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These days almost all of us use credit cards. While usage of credit card has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is one can expend more than needed. On the other hand, advantage is that we can make payments using a credit card at the time of emergency. Whatsoever, credit cards are now our constant companion and we have to pay our credit card bills every month. But what if you get money in your account while paying your credit card bill? Yes, CRED application has come up with such benefits. You can get special benefits by paying credit card bills through this CRED application. Let’s have a look at the benefits of paying a credit card bill through the CRED application.




  • If you pay your credit card bill through the CRED application, you will definitely get guaranteed cashback. This cashback is not a coupon code, it is real money. For example, someone paid Rs 2,500 through this application, and as a result, he got Rs. 15 cashback. This cashback will be credited directly to the payer’s credit card and this will be getting adjusted in next month’s credit card bill.
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CRED coins

  • If you pay the credit card bill through the CRED application, you will get cashback as well as Cred coin. You can buy different things by using these cred coins. As you can see in the picture below, if you spend 3,000 credit coins you will get a discount of up to Rs 1,500 on Cadbury.
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  • You can win big jackpots in the CRED application.


Bill payment

  • Cred application gives you notifications about your credit card bill payments – such as when a bill is generated, the bill payment deadline, how much to pay, and so on. As a result, you can pay the bill before the last date easily.
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Everything in one Place

  • If you have more than one credit card, all the credit card details are shown together in the CRED application. As a result, you do not have to repeatedly check different credit card applications from different banks. Not only this, with the help of this application you can check the details of your spending by credit card.
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  • If there is any new offer on your credit card, you can also find out about it through this application. See the image below for example.



Credit/CIBIL score


CRED Referral program

  • If someone registers to CRED Application using the link shared by you, Rs. 750 will be credited to your account.


Then what are you waiting for? If you are a credit card user, download the application now. Click the link below to download the CRED application. If you download the application from this link, you will get a reward of Rs. 250 in your CRED account.



Click to Download the CRED Application


How to use the CRED application?

1. Download the application from the link given above.

2. Then register in the CRED application with the mobile number linked with your bank.

3. After that, your registration will be successful by following a few easy steps.

4. Finally pay your credit card bill via CRED application.


CRED Customer Care

  • For any queries or issues, a user can contact CRED Customer care via chat in the app, email, WhatsApp, and social media.


    • Contact CRED Customer Care via Whatsapp

    • If you are an existing customer of CRED and opted to get notification from CRED in Whatsapp, you can have chat with CRED in the same also. 


    • Contact CRED Customer Care via Chat

      • Step 1: – Click on the Profile button.
      • Step 2: – After that go to the ‘Settings’ section.
      • Step 3: – Now click on ‘Support’ option.
      • Step 4: – Click on “Need more help?” option. 
      • Step 5: – Choose the category with which your issue is related. (If you are not sure, choose “other issues” option.) Now, continue to chat with CRED Customer care accordingly. 



    • Contact CRED Customer Care through Social Media

    • To connect CRED through Facebook: – DM your queries at @support.cred or visit their official Facebook page –
    • To connect CRED through Instagram: – DM your questions at cred_club or scroll the page for the latest updates and offers.
    • To connect CRED through Twitter: – DM @CRED_support.


CRED Founder

  • The founder of CRED is Kunal Shah. He is a serial entrepreneur. Earlier, he founded Freecharge. Kunal is not only an entrepreneur but also an investor to new startups. 



  • As a Credit card user, one must use the advantages of the CRED Application. No doubt, CRED Application makes our Credit card usage much easier. 


I hope you like the post. If you have any queries/doubts about this post or any financial matter, please let us know in the comment box or mail us at [email protected] and also share this article with others if you find this useful.



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