NiyoX Bank – Benefits, Interest Rates, Account Opening process


Are you tired of keeping track of your savings & investment in the various applications? Are you bored with the poor interest rate in a savings account? Then, read this article completely. In this article, we have discussed Niyox Digital Savings account in detail. 



About Niyox Bank

  • Niyox bank is one type of Neobank. Neobanks are the banks that completely operates online and they do not have any presence in brick & mortar branch. In these Neobanks, the account management, as well as all transactions, are carried out securely online within a mobile app or the fintech company’s website. Often these banks partner with well-established traditional banks to provide banking services and beyond. In the case of Niyox bank, they have partnered with Equitas Small Savings Bank
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What is the Niyox digital savings bank account?

  • Niyox is a digital banking app launched by Indian neo-banking pioneer Niyo in partnership with Equitas Small Finance Bank and VISA, designed to decode banking for the millennials. It’s the first of its kind product in India that offers a combined 2-in-1 savings and wealth management account to help you achieve your savings goals. You no longer have to maintain two separate apps to manage your finances.
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  • Niyox Digital Savings Account Benefits

    • Instant 100% paperless Account Opening – You can open your Niyox Digital Savings account in less than 100 seconds. The whole account opening process is completely paperless & hassle-free. 
    • 2-in-1 Account – NiyoX offers a 2-in-1 savings and wealth management account to take charge of your finances.
    • Higher Interest Rate – You can get up to a 7% interest rate on your Niyox savings account balances.
    • Zero forex markup – NiyoX offers a zero balance account with no strings attached. There are no charges for not maintaining a balance in your savings account at any point in time.
    • Virtual and physical debit cards – The NiyoX account comes with two kinds of VISA debit cards – Virtual & Physical. 
    • Enhanced security control – You will get access to the security features of the Niyox account. With that, you can lock/unlock your card anytime you want. 
    • 0% commission on mutual funds – In the Niyox platform, you can invest in a mutual fund without wasting any money on commission. 
    • Exclusive Offers – With a Niyox savings account, you can get exclusive offers while shopping online. 
    • Safety – You can rest assured that your account is secured with insurance coverage of up to ₹5 lakhs from the RBI. 


Niyox Savings Account Interest Rate

Savings Account BalanceInterest Rate Per Annum
Up to ₹1 lakh3.50%
₹1 – ₹5 lakhs6.00%
₹5 – ₹2 crores7.00%
Above ₹2 crores5.50%


How to open Niyox Digital Savings Account?

  • To open a Niyox Digital Savings Account, follow the steps said below –
    • Step 1: – Click here and download the Niyox Application.
    • Step 2: – After downloading the application, you have to start the Sign Up process.
    • Step 3: – To do that enter your mobile number and verify the OTP.
    • Step 4: – Now enter your email id and verify the OTP.
    • Step 5: – Now you will be asked to enter a referral code. Hence, enter the referral code “AJIT0079“. (By doing so, you will get a scratch card for up to Rs. 200.)
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    • Step 6: – Now verify your Pan Card details. 
    • Step 7: – Then verify your Aadhaar details. 
    • Step 8: – Now select your locality. If you can not find your locality, choose the ‘OTHER’ option. 
    • Step 9: – Now enter your personal details, like your Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Marital Status, Place of Birth, Occupation, and Annual Salary. 
    • Step 10: – Then you have to enter your communication address. 
    • Step 11: – Add the Nominee (Optional)
    • Step 12: – Now, click on the ‘Agree’ button of terms & conditions. 


  • Voila! You have successfully opened your Niyox digital savings account. 


Niyox Customer Care

  • For any assistance, you can contact Niyox customer care by dialing 1860 258 6496 or send your message at 



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