Paytm UPI – Benefits, How to Activate


Hello friends. I hope you are all well. Friends, these days almost all of us do various online transactions, be it for mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, or DTH Recharge. Especially after the pandemic, our life is almost impossible without online transactions, and it is important to have UPI activated to take full advantage of online transactions. Currently, the two most popular UPI applications in India are Google Pay and Phone Pay UPI. However, besides these two U.P.I., there is another UPI application i.e. Paytm UPI. That is why, in this post, we will discuss Paytm UPI.



Paytm UPI

Paytm UPI is a payment method powered by Paytm Mobile Application.


Benefits of Paytm UPI

  • It is very easy to use Paytm UPI and you will get various cashback and coupons just by doing transactions online through this application.
  • If you wish, you can transfer this cashback directly to your bank account or may use it for other online transactions.
  • Send money via bank account linked to your Paytm UPI to any other account and get guaranteed cashback of Rs 50.
  • Recharge your Mobile with Paytm UPI of Rs. 99 or more and get cashback up to Rs. 200.
  • Pay the electricity bill with Paytm UPI and get a guaranteed cashback of Rs. 50.
  • Recharge your DTH with Paytm UPI for 2 months and get cashback up to 100 rupees per month.
  • Book a Gas cylinder with Paytm UPI and get up to 1000 rupees cash back.
  • Send Rs. 500 or more money to any other account via Paytm UPI and get cashback of Rs. 125.
  • Add money to your Paytm wallet and get Rs. 20 cashback.
  • Pay from Paytm Payments Bank and get Rs. 100 cashback.
  • Pay rent with Paytm and get Rs. 150 cashback.



How to activate Paytm UPI?

  • Open the Paytm application on your mobile and you will see the ‘BHIM UPI’ option in the upper blue part. Click there.

Paytm UPI – Benefits, How to Activate

Click here to Download the Paytm Application

  • Then you have to choose the bank account through which you want to activate Paytm UPI. Select the bank and click on it.
  • Paytm will then verify the mobile number linked with your bank account by sending an OTP. After successful completion of this process, you will be asked to set M PIN.
  • After setting the M-PIN you will be able to use your Paytm UPI and start transactions online.


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