Jay Bharat Maruti – Stock Price, Fundamentals, Dividend History


The Board of Directors of Jay Bharat Maruti Limited (JBM Group) has recommended a dividend @ 25% of its face value of 5. i.e. Rs. 1.25 per share for the financial year ended 31st March 2022. Have you invested in this stock? In this post, we are going to discuss the company profile of Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. company profile, its share price, etc. So, read the article completely to know everything in detail. 



Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd – Company Profile

  • Jay Bharat Maruti Limited was founded in 1983 in collaboration with Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL). It is one of the leading manufacturers of key auto components and assemblies such as exhaust systems, fuel fillers (fuel pipe), and suspension parts for passenger cars. Their manufacturing plants are located in Gurgaon, Bawal, Manesar (Haryana), and Gujarat. 
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  • Jay Bharat Maruti Limited is also in the businesses of Electric vehicles, EV aggregates, EV charging infrastructure, Renewable energy, waste to wealth, Artificial intelligence, etc. As per the official website of Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd, their state-of-the-art in-house R&D Centres have been recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.
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  • Jay Bharat Maruti Limited is listed both on the National Stock Exchange or NSE (as JAYBARMARU)  as well as Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE (code: 520066).


Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd Fundamentals

  • The company has a market capitalization of 677 crores. The ROE or Return on Equity of the stock is 6.11% which is not very attractive. The company’s sales growth is also not promising as its 3 years sales growth is 1.42%, 5 years sales growth is 6.38%, and 7 years sales growth is 7.01%. However, in the March, 22 quarter the sales of JBM has increased by 38%, which is very promising. The operating profit of the company has also increased by 10.29% in the last financial year in comparison to its previous year’s performance. However, a large portion of its operating profit is getting eaten up by depreciation. 
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Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd Stock Price

  • At the end of the trading session of 29th April 2022, the price of the stock was 156. On the other hand, the current P.E. of the stock is 24.6. The 5-year historical P.E. of this company is 13.8. Hence, it can be said that the stock is available at a cheap price. 
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  • Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd Stock Price History

    • From its inception in the stock market in 2005, it has reached 156 (as of 29.04.22) per share from Rs. 16 per share. However, Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd has reached its all-time high of 334 per stock in 2017. After that, the stock fell continuously and reached Rs. 59 per stock in April, 2020.
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Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd Stock Dividend History

  • For the quarter ended on 31st March, 2022, the company has declared dividends of Rs. 1.25/share. 
  • However, the company is continuously giving dividends to its investors.
  • The Dividend history of Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd is as below —
Ex-DateDividend AmountDividend Type
Sept 17, 20211.25Final
Sept 1, 20201.25Final
Sept 5, 20192.50Final
Aug 27, 20182.50Final
Aug 10, 20172.50Final
Aug 25, 20162.00Final
Aug 7, 20152.00Final
 Aug 4, 20141.25Final
 Aug 2, 20131.50 Final
Aug 6, 20121.50Final
Aug 3, 20112.00Final
July 29, 20101.50Final
Aug 6, 20091.00Final
Aug 18, 20081.25Final
July 28, 20061.75Final
July 29, 20053.50Final
July 16, 20043.20Final
Aug 8, 20032.80Final


Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd – Should you invest in this stock?

  • When we look at the fundamentals of the company, it does not attract investors much. However, Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd. is also in the businesses like Electric Vehicle, EV Charging stations, etc. Scopes in these fields are going to expand in near future and in turn, this will obviously going to help the company to grow. However, its management should take some strong steps to reach that level. Considering all these factors, an aggressive investor should add this stock to the watchlist if not in the portfolio. 
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