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Dear Duolingo: What language would children invent?

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100+ Sample Questions With High Scoring Answers

100+ Sample Questions With High Scoring Answers

One way to improve your Duolingo English Test score is by taking practice questions and reviewing model answers. Luckily for you, you can now do both of these things at the same time using the cue cards below!

In this article, we have 100+ Duolingo English Test practice questions and high-scoring, model answers for you to study with. You may wish to print these out and fold them over so that the example question is on one side and the model answer is on the other side. Alternatively, you can just answer the question and then scroll down when you have finished to reveal the example response. Either way, with these cue cards you can practice answering Duolingo English Test questions and then directly compare your answer to the model answer.

If you want to get even more practice questions, you can sign up for Arno. We not only give you unlimited practice questions for every question type. We also give you an estimated score, feedback on your grammar and vocabulary, and a high-scoring, rewritten version of your response – instantly! Just click below to create your free account!

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Table of Contents

(1-17) "read and complete" questions and answers, (18-34) "read and select" questions and answers, (35-51) "read, then write" questions and answers, (52-68) "write about the photo" questions and answers, (69-85) "interactive reading" questions and answers, (86-102) "writing sample" questions and answers.

👉 As you gain more familiarity with the questions, try using a timer to make sure you are answering the questions within the time limits set by Duolingo.

"Read and Complete" questions appear 4-6 times throughout the test and count towards your Literacy and Comprehension subscores . You are given 3 minutes to fill in all the blanks.

  • "Read and Complete" Cue Card #1 🚀

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question

2. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #2 👩‍✈️

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 2

3. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #3 🖼️

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 3

4.  "Read and Complete" Cue Card #4 🇮🇹

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 4

5. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #5 👪

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 5

6. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #6 🌊

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 6

7. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #7 ⛰️

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 7

8. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #8 🖥️

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 8

9. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #9 🌌

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 9

10. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #10 🏭

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 10

11. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #11 🌾

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 11

12. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #12 🌎

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 12

13. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #13 🐨

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 12

14. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #14 ☕

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 14

15. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #15📚

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 15

16. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #16 ☃️

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 16

17. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #17 ❄️

Duolingo English Test "Read and Complete" Practice Question 17

As you can tell, we love emojis here at Arno! 😎🤓🥰

"Read and Select" questions appear 4-6 times on the test, and they also count toward your Literacy and Comprehension subscores. You will have 1 minute to select all the real English words from the list presented.

18. "Read and Select" Cue Card #1

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 1

19. "Read and Select" Cue Card #2

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 2

20. "Read and Complete" Cue Card #3

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 3

21. "Read and Select" Cue Card #4

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 4

22. "Read and Select" Cue Card #5

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 5

23. "Read and Select" Cue Card #6

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 6

24. "Read and Select" Cue Card #7

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 7

25. "Read and Select" Cue Card #8

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 8

26. "Read and Select" Cue Card #9

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 9

27. "Read and Select" Cue Card #10

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 10

28. "Read and Select" Cue Card #11

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 11

29. "Read and Select" Cue Card #12

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 12

30. "Read and Select" Cue Card #13

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 13

31. "Read and Select" Cue Card #14

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 14

32. "Read and Select" Cue Card #15

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 15

33. "Read and Select" Cue Card #16

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 16

34. "Read and Select" Cue Card #17

Duolingo English Test "Read and Select" Practice Question 17

👉Were any of the "real English words" in these lists unfamiliar to you? If so, you may want to make a note of their spelling and definition so you can revisit them later.

"Read, Then Write" questions count towards your Literacy and Production subscores on the Duolingo English test. You will have five minutes to write a short essay or paragraph in response to the prompt provided. While you are only required to write for 3 minutes and 50 words, we recommend using the full five minutes and writing at least 150 words. This question type comes up only once during the test, so let's make it count!

👌Please note, all advanced words scoring 155-160 are bolded.

35. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #1 🧙

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 1

While reading books and watching movies are both enjoyable and beneficial in their own right, I prefer reading for several reasons.
Firstly , books often include more intricacies , details, and information than their cinematic counterparts. Consider the Harry Potter series as an example: although the Harry Potter movies are captivating , the directors cut a plethora of subplots to keep the movies concise . As a result, certain aspects of the movies don't fully make sense as viewers lack the explanations and full character development acquired in the written series (i.e. the fate of Gildroy Lockhart).
Another advantage of books is that reading requires utilizing our imagination to fill in the gaps between words. As such, more cognitive skills are being honed when reading books compared to watching a movie which can be psychologically profitable in the long term. The use of imagination also means that more complex and fantastical plot lines can take place in books, as we can imagine literally anything. By comparison, the cinematic universe has physical and monetary constraints.
Lastly , reading a book takes a plethora of hours whereas a movie is usually only two hours. This means that books can keep you occupied for longer, making them more economically valuable.
In conclusion, I prefer reading books and find them more beneficial than watching movies due to their more detailed narratives, cognitive benefits, and long-lasting engagement.

Word Count - 224

☝️ Study smarter, not harder! As "firstly" and "lastly" are both high-scoring words, you may want to start your first and last examples (from the I LAST method ) this way to make sure you are including advanced vocabulary with minimal planning.

36. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #2 💼

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 2

While both teamwork and independent work have their advantages and disadvantages, I prefer working collaboratively over working individually for a multitude of reasons.
An advantage of working in a team is that you can leverage the expertise , skills, and knowledge of others. This is particularly beneficial when one is lacking proficiency in a specific area. For example, in a publishing company writers often work alongside editors because whilst writers likely excel in content creation, they may lack the grammatical finesse and training that editorial staff have, and vice versa. Another advantage of working in a team is that colleagues may notice an error in your work that you have overlooked. In the content of publishing , this might be a punctuation error or grammatical rule that the author is unaware of.
It's true that, when working independently, distractions from others are mitigated because you do not have to ensure everyone reaches consensus on an issue, unlike in a team setting. However, this benefit does not compensate for the increased workload when you are the sole employee. When just one person handles a project, all the work is done by one person resulting in a slower completion rate and an elevated risk of burnout.
Therefore, while there are pros and cons to both methods, working in a team is preferable because it means that the skills and insights of others can be incorporated and the burden of the workload is shared.

Word count - 239

37. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #3 🛍️

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 3

Personally, I favor in-store shopping over online shopping, but there are several advantages and disadvantages to both that are worth considering.
One considerable benefit of in-store shopping is the ability for consumers to physically examine the product. This means shoppers can better ascertain the fit and quality of items like clothes and furniture. However, in-store shopping is of limited convenience because stores often have restricted hours and are closed on national holidays; comparatively, online shopping is available around the clock!
In the same vein, online shoppers can make purchases from the comfort of their homes, with packages delivered right to their doorsteps . Subsequently, online shopping is far less time-consuming and effortful -  a tremendous bonus for busy individuals. However, it's worth noting that because packages are constantly being delivered to customers' doorsteps , the environmental impact of online shopping is egregious . Not only do the packages have to be shipped to consumers via an amalgamation of fossil-fueled transportation methods but they also have to be packaged in a way that they won't break during transit leading to increased usage of plastic-heavy containers and other shipping materials.
In conclusion, while online shopping is indisputably more convenient, its environmental impact alongside the inability to assess an item's quality/fit digitally means that I will remain partial to in-store shopping at least until online stores significantly ameliorate their carbon footprint.

Word count - 222

38. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #4 🇩🇪

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 4

International travel is replete with benefits including but not limited to, personal growth, heightened language proficiency , and a broader worldview.
Partaking in overseas excursions usually requires stepping outside of one's comfort zone. Consequently, sojourners typically undergo substantial personal development. This is because challenging oneself is the most effective way to gain self-insight, and travelers are bound to encounter numerous challenges along the way! I personally experienced this on a solo trip to Berlin. Initially, I was nervous about traveling alone for the first time, but being alone in a new country and city helped me gain independence and a more lucid understanding of where my interests lay now that others' preferences weren't part of the equation. Moreover , becoming lost in new territory -- whilst uncomfortable -- taught me vital navigation and self-advocacy skills.
The second advantage to a voyage abroad is that there is nothing more immersive than being in a country where the native language is the one you are learning. While in Berlin, I found that my German improved much quicker than it ever had in the classroom.
The final reason is that through traveling somewhere new one acquires a more global perspective through exposure to diverse viewpoints and unique experiences. Although I was familar with World War Two history from an American standpoint, in Berlin I was able to visit monuments, memorials, and museums, thereby developing a more comprehensive historical understanding, particularly of how post-war Germany influenced the modern world.
Whilst these are not all the benefits of studying abroad, one should remember the strides in personal development, language, and globalized knowledge, that they will likely make when contemplating international travel.

Word count - 271

39. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #5 🤓

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 5

There are significant costs and benefits to both digital and face-to-face communication. However, in my personal view, the advantages of cybernetic contact outweigh the costs.
Digital correspondence is far more convenient than face-to-face interactions. To meet face-to-face, one has to travel, and this is nearly impossible if the other party is located far away or in a different country. The world is growing ever more globalized, and digital communication serves as both a catalyst and an ancillary to this trend. It is the quickest , easiest way for those who live away from their families, friends, and colleagues to nourish their pre-existing relationships and form new ones.
It's true that face-to-face communication makes it easier to read non-verbal and paraverbal cues. Perceiving tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions can be imperative to prevent the miscommunications that frequently occur in digital communications, such as text. However, astute individuals can quickly learn how to express themselves clearly in the digital realm or utilize video chat features.
Further, face-to-face interaction has a severe disadvantage: it can be distracting in some contexts and environments. Since many jobs transitioned to remote work post- pandemic , there is less distracting face-to-face conversation in the workplace, meaning that work can be completed more efficiently. Texts, emails, or chat pop-ups in the workplace can convey messages just as clearly, but don't require immediate response. As such, if one gets a digital message at work, they can prioritize finishing their current task before responding, a luxury that is practically impossible in face-to-face settings .
For these reasons and more, I prefer digital communication; not only is it more convenient and less distracting, but it also contributes to creating a more well-connected world.

Word count - 280

40. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #6 🛀

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 6

A career demands long hours of concentration, including the time spent commuting to the workplace. Certain positions also involve a level of emotional labor, such as addressing individuals' concerns in a customer service or healthcare roles. On the other hand, maintaining a home, spending time with loved ones, and finding time to relax after long hours of work can also be challenging. This can be particularly difficult for working mothers who are often unfairly expected to work as many hours as their spouses, whilst also fully managing the domestic sphere.
One main strategy to maintain a good work-life balance is to prioritize certain responsibilities. If there is an essential task that needs to be done at work or home, one should focus on completing that above all else. Smaller, less time-sensitive tasks should be given less priority or delegated to a colleague/spouse.
Another strategy is to schedule recreational time where a person can fully rest. If someone struggles to relax, they might consider turning off distractions, such as work phones,  so they can focus on spending time outside of work doing things that they can enjoy or engaging in self-care. This helps to alleviate any stress caused by overwork and prevent burn-out.
Reducing commute time or working remotely may also help to relieve stress by increasing the amount of time that one is able to spend on other activities outside of a work environment.
In conclusion, maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult due to the numerous responsibilities involved in maintaining both aspects of one's life, but one can achieve a better balance via prioritization, scheduled relaxation time, and reducing commute time.  

Word count - 270

41. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #7 👨‍🎓

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 7

Choosing a career path can be one of the most daunting choices of one's life because the majority of people spend a good proportion of their lives in the workplace . In order to make this important decision, one should consider three major factors: their values, their interests, and their strengths.
Discovering and identifying one's values is vital when selecting a career path; having a career that is meaningful to you and makes an impact in an area you are passionate about will provide you with a sense of purpose and  keep you determined for years to come. For instance, I am extremely passionate about health care and aim to make a difference in this field, as such I have dedicated my career to it.
Secondly , your interests should be imperative to your career selection. If you enjoy the work tasks you undertake and the topics fascinate you, you are far more likely to enjoy your job.  This is because its human nature to enter a state of "flow" when working on something you are wholly focused on. This is when we are most at peace and at our most creative. To achieve flow and be compensated for it should be the highest aspiration in a career search.
Finally, picking a job that sings to your strengths is crucial when picking a career. For example, someone might be extremely passionate about the way that art impacts their community and they may find "flow" when creating art, but if they aren't proficient in any art medium then they are unlikely to succeed in the field; it will be an uphill battle and they'd be best to improve their skills first at the very least.
In conclusion, when picking a career it's important to be discerning and engage in some honest self-discovery work. Specifically, one should ask themselves: what are my strengths, what are my values, and where do my interests lie?

Word count - 315

42. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #8 🏫

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 8

There are several advantages and disadvantages to online and traditional education, but I personally prefer in-person classes because they foster networking and allow for hands-on learning.
Traditional classroom learning makes interactions with peers and professors seemless. When able to interact instantaneously with individuals in the class, they are bound to get to know you better and quicker. This can be a great way for students to make friends, which studies have shown is crucial in preventing drop-out.  The direct interaction provided by in-person classes also opens students up to extracurricular opportunities from professors, not to mention immediate feedback and help with challenging topics.
While an in-person education tends to be more costly, and online classrooms often provide the opportunity to complete tasks on your own time (freeing up the opportunity for low-income students to work, for example), there is one major cost of online classrooms that cannot be ignored...
When one is taught online they miss out on hands-on learning, such as laboratory classes for science majors or art studio work for art majors. This means that students may be deprived of the potential to utilize a campus' resources and gain experience that is applicable and translatable to the workplace . These experiences make someone stand out from the crowd as job candidates post-graduation.
As such, I recommend in-person classes if one can afford to attend, but online classes are still a great opportunity for those who cannot. One should deeply consider the pros and cons of each learning environment listed before choosing one or the other.

Word count - 252

43. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #9 💻

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 9

Working remotely has its advantages and disadvantages, but overall, I favor working from home for several reasons.
Firstly , working from home eliminates the need for commuting to the workplace, saving significant time and money otherwise spent on transportation.
Secondly , working from home promotes a better work-life equilibrium. When working from home, it's possible to do domestic tasks  simultaneously, for example, putting clothes in the washing machine prior to a long meeting. Subsequently, more time can be spent outside of work hours relaxing with family/friends and/or on recreational activities. Being able to spend more time on rest and recreation is undeniably beneficial preventing burn out and fostering a healthier lifestyle.
However, there are certain drawbacks to working remotely that should be considered. It can be challenging to maintain a work-life balance when working from home because your home is essentially your office and vice versa. Some people can find it tempting, for example, to check their work phone or email during their free time leading to blurred boundaries and half-hearted committment to both work and home life. Furthermore , one certainly misses out on the networking opportunities and social aspects of working in-person when remote. However, a highly determined individual is still able to network and socialize in their own time outside of the work sphere... indeed, as a remote worker they have more time for it!
As such, in my mind the pros of working remotely outweigh the cons. Before taking a remote job, however, you should consider your ability to create boundaries between work and home life and whether you are motivated enough to create connections outside of work.

Word count - 266

44. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #10 🏙️

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 10

Life in a small town is considerably more cost-effective than city life. The rent for minuscule apartments in many cities across the world is extortionate , whereas in a small town you can get a decadent home for a fraction of the cost. As such, many people looking to start a family will lean towards a more bucolic or suburban lifestyle. Despite this, I am still partial to living in a large metropolitan area for several reasons.
Small towns often have fewer career and recreational opportunities. By comparison, in a large city the opportunities are endless: there are a plethora of activities one can choose from on the weekend and a multitude of work experiences available because cities tend to have more people and more resources. An astute young professional can certainly use these opportunities to their advantage.
However, living in a big city isn't all sunshine and rainbows -- becoming cosmopolitan comes with a cost. The crime rates in large cities compared to small towns are exorbitant . Further, there is less of a neighbourly feel to big cities, meaning that one is less likely to be able to depend on their fellow city dwellers to mitigate a crisis.
As such, moving to the city is a great opportunity to broaden networks and horizons, particularly for young, unmarried individuals, but relocators must be prepared to spend much more money on rent and acquire some safety tools and street smarts before the move.

45. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #11 🤾‍♀️

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 11

Incorporating regular physical exercise into your routine bolsters your sleep hygiene, mental health, and physical health. There are numerous  ways to engage in physical activity, from choosing to walk rather than drive to work or school, partaking in recreational sports with friends, or working out at home or in a gym.
One of the most underestimated benefits of physical exercise is the way it remediates sleep quality. Exercising before bed promotes a faster sleep onset and deeper REM sleep. This is because exercise triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, reducing our stress levels, and better equipping us for a good night's rest. One way someone might try to reap these benefits is by going to the gym and/or working out from home an hour or so before bedtime.
Another valuable benefit of exercise is its influence on mental health. As previously mentioned, the endorphins released during exercise help to demote stress and anxiety. Exercise can also be a great way to make or sustain friendships and bolster one's self-esteem. To gain these social benefits consider joining a sports team or participating in a sports-related activity with a friend.
Finally, exercise also enhances our physical health. Correlational studies show that just twenty minutes of exercise a day can prevent the evolution of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Exercise can also placate pernicious symptoms of pre-existing disorders such as arthritis, depression, endometriosis, and fibromyalgia. As such, if you wish to ameliorate a condition or prevent the development of one, you might try to incorporate exercise in your daily life by simply opting for a brisk walk to work, school, or the supermarket as opposed to driving.
In conclusion, physical exercise has monumental benefits and can be incorporated into one's lifestyle in plenty of ways, to suit the individual.

Word count - 297

46. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #12 🧶

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 12

Whilst I am a dilettante in the area, crocheting has already significantly enriched my life by becoming a source of stress relief and social interaction. Crocheting has also taught me valuable skills, notably patience and creativity .
Crocheting is a form of needlework that involves looping yarn with a hook to create textile pieces. It is so intricate and time-consuming that there is no man-made machine that can replicate its work unlike other garment-making techniques such as knitting.
As the patterns are so convoluted , it requires endless patience to master. However, once mastered the creative opportunities are limitless , which is the main reason I enjoy it. Dealing with complex stitches also demands such high attention to detail that it focuses the mind and alleviates the stress of any bad day -- it is almost meditative !
Another aspect of crocheting that I enjoy and benefit from is the community surrounding it. Like any art form, there are lots of people on social media and in person who are eager to teach you new techniques and share their creations. Finding fellow crocheters always provides an instant bonding opportunity in my experience.
Subsequently, I recommend crocheting to anyone who wishes to develop their creativity skills, patience, and social network or simply reduce their stress levels. If that isn't enough to convince you - the unique, handmade items you can craft (exactly to your tastes) most definitely will!

Word count - 229

47. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #13 🏆

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 13

Learning from failure can be even more valuable than learning from  success because it helps us to identify our weaknesses and adapt accordingly, build resilience and motivation, and develop empathy and humility toward others.
When we fail, we are presented with an opportunity for self-discovery; to examine what went wrong, how it went wrong, and why. Subsequently, self-exploration in the face of failure often leads us to target our flaws and prevent the recurrence of mistakes. For example, if someone were to take the Duolingo English Test and score lower than desired, this can be a great chance to identify and improve their skills in lower-scoring areas.
Failure also promotes resilience and motivation; when we fail we want to prove to ourselves that we can do better. As a result, we often become more driven to succeed. The author, Stephen King, is a paragon of self-determination. He, and many other authors, were rejected numerous times before a publisher accepted their work, but they responded to these failures with a more dogged drive. He is now exalted globally as the "King of Horror".
Finally, failure can make us more empathetic and humble. When we fail and overcome failure, we can better understand the failures of others and guide them towards their best selves. Some of the best leaders in the world are those that tried and failed before they succeeded; this is because they  use their experiences to relate to the people they supervise. By contrast, some of the worst bosses and leaders are those that demand perfection -- they will never be satisfied because it cannot be achieved, and their workers are more likely to seek superior mentorship elsewhere.
In conclusion, when you fail, try to see it as an opportunity to improve your skills, motivate yourself, and display empathy towards the shortcomings of others.

Word count - 197

48. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #14📱

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 14

The rapid advancement in technology development and social media utilization has revolutionized human communication. A significant proportion of interactions now occur in the digital sphere, necessitating thorough examination of the positive and negative effects of social media on relationships.
Social media has nourished some relationships that would have otherwise withered. For instance, I have observed that social media is a tremendous ancillary for international students, enabling them to easily maintain communications with loved ones in their native countries in a way that wasn't achievable before social media.
Moreover , social media has transformed the job-seeking market. It is now considerably easier to broaden one's professional networks, via LinkedIn. This can be a game- changer when seeking employment because connections with potential employers can be established quickly and from anywhere in the world.
However, social media has led to decreased productivity and lost time. Like most young people, I find that a significant amount of time is squandered on fruitless social media browsing , time that would be much better spent fostering in-person interpersonal relationships.
Further, social media interactions are rife with misinformation . Anyone can share anything online, leading to non-experts perpetuating harmful inaccuracies both unknowingly and maliciously with the intent to misguide and prey on the vulnerable. Consequently, relationships can form or develop based on distorted judgment .
In conclusion, one should certainly leverage the benefits of social media interactions, such as global connectivity for leisure and business relationships, while remaining savvy to productivity loss and misinformation.

49. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #15 🌎

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 15

Technology has catalyzed globalization, and vice versa. While globalization has its advantages and disadvantages, I firmly believe its benefits surpass its detriments .
Firstly , globalization has facilitated the effortless exchange of ideas, technology, and research. When ideas can be shared in this way, it prevents repeating work that has already been done and instead directs efforts to novelty. Building upon the work of scientists and engineers globally has led to innovation and progress at unprecedented rates; this was evident in the swift, favorable development and dissemination of the COVID-19 vaccine.
However, COVID-19 and other pandemics would arguably not have occurred without globalization: when citizens are traveling between countries, diseases can spread rapidly without constraint. We will likely be untangling the repercussions of COVID-19 for decades to come.
A common argument against globalization is that it leads to culture loss. Proponents of this viewpoint argue that as people become "citizens of the world," the countries they visit become enmeshed with their native culture, as the "citizen" become enmeshed with their new culture in a synergy . As such, the concern is that each country then becomes homogenous leaving rich tapestries of culture to expire.
Whilst this might have some truth, I believe that exposure to different cultures and lifestyles propelled by globalization mostly leads to a greater understanding of the world alongside cultural sensitivity and awareness. Consequently, despite the potential for diseases  spread and culture loss,  the benefits of globalization outweigh the negatives.

Word count - 236

50. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #16 👬🏽

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 16

"Friends are the family you chose" is a platitude that resonates with many people. Friendships not only provide us with enjoyable memories but also impact our personal growth and well-being in countless ways.
Medical studies have demonstrated that  loneliness is a killer. Hand-in-hand with this, evidence suggests that having a durable friendship network extends our lifespan and provides a buffer against mental health disorders and symptoms. This is in part because friendships reduce our stress  and cortisol levels and actually, neurobiologically, provide us with a boost of helpful hormones like oxytocin . So, the next time your mom tells you to do your homework instead of going to the movies, remind her that hanging out with friends is good for you!
In the same vein, friends can provide us with emotional and practical support in strenuous situations. When someone is undergoing a stressful life event, such as bereavement , a friend can provide a listening ear or help you navigate the crisis. Upon recognizing that a friend is in distress, a good friend will remind the person to engage in self-care and healthy habits and steer them away from bad choices – invaluable assistance. A friend is uniquely prepared for this given that most people share things with friends that they wouldn't with family, colleagues etc.
In terms of personal growth, friends can introduce us to new ideas, hobbies, and cultures. In getting to know a new friend, we often explore their interests and point of view, leading us to have a more comprehensive understanding of what we do and don't enjoy and believe in. As such, friendships can be the catalyst for broadening one's endeavors and mindset .
Finally, particularly in younger years, making and maintaining friendships can serve as a helpful model for future relationships. For example, a simple disagreement on the playground can be immensely beneficial for developing life-long social skills such as conflict resolution, theory of mind, and cooperation.
In conclusion, friends are indeed the family we choose and are key to our development and learning from youth right through to adulthood .

Word count - 339

51. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #17 🐱

Duolingo English Test "Read, Then Write" Practice Question 17

One significantly overlooked environmental issue that concerns me is the problem of free-roaming, domesticated cats. Not only does letting pet cats outdoors heighten their risk of injury and premature mortality, but it also severely damages the environment in three ways.
Firstly , it's no secret that domesticated cats have a natural instinct to chase prey, but you might not know that in recent years this has led to a drastic reduction in local wildlife , including already endangered birds. Such predatory behaviors are unnecessary and threaten entire ecosystems -- a highly avoidable problem given that we can instead give our furry companions all they need at home with cat toys and food.
Allowing cats to roam free, without neutering them, has culminated in an   overpopulation of felines - a majority of which are homeless. Not neutering cats is highly unethical given that most shelters are already overrun with unclaimed pets and sometimes euthanize perfectly healthy animals to make space. In turn, heightened consumption of the resources needed to power busy shelters contributes to carbon emissions. Consider this a reminder to adopt your next fluffy compatriot from a shelter rather than breeders and to neuter your cats (however much they sulk afterwards)!
Finally, when cats are free-roaming, they defecate anywhere and everywhere. Improper disposal of pet waste has been shown to lead to water contamination issues, which can cause a plethora of diseases and even death for the humans and animals who consume and rely on it as a water source.
In conclusion, it's highly recommended to keep your beloved cats safely inside. Your cat, the environment, and the little bird your cat chitters at every morning at 5 a.m. will thank you.

Word count - 276

"Write about the photo" questions require writing a description of the picture in response to the image on the screen in 1 minute. These questions count towards your Literacy and Production subscores and come up three times on the test. As a reminder, you should always try to write more than one sentence in response.

52. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #1 🐕

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 1

The woman appears to be walking her pet dog, and both parties seem to be gazing into the distance. Because there is a boat behind the woman and dog, it is likely that they are at a harbor, surveying a body of water. The dog has a fluorescent orange collar, thick grey fur, and a long snout . The woman has short, brown hair; a canary yellow raincoat ; and wears a stoic expression. The sky is light grey, suggesting that it is a cold, rainy morning.

Word count - 85

53. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #2 ☀️

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 2

A smiling young woman poses for the photograph, with her arms outstretched, seemingly emphasizing the natural beauty of her surroundings . She sits cross- legged on a wooden boat sailing down a river. Given the camera around her neck, we can infer that she is sightseeing , perhaps on a vacation. Her shorts, the sunshine, and rich foliage indicate that it is a summer day, or perhaps that she is in a country with a hot climate.

Word count - 74

54. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #3 🙏🏼

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 3

Two Buddhist monks, adorned in traditional orange and yellow robes and sandals , appear to be meandering through a park. Their tanquil demeanor suggests they are in no rush to get to their destination; perhaps they are leisurely making their way back to their monastery. They appear to be engaged in conversation because the monk on the right has his head turned towards the other, indicating that he is listening carefully.  As it is bright outside, and the leaves on the trees are green, it is likely a spring or summer morning.

Word count - 91

55. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #4 💼

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 4

A man resplendent in a black suit and tie scrutinizes the time on his wristwatch . His formal clothing and briefcase suggest that he is a businessman en route to work and his concerned expression suggests that he is running late - probably due to the tardiness of the train pulling in behind him! The tightly grasped coffee, abundance of natural light, and sunglasses all signify that it is morning; despite the light, the wizened leafless trees reveal that the season is winter.

Word count - 80

56. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #5 🎃

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 5

A young child is sprinting frenetically through a park or forest. The leaves on the ground and trees are ablaze with vibrant orange, suggesting that it's autumn -- the fading light indicates that dusk is swiftly approaching. Her open mouth,  urgent pace, and the absence of others denote a sense of eerie doom -- perhaps she is running away from a malevolent prescence or towards assistance.

Word count - 64

57. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #6 🍷

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 6

A woman beams as she delicately adds a block to a precarious Jenga tower. There is a leg in the periphery of the frame, hinting that she is unwinding with a loved one, perhaps her spouse. Both individuals are dressed in comfy attire, perhaps pyjamas , and there is wine on the table, and cozy lamps light the room -- it is likely a laxadaisical Saturday night in. It's possible they are revelling in each others' company and completing the puzzle in order to recover from a hectic work week.

Word count - 88

58. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #7 🐈

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 7

A young man is inquisitively surveying a greenhouse or botanical store with a fluffy kitten perched on his shoulder. The natural light streaming through the windows implies it is morning. As the young man contemplates his next purchase or decides the plant needs his nourishment next , he remains oblivious to the kitten's intentions! The adorable feline is curiously scrutinizing a nearby object just outside of the frame. Perhaps it is contemplating an audacious leap from his companion's shoulder, ready to wreak charming, but mischievous havoc on some greenery .

Word count - 88 words

59. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #8 ✈️

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 8

A young woman and a skydiving instructor look up to the camera during their descent to document the experience. They are both smiling indicating that they are enjoying the experience, this is corroborated by the woman's "thumbs-up" gesture. The ground below them is rich green, indicating that they will be landing somewhere pastoral and bucolic .

Word count - 55

60. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #9 🐶

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 9

A woman and her canine companion sit in a cozy, yellow armchair . The woman is casually perusing a magazine and the dog is looking directly at the camera - he has his mouth wide open and ears pricked suggesting he is enthused by the photographer. Because the woman and dog are intimately sharing the seat and in such close proximity we can infer they are tremendous companions to each other. The sunshine peeking through, informal attire, and bare feet indicate the woman and dog are in their home.

Word count - 87

61. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #10 🏄‍♂️

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 10

A person is surfing a gargantuan wave at sunset. They are most likely riding ocean waves, given the turquoise hue and vast expanse of water in the distance. The person looks extremely focused, and their firm stance suggests they are an expert at the sport -- they might be at the beach to master or hone their skills further.

Word count - 58

62. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #11 🕒

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 11

A professionally dressed woman gently massages her forehead and temples, her elbows resting on the table, likely located in a board room. She is encircled by paperwork, her countenance stern and stressed, despite the massaging; it's as if she is trying to remain composed. Besides her are two men clad in impeccable black suits, presumably her colleagues. It is implied that the woman is overburdened by work and the requests being made either side of her.

Word count - 76

63. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #12 👧🏿

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 12

The image depicts two young girls communicating through a makeshift tin can telephone. The girl on the left is whispering into the cup while her companion is listening intently; given their solemn expressions and covert communication methods, perhaps they are exchanging secrets. Both girls are reclining on the grass denoting their intimate but casual relationship. The fact that they are outside and wearing sleeveless shirts suggests it is a spring or summer afternoon.

Word count - 73

64. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #13 🧘🏽

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 13

The photo displays what looks to be the commencement of a yoga class. The two prominent women in the frame are looking ahead, perhaps towards an instructor, and listening actively. They have unwavering focus as if they are trying to absorb the instructor's every word so they can replicate the instructor's poses later. The clean hardwood floors, gym attire, and yoga mats suggest that this is taking place in an upscale studio during daylight hours.

Word count - 75

65. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #14 🦷

i never used to do my history homework duolingo

A man and a woman are standing and brushing their teeth. Their intimate proximity, casual pajamas, and the private, pedestrian act they are performing imply they are a  cohabitating or married couple. Given that the scene is a reflection in a mirror illuminated by overhead light we can glean that they are in the bathroom at their shared home and that they are preparing for slumber as part of their nighttime regimen .

Word count - 72

66. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #15 🐎

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 15

A young woman is feeding a horse from her hands amidst the woodland. She dons sturdy cowboy boots, indicating her awareness of appropriate attire and footwear for equestrian pursuits. The horse radiates tranquility , as does his counterpart, implying they have a pre-established,  comfortable relationship. Sunlight filters through the trees and the woman wears a gossamer pink dress suggesting that it is a refreshing spring or summer morning.

Word count - 67

67. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #16 😴

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 16

A woman lays with her eyes shut in her bed. She is quite pallid hinting that she might be sick or melancholic . This is corroborated by the amount of natural light in the room, suggesting she is slumbering although it is day time. As her head is resting on her arm, it is possible she may be awake and just shutting her eyes to rest. The bedsheets, pillows, and her pyjamas are all pristine white showing that she meticulously takes care of her home.

Word count - 84

68. "Read, Then Write" Cue Card #17 ⛰️

Duolingo English Test "Write about the Photo" Practice Question 17

A young man stands stoically atop a rock on a mountainside , seemingly enamored by the view. He holds a camera, suggesting that he was previously taking photos but is now stepping back to seep in Mother Nature's majesty. The mountain is dusted with snow and he is wearing a knitted hat, suggesting the mountain is in a place with a polar climate. He appears small and alone in the vast expanse , highlighting that this has been no small feat for him, but that he is determined to continue his voyage.

Word count - 90

"Interactive Reading" questions form part of your Literacy and Comprehension subscores. There are two sets of "Interactive Reading" questions, and each set has six questions. As you have two sets of questions and 7-8 minutes to complete them, you should aim to spend approximately 1 minute on each question.

69. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #1

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 1

70. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #2

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 2

71. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #3

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 3

72. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #4

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 4

73. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #5

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 5

74. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #6

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 6

75. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #7

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 7

76. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #8

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 8

77. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #9

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 9

78. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #10

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Practice Question 10

79. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #11

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Model Question 11

80. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #12

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Question 12

81. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #13

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Question 13

82. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #14

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Question 14

83. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #15

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Question 15

84. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #16

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Question 16

85. "Interactive Reading" Cue Card #17

Duolingo English Test "Interactive Reading" Question 17

"Writing Sample" questions only come up once on the Duolingo English Test and add to the Literacy and Production subscores. These questions ask you to construct a short essay in response to the prompt. While only 50 words and writing for at least three minutes are required to answer the question, we recommend that you use the full five minutes and write at least 150 words to get a high-scoring response.

86. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #1

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 1

The geography of the United States exerts a profound influence on its people and culture in many ways. Specifically, the fact that it is close to other countries, has a variety of landscapes, and contributes significiantly to global warming has shaped American culture.
Firstly , the USA’s immense size situates it in close proximity to a multitude of other countries. Consequently, the USA houses immigrants and expatriates from across the world and is frequently described as a “melting pot” of diverse cultures. For instance, the USA’s adjacency to Mexico has led to the incorporation of elements of Mexican culture in American culture: particularly Mexican cuisine and the Spanish language, in the states that border Mexico.
Secondly , the sheer size of the United States means it encompasses a wide variety of terrains and climates, which in turn forge a plethora of lifestyles. Alaska, for example, has polar climates, is geographically isolated from the continental US, and is surrounded by oceans and seas. As such, Alaskans are heavily involved in the fishing and tourism industry and lead a relatively subsistence lifestyle. This lifestyle contrasts drastically with the lifestyle in Nevada, which can be characterized by water conservation efforts, outdoor activities, and desert-themed arts and events – the result of its unique environment and scorching climate.
Lastly, in part due to the United States’ monumental size, it is one of the most significant contributors to global warming. The pernicious effects of climate change have led to floods, droughts, and forest fires in the USA, which substantially degrade its people’s quality of life and housing. Contributions to global warming have also bolstered the amount of research, funds, and studies dedicated towards protecting the earth. Arguably , global warming has also precipitated a culture of political division between citizens who are staunch supporters of policies reducing carbon emissions and those who gainsay them.

👉 You can see a breakdown of why this response scored as highly as it did on our blog .

87. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #2

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 2

Safeguarding the environment should be a priority for everyone. The importance of environment protection cannot be overstated because the depletion and pollution of our natural resources are already leading to disastrous effects on our climate, resulting in natural disasters that affect all of Earth's inhabitants.
One highly effective strategy to conserve natural resources and reduce waste is by taking short showers instead of lengthier ones or baths. Water is a finite resource, and by curbing the amount we use for personal hygiene, we take an important step towards a greener , more sustainable planet.
An equally vital strategy for waste reduction is to degrade or eliminate our meat consumption. The meat industry’s breeding practices are not only highly detrimental to animals but also pose significant environmental hazards. Too many people remain unaware of the CO2 emitted from cattle defecation , but the overpopulation of cattle for meat production has a lot to answer for regarding the depletion of the ozone layer.
Lastly , we can reduce waste and conserve resources by becoming mindful consumers, buying only what we need and using products entirely or attempting to repair them before purchasing another. Recycling materials when they are fully used also allows them to be repurposed into other objects.
The catastrophic effects of human life on Earth are growing more urgent by the day and will soon be irreversible ; it’s everyone’s responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint to ensure our Earth is inhabitable for the generations to come. As stated, a good start to individually reduce our waste and conserve resources is by taking shorter showers, reducing meat intake, and reevaluating purchasing and disposal habits.

88. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #3

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 3

Education not only opens opportunities that would otherwise be closed, but it also broadens one's mindset and understanding of the world around them.
The higher education system in the United States is typically governed by a liberal arts philosophy, the idea that one should explore multiple subjects in addition to their primary area of study. I appreciate this educational philosophy because the academic disciplines doesn’t just appear in a vacuum, they are highly interlinked. Learning in a way that appreciates the connection between subjects has been important for me for integrate and connect some of my more disparate interests and skills - allowing me to thrive in both areas without having to sacrifice one.
Education in the USA is extremely expensive, particularly high-quality tertiary education. This concerns me because everyone is deserving of an education, and education is often the only pathway out of poverty. Achieving a scholarship to study changed my life, giving me opportunities, networks, and knowledge that I wouldn't have otherwise gained.
Finally, the education system in the U.S. highly encourages and values extracurricular activities and sports which isn't the case in many other countries. I feel that this is a great mindset to have, because then admissions committees look at the "whole" person comprehensively , not just their scores on a test. Further, extracurriculars certainly foster social skills and skills that can be applied in the workplace , which is a great way to equip students for real-world scenarios and their future careers. I certainly found that my extra-curriculars helped to shape the social, leadership, and practical skills I needed in my line of work.
As such, education is important to me because it provides opportunities, helps to prepare me for the workplace and pursue multidisciplinary studies -- although the US education system isn't without its pitfalls .

89. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #4

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 4

Bike-sharing programs have recently been introduced to cities across the globe. Overall, I think they are a positive addition to urban life considering their low carbon emissions, inexpensive prices, and ability to elevate their users' health.
One benefit of bike-sharing programs in cities is that it is far better for the environment. Bikes, unlike cars and trains, do not require fossil fuels to run. As such, when citizens utilize shared bikes this can reduce the negative environmental impact that often comes with urban settings . In turn, bikers will also save more money than they would have using a car or public transport for their commutes .
Another benefit of bike-sharing programs is that it encourages exercise and healthy habits. Having easy access to a bike is likely to make a lot of city- dwellers engage in physical activity, helping citizens to improve their mental and physical wellbeing and potentially extend their lifespan .
A drawback of bike-sharing programs is that they may lead to more biking accidents. The more bikers on the road in a busy metropolis, the more opportunities for dangerous collisions with motor vehicles. In turn, pedestrians are also more likely to get hit by a bike if there are more of them available. As such, the city must ensure it creates plenty of bike lanes if they are implementing a bike-sharing program.
In conclusion, I believe that bike-sharing programs are a positive addition to urban life helping its inhabitants exercise more, save money, and reduce their carbon footprint. However, it's important to remember to bike safely and responsibly .

90. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #5

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 5

Team sports are advantageous because they are highly social. When young children engage in team sports, they will likely learn how to cooperate and work with others in ways that they wouldn't have from individual sports. Team sports are also a fantastic way to make friends and acquire social skills. Being on a team for your sport of choice is also extremely motivating because you have others who simultaneously rely on and inspire you. By contrast, in individual sports, all motivation must come from within. If you want to remain a valued member of the team becoming lax is not an option!
However, a favorable aspect of individual sports, and why I personally prefer it, is that you can train for competitions based on your own schedule and needs. In this way, sports can fit into your lifestyle more seamlessly and practice can be tailored to your own areas of weakness. In a team, everyone's needs have to be balanced. In individual sports, your training needs and goals are the only priority.
Individual sports also require self-reliance and mental resilience . When you can't rely on others to "carry" the team, then you end up working even harder and taking on failures more personally. This can make a person mentally tougher and more intrinsically motivated, which we know from sport psychology research makes it more likely they will succeed in their endeavors.
As such, while team sports are inherently more social and motivating, individual sports foster mental toughness and training can be tailored to the individual's preferences, needs, and schedules. Therefore, I would choose partaking in an individual sport over a team sport any day.

91. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #6

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 6

Music provides a distraction from the hustle and noise of everyday life. Whether I am working at my job, working out at the gym, traveling, or just relaxing, I always have my headphones in so that I can listen to my favorite music. Music has a big influence on me and my emotions in these moments, making duller moments more interesting. Part of the reason one of my favorite music genres is hair metal is because it is very lively and fast-paced, thus it can get my adrenaline pumping in otherwise mundane instances.
Music can also provide a bonding moment between friends, family, and acquaintances. Some of my favorite hair metal bands were introduced to me by my father. Overlaps in our music taste have become shared interest between us and we connect over it frequently. It also often encourages my dad to share memories and stories from when he was young and listening to these bands, which can be interesting and enjoyable for me to hear.
Finally, music can be matched to your emotions and a great way to mitigate negative feelings. If I am stressed due to an incoming deadline at work, I can put on relaxing music to balance out the stress I feel at work. If I am lifting weights, I can listen to energetic music so that I am motivated to lift more. Music can influence the way a person feels in a particular moment and balance out any negative emotions they may be feeling with positive ones.

92. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #7

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 7

Volunteering is a great way to gift one's time in order to help those less fortunate than them. Though volunteering contributes to helping other people, it also helps build character for the person who is volunteering their time. One of the main benefits of volunteering is to cultivate empathy . By volunteering one's time, one can learn of the many different obstacles that people suffer in their lifetimes that the volunteer may have not had to overcome in theirs. Meeting people who battle hunger, homelessness, or other financial hardships allows the volunteers to put themselves in the metaphorical footsteps of those in need.
Another benefit of volunteering that helps the volunteer grow is learning a strong work ethic. Working a full day at a young age in order to help others can teach young people responsibility before they enter the workforce . It is important to learn these skills and serving others who need the help is a great way to understand the importance and payoff of one's hard work. I volunteered to build homes in Kentucky when I was in high school. Meeting the people of an area where I was not from allowed me to empathize with people in hard situations as well as learn to work long hours towards a common goal.
Finally, and most importantly, volunteering has the power to transform the lives of the people in the community. By providing people less fortunate with your resources – be it time, money, energy or all three – you can make an invaluable difference.

93. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #8

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 8

There are a plethora of advantages and disadvantages to the popularization of social media platforms. Firstly , because most users only post images or videos themselves on their best days this has led to a society that constantly compares itself to perfection. Particularly for young women, who are subject to unattainable beauty standards, this can be extremely detrimental to one’s self-esteem. Indeed, it has been shown that social media usage can exacerbate various mental health disorders.
Another negative aspect of social media is that it reduces our attention span. Because we have a plethora of content now at our fingertips -- often emotionally salient media -- we have become somewhat addicted to mindless scrolling. Not only does this waste time, but as with any addiction, it makes it harder to go without one's phone for a significant portion of time. This has affected me personally because I found that, before becoming mindful of my social media usage, I spent any spare time I had scrolling on my phone particularly when I doing mundane tasks like waiting for a bus.
However, social media does allow individuals to find and join communities of like-minded individuals, supporting niche interests and hobbies. For example, there are plenty of accounts willing to support new dilettantes in learning arts and crafts skills and those users can provide a lot of support burgeoning artists -- I have benefitted from this first hand.
Another positive of social media is that it has been pivotal in raising awareness about various social, political, and environmental issues.  Without social media, movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo might not have made such significant traction so quickly. It's a great way to not only educate people on these matters but reach a lot of people with the potential for action all at once.
In summary, social media can be a great tool for learning a new skill or rallying support for a benevolent cause -- however, users should remain diligent of how it impacts their mental and cognitive health. If you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else on social media or turning to it whenever your brain is unoccupied it might be time to take a break!

94. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #9

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 9

Global warming is primarily caused by human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial production. However, as humans cause global warming, we can also attempt to reverse it both on a micro and macro level.
As stated, one significant contributor to climate change is the burning of fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels emits greenhouse gasses which trap heat from the sun, subsequently warming the earth. One potential solution to this is for countries to invest in and implement renewable energy sources such as wind and solar panels. On an individual level, someone might consider driving an eco-friendly car or walking/ biking to work. An ambitious person might also try to implement solar panels on their own property to generate energy!
Deforestation also hinders attempts to mitigate global warming as cutting down trees reduces the Earth’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide.  One potential solution to this is simply to stop chopping down these trees via conservation efforts, we might also consider reforestation . Given that it's usually larger institutions that are cutting down this natural resource, the best thing for an individual to do is to support reforestation and conservation efforts by becoming a stalwart proponent of such efforts through activism and voting.
Another cause of climate change is industrial processes. Factories in particular release greenhouse gasses at extortionate rates. One potential solution to this is an international agreement preventing emissions from companies reaching too high a level. On an individual level, we can also reduce our purchasing rates, only buying what we need and recycling what we don't.
As such, industrial processes, deforestation, and the burning of fossil fuels have seriously damaged the only planet we have. To fix the damage we've caused, politicians should seek to implement renewable energy sources, foster international industry agreements, and support reforestation/conservation efforts. As an individual, you can support these efforts by just being a conscious consumer, reconsidering your methods of transportation, and driving your efforts towards activism and voting campaigns.

95. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #10

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 10

Extracurricular activities are one of the most beneficial and enjoyable aspects of a college or high school education. Firstly , extracurriculars are highly social. This can aid young people in making friends, building important social skills, and even helping the wider community. I personally benefitted from this when I joined the school newspaper, before joining I was incredibly introverted and diffident -- after joining I had more friends and a newfound confidence.
Another benefit of extracurriculars is that they provide a safe space to explore your interests and develop your skills. Many people who join a club are merely dabbling in the subject, meaning that they are also on the same level as you, taking the pressure off. In turn, one can better understand what they do and don't enjoy and what they are and aren't good at. For example, I not only really honed my non-fiction writing skills at the school newspaper by learning from others, but I also learned that this would be a potential career path for me.
Finally, extracurriculars can provide college and career advancement. Having clubs on your resume can be a great way to show employers or admissions committees that you have the skills, leadership qualities, and teamwork abilities that they seek. It also shows that you are dedicated to learning and participating in your school’s culture. Many people find that their extracurricular activities in college not only provided them with the skills needed to excel in the workplace , but also interest and impress future employers.
As such, when debating joining an extracurricular club, consider all the benefits you will likely reap: new friends, new skills, and a boost in your career and education prospects.

96. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #11

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 11

A good friend is supportive, fun, and challenges you.
A few years ago, I had a difficult choice to make and was experiencing some emotional turmoil over the decision. I called my friend and she offered to house me for a week while I figured out what to do. Being reliable in this way, and willing to help at the time I needed it most was extremely meaningful to me and demonstrated just how supportive she was no matter what I chose. Support like this from friends is invaluable in times of need because it enables you to focus on what matters in that moment and feel like you have allies in your corner.
Another important, undervalued quality in friends is their ability to distract you with fun conversations and activities. During that hard time, I was fairly despondent and gloomy, but my friend was able to distract me by making me laugh and taking me to places she knew I'd enjoy. These fun moments shared with friends can be both enriching to life and incredibly important during challenging times.
Finally, a good friend teaches and challenges you. When I was making my decision, my friend didn't just give me "the right answer", but she questioned me intensely about the choices and offered her unique perspective on this situation. This inspired great self-reflection in myself, and I came away from that trip sure about what I was going to do and confident in my decision.
As such, reliable, challenging, fun friendships are integral to leading a fulfilling life. Not only do friends like this support and guide us through life's twists and turns, but they also elevate the good times making them more meaningful and joyful.

97. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #12

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 12

My favorite sport to engage in is long-distance running. This activity is important to me for countless reasons, but in this essay, I will outline the most important three. Firstly , going for a run or jog through my neighborhood helps to clear my mind. When I'm running, I find my mind is more focused and I can really think through the things that were plaguing me. On the same note, running is a great way to spend quality time with yourself, because usually I am alone and there aren't any distractions from my thoughts.
Secondly , going for a run is extremely enjoyable for me. The act itself releases endorphins , but also taking in the view as I run can elevate any bad mood. Running not only encourages me to go outside and enjoy my surroundings , but I also get the chance to listen to music and podcasts simultaneously. For these reasons, it becomes something that I look forward to, which is not the case for other sports!
Finally, running has really improved my physical and mental health. Before I started running, I often found that I didn’t have an outlet for my stress -- I was also not very fit! Through running, I have discovered a significant improvement in both areas. My stronger, slimmer build has also given me an invaluable boost of self-esteem, not to mention more energy and strength to partake in my daily activities.
As such, running is my favorite sport and will likely remain so for the forseeable future.

98. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #13

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 13

Studying alone and studying in groups each have their merits and drawbacks , and the most effective choice depends on the subject being studied and the nature of the pending assignment.
One benefit to studying alone is that you can customize the pace at which you study and the content you focus on. For instance, if you are someone who likes to take long breaks between chapters studying alone is probably the best method because you can determine your own break schedule. Additionally , being able to choose to study longer on areas of personal weakness to you and spend less time on subjects already mastered enables you to better target your study time. This might be the best choice for tests and subjects that involve a lot of memorizations, such as a science course, because you can dedicate your time to understanding and remembering the areas that are more challenging to you.
Another advantage of independent studying is that you won’t get distracted by your peers. When you are studying in isolation there isn't any temptation to chat to your peers or take a break when you don't need one. This can be beneficial and effective when you have a test coming up very soon and time is limited.
On the other hand, when studying in a group you can benefit from others' strengths. If you are weak in an area, but your study partner is strong in that area they can teach you valuable knowledge and skills. In a group, you can also work out the answers to problems that you wouldn't have been able to work out or would have taken a long time to figure out alone. In this way, we can save time and effort by studying in a group; you can also get other perspectives on a text, which can be helpful in classes that rely on interpretation.
Another advantage to studying in a group is that it provides social interaction and accountability. When we study with others, we have an external motivator as well as an intrinsic one and this can make us more determined to complete our outstanding tasks. Further, many people -- particularly extraverts – will find studying less dull and onerous when they are in company.
As such, I believe that studying alone and in a group are both highly beneficial, but should be selected based on the task and subject at hand.

99. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #14

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 14

Artists and scientists alike propel our society towards progression and innovation.
Since the dawn of intelligent civilization humans have used and viewed art as a form of understanding the world around them and expressing their emotions -- it is part of human nature. In modern day, artists contribute to society by entertaining us, inspiring us, and providing us with an escape from quotidian life . This was most noticeable during the COVID-19 pandemic . When people couldn't venture outside, they turned to their favorite movies and music. In turn, the absence of new art and the inability to go to in-person art-related events during the pandemic was sorely missed.
Another contribution artists make to society is through the social commentary they provide. One example is the way that Banksy, an artist, uses his art to demonstrate the absurdity of war and over consumerism . For example, when he sold a piece for a small fortune, he made sure that it self-shredded upon being sold -- a message against the uber-elite. In commenting on society in this way, artists also heighten our awareness to important issues that require our attention.
Scientists, of course, are equally important. Scientists’ work frequently culminates in medical breakthroughs that can save lives. Again, during the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists were the ones that banded together to create a vaccine in rapid time, this ultimately saved the lives of countless individuals and meant that we could eventually return to our normal daily lives.
Scientists also help to create technological advancements. The technology recently developed by scientists and engineers at NASA has made it possible to explore space, an unimaginable achievement a hundred years ago. Space exploration is perhaps one of the most important endeavors of humankind because it answers questions about who we are and where we came from.
However, whilst both are equally important, I think that artists are more valued in U.S society. Whilst its true many artists don't get compensated fairly and art/music students are often shunned by their STEM counterparts, the average person would be hard pressed to name 10 modern day scientists. By contrast, ask anyone to name 10 modern day singers, musicians, or artists, and they'd be able to do so in seconds. Further, artists frequently earn much more than our scientists, and reap a greater following. Furthermore , during the COVID-19 pandemic we found that celebrities' guidance was more often followed than that of the virologists!

100. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #15

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 15

A few years ago, I took a last-minute trip to Los Angeles. I had never been there before, and unexpectedly, it made a long-lasting personal and cultural impact on me.
Firstly , LA deviated from all my expectations. I expected to see glamour and flamboyance at every turn. Instead, there was a lot of homelessness and boarded up businesses, even along the Walk of Fame. This was shocking and almost paradoxical to me, that lavishness and prodigal waste could be in such close proximity to widespread poverty. This also showed me that, both personally and as a culture, humans often view times and places (sometimes times and places they have never lived in) with nostalgia . Whilst LA might have once been the glamorous place that is shown in movies fifty years ago, in one of the world’s wealthiest nations, now it is a place in dire need of resources.
Culturally , I did learn a lot about movies from the various cinema museums we attended. This gave me a greater veneration and appreciation for the USA’s enormous contributions to cinema and explained how movie magic was made throughout history. It was illuminating to discover why people watch American movies across the world, even when the films aren’t in their native language! The USA is certainly unique in this area, and as a movie buff, the knowledge I acquired was truly inspiring.
Finally, seeing LA's walk of fame did connect the dots for me on why people clamor to this city and devour all their resources to do so, despite the slim odds. Seeing the names of so many powerful, talented artists in one place helped me grasp why people sacrifice so much to "Make it" in LA, a place rife with financial risk and potential turmoil.
As such, the trip taught me a lot historically and culturally about LA specifically and the USA, but it also taught me personally about the dangers of nostalgia. Indeed, there is a reason the term 'nostalgia' derives from the Greek words nostos (return) and algos (pain).

101. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #16

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 16

Video games have a reputation for fostering violent behavior and distracting teenagers from their homework, but for the majority of people -- myself included -- they can be a great source of personal growth. Specifically, video games can bolster your hand-eye coordination, cognitive functioning, and creativity .
Firstly , video games frequently involve quickly using motor skills in reaction to visual input . In turn, it has been corroborated that hand-eye coordination improves significantly by playing video games. I have also found this to be the case personally. Prior to playing video games, I had quite a poor hand-eye coordination; now I am much more skilled in this area. In my youth, this also taught me that investing time in weaker areas leads to tremendous rewards.
Another area of personal growth I attribute to video games is in cognitive skills. Video games have been shown to boost your spatial navigation abilities, memory, and concentration. This is in part because a lot of video game maps require "cognitive mapping" to progress. Video games may also involve puzzles that require full attention and memory skills. Like hand-eye coordination, I have personally benefitted from honing these skills through video games; I am much better able to navigate my real-life surroundings , for instance.
Finally, video games encourage people to think outside the box. For example, if there is a hard puzzle in a game and your current strategy for completing it isn't working, you must utilize psychological flexibility in your approach and consider other options -- thus, using your imagination to problem-solve. Further, many games also involve a general sense of artistic creativity, for example, in designing characters and/or storylines . As such, video games have greatly improved mine and many others’ creativity.
In conclusion, whilst video games are often snubbed as a hobby, they can be instrumental in acquiring skills that can be applied to real-life settings such as adaptive thought and imagination, spatial navigation and memory, and of course, hand-eye coordination.

102. "Writing Sample" Cue Card #17

For this last answer, we're going to show you how entering your own responses into Arno can help you improve your Duolingo English Test scores.

First, you'll need to create a free account on . Following this, click the play button next to the question type you want to practice ("Writing Sample" in this case).

"Writing Sample" Practice Questions in Arno

A question will appear like the one below and a timer. Write your response in the box until the timer runs out (or pause it if you don't want to time yourself just yet).

Duolingo English Test "Writing Sample" Question 17

Being multilingual has become increasingly common in recent years due to globalization. There are numerous advantages to acquiring a second language, like gaining a competitive edge in the job market, enhancing travel experiences, and gaining a deeper understanding of both your native language and the culture associated with the language you are learning.
In the 21st century, employers prefer candidates with proficiency in a second language candidates who only speak their native language. This prediliction for bilingualism arises because immigration is more prevalent and companies frequently engage in international collaboratioons.  THus a multi-lingual employee is better equipped to provide for clients outside of the usual scope. In my own job search, I've found that some positions specifically require bilingual candidates and won't even consider individuals if they arent. There are also a plethora of careers out there specifically in this area such as medical translators, who relay messages back and forth between patients and there doctors.
Another compelling reason to attain a second language is that it enhances your travel experiences. Not only does it make navigating a new place easier by enabling you to read street signs, menus, and ask for assistance when needed but it can also make the experience more meaningful; knowing the local language allows you to engage you can interact with locals and get to know their culture more deeply.
Moreover through learning another language you can grasp a better understanding of your own language in contrast, bringing awareness to idiosyncrasies that previously escaped your notice.In the same vein, you will likely develop a rich insight into the culture underpinning e language you are trying to learn from linguistic nuances and expressions used.
In summary, learning a language has limitless benefits and opens the door for valuable opportunities. But learning a language has been shown to get harder the older you get, so be sure to start learning a second language as soon as you can.

When you are finished, click submit and Arno will instantly score your answer for you and provide grammar and vocabulary feedback.

Example of Arno's instant scoring and feedback

🤟Arno doesn't just correct your grammar and vocabulary but explains the reasoning behind the correction so you can learn from any mistakes you have made.

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👉 Arno also provides a rewritten version of your response to demonstrate the feedback in action!

An example of a rewritten response from Arno

If you made it this far, congratulations!!! Taking practice questions and reviewing model answers for the Duolingo English Test is one of the best ways to improve your score. If you completed all of these you deserve a snack, but before you head to the fridge remember, all of these example questions (and many more) can be found on Arno for free so click below to sign up today! You can also find an additional model answer for each question type on our blog.

Happy studying/snacking!

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3 Reasons Why People Stop Learning A New Language On Duolingo

3 Reasons Why People Stop Learning A New Language On Duolingo

October 29, 2022 // Marc

If you’re one of the many people who’ve started learning a new language on Duolingo and then stopped, you’re not alone. A recent study found that Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning apps, but also one of the most likely to be abandoned. So why do people start learning a new language on Duolingo and then stop? The study found that there are a few main reasons: 1. People often start learning a new language on Duolingo when they’re traveling to a country where the language is spoken. But once they’re back home, they don’t have as much incentive to keep learning. 2. Duolingo is designed to be a fun and addictive game , but it’s also a lot of work. People often start using the app sporadically and then get frustrated when they don’t see results. 3. People often set unrealistic goals for themselves, such as trying to learn a new language in a month. When they don’t meet their goals, they get discouraged and give up. If you’re trying to learn a new language on Duolingo, the best way to stick with it is to set realistic goals and use the app regularly. And if you find yourself getting frustrated, remember that everyone learns at their own pace.

Do You Do The Homework At Night In Duolingo?

i never used to do my history homework duolingo

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone has different schedules and preferences. However, many people find that doing their Duolingo homework at night is a great way to wind down and relax after a long day. Plus, it can be a great way to get some extra practice in before bed.

How Do You Say Did You Already Take This Course In Spanish?

i never used to do my history homework duolingo

In Spanish, you would say “¿Ya tomaste este curso?” to ask if someone has already taken a particular course.

Spanish phrase of course is an agreement that can be a filler in a line of thought, and it can respond to a variety of questions with appropriate responses. Furthermore, the idea can be expressed as if it were a adverb other than obviously (obviamente), certainly (ciertamente), or clearly (clarando). The expression “ca lo” is another effective way to say “of course.” Desde luego is frequently used to express agreement and affirmation as well as to express agreement. Although the verb coleman est is simpler than the other Latin phrases, it is not as simple as the other phrases. To put it another way, it can also be understood as “sure enough.” The answer is yes in Spanish.

In English, it means “obviously.” It gives no room for error when it comes to explaining the adverb definitivamente. The idea of affirmation is expressed through the use of the word ciertamente, which is typically followed by an explanation.

Claro Is The Spanish Word For Clear Or Obvious.

It is a word that represents affirmation in its own right. The word is commonly used to express things like, of course, of course not, of course you know, and so on.

Can You Stop Studying For A Minute In Spanish Duolingo?

i never used to do my history homework duolingo

Sure! I can take a break from studying Spanish on Duolingo for a minute. I’ll come back to it later though, because I really want to learn the language!

It is not a good idea to pass along the message of Duolingo to us. The inglés should not be confused with the words sin él. I’d like to say that Duolingo has aided me in learning a great deal about English. It is impossible for me to imagine living without it. Whenever I have the chance to improve my skills with it, I always feel so blessed.

Don’t Let Learning Spanish Consume All Your Time

It is not only a great resource for learning Spanish, but it is also a lot of fun to do so. As a result, keep your attention on your time and not to let study consume all of it. Try to take some breaks every now and then, but concentrate on the language and enjoy the time spent learning it.

Did You Just Arrive From School In Spanish Duolingo?

Both can be used and are accepted here: Reci en llegaste de la escuela? What is the answer to “Acabas de llegar de la escuela ”?

The Spanish language, which originated on the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century AD, is a Romance language. It is the most commonly spoken language in Latin America, and it is the second most commonly spoken language in the world, trailing Mandarin. Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Equatorial Guinea all have Spanish as their official language. Even native speakers of Spanish will find it difficult to learn the language. There are many irregular verbs in this language, as well as difficult grammar. Nonetheless, using a good Spanish learning tool, such as Duolingo, it is possible to grasp the language. The Duolingo learning app is designed to help people get started with Spanish quickly and effectively. A large number of Spanish lessons can be found here, and it is available on both desktop and mobile devices. By using Duolingo, you can learn the fundamentals of Spanish in no time. There are numerous Spanish lessons for students of all skill levels available in the tool, and it is user-friendly and reliable.

Will You Come With Me?

Why is it so hard to find a “Te irs conmigo”? After school, everyone goes to the ceremony at Duolingo, which takes place in Spanish. Todos van a la ceremonia deb en terminar la escuela . Did you already open the door in Duolingo? As a result, you can say, T* ya abriste la puerta?

Did You Already Finish Studying In Spanish Duolingo

No, I have not finished studying in Spanish Duolingo . I am still working on it and hope to finish soon.

One of the most commonly spoken languages on the planet is Spanish. It is estimated that 559 million people around the world speak it. In Duolingo’s Spanish course, there are 1282 crown levels (not including legendary levels). The Spanish course is very similar to the rest of the courses. Duolingo’s Spanish course is one of the most advanced courses on the platform. It currently has 288 stories, 9 audio lessons , and a huge podcast library. Audio lessons are only available for use on iPhones and iPads as of July 2022, according to the US Department of Education.

Some courses have special features that others don’t, such as podcasts and stories. Pods make an excellent addition to the standard Duolingo course and will undoubtedly improve your listening comprehension. Spanish and English are broken down into healthy measures in the tests, which is a fairly simple way to learn them at a young age. You’ll get new updates on a regular basis for this course, making it one of the best-supported courses on the app. Spanish lessons and skills can be found in Duolingo’s 10-unit Spanish tree, which is one of the company’s largest. Each skill has a bespoke tip section that will help you learn more about Spanish grammar in general. A lot of the audio lessons have been added over time, and they’re quite neat.

To become a proficient Spanish speaker, you’ll need a significant amount of time, so getting the most enjoyment out of learning it is critical. You can stay motivated with Duolingo. According to the US Foreign Service Institute, a student must complete 600 hours of class time to reach the Professional Working Proficiency level in Spanish. It’s not good for speaking. For those who are interested in learning Spanish, it is probably one of the best courses on Duolingo. While practicing the conversation mode in the stories, it’s all about reciting what the characters say. Speaking is a skill that should be practiced on a regular basis if you want to learn it.

It is one of the most useful online learning tools for Spanish. SpanishPod101 is a good alternative to Duolingo, and it can be used alongside the course or after the course is completed. Although the other platform is missing certain aspects, SpanishPod focuses on listening and speaking. If you’re new to Spanish, I highly recommend taking Duolingo’s placement test and working through the first couple of units. SpanishPod has a free trial offer where you can learn about how the language sounds. As you finish the course, you should be able to understand approximately 80% of all Spanish conversations.

I Started Studying At Eight In Spanish Duolingo

It’s business as usual for me right now. When I was eight years old, I started studying/studying.

i never used to do my history homework duolingo

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    i never used to do my history homework duolingo


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