Research Ethics and Design

Student class project application.

In this section we will look in detail at the IRB form that you will fill out for WRIT 250. You will submit the Student Class Project Application form to your teacher, and, upon approval from the IRB, can begin to conduct research. To access the form, go to the IRB Forms page, click Class Project Forms, and click on Student Class Project Application . Your computer should download the form as a Microsoft Word document. Once you have access, look at the application as we cover each section below.

In the first set of boxes, after clicking in each of the grey areas, provide your name, the course (WRIT 250), your instructor’s name, the date you complete the application, and the working title of your research project. (The form will automatically wrap lines and expand text boxes as necessary.)

For Project Description , offer the overview of your study (i.e., what you are investigating), a brief description of the method(s) and sample group(s) you are using to conduct your primary research, and the rationale (or purpose) of your study. For example, you might be researching the impact of foreign language instruction in elementary schools by interviewing college students. You hope to find out whether/how foreign language classes in elementary school have influenced students’ motivation to continue studying foreign language(s) and to study abroad in college.

Research Procedures then wants further details about your method(s) and sample group(s): what, specifically, will you ask your participants to do (or what information will you collect about your participants) and how will you collect that information? You might, for example, indicate that you will individually FaceTime 3-5 participants for 20-30 minute interviews each. You will use a semi-structured interview research design by having some standard questions for each interview but will ask follow-up questions as need be. You plan to ask permission to audio-record the interviews but will take notes regardless.

The Materials section concerns your materials (or the instruments that you will use). Some projects, like the one described above, might have a short list of 5-7 questions that you will ask each participant. Others might require a printed survey that you will pass out after your chapter meeting. Still others might involve an observation protocol that will help you tally numbers of (inter)actions or collect descriptions of items or people present. Your instruments may involve more than one of these methods, and each instrument must be tailored to the project you have envisioned/designed. Your answer here can be fairly descriptive in nature, highlighting what your instrument looks like in general rather than providing all of its details.

Your response to Interview Protocol is where you provide the details of your instrument. First, provide what you will say and/or supply to your participants in order to obtain their informed consent. Then, list the actual questions/items/statements/etc. that you will include in the instrument itself. If you are using an observation protocol, you want to detail the specific items that you will observe/collect/note during your observation.

The Confidentiality/Anonymity section asks you to specify your procedures for ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of your participants. Depending on your methodology, your answers here will vary, but you need to provide an outline for how you will maintain confidentiality and anonymity throughout your research process. Always err on the side of caution and always be up front with your subjects.

At this point, when you have completed, revised, and edited your application waiver form, you should print out the document as you have completed it.

Then, for Certifications , you should certify that each of the statements applies to your proposed project by writing/signing your initials in each box. You need to be able to initial each line except the final one in order for your project to be approved by your instructor.

The final text box is just for student projects that involve minors. The only primary research projects that can involve minors for WRIT 250 are ones that take place in already established educational settings, such as student observations for education majors. These settings still require the informed consent of those involved, but you must meet the criteria listed under Footnote 4 in order to proceed with a research project with minors in your sample group.

The final step of the form, then, is to sign and date your completed application before submitting it to your instructor. You must receive the approval of both your instructor and the IRB office before beginning your primary research. Your instructor will indicate to your class when IRB approval has been received.

  • Student Class Project Application. Authored by : Sarah Wilson & Trey Bagwell . Provided by : University of Mississippi. Project : WRIT 250 Committee OER Project. License : CC BY-SA: Attribution-ShareAlike

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Student project application

Thank you for your interest in working with Kellogg students on an Experiential Learning project. Once the application is submitted, please allow 2–3 business days for a response from the Experiential Learning team.

The timing of projects must align with Kellogg's academic term. Applications that arrive too late for one term may be considered for subsequent terms. As such, please indicate if your project is time-sensitive. For questions about this application, please contact [email protected] .

  • Kristiania University College
  • Research support

Project and application development

Research Support will systematically follow up on applicants for research funding. We will offer different course modules on project and application development, as well as an individual follow-up plan.

Please do not hesitate to contact  [email protected]  or the contact person assigned to your school. We will also contribute to finding relevant calls for proposals and in developing the application. We recommend gradually increasing the level of ambition, from smaller applications and feasibility studies through participation in larger projects to being a sub-project manager and eventually a coordinator for large applications.  

It is important to ensure that applications are based on ongoing research activity in research groups and that they further develop research quality through collaborations with strong research communities.  

In recent years, the benefits of early user involvement in project development and implementation have received increasing attention. 

Research Support will challenge applicants to place project ideas in a wider context, to utilise Kristiania’s advantages that could make us an attractive collaborative partner and to address major societal challenges, as well as having consideration for research ethics. In order to achieve high-quality research, we need to collaborate with strong research communities both nationally and internationally. The choice of method is crucial in being able to find answers and not just new questions and any lack of expertise must be supplemented through collaboration. Research communication and the social impact of research is one of Kristiania’s priority areas and will be followed up on separately. 

All project applications must be supported by Kristiania University College. The Head of Faculty must be informed of all planned applications at an early stage. Research Support must be involved at an early stage and budgets must be clarified in good time. The final application or letters of intent must be signed by the Pro-Rector of R&D/AD in good time before submission. 

Application development requires the use of resources from the research group, support body and the funder. Applications that are submitted should be of high quality and properly prepared. It is important that applicants contact Research Support immediately after deciding to submit an application. This will prevent wasting time for all parties later on in the process. Applications must be ready for management endorsement and submission no later than one week before the submission deadline. 

Research Support will help applicants to view the application from the funder’s perspective and will contribute to ensuring that the various parts of the application are of high quality in terms of both content and language.  

The application budget is particularly important in order to prevent subsequent challenges and Research Support will contribute to ensuring that all project costs are calculated in the most realistic manner possible. The funder’s guidelines must be followed in terms of the expenses that can be covered and any need for funding for own costs from the faculty must be supported by management from the beginning. A distinction is made between collaborative research and contract research, which corresponds to the purchase of a service by a client.  

  • Start-up Funding

EXIST Business Start-up Grant

For students, graduates and scientists interested in founding a company

  • Project application
  • Course of the project
  • EXIST Transfer of Research

For research-based start-up projects with complex, high-risk development work

Project monitoring

University Funding


Support for universities and their start-up networks for the implementation of measures to promote start-ups

EXIST project map

Since 1998 funded universities and special projects on the German map

University-Based Business Start-Ups

About exist.

Background and goals of the EXIST funding program

Our network

Learn more about the EXIST Entrepreneurial Networks and partners

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Internal hyperlinks for navigation

Application for phase i of funding.

Project outlines can be submitted from 1st January to 31st January and from 1st July to 31stJuly of a calendar year.

Who is the applicant? Applications for Phase I of funding are submitted by the university or research institute.

Stage I of the application procedere - project outline

In Stage I project outlines of the research teams are submitted by the university or research institution. Applicants are requested to use the electronic application system easy-Skizze.

The documents for the first stage include:

  • Project description as per outline (Appendix I.1)
  • Work plan: detailed description and time plan for the work packages (Document: I.2)
  • Details of the entrepreneurial team (Appendix I.3)
  • [Form as per appendix I.3 for every Person, supplemented by a copy of the most recent certificate in each case]]
  • Statement by the specialist mentor (Appendix I.4)
  • Statement by the Entrepreneurial Network (Appendix I.5)
  • easy-Skizze ( online submission system easy-Online )

Tip The completed documents are to be submitted in electronic form via the easy-Online portal as well as in paper form (in original) to Project Management Jülich (PtJ), (to be received by the end of the respective submission deadline).

All applications for the EXIST grants have to be in German (EXIST Business Start-up and EXIST Transfer of Research). Exception: Only applicants for EXIST Start-up Germany-Israel can apply in English.

The project outlines will be reviewed with regard to form and content requirements as per BMWi guidelines for EXIST Transfer of Research dated 27th November, 2014 (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy - Directive on the funding of research-intensive business start-ups ( EXIST Transfer of Research ).

Stage II of the application procedere- complete documents

Following a favourable review of the project outline the applicant will be requested to present the proposal to an expert jury and to submit a formal application. The documents for the second stage include:

  • Project application form "AZA" or "AZK"of the easy-Online application system, in electronic format via the easy-Online portal and in paper form with legally binding signature of the university or research institute.
  • Cognizance of the facts relevant for subsidies (appendix I.6)

Completed documents are to be submitted in electronic form via the easy-Online portal and in paper form (in original) to the Project Management Jülich (PtJ). The project description and work plan do not have to be submitted again unless the review leads to a request for additional information that will be requested by the Project Management Jülich (PtJ).

Where may applications be submitted? Project outlines and applications are submitted by the university or research institute to Project Management Jülich (PtJ), which has been commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Application at: Research Centre Jülich GmbH Project Management Jülich (PtJ) Office Berlin Postcode 610247 Zimmerstraße 26-27 10923 Berlin E-Mail: [email protected]

Funding Guideline EXIST Research Transfer

The EXIST Research Transfer funding guideline came into force on 09.12.2014. The BMWi funding program EXIST Research Transfer is co-financed by the European Social Fund. Corresponding adjustments to be observed in the grant can be found in the annexes to the grant notice and on the websites of the European Social Fund.

Forms for grant applications, guidelines, leaflets and ancillary provisions can be obtained from the " form cupboard " of the BMWi. The electronic application system "easy-Online" must be used for the application.

ESF questionnaire

Participant Questionnaire on European Social Fund (ESF) Projects

The following questionnaire collects data on participants in European Social Fund (ESF) projects. Your information will be used by the program managers to fulfill the reporting requirements within the framework of the legal requirements as well as to check whether the implementation of the projects complies with the requirements. Therefore, please answer the following questions with care. Your data will only be processed anonymously and will not be used for personal evaluations. You will need about 5-10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

You can find the questionnaire on .

Application for Phase II of funding

The application for funding in Phase II of funding may be submitted six months before Phase I of funding is to end, provided the start-up is going to be pursued further.

Who is applicant?

The application submission is carried out by the newly created venture or by a business in the course of formation (Unternehmen in Gründung, i.G.). The formation must be completed (entry in commercial registry) and evidence of the necessary equity must be supplied before funding can begin. At least one person in the management of the new company should be a specialist with the essential know-how from Phase I of funding. Entrepreneurs active in the company must own significantly more than 50% of the company shares.

What documents habe to be submitted with the application?

  • Project application form "AZK" – of the easy-Online application system, in electronic format via the easy-Online portal and in paper form with legally binding signature
  • Detailed business plan (Appendix II.1)
  • Presentation of results of Phase I of funding (Appendix II.2)
  • Description of the proposal and work plan for Phase II of funding (Appendix II.3)
  • Memorandum of association of the business.
  • Evidence of financing own contribution.
  • As far as relevant, contractual agreements with the university or research institute regarding acquisition of patent or licence rights.
  • Cognisance of the facts relevant for subsidies (Appendix II.4)

Completed documents are to be submitted in electronic form via the easy-Online portal and in paper form (one original) to Project Management Jülich (PtJ).

Where applications may be submitted?

Project outlines and applications are submitted by the university or research institute to Project Management Jülich (PtJ), which has been commissioned by the BMWi.

Application at:

Research Centre Jülich GmbH Project Management Jülich (PtJ) Office Berlin postbox: 610247 D-10923 Berlin

E-Mail: [email protected]

Extension and adjustment of the EXIST Transfer of Research funding guideline.

The new funding guideline came into effect on 9th December, 2014. It replaces the previous funding guidelines for EXIST Transfer of Research dated 15th March, 2012. The BMWi funding programme, EXIST Transfer of Research, is co-financed by the European Social Fund. Relevant modifications that have to be considered for this grant can be found in the appendix of the notification of grant award and on the website of the European Social Fund. Pre-printed forms for funding applications, guidelines, bulletins and incidental provisions can be retrieved from the BMWi " form cupboard " Applicants are requested to use the electronic application system " easy-Online ".

Anträge und Richtlinien herunterladen

Download applications and guidelines

In our download area you will find the applications and information on EXIST research transfer

Further information on EXIST research transfer

Überblick und Konditionen

Overview and conditions

Terms and conditions for EXIST research transfer


All start-up projects are accompanied by an intensive dialogue

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What are the main benefits of application forms?

Application forms benefit both organizations and applicants. On the organization’s side, these forms provide an easy way to collect relevant information for an opportunity in a standard format. They also help organizations to screen applicants more quickly and efficiently as well as meet legal requirements, such as those that apply to the hiring process.

For applicants, these forms ensure that each candidate is evaluated fairly and foster transparency during the application process. The forms also provide a straightforward structure to help applicants provide all the information the organization needs.

How do I create an application form?

You can create an application form in minutes with Jotform’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Simply choose one of our application templates and customize it to your liking — you can rearrange form fields, add your brand logo, change fonts and colors, personalize the text, and much more! When you’re finished, share the form via link or email or by embedding it directly on your website. Then watch the applications roll in.

What are the common uses of application forms?

Application forms have a wide range of use cases across every industry. They’re especially useful for recruiting purposes — after all, every candidate needs to apply for a job, and every job needs an application form. They’re also helpful in education, volunteering, clubs and programs, housing, financial services, and so on. You can customize them for any purpose.

When are application forms needed?

Application forms are needed whenever a candidate or applicant is applying for an opportunity. When organizations need a quick, efficient way to collect and sort candidate information, digital application forms are the best option.

What are the types of application forms?

There are application forms for any and every use case, including volunteering, rentals, school admissions, memberships, loans, sponsorships, adoptions, and more. You can explore more types of application forms in the Jotform template library.

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Apply for one of our PhD research projects

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Once you have chosen a project, complete our online application form:

  • Apply for 2023/24  (September 2023 - July 2024 start dates)

Make sure that you include the project title on the form. You’ll also need to include:

  • your CV/résumé
  • your degree certificates and transcripts.

What happens next?

We’ll receive your completed application and pass it to the supervisors named on the project.

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To be eligible, you need to be first-generation, meet certain income guidelines, and/or have a disability. Each semester we can only accept about 20 applicants.

Of our disabled students, one-third must be limited income. We also require that students demonstrate an academic need for our services.

Limited income means that you are from a family whose prior year taxable income was not more than 150% of the poverty level provided by the Census Bureau.

First-generation means neither parent has a bachelor's degree.

Disabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Blind or low vision
  • Deaf or hard of hearing
  • Mobility impairment
  • Systemic impairment
  • Coordination impairment
  • Speech impairment
  • Diagnosed learning disability or disorder

Academic needs are indicated by, but not limited to, the following:

  • Low high school grades
  • Academic Proficiency Test indicating need
  • Failing Grades
  • Limited English Proficiency
  • Lacking academic preparedness for college-level course work
  • Need for academic support to raise grades in required courses for academic major
  • Low admissions test scores
  • Predictive indicator
  • Low college grades
  • High school equivalency
  • Out of academic pipeline for five (5) or more years
  • Lack of educational and/or career goals


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