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What's a paraphrasing tool?

This AI-powered paraphraser lets you rewrite text in your own words. Use it to  paraphrase articles, essays, and other pieces of text. You can also use it to rephrase sentences and find synonyms for individual words. And the best part? It’s all 100% free!

What's paraphrasing

What's paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing involves expressing someone else’s ideas or thoughts in your own words while maintaining the original meaning. Paraphrasing tools can help you quickly reword text by replacing certain words with synonyms or restructuring sentences. They can also make your text more concise, clear, and suitable for a specific audience. Paraphrasing is an essential skill in academic writing and professional communication.

why use this paraphrasing tool

Why use this paraphrasing tool?

  • Save time: Gone are the days when you had to reword sentences yourself; now you can rewrite a text or a complete text with one click.
  •  Improve your writing: Your writing will always be clear and easy to understand. Automatically ensure consistent language throughout. 
  • Preserve original meaning: Paraphrase without fear of losing the point of your text.
  • No annoying ads: We care about the user experience, so we don’t run any ads.
  • Accurate: Reliable and grammatically correct paraphrasing.
  • No sign-up required: We don’t need your data for you to use our paraphrasing tool.
  • Super simple to use: A simple interface even your grandma could use.
  • It’s 100% free: No hidden costs, just unlimited use of a free paraphrasing tool.

Features of the paraphrasing tool

rephrase sentences

Rephrase individual sentences

With the Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool, you can easily reformulate individual sentences.

  • Write varied headlines
  • Rephrase the subject line of an email
  • Create unique image captions

Paraphrase a whole text

Paraphrase a whole text

Our paraphraser can also help with longer passages (up to 125 words per input). Upload your document or copy your text into the input field.

With one click, you can reformulate the entire text.

find synonyms

Find synonyms with ease

Simply click on any word to open the interactive thesaurus.

  • Choose from a list of suggested synonyms
  • Find the synonym with the most appropriate meaning
  • Replace the word with a single click

Paraphrase in two ways

Paraphrase in two ways

  • Standard: Offers a compromise between modifying and preserving the meaning of the original text
  • Fluency: Improves language and corrects grammatical mistakes.

Upload any document-to the paraphrase tool

Upload different types of documents

Upload any Microsoft Word document, Google Doc, or PDF into the paraphrasing tool.


Download or copy your results

After you’re done, you can easily download or copy your text to use somewhere else.

Powered by AI

Powered by AI

The paraphrasing tool uses natural language processing to rewrite any text you give it. This way, you can paraphrase any text within seconds.

How does this paraphrasing tool work?

1. put your text into the paraphraser, 2. select your method of paraphrasing, 3. select the quantity of synonyms you want, 4. edit your text where needed, who can use this paraphrasing tool.


Paraphrasing tools can help students to understand texts and improve the quality of their writing. 


Create original lesson plans, presentations, or other educational materials.



Explain complex concepts or ideas to a wider audience. 



Quickly and easily rephrase text to avoid repetitive language.



By using a paraphrasing tool, you can quickly and easily rework existing content to create something new and unique.


Bloggers can rewrite existing content to make it their own.


Writers who need to rewrite content, such as adapting an article for a different context or writing content for a different audience.


A paraphrasing tool lets you quickly rewrite your original content for each medium, ensuring you reach the right audience on each platform.

The all-purpose paraphrasing tool

The Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool is the perfect assistant in a variety of contexts.



Writer’s block? Use our paraphraser to get some inspiration.

professional written communication

Professional communication

Produce creative headings for your blog posts or PowerPoint slides.

academic writing paraphrasing

Academic writing

Paraphrase sources smoothly in your thesis or research paper.

social media paraphrasing

Social media

Craft memorable captions and content for your social media posts.

Paraphrase text online, for free

The Scribbr Paraphrasing Tool lets you rewrite as many sentences as you want—for free.

Write with 100% confidence 👉

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Frequently asked questions

The act of putting someone else’s ideas or words into your own words is called paraphrasing, rephrasing, or rewording. Even though they are often used interchangeably, the terms can mean slightly different things:

Paraphrasing   is restating someone else’s ideas or words in your own words while retaining their meaning. Paraphrasing changes sentence structure, word choice, and sentence length to convey the same meaning.

Rephrasing   may involve more substantial changes to the original text, including changing the order of sentences or the overall structure of the text.

Rewording   is changing individual words in a text without changing its meaning or structure, often using synonyms.

It can. One of the two methods of paraphrasing is called “Fluency.” This will improve the language and fix grammatical errors in the text you’re paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing and using a paraphrasing tool aren’t cheating. It’s a great tool for saving time and coming up with new ways to express yourself in writing.  However, always be sure to credit your sources.  Avoid plagiarism.  

If you don’t properly reference text paraphrased from another source, you’re plagiarising. If you use someone else’s text and paraphrase it, you need to credit the original source. You can do that by using citations. There are different styles, like APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago. Find more information about referencing sources  here.

Paraphrasing   without crediting the original author   is a   form of plagiarism , because you’re presenting someone else’s ideas as if they were your own.

However, paraphrasing is not plagiarism if you correctly referencing the source . This means including an   in-text citation   and a full reference, formatted according to your required   citation style.

As well as citing, make sure that any paraphrased text is completely rewritten in your own words.

Plagiarism   means using someone else’s words or ideas and passing them off as your own.   Paraphrasing   means putting someone else’s ideas in your own words.

So when does paraphrasing count as plagiarism?

  • Paraphrasing   is   plagiarism if you don’t properly credit the original author.
  • Paraphrasing   is   plagiarism if your text is too close to the original wording (even if you cite the source). If you directly copy a sentence or phrase, you should   quote   it instead.
  • Paraphrasing  is not   plagiarism if you put the author’s ideas completely in your own words   and   properly referencing the source .
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Paraphrasing Tool: Free Sentence Rephraser

Rephrase by ProWritingAid is a free online paraphrasing tool. Find the perfect way to express your thoughts quickly without having to spend time wracking your brain for the right words.

Start typing or use

Keep Rephrasing

Get unlimited rephrases on a paid plan or 10 a day for free.

or select a sentence to rephrase

Why ProWritingAid Offers the Best Paraphrasing Tool Online

Rephrasing is where you take an idea and find fresh language to express it. Rephrase by ProWritingAid offers a variety of rewriting suggestions so you can choose the one that gets your idea across perfectly.

Multiple ways to rephrase

You can shorten or expand your sentence, make it more formal or informal, add sensory detail, or improve fluency.

Find the right words faster

You may not have all the right words, but the paraphrasing tool does, and it can find them in an instant. Just highlight, click, Rephrase.

Strengthen your sentence

The rewording tool suggests changes to the structure and vocabulary of your text without removing key information.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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How Does Our Paraphrasing Tool Work?

Rephrase by ProWritingAid uses an advanced algorithm to provide quality rephrasing. Instead of replacing words with synonyms, the tool uses a combination of reworked vocabulary, sentence structure, and syntax to create fresh, new content. For the best paraphrased text, follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Check your text for errors

Rephrase by ProWritingAid works best when your existing text is error-free. ProWritingAid’s Realtime report highlights grammar, style, and spelling issues, which you can review to see suggestions and explanations. Quickly correct your writing errors so your paraphrased text will be clear.

Step 2. Highlight any sentence

Highlight the sentence you want to rephrase in a stronger, clearer way. You can use our paraphrase generator ten times per day with a free plan or get unlimited rephrases with a paid plan.

Step 3. Select a rephrase style

The paraphrasing tool has seven ways to rephrase your writing. Our sentence changer allows you to expand your sentence or shorten it, make it more formal or informal, add vivid details to your writing, or increase the overall fluency of your text.

Step 4. Run Rephrase by ProWritingAid

You’ll receive multiple suggestions to choose from when you run Rephrase on your highlighted text. Browse through the options to find the perfect sentence. You can then accept one of the options or ignore the suggestions—or you can use them as inspiration for your own rewrites!

ProWritingAid grammar correction

Why Should I Use the Paraphrasing Tool?


Spark your imagination and find new ideas. Take one of our suggestions and make it your own to let your voice shine through.


Worried your English doesn't sound natural? Write in your native language and let Rephrase translate it quickly and clearly.


Great writing is specific. Get your meaning across clearly and use the most straightforward words to convey your ideas.

ProWritingAid's Rephrase tool is used by every type of writer

ProWritingAid Grammar Checker & Writing Coach is more accurate than any other grammar/writing tool I have used. I run two grammar/writing tools on my desktop and ProWritingAid is consistently the tool that provides the best edits.

Picture of ProWritingAid customer

Atlas Charles

ProWritingAid has been a godsend for me. I am currently rewriting all of my eleven books using this program. I can't believe what I missed the first time around. This is the next best thing after a human editor. I love it!

ProWritingAid customer

Andrew Swindells

I’ve tried every free and paid writing/editing/grammar extension out there, and this by far is the best one my team and I have found. It’s fast, accurate, and really helps improve your writing beyond simple grammar suggestions.


Joel Widmer

Who Can Benefit From ProWritingAid’s Paraphrasing Tool?

Anyone who wants help expressing their writing in a stronger and clearer way

Our free paraphrase tool can help you write logical, eloquent, and plagiarism-free assignments. Use Rephrase when you’re struggling to write a strong thesis statement, make your original ideas sound formal, or craft a poignant conclusion.


Combine information from multiple sources to add credibility to your work. Avoid slipping into informal language. Easily present complex ideas in a digestible manner, showing how much you understand your research—all while avoiding plagiarism.

Illustration of a person giving a star to a research paper

Creative Writers

Trying to add more vivid descriptions to your prose? Do your characters keep doing the same actions over and over? Use Rephrase like a great critique partner or line editor to improve your fiction or nonfiction writing.

Business Writers

Communication is crucial for any successful business. Spend more time thinking about what to say and less time about how to say it. Rephrase by ProWritingAid can help you write emails, presentations, reports, training documents, and so much more.

Teams Confirmation Email

Rephrase works where you do

Use our rewording tool to get writing suggestions across all the apps you use.

Paraphrasing Tool FAQs

1. is paraphrasing the same as rewording.

Paraphrasing is when you rewrite text in a different form while still retaining the meaning of the original text.

Rewording is switching out words with synonyms, whereas paraphrasing changes the structure. Rewording is not sufficient for academic purposes.

2. Is this a sentence rephraser or does it work on paragraphs too?

Rephrase by ProWritingAid works on individual sentences. When you run the tool, you will be presented with multiple rephrases to choose from so you can find the perfect words quickly and easily.

3. What does our tool offer that others, such as QuillBot's paraphrase, don’t?

Our rewording tool is built into an even more powerful editing tool that analyzes your writing and shows you how to improve it. With over 20 tailored reports, you'll get access to suggestions about grammar, sentence structure, readability, and much more.

4. Does ProWritingAid have a plagiarism checker?

Yes! ProWritingAid’s plagiarism checker will check your work against over a billion web-pages, published works, and academic papers, so you can be sure of its originality. Find out more about pricing for plagiarism checks here .

5. What's the difference between rephrase vs paraphrase?

Paraphrase and rephrase are often used interchangeably. They both involve rewriting a piece of text using different words. Our Rephrase tool takes your original text and suggests ways to reword and improve it.

Feel confident in everything you write

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Paraphrasing Tool

Enhance text clarity and understanding using an AI-driven paraphrasing tool. Perfect for students and professionals, this tool rewrites, edits, and adjusts tone for improved comprehension.

Rephrase sentences, paragraphs, essays, and articles effortlessly with our powerful paraphraser. Prevent plagiarism in blogs, research papers, and more using cutting-edge technology

It works effectively to rewrite the content in a way that removes plagiarism , maintains readability, and makes the content considerably more appealing.

Leverage any of its four paraphrasing modes to rewrite the content as required. It enables you to rewrite the content using the standard, fluency, creative, or smarter paraphrasing modes, each of which resonates with a distinct writing style.

Using groundbreaking AI technology , our paraphrasing tool lets you rewrite the content with the utmost accuracy. It neither changes the context nor compromises the content quality. No matter which type of content you are working on, you can run it through our paraphrasing tool and perfect it by all means.

The users including writers, bloggers, researchers, students, and any layperson can get the best out of our online plagiarism remover for free. It facilitates quick paraphrasing of 1000 words in one attempt.


Use to rewrite your content in original and improved wording that stands out from the rest. Change the choice of words and the way words are combined to construct sentences, achieving uniqueness and creativity in writing. Rewrite your content to ensure that it is free from potential writing errors and perfectly crafted to meet the target audience's needs.

Remove the Plagiarism

Eliminate duplicate phrases, clauses, and sentences to make the content unique

Improve Content Quality

Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and diction errors to enhance the readability score

Modify Writing Style

Modify the choice of words to change the tone and rewrite the content in different writing styles, the best sentence rephraser, thoroughly analyzes the given content to understand the context and then rewrite it with an intention to:

User-friendly Interface

Anyone can easily find, access, and use this tool to paraphrase the content from a beginner to an expert.

Improved Functionality

This tool uses advanced AI algorithms to ensure that the content is paraphrased without errors and delays.

Error-Free Results

This paraphrasing tool skillfully rewrites the content as it works effectively in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Multiple Rewriting Modes

Four different rewriting modes are available, which lets you change the tone and style of the writing without changing the context.

Multi Languages Support

There are 15 different languages available, any of which you can choose to rewrite the content as required.

Safety and Privacy

The content is paraphrased with absolute precision and automatically removed from the tool's database upon reloading.

Free Unlimited Access

Users worldwide can access and use this paraphrasing tool without any premium fee and limit.

Optimize the Content

Maintain readability, uniqueness, and creativity in content to make it search-engine-friendly.

How paraphrase online can enhance your writing?

Whoever creates content is well aware of the fact that uniqueness has great importance in writing. This is because duplicate content is not accepted anywhere. Even if a few phrases or sentences are similar to previously published content, it is considered plagiarism. To paraphrase online, you can easily remove plagiarism from the content.

Must be unique words

The content must be created using unique words, whether for the web or any academic assignment. Anyhow, it isn’t easy to write unique content. It is error-prone and time-consuming.

Readability and creativity

Take into account some more essential factors in writing: readability and creativity. The words you choose and how you combine them must be easy-to-read and creative enough to hook and engage the readers. Unfortunately, there can be various writing errors, such as misused and misspelled words in your writing. These writing issues can ruin your content quality, leaving no chance for a high ranking or score.

Unique and appealing

The students, researchers, and content writers can use an online paraphrasing tool to rewrite any content and make it 100% unique and appealing. The online rephrase tool uses advanced “artificial intelligence” algorithms to rewrite a piece of content to make it free from plagiarism and writing errors.

Multiple rewriting modes

For instance, you can use our word paraphraser then. It will take only a second to provide you with a unique and improved version of your content. There are multiple rewriting modes available, any of which you can leverage to change your content's writing style and make it much more captivating for the target audience.

How does our free paraphrasing tool work?

Our free online rephrasing tool is based on artificial intelligence algorithms that help in attaining uniqueness in less time with accuracy. is considered as an AI-based free rewording tool that makes content unique by replacing the words with synonyms while keeping the content quality high. Editpad contributed to the development of this great paraphrasing tool.

Who can provide excellent services ?

There are so many online paraphrase companies that offer help with many writing types of assignments and a host of others that it can be hard to know which to choose. documents, texts, articles - when it comes to paraphrase this, you need a professional such as we have that offers to refresh the given paper using a vast amount of experience in their fields of expertise.

Software and inexperienced writers will paraphrase text and swap individual terms for their synonyms. Not only is that likely to still be seen content piracy as the structure and order of wordings as are still the same but it will often not maintain the original meaning and will often use phrases that are out of context and will make the text meaningless as best.

Why should you consider ?

This paraphrasing tool provides various reasons and features by which we can easily differentiate this tool from any other online rephrase tool.

The reasons why you need to choose this sentence rephraser are listed below.

How to use Paraphrase Tool?

To use best paraphrasing tool follow the 4 simple steps given below:

  • You can choose from 15 different languages: en id da de es fr it pl pt ro sv vi cs ru th ja ko
  • Paste/write it into the text box or upload file in txt, doc, and docx format
  • Modes `Regular`, `Formal`, `Creative`, and `Academic` to modify concerning.
  • Click "Start Paraphrasing" button to rephrase and get an error-free, unique version of the content

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Rewrite with Outwrite

Rework sentences to make them clear, concise or different with our AI paraphrasing tool

Chrome Web Store

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See different ways to paraphrase your writing

Enhances the clarity and flow of your writing

Rephrases sentences to make them longer

Shortens sentences by cutting out unnecessary words

Rewords sentences to make them more formal

Suggests ways to make your writing sound more informal


Changes sentence structure to improve clarity and variety

How it .css-1bin4wx{position:relative;background-color:transparent;background-repeat:no-repeat;-webkit-background-position:1px 55%;background-position:1px 55%;-webkit-background-size:calc(100% - 2px) 50%;background-size:calc(100% - 2px) 50%;background-image:linear-gradient( to right, hsla(8, 66%, 83%, 1) 0%, hsla(8, 66%, 83%, 1) 100% );} works

Rewrite your sentences in three easy steps

  • Highlight a section of text
  • Choose a goal

Rewrite .css-1803rni{position:relative;background-color:transparent;background-repeat:no-repeat;-webkit-background-position:1px 55%;background-position:1px 55%;-webkit-background-size:calc(100% - 2px) 50%;background-size:calc(100% - 2px) 50%;background-image:linear-gradient( to right, hsla(46, 95%, 84%, 1) 0%, hsla(46, 95%, 84%, 1) 100% );} anywhere online

online sites for paraphrasing

Unlock other .css-1bin4wx{position:relative;background-color:transparent;background-repeat:no-repeat;-webkit-background-position:1px 55%;background-position:1px 55%;-webkit-background-size:calc(100% - 2px) 50%;background-size:calc(100% - 2px) 50%;background-image:linear-gradient( to right, hsla(8, 66%, 83%, 1) 0%, hsla(8, 66%, 83%, 1) 100% );} advanced features

Style suggestions

Simplifies and shortens wordy or complex phrases

Passive voice detection

Converts phrases from passive voice to active voice

Multilingual support

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Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase online any text using our AI paraphrasing tool. Paste paragraphs in the input box below and click the “Paraphrase” button.

  • Word Changer
  • Sentence Rephraser
  • Paraphrase Text
  • Text Improver
  • Phrase Modifier

Orignal Text

Paraphrased Text

How to Use Paraphrase Online?

Step 3

About Paraphrasing

According to Louisiana State University , Paraphrasing is a technique of rewording content with changed wording, structure, and tone while keeping the main idea. Paraphrasing is done to make a piece of content more fluent, effective, and plagiarism-free. Our free online paraphrasing tool rephrases your content by keeping these things in consideration.

Paraphrase Tool Features

Paraphrase Online has many features that make it one of the best paraphrase tool. Content writers, students, researchers, or even journalists can use this paraphraser to improve and rephrase their content. 

Feature Image

Easy, Fast, Accurate & Free

Our free paraphrasing tool is super easy to use and it provides accurate results within seconds. It is an advanced AI-based rephraser developed using NLP technology .

Feature Image

Paraphrase Just like Humans

Our paraphrase tool was developed and tested on human-level paraphrasing techniques. The final result is 100% plagiarism free and has a good readability score.

Feature Image

Six AI-based Modes with up to 2,500 words limit.

This paraphrasing tool comes with 6 modes (Word changer, Sentence Rephraser, Paraphrase Text, Phrase Modifier, AI mode, and Text Improver). These modes have a 2,500 word limit. 

How does Paraphrase Online work?

Paraphrase online is the best paraphrasing tool for students, essay writers and bloggers that can rephrase sentences without changing their original meaning.

Getting the input as per its mode

Once input is pasted, our paraphraser tool will detect its structure according to the mode selected. In Word changer mode, this rewording tool only changes synonyms in the text. It does not rephrase sentences.

Paraphrase online according to the mode

Content will be paraphrased using NLP technology if the Sentence Rephraser (a.k.a. Sentence changer ) mode is selected. For Paraphrase Text mode, paraphrase online will use GPT-3 technology. And for Text Improver mode, it will paraphrase using multiple models.

Processing the text

After rephrasing is done, our free paraphrasing tool will improve the readability of the content. In the case of Text Improver mode, our tool will also check for grammatical mistakes. It will correct grammatical errors automatically. You don’t need to do extra work for this.

Changing output according to language

Our rephrasing tool revamps the content according to the selected language. It is beneficial in the case, you are required to rephrase the writings of multiple languages. The tool is capable of paraphrasing in nine languages including, EN , ES , TL , ID , DE , BR , FR , IT , VI , TR, RO , and NL .


Paraphrase Online | Rephrase Text Quickly, Smartly, and Diversely

Our paraphraser lets you rephrase sentences, paragraphs, essays, and articles in seconds. Our rewording tool makes it easy for users to utilize new words and phrases in their content.

Who Can Use Paraphrase Online?

Students have to write plagiarism-free assignments. With our online paraphraser tool, students can easily paraphrase text to avoid plagiarism. Our tool accurately conveys the original message even after paraphrasing.

With our free paraphrasing tool, teachers can simplify complex texts to make them easier for students. To create study notes, practice problems, and assignment topics, this sentence rephraser can save a lot of time. It provides different ideas on the same topics to help students understand them better.

Content Writers

A paraphraser is the most valuable tool for content writers. Content writers use our paraphrase tool to:

  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Improve the writing style
  • Choose better words for their articles
  • Save time for writing long content

SEO Experts

Keywords adjustment in already written content is very tough, but with our word changer, you can get different ideas to adjust keywords.  And if a portion of your webpage is plagiarized, our paraphrase tool can help you to make it unique without changing the main context.  With our tool, SEO experts can write high-quality content that engages readers.

Need to publish a blog quickly? We have your back. With our sentence rephraser and paraphrase text modes, you can create unique and plagiarism-free blogs in minutes. Paraphrase Online also improves the quality of the text, which helps in good readability.

Digital marketers

Eye-catching and engaging words matter in digital marketing. Use our rewording tool to create your next subject lines, banner texts, blog titles, and more. Our rephraser creates multiple versions of the same text. Digital marketers can perform A/B testing and pick the best.

Frequently asked questions

We developed this paraphrase generator with Artificial Intelligence to work best for writing purposes. 

Yes, you can use this online paraphraser tool from any device to paraphrase text. 

Yes, the use of our paraphrasing tool is free, you can paraphrase 2500 words in one request.

Because our tool has 6 modes trained with advanced AI models that can rephrase more accurately than a human.

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Online Paraphrasing Tool

Use our free grammar & spell checker + text rewriter to improve your content for higher efficiency., linguix paraphraser is a tool that helps you rewrite and enhance any sentence., regardless of who you are or what you do, linguix has writing and research tools to support you. our paraphraser has been used by authors, students, researchers, journalists, attorneys, and everyone in between. linguix is ready to help you boost your skills, because writing with confidence will change the way you interact with the world. linguix is a top-rated paraphraser, give it a try today.

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12 Best Paraphrasing Tool Sites You Can Use Online

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How do Paraphrasing Tools Work?

Writing will always be part of our lives, whether for academic and professional purposes or for everyday socializing. And just like in any aspect of modern living, being unique is key. Authenticity is a rare commodity these days, but it is not impossible, and when achieved, it is highly rewarded. In writing, your own unique words are your greatest asset. Although, if we’re being honest, it is difficult to come up with clear and comprehensive statements that haven’t been said already. This is why the best paraphrasing tool can be your greatest weapon.

It’s not your fault most opinions have been voiced out and published out on the world wide web. People have a lot to say, and they want to share their learnings with everybody. So, no matter how great of a writer you are, there is still a huge possibility your words will sound similar or mirror somebody else’s at least ten times. Next thing you know, you have committed the greatest crime a writer can do — plagiarism.

Paraphrasing is the answer to your plagiarism troubles or the very thing that will help you avoid it in the first place.

12 Best Paraphrasing Tool Sites You Can Use Now

If you’re on the hunt for the best paraphrasing tool out there, you’re in luck! We have scoured the internet full of different paraphrasing tools and narrowed the best into 12. Read on to check out which paraphrasing site is perfect for your writing needs.


QuillBot is one of the most comprehensive paraphrasing tools available now. It has a top-of-the-line online paraphraser that transforms your 400-character copied-and-pasted source text into a full-blown original reworded work.

QuillBot’s site also features a summarizer and a grammar checker to cater to your other writing needs. The site offers several Quill Modes you can choose from such as Standard, Fluency, Creative, Creative+, Formal, Shorten, and Expand, which we’ll get into more detail later on. You can also integrate your Google Docs and Microsoft Word documents so you’ll be able to paraphrase directly on your document. This, paired with a good plagiarism checker , will ensure a completely unique work.

The best thing about QuillBot? It’s free! You don’t even have to sign up to use their paraphrasing tool. You can sign up to maximize its full utility. It’s still free and you’ll be able to unlock the use of an extra Quill Mode and expand the number of characters you can enter on the Paraphraser up to 700.

AI-Powered Thesaurus

QuillBot uses an integrated artificial intelligence in its thesaurus, enabling you to find the right synonyms for your work. Just click on any word on the paraphrased text and you can choose from an array of synonyms suggested.

Freeze Words Feature

In QuillBot, there is a Freeze Words option, which prevents words or phrases from being modified in the Paraphraser. This gives you more confidence that the important keywords on your text will remain where you want them to be.

Word Flipper Slider

QuillBot’s site also features a Word Flipper, which lets you adjust how many changes you want to apply to words and phrases on the source text. The Word Flipper scale ranges from Less Changes with More Accuracy to More Changes with Less Accuracy, which you can slide left and right.

Quill Modes

There are seven different modes you can use on the Paraphraser that can help you write better and faster. The mode you choose will set what the QuillBot AI will focus on.

  • Standard Mode: default mode. Strikes a balance between making modifications to your text while maintaining the message and making it seem as natural as possible.
  • Fluency Mode: focuses on making your text sound as grammatically correct as possible. This mode ensures the original intent and meaning of the source text are intact.
  • Creative Mode: focuses on making the most changes possible. However, this will affect the overall coherency and might change the original text’s meaning.
  • Creative+ Mode: not only will it make the most changes but will also have a better understanding of language. In this mode, QuillBot’s AI can identify common phrases and sayings.
  • Formal Mode: for business and academic purposes. The Formal mode modifies your text in order to make it more appropriate for formal and serious readership.
  • Shorten Mode: for those who have assignments with a limited word count. The QuillBot AI focuses on shortening your text as much as possible while still preserving the original context.
  • Expand Mode: will lengthen your source text by adding appropriate words and phrases. This mode is convenient for those writers who have to hit a word count quota.

QuillBot Rates

Quillbot Pricing: best paraphrasing tool

As we have mentioned, you can start using QuillBot as your paraphrasing tool as soon as you can as it doesn’t entail any fee. However, there are a lot of features you can’t fully access on the free platform.

To unlock more options and modes, QuillBot offers its users a premium version that offers a higher character limit of up to 10,000, and access to Creative+, Formal, Shorten, and Expand modes. In Premium, you’ll be able to compare paraphrased texts in different modes all at once.

QuillBot offers three payment plans starting from $4.95 per month.

  • Monthly – $4.95 billed every month.
  • Semi-Annual – $4.14 per month (billed every six months for $24.95).
  • Annual – $3.33 per month (billed as one payment of $39.95 every 12 months).


Duplichecker: best paraphrasing tool

Duplichecker is an all-encompassing writing tool with a grammar and spelling checker, plagiarism checker, and paraphrasing tool. It’s a complete package that offers everything you’ll ever need in your writing assignment. Duplichecker’s best paraphrasing tool or article spinner features a simple interface where you can simply paste the source text or upload a file you want to paraphrase on the site and click Rewrite Article after answering the captcha. After a few seconds, you’ll have a paraphrased material free of plagiarism.

This paraphrasing tool uses progressive artificial intelligence and servers that process major batches of words and content all at once. Duplichecker also has an extensive synonym library, which is vital for paraphrasing. This is a great Grammarly alternative that can help with quality assurance on your writing.

Duplichecker is particularly popular amongst students, teachers, and SEO writers as it provides the perfect place for them to perfect their writing and produce it at the most efficient time.

All-in-One Tool

The convenience that Duplichecker offers has yet to be contested. Its site is truly a content writer’s dream! Instead of opening multiple tabs for different tools, with Duplichecker, one is enough. You can make sure your text is grammatically correct and plagiarism-free in no time.

2,000-Word Limit

Duplichecker allows its users to paraphrase a whopping 2000 words at one go. This is a lot when compared to other free paraphrasing sites that can only do 500 at max. The 2000 words limit provides Duplichecker’s users with ample time, and higher paraphrased quality as the bulk of the text can be analyzed as a whole, keeping the context as intact as possible.

Variety in File Uploads


The Paraphrasing Tool or Article Rewriter in Duplichecker allows users to upload several different types of file formats to the site that they want to be paraphrased. The file types accepted are .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, and .rtf.

Duplichecker Rates

Duplichecker Pricing

Duplichecker can be the best paraphrasing tool for you yet because it is absolutely free! You can utilize all the tools on the site without even having to sign up.

However, if the 2000 word limit is not enough for you, you can opt to do a custom-paid plan with Duplichecker. For as low as $10, you can increase your word limit to 30,000, be able to download a custom pdf plagiarism report, and many more in-depth services.

Spinbot: best paraphrasing tool

Spinbot is a free automatic paraphrasing tool or article spinner that rewrites any text to readable content. It can spin the 1,000 words or 10,000 characters into entirely new writing in just one click.

The app’s paraphrasing tool has text spinning abilities that can give you better ways to examine old topics or conceptualize new material. This is especially useful if you want to refresh online media posts, blog entries, or site content.

Spinbot boasts that it’s an online marketer’s dream tool as it makes the toiling task of gaining search engine dominance easier for them. The tool takes the source text and turns it into a dense textual material while still retaining the context and meaning of the original text. It also features an Ignore Any box that enables you to leave certain words unchanged while the paraphrasing tool works its magic. You can also spin capitalized words and phrases using Spinbot by ticking a simple box at the bottom of the site.

Spinbot API

Developers can utilize the Spinbot API, which they can integrate into their own applications or websites. This enables users to automatically paraphrase or rewrite content on their own platform right then and there.

Spinbot Rates

Spinbot Pricing

You can use Spinbot’s free paraphrasing tool anytime you want without the need for signing up. However, if you don’t want the hassle of answering captcha every time you do an article spin or are tired of seeing ads when you use Spinbot, they have premium plans set up.

  • One month of captcha and ad-free subscription – $10.00
  • Six months of captcha and ad-free subscription – $50.00
  • One Year of captcha and ad-free subscription – $75.00

Wordtune: best paraphrasing tool

Wordtune acts the same way as any paraphrasing tool, but what sets it apart is the advanced artificial intelligence tools and language models it uses during the process of rewriting your text. The site applies machine learning technology trained on vast datasets of written material. Wordtune’s rewrite suggestions come from the patterns learned from this data.

Wordtune is the best paraphrasing tool for non-native English speakers as it can translate your thoughts and expressions into coherent sentences. It is a collaborative tool that recommends different ways to express yourself in the best possible way in writing. Wordtune ensures your paraphrased text is grammatically correct, with a comprehensive tone, flow, and word choice.

Go to Wordtune

English Translation for Foreign Languages

Wordtune’s paraphrasing tool can rewrite foreign source texts and translate and rewrite them into English. This feature supports Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish.

Google Chrome Extension

Wordtune offers a convenient Google Chrome extension that enables you to effectively paraphrase on Gmail, Google Docs,, Outlook, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Slack, and many more.

All you need to do is visit the Google Web Store and install Wordtune’s browser extension. A Wordtune icon will then appear to any text you highlight on your desktop, which you can click to view rewriting suggestions.

Wordtune Modes

You can reach your paraphrasing goals easier with Wordtune’s paraphrasing tool as it features four modes you can apply to your rewritten text. The flour modes are Casual, Formal, Shorten, and Expand.

Wordtune Rates

Wordtune Pricing

Wordtune does offer a free subscription to users who use their web extension or site. The free plan includes their AI-based paraphrasing tool with smart synonyms and foreign language translation.

The site also has a premium subscription plan that costs $9.99 per month. You can have this billed as $119.88 in one year to save 60%! If you have a team and want Wordtune to assist their writing needs, you can set up a meeting with Wordtune for a custom premium quote.

But wait, there’s more! Wordtune offers monthly and annual discounts to students and educators with an official .edu email address and is enrolled in an academic institution. A 40% monthly and annual discount is also up for grabs for non-profit and NGOs with Wordtune.

Spinner Chief 6

Spinner Chief 6: best paraphrasing tool

Spinner Chief 6 is one of the best paraphrasing tools out there, generating high-quality articles that are 100% plagiarism-free in one minute. It is the only paraphrasing software that offers a web and desktop version of the paraphrasing tool.

This paraphrasing tool uses AI, natural language analysis, and  Statistical Replacement Technology (SRT). The SRT allows Spinner Chief 6 to find the most appropriate statistical synonym for any word or phrase and emulate natural language flow.

Spinner Chief 6 has an advanced auto-grammar fix function that enables you to spin words and phrases to get the best paraphrased article. The site’s thesaurus supports over 20 languages, to provide you with the best synonyms for your article.

Cloud Thesaurus

Spinner Chief 6 has a cloud-based thesaurus that grows the more you use it. With over 200,000 users contributing to the thesaurus every day, you’ll definitely find the best synonym for your paraphrasing needs.


With Spinner Chief 6, you’ll get access to their ContentBomb function, which lets you scrape and convert content into any format and submit it directly to your website.

Desktop and Web Versions

Spinner Chief 6 desktop and web versions allow you to paraphrase and spin articles anywhere and anytime on your computer. It’s the only paraphrasing tool that features both versions in a single purchase.

Spinner Chief 6 Rates

Spinner Chief 6

You can start using Spinner chief as your personal paraphrasing tool after signing up for one of their basic plans. Spinner Chief 6’s Free Version is perfect for basic paraphrasing. You can download their free desktop tool or register for free on their site.

The Elite Version, on the other hand, requires a $197 one-time fee, and you’ll get access to the Spinner Chief 6’s state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool powered by NLP and AI technology for a lifetime.

The site also offers premium plans for businesses and people who want to unlock all the features of Spinner Chief’s paraphrasing tool:

  • Ultimate Version – $307.00 one-time fee or $107.00 per year
  • Team Version – $627.00 one-time fee or $277.00 per year4

WordAi: best paraphrasing tool

WordAi is among the best paraphrasing tools for its use of advanced machine learning models to completely restructure sentences and words while maintaining the source text’s original intent. This paraphrasing tool uses AI to help your writing rank higher in search engines while improving the quality and clarity of the overall writing.

WordAi comes up with complex ways to phrase the same idea by paraphrasing each sentence from scratch. This ensures there is no plagiarism or any duplicate content.

Bulk Paraphrasing

WordAi allows bulk paraphrasing where you can rewrite 10 or 100 articles all at the same time. It can also provide up to 1000 rewritten versions of a single material.

Article Forge Integration

WordAi lets you link an Article Forge account for the times writer’s block hit and you don’t have any content to paraphrase. This feature lets you import unique AI-written articles to work with.

HTML Compatibility

WordAi’s paraphrasing tool supports HTML material that enables you to add styling and easily spin images and video within the software.

WordAi Rates

WordAi Pricing

WordAi’s best paraphrasing tool comes in two subscription plans: Monthly and Yearly. Both of the plans offer a three-day free trial with a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

  • Monthly – $49.95 per month
  • Yearly – $24.95 per month billed annually

WordAi also offers a custom plan for enterprising accounts with multiple users.

Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online: best paraphrasing tool

Paraphrase Online is an online paraphrasing tool that accurately rewords articles and paragraphs in one click.

This paraphrasing tool is absolutely free with no sign-ups required. You can start paraphrasing as soon as you reach Paraphrase Online’s site and get high-quality rewritten words and phrases for your blog, documents, or website.

Simple Interface

Among this list of best paraphrasing tools, Paraphrase Online sports the simplest website.  When you reach the site, you’ll see the box where you can paste your source text alongside the box for the paraphrased material.

It’s a no-fuss paraphrasing tool perfect for newbies who aren’t well-versed in the technical side of a paraphrasing tool.

Synonym Generator

Paraphrase Online has a native synonym generator you can use directly on the reworded text. If you’re unhappy with the word used, you can just directly click the word and choose a better synonym from the drop-down that will appear. It will replace the word you chose instantly and provide you with a better article to your liking.

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter: best paraphrasing tool

Spin Rewriter is the best paraphrasing tool for over 181,394 users across the globe. It is one of the original paraphrasing tools available online powered by emulated natural language (ENL) semantic spinning technology that delivers a thorough analysis of your article to fully understand the meaning of your text.

This paraphrasing tool allows stock photo integration, so you can add copyright-free photos to your articles with one click. Spin Rewriter can also generate over 1,000 unique versions of your source text and even create new material based on the content.

In-Depth Video Tutorials

Spin Rewriter features various video tutorials for its users, providing their customers with readily available information regarding its paraphrasing tool. The site is home to dozens of information that can enhance people’s Spin Rewriter experience.

Compatibility With All Devices

Spin Rewriter is a cloud-based paraphrasing tool, which means you can access it from anywhere, anytime. One of the best features of Spin Rewriter is that it is compatible with all devices. You can paraphrase on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Spin Rewriter Rates

Spin Rewriter Pricing

Spin Rewriter offers three subscription plans to fulfill all your paraphrasing needs. If you’re not ready for a paid subscription, you can always try their five-day free trial under the Yearly plan.

  • Monthly – $47.00 per month
  • Yearly – $77.00 per year (60% discount)
  • Lifetime – $497.00 one-time fee

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter: best paraphrasing tool

Chimp Rewriter paraphrasing tool reads, learns, and helps you repurpose content while still maintaining the original meaning with 100% new words, language structure, and syntax. It’s a complete content writer assistant that uses AI technology and natural language processing to paraphrase content at record time.

This paraphrasing tool offers anchor text spin, N-spin, list and random ordering, bulk rewrites, and so much more. Chimp Rewriter is the best paraphrasing tool for those who are serious about delivering extensive amounts of content and wants a paraphrasing tool that can keep up.

Support for Foreign Languages

Chimp Rewriter’s paraphrasing tool supports almost all languages like English, Dutch, Danish, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Slovenian, Romanian, Portuguese, and many more. This makes the tool more comprehensive as each language has a built-in thesaurus on the site.

Integrated API

Chimp Rewriter’s API can link to major SEO tools. This includes WP robot, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Ultimate Demon, and a lot more content creation suite options.

Thesaurus Customization

You can also customize your thesaurus and build global and niche-based optimizations. Chimp Rewriter’s paraphrasing tool learns the way you spin and rewrite through your old article’s spintax and give you the best synonyms fit for your writing style.

Chimp Rewriter Rates

You can start using Chimp Rewriter as soon as you can by getting started with their 14-day free trial. If you find that Chimp Rewriter is the best paraphrasing tool for you, you can check out their two subscription plans. Both of the plans provide you with two computer access, 1,500 API requests per month, and free software updates.

  • Monthly – $15.00 per month
  • Yearly – $99.00 per year



CleverSpinner aims to replace the expensive content writer you are paying to paraphrase your articles with its best paraphrasing tool powered by artificial intelligence. It’s a one-of-a-kind web-based paraphrasing tool that can automatically rework your articles with the same degree of quality as a writer. With the artificial intelligence it employs, it interprets language as if it were a person.

Meaningful Synonyms

CleverSpinner’s paraphrasing tool understands both context and sentence structure, which enables it to generate appropriate synonyms when it spins articles. This retains the original intent of the source text while adding more meaning to the new text.


One of the great features CleverSpinner offers is producing plagiarism-free rewritten articles. And you can make sure of this as all words, phrases, and sentences they spin goes through Copyscape.

3-Day Free Trial

CleverSpinner offers a free three-day trial for all those interested in making their paraphrasing tasks easier. In the trial, you get instant access to all the features of CleverSpinner and start rewriting articles with absolutely no restrictions as soon as one click.

CleverSpinner Rates

This paraphrasing tool only has one monthly subscription plan available after their free 3-day trial, but it is one of the most affordable writing tools. For $9.90 per month, you can continue paraphrasing effortlessly with CleverSpinner.


CoderDuck is one of the best paraphrasing tools that doesn’t require any fees or sign-ups at all. It’s a simple online paraphrasing tool that does the job with no drama.

Every article generated or rewritten using CoderDuck has a 90-100% plagiarism-free guarantee, which has good odds for a free paraphrasing tool. This site is perfect for websites and writers just starting with their SEO journey who don’t have the luxury to splurge on a premium paraphrasing tool.

Seven Languages Supported

With CoderDuck, you can start paraphrasing articles in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, and Indonesian with their one-click paraphrasing tool.

The Best Spinner 4.0

TBS4: best paraphrasing tool

The Best Spinner 4.0, according to its 92,721 users, more than lives up to its name as one of the best paraphrasing tools. It can rewrite 100 versions of your original article and lets you compare them side-by-side.

The Best Spinner 4.0 uses Copyscape API to make sure search engines view your paraphrased words and phrases as unique and finally rank in searches. You can utilize the tool using any device with its downloadable software compatible with any device including Mac and tablets.

Written Words to Audio

The Best Spinner 4.0 features text-to-speech technology that can enable you to create audio/MP3 files out of your article! This feature takes the crown to other paraphrasing tools in unique functionalities, giving you one more way to get your content out there.

Foreign Language Translation

You can translate your article into 14 different languages using The Best Spinner 4.0. The site allows you to rewrite any word or phrases using your preferred language.

The Best Spinner 4.0 Rates

TBS4 Pricing

The Best Spinner 4.0 has three subscription plans: Basic, Standard, and Pro. All three plans give you access to their API, features, and full seed content database.

The Best Spinner 4.0 doesn’t offer any free trial with their paraphrasing tool, but they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee if the tool doesn’t fulfill your paraphrasing needs.

  • Basic – $67 /year
  • Standard – $127 /year
  • Pro – $297 /year

Benefits of Using a Paraphrasing Tool

Having the best paraphrasing tool under your belt is one of the smartest things a writer can do and here’s why:

Avoid Duplicate Content

No more worrying about duplicate content and committing plagiarism unconsciously. With the best paraphrasing tools, you can avoid plagiarism in your work completely.

Save Time and Money

You’ll have both time and money in your bank with the best paraphrasing tool. The manual paraphrasing process is extremely time-consuming, from finding different synonyms to creating entirely new sentence structures but with a paraphrasing tool — all this can be done in one click!

Improve Content

A paraphrasing tool can improve the content of your source. Most tools now are backed with advanced algorithms and AI, which generates better versions of the article.

Be a Better Writer

A paraphrasing tool can also empower you to showcase your writing better! I know it seems impossible, but an automatic article spinner can definitely help you become a better writer. The best paraphrasing tools provide insights into the different angles you can take on a single article. Don’t forget a paraphrasing tool also expands your vocabulary with its extensive thesauri.

Why Do You Need a Paraphrasing Tool?

Why do you need a paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing is essential to the writer of today who makes all his or her research online and doesn’t want to get labeled as a plagiarizer. The internet is both a gold mine and a landmine. A writer must be careful in treading the fields of the world wide web. That’s why you need tools like the best paraphrasing tools that can guide you to your writing goals in the most efficient way.

A paraphrasing tool also comes in handy for those plagued with deadlines. The tool gives them more time in their hands to create original content as it takes out the pressure and hassle of manual paraphrasing such as thinking of various synonyms.

Students and academic writers can also benefit from a paraphrasing tool in a variety of ways. It’s widely understood that students often copy and exchange homework but are expected to produce original assignments. One of the most efficient ways to morph your classmate’s paper into your very own is using a paraphrasing tool.

How Paraphrasing Tools Work

How do Paraphrasing Tools Work?

Paraphrasing tools are easy to use, with most sites featuring a user-friendly interface that can help writers even with grandma-level computer literacy.

All you need to do is copy the text or type the source material you want to paraphrase to the paraphrasing site. The software will then simply rewrite and modify the text and provide synonyms while retaining the meaning and staying true to the source material’s intention.

The best paraphrasing tools use automatic dynamic text or artificial intelligence with unique processing algorithms that allow rewriting, word synonymization, and detect different grammar errors.

Writing is never an easy task. It takes an insane amount of mental energy, commitment, and sheer will. But now, thanks to technology, we have tools that can make the process simpler.

A paraphrasing tool is a godsend to the writer in all of us. It empowers us to use the time we now have to concentrate on more important things we failed to notice because we are busy manually rewriting each word and trying to rank on search engines.

So, save your time and energy! Check out all the best paraphrasing tools we compiled and find the best one for you.

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How to Paraphrase | Step-by-Step Guide & Examples

Published on April 8, 2022 by Courtney Gahan and Jack Caulfield. Revised on June 1, 2023.

Paraphrasing means putting someone else’s ideas into your own words. Paraphrasing a source involves changing the wording while preserving the original meaning.

Paraphrasing is an alternative to  quoting (copying someone’s exact words and putting them in quotation marks ). In academic writing, it’s usually better to integrate sources by paraphrasing instead of quoting. It shows that you have understood the source, reads more smoothly, and keeps your own voice front and center.

Every time you paraphrase, it’s important to cite the source . Also take care not to use wording that is too similar to the original. Otherwise, you could be at risk of committing plagiarism .

What is your plagiarism score?

Compare your paper with 99.3 billion webpages and 8 million publications.

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How to paraphrase in five easy steps, how to paraphrase correctly, examples of paraphrasing, how to cite a paraphrase, paraphrasing vs. quoting, paraphrasing vs. summarizing, avoiding plagiarism when you paraphrase, other interesting articles, frequently asked questions about paraphrasing.

If you’re struggling to get to grips with the process of paraphrasing, check out our easy step-by-step guide in the video below.

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Putting an idea into your own words can be easier said than done. Let’s say you want to paraphrase the text below, about population decline in a particular species of sea snails.

Incorrect paraphrasing

You might make a first attempt to paraphrase it by swapping out a few words for  synonyms .

Like other sea creatures inhabiting the vicinity of highly populated coasts, horse conchs have lost substantial territory to advancement and contamination , including preferred breeding grounds along mud flats and seagrass beds. Their Gulf home is also heating up due to global warming , which scientists think further puts pressure on the creatures , predicated upon the harmful effects extra warmth has on other large mollusks (Barnett, 2022).

This attempt at paraphrasing doesn’t change the sentence structure or order of information, only some of the word choices. And the synonyms chosen are poor:

  • “Advancement and contamination” doesn’t really convey the same meaning as “development and pollution.”
  • Sometimes the changes make the tone less academic: “home” for “habitat” and “sea creatures” for “marine animals.”
  • Adding phrases like “inhabiting the vicinity of” and “puts pressure on” makes the text needlessly long-winded.
  • Global warming is related to climate change, but they don’t mean exactly the same thing.

Because of this, the text reads awkwardly, is longer than it needs to be, and remains too close to the original phrasing. This means you risk being accused of plagiarism .

Correct paraphrasing

Let’s look at a more effective way of paraphrasing the same text.

Here, we’ve:

  • Only included the information that’s relevant to our argument (note that the paraphrase is shorter than the original)
  • Introduced the information with the signal phrase “Scientists believe that …”
  • Retained key terms like “development and pollution,” since changing them could alter the meaning
  • Structured sentences in our own way instead of copying the structure of the original
  • Started from a different point, presenting information in a different order

Because of this, we’re able to clearly convey the relevant information from the source without sticking too close to the original phrasing.

Explore the tabs below to see examples of paraphrasing in action.

  • Journal article
  • Newspaper article
  • Magazine article

Once you have your perfectly paraphrased text, you need to ensure you credit the original author. You’ll always paraphrase sources in the same way, but you’ll have to use a different type of in-text citation depending on what citation style you follow.

Generate accurate citations with Scribbr

It’s a good idea to paraphrase instead of quoting in most cases because:

  • Paraphrasing shows that you fully understand the meaning of a text
  • Your own voice remains dominant throughout your paper
  • Quotes reduce the readability of your text

But that doesn’t mean you should never quote. Quotes are appropriate when:

  • Giving a precise definition
  • Saying something about the author’s language or style (e.g., in a literary analysis paper)
  • Providing evidence in support of an argument
  • Critiquing or analyzing a specific claim

A paraphrase puts a specific passage into your own words. It’s typically a similar length to the original text, or slightly shorter.

When you boil a longer piece of writing down to the key points, so that the result is a lot shorter than the original, this is called summarizing .

Paraphrasing and quoting are important tools for presenting specific information from sources. But if the information you want to include is more general (e.g., the overarching argument of a whole article), summarizing is more appropriate.

When paraphrasing, you have to be careful to avoid accidental plagiarism .

This can happen if the paraphrase is too similar to the original quote, with phrases or whole sentences that are identical (and should therefore be in quotation marks). It can also happen if you fail to properly cite the source.

Paraphrasing tools are widely used by students, and can be especially useful for non-native speakers who may find academic writing particularly challenging. While these can be helpful for a bit of extra inspiration, use these tools sparingly, keeping academic integrity in mind.

To make sure you’ve properly paraphrased and cited all your sources, you could elect to run a plagiarism check before submitting your paper. And of course, always be sure to read your source material yourself and take the first stab at paraphrasing on your own.

If you want to know more about ChatGPT, AI tools , citation , and plagiarism , make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples.

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  • Types of plagiarism
  • Self-plagiarism
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Academic integrity
  • Consequences of plagiarism
  • Common knowledge

To paraphrase effectively, don’t just take the original sentence and swap out some of the words for synonyms. Instead, try:

  • Reformulating the sentence (e.g., change active to passive , or start from a different point)
  • Combining information from multiple sentences into one
  • Leaving out information from the original that isn’t relevant to your point
  • Using synonyms where they don’t distort the meaning

The main point is to ensure you don’t just copy the structure of the original text, but instead reformulate the idea in your own words.

Paraphrasing without crediting the original author is a form of plagiarism , because you’re presenting someone else’s ideas as if they were your own.

However, paraphrasing is not plagiarism if you correctly cite the source . This means including an in-text citation and a full reference, formatted according to your required citation style .

As well as citing, make sure that any paraphrased text is completely rewritten in your own words.

Plagiarism means using someone else’s words or ideas and passing them off as your own. Paraphrasing means putting someone else’s ideas in your own words.

So when does paraphrasing count as plagiarism?

  • Paraphrasing is plagiarism if you don’t properly credit the original author.
  • Paraphrasing is plagiarism if your text is too close to the original wording (even if you cite the source). If you directly copy a sentence or phrase, you should quote it instead.
  • Paraphrasing  is not plagiarism if you put the author’s ideas completely in your own words and properly cite the source .

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To present information from other sources in academic writing , it’s best to paraphrase in most cases. This shows that you’ve understood the ideas you’re discussing and incorporates them into your text smoothly.

It’s appropriate to quote when:

  • Changing the phrasing would distort the meaning of the original text
  • You want to discuss the author’s language choices (e.g., in literary analysis )
  • You’re presenting a precise definition
  • You’re looking in depth at a specific claim

Cite this Scribbr article

If you want to cite this source, you can copy and paste the citation or click the “Cite this Scribbr article” button to automatically add the citation to our free Citation Generator.

Gahan, C. & Caulfield, J. (2023, June 01). How to Paraphrase | Step-by-Step Guide & Examples. Scribbr. Retrieved April 15, 2024, from

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Courtney Gahan

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I've been using Scribbr for years now and I know it's a service that won't disappoint. It does a good job spotting mistakes”

online sites for paraphrasing

Helping Advanced Students Overcome The Language Learning Plateau

Girl reading book in library. Text overlay reads: Helping Advanced Students Overcome The Language Learning Plateau

When it comes to learning a language, the journey is as important as the destination. This is particularly true for advanced learners who often encounter a ‘language learning plateau’. At this stage, progress seems to slow down or even stall, leading to frustration and discouragement for learners (and, perhaps, teachers!).   

Unlike earlier stages, where learners accumulate new vocabulary and grammar, advanced learners face the challenge of expanding and refining their existing knowledge. Polishing and perfecting a language requires time, patience and a shift in focus.  

For us teachers guiding advanced learners past this language learning plateau, we need to remind our students that they are shifting to understanding the nuances of language in various contexts, rather than building foundational blocks as they did early on in their language learning journey.   

Here are some ways we can help our advanced students overcome the language learning plateau. 

1. Remind your students about what to focus on 

As mentioned, an advanced learner will be refining their language skills rather than building on them as much as they would at a lower level.   

To help students understand this, give them examples of a sentence which could be understood in different ways depending on context, stress or the way in which a sentence is said. For example:   

I didn’t say he ate the cake.   

  • If you stress I, it may mean someone else said he ate the cake.   
  • If you stress he, it may mean you said someone else ate the cake.   
  • If you stress cake, it may mean you said he ate something else.   

You can do this for any word in the sentence. Why not think of other examples or have students come up with their own? 

2. Utilise the CEFR descriptors

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is a valuable tool for discussing learning objectives.   

  • Go through the CEFR descriptors with your students and have them tick off the skills they feel confident with. This helps them recognise their competencies and understand more deeply, what their language level is.   
  • Then, identify areas students wish to improve. Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals can provide clear direction.   
  • Encourage students to write ‘can-do’ statements, reflecting on their progress and acknowledging improvements they might not have noticed.

3. Make progress visible

Progress tests designed to encourage, rather than catch students out, can be highly beneficial in helping advanced learners overcome the language learning plateau.   

These tests, along with self and peer evaluations, can help learners see their advancement and development throughout each level of learning. Regularly referring back to their objectives allows students to visibly measure their progress, reinforcing their motivation.  

There are also proficiency tests such as the Oxford Test of English which you can introduce to your students if they’re looking to progress in their careers and work overseas, study abroad or take courses taught in English. You could explain that the Reading and Listening modules of the Oxford Test of English are adaptive, meaning that the questions are tailored to the test taker’s specific answers.    

4. Encourage peer teaching

Encourage students to identify areas they find challenging and develop activities so they can assist one another in improving. For example:   

  • Have students identify three areas they think they are good at/strong in, and three areas they think they need to improve. For example, pronunciation, fluency, paraphrasing, using more complex sentences etc. Pair students up. Have one student who said they need to improve something work with a student that feels confident in that particular area.    
  • You can encourage students to have a weekly check-in with each other, or pair them up when working on specific tasks that practice that particular skill.   

Peer teaching can be highly motivational as it involves learners in their own and their peers’ development, fostering a collaborative learning environment.  

5. Connect with authentic language

Incorporating authentic language materials can be helpful for advanced learners.   

  • Show learners examples of how proficient English speakers make errors and correct them, helping them understand that language learning is an ongoing process. You can do this by watching authentic videos online.   
  • This approach can also help students identify and rectify their own ‘fossilised’ errors – those long-standing mistakes that have become a habitual part of their language use.  

6. Creativity and imagination

When students feel like they’ve hit a language learning plateau, they can feel bored and discouraged in lessons. Try to introduce new activities or ways of learning to remedy this.   

For example:   

  • Include interactive games, debates on current issues or explore unusual topics   
  • Using authentic YouTube videos, memes or viral TikTok videos as discussion points or the basis of a lesson   
  • Have students decide on the topic of the lesson  
  • Have students bring in items or design activities related to the topic of the lesson, to personalise the class and encourage peer learning   

Creative learning strategies not only make the process more enjoyable but can also introduce new language contexts, helping to address persistent errors.  

Remember, overcoming the language learning plateau is not just about students moving forward but also about appreciating how far they’ve already come. As teachers, your role in guiding learners through this phase is crucial – offering not just knowledge but also inspiration and encouragement.  

Share ideas on how you can help students overcome the language learning plateau.

Find out more about Teaching Advanced Learners here . 

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Dynamic pricing is on the rise

Article by Andrew Sharp Photo by Shutterstock April 18, 2024

Lerner professor explains why Wendy’s got pushback for plans to test new pricing strategy

Those who try to mess with fast food should be prepared to face Americans’ wrath. 

Wendy’s faced an outcry earlier this year after CEO Kirk Tanner told investors that the chain would start testing out dynamic pricing, or charges that vary for different customers depending on the situation. That can include surge pricing, when costs go up during peak times, as famously happens with ride-sharing services like Uber. (Those hikes have also caused consternation among customers in the past.) 

Wendy’s clarified its intentions under pressure, claiming this wasn’t about surge pricing at all, The Washington Post reported , but “discounts and value offers.” 

As national media outlets covered Frostygate, they frequently turned to the University of Delaware’s Timothy Webb , an assistant professor of hospitality business management at the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics . Webb has experience with dynamic pricing in the corporate world, helping implement strategies at iconic hospitality locations such as New York’s Rockefeller Center and major league sports stadiums. He has brought his experience to the Lerner College and has been researching it in academia . 

UDaily spoke to Webb about dynamic pricing and what people should know about it. 

How common is dynamic pricing right now?

Webb: Well, from the hospitality perspective, it's been operating like this probably the last 20 to 40 years, starting with airlines and hotels and moving to rental car companies and so forth. The conditions traditionally are that the product is perishable. For instance, if you have a hotel room you don't sell tonight, you can't store that inventory. So to maximize what you could get out of the asset at that moment, you can leverage pricing strategies. 

Technology is the key here and being able to communicate the price changes. So as we get more technology, it's easier for companies to do some of these things. If you have a restaurant-affiliated app on your phone, prices may be consistent; however, the offers you receive may be different. Therefore we’re paying different prices even if we simply think we’re being incentivized with a deal. 

So, is there an advantage for consumers? Or is this all about a benefit for business?

Webb: The results can be mixed. It’s going to impact different people differently. 

For airlines to survive, they might need to get, say, $300 for a seat. But not everyone can pay that. And so what the airlines historically knew was that when business travelers book two weeks prior to their flight to close a deal, and their companies are paying for their flights — it's not discretionary income. Airlines know these customers have a higher willingness to pay, so they can increase prices and capture more revenue. 

If those customers are paying $500 or $600 for that spot, then you can reduce the rest of the plane. In that case, you know, one customer is paying more and another one is paying less.

In the restaurant setting, you're not getting these (large) surge price swings. (With Wendy’s), people were like, “Oh, I’m going to have to pay an extra $5 or $10 like you do for your Uber ride.” And you're not going to, because in this hyper-competitive industry, you can walk down the street from Wendy’s and go to Burger King or another competitor and purchase at a more reasonable price. 

So these incremental adjustments are likely very small. For Wendy's, if they can make an extra quarter or 10 cents across all the sites in a one hour window, that's huge. It adds millions of dollars.  

What's the logic behind dynamic pricing?

Webb: The thought historically is you have this perishable item, such as a hotel room. And the demand varies — there's different demands in the summer versus the winter. 

I think it's even comical to think now that if you want to go stay at one of the Delaware beaches on the Fourth of July, that it'd be the same price as in the middle of winter. At some point it just makes sense; in many cases it's not hard to justify with the consumer. 

[With restaurants] I think part of the thought is, if you have price-sensitive customers that are willing to move their order or come a little earlier to save a buck or two, you've taken a car (in line) at 6 o'clock, moved it to 4 o’clock when you have no line and the ability to serve that customer. So you could serve more people, generate higher revenue and give everyone a better customer experience. Your employees are also in a better mood because they’re not as stressed at peak time. 

Part of it is being able to segment the market and the customers, and it really comes down to that technology and communication component. These companies are getting really smart at communicating with you through their app. You could have the Starbucks app, I can have the Starbucks app. But we might have different offers marketing different prices, and it’s the same idea [as Wendy’s]. 

Starbucks knows [if] it has no customers at the store right now. They know what product you like and might send you an offer at half price. And essentially, they're going to make a smaller margin than they would have. But you [originally] had no plans to go. Now you’re turning around and going to Starbucks. 

So it's being able to communicate with individual people regularly. They can really start to hone in on what you’re looking for and customize your experience while simultaneously driving their own business. But the communication is all possible through the app. So whether they're just changing the drive-thru price while you’re in line, or you order on your phone and pick it up, I think everyone's doing this. [Wendy’s] just kind of put it out there and it got a very bad rap.

Why has there been backlash in the Wendy's case? 

Webb: I think there's always an initial backlash. But in some cases, it's the only way for innovation to occur.

Generally, people want fairness in the price. The idea is that nobody wants a loss. If they increase the price, and I could have gotten it cheaper, I’m going to be mad about it, but every time I'm getting a discount, I feel like a winner. It's a fundamental application of prospect theory. 

So maybe the strategy is for Wendy’s to just increase all the prices, set the new standard, and then just discount it to each customer based on what they know about you at the time. Everyone feels like they're either paying full price or they're getting a discount. 

I think what happened is with the communication. Now they're talking like they're only going to discount, which again, I think that is the way to do it. If there's going to be different prices, but you're going to be getting a discount, then people aren't upset about it, right? 

The CEOs want to sound positive, like we're doing these cool things, and it's advanced. We're trying to be cutting-edge and leading in this area. But what ended up happening (to Wendy’s) sort of spilled over from the earnings call, and it led to people rephrasing and paraphrasing. The New York Post just attached the [term] surge pricing, so it just kind of ran a little wild from there. Ultimately, the messaging unintentionally spiraled and led to some unintended negative press. 

I’ll leave you with this. If I asked you what you spent the last time you went to McDonald's, would you know what you paid for the individual products? Sure, you might recognize if the price changed $5 or $10. But 10 or 25 cents, not many can finger-point that. For this reason, and offers through mobile applications, I think dynamic pricing in the restaurant industry is only just beginning and is here to stay.

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    To use best paraphrasing tool follow the 4 simple steps given below: Modes `Regular`, `Formal`, `Creative`, and `Academic` to modify concerning. Paraphrasing Tool is a free AI paraphraser that helps you rephrase essays, emails, sentences, and paragraphs to smartly write text in your own words.

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    Try Paraphrase Tool. 5. Paraphrase Tool (Premium) "Summary" mode is very good (but also available for free) Handles all kinds of texts well (in "Summary" mode) No limit on inputs. $7.99 per month (3-day free trial) Extra modes are not worth the cost, often ridiculous. Changes not marked in the text.

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    Our free online paraphrasing tool rephrases your content by keeping these things in consideration. Paraphrase Tool Features. Paraphrase Online has many features that make it one of the best paraphrase tool. Content writers, students, researchers, or even journalists can use this paraphraser to improve and rephrase their content.

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    To use paraphrase tool, follow the below steps: Paste the text into the input box or upload a file from the system. Select any language from the language dropdown. Click the Paraphrase button to rephrase the text. Rephrased content will be displayed on right, you can check plagiarism or summarize that content with one click.

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    Screenshot from Paraphrase Online . Paraphrase Online is an online paraphrasing tool that accurately rewords articles and paragraphs in one click. This paraphrasing tool is absolutely free with no sign-ups required. You can start paraphrasing as soon as you reach Paraphrase Online's site and get high-quality rewritten words and phrases for ...

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    Paraphrasing a paragraph is different than paraphrasing a sentence or phrase. In some ways, it's more difficult, but in others, it's easier. Knowing how to paraphrase a paragraph takes more than just changing a few words; you need to rewrite multiple sentences and understand the rules for citation, syntax, and avoiding plagiarism.

  24. How to Paraphrase

    Source text Paraphrase "The current research extends the previous work by revealing that listening to moral dilemmas could elicit a FLE [foreign-language effect] in highly proficient bilinguals. … Here, it has been demonstrated that hearing a foreign language can even influence moral decision making, and namely promote more utilitarian-type decisions" (Brouwer, 2019, p. 874).

  25. PDF UK ADVANCE Recommendations on the Use of Generative AI in Research

    that is inaccurate or outdated and possibly biased. AI tools paraphrase from various sources which could result in plagiarism, which would in turn constitute research misconduct or lead to intellectual property issues. AI tools have also been found to reference incorrect sources or to create false references.

  26. Helping Advanced Students Overcome The Language Learning Plateau

    Have students identify three areas they think they are good at/strong in, and three areas they think they need to improve. For example, pronunciation, fluency, paraphrasing, using more complex sentences etc. Pair students up. Have one student who said they need to improve something work with a student that feels confident in that particular area.

  27. Dynamic pricing is on the rise

    The CEOs want to sound positive, like we're doing these cool things, and it's advanced. We're trying to be cutting-edge and leading in this area. But what ended up happening (to Wendy's) sort of spilled over from the earnings call, and it led to people rephrasing and paraphrasing.