How to invest in US Stocks from India | IND money application

How to invest in US Stocks | IND money application
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How to Invest in US Stocks directly from India

If you have been investing in the stock market, then for at least once, you must have considered buying stocks of an US company. Its very obvious. In the fact that you have ownership in companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla is a very thrilling feeling, isn’t it? However, we Indians have very little idea about investing in US stocks. This article is intended to throw light on this issue. After reading this article completely, you will have a good idea about investing in American stocks from India.



Why it is important to invest in the American stock (US) market?

We the Indian stock market investors, generally invest in Nifty or Sensex stocks. The Nifty has given the growth of 110% in the last 5 years, the Sensex has risen 118%, and the Nasdaq (American stock index) has gained 194.8% in the last 5 years. In other words, Nasdaq’s growth rate is almost double that of Nifty, Sensex. This is why we should invest in the American stock market besides the Indian stock market.



Is it possible to invest in an American company from India?

So far, there was not much opportunity to invest in an American company from India. However, those days are over. Now you can invest in companies located far away in America from your mobile with ease. Yes, You have heard it right. The IND money application is giving such an opportunity. With the IND money application you will get many other benefits besides investing in US stocks. Let’s discuss this in details.



US stock price is too high, how to buy?

The share price of American companies is much higher but the advantage of the American stock market is that you can invest in shares in part. That means, when investing in a stock in the United States, unlike in the Indian stock market, where you have to buy at least one unit of that stock , you can buy stocks in part of US Stocks. Depending on the amount of money you invest, you will receive shares of that company. Let us understand the matter with the help of an example.



Suppose you want to invest in shares of Microsoft. Today, on 28th December, 2021, the price of a share of Microsoft is 341.12 $, which means in Indian currency the price of a Microsoft share is around 25,000 rupees, while you have only 10,000 rupees to invest. However, you can still buy share of Microsoft. In this case, you can buy the amount of shares that can be bought with 10,000 rupees. For example, if the price of one share of Microsoft is 25,000 rupees (341.12 $), then at 10,000 rupees you will get 0.40 shares.



What is IND money application?

IND money (formerly known as IND wealth) was introduced in 2019 to provide individuals and families with a better financial future. It is owned by Finzoom Investment Advisors (p) Ltd, a SEBI registered investment advisor. The company is backed by investors such as Tiger Global, Steadview Capital and Dragon.



Benefits of IND money application

With the help of IND money application you will get many benefits starting from fixed deposit account to mutual fund. Details are discussed below.

  1. With this application you can track all your investments and loans at one place. That means how much money you have invested in your savings account, fixed deposit account, mutual fund, share market, how much you have borrowed everything you can track with this application.
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  3. With this application you can invest directly in mutual funds.
  4. With this application you can trade in cryptocurrencies.
  5. With the IND money application you can invest directly in different bonds.
  6. With this application you can invest in any PMS.
  7. The IND money application allows direct investment in IPOs.
  8. With this application you will be able to set and monitor your financial goals.
  9. There are also other benefits. With this application you can easily invest in Google, Apple, Meta (Facebook), Tesla, Alphabet and many other American companies.
  10. Also, you can get stock of several companies for free just by registering in this application.


How to invest in American stocks with IND money application?

  • To invest in American stocks, first download the IND money application by clicking on the link below.

To Download the INDmoney Application click here

  • Then follow some few simple steps. After that your account at IND money will be created.
  • Then click on the text (+).

US Stock - IND money_01

  • Then click on the ‘Invest’ option.

US Stock - IND money_02

  • Then click on ‘Us Stock’ option.

US Stock - IND money_03

  • Then select the company of your choice.

US Stock - IND money_04

  • Then click on the ‘BUY’ option.

US Stock - IND money_05

  • You will then be asked to deposit money to buy US Stock. Then click on Add Money option. Then select the amount you want to deposit. Then deposit money by clicking on ‘Continue’ option.
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US Stock - IND money_06

  • Then select your preferred US stock and buy it by selecting the ‘Buy’ option.

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Warning: Investing in the stock market is always risky. So while investing in stock market, please do necessary research and analysis. The author of this post or anyone associated with this blog will not be held responsible in any way if anybody suffers a loss by investing in the stock market after reading this article.




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