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21 Perfect 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages (Free)

By: Author Katy Ashcroft

Posted on August 7, 2023

Looking for the best 3rd grade reading fluency passages? Here are 3 long fluency passages and 18 short fluency passages I know you’ll love!

I LOVE third grade! I taught third grade for four years. It’s the perfect age to teach.

Every week, I gave my students a new fluency passage. Each day I would have them read the weekly passage.

Practicing the same passage over and over is a great way to improve fluency.

It really helped improve my students’ fluency and I know it will help your 3rd graders too. I’ve written this post of fluency passages to help your students.

I also have posts about class names, classroom procedures, class jobs , attention grabbers , and class reward party ideas . I know they’ll help you too!

This is a picture of lots of books.  One stack has five books in it.  The other has about ten.  There are books around the two stacks too.

Fluency Practice

Fluency practice involves reading the passage multiple times with accuracy, appropriate pacing, and expression. Encourage your 3rd grade students to read aloud regularly and build their reading skills gradually.

Long 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages

Here are 3 long reading passages . They can be used for fluency drills, partner reading, choral reading, literacy centers, and independent reading to help student fluency.

Title: The Amazing Adventures of Max

Once upon a time, in a small town called Greenville, lived a curious boy named Max. Max was a third-grader who loved exploring and going on adventures. He had a wild imagination and a big heart.

One sunny morning, as Max was playing in his backyard, he noticed a mysterious map sticking out from under a pile of leaves. Excitedly, he picked it up and saw that it led to a hidden treasure deep in the nearby woods.

Without hesitation, Max grabbed a backpack and packed it with snacks and water. He followed the winding path on the map, overcoming obstacles like fallen trees and slippery rocks. The journey was not easy, but Max was determined to find the treasure.

As he ventured deeper into the woods, Max encountered various animals like squirrels and rabbits. He stopped to talk to them and even helped a little lost bird find its way back to its nest.

Finally, after a long and adventurous hike, Max reached the spot marked on the map. There, under a giant oak tree, he found a treasure chest buried in the ground. He carefully dug it up and opened it with trembling hands.

Inside the chest, Max discovered not gold or jewels, but a collection of old books filled with magical stories and incredible adventures. The treasure was knowledge, and it was more precious to Max than anything he had imagined.

Excited about his discovery, Max ran back home and shared the books with his family and friends. They spent countless hours reading and imagining themselves in far-off lands, just like the characters in the stories.

From that day on, Max’s love for books and learning grew, and he continued to have amazing adventures in the pages of every book he read.

And so, the little town of Greenville knew that they had a true hero among them, a curious and kind-hearted boy named Max, who taught everyone that the greatest treasures were not always made of gold.

Title: The Amazing Space Adventure

Once upon a time, in a small town named Starville, there lived a curious boy named Alex. Alex was fascinated by the stars and the mysteries of the universe. One night, while gazing at the twinkling sky, he noticed a shooting star streaking across the horizon. But this was no ordinary shooting star – it seemed to be getting bigger and brighter as it approached Earth!

Excited and curious, Alex rushed to his backyard, where he saw a small, silver spaceship landing gracefully in a nearby field. The spaceship’s hatch opened, and out stepped a friendly alien named Zara. Zara was from a distant planet called Nova, and she had come to Earth to explore and learn about our planet.

“Hello, Earthling!” Zara said with a warm smile. “I come in peace. My planet is thousands of light-years away, and I have traveled across the galaxies to visit your beautiful world.”

Amazed and thrilled, Alex invited Zara into his house to learn more about her planet and share stories about Earth. Zara was eager to learn about human customs, culture, and even our favorite foods. They spent hours talking and laughing, becoming fast friends.

As the night grew darker, Zara suggested a fantastic idea: to explore the cosmos together! She invited Alex to join her on a grand space adventure to see the wonders of the universe. Without hesitation, Alex agreed, and they both hopped back into Zara’s spaceship.

The spaceship zoomed into the sky, and in no time, they were soaring among the stars. They visited planets with rings made of ice and moons with oceans of liquid methane. They marveled at the beauty of colorful nebulas and watched distant galaxies collide.

Zara also showed Alex her home planet, Nova, which had stunning purple skies and floating cities. She explained that Nova was a place of peace and harmony, where all beings coexisted in perfect balance.

As they traveled through space, Alex and Zara encountered friendly alien beings from different planets. They shared their knowledge and exchanged gifts as tokens of friendship. It was an extraordinary journey, and Alex realized how vast and diverse the universe truly was.

After what felt like an eternity of exploring, it was time to return to Earth. Alex felt a mix of happiness and sadness as they bid farewell to their newfound friends. Zara promised to visit Earth again someday, and they promised to keep in touch across the stars.

Back in his backyard, Alex waved goodbye as Zara’s spaceship soared back into space. He knew that this extraordinary adventure would be a memory he cherished forever.

From that day on, Alex continued to look up at the night sky with wonder and amazement. He knew that even though he was just a small boy on a tiny planet, he was connected to the vast universe in the most magical way.

And so, the adventures of Alex and Zara became legendary in Starville, reminding everyone that friendship knows no bounds – not even across the infinite reaches of space.

Title: The Mystery of the Missing Crown Jewels

In the heart of the bustling city of Brightchester, the Royal Castle stood tall and majestic. It was home to the beloved King Benjamin and his family, who ruled the land with kindness and wisdom. The castle was also the safekeeper of the Crown Jewels, a collection of precious gems and ornate crowns that had been passed down through generations.

One sunny morning, as the townspeople were preparing for the grand Summer Festival, an alarming discovery was made – the Crown Jewels were missing! Panic spread through the city as the news reached every corner. King Benjamin called for an immediate investigation, and the best detective in the kingdom, Detective Lily, was summoned to solve the case.

Detective Lily was a smart and resourceful young girl with a keen eye for details. She gathered clues, questioned witnesses, and examined every inch of the castle. Her loyal sidekick, Max, a clever and mischievous cat, was always by her side.

The first clue they found was a strange footprint near the window of the Royal Chamber. It seemed larger than any human foot and had three distinct claw marks. Lily knew this was no ordinary thief – it had to be someone or something with extraordinary abilities.

As they followed the trail of clues, Lily and Max met a quirky group of castle staff. There was Amelia, the kind-hearted maid, who had a passion for baking delicious treats. Next was Thomas, the castle gardener, who had a green thumb and tended to the most beautiful rose garden. Lastly, they met Walter, the castle chef, who was famous for creating mouthwatering dishes fit for royalty.

Each of the staff had an alibi for the time of the theft, and no one seemed to have any motive to steal the Crown Jewels. Lily was puzzled but determined to find the truth.

One evening, as the sun set, casting a golden glow over the castle, Lily noticed a small, shiny object peeking out from behind a bush in the rose garden. She rushed over and found a sparkling gem from the Crown Jewels! Max meowed excitedly, leading Lily to more hidden gems scattered throughout the garden.

The trail of gems led them to a secret passage that only a few knew about. Cautiously, Lily and Max ventured inside, and to their surprise, they discovered a hidden chamber filled with stolen treasures – not only the Crown Jewels but also valuable artifacts and precious heirlooms from the kingdom’s history.

Before they could celebrate their find, a shadowy figure emerged from the darkness. It was a mysterious character dressed in a black cloak, with glowing eyes that seemed to pierce the night. The thief had been caught red-handed!

With a dramatic flourish, the figure removed the cloak, revealing a surprise that left everyone astonished. It was none other than Amelia, the gentle maid! She confessed that she had stolen the treasures out of desperation. Amelia’s family had fallen on hard times, and she believed that selling the stolen items would solve their financial troubles.

King Benjamin listened with empathy and forgave Amelia for her actions. He understood the difficult circumstances she faced and promised to help her family.

The Crown Jewels were safely returned to their rightful place, and the Summer Festival went on as planned, filled with joy and laughter.

As a reward for her brilliant detective work, Detective Lily was honored with a special medal and a title – “The Saviour of the Crown Jewels.” She and Max continued to solve mysteries together, bringing justice and kindness to the kingdom whenever it was needed.

And so, in the land of Brightchester, the tale of the missing Crown Jewels became a legend of bravery, compassion, and the enduring power of friendship.

A little girl is reading a book while sitting on a desk at home.  There are two books next to her.  She has red hair, she has glasses, and she's wearing a blue dress and ballet slippers.

Short 3rd Grade Fluency Passages

Here are 18 short stories for reading practice for 3rd graders .

The Clever Ant

Once in a tiny anthill, there lived a clever ant named Andy. He was always looking for new ways to help his fellow ants. One day, when a big rainstorm flooded their home, Andy quickly thought of a solution. He directed all the ants to work together to build a wall to protect their home from future floods. The ants worked tirelessly, and their anthill became stronger than ever before.

The Amazing Solar System

Our solar system is a fascinating place with planets, moons, and stars. At the center is the Sun, which gives us light and warmth. The eight planets orbit around the Sun, with Earth being the third one. Some planets are big and gassy, like Jupiter, while others are small and rocky, like Mars. Learning about the solar system can take us on a thrilling journey through space.

The Magical Garden

In a hidden corner of the old town, there was a magical garden that no one knew about. A young girl named Lily stumbled upon it one day. As she entered, the garden seemed to come alive with colorful flowers and talking animals. Lily soon discovered that the garden had special powers. It could grant wishes to those who truly believed in the magic of nature.

A Trip To The Zoo

Last Saturday, my family and I went to the zoo. We saw many different animals, like lions, elephants, and giraffes. The zookeeper told us exciting facts about each animal. It was a fun and educational day. I especially liked the playful monkeys swinging from tree to tree. We took lots of pictures and made memories that will last forever.

The Great Invention

Tim was a young inventor with a brilliant mind. One day, he had a fantastic idea for a flying machine. He worked hard in his little workshop, using spare parts and his creativity to build a prototype. After many trials and errors, Tim’s invention finally worked! His flying machine took him on a thrilling ride above the clouds. Tim’s invention was a success, and he became famous for his amazing creation.

In the heart of the Enchanted Forest, there stood a magnificent tree with magical powers. The tree was rumored to grant wishes to those who were pure of heart. A brave young girl named Emily set out on a quest to find the tree. Along the way, she faced challenges and met magical creatures. When she finally reached the tree, she made a selfless wish for the happiness of her family and friends.

The Secret Clubhouse

Tom and his friends had a secret clubhouse in the woods. They spent their summer days playing games, telling stories, and having adventures. They promised to keep the clubhouse a secret, and it became their special place. One day, they discovered a hidden treasure map, and together they followed the clues to find a buried treasure that brought joy to the whole neighborhood.

The Friendly Dragon

In the land of fairytales, there lived a friendly dragon named Spark. Unlike other dragons, Spark loved to make friends with the people in the nearby village. At first, the villagers were scared of him, but Spark showed them his kind heart by helping them with tasks and protecting the village from danger. Soon, the village and the dragon became the best of friends, proving that true friendship can be found in the most unexpected places.

The Friendly Dolphin

One sunny day at the beach, Sarah saw a dolphin swimming close to shore. She waved, and the dolphin waved back! It was a friendly dolphin who loved playing with people. Sarah named him Danny, and they became the best of friends.

The Lost Kitten

In the park, Tim found a tiny, scared kitten. It had no collar or tags. Tim took it home and gave it food and love. He asked around the neighborhood but no one claimed the kitten. Tim decided to keep the kitten and named her Whiskers.

The Magic Seed

Samantha planted a mysterious seed in her garden. Overnight, it grew into a gigantic beanstalk that reached the clouds! Curious, she climbed up and found a magical land above. There, she met a giant who was kind and fun. They became adventure buddies.

The Soccer Championship

At the soccer championship, the teams were tied with only a minute left. Jenny dribbled the ball skillfully and scored the winning goal! Her team cheered with joy, and they won the championship trophy. Jenny felt proud of her hard work and teamwork.

The Silly Robot

Leo built a silly robot named Robo. It had funny dance moves and told jokes. At the talent show, Robo performed, and everyone laughed and clapped. Leo and Robo won the “Most Entertaining” award.

The Enchanted Book

In the dusty attic, Emma found an old, dusty book. As she opened it, she was transported to a magical land. In the land of dragons and fairies, she went on thrilling adventures. Each time she read the book, a new enchanting story unfolded.

The Curious Squirrel

Sam watched a curious squirrel in the park. It hopped from tree to tree, searching for acorns. Sam decided to leave some nuts nearby. The squirrel was delighted and even posed for a photo!

The Superhero Costume

At the costume party, Lily wore her homemade superhero costume. She was “Super Star,” who could fly and shoot starlight. When her friends needed help finding lost toys, Lily saved the day with her special powers.

The Talking Painting

In Grandma’s house, there was a mysterious painting. One day, the subjects in the painting started talking to Tim. They told tales of their time, and Tim learned about history through the talking painting.

The Rainbow Race

On a rainy day, Ben saw a rainbow in the sky. He imagined racing the colors, and the rainbow turned into a colorful track. Ben raced the rainbow, reaching the pot of gold at the end – his imagination!

Someone is standing holding a book open.  You just see two hands holding the book.

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Final Thoughts

Please practice fluency with your students this school year. Have them read a reading passage every day.

It is the best way to improve oral fluency skills and reading comprehension skills. It will even help your struggling readers become more fluent readers.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like more fluency resources or passages . Happy teaching !

I'm so glad You're Here!

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Easy to Use Printable 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages

 Everyone wants fluent readers in their classroom, so today I’m going to share some amazing  Printable  3rd Grade  Reading Fluency Passages  with you! These resources are one of my favorites because they target all aspects of fluency and are accompanied by comprehension questions.  They are truly the best way to practice fluency.  And third grade is such a great time to practice fluency, because more and more students are spending less time decoding.  

As I’ve said before, fluency is the bridge that students cross to get from decoding a text to actually being able to read for meaning.  When a child spends less of their time decoding and more of their time reading fluently, they actually “free up” space in their brain so they can comprehend what they’re reading. And it’s our job as their teachers to help them cross that bridge and make them fluent readers.  These  Printable  3rd Grade  Reading Fluency Passages  are a great way to help with fluency skills.  Let’s take a look!

Printable 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages

fluency for 3rd graders

You’re going to want to keep these printable 3rd grade reading  fluency passages  in an easy place to grab in your classroom, because they’re packed with so much fluency practice! These fluency passages are available in  fiction ,  nonfiction , and a  digital set up for Google Classroom .  The best part about these fluency passages is that they come with comprehension questions.  It’s simply not enough to hand a third grader a fluency reading passage and call it quits after they read it smoothly.  Students must  learn to comprehend what they’re reading and uncover a text’s meaning.  Let’s chat a bit about why focusing on comprehension with fluency is so important. 

Fluency is more than just reading with expression, accuracy, and at a good pace – it’s being able to comprehend what we read.  As teachers, it’s easy to get ultra focused on letter sounds, phonics, and vocabulary.  Who can blame us? Those are such important aspects of reading and students can’t grow into mature readers without them.  But we must come back to the overarching goal: to have students comprehend what they’re reading so that they can be true, real world readers.  That’s why I included comprehension questions with these fluency passages, so that our third graders can practice understanding the meaning of the text while becoming fluent readers. 

Comprehension questions are a great way to test students’ ability to understand the text.  With these passages, students are encouraged to write a written comprehension portion that allows them to think deeply about the text.  These are much more than “right there” comprehension questions, as they encourage students to think outside the box and work on their reading comprehension skills.

Here’s what you’ll get when you download these Printable 3rd grade reading fluency passages:

15 fluency passages for students who are reading at a 3rd grade level (levels N-P)

These passages also come in a variety of formats (color vs black and white)

Fluency folder cover

Fluent reader reminder posters and mini posters

Data tracking pages

Fluent reader awards

Quick Fluency Assessments

Let’s go over why all of these are important.  When you download one (or all!) of these printable 3rd grade reading fluency passages, you’ll see that these are perfect for quick fluency assessments or to work on fluency in small groups and literacy centers.  Your lesson plan is already set for you as your make your fluency intervention binders!  What’s more, students will get fluency practice in a variety of genres and formats, including  fiction ,  nonfiction , and an  electronic version for  Google Classroom .  

Applying Fluency Knowledge

printable 3rd grade reading fluency passages

One of the reasons I created these  fluency reading passages  is so that your 3rd graders can have practice reading in a variety of genres and contexts.  When readers are exposed to various genres and formats of text, it helps them engage readers either in areas of interest or in areas to which they’re not often exposed.  Focusing on fluency in different genres and formats gives them a chance to apply their fluency knowledge in all sorts of different ways.  This, in turn, helps them develop their fluency skills because they’re exposed to a variety of text structures.  And, of course, this gives them a chance to hone their comprehension skills.

Because this resource equips you with passages and materials to support your lesson, all of these will prepare you for quick, grab-and-go fluency practice on a daily basis.  They’re perfect to use in small groups, literacy centers, independent activities intervention groups, or to send home to third graders who need the extra practice.  One of my main goals with these fluency passages was to make this easy for you and effective for your kiddos.  Simply swap out the actual texts used and continue using this resource all year long, knowing you’re setting your 3rd grade students up for fluent reading success – without all the prep!  These fluency passages are a great way for 3rd grade readers to improve all aspects of fluency (accuracy, pace, expression, smoothness, and meaning) – with a specific focus on improving the number of words read in a minute.  Not to mention, comprehension!

Fluency Drills to Improve Fluency Skills

focus on fluency during your read aloud

Of course, some of your third graders won’t be quite ready to tackle these passages just yet.  And that’s normal – each third grade class will have a variety of reading skills.  For these struggling readers, it’s best to give them additional fluency activities.  Let’s go over what some of those activities are so that we can best help our struggling readers.

Choral reading is one of the best ways to model good fluency, and one of the most helpful fluency drills for students struggling in oral fluency.  During a choral reading, teachers (or other students) model good fluency by reading with smoothness, inflection, and at a good pace.  For this drill, it’s best to choose a short passage not only for our struggling readers, but so that everyone can keep their attention and feel successful.  Choose a reader’s theater passage or a passage from your classroom’s favorite book!  Both choices are great for choral reading.

Partner reading is another great way to incorporate an effective fluency drill into your classroom.  During this drill, it’s best to pair up an advanced reader with a struggling reader so good fluency can be modeled for them.  With this drill, it’s okay to give the advanced reader a longer passage to read aloud.  In turn, give a shorter passage to the student who needs a bit more help.  With partner reading, the struggling readers can sometimes feel intimidated.  Ensure that each reader has a passage that’s at their level and they can feel confident with as they read out loud to their partner.  This will give your struggling readers a chance to shine, too!

Read alouds continue to be one of the best ways to model fluency.  This drill is simple, timeless, and brings togetherness to your classroom.  Grab a favorite book of your class that’s at their grade level and sit down on the carpet to read and model fluency.  For read alouds, there’s no need to focus on all aspects of fluency.  Choose one or two and then focus on those.  For example, if you’re noticing that your students need more practice with pace and inflection, have them specifically listen for the rate at which you’re reading and how you add new voices to the characters.  Similarly, you can also choose at this point to read super fast or super slow to show them non-examples of fluency.  Sometimes this helps just as much – and helps weave some humor into the lesson as well!

Want some more help with adding fluency practice into your rotation? Read all about how to incorporate  Fluency During Your Read Aloud!

With any of these choices, struggling students will benefit from a little scaffolding.  For all of these drills, the best way to go about them is to start off small. While choral reading, partner reading, or during read alouds, begin with sentences.  Then, once students get the hang of reading these small sentences fluently, slowly graduate to reading a shorter passage.  This will instill confidence in readers and also give them a chance to be successful.  Attainable goals like this are vital to reading success and oral fluency.  For some added practice, it’s always a good idea to toss in some non-fiction passages as well.  This can work to your advantage because you can pick and choose certain topics struggling readers are interested in, like life science, sports, and more!

Free Fluency Passages for 3rd Grade

Feeling like you want a little peek before you purchase the entire set?  Take a look at my  free fluency passages for Kindergarten to 2nd grade !  If you’re an upper elementary teacher, snag my  free fluency passages for 3rd to 5th graders here ! When you’re choosing fluency passages for your students, ensure that the passages are at the independent reading level so that your students don’t become easily frustrated.  Because they’re trying to improve their fluency skills, it’s important these passages aren’t too difficult for them.

3rd grade is such a magical time because students are really coming into their own on their reading journey.  As teachers, we can enjoy and capitalize on their reading interest by sharpening their fluency skills. These  Printable  3rd Grade  Reading Fluency Passages  are going to be a great addition to any fluency unit you’ve already got – or a great place to start!

reading fluency passages for upper elementary

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printable 3rd grade fluency passages

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printable 3rd grade fluency passages

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printable 3rd grade fluency passages

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printable 3rd grade fluency passages

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10 Free 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages

January 18, 2022 //  by  Kellie Tanner

Building fluency is a critical component of the third grade reading curriculum. It is also a skill crucial to your child's overall academic success. For students to be able to successfully comprehend what they are reading, they must be able to read fluently. Repeated reading and daily practice can help your 3rd grader improve reading fluency.

To help your 3rd grader develop increased fluency and comprehension skills , we have composed a list of ten 3rd grade reading fluency passages that will assist in planning reading lessons. Use this list to help your 3rd graders become awesome readers!

1. Reading Fluency Passages With Comprehension Question

Build 3rd grade students' reading fluency and comprehension with these 30 passages that are available to be printed or used digitally with Google Classroom. This set contains 15 nonfiction passages and 15 fiction passages. You can also use the included comprehension questions to check students' understanding of the text after they read it. Parents will benefit from this kit too because there is a weekly reading log where parents can record their child's reading fluency practice at home.

Learn more: Teachers Pay Teachers

2. Fluency Intervention Binders

This is a great resource for fluency practice! These binders begin with activities that focus on sight words and then progress toward reading phrases and short stories. These activities also include comprehension questions, so the students develop an understanding of what they have read. These fluency intervention binders can be used for reading intervention, literacy centers , or regular classroom instruction.

Learn more: Conversations in Literacy

3. Fluency Check

To improve student fluency, 3rd grade students must read a passage several times. These Fluency Check passages are free and perfect for increasing reading fluency. The passages are available in two formats. The half-page reading passages are printed on card stock and include the word count. These are perfect for partner readings or quick individual assessments. The whole page reading passages include reading comprehension questions and are great for independent reading or homework assignments.

Learn more: Teach 123 School

4. 3rd Grade Fluency Passages for January 

These 3rd grade reading fluency worksheets are a terrific January-themed resource. This inexpensive fluency bundle includes 10 passages, an accountability graph, comprehension questions, word counts, and an answer key. Your 3rd graders will enjoy these January-themed fluency passages. Get your passages for your classroom today!

Learn more: Education to the Core

5. Reading Passages With Comprehension Questions

Have you been struggling to find high-interest, non-fiction reading passages for your 3rd graders? These free passages are excellent for quick reading checks with your students.  Each non-fiction 3rd grade fluency passage includes 3 reading comprehension questions. Kids love these reading passages because they are fun, interesting, and engaging for them. They also learn some great facts!

Learn more: Classroom Freebies

6. Poetry/Choral Reading

It is crucial that you have your 3rd grade students read aloud with a well-paced and expressive model of reading fluency. Using poetry in the classroom is a terrific way to incorporate choral reading activities which gives them a wonderful opportunity to practice reading fluency and expression. You should display a copy of the poem for all students to see, or you can give each student a copy. Hundreds of books of poetry are available, and Caroline Kennedy's Poems to Learn by Heart is a favorite book to use with 3rd graders.

7. Fluency Pockets 

Fluency resources and practice should be an important part of the daily reading instruction in 3rd grade. Students must be exposed to practicing fluency of phrases, sight words , passages, and fluency trackers. One great way to cover these areas is to implement an interactive reading notebook for daily fluency practice that includes helpful word lists, phrase lists, reading passages, and running assessment records.

Learn more: Having Class in Third

8. Fluency Progress Monitoring

These progress monitoring fluency passages assist teachers as they track and assess reading fluency and growth. This helpful teaching resource includes 20 reading passages that are available in a printable version as well as a Google Slides version for virtual learning . They also include reading comprehension questions to check for student understanding.

Learn more: Magicore Learning

9. Differentiated Fluency for Thirds

These differentiated fluency passages are excellent for 3rd grade classrooms . These 9 passages are differentiated as well as aligned to the Common Core Standards. Each passage contains a grid for logging words correctly read per minute. A teacher or parent can easily do this while the child is practicing oral fluency. There are also written and oral comprehension questions to check for understanding of the passage. Students love these high-interest and engaging topics!

10. Reading Comprehension and Fluency Passages

This reading fluency resource includes 20 short and interesting reading passages for students. These passages are created to improve reading fluency and comprehension. They focus on many skills that are sure to make learning much more engaging and fun. Students are required to read the passages 3 times each - choral reading, partner reading, and independent reading. They will then answer the included comprehension questions. These passages are terrific for reading practice, classwork, or homework!

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10 Free 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages

Build fluency skills with our engaging reading fluency passages!


  • 3rd grade reading fluency passages

3rd grade fluency

Fluent readers are made and not born.

Sure, reading comes naturally to a small percentage of children but everyone else has to work really hard at it. It takes years of practice to become a fluent reader. Why, because fluent readers are phonetically accurate, quick at building meaning & have prosody (rhythm, expression, etc.).

reading fluency passages

One great way to improve reading fluency is by reading passages aloud! Choose a reading passage at your student's reading level & practice reading aloud as a small group.

3rd grade Fluency Passages

Help your third grader be more confident by gaining fluency skills with our free reading passages! Use these reading passages as informal fluency practice or for fluency drills. (Fluency drills are a quick practice that kids can do with a teacher. They can repeatedly read aloud short passages with you and then continue to practice independently.)

dino fluency passage

1. Digging for Dinosaurs

2. Skateboarding and Roller Skating

3rd grade common core

Comprehension Passage

sharks gr 3

4. Context Clues

Non-fiction passages


5. Volcanoes

6. Smelly Eggs

Reading Comprehension skills

The best way I know how to get kids engaged in reading comprehension is life science and non-fiction passages or books. Kids LOVE animals and what better way to engage in learning to read than talking out something you already love! As you read together you learn more about things you are interested about and unlock the best part of reading... great readers can read to learn even when they are still learning to read!

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 9.07.51 PM

7. Henry & Squeaks 

9. Main Idea

10.  Handy Helpers

For more reading fluency passages for 3rd graders check out learn.workybooks.com.

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10 Free 4th Grade Reading Passages for Science, Nonfiction & More

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2nd Grade Reading Comprehension

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third grade fluency

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printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Reading Fluency Passages and Comprehension Questions 3rd Grade

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages + Comprehension Worksheets Print & Digital

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

26 Multiplication Quizzes For 3rd /4th Grade ♥ Build Fact Fluency !

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

  • Easel Activity

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Reading Intervention Fluency Passages & Comprehension 3rd Grade (Year Long)

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Reading Fluency Passages 2nd Grade 3rd Grade Activities

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Math Facts Fluency Multiplication and Division 3rd 4th Grade Practice Activities

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages | Level N-P | Comprehension | Timed Practice

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Kindergarten- 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages Bundle Level A-P Timed Practice

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

2nd & 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Lexile Reading Comprehension Passages Questions

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

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printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Equal Groups Multiplication Fact Fluency Practice Game 3rd Grade Math 3.OA.1

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Number Talks 3rd Grade Number Sense Mental Math Yearlong Fluency Bundle

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Benchmark Advance Fluency Passages Comprehension 3rd Grade CA, National, Florida

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Fluency Passages Reading Comprehension Third Second Grade

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Winter Poem of the Week Fluency Activities Winter Poetry 2nd 3rd Grade

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

3rd Grade Science Fluency Passages

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages Bundle | Level N-P | Comprehension | Timed

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

3rd Grade Social Studies Fluency Passages

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Reading Foundational Skills RF 3rd Grade Phonics, Word Recognition, Fluency

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Fluency Passages Reading Comprehension 2nd 3rd Grade

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

3rd Grade Fluency Passages for December

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

3rd , 4th, 5th Grade Reading Fluency Passages with Comprehension Bundle Level N-V

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Reading Passages | Fluency Triangles® | Third Grade Sight Word Practice

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Addition Strategies and Fact Fluency Station for 3rd and 4th Grade

printable 3rd grade fluency passages

Fall Poem of the Week Fluency Activities Poetry Lessons 2nd 3rd Grade

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  1. Free Printable Fluency Passages 3Rd Grade

    printable 3rd grade fluency passages

  2. 3rd Grade Printable Fluency and Reading Comprehension Passages

    printable 3rd grade fluency passages

  3. 3rd Grade Fluency Passages • Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions Bundle

    printable 3rd grade fluency passages

  4. 3rd Grade Fluency Passages for December by Education to the Core

    printable 3rd grade fluency passages

  5. a_friend_of_the_rain_forest.pdf

    printable 3rd grade fluency passages

  6. Third Grade Fluency: September Edition by Tamara Russell

    printable 3rd grade fluency passages


  1. 3rd Grade Fluency 10/30

  2. Wonders First Grade Fluency Strips Smart Start Week 2 (SET 2)

  3. Basic English Reading For Kindergarten

  4. Improve Your English With Reading Fluency Passages


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    Are you looking for a fun and effective way to boost your child’s math skills? Look no further than printable 3rd grade math worksheets. One of the key benefits of printable 3rd grade math worksheets is their ability to reinforce fundamenta...

  2. Engaging and Interactive: Fun 3rd Grade Printable Math Worksheets

    Mathematics is an essential subject that builds problem-solving skills and logical thinking in students from a young age. To make learning math more enjoyable and interactive, 3rd-grade printable math worksheets are a great resource.

  3. Printable 3rd Grade Math Worksheets: The Key to Building Strong Foundations

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    read in third grade. Please let your child practice reading these passages several times each, and then time your child for one minute to see how many words

  5. Fluency passages 3rd grade

    2nd and 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Passages in 2 formats: Fluency Cards and Reading Comprehension printables plus "Answer It"

  6. fluency-passages-grade3.pdf

    "You may start building my castle tomorrow." Licensed to AIMSweb Training. For the 2008-2009 School Year. DN 7187326. Andy was just. Grade 3, Passage 5.

  7. 3 Grade Fluency Folder

    3. Reading Passages: The same story will be read 3 times per evening, Monday-Thursday for homework. Your child's Homework Log will indicate which story is

  8. Search Printable 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Worksheets

    Browse Printable 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Worksheets. Award winning educational materials designed to help kids succeed. Start for free now!

  9. 3rd Grade Fluency.pptx

    read and understand the weekly reading fluency passage. Reading at home will

  10. 21 Perfect 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages (Free)

    Short 3rd Grade Fluency Passages · The Clever Ant · The Amazing Solar System · The Magical Garden · A Trip To The Zoo · The Great Invention · The

  11. Easy to Use Printable 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages

    One of the reasons I created these fluency reading passages is so that your 3rd graders can have practice reading in a variety of genres and contexts. When

  12. 10 Free 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages

    These 3rd grade reading fluency worksheets are a terrific January-themed resource. This inexpensive fluency bundle includes 10 passages, an

  13. 10 Free 3rd Grade Reading Fluency Passages

    1. Digging for Dinosaurs · 2. Skateboarding and Roller Skating · 3rd grade common core. Comprehension Passage. sharks gr 3 · 3. Sharks · 4. Context

  14. Third grade fluency

    Reading · Passages and Comprehension Questions 3rd Grade · Melissa Mazur ; Reading Fluency Passages + Comprehension Worksheets Print &