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How to change ip address on android.

Change IP Address on Android Devices

If you want to stay anonymous on the internet or want to bypass content restrictions and IP bans, changing the IP address of your Android device is the way to go! It can help you securely browse the internet and get some amazing regional discounts as well.

In this blog, we will discuss some ways you can use to change your IP address on Android. But for now, let us start with the basics:

What is an IP address?

The IP address of your Android device serves as your digital address, enabling your device to be recognized on the internet. By being assigned a unique IP address, servers and other devices are able to determine the location of your device and transmit data for communication purposes. An example of IPv4 address is

IP Address in a Network

Source: Technically

Step-by-step: How to change the IP address on an Android device

Now that we have covered the basics, it is time to check out exactly how to change your IP address on an Android device. Here are some of the most common methods:

1. How to change your Android IP address - Using a VPN

IP addresses can be changed by using a VPN service. It is one of the most reliable methods because it adds an extra security layer to your network. Just make sure that the VPN service itself is reliable.

  • Subscribe to a trusted VPN service.
  • Download the VPN app on your Android device.
  • Use your credentials to log into the application .
  • Select a remote server and connect !

A VPN makes your data secure and passes it through an encrypted tunnel. This is also a reason why security experts often recommend using a VPN if you wish to change your IP or want to browse securely.

2. How to change your Android IP address - Using the Tor browser

A Tor web browser is also commonly used by people to browse the Internet anonymously. It uses encryption to ensure privacy and hides your IP address to prevent tracking and monitoring. You can download Tor using your browser:

  • Visit Tor Project to download Tor.
  • Select Download for Android .
  • Install the Tor browser.
  • Launch Tor and browse anonymously on your Android device.

You can also find Tor on the Android Play Store and use it to surf freely without the risk of getting monitored.

3. How to change your Android IP address - Using manual configuration

If you have a static IP address that you can use, you can manually set a new IP address for your Android device. Follow the steps below if you wish to manually change your IP address on Android:

  • On your Android device, open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down, and select Networks & Internet or Connections option.
  • Select Wi-Fi .
  • Find and tab on your Network Name that you want to modify.
  • Select the Advanced or IP Settings option.
  • Change the IP settings to Static or Manual .
  • Enter an unused (new) IP address for your Android device.
  • Tab Save or Apply to save the changes.

4. How to change your Android IP address - Using a Proxy server

You can even use a proxy server to browse with a changed IP address on your Android device. That is because a proxy server helps direct a user request with its IP address instead of the user’s, and this helps people to surf anonymously.

  • On your Android device, open Settings app.
  • Select the Advanced option.
  • Select Advanced > Manual option.
  • You can now enter your proxy port and your hostname .

You must note that using a proxy server is not usually recommended by security experts as it does not encrypt network traffic. This makes proxy servers much less secure as compared to other reliable options like using a VPN.

5. How to change your Android IP address - Automatically

You can also configure your Android IP address automatically. Here is how you do that:

  • Scroll down, and select Connections option.
  • Tap on your current Network Name .
  • Choose the DHCP option.

How to find an unused IP address on your network

If you are manually configuring your IP address, you will require an unused address. Here is how you can find one on your system:

  • Turn on your Windows machine.
  • Open the Start menu (or press the Windows button)
  • In the search bar, type cmd .
  • Select Command Prompt app.
  • Now a Command Prompt window will open in black,
  • Type ipconfig /all in the command prompt.
  • Write down the address beside Default Gateway [This is the IP address of your router]
  • Ping IP addresses that you want to use within your network address. E.g. ping, if your router’s IP address is
  • Once you reach an IP address where the output reads unreachable , you can use the IP.

However, it is important to note that this method is unreliable and will not work if nodes have their ICMP-echo-request (or ping ) disabled. Alternatively, you may login to your router and click on the Attached Devices or similar menu item to see all devices connected to your router.

Connected Devices

Step-by-step: How to find your IP address on an Android device

If you wish to find the current IP address that is assigned to your Android device, you can follow the steps provided below:

  • Scroll down and tap on About .
  • Select Status option.
  • Write down the IP address of the Android device.

Why change your IP address on Android?

You might need to change your IP address due to several reasons.

Mostly, people change their IP addresses because they want to watch some show or access a game that is not available in their region. Since a changed IP address can help you bypass regional content restrictions , it is quite common to get a new local IP for this purpose.

Secondly, IP bans are also a big reason why people might want to change their IP addresses. If you got accidentally banned on a platform, your IP address is also monitored and denied entry. And if you change your IP, you might be able to gain access to such platforms.

Lastly, a changed IP address can also help you protect your devices against unauthorized monitoring and access, as the attacker will not be able to locate and track your activity.

Bottom line

This article covers almost everything you need to know to change the IP address on your Android device. With a changed IP address, you can browse freely without any fear of unauthorized monitoring or snooping. You can even bypass regional restrictions and IP bans to get exclusive access to local deals and discounts!

Changing or hiding the IP address of your Android device has its fair share of benefits. The best part is that there are more than enough ways to go about it so your options are not limited. However, a reliable VPN service is by far the most reliable method if you are looking for a secure way to change your Android IP!

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How To Change Your IP Address

Whether to gain more privacy or access certain content, you can change your device’s IP address using the methods in this guide

Aliza Vigderman

  • How to Change
  • What is an IP Address
  • Where to Find It
  • Pros & Cons

Even though you may be in cyberspace, you’re still in a specific, virtual location defined by your IP address. But for those who want to stay private, get around government restrictions, and the like, changing your IP address is a simple first step. In this article, we’ll tell you how to change your IP address, step-by-step, along with providing you with more information about the types of IP addresses, the pros and cons of changing them, and more. Get your invisibility cloak ready because we’re about to go private or as private as you can be online.

See the exact steps to changing your IP address on an iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows computer. Also, learn why you would want to change your IP address in the first place.

» Do You Know: How to find the IP address on your iPhone

Pro Tip: Changing your IP address can help you get around website restrictions and censorship, but some apps and services use GPS location. If you’re having trouble changing your GPS location, read our Surfshark review . You’ll appreciate its GPS override feature.

Easily Change Your IP Address with a VPN

Whatever your reasons are for changing your IP address, whether to stream certain content or to gain privacy, using a VPN is one of the most secure ways to do so. A VPN cloaks your real IP address with its own server IP address, and it encrypts your browsing traffic so that no one else sees what you’re doing online. Change your IP address with a single mouse click with these VPNs that we tested ourselves:

change ip address android app

Besides using a VPN to change your IP address, which we’ll discuss further below how to do, there are a few other ways to change your IP address.

One of the most straightforward ways is to adjust your device’s settings. This, however, only works if your network has an available address to which you can change your current IP address. In addition, your new IP address will still be tied to your local network, and thus, it can be geo-tracked to your approximate location just like the old one.

How to Change Your IP Address on Mac Manually

  • Go to System Settings...
  • Click Network.
  • Click Wi-Fi.
  • Click Details...
  • Click TCP/IP.
  • Under Configure IPv4, change the drop down to Manually.
  • Type in your IP address.

Manually changing your IP address on a Mac

How to Change Your IP Address on Windows 11 Manually

  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Navigate to Control Panel.
  • Click Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click Change Adapter Settings.
  • Where it says Wi-Fi or Local Area Connection, right click.
  • Click Properties.
  • Select TCP/IPv4/ Internet Protocol Version 4.
  • Click Use The Following IP Address.
  • Type in the IP address and then click Ok.

Change IP Address on Windows

How to Change Your IP Address on Android Manually

  • Go to your Android Settings.
  • Navigate to Wireless & Networks.
  • Click on your Wi-Fi network.
  • Click Modify Network.
  • Select Advanced Options.
  • Change the IP address.

Changing Your IP - On Android, Scroll to IP address to see your IP address.

How to Change Your IP Address on iOS Manually

  • Go to your iOS device’s Settings.
  • Under IPv4 Address, tap Configure IP.
  • Click on Manual.
  • Click Configure IP.
  • Enter your IP address.

Changing your IP address on iOS

How to Change Your IP Address on Router Manually

  • Turn off your router.
  • Turn it back on a day later.
  • Go to your administrative interface and reconnect to your ISP.

After turning the device back on, you can check your routers IP address to see if it changed. If you want your device to pick a new IP address for you automatically, here’s what to do.

How to Change Your IP Address on Mac Automatically

  • Go to your Mac’s System Settings app.
  • Select ‘Details…’ under the Network Connection.
  • Click Renew DHCP Lease.
  • To confirm, click Apply.

Automatically changing your IP address on a Mac

How to Change Your IP Address on Windows Automatically

  • Enter your Administrator Account.
  • Click Start.
  • Click Settings
  • Go to Network & internet.
  • Click Location Area Connection.
  • Click Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Select Manage known networks.
  • Click your network
  • Click Edit next to IP assignment.
  • Select Automatic and then save 1

Automatically changing your IP address on Windows

How to Change Your IP Address on Android Automatically

  • Click Settings.
  • Select Connections.
  • Select the network you’re on currently.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Select either DHCP or Static.

If you don’t already have a new IP address or you don’t want one the automatic address from your device, then you can connect to a Virtual Private Network or VPN. VPNs will replace your IP address and encrypt all of your web activity. You may get the same IP address every time you connect (static), or a different one each time (dynamic). Some VPNs also offer dedicated IP addresses, if you want to be the only one with that address.

How to Change Your IP Address with a VPN

  • Download the VPN app .
  • Create an account.
  • Click Connect.

Connecting with Ivacy VPN

To learn more, read about the best VPN for every occasion or our comprehensive VPN guide .

A sister to VPNs is proxy servers , intermediary devices that hide IP addresses. 2 Here’s how to connect to a proxy server on your Mac, Windows, Android or iOS device.

How to Connect to Proxy Server on Mac

  • Open Safari, Macs’ default browser.
  • Under the Proxies section, click Change Settings.
  • Update the Settings with the information that the network administrator provided.

Proxy Settings on a Mac

How to Connect to Proxy Server on Windows

  • Open your Settings.
  • Click Network & internet.
  • Click Proxy.
  • Click Set up under the automatic or manual section.
  • Enter your proxy information.
  • Click Save.

Proxy settings on Windows

How to Connect to Proxy Server on Android

  • Go to your Android’s Settings.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Select your networks’ name.
  • Hit Modify Network.
  • Select Manual.
  • Enter in your proxy port and hostname.

How to Connect to Proxy Server on iOS

  • Enter your phone or tablet’s Settings.
  • Click on the “I” button next to the network you are using.
  • Click HTTP Proxy.
  • Click Manual.
  • Change the setting from Off to Manual.
  • Enter in the Server and Port information needed.
  • Save your information.

Proxy Settings on iOS

Tor is a secure browser that, along with hiding your IP address, will also prevent tracking and targeted ads. Once you’re off a website, its cookies will clear as will your browsing history . Both your IP address and your web activity will be encrypted not once, not twice but three times. 3 Just download the browser from Tor’s website to hide your IP address when browsing online!

Tor link lists using the using the TorWeb App

What Is An IP Address?

Of course, some people may not be totally clear on what an IP address actually is; no shame here! An IP address, which standards for an internet protocol address, is a device’s identifying number associated with a specific computer or network of computers. Basically, IP addresses let computers send and receive information, but they can also be used to track the physical locations of users, 4 a nightmare for those concerned with privacy. And according to our VPN usage research , that accounts for 40 percent of VPN-users.

» How To: Get a US IP Address

NordVPN on Desktop and Mobile

Types of IP Addresses

Not all IP addresses are created equal! Rather, they can be divided into a few different categories, some of which have certain advantages over others.

  • Public : Each and every internet-connected device has a public IP address, distributed by the Internet Service Providers vis-à-vis the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. What, you haven’t heard of ICANN? Nevertheless, these public IP addresses are searchable on the web, which is why we can find our printer simply by Googling its IP address .
  • Private/ local : In contrast to public IP addresses, private IP addresses aren’t searchable on the web. Rather, they’re numbers that routers assign the devices on their networks so that they can communicate with each other.
  • Dynamic : Dynamic IP addresses, as we mentioned before, are any type of IP address that change every time you connect, usually through a VPN. This makes users hard to track online, as their literal address keeps changing.
  • Static : Static means that the IP addresses do not change. With VPNs, static IP addresses are usually shared with thousands of users in order to obscure their identities. However, some websites block these shared IP addresses, which necessitates users getting dedicated IP addresses. What a convenient transition!
  • Dedicated : Dedicated IP addresses are assigned to only one user rather than being shared by several. They usually cost a different fee on top of the regular VPN subscription.

Changing Your IP - On Windows, Turn on IPv4 and fill out the fields IP address, Subnet prefix length, and Gateway. Hit Save when you're done

  • IPv4 : Internet Protocol version 4 is used by 99 percent of networks, but since it can only store 4.3 billion addresses, it’s being replaced by IPv6, which we’ll get to in a second. Unlike IPv6, IPv4 addresses are four one bite numbers separated by dots like 555.555.1.1.
  • IPv6 : While they’re only used by less than 1 percent of networks, IPv6 has its advantages over IPv4, namely that it can provide an infinite number of addresses. It also allows for larger payloads and is compatible with a greater number of mobile networks. Although they’re starting small, eventually, IPv6 will replace IPv4. 5

» Further Reading: Dynamic vs Static IP Address

Where To Find Your IP Address

Feeling lost in the sauce? Finding your IP address isn’t that complicated, even if you’re not a tech expert like us.

Your private information

My ip address.


Status: Unprotected

My IP Information

Internet provider: Cogent Communications

City: New York

Region/ State: New York

Browser name: Mobile Safari

Browser version: 17.1

Device brand: Apple

Device type: smartphone

Latitude: 40.71272

Longitude: -74.00601

Postal code: 10007

Where to Find Your IP Address on Mac

  • Enter your Mac’s System Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network.
  • Click Details…
  • You’ll see your IP internal address listed.

IP address location on a Mac

Where to Find Your IP Address on Windows

  • Enter your TaskBar.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Select your network.
  • Click Wi-Fi Properties.
  • Look under IPv4 Address.

IP address location on Windows 11

Where to Find Your IP Address on Android

  • Enter your phone’s Settings.
  • Click About.
  • Click Status.
  • Look at the IP Address.

Where to Find Your IP Address on iOS

  • Click on the “i” button next to Network.

Changing Your IP - Proxy Settings on iPhone

Pros and Cons of Changing Addresses

Of course, there’s always the debate of whether or not to change your IP address in the first place. While the angel on your shoulder tells you it’s a great way to increase your privacy and access other country’s servers, the devil tells you that it could be costly, that some websites won’t work and that your ISP will still be able to see your address. There’s truth to both of these sides, so we recommend making your decisions on a case-by-case basis. That being said, we broke down the main reasons why you should and shouldn’t change your IP address.

» How To: Get a UK IP Address

Why You Should Change Your IP Address

  • Avoid tracking : If you’ve ever searched for anything related to consumerism, then you probably already notice how your searches seem to follow you around the internet like you owe them money. This sort of tracking is made possible by cookies, which some antivirus software can disable.
  • Bypass government restrictions : Governments like China greatly restrict internet usage in their country, so if you want to bypass firewalls, changing your IP address is a must.
  • Access international servers : Maybe you simply want to see what’s on Netflix Canada from your apartment in California. By changing your IP address to a Canadian one, you can trick the streaming giant into showing you a whole lot of new content.

FYI: Not all VPNs are compatible with Netflix. To find one that’s right for you, read our review of the best VPNs for Netflix .

  • Gain privacy : Maybe you’re an activist, a journalist, or anyone else handling sensitive information, or maybe you just don’t want your Internet Service Provider to track your every move. If that’s the case, changing your IP address is a step in the right direction in terms of privacy.
  • Increase security : Most people think nothing of joining public Wi-Fi networks (and depending on your settings, this may even happen automatically). However, using public Wi-Fi opens up a slew of security risks, with hacking at the forefront. But by hiding your real IP address, you greatly lower your risk of hackings .

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your IP Address

  • Some websites won’t work : Some websites, like the aforementioned Netflix, won’t work with certain VPNs or proxies. So while they may be able to bypass government restrictions, that doesn’t stop individual websites from blocking certain IP addresses.
  • Not always legal : Depending on where you are, VPNs may not be legal ; they’re banned in China, Belarus, Iran and a few other countries, so keep that in mind before you connect.
  • May slow down connection : Any added encryption will slow down your browsing speeds, although the exact slowdowns will differ from service to service. Still, if you’re performing tasks that require a lot of bandwidth like streaming video or video chatting, you might experience some frustrating lag.
  • VPN may log data : Again, depending on the service, your VPN company may be logging the very information you want to hide, like your IP address and web traffic. Our advice? Always read the VPN’s privacy policy, which we cover in our individual VPN reviews, and talk about it extensively on our best no-logging VPNs page.
  • Could cost money : Not all VPNs are free (except of course, the ones that are; check out the best free VPNs to see what we’re talking about). Still, free VPNs typically have limits on time, data, or servers, so if you want full coverage, you might have to pony up some dough.
  • ISP’s will still be able to see IP : Even with a new IP address, your Internet Service Provider will be able to see it, so you’re never truly “private” when you’re online.

» Learn more: All about ISP Throttling

Overall, we’re of the faith that changing your IP address is a necessity at times, and we love that there’s more than one way to do it. We hope we answered all of your questions about changing your IP address, but if we didn’t, read on.

Being public digital security experts, we’re constantly inundated with a number of questions surrounding changing your IP address. Here are those questions, with, you guessed it, answers.

You can change your IP address in your device settings or by using the Tor browser, a VPN or a proxy server.

Changing your IP address may or may not be legal; it depends on how you do it and where you’re located. For example, using a VPN to change your IP address is legal in the U.S but illegal in China.

Your IP address may show a different city if you’re connected to a VPN or proxy server with servers in that city. That may be the closest server to you, or simply the one that allows for the lowest bandwidth usage.

Resetting your router may or may not change your IP address, depending on how long you wait before you turn it back on. We recommend waiting for about a day in order to get a new IP address.

Microsoft. (2020). How to change the IP address of a network adapter . docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/windows-server/networking/change-ip-address-network-adapter

SmartProxy. (2020). How to Change Your IP Address Right Now . smartproxy.com/what-is-a-proxy/change-ip

Tor Project. (2020). Browse Privately. Explore Freely . torproject.org/

Investopedia. (2020). IP Address . investopedia.com/terms/i/ip-address.asp

Linksys. (2020). Differences between IPv4 and IPv6 . https://community.fs.com/blog/ipv4-vs-ipv6-whats-the-difference.html

How to Change Your IP Address on Android?

Shanika W.

By Shanika W. . 29 April 2023

Cybersecurity Analyst

Miklos Zoltan

Fact-Checked this

As you may already know, a device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address — whether dynamic or static — is its assigned 32-bit numerical label that can identify its host or network interface and location. You may want to change your IP address or switch it from dynamic to static; we’ll discuss these later.

For now, let’s get into what you really came here for. You’ll be happy to know that, with this straightforward guide, changing your IP address on an Android should be a cinch. You have two options to go about it:

  • By using a reliable VPN
  • By changing network and internet settings

I’ll walk you through each one…

I provide two options for doing so: using a reliable VPN or changing network and internet settings.

I walk you through each option and provide step-by-step instructions for changing your IP address using a VPN and for changing your device’s network and internet settings.

I also discuss the benefits of using a VPN to change your IP address and the reasons why someone might want to change their IP address.

Using a Reliable VPN

A VPN can protect your internet traffic and your privacy. You can change your IP address to another one to conceal your IP. This is the most secure way to be anonymous on the internet.

1. First, you’ll need to sign up for a reliable and good VPN , such as ExpressVPN , NordVPN, SurfShark, or PureVPN.

ExrpessVPN homepage

2. Visit the Google Play Store and download the relevant apps for your Android mobile.

ExpressVPN Mobile

3. Install the app, open it, and enter your login credentials.

ExpressVPN Login

4. To connect, select the location or server of your choice. Sometimes called the “Smart Location”, whatever is recommended is generally best.

ExpressVPN UK Server

Your IP address will change, and no one will know your device’s IP. This is the best-proven way to stay anonymous online.

Changing Your Device’s Network and Internet Settings

These settings apply to any device with the Android operating system installed, be it Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, or others. Making changes to the settings is easy.

1. Choose an Available Static IP Address

Before you change your IP address, several things must be done. One is choosing an available static IP address on your local network. This could be done with any computer connected to the local network.

If you have a Windows machine, do the following:

  • Type cmd on your Start Menu and click on the Command Prompt desktop application.
  • Enter ipconfig/all in the command prompt window and press Enter.

Change Your Android IP Address

  • Check the Default Gateway, DNS Servers, and IPV4 Address details in the command prompt output. Let me briefly introduce what they are and why they’re important for the next step.

Default Gateway

The default gateway is another IP address that the traffic you send from your device gets to when its final destination is outside the current local network.

This is the local network’s router’s private IP address. So, all the devices connected to this network send traffic to this IP address by default.

IPv4 Address

This address is the device you’re currently active on or from which you enter the above commands.

DNS Servers

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Many services operated on the internet or your local area networks, such as Mail servers and web servers, use DNS and are very important. ISPs use DNS server caching to minimize the traffic and avoid bottlenecks.

  • Now, to find an available IP address on your local area network, use the ping command on different IP addresses shown in the network. I suggest you start from the router IP or the Default Gateway IP address and keep the process going until you find a free IP address.

This is how to use the ping command:

Ping IP Address

  • How can you determine if it’s available? Simple. If the ping command gives you an output with a response time, an active device on the network is already assigned with the particular IP address. However, if you receive a response that says, “Destination host unreachable,” it’s available and is a possible candidate for your static IP address.

2. Change the IP address on Your Android Mobile Phone

You’ve probably decided what IP address to choose as your static IP address. Now let’s get on with the actual switching.

  • Go to your device Settings.

Android Advanced Settings

  • Head over to the Network & Internet section.

Android Network and Internet Settings

  • Tap on Wi-Fi , where you’ll see all the available connections and the one you’re connected to.

Android WiFi Settings

  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi network your device is already connected to.
  • There, tap on Modify network .

Android Modify Network

  • Tap on Advanced options .

Android Advanced Options

  • Find the IP Settings section. You may have to scroll down.
  • By default, your IP Settings must be set to DHCP. Tap on it and change it to “Static.”

Android IP Settings

  • Fill out the form and configure the network settings manually.

Android Network Settings

Remember the three critical addresses we discussed? You’ll have to fill out all those details when manually configuring. Here’s where you can use them.

  • For the IP address field, enter the free IP address you found earlier in Step 1.
  • Then enter the default gateway address (the router’s IP address).
  • Enter the DNS Server addresses you found in Step 1.
  • Leave the other fields as default and then save.

That’s it. All done!

Once completed all these steps, your device will reconnect to the home network with the new IP address.

As I mentioned, people want to change their IP address for numerous reasons. If you’ve read this far into the article, I bet one or more of the following reasons apply to you:

  • To share mobile files with FTP server software
  • To use your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi camera
  • To access specific online content (e.g., Netflix, government-restricted sites) when you’re in a geo-blocked location.
  • To run a mobile web server
  • To run a mobile media server on your mobile phone
  • To boost your speed because you’re on a network that’s providing controlled bandwidths for different IPs
  • To avoid being the victim of cyberattacks
  • To exercise freedom of speech in a place where it might otherwise be restricted

Fortunately, nothing should hold you back from doing any of that because now you know how to change your IP address and get a static IP instead of a dynamic IP. And as you’ve seen, this is easy to set up.

Please put your comments and suggestions in the comment section, and ask away if you have any questions!

Shanika Wickramasinghe is a software engineer by profession. She works for WSO2, one of the leading open-source software companies in the world. One of the biggest projects she has worked on is building the WSO2 identity server which has helped her gain insight on security issues. She is keen to share her knowledge and considers writing as the best medium to do so. Cybersecurity is one of her favorite topics to write about.

Being a graduate in Information Technology, she has gained expertise in Cybersecurity, Python, and Web Development. She is passionate about everything she does, but apart from her busy schedule she always finds time to travel and enjoy nature.

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change ip address android app

October 28, 2022 3:02 pm

It seems that for everbody using an android phone is connected to a wifi spot. Nowhere is showed how to change IP address when you’re using mobile data.

change ip address android app

October 26, 2022 3:13 pm

it was a good tutorial, especially the android part.

change ip address android app


October 5, 2020 9:49 am

Surfshark works nicely on my Android phone, haven’t had any issues with connectivity. They also have pretty dope features in addition to the VPN service itself.

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  1. How Can I Change My IP Address?

    There are several ways to change your IP address, including unplugging your modem, using a different Internet connection, using a proxy server and contacting your Internet service provider.

  2. How Do You Change the IP Address on Your LG Smart TV?

    Modify the IP address on an LG Smart TV by accessing the Network Settings menu and selecting the Manual IP Setting option in the IP Mode section. After selecting the option, use the remote to input the four digits manually in the IP Address...

  3. What Is IP Address

    IP address is the default IP address set in many home routers that are on broadband, particularly the D-Link and Netgear routers. This is set at the factory, but you can go in and change the IP address. It is an IPv4 network add...

  4. How to change IP address on Android in 2023

    Download a reputable VPN from Google Play. We suggest NordVPN, now 69% OFF! · Install the app and launch it. · Log in or create an account.

  5. How to change your IP address on Android phone

    How to change your Android IP manually · Open Settings; · Tap Networks & Internet; · Select a Wi-Fi and long press it; · Tap Manage network settings; · Change IP

  6. How to Change IP Address on Android Devices

    How to Change Your IP Address of Android Phone · Go to your Android Settings · Tap Wireless & Networks · Go to the Wi-Fi section · Tap & hold the Wi

  7. IP Changer & IP Scrambler

    IP Address Changer allows you to change and Scramble your phone's IP address and browse the internet freely. Use Cases for IP Scrambler

  8. How to Change IP Address on Android in 5 Easy Steps

    How to change your IP address on Android · 1. You can download the ClearVPN app for Android device from the Google Play Store ( Or you can

  9. Networking Change IP Address Android

    How do I change my IP address in Android OS? · Tap the Settings app. · Tap Wi-Fi. · Touch and hold the network that you want to set the IP address for. · Tap Manage

  10. How to change IP Address on Android?

    1. How to change your Android IP address - Using a VPN · Subscribe to a trusted VPN service. · Download the VPN app on your Android device. · Use

  11. How To Change Your IP Address in 2023

    How to Connect to Proxy Server on Android. Go to your Android's Settings. Select Wi-Fi. Select your networks' name. Hit Modify Network. Click Advanced

  12. How To Change IP Address On Android Mobile Phone ...

    In this video, you will learn how to change your IP Address on an Android mobile phone without any software. There are many software and

  13. How to Change Your IP Address on Android?

    2. Change the IP address on Your Android Mobile Phone · Find the IP Settings section. You may have to scroll down. · By default, your IP Settings must be set to

  14. How To Change Your IP Address (4 Different Ways In 2023)

    Android · Go to settings. · Select connections. · Select Wi-Fi. · Choose the settings icon next to your current network. · Go to IP settings and