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How to Earn Money with GroMo Application ? | Earn Money Online by Selling Financial Products | How to Earn Money Online | GroMo App Use Kaise kare | Earn Money Online 2022 | GroMo Application Review | GroMo Partner | Gromo App se Paise Kaise Kamaye



If you want to have a passive income then this article is for you. There are numerous ways to earn money online. About some of them, we already discussed in our blog. You can read that article by clicking here. However, in this article we are gonna discussed about another way for earning money online. 


Indian Financial market is growing at a huge rate and that is why there is a huge scope in this field. In this article, we are going to discuss about a way in which you have to sell financial products via online and by doing so, you will earn a healthy income. So, let us discuss about this in details. 



GroMo Application


GroMo is an online platform through which any individual can sell various Financial Products and generate a good amount of revenue for themselves. At present, through GroMo anybody can sell products of more than 20 financial institutions. More than 30,000 partners are now selling GroMo products and earning the monthly income of ₹ 50,000/month.   


GroMo help its partners, by providing various tools, viz. proper training, readymade Posters, Brochure of the products, and many more, and all these things are of free of cost. GroMo is also available in Hindi. So, for Hindi speaking individuals it will be very useful. 



Who can become Partner of GroMo

  • Any individual can become a member of GroMo


Eligibility for becoming Partner of GroMo

  • You have to be good in English or Hindi as right now, the application is available in English & Hindi languages only.
  • You must have a smartphone. 
  • You should have basic Financial Knowledge.
  • You should possess good communication skills, so that you can convince your customers.


What you can Sell on GroMo

  • At present hundreds of financial products are being sold in GroMo, like Demat accounts, Savings Account, Insurance, Credit Cards etc. You can sell these products and can earn commission from this.  
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How much you can earn from  GroMo

  • As per GroMo team’s calculation, if anybody really work honestly, he/she can earn ₹ 50,000/month.


How to Earn Money by GroMo

  • How to SignUp with GroMo

    • You can earn money with GroMo by just doing few simple tasks. Step by Step procedure is stated below. 
    • At first install the Application by clicking the below link. 

Click here to Download the GroMo Application

    • Now enter your Mobile Number to Register. 
    • After successful registration, you will need to fill few details. 
    • Then your account will be activated. 


  • How to Sell GroMo Products

    • Step 1 – Go to the Dashboard of GroMo Application.


    • Step 2 – Now go the ‘Sell and Earn’ Section.


    • Step 3 – Choose the product you want to sell.
    • Step 4 – Now watch the training video.
    • Step 5 – Click the share button or instead you can copy your referral link.


    • Step 6 – Now Share this link with your potential customers. 
    • When your customer will buy a financial product via your shared link, that will be counted as successful referral and you will earn commission on the sale. The payout cycle of GroMo is of 30 days. 
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GroMo Application Contact

If you need, you can contact to GroMo via phone and Email. 



  • As stated above, Indian Financial market has huge potential to grow which means you can sell a lot of financial products and earn a lot of money. 


For any queries or doubts, let us know in the comment box or email us at [email protected] and share this article and if you will like this post, please share it with others. 

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