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Skyrim Speech Guide

Speech skill tips, trainers, and perks.

Skyrim's Speech skill fills two roles in the gameplay. First, it helps your Dragonborn to make more money through higher prices selling to shopkeepers, cheaper buying prices when Haggling, selling stolen goods, and can even let you permanently increase the gold available to a merchant for bartering. Second, it helps with Quest progression by giving you a chance at passing dialog option checks and advancing a quest by persuading, intimidating, or bribing. This also allows you to bribe your way out of trouble with guards, if your bounty is low enough.

Raising the Speech Skill When you sell an item to a merchant, you get skill experience based on the cost of that item. It only counts for the first item, so sell expensive stacks of items one at a time. If you have extra money, it may be cheaper to sell and buy back items from a merchant repeatedly to gain experience than to make use of one of the Speech trainers. Of course, passing speech checks with questgivers and bribing guards also gives Speech experience, and quite a lot of it.

As you level Speech, your purchasing prices will gradually improve. Many dialog options can be used successfully at a low level of speech. You unlock the ability to pass harder speech checks at 25, 50, 75, and 100. Most speech checks can be passed at level 50 Speech.

Ogmund in Markarth is an Expert speech trainer; the Master is Giraud_Gemane from Solitude's Bard's College. As noted above, you may be better off buying and selling items back to the merchant, as your Speech skill rises - in particular if you take Perks from the Speech tree.

Skyrim Speech Skill Perks

There are nine Perks for the Speech skill, requiring 13 points to fully master the tree. There are essentially two branches here. The left will improve your Haggling interactions with Merchants, the right with Questgivers and guards. I do not much bother with the right path myself, though Bribery could be handy for a Thief or otherwise Evil build. The thing is, there are limited uses of Persuasion and Intimidation, aside from easing the requirements of speech checks, allowing you to experience new reactions out of Quest NPCs.

Haggling (5 ranks, 10/15/20/25/30% better buy/sell prices) (level 0/20/40/60/80 Speech Skill required) Since it helps both buy and selling prices, this can seriously tip the scales in your favor when dealing with Merchants. Higher profit margins making potions, smithing, etc. can be found here. Don't underestimate the gameplay value of more money - you may not see direct damage or survivability increases, but it lets you afford the best items available for your level, earning you those goals indirectly.

Allure (level 30 Speech Skill required) Gives you 10% better prices when dealing with the opposite sex. When you have the next Perk, you can take advantage of this fully thanks to being able to sell any item to any shopkeeper.

Merchant (level 50 Speech Skill required) Can buy/sell any kind of item to any Merchant. This vastly opens up your selling options and can help you make more money in less time.

Investor (level 70 Speech Skill required) Investor allows you to give a Merchant 500 gold, which will permanently increase the funding available to them. That means you can make more in less time, as you won't have to visit as many shopkeepers to empty your inventory. This will also help you sell the game's more expensive items at a profit, as many shopkeepers won't have enough gold available to cover them.

Fence (level 90 Speech Skill required) Allows you to barter stolen goods with any Merchant you've invested in, turning them into a Fence. Incredibly helpful for Dovahkiin with sticky fingers or professional thieves.

Master Trader (level 100 Speech Skill required) Every merchant gains 1000 Gold for Bartering. If you bother to go all the way to Fence, you should absolutely grab this when you hit 100 Speech.

Bribery (level 30 Speech Skill required) Allows you to bribe guards to ignore crimes, so long as your bounty isn't too high.

Persuasion (level 50 Speech Skill required) Persuasion attempts are 30% easier, allowing you to pass more dialog checks with a lower level - this is only for Persuade-type interactions.

Intimidation (level 70 Speech Skill required) Intimidation is twice as likely to succeed.

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The Speech skill (referred to as Speechcraft in the Console ) allows you to more effectively persuade people and to barter with shopkeepers. Perks in this skill allow you to get better deals when trading, buy and sell any kind of item to any merchant, and make it more likely for a persuasion or intimidation attempt to succeed. The Speech skill tree has a total of 9 perks, requiring a total of 13 perk points to fill.

In-game Description: The skill of persuasion can be used to get better prices from merchants, and persuade others to do as you ask.

  • 1 Skill Perks
  • 2.1 Bribe Formula
  • 2.2 Intimidate Formula
  • 2.3.1 Impossible to Fail
  • 2.3.2 Very Easy (10)
  • 2.3.3 Easy (25/18)
  • 2.3.4 Average (50/35)
  • 2.3.5 Hard (75/53)
  • 2.3.6 Very Hard (100/70)
  • 2.5 Investor
  • 3.1 Character Creation
  • 3.2 Trainers
  • 3.3 Skill Books
  • 3.4 Free Skill Boosts
  • 3.5 Gaining Skill XP
  • 4 Achievements

Skill Perks [ edit ]

Speech Perk Tree

Skill Usage [ edit ]

Your Speech skill determines the chance of successfully being able to get information out of an NPC using intimidation or persuasion. These Speech Challenges will be provided as options during certain dialogues. You can temporarily boost your character's effective Speech skill by activating a Shrine of Dibella ; acquiring the Gift of Charity buff; drinking a Potion, Draught, Philter, or Elixir of Glibness ; and equipping items that boost Speech, such as an Amulet of Dibella , the Amulet of Articulation , or the Masque of Clavicus Vile . These buffs stack, but they have different durations, so plan accordingly.

Special dialogue options include:

  • Persuade: influence someone by reasoning with them. Chances of success depend solely upon your Speech skill.
  • Intimidate: influence someone by threatening them. Success depends on the player's "scariness" being higher than the NPC's "scariness", determined by a formula.
  • Bribe: influence someone by giving them money. A formula calculates the required gold amount, a successful bribe therefore depends on having the necessary amount of gold.

Your Speech skill also affects merchant prices; prices can be further improved using some of the Speech skill perks, barter potions or enchanted equipment.

The base rate for buying/selling is based solely on your Speech skill and any perks or Fortify Barter effects are applied to prices afterwards.

Bribe Formula [ edit ]

Intimidate formula [ edit ].

Replace ___ with the NPC's confidence level (there is a game setting for each possible confidence level).

The player's scariness can also be modified by perks with the "Mod Player Intimidation" perk entry point.

Persuasion Options [ edit ]

What follows is a list of all persuasion attempts that can be made in Skyrim. Spoilers in this list are intentionally kept very minor. All speech challenges fall into one of five categories: Very Easy , Easy , Average , Hard , and Very Hard . Their skill requirements to pass are 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100, respectively. Possessing the Persuasion perk reduces the requirements on all but Very Easy challenges by 30%, dropping them to 10, 18, 35, 53, and 70, respectively. Wearing the Amulet of Articulation allows you to succeed at any persuasion check in the game regardless of skill.

Impossible to Fail [ edit ]

  • Convincing the Whiterun Guard to let you into Whiterun in Before the Storm .
  • Persuading Loreius to help Cicero during Delayed Burial .
  • Getting Lod to pay you 25 gold before searching for the dog during A Daedra's Best Friend .
  • Getting the captives during With Friends Like These... to reveal information about themselves.
  • Intimidating Anton Virane to reveal information during Recipe for Disaster .

Very Easy (10) [ edit ]

  • Persuading a shakedown bandit to leave you alone for 50 gold.
  • During The Forsworn Conspiracy , getting Margret to reveal information.
  • Getting a free sample from the attendant at Redwater Den . DG

Easy (25/18) [ edit ]

  • The Black Star , convincing Nelacar that a priestess of Azura sent you.
  • Caught Red Handed , getting the Mark of Dibella from Hofgrir Horse-Crusher .
  • Compelling Tribute , getting gold from Anuriel .
  • Compelling Tribute , getting gold from Raerek .
  • A Cornered Rat , convincing Esbern to open his door.
  • Diplomatic Immunity , Getting the Thalmor guard to leave his post.
  • The Forsworn Conspiracy , getting information on Weylin from Mulush gro-Shugurz .
  • The Forsworn Conspiracy , getting Weylin's Key from Garvey .
  • Good Intentions , getting the Augur of Dunlain 's location from Mirabelle Ervine .
  • No One Escapes Cidhna Mine , getting skooma from Duach .
  • Promises to Keep , getting Sibbi 's key .
  • Promises to Keep , persuade Louis Letrush to let you keep Frost .
  • The Raid , getting Wujeeta to reveal where she gets skooma.
  • Season Unending , convincing Ulfric to join the peace talks.
  • The Taste of Death , getting the Markarth Hall of the Dead Key from Brother Verulus .
  • The Taste of Death , getting Brother Verulus to follow you.
  • Tending the Flames , the first persuasion option when rewriting King Olaf's Verse.
  • Dragonborn , convincing Gjalund Salt-Sage to ferry you to Solstheim for free.
  • After A Night To Remember , convincing Deep-In-His-Cups to accept a lower payment.
  • Cooling down Dirge when talking about his name.
  • Convincing Irnskar Ironhand to forgive Octieve San 's gambling debt.
  • Convincing Mikael to leave Carlotta alone.
  • Convincing Mulush gro-Shugurz to treat his workers better.
  • Convincing Ranmir to pay his debt to Haran .
  • Convincing Riften 's guard jailor that you're allowed to be wandering the jail.
  • Convincing Roggi Knot-Beard to accept Iddra 's charity.
  • Convincing Torbjorn Shatter-Shield to pay his Argonian workers fair wages.
  • Convincing Captain Aldis to provide information about Angeline Morrard 's daughter.
  • Convincing Vittoria Vici to waive the fee for Evette .
  • Getting Erik 's father Mralki to purchase armor for his son.
  • Getting Ghorbash the Iron Hand to join you as a follower.
  • Getting information from Maul .
  • Getting information on the meadery from Ungrien .
  • Getting the Riften guards at the main gate to let you in.
  • Having Lynly Star-Sung in Ivarstead play you a song for free.
  • Selling Elder Scrolls to Urag gro-Shub for 3000 gold. DG
  • Recruiting Frea to join you as a follower. DB

Average (50/35) [ edit ]

  • Buy Dwarven artifact , getting Calcelmo to pay you more.
  • Caught Red Handed , convincing Indaryn to give you the Mark of Dibella.
  • Caught Red Handed , convincing Bolli to give you the Mark of Dibella.
  • Diplomatic Immunity , convincing Elisif the Fair to create a distraction.
  • Diplomatic Immunity , convincing Igmund to create a distraction.
  • Diplomatic Immunity , convincing Ondolemar to create a distraction.
  • Diplomatic Immunity , convincing Siddgeir to create a distraction.
  • Diplomatic Immunity , convincing Vittoria Vici to create a distraction.
  • The Fallen , convincing the Jarl of Whiterun to let you use Dragonsreach to capture a dragon.
  • A False Front , getting the innkeeper to tell you where the Imperial Courier is.
  • A False Front , getting the innkeeper to tell you where the Stormcloak Courier is.
  • The Forsworn Conspiracy , getting the key to Margret's room from Kleppr or Frabbi .
  • The Forsworn Conspiracy , getting Borkul the Beast to let you in to see Madanach .
  • The Forsworn Conspiracy , getting Rhiada to let you in to see Thonar Silver-Blood .
  • Hitting the Books , convincing The Caller to let you take the books and leave.
  • The House of Horrors , convincing Logrolf that Boethiah sent you.
  • The Lover's Requital , getting Lynly to admit her true identity.
  • A Night To Remember , getting Senna to reveal your next destination without cleaning the temple.
  • A Night To Remember , getting Ysolda to reveal your next destination without getting her ring back.
  • Sanuarach Mine , convincing Atar to leave Karthwasten .
  • Sanuarach Mine , convincing Ainethach to sell the mine.
  • Season Unending , convincing General Tullius to join the peace talks.
  • Tending the Flames , the second persuasion option when rewriting King Olaf's Verse.
  • Stabilized , convincing Sapphire to forgive Shadr's debt.
  • Interception , convincing Azadi to back off. CC
  • Hunting the Monster , convincing a friend to help you find a vampire.
  • Lost to the Ages , convincing Katria you are strong enough to handle Arkngthamz .
  • A New Order , convincing Sorine Jurard to join Dawnguard without getting her a gyro.
  • Prophet , getting a carriage driver or innkeeper to give you information on the priest for free.
  • A New Source of Stalhrim , convincing Ancarion to peacefully give you the map.
  • Convincing Borgakh the Steel Heart to join you as a follower.
  • Convincing Drahff and Hewnon to leave you alone in the entrance of the Ratway . ‡
  • Convincing a random thief to leave you alone.
  • During a random encounter with a would-be mage, convincing him to give you his staff.
  • During a random encounter with a mercenary, convincing them to give you the location they were heading to.
  • Convincing Geldis Sadri to allow Bralsa Drel back into The Retching Netch . DB
  • Convincing Nikulas to stay in Skaal Village . DB

Hard (75/53) [ edit ]

  • During A Cornered Rat , getting Dirge to tell you the location of Esbern.
  • During A Cornered Rat , getting Vekel the Man to tell you the location of Esbern.
  • During A Cornered Rat , getting Brynjolf to tell you the location of Esbern.
  • During A Night To Remember , convincing Ennis to reveal your next destination without finding his goat.
  • During Dampened Spirits , getting Sabjorn to pay you half before the job.
  • During Hard Answers , tricking Calcelmo into giving you the key to the museum.
  • During Loud and Clear , getting the key from Aringoth .
  • During Missing In Action , getting information on Thorald Gray-Mane 's location from Idolaf Battle-Born .
  • During Onmund's Request , convincing Enthir to give you the amulet for free.
  • During Pieces of the Past , getting the hilt from Jorgen .
  • During The Pursuit , convincing Vald to leave his guard post.
  • During Season Unending , convincing your favored side to accept a minor hold.
  • During Scoundrel's Folly , getting information from Gulum-Ei .
  • During Summerset Shadows , getting Niranye to tell the truth.
  • A New Debt , convincing Drovas Relvi to give you 250 gold to help pay off the debt to Mogrul .
  • A New Source of Stalhrim , convincing Ancarion to let you sell Stalhrim equipment to him.
  • Convincing a guard to ignore minor crimes.
  • Convincing Markarth guards to leave you alone, but even then you will still be taken to Cidhna Mine; it is one of the few speech checks in the game that always fails regardless of skill.
  • During a random encounter with an adventurer who calls you a milk drinker, backing away from the fight.

Very Hard (100/70) [ edit ]

  • Convincing Faralda to let you join the College of Winterhold without taking a test.
  • During The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal , convincing Gisli to give you the land title and deed . CC

Prices [ edit ]

Prices are computed by the following:

The Base Price Factor is calculated by your skill level; each skill rank reduces the price factor by .013 by default, and skill levels over 100 have no effect:

  • fBarterMax default is 3.3, fBarterMin default is 2.0 (defines a base vendor-selling-range of 200% to 330% of an item's base value, and a vendor-buying-range of 30% to 50%).
  • the function min(x,y) return the smallest of two or more arguments (here, [skill-level] or [100]).

The modified Price Factor depends on perks and Fortify Barter bonus:

The final price combines the two Price Factors and rounds to the nearest whole number:

HagglingS = 1.10 at Rank 1, 1.15 at Rank 2, 1.20 at Rank 3, 1.25 at Rank 4, 1.30 at Rank 5. AllureS = 1.10

HagglingB = 0.91 at Rank 1, 0.87 at Rank 2, 0.83 at Rank 3, 0.80 at Rank 4, 0.77 at Rank 5. AllureB = 0.91

  • At 0 skill and no perks, the final price factor is 3.3 for buying and 0.303 for selling.
  • At 15 skill and no perks, the final price factor is 3.10 for buying and 0.322 for selling.
  • At 100 skill and no perks, the final price factor is 2 for buying and 0.5 for selling.
  • At 100 skill and all haggling perks, the final price factor is 1.54 for buying and 0.65 for selling.
  • At 100 skill and all perks, including Allure, the final price factor is 1.4014 for buying and 0.715 for selling.
  • Trade price cap: (max sell price = value * 1.00), (min buy price = value * 1.05).

Skill levels over 100 have no effect.

Investor [ edit ]

Investing 500 gold into a business with the Investor perk immediately increases their current gold by 500. Investing is as simple as speaking to a merchant NPC and selecting the 'I want to invest in your business' option. This can only be done at the same time of day as they would normally allow sales.

All merchants who are available for investments are identified in the notes column on the Merchants article.

Skill Increases [ edit ]

Character creation [ edit ].

The following races have an initial skill bonus to Speech:

  • +5 bonus: Breton , Nord

Trainers [ edit ]

  • Dro'marash with the Khajiit Caravans (Common)
  • Revyn Sadri in Windhelm (Common)
  • Ronthil DG in Volkihar Keep (Expert)
  • Ogmund in Markarth (Expert)
  • Giraud Gemane of the Bards College in Solitude (Master)

Skill Books [ edit ]

  • 2920, Second Seed, v5
  • A Dance in Fire, v6
  • A Dance in Fire, v7
  • Biography of the Wolf Queen
  • The Buying Game

Free Skill Boosts [ edit ]

  • +1 Speech reward (as well as +1 to all other Stealth skills) from Inge Six Fingers ( Bards College ) for completing the quest Finn's Lute .
  • +1 Speech reward from Malur Seloth ( Winterhold ) for completing the quest Some Light Theft
  • +1 Speech reward from Ysolda ( Whiterun ) for completing the quest Rare Gifts
  • +2 Speech reward from Azzadal for jumping off of Bard's Leap Summit . Jump from opposite the Word Wall in Lost Valley Redoubt off the bridge that extends over the waterfall for Azzadal to appear.
  • +5 Speech reward (as well as +5 to all other stealth skills) by selecting "The Path of Shadow" from the Oghma Infinium after completing the quest Discerning the Transmundane .

Gaining Skill XP [ edit ]

  • Trading with merchants will increase the Speech skill. The amount of skill progress gained is based on the actual value of the item, rather than the amount for which it is bought/sold. Skill progress is not limited by the merchant's available gold.

However, if you trade multiple units of an item at the same time, you will only gain experience equivalent to trading a single unit; for optimal leveling, sell each item one at a time and sell expensive items (e.g. if you have 89 plates and you want to maximize skill gain, you must sell them one at a time instead of all together; it's important to note that you do NOT need to press Esc to exit the merchant's trading window then talk to him again for every plate you have to sell—you should sell them all in a single "transaction", but one at a time).

  • Fortify Speech and Barter allow for more items to be purchased for a given amount of gold, which increases skill gains.
  • Successful Persuade, Intimidate, and Bribe attempts in conversations will also increase the skill.
  • Barter with skill trainers that sell items (trainer-merchants). At higher levels (51 and up) buying 5 training sessions from a trainer-merchant will cost a minimum of 8,200 gold. This will temporarily buff the amount of gold that the trainer-merchant has on hand by the amount of gold used for training sessions. Then you can sell items to the trainer-merchant. At the highest levels you can trade 28,000 worth of items in a single visit if you have saved a level up prior to training (this allows 5 training sessions, a level up, then another immediate 5 sessions). This can require a lot of gold on hand and you should avoid allowing the trainer-merchant to accumulate more than 32,767 gold due to a bug with merchant banks.
  • One method for those who have a very large amount of money is to don your best haggling apparel (e.g. Guild Master's Hood and a Necklace of Haggling), go to the local fence and sell/rebuy your most expensive weapons (e.g. a pair of Legendary Blades of Woe) repeatedly until your skill increases to the desired level. [ verification needed — see talk page ] As you will lose money (the amount varies based on perks and equipment) with every sell/buy cycle, the merchant will end up with a vast quantity of gold if you continue the exercise for long enough. At this point you can sell all your more expensive items (i.e. those items which will normally cost the merchant most of their gold) as well as any others to the merchant until they are back down to 0 gold, or you have run out of items to sell.
  • One way to train this skill without spending money is to commit a crime with a very low bounty, such as trying to pick a lock one time or stealing an item with a value of less than 10 gold. When your bounty is 5 gold or less, guards may ignore such crimes unless you speak to them. In dialogue, you may get a Persuasion option for the guard to overlook your crime. If you fail the persuasion check with such a low bounty, the guard may ignore the crime anyway. By speaking with and persuading every guard you encounter (except the one who witnessed the crime), your Speech will go from 50 to 100 in 10-15 visits to the town. A bounty of 10 gold may be too high to use this technique. Take note, however: this requires at least 53 Speech (with the Persuade perk) to work; alternately, if you have the gold to spare, you can bribe the guards repeatedly for the same benefit. [ verification needed ]
  • The Fortify Restoration or Fortify Alchemy/Enchanting exploit can be used to acquire items of extremely high value, which when sold will grant immense boosts to the Speech skill.
  • Speech is one of two skills which has a different Console ID than the name, the other being Archery . The actual Console ID for Speech is Speechcraft . For example, the Console code for improving Speech is AdvancePCskill Speechcraft <#> .
  • There are some quests that can repeatedly persuade NPC by exiting the dialogue after the persuasion and before quest stage advances. For example, No News is Good News , The Black Star , Buy Dwarven artifact , and Hard Answers .

Achievements [ edit ]

Achievements related to the Speech skill are:

SR-achievement-Snake Tongue.png

Dialogue [ edit ]

When you reach a high level in this skill, guards will sometimes comment:

  • "Don't think you can barter with me like I'm one of those damned shopkeepers."
  • "Heard about you and your honeyed words."

Bugs [ edit ]

  • To reset, wait the 48 hours for an inventory refresh. You can also save, attack the merchant, and load; this refreshes their inventory, and is much faster.
  • Selecting the Fence perk may allow you to sell stolen goods to any merchant, not just those you have invested in as the perk description states.
  • When resetting your Speech skill, you still retain your ability to invest in merchants, without having to have that perk or having a speech skill high enough to be able to get this perk. This is also true for Master Trader —all related merchants will still have 1000 more gold even after you lose the perk.
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Skyrim Character Building

skyrim speech build

The Speech Skill's Greatness

You may view Speech as an unnecessary skill for your characters. You may believe perks placed in Speech are wasted. Well you are wrong on both accounts! In this post I will tell you about the benefits of the Speech skill, tell you what you can do with these benefits and even let you know how to level this skill to 100 in no time!

Crime and Corruption

Criminals can benefit greatly from the Speech skill. The first perk that helps a thief comes when Speech hits level 30 and you can take the Bribery perk. This perk opens a dialogue option with Hold Guards. You will be able to bribe the guard to ignore the crime he is trying to arrest you for. You will still have your bounty. Guards will say "Wait, I know you" when you walk by and may try to arrest you if your bounty is high. You can bribe the other guards too but each guard can only be bribed once. If a bribed guard catches you committing another crime he will arrest you or attack if your crime is serious enough. Guards will "reset" in 2 days meaning you can bribe them again after they reset.

Bribing guards makes crime much more simple. You can get away with pickpocketing, lockpicking, assault or outright theft without having to do the dumb old "save before you steal" routine. Unless you want to go to jail often you will need to take the bribery perk!

The size of the bribes you have to pay is dependent on two things. Your character level will raise the price of the bribes while your Speech skill level will lower the price. I have been unable to find specific equations for the cost of bribery but  James has confirmed for me that it is somehow dependent on these 2 factors.

You can pickpocket your bribe money back from a guard. To "mark" the guards I have bribed and pickpocketed I will steal their arrows along with their money. This lets me check their inventory before I commit a crime near them. If their arrows are gone I know I cannot bribe them again and I wait for another guard to be nearby. This lets the second guard "catch" me and take my bribe.

Once your Speech skill reaches level 75 you can persuade guards to ignore minor crimes! This is a big upgrade from bribing guards. The bribery option conversation option will still be available but there will be a new "persuade" option. This works the same as bribery but instead of paying off the guards you just talk them into leaving you alone.

As said above, you can persuade guards when your Speech skill reaches level 75 but there are ways to get it earlier. Giving gold to a beggar will add a temporary +10 to your Speech skill. An Amulet of Dibella will add +15 to your Speech skill. The Masque of Clavicus Vile will add +10 to your Speech skill. The Blessing of Dibella, gotten from a Shrine of Dibella (one is in Riften), will add +10 to your Speech skill. The Amulet of Articulation can add a +5 up to +35 to your Speech skill depending on your character level when you get it. You will get the Amulet of Articulation later in a playthrough and by that point you will most likely not need the Speech boost it gives.

By giving money to a beggar, gaining the Amulet of Dibella (can be bought at Radiant Raiment in Solitude) and taking the Blessing of Dibella you will gain a total of +35 to your Speech Skill. This means you can persuade guards when your Speech skill is only at level 40.

The Persuasion Perk will lower the skill level required for all persuasion attempts by 30%. You can persuade away guards who catch you committing crimes at level 53 with the perk. The Persuasion perk requires a Speech skill level of 50 which means you can "persuade" guards long before you get the perk by using the method above.

Make sure to note that fortify haggling is not the same as fortify speech. Fortify haggling will give you better prices for items bought and sold but it does not affect your Speech skill level. You must have the items that fortify your Speech skill, not "haggling" enchantments and potions.

Everyone knows the Speech skill will lower prices for bought items and raise prices for sold items. Some details are not widely known.

The Merchant Perk is very handy, allowing you the ability to sell any non-stolen item to any vendor. This is a huge advantage for people who have a lot to sell and do not want to waste time selling these things to specific vendors. An Alchemy or Enchanting based character can use this perk to sell their creations to any vendor which cuts down on the amount of travel time required to empty your stash of pricy items. This perk also unlocks the vendors' personal inventory and makes it easier to find some items that normally are not widely available (alchemy ingredients).

The Fence Perk is better than it's description. It is said to allow you the ability to barter stolen goods with merchants you have invested in but that is wrong. This perk allows you to barter stolen goods with ANY merchant in the world! Because you have taken the Merchant Perk to get the Fence Perk you will be able to sell anything you have to any merchant out there regardless of stolen tags or who the merchant is.

Another benefit to having a very high Speech level is the items sold by certain vendors. I have noticed that the College of Winterhold vendors will sell better high level scrolls when my speech level is very high. I can buy scrolls for Blizzard and other spells that are not common with a low Speech level.

When you take the Master Trader Perk and later reset your speech skill after defeating Miraak (in the Dragonborn DLC) the affect of the Master Trader Perk will not reset. This means even though you reset the Speech skill you will still find merchants have 1000 extra gold. This does not work if you reset the skill by making it "Legendary". Making a skill Legendary uses the game's engine routines to reset the skill and will cancel all perks previously taken.

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skyrim speech build

I am guilty of abusing quicksaves on every pickpocket character I play, but next time I think I'll give speech a go. I never bothered with the right branch because I thought those perks were useless.

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Skyrim Thief Skills - how to max Sneak, Speech, Pickpocket and Lockpicking

The best, fastest ways to level 100 in Skyrim's stealth-based Thief skills.

Always seen as the dark arts of Elder Scrolls games, Thief skills are, in fact, surprisingly applicable to most playthroughs in Skryim , and maxing your Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak and Speech skills - or at least quickly levelling them to a certain perk you have your eye on, like Extra Pockets, can be massivley helpful.

Here, we'll be talking you through the best ways to max your Thief skills in Skyrim as quickly and efficiently as possible - but we also strongly recommend you take a look at our Skyrim power-levelling hub page and our Crafting skills guide in particular, for some extremely helpful tips for speeding up the process.

If you are playing the 2021 Anniversary Edition, we have explainers on features such as fishing .

On this page:

The fastest way to max level Lockpicking and Pickpocketing

The fastest way to max level sneak and speech.

Cover image for YouTube video

How to reach level 100 Lockpicking

Lockpicking and Pickpocket are two skills which often go hand-in-hand - probably because, to gain access to locked doors, there's normally a choice available to the player: lockpick the lock, or pickpocket the key.

  • Lockpicking experience is granted for two things: succesfully opening locks, whereby experience is levelled according to the difficulty of the lock, or by breaking lockpicks, which gives a smaller, flat amount of experience regardless of the lock difficulty.
  • To level Lockpicking then, you can either head to a location which has a large number of difficult locks to open, such as the Dwemer Museum in Markarth, or you can simply find a lock where the starting position won't open it, buy a huge amount of lockpicks, and get breaking.
  • Breaking huge numbers of lockpicks is, we believe, the slightly faster option overall. You can buy lickpicks from Thieves Guild members and fences, or alternatively you can in fact use the Skeleton Key, awarded from a latter quest in the Thieves Guild storyline - which we explain how to start in our Faction quests guide - which is unbreakable, but still awards experience for 'failed' attempts to pick a lock.

How to reach level 100 Pickpocket

Pickpocket is one of the harder skills to power-level, but it's also one of the fastest to level up in terms of the experience you gain from each attempt... if you get it right.

  • The amount of experience gained from pickpocketing and item is based on that item's value, rather than anything like weight or percentage chance of success.
  • Bearing that in mind, the most efficient items to steal are gems and jewelry, as they're high in value but low in weight - which means a higher chance to steal, as weight determines difficulty.
  • One mini-exploit for levelling Pickpocket is to repeatedly steal the Strange Amulet from Calixto Corrium, during the quest Blood on the Ice, as you can immediaely re-sell the amulet to Calixto for 500 gold - which is also one of several great ways to earn gold in Skyrim.
  • Another slightly cheesy way to level Pickpocket is to use the age-old exploit of purchasing Pickpocket training from a trainer, and then stealing your money back. This levels the skill in two ways at once, but will slow down significantly at higher levels.

skyrim speech build

How to reach level 100 Sneak

Sneak is another tricky one to level up without an exploit, but fortunately there are a few things to bear in mind which can make it a little easier for you.

  • Sneak experience is awarded for being undetected in sneak mode, and for landing sneak attacks. Sneak attacks grant the most XP, based on the damage dealt, whilst sneaking near hostile enemies or NPCs with items they own nearby will level you faster than sneaking near a friendly or neutral NPC.
  • The fastest way to level, then, is to fully land a sneak power attack combo on a durable NPC like Shadowmere.
  • You can also level your Sneak to 100 during the game's tutorial section - although this will leave you drastically under-levelled for combat against your enemies - by walking into a wall near the bear in the tutorial cave. The good ol' fashioned rubber band trick, or a weight on your W key, can let you do this while AFK if you really want to.
  • Goldenglow Estate's external area, which is full of guards - providing you don't kill them during the Thieves Guild quest - is a great area to sneak around amidst multiple holstile enemies. Forts occupied by bandits or the Thalmor are another option.

Want more help with Skyrim? Find out how to join every guild and faction , how to earn Gold fast , learning about XP and levelling to 100 , max Crafting skills , max Warrior skills , max Thief skills and max Mage skills , how to get married , where to buy a house , how to start Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLC expansions . If you're on PC, we have a list of console commands and cheats , and you can learn about the remastered version and how to install mods with our Skyrim guide . Finally, with Switch owners, we have Skyrim amiibo support explained to help unlock special Zelda-themed items.

How to reach level 100 Speech

Finally, yet another difficult to grind skill, Speech. Formerly Speechcraft, Speech is based on your verbal interactions with NPCs. Fortunately again, we've managed to gather a few tricks for levelling it up with relative ease.

  • Speech is levelled by buying and selling items, and successfully using the Persuade, Indimidate, and Bribe dialogue options.
  • Buying and selling items levels Speech according to the item's value, and will only every grant you experience for one item per transaction - meaning you should always sell items one at a time if you want to raise your Speech level.
  • One method is to buy training from trainer-merchants, who also buy and sell goods, and who will then have far higher gold reserves for buying your more expensive items.
  • If you have a large amount of gold saved up, you can sell and re-buy your most expensive items, which, bearing the markups in mind, will leave the merchant with a massively increased stash of gold for puchasing. Then, you can sell huge amounts of items - remembering to do so one at a time - to level up your Speech. This complements your Enchanting skill levelling particualrly well, as with that method you'll have huge numbers of enchanted items to sell, too.
  • Finally, there is a Speech exploit involving a dialogue loop with a shop-keeping in Riften. Head to the Black-Briar Meadery just north of the town and talk to Ungrien. Select the "Tell me about Maven Black-Briar" dialogue option, and after heading through all the chit-chat the "Come on, get the truth off your chest. (Persuade)" option, which will soon take you back to the start of the conversation and round in an infinite loop. This is, probably, the fastest way to level the skill, although technically an exploit rather than an intentional mechanic.

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Skyrim Wiki

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“ The Speech skill is used to get better prices from merchantes and persuade, intimidate, or even bribe others. — Game description

Speech is one of the eighteen skills that is available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . Speech is used to haggle, barter, persuade and intimidate. Speech is a skill all characters will use, unless actions are taken to avoid buying/selling or persuading.

  • The Mercantile skill from the previous game was removed and combined with speechcraft, hence the skill speech.

Perks [ | ]

Trainers [ | ].

  • Dro'marash , at the Riften stables
  • Revyn Sadri , in Windhelm
  • Ogmund the Skald , in Markarth
  • Giraud Gemane , at the Bards College in Solitude
  • Ysolda will increase Speechcraft for a Mammoth Tusk (one-time)
  • Ronthil at Castle Volkihar , only in the Dawnguard DLC

Skill books [ | ]

  • 2920, Second Seed, v5
  • Biography of the Wolf Queen
  • The Buying Game
  • A Dance in Fire, v6
  • A Dance in Fire, v7

Apparel [ | ]

  • Amulet of Dibella
  • Amulet of Articulation

There is also apparel for Fortify Barter .

Exploits [ | ]

  • Talk to Ungrien , in Riften, in Black-Briar Meadery behind the front desk, say "Tell me about Maven Black-Briar." Then say "Come on, get the truth off your chest.(Persuade)" over and over until your speech is to 100. This has since been patched.
  • 1 Daedric Relic (quest)
  • 2 Coral Dragon Claw
  • 3 Darkness Returns (quest)

TES 5: Skyrim Character Build Planner & Calculator

Elder Scrolls

Fortify Speech

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Fortify Speech is a unique skill boost found on a few enchanted items in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . It is similar to Fortify Barter , but affects both prices and persuasion checks.

  • 1 Enchanting
  • 4 Beverages
  • 5 Appearances

Enchanting [ ]

This unique enchantment cannot be learned at an Arcane Enchanter . It can only be found on the following items:

  • Amulet of Dibella – 15 points
  • Amulet of Articulation – 5–35 points
  • Masque of Clavicus Vile – 10 points

Alchemy [ ]

Potions with Fortify Speech temporarily increase the target's Speech skill.

No ingredients in Skyrim possess the Fortify Speech effect, meaning that Fortify Speech potions cannot be created at an Alchemy Lab , and can only be found as random loot in chests or as a world item .

Blessing [ ]

  • The Blessing of Dibella can be gained for eight real-time hours by praying at a Shrine of Dibella . The blessing Fortifies Speech by 10 points.
  • The Gift of Charity can be gained for one real-time hour in multiple ways, for example by giving money to a beggar. It fortifies Speech by 10 points.

Beverages [ ]

  • Colovian Brandy – 20 points

Appearances [ ]

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Elder Scrolls
  • 1 Marriage (Skyrim)
  • 2 Console Commands (Skyrim)
  • 3 Trainers (Skyrim)

skyrim speech build

Skyrim: 10 Best Skyrim Races For Archery

  • Archer, and especially stealth archer, is the most popular character archetype and build in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Although players can pick any race for an archer build, some races have stronger starting bonuses ideal for it.
  • While Nord is the worst choice, Bosmer ranks the highest due to its strongest starting bonus in the Archery skill.

The key to the Skyrim experience has always been the ‘play it your way’ philosophy. This is exactly why the game consumes hundreds of hours of fans’ lives and demands so many playthroughs. When it comes to routes through the game, builds, questlines to prioritize, and so on, the possibilities are endless.

Skyrim Vs. Fallout 4: Which Game Is Better?

Having said that, as the old joke goes, there’s one playstyle that many gamers just seem to keep coming back to— stealthy archery. While all races in the game can fulfill any role with enough work, this sneaky, long-ranged style (sneakiness optional) doesn’t come naturally to all of them. To get the best start possible as an archer in Skyrim, here are all the races ranked from least ideal to most ideal for archery in Skyrim .

Updated on March 22, 2024, by Anastasia Maillot: The Elder Scrolls 6 being no closer to release, Skyrim continues to be the go-to medieval fantasy RPG experience along with the likes of Baldur's Gate 3. And like with any fantasy game, archers are a staple. Stealth archers in Skyrim have always been particularly strong, bordering on overpowered, and it's a popular choice that many players tend to gravitate towards for efficiency. As much hasn't changed in terms of in-game meta, the ranking of races best suited for archery in Skyrim remains the same. For races that start with archery starting bonuses, the level of the starting bonus has been added in.

Worst: Nord

Nords are better suited for melee combat.

  • Starting Bonuses: Smithing, Block, One-Handed, Two-Handed, Light Armor, Speech
  • Race Power: Battle Cry (enemies become frightened for 30 seconds)

Skyrim’s default playable race, the Nords, is seriously lacking in the archery department. As is clear from their tall stature and fearsome appearance, they’re popular picks for those who want to take a more conventional warrior role.

In that regard, their starting bonuses give the player some flexibility to switch weapons while doing a lot of close-quarters damage. Their unique skill Battle Cry causes opponents to run from them, allowing the player to stand their ground or turn the tables in fights, while their Frost resistance keeps them agile against mages. They're a very effective all-around warrior race, but Archery is not among their strengths.

Bad: Orsimer (Orc)

Like nords, orcs excel at melee combat rather than archery.

  • Starting Bonuses: Block, Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Smithing, One-Handed
  • Race Power: Berserker Rage (inflict double damage, take half the damage for 60 seconds)

Orcs are the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of the Skyrim world, charging into combat with a proud battle cry and mowing down their unfortunate foes in droves. These heavily armed and armored warriors have starting bonuses in Block, Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, and more, emphasizing their suitability for protracted front-line combat.

Their excellent race power, Berserker Rage, doubles the damage they deal and halves the damage they take for one minute, highlighting this fact further. While it’s more than viable to carry a bow as a secondary ranged option, Orsimer shouldn’t really be a player’s first choice for an archer.

Bad: Breton

A go-to race for spellcasters, they aren't ideal for archery.

  • Starting Bonuses: Conjuration, Restoration, Alteration, Illusion, Alchemy, Speech
  • Race Power: Dragonskin (absorbs 50% of Magicka from enemy spells)

As much freedom to customize characters as Skyrim offers, players will get the very best from their builds only by playing to their race’s unique strengths. Just a quick glance at an overview of the Breton race shows that archery isn’t their strong point.

Skyrim: Ranking Every Playable Race From Worst To Best

With beginning bonuses to Restoration, Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion, plus Magic Resistance and Dragonskin as well as a slightly wider selection of starting spells, they’re magically inclined first and foremost. Archery isn't their strong suit.

Bad: Altmer (High Elf)

The best race for mages, but not for archery.

  • Starting Bonuses: Illusion, Enchanting, Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration
  • Race Power: Highborn (increased Magicka regeneration for 60 seconds, 25% of maximum Magicka pool per second)

The next race is the Altmer, better known as High Elf. If players want to take one of these noble, intelligent beings on a trip through Skyrim’s stunning world, the archery route might be doing them a bit of a disservice.

As with the Bretons, the High Elves have a natural inclination towards magic. Altmers are the most magically adept of all races, boasting starting bonuses to each school of magic . This gives them huge early-game advantages for anyone wanting to play as a mage . Their unique perks, Fortify Magicka and Highborn leave no doubt as to how they’re ‘supposed’ to be played.

Average: Imperial

A jack-of-all-trades race that can specialize in archery.

  • Starting Bonuses: Restoration, Enchanting, Destruction, One-handed, Block, Heavy Armor
  • Race Power: Voice of the Emperor (applies Calm status on surrounding targets for 30 seconds)

The Imperial race is another that allows the player a lot of freedom to experiment. For less narrow-focused character builds, Imperials are a great pick. After all, archers aren’t limited to fighting only from a distance with their bows, with Archery being an incredibly useful sideline for a wide range of classes and builds.

The Imperial race starts with similar bonuses to the Orsimer: Heavy Armor, Block, Destruction, One-Handed, Enchanting, and Restoration. Sneaky sidelines are offered by their Voice Of The Emperor race skill, which briefly calms humanoid aggressors, while their proficiency in healing is a huge advantage for melee combatants. All in all, they prefer to get in close and personal, though a bow can still pay dividends when distant or evasive foes enter the fray.

Average: Argonian

A decent pick for any stealth build due to its natural stealth proficiency.

  • Starting Bonuses: Lockpicking, Sneak, Light Armor, Pickpocket, Restoration, Alteration
  • Race Power: Histskin (10 times faster health regeneration for 60 seconds)

The Argonian race is an average choice for stealth archer builds in Skyrim, due to their natural proficiency in all things stealthy. While Argonians don’t begin with stat bonuses in Archery, true enough, they still get a nice advantage in Light Armor, Lockpicking, Sneak, and Pickpocket.

These reptile-like warriors are designed to be silent but deadly, great for stealth archer builds in particular. If players are role-playing as a rogue and are willing to put some time into leveling their skills with a bow, the Argonian race is a fine choice.

Average: Dunmer (Dark Elf)

A race that can go into stealth or magic.

  • Starting Bonuses: Destruction, Alteration, Illusion, Alchemy, Sneak, Light Armor
  • Race Power: Ancestor's Wrath (character surrounded by flames for 60 seconds)

The Dunmer are in a bit of an interesting position compared to the majority of Skyrim ’s races. So far, most races have had clear leanings in their starting skills, but the Dunmer have quite a wide suite of them. Sneak, Illusion, Alteration, Light Armor, Alchemy, and Destruction all get starting bonuses with a Dark Elf character. As a result, there’s a lot of freedom here.

Skyrim: 10 Best Alchemy Recipes (& What They Do)

Ancestor’s Wrath also allows them to burn any foe that comes too close for a brief period, adding to the sense that they can serve well at both close and long-range, physical and magical combat. While they may not be the very first choice for a player wanting to focus on archery, they’re sneaky and powerful, with a unique backup plan available when enemies close in on them.

Good: Khajiit

An excellent race for any stealth builds due to its race power and starting bonuses.

  • Starting Bonuses: Sneak, Alchemy, One-Handed, Archery (Level 20), Lockpicking, Pickpocket
  • Race Power: Night Eye (better vision at night for 60 seconds)

The Khajiit might appear to be more of a melee-focused race at first glance. After all, they’re famous for preferring to use their vicious claws in battle over conventional weapons. Like the Argonians, though, they’re sneaky fighters through and through.

Khajiit characters begin with bonuses to Pickpocket and Lockpicking, as well as a +10 to Sneak and an average increase to Archery (+5). Couple these bonuses with their Night Eye skill, which allows them to see in the dark for brief periods, and they are another excellent candidate for an archer.

Good: Redguard

A good pick for archery, with leeway to spec into melee combat and magic.

  • Starting Bonuses: One-Handed, Destruction, Alteration, Archery (Level 20), Block, Smithing
  • Race Power: Adrenaline Rush (10 times higher stamina regeneration for 60 seconds)

The Redguards, as series fans will know, have long been formidable warriors. Although they lack the outright strength and melee proficiency of an Orc, they’re a bit more well-rounded as a result. Their starting strengths are Alteration, Smithing, Destruction, Block, One-Handed, and Archery.

Once again, it's a more combat-oriented class, though with more versatility when it comes to methods of dealing damage. Redguards are also rather proficient with magic, while the +5 in Archery makes them solid archers too , especially for those who want effective ranged combat options without dedicating themselves to sniping.

Best: Bosmer (Wood Elf)

The best race for archery due to its starting bonus.

  • Starting Bonuses: Archery (Level 25), Alchemy, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Sneak, Light Armor
  • Race Power: Command Animal (tame nearby animals for 60 seconds)

Bosmer is the best race for archery in Skyrim. Naturals with bows and proud wood-dwellers with an affinity for animals, the Bosmer (better known as Wood Elves) are the official rangers of the game.

They’re not built to absorb damage by any means, but these limber, agile, and fleet-footed beings are adept at picking off foes from a distance without being detected. If players are wary of enclosed spaces and plan an escape route if foes are alerted, a Bosmer character is a fine choice for an archery build. They have an early advantage right off the bat, with the highest starting Archery bonus in the game (Sneak, Light Armor, and Lockpicking among others help too).

Platform(s) Xbox Series S, PS3, Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One X, Xbox One

Released November 11, 2011

Developer(s) Bethesda

Genre(s) Action, RPG, Adventure

Skyrim: 10 Best Skyrim Races For Archery

Skyrim: 18 Ways To Get Rich Fast (Without Using Glitches)


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20 Switch RPGs To Play If You Love Skyrim

Skyrim: the 29 best spells in the game, ranked, skyrim: 7 things you missed in the soul cairn.

  • Gold is crucial in Skyrim for buying equipment, homes, followers, and more. Have a hoard for unlimited fun.
  • Earn gold by questing, growing Blisterwort, joining Thieves Guild, and selling firewood or dragon bones.
  • Improve Speech, craft potions, transmute iron, restore the Crown of Barenziah, enchant, marry, or hunt treasure for wealth.

Gold is essential to survival in Skyrim . Players need gold to buy vital equipment such as spells, potions, and crafting materials, and it is also used to purchase player homes, hire certain followers, and get past speech checks with a bribe. So, having a vast hoard of gold is important if players want to have a ton of fun in this game and not worry about any monetary constraints.

The 30 Best House Mods For Skyrim Special Edition, Ranked

Skyrim is known for its robust modding community, a group that has even gone so far as to create amazing and beautiful house mods for players.

Getting rich can be difficult, especially in the early stages of a Skyrim playthrough, but it can be done quite easily enough by exploiting glitches . However, those who don't enjoy using glitches (or who use mods to remove them) will need to find other ways to make money in Skyrim . Fortunately, there are plenty of things players can do to start raking in a decent income.

Updated May 21, 2024 by Ritwik Mitra: Players who want to get rich as soon as possible in Skyrim may consider the path to be as easy as they come, especially if they've already played through the game before. It's easy to play the game as intended and not stress out about money, since players who go through the title at their own pace will ideally be swimming in gold in no time.

However, some players are going through the game for the umpteenth time or simply don't have the patience to wait for their funds to expand. In such events, it's better to use tried-and-tested methods of earning money to ensure that the Dragonborn isn't broke for too long and can afford the best equipment, items, and anything else along the same lines.

1 Grow And Sell Blisterwort Fungus

One of the more valuable herbs in the game.

Most people would consider the act of growing herbs to be a complete waste of time, especially if they have better things to do. While this is an understandable train of thought, some ingredients sell for a great sum and net players a lot of gold with minimal effort. Blisterwort Fungus is one such plant that's relatively slow to grow and nets a lot of gold as long as players have a good thing going with a merchant.

Of course, to grow plants, players must amass enough money to own a home in the first place. Once players achieve this milestone, they can build a greenhouse that they can use to grow whatever herbs they want. With enough Blisterwort Fungus growing in numerous greenhouses, players can enjoy a great and pain-free way to earn cash in no time.

2 Complete As Many Quests As Possible

A nice, immersive way to earn money.

While this may seem like an obvious point to bring up, there's no denying that Skyrim is jam-packed with quests that give players a reward upon completion. It's impossible to go from point A to point B without accepting a ton of quests on the way, with most of the conditions for completion being as easy as they come. Given how much fun it is to engage in questing, it's easy to see why players won't even be averse to this mode of earning money.

To make things better, some quests send players to locations that can be looted for gold and valuables that can be sold for a tidy sum. This is essentially killing two birds with one stone and is a great way to ensure that players can enjoy Skyrim 's strengths while also getting loaded in the process.

3 Join The Thieves Guild

The fences and valuable quests let players earn a lot of money.

The Thieves Guild is one of the many guilds that players can join to initiate a series of quests that starts with players being a lowly member of said guild before ascending the ranks and becoming one of the most respected members in the faction. The Thieves Guild is present all across the world of Skyrim , giving players access to quests with a high payout and unlocking the services of fences.

Skyrim: 10 Things About The Thieves Guild That Make Absolutely No Sense

The Thieves Guild is one of the factions the Dragonborn can join in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here are some parts of it that are strange.

Given how much players can steal in the game, it's important to find a fence that can take these goods from a Dragonborn who is on the verge of being encumbered. To make things even better, most fences come with impressive piles of gold, meaning that players can enjoy an excellent haul with just one trip across a city where they steal everything in sight that isn't bolted to a surface.

4 Steal Everything In Sight

Can be sold for a tidy sum to a fence.

Players can't be faulted for turning into kleptomaniacs whenever they start a new game in Skyrim . After all, they barely have anything to their name early on, and everything in the game looks so appealing that players simply have to loot everything in sight.

While the Dragonborn is discouraged from taking items that belong to someone else, there's no reason not to do this as long as players are smart about their immoral activities. Of course, it's important to secure the services of a fence beforehand , since players will just get overcumbered if they steal otherwise.

5 Pickpocket Everyone

Some npcs carry rare valuables and a lot of gold.

Many people don't invest too many points into pickpocketing in Skyrim , since it's pretty boring to sneak around and loot everyone in sight without being caught. Unless players have a ton of skill points in this department, pickpocketing is a surefire way to attract the law who will jail the player at a moment's notice.

However, with enough points in this skill, players can amass a fortune in no time at all ! Going to places populated by well-off NPCs is a great way to get a lot of goodies and gold that will help the Dragonborn quite a bit in their adventure.

6 Chop And Sell Firewood

A simple way to get a bit of gold.

Most players don't really bother to chop wood in the game, given how menial this task is. However, if players don't mind engaging in a facet of Skyrim 's gameplay that is generally ignored, then they'll find firewood to be a decent money-earner in the game.

Firewood can be sold for 2 gold to most merchants, but mill workers and innkeepers will buy them at 5 gold apiece. It may be a boring way to earn gold but it's something that players can endure early on before more lucrative options become accessible to the player.

7 Hunt Down Dragons And Sell Their Bones

Dragon bones are extremely profitable.

Dragons are easily one of Skyrim 's biggest draws. Fighting against one of these flying monstrosities makes for a great time as players hack and slash their way to victory in the first few encounters with these beasts.

While dragons become easier to manage in the later stages of Skyrim , most people would argue that this doesn't take away from their allure in the slightest. Players who make it a point to kill most of the dragons they find in the game will be rewarded with spoils in the form of Dragon Bones, which sell for a pretty penny as long as players have space in their inventory to grab a few of them.

8 Repeat Radiant Quests

Slightly arduous but a decent way to earn money.

When Skyrim was announced, Todd Howard made it a point to highlight the Radiant Quest system and how it would allow players to go on limitless adventures. In reality, this system didn't have a lot of depth, with the vast majority of these being boring fetch quests that don't really add anything to a player's experience.

Still, players who don't mind completing these quests will earn a pretty penny for their efforts. It's not the most efficient way to earn money in the game, but it's still better than just ignoring this part of Skyrim altogether.

9 Raise Speech Level

Bartering to increase sale price and get discounts on goods is pretty useful.

One of the most important steps players must take if they want to get rich is to improve their Speech skills. Speech determines the buy/sell price in shops, so a high Speech skill means buying items for cheap and selling them for heaps.

The Nintendo Switch features a lot of great games and even offers up some awesome RPGs to play if you love the world of Skyrim.

Speech is commonly improved by buying and selling items, but it can also be increased by reading certain skill books, completing certain quests, or purchasing Speech training (although this costs precious gold), and it can be fortified with enchantments and potions. Nords and Bretons also start with an extra five levels in Speech.

10 Pray To Zenithar

Prices are improved in the player's favor by 10%.

The Nine Divines in Skyrim provide players with useful blessings whenever they pray at their shrines, lasting for eight hours. By praying at a Shrine of Zenithar, players will then enjoy 10% better prices.

There is an easily accessible Shrine of Zenithar in Solitude's Temple of the Divines, so using that city as a home base would be a good strategy. A shrine can also be built once the player has purchased a Hearthfire home.

11 Craft Potions

High-level alchemy lets players craft valuable potions.

One of the fastest ways to make money is by crafting potions and poisons—and then selling them. Skyrim has a wealth of alchemy ingredients available to the player, and while many of these can be purchased cheaply, they can also be found in abundance all over the wilderness.

A short walk outside the city will yield a full inventory worth of ingredients, which can then be turned into potions. The selling price of these potions is determined by their rarity and potency, and players can even craft Fortify Speechcraft potions to further enhance the money made from the others.

12 Turn Iron Into Gold

Transmutation is a great way to gain valuable materials as long as players have the magicka to spare.

Once players have exhausted all the alchemy ingredients in the vicinity, the next method is to transmute iron ore into gold. To do this, players must first acquire the Alteration spell tome for Transmute, which can be found in Halted Stream Camp or Ansilvund Burial Chambers (the former is easier to get to).

The land of Skyrim is filled to the brim with powerful spells. Here's a look at some of the absolute best, ranked.

After learning the spell, simply mine or purchase iron ore, and transmute it. Iron ore has a value of 2 Septims, but by transmuting it into gold players increase the value to 50. Selling gold ore in bulk while the Speech skill is buffed by potions, enchantments, and Zenithar's blessing will yield optimal profits. There's no need to smelt the ore for this.

13 Restore The Crown Of Barenziah

Nets players a buff that lets them accumulate gems in no time at all.

Throughout the player's journey in Skyrim, they may collect Unusual Gems. Taking one of these gems to the Thieves Guild reveals that they are in fact stones from the Crown of Barenziah and that twenty-four of them need to be gathered to restore the crown.

It takes a while, but completing the No Stone Unturned quest rewards players with a buff that makes gems incredibly common. Players will end up with more gems than they know what to do with, providing a seemingly endless source of wealth.

14 Craft Jewelry

The sale value of these jewels is immense.

If players wish to further increase the value of the gems, gold, and silver they find (or make), they can use the Smithing skill to turn it into jewelry. Silver, and especially gold, necklaces are the easiest way to turn a profit from those metals, but combining them with certain gems can further increase their value.

However, not every jewelry piece turns a profit. Sometimes using a gem with jewelry can decrease its value. Jewelry pieces that do turn a profit include gold diamond necklaces, gold ruby necklaces and circlets, and silver emerald circlets. If none of these gems are on hand, however, the best strategy is to transmute iron into gold and craft gold necklaces.

15 Capture Souls

Soul gems are extremely valuable.

Perhaps not the most ethical way to generate an income, but filling empty soul gems and selling them can turn into quite a lucrative business indeed. Filling a soul gem multiplies its value, so players with a high Speech level can purchase empty ones for cheap and then turn a profit once they're filled.

Skyrim features various small dimensions, such as the Soul Cairn, which has many details and secrets players may have never noticed.

Petty soul gems are the best to use with this strategy. They are the cheapest, are common, and there is an abundance of creatures with petty souls. Furthermore, their value is quadrupled when filled. As they become more available at higher levels black soul gems are also effective for this strategy—but keep in mind that using them means trafficking in human souls.

16 Enchant Weapons & Armor

Special weapons sell for a tidy sum.

Players may prefer to use their soul gems to increase the value of weapons and armor by enchanting them, which can often prove more lucrative than simply selling the souls on their own. If a ready source of cheap weapons is available, enchanting them can be quite profitable.

The stronger the enchantment (and the weapon/armor piece), the higher the value. Enchantments can also be applied to crafted jewelry pieces to make them even more valuable.

17 Get Married

Spouses share gold and the lover's comfort bonus can indirectly increase their reservoir of wealth.

Getting married might not seem like a good way to get rich, but it has its benefits. Spouses in Skyrim share 100 gold with the Dragonborn each day from their own job, and although it isn't a lot, players don't need to do anything to generate it.

Furthermore, sleeping in the same building as one's spouse grants the Lover's Comfort bonus, which makes all skills improve 15% faster — an excellent boon for improving Speech. Finding a spouse is easy , so marriage is worth it if the goal is to get rich.

18 Treasure Hunt

While waiting for their spouse to generate income, or if one gets bored with grinding at the other money-making methods, the player can start a lucrative career as a treasure hunter.

Skyrim 's numerous dungeons are full of riches just waiting to be claimed by a brave adventurer. Selling these treasures can yield thousands of Septims per dungeon, so treasure hunting is an exciting and profitable enterprise. After creating multiple streams of income and generating a large amount of gold, players are then free to enjoy their wealth and spend it to their heart's content.

Special Mention: Mod In The Skyrim Gold Spell

Mods and Skyrim go hand-in-hand, and most people can't even imagine the idea of playing this game without the wealth of mods that improve the experience in their ways. Players can either go for a friendly vanilla experience with all the kinks ironed out, or they can completely change the game and how it looks, plays, and feels.

Players who decide to use mods for their game can download content that allows them to attain a ton of money in no time at all. The Skyrim Gold Spell is one such mod that is as simple as it gets, giving players access to a magical way to summon gold that is pretty amusing in its own way.



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