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BF5 Assignments

Assignments are challenges featured in Battlefield V . Similar to past installments, players must complete specific tasks in order to complete them. Four categories of assignments are available: special assignments, challenge assignments, Tides of War assignments, and daily orders. Special assignments feature two to five specific tasks with two, three, or all tasks needing to be finished in order to complete the respective assignment. Upon completion, special assignments will award Company Coin , other awards such as Dog Tags or cosmetic options. Three Daily Orders are available at any time and are refreshed every twenty-four hours, requiring only one task to be completed. Upon completion, players will be awarded Company Coin and XP .

  • Special Assignments
  • Challenge Assignments
  • Tides of War
  • Daily Orders

Special Assignments [ ]

Assault [ ], support [ ], gamemode [ ], miscellaneous [ ], challenge assignments [ ], classes & combat roles [ ], gadgets [ ], weapons [ ], vehicles [ ], tides of war [ ].

Note: Assignments not completed at the end of a chapter will carry over to the new chapter.

Overture [ ]

Lightning strikes [ ], trial by fire [ ], defying the odds [ ], booster pack [ ], daily orders [ ], vehicle [ ].

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  • 2 EMKV90-TOR

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bfv assignments not appearing

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November 2018

Solved! Go to Solution.

how to get new assignments bfv

Re: bfv assignments not appearing

Hero (Retired)

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November 2018 - last edited November 2018


December 2018


October 2020


January 2021 - last edited January 2021


September 2021


Battlefield 5: how to track Assignments, Special Assignments, Mastery Assignments and rewards

Assignments have been overhauled in Battlefield 5, but how they work, and how you can get more of them isn't always clear.

As we explained in our Battlefield 5 tips , Assignments are one of the progression items you'll need to stay on top of as you play the game.

Assignments are not only a great source for Company Coin (in-game currency), they can also reward XP - and more importantly - cosmetic items for your soldiers and weapons. In this guide, we hope to make it easy to understand, choose, equip, and track Assignments.

Assignments, explained

In Battlefield 5, Assignments are more like quests than they are challenges. In simple terms, Assignments are much more tasking versions of Orders. Only instead of having one requirement you can easily fulfil in a day, they're meant to be completed over time.

In response to feedback in Battlefield 1 and previous games in the series, DICE made Assignments more accessible this time around. Depending on the reward, an Assignment could have anywhere from two to four or five requirements. Crucially, however, you won't always have to complete all associated tasks.

At the very top of the Assignment's description, you'll note that it's asking you to complete two or three of the listed objectives. Often, the harder tasks will be tracked per game. DICE made sure to always include an easier, more grindy version for those unable to do the high-pressure equivalent - and their progress instead carries on from match to match.

For instance, you'll come across requirements like 'get ten kills with a weapon in a round', in contrast to 'do 3,000 damage with a weapon'. You can always try to go for the former, but if you only manage to get nine of the ten required kills, this particular tracker will reset in the next round. The easier option is to obviously go for the damage dealt task, but the flip side is that it'll take you longer to achieve.

Take your time to read each requirement carefully, because you may find that one of them falls completely outside your typical play style. If that's the case, ignoring that task could mean getting stuck on an Assignment for weeks.

If you never fly in Battlefield 5, it doesn't make sense to accept a plane-based Assignment, even if some of the other objectives are doable as an infantry. The only thing you need to worry about is whether any of the doable tasks are enough for you to clear the Assignment and claim the reward.

Once you've unlocked all class weapons and reached a high enough level, Assignments will start to make up a more crucial component of your play. You'll move on to chasing Company Coin, and cosmetic items for your favourite weapons - and Assignments will help get you there more efficiently.

how to get new assignments bfv

How to get new Assignments

Assignments are doled out in a few different ways in Battlefield 5. You have your basic weapon, and class Assignments, which are unlocked the more you use the weapon/play the class they're associated with.

These often reward low-tier cosmetic items for use with your weapon or class. In fact, if you browse the available options for the different weapon grips or outfit pieces you'll find most of them locked behind Special Assignments. For weapons, the game will say which Assignment you need to complete to earn the reward, but it currently does not do the same for soldier outfits.

Like the weapons and classes themselves, Assignments also come in different levels . It starts out with Proficiency, goes through a few levels of those until it culminates with Mastery. This is true for both weapon, and class Assignments.

Weapon and class Mastery Assignments unlock higher tiers (rarer) rewards for your class or weapon. Naturally, you'll only get these if you spend enough time with that class/weapon. Their requirements are also more challenging than the basic version, but they reward Epic gear.

Maxing out your class level for each of the four classes - currently at 20 - unlocks Mastery Assignments in the same way. Likewise, when completed, they award very good-looking cosmetics, or rarer colours for existing pieces. Once again, these won't be easy, with the Recon ones especially being a pain in the ass. For weapons, Mastery Assignments unlock the more exquisite camos.

Special Assignments

Some Special Assignments were given as pre-order bonuses, and they're essentially similar to the Special Assignments deluxe edition owners get. In both cases, if you didn't pre-order/opt for the more expensive edition, you won't have access to them.

They're themed around real-world operations by the British Special Air Service (SAS), and the German Fallschirmjager troops in the war. In all cases, they reward Company Coin. Since CCs can be used to buy weapon Specializations and certain cosmetic items, they're meant to give players who pre-ordered/bought the deluxe edition a bit of an edge, but they don't have exclusive rewards beyond that.

We should also mention Basic Training Assignments , which are the easiest to do. These also reward Company Coin, and are good to stock up on in case you're not feeling the rest of what's available to you, or you're just looking to grind some CCs.

how to get new assignments bfv

Assignment rewards

The Assignments page in Battlefield 5 is smartly laid out. It lets you easily see the requirements and rewards of each Assignment before you commit, as well as for those you already have equipped. Sadly, you can't preview the rewards themselves from the same menu.

You certainly can remember the name and return to the customisation menu to see the item, however. In some cases, completing Assignments unlocks more Assignments. This is common with the Proficiency Assignments . On top of the usual rewards, you'll also unlock a higher tier of the same Assignment. Completing Proficiency 2 unlocks Proficiency 3 and so on.

The higher tiers in turn give you access to better rewards, but require more finesse, as we outlined above. As always, you can discard what you don't like, or ones you've picked up but don't think you'll be able to finish.

how to get new assignments bfv

How to track Assignment progress

Unlike Orders, Assignments don't refresh daily - but they do rotate. Like we mentioned in our Battlefield 5 tips , it's always recommended that you check the list regularly.

In-game, bringing up the menu (Esc) will display a concise tracker on the right for both Daily Orders, and Assignments. You can also select Assignments from the same menu for a detailed reminder of your objectives. Even better, Battlefield 5 always tracks your Assignment progress in the background, and you'll get a subtle popup on the left side of the screen anytime you make progress.

It can sometimes be hard to track whether or not your most recent kill counts as an "objective kill" or just a normal kill. Watching that tracker ensures you're always informed of your progress.

In the launch version of Battlefield 5, you're not able to discard Assignments or sign up for new ones mid-match. This needs to be done from the main menu, outside of the match. It's not ideal, but it's something DICE is working on improving .

For more on Battlefield 5, such as a breakdown of every new feature , the best weapons for each class or details about the new combat roles check out our Battlefield 5 guide for more.

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Battlefield V tips and tricks

Your guide to being the best at Battlefield V

how to get new assignments bfv


The Battlefield franchise is back, and following the success of dialling the clock back to WW1 for Battlefield 1, the latest instalment keeps the historical setting going by leaping into the chaos of WW2. As a result, you’ve got that classic, hectic multiplayer gameplay you know and love, mixed in with some new and improved features.

Working as a squad, utilizing class strengths and making the most of your weapon’s specializations are more important than ever, so to help you get a slight edge in the midst of a firefight, here are some tactics to help you achieve that ‘V’ for victory in Battlefield V . 

Always have Orders and Assignments activated

Always have Orders and Assignments activated

Much like the orders system used in Call of Duty: WW2, BFV utilizes a series of regularly updated Assignments and Orders. These are effectively challenges that require you to complete a certain task, or reach a particular milestone, during multiplayer matches in all (or some) modes.

Assignments and Orders can be class-specific or general to overall play, and will reward Company Coins when completed. You can then use this special currency to buy cosmetic items for your classes. Orders are updated daily and can be found on the main play screen. Special Assignments need to be manually activated. You can have up to four running at once, and relate to certain class-oriented actions.

Balance classes within a squad

Balance classes within a squad

Every match of BFV ends by ranking not individual players, but squads and their collective point scoring. In order to produce the most effective and proactive squad, you need to make sure that a) everyone is mic’d up and b) the right classes are represented. 

If you’re playing a map with a lot of open space and long channels, use Recon to spot enemies and provide sniper support. Have at least one Medic to provide healing and faster revives. A Support provides invaluable suppression and extra ammo, while Assault is ideal for pushing and taking objectives. Find the right balance for your skill sets and each map.

Earn requisition points by playing as a squad

Earn requisition points by playing as a squad

Each squad has a squad leader who has additional abilities at their disposal during a match. Completing objectives, performing certain actions (such as heals or defensive kills) and killing enemy players will collectively build up the squad’s requisition points. You can see the current total next to squad leader’s name on the bottom-left of the screen (next to the mini-map).

The squad leader can use these points to perform actions that can turn the tide of a battle, including calling in reinforcements or supplies. There are seven to choose from, ranging from a menacing Sturmtiger to a V-1 Rocket strike. So keep playing objectives and playing to your class and make the most of these points when they matter most.

Use specializations to subtly enhance your weapons

Use specializations to subtly enhance your weapons

Following the issues EA and DICE had with supply drops, and the way paid-for Star Cards gave some players an in-game advantage, the Swedish developer has made sure only player skill and teamwork will affect the outcome of a match in BFV. However, you can still subtly improve the performance of your weapons via specializations.

These work like perks and allow you to customize your weapon so a particular facet of its performance sees a marginal increase. So you might want to reduce recoil, or improve hip fire accuracy. Each buff also debuffs another aspect of your weapon, so while you make a certain gun feel more attuned to your play style, you’ll also have to contend with some concessions.

Restock and heal your squad consistently as Support and Medic

Restock and heal your squad consistently as Support and Medic

In terms of loadout, a Medic is quite similar to an Assault since they’re at their most effective when rushing into battle alongside Assault players in order to support their teammates with revives. However, they can also throw medpacks (press left on the D-pad) which will heal multiple players at a faster rate than their natural regeneration.

The Support class can also provide help, not just in laying down suppressive fire with an LMG and the use of mines against armor, but in dropping ammo packs. These are best used in between firefights when Assault and Medic players may be running low.

Revive squad mates to maintain respawn tickets

Revive squad mates to maintain respawn tickets

Unlike Call of Duty, which uses traditional cycling spawn points, BFV utilizes static spawn points and moving spawn points. In theory, this means you can spawn on any active member of your squad, wherever they are in the battlefield, as long as they’re not directly in combat.

However, these spawn tickets will only remain active as long as each player is still alive, and that means you’ll need your medic to be on point. When a squad mate is down, they’ll have a large, round, green circle above them with a heart-rate symbol. Be sure to run over and press ‘Square’/’X’/’E’ to revive them.

Use Fortifications to defend and hold key objectives

Use Fortifications to defend and hold key objectives

Fortification is new to the Battlefield franchise, but it’s sure to become a vital tool in any defensive soldier’s playbook. They can only be used in certain locations, so you can’t just build cover randomly a la Fortnite . These points are usually found around objectives or specific structures, so look for gray outline markers on your mini-map to be sure.

To start building, select the tool icon by pressing ‘Down’ on the D-pad and initiate the fortification process by holding ‘R2’/’RT’. You can fortify in any class, but using the Support class will enable you to build everything from walls to gun nests at a much faster rate.

Love playing in vehicles? Enhance them with specializations

Love playing in vehicles? Enhance them with specializations

Much like weapons, all of BFV’s playable vehicles can be subtly enhanced by using specializations. These can be purchased with Company Coin, a currency you earn by completing Orders and Challenges in-game, so it shouldn’t take too long to build up enough for a pool to spend.

Each vehicle has its own progression tree, which enables you to take one aspect of its performance and provide it with a small buff. However, just like weapon enhancements, these buffs will also debuff another stat, so weigh up which specialization will suit your play style and the mode ahead the best.

The Recon class isn’t just for sniping

The Recon class isn’t just for sniping

This is a Battlefield game, so of course there’s a class that’s tailor-made for those players that like to play at a distance and collect headshots through the relative safety of a scope. However, the Recon class offers more than just ranged death-dealing. It’s also good for – you guessed it – recon!

This class has two Combat Role variations: Sniper (for improved breath-holding) and Pathfinder. This enables you to spawn on the squad leader and identify key enemy placements and armor, and deploy spawn beacons. You can even tag enemy soldiers for the whole squad by sighting them with your scope.

Use Supply Stations to keep stocked with ammo

Use Supply Stations to keep stocked with ammo

BFV introduced a new system called Attrition, which is designed to limit your resources until you capture or successfully defend an objective. It’s designed to keep you playing as a team, but it does mean you can run out of bullets quick. However, following the beta, BFV has been adjusted to ensure there are multiple means of restocking.

First, always check fallen soldiers for ammo. Every match of BFV has a high turnover of deaths, so there’s always a corpse with a white bullet marker. Run over it to grab some ammo. Another key source is using the Supply Stations that appear when you capture an objective. Both the Support and Assault classes can also resupply their teammates.

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Strava is finally adding Dark Mode, AI analytics, family plans and more

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how to get new assignments bfv

How to Specialize Battlefield V Weapons

Explore gun improvements as we climb the branches of one of the primary weapon trees..

Every weapon in Battlefield™ V has been created with a simple design philosophy. Weapons should all be balanced, uniquely different, fun to use, and give beginners and pros something to learn or master. This goes for Specializations, too. If you haven’t heard of these, they’re a way to improve your primary weapons with various perks. By using your weapons in battle, and spending the in-game currency Company Coin you earn from doing so, you’ll unlock Specializations. From the very first unlock, you get to choose their flavor. Every choice has its pros and cons, so choose wisely as you climb the Specialization trees. Each weapon is a journey in itself, and you will plot its course. Not only will Specializations teach you how to handle different weapons. When mastered, you can go back and try different setups, and take on new challenges. Note that if you’re new to Battlefield V , Specializations should never make you feel that you’re at a disadvantage compared to seasoned players. That’s why the four starter weapons (one per class) have Specializations unlocked from the get-go. These starter weapons will initially be on Rank 0. At Rank 4, you can go back and re-spec them as you see fit.

Just as visual customization does not change how a weapon performs, most Specializations don’t change how the weapon looks – but there are exceptions to the latter. For example, if you add the Extended Magazine Specialization to the Suomi KP/-31, a larger magazine will be added to the weapon for you and everyone else on the battlefield to see. There are Specializations for vehicles, too – read our article about how to specialize an iconic tank. Changes from Previous Games In games like Battlefield ™ 3 and Battlefield ™ 4 , there were quite a lot of ways to adjust values to your weapons through various attachments. This time, we’re going for quality over quantity. Specializations will be fewer but better and more intuitive to understand. It’s our goal to give each weapon as much character and depth as we can. Battlefield 4 only had two or three optimal configurations of weapons, which meant you saw players fighting with the same foregrip and other attachments. After listening to the community, we separated the vanity aspect from the gameplay aspect for these weapon-altering choices. This means that in Battlefield V , you can have a fully specialized weapon that is not tied to a certain visual look.

Case in Point: The EMP Specialization Tree To exemplify how the Specialization system works, let’s look at a specific weapon: the EMP. If you’ve read our article listing all weapons, vehicles, and gadgets coming to Battlefield V at launch, you’ll know that the EMP belongs to the Submachine Guns, a weapon category heavily specialized into close-range fights. As the image above demonstrates, the EMP has eight different Specializations and eight paths to get through the Specialization tree, just like the game’s other primary weapons. Battlefield V Open Beta participants may remember that there were only four paths through the tree; we increased this to provide more choice. As is the case with most Battlefield V weapons, the four Specializations on the left side will buff your EMP mainly for close-range situations – this means improvements to hip fire and rate of fire. The four Specializations on the image’s right side will improve your weapon mainly when it comes to medium and long-range situations, meaning less recoil and improved aim down the sights. It’s up to you if you want to go all-in on one side or get a little from both column A and B. Each choice comes with upsides but sometimes downsides as well – and choosing one of two Specializations of course means not getting the benefits of the other. Effects will be visualized in the meters for damage, accuracy, hip fire, and more.

Let’s start with the four Specializations on the left side of the EMP tree. Slings and Swivels: Allows swapping to your EMP or sidearm faster. This comes in handy when, for instance, you’re in a firefight and you don’t have time to reload your EMP. Swap to your sidearm in 0.65 instead of 0.75 seconds and win the fight. You’ll also shoot sooner after sprinting. Enhanced Grips: This improves your base accuracy when firing from the hip. Unlock this and get 25% less hip fire-related spread and 33% better range. Polished Action: Decreases hip fire inaccuracy and makes your EMP stay accurate for a bit longer. You’ll get around 40% less inaccuracy from hip firing with this unlocked. Recoil Buffer: Keep your EMP steady with this Specialization. It reduces vertical recoil by 20%. Moving on to the right side of the tree, you’ll find these Specializations tied to aiming down the sights (also known as ADS). Quick Aim: Makes your EMP zoom in faster when going into ADS. Instead of 200ms, it will take 133ms to line up your weapon. Custom Stock: Stay on target. This Specialization reduces spread by 33% while moving aiming down the sights . Lightened Stock: Peak around corners more quickly while aiming. In your ADS view, you’ll move 60% quicker with this one. Barrel Bedding: Reduces spread by 75% for ADS. Use it to get an extra headshot or two and enjoy the slightly longer sustained fire.

Re-specs and Fresh Challenges – Specializations are Just the Beginning The Specialization trees are a way to teach you the ins-and-outs of weapons, but what happens after you’ve made your way through the tree and mastered your weapon? Fortunately, there is more to do. You can re-spec your weapon, taking a new path through the options to discover new variations for new situations. You also have the opportunity to take on weapon-specific Special Assignments, introduced when the Specialization tree is completed. Complete these in-game challenges, and you’ll unlock stunning, unique vanity items for your weapon. Master these chained challenges; the end goal is truly golden . . . – Jonas Elfving with help from Julian Schimek, Weapon Designer and Claes Fornell, Game Designer Deploy on the battlefield with style – pre-order Battlefield V and get the Firestorm Ranger Set *. Enter mankind’s greatest conflict on Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC. On November 9, play the full game with Origin Access Premier or try it as part of the EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trials**. Or, join the fight on November 15 with Battlefield ™ V Deluxe Edition early enlister access, or November 20 with the Battlefield™ V Standard Edition . Sign up today to receive the latest Battlefield news, updates, behind-the-scenes content, exclusive offers, and more (including other EA news, products, events, and promotions) by email. Follow Battlefield on Twitter and Instagram , like us on Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Hop in and join the Battlefield Community on the Battlefield Forums , and discuss with us on Reddit and Discord . *Conditions and restrictions apply. See **CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS APPLY. SEE AND FOR DETAILS. One free trial per EA account. After the trial, the current Origin Access monthly or annual membership fee will be billed. Cancel during the trial period without charge. Note that game content, gameplay mechanics, and other Battlefield V aspects covered in this article may change between now and the launch of the game.


Ea anticheat and battlefield, play by your own rules in battlefield™ v’s community games, battlefield v definitive edition available now.


Injured New York Yankees Star Set to Resume Rehab Assignment

Matthew postins | may 15, 2024.

Apr 22, 2024; Bronx, New York, USA; New York Yankees third baseman DJ LeMahieu.

  • New York Yankees

New York Yankees third baseman DJ LeMahieu appears ready to resume a rehab assignment this week after getting live at-bats at the team’s complex in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday.

Per the New York Post , the plan is for LeMahieu to begin a rehab assignment with Double-A Somerset on either Thursday or Friday.

Two other injured Yankees, infielder Oswald Peraza and pitcher Tommy Kahnle, are with the Patriots on an rehab assignment. They are hosting Portland this week.

Returning to live game action is a significant step forward for LeMahieu, a player the Yankees were hoping would be their starting third baseman on Opening Day.

Instead, LeMahieu suffered non-displaced fracture of his right foot on a foul ball March 16 during spring training and was moved to the injured list after that. Originally, the Yankees termed it a foot contusion before an second MRI revealed the fracture after the swelling went down after the first MRI.

LeMahieu started a rehab assignment on April 23, but he only lasted one inning after he reported soreness in the foot and the Yankees opted to shut him down.

LeMahieu is in the fourth year of a six-year contract that pays him $90 million. He won the American League batting title in the truncated 2020 season, hitting .364 in his first year with the Yankees. But his average in each of his last three full seasons has been below his career average of .298, as he batted only .243 last season in 136 games.

In order to build depth around the position before the season the Yankees traded for Jon Berti, who spent some time on the injured list earlier this season.

The Yankees have used Oswaldo Cabrera primarily at third base and he has put together a solid season in LeMahieu’s absence.  

Matthew Postins


Matthew Postins is an award-winning sports journalist who covers the Texas Rangers, Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, New York Yankees and Houston Astros for Sports Illustrated/FanNation


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    how to get new assignments bfv

  3. Battlefield 5: how to track Assignments, Special Assignments, Mastery

    how to get new assignments bfv

  4. BFV Assignments

    how to get new assignments bfv

  5. QUICK and EASY HACK to get BFV vehicle repair assignments, with FLAWLESS COUNTERATTACK

    how to get new assignments bfv

  6. BFV Battlefield 5: How To Hack & Complete Special Assignments Quickly & Easily

    how to get new assignments bfv


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  1. Battlefield V Assignments

    Assignments are challenges featured in Battlefield V.Similar to past installments, players must complete specific tasks in order to complete them. Four categories of assignments are available: special assignments, challenge assignments, Tides of War assignments, and daily orders. Special assignments feature two to five specific tasks with two, three, or all tasks needing to be finished in ...

  2. How do I get new assignments? : r/BattlefieldV

    Reaching rank 10 with a class unlocks a chain of Proficiency assignments for that class, I don't remember the rewards. Reaching rank 20 with a class unlocks a chain of Mastery assignments for that class, with six pieces of clothing (three for each side) as rewards. I don't know if there are assignments for vehicles.

  3. Battlefield V: How to Unlock Special Assignments For ...

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  4. Solved: bfv assignments not appearing

    She called them out on that and informed them that we were playing together and progressing at a similar rate, while I have been getting assignments she has had nothing. As a kicker they also said that I must be joking when it was said that I had been getting assignments from low rank (3-4) as this simply isn't possible. Smells like bull to me.

  5. Battlefield 5: how to track Assignments, Special Assignments ...

    In the launch version of Battlefield 5, you're not able to discard Assignments or sign up for new ones mid-match. This needs to be done from the main menu, outside of the match.

  6. When do I get more special assignments? : r/BattlefieldV

    MadeBrazen. Yep, assignments begin to unlock from level 10 of each class. Also, you'll start to get them after level 4 for individual weapons, might be level 5 or 6, not sure. Basically the title, only special assignments I've had so far have been the very first basic ones, plus that one that gives you like 12k xp, I'n the….

  7. How Rewards and Progression Work in Battlefield V

    Get a headshot over a certain number of meters. Score a set number of points of explosive damage. Build a set number of stationary weapons. Revive a set number of teammates in one life as Medic. Three Kills. Get a set number of headshots in one life. Get a set number of kills while bipod is deployed in one life. Get a triple kill. Master all Ranges

  8. [BFV] Getting new assignments without leaving the server

    Your place for discussion, help, news, reviews, questions, screenshots, videos, gifs, and anything else BFV related! Battlefield V is developed by DICE and produced by EA. This subreddit is ran by dedicated fans of the series and has no affiliation with EA or DICE.

  9. Assignments and Orders

    Assignments. Assignments are found on the title screen and need to be manually selected. You can have 4 active at any one time, with another 14 stored in reserve. They will refresh regularly, but ...

  10. Battlefield V tips and tricks

    First, always check fallen soldiers for ammo. Every match of BFV has a high turnover of deaths, so there's always a corpse with a white bullet marker. Run over it to grab some ammo. Another key ...


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  12. Unlocking 'Proficiency' Special Assignments :: Battlefield™ V General

    According to some people you might get lucky and unlock the assignments eventually by playing enough so that the game registers them but it's been >100 hours for me and I still haven't experienced it. #1. TimHortonHAW Feb 13, 2022 @ 12:34am. I had to contact EA Help and they fixed the issue within 24 hours.

  13. Battlefield 5 Eidolon Special Assignment Challenge

    First steps in completing the Eidolon special assignment. (Probably)!/tid=CUSA08724_00

  14. How to Specialize Battlefield V Weapons

    Let's start with the four Specializations on the left side of the EMP tree. Slings and Swivels: Allows swapping to your EMP or sidearm faster. This comes in handy when, for instance, you're in a firefight and you don't have time to reload your EMP. Swap to your sidearm in 0.65 instead of 0.75 seconds and win the fight.

  15. How to complete the "Build Five Stationary Weapons" assignment in

    ⭐️A very simple how-to video showing you how to complete the "Build Five Stationary Weapons" challenge in Battlefield V (BFV) (BF5). It's a lot easier than...

  16. How to: Mastery Assignments : r/BattlefieldV

    For the headshot kills on objectives i personally recommend to do them on conquest aerodrome. Nearly for the entire game there is always a fight around the C flag, so it's the perfect setup for the assualt ones. The Recon assignments can be done here aswell, since u can snipe into the C flag relativly well. Reply.

  17. How to get new assignments : r/BattlefieldV

    Yes - You'll unlock "proficiency" assignments around halfway through leveling classes and weapons. When you max rank a weapon or class you'll also get "mastery" assignments. The mastery assignments unlock golden gun skins and the epic class skins. Hope that helps!

  18. Injured New York Yankees Star Set to Resume Rehab Assignment

    New York Yankees third baseman DJ LeMahieu appears ready to resume a rehab assignment this week after getting live at-bats at the team's complex in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday. Per the New York Post ...

  19. Battlefield 5: M1928A1 THOMPSON REVIEW ~ BF5 Weapon Guide (BFV)

    M1928a1 Thompson Battlefield 5 guide, with all the BF5 gun stats, best specializations, and Battlefield 5 gameplay with the Thompson M1928a1, a medic class S...

  20. How to get "Special Assignment" Headgear? : r/BattlefieldV

    The headgear are as follows: And just to prove that I have completed some assignments and they only show CC as a reward: Yes once you reach rank 20 for a class you will be able to accept a mastery assignment that rewards you with these. For recon I can 100% say you get the union jacked for allied and cannibus for axis.

  21. How to remove assignments? : r/BattlefieldV

    Thank you. That's a relief. Reply. Another_Farming_Dud • 5 yr. ago. Choose an assignment out of the 4 -> It'll open your other available assignments -> Select the one you want and it'll replace it. Note that you don't lose the progression over the assignment that you "deactivate". Reply. Endeezdafreak • 5 yr. ago. Oh, great.

  22. BFV Battlefield 5: How To Hack & Complete Special Assignments ...

    Jackfrags pointed this out in a recent video, so I thought I'd show you how this "cheat" actually works.Thanks, Rob.