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It is very important to invest your money in the right place to generate huge wealth in the future. The most common methods of making big money through investing are investing in the stock market, investing in mutual funds, and investing in gold. This is because the highest return is available through these three investments. Investing in the stock market and investing in mutual funds has already been discussed in this blog. In today’s post we will discuss about investing in gold, and specifically investing in digital gold.



What is Digital Gold?


Our general idea about investing in gold is to buy gold at a lower price and make a profit by selling it when the price of gold rises in the future. However, in the current age of technology, you can invest in gold without buying ‘real gold’. This method is called Digital Gold Investment. In this case, you will invest a certain amount of money in gold and instead of your invested amount; you will be given that amount of ownership of gold. However, in this case, you will not get any physical gold in your hand. The gold you bought will be deposited to the company and you can sell it whenever you want. Let us understand this with the help of examples. Suppose you want to invest 10,000 rupees in gold. So, you bought gold for Rs. 10,000 through a digital gold investment application. Suppose for 10,000 rupees you get 2 grams of gold (let assume the rate of Gold is Rs. 5,000/gram). Although, you will not get this gold in your hand, you will find it in your portfolio. Now let’s remember that after 1 year, the price of gold per gram reaches 7,000 rupees. Then you can earn Rs 4,000 by selling 2 grams of gold bought by you earlier.


Advantages of Digital Gold

  • The advantages of Digital Gold are –
    • In this case there is no fear of losing or stealing the gold.
    • If you want to keep to you as jewellery, there is making cost for it. However, in Digital Gold, there is no such case.
    • No need to worry about the purity of gold.


How to invest in digital gold?

  • The easiest way to invest in digital gold is to invest through digital gold investment application. Currently, there are many applications in India that offer this facility. However, the application that we discussed below is very easy to use. As well as, there are many benefits. See the detail about this below.
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Jar App

  • Jar is a digital gold investment application, based in Bangalore. The founder of this application Nischaya AG, and co-founder is Misbah Ashraf. With this application you can invest in gold.


Advantages of Jar application

  • It is possible to invest in gold automatically with the help of Jar application. Suppose you can’t afford to buy a lot of gold at once. In that case you decided to buy a certain amount of gold every day. You can do this with this application. You can even invest a minimum of Rs 1 per day in this Jar application. All you have to do is go to the ‘Setup Auto-Invest’ option in this application and set the amount you want to invest daily. Then every day automatically your money will be invested in gold.
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  • A big advantage of Jar application is the round of investment. Suppose you have made a financial transaction of Rs. 148 from your mobile. In that case, Jar application will consider the next round of amount as 150 rupees and will advise to invest (150-148) = 2 rupees in gold. Then you can go to the ‘Invest now’ option of this application and buy that amount of gold. This will increase your investment in gold.
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  • With this application you can also gift digital gold to someone else. Click on the ‘Gift gold to someone special’ option to do so.
  • If you register now in this application, you can get 500 rupees gold for free.
  • You can also win free gold every day after registering here.
  • Again, if you want, you can convert your invested digital gold into physical gold at any time – through gold coins or gold jewelry.
  • Digital Gold purchased through the Jar app has no lock-in period. This means you can sell your purchased digital gold whenever you like.


How to invest in digital gold with Jar application?

  • Step 1 – Download the Jar application by clicking on the link below.

Click here to Download the Jar Application

  • Step 2 – Then sign up with your mobile number.
  • Step 3 – Now click on the ‘Invest Now’ option.


  • Step 4 – This will open up a number of payment options. Pay by Paytm, UPI, Credit / Debit Card. Once the payment is completed, the process of buying digital gold will be completed.
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