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At some point in our life we all think of investing in the stock market, but in most cases we do not proceed to do so. This is due to our fear of stock price fluctuations in the stock market. When we think of investing in the stock market, the question “If the price of the stock I bought goes down” comes to our mind again and again, and as a result we end up investing in schemes like fixed deposits where returns are very low.



That’s why our today’s post is for those who want to invest in the stock market. When it comes to investing in the stock market, falling stock prices, closing of the companies in which we invested or companies in loss – are the three fears that obstruct us from investing in stock market. Now, if we can minimize these fears, we will be able to overcome many of the psychological barriers in which we get into while investing in the stock market. And to overcome this fear, we will look into history. History speaks of the future. One very common phrase in the world of Stock market is, Share market is a game of Probability,  But before we proceed to those stocks in which you can invest without any worry, we will discuss about Nifty 50 index.



NIFTY 50 Index

The NIFTY 50 Index was formed in 1996. The NIFTY 50 Index is an index consisting of the top fifty companies in India. Companies on this index are subject to change from time to time. If a company in this index performs poorly then that company is excluded from this index, similarly if a company that is out of this index performs very well then the same is included in the index. Companies have to meet a number of criteria to be included in the index and to retain their place in the index. To put it simply, the companies have to be fundamentally very strong to be in the NIFTY 50 index


Now if there is a company that has been on this list since the inception of the Nifty 50 index, then surely we can say that the company is fundamentally so strong that it has been performing well and showing growth for over the 25 long years. But is there really such a company? The answer is yes. There are 13 companies that have not been displaced since the launch of the Nifty 50 Index. Let’s take a look at the names of those 13 shares.



13 stocks in the stock market that can be relied upon blindly

  1.  HDFC Bank
  2. Reliance Industries
  3. Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC)
  4. ITC
  5. Hindustan Uniliver
  6. Larsen & Tubro (L&T)
  7. State Bank of India
  8.  Tata Motors
  9. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory
  10. Tata Steel
  11. Grasim Industries
  12. Hero Motocorp
  13. Hindalco Industries


As mentioned earlier, the stock market is a game of probability and history speaks for the future, so we can assume that since these 13 companies have been performing well for the last 25 years in the midst of constant market uncertainty, and kept its position intact in the Nifty 50 index, the same trend will continue in the upcoming years. However, before investing in any stock, it is advisable to research in detail about it.



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Warning: Investing in the stock market is always risky. So do not take the shares written in this post as a recommendation in any way. The shares named in this post are for educational purposes only. The author of this post or anyone associated with this blog will not be held responsible in any way if anybody suffers a loss by investing in the stock market after reading this article.




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