans and test strategy, results in matrices, delegate assignments.
  • Created and maintained test cases and generate test data through in-depth analysis of the requirements for both new and existing features.
  • Executed test cases, analyze and document results, report and track bugs (JIRA), verify and validate fixes, and work with the development team to resolve issues.
  • Participated in by-weekly releases to the production of core Behavior Platform, Connectors, and other BV applications.
  • Attended sprint planning and design reviews, daily meetings, to address any issues/blockers.

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Senior QA Engineer Resume Samples

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  • Assist with continued improvement of the performance testing process, including best practices around the Performance Center of Excellence
  • Work with development and functional QA teams to troubleshoot and improve identified performance bottlenecks
  • Works with development resources to drive improvements in overall quality, automation and testing processes and techniques
  • Cultivate, support and promote an organizational culture that provides for high performance, high morale, integrity and teamwork
  • Develop and execute comprehensive workflow test plans assuring the overall quality of the product
  • Collaborate closely with Development to execute testing earlier in the Software Development lifecycle (Dev/SIT/UAT)
  • Work closely with development team to iteratively test concurrently with feature development
  • Work with the development team to develop and execute the test plan, inline with an Agile development methodology
  • Work with project managers to provide QA estimates, schedule planning and providing status updates
  • Develop Performance scripts and execute performance cases
  • Work with the QA Manager to identify the team’s technology roadmap and provide estimates on critical software development projects
  • Initiate, develop, lead or participate in quality improvement projects to improve product quality and overall manufacturing performance
  • Collaborate with development, operations, and test engineers to design, develop and maintain performance test scripts and frameworks
  • Works with product development, product management, support and other organizations to identify and track potential product issues and improvements
  • Strong advocate and evangelist for software quality, and engineering/design practices to help ensure quality and manage the cost of quality
  • Ability to leverage technology to advance the quality of products and efficiency of development and quality related processes
  • Knowledgeable about tools and debug techniques (Wireshark, Perforce, IxTracker, automation harness); Able to provide guidance to junior team members
  • Highly skilled in debugging layer1 issues, experience with hardware testing for example cable tests, manufacturing quality tests etc
  • Candidate should have motivation, the ability to follow direction, and pays great attention to detail
  • Strong knowledge of Testing lifecycle and methodologies with a solid understanding of how it fits in SDLC
  • Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and excellent problem solving/troubleshooting skills
  • Strong logical and creative problem-solving skills, good oral and written communication skills and excellent analytical skills
  • Good writing skills, should be able to document tests, as well as quality standards and best practices
  • Knowledge of test automation tools, QA test methodologies, and software development practices. Cucumber experience highly-desirable

15 Senior QA Engineer resume templates

Senior QA Engineer Resume Sample

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  • Manage scope and priorities to complete testing efforts on time
  • Help identify opportunities to automate process and remove road blocks
  • Operate in a fully agile team
  • Excellent critical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Experience using source control tools (e.g., Git)
  • Thorough understanding and knowledge of Open Source development platforms (LAMP – Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl)
  • Thorough understanding and knowledge of Web Technologies/protocols (CSS, JSON, AJAX, SOAP, JavaScript, Flash, HTTP, SSL)
  • Experience testing API’s
  • The ability to make well-reasoned decisions by carefully listening to and critically evaluating evidence and arguments made by various team members
  • Help provide understanding of test systems and architecture
  • Demonstrated ability to clearly articulate an idea, concept, or position on topics within the QA/Test domain
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or related experience
  • Provides leadership and direction for the project team during all QA phases and cycles
  • Develops defect tracking standards and procedures specific to the Project. Provides defect tracking training
  • Establishes and meets testing milestones
  • Project planning and estimating tasks
  • Good knowledge of cross functional applications, process and procedures
  • Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently to a diverse range of customers
  • 5+ years of professional experience including 3 years in software testing
  • Developer skills set with the aptitude for testing along with excellent debugging skill
  • Excellent problem solving skills and technical strength in both coding and testing skills
  • Ability and experience with implementing a test harness framework
  • Knowledge of multiple coding languages and able to understand the algorithmic ideas behind the code and software development fundamentals
  • High level understanding of business flow, feature usage/priority and product strategy
  • Knowledge of system interactions and data flows, especially identification of impact from requests/changes
  • Ability to prioritize across multiple tasks/stories
  • Strong advocate and experienced practitioner of Agile and/or Lean practices
  • Strong motivated team player with curiosity, desire to learn, and ability to dig in to existing systems/processes and figure them out!
  • Define, execute and report on multiple levels of application testing including smoke, integration, regression, acceptance, performance, and etc
  • Collaborate with product managers, data scientists and designers to define and refine feature requirements
  • Collaborate with highly skilled engineers and knowledgable product teams to produce high quality applications
  • Define and ensure testing and quality assurance best practices for the entire set of analytics products
  • Define QA processes and technologies used in monitoring and testing of applications
  • Expert in testing user interfaces with highly interactive graphical data presentations
  • Expert in modern quality assurance processes and best practices
  • Deep understanding of web application architecture, object oriented software, and design patterns
  • Expert in cross-browser, OS, mobile and tablet testing of visually intensive user interfaces (Responsive a plus)
  • Highly skilled in modern web testing technologies, such as Selenium, QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha
  • Experienced with modern server-side testing technologies
  • Experienced in creation of automated test scripts in an continuous integration environment
  • Able to readily apply established software testing best practices in new technical environments
  • Worked in highly collaborative and iterative engineering teams
  • Excellent co-ordination/communication skills are required
  • Front and back end white box testing, including API testing
  • Load testing facilitation
  • Test automation
  • Some troubleshooting
  • Experience with Defect Tracking tools
  • Experience with Load Testing
  • Tools and practices
  • Experience (3-4 years) with test automation, or programming experience with Java, C
  • Thorough understanding of the software QA engineering process
  • 4-5 years of software development and/or testing experience, with at least 3 years experience with web-based applications and database applications
  • Experience defining and implementing testing frameworks
  • Experience with automated environment deployment and configuration
  • Ability to anticipate, identify and articulate problem areas and develop preventative solutions
  • Work with a high degree of independence on projects with little or no precedence
  • Experience in IT Build Engineer, Release Management, or Configuration Management role
  • Verify quality acceptance of web-based applications across multi-platform environments
  • Apply QA principles and methodology to develop test cases and detail test scenarios, and oversee their execution, tracking, and automation
  • Perform functional and regression testing to manually and visually check site quality
  • Work with our software engineering and product departments as needed to resolve issues
  • Work closely with QA peers and developers to resolve issues and reproduce bugs
  • Execute automated tests and analyze and interpret test results
  • Be able to refactor and create automation tests to cover functionality on an on-going basis
  • BS or MS in Computer Science degree or equivalent experience
  • 3 -5 years of directly related experience in QA and web/software testing
  • The ability to work both independently and as a member of a team to troubleshoot diverse problems
  • Ability to write, maintain and verify test cases. Identify test data and test case requirements
  • Experience in testing methodologies and theories (e.g. negative, white box, and stress testing techniques), test plan development, test case design, and test execution practices
  • Ability to apply new technologies to existing problems
  • Experience and understanding of Automated Testing framework (Selenium, TestNG )
  • Working knowledge of Java and any other programming language
  • Good working knowledge of web technologies including: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and XML. Cross browser knowledge and testing essential
  • Experience writing SQL queries and an understanding of relational databases
  • Must be available and willing to work extended hours for production releases and as occasionally needed (during crunch times) per day or per week, including weekends and holidays, to meet business needs
  • Experience testing in a transaction-driven web environment a plus
  • Masters / Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Knowledge of one of the following languages C#, Java, C++, Ruby, Python
  • Experience building and executing automated tests (Selenium, Watir/Watin, etc.)
  • Experience with xUnit type frameworks (JUnit, NUnit, etc.)
  • At least one year of experience testing software and web applications in an agile environment
  • Expert in automating UI tests with Selenium and Ruby
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, Web Standards and experience testing REST based APIs
  • Experience configuring Jenkins and extending it with custom plug-ins
  • Experience with RSpec for test specification
  • Understanding of enterprise level automation needs and solutions (parallelism, distribution, etc.)
  • Familiarity with client side MVC frameworks, preferably Backbone.js
  • Experience with at least one major server side web development stack, preferably ASP.NET MVC or JSF
  • Technical knowledge of the least one major RDBMS, preferably SQL Server
  • Strong verbal communications, cross-group collaboration skills, analytical, structured and strategic thinking
  • Great interpersonal skills, cultural awareness, belief in teamwork
  • Manual and Automated QA software testing
  • Experience with QTP and / or Selenium
  • 2 – 5 years experience with both Automated and Manual software QA testing environments
  • Experience with QTP or Selenium software testing tools
  • CSTE Cert/equivalent preferred
  • Ability to interact with other IT departments & understand the impact to QA for various topics such as: Programs, Databases, Networks, Platforms & Operating Systems
  • Lead in the planning and scheduling of testing
  • Lead team building
  • Use MS Project and manage baseline and actual dates
  • Master and contribute to the evolution of the Verification and validation Process
  • Participate on Agile / Scrum teams
  • Bachelor Degree in information technology or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Reviews and provides feedback on requirements and design specifications. Key participant in requirements, design, and code reviews. Participates in plan/specification peer reviews to ensure technical completeness and accuracy. Monitors product development progress throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC). Implements quality activities per the standardized SDLC
  • Develops test plans, test specifications, test cases and test scripts. Presents documentation at departmental peer reviews to ensure technical completeness and accuracy. Support automated script development and execution with QA Automation. Develops project schedules and tracks progress against the schedule. Utilizes the approved project scheduling tool for single schedules and sub-schedules for multiple projects including managing baseline and actual dates
  • Inputs all documented data conditions to execute test cases. Processes tests. Generates test results
  • Analyzes test results to ensure quality standards are met and the software meets/exceeds documented business requirements. Submits potential deficiencies into the Defect Tracking System. Interfaces with product development, support and other organizations to resolve possible product deficiencies to ensure exit/enrty criteria is met and conforms to design and business requirements. Provides stakeholders with timely status updates and applicable QA metrics throughout the SDLC
  • Setting and adherence to QA standards, full participation in development lifecyle. Stay current with the industry processes, trends and techniques
  • Ensure QA Entrance and Exit criteria are met. Design and build the test schedule
  • Certification of the software under test prior to implementation in a production environment
  • Performs other related QA duties that are assigned by the manager or team lead
  • Scripting or programming (JAVA, Python, Visual Basic, or PERL)
  • Experience in general test automation approach using Quick Test Pro and/or other test automation tools
  • Good working knowledge of Linux (Unix) commands
  • Good understanding of 3GPP standards
  • Experience in UMTS/ LTE packet core testing
  • Good understanding of SDLC
  • Automation experience in TCL/TK is must
  • Experience in AGILE/SCRUM would be added advantage
  • Excellent technical, problem solving, research and analysis and communication skills
  • A high level of accountability and quality orientation
  • Understanding of 3GPP, UMTS/LTE Wireless Packet Core (MME, SGW, PGW, PCRF), Protocol level understanding of GTP, DIAMETER, RADIUS etc. Hands-on experience of Software Testing
  • TCL/TK, scripting. Good hands on experience in working on automation infrastructure
  • In-Depth Technical knowledge of wireless technologies (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/LTE) and Sound Technical knowledge about IP Networking/routing Technologies,
  • Experience with test equipments & Tools: Traffic Generators (Spirent/IXIA), Wireshark, Nethawk, ethereal etc
  • Ability to understand and evaluate technology standards/internal/external specifications
  • Experience with test analysis, test planning and test case design
  • Experience of working on networking, security technologies
  • Possess the ability to be a self-driven quick learner with attention to details and quality
  • AAA, radius, 802.11, wireless technologies,
  • Working knowledge on Linux
  • Scripting experience is a plus
  • Prior experience of working in a Agile approach is a plus
  • SQL/database experience is an advantage
  • Security domain experience is an advantage
  • Experience in Firewall and Routing technology
  • Expertise in atleast one of the following areas is required: Inspection Engines, VoIP - SIP, H.323, QoS, Routing, Multicast, Access-list, NAT, PPPoE, ESMTP, DNS, HTTP, IM, P2P etc
  • Automation Experience - Tcl/Tk
  • Experience in complex product testing or development
  • Drive continuous improvement around processes and technical capabilities (i.e. automation strategies)
  • Perform a test leadership role over a number of small-to-large projects ensuring a comprehensive test strategy, test plan, clearly articulated test cases, and team productivity in execution
  • Ensuring that testing and test activities comply with corporate policies and adhere to industry best practices
  • Guide the team on multi-threaded project deliveries and mitigate quality risk exposure
  • Be accountable for tactical day to day decisions including estimating, scheduling, test planning, execution, and risk management
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or relevant technical discipline required. Master degree a preference
  • Java/J2EE and Services Oriented Architecture experience
  • Experience in automated cross-browser testing on various platforms
  • Experience in using industry standard test management tools (e.g. ALM / Quality Center, Clear Quest, JIRA)
  • Strong ability to work independently and manage one’s time effectively and efficiently
  • Solid ability to collaborate with other individuals and co-ordinate activities across teams
  • Design and develop test plans and functional test cases from business requirements and conceptual documents
  • Collaborate with the Development and Product teams to analyze, debug and resolve design and code issues
  • Design, develop and maintain automated test suites
  • Build and Execute manual and automated test cases, analyze and report test results to development and product teams
  • Support cross-functional teams in integrated test efforts
  • Report project status and issues to Project Managers and Management
  • Collaborate with peers on leveraging open source test tools for regression testing
  • Contribute to multiple QA projects ensuring deliverables are met using established internal procedures and guidelines
  • Collaborate with subject-matter experts to optimize test coverage and trace to business requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related technical discipline required
  • 2 to 5 years development experience
  • Experience building automated test suites using JUnit or TestNG
  • Shell Scripting experience on Linux or UNIX
  • Comfortable learning new technologies
  • Ability to work well with a team in a high performance organization
  • Maintain test ownership of key applications by ensuring formal QA processes align with key industry-accepted best practices
  • Collaborate with IT, Finance, Product, Project Managers and other stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of the test artifacts including execution across multiple geographies
  • Ensure all aspects of quality assurance including applying industry best practices, managing test platforms and test data
  • Act as key point of contact of all automation test aspects for change requests, provides QA services
  • Ensure and proactively work towards achieving quality goals of the organization
  • Enable to work with limited supervision, direction and information to drive delivery to meet business requirements
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in a technical discipline
  • 3- 5 years’ of experience in IT industry preferably in payment solutions, revenue and banking domain
  • Strong end-to-end knowledge of SDLC and the STLC
  • Should be a good team player
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills coupled with strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Must be motivated; a self-starter and results oriented with a successful track record
  • Experience in Test Tools like HP ALM, Clear Quest is essential
  • Should have good exposure to SQL
  • Understanding of Agile process is a plus
  • Past working experience in Visa is a plus
  • BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or relevant technical discipline required
  • 3-6 years of development or testing experience
  • Passion for finding issues and a desire to break things while testing beyond an application’s limits
  • Experience in using industry standard test management tools (e.g. ALM, Quality Center, Clear Quest, JIRA)
  • Experience with large billing systems (or other large volume, batch-intensive, financially-oriented systems) a strong plus
  • Ability to generate creative and innovative solutions for QA challenges and constraints
  • Solid understanding of black box and white box testing, ETL data flow testing, Business Intelligence reporting testing, performance testing, test automation, requirements traceability and general QA process reporting
  • Able to diagnose and drive continuous improvement in a collaborative manner
  • Strong working experience with Linux or Unix operating systems
  • Working experience of technologies including HTML, JavaScript, Sharepoint, LDAP, ODBC, Hadoop is a plus
  • Expert level SQL skills for data manipulation and validation (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle)
  • Experience automation tools like Selenium and QTP a plus
  • Familiarity with tools such as: Ab Initio, Talend, Drools, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Informatica a strong plus
  • Experience in waterfall, iterative and agile methodologies is a strong plus
  • Comfortable learning new technologies quickly
  • 5+ years of experience in IT industry preferably in payment solutions, revenue and banking domain
  • Good exposure to Quick Test Professional
  • Should have very good knowledge of SQL
  • Experience in Selenium is a plus
  • Read and understand project documents and create functional test cases for different modules of software developed at Visa
  • Discuss with leads and SMEs regarding scope and schedule of deliverables and create those deliverables with limited supervision
  • Test software developed at Visa, communicate with team and report defects
  • Adhere to standard test processes, tools, and metrics to deliver QA solutions for all projects
  • Manage test platforms, test data and QA tools including ClearQuest, ALM etc
  • Help prepare UAT packages for finance and other project stakeholders. Support team during UAT and maintain UAT environment
  • Attend meetings team members in different time zones
  • Building tools that allow developers and other areas of the business to work efficiently
  • Must have 3 - 5 year's test experience in complex revenue and pricing systems
  • Visa revenue billing projects experience is highly preferred
  • Hands on technical experience in testing, client server, data base (DB2, UDB, SQL, Oracle) data warehousing tools (like Ab Initio), business intelligence reporting (Micro-strategy) Proficiency in test strategy and scenario creation and validation, analyze test results and document test report for further analysis. This includes functional, integration, regression and performance testing
  • Excellent articulation, interpersonal and collaboration skills is required
  • Excellent time management, organization and planning skills are essential
  • Experience in Hadoop, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Hive & Pig
  • Hands on technical experience in testing, client server, data base (DB2, UDB, SQL, Oracle) data warehousing tools (like Ab Initio), business intelligence reporting (Microstrategy)
  • Proficiency in test strategy and scenario creation and validation, analyze test results and document test report for further analysis. This includes functional, integration, regression and performance testing
  • Experience in Unix environments with familiarity with shell scripting
  • Advanced user experience in MS Office applications especially Excel and PowerPoint
  • Comfortable working in an agile environment with multiple simultaneous deliverables
  • Proficient in writing performance and load test plans, test cases, analyzing requirements, and executing test cases while working with the departmental QA analysts, developers and system engineers
  • Ability and expertise to identify performance issues within J2EE architecture Load Balancers, Weblogic, Database (Oracle), Operating System (Windows, UNIX), Network, Software (JAVA) and Hardware
  • Ensure ongoing and optimal system performance through testing, analysis, and tuning
  • Be accountable for tactical day to day decisions including estimating, scheduling, test planning, test execution and risk management
  • Perform a performance engineering role with multiple projects ensuring a comprehensive test strategy, test plan, clearly articulated test cases and productivity in execution
  • Proficient in summarizing large amount of metrics into meaningful graphs and reports
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or relevant technical discipline required
  • 3 - 5 years of performance engineering experience; developing software benchmarks, benchmark testing, performance analysis and tuning, performance testing and programming experience ( Java EE, Vbscript, Web Services Technologies, SOAP and/or REST, Wily, Big brother)
  • Thorough understanding and hands on experience with performance testing tools such as HP Performance Center (LoadRunner) including open source tools
  • Understanding of software development and performance engineering processes and methodologies
  • Ability to generate creative and innovative solutions for performance engineering challenges and constraints
  • Extensive JAVA and SQL performance tuning experience (e.g. garbage collection, heap management, JVM Configuration, query optimization etc.).Understanding of database query tools and ability to write and run queries for data validation
  • Ability to work independently and manage one’s time effectively and efficiently
  • Participate in cross-group and internal customer feature demos
  • 4+ years relevant work experience or an equivalent mix of work and project experience in software development or testing
  • Experience in large-scale projects
  • Proficient in Java and Web application programming
  • Collaborate with the Development, Product and System Architecture teams to analyze, debug and resolve design and code issues
  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering or a related technical discipline is required, advanced degree a plus
  • 3 - 5 years of software development or testing experience, preferably in Electronic Payments
  • Good understanding of Software Development Life Cycles, QA processes and methodologies
  • 3+ years’ experience with Manual and Automated testing
  • 3+ years’ experience in
  • IBM S/390 Assembler, C++
  • Mainframe, VM/CMS
  • Experience testing Mainframe based applications and databases
  • Familiarity and knowledge of ISO 8583 and XML messaging
  • Experience with automation tools, tool development using REXX and QTP
  • Working knowledge of IBM ClearQuest, HP Quality Center, VB Script
  • Process oriented and able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with a globally distributed team in a high performance organization
  • Ability to prioritize work and maintain focus
  • Design, create, execute and report on functional tests against multiple Debit applications
  • Perform regression testing with each maintenance release in assigned area
  • Update regression test cases with each product enhancement
  • Work with business representatives, IT Management, IT development, support teams and vendors to ensure on time, on budget, and quality delivery of testing deliverables
  • Coordinate and collaborate with a globally distributed team
  • 5 or more years of hands-on Quality Assurance experience
  • General business knowledge of financial systems
  • EFT experience required
  • Connex Advantage / Tandem experience is a plus
  • MVS experience is a plus
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate advanced technical issues both verbally and written to technical staff and management
  • Able to make independent judgments/decisions within established guidelines
  • Collaborative, team oriented style
  • Responsible for programming, testing, implementation, documentation, maintenance and support of systems application software
  • Research, create and evaluate technical solution alternatives for the business needs
  • Create systems and testing documentation per department standards
  • Experience in Browser testing, Usability testing and Accessibility testing
  • Ability to write and execute SQL queries to validate data
  • 5 years of working experience as a Software Test Engineer or Developer, preferably in a large IT company environment or a product development company
  • 3 years of experience and technical competency within Identity and Access Management domain
  • Proficiency in Unix/Linux commands
  • Proficiency in writing SQL queries for data validation (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle)
  • Experience with SoapUI
  • Experience in UI validations
  • Experience with Test Management tools such as ALM, Jira, ClearQuest etc
  • Experience with Test Automation tools like QTP or Selenium
  • Experience with Integration testing
  • Ability to present and review test plans / test scenarios with project stakeholders
  • Analytical skills to derive and translate business level requirements into technical test cases
  • Ability to operate at an intermediate level of written and spoken communication; speak and write clearly and effectively
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities simultaneously
  • Experience in waterfall and iterative software development methodologies
  • CISSP certification would be a plus
  • Experience with JAVA, .NET technologies preferred
  • Experience with BuildForge, Jenkins etc. preferred
  • Experience in Agile methodologies is a plus
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of Visa's products, services, processing, systems, and operations is a plus
  • Design and develop test plans and functional test cases from business requirements
  • Participate in Test design/plan review sessions with peers and other stakeholders
  • Provide estimates on scope and scale of effort required to test changes
  • Identify opportunities for further testing process improvements
  • Ensure delivery of a high quality product meeting all requirements within the scheduled timeframe
  • Bachelor's degree in a technical discipline required, advanced degree a plus
  • 1 - 5 years of working experience in the IT industry, preferably in Electronic Payments
  • Good understanding of Quality Assurance processes and methodologies
  • Capable of testing and implementing quality code with zero defects under tight timeframes
  • 2 years' experience with Manual and Automated testing
  • Must be able to write test design/plans and build documentation for all aspects of a project
  • 2 years' comprehensive experience in
  • Strong technical competency and experience with web applications, web services, Java, JavaScript, J2EE, XML, unit-testing and RDBMS is a must
  • Experience using data driven tests to validate API calls in large J2EE n-tier architectures
  • Must have experience with Perl, Shell scripting
  • Experience using test automation tools like Junit and Selenium is desired
  • Experience troubleshooting N-tier based applications is a must
  • Knowledge and experience testing in an AGILE development methodology is a plus
  • Proactive and strong communications; and ability to work well across teams
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Bachelors + 2-5 years or Masters + 0-3 years’ experience
  • 5 years of team-based software quality assurance and software testing experience in Java web technologies
  • 1-2 years of Java development experience
  • Excellent understanding of Object Oriented design principals
  • Development experience in Linux platform
  • Excellent troubleshooting and Problem solving skills
  • Experience with JMeter, Jenkins is higly desirable
  • Experience with scripting in bash, python
  • Help our client to achieve their real goals by understanding the requirements and how it would help them in their business
  • Use technologies including Java, REST, NoSQL, TestNG, Selenium and more
  • Leverage newer technologies to build next generation of Payment services
  • Leverage your test design techniques to build solid automated tests that cover the breadth and depth of our product portfolio
  • Validate and deliver new features every few day with the best quality that our customer deserves
  • Work/Academic experience that demonstrates familiarity with programming languages, web technologies, quality and test engineering
  • Proficiency with scripting languages and operating systems
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and team player
  • Academics: Bachelor in Computer Science or related field
  • Curiosity: a desire to seek clarity of requirements and why tasks are done a certain way
  • Creativity: the ability to take a list of needs and insights and come up with other innovative ideas
  • Strategic focus: skill to understand big picture and stay focused on task to achieve goals
  • Attention to detail: the capability to perform any research systematically and accurately
  • Strong work ethic: the innate drive to do work extremely well
  • Enthusiasm: a passion to understand people and deliver better products and services to them
  • Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science from a top tier University with 0-2 years
  • Java experience preferred
  • Ability to communicate effectively up, down and across to assure that your ideas are heard
  • Passion for exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional code
  • Participating in all aspects of product testing, including test plan development, execution and delivery of well-tested solutions with short time to release
  • Mentoring other QA engineers technically and assisting them with test planning and estimates
  • Leading multiple projects and performing hands on testing independently
  • HealthCare background and EDI Testing experience is a plus
  • Proven track record serving in a leading role in Quality Assurance teams
  • College Degree is required. / / / / /Xerox is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, gender identity, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, use of a guide dog or service animal, military/veteran status, citizenship status, basis of genetic information, or any other group protected by law. People with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation to apply or compete for employment with Xerox may request such accommodation(s) by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, the job you are interested in, and the accommodation you are seeking./ / / / /
  • Apply continuous integration and automation practices to testing of Web applications developed by the Marketing Portals Team
  • Development of tests for Web applications, primarily web content management suite, as well as working with the Marketing Teams to ensure all functionality is tested
  • Assist in user acceptance testing functionality hand-offs
  • Demonstrate expertise working and communicating with internal users
  • Create test or demo content to validate CSS and styles are working properly on the sites
  • Demonstrate expertise in testing server-side web applications using Jmeter, GEB, Spock, SauceLabs, Wraith and mocking frameworks
  • Demonstrate expertise in testing various clients (HTML/JavaScript, Flash, iPhone/iPad, Android) with Selenium and other UI Testing frameworks as well as manual testing when needed
  • Participate in agile team development processes
  • Demonstrate experience with high volume, long-life projects, balancing feature velocity, long-term maintenance costs, and operational effort
  • Monitor industry trends and advocate for QA best practices to maintain and enhance the product's leadership position in the industry
  • Demonstrated experience with web content management applications
  • Demonstrated expertise with object-oriented analysis and design, enterprise design patterns and SOA architecture
  • Demonstrated expertise with server-side programming languages (Java, Perl)
  • Demonstrated experience with Java open-source tools and frameworks (Spring, JUnit, EasyMock, Selenium, FlexMonkey, Mocha)
  • Demonstrated experience with dynamic languages (Ruby, Groovy, Python) and frameworks (Rails, Grails, Django)
  • Demonstrated familiarity with client-side scripting (JavaScript, AJAX) technologies
  • Demonstrated familiarity with major JavaScript frameworks (jQuery, Dojo, NodeJS, AngularJS)
  • The Austin based Staff QA Engineer will play a pivotal role to partner with the application Support and Development teams for various testing efforts centered around Call Center support applications to ensure appropriate levels of quality assurance that meet Visa's standards
  • Interaction with customers and key stakeholders, providing structure around testing process, ensuring optics into test coverage and risk
  • Guide team on multi-threaded project deliveries and be a key contributor for conceptual estimates, schedules, and risk management
  • Participate in early design discussions providing integrity to the Application quality by identifying gaps. Critical analysis of documentation and clarifying testing scenarios prior to development start will ensure testing is done to Visa Standards
  • Take complex business requirements and build a traceability matrix and test suite to validate against the system design
  • Creation of Test Artifacts (Estimates, Test Plan, Test Findings, Daily Status) in order to keep the project audit compliant. Track delivery to approach to ensure no gaps
  • Balance resources, project budget, timeline, and scope across multiple efforts. Forecast in advance time slippage, budget variances, conflicting priorities
  • Varying role from project to project (Sole Contributor to lead, to analyst among a team)
  • Manage project daily ensuring test execution quality and defect tracking
  • Partnering with global team across multiple regions, vendors, and countries
  • Support of UAT testing and collaboration of multiple QA groups to ensure seamless testing (schedule, data preparation, defect tracking, coverage)
  • Analyze, review and present results with recommendations and action items
  • Manage defects from identification to completion
  • Assist to standardize reporting and metrics on deliverables by the QA team
  • Assist QA Lead & Manager with Defect Management and Status Reporting
  • Integral to the position is the ability to move between various development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, etc.), along with QA focus shifts that range from
  • User Interface (UI) validation
  • Database (DB) validation
  • Interoperability/Integration
  • 4+ years of professional work experience in a collaborative Quality Assurance role
  • 2+ years of experience in Call Center or Merchant Support QA testing
  • 2+ years documented experience in Leadership. Leadership of Teams, Projects, Estimations, Budgeting, Resourcing, etc
  • A deep understanding of testing third party software that has been internally packaged. Mac, Mobile Device, and PC beneficial. Actual experience packaging Mac software a plus
  • Strong internal customer relationships are essential. This position will work with Business Partners, internal staff, external vendors and system integrators on a daily basis
  • Proven history of implementing solid process and preserving quality within project team
  • A strong understanding Seibel and the electronic payment and financial services systems is a plus
  • Experience with QA testing tools such as HP ALM, JIRA, Rational ClearQuest and other tracking tools
  • Experience with Agile and Waterfall methodologies
  • A demonstrated ability to handle multiple priorities and sustain a high level of performance when scrutinized
  • Experience taking complex business requirements and building a test suite to validate against the system design
  • The ability to self-govern, to be flexible, to prioritize and manage their own time to meet tight program deadlines
  • Solid SQL skills for data manipulation and validation (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle)
  • Strong communications skills in order to navigate multiple internal team groups (PMO, Development, Business, and other QA groups) to ensure quality assurance is performed in alignment with global initiatives
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or job related discipline is preferred
  • Test-effort estimation
  • Creating Test Strategy/Plan/Design
  • Setting up Test tools (ALM, CQ) for test execution and defect-management
  • Ensuring traceability of Test Cases to business and project requirements
  • Coordinating with onshore and offshore development and test teams
  • Ensuring adherence to the company's software testing processes and policies
  • UAT support
  • Post-implementation support
  • 5 years of experience in Development and/or Software Testing
  • 5 years of experience and strong technical competency within the Data Warehousing / Analytics domain
  • Ability to write and execute SQL queries for data validation (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle)
  • Excellent data analysis skills for proper validation of integration between multiple data sources is a must
  • Understanding of PL/SQL, scripting languages is highly desired
  • 3-5 experience validating ETL processes based on Ab Intio, Informatica
  • Experience working with OBIEE supporting medium to large data marts
  • Experience with Solaris, Windows and Red Hat Linux platforms
  • Experience with Software Testing tools such as ALM, ClearQuest, Jira
  • Knowledge of database concepts and systems architecture
  • Experience with Tableau desirable
  • BI Publisher knowledge desirable
  • Experience with Webservices testing, SoapUI
  • Performance testing experience is a great plus
  • Test Automation experience (Selenium, QTP) is a great plus
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential
  • Proven ability to work in a team environment
  • Experience in Agile methodologies is a strong plus
  • Participate as a test lead across multiple QA projects, meeting commitments and ensuring that testing and QA activities comply with internal policies and guidelines
  • Review and provide input into requirements, specifications, design documents and other development documentation
  • Partner across various internal and external team members to ensure effective execution, leveraging scale as project demand warrants
  • Display bigger picture approach to issues and scenarios beyond the scope of individual issues
  • Attend meetings and coordinate with members in different time zones
  • Create comprehensive test plans and clearly articulated test cases, utilizing various testing methods (black box; white box, performance testing; automation)
  • Evaluate current procedures and practices and drive continuous improvement around processes and technical capabilities (i.e. automation strategies)
  • Develop automated test scripts to support regression test efforts
  • Identify data patterns and trends to help detect anomalies
  • Setup data simulations to test against a wide variety of application conditions
  • Become a subject-matter-expert (SME) for various program domains in support of building test capabilities
  • Help define and implement scalable testing improvements and work closely with developers to ensure quality of services are near 100% defect free and services work in production to support uptime SLA of each program
  • 5+ years of experience in software testing using Java, Soap UI, SQL scripts using DB2
  • Experience with automated testing tools; Selenium is a plus
  • Design, development, Implement test automation framework
  • Experience testing back-end web services and performance testing of applications
  • Thorough understanding of Internet technologies, client-server applications, networking and network system architectures
  • Passion for finding issues and a desire to break things while testing beyond an applications limits
  • Solid experience of black box, grey box testing
  • Strong working experience with Linux or Unix operating systems creating/updating scripts
  • Expert level SQL skills for data manipulation (DML) and validation (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle)
  • Experience in waterfall, RUP, iterative and agile methodologies is a strong plus
  • Experience in working with onshore and offshore teams
  • BigData qa experience a plus
  • Design and develop tests that will ensure flawless implementation of projects into VCIS/VMM/CWG/FM applications
  • Develop and maintain test plans, test strategies, test cases, test data and other QA process documentation
  • Participate in Automation test efforts by collaborating with Test Automation team
  • Collaborate with cross-functional test engineering teams to ensure seamless interoperability and integration of multiple applications with
  • Test Data support to other QA teams
  • Participate in Design review meetings with Development team
  • Collaborate closely with the Test Lead and Development team to analyze, debug and resolve any issues
  • 4+ years of applications design, development or testing experience
  • Strong IBM Mainframe environment experience including JCL and COBOL
  • Basic knowledge of Web application architecture
  • Basic knowledge of C/C++ or JAVA
  • Basic knowledge of scripting languages like Ruby, Python
  • Basic understanding of HTML
  • Basic understanding of DB2, ORACLE and SQL server DB
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Strong desire to learn new technical skills and grow with latest technical trends
  • Ability to develop test cases from high-level business requirements and Design documents
  • Ability to work well within a globally distributed team in a high performance organization
  • Creating Test plan, strategy and design
  • 5 years of experience and strong technical competency with web applications and web-services
  • Must have strong browser-testing experience
  • Must have experience in test automation (Selenium)
  • Understanding of technologies including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, SQL, Sharepoint, LDAP, Siteminder, ASP, .NET
  • Knowledge of mobile-browser testing
  • Partner with the Scrum team to plan, write, execute and refactor manual and automated test cases to provide story coverage
  • Implement test code within a best-fit automation framework
  • Participate in root cause analysis and track defect resolution to completion
  • Review and provide feedback on test designs and test cases
  • Communicate status frequently in daily SCRUMS and participate in cross-group and internal customer feature demos
  • BS in Computer Science/Engineering, Software Engineering, IS, or other related field, advanced degree preferred
  • Bachelors and 2-5 or Masters and 0-3 years of relevant QA development experience
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the software development life cycle, especially in the analysis of software design and code development and its application to testing
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills with a passion for testing
  • Hands-on experience with testing applications on IBM Websphere and/or Tomcat application servers
  • Services testing experience: REST, SOAP, SCA
  • Ability to write automated test scripts in Java and experience with JUnit and TestNG
  • Demonstrates knowledge of SQL and RDBMS concepts
  • Work in an Agile development environment is required
  • Knowledge and/or experience testing financial or e-commerce web applications required
  • Work collaboratively in an Agile environment as part of a scrum team
  • Proactively identify and initiate process improvements
  • Evaluating new tools to improve efficiency
  • Identifying and estimating test tasks required for completion of user stories
  • Review of requirements in respect to testability and coverage
  • Planning and execution of test plans
  • Manual and automated testing of products
  • Defect/Bug Logging with clear steps to reproduce and descriptive impact analysis
  • Reporting & investigation of defects in a concise manner
  • Ensures all deliverables are of production quality
  • A minimum of 5 years of hands on software testing
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of testing methodologies, quality assurance standards and best practices
  • Act as key point of contact for all QA aspects of releases, providing QA services and coordinating QA resources internally and externally
  • Oversee all aspects of quality assurance including establishing metrics, applying industry best practices, and developing new tools and processes to ensure quality goals are met
  • Lead and mentor QA team members, as well as lead outside contract testers
  • Leads, coordinate, and execute Quality Assurance testing activities for projects and maintenance activities through different phases of software development lifecycle
  • Manages, plans, implements, and deploys testing strategies and activities across projects and testing teams
  • Be responsible for test activities including test planning, development of test artifacts, execution of tests, reporting issues/defects to the project team
  • Coordination and set up of testing environments required for different types of test activities
  • Coordinate and host defect triage meeting for QA and UAT phases
  • Minimum of 7 to 10 years in the Information Technology field, focusing on Systems Quality Assurance activities and testing
  • Responsible for leading the test phases of the solutions delivery life cycle
  • Mapping requirements and design specifications
  • Work with the IT System Analysis & Test Leader to develop a fit for purpose test methodology that is scalable, flexible and will ensure the effective delivery of solutions
  • Liaise and partner extensively with the solution delivery function. Deliver clear requirements and designs to ensure we deliver solutions right first time
  • Partner extensively with the other IT and business functions
  • Deliver appropriate documented tests, reports and communications to ensure effective operation of the IT QA function
  • Liaise with third party & client resources in the analysis, design, construction testing and management of solutions
  • Develop, own and maintain effective working relationships with operations leaders, SDMs and key delivery leaders in our business creating a culture of shared ownership of our solutions and delivering accountability in the testing functions
  • Mentor more junior or new members of the IT Systems Analysis and Test team, ensuring their goals are clear and agreed while fostering open discussion and debate in the creation of an inclusive environment
  • Own the testing methodology, maintenance of the technology roadmap and total cost of ownership of the application
  • Ensure effective delivery of comprehensive support for our key applications
  • 3rd level qualification in technology, IT or technical discipline
  • At least 5 years' experience in testing of complex IT systems
  • Detailed knowledge and experience of systems analysis standards, techniques and protocols
  • Clear understanding of systems and SDLC - Waterfall, Agile etc
  • Good knowledge of IT systems and application security
  • Experience of system testing and system integration testing on enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, and ECM etc
  • Proven experience of working with the users of IT systems during the user acceptance testing phases of projects to ensure applications meet requirements
  • Proven history of formation and maintenance of good relationships both inside the business and with third parties
  • Detailed working knowledge of the role and workings of applied information technology - application configuration and support, application hosting, configuration technologies, databases, middleware, networks, voice systems, end-user computing etc
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills - ability to address audiences, broker conversations, form trusting relationships and promote the company brand and services
  • Proven ability to focus on the delivery of documentation and reports and to keep disparate stakeholders connected
  • Good personality, flexible, ability to deal with sudden changes in agenda, direction or speed of programs and priorities
  • Test methodology training would be an advantage
  • Further qualification in a Software Testing/ QA related discipline is desirable
  • 3 - 5 years development and/or testing experience in Hadoop using Java, Hive, Pig scripts , Sqoop, Ab initio ETL on Lynx/Unix environment
  • Experience with automation of job execution, validation and compares of the data files at field level is a plus
  • Solid experience of black box, grey box and white box testing, ETL/ELT data flow testing is a plus
  • BigData qa experience required
  • 3-5 years of experience in Computer Science (BS or MS)
  • Ability to write code in C#
  • Knowledge and/or experience in finance/payment industry a plus
  • Preparation and management of complex test environments and test data conditions
  • Writes detailed test scripts to test the functionality of the proposed system. Performs risk analysis on the various components of the system to determine how to use testing resources most effectively
  • Maintain the relevant documentation and analyse test results to ensure existing functionality and recommend corrective action
  • Develop, execute and analyse the output from scripts that capture application and platform quality metrics
  • Troubleshoots errors found in the test environment. Raise quality issues to right levels of management using established channels of escalation
  • Develop technical training for company employees and end users
  • 3rd Level degree in Computer Science or related discipline, OR equivalent experience in Software Testing
  • 5+ years Quality Assurance or systems testing experience is required
  • ISTQB, ISEB or alternative Software Testing Certification is highly desirable
  • Participate in design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product designs, schedules, or potential problems
  • Document and review plans, schedules, data needs and scenarios for end to end integration testing including areas such as database impacts, software scenarios, or usability
  • Manage QA environments and perform application deployment and troubleshooting
  • Test and maintain Risk/Authentication web, Risk/Authentication services and batch jobs critical to the day-to-day functions of global business units
  • Participate in code reviews with team members and third party vendors
  • Provide support to UAT in terms of data set up and support activities
  • Provide support to Visa issuers for issuer integration testing activities
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or relevant field required
  • Strong knowledge of database query tools and able to write and run complex queries in Oracle, DB2 and SQL databases for data validation
  • Ability to work in a complex organization to determine business and customer needs, providing the best solution to meet those needs
  • Appropriate related formal testing qualification (e.g. ISTQB ; ISFB)
  • 2 to 3 years testing experience, especially in financial software
  • Knowledge and experience in the financial services and/or mobile commerce market
  • Exposure to API testing (Jmeter advantageous)
  • Experience testing integration to mobile networks an advantage
  • Experience with test driven development methods and tools
  • Knowledge of agile testing practices and tools
  • Knowledge and experience in Visa technologies an advantage
  • Advanced SQL Knowledge required
  • Experience in Oracle and DB2
  • Ability to read Java code fluently
  • Prior automation experience advantageous
  • Work with the team to increase the test coverage using Java, Selenium
  • Execute tests during all stages of development
  • Use Scrum methodology and participate in all phases of the iterative process
  • Produce and publish functional test plan documents
  • Produce detailed system documentation including, but not limited to, test strategy, test plans, test cases, and automation framework setup and execution steps
  • 3+ years of experience in development and/or QA automation, strong technical competency and experience with web Applications and web services
  • Experience using data driven tests to validate / automate API calls using SOAP UI & REST
  • Strong understanding of Agile, Scrum, and Quality Assurance processes and methodologies with good troubleshooting skills
  • Must have experience with automation tools like Junit, TestNG, Cucumber, Selenium RC/WebDriver
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming, distributed systems, web technology and web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL)
  • Excellent verbal, written and listening communication skills with an ability to influence and develop relationships with key partners
  • Fluent with developing automation using Eclipse or similar IDE
  • BS in computer science, computer engineering or relevant technical discipline required, Masters preferred
  • 3-5 years of strong technical competency and experience with web applications, web services/Rest API, Java, JavaScript, J2EE, XML, unit-testing, shell-scripting and RDBMS is a must
  • Mobile app testing and automation – use of any emulators, actual device app testing
  • Experience using test automation tools like Junit and Selenium, multi-browser testing is a must
  • Experience in debugging and troubleshooting problems in Linux/Unix based application servers such as JBoss, Tomcat, WebSphere environments is preferred
  • Must have experience testing in an AGILE environment and should have exposure to testing environment migration, DB and infrastructure/system upgrades
  • Continuous Integration, Code/Test coverage working in different methodologies is a plus
  • Must have proactive and strong communications to work well across teams
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Design and execute test plans, scenarios and scripts, related to application performance and capacity
  • Analyze, review and present performance results with recommendations to delivery teams and business groups
  • Plan test schedules or strategies in accordance with project scope or delivery dates
  • Identify and drive standards for high-quality test approach and execution parameters
  • Maintain a common documentation library of standardized processes and procedures
  • Work with business representatives, IT Management, IT development, support teams and vendors to ensure on time, on budget, high quality testing deliverables
  • 2-5 years of hands-on Quality Assurance experience
  • 3 or more years of hands-on Performance Testing experience with HP LoadRunner/Performance Center, including scripting, scenario creation, execution and analysis
  • 3 or more years of scripting (SQL, VBScript, perl, shell, java, etc.)
  • Must be able to monitor and gather system resource statistics during test execution
  • Have implemented standard processes, tools, and metrics to deliver large-scale projects from inception to conclusion that met quantifiable business objectives
  • Advanced knowledge of HP test tool suite (LoadRunner, PerformanceCenter, Quality Center, ALM) required
  • Working knowledge of scripting (Perl, XML, SQL, Unix shell, Microsoft Visual Basic, WSI) required
  • Learn and become a Subject Matter Expert in a multitude of applications allowing hands-on testing, as well as contractor oversight
  • Provide internal troubleshooting/training to tools users
  • Bachelor's degree in a technical discipline required;advanced degree a plus
  • 6 – 7 or more years of hands-on Quality Assurance experience
  • 4 or more years of hands-on Performance Testing experience with HP LoadRunner/Performance Center, including scripting,scenario creation, execution and analysis
  • 3 or more years of scripting (SQL, VBScript, perl,shell, java, etc.)
  • Advanced knowledge of HP test tool suite (LoadRunner,PerformanceCenter, Quality Center, ALM) required
  • Participate as a tester in multiple QA projects, meeting commitments and ensuring that testing and QA activities comply with internal policies and guidelines
  • Develop and execute manual and automated test scripts for complex integrated systems to support regression test efforts
  • Defines and maintains test system configurations, test data
  • Experience with automated build / continuous integration systems
  • 3-5 years of development or testing experience. Experience in both Development and testing will be an added advantage
  • Experience in using industry standard test management tools / frameworks (e.g. ALM, Quality Center, Clear Quest, JIRA, Loadrunner, HP Service Test, SOAPUI)
  • Solid understanding of black box and white box testing, ETL/ELT data flow testing, Business Intelligence reporting testing, performance testing, test automation, requirements traceability and general QA process reporting
  • Experience in building data transformation processes
  • Should be technically very sound and should be able to work in multiple projects using different technology in the same time
  • Should know the Data warehousing concept and should have sound knowledge of at least one ETL tool (i.e Abinitio, Talend etc)
  • Working experience in Hadoop is preferred
  • Knowledge of Hive, Pig is a plus
  • Expert level SQL and Stored Procedure programming skills for data manipulation (DML) and validation (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle)
  • Strong communication skills – both oral and written
  • 3 plus years of EFT experience required
  • 3 plus years of MVS experience is required
  • Take ownership of the testing approach throughout all stages of the software development lifecycle
  • Operate as both a “doer” and a “thinker”; fulfilling operational testing commitments as well as contributing to and driving the efforts to enhance the test coverage of the team
  • Be working at the forefront of a fully-fledged TDD environment embracing continuous delivery and improvement
  • Challenge your technical aptitude and know-how through working with this multi-tiered complex application and product set that serves millions of customers globally
  • Undertake root cause analysis to identify and tackle bugs within both Java and Ruby on Rails solutions
  • Be the ambassador for quality and collaborate with our talented software engineers to produce, enhance and release products that excel the expectations of our global client base
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the team’s QA test strategy and the center’s overall testing community and ethos
  • Coach and mentor our talented QA Engineers to nurture and refine their testing mindset and technical capability
  • Bring an ability and desire to address testing and process problems at their root, stepping back where appropriate to understand the broader context and apply creative solutions
  • Be inquisitive in nature and innovative in their approach regarding how to maximize quality
  • Be a quality advocate who brings a track record of positively influencing peers and colleagues and driving continuous improvement at a team level
  • Showcase strong problem-solving skills and excellent judgment
  • Have expert understanding of the challenges of testing complex, highly performing and high quality software systems
  • Be confident in testing APIs, Web Services and Batching applications
  • Have exposure to Linux/Unix/Scripting Languages, Java and Oracle DB
  • Have a BSc in Software Engineering/Computer Science/IS or other related field with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in hands-on testing
  • Act as key point of contact for all QA aspects of releases, providing QA services, coordinating and effectively communicating with all project team members and stakeholders
  • Hands on functional, non-functional, black box and white box testing
  • Coordination and set up of testing environments, hosting defect triage meetings
  • Proficient in HP/ ALM Quality Center, Quick Test Professional, Load Runner
  • Minimum 7 years in the Information Technology field, focusing on Systems Quality Assurance activities and testing
  • Strong testing skills in application developed in Java (JEE), JQuery, AJAX, Oracle
  • Strong Integration testing experience with ESB, XML, XLST, SOAP, JSON, and RESTful services
  • Experience in product development for banking, trading, payment, or financial applications
  • Ability to think on your feet, present multiple solution options, and drive defect free products
  • Proven record of interpreting and fulfilling QA requirements by developing test plans, scripts and test data with multiple technologies and vendors
  • Hands-on experience with SDLC methodologies and best practices including Agile, JIRA, Rational Unified Process, deployment automation, code reviews, and test driven development
  • Develop build automation of existing and new projects to facilitate the development of a full continuous integration environment
  • Work with other engineering teams to facilitate a common approach to continuous integration that includes build automation, test automation, and deployment automation
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or relevant field required
  • 2 to 4 years' experience development experience utilizing Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JavaScript, CSS
  • Experience with unit test and quality assurance test automation with such tools as Cucumber, Ruby and/or Selenium
  • Experience with source control, build and deployment tools such as Maven, Hudson, Git, and Chef
  • Knowledge to Oracle database
  • Across a suite of applications or complex sub-components
  • With a large number of developers actively contributing the code base
  • With significant functional complexity in the scope
  • With large scale external integration (multiple inbound and outbound feeds)
  • With high volume and high availability requirements
  • With change management effectively and efficiently
  • 3+ years QA (software/appliance testing) experience in data networking industry /telecom industry, VOIP
  • Solid knowledge of networking TCP/IP, project / academic research experience on protocols such as http, H323, SIP, etc
  • Good working knowledge of common operation system (e.g. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • Familiar with software testing process, good at test case writing and result reporting
  • Familiar with bug tracking systems and understand bug life cycle
  • Video conference industry experience is a plus
  • Test Automation Tools development experience is a plus
  • Project leadership experience is a plus
  • Excellent English skills, both in written and oral
  • Member of a Scrum team expected to plan, write, execute and refactor manual and automated test cases
  • Manage configurations, builds, branching, and deployment issues related to delivered code
  • 5+ years relevant work experience or an equivalent mix of work and project experience in software development or testing
  • Experience with build, testing and continuous integration tools
  • Implement software test plans and test strategy
  • Implement Automation Framework and its maintenance
  • Design and implement test schedules
  • Design & execute manual and automated test cases
  • Investigate, evaluate & introduce tools, technologies & techniques
  • Bachelors' degree or equivalent (IT)
  • Tools - test case / defect management
  • GUI test automation - Nunit, Selenium Webdriver
  • Mobile Test automation
  • Scripting or Programming Languages such as C#, Java
  • Some Performance/Load/Capacity Testing
  • Mobile QA - iOS/Android/Windows Phone
  • Version Control - CVS/SVN/GIT
  • Knowledge of databases & development tools
  • The QA Engineer will play a key role to partner with the application Support and Development teams for the Global Risk and Compliance platforms at Visa to ensure appropriate levels of quality assurance that meet Visa's standards
  • QA will be performed against global initiatives, enhancements, and day to day operational Production defects. Tasks include creation of Test Plans, Test Case Creation, Test Data Creation, Manual Testing, Issue Management Resolution and Documentation
  • Successful project delivery of QA test script development and execution within Global Risk and Compliance applications adhering to Visa's internal Testing Management Methodologies and industry best practices
  • Follow standardized QA processes and a discipline of QA testing using Visa's Test Management Methodology (TMM) to develop, execute, and standardize test plans
  • Ability to comprehend complex Business requirements and Technical solutions, mapping into Test Plans, Test Cases, and Test Scripts
  • Manage and interact with vendor based resources to support Global QA Initiatives
  • Understand application and platform dependencies and help define QA environment and infrastructure needs.​
  • years of experience with Global Risk and Compliance Applications
  • Minimum of 2 years of Global Risk and Compliance experience in a QA or Analyst role
  • Experience with Archer, Hiperos or NICE Actimize is a plus
  • 2+ years of professional work experience in a Quality Assurance role or working in collaboration with a QA Team, implementing and applying industry best practices to design detailed test scripts and execution against those scripts
  • Working knowledge of SDLC and Agile processes
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to communicate with management, IT and Business partners
  • The ability to self-govern, to be flexible, to prioritize and manage time to meet sometimes tight program deadliness
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or job related discipline is preferred. Advanced degree is a nice to have
  • Experience with ERP applications is a plus.​
  • Build/maintain an automated testing framework that facilitates rapid development of test cases on analytics products
  • Collaborate with highly skilled engineers and knowledgeable product teams to produce high quality applications
  • Collaborate to define QA processes and technologies used in monitoring and testing of analytics products
  • Knows how to properly test RESTful APIs using Rails, Java, or Node.js
  • Expert in cross-browser, OS, mobile and tablet testing of visually intensive user interfaces including responsive design
  • Experienced in creation of automated test scripts in a continuous integration environment
  • Experienced with NoSQL technologies, especially document-oriented database such as MongoDB, CouchDB/Couchbase, etc
  • Worked with “big data” software technologies such as Hadoop, Kinesis, MapReduce
  • Experienced with supporting technologies necessary for Internet applications, such as SSO, encryption, authorization, web components
  • Familiarity with open web interoperability standards such as OAuth, OpenSocial, LTI, Caliper
  • Comfortable with modern software development tools and processes such as GitHub, Scrum, iteration planning, continuous integration, test driven design, code coverage tools
  • Work with and defined build and test scripts for CI applications, such as Jenkins or Travis CI
  • Ensuring product quality across platform and devices
  • Creating and executing automated test scripts
  • Work closely with talented Developers, Quality Engineers, Product Managers and Operations
  • Work in startup (agile) environment
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field
  • Deep understanding of how web and mobile apps work and have been a power user of such applications
  • 5 to 8 Years of relevant Experience
  • Proficient in Java, JUnit, TestNG, SoaTest, Soap UI and other languages or tools
  • Experience in network configuration, setup, and debugging
  • Experience on UNIX and Linux platforms
  • Experience with app servers, web servers, and LDAP servers
  • Experience with database setup, replication, and maintenance
  • Work individually and within teams on various Quality improvement projects
  • Lead and support root cause driven approaches to problem solving efforts for quality issues
  • Analyze and report on quality and technical issues within Manufacturing Departments
  • Provide on-going communication through reports and information transfer as needed
  • Update systems and ensure compliance to specifications and procedures in areas of responsibility
  • Understand product construction, features and uses at a competent level in order to make decisions on product acceptance standards within their scope of responsibility
  • Support elements of the Manufacturing Transfer SOP
  • Experience of combination devices/ pharmaceuticals an advantage
  • A third level degree in a relevant area such as Chemistry, Science, Engineering or equivalent is essential
  • A minimum of 2 years working experience in an engineering function, preferably within the medical device or related industry
  • Broad technical expertise, knowledge of interrelated quality disciplines and a high level of aptitude in QE/QA principles and methodologies
  • Excellent Verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to recognize and innovatively create solutions to issues and problems in a timely manner
  • A good working knowledge of process validation requirements, statistical techniques and project management are required
  • Good Technical writing skills
  • Fluency in object-oriented Perl and shell command line
  • Experience with storage technologies (file systems, volume management, disk technologies, RAID, SAN, FC/SCSI/iSCSI, snapshots, etc.)
  • Experience with Linux/UNIX-based systems
  • Familiarity with cloud storage technologies (Amazon S3/Glacier, AT&T Synaptic, EMC Atmos, Rackspace, Azure, Google, etc.)
  • Familiarity with IP networking and protocols (TCP/IP, Routing/Switching, Policy-based routing, L4 switching, IOS/CatOS devices, WAN technologies.)
  • Familiarity with Networking appliances and tools (switches, routers, Wireshark, Ixia, or Spirent Smartbits.)
  • Bachelor’s or Masters degree in CS/CE/EE/Math/Physics or related fields. - Demonstrated ability to have successfully led multiple, complex technical projects
  • Utilize and enhance our existing application testing infrastructure
  • Act as the true technical customer advocate-- imagining multi-faceted real-world scenarios to help ensure product success
  • The ability to write test cases/procedures to an approved specification and determine their sufficiency to ensure high product quality leveraging end to end system testing and exploratory testing
  • Three or more years of professional experience in software quality assurance and/or development
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills, specifically involved with the development of innovative enterprise grade software
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills along with ability to work with others as a team
  • Self-starter who is highly motivated by high quality product delivery goals
  • Comfortable working in an Agile software engineering environment with a focus on the principals and values espoused in the Agile Manifesto
  • Experience working with software engineering source control management and build tools (e.g Jenkins, Rational, Perforce, etc.)
  • Knowledge of operating complex applications on any Linux variant
  • Experience with techniques such as TDD, continuous delivery, and test coverage as part of a total quality software engineering organization
  • 4+ years relevant work experience or an equivalent mix of work and project experience in software testing
  • Proficient in Java/Python/Groovy and Web application programming
  • Solid knowledge of Oracle and SQL
  • 4+ years relevant work experience or an equivalent mix of work and project experience in Mobile Testing
  • Proficient in Testing Mobile Apps/SDK/Libraries in Different Mobile OS like Andriod & iOS
  • Proficient in Automating Mobile Test Scripts using Robotium/Appium/SeeTest/Other Frameworks
  • Design and develop QA load / automation tools and test frameworks
  • Work with the team to increase the test coverage
  • Work with development and operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of automation
  • Define and implement testing and verification strategies
  • Present technical and business solutions both internally and externally across multiple organizational levels
  • Work on multiple projects / initiatives
  • Resolve issues and remove impediments for the QA teams
  • Implement, gather, and report team and project metrics
  • BS in Software Engineering, Computer Science, IS, or other related field
  • Agile methodology experience is required
  • 5+ years of strong technical competency and experience with web applications and web services
  • 5+ years of experience writing test cases, test plans, and/or test strategies
  • Strong knowledge of Ruby, Java, JavaScript, J2EE, XML, unit-testing and RDBMS
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming, distributed systems, web technology and web protocols (HTTP, TCP/IP)
  • Familiarity with tools such as Rake, Rspec, Cucumber, Selenium, Jmeter and similar tools
  • Experience with JavaAPI/soapUI /Parasoft is desirable
  • Create and execute test plans and test cases
  • Coordinate with Ebates’ offshore development and QA teams
  • At least 5+ years experience with manual and automated testing
  • Knowledge of HTTP protocol and web development tools
  • Solid understanding of the development processes
  • Experience with database (Postgres preferred)
  • Ability to work in team, multi-task and be flexible with working hours
  • Python and Robot Framework experience
  • Plan, write, execute and refactor manual and automated test cases
  • Write utilities / automation tools and automation frameworks where applicable
  • Review and provide feedback on development design, test designs and test cases
  • Ensure high quality deliverables timely
  • Build working relationships with global and virtual teams
  • Identify opportunities for future enhancements and refinements to standards, best practices and development and test methodologies
  • Work closely with project team and other groups (e.g. Network, QA, Ops, Engineering)
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment, ability to prioritize work and deliver
  • 3-5 years relevant work experience in Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Experienced in writing test scripts for manual testing & scripts for test automation
  • Experienced in testing APIs, Web Services, Web application UI, and batch processing
  • Proficient in Java, JUnit, Selenium web driver / Test NG, and other languages(cucumber, ruby, groovy)
  • Experience using tools like Rally, JIRA, GIT, Maven, SharePoint, wiki, etc
  • Deep knowledge of web services standards like SOAP, REST and XML
  • Experience using DB2 and Unix
  • Experience working in Agile/Scrum methodology preferred
  • Knowledge of AbInitio and Hadoop is a plus
  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science or related discipline
  • Past experience in payments industry is a plus
  • 3-4 years test automation, or programming with Java, C++, C, Python
  • 1-2 years Defect Tracking tools
  • 2-3 years Java Application Servers (Tomcat, Barista, JSP, Servlets)
  • Platform virtualization, VMware preferred
  • 1-2 years Load Testing tools and practices
  • 1-2 years Databases: MS SQL or NoSQL
  • Strong knowledge on web based applications in areas of marketing
  • Experience in testing various mobile devices – iPhones, Android, Windows
  • Experience in device testing in simulation environment
  • Prepare and review test plans, scenarios, scripts or procedures
  • Work with end user to develop processes and reporting tools for UAT testing
  • Work with the development team to resolve any issues that arise out of the testing process
  • Communication of Project Planning is complete with the business, development, and PMO regarding status, milestones, issue resolution and escalation
  • Consultative analysis and functional requirements are completed and document deliveries are met
  • 8-10 years' experience required
  • Hands on experience in testing desktop web, native and hybrid mobile apps, web API's, database testing and Mobile test automation
  • Experience with testing W#C/HTML5 compliant Web, Mobile and JavaScript
  • Extensive experience with web and mobile automations tools such as Selenium WebDriver, QTP,JavaScript, Appium, Cucumber, Robotium
  • Experience utilizing Android Studio & Xcode IDE, DDMS, and Instrumentation
  • 1 - 2 years' experience with Manual and Automated testing
  • 1 - 2 years' comprehensive experience in
  • Experience with automation tools, tool development using ISPF, CLIST, REXX and QTP
  • Working knowledge of IBM Clear Quest, HP Quality Center, VB Script
  • Mobile Testing strategy development
  • Mobile Front and back end white box testing, including API testing
  • 2-3 years Java Application Servers
  • Mobile Automation Testing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
  • At least 3 years of Test Automation experience on open source technologies such as testng, Selenium, selenium grid, SoapUI, Appium, Jenkins etc
  • Working experience in SOAPUI & API is a plus
  • Experience with Agile development lifecycle
  • Having working experience on continuous build/deploy (git/bamboo/Jenkins/chef) and automated unit testing
  • Sound understanding of test methodologies and artifacts
  • Self-starter and quick to attack a learning curve
  • Experience with open source technologies and general curiosity of problems being solved in the open source community is a plus
  • BS in Computer Science or related degree​
  • Work with FAs and dev leads on building test cases
  • 3+ years of experience in Software Development or Quality Assurance
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of any automated testing language
  • At least intermediate English
  • Good testing and troubleshooting experience across software development lifecycle
  • Experience in using automated testing and automated tests development
  • Experience in test case and test plan development
  • Experience working in distributed teams
  • Understanding of banking systems and processes is a huge advantage
  • Source code control systems (SVN, GIT) knowledge
  • Test lead experience
  • B.S. in Computer Science or related area of study; and at least 6+ years of experience in Manual QA
  • Technical understanding of database configuration and ability to write simple SQL scripts
  • Advanced spoken and written English
  • Experience doing automated testing of mobile applications (iOS and Android)
  • Ability to troubleshoot software / hardware configuration problems
  • The resource would participate in early design discussions provide integrity to the App quality by identifying gaps, ensure critical analysis of documentation clarifying testing scenarios prior to development start
  • Support UAT testing and would require similar coordination with QA groups to ensure seamless testing by providing proper scheduling of data preparation
  • Build test frameworks, architect, design, and implement test automation frameworks from the ground up into a continuous integration and execution model
  • Interact with business units to define requirements/modifications and use case to utilize in designing appropriate solutions
  • 6+ years relevant work experience or an equivalent mix of work and project experience in software development or testing
  • Functional and Regression Test Automation: Selenium, Cucumber, QTP, SoapUI, etc
  • Strong cross-browser test implementation experience
  • Strong interpersonal and communication (both written and verbal) skills is must
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects and change direction mid-course based on business drivers
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a complex organization to determine business and customer needs, providing the best solution to meet those needs
  • Past experience in Payment industry and product line is a plus
  • IBM Campaign (Unica Campaign) testing experience is a strong plus
  • Working collaboratively as part of the development team with product managers, software engineers, and architects to define and execute tests throughout the project lifecycle
  • Continuously re-evaluating the test strategy to adjust for new information, changing risks, shifting priorities, and schedules
  • Capable of making framework choices, setting directions on technology choices, coming up with solves and working with management to set the direction
  • Defining, implementing, and executing the functional, regression, and acceptance test strategy on highly iterative and collaborative projects of medium to high complexity in an Agile environment
  • Test planning, test automation, test environment setup/teardown, exploratory and manual testing, defect logging and verification
  • Defining, creating, and maintaining test data as required
  • Working as a project team member to jointly deliver high quality business solutions consistent with project objectives and constraints
  • Engaging with team members to build out a dynamic and productive development organization and continuously improving practices and methodology
  • Providing guidance and mentorship to other test engineers
  • Self-motivated team player who excels in a collaborative environment
  • Excellent problem solving skills; meticulous & methodical
  • Ability to learn and apply new technologies quickly and self-directed
  • At least 8 years commercial experience in testing applications, services and user interfaces
  • 4+ years automated functional testing experience
  • Familiarity with defect management systems
  • Exposure to automated testing tools and dynamic languages
  • Exposure to object oriented analysis and design
  • Ability to write acceptance criteria for features in simple business language
  • Understanding of Unit, Functional, System, Performance, Technical and Operational testing and the tools utilized
  • Is familiar with interface testing and mock objects concepts
  • Experience with testing distributed systems
  • In-depth knowledge of the process and skills to produce the tools needed to automate testing
  • Proficient in test tool analysis and data flow
  • Knowledge of software development life cycle principles or awareness of agile practices
  • Knowledge of programming concepts and practices
  • Ability to work closely with developers to produce the best application possible
  • Ability to determine estimates of effort and impacts for a variety of solutions
  • Expectations include a high level of initiative and a strong commitment to job knowledge, productivity, and attention to detail
  • 4+ years experience of performance testing using industry performance tools, e.g. HP/ Mercury Loadrunner, JMeter
  • Experience of planning and performing performance & capacity testing for large scale projects
  • Keen to push the envelope on testing tools and their application to shaping and verifying software
  • Passionate about continuously improving organizational practices
  • Experience with root cause analysis in application error and performance issues
  • Experience with open source tools/language Ruby, Rails, Watir or equivalent
  • Hands-on experience in test automation and using dynamic languages to maintain fluent and flexible tests that shape and verify software under development
  • Effective at creating repeatable, maintainable, automated test suites
  • Reduces and controls Manufacturing process defects (scrap, nonconforming material, customer complaints) by leading efforts/teams focused on identifying the primary root causes and implementing corrective and preventative actions. May be responsible for implementing product stops & documenting release criteria
  • Develops and implements product quality plans, documents and systems by creating product specifications, quality specifications, quality plans, risk analysis, FMEAs in conjunction with other product development team members. May be responsible for risk analyses and FMEAs
  • Develops and implements Process Monitoring Systems by identifying critical process steps which could culminate in possible sources of manufacturing defects and devising methods to reduce process variation in order to reduce/eliminate the cause of defects
  • Collects and analyzes Leads Manufacturing process defect data Product/Process improvement efforts (e.g. scrap, nonconforming product, customer complaints) by systematically gathering quality metric data and performing the appropriate analysis method(s) to enhance sustaining product design and new product development
  • Supervises Engineers and technicians as appriopriate for the value stream
  • Develops and improves upon reports existing experience to increase abilities in overall value stream
  • In all actions, demonstrates a primary commitment to patient safety and product quality by maintaining compliance to the Quality Policy and all other documented quality processes and procedures
  • For those individuals that supervise others, the following statements are applicable
  • Assures that appropriate resources (personnel, tools, etc.) are maintained in order to assure Quality System compliance and adherence to the Quality Policy
  • Higher level Degree/ Level 8 quailfication in Engineering/ Quality/ Science with minimum 7 years experience in related industry
  • Masters Level qualification in Engineering/ Quality/ Science with minimum 5 years' experience in related industry
  • Be part of a Scrum team to plan, write, execute and refactor manual and automated test cases
  • Participate in detailed design of test development frameworks and tools
  • 3+ years of strong technical competency and experience with web applications and web services
  • 3+ years of software development or equivalent test automation experience
  • Work with other developers and testers to define and automate test cases to further our Continuous Integration/Deployment goals
  • Demonstrated ability to interpret project specifications (requirements, architecture, functional and design) and create test cases
  • Continually try to get into new corner cases of testing by increasing the complexity of test coverage
  • Hands-on manual and automated testing experience for desktop and mobile
  • Familiarity with agile tracking tools such as Jira
  • Designs, tests and implements new testing tools and methods in collaboration with technical specialists and developers
  • Develops and maintains quality assurance test scripts, tests plans and checklists starting at project design phase, for all current and new applications. Organizes materials and acts as librarian for all quality assurance test scripts, procedures and materials
  • Escalates problems and issues to the project manager, and offers solutions as needed
  • Interfaces with developers and project managers to ensure quality of software updates
  • Monitors progress of testing and makes necessary changes to test plans and scripts to ensure that quality standards and production deadlines are met
  • Researches new testing technologies and methods, including automated testing tools in order to improve quality assurance processes on an ongoing basis
  • Responsible for the testing and approval of contact or contactless chip payment devices, cards or mobile for functional and interoperability conformance to Visa's global specifications and approval requirements within service level agreements
  • Collaborate locally or remotely with internal counterparts or stakeholders and external partners within the Approval Services or EMV Solutions teams on the testing and approval process for chip products
  • Communicate clearly all interoperability risks and/or issues to management providing solutions and options
  • Actively participate in cross-disciplinary working groups and collaborate closely with colleagues from the wider Digital and Mobile Products group
  • Knowledge of software testing methodologies such as black/white box testing, boundary testing, etc
  • Minimum 4 years of professional working experience in product testing (QA or relevant) in the area of IC (integrated circuit) and/or certification of chip payment products (device, cards, mobile)
  • Strong understanding of chip payment products (needs/solutions) will be highly preferred
  • Process and procedures oriented, with the ability to identify opportunities to improve processes for stakeholdes/ partners
  • Strong attention to detail with ability to manage multiple priorities and tasks simultaneously
  • Self-starter and results oriented, with desire, motivation and ability to expand current skills and explore new skills
  • Strong team player, with experience working in a matrix organization
  • Excellent written and oral business communications skills in English, with strong analytical skills
  • Preference will be given to candidates with working experience related to the following
  • Integrate with deployment infrastructure to establish a continuous integration and delivery
  • Liable for both functional and non-functional (performance, security, scalability, accessibility, globalization) quality aspects of a product requirements
  • Very good understanding in ETL work flows, Data Model and BI reporting & dashboards
  • Experience in Data Transformations validations and End-to-End data validation for ETL & BI systems
  • Hands-on experience in any one Reporting Tool (Microstrategy, Tableau)
  • Hands-on experience in developing Hive Queries
  • Hands-on experience in writing complex SQL queries for validating business rules using Oracle/Teradata/SQL Server/DB2 scripts
  • Experience with Agile Development, SCRUM, or Extreme Programming methodologies
  • Experience in enterprise software and / or payment / banking industries
  • Development experience in ETL/Data Warehousing Project
  • Hands on Experience in Impala and HDFS
  • Experience with functional and non-functional on Data Analytics, Warehouse, Reporting solutions over Web/Mobile applications and/or Web Services
  • Experience in developing test strategy/approach, test plans, test cases and execution
  • A passion for developing test oriented frameworks, tools, utilities and simulators/harness, ensuring superb code quality and manage code governance
  • Produce metrics for projects as required by Project Management, Clients and/or Implementation team
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Information Systems or Technology-related field
  • 3 plus years of EFT experience strongly desired
  • Experience with tools like clear quest, ALM, AGM, Share point and Wiki
  • Must have experience with Automation tools like QTP, Selenium RC/Web driver
  • Member of a Scrum team mainly focus on extensive software testing and should be able to play developer role if needed
  • 5 years relevant work experience in software development or testing, preferably in large-scale projects
  • Solid knowledge of ETL based technologies i.e. abinitio or talend
  • Hands on experience in Hadoop is mandatory
  • Knowledge of java is a plus
  • Experience in large volume batch data processing
  • Experience in Agile development methodology, and test driven development process
  • Experience in using industry standard test management tools / frameworks (e.g. ALM, Clear Quest, JIRA)
  • Plan, create, articulate, execute, review and refactor manual and automated test cases
  • Review and provide feedback on design and code, Lead root cause analysis and track defect resolution to completion
  • Write utilities / automation tools using Java, Hive, Shell scripts and more
  • Setup and maintain test system configurations and test data against a wide variety of conditions
  • Ability to quickly understand code and specifications, passion for learning new technologies
  • Solid understanding of black box and white box testing, performance testing, test automation, requirements traceability and general QA process reporting
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills​
  • Responsible for the end to end testing and quality assurance of key system features
  • Will work with other team members to investigate test approaches, prototype new technology and evaluate technical feasibility
  • Will work in an Agile/Scrum environment to deliver high quality software against aggressive schedules
  • Will influence test case and test suite design and help build a team culture around practices that are critical to delivering a quality product
  • Responsible for ensuring that proper test coverage exists based on requirements, user stories and design specifications
  • Work with QA and Development team members to improve test coverage and effectiveness
  • Coordinate test schedules, work and resource plans; manage progress of all test activities against plan
  • Establish testing entrance and exit criteria
  • Train and mentor junior QA members within the immediate team on testing techniques and automation
  • Understand technical specifications and analyze log files to track down and isolate issues
  • Bring to the table on a daily basis, the ability to identify innovative alternatives and re-use opportunities
  • Create and execute manual and automated test scripts for most complex projects in a most efficient and modular fashion
  • Create common routines and libraries for test automation to be shared between teams
  • Work with the QA Manager to identify the team’s technology roadmap and provide estimates on critical software development projects
  • Familiarity with Windows, Linux and/or UNIX environments
  • Familiarity with an object oriented programming language (C# or Java) and an RDBMS (SQL Server or Oracle)
  • Familiarity with a distributed version control system like Git
  • 6+ years hands-on Software QA experience
  • Experience building, designing and executing test cases in both manual and automated/scripted approach
  • Experience in designing and developing test automation frameworks
  • Knowledge or experience in writing Behavior Driven Development (BDD) test cases in Cucumber, Fitnesse or Specflow using Gherkins
  • 3+ years SOAP & REST web services test automation with JMeter/SoapUI or programmatically testing web services utilizing HTTPClient
  • 5+ years experience writing complex SQL queries in a MS SQL Server and MySQL environment
  • Working experience with Agile Methodologies and Scrum
  • Ability to deal well with ambiguous/undefined problems; Ability to think abstractly
  • Experience designing tests to effectively assess the quality, scalability, robustness and performance of highly scalable distributed applications
  • Ability to take a project from scoping requirements through actual launch of the project as a Quality Assurance evangelist
  • Experience taking a leading role in testing complex software systems that have been successfully delivered to customers
  • Knowledge of professional software engineering best practices for the full software development life cycle, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, build processes, testing, and operations
  • Experience in communicating with internal and external customers, other technical teams, and senior management to collect requirements, describe software product features, technical designs, and product strategy
  • Experience mentoring junior quality assurance engineers to improve their skills, and make them more effective and productive
  • Experience influencing software testing best practices within your team
  • Hands-on expertise in many disparate technologies, typically ranging from front-end user interfaces through to distributed APIs and back-end data storage systems and all points in between
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or related Engineering degree
  • Work closely with product management and development team to understand requirements and technical specifications
  • Setup and monitor continuous integration for build, deploy and automated tests
  • Work with support and implementation team to investigate production support issues and perform root cause analysis
  • 5+ years of direct experience with automation testing in a J2EE open source environment Preferably experience with testing at different levels (unit, functional, integration, system load and performance testing)
  • Proficiency in the use of Bash, Python, Selenium Webdriver, and Tomcat
  • Strong knowledge of git and github
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of Linux and MYSQL
  • Experience with bash scripting is desirable
  • Experienced with object oriented design principles and languages is desirable
  • Good written and oral communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects in a fast paced dynamic environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of testing methodologies and software development lifecycles – including Waterfall and Agile
  • Experience with test management systems and defect tracking databases
  • Process orientated with a passion for adding value and introducing improvements within the team
  • Experience working in cross-functional teams, encouraging a culture of cooperation, collaboration and teamwork
  • Ability to communicate clearly, effectively, accurately and professionally across many functional teams and Stakeholders
  • ISEB/ISTQB Foundation Certification or above
  • Strong analytical, organizational, technical and interpersonal/communication skills
  • Pro-active, self-motivated and results oriented
  • Passionate life-long learner with a drive to seek improvement personally, professionally and across the company
  • Experience with Learning Management Systems, and/or Educational Multimedia products
  • Experience working on K-12 courseware development
  • Analyse & report test results
  • Introduce & monitor quality standards across the development teams (incl. documentation, training, tracking)
  • Introduce test strategies for functional & non-functional tests
  • Self-motivated, well-organized, details-oriented and a strong team player with an agile mindset
  • Passion for quality and technical challenges, drive for automation
  • Flexible, proactive and innovative attitude
  • Very good communication skills in English both written and spoken
  • Excellent knowledge of black/white-box test concepts including test automation
  • Good working knowledge of requirements/test management tools e.g. JIRA
  • A strong understanding of python or comparable scripting language
  • Knowledge of SQL and Java is a plus
  • Responsible to work independently on project tracks assigned
  • Responsible to execute Functional System and Integration testing and regression testing of Website, CRM, ERP and Packaged Application (Manufacturing experience would be given extra weightage)
  • Responsible to Log, manage, and retest defects in bug tracking system
  • Report testing status, milestones and issues to management and other stakeholders related to assigned projects
  • Update and use Confluence page extensively for open knowledge-sharing
  • Ability to develop expertise and become a subject matter expert for a given application or business function
  • Ability to Juggle several balls and not lose track of the little things
  • Coding skills in Python & one or more of the following languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript or Ruby
  • Test frameworks such as Selenium, JUnit, TestNG or continuous integration systems
  • Debugging distributed systems and applications
  • Basic knowledge of open source tools such as curl, TestNG, JUnit
  • 2+ years of experience of UI and REST based web services testing, with strong understanding of software development and test cycle and be able to communicate well with team in Agile / Scrum based project development environment
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving skills
  • Documentation skills for document test plan, automation design and test practice for knowledge transfer
  • Experience with HP testing tools (ALM), & Jira is desired
  • Experience with working in a global dispersed team environment (US, India)
  • Fluent English communication skill
  • Proven experience in test automation using a modern functional and/or OO programming language. Python experience is a plus
  • Experience with Common browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari
  • Experience with mobile platforms iOS and Android
  • Experience with OTT platforms such as TVos, Roku, Chromecast or Android TV is a plus
  • Partner with the Scrum team to plan, write, execute and refactor manual and automated test cases to provide full test coverage
  • Test ORMB solutions in terms of functionality, performance, reliability, stability, security and compatibility with other legacy- and / or external systems
  • BS in Computer Science/Engineering, Software Engineering, IS, or other related field
  • Bachelors and 2-5 or Masters and 1-3 years of relevant ORMB QA development experience
  • Hands-on experience with testing applications on Weblogic application servers
  • QA Engineer Experience (5+ years)
  • UI testing, black box, functional and regression testing
  • Deploy/Install backend applications on Linux/Windows servers
  • Maintain test environments
  • Experienced in automated tests development (ideally Java/Selenium/WebDriver)
  • Experienced with performance testing on large data sets
  • Utilize SOAP UI to test web services APIs
  • Unit tests (JUnit) with Test Driven Design practices
  • Full software development cycle from design though release
  • Knowledgeable in relational database usage. (MySQL)
  • Able to work as a team or independently
  • Self-motivation and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Help to build a test-driven culture that improves both software quality and team efficiency
  • Design, create and execute test coverage for multiple platforms (web, mobile, services)
  • Automate all the things. Partner with engineers to create unit-tests for all their things
  • Work with support and product teams to triage issues
  • Proficiency in Javascript, Go, Python and/or Ruby
  • Strong working knowledge of QA methodology, testing techniques and tools
  • Strong attention to detail and self-motivated
  • Participate in product spec/design reviews to provide input on functional requirements, product designs, schedules, or potential problems regarding testability. Provide feedback and recommendations to developers on software usability and functionality
  • Actively involved in automation framework including core libraries development using programming languages such as Python
  • Develop or specify standards, methods, or procedures to determine product quality or release readiness for an enterprise scale software application
  • Create functional, stress, performance and system test plan, work closely with software developers and product team to prioritize the test implementation and execution
  • Design detailed test plans, scenarios, scripts, or procedures of software and production data in a secure environment
  • Maintain documentation of test plans and their results using a test case management system or similar tools
  • Log software defects using a bug tracking system and work closely with software developers to track and analyze the defects and pro-actively track them to resolution
  • Engages effectively with software developers to understand technical concepts. Comfortable providing product requirements input to make applications more testable and more robust
  • Passion for product quality
  • BS/MS in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or related degree preferred; but substantial, relevant, outstanding work experience may substitute in some cases
  • At least 8 years of experience in Software Quality assurance having experience in applying testing methodologies, create test plans and execute and automate test suites
  • 7 years of overall experience in software development or testing with exposure to the full product development lifecycle - from requirements through post-release
  • 5+ years of experience Python coding skills and experience in developing test libraries and cross platform automation frameworks
  • Successful record designing, implementing and managing structured test automation
  • Experience in testing some of all of the following products
  • Integration and test planning,
  • Test bed & test suite and test case design,
  • Design and maintenance of test bed and equipment,
  • Definition of pass / fail and acceptance criteria,
  • Data collection and analysis,
  • Working with development engineers and architects in troubleshooting and resolutions,
  • Test automation and reporting, and
  • Provide acceptance and release recommendations
  • Define and author Test Specifications and Test Cases
  • Performing Different types of testing (Regression, Functional, Performance, Scalabiliy, Stability, Conformance, White Box, Black Box, Manual and Automated)
  • Troubleshooting and resolution
  • Quality Process Improvements
  • Test lab and test bed Development and maintenance
  • BlackBox and Whitebox test techniques for testing and qualification of sophisticated IP and Analog based Video systems and edge devices
  • Working knowledge in defect management and tracking system (such as Bugzilla, ClearCase, TFS)
  • Technical report writing
  • Root cause analysis, troubleshooting techniques, and resolution / idea creation
  • Experience with automation using dynamic languages. (Python, Bash, Powerscript,Selenium, C and C++)
  • Indepth knowledge of APIs and command line tools
  • Windows and or Linux Operating System knowledge including performance monitoring and network topologies
  • SQL and database operation knowledge, including formulation of SQL queries
  • Working knowledge in IP networking and IP network services and protocols: TCP/IP, DNS, NFS, LDAP, FTP, SSH, SMTP, SSL, HTTP, RTSP, SNMP
  • Experience deploying and operating Linux variants in a cloud environment
  • Experience with IP Video Surveillance systems is a tremendous benefit
  • Experience and/or knowledge in QA methodology for system level performance testing
  • General Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) knowledge
  • Fluent in English (oral and written)
  • Work effectively with cross functional teams to define techincal requires and identify and reslove technical design issues
  • Provide technical support, troubleshooting, and complex problem resolution on escalated issues
  • Understanding and defining scope of testing for
  • Defining the testing strategy for
  • Designing and building test infrastructure to support automated tests across our systems built with PHP, C#, Ruby, Java, and Java Script in the context of our and satellite website, portals, backend systems and API services
  • Training and educating technology team on automated testing framework
  • Focusing on creating automated test cases to support new and existing feature development
  • Working with the engineering team to achieve consistent unit testing efficiency, improvements and enhancements
  • Building infrastructure and tests to identify improvements in all key areas of quality including performance, scalability, robustness and reliability
  • Reporting test progress and quality status to the team in timely fashion
  • Collaborating with their respective agile team and product owner to manage release schedule for product
  • Understanding potential design and architecture changes impacting multiple systems and perform the necessary regression, integration, and performance and load tests
  • Using testing knowledge be the vocal leader of code quality in the team
  • Utilizing QA best practices and processes within the engineering team
  • Automated testing tools (i.e. Selenium or similar)
  • Building automated testing frameworks
  • Strong knowledge and experience with software QA methodologies, tools, and processes
  • Web technologies: HTML, JavaScript, HTTP and backend programming of web applications
  • Writing automated REST, SOAP web service and API service tests
  • Object-oriented programming techniques. Preference is Java, C#, and PHP development experience or working knowledge of other scripting languages
  • Taking requirements and creating test suites with the ability to see the bigger impact of systems change across multiple systems
  • Developing and scripting of MySQL and MS SQL Server
  • Strong communication and presentation skills to work within a fast-paced, team-oriented environment
  • Automated test development for current and new modules
  • Enhance automated test scripts
  • Prepare test data and expected results for automated test run
  • Execute automated test suites and track test results and issues
  • Be able to handle day-to-day automatic test maintenance work in a timely fashion
  • Provide feedback on automated test process, technical structure and possible improvements
  • Perform manual test on new and changed functionalities when required
  • Analyse new and changed functionality and prepare test cases, data and expected results for the testing to be carried out
  • Perform manual test on new and changed functionalities and record outcomes accurately
  • Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • 3 – 5 years IT working experience
  • Experience in C# and TSQL will be a definite advantage
  • Knowledge in software quality assurance and software testing is a plus
  • Attention to details is a MUST
  • Be able to take repetitive work
  • Be able to work independently and be a team player with minimal supervision
  • Logical thinking, organized, self-motivated
  • Flexibility to allow for varied and changing objectives as the company develops products to meet rapidly changing customer requirements
  • Good communication and reporting skill in English
  • Assure the overall quality of assigned products
  • Develop, execute and maintain test plans
  • Lead and support team of highly capable QA engineers
  • Define and execute manual and automated test cases
  • Analyze results of automation executions
  • Maintain and extend current product automation coverage
  • Actively participate in all phases of SDLC by providing QA expertise
  • At least 4 years of relevant experience
  • Experience in commonly used automation testing tools
  • Experience with Test Management Tools
  • Understanding in principles of OOP
  • Experience in Java Programing language
  • Strong understanding in Quality Assurance best practices and methodologies
  • Experience with Agile Methodologies. Knowledge in a Scrum process
  • Experience in black box as well as white box testing
  • Experience with automation tools like Selenium, Cucumber, FitNesse etc
  • 5 years of experience performing functional, regression, scale and performance tests for software applications
  • Proficient in REST Based API architecture
  • Experience in scripting languages like Shell, Perl, Ruby
  • Experience in all phases of SW Development cycle with some exposure to agile development methodologies
  • Advanced hands-on experience with Java+Selenium Webdriver
  • Expertise in Java
  • Experience testing under Linux or Unix OS
  • Both white and black box testing experience
  • UI Automation experience
  • BS degree in Computer Sciences or related field (an equivalent combination of related education, training, and experience may be considered), or equivalent work experience
  • Evaluates and test software programs and functional areas by following agile methodologies. Recommends improvement to the system, identify differences between followed and expected application standards to adhere to organizational mission and values
  • Setup test cases and scenarios using testing principles. Has vast experience in setting up test data and test beds for regression and functional testing
  • Review requirements thoroughly to have adequate understanding to create test scenarios and test cases
  • Understands work flow and business processes in health care industry is a plus
  • Able to formulate a test strategy and test approach
  • The experience must include testing of mobile apps, web services
  • Requires a bachelor’s or master degree in engineering/ management or 8yrs of relevant experience in testing
  • Must have a go getter attitude to get things done faster. Able to cope up with frequent changes in directions from QA manager
  • Works as a team or individually as per the need
  • Work concurrently on several projects
  • Product test and drive defect resolution
  • Assist business users in defining User Acceptance Testing, test cases and plans
  • Create and maintain test cases in ALM and/or Quality Center
  • Participate in production implementation verification and be accountable for validating system quality
  • 5+ years of experience working as a Senior Quality Engineer
  • 8+ years of Quality Assurance/Testing experience
  • 2+ years of experience using ALM/Quality Center or an equivalent enterprise testing suite
  • 2+ years of experience designing and implementing test strategies and plans
  • Experience using HL7 or other messaging formats within the healthcare industry
  • Experience with automated testing tools (VBScript preferred)
  • Ability to write and execute test cases within a web service & .NET environment
  • In an ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) methodology
  • Create and maintain test cases in Quality Center and/or Test Director or similar Test management tool
  • Design & Execute test cases on mobile platforms such as Android & iOS
  • Work in an Agile methodology and complete test executions in sprints
  • Be able to manage Defect/ issue to resolution in tools such as Rally or Jira
  • Under Graduate degree in applicable area of expertise or equivalent experience
  • Familiar with setting up IDEs such as Eclipse or Visual Studio
  • Expertise writing Gherkins/Cucumber/ Calabash scripts for Test Automation
  • Expertise with Selenium Test Automation of web services
  • Integrate/Stabilize the test scripts
  • Tooling wherever required
  • Work with Business Analyst/developers to identify and correct defects
  • Defect tracking and periodic follow up of issues
  • Daily Monitoring of Regression suites on dashboard
  • 3 to 5 years of relevant experience
  • Bachelors of Science degree in a technical field of study and or equivalent discipline (math, physics, chemistry etc.)
  • Knowledge of Manufacturing / Quality processes and documentation
  • Prior experience in team involvement and coordinating multiple projects
  • Strong Communication Skills: Must have a demonstrated quality mindset with experience in standing tall to ensure process discipline is followed and demonstrated ability to stop a process when risk or process failure is likely
  • Strong Customer Relational Skills
  • SAP (electronic process documentation) SME
  • Working knowledge of PR/MRB process (Preliminary Review / Material Review Board
  • Must be willing to work offshifts, overtime and non standard work weeks as needed to meet product deliverables
  • Prior experience in high technology manufacturing environment
  • Familiar with production MFG floor process/environment
  • Root Cause Analysis experience or training
  • Green belt trained or certified (comparable experience w/continuous improvement activities (lean/six sigma) or ASQ certification
  • Trained in 2 or more of the following: RCA/CAPA, Error Prevention, Requirement Verification, Auditing and applicable CIPS
  • Knowledge of CIPS (Command Media)
  • Familiarity with VECAMs
  • At least five years of software testing experience
  • Experience with testing both web-based UIs and server-side applications
  • Proficient in traditional RDBMS schema and SQL, particularly Oracle
  • Comfortable with the Linux command prompt
  • Brings creativity and energy to everything they do
  • Create and document test cases for all documented requirements
  • Conduct hands-on manual testing
  • Support effort to automate testing
  • Work to insure testing is on schedule and identify and work with QA Manager on issues that are delaying testing
  • Familiar with UI automation frameworks such as Selenium or Watir
  • Familiar with Java and/or Groovy
  • Security vulnerability testing
  • Unit and performance test frameworks such as JUnit/TestNG or JMeter
  • Agile software development methodologies
  • 9-12 years' experience testing highly distributed and complex systems
  • At least 6 years hands-on Java programming, Automation Scripting, White box testing experience in JAVA & TestNG/ jUnit
  • Experience with Selenium or similar software testing framework
  • Experience in building and executing automated and performance tests for REST based services
  • Experience with Agile Methodologies, Tools (Rally, JIRA, Confluence)
  • Experience testing software at API level using SOA suite, SOAP UI, PostMan, REST Client etc
  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins/Bamboo or monitoring tools such as Nagios
  • Experience with Code Quality Governance related tools (Sonar, PMD, FindBugs, Checkstyle, Emma, Cobertura etc)
  • Experience with distributed source control systems such as Git
  • Test planning and Test strategy development using industry best practices
  • Develop plans, schedules, metrics, data needs and scenarios for end to end integration testing including areas such as database impacts, software scenarios, or usability
  • Support agile ceremonies
  • 2 to 4 years’ hands on
  • Execute the test plan to ensure that all the objectives are met and that solution works as expected
  • Work on customer issues, troubleshoot, reproduce in house and track to the closure
  • Minimum 10+ years of QA System or Solution testing experience on Wireless Gateway Products or Wireless controllers
  • Experienced with wireless networking tools VeriWave, Chariot, Spirent, Ixia, wireless monitoring, AP-simulator
  • CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CWNA & other network certification is a plus
  • Be able to write clear procedures, bug descriptions and test reports
  • Support QA manager to develop test schedule, resource and lab planning
  • Act as project prime to identify technology and schedule issue, and develop mitigation accordingly; trace and report project status
  • Participate in all QA activities including test plan development, test bed design/maintenance, execution of test cases and regression
  • Interact with internal teams and customers to resolve problems and improve product quality
  • Five years of system test experiences in telecom or datacom industry
  • Expert knowledge and hands-on experiences in networking technologies (TCP/IP, L2/L3 switching, routing, VLAN, DHCP, IPv6, etc.)
  • Substantial test experiences in wireless products (AP and conroller) and technologies (802.11a/b/g/n, WLAN, mesh, security, QOS, voice, etc.)
  • Expert knowledge of popular test equipment for traffic generation, capture, and analysis (ex. Chariot, Veriwave)
  • Substantial ability in debugging complex software systems and wireless networks
  • Familiar with carrier/enterprise wireless networks deployment scenarios is a plus
  • Familiar with software development life cycle, Agile SW development, bug tracking, and test case development processes
  • Familiar with database such as MySQL or Oracle is a plus
  • Good at reading and writing in English, fluent oral English communication is a plus
  • Work closely with the software development team during the product design phase
  • Define clear test plans that cover all use cases and scenarios
  • Execute testing to verify functional behavior of the products and to ensure its quality in an Agile environment
  • Install and administer the system in a test environment
  • Execution of manual tests cases (progression/regression & sanity) that ensure quality throughout our release schedule
  • Create a detailed test designs for system different areas, test plans and cases and tests reports in order to make sure product is released in its best possible quality
  • Solve technical problems and improve our systems
  • At least 2 years of experience in software testing
  • Experience writing testing documents (STDs) and knowledge of various QA methodologies
  • Strong virtualization and networking knowledge
  • 2+ years' experience in the networking industry
  • Experience with highly available production systems at scale
  • Extensive hands-on system Linux experience (operating systems, performance, virtualization, etc.)
  • Experience in setting up and maintaining virtualization environments with multiple operating systems
  • Ability to review requirements and build testing coverage
  • Experience with programming / scripting languages – an advantage
  • Performance testing – Big advantage
  • Automation tests execution and results analysis – Big advantage
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (Perl, Python, shell script) – Big advantage
  • Building and maintaining Layer 2/3, multi station wireless network lab setups and test various indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point performance aspects including RvR, conductive RF performance, OTA (single Multi STA)
  • Writing, maintaining and executing comprehensive automation test scripts that can provide performance test coverage
  • Independently able to bring up test harness and write test scripts which can manage Access Point, Stations with different OS, collect logs and post process performance results
  • Troubleshooting complicated end-to-end device/wireless controller/AP and system level problems
  • Work closely with the embedded team of developers and other test engineer to build useful performance regression test suite
  • 50%- Quality Assurance Testing
  • Write high quality test cases that meet the defined requirments
  • Implementing test strategy and plans
  • Work with BA and DEV in a collaborative enviornment
  • Work with Automation team on defining test case parameters
  • 25%- Technical Leadership
  • Lead and mentor less experienced staff and 3rd party resources
  • Analyzis of test results and root cause
  • Lead defect review meetings
  • Reporting of Test Metrics
  • Lead process improvement initiatives within team
  • Provide product ownership and subject matter expertise
  • Environment Management
  • 20%- Design and Architecture
  • Implementing test strategy plans
  • Ability to maintain and test multiple versions of a product
  • Deliver detailed level estimations of effort in order to achieve a preferred solution
  • Accountable to ensure standards and quality of the solution are achieved
  • 5%- Keep up to date on new technologies and techniques and clearly communication recommendations to the team
  • Demonstrated leadership to lead a QA project team
  • Familiar with standard application software design concepts, practices, and procedures
  • Ability to identify root causes and intiate/implement short and long term corrective actions
  • Agile and/or Scrum training
  • Bachelor's degree in Business, or IT
  • 5 – 7 Years Software Quality expericnce
  • Collaborate with Quality Engineers, both on-site and off-shore with specific tasks and strategy, including design and architectural discussion sessions
  • Create, maintain and execute Test Design Specifications and automated test cases for all tiers/components of assigned systems in accordance with regulations, quality standards and design controls
  • Participate in definition and implementation of quality improvement initiatives
  • Present and justify test plans/strategies and test designs to internal cross-functional project working teams and IT Management
  • Participate in definition and execution of load and performance tests in conjunction with Developers and Product Owners
  • Create, maintain and execute test cases/test scripts (manual and automated) for SFDC related tiers/components in accordance with regulations, quality standards and design controls
  • Develop and present solutions/plans to Project Team for complex QE issues and initiatives
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or a related study or equivalent experience
  • Excellent technical and people skills to understand/elaborate core business logic, business processes, testing principles and methodologies
  • Work proactively, independently or as part of a team on multiple tasks and projects in parallel and quickly learn new technologies
  • Experience in Cloud based technologies or COTS solutions
  • Experience in SOA environments
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science / Engineering or equivalent required
  • 5+ years of validating software products
  • 5+ years extensive Unix/Linux experience (shell scripting, curl, etc.)
  • 3+ years with Cucumber Automation Framework
  • 3+ years experience with Behavior/Test Driven Development
  • 3+ years understanding and working knowledge of Agile / Scrum methodologies
  • 3+ years of experience using Selenium WebDriver
  • Experience testing applications within Java Application Servers (Tomcat, JBoss, etc.)
  • Mobile testing experience (native and web applications)
  • Proposing innovations and means of implementing new technology/processes in QA field
  • Supporting Product Owners by ensuring product quality meets design and operational standards
  • Co-creating test plans and perform planning activities. Defining test objectives, write and execute test cases and test scenarios
  • Developing and supporting automation test framework and automation strategies
  • Mentoring less experienced team members
  • Documenting identified defects. Cooperating with developers to resolve any product issues
  • Working in a SCRUM team, focusing on a team goal
  • Responsible for managing the Return Material Authorization Process, and ensure timely disposition
  • Responsible for managing key suppliers (materials, wafer fab, assembly, test)
  • Drive programs to develop supplier manufacturing processes, and quality systems
  • Work as part of software team to qualify device drivers on Linux and Windows platforms for Cavium’s LiquidIO NIC cards
  • Define test cases to incorporate complete coverage of driver and firmware features
  • Facilitate creation of varied setups required to perform benchmark and functionality testing for LiquidIO NIC cards
  • Co-ordinate with software team members to review test cases and performance results
  • Must have effective interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Excellent communication skills to interface internally and externally with all levels of the organization
  • An inherent sense of urgency and accountability
  • Test Case Management and Defect Management using tools
  • Analyze user stories and manual tests in order to design and build automated tests within the automation framework
  • As part of the Agile SCRUM team, work closely with local and global software development and QA teams
  • Create, implement and articulate test strategies to cover both functional and non-functional testing utilising automation and manual testing where appropriate
  • Have good understanding and practical experience of BDD
  • Champion and improve QA processes within an agile team through collaboration and by being a key influencer
  • Manage and triage defects
  • Have experience in testing the front end of web applications across multiple device types and browsers
  • Demonstrate a passion for learning and an ability to grasp technical concepts with ease
  • Proficient with performance test tools to design and execute performance tests against Applications with-in a multi-tier architecture
  • Analyzes performance test results and drives toward the goal of increased application performance, availability, and capacity
  • Devise and execute training, where appropriate, to develop and elevate the performance testing skills within the team
  • Partner with Software Engineers, UX/UI, quality Engineers, Product Owners/Analysts to deliver high quality products
  • Work with the team to develop and monitor test metrics and provide timely communication to key stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Comfortable being an evangelist and SME on performance testing
  • Familiar with defect tracking tool (such as JIRA) utilization, ensuring open defects are monitored and escalated as needed
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Electrical Engineering or any closely- related technical field)
  • 5+ years QA experience, with a minimum of 2 years experience in performance testing (using tools such as HP Performance Center, JMeter, etc.)
  • Hands-on experience with performance monitoring tools (such as Dynatrace, NewRelic, etc.)
  • Experience with AJAX, JSON, Javascript, HTML, XML and SQL
  • Experience validating performance of complex business applications using software oriented architecture, data warehouse and distributed systems
  • Knowledge of Java (or equivalent) programming language and design patterns from a performance point of view
  • Ability to identify appropriate data sets to insure performance test coverage
  • Strong ability to learn and keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare landscape
  • Ability to work with-in a Scrum Agile test methodology
  • Experience with Linux or ability to quickly come up to speed
  • Experience with performance testing of mobile applications
  • Ability to use a combination of command-line and client-based tools for test case development and execution
  • 7-8+ years of experience in test automation
  • Enthusiastic about being a part of an agile team that develops/tests and deploys in quick development iterations
  • Proficiency and experience in developing Test Automation Harness and Test cases creation with Web UI testing tools such as Selenium Web Driver
  • Solid knowledge of relevant software engineering tools (compilers, debuggers, source code control systems, configuration management systems, build processes)
  • Significant experience with test automation, build infrastructure, continuous integration and agile development
  • Collaborate and add value through participation in establishing Test Automation methodology and other QA principals by providing comments and suggestions
  • Skilled at building great relationships both within your team and with other teams in the company
  • Responsible for handling all aspects of software testing, from automated to manual tests
  • Experience with Testing Restful Web Services
  • Familiarity with virtualized server environments
  • Ability to perform technical root cause analysis and outline corrective action for given problems
  • Serve as a mentor to junior QA engineers
  • Develop test strategies, plans and cases by taking into account test automation
  • 5+ years QA experience, ideally of VOIP, Unified Communications or Mobility Internet
  • Test Automation experience is mandatory
  • Project leadership is a plus
  • Work as part of the Software Development Team whose focus is development of TiVo’s next generation analytics and delivery platforms
  • Understand the overall technical architecture and how each feature is implemented
  • Actively participate in scrum teams with a focus on test, system level automation and E2E monitoring and validation
  • Create test plans and automation strategies that scale
  • Be a vocal proponent for quality in every phase of the development process
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field
  • 6+ years of Software QA/testing experience
  • Proven experience in building / Maintaining an automation framework
  • Strong experience in Perl, Python, Shell or other scripting languages
  • Proven experience in leading and mentoring team members
  • API / Web service testing
  • Exceptional experience in designing SQA test plans and test cases according to requirements
  • Exceptional skills in testing multi-tiered, distributed solutions
  • Demonstrated experience with system monitoring and metrics analysis
  • Strong background in automation using Java / Selenium or other object-oriented programming language
  • Strong interpersonal, project management and organizational skills with ability to track multiple test executions simultaneously and synthesize results
  • Experience testing multi-tiered big data solutions (Services, MapReduce, AMQP, HBase, HDFS, Flume) with high loads
  • Comfortable developing and testing in Linux environments
  • Perform manual and automated testing of modern large-scale web-based Oracle's Field Service Cloud product
  • Create test plans, test cases, checklists and other testing documentation
  • Develop and maintain integration tests, automate UI or API tests
  • At least 3 years of work experience in software testing
  • Experience in system or integration testing of large complex systems
  • Understanding of the place of testing process in the SDLC
  • Experience in working with requirements, strong analytical skill
  • Understanding of non-functional requirements
  • Experience in web or mobile applications testing using different testing approaches
  • Experience in cross-browser/cross-platform testing
  • Experience working with RDBMS (MySQL preferable)
  • Experience with any kind of defect tracking systems
  • Independent, self-motivated team player with ability to learn and adapt quickly in a dynamic environment
  • Ability to read and write technical documentation in English
  • Provides subject matter expertise to Engineers on testing and Quality Assurance (QA) methodologies and processes
  • Works with engineers to drive improvements in code quality via automated testing
  • Identify opportunities to drive innovation and manage product development needs within a fast paced, agile environment
  • Desire to look beyond the obvious for continuous improvement opportunities
  • Experience with web service, REST API, and back-end service required
  • Ability to create to create test client and service test framework using Java for web services required
  • Experience in information security is highly preferred
  • Ability to create Java test utilities preferred
  • Experience in white box (component) testing preferred
  • Knowledge of web security and encryption technology is a plus
  • Any of the following test certifications - QAI, ASQ, IIST, ISEB, ISTQB - are a plus
  • Accountable for all testing activities aligned to the portfolio
  • Able to share technology subject matter expertise with architects and other engineers across the portfolio and other organizations
  • Ability to adapt solution architecture to meet broader needs of the enterprise, solving unique problems that span multiple technology platforms
  • Routinely reviews and introduces new and impactful technologies based on research, POC efforts and independent investigation
  • Regularly provides specialized technical guidance to others in work area
  • Responsible for architecting portfolio solutions for Automation and Testing, working to existing standards or driving new ones
  • Drive innovation and manage product development needs within a fast paced, agile environment
  • Collaborate with a wide variety to stakeholders within business and technology teams to drive change required to execute product roadmaps
  • Gather, collate and report Quality Metrics to management
  • Identify patterns and opportunities from the metrics to drive innovation and improvement
  • Experience with Agile, other rapid application development methods, and Waterfall SDLC
  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Mathematics or 2+ years of equivalent experience in related disciplines
  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively across functional areas
  • Experience with multi-threaded programming
  • Working understanding of XML, JSON, and data structure fundamentals
  • Understanding of various testing algorithms and automation frameworks
  • Attention to detail and strong organization skills
  • Self-motivated and able to thrive in a just-in-time environment
  • Deep appreciation for being a part of a collaborative and cross-functional team
  • Entrepreneur Quality Requirements: Implement and manage the QA processes related to Tolling Business Model defining roles and responsibilities between the Entrepreneur and the Toller in the areas of direct materials, contact with suppliers, semi-finished goods, finished goods, smoke yields deviations and consumer & customer complaints processes to ensure the compliance with defined requirements
  • Monitor the quality results and product performance delivered by the Toller in order to identify improvement areas. Implement and manage the methodology to assess the entrepreneur requirements identifying potential gaps
  • Contact with Markets: Set an efficient communication between market, Entrepreneur and Toller in order to build up a trustful and cooperating relationship between all the parties. Evaluate QA practices through the logistic/supply chain process and propose corrective actions in order to reduce the impact of non-quality products
  • Non-conforming Product Blockades: Decide based on recommendation from concerned stakeholders to release/destroy the non-conform products blocked due to quality reason, including the areas of direct materials, semi-finished and finished goods in order to ensure the compliance with the Tolling Business model
  • Design and develop test plans, test strategies, test cases, test data and other QA process documentation
  • Perform hand-on testing on Windows platform as part of a team
  • Identify opportunities for further testing process improvements​
  • Collaborate closely with the Test Lead and Development team to analyze, debug and resolve any issues​
  • ​​​Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering or a related technical discipline is required, advanced degree is a plus
  • 4 – 6 years of applications design, development or testing experience
  • Basic understanding of DB2, ORACLE and SQL server
  • Experience in Test Automation tools is a plus.​
  • Mentor testers on the project and assists with complex testing SQL
  • Participate in Project meetings and Status reporting
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university required; preferably in the field of Computer Science or Engineering
  • 8+ years’ experience with software quality assurance required
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Test Plan and Test Case writing
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Visio, Project, and Excel)
  • Excellent communication skills for day to day working with Operations for UAT/Prod support
  • Ability to work well in a fast paced environment under deadlines in a changing environment
  • Ability to work as a team member, as well as independently
  • Must be organized and detail oriented
  • Worked with Testing Tools and Scripting languages, HTML, creating and validating XML, developing python scripts for testing
  • Healthcare Industry experience is a plus
  • Experience with CMMI Maturity Level 3 organizations
  • Manage the overall Test Strategy of program/ product, with focus on the end customer scenarios
  • Assist in defining and improving test processes and practices
  • Work closely with multiple cross-functional project teams (Production Management, Software Engineering, Business Analysis, Design and Learning Architecture) to provide QA support and expertise and services fora number of high priority projects
  • Report project testing results to the project team and wider stakeholders
  • Ensure that QA status, risks and issues are managed and communicated appropriately
  • Lead Bug Triages prior to milestone release dates with appropriate stakeholders
  • Work with QA team members to promote change and improvement within the department, using data driven analytics and metrics to define best practices
  • Contribute to and implement process improvement efforts, leading to greater quality levels and increased efficiencies across both HMH QA and wider HMH teams
  • Research, investigate and introduce tools and techniques that improve quality, and drive efficiency within the QA team including automation and performance opportunities
  • Work across the organization to promote a culture of quality; taking opportunities to train and guide the cross functional program/ product team
  • Contribute to test automation efforts and frameworks based on program/product needs and department goals
  • Leverage existing automation practices and frameworks on all assigned program/ product development
  • Process, Standards & Documentation
  • Participate in and contribute to the development of processes and standards for functional area
  • Drive quality through adherence to, and supporting best practice processes and procedures, including the maintenance of documentation on shared file systems
  • Implement improvement initiatives (e.g. methodologies and documentation) for functional area
  • Contribute to program/ product planning, scheduling, budgeting and delivery; taking responsibility and accountability for individual functional, as well as overall team deliveries
  • Risk and Issues Management - identify issues/ events that may impact resources, schedule, budget, scope and/ or delivery
  • Escalate risks and issues to appropriate parties in a timely manner and provide recommendations on problem solving and solution of same
  • Ensure adherence to established strategy and best practice development, process, file server management, and quality deliverables
  • Effective Communication & Collaboration
  • Articulate clear, meaningful program/ product status, highlighting progress made, risks and issues, milestone accomplishments; including improvements in innovation, simplicity, and quality
  • Establish collaborative program/ product partnerships with cross functional peers and external partners to accomplish program/ product goals
  • Monitor progress of program/ product assignments; coordinating updates and working closely with cross functional peers in order to drive product development efforts forward
  • Report on QA status to the project team including testing activities in train, complete and to do
  • Simplicity, Quality, & Innovation
  • Continuous Improvement - demonstrate a continuous improvement philosophy throughout the product development lifecycle, identifying areas for improvement including product features, process, etc. in pursuit of simplicity, quality and innovation
  • Contribute to presentations to peers and stakeholders in relation to program/ product work, processes and methodologies/ technologies
  • Leadership, Mentoring, & Management
  • Contribute functional subject matter expertise and support to internal teams/peers and external partners to solve technical challenges as they arise throughout development lifecycle
  • May mentor less experienced team members in their work to achieve program/ product goals
  • Represent functional team at workshops, project meetings, stakeholder meetings, and other company ceremonies
  • Provide oversight and functional support and direction for the program /product team
  • Vendor Management
  • Manage partner teams to ensure scope is understood (including interdependencies with other programs/ products), schedule is agreed upon, and queries are answered in a timely manner
  • Maintain regular daily contact with partner team members to ensure status and any potential risks are known
  • Evaluate performance of off-shore test team on a regular basis to ensure continuous improvement
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or four year degree, or equivalent experience
  • A minimum of five years industry experience in Software Quality Assurance
  • Knowledge and understanding of testing methodologies and software development lifecycles – including Waterfall and Agile Experience with test management systems and defect tracking databases
  • Operate as both a "doer" and a "thinker"; fulfilling operational testing commitments as well as contributing to and driving the efforts to enhance the test coverage of the team
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the team's QA test strategy and the center's overall testing community and ethos
  • Have a BSc in Software Engineering/Computer Science/IS or other related field with demonstrable experience in hands-on testing
  • Perform business/system requirements analysis and review
  • Identify the testable requirements and prepare the test strategy for each of the testing types identified
  • Use Functional and Technical Design documentation to identify testing criteria and to write test cases
  • Understand and define all scenarios and test cases to satisfy each functional requirement for the application being tested
  • Document, update and organize all testing materials according to defined procedures
  • Execute functional and regression testing for all the releases
  • Works closely with the development team to troubleshoot issues and ensure that all defects are brought to resolution prior to deployment
  • Create/track/retest software defects in designated defect tracking tool
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferably in computer science, mathematics, or equivalent work experience
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of proven experience testing commercial software
  • Experience testing multi-tier applications utilizing web service calls
  • Experience with BDD/TDD
  • Experience with AWS / cloud services and platforms
  • Test experience with unit test & automation using Cucumber / Ruby
  • Agile / scrum fluency required
  • Understanding of software QA processes and methodologies/tools
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and trouble shooting skills to discover and resolve root causes
  • Good communication (both written and verbal). Must be able to communicate in a concise and effective manner
  • Self starter with great interpersonal skills and creative problem solving skills
  • Hands on tasks with Oracle and Hana database to create and execute test scripts, queries and automation
  • Actively participate in SQA processes that will validate all software development efforts including quality use cases
  • Take ownership of and lead Product Releases
  • Guide and mentor SQA Team Members
  • Help QA Manager in creating, architecting, managing and evangelizing the existing software quality team into a world class SQA function
  • Automate and Execute test plans according to project schedule. Identify report and track defect issues throughout SQA release cycle
  • Collaborate with the operations and development staff on integrating the test infrastructure into the build and deployment infrastructure
  • Work closely with local and global [India/China/Germany] software development and QA teams
  • Develop and maintain test plans and test cases based on user requirements
  • Execute regression, functional, and integration tests
  • Work with developers to ensure that best-in-class testing processes are maintained on an ongoing basis. Hold product managers and implementation teams accountable for sufficient documentation
  • Work towards process improvement
  • Participate in product releases, enhancements, and new customer deployments
  • Ensure software failures are tracked and documented
  • Collaborate with project managers, product managers, and implementation teams
  • Work with developers to resolve outstanding bugs
  • You will be enthusiastic… possessing creativity and tenacity to thrive in a challenging environment
  • You will be adaptable… recognising that not every project requires the same approach and can adjust your methodology accordingly
  • You will be comfortable working as a member of a project team… and just as comfortable managing your own workload, defining tasks and creating appropriate deliverables
  • You will enjoy working in a collaborative environment… learning from/sharing knowledge with the QA team
  • Take ownership of defects throughout the project lifecycle
  • Identify, define and execute tests across different platforms and technologies, and log defects
  • Identify appropriate opportunities for automation for consideration
  • Perform system, integration and regression testing and develop structures
  • Feed into best practice/standards in testing in conjunction with the rest of the QA team
  • Develop robust defect management practices, including test reports
  • Undertake performance/load testing
  • Mentoring and guiding more junior team members
  • Participate in client-facing meetings, such as demos and requirements gathering (as deemed appropriate)
  • Develop test plans, testing resource requirements, and scheduling of testing activity
  • Execute test cases/scripts, including Systems Integration, Regression, and Performance Testing
  • SDLC Methodologies and Practices
  • Design, build and maintain extensible test framework
  • Develop and maintain test scripts based on that framework
  • Work closely with dev teams in defining tests efficiently
  • Execute the tests regularly, debug and fix any issues promptly
  • Effective communication within the team and with other teams
  • Bachelors degree in computer science, or related field
  • More than 4 years of experience with test automation framework development
  • Excellent object oriented programming skills, preferably in Java
  • Experience with test automation tools like Selenium, Watir
  • A highly organized individual who works well under pressure to complete tasks that meet tight schedules
  • Strong python programming and scripting skills
  • Experience with bash scripting
  • Windows Server background with knowledge in using & setting up Domain controllers, active directory, samba, ACLs, GPO (Group Policy Objects), etc
  • Experienced in Networking & analyzing Network Traces
  • Experience using backup apps
  • Responsible for unstructured tasks and the issues addressed are less defined requiring new perspectives and creative approaches
  • Minimum 3-5 years experience in Server side QA/Test Engineering
  • Minimum 1-2 years’ experience developing Perl scripts, shell scripts and test automation
  • Good understanding of contemporary QA/test principles, methodologies, and techniques in regards to black/white box testing and test automation needed
  • Highly driven, positive attitude, team player, self learning, self motivating and flexibility are some of the attributes needed for this position
  • Domain knowledge in the area of Web server (apache/IIS), proxy server and caching technology strongly desired
  • Experience in content creation using custom/stock encoders is a plus
  • 5 years of relevant experience and a Bachelor’s degree {Computer Science or its equivalent} or
  • 4 years of relevant experience and a Master’s degree {Computer Science or its equivalent}
  • 5 years’ experience in Server side QA/Test Engineering
  • 5 years’ experience in contemporary QA/test principles, methodologies, and techniques in regards to black/white box testing and test automation needed
  • 3 years’ experience working on UNIX/Linux and Windows Operating System
  • 3 years’ experience developing Python scripts, shell scripts and test automation
  • 2 years’ experience on HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP
  • Strong analytical skills, attention to detail and excellent problem solving/troubleshooting skills
  • Excellent knowledge on Selenium based automation
  • Familiarity with media streaming technologies such as Flash/RTMP/HDS, HLS/HTTP Streaming, Silverlight/Smooth Streaming, encoding technologies(H.264/AAC, VC1, VP6), streaming codecs and containers is strongly desired
  • Perform manual and automated functional tests as well as large-scale system tests in an Java/Tomcat and AngularJS environment
  • Work in parallel on more than one QA project at a time
  • Develop automated test systems to replicate real-world scenarios that can be plugged into a continuous integration environment
  • Operate in a fluid and dynamic environment
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in server-side QA/Test Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years of experience front end test automation development in Selenium using Python or perl
  • Strong experience navigating & scripting in common linux/unix shells, bash, sh, csh, ksh
  • Strong understanding of contemporary QA/test principles, methodologies, and techniques in regards to black/white box testing and test automation
  • Experience with common computing platforms such as Mac & Windows with a strength emphasis toward UNIX/Linux
  • Strong experience working with XML
  • Strong organizational skills, analytical skills, attention to detail and excellent problem solving/troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to identify and leverage contacts in working with globally distributed teams across multiple timezones
  • Understanding of Agile Methodology
  • Strong sense of discipline
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity
  • Experience working with issue tracking tools such as JIRA, Confluence, WIKI and Bugzilla
  • Experience with version control tools like perforce, stash and git
  • Domain knowledge in cloud storage and/or streaming technologies
  • Domain knowledge in the area of Web server (apache/tomcat), proxy server and caching technology strongly desired
  • Domain knowledge in SSL, TLS protocols
  • Domain knowledge in AngularJS a plus
  • Domain knowledge with storage based ingestion protocols like FTP, RSYNC, SCP, SFTP
  • Recent experience working with large scale network computing environments. (3000+ interoperating hosts)
  • Experience with continuous integration systems like Jenkins
  • Experience with commonly used database systems such as Oracle & couchdb
  • Familiarity with common rackmount host and network appliance hardware
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 5 years of experience in server-side QA/Test Engineering
  • 5 years of experience test automation development with Python or perl
  • 4 years of experience navigating & scripting in common linux/unix shells, bash, sh, csh, ksh
  • 5 years of experience with contemporary QA/test principles, methodologies, and techniques in regards to black/white box testing and test automation
  • 4 years of experience with common computing platforms such as Mac & Windows with a strength emphasis toward UNIX/Linux
  • 4 years of experience working with XML
  • 4 years of experience working with HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP required
  • Experience with commonly used database systems such as mysql & couchdb
  • Ability to execute upon plan with strategic vision, schedule and team goals in mind
  • Responsible for managing the Environmental Compliance Program
  • Respond to Customer or 3rd party surveys, technical queries, product quality, and environmental compliance of the products
  • Responsible for IC and board environmental CoCs, MDS and IPS form generation, and IC assembly BOM specification
  • Responsible for managing key suppliers (Materials, Fab, Assembly, Test)
  • Drive as engineering liaison to suppliers for timely resolution of quality issues
  • Conduct supplier quality audits to ensure requirements are complied
  • 1+ years of experience in Software Industry
  • Experience testing Desktop applications, including install and deployment
  • Strong knowledge of various operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Ability to create test cases based on customer stories
  • Good analytical and organizational skills
  • 1) Technical Leadership responsibilities include
  • Provide QA support to Beckman Immunoassay product development projects in the areas of Quality Systems, Quality Assurance, Reliability, Configuration Assurance, and Risk Management
  • Work with minimal direction and consult with or delegating to, identified quality function specialist within the organization
  • Contribute to achievement of the project schedule and timely completion of the Development QA function deliverables to the project
  • Ensure that assigned tasks are compliant to Beckman applicable procedural requirements as well as to FDA QSR, ISO, and global regulations
  • 2) Development QA Functional Role Responsibilities include
  • Design Control: Complete specifically assigned task related to completion of Design Input documents, Verification & Validation data review, Risk Management, Design Transfer, and other associated QA function deliverables
  • Quality Assurance: Effective interaction with members of the Development QA function to ensure that product Design History File documentation is organized, complete per applicable procedure, and compliant to the FDA and international regulations
  • Process and Procedure Improvement: Complete assigned task related to supporting Dev. QA process and procedure improvement initiatives
  • BS in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or in related technical field with minimum 5+ years of experience or Master’s degree in field with minimum 3+ years of experience or Doctoral degree in field with minimum 0-2 years of experience
  • 1-2 years of experience in QA role within an Instrumentation (Hardware/Electrical) product design and manufacturing environment
  • 1-2 years of experience on cross-functional team and/or managing projects involving multiple tasks
  • Demonstrated knowledge of instrumentation system risk assessment, modular design concepts, instrument verification testing, and system/sub-system requirements development and traceability
  • Fluent in English language
  • Demonstrated ability of influence and persuasive management skills
  • Well-developed written and oral skills (work examples recommended)
  • Practical experience in other Quality disciplines (Supplier, Manufacturing, Design, Post-market Surveillance, Quality Systems, and Quality Control)
  • ASQ certification as a Quality Engineer
  • Working knowledge of statistical techniques and quality/reliability tools (FMEA, FTA, Affinity Diagrams, etc...)
  • Experience with new product development and product realization processes
  • Experience in a regulated industry and knowledge of product regulatory submission requirements
  • Create and implement strategies on designing, maintaining and executing manual test cases for GUI, functional, API and end-to-end tests
  • Advocate for test priorities in daily planning meetings
  • Share and promote best practices across the IT organization
  • Configure and maintain complex production-like test and UAT environments
  • Ensure comprehensive test coverage of unit tests and continuous maintenance of automated regression test suites
  • Effectively lead and collaborate with team members and others in organization to resolve testing issues
  • Demonstrates in-depth understanding of Agile Development/Testing Life Cycle by providing leadership and guidance
  • BS degree in Computer Science is required
  • Advanced proficiency with SQL server and writing SQL queries
  • API Testing
  • Knowledge in Java, Javascript, Groovy, & SOAPUI is an advantage
  • Experience developing/using existing test automation frameworks
  • Familiar with keyword driven test automation frameworks
  • Experience in Agile Development / Testing Methodology
  • Experience with continuous integration systems
  • Experience with continuous deployment
  • 5+ years professional QA experience in Web/Mobile Games
  • Proven ability to prioritize and manage competing urgent tasks
  • Experience creating detailed test cases and user scenarios
  • Ability to quickly learn proprietary tools
  • Works well within a small team
  • Familiar with browser/web based/mobile technology
  • Strong interest and passion for games
  • Approves product, process and equipment qualifications
  • Provides liaison to various regulatory bodies
  • Ability to apply advanced mathematical concepts such as exponents, logarithms, quadratic equations and permutations
  • Ability to apply mathematical operations to such tasks as frequency distribution, determination of test reliability and validity, analysis of variance, correlation techniques, sampling theory and factor analysis
  • Define and provide direction on best test methods for Cloud based applications
  • Aid team members in developing skills necessary to achieve the outlined strategy
  • Provide project oversight
  • Responsible for the testing and approval of contact or contactless chip payment devices, cards or mobile for functional and interoperability conformance to Visa’s global specifications and approval requirements within service level agreements
  • Responsible for the execution of interoperability testing, test results and lab report reviews, technical analysis of issues and test reporting activities on Visa chip payment products (payment terminals, cards and mobile devices)
  • Support technical queries from Chip Payment Produuct manufactures (payment terminals, cards and mobile devices) and test partners (Functional Labs) during testing processMaintain records and documents associated with product’s testing and approval review process
  • Develop knowledge in and master EMV Specifications, Visa Smart Debit Credit Specifications, Visa Contactless Payment Specifications, Visa Mobile Payment Specifications and related test plans and testing requirements
  • Provide support locally or remotely with internal counterparts or stakeholders within the Approval Services or EMV Solutions teams and external partners within the Digital Mobile Payment teams, regions and test facilities on the testing and approval process for chip products
  • An understanding of chip payment products (needs/solutions) will be highly preferred
  • Strong team player, with experience working in a matrix organizationExcellent written and oral business communications skills in English, with strong analytical skills
  • Support chip payment products (cards, payment devices, mobile devices) through the Approval Services’ testing and approval process
  • Support, build and maintain trusted partnerships with internal counterparts or stakeholders within the Approval Services or EMV Solutions team and external partners within the Digital Mobile Payment teams, regions or test facilities by contributing as Visa chip product testing and approval process expert
  • Add value to the testing and approval process by insightful and thoughtful questioning, offering new ideas, consider risks and delivering solutionsWork with partners to keep internal and external parties up to date on products undergoing the testing and approval process
  • Communicate clearly all risks and/or issues to management providing solutions and options
  • Offer guidance to and work closely with team members and peers within the Chip Testing & Approval Services team
  • Most activities in this role will involve balancing multiple stakeholder needs on top of organizational imperatives and enterprise goals and involve change management competency
  • Minimum 4 years of professional working experience in product testing (QA or relevant) process management or execution
  • Meticulous with good organization skills to maintain records and documents associated with the contracts and product approvals
  • Process and procedures oriented with strong attention to details and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and participate in special assignments and provide ad hoc support as required
  • Knowledge of EMV or payment schemes’ testing or certification process for chip payment products will be preferred
  • Strong results-oriented team member; analytic and fact-based consultative discipline
  • Experience working in a matrix organization and with cross-border counterparts
  • Knowledge in the testing and/or certification process of the following will be an added advantage
  • Work with Development and Product Marketing to thoroughly understanding the product’s functionalities
  • Design test cases for both basic and in-depth feature testing
  • Design and set up test environments
  • Implement and execute functional testing using automation as much as possible
  • Assist with escalation issues
  • Report bugs/issues found by providing detailed description and relevant log information
  • Design and conduct scalability and performance testing
  • Work with remote teams as well as management to ensure timely delivery of the product
  • Strong database background
  • Knowledge of the Windows environment including Active Directory and related Microsoft technologies
  • Familiarity with the setup, administration and operation of at least one UNIX/Linux operating system
  • Have conducted scalability and performance testing in at least one project
  • Self starter. Ability to understand the task at hand and work with little supervision in a fast-paced environment
  • Demonstrate ability to complete highly detailed tasks with strict attention to quality, completeness and timeliness. Strong organizational and self-management skills
  • Experience with MS SQL server or databases
  • Fluency in at least one scripting language such as PowerShell, Python or shell
  • 5+ Years of QA experience
  • 4 Years Education or equivalent work experience
  • Work with your team to help architect, design, test, and code solutions for some of the toughest problems facing global geocoding and location intelligence today
  • Embrace micro-service oriented architecture and help us engineer a scalable and resilient platform
  • Follow emerging technology trends to help push the functionality of our platform
  • 3 years or more experience working as a QA test engineer with strong understanding of QA processes such as test case planning, feature ownership, automation reporting, problem triage and bug reporting
  • Experienced (at least 1 year) in Java, JavaScript, C# or .Net, Web Services (building & using)
  • Thorough knowledge in one or more specialty areas such as database management systems, GIS applications, user-interface creation or cloud based technologies
  • Be a part of the software engineering team to create Automation framework
  • Serve as a technical contributor; participate in, and contribute to the analysis of project requirements, design, and estimation of project components, implementation of these components, and debugging, re-factoring and maintenance of project components
  • Assume responsibility for acquiring knowledge of the technologies and applications necessary to complete the assigned tasks
  • Participate actively in design discussions, bringing his/her perspective to product design. Design and build quality in the software via automated testing and test driven development
  • Conform to company standards while writing code, documentation and project artifacts
  • Support Agile/Lean development by embracing continuous development/testing and deployment
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in a software test development capacity
  • Miniumu of 1 year working with and support Automated testing
  • Experience in Java, JavaScript, J2EE,C, C# or .Net, Webservices (building & using)
  • Strong interpersonal, analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Thorough knowledge of object-oriented programming and design, multi-tier software development, component architectures, web-based software, computer languages, operating systems (including Windows, Linux, and other flavors of Unix), and hardware capabilities, development environments (IDEs), build systems, and source code repositories required
  • SaaS/Cloud solution development and deployment
  • Ability to integrate 3rd-party tools into an integrated framework
  • Thorough knowledge in one or more specialty areas such as database management systems, GIS, applications, user-interface creation
  • Experience with unit and automation testing frameworks
  • Strong understanding of UI automation frameworks such as Protractor, Selenium or related frameworks
  • Experience in unit, functional, back box, white box and regression testing
  • Experience in test management tools (such as Zephyr, DevTest )
  • Experience in an Agile software development life cycle methodology
  • Exposure to DevOps style of product implementation and delivery
  • Experience in setting up and running performance and scale tests
  • Experience in deployment of web applications to a cloud platform
  • Knowledge of Cable MSO network architectures and the functional understanding of products in MSO networks is a plus
  • Strong understanding of how Java Enterprise applications work. Including, how to configure, monitor and troubleshoo
  • Proficient in XML and Scripting languages
  • Chinese language skills are a plus
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 3+ years of software testing experience in a Unix/Linux environment
  • Review requirements, writing Test Plan, test cases and carry out test cases
  • Identify, analyze, report and track defects found during testing
  • Investigate and identify issues from customer site
  • Provide assistance to Tech Support, Tech Pubs
  • Improve process that can help to improve our software quality
  • Good at test strategy, method and test execution
  • Good at analyze, locate and resolve problem
  • Knowledge of or experience with TCP/IP, SNMP, IGMP, tomcat and Linux
  • Experience with Web Services and related protocols. (HTTP, XML, XLST, SOAP, REST)
  • Experience of scripts development, such as shell script, Python, Perl etc
  • Experience with test automation would be a plus
  • Experience working in Telecommunications would be a plus
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Computer Design
  • Requires 5+ years of work experiences as QA engineer
  • Design and implement test scripts and groom the team for achieving the business goals
  • Set the requirements for new test platform, design the test set up and manage
  • Take responsibilities and Understand the system requirements and new functionality of software release
  • Review product requirements, functional and design specifications to determine and prepare test requirements & test plans
  • Review the test plan andincreasing the robustness of the test scripts
  • Execute and analyze test results, report issues and generate formal test reports
  • Excellent debugging and problem solving skills
  • Will be a creative and proactive thinker and will make use of current technologies to provide extensible infrastructures
  • Will work closely with Execution team to understand testing objectives and ensure that problems are resolved in a timely and efficient manner
  • B.E/ B. Tech with 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Knowledge and understanding of TCP/IP,DHCP,DNS,IGMP, ICMP, UDP,IGMP,VLAN,802.1q,802.1x,Firewall,DDoS protocols
  • Knowledge and understanding of VoIP, SIP, SDP, RTP, RTCP protocols
  • Knowledge and understanding L2 and L3 protocols
  • Knowledge and understanding of Wi-Fi Technologies,802.11b/g/n/ac, WMM, WMM-PS, WPS
  • Hands on experience in Tools like Veriwave, Spirent, IXIA, Omni peak, Wireshark
  • Good to have knowledge on IPv6
  • Good to have knowledge on DSL (ADSL/VDSL), DOCSIS,GPON technology
  • Knowledge in Gateway or Access Point Testing will be an added advantage
  • Good To have CCNA or CCNP Certification
  • Define and maintain test plans and test specifications for functional, integration and performance testing, manual execution of test cases; and reporting product failures
  • Conduct review and sign-off for test plans and use cases,
  • Contribute in automated testing efforts for specific areas of functionality
  • Own and Deliver test development of features
  • Communicate test coverage, “red flags” and anomalies to stakeholders
  • Take ownership of product module QA efforts
  • BS in Computer Science or related technical field (or equivalent practical experience)
  • Comfortable testing and troubleshooting applications across a range of mobile and web browsers and operating systems
  • Working knowledge of QA methodology and testing techniques
  • Deep understanding of RESTful APIs and experience testing with manual or automated methods
  • Experience with Selenium Web Driver or other automated testing tools
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and comfortable owning the test strategy for large-scale projects from start to finish
  • Demonstrated ability to write clear and reproducible problem reports and test results
  • Familiarity with one or more programming languages preferred -- ideally Java, Javascript, Python, or PHP
  • Experience with xCode, Android Studio, or Unity a plus
  • This position requires a minimum of 5 years of QA Engineering, network design, software, or systems test resulting in the successful delivery of quality Wi-Fi products
  • Experiences with LAN, L2/L3 Switch, Routing protocols, TCP/IP, NAT, IGMP v2/v3, NTP, DNS, FTP, SNMP, 802.1x, QoS, SNMP, and Firewall
  • Experiences with IxChariot, IxLoad, IxExplorer, and IxVeriWave test tool / equipment
  • Familiar with IP tunneling protocol: L2TP, PPTP, GRE, SoftGRE, IPsec, SSH
  • Familiar with packet capture and analyze
  • Experience with testing lab planning, IPv6, Linux & Authentication server setup is a plus
  • Experience with security test for Authentication, Authorization is a plus
  • Provide technical, test and project leadership and mentoring to a team of onshore and offshore software test engineers and test automation engineers
  • Responsible for leading the end to end QA effort for large software platforms, services and products to ensure appropriate test coverage
  • Will maintain, create and implement quality assurance processes, metrics and tools
  • Will provide leadership with planning, estimating, scheduling, resources, deploying, and managing the testing effort for any given engagement/release
  • Will work with cross-functional teams (product management, engineering, business analysts) to define, refine and execute software testing to ensure delivery of high quality product components
  • Ensure effective collaboration between QA and other teams on the project
  • Work closely with the teams and QA personal to create effective Test Cases
  • Ensure that all areas of testing (e.g., system, functional, scalability, performance, reliability and regression) are successfully completed and documented and all problems are resolved
  • Test and Automate native mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms
  • Maintain existing automated suites and manual suites to keep up with the regular product updates
  • Ensure proper operation of scheduled and manually run automated test suites and take appropriate action upon failure
  • Work closely with developers and QA team members to ensure adequate automated coverage in order to reduce the scope of manual Regression testing
  • Add new mobile automated tests to current Mobile framework
  • Create common routines and libraries for automation to be shared between teams to make teams more efficient and reduce redundancy
  • Write detailed defect reports and work with development to assist with their troubleshooting, resolution and validation
  • Support release process and run automated Regression tests against all supported mobile devices
  • Typically works with minimal supervision and is a self starter
  • Establishes testing entrance and exit criteria with both documentation/testcases/automation to help other junior team members understand what skills are required to excel as a senior QA eng
  • Trains others within the immediate team on testing techniques and automation
  • Understand the need to test E2E, including not only mobile, but REST or SOAP APIs
  • SME (Subject Matter Expert on 3 to 4 areas, including web and core)
  • Works well in Agile teams and understand urgency of product delivery for QA to quickly self train in areas of automation and understand the new framework
  • Other duties as assign
  • Typically works without supervision
  • Determines and develops approaches to solutions
  • Defines standards for development of manual & automated test scripts, deployment and reuse
  • Automation testing for backend Web Service SOAP/REST using SOAP UI or ReadyAPI
  • Good understanding of SQL and can write robust SQL queries
  • Understanding of Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Understanding of groovy scripting,
  • Plus if knows JMeter performance tool
  • Contributes to the automation effort
  • Participates in formal reviews of business requirements and application designs
  • Ensures proper test coverage exists based on requirements and design specifications
  • Recommends strategies and methods to improve test plans and process
  • Create and executes manual and automated test scripts for most complex projects in a most efficient and modular fashion
  • Coordinates test schedules, work and resource plans; manages progress of all test activities against plan
  • Establishes testing entrance and exit criteria
  • Identifies and manages critical path of testing
  • Ensures execution of project regression testing tasks
  • Other Duties As Assigned
  • Most likely have completed a degree or diploma in Computer Engineering or Computer Science
  • Communicate very well with others as a member of an 8-person team
  • Have tested for a few years already. We need you to hit the ground running
  • Work in our environment, developing tests on client-server applications in C#
  • Know the ecosystems we use, both Linux and Windows, and be comfortable setting up and maintaining computer hardware, operating systems and networks to support testing
  • Knowledge of IP networking applications and concepts
  • Experience testing software UIs and SDKs
  • Knowledge of unit testing and the ability to determine overall coverage of features from developer unit testing to UI automation
  • Knowledge of digital imaging, camera technology and concepts
  • BS degree in information systems, computer science, or related field
  • 4+ years industry experience as a software quality assurance test engineer
  • Experience working in an Agile environment and an excellent team player
  • Experience with relational databases (administration and T-SQL). Ability to write complex SQL queries is a plus
  • An understanding of quality assurance test methodologies, deliverables, processes, strategies, techniques and the software development life cycle (SDLC) is critical
  • Good Understanding of test automation strategies and tools
  • Hands on experience with Selenium
  • Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio and TFS is a plus
  • Participate in the Daily Scrum with the Scrum Master and the Agile Development Team
  • Work with the Product Owner to write User Stories that ensure robustness, redundancy, and scalability in order to fully ensure quality
  • Participate in release planning via acceptance test writing and supplying estimates for QA completion
  • Work in an Agile based environment using SCRUM
  • Verify new and changed features across multiple browser types using both manual and automated scripts and programs
  • Troubleshoot and log defects and verify their fixes
  • Verify builds for release both manually and via automation
  • Create test plans, test cases and test reports
  • Execute test cases, on a variety of consumer electronic devices
  • Track issues both internally and in collaboration with hardware partners
  • Collaborate with peer testers and developers to improve testing processes and infrastructure
  • Maintain open communication with internal teams
  • Plan and document the testing effort via test plans and test cases for all projects
  • Bachelor's degree and/or Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience delivering high quality consumer facing applications and user interfaces on mobile platforms
  • Proven track record of delivering world-class excellence in user software testing / automation
  • Knowledge and hands on experience of Linux system software development with build configuration and customization with the focus on testing/validation and debugging is a must. Prior embedded Linux software development is a plus
  • Must have prior experience on test framework including CI and test automation design and development. Must understand open source development methodology and practice. Prior contributions to open source project is a plus
  • Fluent in Python, shell scripts, C/C++/Java/JavaScript and working experience using git as source control system. Prior working experience using agile development process is highly desirable
  • Able to work in a cross geo team environment is. Good communication skill is a must and you must be able to handle ambiguity and efficiently prioritize tasks. Prior experience of leading a small technical team is desired
  • Must possess a Bachelor or Master of Science degree in Computer Science or a related field with a minimum of five years of relevant work experience
  • Customize, consult and work with test management systems like HP QC or MS TFS/MTM
  • Support planning and operation of customer projects in test environment
  • Drive the continuous development of advanced test methods and test management procedures, support the introduction of test automation for specific projects
  • Manage the test environment and testing tools
  • Design, develop, and execute detail oriented test cases using test plans and project specifications
  • Report defects found and test progress
  • Provide a test summary report that reflects the quality attributes of the software under test
  • Perform both new functionality and regression tests; Identify, analyze and report issues for follow-up
  • Write and maintain End to End, API and Integration tests as required for our 6.0 product line
  • Build and maintain test automation frameworks
  • Ensure delivery of high quality work according to the quarterly project schedule
  • Ensure all work conducted onsite and at offshore passes onsite quality objectives defined by Quality Assurance Manager
  • Complete initial Root Cause Analysis for production defects
  • Prepare and participate in acceptance testing
  • Meet project deadlines and milestones. Communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively
  • Quality Assurance Engineer profile
  • Experience with unit test frameworks such as nUnit and xUnit
  • JSON, XML and experience with API Testing
  • Experience building test automation frameworks such as Protractor or Selenium
  • 6-8 years of IT experience
  • 4+ years of development experience
  • Experience with Selenium (or Protractor) and JavaScript
  • Understands different types automation frameworks and creating and maintain new or existing frameworks as required
  • Proficient with Windows technologies
  • Excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Effective communication skills required; need to be able to explain technical issues and propose solutions
  • Experience in Agile methodology
  • Plan, design, create and execute white-box, black-box and integration test scripts and test plans
  • Design and author release and feature testing strategies
  • Adhere to and recommend improvements in the QA process and methodology
  • Work with QA team, software developers and product owners to ensure the quality of the product
  • Run acceptance tests, verify defects and imbalances reported by outside groups, and validate bug fixes
  • Monitor the bug tracking database, track all their bugs, and follow-up on progress of their completion. Accurate, clear, reproducible results should be included in bug reports
  • Proven track record of consistently delivering to schedule
  • Design, develop and automate our suite Trading Applications. Apply an automation first to our suite of applications
  • Initiates and manages the test cycle so that we are ATDD compliant
  • Communicates effectively with internal and external users as needed to support channel integration, development and support
  • Supports Testing with appropriate documentation and ensure that the Quality Dashbaord in Liberator reflects the accurate state of play within the QA Lifecycle
  • Work with local & geographically distributed teams to brainstorm new innovative ideas and approaches for app development
  • Comply with all testing standards
  • Work with your team to plan delivery tasks and to track adherence to the plan
  • Raise issues in a timely manner and take steps to address
  • Follow and contribute to improvements in the team’s agile and engineering practices
  • Triage and issues in time for successful release
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Mathematics
  • 5+ years’ experience as a Test Engineer building enterprise-class applications
  • Understanding of Equity Trading Systems especially the confirmation and settlement Lifecycle
  • Good Java Skills
  • Proven ability to master Automation frameworks such as FitNesse
  • Experience with an integration framework Testing with multiple teams
  • Knowledge of code coverage tools such as JACoco
  • Practical experience using Acceptance Test Driven Development frameworks is an advantage
  • Experience developing applications for the Financial Services Industry is a plus
  • Knowledge of UI/UX design
  • Knowledge of SQL/PLSQL
  • A passion for innovation
  • Full project life cycle experience, including requirements gathering, design, development, system test, user acceptance testing
  • Experience with Agile delivery principles and practices, preferably Scrum-based, and on agile engineering development practices
  • Must be able to work under minimum supervision and be a team player
  • Proven customer-facing skills
  • Strong communication, collaboration and influencing skill
  • Ability to adapt to a dynamic business environment
  • Knowledge of the Financial Services or Mutual Fund industry a strong plus
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 4+ years experience with QA methodologies and software testing
  • Hands on experience testing services / APIs
  • Experience with complex queries, stored procedures, views and functions in SQL Server
  • Strong analytical, organization and problem solving skills
  • Ability to apply technical expertise to QA practice (test cases, execution and troubleshooting)
  • 3 years hands on experience automating using Selenium and C#
  • Log software defects in the Visa standard defect tracking tool (JIRA/ClearQuest) and work with development team on defect resolution
  • Participate in code reviews with team members
  • Provide support to User Acceptance Testing in terms of data set up and support activities. Perform walkthrough of QA test results with finance business partners
  • Developing new tools and processes to ensure quality goals are met
  • Work collaboratively with other QA teams for integration testing activities
  • 2 to 4 years’ hands on experience developing and testing complex Web Applications integrated with backend Database DB2 utilizing Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JavaScript, CSS and experience with unit test and quality assurance test automation with such tools as Selenium , and/or Cucumber, Ruby
  • Knowledge of UNIX and shell scripts
  • Knowledge of test management tools such as HP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), clearquest and JIRA
  • Technical Web Development experience using Java is a plus
  • Monitor and develop Visual, Physical and Analytical Quality Audit & Analysis (VQA/PQA/AQA) methodology and relevant on-floor and in-lab product quality indicators to support risk-based Quality at Source programs
  • Analyze Quality measurement data from various sources and systems, identify possible interdependence and correlation and hence global opportunities for quality improvement
  • Coordinate cross-functional/regional project teams in the elaboration/validation/deployment of new processes, new instrumentation technologies and/or methodologies, while ensuring efficient communication and collaboration amongst parties and stakeholders
  • Test approach on GUI/API/Content, their coverage and validation techniques
  • Identify/prioritize vulnerable areas in each type of functional testing
  • Ability to do QA root cause analysis on failures
  • GUI frameworks that involves Selenium/Java - TestNG/BDD Cucumber/JUnit
  • API testing frameworks in Java for REST/SOAP/other xml based services
  • Experience to baseline/cross validate failures in GUI/API/Content programatically
  • Testing of software applications for leading cloud computing and virtualization platforms including Oracle Cloud Service, Oracle VM, OpenStack, EC2, Xen/KVM, or VMware
  • Automation experience using Selenium Webdriver
  • Oracle database 11g/12c
  • WebLogic 12c1/2
  • Oracle VM (Xen) and Oracle VM Manager
  • AWS/EC2 and/or OpenStack
  • Network Configuration or Management
  • IaaS, PaaS and/or SaaS
  • Basic Windows and Linux OS Administration
  • SQL/Oracle Databases
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite or equivalent functional and load testing tools
  • Drives the delivery and support of QA services through adherence to QA process methodology
  • Develops test plans and project testing approach. Develops project and release Test Plan documents. Prepares test estimates and project schedules. Tracks and reports on progress against schedule. Drives the execution of the test schedule
  • Mentors less experienced Team Players on QA best practices and methodology
  • Reviews test scripts and provides feedback to less experienced team players. Is able to and may be required to define, develop and maintain test scripts
  • Execute test plans and test scripts
  • Reviews requirements and specifications and provides input during requirements and specification
  • 3-5 years experience in Quality Assurance
  • Proven leadership and mentoring capabilities. Good judgment and the ability to work effectively with a diverse workforce
  • Strong analytical, problem solving and planning ability. Detailed oriented. Observational
  • Ability to multi-task to accomplish workload efficiently. Excellent time management
  • Experience with system development lifecycle. Extensive knowledge of test engineering methodologies
  • Understanding of relational database principles, client/server infrastructure
  • Knowledge of Quality Assurance and Quality Control practices
  • Proficient on Windows, LINUX, and SOLARIS Operation Systems
  • Proficient in developing and executing test plans/cases
  • Take a leading role in QA efforts across multiple projects
  • Document QA activity in compliance with a formal software development lifecycle
  • Control the transition of software products from testing into production use
  • Assist business users with cross-team validation efforts
  • Act as a technical contact in both internal and external user support efforts
  • The successful candidate should have software testing, development, or related enterprise software experience
  • The candidate must have excellent attention to detail and the understanding of how to find flaws in complex software features
  • You must be a self-starter and able to perform with minimal supervision while working in a diverse team environment following Agile processes for software development
  • We are particularly interested in experience with complex enterprise applications and demonstrated ability to become an expert quickly on the feature areas you have owned in order to test those areas effectively
  • Expertise with testing tools such as Selenium/WebDriver, REST-assured, SoapUI
  • Strong core technical skills: Java, JavaScript, React, REST, SQL, HTML5, CSS3 - the more the better
  • Own and drive the technical design and implementation of TR ID including design of components and services
  • Research emerging trends in software development and architecture strategies and evaluate their use within TR ID
  • Partner with TR ID & Business Unit Architects to insure strategic direction for TR ID aligns with their short and long-term requirements
  • Stay ahead of the development process, analyzing functional requirements & proposing technical solutions
  • Interact with technology peers to make technical recommendations for application development
  • Manage time effectively, proactively assessing risk and dependencies and create implementation design documents and artifacts as necessary
  • Effectively communicate timely and accurate status information to TL. And share technical knowledge with other members across the organization
  • Participate as a team member, assisting others and leading technical projects as needed
  • Take personal responsibility to impact results, deliver on commitments, and reduce costs
  • BE/BS/MS degree in Information Technology/Computer science /MCA degree with a strong academic record
  • 5+ years of software development experience with particular concentration in large, highly distributed systems
  • Hands on Experience working on Web UI applications for Identity Access Management using Java, J2EE, Javascript and AngularJS
  • Experience developing complex and high performance frontend services will be a huge plus
  • Strong understanding of JMS and HTTP/REST and security and working experience with Tomcat or other Application Server and demonstrated understanding of Unix operating systems
  • Experience with interpreting customer needs into functional software requirements documents
  • Experience writing technical design documents, object-oriented analysis and design technologies, with XML technologies
  • Understanding of Oracle database technologies including connection pooling and schema development
  • Experience developing applications for the UNIX environment
  • Prior experience with scripting languages (perl, python etc...)
  • Experience working with industry leading Dev Ops technologies
  • Experience with software design methodologies and tools, testing tools and performance tools and formal programming language such as JAVA
  • Experience with logging tec
  • 3 years experience of software testing
  • Knowledge of testing basics (test types and methods of organizing them in the process of testing different kinds of applications, skills of test documentation, test cases, and so on.)
  • Good spoken English
  • Participate in enhancement development process from requirement specifications and design phase to provide timely feedback
  • Create detailed and comprehensive functional test plans and test cases
  • Estimate, prioritize, plan and execute testing activities as a part of a global team
  • Identify, Record and track progress of defects and enhancements
  • Manage, organize and perform thorough regression testing
  • Communicate the test status to stakeholders and certify enhancements
  • Perform effective RCA and communicate any corrective actions
  • Focus on optimisation and virtualisation including developing strategy for automation and testing processes, tools and methodologies at the portfolio or for large/complex products
  • This person will play a lead role in the solution architecture for multiple Technical Platforms within a portfolio
  • Works on establishing and aligning assigned platform architectures to automation and testing needs, adhering to or driving new standards
  • Solid experience in test-driven development, unit testing, functional testing, system integration testing and regression testing in distributed, midrange applications
  • Experience in testing with code with an analytical mind-set
  • Experience working in agile environments (TDD/BDD)
  • Experience with rapid and iterative software development methodologies
  • Experience in working with development and testing automation tools - Cucumber and Selenium
  • Ability to write Cucumber tests in Java environment
  • Be able to break code and see the bigger picture
  • Software development process including analysis, design, coding, system and user testing, problem resolution, and planning
  • Design, develop, document, and maintain automated tests and software tools
  • Follow software engineering principals in development of automation and software
  • Understand and apply test driven design concepts to test and debug automated solutions and software utilities developed by self and others
  • Deliver accurate and maintainable code for automation and software utilities
  • Work in a agile project delivery environment
  • Acceptance test-driven development
  • Expertise in Data mining and Database Validation
  • UNIX Environment and scripting
  • Follow the test driven development process, to provide reliability design guide and support to development team
  • Take the responsibility of reliability test (environmental test and Halt test) and component qualification test
  • Perform board level hardware QA test, include SI, PI, THERMAL, and EMC etc
  • EE or equivalent engineering specialty
  • 2+ years electronics design experience, and 2+ years electronics test experience
  • Familiar with common components, like Memory/Flash/Clock/SD card, etc
  • Contribute to and execute a vision and strategy for testing mission critical line of business applications
  • Drive efficiency into the test engineering process and increase the overall testing capability of the organization
  • Understand and interweave key principals of test engineering into each release, including test automation, code coverage, and performance
  • Work on test automation of everything from Black-box, White-box, web services, server-side code to database and continuous integration automation as well as dive into technologies like TIBCO, ASP.Net MVC, Web API, WCF, Windows Daemon Services
  • We’re looking for someone who understands the full stack and is willing to work at all levels to help bake in reliability, consistency, and performance in everything we do
  • A passion for developing quality oriented frameworks and software, ensuring superb code quality
  • 5+ years hands-on software development experience in C# utilizing Object Oriented Principles
  • Experience in designing and developing test automation frameworks utilizing C# and Gherkin/Cucumber
  • 3+ years SOAP & REST web services test automation with JMeter/SoapUI or using a web services tool like Postman or RestSharp, or programatically testing web services utilizing HTTPClient
  • 5+ years experience writing semi-complex SQL queries in a MS SQL Server and MySQL environment
  • Experience with Agile Methodologies like SCRUM & Kanban
  • Experience in testing of enterprise scale product end to end
  • Exceptional interpersonal relationship and communication skills, verbal and written (Product Owners, Peers, cross-functional teams)
  • 4+ years of software quality, product testing and/or development engineering experience overall
  • 3+ years of experience in Server-side SQA and scripts/test automation development engineering experience
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with UNIX/Linux Operating System
  • 3+ years of hands-on networking experience including HTTP, DNS, and TCP/IP Networking Protocols
  • Strong Analytical Skills, attention to detail and Excellent Problem Solving/troubleshooting skills
  • Education: Master’s Degree or greater in Computer Science
  • Knowledge of/experience with OpenSSL, IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack is a strong plus
  • Excellent Oral and Written Communications Skills
  • Highly driven, positive attitude, team player, self-motivated and very flexible
  • Experience working with media streaming technologies a plus: HLS/HDS/RTMP/Flash/HTTP Streaming, Silverlight/Smooth Streaming/HSS and encoding technologies
  • Test strategy and process for validating software
  • Comprehensive manual test cases (including verification within mobile devices)
  • Automated test cases
  • Test scripts, queries, and leverage testing tools for API testing
  • Work with QA leads to improve effectiveness of automation
  • 5 to 10 years of strong technical competency and experience with web applications and web services
  • 3+ years of experience in QA automation and/or development
  • Understanding of Agile, Scrum, and Quality Assurance processes and methodologies
  • Strong Data Analytical Ability
  • Experience with SQL, preferable both Oracle and DB2
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills
  • Obtain and analyze business requirements to come up with a clear testing strategy and demonstrates deep domain expertise
  • Design and implement frameworks for automated testing
  • Develop, maintain and troubleshoot issues with automation scripts
  • Independently manage test activities for projects of large scope and scale, consistently making and meeting commitments for deliverables
  • Understand the solution to be tested and its underlying technology
  • Understand the business/domain, and how end users interact with the solution
  • Work with Business Analysts to understand requirements and write test cases against those requirements
  • Determine production readiness of application
  • Perform functional regression testing
  • BS in computer science or equivalent in a related field
  • 3+ years of working experience testing multi-tier enterprise web applications
  • Proficient in API testing & automation of Services oriented architecture using tools such as Postman, SOAP UI & Load UI
  • Hands on experience designing & developing automation frameworks
  • Experience in performance and load testing with jMeter or like applications
  • Conversant in shell-scripting using LINUX and command-line in Windows
  • Skilled in SQL queries & stored procedures
  • Solid understanding of SDLC with emphasis on Quality assurance
  • Experience with Agile methodologies including scrum practices
  • Detail oriented, process focused, self-motivated, proactive and attentive to Excellence
  • Ability to multi-task and work with minimum supervision
  • Provide training/mentorship to QA team members in automated testing techniques and discipline
  • Working knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Knowledge and experience with open source and commercial test automation tools (e.g. Selenium, Test Complete, or Rational Functional Tester)
  • Knowledge of Test Case Management application (e.g. Enterprise Tester)
  • Knowledge and experience with bug tracking and Agile tools such as JIRA
  • Knowledge and experience with open source continuous integration tools such as Jenkins
  • Knowledge and experience with GIT
  • Experience in automation tool and scripting for both front end and APIs (e.g. Selenium Webdriver, Javascript, Perl, Python, JScript, XML)
  • 2) Test financial application software on native iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices
  • 3) Apply and advocate for best practices in the mobile software development life cycle leveraging Agile, SCRUM and Jira
  • 4) Interpret project specifications and generate test cases to validate product software requirements across varied mobile platforms and global infrastructure
  • 5) Work closely with development and project management teams to understand and coordinate necessary testing of mobile software specifications
  • 6) Coordinate and mentor multiple teams of software quality engineers responsible for testing mobile applications and infrastructure
  • 7) Implement, execute, and validate automated testing strategies for mobile applications
  • 8) Plan performance testing, and and interpret results from performance tests for mobile applications, and JSON based mobile server applications
  • 9) Test financial application software including data validation against web and desktop based platforms using manual and automated methods
  • 5 years of experience as a Sr. QA Engineer, having supported end to end testing for web apps, desktop apps, websites and back end systems
  • Experience with automation testing tools, such as Selenium
  • Experience writing test cases
  • Experience with black/white box testing, integration, system, regression, usability, stress, and acceptance testing
  • Knowledge of Application Servers (examples WebLogic and Tomcat)
  • Understanding of agile software development
  • Experience testing automating Media Post Production workflows a plus
  • Experience and knowledge of Selenium and Selenium Grid
  • Good understanding of Media & Entertainment standards (SMPTE, EMA, MovieLabs, IMF, etc…)
  • Has the ability to manage a diversified workload with strong organizational skills
  • Analyzing technical documentation and requirements
  • Mentoring and guiding a team of software testers, including junior team members
  • Meeting challenging deadlines
  • Enhancing testing processes
  • Lead the Quality Assurance effort on every project
  • Take part in all of the decisions concerning project scope, direction, readiness, architecture, etc
  • Demonstrate ownership, accountability, and commitment to projects
  • Seasoned software professional who is excited to learn
  • Should have some experience with the following: Web based applications; Tomcat; Load / Performance / Fault Tolerance testing; Security testing; SQL Databases; Programming languages such as C#, Java
  • Work with different programming languages and source tools
  • Need to know how to choose the best tools or, if one is not available, to create his or her own
  • Must be eager to break software quickly and have the expertise to focus on the most important
  • Demonstrated expertise with major products
  • Assess risk, identify service and system dependencies, and test for robustness and functionality
  • Work as a primary contact to customer quality-related requests
  • Coordinate customer reported quality issue and effectively communicate with internal teams
  • Receive and coordinate the quality documents (Audit Checklist, Questionnaires, Special quality request, ROHS, etc.) and follow up the responses with the appropriate internal team members
  • Fill the customer questionnaires and make sure to meet the customers’ expectation of turn-around time and escalate when needed
  • Assists in the maintenance and improvement of Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure the compliance with ISO 9001 and other applicable quality and regulatory standards
  • Actively promotes quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the plant by training and assisting plant personnel in problem solving techniques and developing corrective action plans
  • Promotes continuous improvement by forming cross-functional project teams. Plans and organizes performance improvement projects
  • Uses LEAN/Six Sigma principles, rules, systems and tools to support improvement activities and workshops through coaching, training and facilitation, with high customer centric focus
  • Develops and monitors Quality metrics (internal and customer driven) and implements corrective action when those metrics do not conform to goals
  • Performs detailed trending analysis of related quality data identifying top issues and facilitates problem solving and/or process improvement activities. Develops action plans to reach site objectives
  • Develops, deploys and monitors process controls plans (In process inspection programs and SPC). Drives continuous improvement in products and processes through clear and defined data collection and analysis
  • 5+ years of experience in a Quality, Program Management, or Engineering position in an ISO 9001 continuous improvement manufacturing environment
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of LEAN/Six Sigma principles, rules, systems and tools with experience supporting improvement activity and workshops through coaching, training and facilitation as required in a highly customer centric environment
  • Certified Green Belt or Black Belt required
  • Has had exposure to Quality activities including to but not limited to calibration, non-conforming material, inspection, SPC, auditing, supplier qualification, management review, customer complaints and CAPA
  • Strong organizational and analytical skills and experience with formal quality assurance tools such as root cause analysis (5 Why, Ishikawa Diagrams, 8D, DoE, FMEA, etc.) and other problem solving techniques. Applied knowledge of measurement and statistics evaluation
  • Demonstrated success working in a team environment on multiple projects with changing priorities with the ability to work both on a team (as member and/or leader) and independently deliver results
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel, Visio, and Power Point software
  • Proficient with JMP statistical software
  • Working knowledge of ISO9001 is required, and exposure to 9001:2015 preferred
  • Advanced degree in relevant field or quality certifications
  • Ensures activities and items are in compliance with both company quality assurance standards and applicable government regulations
  • Performs analysis and identifies trends in the inspection of finished products, in-process materials and bulk raw materials, and recommends corrective actions when necessary
  • Ensures that established manufacturing inspection, sampling and statistical process control procedures are followed
  • May assure compliance to in-house and/or external specifications and standards, such as GMPs and ISO regulations
  • Evaluates and analyzes the efforts in organizing, documenting, and interpreting inspection support documents and records
  • Perform audits for Skyworks’ internal audit program and on site audit for suppliers
  • Ensures that established manufacturing quality support documents and associated statistical process control procedures are properly followed
  • Performs analysis and identifies trends of downstream assembly issues, and drives or recommends corrective actions when necessary
  • Initiate problem solving and corrective actions for any quality issues, whether internal or external to Skyworks
  • Ensures continuous improvement in quality for the Wafer Fab processes through multi-disciplinary teams
  • Experience in wafer fabrication processes (e.g., sputtering, photolithography, etching, deposition) and/or Test and Assembly
  • Working knowledge of SPC, MSA, FMEAs, Control Plan and 8D Problem Solving
  • Experience as a quality engineer in semiconductor manufacturing environment preferred
  • Understanding of DMAIC methodology, green belt or black belt certification a plus
  • Strong problem solving and leadership skills. Self-driven and results-oriented
  • Ability to travel internationally and domestically to suppliers (up to 25% of time)
  • Knowledge of ISO-9001 and/or TS16949 quality systems is desirable
  • ASQ Certified Quality Engineer is a plus
  • Deep understanding of services oriented architecture, system and reliability, software architecture, enterprise application integration, and operational support issues
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills in the face of ambiguity, excellent attention to detail and good business judgment
  • Communicate effectively with developers and QA peers and other stakeholders in the QA organization
  • Self-starter possesses flexibility to work in a fast-changing environment and ambiguous situations
  • Strong sense of urgency and personal commitment
  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science
  • 3 to 5 years of software testing experience
  • Strong working knowledge in Unix/Windows environments
  • Experience in QA of products on cloud
  • Able to write perl/shell scripts
  • You will be responsible for Designing and developing functional test plans / test cases based upon requirements and Customer/Field use cases
  • Design automation frameworks and Automate the functional testing
  • Delivering high quality connectivity to systems such as
  • Working with internal and external customer to better understand use cases and design effective test strategy
  • Innovating new ideas for automation and tools for overall QA productivity
  • Collaborates effectively with peer engineers and architects to solve complex problems
  • Working with cross geographical R&D engineering and QA teams
  • BS/MS/MCA in Computer Science 4 to 7 years of working experience
  • Good organization, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong OO design and programming skills with Java
  • Prior experience in API testing and technologies such as TestNG and/or JUnit
  • Experience with automation frameworks using Java
  • Candidate must have min 2 years of hands on GUI Automation project
  • Candidate must have Automation experience with thin Client Application using Selenium tool
  • Candidate must have strong Core Java Experience
  • Candidate must have Automation framework understanding. If created is add-in advantage
  • Candidate must know\Experience in Jenkins, Build tools Like ant or maven
  • Experience on Multi Browser, L10N and i18N is add-in advantage
  • Having knowledge in Software Cloud arch is add-in advantage
  • Having Knowledge and experience on REST API is add-in advantage
  • Self-starter with strong self-management skills
  • Hands-on experience in writing SQL’s for relational databases like Oracle
  • Up to 6 years of Enterprise Software Testing experience with a strong technical background of QA of data security products at a Senior Engineer level
  • Passion for test automation, and testing enterprise products using automation
  • Involvement in requirements analysis, test planning activities, test case automation and execution of critical test cases/scripts required to ensure that the software meets business requirements
  • Functional Testing levels include application integration, system, system/network integration and acceptance testing; may also include non-functional testing such as performance, volume, load and fallback
  • Mentoring and guiding the team to perform functional, nonfunctional testing and other testing activities
  • Work closely with Product Management and Development to ensure that functional requirements have been met
  • Provides the planning, integration, casing, scripting, and execution of all testing required of a single software change or project or program
  • Independently develops test plan documents, writes and executes automation scripts, manual test cases etc. Provides guidance to less experienced staff for the above
  • Reviews business requirements, and design specifications complex changes/systems for completeness and testability
  • Conducts testing using company-specific, manual, programmatic or automated processes
  • Provides subject matter expertise across sub-units
  • Gives advice to middle management on functional matters, or on the interpretation of policies and practices
  • May have some responsibility for managing third party deliveries
  • Leverages technical solutions across multiple projects
  • Estimates effort required for own work and checks and agrees other team members' estimates
  • Accountable for planning work assigned to their team, including work breakdown, accurate estimate and identification of possible solution options
  • Identifies risk, comes up with mitigation plan, communicates the same, and develops and escalation process
  • Responsible for communicating accurately the status of ongoing work to stakeholders
  • Recommends improvements to the testing processes to create efficiencies
  • Bachelors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or equivalent work experience
  • 1+ years to test automation development experience
  • Must be deadline driven and results-orients
  • Must possess strong analysis, troubleshooting, and problem solving skills
  • Understanding of full life cycle development: requirements gathering, analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing
  • A variety of open source frameworks
  • Database performance testing, analysis, and tuning experience
  • Eclipse or IDEA IDEs
  • Object oriented development and analysis experience
  • Maven, CXF, Struts, JSP, JSF, SOA, SaaS, Web services, SOAP, XML/HTTP, Servlets, and HTML
  • Agile/Scrum Development
  • Experience using JIRA
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal for technical and non-technical audiences
  • Ensure project compliance with Quality processes
  • Should perform periodic internal process audits and configuration audits
  • Should collect, validate, consolidate and Report out metrics
  • Should perform root cause analysis on the defect data and metrics data
  • Should guide team on quality process
  • Should prepare SOPs and other necessary documents
  • Bachelors/Masters in EE, E&C, CS, Computer Applications, Instrumentation
  • 4-7 years of experience in quality process and audit
  • Experience in Embedded systems/SQL/Oracle queries is desirable
  • Ability to analyze trends and recommend process improvement
  • Knowledge on CMM, ISO is preferred
  • Should hold at least B.E degree (CS, EC, IT, IS) or any post graduation (ME/M.Tech/MCA)
  • Excellent knowledge of QA practices and Software Engineering Processes
  • Software industry experience preferably in a POS, integrated, or embedded systems environment
  • Ability to organize and bring work assignments to completion and report results with minimal direct supervision
  • Familiarity with commonly used quality assurance process tools used for defect-tracking
  • Knowledge of Point-of-Sale (POS) Industry a bonus
  • Knowledge of Integrated Solutions a bonus
  • Excellent work experience in Manual testing
  • Provide detailed test reports and metrics in software and/or hardware POS platforms
  • Maintain excellent communication and relationship with various stake holders of the project
  • Fully understand business implications of ongoing projects and take pro-active steps to ensure business objectives are not affected due to project challenges
  • Accountable for deadlines
  • Conduct QA tests and verify outcomes within schedules / timelines
  • Work with software engineers and product managers in an Agile team environment
  • Automate features for better regression coverage
  • Own multiple features/modules of CRM and mentor Associate QA Engineers on processes and products
  • Work with Software Engineers, Product Managers, and other QA Engineers in an Agile team environment
  • Work closely with the automation group to automate features for better regression coverage
  • Develop deep expertise in the product
  • Embrace the Agile methodology and adapt to the rapid release sprint cycle
  • You will need to develop Deep expertise in product functionality
  • Help create and set testing related documentation, including test plans, test scripts and automation scripts
  • You will be partially doing automation and partially will be running functional QA
  • Work with Product managers, Engineers and other QA Engineers
  • Mentor junior SQAs in QA methodologies and skills
  • Conduct QA tests and verify outcomes within schedules/timelines
  • Work with software engineers, product managers, and other QA testers in an Agile team environment
  • Knowledge of automation framework is mandatory
  • Work experience in Automation tools such as selenium, QTP, eclipse based plugins, etc
  • Experience in QA of products on cloud is an added advantage
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Proficiency in Java
  • Knowledge of modern testing frameworks
  • 3-5 years experience in a test or development role as part of a product development organization which has delivered consumer oriented products both in web and mobile space
  • · Learn and gain in-depth knowledge of various software and testing methodologies of the organization
  • · Get involved in analyzing requirements (epics and stories) during the requirements analysis phase of projects
  • · Identify the gaps and clarifications in requirements, bring it to the notice of Lead, Product Owner and ensure they are logged in the tool and obtain responses to be able to track the findings to closure
  • · Keep track of any new requirements / changes during the process of requirements understanding and clarification process and bring them to the notice of the Lead
  • · Estimate and review QA efforts as part of the overall development effort
  • · Document, implement, monitor, and enforce all processes and procedures for testing the product / project are established as per standards defined by the organization
  • · Configure necessary hardware and operating environments as needed to complete assigned testing
  • · Design, develop and implement test strategies and test approaches required for the project
  • · Write detailed test cases to ensure optimal test coverage of software product features; Prepare traceability matrix to validate the test coverage
  • · Understand product specification and verify if product behaves as expected across releases in multiple environments
  • · Review the test deliverables produced by other team members and enter the review findings in the defect management tool identified for the project
  • · Methodically document steps which exhibit a problem and be able to reproduce and communicate these steps
  • · Track and report upon testing activities, including testing results, test case coverage, required resources, defects discovered and their status, etc.,
  • · Ability to analyze a specific problem reported, identify the root cause and generate a detailed report
  • · Interact with team leader on project status and resolution of critical issues; Promptly escalate unresolved dependencies and issues, which affect product delivery and quality that are beyond scope of influence and report same to Lead
  • · Quality, on time delivery of agreed deliverables. Pay high attention to detail in all work
  • · Contribute to the company knowledge base and process improvements
  • · Ensure content and structure of all testing documents / artifacts is documented and maintained
  • · Identify training requirements and forward it to the Manager/ Lead
  • · Understand the communication and escalation plan while interacting with end customers and follow the same
  • Ensure the agreed deliverables (minutes of meeting, status reports, SLA reports, etc.,) are sent promptly to Customers on time
  • Develop, publish, and implement test plans & test cases
  • Perform various tests to verify and validate new and existing features
  • Develop and maintain test automation
  • Participate in technical design reviews
  • Review business needs, requirements, technical specifications
  • 5 years of relevant experience and a Bachelor’s degree or
  • 5+ years of quality assurance or automated testing experience
  • 3+ years of experience working with scripting languages such as TCL, Perl and/or Python
  • 3+ years of experience with LINUX/UNIX and open source platforms
  • 2+ years of experience working with networking concepts and web technologies such as HTTP, DNS and TCP/IP
  • Experience in test automation preferably with open source tools
  • Experience with Scrum or Agile Software Development methods
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent problem solving/troubleshooting skills
  • Able to make independent decisions and be effective with minimal supervision
  • Able to pick up concepts and technology quickly
  • Able to work and communicate effectively in a small team
  • Management and Communication of testing effort
  • Work directly and collaboratively with a product development team
  • Ability to work with virtual and diverse consulting and partner teams and organizations
  • Assist or lead the product test designs ensuring comprehensive coverage
  • Execute test cases for the following types of testing: Functional, Regression, Performance, Load, Integration, System, GUI and Installation along with Database Validations
  • Analyze defects with the goal of being isolated and reproducible
  • Work closely with developers in monitoring systems and database issues
  • Experience creating and executing automated unit, system, performance and load test suites
  • Experience in testing BI Visualizations, Tableau is a plus
  • Experience with test automation and load testing tools
  • Experience training and mentoring QA personnel
  • Experience in production support processes
  • Experience testing commercial, enterprise software
  • Ability to creatively and accurately test software solutions in a high-energy, fast-paced, and Agile /Scrum development environment
  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative, teamwork-based, environment
  • Proven understanding of defect tracking systems, defect reporting, and defect recording protocol
  • Experience working with offshore project teams preferred
  • Mentor QA team members and share expertise
  • Assist in the development of on-going training programs for the QA Team
  • Provide department specific orientation and training for new hires
  • Create and enhance automation scripts and tools to incorporate framework components
  • Develop test cases for new functionality and existing functionality not already covered
  • 1-3 years of test automation development experience
  • Experience with agile/iterative design and development methodologies
  • Experience testing in JSON, CSS, HTML5, and Angular.js frameworks
  • Experience testing SOAP and RESTful services (preferably with SoapUI)
  • Experience in website testing, web service testing using SOAP, RESTful (Required)
  • Strong Automation Background with Selenium and any other Scripting language like perl, shell etc. (Required)
  • Experience in Testing Content Management System based websites special focus on AEM / CQ
  • Strong knowledge on database testing
  • Strong Analytical, Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Work on the automation test tools to automate functional and regression test scenarios
  • User Acceptance Test and post-implementation support
  • Strong internal customer relationships are essential and this position will work with Business Partners, internal staff, external vendors and system integrators on a daily basis to ensure quality is in alignment with global initiatives and requirements across the enterprise
  • Offshore-Onsite co-ordination with the teams
  • 5-8 years' experience required
  • Extensive Experience and understanding in QA process [Agile and Waterfall]
  • Extensive experience in QA tools (ALM, JIRA, Rally)
  • Experience testing inter-dependencies between multiple portals within product platform
  • Extensive knowledge in QA automation such as Selenium or other equivalent UI based framework
  • Extensive experience in understanding and testing complex products and platforms as well as their integrations and interactions
  • Extensive experience improving quality process with proven, measurable results
  • Experience testing Web-based and Mobile Applications
  • SQL - Strong knowledge of SQL commands
  • Excellent Communication Skills - verbal and written
  • Quick learner - able to learn new technologies quickly
  • Experience on build and release
  • Experience on version control tool say SVN
  • Experience on continuous integration
  • Plan and coordinate testing efforts that may involve multiple systems and QA resources
  • Accurately assess risk level of code changes, and calibrate testing approach based on risk level
  • Creation and management of test plans, test cases, and test results
  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills
  • A basic understanding of programming, code, and logic
  • Experience with CRM and Billing platforms
  • Experience testing on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • 2+ Years’ professional experience in a QA role
  • Ensure test artifacts are created that effectively cover business requirements
  • Develop and/or implement test automation frameworks against existing test plans/cases
  • Be an active contributor in the Agile/Scrum process
  • Lead group troubleshooting discussions as needed
  • Support product and process documentation efforts
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field and 5-7 years of relevant work experience or equivalent combination of education and experience is required
  • Proficient with Jenkins, Hudson, or similar tools
  • Proficient with Selenium
  • Proficient with browser test tools/plugins
  • Must be a fast learner and quick to ramp up on new technologies
  • Solid understanding of QA best practices
  • Solid understanding and experience with unit testing frameworks such as Junit, TestNG, etc
  • Proficiency in testing and automation against web applications
  • Proficiency in Agile methodology and SCRUM development processes
  • Experience using test case management tools such as TestRail
  • Experience leading/mentoring QA team members
  • Good understanding of SQL in Oracle
  • Experience with the Linux shell and associated system utilities
  • Intermediate to advanced programming experience
  • Hours:M-F, Flexible
  • A solid background in software development. You will help design tests, write automated tests, and evolve and maintain the necessary parts of the infrastructure
  • Deep understanding of the Android and Apple mobile ecosystems and challenges of testing across a variety of devices, versions, and manufacturers
  • Experience with test automation tools like Espresso, UIAutomater, Selenium, XCTest, Rest-assured, or equivalent
  • Experience using common mobile and web software development environments (e.g., Android Studio, Xcode, IntelliJ) for building releases
  • Confident and proud of your work
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • A sense of humor always helps
  • Able to lead a team of 4-6 people in test execution for a product with delegating and maintaining tasks to improve testing efficiency
  • Create detailed test plans for new features , document and present these plans to stakeholders, and organize execution of plan
  • Understanding of project requirements and assist in and utilizing automation and regression testing
  • Provide leadership, mentorship, training, and technical expertise to the QA team
  • Participate in bug review processes including identifying, documenting and following through on the defect lifecycle
  • Include deeper lever of investigative work before submitting defects to developers
  • Evaluate current processes within group and participate in or lead initiatives for improvement
  • Proactively engage with appropriate personnel when discussing cross-functional attributes of features, projects, and products
  • BS/BA in Printing Technologies, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or other related disciplines
  • Preferable 3+ years prepress experience or other print production experience
  • Good understanding of server systems, client systems, and computer hardware systems
  • Solid knowledge of file standards for print production (bleed, trapping, color separation, resolution, etc.)
  • Experience with Apogee Workflow and Apogee Imposition
  • Variable data and personalized printing, InDesign HP SmartStream Designer, or XMPie, etc
  • Experience in Large format printing and finishing, flatbed, roll, Esko, I-cut
  • Understanding of project milestones and
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize work when necessary
  • Ability to travel when required
  • Strong collaboration skills and ability to thrive in a virtual and fast-paced environment
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in a growing, dynamic team
  • Participate in BRD meetings to validate the accuracy of project requirements
  • Develop Performance testing plans
  • Analyzes and writes test standards and procedures for functional and non-functional testing
  • Data Load Automation
  • Automation using UFT
  • Provides direction on complex projects
  • Create and maintain test strategy / plans where needed
  • Analyze and interpret design specifications, business requirements and apply information to the non-functional testing process
  • Coordinate in developing test plans to ensure success for releases on all complex projects
  • BS/BA with 4-7 years’ experience, Master’s degree a plus
  • A bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Computer Science is a plus
  • Combination of related experience and education will be considered
  • Experience working in Agile/Scrum environment
  • Post graduate course work in Computer Science or Business Administration a plus
  • Outstanding teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Excellent understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Test Life Cycle (STLC) and Test Methodologies from project definition to post-deployment documentation
  • HP QC, UFT, Performance Center, Jira, Jira Bridge, Toad, Soap UI, Selenium
  • Work with QA Team in testing a SSL-VPN product on multiple platforms
  • Develop automation tests using appropriate tools
  • Work with engineering team in drawing test plans, test cases, reporting issues and verifying them
  • Engage with other stake holders as and when needed
  • Development of master level test documentation - test plans, test procedures, test approaches
  • Automation script languages, automation experience is a plus
  • Investment banking/ finance domain knowledge is a plus
  • English - upper-intermediate
  • Android & iOS Mobile Apps QA
  • Participate in the requirements management and development process
  • Test cases creation and management
  • Defects reporting and progress tracking
  • Smoke, Regression, Exploratory testing
  • Close work with Mobile Dev Team
  • Go-getter, self-starter, and passionate about emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, and Intelligent Personal Assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home etc.)
  • Basic understanding of Git
  • Experience with XCode and Android Studio
  • Experience in test automation using Selenium WebDriver
  • Experience in load testing
  • Experience leading QA teams
  • Design test bed architectures using the industry's most sophisticated and powerful carrier and access routers
  • Implement test software that is incorporated into automated test suites for functional and regression testing
  • Develop and execute detailed test plans and validation procedures
  • Act independently with considerable judgment & initiative to determine methods and procedures on new or special assignments
  • Troubleshoot, characterize and report product variances from requirements to improve product quality, reliability and performance - ultimately leading to an improved product experience for our customers
  • Mastery with a variety of scripting languages (TCL/TK, Python, Shell Scripts, etc)
  • Understand the overall design of the product, should know the integrations with other functional areas of the product
  • Evaluate functional and design specifications to ensure full understanding of individual deliverables without any ambiguities
  • Determine the impact of design changes on the assigned module and integration to other modules/products
  • Estimate the work required to deliver quality tasks. Able to develop a work schedule (with the help of team lead) showing detail assignments with completion estimates
  • Write, review with business and development team, and execute Functional and System test cases that explore and verify application functionality
  • Identify any potential quality issues per defined process and escalate potential quality issues immediately to management
  • Ability to focus on deadlines and deliverables – ensures the ability to find the defects quickly
  • Coordinate with onshore/offshore testing resources
  • Identify, define and implement testing process and procedure improvements to continuously enhance product and process quality
  • Participate in project team meetings to understand and influence software requirements to build effective test plans and improve end-product usability
  • Participate in Daily Stand up calls, works closely with the Agile Manager to know the deliverables and commitments of each release/sprint, coordinates with all the QA/BA/Dev team members to clear the impediments for progression
  • 5 + years’ experience in Manual/Database Testing (using Microsoft SQL or Oracle)
  • Track the application Performance related to data base retrieval
  • Expertise in database testing in Oracle environments including designing and manipulating test data, validating stored procs, jobs, triggers and replication, strong testing practices and self- service culture
  • Ability to work well independently and maintain focus on a topic for prolonged periods of time
  • Communication - possibilities/experience to work with distributed teams in UK, Ukraine, Romania, India
  • English - upper for the written and Intermediate for spoken
  • SQL - middle (DDL and DML), Oracle as a plus
  • PL/SQL - middle
  • Design and execute customer-centric feature and end-to-end product test cases
  • Work closely with product owners and teams to evaluate and approve requirements
  • Pro-actively seek conditions and use cases that affect customer or product results
  • Fluent with modern web technology, browsers, browser tools and technologies
  • Estimate, plan and coordinate testing activities
  • Identify, Record and Track product issues and bugs
  • Develop and maintain test cases using front-end automation tools like Selenium
  • Monitor and manage JUnit test results
  • Identify and track QA metrics
  • 3+ years experience testing web applications
  • BS/MS in computer science or equivalent work experience
  • Knowledge and experience with Javascript frameworks like AngularJS
  • Knowledge and experience with Java and Java development and testing
  • Experience with unit testing & Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Experience with Agile Development & SCRUM
  • The Successful candidate will champion development processes for continuous integration, continuous deployment, ATDD and Test Automation in partnership with Engineering team
  • You will develop testing scenarios and scripts using automated tools
  • Uses available tools and techniques to enable, evaluate and ensure highest quality of work
  • Apply QA practices to repair/upgrade application implementations
  • Utilizes both standard as well as new automation technologies, methods, tools, and practices
  • Translate requirements or stories into technical test scenarios
  • Define test scenarios, create test plans, design and author test cases and participate in the definition and execution of manual and/or automated test scripts
  • Mine and manipulate data to create test data and test cases for multiple projects
  • Document and report on identified quality issues and participate in defect triage, test status meetings and daily stand-ups where necessary
  • Review requirements and develop functional and non-functional test cases
  • Provide test progress to stakeholders throughout the sprint
  • Work well in fast paced and Agile development environment and drive continuous improvements
  • 5+ years’ hands on experience with manual/automated testing of native iOS and Android apps
  • Experience working in agile teams
  • Experience performing functional, performance and internalization testing of mobile apps
  • Strong familiarity with native iOS and Android platform UI experience
  • Familiarity with test automation and tools
  • Able to prioritize and multi-task
  • Able to stress test Android apps
  • Participate as a member of a Scrum development team with focus on testing
  • Attend all Scrum events including Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives
  • Review and analyze user stories for testability
  • Develop well designed test cases using Microsoft Test Manager
  • Identify potential risks and suggest ways to mitigate risk
  • Develop automated test scripts using Selenium Web Driver
  • 5+ years experience as a tester in an Agile development environment
  • Intermediate Knowledge of SQL
  • Strong knowledge of C# and objected oriented programming
  • Hands on experience developing automated tests with Selenium Web Driver
  • Aptitude for critical thinking is a must - must have a proven ability to make inferences based on information
  • Adept at analyzing and diagnosing software issues
  • Strong communication skills are a must - not afraid to speak up about risk
  • Desire and flexibility to perform cross team functions
  • Definition of testing strategy, evaluating the required test coverage for the investment management applications
  • Test plans development
  • Test cases design
  • White-box testing
  • Test execution, root cause analysis for failures
  • Research and implement new processes/tools for test automation
  • Create / maintain automated suite of test scripts
  • Collaborating with developers, architects, and product partners to ensure quality of project/service delivery testing
  • Introduce and evolve existing processes and methods required for maturing TCF’s digital development, implementation, and operation of our key platforms
  • Play a key technical role in all phases of Digital projects (Strategy, Design, Engineering, Delivery, and Operation)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, MIS or a related field or equivalent work experience
  • 3 - 5 years’ experience with automation testing, developing and executing automated test scripts
  • 3+ years’ experience working with Selenium test automation framework, .Net, C#, JavaScript programming, code versioning tool, HTML
  • 2+ years of experience in Cucumber and JSON, XML, JIRA, Splunk, AWS, and JMeter
  • 3+ years of experience with ATDD or CICD technologies (GitHub, Maven, Jenkins, and Nexus)
  • 3+ years of experience testing RESTful APIs using Soap UI (Ready API) or Postman
  • Experience with cloud deployments (AWS, Rackspace, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)
  • Knowledge of SQL, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, AJAX, Swagger
  • Experience with Agile Software Development Practices and tools
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to work directly with vendors, other developers, and business partners
  • Experience with Smartbear tools, Android SDK and/or iOS SDK
  • Experience in Financial Services industry
  • NoSQL Experience (Mongo)
  • Create test strategies to provide complete test coverage for platform projects
  • Perform QA testing using appropriate methodologies (black box, white box, etc.)
  • Act as technical lead for a small team of 1-3 additional QA engineers
  • Design and develop test automation following ‘best practices’ regarding reusability and maintainability
  • Deploy QA test automation within a continuous integration code delivery pipeline
  • Implement QA metrics, reporting the current status of testing across all projects within the group
  • Maintain QA test environments using configuration management concepts
  • Act as Grenoble office liaison to Development, Offer Management, CyberSecurity, and Operations teams
  • Foster a collaborative working environment while maintaining high QA standards
  • 5-7 years of experience in software Quality Assurance with 3 years in a ‘hands on’ leadership role
  • Must possess a QA mindset—knowledge and experience with core QA concepts, methods, and processes
  • Critical eye for defects, poor usability, and poor performance
  • Experience testing distributed systems with a focus on APIs
  • Recent experience working with PaaS/IaaS frameworks (Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, etc.)
  • Recent experience programming in an object oriented language such as C#, C++, java, etc
  • Experience creating test automation using Selenium, xUnit, jMeter, or other framework helpful
  • Experience creating and analyzing load and performance tests desired
  • Experience with PowerShell, VisualStudio a plus
  • Agile/SCRUM experience is also plus
  • Excellent attention to detail and communication skills, both written and oral
  • Experience with Agile, other rapid application development methods, and Waterfall/ SDLC
  • Experience in working with Selenium, JAVA and testing automation tools
  • 8+ years of experience in Technology, with an emphasis on QA, and proven ability in writing test cases, running functional, automated, or performance tests, and managing defects
  • Prior experience with Compliance and/or Identity and Access Management (IAM) projects, or with related products such as SailPoint Identity IQ, Oracle IAM and Identity Analytics would be a plus
  • Knowledge of QA processes and test methodologies
  • Knowledge and experience in writing web and api automated testing in C# and selenium
  • Knowledge and experience in SQL query language
  • Hands-on experience on Enterprise Product testing
  • Review requirements specifications and technical design documents to provide timely and meaningful feedback from quality engineer perspective
  • Create and execute comprehensive and well-structured test plans, test cases & System level End to End tests
  • Monitor and test the application for potential defects, identify possible solutions, and work with developers to implement those fixes
  • BA Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
  • Excellence in communication skills and team work
  • Strong Self-Learning skills
  • Problem Solver
  • Develop test plans and testware for capabilities of our Product Suite
  • Deliver high quality software products within a full Agile development lifecycle
  • Role will include developing own automation for new functionality and assist in the test automation maintenance effort
  • The ideal candidate will have experience in quality assurance with Technologies including – SAML, OAuth, OpenId/Connect, SOAP, REST, Java
  • Familiarity with creating automation scripts using Ruby, Java Script, SoapUI or similar would be an advantage.2+ years’ experience as a QA Engineer (Enterprise Software)
  • A college degree in Computer Science or similar or equivalent work experience
  • Attitude and aptitude to be successful in a growing company, working on a brand new product
  • Debugs software products through the use of systematic tests to develop, apply, and maintain quality standards for company products
  • Develops, modifies, and executes software test plans, automated scripts and programs for testing
  • Analyzes and writes test standards and procedures. Maintains documentation of test results to assist in debugging and modification of software
  • Analyzes test results to ensure existing functionality and recommends corrective action. Consults with development engineers in resolution of problems
  • Ensures quality computer integration into the overall functions of scientific computation, data acquisition, and processing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Minimum 4 year hands on experience in test automation tools such as Selenium, Test NG, J-meter and SOUP UI Pro
  • Should have prior experience in creating Test framework, Automation script and test application libraries
  • Should be proficient in Java / Core-Java
  • Experience in testing Web applications and REST API’s
  • 4-6 years of work experience in software testing, especially in Web application testing including Front end (GUI), Middle layer (REST API, Web Services etc…) and the backend (Database) testing
  • Excellent knowledge of QA practices and Software Engineering Processes. Preferably Agile methodology
  • Ensure test plans thoroughly cover all requirements and use cases
  • Plan, schedule and perform manual and automated software tests
  • Review tools implementations and encourage best practices and sound design principles while remaining practical and deadline driven
  • Work closely with software developers to perform early testing on components prior to integration builds
  • Manage defect tracking, monitor and report results
  • Mentor & guide the junior QAs for better delivery of the project
  • Minimum 2+ years of experience as Senior QA and overall 5+ years of experience in QA domain with solid progression in responsibility. And 2 years of Agile testing experience
  • Advanced knowledge of agile development lifecycle, methodology and testing knowledge
  • Solid knowledge of manual as well as automation testing tools for Web & App products like Selenium, Appium, Charles, jmeter etc
  • Expert ability to apply concepts of unit, system, regression, product, integration and acceptance testing
  • Experience on testing scalable, high performance and a robust consumer product application is a plus
  • Working knowledge of Linux/Unix is a plus

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cover letter for senior software qa engineer

Resume Worded   |  Career Strategy

5 qa (quality assurance) automation engineer cover letters.

Approved by real hiring managers, these QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer cover letters have been proven to get people hired in 2024. A hiring manager explains why.

Hiring Manager for QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer Roles

Table of contents

  • QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer
  • Senior QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer
  • Senior QA Automation Engineer
  • Alternative introductions for your cover letter
  • QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer resume examples

QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer Cover Letter Example

Why this cover letter works in 2024, personal connection to the company.

By mentioning a personal anecdote about their first Windows 95 computer, the writer establishes an early connection with Microsoft and demonstrates their long-standing passion for technology.

Quantifiable Improvement

Instead of just summarizing their past experience, the writer highlights a specific accomplishment at Resume Worded, where they improved testing efficiency by 40%. This shows their ability to make a tangible impact.

Innovation and Initiative

The writer emphasizes their ability to innovate by sharing their experience in developing a customizable security testing framework at Waffle, which highlights their proactive approach to problem-solving.

Customer-Centric Approach

By mentioning that their innovation at Waffle increased customer satisfaction by 30%, the writer showcases their focus on the end-users and their ability to create solutions that benefit customers.

Enthusiasm for the Role

Expressing excitement about the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and contribute to high-quality software shows that the writer genuinely cares about this position and is not just applying to any company.

Highlighting tangible results

This cover letter is great because it mentions a clear, measurable improvement - an increase in code coverage by 35%. It's not just about talking about what you did, but also about the impact it had. This quantifiable achievement shows you're result-oriented and offers a concrete representation of your skills.

Problem-solving through Automation

By detailing how you used automated regression testing to rectify a software issue, you demonstrate your problem-solving abilities, technical expertise, and the effective application of automation. Mentioning the significant 20% improvement in product performance further underscores the positive impact of your contribution.

Does writing cover letters feel pointless? Use our AI

Dear Job Seeker, Writing a great cover letter is tough and time-consuming. But every employer asks for one. And if you don't submit one, you'll look like you didn't put enough effort into your application. But here's the good news: our new AI tool can generate a winning cover letter for you in seconds, tailored to each job you apply for. No more staring at a blank page, wondering what to write. Imagine being able to apply to dozens of jobs in the time it used to take you to write one cover letter. With our tool, that's a reality. And more applications mean more chances of landing your dream job. Write me a cover letter It's helped thousands of people speed up their job search. The best part? It's free to try - your first cover letter is on us. Sincerely, The Resume Worded Team

Want to see how the cover letter generator works? See this 30 second video.

Video Thumbnail

Highlighting Significant Achievements

When you spell out a major accomplishment, like reducing the software deployment cycle by 75%, it grabs attention. It gives a clear picture of what you're capable of and how you've made a tangible difference. It's not just about saying you're good at your job, but demonstrating how you've excelled in it.

Expressing Eagerness to Contribute

Stating your readiness to bring your skills to your potential employer shows your enthusiasm. You're not just looking for any job, but you're keen on making a positive impact on this specific company. It shows that you have thought about how your skills will fit into and benefit their environment.

Showcasing Problem-Solving Skills

Sharing an instance where you created a custom tool to tackle a specific challenge shows your problem-solving skills. It also demonstrates your ability to innovate, automate, and improve efficiency, which is crucial for a QA Automation Engineer role.

Connecting with Company's Mission

Showing excitement about working on projects that reach billions of users aligns perfectly with Google's mission. It shows that you're not just after a job but are deeply interested in the company's work and its impact. This can make you more memorable and appealing to the hiring team.

Senior QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer Cover Letter Example

Connecting achievements with company objectives.

Not only do you demonstrate your impact with hard numbers, you also tie your achievements to Amazon's goals. By showing how your automation strategy led to a reduction in defects and increase in testing efficiency, you're indirectly showing Amazon how you can help them deliver high-quality products and services, their own stated goal.

Demonstrating leadership and collaboration

You don't just tell me you're a good leader, you show me. You talk about how you've mentored junior QA engineers and successfully rolled out a testing framework. This shows you can foster collaboration and effectively lead a team, skills that are important for a senior position. Plus, you highlight another concrete achievement: improving code coverage by 40%.

Senior QA Automation Engineer Cover Letter Example

Exhibiting leadership and teamwork.

Mentioning that you led a team to bring about significant improvement in testing cycles shows you're a leader and a team player. It paints a picture of someone who can take charge, motivate a team and drive results, which is a valuable trait for a Senior QA Automation Engineer.

Expressing Enthusiasm to Scale Success

Expressing excitement about bringing your expertise to Amazon, particularly in scaling initiatives, indicates your ambition and readiness to handle bigger responsibilities. It shows your confidence in replicating your past success on a larger scale.

Demonstrating Innovation and Proactivity

Describing how you developed a predictive bug detection tool using machine learning portrays you as an innovator. It also shows that you're proactive and can think ahead to prevent issues before they arise, a vital quality for a Senior QA Automation Engineer.

Aligning with Company's Culture

Expressing your admiration for Amazon's culture and your desire to contribute to it shows you've done your homework about the company and its values. It goes a long way in showing that you're not just a fit for the role, but for the company as a whole.

Alternative Introductions

If you're struggling to start your cover letter, here are 6 different variations that have worked for others, along with why they worked. Use them as inspiration for your introductory paragraph.

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cover letter for senior software qa engineer

Thank you for the checklist! I realized I was making so many mistakes on my resume that I've now fixed. I'm much more confident in my resume now.

cover letter for senior software qa engineer


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    Free Senior Software Engineer cover letter example. I excited to submit my resume to be considered for the position of Senior Software Engineer. My work history has provided me with both business acumen and technical skills which make my ideally suited to fill this position at Top Form Technologies. My education provided me with a variety of ...

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    Jennifer Howarth 771-555-0199 | [email protected] | Canton, Michigan July 3, 2023 Dear hiring manager, I am excited to have the opportunity to apply for the open Quality Engineer position at D-Ridge Assurance Engineering. I've followed your business through the years, and feel like my skills match your unique software-based testing methods. I like that you create new testing software ...

  20. 4 Senior Quality Engineer Cover Letters

    4. Senior Quality Engineer. Cover Letters. Approved by real hiring managers, these Senior Quality Engineer cover letters have been proven to get people hired in 2024. A hiring manager explains why. Compiled by: Kimberley Tyler-Smith. Senior Hiring Manager. 20+ Years of Experience. Jump to a Cover Letter.

  21. Senior Qa Engineer Resume Examples & Samples for 2024

    Regular example resumes for Senior QA Engineers mention duties like running tests, checking if quality and legal requirements are respected, returning defect products, training other employees, and updating defect databases. A successful resume for Senior QA Engineer showcases the following qualifications: engineering expertise, time management ...

  22. Senior QA Engineer Resume Samples

    Senior QA Engineer (Contractor) Resume. Summary : Senior QA Engineer with 8+ years of experience in both manual and automation Software Quality Assurance testing of web-based application and Backend Testing. Solid experience Object-Oriented Analysis and Coding (OOAD) and with Java, C#, Python and C++.

  23. Senior QA Engineer Resume Samples

    15. Senior QA Engineer Resume Examples & Samples. Design and develop test plans and functional test cases from business requirements and conceptual documents. Collaborate with the Development and Product teams to analyze, debug and resolve design and code issues. Design, develop and maintain automated test suites.

  24. Senior Software Developer Resume Examples and Templates for 2024

    Craft a powerful senior software developer resume by highlighting your most compelling achievements within the technology industry. Feature impactful projects and emphasize your ability to drive innovation using tangible examples from your career, while showcasing your technical expertise, programming languages, and leadership capabilities to ...

  25. Software Developer Resume Examples and Templates for 2024

    Senior Software Developer, Cadence Technologies, New York, NY. October 2017 - Present. Oversee the design, development, and launch of innovative software applications for enterprise customer accounts valued at $400K-$1.3M, serve as the point of contact for stakeholders, and ensure alignment with business requirements

  26. 3 QA (Quality Assurance) Automation Engineer Cover Letters

    Dear Hiring Manager, I am writing to express my interest in the Senior QA Automation Engineer position at Amazon. As a regular user of Amazon's services, I appreciate the company's relentless focus on customer satisfaction and its continuous efforts to innovate and improve.

  27. Computer Engineering Resume Examples and Templates for 2024

    A cover letter is an excellent opportunity to speak directly to your potential employer and make the case for why you're a good fit for the position on offer. A cover should be fairly succinct. Never exceed more than 400 words — 250 to 300 is ideal. For more information and ideas, view our computer science cover letter examples.