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26 Indoor Physical Education Activities To Get Little Learners Moving

January 10, 2023 //  by  Brittney Hallmark

Whether the rain has you stuck indoors or you just need fresh ideas for making indoor physical education a little more interesting, this list is your new go-to! You can take outdoor games and make them adaptable to indoors, use traditional games with a new twist, and use physical exercises to bring movement indoors. Most of these simple games and activities don’t require much, but some do call for a few supplies such as yoga mats or hula hoops. Have fun with these 26 activities! 

1. Rock, Paper, Scissors Bean Bag Balance 

This provides a fun PE class idea that’s sure to be a big hit with your students! Kids love to play rock, paper, scissors. As they choose to show the rock, paper, or scissors, the winner collects a bean bag from their opponent’s head. They then add them to the bean bags atop their own head. Competitive students will really love this one! 

Learn More: We Are Teachers

Great for any age, yoga is a fantastic pick for indoor physical education. Whether basic or more complex, these stretches pose, and moves are a great way to incorporate movement into the classroom. Yoga is a fantastic choice for exercise and learners are sure to have lots of fun as they begin their yoga journey. 

Learn More: Early Impact Learning

3. Simon Says 

Especially good for young learners, the classic game of Simon Says is great for an active gym class. Not only does it provide students with plenty of physical movement, but this game also helps them enhance their listening skills and improve their ability to follow directions. 

4. Human Connect Four

This is the perfect game for teams. You will need a few hula hoops and two groups of students. Colored vests are helpful in being able to distinguish teams as they engage in the human version of Connect Four. The twist is that a member of each team is shooting a basketball until they ring it and their team then adds a new person to the board. It’s the perfect game to encourage teamwork and sportsmanship! 

Learn More: Sean Hutchinson

5. Indoor Rainbow Golf 

For kids who enjoy golf, this activity provides a fun spin on the game. Set up colored targets to help students practice their strokes. This is great for all skill levels but will be a great way for students to work on basic putting skills. This engaging game will have students excited to take their turn. 

Learn More: S&S Blog

6. Scooter Swimming

Put a twist on using scooters in the traditional way and have students lie on their stomachs as they use their arms and legs to push themselves around; much like they would do when swimming through water. Bring out a  competitive spirit by making it a race. 

7. Hula Hut Relay 

Students love building hula hoop huts, but take that a step further and have them do something with it. This activity will enhance the little spatial awareness and brain activity as they will have to consider what to do in order to get through the hut without knocking it down. 

Learn More: Elementary PE Teacher

8. Walking Club 

A walking club is a fun idea for all students. While this can be done indoors or outdoors, you can keep the concept the same. As students make laps, they get their cards punched so you can keep track of how much they walk. This fitness activity is easy to carry out and provides lots of cardio for these active little bodies. 

Learn More: The Colorful Apple

9. Indoor Foosball 

Now, here is a fun game for kids to play as either an indoor or outdoor activity. Provide each person with a pool noodle and toss a beach ball into the middle. Use some pop-up goal-posts and teach learners the concept of a foosball table. This will quickly become a favorite for students and even teachers, as it is easy to prep and clean up. 

Learn More: Mr. Mark Classroom

10. Cross the River Game 

Another great game for building teams is cross the river. This is an excellent game for practicing communication skills, as students must work with their teams to figure out a plan to cross over the imaginary river. This is a game that will require students to bond together and work with others to come out successful. 

Learn More: The PE Specialist

11. Fitness Bingo 

Give each student a bingo card and as you call each physical activity from the board students will have to mark it on their card and act out the movement. This is good to use at the beginning of the year and to introduce each activity to students in a fun game-like way. 

Learn More: The Trip Clip

12. Indoor Obstacle Course

Perfect for indoors, this obstacle course leads to heaps of fun and can be reused many times. You can change it up or let the kids design their own obstacle courses. This is a good activity to use to develop control over simultaneous whole-body movements. This could even be a great cardio workout if you have students race through it. 

Learn More: I Am Style-ish

13. Spell Your Name Workout 

This is perfect for completion on an individual basis or could even be used to facilitate a fun, full-body workout for the entire class to enjoy together. As each student completes different aerobic activities, they will use the letters from their names to spell out what their exercises should be. 

14. Bucket Bean Bag Tag 

Kids enjoy the traditional game of tag, but this game has a twist! Students will wear a belt and bucket around their waist and their peers will try to fill their buckets with bean bags. The faster they can escape their classmates, the better! 

Learn More: Pinterest

15. Hopscotch 

Good for indoor or outdoor physical activity, hopscotch is always a winner! This is a great way for younger students to also squeeze in some practice of numbers, letters, or even sight words. This activity can be enjoyed inside if you add some tape to the gym or classroom floor. 

Learn More: Half Crazy Mama

16. Wall Ball 

Most middle school students know the game of wall ball, but this is a good activity for younger students too. Great for hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, this simple game requires only a ball and a space on a wall. Students can throw and catch, use a paddle or racquet, or rotate with a partner. 

Learn More: PE with Mr. G

17. Fitness Jenga 

If you haven’t tried fitness stations, they may be a great addition to your indoor physical education routine. Using tools like these fitness Jenga blocks provide great opportunities to give students quick and easy fitness challenges. They can perform the activities in turns; moving on to something new once they’ve completed the task required at one station. 

Learn More: Delia Creates

18. Red Light, Green Light 

Sometimes classics are the best! Playing red light, and green light is a fun way to get kids moving. You’re sure to hear giggles and laughs galore as the students play together and yell out red light, and green light as they sprint across the gym; stopping dead in their tracks along the way. 

Learn More: Mental Up

19. Musical Chairs 

Always a fun time, playing musical chairs can be a great way to encourage students to get up and out of their chairs before racing right back to them. This is a quick and fun activity for students to complete while getting in some physical activity. 

20. Bowling

Fun bowling games like this one are easy and can provide hours of entertainment and activity. You can use a variety of different materials to play indoor bowling games. Cups and a small ball are really all you need but you can also buy some nice indoor bowling sets. 

Learn More: What Moms Love

21. Ping Pong Ball Catch

A simple game of catch with a twist, this ping pong ball cup catch is a great activity for kids to do alone or with a partner. All you need is a small ball and a cup. Students can toss their ball into the air and catch it as it falls, or toss the ball to a partner who will catch it in their cup before throwing it back. 

22. Snowball Throwing Game

Similar to bowling, this game of snowball toss is a great way to practice aiming and throwing. It’s easy to reassemble using cups and puffy balls and helps students build their strength. 

Learn More: Differentiated Teaching

23. XO Hop Game 

This fun activity is a great way of exploring different types of movement. Maybe you can have students hop or tip-toe, but whatever you choose, they will be moving around in different ways. Add X’s and O’s onto the floor and have students move from target to target. 

Learn More: Best Toys 4 Toddlers

24. Dinosaur Tag 

Tag is generally fun, but themed versions are even more fun! The majority of young students love dinosaurs, so pretending to be dinosaurs while playing tag is a two-way win! 

25. Dancing 

Just dance and freestyle dancing are great ways to get moving! Students can really let loose and get moving with the music. Play some age-appropriate tunes and let students dance or bust out their best moves with their friends. 

Learn More: US News

26. Movement Dice

Perfect for a variety of movement activities, this activity is fun and different for everyone; and is a great choice for all confidence and fitness levels. This can be an entire circuit or could be in a fitness center or station. This only requires a number cube and a paper key to the activities. 


Elementary PE Games

Classroom PE Games

These games are designed to maximize activity for kids in confined spaces (such as the classroom). Some of these games are high-intensity, some are based on movement that stimulates brain activity, and some are designed with the simple goal of getting kids up, active and happy to move. As every confined space and classroom is different, with its own set of challenges and hazards, please be sure to adapt these games so that they can work well for your kids and your space. The ideal spot to start for activity in confined spaces is with fitness circuits; so if you haven’t yet visited our fitness circuit section, we recommend you check it out! In order to get the most out of these games, try and avoid lag time during transitions. In order to do this, be sure that you have the next part of the activity ready to go (with a verbal cue, movement strategy or breathing exercise), so that the kids can move as seamlessly as possible from one motion to the next throughout the game.

Crazy Moves

Crazy Moves

Equipment: none Description: This is a great game from our full-length section that can easily be transitioned into the classroom. For the number portion of the game, instead of having the kids stand on mats, you can have them run to predetermined desks and put their...

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Equipment: NONE Description: Have everyone start with their heads down and eyes closed on their desks. Tap one person on the head (this person is the wolf). Tell everyone else to decide if they are a dog, a cat or a chicken, and make sure that they don’t tell anyone....

Crazy Sign Language

Crazy Sign Language

Equipment: NONE Description: With the students’ suggestions, the teacher assigns an action to the numbers 1-5. When the teacher holds up one of the numbers on his/her hand, the students must stand up, do the corresponding action, and then sit back down at their desks....

Tricky Tower

Tricky Tower

Equipment: 2-3 objects per student, taken from their desks. Description: Have kids make 3-5 lines at one end of the classroom. Have a desk at the end for each line of students. Each student must bring 2-3 objects from their desk with them into their line. When the...

Assembly Line

Assembly Line

Equipment: NONE Description: Have one student come up to the front of the class and start to perform a repetitive movement (with or without sound). Once the rest of the class has had a chance to observe the movement, ask for volunteers to see who can add on to the...

R.P.S. Cheer

R.P.S. Cheer

Equipment: NONE Description: For this game you are trying to get the biggest cheering section behind you. Everyone starts by finding someone else to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with. The winner gets to continue on in the game, finding someone else to play against. The...

Worm hole

Equipment: NONE Description: The object of this game is to not let your worm get squished inside his hole. Have all of the kids form a circle. Each player sticks their right index finger out, and makes a hole with their left hand using their thumb and index finger....

Class Concert

Class Concert

Equipment: NONE Description: In groups, kids must make up an action that goes with a sound. It must be an action and sound that can be repeated over and over. Place the groups around the class so that it is easy to see which group the teacher is pointing at. If the...

Duck Duels

Equipment: 4 Chairs. Description: Place 4 chairs around the classroom. Everyone starts as a duck, which means they must walk around the class, knees bent, arms folded into wings at their sides. When they meet another duck, they must have a Duck Duel. To do this, they...

Card War

Equipment: 3-5 playing cards per student. Description: Give each student a handful of mixed up playing cards. When the teacher says “Go,” students have 5 seconds to find one other person to play. The teacher will then say, “The winner gets to do...” and will then give...

physical education activities inside classroom

The leader in quality Physical Education, Athletics, and Fitness equipment for 75 years.

physical education activities inside classroom

Small Space Games: No Gym, No Field, No Problem!

Shannon Jarvis Irwin

Don’t have access to your gym or field for class today? Here are a few indoor PE games for small spaces for the days where the gym and field at your school are being used by other classes or departments!

Let’s face it; the gym is a popular place to host events other than our Physical Education classes. I cannot count the number of times our PE classes have been uprooted because of another event needing the space. Whether, it’s an assembly, a dress rehearsal for the school drama club, or Music class needing the stage, I always greet this problem outwardly with a smile and the willingness to be flexible. After all, we are all one school, right? There is no need to be upset or frustrated because it’s not going to change the fact that someone else needs the space. Internally however, I may be a little freaked out.

Why, you ask? Because going outside is not as easy as stated. I love how everybody thinks so: “Ah, just take the kids outside and let’em run around!” Sure. It might work out sometimes, but weather is unpredictable…and plan B sometimes just doesn’t work out. Bring on plan C: “ No Gym, No Field, No Problem!”  

At times, when uprooted from our gym space, I find us in the cafeteria, classroom, or hallway. Each having its own set of issues we have to plan around. So, if you find your classes in a similar non conventional PE space situation, here is a list of activities for you to consider.

5 Great Indoor PE Games for Small Spaces:

  • Hallway Foosball : Two teams of students are seated in a straight line facing opposite ways from each other. Using a ball of your choice: foam activity ball , beach ball , soccer ball …I prefer a playground ball . The students try to score by only using their inside hand, and moving the ball forward in the direction their line is sitting. After a few rounds, have the students rotate in their spot switching the direction of play and hand.
  • Hula Hoop Chain: Two teams of students holding hands and facing each other forming two parallel human chains. Start a hula hoop on one end of each chain. On the word “go,” students climb through the hoop maintaining their chain allowing the hoop to travel down the line to each student. The first team to get their hoop all the way through their line wins!
  • Hop in a Hoop! Scatter hula hoops around the hallway; give the students a locomotor skill, way of travel, or an exercise they need to perform. On the word “go,” students travel thru the hallway not touching any hoops performing the given movement. Call out a number and the students have to stop and find a hoop, filling the hoop with the number called. No more, no less. Once the hoop has the right number of students, students raise their hoop to their waist to prevent anyone else from entering into their hoop.  
  • Fitness lines: Set up 1 piece of fitness equipment or given exercise in a straight line all the way down the hall. For example in one long straight line I may have the following spaced out appropriately: Aerobic step , jump jacks, bicep curls (dumbbells) , calve raises, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, water break, jog back to start, rest 30secs. Depending on the width of your hallway determines how many fitness lines you can have. Students rotate through the fitness line moving one spot up on the signal, once students finish their way through the line they walk/jog/sprint back to the begin, rest a rotation, and then start again.
  • Reaction Games: place a beanbag in the middle of partners and call out a way for the students to react. Example: Grab with Right hand, place beanbag on left knee OR have students in small groups and place a beanbag in the center. Call out different things like touch your ears, right hand on top of your head, hop up and down, students perform what is called and on the word “GO” students try to be the first to grab the beanbag.

Do you have tables in your way?

Try doing a rhythm activity using the popular cup song . This is my usual “we’re in the cafeteria today” activity. It’s simple, fun, and all you need is a cup per student. This activity can be done on the floor as well and afterwards, our students like to try and make up their own patterns.

Add It Together : This game is played like “rock, paper, scissor,” but it’s a game to practice math! To start have the students pair up together and sit down (if using desks, one stands and the other sits in the desk). Partners first need to determine which one will be even and which one will be odd. To begin play the students will say, “Add it together” and put up any number of fingers 1-5, then the two students add up their fingers and determine if it’s an odd number or an even number. The winner gets up and finds a new partner who is sitting down. Have older students? Change the game to Mul-ti-ply same game but students multiply the number together.

Speedstack Stations : this is another one of my go to activities when we have tables in the way. Set up a various stations and have students rotate through.

Access to technology?

I love it when I am able to incorporate technology into my PE classes. A PE in the classroom lifesaver is YouTube. There are tons of popular dance games from gaming systems where the students can follow a long. The Sid Shuffle is one of our favorites. Search for it. 

So the next time you find your class is displaced from your gym and in a non conventional PE space, and weather doesn’t cooperate, smile and know you have a plan C. No Gym, No Field, No Problem!

Related Blogs: – Top 5 Active Indoor PE Games by Jason Gemberling – 5 by Resources to Take Net Games to the Next Level by Jessica Shawley – Identifying Suitable PE Teaching Spaces by Peter Boucher Indoor PE Games for Small Spaces:

g 58278 giant outdoor connect game

– Giant Up 4 It: Match 4 giant checkers in a row to win! – ACTION! ToppleTubes Set: Topple Tubes are small in size, but BIG in versatility and durability! – ACTION! DigitDrop Set: Crunch numbers with this fun bowling game.

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physical education activities inside classroom

The leader in quality Physical Education, Athletics, and Fitness equipment.

Featured Resources

5 ways small sided games make a big impact, author: jessica shawley, a brand new tool for pe you didn’t know you needed, author: brett fuller, 5 skill-based floor hockey games, author: michael beringer, 16 parachute team building activities, author: tim mueller, we're social, motivating unmotivated students​, author: dr. robert pangrazi, jessica shawley, and tim mueller, promoting activity and success through adapted pe, author: dr. robert pangrazi, marci pope and maria corte, author: randy spring.

physical education activities inside classroom


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The Deliberate Mom

15 Easy and Exciting Indoor Physical Education Ideas

health , homeschooling

Whether it’s pouring rain, cold, or scorching hot, weather often impacts our physical education plans. We could have scheduled a nature walk or a trip to the playground, but a shift in weather systems can foil our activities.

I like to have a variety of alternatives to do in times such as these and today I’m going to share them with you!

physical education activities inside classroom

Photo Credit: © depositphotos.com / tan4ikk

I used to play this all the time as a child! I made a simple version for our homeschool by cutting out squares of non-skid shelf matting. I spread the matting around on the floor, and the players have to hop from “stone” to “stone” without falling into the hot lava.

Dance Party

Put on some music and bust out your best dance moves. You can organize some dances too, like a conga line, the Chicken Dance (one of my personal favourites) and the limbo!

“Snowball” Fight

Ball up some white socks and throw them at one another! Don’t get hit or you turn into a snow statue!

Balance Beam

This is an easy one to set up.

Stick a long piece of painter’s tape  to the floor and encourage your children to walk across the beam without falling off. You can make it more challenging by having them hop from one balance beam to another.

Looking for homeschool physical education ideas? Look no further! Here are 15 easy and fun indoor physical education ideas you can try at home!

While you have the painter’s tape out, why not set up a game of hopscotch? Use a bean bag to toss onto the squares of the hopscotch area.

If you don’t want to waste painter’s tape, you could always purchase a hopscotch rug and roll it out when you want to play.

Have you ever done 1 minute of hula hooping?! It’s quite the workout! Get out some small hula hoops and challenge your children to keep their hula hoop up as long as they can.

Bean Bag Toss

Set up a target and have your children toss bean bags into it. You can have bowls (each worth a different point value), use a box with cuts holes in it, or you could set up a store-bought  bean bag toss game !

Egg Spoon Race

Use tablespoons to carry a plastic egg (like the ones you find in stores before Easter) across the room to a partner. Transfer the egg from your spoon to your partners’ spoon without dropping it and then race back to the starting line.

We have this cute egg and spoon race game   that we like to use. When the egg drops, the “shell” cracks and the bean bag yolk falls out. It’s so much fun!

Place a piece of fabric in a child’s back pocket or loosely wrapped around a belt loop. Everyone chases that child and tries to pull the tail out!

Crawling uses many muscles. We love our pop-up tunnel and often take it out when the weather is bad.

Looking for homeschool physical education ideas? Look no further! Here are 15 easy and fun indoor physical education ideas you can try at home!

Obstacle Course

Move tables and chairs around and set up a fun obstacle course! We usually crawl under tables, climb over chairs, crawl through boxes, etc. It’s so much fun!

Captain, Yes Captain

When I worked in out-of-school care, this was a favourite game to play. I used to chuckle as the kids tried to keep up with the “commands” the “captain” would shout out.

To play, you first select a “captain”. The captain yells out orders and the crew have to follow the orders.

Here are the orders:

Bow: Run to the front of the boat (front of room)

Stern:  Run to the back  of the boat (back of room)

Port:  Run to the left side of the boat

Starboard: Run to the right side of the boat.

Hit the deck : Lay down on your stomach

Salute : Salute and yell, “Aye, aye captain!”

Scrub the deck : Drop to your knees and pretend to scrub the floor.

Captain’s quarters : Everyone ran towards the captain.

SHARK!: Everyone must run to a designated base. The last player to the base is eliminated.

Parachute games

When my aunt closed her dayhome, she gave us a small 6′ parachute . We’ve gotten so much use out of it! We do all sorts of games, several we got from the Parachute Play book. We simply clear a space in the middle of the living room and start playing our games – our favourite is to try to keep a ball on the parachute while flapping the parachute up and down.

There’s nothing like a game of Simon Says. I like to use especially physical commands such as jumping on one foot, running in one spot, doing jumping jacks, crawling on the belly, sit-ups, etc.

These are just a few of our fun default physical education activities when we can’t get outside. I hope you’ve found something fun for you and your children to do.

What are some of the indoor physical education activities you participate in?

physical education activities inside classroom


Jennifer Bly on Facebook

Jennifer! These are such genius ideas! I’m stealing these for a rainy/sunny day inside or out with my two year old (slightly modified of course!). I love the snowball fight idea and the Captain one as well. This will make such great fun at our house, so thank you for sharing :) Your ideas are always so great, and I’m even more thankful that you share the wealth of your knowledge with us!

Jennifer Bly

I’m delighted you enjoyed these activities Maria! You can definitely enjoy some of them with your daughter.

Abi @ Joy In My Kitchen

These are some great new ideas for us. Tail tag sounds like fun (better put the dog in her crate though!), and I bet an egg and spoon race after lunch soon would be a welcome change to our routine. It’s also been too long since we set up a good obstacle course. Thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes we like to practice balancing on one leg; add balancing and catching a koosh ball (they don’t bounce off the hands so easily) is an added challenge.

If our dog wasn’t suffering from arthritis and had his fourth leg, I’m sure we would have to lock him up while we play tail tag.

Good idea with the koosh ball – I’ll have to keep that in mind!

I’m glad you found some new ideas here Abi!

Natasha Jones

Hi! Thanks for the tips. I teach PE and Health and moms and dads always ask for ways or ideas to get their kids moving. You have some great ideas and I’ll pass your blog along for them to check out.

I’m delighted you enjoyed these tips Natasha! I would love it if you would share the link to this post with the moms and dads in your classes. Thanks!


Love these Easy and Exciting Indoor Physical Education Ideas , amazing . That’s what we should share with kids . All kids should be physically active, thanks for sharing these Ideas.

Glad you enjoyed these Samantha!

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physical education activities inside classroom

PE lessons with little or no equipment

No equipment, no problem! 

We all know that sinking feeling when you realise you can’t find the PE shed key, or someone has “borrowed” all the footballs. Here are a few ideas for when you’ve got a class ready for PE and absolutely no equipment. 

All these activities can be used inside or outside. 

The class sits in a circle, everyone cross-legged with their arms round each other’s shoulders. At a signal, they all try to stand up without breaking hold. This also works well in smaller groups, perhaps building up to the whole class. 

Speed Bounce  

Children choose a line or a mark on the floor. At a signal, they jump from one side to the other, counting how many bounces they can make before they are told to stop. 

Put the children in pairs and sit them down in two lines facing each other with legs outstretched, forming a “ladder”. Give each pair a number. When you call their number, the pair must step over the other children’s legs to get to the end of the ladder, run around the ladder and then step over the legs to get back to their places.  Make sure there is enough space between the pairs for children to move safely and emphasise the need to move sensibly and to sit sensibly! 

Put the children into pairs, face to face. Children put their hands out, palms facing but not touching.  Partner 1 moves their hand and partner 2 copies, then swap. 

Mark your partner  

Put the children into pairs. One is the leader; one is the follower. The follower must try to stay close enough to the leader to touch them on the shoulder, without touching them. The children move around the space. When the teacher says “freeze!” the follower checks to see if they can still touch the leader on the shoulder. Then swap roles. 

High jump practice  

Put the children in pairs, next to a wall. In turns, jump as high as they can, reach up and touch the wall. Ask the children to devise a way of measuring the height jumped (this is easier with a brick wall) One partner jumps 3 times in succession, their partner coaches them, then they swap. 

Standing long jump practice  

Put the children in pairs and ask them to stand on a line. Partner one jumps as far as they can from the line. Partner 2 stands where Partner 1 landed. Partner 1 returns to the line, takes one step to the side (this is quite important) and jumps again, trying to beat their previous distance. 

Slow Race  

Line the children up facing forward. Decide on a finish line. The winner is the child who reaches the line last without stopping moving. If a child is seen to stop moving, they are out and must move to the side. They then become a judge, looking out for other people have stopped moving! No bumping or pushing allowed. This is a nice calming cool down activity. 

Extensions Ideas  

Set the children the challenge of devising a new game or activity in pairs or groups of 4. Explain their game to another pair or group. 

The games that I am going to describe can be played with partners, in groups, or as a whole class, with or without gym equipment. 

The main skills I want students to demonstrate when they play these games are  co-operation, sportsmanship and enjoyment .

Here's How to Navigate an Unfamiliar Staffroom

1. Catch the Cane  

Have the students form a circle or divide the class in two and make two circles. Each student has a number from 1 to the end. 

One student is “It” and stands in the middle of the circle holding a cane or meter stick with one end on the floor. This student calls out one of the numbers and let’s go of the cane. 

The student whose number was called, must catch the cane before it falls to the floor. If s/he fails, s/he becomes “It”.  

2. Overpass  

Divide the class into 2 even teams (or 4 for a large class and run two games simultaneously). 

Team 1 forms a circle and each member of team 2 stands between two members of team 1. 

A team 1 member holds a ball (volleyball, soccer ball, football, etc.) and a member of team 2 holds the same type of ball (differentiate the balls, colour, etc.). 

On the word “go”, each team member passes their ball to their team member on their right (or left). The team that completes the full circle with their ball gets a point. 

The teacher can vary the game by calling out, “circle” (the student with the ball must run around the circle before passing the ball) or “zig-zag” or “bounce the ball”, etc. I’m sure you get the idea. It’s great fun.  

3. Bounce Change  

Have students form two lines (the red team and the blue team) behind two leaders about 15 feet apart. Each student in each line gets a number from 1 to the end. 

Place a hula hoop at opposite ends of each team’s line. Place a blue ball in one hoop and a red ball in the other hoop. 

When the teacher calls out a number, the two students with that number must run to a hoop, get their team’s colour ball and bounce it to the other team’s hoop. 

In the meantime, the leader of each team, has their team form and sit in a circle. Once the student place the ball in the other team’s hoop, he returns and sits in his team’s circle. The first team all sitting gets a point. 

The game continues with the teacher calling out a different number.  

4. Stretched Baseball  

Play this game on a baseball diamond or line up 4 bases about 10 feet apart with the first base being about 25 feet from home plate. 

Divide the class into two teams, one team at bat and the other in the field. Each player gets a turn at bat instead of 3 outs. 

Rather than a baseball, you can use a beach ball or T-ball for primary grade students or kick a soccer ball. If the fielding player throws the ball past home plate before the runner reaches home, the runner is out. 

Count runs just as in baseball.  

5. The Oyster Shell  

Divide the class into two teams (“X” and “Y”) and have them stand along two parallel lines with a space of 10 feet between the lines. This space is neutral territory. 

Each team has a goal line some distance back from their parallel line. 

The teacher, standing in the neutral area, tosses the oyster shell (use a bean bag with a taped “X” on one side and “Y” on the other) into the air. If it lands with the “X” side up, the “X” team members must run back to their goal line before a “Y” team member tags (captures) them. 

The “Y” team scores a point for each “X” team member captured. The first team to reach a certain score or with the most points after a certain time win.  

6. Treasure Chase  

Students line up behind a line with hands folded so that there is a small opening at the top of their hands. 

One student faces the line with a small treasure (stone, piece of chalk, etc.) in his folded hands. 

The student with the treasure starts at either end of the line and puts his hands over each student’s hands as if to drop the treasure into them. 

One student does get the treasure and waits until he thinks no one is watching him. At that point he runs toward a goal line at the far end of the gym or field. 

If he reaches the goal line without being tagged hew wins. If he’s tagged, the tagger gives out the treasure for the next game.  

7. The Mouse Trap  

Half of the class join hands and form a large circle. 

The other half of the class are mice and run in and out of the circle. 

On a signal from the teacher, the trap closes (students drop arms and squat). 

All mice caught in the trap are out. Repeat until all the mice are caught and then switch the mice and the students forming the trap. 

This  website  has some brilliant lesson plans and activities for you to bookmark and explore further.

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