1. Impact of Nurse Leaders Behaviors on Nursing Staff Performance: A Systematic Review of Literature

    Nursing leadership is critical in facilitating and improving nurse performance, which is essential for providing quality care and ensuring patient safety. The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between nursing leadership and nurse performance by understanding the leadership behaviors and factors that motivate nurses to perform ...

  2. The essentials of nursing leadership: A systematic review of factors

    Background: Nursing leadership plays a vital role in shaping outcomes for healthcare organizations, personnel and patients. With much of the leadership workforce set to retire in the near future, identifying factors that positively contribute to the development of leadership in nurses is of utmost importance.

  3. Leadership in Nursing: Qualities & Why It Matters

    Nurse leaders make a difference in workplace culture and drive positive changes in health care legislation. When a team admires the qualities of their leader, it boosts morale and promotes a psychologically safe workplace, which leads to higher job satisfaction and retention rates. Influential leaders in nursing ensure that the organization's ...

  4. Clinical Nurse Leaders: Illuminating and leading the future

    Figure. The role of Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) was proposed in 2007 by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in response to a wide body of research over the preceding decade that examined nursing shortages in the US. 1,2 On the whole, the literature called for efforts that would improve outcomes and coordination of care in a cost ...

  5. The Power of a Leadership Philosophy

    Over the past 27 years as a nurse and nurse leader, I have reflected many times on the importance of nursing leadership. Nursing leadership creates a safe workplace environment where nurses can be and perform at their best to provide for an excellent patient experience of care. I have been blessed with great mentors along my journey as a nursing leader.

  6. The Importance of Being a Compassionate Leader: The Views of Nursing

    Leadership in health care is recognized as a necessity to ensure high-quality care, embody support for staff, and establish working environments that prioritize people over rules, regulations, and hierarchies (West et al., 2015).It is argued that compassionate leadership has a positive impact on "patient experience, staff engagement and organisational performance" (Bolden et al., 2019, p. 2).

  7. Nurse leader competencies: A toolkit for success : Nursing Management

    The PCM is a frontline nurse leader on the inpatient nursing unit focused on quality, staffing effectiveness, and family-centered care at the unit level. Reporting directly to the ACD, the PCM supports clinical nurses while still holding a formal leadership role that includes coaching, mentoring, and developing nursing staff.

  8. What is Nursing Leadership? Top Nurse Leader Roles

    Here are some of the leadership roles available in the nursing profession. 1. Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) A CNO is a top-level, nonclinical, administrative position within a healthcare system. They are considered the top-level nurse within an organization and they oversee other nurses and the implementation of patient care.

  9. Developing emerging nurse leaders : Nursing Management

    A nurse leader is defined by the American Nurses Association as "a nurse who represents the interests of the nursing profession." 1 Nurse leaders act as skilled role models who influence healthcare organizations across all levels and areas of practice, including policy development, research, and innovation, together with education and ...

  10. The Year of the Nurse: 6 Reflections on Leadership Amidst Adversity

    There is no better time for nurse leaders to influence policy on equitable education. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed to many and reinforced to some that Child Care and Schools are the bedrock of today's society. Much of our economy and health depend on well-functioning schools and childcare. There is no better time for nurse leaders to be ...

  11. leadership in nursing essay

    A leader is a person who can motivate others to do work to achieve the goals of the organization. In a nursing organization, improving the quality of healthcare delivered by the department to be equal with the organizational performance is a key role of leadership (Marquis and Huston, 2015). Nursing leadership is essential in the clinical ...

  12. Reflecting on Your Leadership Practice

    Many recently retired nurse leaders tell me that one of the joys of retirement has been the gift of time to reflect on their leadership practice and lessons learned during their leadership career. Too often while working, leaders either make or have little time to reflect on their leadership practices. When confronted with challenges, nurse leaders often stay in motion and keep putting out ...

  13. Leadership in Nursing: Qualities of a Good Nurse Leader

    Laissez-faire - the leader entrusts decision-making responsibilities to those they oversee. Democratic - the leader builds concensus and makes decisions by creating strong team dynamics. Transformational leadership is especially useful when visionary leaders are working to develop a strong nursing team for the future.

  14. Nursing Leadership and Its Importance

    Nursing Leadership and Its Importance Essay. Leadership is understood as the ability of a person to influence people to encourage them to work and to achieve their goals. Senior nurses are leaders who manage difficult situations daily and monitor the patient's condition. In addition, they perform medical appointments, regulate the flows of ...

  15. The Importance of Leadership in Nursing

    The importance of leadership is now widely recognised as a key part of overall effective healthcare, and nursing leadership is a crucial part of this as nurses are now the single largest healthcare discipline (Swearingen, 2009). The findings of the Francis Report (2013) raised major questions into the leadership and organisational culture which allowed hundreds of patients to die or come to ...

  16. The Role of Leadership Styles in Fostering Organizational Commitment

    In the 21st century, healthcare organizations face multifaceted challenges, underscoring the critical need for strategic and effective leadership techniques (Cummings et al., 2016).Effective leadership is essential for creating tactics and structures that engage and support experienced personnel, sustain their commitments, and reduce their intent to leave the organization (Avolio et al., 2004).

  17. Nursing Leaders' Influence on Clinical Nurses ...

    Nursing leaders' pre-test mean score on the NM-EBPC was 1.03 (SD = 0.42), demonstrating very low EBP competency. The pretest NM-EBPC knowledge subscale mean was 0.78 (SD = 0.50), indicating nursing leaders are not competent in EBP (Table 2).The lowest scoring question in this subscale was the nursing leaders' ability to recognize the strength of the evidence summary reports using existing ...

  18. Nursing Leadership and Personal Skills Personal Essay

    Finally, personal qualities determine the nurses' ability to lead. My personal skills have a significant impact on my leadership skills. I am very persistent, determined and communicative. My persistent nature has enabled me to stay focused on achieving my goals. My determination has kept me going even when faced with challenges.

  19. Being An Effective Nurse Leader Essay

    Being an effective nurse means being an effective leader as well. My personal experience shown that workplace environment, teamwork and patients care are depending on nurses leadership skills. Mahoney described leaders as being "visionary, equipped with strategies, a plan and desire to direct their teams and services to a future goal " (2001) .

  20. Leadership in Nursing

    A clinical nursing leader is one who is involved in direct patient care and who continuously improves the care that is afforded to such persons by influencing the treatment provision delivered by others (Cook, 2001). Leadership is not merely a series of skills or tasks; rather, it is an attitude that informs behaviour (Cook, 2001).

  21. Leadership: A photo essay

    The purpose of this essay is to examine leadership, what it is, what it takes, and how to get there. We will use the medium of photography to help us reflect on the complexities of leading from the bedside to the boardroom. ... "Our goal is to challenge current and future nursing leaders to think differently, confront the status quo, and ...

  22. Inspiring Leadership in Nursing: Key Topics to Empower the Next

    The role of nurse leaders in fostering a positive work environment. Strategies for nurse leaders to promote a culture of support and respect among nursing staff. The importance of addressing and preventing workplace bullying and incivility in nursing. Encouraging open and honest communication within nursing teams.

  23. Nurse Leader Essay

    885 Words. 4 Pages. 4 Works Cited. Open Document. Nurse Leader. Leadership does not always come with a title or prestige. Every nurse has within themselves qualities that make them a great leader. Leadership by definition, "is a combination of intrinsic personality traits, learned leadership skills, and characteristics of the situation ...

  24. Post-pandemic nurse leadership focus and roles

    Nurse leaders have always worn many hats — and now there are more hats for them to wear. Stress tester, digital evangelist, staff and patient advocate are but a few. Nurse leaders are embracing new practice models like team nursing and value-based medicine. In the quest to continue to drive performance, enhance safety, increase quality, and ...

  25. Nurse Leadership Essays: Examples, Topics, & Outlines

    7. The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Nursing Teams: Fostering a Culture of Excellence and Patient-Centeredness. 8. The Qualities and Competencies of.... Read More. View our collection of nurse leadership essays. Find inspiration for topics, titles, outlines, & craft impactful nurse leadership papers.

  26. Leadership Styles of a Nurse Leader

    This essay about leadership styles in nursing explores how nurse leaders utilize different approaches to effectively manage healthcare settings. It discusses three primary leadership styles: transformational, transactional, and democratic. Transformational leaders inspire and innovate to improve patient care, while transactional leaders focus ...

  27. Transition from Nurse Traveler to Leader

    "Nurse leadership requires a combination of progressive education and experience," said Richard Prior, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, interim associate dean of graduate programs at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing in Ohio. Browse Nurse Leadership Jobs. 6 Steps to Become a Nurse Leader or Executive 1. Understand the Role of a Nurse Leader

  28. 4 Ways to Make Nurse Managers More Impactful

    The nurse manager role remains one of the most challenging in hospitals. Now a new report suggests that it may be time for executives to look more closely at how they can support these leaders to optimize their effectiveness.. Nurse managers represent the highest leverage point in a hospital to impact outcomes and should factor highly into decisions and investments driven by return on ...

  29. 4 key concerns of nurse leaders

    We recently shared our top takeaways from the 2024 American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) survey 1, which reported on the overall state of the nursing workforce. Along with the quantitative results, the survey included responses from nurse leaders on their top concerns regarding the future of nursing.