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5 Business Cover Letter Examples for Success in 2024

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You’re passionate about optimizing processes and achieving company goals. Businesses know they can count on you to manage expense reports and income statements, use your sales skills to increase profits, and much more while on the job. 

But are you capable of writing a great cover letter to accompany your stellar business resume for the competitive business space?

While you may be a business expert, creating a cover letter can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled some effective business cover letter examples that will land you the job in 2024.

template cover letter business management

Business Cover Letter Example


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Business cover letter template

Why this cover letter works

  • Detail specific examples from your life that connect to how the company does business. A personal anecdote can go a long way.
  • This helps the employer visualize how your skills can fit into and improve their business operations.

Level up your cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifiting to write your cover letter in seconds.

Entry-Level Business Cover Letter Example

Entry-level business cover letter template

  • Make sure your cover letter is aligned with the job requirements listed on the application and emphasize them!

Business Administration Cover Letter Example

Business administration cover letter template

  • Using concrete numbers like “helped reduce supply costs by $12,984” establishes the candidate’s impactful contribution at work. Follow this lead by presenting a track record of significant achievements in your previous jobs. You’re giving recruiters more reasons to call you for an interview.

Business Manager Cover Letter Example

Business manager cover letter template

  • Don’t be afraid to share examples of how you’ve led teams to success in the past.
  • Use concrete data to support your claims here. Doing so will emphasize your ability to consistently achieve results and gives your cover letter a more professional look.

HR Business Partner Cover Letter Example

HR business partner cover letter template

  • Provide examples where your HR strategies improved employee engagement or business performance.
  • Don’t leave hiring managers guessing. Be specific in what you’ve accomplished and what your skills could bring to the hiring company.

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Elevate Your Application With an Effective Business Cover Letter

Salesperson pops out of computer screen to depict outselling the competition with sales cover letter

Every business offers different products and services and has varying operational policies. Therefore, your cover letter shouldn’t be a one-step copy-and-paste solution for every business-related job you apply to. 

Instead, you want to tailor it based on the job description for each company’s needs. For instance, if you’re applying to a business financial analyst position, you may want to emphasize your knowledge of expense reports and income statements. 

template cover letter business management

Techniques for writing the greeting and intro of your business cover letter

As you would do for a business proposal, you want to lead off with a strong opening for your business cover letter. 

The first step is optimizing the greeting with the name of a specific hiring manager since personalization is always a great way to succeed in the business environment. However, if you can’t find a contact person in the job description , company website, or LinkedIn, leading with “Dear [company name] hiring manager” or something similar will also work. 

You also want to immediately connect the values and skills you bring to the table in the opening paragraph. For instance, if the company provides youth educational resources, you could connect to how you’d be passionate about using your sales skills to promote services that help kids feel empowered within their education at an early age. 

The example below is a decent start. That said, it doesn’t address anyone in specific or connect with the company or skills needed for the job the applicant is applying to.

Lead with a stronger connection to the role than this!

I’m excited to be applying for your business management position. I’ve had a strong business acumen from a young age, which is why I decided to go to school for business management. I believe I’m an ideal fit for the position.  

Instead, go for an opener that connects with the company you’re applying to, like the one below, that emphasizes the applicant’s passion for eBay’s sustainable form of commerce. 

Form a relevant connection with the company!

Dear Mr. Iver,

eBay’s commitment to enabling economic opportunity and creating a better, sustainable form of commerce resonates deeply with me, making me eager to contribute to your mission. I am excited to apply my skills to the role of business assistant at eBay.

template cover letter business management

Tips for the body of your business cover letter

You understand the importance of metrics and credentials when making key business decisions. Emphasize those aspects in your business cover letter’s body to create a great foundation for your skills and to emphasize why you’re an excellent fit. 

Some common business metrics you may want to reference include ROI, conversions, or productive efficiency. 

If you don’t have much experience, you can also lean on achievements and courses from degrees in business management, finance, marketing, or other related fields to show you have the right skills for the job . 

Take a look at the example below, which does an excellent job of citing metrics like market reach and increases in sales. 

A good body paragraph optimized with business metrics

My most recent position was as the business development manager at Texas Instruments. Here, we faced challenges regarding product penetration in new markets, to which I responded by instituting an evidence-based market research approach. This initiative resulted in a 53% increase in market reach and boosted sales by 33% over a year.

template cover letter business management

Put the finishing touch on your business cover letter with a strong closing

You know that a solid closing with a CTA can make a big difference in landing the sale. It can also help when writing your business cover letter. 

Ideally, you’ll want to relate back to crucial characteristics of the position and the company’s mission. For example, if you’re applying to be a business development director for a company that sells fitness equipment, you could relate back to how you want to use your strategic prospecting abilities to help the company grow and achieve its goals of helping more people live a healthy lifestyle. 

The closing below doesn’t end as strongly as you’d like since it doesn’t refer back to the specifics of the position.

Yikes, too bland! 

Thank you for reading my cover letter. I hope to hear back from you soon and would be eager to get started in this position.

Jessica Sanchez

Instead, aim for a closer that sounds eager and engaged with the role, like the one below, emphasizing enthusiasm about joining ExxonMobil’s HR team and their work environment that encourages growth. 

An eager and engaged closer for the win! 

I am eager to utilize my skills to improve the effectiveness of your HR operations by joining ExxonMobil as an HR business partner. I am committed to collaborating with various teams to foster a work environment that encourages growth, innovation, and satisfaction. Thank you for your dedication to workforce empowerment, and I eagerly await your response.

Cesar Quispe

When you sell or develop products, you want to make every effort to stand out in business. You should do the same in the hiring process and submit a cover letter to showcase your skills, even if it’s listed as optional in the job description . 

You know that following up on leads can help land a sale in business. It can also help if you haven’t heard back a week or two after submitting your resume and cover letter. Just remember to keep a professional business tone to leave a good impression. 

The business environment is fast-paced, so your cover letter shouldn’t be longer than one page. To condense what you include, try to focus on the primary needs of the position. For instance, if the company needs help boosting sales, you could emphasize your lead generation and cold calling skills in your cover letter. 

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Business Management Cover Letter

15 business management cover letter templates.

Business Management Cover Letter Sample

How to Write the Business Management Cover Letter

In response to your job posting for business management, I am including this letter and my resume for your review.

In the previous role, I was responsible for industry best practices guidelines and industry insights expertise to others in and outside of the area.

Please consider my experience and qualifications for this position:

  • Advanced skills in MS Office (incl
  • B Comm (General/ Management) - Honours
  • Strong communication and project management skills, including mastery of relevant tools like Excel, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Word, Tableau, Adobe Photoshop
  • Ensure alignment with the wider TMO and OSSI priorities, publish and maintain budgets, headcount, attrition and other business MIs, oversee and maintain the provision of a quality services to TMO
  • Maintain the quality of the fabric of our offices and ensure all emerging issues are identified and corrected promptly
  • Manage the TMO relationship with various Service providers and ensure support levels are maintained and bettered
  • Developing and manage the MI Lifecycle process, support the MT for Budget setting and support Variance analysis and MT Advisory and Executive Assistance
  • Strategize, own, manage and deliver an engaging, and effective engagement & communications to support TMO campaigns, strategic communications and business initiatives

I really appreciate you taking the time to review my application for the position of business management.

  • Microsoft Word (.docx) .DOCX
  • PDF Document (.pdf) .PDF
  • Image File (.png) .PNG

Responsibilities for Business Management Cover Letter

Business management responsible for insight to contractors / distributors / sales professionals on how they can improve the performance of their business and share best practices by educating them on the benefits of the products and how they compare to the competition.

Business Management Examples

Example of business management cover letter.

I am excited to be applying for the position of business management. Please accept this letter and the attached resume as my interest in this position.

In the previous role, I was responsible for high quality input and secure a relevant strategy and roadmap for the area based on user needs, latest technologies and best practices in the market together with the service manager and senior engineers.

  • Oversee support and guidance to all TMO colleagues on all matters pertaining to MI Management, advisory support to MTs
  • Manage project deliverables using best practice project management principles and ensure stakeholder engagement at all times
  • Previous experience of working in BM team on multiple priorities and working under extreme pressure
  • Strong on MIS/ Reporting/ MI Management, MS Excel, Data representation on PPT, MS Access and Macros
  • Experience in presenting high level dashboards, FP&A, communications, data representation, Senior Stakeholder management
  • Highly developed organizational and project/time-management skills, with specific attention to detail
  • MA/MS in Economics
  • Working knowledge of Marketplace 3rd party seller business channels

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my cover letter and to review my resume.

Alexis Hamill

I submit this application to express my sincere interest in the business management position.

In my previous role, I was responsible for sales advice to customers, ensuring the best recommendation based on Colgate-Palmolive products and the competition through available data from the customer, market, consumer and buyer (Shopper) in order to ensure sales development.

My experience is an excellent fit for the list of requirements in this job:

  • Serve as a subject matter expert with respect to the internal and external technology systems used across the Events Function such as etouches, OneEvent, QlikView and GMMS
  • Capacity planning, seating and resource movement experience
  • Knowledge of Visio, workday, AHA and other MI and analytical systems and databases
  • Evidence of research and publication in the field
  • Evidence of effective teaching, if available
  • A passionate interest in exploring and understanding market dynamics, client segments and asset management industry innovation
  • Experience as an effective teacher is highly preferred
  • Willingness to provide outreach to industry as service to the department, college and university

Thank you for taking your time to review my application.

Cameron Terry

In my previous role, I was responsible for sales advice to customers, ensuring the best recommendation for Colgate-Palmolive products and the competition through available customer, market, consumer and buyer data (Shopper) in order to ensure sales growth.

I reviewed the requirements of the job opening and I believe my candidacy is an excellent fit for this position. Some of the key requirements that I have extensive experience with include:

  • Strong working experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Visio, SharePoint
  • Knowledge of mortgage finance and/or banking operations
  • Effective and efficient use of the team’s resources and budget and challenge effective planning of all audit deliverables Audit Plans, audit reports
  • Ensure team adherence to all Barclay’s policies and BIA processes – meeting all operational administrative processes, Corporate Cards, mandatory learning etc
  • Assist strategic projects across BIA
  • Support relevant BIA Director/MDs in defining the risk profile for their business area
  • Practical understanding of US regulatory environment affecting Barclays
  • Financial services industry knowledge and experience

Royal Schowalter

I would like to submit my application for the business management opening. Please accept this letter and the attached resume.

In my previous role, I was responsible for advice on the future of SharePoint and how this will affect customer needs in the future.

  • Thorough attention to detail and precision
  • Act as a liaison and facilitor between CIBC wide policies and intiatives related to area of specialization and the department
  • Proven history of scaling operations through the “smart” use of technology, process simplification and operational processes
  • A track record of teaching excellence and publication in quality journals
  • Help with various on-going governance initiatives
  • Key contributor to the One Event technology tool
  • General tasks to support all of business management area of activities (governance, project management, sourcing, home.barclays, performance management and various presentations)
  • Assist the COO team with BAU support with a strong focus on Process, Governance and Control

River Swift

In my previous role, I was responsible for on-site implementation assistance in the Market, ensuring the GHS is implemented effectively and that it provides adequate coverage to meet the Market business needs.

  • A well-defined research agenda to publish in quality journals
  • Knowledge and application of current accounting theory and practices
  • Publications and research background in accounting and related fields
  • Professional accounting certification and license (e.g., CPA, CMA, CIA, or CFE)
  • Academic/Experiential background in Information Systems or Business Analytics
  • Earned doctorate in a relevant field, such as but not limited to Hospitality, Business, Leisure, Recreation, Consumer Science, from an accredited university
  • University teaching experience in Beverage Management
  • Significant experience/expertise in the hospitality industry especially Beverage Management

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Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Create a Cover Letter and Resume in Minutes with Professional Templates

Create a resume and cover letter in minutes cover letter copied to your clipboard.

template cover letter business management

Professional Business Manager Cover Letter Example for 2024

Read for inspiration or use it as a base to improve your own Business Manager cover letter. Just replace personal information, company application data and achievements with your own.

Avatar image

Have a business manager cover letter that tells your story

So are cover letters necessary for Business Manager jobs?

Well, the cover letter is your chance to tell a personal story to the hiring manager. It can help you prove you’re a real professional who knows what they bring to the table.

It’s also your opportunity to get into more detail about your personal qualities and success stories. But most importantly – it’s the first place to show your motivation.

So yes, having a cover letter is essential.

But what should yours look like? Let’s see…

business manager coverletter.png

So what’s the difference between a cover letter and a resume?

In short – the resume showcases your achievements and skills, while the cover letter focuses more on your personality and motivations.

Of course, you should mention some of your relevant skills in the cover letter as well. But make sure you’re not repeating your resume word by word.

Now let's move on to the things that make every cover letter great!

Choose the right salutation and show your eagerness for the job

We advise you to address the cover letter directly to the person responsible for the recruitment process. If you don’t know their name, take some time to research it.

This will show that you’re attentive to detail and are willing to go the extra mile when necessary.

Here's a list of salutations you can never go wrong with. Note that some of them can be used even if you don’t know who the hiring manager is.

  • Dear [company name] Recruiter
  • Dear Mr./Ms. Smith
  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • To the [team you're applying for] Team

We’ve all heard it – introductions are a big deal.

A good cover letter introduction can help you land an interview, while a bad introduction can ruin all your chances of getting your dream job as Business Manager.

So what are the things that can make your cover letter stand out? Honesty, excitement, and motivation.

Show your motivation and excitement to join the company in an honest way. And if you think that’d suit the company – share your vision with the recruiter. Tell them how you think being part of the team can help both parties grow.

Focus on your soft skills but don't forget about the hard skills too

While the resume is considered the best place to showcase your hard skills and achievements, the cover letter should tell a story and prove your enthusiasm for the field.

This is why we advise you to focus on soft skills and results. Think about all your soft skills and how they have helped you grow as a professional and crush your goals. Then turn this into your own very short success story.

Make sure to include some hard skills too, especially the ones listed as part of the requirements section of the job advert. This will guarantee that you pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) that screen applicant documents for keywords.

And remember – the cover letter should include new information without repeating your whole resume. It needs to offer additional value to the recruiter.

Prove your passion about the company

Adding a line or two about the company can help you prove your excitement and readiness to become a valuable team member.

You might also choose to link your previous work-related tasks and achievements to current industry or even company issues and how you think they can be resolved.

Choose the right closing line

While a strong introduction makes a great first impression, a confident, yet considerate conclusion is essentially what will get you a callback.

There are different ways to end your cover letter. But remember – the closing line you choose should match the company culture.

Your safest bet would be going for traditional phrases like “Looking forward to hearing from you” or “Looking forward to your reply”. For bonus points, add a simple “Thank you for your time and consideration”.

Business Manager cover letter

Cover letter examples by industry

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Creative Marketing
  • Illustrator
  • Industrial Design
  • Marketing Intern
  • Web Designer
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Ux Designer
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Strategist
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Freelance Writer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Marketing Associate
  • Video Editor
  • Social Media Intern
  • Ui Designer
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Grant Writer
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Ui Developer
  • Seo Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Ppc Specialist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Seo Specialist
  • Telemarketing
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Content Writer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Event Director
  • Lead Generation
  • Market Analyst
  • Design Engineer
  • Marketing Director
  • Director Of Communications
  • Advertising
  • Photographer
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • Growth Marketing
  • Marketing Executive
  • Technical Writer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Freelance Translator
  • Digital Marketing Consultant

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Daniel Pietersen on using Enhancv

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Pair your cover letter with a matching resume for guaranteed success

Pairing your strong cover letter with a great resume can never be a bad idea. In fact, that’s one of the best ways to show you’re the ideal candidate for the position.

Tell your story with confidence with a job-winning Business Manager resume template.

Still not sure what your cover letter should look like? Hire an expert to help you!

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Business Manager Cover Letter Example

While applying for a vacant job post at a company, recruiters ask for cover letters apart from a resume in order to judge your efficiency. It is a one-page document that brings out the reason you are applying for the role and helps you unwrap your impressive and outstanding attributes. To increase the likelihood of landing a good job, you need to create a striking cover letter for yourself.

Our Business Manager Cover Letter Sample provided below helps you inscribe an eye-catching letter. A Business Manager is an individual who looks after and administers the business processes and workforce. His responsibilities differ from company to company. Small-scale businesses count on their Business Manager to manage the firm, allocate resources, and ensure that each employee adheres to the company’s rules and regulations. In comparison to small companies, large-scale companies have many Business Managers.

Business Manager Cover Letter example

  • Cover Letters
  • Business Development

What to Include in a Business Manager Cover Letter?

Roles and responsibilities.

A business manager’s responsibilities are to develop organizational goals, make strategies to increase the company’s profitability, ensure smooth functioning of the firm, hire employees, train the junior staff, and manage the company. He plans and designs various promotional techniques to promote the company’s products. He is responsible for carrying out market trend analysis. He oversees the progress and growth of the company.

  • Design business strategies and plans to meet the company goals.
  • Make sure that the company has sufficient resources such as personnel, material, and equipment.
  • Develop a comprehensive company budget and perform periodic budget analyses .
  • Ensure all company activities adhere to legal guidelines and policies.

Education & Skills

Business Manager Skills :

  • Outstanding leadership qualities for stimulating the staff members to increase productivity.
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills in order to pass clear instructions.
  • Ensure compliance of business processes with the company’s policies.
  • Logical thinking ability to plan revenue-generating strategies.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Business Manager Educational Requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, finance, human resource, or any similar field {required}.
  • Master’s degree in marketing, finance, business, or any related field {preferred by larger organizations}.
  • Prior experience in the management field.
  • Skilled at using Microsoft office applications.

Business Manager Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.,

Being a skilled and proficient business manager, when I saw your posting for the vacant position of business manager, it highly intrigued me. Therefore I am writing this letter to put forward my candidacy for the job. While going through your eligibility criteria, I noticed that my skills and abilities wholly align with your expectations from the role.

{Company name xxx} is a reputed brand, and it has successfully provided service to its clients for a long time. I am optimistic that my talent and expertise would benefit your organization.

I have completed my master’s degree in marketing. My educational background helped me to develop a great sense of the market trends and dynamic business environment. I have an overall experience of 5 years in the field.

The tasks I execute at my current firm are mentioned hereunder:

  • Monitor and review sales strategies.
  • Maintain strong client relationships.
  • Develop promotional strategies for the company’s products.
  • Organize sales data.
  • Make plans to accomplish the company’s goals.

I encourage my subordinates to perform well and achieve the set targets. Unlike the other leaders, I welcome the suggestions and recommendations from my juniors and consider their opinions before making significant decisions. My analytical and logical approach helps me withstand adverse business situations. I am a good multitasker. My primary concern is to satisfy my clients. I hope that my skills match up with your preconditions.

You can review the attached resume for more specific details of my career. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

You can take the assistance of our Business Manager Resume Sample to build a strong resume.


Customize Business Manager Cover Letter

Get hired faster with our free cover letter template designed to land you the perfect position.

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Cover Letter Samples for Business and Administration

template cover letter business management

What to Include Your Cover Letter

  • Cover Letter Template
  • Cover Letter Examples

Sending an Email Message

Sample email cover letter.

When you're applying for administrative and business positions, one of your most important qualifications will be your  communication skills . The first time they will be evaluated is when the hiring manager reviews your cover letter and resume.

It's important to make a good first impression, in order to increase your chances of landing an interview (and eventually, the job).

Before you start writing a cover letter, take a look at administration and business cover letter examples to get an idea of how to construct a professional and effective letter that is going to sell your credentials to the hiring manager.

Before you start writing your cover letter, review the job posting. You'll find a list of the job qualifications that the employer is looking for.

Use your cover letter to show the hiring manager that you meet the job requirements.

Match your qualifications  to the job listing by analyzing the ad and making a list of  keywords  related to the skills and experience sought by the hiring manager. You can also include the general  administrative  and business skills that employers seek in the candidates they evaluate for employment opportunities, as well as any  hard  or  soft  skills related to the role but not specifically included in the ad.

Work these keywords into your cover letter and resume, to ensure that your application materials  make it through the applicant tracking system  and get to a real person with the ability to call you for an interview.

The letter should include the following:

  • Subject line , with your name and the job (if you’re sending your cover letter via email)
  • Contact Information (top of the letter for a printed version, below signature for email cover letter)
  • Professional greeting
  • Paragraph 1: A brief introduction and why you are writing
  • Paragraphs 2 and 3: Your qualifications for the job for which you're applying
  • Closing Paragraph: Appreciation for being considered for the job, and how you will follow up if you have a contact person
  • Professional closing

If you're not sure what to write, have a look at these cover letter samples for inspiration. You can use them as a general model as you then draft a letter reflective of the unique experience and business / administrative skills that you can offer an employer.

Cover Letter Template for Administration / Business Jobs

Download the cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Cover Letter Examples Administration / Business Jobs

Review these cover letter examples and then write a personalized letter that explains how your skills relate to the criteria listed in the job posting. It's important that your letters are customized for each job you apply for, highlighting your relevant experience.

Sample Cover Letter #1

Justin Applicant 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345 555-555-5555 555-555-1234 justin.applicant@email.com

September 1, 2018

Dear Hiring Manager,

I was excited to read about the Administrative Assistant job opening at XYZ company. I have several years of experience in a variety of fields including insurance and finance.

In addition to my extensive office experience, I have strong communication, customer service, and administrative skills. My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for this position.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange an interview.

Justin Applicant (signature hard copy letter) Justin Applicant

Sample Cover Letter #2

Bruce Applicant 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345 555-555-5555 bruce.applicant@email.com

Jimi Lee Manager Acme Finance 123 Business Rd. Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Lee,

I am writing to apply for the position of executive assistant, as advertised on Indeed. I was excited to see the job opening due to my several years of experience in the field. I was as an administrative assistant in financial services before taking a position as an executive assistant at a luxury automobile company.

In addition to my administrative and executive assistant skills, I have strong customer service and communication skills, especially in the written form. At my last job, I rewrote much of the company's website copy, which was acknowledged by my manager’s superiors. 

I have attached my resume for your review. I look forward to hearing from you about this exciting opportunity. You can contact me by e-mail at myname@myemail.com or through my cell phone at 555-555-5555.

Bruce Applicant (signature hard copy letter) Bruce Applicant

When you are sending your letter via email include the reason you are writing in the subject line of your message:

Subject: FirstName LastName – Executive Assistant Position

List your contact information in your signature, rather than in the body of the letter:

FirstName LastName Your Email Your Phone Number Your LinkedIn Profile (optional)

Here’s an example of what a complete email cover letter looks like:

Subject: Wendy Worker – Executive Assistant Position

Dear Ms. Jones,

It is with much enthusiasm that I am submitting to you my application for the executive assistant position that has recently opened with ABC Inc.

During my eight-year career with XYZ Enterprises, I have honed flawless competencies in office space planning and administration, appointment and meeting scheduling, travel coordination, data entry, and expense reporting that will allow me to “hit the ground running” as your next executive assistant. I can also offer you proven event coordination talents, having orchestrated all details of 25+ high-profile conferences and stockholder meetings that earned positive feedback from all attendees.

Eager to learn more about your administrative needs, I would welcome the opportunity for a personal interview. Thank you for your time, consideration, and forthcoming response. 

Wendy Worker wendy.worker@email.com 555-123-4567 www.linkedin.com/in/wendyworker (optional)

Business Management Cover Letter Examples

A great business management cover letter can help you stand out from the competition when applying for a job. Be sure to tailor your letter to the specific requirements listed in the job description, and highlight your most relevant or exceptional qualifications. The following business management cover letter example can give you some ideas on how to write your own letter.

Business Management Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example (Text)

Tita Sekona

(148) 928-2336

[email protected]

Dear Ms. Leverentz,

I am reaching out to express my enthusiastic interest in the Business Management position at McKinsey & Company. With a solid foundation of five years at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), I have honed my skills in strategic planning, leadership, and operational efficiency, and I am eager to bring this expertise to your esteemed firm.

During my tenure at BCG, I had the privilege of leading diverse teams on various high-stakes projects, where I was able to not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations through innovative solutions and meticulous execution. My experience has equipped me with a deep understanding of the critical factors driving business success in various industries, and I've developed a keen ability to navigate complex business challenges with agility and foresight.

What excites me most about the opportunity at McKinsey & Company is the potential to collaborate with a team that is renowned for its strategic impact and transformative results. I am particularly drawn to your firm's commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that not only address immediate concerns but also lay the groundwork for sustainable growth and long-term value creation.

I am confident that my proven track record of delivering actionable insights, fostering team synergy, and driving operational excellence aligns perfectly with the high standards and forward-thinking approach of McKinsey & Company. I am deeply committed to continuing my professional growth and am eager to contribute to your team's success by leveraging my analytical acumen and strategic mindset.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my background, skills, and enthusiasms can be a perfect match for the Business Management role at your firm. I am very interested in the possibility of joining such a dynamic team and am ready to make a meaningful contribution from day one.

Warm regards,

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60+ Cover Letter Examples in 2024 [For All Professions]

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No matter where you are in your career, or what job you’re applying for, submitting a cover letter with your resume is a must . 

Done right, a cover letter will effectively complement your resume and explain to the hiring manager in more detail why you’re the right person for the job.

Writing a cover letter, however, is easier said than done. 

You have to effectively demonstrate that you’ll be able to perform the responsibilities listed in the job description and that you’d be a better fit for the company compared to other candidates. 

And unless you’re a professional writer, this can be a very hard task.

Fortunately, we created these cover letter examples to inspire you and help you get started with your own cover letter!

Let’s dive in!

21 Cover Letter Examples 

#1. career change cover letter example .

cover letter example for career change

Here’s what this cover letter does right:

  • Has an ideal length. This cover letter includes all the relevant information for the hiring manager without getting into too much detail.
  • Relevant introduction. The candidate explains that they’re changing careers and why they want to work in this new field from the get-go.
  • Explains their related experience. The candidate explains how their previous experience in retail sales can help them succeed in PR.

Check out our guide video guide to learn how to write a Cover Letter that gets you HIRED!

#2. Recent Graduate Cover Letter Example 

cover letter example for a recent graduate

  • Personally greets the hiring manager. The candidate has taken the time to find the hiring manager’s name and address them by it, which makes the opening of the cover letter much more personal.
  • Wraps up with a call to action. The candidate wraps up the cover letter by suggesting a meeting with the hiring manager, which makes them more memorable.
  • Explains why the candidate is the right person for the internship. In this cover letter for an internship , the candidate explains how they’ve previously interned in a different firm, which gives them the experience to succeed in this role.

Have you just graduated from college? Make sure to check out our guide on writing an entry-level cover letter from start to finish! 

#3. Middle Management Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Middle Management

  • Use of bullet points. The candidate presents the information in a concise and reader-friendly way, making it easy for the hiring manager to find their key achievements. 
  • Formal closing. The candidate has used a formal and polite tone to conclude their cover letter, which combined with a call to action makes them look professional and passionate about getting the job. 
  • Explains how the company would benefit from hiring them. The candidate outlines exactly what they could do for the company, which not only highlights their skills but also shows they’ve done their research on the company’s needs. 

#4. Business Manager Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for business manager

  • Detailed header. In addition to the must-have contact details, this candidate has also included their professional Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, making it easy for the hiring manager to look more closely into their career. 
  • Concise and to the point. This candidate has used short paragraphs and bullet points to make the cover letter easy to skim through. 
  • Wraps up with a call to action. By letting the hiring manager know they’ll be contacting them soon, they’re more likely to make an impression.

Check out this article for a complete writing guide and an inspiring business manager resume sample. 

#5. Ph.D. Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for phd

Here’s what this cover letter does right: 

  • Attention-grabbing introduction. In the opening paragraph, this candidate explains why they’re passionate about pursuing a Ph.D. in great detail. 
  • Explains the candidate’s qualifications in detail. The candidate builds on their passion by explaining how they’re also qualified for the degree because of their education history and academic achievements. 

#6. Senior Executive Cover Letter Example

cover letter example for senior executive

  • Professional and minimalistic template. This senior executive has used a professional but minimalistic template that lets their work experience do the talking. 
  • Achievement-oriented opening paragraph. Right from the get-go, this candidate explains what makes them so good at their job, effectively grabbing the hiring manager’s attention.  
  • Wraps up with a call to action. By suggesting to have a meeting and discussing how they can help the company meet its goals, the candidate stands more chance to make a positive lasting impression. 

#7. Architect Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example

  • Modern resume template. This architect has picked a template that perfectly matches his industry, as it is professional and modern at the same time. 
  • A personal greeting to the HR. They address the hiring manager by their first name, which helps make a better first impression. 
  • Measurable achievements. By quantifying their achievements, the candidate proves their achievements instead of just claiming them.

Struggling with your architect resume ? Check out our full guide!

#8. Business Analyst Cover Letter Example 

cover letter examples

  • Detailed contact information. The candidate has listed both their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, providing the HR manager an opportunity to learn more about the candidate.  
  • Mentions what the candidate can do for the company. This cover letter doesn’t just explain why the job would be great for the candidate, but also how the candidate would benefit the company. Win-win, right? 
  • Error-free and reader-friendly. It’s super important for the cover letter to have no spelling or grammatical errors and be reader-friendly. This candidate made sure they did both.

Need a resume alongside your cover letter? Check out our guide on how to write a business analyst resume . 

#9. Consultant Cover Letter Example 

best cover letter example

  • Professional cover letter template. Being an experienced consultant, this candidate has picked a professional template that doesn’t steal the spotlight from their achievements. 
  • Experience and achievement-oriented. The candidate has effectively elaborated on their top achievements relevant to the job. 
  • Highlights the candidate’s passion. To show they want the job, this candidate has also explained how passionate they are about their profession.

For more advice on landing a job as a consultant, check out our guide to writing a consultant resume .

#10. Digital Marketing Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Digital Marketing

  • Creative cover letter template. This digital marketer highlights their originality by picking a creative cover letter template. 
  • Lists the candidate’s awards. The candidate has taken advantage of the cover letter to list their most noteworthy awards in the industry. 
  • Concludes with a call to action. As they used a call to action to conclude their cover letter, the HR manager will be more likely to remember them.

Want to take your digital marketing resume to the next level? Check out our guide!

#11. Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example for Graphic Designer

  • Detailed contact information. The candidate has included additional contact information such as their website link, as well as their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.  
  • Ideal length. This cover letter is concise, which means that the HR manager is more likely to read it from start to finish.  
  • Draws attention to the candidate’s strong points. Although this candidate is a recent college graduate, they’ve managed to effectively show that they have enough knowledge and experience to do the job right.

Read this guide to write a graphic designer resume that’s just as good as your cover letter!

#12. Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Administrative Assistant

  • Minimalistic cover letter template. The candidate picked a well-designed but minimalistic template for their cover letter. 
  • Focused on skills and achievements. This cover letter is packed with the candidate’s skills and achievements, proving he can be an excellent employee. 
  • Formal closing. Politeness can go a long way and the candidate has used this to their advantage to make an impression. 

Our article on how to write an administrative assistant resume can help you take your job application to the next level.

#13. Front Desk Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Front Desk

  • Modern cover letter template. This template incorporates memorable colors and clear lines, which make the cover letter very visually appealing. 
  • Attention-grabbing introduction. Using an attention-grabbing intro, the candidate is more likely to make an impression. 
  • Calls the HR to action. By including a call to action, the candidate is reminding the HR of their immediate availability. 

#14. Human Resources Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Human Resources

  • It is concise and to the point. The candidate doesn’t dwell on unimportant details the HR won’t be interested in. 
  • Uses a traditional cover letter template. The cover letter design is more on the conventional side, which fits the industry better. 
  • Highlights the candidate’s strong points. The candidate has rich work experience and they use the cover letter to elaborate on it. 

This HR resume guide can help you get your resume just right.

#15. Sales Agent Cover Letter Example 

Cover Letter Example  for Sales Agent

  • Attention-grabbing cover letter template. As a salesperson, this candidate knows how important first impressions are, so they’ve picked a catchy cover letter template. 
  • Has an ideal length. At the same time, they’ve also made sure to keep their cover letter at just the right length. 
  • Lists the candidate’s career highlights. The candidate has made perfect use of the space by mentioning their most impressive professional achievements. 

Check out this sales agent resume guide to create an attention-grabbing sales resume .

#16. Receptionist Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Receptionist

  • Modern but minimalistic cover letter template. The template’s design hints the candidate is creative but professional at the same time. 
  • Uses a catchy introduction. The candidate has used an attention-grabbing opening paragraph to catch HR’s attention. 
  • Concludes the cover letter formally. The candidate proves that they’re polite and well-spoken, a quality very much important for the role they’re applying for. 

Take your receptionist resume to the next level with this receptionist resume guide .

#17. Information Technology Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Information Technology

  • Mentions measurable achievements. Numbers make an impact, which is why this candidate has included measurable achievements. 
  • Lists both soft and hard skills. The candidate has mentioned a great mix of soft and hard skills, showing how well-rounded they are. 
  • Contains relevant contact information. The candidate’s GitHub, website name, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles are all great additions to the resume. 

Looking for tips to help you write a great IT resume ? Check out our guide!

#18. Real Estate Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Real Estate Agent

  • Ideal length. Short and to the point, this cover letter is bound to get noticed by the HR manager. 
  • Wraps up with a call to action. This candidate reinforces the HR to call them back through a final call to action. 
  • Mentions the right skills. On top of their sales accomplishments, the candidate touch upon important soft skills such as customer service and communication . 

This real estate resume guide will help you take your resume from good to great.

#19. Teacher Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Teacher

  • Mentions relevant contact information details. This candidate has included optional (but relevant) contact information details, such as their LinkedIn, Quora, and Medium profiles. 
  • Achievement-oriented. The candidate has elaborated on their achievements in more detail throughout their cover letter. 
  • Highlights the candidate’s passion. For some jobs, being passionate is much more important than for others. Teaching is one of these jobs, which is why this candidate explains their passion for the job. 

Our guide on how to write a teacher resume has all the tips you need to land the job.

#20. Project Manager Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Project Manager

  • Leverages a catchy introduction. Through a catchy introductory paragraph, this candidate is sure to grab the HR’s attention and get them to read the rest of their cover letter.
  • Lists measurable accomplishments. This candidate explains exactly what they’ve achieved using numbers and hard data. 
  • Personally greets the HR. A personal greeting sounds much better than “Dear Sir/Madam,” and the candidate knows this. 

This guide on how to write a project manager resume can help you perfect your appication.

#21. Paralegal Cover Letter Example

Cover Letter Example for Paralegal

  • Minimalistic cover letter template. This cover letter design looks good but doesn’t steal the show from the candidate’s abilities.
  • Mentions the candidate’s academic achievements and extracurricular activities. Although the candidate is a recent graduate, they’ve used the cover letter to explain they have enough skills and achievements to do the job.
  • Lists measurable achievements. The candidate proves they did well in their internship by mentioning quantifiable achievements.

Check out this paralegal resume guide to perfect yours.

40+ More Cover Letter Examples and Guides 

Couldn’t find a cover letter example for your field? Do not worry.

Below you can find a number of other cover letter examples for different fields and industries:

  • Acting Cover Letter Examples
  • Accounting Cover Letter Examples
  • Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Examples
  • Architecture Cover Letter Examples
  • Attorney Cover Letter Examples
  • Barista Cover Letter Examples
  • Bartender Cover Letter Examples
  • Business Cover Letter Examples
  • Business Analyst Cover Letter Examples
  • College Student Cover Letter Examples
  • Computer Science Cover Letter Examples
  • Construction Cover Letter Examples
  • Consultant Cover Letter Examples
  • Customer Service Cover Letter Examples
  • Data Analyst Cover Letter Examples
  • Data Entry Cover Letter Examples
  • Dental Assistant Cover Letter Examples
  • Digital Marketing Cover Letter Examples
  • Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Examples
  • Engineering Cover Letter Examples
  • Executive Assistant Cover Letter Examples
  • Finance Cover Letter Examples
  • Graphic Design Cover Letter Examples
  • Healthcare Cover Letter Examples
  • Human Resources Cover Letter Examples
  • IT Cover Letter Examples
  • Law Cover Letter Examples
  • Management Cover Letter Examples
  • Marketing Cover Letter Examples
  • Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter Examples
  • Medical Assistant Cover Letter Examples
  • Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Examples
  • Physician Cover Letter Examples
  • Project Manager Cover Letter Examples
  • Receptionist Cover Letter Examples
  • Retail Cover Letter Examples
  • Sales Cover Letter Examples
  • Social Work Cover Letter Examples
  • Software Engineer Cover Letter Examples
  • Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Examples
  • Teacher Assistant Cover Letter Examples
  • Team Leader Cover Letter Example

What is a Cover Letter? 

A cover letter is a one-page document that you submit as part of your job application, alongside your resume . 

Its purpose is to introduce you and briefly summarize your professional background. On average, your cover letter should be from 250 to 400 words long .

A good cover letter can give the hiring manager more insight into what makes you a good candidate and help them make up their mind about whether they should invite you for an interview. A bad cover letter, though, will get ignored (at best) and lose you the job (at worst).

So, to make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s essential to know how to write a convincing cover letter.

The first thing to remember is that a cover letter is a supplement to your resume, not a replacement. Meaning, you shouldn’t just repeat whatever is mentioned in your resume and call it a day. 

Optimally, you should use your cover letter to shed more light on your skills and qualifications, as well as explain anything you didn’t have space for in your resume (e.g. a career gap or why you’re changing careers).

If you’re writing a cover letter for the first time, though, putting all this together might seem pretty tough. 

Fortunately, you can follow our tried-and-tested format to make the experience much easier:

  • Header - Input your contact information.
  • Greeting the hiring manager - Open the cover letter with a “Dear Sir or Madam,” or use the hiring manager’s name if you know what that is.
  • Opening paragraph - Grab the hiring manager’s attention by getting straight to the point. Mention what your professional experiences are, and what role you’re applying for.
  • The second paragraph - Explain why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. Mention your top 2-3 achievements, your top skills, why you want to work in that specific industry, and whatever else is relevant.
  • The third paragraph - End your cover letter with a call to action. E.g. “I would love to meet personally and discuss how I can help Company X.”
  • Formal closing - Something like this: “Thank you for your consideration. Best, John Doe.”

Here’s what this looks like in practice:

cover letter structure

9 Tips to Write a Cover Letter (the Right Way)

Now that we've covered the basics, let's talk about cover letter tips . Below, we'll give you all the knowledge you need to take your cover letter from "OK" to "great."

#1. Pick the right template

A good cover letter is all about leaving the right first impression.

And what’s a better way to leave a good impression than through a professional, well-formatted, and visual template?

You can simply pick one of our tried-and-tested cover letter templates and you’ll be all set!

cover letter examples templates

#2. Add your contact details on the header

The best way to start your cover letter is through a header. 

Here’s what you want to include there:

  • Phone Number
  • Name of the hiring manager / their professional title
  • Name of the company you’re applying to

Optionally, you can also include the following:

  • Social Media Profiles - Any type of profile that’s relevant to your field. Social Profiles on websites like LinkedIn, GitHub (for developers), Medium (for writers), etc.
  • Personal Website - If you have a personal website that somehow adds value to your application, you can mention it. Let’s say you’re a professional writer. In that case, you’d want to link to your content portfolio site or blog.

#3. Greet the hiring manager the right way

Once you’ve listed all your relevant contact information, it’s time to address the hiring manager reading your cover letter. 

A good practice here is to find the hiring manager’s name and address them directly instead of using the traditional “dear sir or madam.” This shows that you’re really invested in the company and that you took your time to do some research about the job.

So, how can you find out the hiring manager’s name?

One way to do this is by looking up the head of the company’s relevant department on LinkedIn. Let’s say you’re applying for the position of Communication Specialist at Novoresume. The hiring manager is probably the Head of Communications or the Chief Communications Office.

Or let’s say you’re applying for the position of server at a restaurant. In that case, you’d be looking to find out who the restaurant manager is.

If this doesn’t work, you can also check out the “Team” page on the company website; there’s a good chance you’ll at least find the right person there.

If you still can’t find out the hiring manager’s name, here are several other greetings you can use:

  • Dear [Department] Hiring Manager
  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • To whom it may concern
  • Dear [Department] Team

#4. Create an attention-grabbing introduction

Recruiters get hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of applications. Chances are, they’re not going to be reading every single cover letter end-to-end.

So, it’s essential to catch their attention from the very first paragraph.

The problem with most cover letter opening paragraphs, though, is that they’re usually extremely generic, often looking something like this: 

Hey, my name is Jonathan and I’d like to work as a Sales Manager at XYZ Inc. I’ve worked as a sales manager at MadeUpCompany Inc. for 5+ years, so I believe that I’d be a good fit for the position.

As you can probably tell, this opening paragraph doesn’t tell the hiring manager anything other than that you’ve worked the job before - and that’s not really helpful in setting you apart from other candidates. 

What you want to do, instead, is start off with 2-3 of your top achievements to really grab the reader’s attention. Preferably, the achievements should be as relevant as possible to the position. 

For example:

My name’s Michael and I’d like to help XYZ Inc. hit and exceed its sales goals as a Sales Manager. I’ve worked with Company X, a fin-tech company, for 3+ years. As a Sales Representative, I generated an average of $30,000+ in sales per month (beating the KPIs by around 40%). I believe that my previous industry experience, as well as my excellence in sales, makes me the right candidate for the role of X at Company Y.

The second example shows how the candidate is a top performer. The first just shows that they’ve worked a sales job before.

Which one are YOU more likely to invite for an interview?

#5. Show you’re the perfect person for the job

One great thing about cover letters is that they allow you to expand more on the top achievements from your resume and really show the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job. 

A good way to do that is to first read the job ad and really understand what skills/experiences are required, and then to ensure that your cover letter touches upon the said skills or experiences.

In my previous role as a Facebook Marketing Expert at XYZ Inc. I handled customer acquisition through ads, managing a monthly Facebook ad budget of $20,000+. As the sole digital marketer at the company, I managed the ad creation and management process end-to-end. This means I created the ad copy and images, as well as picked the targeting, ran optimization trials, and so on.

Other than Facebook advertising, I’ve also delved into other online PPC channels, including:

  • Google Search

#6. Explain why you’re a great company fit

The HR manager doesn’t only look at whether you’ll be good at the job or not. They’re looking for someone that’s also a good fit for the company culture.

After all, employees that don’t fit in are bound to quit, sooner or later. This ends up costing the company a ton of money, up to 50% of the employee’s annual salary . 

To convince the hiring manager that you’re a great company fit, do some research on the company and find out what it is you like about them, or about working there. You want to know things like:

  • What’s the company’s business model?
  • What’s the company's product or service? Have you used it?
  • What’s the culture like? Will someone micro-manage your work, or will you have autonomy on how you get things done?

Then, turn your top reasons for liking to work there into text and add them to your cover letter! 

#7. Wrap up with a call to action

To make the end of your cover letter as memorable as possible, you want to:

  • Wrap up any points you couldn't in the previous paragraphs. Mention anything you’ve left out that you think could help the hiring manager make up your mind.
  • Thank the hiring manager for their time. After all, it never hurts to be polite. 
  • Finish the cover letter with a call to action. A call to action is a great way to make your cover letter ending as memorable as possible. 

#8. Write a formal closing

Once you’re done with the final paragraph, all you have to do is write down a formal “goodbye” and you’re good to go.

Feel free to use one of the most popular conclusions in a cover letter:

  • Best Regards,
  • Kind Regards,

#9. Proofread your cover letter

Last but not least, make sure to always proofread each and every document that you’ll be including in your job application - cover letter included. 

The last thing you want is to be claiming you’re a great candidate for the job with a cover letter full of typos! 

For an even more comprehensive guide on how to write an impactful cover letter , check out our article ! 

Cover Letter Writing Checklist 

Cover Letter Writing Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some questions about cover letters? Check out the answers below:

1. How do I write a simple cover letter? 

To write a cover letter that’s simple but also professional, make sure to include a header with your personal information, a formal greeting to the hiring manager, an attention-grabbing opening paragraph, a second paragraph explaining why you’re a good candidate for the job, and a formal closing (preferably with a call to action). 

2. What are the 3 parts of a cover letter? 

The three parts of a cover letter are: 

  • The introduction , namely the header, the greeting to the hiring manager, and the opening paragraph. 
  • The sales pitch is usually the body of the cover letter. 
  • The conclusion involves a formal closing and a signature line.

3. What makes a great cover letter?

A great cover letter should be personalized for each job you’re applying for, instead of being overly generic. It’s also preferable to address the hiring manager by their name and not use the overly-used “Dear Sir/Madam.”

To make a great first impression, you should mention 1-2 of your top achievements in your opening paragraph - the more job-specific they are, the better. Also, don’t stop at showing the hiring manager why you’re a great candidate for the job. Make sure to also talk about how you’re a good culture fit for the company.

Last but not least, wrap up your closing paragraph with a call to action to give the hiring manager a little extra something to remember you by. 

4. When is a cover letter necessary?

Unless the job ad specifically states otherwise, you should always include a cover letter with your job application .

Even if the hiring manager doesn’t read it, you will look more professional simply by including one.

And that’s a wrap! We hope our cover letter examples and writing tips will inspire you to write a cover letter that will land you your next job.

If you’re looking for more invaluable career advice and articles, make sure to check out our career blog , or any of these related articles: 

  • How to Write a Resume
  • Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs
  • Cover Letter Format (w/ Examples & Free Templates)

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    Use a professional template to enhance the style and presentation of your cover letter. Be sure your heading includes: Your name, title, and contact info. The current date. The addressee's details. 2. Salutation. Greet the hiring manager by name — Mr. or Ms. [Last Name].

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    5 Business Cover Letter. Examples for Success in 2024. Stephen Greet January 8, 2024. You're passionate about optimizing processes and achieving company goals. Businesses know they can count on you to manage expense reports and income statements, use your sales skills to increase profits, and much more while on the job.

  13. Management Cover Letter Example (With Full Guide for 2024)

    Content. Top ↑ Management Cover Letter Example 5 Steps for the Perfect Management Cover Letter #1. Put Contact Information in the Header #2. Address the Hiring Manager #3. Write an Eye-Catching Opening Statement #4. Use the Cover Letter Body for the Details #5. Wrap It Up and Sign It 3 Essential Management Cover Letter Tips #1.

  14. Business Development Manager Cover Letter Example and Template ...

    Asheville, North Carolina. 828-555-0156. [email protected] April 20, 2023 Dear Hiring Manager, My name is Linda Meier, and I'm writing to express my interest in the open role of Business Development Manager at Holyrood Financial Services. As a dedicated business development manager with a drive for success, I believe my skills and ...

  15. Business Management Cover Letter

    Example of Business Management Cover Letter. 835 Murphy Track. East Cruz, GA 30921. Dear Royal Erdman, In response to your job posting for business management, I am including this letter and my resume for your review. In my previous role, I was responsible for sales advice to customers, ensuring the best recommendation for Colgate-Palmolive ...

  16. Free Manager Cover Letter Example

    The following free manager cover letter sample presents a good example of the proper organizational structure and language. Using it as a framework for showcasing your own skills and experience can help you take your letter to the next level. Dear Mr. Jackson, As a manager, I strive to add value to my company through effective organization and ...

  17. Real Business Manager Cover Letter Example for 2024

    Professional Business Manager Cover Letter Example for 2024 Read for inspiration or use it as a base to improve your own Business Manager cover letter. Just replace personal information, company application data and achievements with your own.

  18. Business Manager Cover Letter Examples

    Our Business Manager Cover Letter Sample provided below helps you inscribe an eye-catching letter. A Business Manager is an individual who looks after and administers the business processes and workforce. His responsibilities differ from company to company. Small-scale businesses count on their Business Manager to manage the firm, allocate ...

  19. Business Cover Letter Examples & Templates [2024 ready]

    Now, let's write an equally striking business cover letter for yourself. 2. Write a Business Cover Letter Step by Step (Easy-To-Fill Business Cover Letter Template) 1. Follow the Perfect Business Cover Letter Format. Business professionals must be organized, concise, and radiate professionalism at every step.

  20. Cover Letter Samples for Business and Administration Jobs

    Sample Cover Letter #1. I was excited to read about the Administrative Assistant job opening at XYZ company. I have several years of experience in a variety of fields including insurance and finance. In addition to my extensive office experience, I have strong communication, customer service, and administrative skills.

  21. Business Management Cover Letter Examples and Templates

    Cover Letter Example (Text) Tita Sekona. (148) 928-2336. [email protected]. Dear Ms. Leverentz, I am reaching out to express my enthusiastic interest in the Business Management position at McKinsey & Company. With a solid foundation of five years at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), I have honed my skills in strategic planning, leadership, and ...

  22. 60+ Cover Letter Examples in 2024 [For All Professions]

    Top ↑ 21 Cover Letter Examples #1. Career Change Cover Letter Example #2. Recent Graduate Cover Letter Example #3. Middle Management Cover Letter Example #4. Business Manager Cover Letter Example #5. Ph.D. Cover Letter Example #6. Senior Executive Cover Letter Example #7. Architect Cover Letter Example #8. Business Analyst Cover Letter ...

  23. How To Write a Business Cover Letter

    Consider the following steps when creating a professional, business cover letter: 1. Review the job posting. Before you begin writing your cover letter, it's important to refer to the job you're applying for. Make sure to note any skills, experience or education requirements that the employer has mentioned. It's important that you not only meet ...

  24. Sample Cover Letter

    Business Management; Consulting; Consumer Products, E-Commerce and Retail; Entrepreneurship; ... Share Sample Cover Letter on Facebook Share Sample Cover Letter on LinkedIn Share Sample Cover Letter on X; ... Robert H. Smith School of Business 2570 Van Munching Hall University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742-1815.