1. Why an economics PhD might be the best grad degree

    how long does phd in economics take

  2. How Long Does It Take To Get A PhD In Economics

    how long does phd in economics take

  3. PhD in Economics Salary

    how long does phd in economics take

  4. How To Get A PhD In Economics

    how long does phd in economics take

  5. PhD in Economics: Requirements, Salary, Jobs, & Career Growth

    how long does phd in economics take

  6. PhD in Economics Salary

    how long does phd in economics take


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  1. The complete guide to getting into an economics PhD program

    Here is the not-very-surprising list of things that will help you get into a good econ PhD program: good grades, especially in whatever math and economics classes you take, a good score on the ...

  2. PhD Program

    PhD Program. Year after year, our top-ranked PhD program sets the standard for graduate economics training across the country. Graduate students work closely with our world-class faculty to develop their own research and prepare to make impactful contributions to the field. Our doctoral program enrolls 20-24 full-time students each year and ...

  3. Doctoral Program

    Doctoral Program. The Ph.D. program is a full time program leading to a Doctoral Degree in Economics. Students specialize in various fields within Economics by enrolling in field courses and attending field specific lunches and seminars. Students gain economic breadth by taking additional distribution courses outside of their selected fields of ...

  4. Admissions FAQ

    A bachelor's degree (or equivalent) is required. It is not essential that the bachelor's degree be in economics, but some preparation in undergraduate economics, especially in economic theory, is a necessity, as is a working knowledge of calculus. ... How long does it take to complete the PhD program? It varies from person to person, but ...

  5. PhD in Economics

    PhD students take 16 courses, roughly half of which are spent acquiring the core analytic tools of the profession (microeconomics, macroeconomics, and quantitative methods), with the balance spent applying those tools in particular fields of specialization. All PhD students must complete a doctoral dissertation (thesis).

  6. How to prepare for a PhD in Economics

    If you want to get into a top PhD program, it is especially important to take real analysis (Math 142AB or Math 140ABC—likely Math 140A is enough) and do well in the class. Real analysis teaches you how to write and understand proofs. These skills will be important to your success in first-year graduate courses as well as in your research career.

  7. PhD Program

    The Ph.D. Program in the Department of Economics at Harvard is addressed to students of high promise who wish to prepare themselves in teaching and research in academia or for responsible positions in government, research organizations, or business enterprises. Students are expected to devote themselves full-time to their programs of study.

  8. About the Ph.D. Program

    About the Ph.D. Program. The Ph.D. Program in Economics at UCLA prepares students for careers as economists in academia, business and government. The program combines rigorous work in economic theory and careful study of real-world problems and institutions. Graduates from this program work at major universities around the world, national and ...

  9. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

    Degree requirements: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. GPA: Minimum GPA of 3.25 in upper-division and graduate course work in economics and related courses. Test score required: Yes. The minimum quantitative score is 158 with students averaging 163 on the quantitative score and 150 of the verbal score.

  10. Why earn a PhD in Economics?

    A PhD prepares you to do independent research at the frontier of what economists know. In fact, a key requirement for earning a PhD is that your dissertation provides new knowledge that moves out the frontier of the profession. A PhD is required if you want to do research and teaching at a university. For many top jobs in government, at ...

  11. PhD Economics admissions FAQs

    In addition we have a dedicated professional staff at School and Department level dealing with funding and admissions. Applications are processed centrally through the Graduate Admissions Office. There is a strict application deadline for the PhD Economics 2024 entry. All applicants are advised to read the MRes/PhD Economics 2024 prospectus page.

  12. Ph.D. in Economics

    UF Economics offers the top-ranked Ph.D. in Economics program in the state of Florida. Doctoral students are an integral part of our vibrant research community, and their success is central to our mission. Our program is defined by a highly collegial environment that fosters individual student's development as economists and promotes collaborative work. Our students learn […]

  13. Preparing for a PhD in Economics

    The minimum requirements of the Economics undergraduate major are not designed to be training for doctoral economics programs. Students who plan to continue their education should take more quantitative courses than the minimum required for the major. Preparation should start early in your undergraduate education.

  14. PDF The path to completing the economics PhD program successfully

    1. Timeline. The "normal" length of the economics PhD program is 5 years. Some students manage to complete their dissertation in less time, while some students take longer. Each student's path depends to on his or her preparation for graduate school, ability to handle the many demands of graduate student life, motivation, domestic ...

  15. Thinking of Pursuing a PhD in Economics? Info on Graduate School and

    What Can You Do with an Economics PhD? Upon graduation, students can obtain jobs in a variety of industries. Many PhD students hope to become university professors. Governments and public policy-related institutions such as the Federal Reserve System, the U.S. federal government, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also ...

  16. Graduate Application FAQs

    The Economic Growth Center offers a one-year MA program in International and Development Economics. ... How long does it take to complete the program? The average time of completion is five years, although some students finish in four years. Students are allowed 6 years of registration.

  17. Why an economics PhD might be the best grad degree

    Commonly given advice is that you should only do an economics PhD if you: Are good at math and enjoy formal models in economics. Are willing to study 50-80 hours per week (hours are particularly long in the first year) Love intellectual pursuits and have a strong drive to do self-directed research. 11.

  18. PhD in Economics: Requirements, Salary, Jobs, & Career Growth

    How long does it take to get a PhD in Economics? The time it takes to complete a PhD in Economics can vary, but most programs take between 4 to 7 years on average. The exact duration of the program depends on a number of factors, including the specific program requirements, the student's course load, and the amount of time they can dedicate ...

  19. How Long Does It Take to Get a Ph.D. Degree?

    However, there are many types of programs that typically take longer than six years to complete, such as humanities and arts doctorates, where the median time for individuals to earn their degree was 7.1 years, according to the survey. Some Ph.D. candidates begin doctoral programs after they have already obtained master's degrees, which means ...

  20. PDF So You Want to Earn a Ph.d. in Economics How Long Do You Think It Will

    Ph.D. in economics do so within four calendar years of entering the program; the median elapsed time between starting an economics Ph.D. program and earning a degree is now about 5.3 years. Because some people take extraordinarily long, the mean is about six years. With normal attrition rates factored in ,3 the overall proportion of entering Ph.D.

  21. Why Get an Economics Ph.D?

    Do a Ph.D. in Business instead - it is half the work and when you leave you to get twice the salary. It's a no-brainer. Are a great communicator and teacher, but bored by research. Academic economics is set up for people who have a comparative advantage in research. Go somewhere where a comparative advantage in communication is an asset - such ...

  22. economics

    3. A PhD is not a job with specific requirements and milestones that you can accelerate by working longer or harder. You might start a project that proves a dead end, other people might finish sooner what you intended to do, a journal rejection might take more than 12 months in extreme cases and so-on. Even the ones who do finish in 5 or 7 ...

  23. The Complete Guide to Getting Into an Economics Ph.D. Program

    But to econ Ph.D. programs, this will be a gaping hole in your resume. Go take stats! One more thing you can do is research with an economist. Fortunately, economists are generally extremely ...


    In 2024, economic voters will be the biggest set of genuinely persuadable voters in key states like PA, MI, WI, AZ and NV. But data shows voters...

  25. The U.S. is winning the inflation fight, setting scene for a long

    The Fed uses interest rates to help control the pace of economic growth. Its current federal funds rate is about 5.5%, the highest it has been since before the 2008 financial crisis.

  26. Key takeaways from Fed Chair Powell's testimony on Capitol Hill

    The US job market is still a pillar of strength for the broader economy but it's not running at the same red-hot pace of a few years ago. The unemployment rate edged higher, to 4.1%, in June ...

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    6:02pm EDT (8:02am AEST) Trump had been billed to take the stage at 5pm local time but doesn't appear until about 34 seconds past 6:02pm, when the song "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood plays ...

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    2024 Elections. 55 Things to Know About J.D. Vance, Trump's VP Pick Donald Trump's pick for vice president made a 180-degree turn from fierce critic to bulldog surrogate for the former president.

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    Donald Trump will arrive at the 2024 Republican convention — his Republican convention, finally and completely, without the dissent of 2016 or the pandemic that overshadowed 2020 — closer than ...