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How to embrace change and why it's necessary for growth


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The importance of embracing change

6 ways to embrace change, how to maintain positive change: 5 tips, learn to love change.

Every day, you grow into a different version of yourself. You meet someone new, improve a skill, or read a phrase in a book that adds clarity to your life. These small moments may be so ordinary that you don’t realize you take a small step forward each day. 

Bigger life changes require more thought and care, like committing to a master’s program , letting go of a toxic relationship , and learning to manage your finances . Amidst the responsibilities of daily life, significant change may seem out of reach or risky. It might feel easier to stay stuck in patterns and cling to a routine’s comfort. 

Even when changes seem scary, you’re doing it all the time, and embracing this sets you up for success. When you intentionally embrace change — both small nudges and seismic shifts — you gain more personal development and a deeper sense of fulfillment. 

Accepting change positively is challenging work. But taking the time to self-reflect about the person you’d like to be is a way to step back and carve a clearer life roadmap . Identifying your values and natural strengths can give you the tools to change with purpose, even when it’s overwhelming or scary.

Life has few guarantees. But one thing you can count on is change. You can’t stop life’s ebbs and flows, but you can learn how to accept change in your life. 

It’s natural to feel cautious about making life-changing choices. After all, consistency feels comfortable, and the unknown offers more questions than answers. When big life decisions fill you with stress and anxiety , just remember that acute stress is a natural reaction to moving outside your comfort zone . But it’s important to take steps forward and make decisions that help you lead your best life. 

A study by University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt asked participants to make big decisions based on the result of a coin toss . When these people actually went through with the change, they were happier overall in the long run.

And those that decided not to make the change experienced a nagging feeling that they should have. While flipping a coin isn’t the best decision-making strategy , learning to trust your gut and take on scary challenges leads to better self-confidence and satisfaction.

Change is necessary for growth, and this payoff makes the leap of faith easier. You’ll increase your personal and professional development and open up new opportunities for deeper relationships . All that continuous learning can have a snowball effect that boosts your self-esteem and self-efficacy . The more mindful you become of your positive growth , the more you’ll believe in yourself , which will help you embrace change in the future.

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Small adjustments to your habits and mindset can break down any resistance to change and welcome the uncertainty that comes with it. 

Here are six examples of embracing change with inspirational quotes to help you leave your comfort zone.

1. Write it down

“You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

When debating a big change, your mind might flood with conflicting emotions , what-if scenarios, and worries . With so much information distracting you, finding the clarity necessary to move forward with optimism and an open mind can be difficult. 

Try journaling to better understand your feelings and uncover the limiting beliefs impeding your development. Whether listing out your emotions , describing your doubts, or writing down questions to marinate over, journaling can take on whatever format feels most comfortable .

The important part is to get it all out on paper. Once you’ve written it all down, you can look for patterns or mental blocks you need to overcome to feel safer making a change.


2. Accept your fears 

“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” – Audre Lord

For many people, fear doesn’t feel good. But that doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad . Often, it just symbolizes that there’s some uncertainty involved. A breakup might cause a fear of future rejection, and leaving a toxic job can make you worry about your financial future . But you can fight off many fears by fostering a positive mindset. Here are a few thought exercises to help you do so: 

  • Concentrate on the strengths and accomplishments that have brought you to this moment in life. Think about all the times you’ve overcome challenges. 
  • If you’re afraid of failing , what skills can you lean into to adapt to change? 
  • Identify the root cause of your fear to avoid creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. After all, if you believe you’ll fail, you likely won’t bring your Whole Self to a new opportunity . 
  • Consider whether boosting your confidence might help you notice and leverage your strengths to feel more prepared for the unknown.

3. Hire a coach

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

Successful people understand that life isn’t a solo journey. Leaning into your community of friends, colleagues, and mentors provides the moral support you need to believe in yourself. 

Working with a professional coach is another great way to gain effective support. Coaches can create personalized action plans that break big decisions into a series of small, realistic goals . And regular sessions with a coach will establish accountability that encourages you to perform . 

There’s a coach for everything. At BetterUp, life coaches , career coaches , and sleep coaches (to name a few) offer the guidance and foresight necessary to understand that any change is possible, no matter how scary it seems.

4. Embrace creative thinking

“A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of life.” – Muhammad Ali

Life rarely goes how you imagined. Rolling with unexpected challenges and curve balls that come with new routines and experiences requires resilience , which helps you adapt to stressful and adverse circumstances with a positive mindset. 

And creativity promotes greater resilience by teaching you to be flexible and resourceful. Consider taking a pottery class, joining a reading group, or sketching your surroundings to promote creativity daily. Whatever activity you take up, curiosity will lead to success in other areas of life, like cultivating a better work-life balance and enforcing new boundaries in relationships . 


5. Share with others

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

Being a part of a supportive social network can reduce stress and improve well-being , even if your social connections aren’t providing direct support. Knowing you belong to something bigger than you is enough to feel the positive vibes. 

Although your situation is unique, you aren’t alone in dealing with big life decisions and changes. Sharing your experience with your circle and listening to the experiences of others can help you feel less alone on your self-improvement journey.

Whether embracing change in the workplace or your personal life, turning to your support network can help you feel accompanied and encouraged to flip to the next chapter of your life. 

And when you bring others into your journey, you become a leader of change , passing the potential for positive transformation around. 

6. Consult with a mental health professional

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.” – Haruki Murakami

When fear or worries become too loud to hear yourself think, it may be your signal to seek help from a mental health professional . Whether you fear disappointing others or a prior experience has caused trauma , identifying the root cause is a big first step to living your life with more control over your actions . A therapist can create a safe space to analyze your distress and resistance to change. 


You took the plunge and made an important change in your life — now what? Nurturing change can be as challenging as the transition itself. But with intentional action, you can sustain your growth and transformation. Here are five strategies to help: 

Don’t lose sight of your goals: Breaking your long-term objectives into short-term, manageable goals helps you see consistent progression. And having daily, weekly, or monthly milestones can remind you of what you’re working toward and reinforce your commitment with each new accomplishment.

Celebrate consistency: Positive change is worth a pat on the back. Don’t just celebrate the major achievements. Acknowledge and reward yourself for daily or weekly consistency. 

Rewards can be healthy extrinsic motivators that convince you to push through difficult challenges and nurture sustainable habits. Perhaps new runners offer the motivation you need to lace up your shoes and meet a new fitness goal . 

Invest in self-care: Prioritizing your physical, emotional, and mental health is essential to maintaining positive change. A healthy mind and body will help you be energized to invest in your goals. Whether it’s exercise , hobbies, or mindfulness practices, a dedicated self-care routine should be a priority for success. 

Use visual reminders: Vision boards , a book of positive affirmations , or journals can help you keep your goals and motivation present. Creating visual cues that resonate with your objectives can be a strong daily inspiration, reminding you of your goals and why they’re meaningful.

Recognize negative triggers: Sometimes, your mind can get the best of you. Identifying and understanding what might steer you off course allows you to proactively avoid or manage mental blocks.

Whether it’s a specific person, hostile work environment , or communication style, recognizing your triggers will help you step back and take action, whether advocating for your needs or taking a moment to pause and recollect yourself.

Anyone can explore life’s exciting possibilities — including you. 

When you embrace change, whether subtle or significant, you invest in your personal growth and fulfillment. While it may be hard work, recognizing your values, setting clear goals, and bringing your community on board will help transform change from an obstacle to a catalyst for self-betterment.

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Intuitive eating: A sweet way to gain self-trust

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How to Embrace Change in Your Life

  • Self-development

How to Embrace Change in Your Life

“Change is the only constant in life” — Heraclitus

Everything around us is constantly changing, whether we perceive it or not. Society changes, technology evolves further every day; the world is always in flux, but what’s most important is that we ourselves undergo change too . But despite this knowledge, one of the most difficult things human beings learn during their life is how to embrace change.

Many people find change terrifying. And that’s normal. Change reminds us that we’re getting older every day, and there’s something so melancholic and scary in this inevitable passage of time.

Change and novelty can be perceived as way too challenging, risky, and uncertain.

As Tim Ferris once said : “People would rather be unhappy than uncertain.” And there’s a scientific backup for that. One recently conducted neuroscience research discovered that our brains register uncertainty the same way they register errors. We simply crave to resolve it so we could feel comfortable again.

Embracing change means accepting that you can’t keep everything under control . As frightening as this thought is, it’s also very liberating. In fact, embracing change is key to your growth as an individual and highly affects your overall success and happiness.

Let’s dive into this topic further and find out how to embrace change in your life.

How to Embrace Change Instead of Fearing It

How to Embrace Change in Your Life

Let’s start by giving you a shortlist of tips to guide you towards accepting change in your life. Then, we’ll share with you some amazing examples of how embracing change positively affected people’s lives, so that you’re even more motivated to start welcoming change in your life today.

1. Adopt a Growth Mindset

Facing change becomes so much easier when you think in terms of growth and learning instead of seeing your identity as a rigid, unchangeable set of traits and skills.

The concept of a growth mindset was first described by Dr. Carol Dweck along with its opposite: the fixed mindset. People with a fixed mindset believe their qualities, skills, intelligence, personality traits, abilities are carved in stone, and therefore unchangeable. That’s why they don’t embrace challenges, avoid risks and learning new things, and find change to be a major frustration in their lives. However, these people also don’t make much progress in life, as they struggle so hard to maintain the status quo.

On the other hand, adopting a growth mindset can help you change the way you see life. People with a growth mindset view challenges as opportunities, mistakes as valuable lessons, and their personality and character as ever-changing and evolving, rather than static.

Adopting a growth mindset can help you become a person who is ready to embrace change and life challenges. When you look at life from the perspective of growth, you’ll see that changes are major opportunities, not obstacles.

2. Create a List of Changes

Are you aware that you’re going through constant change? Do you feel it happening?

We assume not. Here’s one amazing method that could help you learn how to embrace change in your life: creating a list of all the changes you’ve been through since your childhood. In order to come to terms with change and beat the anxiety it’s causing, try going all the way back to your childhood and remember all the major changes you’ve been through since then. The point of this list is to show you that changes were present in your life long before you became aware of them.

Here are a few examples:

  • Separating from parents to go to nursery;
  • Making first friends;
  • Starting school;
  • Getting a brother or a sister;
  • Moving into a new neighborhood and changing school;
  • Getting your first pet, and so on.

These are just some common examples, but when you start writing your own list, make it personal . Remember all the important events that changed the way you live your life. Try to incorporate the goals you used to strive towards, the actions you took to achieve them, and the successes and failures you had along the way. All the important insights you had that completely changed the way you see the world. When you reach this day and start re-reading your list, you’ll realize one thing: you’ve been changing all along .

3. Set Clear Goals

If you’re sure where you’re going, change should be a normal and desirable part of the journey, right? If you learn how to set SMART , achievable goals that are relevant to your life, embracing change will become a normal part of achieving those goals.

Setting the direction towards achieving those goals means defining actionable steps, tasks, necessary resources, and time-boundaries. When you’re striving towards a specific goal, change means getting closer with every completed task or learning a new lesson with every mistake you make.

4. Practice Gratitude

How to Embrace Change in Your Life

Fear of change is often related to a negative outlook on life and the world as a whole. This negative outlook can be a byproduct of the way we were raised, for example, the negative outlook on life we may have adopted from parents who consistently perceived life as burdensome . Or it could be the result of us being overwhelmed with life’s problems in a particular moment.

It’s not just nurture , but nature as well: we’re naturally wired to perceive and experience negative outcomes more intensely than positive ones. Now, combine that with everyday stress, and voila: you’re stuck in a rigid comfort zone, trying to keep things just the way they are, or better yet, fearing and avoiding change.

But, don’t worry. There is a simple and elegant way out of this negativity bias: gratitude .

Expressing gratitude is a simple, yet often neglected behavior that drives our minds towards greater positivity. It has deep roots in our evolutionary history and has been recorded among animals as well.

The simplest method of practicing gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal. A curated gratitude journal like The Five Minute Journal is designed to gear your mind towards greater positivity every single day. Add five minutes into your morning routine to answer the morning prompts, then repeat before going to bed by positively reflecting on the day behind you.

The Five Minute Journal - Original Linen

If you have children, you can practice gratitude with them as well, as we have designed The Five Minute Journal for Kids . This can help parents observe changes their kids are going through in a more positive way. Find out more about the science-backed facts about why children should start practicing gratitude at an early age and how to create a positive morning routine for your family with The Five Minute Journal for Kids.

5. Be Confident and Listen to Yourself

Change can sometimes be scary because it can make us think that we’re losing our true selves. And it gets even worse when we start comparing ourselves to others . It’s something we can’t help, it’s in our DNA: we look at other people and try to figure out whether we are doing okay or not, based on how they are doing.

Embracing change comes a lot easier if you stop comparing yourself to others and instead focus on your goals. All the novelties you need to go through should only be measured in relation to yourself.

Inspiring Examples of People Who Embraced Change

Mimi and Alex Ikonn, creators of Intelligent Change brand, are not only an inspiration themselves when it comes to embracing change and living a healthy and productive lifestyle, but they also collect stories about inspiring people and share them on their podcast, The Ikonns .

In order to show you what can happen when you learn how to embrace change in your life, we’ve decided to share with you some of the stories from their podcast.

Brian Paes-Braga: The 30-year Old Millionaire

In his early teenage years, Brian experienced a loss of an important figure: his father left the country to work in a hotel in his native Portugal. This left a huge void in his soul that was filled with insecurity and uncertainty.

However, this change motivated Brian to take care of himself and work on embracing change in his life. He began earning his own money and very soon ended up in entrepreneurial waters. He succeeded in selling his company for $265,000,000 at the age of thirty .

Learn more about the challenges and changes Brian had to go through on the Ikonns podcast.

The Ikonns: Maintaining a Healthy Relationship after Facing Huge Changes

The Ikonns themselves are a huge inspiration when it comes to embracing change and living with it. I n this episode on their podcast , they explain how they maintained a healthy relationship after getting a baby.

Although incredible, babies can be one of the biggest and most stressful changes in a couple’s life. You change from being a duo to being a trio. Everything becomes different: your routines, expectations, your primary focus, free time… your entire identity. The Ikonn couple share some of the amazing tips that helped them go through this major change.

The Global Change: The Ikonns’ Inspirational Reflection

When we talk about change, we cannot undermine the importance of the global COVID-19 change, as well as the economic and moral crisis it put into motion. This is something we all need to reflect on, and The Ikonns selflessly share their opinions, experiences, and tips on how to remain sane and productive in these uncertain times.

Find more stories for boosting your morale, productivity, and creativity directly on The Ikonns’ podcast.

Wrapping It Up

Although change is a normal and necessary part of human life, accepting it can be a real challenge. Still wondering how to embrace change? Or whether you’ll be able to do it? We believe that you can, because, in all honesty, anyone can if they want to.

Working on your self-esteem, building a growth mindset, striving towards achieving your goals, as well as practicing gratitude can be real game-changers.

Learning how to embrace change in your life can help you become more mature, more confident, and happier. And there’s no better time to start doing this than today.

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Embracing Change: Moving Forward Through A Major Transition

Embracing Change: Moving Forward Through A Major Transition

June 22, 2020

Embracing Change

With the right strategies, you can begin embracing change and build the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Not in his goals but in his transitions man is great. Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you were to bake a cake, what’s the first thing that you picture? Perhaps you imagine the cake itself, a yummy tower of chocolate with rich buttercream icing on top. 

When setting out to accomplish something, like baking a cake, we often think in terms of the outcome. Instead of savoring the experience of preparing the cake, we create expectations of the end product, missing out on enjoying the process. 

We often look at our goals in life in the same way. Whether we want to make a big change, or a change happens to us, we visualize the outcome. We set expectations.

But this way of thinking can make it difficult to navigate through change. After all, making a big change in life doesn’t happen overnight. The road to achievement comes with all sorts of twists, turns, and dead ends. 

People often become so obsessed with the expectations, they feel disappointed or are quick to give up when things don’t go perfectly . And let’s face it — life never goes as planned. 

While it’s certainly helpful to set goals, fixating too much on the end result means missing out on opportunities for personal development, growth, and even having a little fun along the way.

That’s why embracing change is so important. Although you can’t predict the future, you can learn to navigate transitions, how to prioritize your life more effectively, and to become more resilient along the way.

How to manage change: The Transition Model

Although it’s impossible to predict the future, understanding what to expect, you’ll have a better idea of how to manage the uncertainties that come along with change. 

The William Bridges’ Transition Model provides a roadmap through the emotional landscape of change. The model identifies three phases: Ending What Currently Is, The Transition Zone, and The New Beginning.

The New Beginning Phase Chart

Ending What Currently Is

The beginning of change is also the end of something. Whether a relationship changes or a job ends, we often find ourselves at a moment when a phase of life comes to an end. It feels a lot like the ending of a chapter in a book.

Change isn’t easy. When something shifts, a lot of different emotions can come up. It can feel confusing, stressful, or just plain scary. You can experience sadness, or a bit of numbness. You may even feel excitement for the new beginning that you’re moving toward.

The Transition Zone

As you move from the ending, you find yourself in a transition period, or the neutral zone. You haven’t quite ended the ending. You haven’t quite started the beginning. In between a period of change, it takes time for the transition to occur. 

During the transition zone, you can feel a lot of mixed emotions. It can feel confusing, frightening, and overwhelming. You may feel self-doubt, unbalanced, lost, or numb.

But guess what? That’s completely normal.

Uncertainty is a natural part of any adjustment period. When you realize that, you can accept some of the uncomfortable feelings that arise during the transition process, knowing that with resilience and patience, you’ll come out on the other side, stronger than before.

A New Beginning

Finally, you make it through the transition period. You embark on a new beginning.

Yes, you may feel some of the twinges from the ending. You might notice some of the numbness from the transition zone. But at this point, you’ll start to get your footing. As you progress, this new chapter in your life will feel more comfortable. 

Congratulations! You’ve successfully made it through the difficult transition period. The change is complete.

6 Ways to Embrace Change 

i embrace change

Navigating transitions isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s downright scary! But just like anything in life, even the difficult times will pass. 

Embracing change means you see adversity as an opportunity. Embracing change means you want to try new things, be adventurous, or improve yourself. To embrace change, you need to see things in a positive light and know you have the ability to do anything.

Having the right perspective, embracing change becomes easier. In fact, I know of 6 strategies that will help you navigate the uncertainty of transitions, and even embrace the full spectrum of challenges in the neutral zone.

1. Take risks

take risks

Remember that even though change isn’t easy, life is too short to stay stuck in your comfort zone. When you have a big dream in mind, you have to stick your neck out there if you want to build the life you’ve always wanted. 

So have a little courage, and be patient with yourself. Although scary at first, small steps, over time, can lead to huge changes. 

In other words, be willing to step out of familiar routines and step into something new. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll grow and build confidence as you tackle new challenges along the way.

2. Have a coach or mentor

Embracing change isn’t easy, but you don’t have to go through it alone. 

A coach or mentor on your team can guide you and keep things in perspective. You may get stuck in your head sometimes and need a sounding board to express challenges and bounce ideas. 

They can help you recognize the limited thought patterns that can prevent you from reaching your new beginning. You’ll have a cheerleader on the sidelines, helping you stay motivated even when things don’t go your way.

There are plenty of accessible ways to get support and encouragement, even if you don’t have the bandwidth to invest in personal coaching or find a formal mentor. You can join a mastermind group, find a supportive online community, or take a course, like our Reinvention Rx .

3. Keep creating

creative activities for embracing change

Creative activities make you happier, healthier, and smarter. Make time to express yourself through drawing, gardening, fencing, or whatever you enjoy. Exercising your creativity enables you to release the uncomfortable emotions experienced during change in a healthy way. 

It’ll keep your mind sharp, too. The internal pathways will stay fluid by continually having your creative juices flowing. 

This will give you fuel for finding innovative approaches through new, unfamiliar waters. You may even discover new passions along the way.

4. Keep learning

Growth often comes with its fair share of discomfort. They don’t call them growing pains for nothing. 

Even when things get tough, approach change as a learning opportunity. Allow yourself to discover. Challenge your assumptions.

Embracing change requires that you keep an open mind. 

Stay in the mode of taking in all that new information. If you hold on too much to what you know, you’ll stay stuck. When willing to discover as you grow and experiment, eventually you will find the right path.

5. Don’t give up – persist!

persistent tortoise

When we set goals for ourselves, we tend to have a lot more motivation in the beginning. But change isn’t linear. You may experience failures and missteps that make it difficult to stay driven throughout the transition process. 

Plus, our most precious pursuits don’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and persistence to make those big dreams a reality. When results don’t happen as quickly as you would like, or when nothing goes right , don’t give up! 

You can’t rush the transition period. Remember, it’s normal to feel frustrated, to doubt yourself, and to face resistance in the neutral zone.

Be patient with yourself. Keep trying, keep moving, keep going. You’ll reach your goals eventually. 

6. Pay attention to your thoughts

Have you ever noticed that when you find a car you really, really like, that you start to see that exact make and model all over the place? 

It’s on the freeway. You see it passing by when you’re at a stoplight. You don’t realize how many there are on the road until you decide you like it.  

That’s your RAS, or Reticular Affirmation System. It’s working all the time, even without you realizing it. Its main job is to mediate behavior. It notices things for you that you are interested in. 

So what does your RAS have to do with embracing change?

The reason I study neuroscience , and use it in my practice, is because it gives my clients an edge. Like a biohack, you can use neuroscience to empower yourself and embrace change. It will help you get to the next level more effectively, efficiently, and scientifically. 

It takes time to make a change. If we’re going to do it successfully, we have to do less of old patterns and more of the habits we’re trying to work toward. That all begins with our thoughts. 

As we shift our neurochemistry and thought patterns, then we can begin to shift our behaviors. 

Let’s say, for example, you notice that self-criticism is holding you back from taking steps towards your new beginning. To change this, you have to first notice when it’s happening. 

In this video , I walk you through a great exercise to support the vital changes you want to make, by activating your RAS.

Carry around a notebook, or use a note-taking app on your phone. Every time you notice you being critical of yourself, jot it down. Continue with this for three to seven days. 

You will raise your awareness about how critical you are, what situations trigger self-criticism, and some of the common thoughts you have when judging yourself. 

Then the following week, each time you take a note of yourself being critical, write a love note to yourself. Make a positive affirmation. Reframe and redirect those thoughts into something positive and useful. Shift the pattern. 

Increasing awareness of your thoughts and emotions is also how to tap into your intuition to find the best path forward.

Don’t let the change break you. Let it make you. 

Making big changes isn’t easy. But learning to navigate the process is something anyone can do with time, patience, and support. Embracing change is an important life skill that can bring growth and help you build a life of purpose and fulfillment.

It can even help you figure out how to reinvent yourself completely.

But you don’t have to do it alone. If you need some guidance along the way, I’d be honored to help.

Our Reinvention Rx program is a great place to start.

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Hi there, I'm Lyn . My purpose is to support you to earn a living and live your life by doing what inspires you. To accomplish this, I work as a coach, consultant, TEDx speaker, author and founder of SoulSalt Inc.


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i embrace change

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How to embrace change for your personal growth

i embrace change

From cultivating a growth mindset to taking small steps towards the goal, here are a few ways to embrace change.

Change is the only constant and only through change can we achieve the life and lifestyle that we dream of. Having healthy growth , physically, mentally and emotionally is very important to lead a healthy and happy life. However, to start the same, we need to initiate many changes – be it big or small. "Change breathes life into dormant dreams, asking us to reimagine the world around us. It is through change that we find our strength, our resilience, and our capacity for compassion . Change will bring up difficult emotions. Embracing change emotionally can be a challenging but rewarding process. It involves acknowledging and processing your feelings in response to change and finding healthy ways to cope with and adapt to new circumstances ," wrote Therapist Israa Nasir.

How to embrace change for your personal growth(Unsplash)

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Israa further noted down a few ways to embrace change for personal growth :

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Israa Nasir (@well.guide)

Cultivate a growth mindset : Change can be uncomfortable sometimes, but when we start to cultivate a mindset where we need to invest in ourselves for a better life, we start to see that uncomfortable changes can be worth the effort.

Set clear goals and plans : Having a plan and knowing the goal that we need to achieve within a limited period of time can help in understanding the way forward. It also helps us to understand the things that we need to include in our lifestyle and the things that we need to let go. We can also share our goals with the people we trust and seek their help to keep ourselves motivated.

Take action : We should not sit back and procrastinate – instead we should take small steps towards the goal. No matter how small the actions are, when we keep working towards the goal, we know we are moving forward. We should always acknowledge and celebrate the small successes – they further give us the push to take the next step forward.


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i embrace change

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You are currently viewing How to Embrace Change and Become More You

How to Embrace Change and Become More You

  • Post author: Courtney Harris Coaching
  • Post published: July 2, 2019
  • Post category: Restorative Practices for Families / Self-Care for Parents
  • Post comments: 2 Comments

Noticing Change

In the past five years… Has your choice of music changed? Or the way you dress? The types of books you like to read? What about your hobbies? Or friend group? Who you live with or where you live? 

My guess is that you answered YES and maybe even nodded your head to a least a few of these questions. While the questions may seem superficial, your answers can help you capture the changes in the landscape of your life across time. 

Over time, you will go through changes. These changes may be emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, or all of the above. Some changes happen without a plan, while others are plugged into the calendar and organized just as you wish. Furthermore, with each change, you have the opportunity to integrate new information into your identity and sense of personhood. In other words, with each change, you have an opportunity to grow and become more YOU!

How My Life Has Changed

Whew, has it changed! In the last five years, for example, I:

  • Made multiple job changes– left teaching, worked as a nanny, returned to teaching part-time, and left teaching again.
  • Decided to become sober.
  • Started my own business (Thank you for being a part of this community!)
  • Moved in with my partner, and later, got married to him, which also means that I gained a whole new, second family.
  • Made lots of new friends and let go of a few friendships along the way, too.
  • Reclaimed my relationship to writing. (The book is still in progress.)
  • Reached out for help from different therapists and coaches. 
  • Stopped going out to late-night events and embraced my need for sleep.
  • Lost one of my grandfathers.
  • Gained a 5th nibling (gender-neutral for child of a sibling).

How has your life changed in the past few years? 

I invite you to pick whatever timeframe feels good to you–1 year, 5 years, 10 years, etc. and make a list of the changes you have experienced. 

Stop. Breathe. Feel.

What sensations do you notice in your body after creating this list? How is your heart? What kind of thoughts are you hearing?

As you consider your experience with change and prepare for continued transition and evolution, these 10 tips will help you embrace the changes in your past, present, and future!

10 Ways to Embrace Change and Become More You :

  • Remember that change is inevitable, normal, and necessary. Specifically, you might like to use this sentence (or one like it) as an affirmation! Repeat it as often as self-doubt or resistance to change comes up. Sometimes these acknowledgments alone will offer you deeper presence or greater capacity in the midst of a transition. 
  • Name and acknowledge the changes you are experiencing. You might say to yourself, “Things are changing, and that is okay” or “Whew, a lot is shifting, and this feels tough.” Whether you feel graceful about the change or not, naming the experience is an excellent first step.
  • Claim your sphere of control. Assess the situation and determine which elements are within your control. It might be helpful to categorize elements as “in my control” and “out of my control” in a two-column chart. Furthermore, sit with the list of items under “in my control” and notice what comes up. Check in with your sense of empowerment, contribution, significance, and belonging . Then, as you sit with the items under “out of my control” you might ask: “Is there anything I can make peace with? Let go of? Ask for help with?”
  • Separate yourself from the experience. You are not defined by one change; you are a whole person with vast and diverse experiences. Yes, life changes can impact you greatly, and , you get to decide what each transition will mean for you. If it feels supportive, give yourself a gentle mental reminder of your wholeness. For instance, I use the phrase “I am not this experience.”
  • Maintain self-care routines and rituals. While things are shifting in life, it can be helpful to rely on a small handful of self-care practices that ground and support you. For instance, I try to take a long walk– 30-60 minutes per day, most days, no matter where I am. This helps me feel most like myself, whether I am traveling, going through a loss, or embarking on a new project. What is on your go-to self-care list?
  • Focus on resilience. Each change will bring with it some level of discomfort. As you meet this discomfort and learn new parts of yourself, you are getting stronger and wiser. I invite you to notice the quality of your heart as you consider this idea.
  • Ask for help. Friends, you have a support system for a reason, and times of transition and change may call for extra love and care. Each transition is a chance to connect with yourself and your community.
  • Celebrate growth . Through each and every change, you are making progress. Isn’t this inspiring?! Pat yourself on the back, call a friend, journal, make a social media post, buy yourself a donut, or find another way to honor your growth.
  • Reflect on your own unique journey. Pause regularly to notice how far you have come. Perhaps you do this nightly or weekly or after a big challenge. Regardless, slow down to acknowledge the distance you’ve traveled.
  • Connect with community. It can help to reach out to other folks who have gone through a similar change. This can be formal or informal. Ideas include the following: support groups, group therapy, FB groups, podcasts, IG accounts, MeetUps, lunches with friends, and calling a loved one. 

Embracing Change as Self-Love

this is a sunflower in full bloom representing growth and thriving

Without change, we would be stuck, stagnant, bored, regressing, and uninspired. I’m not saying that going through multiple job changes, going to therapy, starting a business, and deciding to be sober was easy. However, change is an important and potent part of life.

It is my hope that these 10 ways of embracing change support you in cultivating love and appreciation for yourself and your journey. You are worth it.

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This post has 2 comments.

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This is really powerful and insightful. I also love the way it is structured and broken down. Thanks for this!

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Awww! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Glad you are here.

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  • Readers’ Blog

Embrace Change, Unlock Potential: A Journey of Transformation

Nikita Vaste

Change is an inevitable part of our lives. We often tend to fear change as it disrupts our sense of stability and security.

Mostly we all are looking for something stable and we hold on to things/people or at times force these people to stay the same. We are so offended when there’s a change in the behavior of someone so close to us.

But do we ever realize that the change we are so scared about is the much-needed shift in our lives.

Wouldn’t we get stagnant in the same place. Shouldn’t we embrace changes and evolve?

So, let’s explore how to embrace change and evolve to bring about new opportunities, resilience and self-discovery.

1.      Embrace a growth mindset- start seeking change as a chance for growth. View challenges and setbacks as steppingstones towards progress and not as hurdles.

2.      Step out of your comfort zone- Change often requires stepping into the unknown and embracing discomfort. Always push yourselves to try new experiences, take risks and explore unfamiliar territories.

3.      Embrace self-reflection- Take time to reflect and understand your values, passion, and aspirations. And start working towards it.

4.      Embrace flexibility and adaptability- this can be done by recognizing that changes are inevitable, and it is important to learn to adapt. Start cultivating flexibility in your behavior. This will allow you to navigate through challenging situations gracefully.

5.      Seek Support- It is very important to surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family or mentors who can provide guidance and encouragement during the times of change. This can also help you gain a fresh perspective on life.

6.      Continuous learning- Start viewing changes as an opportunity to continuous learning.

7.      Practice Mindfulness- Start embracing the present moment and develop mindfulness practices like meditation or deep breathing. Mindfulness can help you navigate a change with a calm and centered mindset.

8.      Embrace positive self-talk- Cultivate a positive inner dialogue that supports and encourages you during the times of change. Replacing self-doubt and negative thoughts with positive dialogue and affirmations will help empower yourself and develop confidence.

9.      Embrace Patience- This will help you navigate through tough times with grace and avoid making any decisions in haste.

10.   Embrace resilience- Embrace the belief that you have the strength and capacity to bounce back from adversity, learn from it and grow stronger in the process.

So, lets embrace change to unlock our potential and lead a fulfilling life.

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i embrace change

@ HappinessSanta

Hi! I am Nikita and I am passionate about helping you find motivation and inspiration to lead a happy life!

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