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An essay on customer service can emphasize the importance of quality service in business and customer satisfaction. It can discuss strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences, the role of customer feedback, and the impact of excellent customer service on brand reputation and long-term success in a competitive market. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Customer Service you can find at PapersOwl Website. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Changing Demographics Customer Service to Millennials

Today, customer service is facing a new challenge is has never taken on: Millennials. We here about Millennials everywhere we go, and it seems everyone has an opinion about them. Teens, and adults in their 20s and 30s are what is considered the Millennial Generation, also referred to as Millennials. This generation has been called things like lazy, narcissistic, and coddled. But Millennials have also been defined in positive ways too though. "They are generally regarded as being more open-minded, […]

How Else Can Nordstrom Continue to Provide Exceptional Customer Service and Grow Brand Loyaltys?

Background Nordstrom has been in business since its establishment as a small shoe store in Seattle back in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom. Over the years, the shoe store has grown into a renowned fashion chain store operated by his generation. While establishing the company, John Nordstrom had in his mind the desire to provide clients with top notch customer service and high-quality merchandise to fit everyone’s needs and budget. The customer-based focus with which the company was established by […]

Elevating Intimacy: the Customer Service Tapestry of Victoria’s Secret

In the bustling world of retail, where brands compete for attention and loyalty, customer service emerges as the defining factor for success. One brand that has managed to carve a niche for itself, both in terms of product offerings and customer service, is Victoria's Secret. Known globally for its alluring lingerie and fashion shows, the brand's approach to customer service provides a captivating study on the delicate dance between brand image and customer engagement. Victoria's Secret, over the years, has […]

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Research Related to United Airlines: Customer Service is a Top Priority

At the turn of the twentieth century, two geniuses Wilbur and Orville Wright invented a machine in which humans could operate to fly in. Since the invention of flying, traveling has never been the same; the aviation industry makes traveling to a destination faster and more efficient. The aviation industry continues to improve the technology used in domestic and international travel, as well as everything that goes into riding on one of its airplanes. United Airlines is no less different […]

Internal Approach for Chern’s Department Stores with Focus on Superior Customer Service

The Flagship store for Chern’s Department store is in the need of a new store manager. This manager will be responsible for 150 full time sales positions, 50 Part time sales positions and 520 non sales positions. This store has the most focus of the CEO, Ryan Chern and COO, Ann Chern. In the following analysis it will be discussed of the correct approach for this position will be an internal or external hire. Also, what the steps are in […]

Bridgestone: the Success Dependent on Quality Customer Service

Bridgestone is a privately held for-profit organization. Bridgestone Americas is looking to add 800 or more retail points of sale to 2,200-plus company-owned retail stores it currently operates as it drives to “become the most trusted provider of automotive care in every neighborhood we serve” (Davis 2016). Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC (BSRO) is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and operates the largest network of company-owned automotive service centers across the United States – including Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tiers Plus, Hibdon […]

Customer Service Quality Analysis and about Engaging Customers to Take an Active Role in Services

How does the fact that a service affect the offering and perceived risk? Think in terms of intangibility, inseparability, variability, and perishability. Service is affected by many characteristics. For example, an intangibility service is identified by things that an individual cannot see, taste, feel, hear, or smell (Kotler & Keller, 2016, p.1402). Many service industries fall under offering and perceived risk because they do not hold tangible products, for instance, Sylvania Learning Center or any other academic tutoring facility as […]

Understanding Stakeholder Needs: Battery Explosions and Customer Service

Unlike the recall of the Samsung company, Note 7 of two and a half million phones for battery explosions, Apple Inc. also had multiple battery explosions from as far back as 2013 to deal with. One example being back on August 20, 2013 when a consumers iPhone 4 had suddenly burst into flames. The consumer was able to contain the fire from spreading further in the matter of seconds, however Apple Inc. customer service wasn’t as ready or quickly to […]

Lush, Whole Food and Etsy Companies and their Strategies and Customer Service

Lush, Whole Food and Etsy are companies with dissimilar industries that are chasing different business plans. This means that these companies are focused in different practices, however they all follow the same business strategy, which is focused differentiation. Due to their uniqueness of their products they have a competitive advantage of their competitors. Lush is a unique international brand that sells bath bombs, soap and conditioner bars, lotions, faces mask, fragrances, skin and eye makeup. They have a competitive advantage […]

Importance Customer Service for Sears Holdings Company

Sears Holdings Company was once at the forefront of the retail industry due to their revolutionary and innovative marketing of using a printed catalog to promote their merchandise. This style of marketing was a huge breakthrough for the company back in the late 1800s and was what attracted most of their customers. Their groundbreaking marketing is what has allowed Sears to be a historic and reputable company throughout their 125 years of business. Although the company still has their niche […]

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Essays on Customer Service

Good customer service is vital to the survival of any business in any industry. Despite this, companies in Jamaica have little appreciation of how important this is. My focus will be on the banking industry in Jamaica, with emphasis on customer service at the National Commercial Bank. Customer service in banking...

Words: 3305

Customers have different tastes and preferences When it comes to products and services. When it comes to the academic arena, some students prefer to study in Kuwait while others abroad. Studying both abroad and in Kuwait serve the same need which is to earn a degree. However, there are differences between...

Thanks for making orders with our company. As a company, we were pleased with your order and gave it much consideration. The computers you ordered are of good quality and high speed. As you’re aware, our products are delivered on time once requested by customers and of right conditions. In...

Dialogue in a restaurant between the clerk and Jane “A shake, fries, and burger, please…….a shake, fries, and burger, please. Next customer” The clerk asked “Can you make your order?” Jane shouted “A mango juice and fries…eh…cheeseburger but do not include the onion, please” The clerk yelled behind her “A mango juice,...

1. To compromise on the customer expectation is serious jeopardy in the competitive environment. Today, Tom is junior employee and Carl is superior. Tom never knows about tomorrow; he might be the superior the other day. He should make decision not informed solely by unit of command that Carl is...

Words: 3529

The success or failure of any business organization depends on its customer service practices. The primary focus builds good linkages and working relationships with consumers. It is important for the company to thank its clients and promote a positive, mutual, and friendly business environment so as to leave a great...

Words: 2235

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Barr, Jeff. “Amazon Connect – Customer Contact Center in the Cloud.” AWS, 28 Mar. 2017. Barr reveals that Amazon’s customer care center lacks a cloud enabled system and has most of their programs and data stored in hard drives. Consequently, the team on the desks is limited as they cannot do...

Panzarino, Mathew. “Amazon's ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ Service Challenges PayPal for the Web’s Payment Business.”, 8 Oct. 2013. The author analyzes the safety of login details of the Amazon pay services account holders and the nightmare they face when contacting customer service. He recommends that the company develop safety...

The JetBlue Airline's Lack of Risk Management Protocol The most significant business problem about the JetBlue airline is the fact that the company lacks a well-designed risk management protocol. During the storm on Valentine's Day, other airlines canceled all flights due to the predicted bad weather, but JetBlue organization decided to...

Notice of Delayed Delivery Dear customer unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver the kits that you ordered for from our stores. We have received an influx in our ordering services that are security encrypted. However, we cannot process the requests due the amount of supply that our company can...

From the table, it can be noted that fifteen out of twenty-five orders were successfully shipped on schedule. This would represent about 60% of the customer satisfaction. The degree of customer service provided at Kayaks is established on the order fill rates. Through this Kayaks will ensure that the demands...

For communication to be considered complete There must be the sender and the receiver and in that case, when the receiver sends a feedback message to the sender, then it is termed as a complete communication. Early scholars described a simple communication in a form comprising of a messenger, channel of...

Related topic to Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction and Service Research Paper

Extract (summary), introduction, customer service, how and why it is important, impact of customer service on sales, factors that enhance better customer service.

The goal of every organization is to provide proper services to its customers. This will help attract them and ensure that they maintain them. This is necessary in order to maintain the sales and ensure profitability and sustainability of the business.

Employees are required to understand the needs of their customers. This will put them in a position to match the products of the company with their needs. When the needs of the customers are met, they get satisfied (customer satisfaction) and this is what keeps them coming back for more. Therefore, customer service is important for the success of every business.

Providing customer service is quite a simple task, however, providing efficient customer service is another story all together. This requires proper skills. Organizations can ensure that its employees are well equipped with these skills through providing them with proper training. This may be in the provision of courses that would impart these skills and knowledge to them.

This way, the organization will be able to maintain its customers, make numerous sales and make profits constantly. The main objective of this paper is to look at the importance of effective customer service in the organization’s success.

A vivid definition of customer service will be provided. The importance of customer service will also be evaluated. The impact that customer service has on sales in a business will be looked at. Some of the factors that enhance better customer service will also be discussed.

Proper customer service, which is the act of providing services to the customer during the whole transaction process, is important for the success of every business. This involves providing the services before, during and after the customer has purchased the good or service.

Effective customer service is meant to ensure customer satisfaction in order to be able to retain the customer base. This is necessary to maintain the number of sales that the business makes and consequently, continue to make consistent profits.

In order to ensure that the customer service is effective, the organizations require to have well trained customer service providers. This can be achieved through the training of the employees (Pollitt, 2008). In addition, all new employees should also be introduced to the training in order to ensure that all the customer service staff is competent and understand how to handle their customers well.

The future profitability of a company is greatly determined by its effectiveness to deliver customer satisfaction and providing quality real-time training to staff members, which will influence the success of the business.

Customer service is generally the provision of quality service to the consumer of the organization’s products. It entails a series of activities during all stages of the consumer’s purchasing process. The main aim of providing customer service is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Price (2011) likes to think about customer service in different perspectives. He believes that it must be thought of as a leadership issue. He believes that one of the most important roles of a manager is to establish an environment of trust.

Another way of viewing it is as a marketing issue. Customer service is a way of reaching and keeping customers. It should be made to be part of the organizations marketing strategy.

Pollitt points out that being honest to the customers even when the mistake was the company’s is a recovery factor for the customer. Research indicates that telling the customers the truth of the matter when a problem is encountered creates trust. After such encounters, the customers become even more loyal since they can trust the company (business). Reinforcing this trust is the work of the leader.

Making customer service the main agenda of the company is a very vital move. Such organizations are set to achieve a great competitive advantage. This is because the companies that deliver effective customer services are recognized by the customers. When they receive services from other organizations that do not match up the services received from such companies, they will always create preferences hence customer loyalty.

The importance of effective customer service starts at the company’s mission statement. It should be realistic rather than well developed. It should be public relations-related. When it is realistic and genuine, it will provide the foundation to the development of the operational principles.

This way, the company’s core values will be reflected. This way, the customers will be able to relate to them and identify with them. Consequently, this will enhance customer loyalty and the success of the business.

In the current market, nine out of every ten businesses fail after some years of operation (Schlocker, 2004). Schlocker (2004) agrees with John Dijulius that customer service is what makes the difference between the successful businesses and those that fail.

Superior customer service is the necessary ingredient in the operation of the business. Such organizations take time to evaluate and enhance the experiences of the customer. This is done with the main aim of enhancing client loyalty.

The main goal of every business is to make profits and this is made possible when the organization makes sales. Charan (2010) believes that people need to think differently when it comes to making sales.

There are situations where an organization constantly loses sales even when it is providing good products and after putting a lot of effort on the services. In such situations, the organization needs to reconsider its goals and the ways of achieving them. It is then to reinvent the strategies to employ while selling them.

Triest, Bun, Raaij, and Vernooij (2008) studied the factors that enhanced customer retention and customer profitability. As they student certain service providers, they concluded that those customers who received free equipment during their previous visits came back for the same services. In other words, retention rates were higher. Therefore, the businesses could make more sales and more profits.

However, these authors argued that this was only applicable for those businesses that had large number of customers. It did not have any effect on the businesses that attracted a smaller number of customers. Essentially, this means that effective customer service is important in order for the business to be more profitable as it retains its customer base.

According to the authors, targeting on marketing expenses that were customer-specific was effective in retaining the customers. This was as opposed to the development of new customers into larger numbers or deriving more profits from them. This was a smart marketing procedure that involved incurring extra costs in the business in order to make more revenue from the customers.

Other similar studies have proved that such marketing decisions positively impact other marketing decisions. These include the pricing of services, customer loyalty, and the frequency of contracting customer, among others.

By offering free equipment, the businesspersons were able to strengthen the relationship with the consumers in order to make them avoid opportunistic behavior, which could negatively affect customer retention initiatives.

The salespeople should not only be people who take orders. They should also be ambassadors. This involves acquiring social skills that would enable them to learn about the needs of their customers. Having a good understanding about the product is also important. This would enable them to present them together with other services in a way that would match the specific needs of the consumers.

Creating value for the customers is very important in creating customer loyalty and ensuring that they will always come for the products (increase sales). The customers will differentiate such salesperson and will be regular customers. Therefore, a salesperson needs to acquire new knowledge and skills so as to be respected and supported by the teammates (Charan, 2010).

In order for employees at any organization to understand how to conduct effective customer service, they require to acquire social skills that will enable them to learn customer needs. This would enable them to understand how to match the customer needs with the products and services they offer (Charan, 2010).

Pollitt (2008) emphasizes on staff training as a factor in enhancing better (effective) customer service. This explains why the passengers on Stena’s Caledonia ferry like the services provided. The staff is provided with training that helps them provide the best customer services. This type of training was referred to as the ‘experiential’ training. It mostly targeted the workers from the catering units.

Those from the lowest ranks to the ones in senior positions were included in the training. It was a course that lasted for one day. All the employees who attended the training provided positive views about the training. They believed that it was helpful. The organization also had a policy that ensured that all new employees had to undergo that particular training.

One of the most important goals of an organization should be to provide customer service that would make the organization stand out from the rest. In order to achieve this, the employees need to be aware of the emotions and needs of the customer. They should also be able to deal with them appropriately and this calls for proper training in customer service and relations.

Experiential training may be provided to the employees in order to develop the necessary skills. This is different from the chalk-and-talk training, which is less effective. This is because experiential training enables them to develop skills by putting them in scenarios that resemble those in real life.

They would be able to go through self-discovery and identify themselves with the needs of the company. Consequently, they would be able to develop new skills that they would incorporate in the corporate culture.

The success of the world-class companies selected in Japan and Brazil was also attributed to training (Da Silva, Tadashi, & Kikuo, 2005). The companies had initiated training programs that raised the awareness about total quality management. This training also emphasized on teamwork in order to ensure that the customer satisfaction is made a team business.

With such training, the employees will also develop an interest and need to improve the organization and to satisfy the needs of the customers at the same time. The success of these world-class organizations is also attributed to the policy of training all new customers. This means that both the new and old employees have the same skills in terms of customer service. The contracted employees are also not left out in the training.

Customer service should also be delivered in a way that depicts respect and humility. Different people from different cultures have their own way of providing customer service. For example, the Japanese have a very different culture from the westerners. This cuts across the business sector and specifically in terms of customer service.

The difference between Japanese culture and westernized culture in terms of customer service is that the Japanese believe in the demonstration of respect and humility through words. The Japanese also believe that one should carry out his duties to the best of his abilities. This seems hypocritical to the westerners. Therefore, the westerners should embrace this in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

Customer service is a vital tool for any organization. It determines the success or failure of an organization. Those organizations that provide excellent services are recognized by their customers and are able to make sales continuously. In order for organizations to ensure efficient customer service, they are required to provide training to all its employees. This would ensure customer satisfaction and the overall success of the company.

Charan, R. (2010). Profitable growth. Leadership Excellence, 27(11), 3-5.

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Pollitt, D. (2008). Experiential training ensures customer service in ship-shape at Stena. Training & Management Development Methods, 22(3), 557-561.

Price, B. (2011). Being a customer service leader. The American Salesman, 56(3), 21-24.

Schlocker, D. (2004). Secret service: Hidden systems that deliver unforgettable customer service. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship , 9(1), 159-162.

Triest, S., Bun, M., Raaij, E., & Vernooij, M. (2008). The impact of customer-specific marketing expenses on customer retention and customer profitability. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship , 9(1), 159-162.

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Essay on Customer Service

Building rapport with customers.

Rapport is one of the vital customer service skills. It assists the customers to feel great about one’s service. They are easier and more relaxed to serve since they feel comfortable. Cordial interaction assists one in sustaining a positive mindset all day. It can be achieved through Learning to pronounce a customer’s address and name correctly. Mistakes happen, and customers might be understanding. However, it is good to prevent such a scenario whensoever possible. In any case, if one does not get the customer’s name, he/she should have them repeat it. Many customers will acknowledge one’s effort to contact them decently, thus setting off a positive rapport note (Kim & Baker, 2019). Asking customers for suggestions. People usually like to be wise. Therefore, asking customers for suggestions makes them naturally biased and comfortable to want to help. Paying customers complements. Some people might be bothered about going too far from paying a customer a sincere compliment to being second-rate and flirtatious. To avoid this trap, one has to stick with something that will make the complement bona fide and honest. For instance, one may comment, “I like your watch,” if one justly lauds the brand and style. Such complements add immense benefaction and stir customers toward a pleasant experience.

Making contact with the customers

Making contact with customers immediately can be meandering toward building a certain connection. The following behaviors should be championed to better the interaction with the customer. Employees start a discussion on time. Research shows that customers wait to be chatted within the various business. Studies also discovered the approximate time customers have waited. Constantly, the customer’s appraisal of the time slipped away was longer than the actual time. A quick, warm greeting like guests can assist the customers to feel easy and relaxed, reducing anxiety that customers may endure. A few seconds may often feel like minutes to customers; therefore, a warm greeting upon reaching the location of work helps the customers de-stress and push easy intercommunication (Quirke, 2017). Employees should be able to acknowledge customers even when they are serving other customers. It prevents moments of awkwardness for customers due to silence. Speaking up will acquaint them that they will be assisted soon. Communication between employees and customers should build room for a relationship. One should reassure the customers they have come to the best place to engage in business dealings. Regularly, customers want to examine and settle in the place of work before committing to a business deal. To dissipate such uneasiness, one should use a non-malignant icebreaker, which is inconsequential and warm commentary. For instance, one might ask, “what’s the strangest food have you ever eaten?”

Communicating reaffirmation to customers

Employees should reaffirm customers to conduct their business dealing with them. It avoids the buyer’s remorse. During the transaction, one can infuse against buyer’s remorse by reaffirming to customers that they have made a great choice by highlighting that the product or service is spot-on for their needs and situation(Abd Ghani et al., 2017). One may phrase ” insure you will love it” to help reaffirm and bolster the customer’s settle in to move forward with the sale or trade and, as significantly, feel satisfied with it. Restatements project one’s personality in optimistic ways, touching and reaching out to customers. Studies show Young customers react more positively to touch than older people in most cases. However, it imparted customer impression of personality. The older folks tend to increase their tips as opposed to aged folks who are not touched at all. Providing unvarying customer experience as a way to reach out to customers. Unchanging delivery routine is something many clients appeal for from a business or company. It is crucial for customer contentment. Research shows that unvarying client experience across the whole client journey will surge customer contentment, build trust, and strengthen loyalty.

Projecting on professionalism

Maintaining a professional image is key to the business success when serving customers, which involves paying attention to one’s appearance in terms of grooming, dressing, and attractiveness of the place of work. Professionalism is vital for customer service employees since great judgment and civil actions can better customer contentment and retention. Most big businesses have exceptional customer connections because they have competent delegates who keenly listen to issues and approach customer needs (Karl et al., 2016). The more one efficaciously tackles criticism, the more likely they are to have recapitulated customers and increase the attractiveness of the workplace. Proper dressing and grooming are crucial to gaining respect and a positive impression of the workplace. Grooming is vital in putting the appropriate first conception in front of customers and transmogrifying more services and sales. Survey shows that people with appealing appearances reap more money and spring better sales outcomes in various businesses. Attractive dressing and grooming give off the impression of professionalism in an individual. It instills respect and trust subliminally in the customers’ minds and, hence, persuades their decisions and choices. Casual appearance inculcates the impression of irresponsible and thoughtless nature.

Abd Ghani, M., Rahi, S., Yasin, N. M., & Alnaser, F. M. (2017). Adoption of internet banking: extending the role of technology acceptance model (TAM) with e-customer service and customer satisfaction.  World Applied Sciences Journal ,  35 (9), 1918-1929.

Quirke, B. (2017).  Making the connections: Using internal communication to turn strategy into action . Routledge.

Karl, K., Peluchette, J. V. E., & Hall, L. M. (2016). Employee beliefs regarding the impact of unconventional appearance on customers in Mexico and Turkey.  Employee Relations .

Kim, K., & Baker, M. A. (2019). How the employee looks and looks at you: Building customer–employee rapport.  Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research ,  43 (1), 20-40.

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Customer Service Essay Examples

Benefits of crowdsourcing for company development.

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What Does Customer Service Mean to Me: a Personal Perspective

Customer service, a vital component of any successful business or organization, holds a unique significance in my understanding of effective interpersonal interactions and organizational excellence. In this essay, I will share my perspective on what customer service means to me, exploring its core values, its...

Community Engagement: Case Study of Nuffield Health

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Nestlé's Global Citizenship: Balancing Profit and Social Responsibility

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Credit Terms: Strategies, Benefits and the Main Elements

Credit terms are the installment terms referenced on the receipt at the hour of purchasing products. It is an understanding among the purchaser and dealer about the timings and installments to be made for the products purchased on credit. It is otherwise called installment terms....

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