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how to write case western supplemental essays

How to Write the Case Western Essays 2023-2024

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Case Western Reserve University is one of the top colleges in the United States, consistently ranking in the top 45 national universities. Case Western has a strong reputation for scientific research and boasts 16 Nobel Laureates. In addition to the natural sciences, Case is especially known for educating leaders in engineering and the medical professions. Thus, w riting strong, revealing essays can make all the difference for your application.

All applicants to Case Western must complete the Common App personal essay. However, to apply to the Pre-Professional Scholars Program, which grants conditional admission to the School of Medicine or School of Dental Medicine, you will need to complete additional essays.

Read these Case Western essay examples to inspire your own writing.

Case Western Supplemental Essay Prompts

Pre-professional scholars applicants.

Prompt 1: In the college application process, you are constantly prompted for a list of your achievements, awards, and accomplishments. While this information is useful to us, we are interested in hearing more about you. Describe an event, achievement, or experience of which you are particularly proud but that will not show up on a resume, may not garner any recognition, and does not appear anywhere else on your admission application. (750 words)

Prompt 2: By applying to the Pre-Professional Scholars Program, you are applying to gain admission to professional school earlier than students who apply in the traditional way. Please indicate why you’re interested in your chosen profession. How do you see yourself being particularly suited to this field? What events and/or experiences have led you to your choice? This essay should be between 250 and 500 words in length.

Pre-Professional Scholars Applicants, Prompt 1

In the college application process, you are constantly prompted for a list of your achievements, awards, and accomplishments. while this information is useful to us, we are interested in hearing more about you. describe an event, achievement, or experience of which you are particularly proud but that will not show up on a resume, may not garner any recognition, and does not appear anywhere else on your admission application. (750 words).

Here, Case is openly inviting you to do the opposite of what you have been doing in the rest of your application. They are asking you to tell a story that you would not have expected to find yourself bragging about in a college application. Your priority with this prompt should be to show a more human side of yourself and showcase how you meet the opportunities for excellence that arise every day. The first thing to do before you start writing this essay is to make sure you are not writing about a topic that was part of your Common App essay or your list of extracurriculars.

One way to help yourself identify a good story for this prompt is to reflect on moments when you were most impressed by the character of a friend or sibling and ask yourself what parallel experiences you have had. For example, recalling the time that your friend saved you from disaster might inspire you to write this essay about how your attention to detail helped you catch a critical rigging mistake as a member of the technical crew for your school’s production of West Side Story .

Here are three tactics that can help you turn this essay into a stellar part of your application:

Consider stories and accomplishments that subvert or add nuance to the first impression someone might have of you.

If you’re a roboticist applying to the College of Engineering, this is an opportunity to talk about the sweater it took you a month to knit rather than your first successful Arduino project. If you’re a social activist who spends the day organizing protests, this is the opportunity to share how your persistence one weekend helped you reel in the biggest fish you’ve ever seen. In other words, use this prompt to highlight the kind of victory that brightens your week, even if it doesn’t get you a certificate. At the same time, it is important that the story you tell here is actually anchored to a value or interest that will contribute to your and your classmates’ success at Case. An essay that shows a different side of you will not be as valuable if the reader is left wondering why that different side matters at all.

A good example of this tactic is an essay that talks about how knitting a sweater helped you understand the value of being patient, keeping a vision when something seems to be falling apart, and coping with the mistakes you make.

A bad example of this tactic is an essay that talks about how proud you are that your sweater looks exactly like you imagined it would and that you were able to sell it for a profit.

Write about a time that you failed despite your best efforts.

Whether it’s engineering, medicine, or the liberal arts, failure is a constant part of learning and doing productive things. It may seem unnatural to write an essay about something that didn’t go well. But if you can offer a compelling story about how you worked hard to succeed at a task you care about and how you responded to the failure, Case will come away with a rich understanding of your maturity and resilience. For example, say you are a social activist. Consider telling the story about how, despite being a routine public speaker, your voice once failed you, and you took that opportunity to embrace your own vulnerability and learn how to rely on others.

By demonstrating a capacious understanding of what is an achievement, you can highlight your drive to be a person of strong character. But, if you choose to make use of this tactic, be sure that you are demonstrating your values and intelligence both before and after the failure occurred.

Showcase your humility and sense of perspective

No matter what story you tell, avoid dwelling on feeling like your achievement should have been recognized by someone and that you were unfairly denied validation. This is not the place to vent about how you actually deserved to place higher in a science fair. Instead, this is the place to show that you understand that not all great things we do happen in public. Case has produced far more thoughtful thinkers and leaders than the sixteen who won Nobel Prizes. Use your essay to show that you are content despite not winning recognition, because the satisfaction of having done something valuable is enough.

Pre-Professional Scholars Applicants, Prompt 2

By applying to the pre-professional scholars program, you are applying to gain admission to professional school earlier than students who apply in the traditional way. please indicate why you’re interested in your chosen profession. how do you see yourself being particularly suited to this field what events and/or experiences have led you to your choice this essay should be between 250 and 500 words in length..

The Pre-Professional Scholars Program is a valuable opportunity to lock in your admission to medical or dental school once you complete your bachelor’s degree. PPSP is geared toward those who are confident that dentistry or medicine are the fields that they wish to pursue. Take note of the expectations that Case Western Reserve has for strong applicants to the PPSP. Alongside a challenging academic course in high school, Pre-Professional Scholars typically have volunteered or shadowed in a medical setting and have “demonstrated care and concern for others.” Only about 10 students are accepted for dentistry and 15-20 students are accepted for medicine.

Here are four tips to strengthen your PPSP essay:

Demonstrate fit with the profession.

On a surface level, there are certain interests that drive most people interested with medicine—a love of science and a desire to help others, for example. A strong PPSP essay will go beyond these basic notions and engage the more complex dynamics of the profession. For example, you can tell a story that shows how you thrive in environments where you have to decide between snap judgments and more diligent research. Or you can discuss how your vision of making an impact on the world is most vivid to you on the micro level, helping one person at a time. Showing that you have thought deeply about, and are comfortable with, the tensions and complexities of medical professions will show your readiness.

Discuss a pivotal moment in your volunteering or shadowing experience.

One approach you might take is to talk about a moment that shook your confidence in whether or not you really did want to pursue dentistry or medicine. Maybe you watched a doctor or the healthcare system fail badly. Perhaps you felt more overwhelmed by a task than you’ve ever felt before. Bring the reader into that moment, and tell them why it is that your resolve was strengthened. If you don’t have a remarkable volunteering experience to share, try drawing from moments in your own life.

Mention your commitment.

By pre-admitting you to one of the most prestigious dental or medical schools in the country, Case will be showing that they think you’ll actually stick around to attend. You would be spending seven or eight years in school before embarking on a very demanding and rigorous career. Therefore, you want to convey that the traits and experiences driving you toward a health profession and PPSP are core to your personality . Consider showing how your strong judgment under high pressure or your relentless drive to find the right answer shows up in the rest of your life. You may even consider highlighting elements of these traits in your Common App essay and the Case supplemental essay so that you can offer a consistent image of yourself.

Explain your interest in Case’s School of Medicine or School of Dental Medicine.

In addition to being confident this early that you want to pursue medicine/dentistry, applying to PPSP also communicates that you have a particular interest in the Case Western Reserve professional schools. Before writing, brainstorm a few characteristics of the relevant professional school and think about how you will weave that into your essay.

For example, Case Western’s School of Medicine is well-known for its Western Reserve2 (WR2) curriculum, which joins together the study of medicine and public health. If you’re drawn to the opportunity to learn under the WR2 curriculum, you could mention how your experience working in a clinic in the suburbs and a clinic on a tribal reservation forced you to confront the apparent tension between the nominal similarities in how patients are treated and the disparate social contexts and impacts. Alternatively, you might discuss your interest in advancements in medical technology and highlight the opportunity that Case Western offers for collaboration between the School of Dental Medicine and the School of Engineering.

Where to Get Your Case Western Essays Edited

Do you want feedback on your Case Western essays? After rereading your essays countless times, it can be difficult to evaluate your writing objectively. That’s why we created our free Peer Essay Review tool , where you can get a free review of your essay from another student. You can also improve your own writing skills by reviewing other students’ essays. 

If you want a college admissions expert to review your essay, advisors on CollegeVine have helped students refine their writing and submit successful applications to top schools.  Find the right advisor for you  to improve your chances of getting into your dream school!

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how to write case western supplemental essays

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College essay resources

How to write the case western reserve university supplemental essays for the pre-professional scholars program, school supplements.

Case Western Reserve University's Pre-Professional Scholars Program is for undergraduate students who feel certain that they want to pursue a career in medicine, dentistry, law, or social work. If you’re applying to this program, you’ll need to write two supplemental Case Western application essays that show admissions readers you’re ready for this commitment. This guide will help you develop strong topics for these essays.

Let’s take a look at the first Case Western Reserve University supplemental essay prompt!

(Learn more about how to write college supplemental essays here. )

Case Western Supplemental Essay #1: Why Pre-Professional Scholars?

Essay prompt.

By applying to the Pre-Professional Scholars Program, you are applying to gain admission to professional school earlier than students who apply in the traditional way. Please indicate why you’re interested in your chosen profession. How do you see yourself being particularly suited to this field? What events and/or experiences have led you to your choice? This essay should be between 250 and 500 words in length.

How to write this essay

This prompt can be summarized with one question: why are you certain that you’ve chosen the right career path?

First, make a brainstorming list of 3-6 experiences that helped you understand your chosen career and made you feel like it was the perfect fit for you. They could be structured experiences, like an internship, volunteer experience, or a favorite class. Or they could be unstructured experiences, like helping someone in need, learning about a profession from someone you know, or exploring an interest through a personal project.

Let’s look at an example student’s brainstorming list!

Professional path: Medicine


  • Internship with a nearby research hospital
  • Volunteering as a licensed EMT with my local EMS crew
  • Helping with my grandmother’s care when she had cancer
  • Watching an open heart surgery from the gallery with my Future Medical Professionals student group
  • Talking to a family friend about her experiences in medical school

From your brainstorming list, choose the 2-4 experiences that you feel had the greatest impact on your choice of career. To structure your Case Western Reserve University essay, begin with a moment from the most impactful experience, then go on to devote one section to each experience.

Case Western Supplemental Essay #2: An Experience Not on Your Resume

In the college application process, you are constantly prompted for a list of your achievements, awards, and accomplishments. While this information is useful to us, we are interested in hearing more about you. Describe an event, achievement, or experience of which you are particularly proud but that will not show up on a resume, may not garner any recognition, and does not appear anywhere else on your admission application. This essay should not exceed 750 words in length.

In this essay, CWRU is looking for a new insight into your values or interests. A key phrase in this prompt is “ may not garner any recognition.” Write about something you did without any expectation of a reward.

To start, make a list of 3-4 experiences that you are proud of. These could be “big” experiences, like helping someone in an emergency, or “small” experiences, like cleaning up trash on the beach. Try to pick experiences that have a connection to your broader interests, values, or positive traits .

Let’s take a look at an example student’s brainstorming list.

  • Experience: Teaching my mother to use social media to promote her artwork
  • Connection to Values: I like helping others succeed
  • Experience: Completing the National Novel Writing Month ( NaNoWriMo ) writing challenge
  • Connection to Personal Traits: I’m creative and I like to challenge myself
  • Experience: Mediating an interpersonal conflict in my robotics team
  • Connection to Personal Trait: I have strong problem-solving skills and I’m a good listener

Once you have your list, pick the topic that you feel best represents who you are outside of class!

After choosing your topic, you’ll be ready to create an outline. If you need more help developing a detailed outline for your Case Western Reserve University supplemental essay, sign up for a free account to gain access to our prewriting modules!

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how to write case western supplemental essays

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how to write case western supplemental essays

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how to write case western supplemental essays

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Conquering the Case Western Reserve University Supplemental Essays

Picture of Admit Hero Team

When applying to Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), a highly ranked and innovative research institution, there's more to consider than just the common application. As part of the process, applicants need to respond to a set of supplemental essays specific to CWRU. These essays allow you to demonstrate your interest in the university and how you see yourself contributing to the CWRU community.

In this blog post, we will provide tips and strategies for each prompt and how best to approach them. Remember, the key is to be genuine and let your unique personality shine through.

Prompt 1: Why are you attracted to your chosen field of study?

This prompt is a classic "Why Major?" question. You should focus on detailing your journey towards choosing your major. Include any personal experiences, academic interests, and long-term goals related to this field. Show a clear understanding of what studying this field at CWRU entails and how it aligns with your aspirations.

Ever since I dismantled my first radio at the age of seven, my curiosity for how things work was ignited. My high school physics class transformed this curiosity into a passion for Electrical Engineering. Understanding the principles behind circuits and signals was captivating. My internship at a local tech startup solidified my decision. There, I applied classroom knowledge to real-world challenges, furthering my fascination for the field. The innovative environment at CWRU, especially the pioneering research at the Case School of Engineering, aligns with my ambitions. I am particularly intrigued by Professor X’s work on sustainable energy systems. Studying Electrical Engineering at CWRU would offer me the blend of theoretical foundation and practical experience, helping me realize my goal of designing efficient and sustainable energy solutions.

Prompt 2: How have you contributed to your high school and/or local community?

CWRU values students who can contribute positively to their community. In this prompt, discuss any experiences where you made a significant impact, be it a school club, local charity, or a personal project. The key is to highlight your initiative, leadership, and commitment to improving the lives of others.

During my sophomore year, I founded a coding club at my high school. I noticed a lack of resources for students interested in programming, and I aimed to fill that gap. We started with five members and expanded to over thirty in two years. We created an inclusive environment where students could explore coding at their own pace. I organized weekly meetings, coding challenges, and guest lectures from local tech professionals. Additionally, we developed an app to connect local charities with volunteers, demonstrating our commitment to the local community. My work with the coding club gave me the satisfaction of providing a learning space for my peers and contributing positively to my community.

Optional Prompt: Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Only respond to this prompt if there's a significant aspect of your profile not covered elsewhere in the application. This could include overcoming personal hardships, unique life experiences, or explaining any inconsistencies in your academic record. Keep it concise and relevant.

During my junior year, my grades experienced a slight dip due to health issues. I was diagnosed with mononucleosis and had to miss school for a month. It was a challenging period as I juggled between recovery and keeping up with my academic commitments. However, I used this experience to develop resilience and adaptability. I caught up with my curriculum through extra classes and self-study. This experience, though tough, has made me more resilient, and I am confident in my ability to overcome future challenges.

Specific School Prompts:

If you're applying to a specific program, such as the Pre-Professional Scholars Program or the Integrated BS/MS Program, you will have additional prompts. These require more specific responses demonstrating your interest and aptitude for the selected program.

Now, let's talk about how to make the most of your word limit for each essay. Aim to be detailed but concise. Provide personal anecdotes where possible to add a narrative element and make your essay engaging.

Optimization of your essays to rank higher is crucial. Here are some key words and phrases related to CWRU to consider:

  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Community involvement
  • Pre-Professional Scholars Program
  • Integrated BS/MS Program

Remember, these keywords should be used naturally and contextually. They are meant to enhance your content, not to be used as filler.

Writing college essays can feel daunting, but remember that they are just another opportunity to showcase who you are and what you bring to the table. Be authentic, be reflective, and most importantly, be you!

Best of luck with your CWRU application!

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Your chance of acceptance, your chancing factors, extracurriculars, are the case western supplemental essays different each year.

Just wondering if the Case Western Reserve supplemental essays change every year or if they stay relatively consistent? If they change, any idea when the prompts for the Class of 2025 will be released? Thanks in advance!

The Case Western Reserve supplemental essay prompts can vary somewhat from year to year, but there is often consistency in the overall themes they cover. For instance, they frequently ask students to discuss their interest in a specific major or program at Case Western, their reasons for applying to the university, and their involvement in extracurricular activities.

While there's no guarantee that the previous year's prompts will be exactly the same for the Class of 2025, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with past prompts and start brainstorming potential essay topics. The updated essay prompts for the Class of 2025 will likely be released on the official Case Western Reserve website or the Common Application website during the summer, typically around the end of July or early August. Make sure to monitor these websites for updates on the prompts to be well-prepared when they become available. Good luck on your application!

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CollegeVine’s Q&A seeks to offer informed perspectives on commonly asked admissions questions. Every answer is refined and validated by our team of admissions experts to ensure it resonates with trusted knowledge in the field.

how to write case western supplemental essays

Case Western Reserve University Guide

The Ivy Scholars guide to Case Western Reserve University’s culture, admissions, and other essential information for prospective students and their families.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Mascot: Spartie the Spartan

Type: Private University

Population: 11,850 (5,300 undergrads)

Jump to Section:


Natl. Rankings  

Admissions Info


Special Programs

Student Life  

Financial Info  

Fun Facts     


About Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University is known for its world class research. Its myriad focuses span from technology, engineering, and science to liberal arts; encompassing a variety of programs. Founded through the merging of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University to create its current form, it now contains a concentration of educational, medical, and cultural institutions.

how to write case western supplemental essays

Case Western Reserve University Statistics

Year Founded: 1826

4 Year Graduation Rate: 65%

Gender Distribution: 55% male, 45% female

Acceptance Rate: 29%

Residency: 29% in state, 52% out of state, 19% international

Location Type:  Urban

Schedule System:  Semesters

Student/Faculty Ratio: 11:1

Average Class Size:  20

Demographics: 48% Caucasian , 15% Asian , 6% Black, 5% Hispanic, 4% Other

Need assistance with the college admissions process?

National rankings.

US News Rankings:

  • #39 Best Undergraduate Engineering Program
  • #40 National Universities
  • #49 Best Value Schools 
  • #57 Most Innovative Schools
  • #64 First Year Experiences

Independent Rankings:

  • #8 Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program per Bloomberg Businessweek
  • #31 Colleges with Best Professors in America per Niche
  • #52 National Universities per The Times of Higher Education
  • #55 Best Value Colleges per The Princeton Review
  • #59 Research Universities per Forbes
  • #65 College with the Best Academics in America per Niche
  • #75 Private Colleges per Forbes

Case Western Reserve University Admissions Information

Application Deadlines:

  • Early Action/Decision I:  November 1st
  • Pre-Prof Programs : December 1st
  • Early Decision II: January 15th
  • Regular Decision: January 15th
  • Transfer Deadline (Fall): July 1st

Notification Dates:

  • ED: Mid-December
  • PP:  February 1st
  • ED II:  Within two weeks
  • RD:  May 1st
  • Transfer: Within two weeks

Acceptance Rates:

  • Transfer:  23%

Average Applicant Pool: 29,000

Average Number of Applicants Accepted: 8,400

Average Number Enrolled: 1,400

Application Systems:  Common App, Coalition App

Average GPA: 4.00 weighted

SAT Scores: 25th% – 1360, 75th% – 1480

ACT Scores: 25th% – 30, 75th% – 34

*Test mandatory. Writing sections are not required.

Demonstrated Interest:

Case Western does consider demonstrated interest.

  • Schedule a visit
  • Virtual Tour
  • How to Demonstrate Interest

Recommendation Letter Policies: 

Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation, one from a counselor and two from teachers. The admissions team must be able to assess your academic capabilities and should therefore come from your most recent instructors in your proposed field of study. 

Case Western Reserve University Essay Prompts:

  • Common App Personal Statement (650 words)
  • Case Western Essay Writing Tips

Special Notes:

  • Students who are applying to transfer who have already applied within the last 12 months only need to complete the reapplication form .
  • Transfer students receive the same financial aid considerations as first year students, including the school’s pledge to meet all demonstrated need.
  • Students may use either the Common App or the Coalition App.
  • A recommendation from a college instructor, and a report stating you are in good standing at your current institution are required. Additional letters of recommendation are optional.
  • Intended music majors must complete the arts supplement.

Case Western Reserve University Admission Strategy

Admissions Criteria: 

A student’s class rank, GPA, test scores, course rigor, and extracurriculars are the most important parts of an application. Also considered, but of secondary importance, are recommendations, interviews, demonstrated interest, character, essay, and abilities. The school may consider legacy status, ethnicity, and first-generation status.

Case Western wants incoming students to have taken classes that demonstrate their ability to do work at the college level. Doing well in a rigorous set of courses demonstrates that a student is ready for the challenges of college coursework. High scores on exams will also show your readiness, although they cannot make up for low grades or shirking on challenging classes.

Students who are looking to pursue a major in math or the sciences should take math and science courses all four years of high school, with at least two years of lab courses for the sciences. Students who want to study liberal arts should have four years of social studies, and three years of a foreign language.

Case Western does recruit athletes, but being recruited won’t provide much of a boost to your admissions chances.

What is Case Western Looking For?

Case Western is looking for passionate and involved students. They want students who have participated deeply in extracurriculars, and activities that set students apart from the crowd are more likely to shine. Students who participate in a more popular activity will have to work harder and achieve greater heights to stand out in comparison to the crowd.

Case Western has a number of current initiatives which inform its admissions process. They are trying to improve the school’s social impact, and are looking to increase student engagement in social impact projects. They are also trying to increase entrepreneurship and startups created by students. Finally, they are undertaking diversity initiatives to increase the number of historically disenfranchised or under-represented students on campus. This is both a focus on recruitment, and on retention, alongside an overall push to increase retention rates among students. The push is strongest in the STEM fields.

Case Western is very concerned with their yield numbers, and may waitlist or outright reject students if they believe those students are using them as a safety school, and intend to go elsewhere if they are admitted. 

Finally, students who are admitted should align with the values of Case Western. This is harder to show, as there are no supplemental essays to show off in. Your main essay should not necessarily be targeted at Case, but should demonstrate your values. 

Case Western Strategy:

Case Western’s desire to keep their yield high means that demonstrating interest, and clearly showing the Case is your top choice, will aid your application. While this may not make up for weakness, it can be the deciding factor in a tie. Applying ED or ED II can help you here, as a binding commitment to attend shows keen interest. ED is a better boost to admissions chances than ED II, but both are advantageous. Interviews are also a good way to demonstrate interest, and you should complete one if possible.

Showing a willingness to improve your community, and a desire to create positive change is important, as Case Western has a renewed commitment to positive social impact, and a desire to involve their student body in that quest. An activities list with prominent volunteering activities or social initiatives will show you are the kind of student they are looking for.

The school’s search for new entrepreneurial talent can also be shown through your activities list. Business internships, self-guided projects, and entrepreneurial exploits will all help you stand out, and show that you fit within the model the school is trying to build. 

Students planning on studying art should definitely submit an optional arts supplement, in order to better showcase their talents and interests.

The school is trying to increase their retention rate overall, so demonstrating that you are capable of handling college-level courses with a high GPA and challenging course load is key. This will show the school that you are properly academically prepared to attend, and less likely to drop out. Demonstrating interest will also make them think you are less likely to transfer out, which is the other part of retention.

Case Western Academics

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Engineering
  • Weatherhead School of Management
  • Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
  • Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
  • It is very difficult to transfer between schools. Students may add a secondary major at another school.

Core Requirements:

  • Complete general education requirements vary by the school and degree, but all include: Physical Education (2 semesters), the Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship (SAGES) which will become a portfolio of all 3 seminars; the first seminar (4 credit hours; must be completed by the end of the 2nd year), 2 university seminars, departmental seminar (3 credit hours), and the Senior capstone (3-6 credits/1-2 semesters).
  • Comprehensive Degree Requirement Information

Courses of Study: 

  • 70 Majors offered
  • Double major: Available in two (or more) Arts and Sciences majors for the BA degree, or two (or more) Engineering majors for the BS in Engineering degree, or two (or more) Management majors for the BS in Management degree. Additional credit-hours may be needed to meet all requirements of the two (or more) majors. Students pursuing multiple majors within a single degree will receive one diploma corresponding to the degree earned and each major will be noted on the diploma.
  • Popular majors include Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering; General Biology/Biological Sciences; Mechanical Engineering; Computer Science; and Registered Nursing
  • 68 Minors offered
  • Course Catalog

AP Credit Policies:

  • Case Western gives credit for scores of 4 or 5 on most AP exams and scores of 6 or 7 on IB higher-level exams.
  • Comprehensive AP Credit Information

how to write case western supplemental essays

Honors Programs:

  • Honors in the Major and Departmental Awards are determined and granted by individual programs. Contact individual departments for more information
  • Dean’s Honors are determined each semester, based on GPA
  • Latin Commencement Honors are awarded at graduation based on cumulative GPA.
  • Academic Honor Societies

Research Availability:

  • 84% of undergraduates participate in research opportunities during their enrollment.

Study Abroad: 

  • Study Abroad Options

Business Options: 

  • Weatherhead School of Management applies innovation to their management with a focus on globalization. Their market based management approach keeps their students on the pulse of society and its business trends.
  • The Undergraduate Program offers six majors, seven minors, five concentrations, and five integrated Master’s programs.
  • Wolstein Society | Weatherhead Business choses seniors each year that are exceptional students to join their society. Those in the society participate in events throughout the year.

Pre-Med Options:

  • Pre-Professional Programs offer undergraduates the opportunity to students who know they want to pursue a doctorate in Medicine and or Dental as well as some other advanced degrees to start in a track that aligns with those goals. Additionally, t he PPSP grants undergraduate admission and conditional admission to Case Western Reserve’s School of Medicine or School of Dental Medicine.
  • Pre-Med certificate 
  • Pre-Health Advising

Pre-Law Options:

  • Pre-Professional Programs include pre-law.
  • Pre-Law Handbook
  • Pre-Law Advising Program
  • Case Honor Society

Computer Science Options: 

  • The Computer Science Major is offered through the school of Arts and Sciences, with many of the classes offered through the School of Engineering. There is also a BS in Data Science offered.
  • There is also a BSE in Computer Engineering offered through the School of Engineering.
  • There is a joint BS/MS in Computer Engineering and Data Science available.

Additional Specialty Programs: 

  • Combined degree programs that you can apply to after admission.
  • The 3-2 Dual Degree Program for Engineering Students allows students to take classes at one of the 50 liberal arts colleges for 3 years and then attend Case Western for two years earning an Engineering degree. 
  • Arts Scholarship Audition and Portfolio Requirements
  • Pre-Professional Programs

Programs for High Schoolers:

  • Pre-Scholars College Program is a Summer program open to advanced high school students from Ohio who want to experience college life.
  • Resources for High School Student Researchers

how to write case western supplemental essays

Student Life at Case Western

School Motto:   Light (Historical)

Mission and Values:

  • Mission : To improve people’s lives through preeminent research, education and creative endeavor.
  • Values: Academic excellence and impact, inclusiveness and diversity, integrity and transparency, and effective stewardship
  • Additional Information
  • Student Testimonials ( Niche , Unigo , Cappex )

Housing System:

5 smaller residential communities offer a unique experience at Case for First Year students. The primary goal is to provide a foundation for future success by supporting the transition from high school to college. Second year students move to a different set of dorms featuring suite-style housing in the South Residential Village. Upperclassmen may move off, or move back to North Residential Village for either suite or traditional dormitory housing.

Housing Statistics:

  • All unmarried students are required to live on campus for 2 years
  • 90% of undergraduates live in on-campus housing for the entirety of their stay

Campus & Surrounding Area :  

  • Located in a quaint neighborhood on University Circle, students can enjoy many parks, green space and places to stroll around, and there is plenty to do in the surrounding area including the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Cleveland Orchestra offers free concerts regularly.  
  • Safety Information ( Case Western, Collegefactual )


  • Energy and sustainability are important goals in how the university views transportation. 
  • Gohio Portal connects students with one another to carpool.
  • RTA is part of Cleveland’s extensive transportation system and students are given a year round bus pass. 
  • Extensive shuttle busses get students around campus. 
  • Carpooling , Biking , Wellness Incentives for Biking to Work, and HOPR Bikes Sharing .    
  • They even have commuting contests to motivate people to save energy.
  • Parking Information


  • Hudson Relays is an annual event which has run almost every year since 1910. It consists of teams divided by graduating class with team sizes ranging from 24 to 52.
  • It is a tradition that students that turn 21 receive a birthday greeting featuring the campus and a reminder to celebrate safely. They also recieve a gift certificate for two to the Michelson and Morley in the Tinkham Veale University Center.
  • Legacy Week was created to observe and showcase the history of Case Western.
  • Senior Week celebrations are an annual event.
  • Spring Student Activities Fair and Springfest happen each year where there are booths, events and music for students to enjoy and unite.
  • Thwing Study Over occurs each Fall and Spring during finals where students take a break, congregate and enjoy some chow.

Student-Run Organizations:  

  • Organization Database
  • Sample Organizations (200 clubs and over 600 groups: Archery Club , Cricket Club , Emerging Leaders Program )
  • DIII Athletics: UAA Conference (Good Men’s cross country and Women’s indoor track and field)
  • Intramural Sports
  • Club Sports  
  • Main Rival: Carnegie Mellon

Greek Life:

Nearly 50% of students participate in Greek Life . The program consists of 17 Fraternities and 10 Sororities and have been in existence for the last 175 years.

  • Not considered a “party school”, but the students do like to have fun and choose to balance their rigorous studies with socializing.
  • Cleveland has been named “America’s hottest city” and Case Western students enjoy many things such as Cleveland Museum of Natural History , concerts , and restaurants in and around Cleveland.

Financial Information

how to write case western supplemental essays

Yearly Cost of Attendance:

  • Total: $70,213
  • Tuition: $50,924
  • Room & Board: $15,614
  • Books & Supplies: $1,200
  • Other Expenses: $1900
  • Additional Financial Aid & Student Loan Information


85% of the students at Case Western receive grants which is 3% above the average given by other private educational institutions. Additionally, they meet 100% of demonstrated need for all admitted students. Finally, more that 80% of all students receive some form of financial aid.

All admitted freshman applicants are automatically considered for several scholarships, however they have several other scholarship competitions that can be applied for. Additional Aid Options include ROTC and Tuition Exchange programs.

  • Paul Tippet, founder of Craigslist is an alumnus.
  • The Adelbert Gymnasium was originally built for WWI as an armory.
  • Without alumnus Paul Buccheit, Gmail would not have been created as he was its developer.
  • 15 Nobel prizes have been awarded to graduates and faculty.
  • The atomic weight of oxygen was determined by Edward Morley in a Case Western laboratory.
  • Bill Belichick’s father played for Case Western’s football and basketball team. He also played in the NFL on the Lions. In honor of his father Bill Belichick funded Case Western’s weight room. 
  • Professor Charlie Korsmo was a pretty famous child actor and starred in movies such as Hook and What About Bob. 
  • Rich Sommer, actor on the popular TV series Mad Men, is an alumnus. 
  • The school’s first motto “Lux Et Veritas” (Light and Truth) was copied from Yale’s.

how to write case western supplemental essays

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how to write case western supplemental essays

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how to write case western supplemental essays

Case Western Reserve University

Case western reserve university admissions, case western reserve university cost, want personalized guidance from an advisor who's helped our clients get into case western reserve university, case western reserve university academics, case western reserve university majors.

  • Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering

Case Western Reserve University Online

Our clients got into case western reserve university last admissions cycle. are you next, case western reserve university students, case western reserve university advisors.

Tayla is a junior at Michigan Ross pursuing Business Administration and a minor in User Experience (UX) Design, with the goal to work in consulting post-graduation. She is heavily involved with professional business organizations on campus, specifically her business fraternity and professional consulting club. Tayla interned this past summer with United Airlines in Chicago, IL and will be working in consulting this upcoming summer in New York City. Tayla is experienced in essay writing and revisions, activity and extra-curricular selection, and the financial aid/scholarship application process! She currently works on-campus as a student ambassador and career peer coach at the Michigan Ross School of Business Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Also Accepted to

College Testimonials from Clients Who Were Accepted to Case Western Reserve University

Phillip was a wonderful advisor for my son, guiding and pushing him along weekly. We are very happy for his patience and communication skills, which helped get my son to talk and write which is very challenging. His last session about choosing schools and negotiating for more scholarships and grants was informative and helped us pursue appeals with positive outcomes. Thanks a lot for the superb service!

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Not sure how to approach the Case Western supplemental essays? CollegeAdvisor.com’s guide to the Case Western Reserve University supplemental essays will show you exactly how to write engaging Case Western […]

Case Western Reserve University Merit-Based Scholarships

How to win a Posse Scholarship Paying for college is an important consideration for any student beginning the college application process. To help offset the cost of college, many students […]

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how to write case western supplemental essays

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Brandeis University 2023-24 Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide 

Regular Decision Deadline: Jan 3

You Have: 

Brandeis University 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanations .

The Requirements: One essay of 250 words

Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why, Diversity

Brandeis was established 75 years ago to address antisemitism, racism, and gender discrimination in higher education, and today, the university remains dedicated to its founding values of inclusivity and justice. How has your educational experience shaped your perspective on these values? (250 words max.)

Brandeis wants to know how your education thus far has influenced your perspective on inclusivity and justice, so tell them a story about an experience or experiences you have had that relate. Maybe you want to write about the time you confronted your school’s administration over outdated dress codes, your first experience in advocating for girls like yourself in an environment that prioritized the comfort of boys. Perhaps you took a community college course on race, class, and gender over the summer that blew your mind and made you realize you were seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Did that class inspire you to read more about the legacy of Jim Crow? A strong response will feature some reflection that shows how you process new information and experiences and apply those takeaways to your everyday life. Show admissions that you are prepared to uphold its founding values during your time on campus and beyond.

For international students only:

What excites you the most about being an international student at brandeis university (250 words max.).

Dang! Brandeis is really making its international applicants WERK! Well, here’s a quick tip: this question may seem like it’s asking about the difference between you and the domestic applicants, but it’s actually in your best interest to think about what distinguishes you from any other international student! What do you bring to campus that no one else can? What have you learned from your life experiences? And there’s one last twist to this application: in order to explain how you would “enrich the campus community,” you should probably know a thing or two about that campus community. So spend a little time on the Brandeis website to get a feel for the school, the students, and the surrounding community. How is the culture different from your own? (Your differences are your strengths!) Where might the two intersect? And how might that point of intersection create an opportunity for mutual learning? For more information about acing the international essay, check out this video we made just for you!

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  1. How to Write the Case Western Essays 2023-2024

    This essay should be between 250 and 500 words in length. Pre-Professional Scholars Applicants, Prompt 1. In the college application process, you are constantly prompted for a list of your achievements, awards, and accomplishments. While this information is useful to us, we are interested in hearing more about you.

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    Case Western Essay Guide Quick Facts:. The Case Western acceptance rate is 30.0% — U.S. News ranks Case Western Reserve University as a highly selective school. The Pre-Professional Scholars Program, or Case Western PPSP, acceptance rate is 1% ().If you are planning to apply to Case Western PPSP (Pre-Professional Scholars Program), you will need to write two essays.

  3. Case Western Supplemental Essays 2023-2024

    Writing the Case Western University supplemental essays for 2023-2024 is an opportunity to showcase your unique personality, experiences, and aspirations to the admissions committee. The key is to select a prompt from the Common App or Coalition with Scoir that resonates most with your story. When writing your essay, focus on authenticity and ...

  4. How to Write the Case Western Reserve University Supplemental Essays

    If you're applying to this program, you'll need to write two supplemental Case Western application essays that show admissions readers you're ready for this commitment. This guide will help you develop strong topics for these essays. ... Case Western Supplemental Essay #2: An Experience Not on Your Resume Essay Prompt.

  5. Applying to Case Western: Tips on their Supplementals?

    I'm glad you're reaching out for advice on Case Western's supplemental essays. For these essays, specificity is your best friend. Rather than giving broad statements about why you like the school or generic descriptions of your achievements, dig deep into the details. Show how your interests align with specific programs or opportunities at Case Western.

  6. Requirements & enhancements

    Scholarship Audition and Portfolio Requirements. Acting. Prepare two contrasting monologues, one Shakespeare and one contemporary, not to exceed a total time of four minutes. You may also prepare 16 bars of any song, but this is not required. If possible, please present a headshot and resume at the audition. Directing.

  7. Conquering the Case Western Reserve University Supplemental Essays

    Conquering the Case Western Reserve University Supplemental Essays. When applying to Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), a highly ranked and innovative research institution, there's more to consider than just the common application. As part of the process, applicants need to respond to a set of supplemental essays specific to CWRU.

  8. Are the Case Western supplemental essays different each year?

    The Case Western Reserve supplemental essay prompts can vary somewhat from year to year, but there is often consistency in the overall themes they cover. For instance, they frequently ask students to discuss their interest in a specific major or program at Case Western, their reasons for applying to the university, and their involvement in extracurricular activities.

  9. We look forward to reading your application

    What you write in your college essay is completely up to you—it should be about conveying who you are to the admission staff. No matter the topic, personalize it. Add a part of you into the piece, and make it genuine. Great essays are memorable to our admission committee and go a long way to making you stand out. Always remember, spelling counts!

  10. Apply

    Undergraduate Admission Application Receiving. P.O. Box 575. Chesterton, IN 46304. For deliveries requiring a street address: Case Western Reserve University. c/o DataBank. 1040 Wabash Ave. Chesterton, IN 46304. Get step-by-step directions on how to apply to Case Western Reserve University, a leading research institution in Cleveland, Ohio.

  11. How to Get into Case Western: Admission Requirements and Tips

    How Do You Write a Case Western Supplemental Essay? Writing a compelling supplemental essay for Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) can significantly enhance your application. This essay provides an opportunity to showcase your personality, aspirations, and fit with the university. To craft an effective essay, follow these steps: 1.

  12. Case Western Reserve University Supplemental Essay Prompts Writing

    Pointers for Writing your Case Western Supplemental Essay. Before starting your essay, you need to consider how well you can articulate your words; selling yourself is a priority, and doing it effortlessly and making every word count should not feel like a challenge. The following pointers will help you write a compelling application essay.

  13. Case Western Reserve University Guide

    Case Western Reserve University Essay Prompts: Common App Personal Statement (650 words) Case Western Essay Writing Tips; Special Notes: ... This is harder to show, as there are no supplemental essays to show off in. Your main essay should not necessarily be targeted at Case, but should demonstrate your values. ...

  14. Case Western Reserve University

    Case Western Reserve University Advisors. Wendy Muskat. Case Western Reserve University. I am an experienced college advisor and retired NYC DOE History and Economics teacher. Working with students to further their education is a passion of mine; my goal is to help make you a confident successful applicant.

  15. Secondary Application Questions

    We would like to provide our applicants with the essay prompts for this year's CWRU secondary application. Throughout the week of July 10th, secondary application invitations will be emailed to CWRU applicants with a verified AMCAS application and an MCAT score of greater than or equal to 495 . Applicants are able to select which of our MD ...

  16. 2023-2024 Case Western Reserve

    19. Mar 15, 2023. #1. 2023-2024 Case Western Reserve Secondary Essay Prompts: **If you already submitted your secondary before July 10, don't worry!**. Required Short Answer Responses: . Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Directed Learning: The most successful medical students at our school are generally those who are intrinsically motivated, self ...

  17. Case Western Reserve University Supplemental Essays 2024

    case western reserve university school of medicine » Dr. Najeeb Lectures, Collegeadvisor.com's guide to the case western reserve university supplemental essays will show you exactly how to write engaging case western supplemental essays and maximize your chances of admission. Case western medical school secondary application essay prompts:

  18. Does case western have additional supplementals to write on the portal

    Does case western have additional supplementals to write on the portal or no? I finished applying a while ago and I remember case western didn't have a supplemental when I searched it up online and now I'm on the portal and I don't see one so am I going crazy or is there nothing additional I have to do? Nope I didn't see anything on the ...

  19. PDF Arts supplements, portfolios and auditions

    This can include either an excerpt from a full-length work or a combination of shorter pieces, such as 10 minute plays or short film scripts. While dramatic writing is preferred, you may also submit other examples of your creative writing, such as short stories, poetry, essays, etc. For arts supplement, please upload your 10 page sample.

  20. 2023-24 Brandeis University Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

    Brandeis University 2023-24 Application Essay Question Explanations.. The Requirements: One essay of 250 words Supplemental Essay Type(s): Why, Diversity Brandeis was established 75 years ago to address antisemitism, racism, and gender discrimination in higher education, and today, the university remains dedicated to its founding values of inclusivity and justice.