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Working as a temporary worker

Temporary employment agencies search for the right workers who can and wish to perform work for other parties. If you work through a temporary employment agency, you are employed by the agency and not directly by the company you work for. The agency is responsible for the correct and timely payment of your salary. The company where you work is responsible for supervision and instruction at the workplace.

The rights of a temporary worker

Temporary contract, temporary employment wage, healthcare insurance, accomodation, useful websites.

The longer a temporary worker is employed by the temporary work agency, the more rights he/she will build up. This is laid down in the so-called phase system , which is part of the Collective Labour Agreement (in Dutch: CAO).

Special rules of dismissal apply to temporary workers. These rules may be different from the rules in your own country. Each European country has its own employment law. The specific rules of dismissal for temporary workers are laid down in the CAO for temporary workers .

A contract with a temporary work agency differs from other labour agreements. In this situation, the agency is your formal employer whereas you actually work for another party. There are different kinds of temporary contracts . Make sure you know what is in your contract. Ask for a translation before you come to the Netherlands to start working for a company.

The conditions of the contract are laid down in the employment contract. This contract must also state whether or not the CAO for temporary workers applies to you. If this is not clear, please ask your employer about this. If you work for a temporary work agency, this agency will provide you with a copy of this CAO or you will be referred to an online version.

In the Netherlands, we have a statutory minimum wage that each employee is entitled to. It is possible that a higher wage is agreed upon in the CAO. If a CAO applies, you must be paid pursuant to that CAO . This CAO may, for example, stipulate that temporary workers receive the same wage as employees who are employed by the hiring company and who perform similar jobs.

You will usually be paid in conformity with the “temporary employment wage” (hirer's remuneration). This stipulates that temporary workers receive the same wage as similar workers of the hiring company. Watch the video for more information .

Anyone working or living in the Netherlands, is obliged to take out basic healthcare insurance. You are responsible for paying the premium of this healthcare insurance. Also, in the case of temporary work or stay in the Netherlands, you must take out this insurance for yourself.

The temporary work agency will inform you about the obligation to take out insurance. In addition, the agency may offer you to participate in group health insurance. It is up to you whether or not to accept this. If you accept this offer, you can authorise your employer to pay the premium for healthcare insurance on your behalf. In that case, the employer will deduct the premium from your salary. If you do not accept your employer's offer, you are obliged to arrange for healthcare insurance for yourself.

If your contract with the temporary work agency is terminated and your stay in the Netherlands will come to an end, please contact your healthcare insurer as soon as possible to let them know you are leaving the Netherlands.

This animation explains what you should do when you fall ill and what your rights are as a temporary worker in the case of illness. More information can be found on the website of UWV.

Please note: in some situations (such as frontier work) the rules concerning illness and healthcare insurance may be different.

It may be problematic to find affordable accommodation in the Netherlands. Many temporary employment agencies can help you with this and often arrange for their own temporary accommodation for foreign temporary workers. Usually, this is in the area where you will be working. Before accepting the accommodation offer made by the agency, it is wise to inquire after the conditions and rental fees.

Please note: there are rules for deduction of accommodation costs , such as a maximum deduction of 25% of the statutory minimum wage.

If you have managed to find accommodation in the Netherlands on your own, nobody can force you to live somewhere else. This short animation explains what to expect from temporary accommodation in the Netherlands.

  • ABU and NBBU : trade organisations in the temporary work sector.
  • SNCU : the objective of this organisation is to monitor compliance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Employees by temporary work agencies.
  • with temporary work agencies comply SNA : certification for temporary work agencies.
  • SNF : foundation for flexible accommodation standards, manages the Register of organisations complying with the accommodation standards for immigrant workers.
  • IDW : the Information Centre for diploma accreditation. This centre will tell you if your diploma(s) must be evaluated.
  • Numbeo : compares the living expenses in the Netherlands to those in your own country.
  • UWV : the administrator of employee insurance schemes.

Temporary work jobs in Netherlands

107 vacancies

Senior Communications Specialist (temporary)

Absence and attendance officer (.5 fte, living and eligible to work in the netherlands).

Amity International School, Amsterdam

Kitchen Steward (Zero hour contract, Living and eligible to work in the Netherlands)

On call cover teacher senior school (zero hour contract, living and eligible to work in the netherlands), on call out of school hours care assistant (zero hour contract, living and eligible to work in the netherlands), on call cover teaching assistant for ey & py (zero hour contract, living and eligible to work in the netherlands), learning support specialist - 0.8 fte.

€3,031 - €5,030 per month

The International School of the Hague - Secondary Campus

Teacher of IB MYP Theatre with IB MYP Subject Coordinator Role - 1.0 FTE

€3,019 - €5,329 per month

Initiative application (f|m|x)

Zeb Consulting

€20 - €25 per hour

Holgate Nannies

€18 per hour


£39.32k per annum

Ambitek Recruitment

Data Architect

Next Ventures Ltd

Security Engineer

€60k - €80k per annum

Apollo Solutions

Cover Teacher

€4,334 - €5,989 per month

British School in the Netherlands, Senior School Leidschenve...

SAP Testing Consultant

Internal audit manager.

€100k per annum

HR Manager Benelux

Frazer Jones

Data Engineer - Azure

Head of data science.

Organisation M-KOPA

IT Audit Manager

€85k - €90k per annum

Data Engineer

€50k - €75k per annum

Business Writer


Finance Business Partner (M/F/D)

European sales manager.

United In Recruitment Ltd

Senior Security Engineer

€85k - €100k per annum

Power Market Analyt

Intern project manager, intern video editor, audit senior - rotterdam, netherlands.

€42k - €55k per annum

Hanami International

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Temporary English Speaking Jobs in Netherlands


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Above are the results for temporary english speaking Jobs . In the left column you can filter these jobs by various filters.

You can also order the job results by relevance or by date. if you cannot find a match with these job results then please save this search as an email alert in the box above and we will send you an email with any new matching jobs when we receive them..

The CV Doctor

A guide to temporary work

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​Are you interested in temporary work in the Netherlands? Great! One of the easiest ways to start is by working as a temporary employee.

But how do temporary agency contracts work? How are salaries calculated? What about sick leave? This article will give you all the answers you need regarding temporary work.

Before you start temporary work in the Netherlands

Working via a temporary agency is very common, and the stats speak for themselves. In 2019, over 1 million people were engaged in temporary work in the Netherlands.

In this section, we’ll walk you through everything you need before you start your temporary agency work. Remember: the rules might be different from other countries you’ve worked in.

Dutch Residence/work permit

Citizens from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals do not need a residence or work permit to work in the Netherlands. Foreign nationals from outside of the EU, EEA and Switzerland can apply for a residence or work permit through the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) , or apply for an Orientation year visa . If you’re moving to the Netherlands from abroad, you must register with your Gemeente (local town hall) regardless of your nationality.

A BSN number is a unique registration number that everyone who lives in the Netherlands receives. You need this to start working in the Netherlands, to open a bank account, for tax and social premium deductions and to make use of the Dutch health care system. You can get a BSN number by setting up an appointment at the Gemeente.

Dutch Health Insurance

Everyone who lives and works in the Netherlands needs to have private Dutch health insurance. This isn’t difficult to arrange: health insurance companies must accept anyone who applies for insurance. If you’re a student and have foreign or international health insurance, you may need to take out Dutch health insurance for the hours you work and receive a salary.

Income Tax for temporary work

Before signing your contract, you will need to complete a tax form. Opgaaf gegevens voor de loonheffingen – for the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). By signing this form you agree to pay income tax and social premiums in the Netherlands. These will be deducted from your salary each payment period. Remember to declare any other form of employment in the Netherlands, as the Belastingdienst will need to adjust your tax code.

Temporary work through Adams Multilingual Recruitment

When you ask Adams Multilingual Recruitment to help you find a new job in the Netherlands , our recruitment consultants act as intermediaries in the hiring process between you (our candidate) and the international companies we work with (our clients).

Our clients ask us to find candidates for their most recent vacancies and share information about the job with us. Before introducing you to our clients, we’ll speak to you, and look at your CV to see if you’re a good fit for the organisation and the role. We proceed with the most suitable candidates and only put their applications forward to our client.

If you make it through the recruitment process and our client offers you a job, they will generally offer you a position as a temporary worker through Adams. They could also offer you a short-term project or assignment that lasts a few weeks or months. Whatever the exact arrangement, the client determines where you work, what hours and what tasks you will do. However, Adams will be your legal employer and pay your salary.

This involves signing a contract of employment with us and this means that we’re responsible for your, taxes, social premiums, etc. As a part of our registration process, you will need to share certain personal information with us and upload a copy of your passport/ID card – and a copy of your Dutch residence permit if applicable. You will also need to complete the income tax form and ABU documentation (more about the ABU in the next section) before the temporary employment contract can be finalised.

Whilst employed via Adams, you will need to complete a weekly timesheet – or every 4 weeks in some cases – stating exactly how many hours you have worked for the company. Your manager can approve the timesheet digitally. Upon doing so, and get this signed off by your manager. Once you submitted this to us, we will pay your salary. We will also ensure that all taxes and other deductions are made, according to Dutch laws and regulations.

The ABU Collective Labour Agreement and Dutch labour law

Adams is a member of the ABU (Algemene Bond Uitzendbureaus / Federation of Private Employment Agencies). Set up in 1961, the ABU represents temporary agencies and protects the rights of temporary employees in the Netherlands.

The ABU has a CAO (Collective Labour Agreement) in place, which specifies the temporary agency employment conditions that all parties – agency, candidate, and client – must adhere to. We will send you a copy of the ABU CAO before you sign your contract with Adams. We’re audited each year to make sure that we’re compliant.

If you’re not a Dutch national, we will also ask you to read and sign the ABU Fair Employment Code for Labour Migrants and the ABU Fair Recruitment Charter for Labour Migrants before you start working. You can find out more about your rights as a temporary employee working in the Netherlands by taking a look at some of the short videos created by the ABU on our website.

Besides the ABU CAO, we follow all applicable Dutch labour laws and regulations. Contract type, entitlement to pension accrual, and reservations are all governed by the CAO. Whilst other areas such as parental leave and statutory sick pay are subject to Dutch law.

The basics of your temporary contract

The contract explanation meeting.

To help you understand the temporary contract you’re signing, we arrange a contract explanation meeting. The meeting either takes place at our office or virtually via Zoom. We’re required by law to check your passport/ID card – and residence or work permit if applicable – before you sign the contract. We will make a copy and keep it on file in our system.

Contract types

There are three different temporary agency contract types, each depending on the duration of the employment relationship:

Phase A: These contracts last for a maximum of 52 worked weeks and are usually very flexible. The agency only pays you wages for the hours you work, unless stated otherwise.

Phase B: If you continue working for the company within six months after concluding a phase A contract, you enter into a Phase B contract. These contracts can last as long as three years, or a maximum of six fixed-term secondment agreements within the same time frame.

Phase C: If you continue working for the company within six months after concluding a final phase B contract, you enter into a Phase C contract. These contracts last indefinitely and are based on a secondment agreement.

Calculating your salary as a temporary worker

As according to the ABU CAO temporary agency employees have the right to the same remuneration rights as direct colleagues. If they are carrying out the same or similar job within the company. For temporary work, the compensation rights cover:

  • The periodic wage that applies to the pay scale
  • The applicable reduction of working hours
  • Overtime and irregular hour supplements along with supplements for working in (physically) stressful conditions
  • Initial wage increases (set by the company)
  • Expense allowances, travel and working from home
  • Reimbursement of travel hours / travel time if applicable
  • One-off payments

Working from home allowance

  • Fixed end-of-year payment (as of 1 January 2023)

The nature of temporary work means that the hours you work can vary from one week to the next. You may decide to work less or have the possibility to work more. For this reason, we break down your expected monthly salary – excluding the 8.33% holiday allowance which is reserved and paid out in June or upon termination of employment – into an hourly rate.

If you have an expected monthly salary of €2000 gross, based on a 40-hour working week the calculation is a follows:

€2000 gross * 3 (3 months in 1 quarter) / 13 (amount of weeks in 1 quarter) / 40 (expected working hours per week) = €11.54 gross

€11.54 gross (hourly pay rate) x 40 (actual hours worked) = €461.60 gross per week

If you take unpaid leave or sick leave during a week, the amount that you receive for that particular week will be lower than normal.

Holidays and short-term leave

As a temporary employee, you’re entitled to vacation days , public holidays , 8.33% holiday allowance and short-term absence leave . For each hour you work, you build up a reservation according to a pre-set percentage, in line with the ABU CAO.

Holiday entitlement &Holiday Allowance

If you work 40 hours per week, you can take the equivalent of 25 holiday days per year. The 8.33% Holiday Allowance is generally paid out once a year. Usually, during the first week of June or earlier/later depending on when your contract comes to terminate. When your assignment ends, you will receive your holiday allowance as a part of your final month’s payment.

Holiday leave and Public Holidays day

When you take a holiday day (Phase A & B contracts) you’re paid out of your accumulated holiday leave reservations. Without sufficient reservations, you can take the time off by submitting a written request. However, in this case you will not receive pay.

In case you are not working due to a public holiday, you can use your accrued public holiday reservations if working on a Phase A contract (if sufficient) to cover you for that day.

When on a Phase B contract you continue to receive payment if unable to work due to a public holiday.

Short-term leave

If you’re working on a Phase A contract, you build up a reservation for short-term, unexpected leave. You can use this to cover payment if you need to go to the doctor during the workday for example, or if there’s an emergency you need to attend to. If you’re working on a Phase B contract, we pay for short-term leave at a rate of 100%.

Secondary benefits as a temporary worker in the Netherlands

Commuting allowance.

Most companies in the Netherlands pay a commuting allowance to staff who live more than 10 km from their work. The amount could be calculated based on the exact km distance from your home to work and is sometimes capped at a maximum level, or you may be entitled to 100% reimbursement if travelling with public transport. Your commuting allowance will be in line with that of the company you’re working for and they will inform you about the exact criteria before you start working. The allowance is paid with your salary.

A lot of companies have changed their approach to working from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As staff are no longer commuting to work (as often), many companies have started to offer a working from home allowance. They will inform you about the company policy and any potential allowance before you start working.

Training & development

As your employment agency, we can offer you the possibility (based on available budget) to participate in training & development courses that improve your chances in the employment market.

You automatically start to accrue pension (if aged 21 years or older) once you have completed more than eight weeks of temporary work – this was previously 26 weeks and changed in January 2022. You will first enter into a Basis pension scheme for a maximum of 52 weeks and if you continue to work for us after this period, you will automatically transition to a Plus pension scheme. We will be the sole contributor while you’re on the Basis pension scheme. When you move to the Plus pension scheme, both Adams and you will contribute to your pension.

Whether you receive pay for overtime depends on the agreement with the company policy of our client. Overtime can be set for example at 100%, 125%, 150%, or 200%.

During Phase A contract, your first two days of sickness are considered as Wachtdagen , or ‘Waiting Days’, under the ABU CAO. This means you can only receive sick pay from the third day onwards. If you have a Phase B contract, the first day of sickness will not be paid.

Sick pay is equivalent to 70% of the dagloon, or ‘day rate’. Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) calculates your rate based on your income in the previous year. Adams pays an additional 20% of your day rate, following the ABU CAO. It may take between 2-5 weeks to receive sick pay due to the administration process involved.

It’s important to be aware that when registered as sick whilst on a Phase A contract will lead to a contract break. A new contract will begin upon your return to work. You will not have to sign a new contract – the system will this will administrate it automatically. However, it’s important to be aware that contract breaks can have consequences for your prospects of a direct contract with our client, due to the contract chain regulations in the Netherlands.

Maternity and parental leave

Maternity leave.

If you have a Phase A or Phase B contract, you can receive a maternity leave benefit from the UWV (instead of a salary) for the maximum duration of 16 weeks (20 weeks if you have twins). During your leave your temporary contract will continue, unless the assignment has come to terminate due to the end of the set project/tasks(Phase A) or unless the end date of the Phase B contract has surpassed.

Partner Leave

You have the right to take a maximum of five paid days if your partner gives birth (geboorteverlof). The five days you can take straight away or spread out over four weeks after the birth of your child. You can do this by using the reservations you have built up if employed on a Phase A contract. Without enough reservations to cover all five days, your employer must pay the difference so that you receive 100% payment.

You can also take additional partner leave (geboorteverlof) within the first six-month period of the child being born. The leave consists of a maximum of 5 weeks (5 x the number of hours that you work per week). The UWV pays out a Partner Birth Leave allowance of 70% of your day rate – the maximum day rate is set by the UWV regulations.

You can also make use of parental leave after your child is born. In the Netherlands the total amount is currently set as 26 x your contractual working hours: for someone working 40 hours, this means 26 weeks of leave. Parental leave is generally unpaid and can be taken by both parents.

However, new rules are coming in August 2022 that will make it possible for new parents to take a maximum of 9 weeks paid parental leave, up to a maximum payment of 70% of their day rate. While temporary employees do not receive a salary over the nine weeks of paid parental leave, they’re entitled to parental leave allowance from the UWV. The nine weeks of paid leave needs to be used within the first year of your child’s birth. The remaining 17 weeks of parental leave are unpaid and can be used until your child turns eight years old.

Adoption and Foster Care leave

You can take a maximum of six weeks leave if you adopt or foster a child. You can to take it straight away or spread it out over six months. During this period, you’re entitled to an adoption/foster care leave allowance from the UWV, equivalent to 100% of your day rate.

Filing your tax return

If you receive a request from the Belastingdienst to complete your income tax return, you must do so. You can also complete your income tax return without receiving notification from the Belastingdienst. In any case you can file your income tax return as from 1st March, making sure to do so before 14th July.

The Jaaropgaaf that we send only covers the period that you worked with Adams. If you had more than one employer in the previous year, you will receive a Jaaropgaaf from each employer.

You can complete your tax return once you have received your Jaaropgaaf. However, we would recommend that you ask a Dutch speaker to help, as some of the language is quite technical. You can of course also pay an accountant to do your tax return on your behalf.

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  • Oosterhout NB
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As you may have noticed, the Netherlands is not particularly famous for it’s great cuisine. That’s why we need your skills in the kitchen! Bring a little spice into our kitchens as a chef, catering employee or barista! These offers are a little bit more sparse, so make sure you grab yours when it’s available. Jobs in food and hospitality are perhaps the most flexible jobs for English speakers in the Netherlands. In many cases, your work schedule will work together with your studies or other commitments nicely!

Haven't found the industry you're interested in? No worries! We simply have too many to put on one page😉. See all job offers for English speakers and peek at what else we have in stock.

Are you from a country within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland? You’re in luck! You can work in the Netherlands freely, without need for any further documentation or permits. All you need is a ‘burgerservicenummer’. No, not to queue up for a Big Tasty at the Golden Arch😉. This number serves as a citizen service number. If you are not one of those lucky people, you will most likely need a work permit, such as a visa. Heavy stuff! Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find more information on work permits and citizen service numbers on everything you need to start working in the Netherlands.  Got everything sorted? Nice! Then we are thrilled to get your application.

All you need to get started is...

  • The right documentation, check it out in the link above!
  • A Dutch citizen service number
  • Basic English to communicate with your colleagues
  • A bank account number to get paid 🤑
  • Your own place to stay and health insurance.

Psst.. you’ll find job offers with accommodation and insurance here!

Checked all the boxes? Awesome! Let's get started on your new job in the Netherlands.

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Frequently asked questions

Congratulations, you’re halfway there! Tempo-Team has a whole bunch of job offers for English speakers. The Netherlands is a digital country, and almost all recruitment happens online. So if you’re on the lookout for a new job in the Netherlands, your search starts online as well. Read all you need to know before getting started and see the best vacancies for English speakers right away!

Jobs in the Netherlands

Technically, everyone can work in the Netherlands! We’re a very multicultural country as you may know already. Nevertheless, some people need to acquire special documentation such as a visa or work permit before they can start their journey. Want to know all the requirements for working in Holland? We’ve got that summed up for you! Read all we have on what you need to start working in the Netherlands .

Sure we do! In fact, we’ve got a whole team of specialists to help you make some money in summer! Tempo-Team EU-Flex has all of our seasonal jobs bundled together, along with a place to stay, company transport and health insurance. Good package, huh? Check out what EU-Flex has to offer!

Easy! Check out all of our offices and contact details . Our colleagues will help you to the best of their ability in English. Did you find an offer that caught your eye? Sweet! Then you can contact your recruiter directly. Their contact details are listed below the vacancy details.

Jobs for English speakers  

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Lead Civil Structural Engineer

Featured Employer

In your role as an all-round Lead Civil Structural Engineer, your duties will encompass defining project objectives, scope, and necessary resources in consultation with the internal client. You will also ...


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