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How to Write a 4000-word Essay: Score A Fast in 1 or 2 Days

How to Write a 4000-word Essay: Score A Fast in 1 or 2 Days

How To Write A 4000 Words Essay

How To Write A 4000 Words Essay

A 4000 essay is 16 pages long if you double space or about 8 pages when single-spaced. That does not include spaces. A 4000-word essay is an essay that captures a wide topic that requires in-depth research.

Before you write such an essay, ensure that you understand the essay question by consulting your tutor in case you sense some vagueness.

can you write a 4000 word essay in one day

Why we are the Best to Write your 4000-Word Essay

In our main guide on the steps of writing an essay , we taught in detail about the whole process of writing and why each stage is important.

This knowledge makes us the leaders in this industry and gives us academic confidence to not only guide you but offer a service to write your essays. Here are other reasons why.

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1. Timely Delivery

we offer timely delivery

We ensure that we deliver your tasks on time because we understand that institutions are conscious of deadlines.

For example, some institutions will deduct a percentage of your marks for late delivery hence affecting your final grade.

We will not tempt you to reach that level. Your long essay will be delivered before the deadline.

Beyond the deadlines, we do not compromise our essay quality. We ensure that we offer the right content to uplift our reputation and brand value.

2. Experienced Writers

We have a pool of experienced writers who can handle any type of assignment in any niche. These writers have a dependable academic background which is crucial to our clients.

On the same note, the firm allows you to chat with our writer who is handling your assignment in case you are seeking further clarifications.

In addition, these experienced writers are competent enough to handle your assignments with professionalism. 

We allow our clients to check the professional background of our writers to ascertain their abilities. We have a strict recruitment procedure that ensures that we only have suitable candidates.

3. Security

Data leaking and breaching is a common thing in this digital world. The good news is that our writing company obeys privacy and data policy. For that reason, we do misuse your personal information such as name, address, phone numbers, etc.

We keep your bank-related details confidential. Also, our website does not record your internet cache. We ensure that we protect your online identity. In addition, we avoid cyber-attacks by using a captcha to keep our websites from harmful attempts.   

4. Good Payment Policies

Before one finalizes a deal with us, we always set our terms and conditions before receiving your assignments. Some of our reliable payments options are as follows:

our payment methods

  • Credit card

We also inform the client in advance if there is any cancellation, refund before handling or taking the order.

Furthermore, we also assist students in case there is a failed transaction. In order for us to retain our brand value, we keep our financial services up to date.

5. Reputation and Rating

We are an open writing service that allows our clients to go through the reviews of our past clients whether positive or negative to build trust. We guarantee you that our happy customer base is wide hence we are reliable.

Most of our clients claim to have scored a better grade after working with us. Due to our effective services, we get several recommendations from clients.  

6. Well-Designed Website

We created a well-designed search engine website. We invest in ourselves to become a lead industry because we understand that it is the only platform to build a brand value and reputation. Since we believe in competition, we are in constant efforts to foster happy customers.

Our website has a well-optimized home page with a provision for sample collection. Our payment policy is secure and diverse with no possibility of theft and fraud.

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Steps to Writing a 4000-Word Essay Fast

To write an essay, there are a number of steps that form the key milestones of the process. From the topic to the final draft, the steps are the same whether for a short 1-page essay or a long 50-page one.

The following short guide reveals some of the key steps to follow when writing an essay of 4000 words or thereabout.

Steps on writing 4000 word essay

1. Understand the Assignments

It can be wasteful if you answer a question that your instructor did not ask you to respond to.

If any part of the assignment is not clear, it is important to seek the professor’s advice. The only careless thing is to do an assignment without understanding it.

You will get a bad grade even if you write a good paper that fails to answer the question that the professor posed.

If the professor is nice, you may rewrite it although it is time-wasting.

2. Perform Thorough Research

After understanding the assignment, the next thing is to perform thorough research with ruthless efficiency. Let research be an avenue of procrastination but efficiency. The right approach is to set a time limit.

One should not get worried if you get more than enough information. However, the goal of researching is to help you access sufficient information to get you on course.

When you have the right details concerning a particular topic, it will be hard to deviate from the truth. In fact, you will nail it and get the right grade in the end.

3. Create a Flat Outline

An outline acts as a skeleton for your entire essay. It is a place where you want to build a list of topics that you will be tackling in your essay. It offers you direction as to where you want to stretch.

Before you begin to write your essay, it is critical to develop an outline because it mirrors your writing process. It is easy to discover what you want to say in the writing process. Mentioning subtopics in the outlines creates more room for discovery.

4. Focus on Quality

focus on essay quality

It is reasonable to dwell on quality over quantity. For instance, it is better to write a good 7-page essay with great quality than a 10 page one with poor quality.

Also, it may be counterproductive if you write more than what you need. In our case, the paper has to be more than good with the right number of pages.

5. Draft and Edit Separately

The first thing in this section is to focus your energy on writing and stuffing your content with relevant information that is valuable. Ensure that your content flows well and remains readable.

When writing long papers is creating a good flow. Let your audience find it easy to understand your argument as you express and articulate your points clearly.

Read our guide on how to write a long essay and get some insights on how to overcome this challenge and score the best grade for the task.

Write well and remain in a state of flow to the end. After making the first draft, you should now edit it separately. That means that you need to take a break and check your sentence flow and structures to determine if they flow well on not.

Alternatively, you can ask a confidant to proofread it for you willingly or at a small fee. A good proofreader should see some of the obvious mistakes and errors that you could not spot as you write.

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FAQs on Writing Long Essays

Can you write a 4000-word essay by copy and paste.

No, you cannot write any essay by copy-pasting. Copying and pasting content for your 4000-word essay is equal to plagiarizing your work which is unprofessional. You will be committing academic dishonesty which is punishable once caught. Depending on the school rules, you may lose your trust and eventually affect your career in case the college expresses you forever.

How many Pages are 4000 Words Essay?

Your format will make the number of pages vary in this case. For example, if the instructions state that you should single space your work, then a 4000-word article may produce eight pages. On the contrary, if you are implementing a double spaced feature, then it will amount to 16 pages. In the two scenarios, it still remains a 4000 paged article.

Can you Write 4000-word Essay in a Day?

The duration depends upon the experience of a writer. For example, an average writer with minimal typing speed can take two hours to write a 4000-word article. However, if you want your content to have as many features as possible such as graphics, citations, links, and in-depth research, it can cost you about 14 hours.

Josh Jasen

When not handling complex essays and academic writing tasks, Josh is busy advising students on how to pass assignments. In spare time, he loves playing football or walking with his dog around the park.

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How Long is a 4,000 Words Essay? (Quick Answer)

Author Image

by  Antony W

November 5, 2021

4000 words essay

In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly how long a 4000 words essay is and teach you how to structure it.

So whether it’s your first time to get such a lengthy assignment or your instructor has asked you to make your current essay longer , you’ll find this guide useful. 

How Many Pages is a 4000 Words Essay?

Think of the length of a 4000 words essay in terms of an A4 paper with standard formatting.

Using an inch margin, Times New Roman or Arial font family, and 12 points font size in Microsoft Word, the essay will be 16 pages long double-spaced and 8 pages long single-spaced.

The following table provides additional information on the length of any type of an essay based on word count, provided the font size is 12 points.

How Do You Write a 4,000-Word Essay?

The steps to writing an essay don’t change with the increase in word count. Even a 4,000-word essay assignment follows the exact five-step process.

The only difference is the number of words your professor expects to see in your final paper.

Step 1: Pick a Topic

Skip this step if your professor has already given you a topic.

Otherwise, choose an interesting topic that falls within the scope of the essay prompt. Don’t choose a broad or narrow topic. Pick a specific, novel topic instead.

Step 2: Research

Set aside enough time to do extensive research to understand the topic. Gather as many relevant and authentic information as you can.

Depending on the instructions in the essay prompt, you have to provide an annotated bibliography prior to writing to provide your reader with an evaluation and summary of each source.

Step 3: Create an Outline

Your professor may ask you to submit an outline before you start writing.

The structure will communicate your presentation of ideas before you get into writing.

Even if they don’t ask for it, make sure you still create one to make your writing easier.

Beyond organizing your thoughts in a way that’s easy to explain, an outline helps you avoid silly mistakes when writing your final draft.

Step 4: Write Your Essay

Divide your work into three parts: an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Your introduction should have a hook and include a thesis statement.

Divide the main body into paragraphs and make sure each paragraph focuses on a single idea.

Start each paragraph with a topic sentence, followed by evidence to support your idea, and then end with a closing link that transitions your reader to the next consecutive paragraph.

The number of paragraphs in the essay will depend on the number if ideas you’d like to present.

End with a strong conclusion. This is where you tie everything you’ve discussed in the many together to give an overall summary of the essay.

Don’t limit yourself to ending the essay with a quote . And you should not introduce a new idea here.

Step 5: Edit Your Work

Editing is the easiest part of working on your essay. You should spend at most 2 hours to get your paper ready for submission.

The bottom line is that as long as you invest your time in research, writing, and editing, you’ll end up with a great essay that your professor will be happy to read and mark.

Do you need help with your Essay Writing Work? 

Get in touch with your professional team of writers. 

How Long Does It Take to Write a 4,000 Words Essay?

How long it takes to write a 4,000-word essay depends on the complexity of the topic and how much research you have to do prior to writing.

As long as you do extensive research to understand the essay topic, the 4,000 words should be easy to type out in one sitting.

Since your instructor will more than likely question the quality of such a long essay, it’s best to invest enough time to develop the essay before the due date.

Say you have 6 days to submit the assignment.

Spend the first two days doing extensive research. Even if your instructor asks you to look into a complex essay topic, 48 hours should be enough time to look into the subject and understand it very well.

The third and fourth day should be enough for writing. Write 4,000 to 5,000 words high quality draft.

Take breaks in between writing sessions so you don’t strain. Crosscheck your work to make sure you’ve included all the important details that your essay shouldn’t miss.

Set aside the fifth day for revision. Proofread your work to find and fix all the grammatical errors. Identify long sentences and shorten them.

Delete unnecessary words from the essay, and if you can say something in a few words, rewrite Identify redundant words, phrases, sentences, or ideas and delete them from the essay.

If it helps, have someone else look at your work and offer a second opinion on the structure and comprehensiveness of the document.

Essay Writing by Help for Assessment

Knowing how to write a 4,000-word essay is one thing. Getting the work done is another thing altogether, especially if you have many assignments to complete within a very short deadline.

Don’t worry though.

It’s acceptable to seek academic writing help to get your essay completed in time. And Help for Assessment is a good company to work with.

Our essay writing service is the most comprehensive and affordable option on the internet. With a professional writing and editing team in-house, we make sure every essay we write meet your expectations.

It doesn’t matter if your essay topic is complex or you simply don’t have enough time to write the assignment. The writers at Help for Assessment are available to help you get the work completed in time.

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About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

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Tips To Write 4000 Words Essay In A Day

An essay is defined as brief and non-fiction writing that explains and examines a given subject. During the academic career, a student would have to write many essays, from a personal experience essay to a detailed study of a scientific process. 

The essential component of an essay is the structure. That contains the thesis statement, introduction, body parts, and conclusion. Typically an essay involves a student’s point of view, which explains a specific subject. Here, we will provide the students with a beginner’s guide for writing a 4000 words essay for college

Table of Contents

How much time it will take to write 4000 words essay

It’s not simple to state how long it takes to write a 4000 words essay. It relies on a set of factors.

Students shouldn’t be frightened; however, a 4000 words paper is not easy, but it’s not as difficult.

For instance, a dissertation usually consists of around 12,000 words, and some university writing projects may reach about 5,000 words in length. 

Whatever the word count that you need to make, specific points affect the time required to complete the task. Observe the following points:

1 How is your Ability to Read:  

Many people will search the text and select the information that is most useful. Some need a lot of time to come up with the main idea.

If you have excellent reading skills, the writing procedure is continuing to go fast. You won’t find any challenges in gathering specific information about the problem and arranging them into a meaningful piece of writing.

2 The duration needed to do the research :

If you are asked to write an opinion on the topic with 4000 words essay, as you already know, you don’t need to collect data about the topic. In this situation, the thoughts have to be structured and presented compellingly.

If you want to examine an unknown subject, you should collect data about it before writing it. The amount of time spent on research is dependent on the nature of the topic being studied. The simpler the subject, the quicker you gather the data about it.

3 Can you properly plan your essay:

When you have all the details you need to write your essay, it will seem like the process itself isn’t complicated, because the most important thing is to generate 4000 words.

It is best to draw up a successful essay plan to save your precious time. The introduction will introduce the research results with the main point; the body paragraphs-the the very topic and the conclusion. 

4 Writing concentration:

Often, someone or something can distract you from writing. You can then forget how exactly you wished to explain the question.

That means you should be in a position to type or write quite quickly. You can thus continue to connect your thoughts precisely before your mind begins forming the next thought. If you want to develop the writing skills, you can follow the tips which we discuss below.

The above points should be considered while writing a 4000 words essay. It helps you in determining the duration of writing an essay. You can write it in a day or some days, it all depends on you. So don’t worry! Just take the initiative to write.

How to write a 4000 words essay?

A 4000 words essay is an extended essay. It is a requirement for college students to write. Universities require students to submit an essay of 4000 words in their curriculum on a certain topic.

Writing an extended essay of 4000 words is quite challenging for students. Here we mention the points you must consider while writing 4000 words essay (extended essay).

1. Select the topic carefully

The first step in writing an extended essay is to select the topic in which you have an interest.

Let’s take an example; suppose you are pursuing an art stream, but it is not limited to two to three subjects. It is quite a wide stream, including architecture, fashion, photography, advertising, sculpture, etc. In selecting your 4000 words essay topics, it is vital you pick that topic that is related to your field of study and also you have an interest in it.

2. Creating the main idea

Once you select the topic, you must draft the key concept of your extended essay. The core theme is the essay’s focal point, in which the whole essay will revolve.

It would help if you wrote a blueprint, list the key ideas you want to research, and establish the main concept. You can mention the supporting facts at the bottom of each idea. A blueprint helps you to enter only those points related to the topic. It also helps you in organizing your thoughts. 

3. Research the related ideas

Start doing your research on the related ideas. You can use both offline and online mediums for researching your topics. For example, offline mediums include books, magazines, autobiographies, etc., and online mediums, including eBooks, google, Wikipedia, etc. Don’t forget to mention citing your sources. It helps to become your 4000 words essay reliable.

4. Start writing your extended essay

After doing all the research and creating the blueprint, you can start writing your first draft of your essay. It is not a work of overnight. It is a work of researching appropriate material, revisions, and providing supporting facts to your main ideas. 

can you write a 4000 word essay in one day

Tips for writing a 4000 words essay

1. have a healthy breakfast:.

When you start writing in the morning, boost your mind and body with a good meal, much like porridge. The balanced nutrient energy means you are not going to have a struggle over your laptop in the middle of the morning-something you can’t bear right now!

Even though you may be willing to get coffee mainline into your bloodstream, avoid too much early coffee. Caffeine is the reverse of slow-release energies, and within a few hours, you can find yourself collapsing.

2. Choose your workspace and accessories:

Find a quiet place where you know you’re not going to get distressed. Whether you are doing best in the library or at home, you’ll know, but don’t pick someplace you’ve never been to before. If you were sure you would be relaxed and able to concentrate for as long as possible, it would help.

Organize yourself and come with two notebooks, a water bottle, some notes, and some food to be used as micro-rewards. It will hold you in moving without needing to take your eyes off the road (the best focus choice is dark chocolate!).

3. Stay away from social media and other diversions:

Procrastination is the worst enemy of a student while writing a 4000 words essay or any assignment. Please switch off your phone and avoid the temptation to search social media.

Don’t you believe in yourself? Then you can deactivate your accounts temporarily, or let a friend change your passwords for some time.

4. Take short breaks:

If you are writing an essay of a big size, it doesn’t mean that you will write it continuously without taking any break. It will only lead you to feel exhausted. You should take short breaks of 10 minutes for every one hour of writing. You can walk or take a 10-minute nap. It will help you in regaining your energy.

All these tips help you in writing an essay efficiently.  

Make your 4000 words essay Splendid!

When your essay is already completed, you must pay attention to proofreading. Editing is certainly one of the most critical pieces. This is why it is a bad idea to leave everything on the last day. Some students even ask for an online edit of my paper. Here are some tips for doing 60-minute proofreading of your essay:

  • Study your essay, and stop at points of sentence structure. It can help you decide how the framework’s sounds – if you notice anything you don’t like, then fix this. Then read the essay once again.
  • When the essay’s content has already been updated, you must have reviewed grammar and spelling manually, not using a computer as the machine likely won’t see everything. Test the series of tenses, plurals, possessive nouns, punctuation to ensure that the subjects and verbs suit. Check it again when you’re finished testing it.
  • Let anyone read your essay if feasible, and ask them for suggestions about how to develop the writing. If you don’t have these people, then do it yourself because you’ve been writing it for a lot of time, put it off for a couple of days, and then examine it again. It helps you to examine the essay with a new look.

4000 words essay structure

can you write a 4000 word essay in one day


Academic procrastination isn’t as uncommon as you imagine, so stop thinking to yourself why you’re like this. It is exactly what it is. And although it is perfectly appropriate to ask written services to “write my essay,” which is 4000 words long.

If you have to do all of this yourself, then the tips and points mentioned above help you in writing a 4000 words essay.

Getting anxious can ruin everything, so don’t panic; relax, instead, by measuring how much you can do in the time left. Collecting all of your things in one place and reducing distractions is another way of ensuring you can finish your work on time.

When you feel too tired or anxious and concentrate on reaching the word count, you can contact us. You can avail yourself of our essay help from professionals. We are always available for your help.

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4000 Word Essay Examples & Topic Ideas

Writing a 4000-word assignment is a challenging task for a student. One can unlikely prepare a decent essay or research paper of such a length in one night. In addition, a 4,000-word university assignment will require extensive research, serious planning, and reading several reliable sources.

4000 words is about 15 pages of academic text. That’s approximately 20% of an average master’s thesis, which is quite a lot. So, essays of such a volume are rarely assigned. More often, students are asked to prepare a 4000-word research paper, term paper, or report.

In the sections below, you’ll find an extensive list of 4000-word essay examples, research paper topics, and writing prompts for various topics and genres. There is also a helpful FAQ section and a short writing guide. And if you’re looking for more inspiring samples, check IvyPanda free essays collection!

Though you probably won’t be able to write an excellent 4000-word essay in a couple of hours after reading this article, you’ll definitely get inspired.

Let’s dive in!

  • 🎓 University Assignment Examples
  • 📝 Research Paper Topics
  • 📘 Literature Review Examples
  • 🏛️ Dissertation Ideas

✏️ How to Write a 4000 Words Essay

  • 🔎 Analytical Essay Examples
  • ⚖️ Argumentative Essay Topics
  • 🪖 Essay Examples on WW2
  • 💾 Informative Essay Ideas
  • 🆚 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

🎓 4000 Word University Assignment Examples

  • Importance of Training and Development for Employees According to Chiaburu and Tekleab, analysis of employees training needs will enhance the objectives of the training such that the training will enhance the skills required for the performance of a certain task.
  • The Impact of Social Media on a Brand, Its Image, and Reputation Consequently, the research questions are: ‘Do some companies underestimate the importance of the social media?’, and ‘Does the social media has a vehement impact on the business’ revenue, success and brand image?’ The significant features […]
  • Leadership Styles in Organizations with Different Age Groups According to Miller, this is a healthy leadership approach because it enables the employees and other members of the organization to critic or compels the leaders with competitive views and opinions, of which is important […]
  • The Economic Performance of the United Arab Emirates In particular, the paper focused on the effect of the decline in economic growth rate in 2012 and the fiscal policy that can be implemented to boost economic growth.
  • Influence of Television on Contemporary Chinese Culture The consequences that airing a certain program in the station is the point of concern, the end result of the programs are likely to change the perception and the belief that the people have.
  • Designer Clothing Market in the UK Fashion Retail Industry The fashion industry first started in England after which it slowly spread to the rest of the world.”In the UK and in the United States, the fashion industry has been one of the largest employers”.
  • The Concepts of Inerrancy and Infallibility in the Bible Thesis Statement: “Should the Concepts of Inerrancy and Infallibility in the Bible be utilized as Sufficient Justifications of the Legitimacy of Religious Positions on Social Issues?” It is quite interesting to note that studies such […]
  • The Ethics of Early Marriages in the American Society In the United States, division of matrimonial property takes the form of a fifty-fifty percentage share between the marriage partners at the time of the dissolution of their marriage, which means that the law perceives […]
  • Urbanization and Environment The resources can be identified through the acquisition of knowledge about the environmental conditions of the areas in which urban development is expected to take place.
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Emotional intelligence is a significant requirement for team work; there is a coherent link between successes attained in team work to the level of emotional intelligence held by the members of the team.

📝 4000-word Research Paper Topics

  • The impact of AI technologies on employment.
  • What are the ethical implications of genetic engineering?
  • Social media and its role in shaping political discourse nowadays.
  • Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech : a detailed analysis.
  • How does water pollution affect food security worldwide?
  • Virtual reality and its role in special education.
  • Do Facebook users suffer from FOMO more than Instagram users? A comparative analysis.
  • What are the long-term psychological consequences of childhood obesity?
  • Video gaming and its impact on children’s cognitive abilities.
  • Universal basic income : should it be applied in the US?
  • Gender pay gap in various countries of the world.
  • Is music therapy effective in treating mental health issues?
  • Political and economic implications of Brexit.
  • Renewable energy sources: advancements, challenges, and future prospects.
  • The future of space exploration: mars colonization and beyond.

📘 4000 Words Literature Review Examples

  • Addiction to Online Gaming: A Review of Literature The present paper is an overview of scholarly sources on online gaming addiction and the analysis of narrative inquiry as the most suitable qualitative research method to use for the investigation of this problem.
  • Literature Review: E-Books vs. Traditional Books and Influence on Public Library Systems In this respect, it is purposeful to look through the literature that explores the origins of e-books development, individual perceptions and demographics of using electronic materials, understand the status of libraries and define in what […]
  • Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Analysis of Environmental Samples: a Literature Review Becquerel’s discovery was a result of his endless efforts to discover the physics behind phosphorescence, the emission of light of a particular color after a body is exposed to the light of a different color.
  • Multiculturalism Issues: Literature Review and Methodology The reason why this is important is due to the fact that work teams are the backbone of any project wherein through the utilization of a variety of management practices these teams are the basis […]

🏛️ 4000 Word Dissertation Ideas

  • Cognitive biases and their influence on investment decisions in modern financial markets.
  • Exploring the efficacy of Kolb’s Learning Styles theory for students with special needs.
  • Narrative structures and meaning in Postmodern literature.
  • Neuroplasticity and cognitive rehabilitation for stroke and brain injuries.
  • Sustainability and gentrification in big cities.
  • Online learning platforms in higher education: accessing the effectiveness.
  • Does socioeconomic status impact learning outcomes? A case of USC students.
  • Promoting equity and inclusion in diverse classrooms: practical methods.
  • Symbolism and visual rhetoric in political campaigns: a case of 2020 US president election.
  • Mindfulness practices: do they affect college students’ learning abilities?

A 4000-word paper is not an assignment that can be prepared in a couple of hours or even overnight. Such a task requires thorough research and outlining. Below, you’ll find some tips on organizing and writing a 4000-word essay or research paper.

The picture describes a 4000-word essay structure.

4000-Word Essay Structure

The exact structure of a 4,000-word essay will depend on your professor’s requirements. For example, an assignment of such a length may include a literature review, but that is not a mandatory section.

A 4000-word paper may consist of:

  • 2-3 introductory paragraphs
  • 15-30 body paragraphs
  • 2-3 concluding paragraphs

You are welcome to check our free outline generator if you have any difficulties creating your 4000-word essay structure.

4000-Word Essay Introduction

An introduction for an essay of 4,000 words can make up 5 to 10 percent of the whole text. In other words, it should contain 200 to 400 words, or 2 or 3 paragraphs. Since this is quite a lot, the introduction must be meaningful. After adding a hook and introducing the topic, you can devote a paragraph explaining the study context and the research gap. End your introduction with research objectives and thesis statement.

Stuck formulating a meaningful thesis statement? Check the thesis generator we’ve developed. And consider trying the free research introduction maker and background of the study generator if you want to polish your introductory paragraphs quickly and efficiently.

4000-Word Essay Conclusion

A conclusion can be similar to the introduction in terms of its length. For a paper of 4000 words, it can contain approximately 300 words. Start your 4000-word essay introduction with a restated thesis. Then, summarize your research and touch upon its implications.

With our concluding sentence generator , you’ll quickly make a closing paragraph for your paper.

How Many References Should I Use in a 4000 Word Paper?

The exact number of cited sources will depend on the study level and the requirements. A 4000-word university assignment will contain more references than, let’s say, a high-school paper. However, on average, the number of references used for a 4000-word project is 25 to 40.

Try the citation generator to make a reference list according to the style required.

🔎 Analytical Essay Examples of 4000 Word

  • Family Therapy: Bowenian and Narrative Approaches This is one of the issues that should be considered by a therapist. This is one of the aspects that can be distinguished.
  • The Causes and Consequences of the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka Due to a displacement of sea water as a result of displaced debris from landslides, a series of waves that has a potential of causing a tsunami is formed.
  • Organizational Behaviour and Leadership The company’s main goal is to raise the living standards of the population sector and also improve the lives of most of the small scale farmers in the region.
  • Saudi Dairy & Foodstuff Company Supply Chain Management At the same time, all exceptions are resolved by immediate communication between the partners, for instance, query shared data and submit results to support the process; Phase III Executing Execution of the CPFR model in […]
  • International Financial Reporting Standards in Kazakhstan The paper begins with a brief overview of the adoption of IFRS and the progress made so far in the adoption process.
  • Economic Situation in Germany: Analysis & Forecasts The role of the judicial arm in this country is to interpret the constitution and to ensure that the rights and privileges of the citizens are protected.
  • Early Gifted Education: Why Is It Needed? In this case, the students are required to solve the analogies in the context of the presented counterfactual premises. The attributes of teachers and their beliefs about their students’ education or learning experiences are essential […]
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Approaches in the Global Market Place Integration is the incorporation of a wide range of activities and functions that have influence and impact on the dynamic flow of information between the firm and the stakeholders.
  • Impact of Global Warming on Wine Makers This paper will consider the ways in which the wine industry can adjust to the global warming phenomenon and continue producing high quality wines for the market.
  • Using Activity-Based Management to Evaluate a Business The determination of accurate information in an organization is important given that this information is used in the evaluation of the productivity of the systems of the firm.

️⚖️ 4000-Word Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Social media: how does it influence offline interpersonal relationships?
  • Parenting styles: which are more effective?
  • Sex education: should it be obligatory in every school?
  • Animal testing in medical research: ethical implications.
  • Should college education be free for all students?
  • Universal healthcare system: pros and cons.
  • Death penalty: should it be abolished everywhere?
  • The advantages of soft drug legalization.
  • Environmental consequences of using disposable diapers.
  • Bottle feeding: does it help babies sleep better?
  • State regulation of water use for domestic needs: an excessive measure or a necessity?
  • Space tourism: when will it be available to everyone?
  • Video games and their influence on aggression in adolescents.
  • Breaking the glass ceiling: ways to ensure gender equality in management.
  • Online vs. in-class education: comparing the effectiveness.

🪖 4000 Word Essay on WW2: Best Examples

  • Effects of the Pact of Steel Agreement on World War II He was a strong believer in the strength of the people as the backbone of the country and not the strength of the individual.
  • World War II Propaganda and Its Effects The purpose of this paper is to examine the confrontation between the German and the Soviet propaganda machines during the period of the Second Patriotic War, outline the goals and purposes of each, and identify […]
  • The World War II: Impact and Consequences The Allies and the Axis were reluctant to follow any line that risked running into the antagonism of the other for fear of alienating their ally and therefore endangering one of the precepts of their […]
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Long-Term Health Effects Nevertheless, exposure to neutrons from the incidence of A-bomb in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is currently thought to have been the sources of just 1-2% of the entire dose of ionizing radiation.
  • The Influence of the Second World War on the 20th and 21st Centuries’ Cinema The movie follows the lives of a German Wehrmacht infantry platoon as they are shuttled from the North African front to Italy and finally to the Russian front where they find themselves part of the […]
  • The Use of Atomic Bomb in Japan: Causes and Consequences The reason why the United States was compelled to employ the use of a more lethal weapon in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan has been at the heart of many scholarly writings.
  • The Bombing of Dresden in 1945: Case Analysis The purpose of this easy was to determine the extent to which the bombing of Dresden in 1945 qualifies to be a war crime.

💾 Ideas for a 4000 Word Informative Essay

  • The Declaration of Independence (1776): key events.
  • Climate change worldwide: the consequences.
  • Russo-Ukrainian war : main actors and their positions.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of health care: key parameters.
  • Water quality and its impact on human health.
  • Mobile Internet: history, development, and perspectives.
  • HIV therapy: is there any prospect of a complete cure for the virus?
  • Separate education for boys and girls: historical overview.
  • Gender equality in politics: the case of the Argentine Congress.
  • Military dictatorships : is there a chance for democratization?
  • The life and legacy of Marie Curie: pioneer in radioactivity research.
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques for mental health.
  • The impact of AI on various industries.
  • The Renaissance era and its impact on modern culture.
  • The secret of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

🆚 4000 Words Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • COVID-19 vaccines: comparing the effectiveness.
  • Stoicism vs. Epicureanism : comparing traditional philosophical schools of Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Moral values of Christianity and Islam: what are the differences?
  • Gender roles in the works of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte.
  • Beowulf’s Grendel and Frankenstein’s Creature: comparing literature’s two greatest monsters.
  • Capitalism and socialism: which system is more effective for a state rich in natural resources?
  • Comparing classical music and jazz: origins, characteristics, and influences.
  • Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick: what do the two greatest film directors have in common?
  • Kim Il Sung vs. Vladimir Putin: how does the personalist dictator of the 20th century differ from the one in the 21st century?

📌 4000 Word Essay: Answers to the Most Pressing Questions

📌 how many pages is 4000 words double spaced.

How many pages is 4000 words of academic text? According to the guidelines of all the key citation styles, one page should contain approximately 250 words (12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced). If you follow these guidelines, your 4000-word essay will be 16 pages. If you make it single-spaced, it will take 8 pages.

📌 How Much Is 4000 Words in Paragraphs?

How much is 4000 words in paragraphs? A typical academic paragraph contains 100 to 150 words. So, a 4000-word essay will consist of 27-30 paragraphs.

📌 How Many Sentences Is 4000 Words?

How many sentences is a 4000-word essay? A typical sentence in academic writing consists of 15-20 words. So, 4000 words are not less than 200-203 sentences.

📌 How to Outline a 4000-Word Essay?

A 4000-word paper requires a very thorough approach to researching, outlining, and writing. You’ll rarely need to write an essay of such a length. 4000-word volume is more suitable for a term paper, research paper, or scholarly article. Apart from the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, you can be required to include other parts like an abstract, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion. The details will depend on the exact requirements.

📌 How Long Does It Take to Write 4000 Words?

How long does it take to write a 4000-word essay? It will take you 1-2 hours minutes to type 4000 words on your keyboard (the total time will depend on your typing speed). Writing an academic paper will take more time because you’ll have to research, make an outline, write, format, and edit your text. It would be best if you planned to spend around 13 and a half hours for a 4000-word paper.

📌 What Does a 4000 Word Essay Look Like?

Regardless of the exact word count, a well-written essay meets several characteristics. It should cover the assigned topic, answer the research question, and follow the standard structure. A 4000-word essay outline usually consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "4000 Word Essay Examples & Topic Ideas." November 10, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/words/4000-words-essay-examples/.

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4000-Word Essay Examples

Frozen food: the world’s favorite killer.

Abstract Frozen food items are an incredible convenience that almost everyone in the developed world uses on a daily basis. Most families even have a freezer in their house to keep such items fresh for a scrumptious meal later. Even though frozen food is so…

The Issue of Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church, started by Jesus in the first century A.D, once had to hide their practices out of fear of the Emperor, has grown over the centuries into a monolithic organization of epic proportions. A group that was started by one man and…

The Need for Affordable Health Care for The Latino Community in the US

In some areas of the U.S, Covid-19 is killing Latinos at up to three times the rate that it is killing white people. Unfortunately, for Latinos, this statistic is not a surprise; however, it now sheds light for all to see the effects of pre-existing…

Analysis of Religion as a Foundational Factor in the Creation of Terrorist Groups

Introduction Fundamentally, subjective opinions arise in attempting to understand the reasoning behind the establishment of a terrorist group. “Bruce Hoffman…has defined terrorism as violence — or equally important, the threat of violence — used and directed in pursuit of, or in service of, a political…

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Holistic and Integrative Care for Treating PTSD

Introduction The use of holistic approaches to mind and body wellness can be significantly helpful to mentally ill clients and their diseases. The United States military have for years have tried to implement different holistic methods in an attempt curve the high rates of PTSD…

The Issue of the Need to Understand Before Accepting in Modern Mental Health

Introduction In many situations, humans have an innate need to understand a complex situation or behaviour before we can come to accept it. This may be despite reassurance of its validity from professionals or loved ones around them. In mental health, this is a prominent…

The Relationship Between Globalisation and the Hospitality Industry

Introduction Globalization refers to the process through which businesses develop international influence or start operating on a global scale. On the other hand, the hospitality industry is a wide ranging category of fields in the service industry that revolves around event planning, lodging, transportation, theme…

Globalization and Its Impact on Global Economy Towards Employment

Introduction Globalization is one of the most important and stages of global development and economic progress. Globalization is the main driving force of the global economy, which promotes global prosperity. Its dimensions work in all spheres of the state (social, economic, cultural, etc.) and main…

A Discussion of Whether People are Good at Heart

We come across many people every single day but we do not know anything about them. Their good appearance, beautiful face and modest clothes do not give anything that is going in their heart. It is covered by their thick skin and many bones. It…

The Importance of Organizational Behavior to Effectively Manage a Business

Introduction In today’s competitive business market there are increased challenges related to workforce diversity, increased concerns about ethics and how to encourage workers to work together. There is a need to for a more balanced approach by organizational leaders, management teams, and human resource professionals…

The Impact of Women in Computer Science History

Abstract Women have always played an important role in Computer Science findings, but its history has always been written by men. Nowadays men outnumber women by 3 times of all computing occupations in the US, but still women prove to be essential on the development…

Concept and Meaning of Place in Tourism Geography

Abstract Place is one of the most complicated issues in geographical studies. Place refers to both sides of human and physical geography. There is not clear understand about the place and sometimes refer to local, area, point, region, and landscape. Tourism geography is about different…

Responsible Sourcing Policy Development in the Palm Oil Industry

Introduction and business drivers for Responsible sourcing policy development The supply chain is one of the most strategic resources of the organization. The supply chain is a highly detailed process used by all types of organizations to obtain goods from suppliers, use them for production…

India Country Report: History, Religions, Language, and Culture

Abstract This paper explores multiple aspects of India and the people of this ancient country. The paper includes information on the history, religion, language, communication (verbal and nonverbal), as well as customs, family (including values and identity formation), and socialization among the Indian people and…

Analysis of the Antibacterial Properties of Oils from the Pits and Peels of Kalma and Cardinal Avocados

Introduction Escherichia coli can be a harmless inhabitant in the gastrointestinal tract, however, it can also cause significant harm involving diarrhea and extra intestinal diseases. The pathogen has mortality worldwide. Outbreaks are common and fatal, especially to developing countries like the Philippines. They are a…

The System of Rites of Passage to Adulthood

Young children are bound to experience several transitions during their childhood. The early years mark the beginning of these shifts in children’s lives and thus call for sensitive and strategic management of these transition periods by the key actors. As a prospective early years educator,…

The Allegory Of The Cave: Relationship Between Human Senses And Virtual Environments

Introduction Have you ever asked how true is our world? What is that makes people feel? How do they develop the feeling of being a part of the natural world? What is the relationship between human senses and virtual environments? Philosophers and scientists have pointed…

Discussion of Whether People are Good at Heart

“People are not as beautiful as they look, as they walk or as they talk. They are only beautiful as they love, as they care and as they share.” – (Anonymous, Pintrest) We come across many people every single day but we do not know…

How Cotton Mather’s Influence Caused The Salem Witch Trial Hysteria Of 1692

Introduction The Salem Witch Trials stand as a stark reflection of human nature’s darkest inclinations. From the lens of New Historicism, these trials emerge as both products and outcomes of the complex social, political, and religious dynamics prevailing in seventeenth-century New England. The fusion of…

The Use Of Symbolism To Make Political Statements In Twelve Angry Men

Introduction The courtroom drama has been present for as long as there has been a concept of justice. From Oresteia to The Merchant of Venice to Law and Order, it has been essential in the public’s understanding of both the law and their rights as…

How You Can Describe a 4000-Word Essay?

To begin with, the specific requirements of a 4000-word essay may vary depending on the academic discipline and assignment guidelines. In general, it is a longer academic piece of writing that allows for a more comprehensive exploration of a topic or research question.

How Many Pages is a 4000-Word Essay?

The number of pages in a 4000-word essay can be very different. However, a rough estimate for a 4000-word essay with standard formatting is around 8 to 10 pages. Page count can be changed by headings, subheadings, block quotes, or additional spacing between paragraphs. Try to follow the specific formatting guidelines provided by your instructor or institution. To determine the precise page count, refer to the word count provided by your word processing software.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 4000-Word Essay?

The time required to write a 4000-word essay can be different. Usually it takes several days to a few weeks to complete a high-quality 4000-word essay. This timeframe allows for thorough research, critical thinking, planning, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing. Moreover, individual writing abilities and circumstances can vary, so it's crucial to assess your own writing pace and plan accordingly. Additionally, factors like other academic commitments, personal responsibilities, and research requirements may influence the overall time required to complete the essay. To ensure timely completion, it's advisable to create a realistic schedule, set specific writing goals, and allow for ample time for revisions and proofreading.

What is the Typical Structure for a 4000-Word Essay?

Maintaining a clear and logical structure throughout the essay will enhance the readability and coherence of your arguments, helping to convey your message effectively to the reader. The typical structure for a 4000-word essay consists of: introduction and conclusion (10% of the essay) and body paragraphs (80% jf the essay). Such the percentage allocation for each section is a general guideline and can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of your essay. Additionally, within the body paragraphs, you can use subheadings or section breaks to further organize and structure your content if necessary.

What Are Significant Features of a 4000-Word Essay?

A 4000-word essay provides ample space to delve into a topic or research question in detail. It allows for a thorough examination of multiple perspectives, extensive research, and comprehensive analysis of the subject matter. Given its length, a 4000-word essay requires a well-structured and organized approach. It typically includes an introduction, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each section should have a clear purpose and contribute to the overall coherence of the essay. With extensive research, it is important to properly cite all sources used in the essay. Adhere to the appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA) and include a comprehensive reference list or bibliography to acknowledge the contributions of others and avoid plagiarism.

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  • Supply and Demand
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Freedom Writers
  • Studying Abroad
  • Penny Debate
  • Manifest Destiny
  • Drunk Driving
  • Winter Break
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Art History
  • Life Changing Experience
  • Ocean Pollution
  • Child Abuse
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Law of Life
  • Police Brutality
  • Movie Summary
  • Domestic Violence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Madam Cj Walker
  • Minimum Wage
  • Natural Disasters
  • Space Exploration

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Free 4000 Words Essay Examples

A paper of 4000 to 4100 words is not always an essay. Assignments of such a length are typical for graduate-level studies. The structure of a 4000 words essay will largely depend on the institution, the discipline, and your professor’s requirements. The possible topics might be: the origins and evolution of American English, distance learning in the era of COVID-19, etc.

You will need to conduct an in-depth analysis in order to write a 4000-word essay. The keys to success are: meaningful research, a correctly formulated thesis, a well-thought-out structure, and an extensive bibliography list. Check free 4000-word essay examples on this page to get inspired!

Active Learning and Inclusion in English Active Learning

Introduction Inclusion has become one of the most critical issues in sociology relatively recently. Modern trends in society are dictated by the processes of globalization and highlight equal opportunities, respect, and solidarity for every person. Inclusive education implies that the learning process must be built on these values. If at...

Methods of IT Project Management

The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic sectors around the globe, and the dynamism arises from the diverse needs of the client base. Fashion is a personal statement and a symbol of societal status that also defines a person’s culture and individuality. As a result, clients are always...

American Indian Policy and Its Historical Origins

Abstract As the population of Native Americans continues to increase in the 21st century, the problems in the reservations become more challenging to solve. Over 562 federally accepted Native tribes face different issues that significantly contributed to the demographic region and traditional structure. This essay provides an extensive overview of...

Employment Legislation: Legal System

Legal System Aims and Objectives of Employment Regulation Fairness is one of the core objectives of employment regulation. It is pertinent that employers demonstrate fairness by providing equal opportunities and equal pay for the people they hire. For instance, the Race Relations Act of 1976 is intended to ensure that...

4000-Word Essay FAQ

How long is a 4000 words essay.

A 4000 words essay would typically be about 16 pages long, assuming it is double-spaced and written with a standard font (Arial or Times New Roman) in 12-point size. If the text is single-spaced, it will be twice shorter. Other factors that influence the 4000-word essay length are formatting and paragraph structure.

How Many Paragraphs Is a 4000 Words Essay?

How many paragraphs are there in a 4000 words essay? A paper of such a length would contain 40 to 41 paragraphs. This works for an academic writing assignment because a typical paragraph there is about 100 words long.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 4000 Words Essay?

It usually takes an hour and a half to 2 hours to type a text of this length on your keyboard at an average speed. However, if you are assigned a 4000 words essay, it is going to take much more time, as you will need to conduct research, study the sources, and plan your paper. Writing a solid essay of 4000 words will take about 13 hours 20 minutes.

How Many Lines Are 4000 Words?

At a rough estimate, 4000 words would take up about 400 to 405 lines. However, the exact number of lines in your 4000-word essay depends on a number of factors such as the spacing, the font size, and the margins.

Engagement in Play and Its Outcomes for Children’s Development

Abstract Play is an important self-regulation and development tool used by early childhood educators to improve children’s results and prepare them for academic activities. The paper outlines the direct correlation between engagement in play and outcomes. It means that young learners can benefit from various forms of interaction and acquire...

Glass as a Construction Material

Introduction Transparent building materials have become popular in contemporary architecture. Glass is a non-crystalline transparent solid material with widespread applications in aesthetics, tableware, windows, and optoelectronics. This material is primarily manufactured from sand which is typically melted down and undergoes a chemical transformation. The architectural glass used in construction is...

Self-Service Checkouts as Technological Innovation

Introduction The research process involved various data collection methods that included both primary and secondary procedures. The scope of the study was to investigate the technological innovation and customer interface of self-service checkouts using suitable study demographics and study settings. The research process involved aspects such as the assessment of...

The Influence and Consequences of the Takeover of the Cadbury’s Company by Kraft

Introduction Different news articles from broadsheets and tabloids use different ways to present stories. The media tries to inform and entertain different types of audiences. The media creates diverse emotions and ideas using unique industry practices. This can be defined as impression management techniques. These strategies can be used by...

Retaining Walls: Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction Retaining walls are special types of soil used to support the earth and avoid thoil from moving downwards. The idea is to even out slopes and make available constructive areas at diverse elevations. Therefore, a retaining wall is a construction or a structure designed and built to resist the...

Analysis of Piles and Pile Cap Foundation

Introduction In pile foundations, pile cap families are used; the pile cap families are shipped with the Revit structure. Pile foundation may be simply considered as a structure supported by piles. Pile foundation is applicable in environments where the circumstances of the soil are not good. Pile foundation provides for...

Raft Foundation: Advantages, Disadvantages and Types

Introduction Foundations are used with soils that have a low bearing density; despite this the soil should be firm enough to support high columns and wall loads. Foundation can be supported by piles and these piles aid in minimizing the structured settlement which is built on a soil that is...

Ireland from the 18th Century to the 20th Century

Introduction Art has always been a means to reflect reality. In different ages, painters focused on various “crucial questions” of political, social and cultural character that were represented in the painting, sculpture and architecture. Painting is one of the most “expressive” forms of art that has always been a reflection...

The UNIDROIT Interpretation in the Light of Sharia

This paper will start by explaining the concepts of Sharia law. In addition, this paper will explain how Islamic law interprets the UNIDROIT principle. This will entail a discussion of the ideals of Sharia, which are vital in the interpretation of UNIDROIT. Islamic law follows the Quran, which has broad...

Can Foreign Aid Solve Worldwide Poverty?

Introduction Over three billion people worldwide live below the poverty line, that is, they live on less than a dollar a day. Thousands of children perish daily due to conditions that relate to poverty. Some of these conditions include diarrhea and malaria. Millions do not have access to immunizations and...

Surveillance and Society in the United Kingdom

Introduction The use of CCTV surveillance has become commonplace in the United Kingdom. Hardly can citizens and tourists move through several blocs without being recorded by several cameras. Fact that these cameras have found their way into private properties is causing much worry to members of the public whose every...

Linguistic Politeness: Gender Differences

Introduction Language, culture and communication are deeply interrelated phenomena. Language can be defined as a system of linguistic signs and symbols that has a major purpose of supporting human interactions, self-expression, and information exchange. Nevertheless, the latter is not the only function of language. As noted by Kirch (1973), “language...

Evaluation of a Digital Library: A Case Study

Abstract The development of digital libraries has changed the handling and access to information. Using such a library involves a computer-human interface as well as commands and search strategies to retrieve information. The purpose of this study was to evaluate a digital library in an institution of higher learning that...

Geographical Information Systems for Urban Management

Introduction Geographic information system (GIS) is a term used to describe a comprehensive system that has been designed to manage, analyze, manipulate, store, capture and present geographical data (Longley 2005, p. 21). GIS entails complex use of database technology, cartography as well as statistical analysis. It is an important tool...

Undertaking Construction Projects in Emirates

Introduction The other major challenges that were noted are related to the economic disruptions because of the business cycles that are exaggerated. If these economic fluctuations are accompanied by exchange rate fluctuations, this could have an effect on the cash flow for the contractors, especially if their payments are denominated...

Aviation Security in Passengers Transportation

Abstract The transport industry has greatly improved over the past years, for instance, passengers’ safety. The concerns of passengers’ safety were raised due to the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center via a passenger plane that was forced to blast into the building. This led to the...

How an Autist Child Affects a Functional Family

Abstract Autism is among the very many developmental disorders that affect young children. This neurological disorder causes the child to exhibit abnormalities in social behavior and difficulties in communication due to its adverse effect on the information processing part of the brain. It specifically causes a disconnection as well as...

Social Media Impact on Political Leaders

Introduction Since the start of the internet boom, in the early nineties, there has been significant growth in the number of networked people. In fact, the number of networked people has increased from a few million people, in the early nineties, to a few billion people in the 2000s. A...

Sustainable Building Materials and Technologies in the Construction and Building Industry

Sustainable building materials A research study by Ayers (2002, P.12) into the demand for building materials shows that the need for superior performance of construction materials has facilitated increased research, development, and innovation into sustainable building materials. The study focuses on sustainable construction materials that are used in the construction...

Aviation Industry: Effect of Space Weather Phenomena

Abstract This paper analyzes the effect of space weather storms on the current navigation, communication and traffic surveillance systems. According to Afraimovich, E. L., Demyanov, V. V., Gavrilyuk, N. S., Ishin, A. B., Smolkov, G. a. (2009) powerful radio emission from the sunduring solar flares on December 6 and 13,...

The Responsibility to Protect in the Syrian Situation

Introduction The ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P) is declared by the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly as a new effective approach that was proposed in the 2000s in order to prevent the progress of mass atrocities globally. Referring to this strategy that includes a certain series of actions to...

An Overview of Atomic Force Microscopy

Introduction Anatomic force microscope is a scanning probe microscope (Fundamental Theory of Atomic Force Microscopy, n.d.). Scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) are meant to quantify properties such as friction, magnetism, and height using a probe. Early forms of electron microscopes such as the scanning tunneling microscope can only obtain images of...

Maritime Risk Assessment. Environmental Management

Maritime risk assessment and management has now gained greater concern in view of the need to ensure safety of vessels, people onboard vessels and the environment. Organizations such as the International Maritime Organization have been established and vested with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of offshore operators against any...

Law of Tort and the Rules of the Contract Law

A contract is always defined as an act of bringing an agreement between two or more people who intend to come up with a legally binding obligation. In most cases, the word binding is always used to ensure that the contract is valid and enforceable. In the case of Julie...

Computer Forensics Lab and Investigations Training

Introduction Computer forensics refers to the use of a computer expert program to collect, interpret, preserve, analyze and produce data from either volatile or non-volatile media storage devices. It is a branch of digital forensic science that is related to examining digital media in a forensic manner with the main...

Fabrication of Resonant Tunnelling Diodes

Hall Effect Measurements Before the discovery of quantum mechanics only the resistance R and conductance G considered as measurable physical quantities. Quantum mechanics deals with complex electrical transport measurement. i.e. density n and mobility µ. A Hall Effect measurement utilizes two sample geometries: Long and narrow hall bar Van der...

Kaspersky Internet Security Firewall Assessment

Abstract This experiment aimed to conduct an assessment on firewall security, based on the experiments conducted on a firewall utility of Kaspersky Internet Security. This entailed undertaking a series of tests on the firewall utility to ascertain the security capabilities of a firewall on a network. The experimental environment was...

Chemistry: Reactive Metabolites

Introduction The process of developing and introducing new drugs involves mainly the biotransformation of drugs that are already in existence. This processes result in chemically reactive metabolites of varying pharmacological and toxicological effects, which necessitates the need for profiling and screening, in order to identify the general beneficial effects of...

Intelligence-Led Policing: Security, Intelligence, Policy

The intelligence-led policing was a model that was employed to ensure that there is an intelligence-crime reduction which was based on three processes to realize this. They included: law enforcement to interpret the criminal environment, the influence of the decision makers and the decision makers’ impact on the criminal environment....

Database Security and Auditing

Introduction Database security has a lot of significance to the organization because it determines the organization’s data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The level of information security determines the right person to have access to the data, the data type of data that a particular user should access this can be...

Strategies in Airline Business

Introduction Airline industry is highly competitive like most industries. Competition is highly intense on the routes which are more profitable. The growth of the industry is closely linked to economic growth. An airline seat comes under the category of intangible and perishable goods and hence marketers take usually special care...

Reliability of Pile Testing in Hong Kong

Introduction The Pile test is mainly used to test piles using the application of an axial load or force which covers vertical and raking piles which are often analyzed when they are compressed (GIF 1). The term compression is hereby used to define a pile that would resist an axial...

Details of the IT Infrastructure

Abstract This paper presents a proposal for a model of IT infrastructure which is tailored to enable a business establishment better service its clientele base and enhance its administrative and communication as well operational network. The thrust of this business is to provide advance rental training facilities offer many services...

Migration From Ris/Ghost Cast Thin Images to Wds

Introduction The project is a transition from RIS/Ghostcast Thin Images to Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Thick Images in a Built to Order (BTO) environment, determining WDS server infrastructure with full WDS option on unicast and multicast deployments. Network bandwidth, installation mode, converting RIS based images to WIM based images. Network...

Design Optimization of Multi-element Aerodynamic Configurations

Aerodynamic optimization has been actively studied since the publication of a paper by Hicks and Henne in the 1970s (Hicks, & Henne, 1978) regarding the topic. Since then, several works on the optimization of full aircraft configurations (Reuther, Alonso, Jameson, Eimlinger, & Saunders, 1999; Secanell & Suleman, 2005), leave alone...

Moodle Is a Virtual Learning Environment

Abstract This paper investigates the use of Moodle as a virtual learning environment in educational settings. It highlights the characteristics of Moodle making it uniquely suited for educational purposes and explores the software from the viewpoint of the teacher. It also analyzes the impact of Moodle on learning and the...

Website in Schools

Abstract This dissertation addresses the technology of website use in schools to enhance learning and communication between and among all participants. The dissertation aims to explore the technology of website use in schools for the purpose of enhancing learning and communication for the benefit of the pupils, parents, teachers, school...

Impact of Effective Leadership in the Public Sector in the United Arab Emirates

Abstract Leadership in the public sector is a sensitive topic in the United Arab Emirates that is yet to be effectively explored by local scholars. The government is heavily involved in numerous developmental projects as a way of spurring economic growth and reducing overreliance on the oil and gas sector....

Learners’ Perception of Personal Learning Environment

Abstract The present research paper aims to investigate the students’ perceptions of the personalized learning environments (PLEs) in higher educational settings. The creation of PLEs and their impacts on the learning effects have received limited attention from scholarly researchers. This observation can be attributed to the fact that the technology-enhanced...

The Concept of E-Government Adoption

Scholars have conducted extensive research on the issue of e-governance especially its relevance in modern society. Bwalya (2009, p. 89) notes that the world is changing very fast due to technological advancement, and this has made it necessary to find better management approaches other than the traditional ways of governance....

The Measurement of Knowledge

Introduction Hunt (100) says knowledge is justified and true. This definition has led to the introduction of measurement tools for assessing the correctness and factuality of knowledge. The simple interpretation shows that the factuality of information establishes if a person understands, or does not understand, something. From this nature, knowledge...

Clayton County Library System: A Developed Policy Scenario

Abstract This section describes the Clayton County Library System concerning issues of public policy development, enactment, and implementation. In the process, it considers the library’s policy on children. It, therefore, explains how the policy issue was addressed in the organization, a clarification of desired outcomes, the actual approach used to...

The Effect of On-Line Bookings on Maltese Hotels

Introduction When online bookings were first introduced into the hospitality industry, many of the Maltese three-star hotels believed that this would open an opportunity to expand. Most of these hotels considered online tour companies as the best way through which this industry could be developed in this country. They believed...

The Sand Storms: Remote Sensing and Meteorological Variables

Introduction Globally, sand storms cause serious environmental, health, and economic problems (Rivas-Perea & Rosiles, 2012). However, when they occur, their effects are more serious in urban areas because of the high concentration of people and economic establishments in these areas. Environmentalists register serious concerns regarding sand storms because of their...

Sport Organization: Management Techniques

Introduction At the onset of 21st century, sports management has embraced techniques, strategies, and principles used by modern businesses and organizations. This has been attributed to the rampant growth, professionalization, and development in sports. This has changed the production, consumption, as well as management of the sporting activities, personalities, and...

Terrorism in Africa

Introduction Several theorists had predicted differently about what the world would turn out to be after the end of the Cold War. Some believed that it was the end of history while others feared for the worst. Towards the end of the 20th century, fears of terrorist attacks dominated the...

Computer Network Defense Appliance and Situational Awareness

Introduction Computer systems of any organization face an immense threat due to malicious attacks. One of the paramount measures to mitigate these threats is to conduct a situational analysis of an organization’s computer networks coupled with information systems. Upon doing this, an organization becomes strategically placed to engineer sound and...

Psychometric Testing in Recruiting Police Candidates

Introduction For the past thirty years, psychometric tests have been crucial in the selection and recruitment processes. Today the tests are common in many organizations during the recruitment process. The police force is no different. These tests would improve the quality of service as compared to the traditional mass training,...

Mathematical Vocabulary Strategies & Student Achievement

Introduction Statement of Problem Educational articulacy and lucidity focus on the effects of mathematical vocabularies on students’ achievements. This is inclusive of poorly performing students as well as those with learning complications and disabilities. It is observable that most students, especially those with English as not their first language, continue...

Social Workers’ Managerial and Administrative Capabilities in Social Work Administration

Introduction The past decade has seen mounting interest in trying to understand the role of a social worker in management. As such, professional development has become an urgent necessity in the domain of social administration, with a steadily increasing adjustments and violations of business management and general administration being enforced...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is not an individual therapeutic technique, but a broad term that categorizes therapies that are related (Dobson & Dozois, 2010). Cognitive behavioral therapy includes treatments that endeavor to modify overt behavior through altering an individual’s thinking, understanding, one’s suppositions, and the individual’s strategies of responding to various situations...

Legal Systems, Labor Relations and Regulatory Practices

Introduction There was no common practice to join trade union or labor movement in Mozambique until its freedom from the colonial rule of Portugal in 1975; however, the workers were required to earn more than a substantial level to qualify as a member of trade union – this was a...

Organizational Development – School

Introduction Schools have an obligation to deliver quality education continuously. Students and pupils have the right to attend well-performing schools that any state can provide. Educators and school managers have a prerequisite obligation to ensure that they provide such institutions. This concern has made many nations and states deploy various...

Experiences of Native American Indian Women on and off Reservations

Introduction Human beings have no power of choosing where to be borne or under what culture to be brought up given the circumstances surrounding the birth process. As a result, many people find themselves under circumstances which they could not want to identify themselves with under different conditions. Many go...

E-Government Development: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Introduction The growth of information and communication technology [ICT] has greatly influenced human life in a number of ways. ICT has also affected public service sectors. Rokhman (2011) argues that numerous changes have occurred with reference to the provision of government services due to the ICT development. Subsequently, the level...

Immigration Policies Affecting the Success of Immigrants in United States and Canada

Introduction Immigration is the act of moving from one’s country of birth to another country to settle. Immigration is a great economic aspect that helps in filling openings in the labor market and increasing economic growth in the host countries. Although locals would feel threatened that the skilled immigrants would...

U.S. Educational Legislation and Improvement of Student Performance

Introduction According to statistic data, in 2012, the US students’ performance in mathematics was below average. Among all the thirty-four countries represented in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), such as Germany, Japan, and Israel, the United States were ranked only twenty-seventh (Results from PISA, 2012). The statistical numbers...

NVivo Program: Methodology in Qualitative Study

Interviews In qualitative research, interview is a popular and valued method of data collection. Kahan and Cannell state that “An interview is a purposeful discussion between two or more people” (Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill 318). While conducting a qualitative research, the researcher can draw detailed and extensive information from the...

Borderline Personality Disorder

Abstract Over the past few decades, experts in the discipline of psychiatry have delved into developmental precursors for psychological disorders. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is among the sensitive psychological conditions that have affected between 2% to 4% of the general population in all societies. BPD is a complex illness that...

Theory Essence in Research Conduct

Introduction The term theory appears to have various meanings based on contending research models. For example, it can mean a formative edict or system of rules, especially in the natural sciences. It may also mean a concept or collection of ideas that are valuable in gaining an in-depth understanding of...

Mathematics Methodology Course and Teaching Efficacy

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of mathematics methodology courses on the self-efficacy and beliefs of pre-service teachers (Ediger, 2012; Hart, Smith, Smith & Swars, 2007), as well as to examine the possible factors responsible for shaping the efficacy beliefs regarding teaching practice among pre-service teachers...

Digital Heritage and Its Technologies

Introduction Preservation of cultural heritage is among the primary concerns of contemporary societies. Its significance has both economic and cultural roots. Culture and heritage are meaningful for both personal and collective developments of an individual. Culture and heritage are necessary for satisfying aesthetic, spiritual, and cultural needs. Moreover, they convey...

Interior Gardens for Office Buildings

Introduction This study examines the benefits of designing gardens for interior office buildings to reduce office stress factors that adversely impact employee productivity. The goal is to increase performance in highly stressed business environments. Organizations should recognize that negative stress factors in office environments that cause poor employee performance are...

Research Survey Tool Utilizing a Quantitative Design

The construct that is the focus of this research is social media usage in society. It entails the use of wide-ranging Internet-based applications and services for online exchanges or the sharing of user-generated content (Hu & Zhang, 2016). Common social media services include blogs, wikis, social networking and media-sharing sites,...

Health Physics: Particulate Pollution in Cities

Introduction An aerosol is a substance that presupposes the existence of a gaseous medium. It comprises tiny particles that can be either liquid or solid. They are known as particulate matter (PM), elements that pollute the air. The general public is aware of the fact that their health depends on...

Sustainability in the Built Environment

Introduction The 21st century presents, perhaps the most overwhelming challenges to the survival of humanity and continuity of life on planet earth. In addition to problems such as terrorism and economic uncertainties, environmental challenges including pollution and unsustainable resource use have emerged as the most serious global threats to life....

The Intimate Partner Abuse

One area of study that has attracted the attention of many researchers is behavior, thoughts and feelings/motions of individuals, and the way the environment in which individuals live affects these aspects. The environment could refer to other individuals or media that are in the individual’s vicinity. A social psychologist merges...

Native American Mothers Living off Reservations

Introduction This chapter shall discuss how the study will explore the insights of Native American mothers who are living off the reservations. The researcher will find out their current living conditions, quality of living and their parenting experiences in raising their children. The following questions shall guide the research: What...

The Role of Leadership in Teacher Turnover

Introduction During the last decade, the rate at which teachers are leaving schools in the United States is devastating (Szczesiul & Huizenga, 2014). When the opportunity presents, many teachers opt to leave schools for better working conditions or other professions. This phenomenon is referred to as teacher turnover and is...

The Concept of Assistive Technology

Introduction Assistive technology (AT) is a generic term that describes tools that are used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a learner with a disability in all aspects of life. AT ranges from low tech devices that do not require much training and do not have complex features...

Elections and Political Processes Program in America

Executive summary Elections offer an avenue for citizens to be involved in decision making, in addition to holding their representatives accountable. The political legitimacy that credible elections confer is essential for robust states and provides a crucial mandate if governments are to have the capacity to tackle a myriad of...

Teacher Perception: Bullying and Participation in Classes

Introduction Bullying entails either physical or mental oppression that has been repeated for considerably long period of time. It is also characterized by misuse of certain given authorities in a harmonious relationship between or among several people. A bully person will tend to secure control of the victim, or the...

Problem-Based Learning as a Teaching Method vs. The Traditional

Introduction Problem-based learning (PBL) is a constructivist model of education in which learning is viewed as a process of active knowledge building rather than passive knowledge reception (Evensen & Hmelo, 2000). Constructivist theory holds that learners cannot passively absorb new information, but must incorporate it with pre-existing knowledge to build...

Socio-Cultural Challenges: An IRA-Nian Perspective

Sustainable Development seeks to achieve a best compromise position or establish a win-win scenario between three dimensions; social wellbeing (e.g. health and safety), economic performance (e.g. profitability, reliability, business), and environmental impact (e.g. water pollution, air emissions, soil quality, waste management). However, much of the theory underpinning sustainable development has...

A Review of Psychological Theories That Underline Sex Education

Introduction Young people are expected to grow up to become reputable individuals. This can change if they fail to take control of their sexuality. The community, parents, and young people are involved in sex education. However the learning institutions have been given the bigger role of sex education since it...

Pupils’ Feedback Effect on Teachers’ Instructional Practices

Based on the pupils’ responses gathered in this study, several issues relating to teacher performance and learning improvement strategies were exposed. As mentioned in earlier sections of this study, pupils were asked different questions regarding their learning experiences, teacher input and their learning environments. These issues were answered by asking...

Achieving Outerspace Security Effectiveness

Outer space is a fundamental resource to all of us regardless of whether our origin is from developing or already developed nations. The concept of outer space must be kept free from attack with the holistic view of humankind. Outer space security is founded on the Transparency and Confidence- Building...

Distortion of Information Distribution and Project Failure

Background to the Problem Distortions in information distribution often lead to the failure of projects (Dinsmore, 2006). Cultural differences, gender and the leadership styles of organizations are responsible for distortion in information distribution (Alessandra & Hunsaker, 2005). However, the extent to which they influence the distortion is unknown. The research...

Reagan and the End of the Cold War: Help or Hindrance

Introduction The end of the Cold War is widely considered to be a period when moral, economic and ethical consideration overruled ideological and cultural inheritance and thus saved the world from another World War. Historical and international studies correlate the end of the Cold War with the year 1989, the...

Ethical Issues Surrounding the Needs of Students With Disabilities

Introduction The institution of education is the foundational cornerstone of our society. Education is a conscious effort to improve oneself both intellectually, physically, and morally, and the school remains the primary shaping force for the learners to develop their full potential (Sudarsana, 2016, p. 306). Educational ethics constitute a framework...

Research Design: Qualitative Approach

The age of value-free inquiry for the human disciplines is over [Denzin & Lincoln 2003]. The vocabulary entry defines ‘value-free’ as ‘free from criteria imposed by subjective values or standards; purely objective’. Hence, with the above mentioned statement Denzin & Lincoln convey qualitative research, opposite to pure objectivity and monism...

Returning Service Members With Mental Health Violations

Introduction Mental and emotional issues and challenges, associated with the staying on a frontline are generally regarded in the context of metal deceases and violations. The fact is that, all the possible aspects of emotional challenges on the frontline are aimed at damaging the mental health of the solders, independently...

Prescription Drug Abuse and Implications in School Counseling

The use of prescription drugs not recommended medically in schools and colleges is arising concern across the US. Several research studies have discovered that abuse of drug prescription is more prevalent than any other illegal drug consumption aside from the use of marijuana. An MTF survey in 2004 estimated 7.4...

Features of School Education for Children With Levels of Poverty

Introduction The second strand of literature reviews school reform from three perspectives. First, a historical view of educational reform over time is identified. This section focuses on early legislations for school reform, No Child Left Behind legislation, and the history and development of the Spotlight School Program in the State...

Church Leadership Model

Leaders play an essential role in making any organization a sustainable place and promoting its growth. Church leaders also take a crucial part in the empowerment of disciples and inspiring them to live in accordance with Christian values, including the missionary service. However, today’s globalized societies pose significant difficulties that...

Managing Digital Supply Chain in Microsoft

Introduction To succeed and stay competitive in the digital and online media market, media companies should assist their teams to work together more efficiently, amalgamate content and business systems, and streamline business processes. The delicate act of balancing of sustaining a high level of service and at minimal costs is...

Pedagogy, ICT Use and Perceptions of How ICT Impacts Teaching Among Teachers in Maldives

Introduction Information and Communication Technology have brought a significant impact on all sectors of economic, academic and social life positively. In traditional days, people used to do things manually, either by use of hands or use of small tools. Many offices used to handle documents in paper form unlike nowadays...

The Contemporary Church and Technology in Worship

Background of the Study Technology and the contemporary church have developed very much intertwined ever since the printing press began printing religious information and communications. Technology has been grudgingly adopted in many churches who initially fought against the use of technology in their communications however, failure to adopt such technology...

New Sociology of Childhood

Introduction Tradition methods vs. New Sociology Over the last two decades, traditional theories have always depicted adults as independent, rational efficient and experienced adults while a child on the other hand was portrayed as dependent, irrational and an incompetent young person. Thus from such theories children were normally not regarded...

Hispanic Women in Education

Introduction The most recent data indicate that about 20% more Hispanic women than their male counterparts have attained college degrees (Harris, 2005). It’s no wonder more Hispanic women than men currently occupy senior positions in both public and private sectors within the United States. For example, majority of the most...

Strategic Management in the Public Sector

This section covers a review of literature by authors who have considered incorporating strategic management in the running of public sector activities. Rabin Et al. (2000) argues that strategic management can be used to provide an orderly approach through which the disorderly, highly complex problems that face states from time...

Rape and Violence Against Women: Cultural Indoctrination

For ages, the ghoul of rape and violence against women has been left unrestrained, the society and cultural tendencies have fueled the escalation of the drift by ignoring its paroxysm and creating a lax environment for it to subsist. Cultural norms, belief systems and attitudes towards the victims of the...

The Reggio Emilia Pedagogy Model in a Kindergarten

Introduction The school is an avan-guard kindergarten located in Iceland in a residential area in the city of Kopavogur. The kindergarten has adopted the Reggio Emilia model that is hailed as a successful approach to early child hood education. The communities around the kindergarten are multicultural and so are the...

Landscape in King Solomon’s Mines by Rider Haggard

Introduction Many fictions presented by British writers have used landscape as a theme that has a major role in the historical perspective of the people, especially Africans. In this dimension, it is critical to note that landscape represents more than a description of objective nature. It’s a way of viewing...

Career Choices of Hispanic Female Teachers

Introduction This research paper aimed at investigating factors leading to low career advancement among Hispanic female teachers. The research though largely descriptive, was both qualitative and quantitative in approach. Ten Hispanic female teachers from Center Hill County in Florida were chosen for interview. The interview sought to obtain their experience...

The Rosetta Stone Language Program Increase Second Language Acquisition

The process of acquisition English as the second language may be complicated by the ethnic diversity of the learners, depriving the educators of the opportunity to use the method of translation into the child’s mother tongue. Chomksy’s theory of Universal Grammar proved that disregarding the native language of the learner,...

Women Involvement in Water Management

Introduction Life and living normally revolve around water within Bangladesh There is fast increase in the population, the water surface is getting depleted fast as well as the groundwater resources, regular floods and famine and deterioration of the quality of water because of pollution contamination by arsenic compounds and other...

Free 4000-Word Essay Samples

441 samples of this type

A 4000-word essay is a standard graduate-level college assignment. Its structure will depend on the discipline and institution. Moreover, a paper of 4000 to 4100 words is not necessarily an essay. A student might be assigned a research paper of such a length. The possible research fields might be marketing, nursing, linguistics, etc.

Reduce the Falls in the Aged Care Facility at Amity, Campbell

Abstract This report studies the impact of falls on the elderly population, its impact and the policies and guidelines on fall prevention and provides suggestions to reduce the incidence of falls in the Aged Care Facility at Amity, Campbell Town. The incidence of falls is on the rise world wide,...

Analysis of Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA)

Introduction The presented paper is devoted to the in-depth analysis of Saudi Arabian Airlines, or Saudia. It is a flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, with its central office in Jeddah (Gamraoyi, 2016). Its main operational base is located at King Abdulaziz International Airport (Gamraoyi, 2016). The company also has several...

Road Accidents and Fatalities in Qatar

Summary Introduction: What Is Known about the Topic The issue of traffic injuries and the increase in the death toll among the residents of Qatar has become a major concern for state authorities (Saleh 1). In their article addressing the reasons that the specified phenomenon has occurred, Mahfoud et al....

Digital Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality

Introduction The advent of information technology has opened new avenues for business enterprises to reach out to their target audiences. Today, digital marketing has become part of every business firm, regardless of the industry. The predominant importance played by digital marketing has a direct impact on how businesses operate. With...

Organizational Leadership and Personal Qualities

Introduction Many people believe that leadership is an issue that can be developed through training. Others especially those in the olden days believed that leaders were born. But I have come to realize that leadership is a diverse topic. This can be seen right from its definition to the many...

4000 Words Is How Many Pages?

A 4000-word text usually takes about 16 pages. All the major citation styles assume that an essay will take approximately 250 words per page. The most common format is double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. The details might differ – for instance, in MLA 9 and APA 7, Calibri and Arial are also accepted. However, 12-point Times New Roman remains preferable.

How Many Paragraphs Is 4000 Words?

A 4000-word essay contains 26 to 40 paragraphs on average. The length of a typical academic paragraph is about 100 words. You should include at least four sentences in your paragraph.

How to Structure a 4000-Word Essay?

A 4000-word paper is a very extensive piece of writing that needs to be carefully planned and prepared. You might need to write a research paper, a term paper, or an academic article of such a length. Depending on the genre of the paper, it might include an abstract, introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. The exact list of elements will depend on the paper’s genre.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 4000-Word Essay?

Typing 4000 words on a keyboard usually takes 80 to 160 minutes, depending on your typing speed. However, if you need to write an academic paper, add time for research, formatting the text, and preparing graphic materials. You’ll need at least 13 hours for 4000 words.

How Many References Are in a 4000 Word Essay?

The final number of references that you should include in an essay of 4000 to 4050 words will depend on the assignment’s genre and complexity. For instance, on middle-school level, you’ll have to add 26 references on average. A bachelor-level assignment of 4000 words will require 53 references, while a graduate-level paper should refer to at least 80 sources.

Routine CT Scanning Protocols of Head, Chest and Abdomen

Introduction Better Health Channel defines a CT scan as A computed tomography (CT) scan is a medical imaging procedure that uses x-rays and digital computer technology to create detailed two or three-dimensional images. Unlike other forms of medical imaging, the CT scan can image every type of body structure at...

Leadership and Management Importance in Organisations

In today’s increasingly complex and dynamic environments, leadership is regarded as an important part of organisational success. Management training and development is considered a vital facet of the organisational community and environment. Various studies show that companies that align their management development and strategic goals are successful in competitive business...

How the Economy Affects the Welfare System

Introduction Despite having the largest economy in the world, the United States has the highest rates of poverty compared to other wealthy nations. The government uses a specific measure of poverty based on a minimum yearly income to categorize people as poor or not to decide who is eligible for...

Business Valuation for WH Smith Plc

A Brief Company Background WHSmith is a British retailing company operating a chain of shops in the UK. However, the company also has operations in India, the Middle East, Australia, and South-East Asia (MarketLine 2014). WHSmith operations are divided into two business segments. The two are travel and high street....

Street Walk Essay: Socio Quiz

This paper is an elaboration and analysis of social problems observed during a late night stroll around Toronto. Numerous observations were made and a few people were also interviewed to acquire a more direct and accurate observation of the scenario. In the following paragraphs, each observation made during the late...

The Australian Agriculture Company’s Financial Analysis

Introduction The Australian Agriculture Company (ACC) operates primarily in the cattle processing agricultural industry whose financial positions had been influenced by the volatility of climate conditions. Their conservative land situated in the Northern territory and Queensland’s used as the grazing land of their livestock takes crucial drivers for the company’s...

How Financial Crisis Affected Supply Chain Organization?

Executive summary The objective of this research study was to assess how the current global financial crisis has had an impact on planning activities in the supply chain and contract management of four selected supply chain organizations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: ATCO, SYSCO, Wal-Mart, and GFS. In order to facilitate...

The U.S. Antitrust Law and Economics

Abstrac The US antitrust law is a set of laws governing the business industry (Hyton 2003). The goal of these laws is to enhance reasonable competition through agreements among customers, suppliers, or competitors (Hyton 2003). These laws thus protect all the parties involved in business activities from unfair competition, violation...

Apple: Organizational Culture, Structure, and Leadership

Organizational Culture of Apple: Executive Summary Apple is one of the iconic organisations associated with a charismatic but rather controversial leader, Steve Jobs. Tim Cook, who is now the CEO of the company, has to address the challenges the corporation faces in a highly competitive environment. Apple has a strong...

HIV/AIDS: Prevention, Control, Treatment

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a global issue that can have a negative impact on healthcare and social dynamics. It leads to the development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS, which emerged during the last decades of the 20th century. It is a major epidemiological disease that severely damages an...

Prevention of Obesity in Children

In children suffering from obesity, is the education of parent in healthy lifestyle for the children compared with medication treatment, increase the outcome and prevention of obesity. Introduction and Background The incidence of overweight and obesity among children have become a global concern that is associated with increased health complications....

North Korean Nuclear Proliferation

Introduction In Manhattan in June 1993, sixteen U.S. and North Korean delegates met to chat the way forward concerning the North Korean Nuclear Program. The delegates had never met before; they were led in the meeting by a chief negotiator (Robert Gallucci). The North Korean delegates arrived in the meeting...

Euthanasia – The Essential Right to Die

Proposal The right to die has been known from ancient times. Some primitive tribes have a custom according to which the elderly, who burden to the family, chose death to care for the tribe. Self withdrawal from life was promoted in Sparta, Ancient Greece, was allowed in ancient Rome but...

The Permissibility of International Peace

Introduction One of the most critical questions in existential philosophy is to determine the potential for a global peace as a system in which all nations live in a commonwealth. In discussing this idea, it is crucial to be particularly precise in the terms used since the state of international...

Impacts of Nutrition on the Development of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Abstract Type 2 diabetes mellitus is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases internationally. Some of the causes of T2DM include preventable factors like smoking, lack of physical exercise, and dietary habits. The objective of this paper is to determine the effects of nutrition on the development of T2DM. Data...

  • African American

Feminist Practices in “Little Women” Book by Alcott

Abstract This essay focuses on Alcott’s Little Women as a feminist novel and explores the representations of feminisms in the text. In that my exploration is on three areas to showcase Alcott’s feminism in the novel. First, I argue Little Women is a novel that presents writing as feminist practice...

Perspective in Women Leadership in United Arab Emirates

Introduction Over the ages, a great number of analysts have spoken about women leadership, their role, how they lead and the challenges they face when leading a company or an organization and how they have achieved good results in their leadership. It is imperative to note that leadership is a...

Women Leadership Perspectives in the United Arab Emirates

Health information security outline.

Abstract For the sake of Identification, the hospital administration should be the only one with the right of issuing IDs, if Identification is not issued by the administration, then it should be irrelevant, Identification should include fields like, Name, ID number, and category for instance patient, cardiologist, General practitioner and...

The Honolulu Rail Transit Project

Introduction The Honolulu Rail Transit Project (HRTP) is an elevated 20-mile-long rail system with a total of 21 stations, connecting East Kapolei and Ala Moana Center along the shoreline of Oahu. Although public discussions regarding the opening of a public transit line in Honolulu have been ongoing since the second...

Differences Between the Big Four Accounting Firms Versus the Smaller Firms

Abstract Problem. Today, the Big Four accounting firms take up 99% of the auditing market and 40% of the consulting market. These companies continued their steady growth even during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, which slowed down the economies around the globe. However, it is unclear if these companies...

Movement of Exchange Rate Volatility and Capital Budgeting

Exchange rate volatility The exchange rate can be defined as the currency of a given country expressed in terms of another country’s currency. The changes in the exchange rate affect the profits made by international trading partners and multinational corporations. The exchange rate also affects the value of investments as...

Children’s, Young People’s and Family Rights

Abstract This document will base its discussion on children rights in consistence to the 1989 convention; it will then embark on the legality of the convention going further into highlighting the children rights as outlined in the convention. It will then narrow down to the special children’s groups to analyze...

Oxfam International: Company Activities

Introduction Oxfam international has started its pace since 1942 as a charity. This paper focused different area of Oxfam’s marketing. How Oxfam apply exchange process in order to operate its marketing, as a charity unique criteria of a service, application of marketing mix for services, list of publics both for...

The United Kingdom Energy and Emissions

Introduction The United Kingdom (UK), which is an industrialised country, has been a great contributor to the emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG). The processes that lead to such emissions include the extraction of coal, gas, and oil, as well as the transportation industry. The transport industry is one of the...

  • Corporation
  • Business Strategy

Vietnam Decolonization’s Impacts on the International Relations

Introduction Decolonization was an instrumental factor to major changes that took place in the place world politics, particularly the decolonization of Vietnam given the geostrategic position of the country in the Asian region1. Studies show that several changes took place after the process of decolonization, but some scholars are of...

Deviant Behavior of College Freshman

Introduction Deviant behavior among college students has caused concern among stakeholders in the educational sector. Sometimes this behavior may be extreme, creating risk among the affected student or their schoolmates. Many institutions have been grappling with this problem over the years, especially among freshmen. When newly enrolled in schools, these...

HSBC & Barclays PLC: Balance Sheet and Income Statements

SME lending policies of the British banks before and after the financial crisis The financial crisis that almost brought the world’s economy to its knees in 2008/2009 has left many economies struggling and led to radical changes in the financial sector (Dullien et al. 2010, p. 113). As countries take...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Impacts

Introduction This evidence-based project will be about Sexually Transmitted Disease or STD and its impact on adolescents and young adults. The main difference this EBP will have with other typical research project is that it will have tangible results instead of simply taking scholarly resources and just rephrasing them. STD...

Best All Round Roofing Firm’s Technical Proposal and Mission Capability

Using the approach of the best value putting into consideration the technical understanding and the approach BEST ALL ROUND ROOFING does depict an understanding of the requirements that are there of offering a heavily sound technical solution. Has put the expected risks under check and hence has put a mitigation...

British Airways: Project Management

British Airways (BA) is a recognized commercial flying company that is renowned not only in Europe but globally. Currently BA is recognized as one of the largest in Europe with the capacity to fly over 550 destinations in more than 94 countries. In 2007 the airline boasted of taking more...

North American Indian Native Art

Introduction Indians is the name of the indigenous population of America (with the exception of the Eskimos and Aleuts). The name arose from the erroneous submission of the first European navigators, who considered that they discovered transatlantic land of India. Scientists have begun to interest the Indians, as soon as...

Zoom Technologies: Project Management in Marketing Operations Campaigns

Introduction Zoom Video Communications, Inc. provides a communications platform that prioritizes video. It enables face-to-face video encounters for numerous individuals across various devices and places via seamless video, voice, chat, and content sharing (Zoom Video Communications, 2023). It focuses on customer and staff satisfaction, a video-first cloud design, market leadership,...

Data-Based Decision Making in Assessment

Introduction The IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004) and NCLB (No Child Left Behind of 2001) have been added to the US Federal Laws to provide ample support to schoolchildren through evidence-based general and special education (VanDerHeyden and Burns, 2010). General education is sufficient for most of the...

Reasons and Implications of Divorce

Introduction The institution of marriage is unique to human society, with every race and culture having its own unique customs and practices, although the essence of the union tends to remain similar. Marriage instills an expectation of a long-lasting or even lifelong relationship between two individuals who have agreed to...

  • Environment
  • Business Planning
  • International Relations

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner Project Management

Introduction The aviation industry encompasses all aspects of air travel and the appropriate activities that enable the industry to meet its customers’ travel and transport needs. In order to remain relevant in the transport industry, airline manufacturers prioritize research to identify necessary adjustments needed in the aircraft used. Aircraft manufacturing...

Advertising Effect on British Buying Decisions

Overview The research will be done mainly to determine the effects of advertising on United Kingdom citizen’s buying decisions. Several researches have been done but have not completely exposed the major effects advert messages have on consumer behavior in the United Kingdom. The research will survey respondents to collect appropriate...

Muted Generation or How Internet Changes the Way We Live

Tim Berners-Lee invented the Internet in 1989-90, for the benefit of all humankind. Unfortunately, like any invention, the Internet is used today both for good and for harm. Due to the lack of awareness, many people misuse the Internet, damaging their daily lives. Several studies provide examples of how the...

Business Management Leadership and Choices

Abstract This paper is about the managing diversity in a work environment. This paper will critically examine the challenges and choices HR Managers now face in regard to managing diversity in an organization. Diversity can be defined as the difference that exists between the people like the different countries they...

Ethics and Audit Risks of Auditing Fraudulent Financial Statements

According to section 110 of Responsibility and Functions of the independent Auditors states that “The auditor has a responsibility to plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statement is free of material misstatements, whether caused by error of fraud”. This section clearly provides guidelines...

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Sustainability Issues

Deliverable A: Process Introduction The concept of sustainability has become the central focus of many entities because of the need to protect the environment. Global warming and climate change were considered theories that meant very little to the business society about five decades ago. Developed countries were keen on promoting...

The USE of Information Technology Networks in the Field of Pedagogy

Introduction The past and current education systems have faced criticism for their lack of ability to engage students in the classroom. This presents a challenge to teachers and -educators. Teachers have been turned to a narrator while the students have been turned to be listening objects. This severs the essence...

Brexit and Its Economic Impact on the UK

Introduction Overview This chapter covers the background to the study, problem statement, research objectives, questions and the significance of the study. Background to the study In early 2013, the British Prime Minister declared that the country will vote to decide whether the country should remain or exit the European (Whyte...

Critical Incident Analysis in Teaching

What is a critical incident in teaching and how to write it? Find answers to these questions in our essay sample on critical incident analysis! This paper explores aspects of critical incidents in teaching. Critical Incidents Analysis and Description Introduction Even outside the teaching profession, individuals are faced with incidents...

United Parcel Service: Information Technology Management Plan

Introduction Background of the Study Founded in 1907, the United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American-based logistics company. The company relies on its information management systems to undertake most of its operations. This report provides an information management plan for the year 2019. How to use this Report The data...

  • Intelligence
  • Information Technology

The Website Remodel Project Scope Statement

Introduction Website Remodel aims at improving a website’s user interactions, majorly by re-examining the current navigation, set-ups, content, and technology in place. This website redesign will help improve the end-user interactions with the web content, hence acting as a powerful tool for sales of the company product and services. A...

A New Energy Mix for the United Kingdom

Executive Summary This paper presents an analysis of the impact of the Russia/Ukraine hostility on the UK Oil and Gas industry. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis means that the UK has to rethink its £4 billion oil and gas imports from Russia. The upheaval is triggering numerous problems that are affecting...

Nokia Company’s Financial Analysis and Management

Acknowledgements I would like to thank my teacher for giving me an opportunity to research and write on such an important topic. The research work has not only increased my knowledge in the area of financial management but has also enabled me to apply these techniques in practical decision making....

Byrons Hamburger’ Firm in Saudi Arabia

Introduction The issue is whether Byron’s Hamburger should establish a branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The answer is yes. The reason is that Saudi Arabia is currently one of the biggest markets for fast food. As such, Byron’s Hamburger should establish a branch in Riyadh to capture this market. Fast...

Ethnicity and Employment in the United States

Introduction Racial and ethnic groups offer policymakers an archetypal magnetism/dodging clash. Shielding the constitutional rights of workers from bigotry enables exposure of the vice by ethnic/tribal groups. However, only some edifying intercessions are supported by meaningful cultural national distinctiveness among workers. Consequently, classifying employees by race or traditions interferes with...

ABASCO Company’s Recruitment and Implementation Plan

Executive Summary In the 21st century, competition in all segments of the economy has increased drastically. Any organisation that does not adopt the best industry practices risks being phased out of the market. Organisations need to be in the front position in recognising their respective industry trends, adopting the best...

Art and Literature Response to Horrors of War

There are a lot of sufferings that people undergo in events of the war that are not accounted for. Soldiers as well as prisoners of war are subjected to suffering by their enemies. Innocent citizens are displaced with others being killed in the process. Women and children are the most...

Good Mark Company: Manufacturing Industry Analysis

Introduction This paper provides a strategic analysis of the manufacturing industry. To concretize the analysis, Good Mark, a manufacturing company in Hong Kong is used. The strategic assessment looks into the manufacturing industry trends based on a PESTEL Model. It further analyses the strategic groups in the manufacturing industry using...

Leadership Selection and Development Programme at General Electric

Introduction Leadership is an integral component of nearly every sphere of contemporary life. It is equally applicable to business, education, or healthcare. On the whole, it is an ability to provide an impact on other people using one’s personal qualities and values. Management is another important sphere of any company...

Substance Abuse, Lack of Treatment, Prejudice and Incarceration – A Community Health Problem

Substance abuse and poor mental health form some of the biggest concerns of society. People of all ages especially the young are influenced by substance abuse. Child and spousal abuse, school failure, teen pregnancy, becoming infected by sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, frequent disruptions in the family, personal life and...

  • Communication
  • Advertising
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Analysis

Osama bin Laden’s Letter to America

Bin Laden’s letter to America in November 2002 is an attempt to justify his intention to attack and wage war on the United States, based on his belief system. As such, it is highly biased. Bin Laden lays out his views of Allah, Islam, the Quran, the USA’s corruption, and...

Physical Changes in the Elderly

Introduction The aim of this study was to examine the physical changes that occur during normal aging, along with common chronic diseases and diseases that are associated with pathological changes in the elderly. According to Haldemann and Wister (2019), “for more than 30 years, the interface of aging and the...

Cleveland Clinic: Quality of Improvement Journey

A recent report by Sollecito and Johnson (2013) revealed that about 48000 lives are lost yearly because of the infection of Methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus Aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE) bacteria. These two types of bacteria are known to resist some of the most effective antibacterial medicines which are currently in...

Supply Risk Types and Management

Introduction In the present-day business world with its highly sophisticated supply chain system, it is impossible to make decisions without taking into consideration the risks that emerge in this intricately organized environment. Logistics and supply chain management have become integral parts of any business (Monczka, Handfield, Giunipero, & Patterson, 2016)....

The DASH Diet for Blood Pressure Management

Background and Significance A dietary approach to stop hypertension, popularly known as the DASH diet, is often recommended by nutritionists and doctors as a good way of managing high blood pressure without the use of medication. The nutritional approach to managing hypertension has gained massive popularity not only in the...

Single Afro-American Mothers’ Experience: Theories

Theories Commonly Applied in this Study Single African American mothers’ experience of relationships with sons is always unique. In this qualitative investigation, the focus is to investigate the experience of these single African American females of being mothers to their adolescent sons. According to Williams and Smalls (2015), single women...

Police’s Brutality Towards African American Males

Abstract Police brutality and violence directed against African Americans is a common problem in the United States. African American males have suffered police brutality and violence for a long time. The society has also witnessed cases where individuals attack and kill or wound officers as a way of responding to...

Attachment Styles Influence on Children’s Development

Introduction Visual culture, according to Mirzoeff (1999, 32) is the reflection of what is actually seen by the observer and the picture that is created in the mind concerning the object that is seen. This general subject deals with the appealing value of a certain object. Visual culture tends to...

Caregiver Burden for Adult Children Whose Parent Has Alzheimer’s Disease

Introduction For many years, immediate family members and other informal caregivers have acted as the primary source of care for persons with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). As primary caregivers, families of patients with AD experience enormous stress because the disorder requires intensive supervision of patient behavior and support of daily living,...

Business Planning and Analysis

Introduction Business analysis is the detailed examination of business operations in relation to the environment, in order to explain various aspects of a business. The results of the analysis should therefore, be reflected in a business plan. A business plan is a clear outline of a business’s goal and a...

  • Relationship
  • Organizational Change
  • Globalization

Project Management Methods, Models, and Theories

Introduction Project management is an essential practice to organizations due to the trickle-down effect concerning the efficiency scale. On the one hand, the approach fosters derivation of crucial details during the implementation of an action plan. On the other hand, the mainframe fosters effective decision-making among the stakeholders concerning certain...

Chinese Education History and Recent Reforms

Introduction One of the most notable discursive aspects of the 21st century’s living is that, as time goes on, China continues to grow ever more powerful in both economic and geopolitical senses of this word. It now became commonplace among political scientists/politicians in the West to suggest that it is...

Idealistic Philosophies of I. Kant and G. Hegel

Introduction As of today, the gnoseological methodologies of Immanuel Kant and George Hegel are being strongly associated with the concept of a so-called German philosophical idealism. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this concept is now being commonly assumed as such that represents essentially the idealistic philosophy of Greco-Roman antiquity, adapted...

Physical Therapy and Sprain/Strain

Introduction In this section, we will profoundly discuss sprains and strains in context, define them, and provide insight about therapeutic treatment approaches. In continuum, we will define, discuss, and conversely expound on therapeutic treatment approaches. As such, this section is a summative expose on clinical comprehensibility of sprains and strains...

Emergency and Disaster Management Legal Framework

Introduction The United Nations office for disaster risk reduction defines a natural disaster as “a serious disruption of the functioning of a community or society involving widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses and impacts, which exceeds the ability of the affected community or society to cope with using its...

Government Preparedness to Chemical and Bio Terrorism

Abstract The acts of terrorism can be initiated in one country and take effect in another place. Preparations to counter such attacks require the combined efforts between the private and the public health sector. In order to be fully prepared, different state agencies should work together. A collective approach towards...

Single African American Parents: Literature Review

Parenting among single African American women poses serious challenges. Scholars have developed an interest in investigating the challenges to find ways of helping these parents and reducing juvenile delinquency in the country. A study by Elliott, Powell, and Brenton (2015) shows that almost 50% of all marriages in the United...

Cultural Sensitivity in Medicine and Cancer Treatment

Introduction The last three decades have witnessed a dramatic improvement in the effort to comprehend the cancer cell biology and also the genetic factors resulting in oncogenesis. Accordingly, this has resulted in substantial improvement in the status of health for patients with cancer. However, the marked health status improvement has...

Unidirectional Air Turbines as a Power Take Off Mechanism

Introduction Over the past several decades, the importance of locating the sources of renewable energy that do not lad to the further contamination of the environment and the exacerbation of pollution outcomes has become particularly high. The use of air turbines as one of the core methods of addressing the...

Thomas Cook Tour Operators Disintermediation Issues

Introduction The International Business Times (2010) and Scuffham (2010), rate Thomas cook as “Europe’s second biggest travel firm”.Thomas cook travel company was established in 2007 and it has its headquarters in Peterborough, England. It was formed after the merger between Thomas Cook AG and My Travel Group Incorporated. The company...

  • Strategic Planning

The Status of English as an International Language

English as a Global Language English is gaining recognition as a global language and it is being studied more whether this language should be a global language (Nadkarni, n.d.). For more than half of the century, people who migrated from different parts of the Indian subcontinent have added lots of...

The European Union’s Security Issues

Introduction Security is a multifaceted concept that can be comprehended in diverse forms, hinging on its objects: the discernment of threats, the preserved values, and the ways through which these values are preserved1. The ongoing change in perception of security threat and the means through which these threats are addressed...

Girlfunk Jewelry Company’s E-Commerce Business Plan

Executive Summary The Girlfunk Jewelry is a business that will specialize in the avant-garde line of sustainable jewelry targeting the celebrity customer segment. The business is based online and will have a strategic e-commerce platform for ordering handmade jewelry designs, which incorporate retro junk into high fashion futuristic funk. The...

The Gulf Cooperation Council: Internal Financial Reporting Standards Adoption

Introduction There has been a growing tendency for cooperation among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in the development of economic and financial institutions. The manifestation of the ubiquitous nature of globalisation has increased the need for embracing standardised accounting regulations in order to improve cooperation and enhance efficiency of financial...

Stress Migraine in Women After Menopause

Abstract The age of 40 and 60 years is the time when a female organism undergoes several changes. It is usually called menopause and characterized by such symptoms as irregular or no periods, uncontrolled hot flashes, sleep problems, mood and weight changes, and unpredictable headaches. In this paper, the researcher...

Marketing Management in the Largest World Companies

The Role of Marketing in the organization Shell Oil Company is a global group of energy and petrochemicals organization that specializes in producing oil, natural gas, and chemicals. The company’s major production and exploration units are located in the deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico with origins in Anglo-Dutch,...

The Ohio’s Manufacturing Environment: Lost Time Accident Rates

Outline This study seeks to consider the positive impact of correlation between lost time accidents and corporations’ annual profit share margin in the Ohio manufacturing industry. The methodology that has been used seeks to interview heads of 50 main manufacturing industries in Ohio, and their opinions about this issue and...

Angel’s: The Market Plan

Executive Summary The marketing plan has been formed on Angel’s and the chosen product is Angel’s Carpet, Flooring, Lighting, Beds, Rugs, curtains and blinds which has taken the leading position in the local market. The macro-environments that influence an organisation’s activities are demographic, economic, political-legal, ecological, socio-cultural, and technological. These...

HIV Treatment Compliance and Social Support

Abstract African Americans introduce the most severe and crucial HIV burden than any other race and ethnic group represented in the USA. The problem is aggravated by the fact that the number of newly infected African American females, as well as those diagnosed AIDS-related diseases, are growing rapidly. Although the...

The Relationship Between Education and Recidivism

Introduction Training and the learning or academic programs have been there in prisons for a long time. These programs were developed in America because prisons have been in existence there for a long period of time. In this annotated bibliography, different research are analyzed to determine whether inmates who engage...

  • Manufacturing
  • Schizophrenia

Organizational Change: Qatargas Case Study

Executive Summary This report conducted an analysis of change conducted by Qatargas during the COVID-19 pandemic. The change aimed at adapting the operations to promote the health and safety of the employees and the community. Shortly after the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, Qatargas created a taskforce that took command...

Progressive Corporation’s International Business Plan

The proposed business plan presents an entry strategy into the Belgian market and an effective marketing plan for penetration and sustainable business for the auto insurance policy product. This means that the company should select an effective internationalization strategy for business survival and sustainability in the short and long term....

What Is the Role of Marketing in the Company and to What Extent?

Introduction Before attempts to discuss the role of marketing in the company and to what extent the marketing strategy of the company is effective, it is essential to consider about marketing and marketing process. Satisfying the target customers, behavior facilitating exchange, selling and advertising are the important role of marketing....

Data Protection: Term Definition

Introduction At the beginning of the 21st century, data privacy and security is under threat.. Systems can generally be attacked by errant bits in one of three basic ways: through the corruption of a system’s hardware or software; through using an insider with access privileges; or through external hacking, as...

Records Management and Documents Destruction

Executive Summary Information is one of the most vital assets in any one organization. Policies and decisions in organizations are made based on the information available. In addition, security of the organization’s information is crucial as its exposure to unauthorized persons or its loss can be a deathly risk to...

Cross-Cultural Management for Virtual Teams: Context, Theories and Critical Cultural Influences

Executive Summary The influence of globalization is evident in all aspects of the business environment. By facilitating business collaborations and agreements between different countries, this phenomenon created opportunities for companies to enter new markets and multiply their profits as a result. Similarly, the advancement of information technology enhanced the global...

Renminbi Effects on the Economy of Hong Kong

The paper discusses the working and effects of Renminbi in the economy of Hong Kong. It has the parts of introduction, positives effects of Renminbi on the economy of Hong Kong, negative effects of Renminbi on its economy, conclusive summary the list of material used as reference for this paper....

China’s Trade Policy for the Global Economy

Introduction The presented paper aims to analyze the implications of China’s trade policy for the global economy. The significance of the topic is determined by the fact that China has become one of the largest trading powers within several decades and plays a vital role in the world’s economy. The...

Euroland Foods S.A. Strategic Financial Management

Executive summary In project evaluation, the following tools can be used to aid managers in project financing decision making: Net present value, Internal rate of return including modified internal rate of return and Payback period including modified payback. The project evaluation the following criteria can be used in deciding whether...

Enzymatic Promoter of Dental Caries

Introduction With different lifestyles and consumer goods being developed each day, the question of health has been discussed since most of the consumer products have been causing a lot of imbalances in human health conditions. For example, there has been a lot of concern about sugary food and its possible...

Euthanasia or Assisted Suicide

Introduction The present paper looks into the issue of physician- or doctor-assisted suicide or euthanasia from several perspectives. It neutrally brings forward the arguments put forth by both the proponents and opponents of this act. In the last section of the paper, an evaluation of the entire argument is made....

Incarceration Mass Act Among African American Males

In the history of the US, it is known as the country with the largest number of inmates globally than any other nation across the world. It has incarcerated more individuals making it have the highest population rate of people imprisoned. America has harsh punishment for the persons who commit...

Leadership vs. Management: Distinctive Features

The main issue associated with the differentiation between leadership and management lies in that employers themselves use the two terms interchangeably, which leads to confusion. However, there are differences between the two concepts, and in order to be knowledgeable regarding the topic of leadership, it is important to know the...

Information Systems That Apply to Parks & Recreation

Introduction The contemporary world of rapid development of Information Technology has made each sector of life with ease and efficiency. Information technology has found its place of importance and application in the daily as well as business life of people. “The term information system refers to information technology that is...

Impact of Terrorism on the Economy

Background The past few years have been characterized by a significant rise in terrorist activities worldwide. Although many cases involve problems experienced at the national level, recent occurrences have been linked to international geopolitical differences. Terrorism causes significant economic disruption due to the loss of human life and injuries sustained...

Environmental Impact of International Tourism

Causes of Low-Cost Airlines Success In the context of airlines before deregulation, activities in the airlines industry were an antithesis of competitive markets. Airlines were monopolized by local governments, or big business houses, which actively discouraged competition through a restrictive and regulatory regime, meant essentially to avoid private enterprises entering...

Large Scale Software Development

Introduction This report provides information regarding the Resource Scheduling project. The Resource Scheduling project is useful for a consultant company that provides resources of different types to various companies for a particular duration. An example of a company that would require this kind of software is an IT consultant company....

A New Government Entity with Computing Resources On-Site and Remotely

Proposal Overview To assist the US government in managing computing systems use during crisis times, it is important to engage smaller contracting organizations that are qualified to provide consultancy in designing and optimizing local IT infrastructures. In this proposal, the case of Virtual International, a small organization that acquires leadership...

The Role of Markets and the State in Different Approaches to Understanding a Capitalist Economy

Introduction Boltanski & Chiapello in their book “The New Spirit of Capitalism” (page 47) note that wealth created by one person is wealth to the society in general. They are of the opinion that if theft is not used, then an individual should be left to accumulate wealth. This is...

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant Audit and Strategic Plan

Introduction The main objective of this report is to present a full situational audit of Jumbo Seafood and develop a strategic plan for the next 3 years. This report formulates with brief company overview, external audit, internal audit and strategic plan for the next three years. However, external audit includes...

Sainsbury’s Company’s Contemporary Management Issues

Introduction Sainsbury’s is a popular chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. It offers a wide range of products, including groceries, homeware, alcohol, kitchen appliances, clothing, and electrical appliances. Sainsbury’s shops range from small local convenience to large hypermarkets and superstores offering various types of products. J Sainsbury, which is...

Improving Mental Health by Preventing Mental Illness

Mental health is a broad concept used to refer to psychological well being. It entails the emotional or cognitive fitness and generally affects how people think or behave. Lack of mental health culminates to mental disorder. According to a report released by World Health Organisation (2005), one out of every...

Proctor and Gamble Company: Strategic Planning

Introduction The aim of this strategic plan of Proctor & Gamble is to analyze the strategic corporate development history, strategic direction for the future, and the current strategic situation of the company. However, this paper will concentrate on the historical background and strategic decision for the last twenty-five years, present...

The Economy of Japan

State of Economy Japan has been known as one of the countries with the most advanced economy and the best-developed entrepreneurship. In 2017, Japan’s GDP reached $4.873 trillion, which made it the world’s third most economically prolific country in the world (Central Intelligence Agency). Similarly, other economic indicators have proven...

Military Sexual Trauma: PTSD in Female Veterans

Introduction Traumatic experiences that military personnel encounter during their profession predispose them to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Research has shown that PTSD that military personnel experience in their lives emanates from cumulative stressors of pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment experiences (Fisher, 2008, p. 50; Fullerton, & Ursano, 2004, p. 1374). The...

The Perception of the Nation of Islam in “The Fire Next Time” by Baldwin

Introduction Religion is an essential element of many cultures and countries that often determines the attitudes of the general population toward specific questions, behaviors, or social structures. Authors sometimes exploit religion as a tool for elucidating a particular problem. For example, James Baldwin views anger and racial discrimination through the...

European Imperialism in Africa: The Main Causes

Introduction Imperialism ism is referred to as the process through which superior regions exercise power over other less superior regions. Imperialism can be either complete or partial; in partial colonialism, the superior nation only controls a few aspects of the other country, but in whole imperialism, the country has total...

New Technologies in Healthcare: Telehealth Usage

Introduction Emerging technologies in the healthcare industry have improved the provision of healthcare services to patients across the world. Most health care centers have focused on improving telecare services within their organizations. The global health research agenda has also focused on improving collaboration between countries on identifying and testing new...

Health Care Policy: Florida House Bill 1277

Although Florida, as well as other states in the USA, suffers from shortages of primary care physicians, acute physicians, and other healthcare providers, there are still barriers for foreign-trained physicians to be employed in hospitals and clinics in the state (Pande, 2014; Peterson, Pandya, & Leblang, 2014). Currently, International Medical...

Corrosion: Factors, Chemistry and Thermodynamics

Introduction Corrosion is defined as the breakup of materials to its component atoms after series of chemical reactions caused by its immediate surrounding or immediate environment. This article is going to examine the dynamics involving corrosion of materials. The corrosion of materials is attributed to a number of factors that...

SunTrust Company Strategic Plan

Executive Summary SunTrust is a Banking industry that was founded in 1811. Its headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, in the U.S and it has about 1,800 branches in the Southeast of the United States. SunTrust employs more than twenty-eight thousand employees, and as at 2009 financial year, it earned revenue...

Pneumonia: Diagnosis and Treatment

The purpose of this assignment is to review pneumonia with reference to clinical and pharmacology concepts related to a patient situation. Thus, it demonstrates how knowledge and evidence are applied in clinical decision-making to deliver quality care to patients. Pneumonia is the eighth major cause of death in the Unified...

Internal Auditing and Corporate Governance

Introduction Businesses are faced with different forms of risks originating from internal and external sources. For example, employees may be involved in fraudulent activities, hence affecting the organisation’s financial stability. Secondly, firms’ financial stability may be affected by economic changes such as the occurrence of financial crises (Anand 2007). Such...

Adverse Effects of Stringent Information Security Controls

Abstract Security and usability need not be mutually exclusive. Yet research indicates user acceptance of security systems is not a given and has become a major issue in terms of efficiency versus security. We will be analyzing how enhanced information security controls affect users and the usability of systems. The...

Electronic Publishing and American Education System

Abstract There is a great debate on whether electronic publishing and networks have been the technological answer are making great advances in learning or whether computers in the classroom will sound the death knell on education as we know it. Without a doubt, the world is rapidly going digital and...

Bullying and Work-Related Stress in the Irish Workplace

Introduction Lately, work-related stress has become one of the most common problems of the 21st century. As a result, this issue has a considerable effect not only on the physical and mental health of individuals but also productivity of various organizations. In fact, the inability to maintain a healthy work-life...

Data Analysis of Employment Market & Job Recommendation System

The employment market and related business processes are complex and involve different parties. This is confirmed by the fact that the emergence of new vacancies and new types of employment brings variety and influences the development of trends in this category. The development of information technology and the emergence of...

Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament

Introduction A comparative study of the ancient Near Eastern cultures reveals that most of the traditions that the Israelites adhered to were similar to those of their neighbors. John Walton’s book is dedicated to an in-depth analysis of some of the important traditions, rituals, and beliefs that were held by...

Amazon Company: Transportation and Logistics Department

Abstract Amazon is one of the leading online retailers in the global market. The company sells various products and sends them to different parts of the world. The network of cargo and fulfillment facilities in the USA is substantial, which has enabled the company to introduce the prime delivery service...

Nephrostomy Catheter Care on Renal Compromised Patients

Introduction Kidney disease is considered to be one of the most common health problems in modern society. According to Monga and Rane (2014), historical records show that there has been an impressive advancement in the management of this disease. Before the nephrostomy catheter, Haemodialysis (HD) was used from the early...

The Crime of Homicide: History and Laws

Introduction Homicide, which can be described as the act of a human being killing another, is a crime that is recognized all over the world. The crime is a common one since many people fall victim every day. Homicide can be of different types depending on the circumstances surrounding the...

Nuclear Reprocessing, Waste Disposal and Transportation

Introduction Nuclear science has proved to be of great importance in contemporary society as far as energy is concerned. Nuclear is regarded as a clean source of energy. The source finds relevance in a world faced with increasing demands for power. However, nuclear processing is faced with a number of...

Security Threats: Community Crisis Management Plan

Abstract A community crisis management plan is important in our modern society where many forces pose a serious threat to our safety and security. In this plan, the primary focus is to prepare for a possible attack and come up with measures that can help casualties and their family members...

Robinson Insurance Agency’ Leadership Assessment

Abstract Todd Robinson, as the president of Robinson Insurance Agency, is oriented to transition and replacement procedures associated with the human resources because of the necessity to select candidates with great leadership potential for the top managerial positions in the company. The process of developing the assessment plan depends on...

Transformational & Transactional Leadership Theories

Introduction Organisational leadership is such a vital element, especially in shaping employees’ perceptions of work, responses to organisational change, and acceptance to organisational innovations to achieve high performance (Aarons 2006, p. 1162). Whereas transformational leadership aims at motivating and inspiring followers by paying close attention to their emergent needs, transactional...

Venezuela: Political and Economical Introduction

The country is located on the northern part of South America. Its continental territory limits are the Caribbean Sea to the North; the Atlantic Ocean and the Republic of Guyana to the East; the Republic of Brazil to the South and the Republic of Colombia to the West. Venezuela has...

Leadership and Communication in Healthcare Setting

Introduction Leadership in healthcare is one of the most important issues which helps medical staff to ensure effective and high quality services delivered to patients. Task forces consistently identified significant and interdependent elements of leadership that are in dangerously low supply in their organization. An ineffective leadership process and the...

KFC Philippines Company’s Risk-Management

Introduction KFC is a subsidiary of YUM Brands, Inc, with about 3% own managed restaurants and 97% franchises in 131 countries worldwide, making it one of the largest restaurant chains (Uddin, 2020, p. 172). However, despite being part of one of the world’s largest companies, KFC is still vulnerable to...

Nurses in Handover Communication Analysis

Abstract The study represents the evaluation of communication between nurses in handover reports in ward setting. This present the guide and design to improve and develop of flow nursing communication. The information takes place between the nurses is to be said complex. Furthermore, it is not yet known how the...

“The Difference of Being Human” by Francisco Ayala: Arguing

Ever since the application of the notion of political correctness to theoretical and empirical research, in various fields of science, began to undermine its intellectual soundness, we can no longer assume the results of such research as being objective by definition. Reading Francisco Ayala’s article “The Difference of Being Human”...

Oil Industry: Business Strategy and Profitability

Executive Summary The purpose of this management report will be to focus on the business strategy of a particular industry. The industry will be identified and discussed in the introductory part of the report and the various firms that operate within the industry will be identified. An analysis of the...

Graphic Design and Its Importance in Human Life

Introduction The modern world has embraced the concept of design to such an extent that people can no longer imagine their surroundings without it. Design has penetrated into virtually all spheres of human activity. This fully applies to such a kind of design art as graphic design. With its manifestations...

Economic Environment and Assets – International Business

What are the approaches international managers seek to understand when instituting change in the international arena? Working in a new environment, let alone the environment of an entirely different state than the one, which a company was created in, requires a profound understanding of the rules and regulations that the...

Ethical Approaches in Career Choice

Introduction Happiness is the best thing that an individual can have in life. One cannot find it unless he or she has a meaningful life. Immanuel Kant reveals how people need to fill their life with activities. Work is part of such activities that Immanuel Kant refers. He claims that...

Starbucks’ Culture and Howard Schultz’s Leadership

Introduction Organizational behavior and theory are very important aspects of any company and are critical in shaping organizational success (Robbins & Judge 2009, p. 4). In addition, the behavior and theories contribute to industrial development depending on their application. Notably, the structure, style and kind of leaders in the organization...

The Emerging Medical Technology

Introduction Technological advances are crucial for the development of healthcare around the world, as they help to improve treatment and diagnosis methods of various conditions. According to a recently published article in Forbes magazine, there are at least nine current trends in technology that will transform medicine and healthcare in...

Marketing System of Sakhr Software Co

Acknowledgements This paper is result of work of the number of people among whom I would like to thank the public relations department of Sakhr Software Co., the officials of Sakhr Software Co. who facilitated the conduct of my research in their enterprise, and the scholars whose research works I...

Body Shop: Marketing and Markets in a Digital World

Introduction The Body Shop International is a multinational firm that specializes in cosmetics and body fashion. Anita Roddick established the company in the year 1976. Shampoos, bath products, soaps, and other beauty-related accessories are the company’s core focus. All of the company’s products are made completely of natural materials and...

Investment Decision-Making in Organizations

The organizational and operational factors that affect investment decisions Middle Eastern airlines have been successfully used for marketing their respective countries. Their unparalleled luxury and business acumen have earned wide admiration from across the world. Their main purpose has been to connect the dots throughout the world, resulting in tremendous...

Usage of Images in the Marketing Sector

Outline Images have been used by different cultures, nations, and organizations as symbols that give them an identity. The symbols are usually unique emblems that distinguish a group from the other. These symbols may have different meanings to other groups but possess a significant identity to the users. The symbols...

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You may write faster or slower than this depending on your average writing speed. Adults typically type at about 40 words per minute when writing for enjoyment and 5 words per minute for in-depth essays or articles. They can handwrite at 20 words per minute. College students typically need to be able to write at 60-70 words per minute in order to quickly write essays.

Writing Time by Word Counts

The table below will tell you how long it will take to write typical word counts. If you want to know how long writing an essay or book will take, check out the table below:

Writing Time by Page Counts

The table below will tell you how long it will take to write typical page counts. If you want to know how long writing an essay or book will take, check out the table below:

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can you write a 4000 word essay in one day

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    Writing 4,000 words will take about 1.7 hours for the average writer typing on a keyboard and 3.3 hours for handwriting. However, if the content needs to include in-depth research, links, citations, or graphics such as for a blog article or high school essay, the length can grow to 13.3 hours. Learn how to triple your writing speed.

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    On a previous assignment, on a topic I already had some knowledge on and found interesting, I researched and wrote an 8000 word essay in 3 days. So there is no hard and fast rules. Motivation, knowledge and the clarity of the criteria make a huge difference. Reply 11.

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    315 votes, 137 comments. true. See you all on the other side Update 1 (12 hours to go): okay, I admit the first half an hour was spent showering and pooping. But I have since then put on my lucky rainbow socks and written the basic structure of the essay and the introduction!Only 2914 words to go, oh baby

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    Probably around 2500 words and that wasnt for my thesis, it was for my coursework at high school. Oh, written exams at uni, about 15 sides so thats 1500x5 = 7500 words-ish for a biochemistry exam. I have no set target for number of words a day but I do give around a week for each formative and summative essay I do.

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    2000 is not too bad. Break it down. About 100 words a paragraph means about 20 paragraphs. 1 para for topic introduction and thesis. 1 para (X3) for argument one (two and three) 3 para (X3) for supporting argument one (two and three) 1 para for conclusion. Thats 15 paragraphs with at least 1500 words right there. 1.

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