IND Super Saver FD | INDmoney Fixed Deposit Account


Do you want to get 8.00% interest rate in your Fixed Deposit Account? Yes? Then, read this article till the end. In this post, we have discussed every detail of IND Super Saver Fixed Deposit Account.



What is IND Super Saver Fixed Deposit Account

  • IND Super Saver Fixed Deposit account is an FD account facilitated by the INDmoney application. INDmoney has partnered with SBM Bank India to enable these fixed deposits.  SBM Bank is an RBI regulated full-scale bank. Your fixed deposit is getting created with this bank. 
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Benefits & Features of IND Super Saver FD

  • The interest rate in the IND Super Saver FD is 4.25% to 8.00% per annum.
  • Senior Citizens will get 0.5% extra interest rate above the standard rate. 
  • The tenure for this FD may vary from 1 to 120 months. 
  • There is no lock-in period in this Fixed Deposit account. Hence, you can withdraw your money anytime you want. 
  • There are no withdrawal processing charges. 
  • In case of premature withdrawal, you will get 1% less than the current interest rate for the holding period of your FD at the time of withdrawal. 


Is it safe to invest in IND Super Saver FD?

  • The answer is yes. A sum of up to Rs. 5 lacs is assured by RBI. SBM bank certificate of deposit has a safety rating of ICRA A1+ (which is the highest possible rating one can get). INDprotect, an AI model developed by INDmoney which analyses the risk of any entity on a real-time basis, has a green rating on it which signifies very high safety. 
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How to open IND Super Saver FD

  • To open your IND Super Saver FD account, follow the following steps.
    • Step 1: – Download the INDmoney application by clicking on here.
    • Step 2: – Then open the application & click on the ‘FD’ option.
    • Step 3: – Then select IND Super Saver FD option.
    • Step 4: – Then click on ‘Select plan’ option.
    • Step 5: – After that enter the amount in the ‘Deposit Amount’ option.
    • Step 6: – Now choose ‘Interest Payout Frequency’.
    • Step 7: – Then choose the time period.
    • Step 8: – Finally click on ‘Continue’ and then complete the payment. 
  • After successful payment, you can track your Fixed Deposit account status. 


Last Words

A person who does not want to take the risk of investing may consider opening an FD account with INDmoney as the interest rate is very high, as well as the investment is also safe.  


I hope you have found something useful in this article. If you have any questions about this article, please let us know in the comments or mail us at [email protected]. Also, share this article with others to give them an opportunity to learn new things. In this blog, we publish various articles on finance. To get immediate notification of our articles, click on the red bell icon on the right side and turn on the notification. Thank you for spending your precious time reading this article. stay healthy, Stay safe.




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