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Almost all of us avail one or more facilities provided by Post Offices. May it be FD, RD, MIS or PPF, almost all of us have account in Post Office & as most of the facilities of Post Offices are not available online, we have to visit Post Offices frequently. However, on many occasions, we find it very difficult to find about the nearest Post Office from our location, especially when we are in a new place. Can you remember, how many times you have asked about the address of local post office? Although, after reading this post, not only you will be able to find the nearest post office, but also about the services available in that post office. So, without wasting time, let us discuss. 



  • Step 1: – Turn on the internet option in your mobile & GPS in your mobile.
  • Step 2: – Open Google Maps application.

Article - How to find nearest Post Office Step 01

  • Step 3: – Enter post office in the search box.

Article - How to find nearest Post Office Step 02

  • Step 4: – Then click on ‘Relevance’ option at the top of the page and then choose ‘Distance’ option. Now at the bottom of the application the post offices near you have been arranged as per their distance. 
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Now, you know which is the nearest Post office from your location but you must be visiting post office to avail any of their services. Isn’t it ? What if, you go to your nearest post office and found that the service for which you have come to that post office is not been provided there ? That must be very annoying. Isn’t it ? Thats why you should also check about the services provided in that particular post office. How to do that ? Let us see. 



How to know about the services available in the Post Office

Article - How to find nearest Post Office Step 03

  • Step 2: – Then select the State and the Pincode of the post office you want to visit (The Pincode you found from the Google Map).
  • Step 3: – Then choose the service you want to avail.
  • Step 4: – Then enter the captcha and click on ‘Search’ button.
  • Step 5: – After that the post offices will be shown where the service you choose available.
  • Step 6: – Check whether the nearest post office from your location, which you have found in Google Maps, your chosen services available or not. If it is available, then go and avail the service from the post office. 
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