Simple Crochet Projects for Beginners

Needlework projects using crochet techniques make a great hobby. The projects are ideal for gifts, home decor and warm clothing. Beginners start out with three basic crochet techniques including the slip stitch, single crochet stitch and the crochet chain. The only supplies you’ll need are yarn, crochet hooks and patterns.

Crochet headbands and ear warmers to keep yourself and friends warm in cold and windy weather. Headbands are quick projects with variations like twisted patterns and thick bands that cover your forehead. Free printable beading patterns show how to adorn the headbands with beading details. Ear warmers cover your ears and connect across your head. They’re made with a simple chain stitch. By making your own headbands and ear warmers, you can choose colors that match jackets and coats.

Leg Warmers and Boot Cuffs

Use tutorials and online videos to help you through the crochet learning process, especially when using multiple colors. Choose colorful weighted yarn and use a six mm crochet hook for designing the leg warmers. Single crochet stitch patterns create trendy boot cuffs in a snap. The cuffs fit over the top of boots to add color and definition.

Scarves and Hats

Scarves and hats are beginner projects requiring a little more time. Download free printable hat patterns online to serve as a template for making the beanie hats. Try crocheting infinity scarves that loop around your neck or the traditional scarves with fringe using free printable crochet patterns that are style-specific. Add a tassel to your beanie project or leave it as a sleek headdress without any frills.

Household Projects

Household crochet projects include wash cloths, pot holders and coffee mug warmers. Use single and double crochet stitches to sew these pieces. These make personalized housewarming gifts, co-worker presents and things you might want for yourself. The patterns are square shapes are easiest to follow for beginners. The coffee mug warmers attached around the handle with a button. They warmers keep beverages insulated and protect hands from the heat.

Special baby gifts can be crocheted with the gender and nursery colors in mind. Traditional colors of pink for girls and blue for boys can be used or soft yellows and muted tones of greens and orange. Match nursery colors to coordinate with crib bedding for a personal touch. Crochet cozy baby blankets and warm mittens using single and chain stitch methods. Once you’ve mastered the baby items, you can experiment with bigger projects like sweaters and afghans.

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LabVIEW Projects

Are you searching for LabVIEW projects? No more wait! This blog includes the crucial LabVIEW projects, skills that you will acquire, the importance of LabVIEW projects, and many more. Companies employ LabVIEW software to monitor and control their processes and systems automatically. This way, this tool helps to boost the productivity of businesses significantly. Well! This blog describes various LabVIEW projects, their purpose, and the things you will learn from the projects in a detailed way.

  • Dataflow Programming and Data Types in LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Basics
  • LabVIEW Interview Questions
  • LabVIEW Programming
  • LabVIEW Tutorial
  • 3d Graphs In Labview
  • Labview – Array Controls, Indicators, Constants
  • Array Functions And Auto Indexing In Labview
  • LABVIEW – Assembling And Disassembling Clusters
  • Block Diagram in LabVIEW
  • Block Diagram of Toolbar in LabVIEW
  • Build a VI Front Panel, Icon and Connector Modular Programming - LabVIEW
  • Building a Stand-Alone Application in Modular Programming - LabVIEW
  • LAbVIEW – Cluster Controls, Indicators And Constant
  • LABVIEW – Conversion Between Arrays And Clusters
  • Create LabVIEW Application in Software Environment
  • Creating SUBVIS From Sections Of A VI in Modular Programming - LabVIEW
  • Customizing Graphs In Labview
  • Customizing Graphs And Charts In Labview
  • Labview – Delete, Insert And Replace In Arrays
  • LABVIEW – Digital Waveform Graphs And Data Type
  • Dynamically Formatting Waveform Graphs And Configuring A Graph Or Chart In LABVIEW
  • Error Handling And Error Cluster In Labview
  • Front Panel Controls and Indicators – LabVIEW
  • Graphical System Design Using LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW Graphs and Charts
  • How to create a time control for loop & Communicating among multiple loops - LabVIEW
  • Initializing Arrays In Labview
  • Intensity Graphs And Charts In Labview
  • Introduction of Repetition And Loops in LabVIEW
  • Introduction to Graphical System Design (GSD) Model - LabVIEW
  • Introduction to LabVIEW Programming and Its Advantages
  • Local and Global Variables in LabVIEW Tutorial
  • Matrix Operations With Arrays In Labview
  • Miscellaneous Solved Problems in Modular Programming - LabVIEW
  • Miscellaneous Solved Problems - LabVIEW
  • Miscellaneous Solved Problems in Repetition and Loop - LabVIEW
  • Opening Editing Saving and Placing SUBVIS on Block Diagram in Modular Programming
  • LABVIEW – Order Of Clusters And Operations
  • Overview Of Arrays In Labview
  • Overview Of Clusters In Labview
  • LabVIEW – Plotting Data And Types Of Waveforms
  • Polymorphism In Labview
  • Shift Registers in LabVIEW
  • Labview Structures
  • To Create a Connector Pane in Modular Programming in LabVIEW
  • Tools Palette in LabVIEW
  • LABVIEW – Two Dimensional Using Loops And Data Structure Using Wires
  • VI Properties Dialog Box – LabVIEW
  • Virtual Instrumentation for Test, Control and Design - LabVIEW
  • Virtual Instrumentation using Labview
  • Waveform Charts In Labview
  • Waveform Data Type And XY Graphs In LABVIEW
  • Waveform Graphs In Labview
  • Explore real-time issues getting addressed by experts
  • Test and Explore your knowledge

What is LabVIEW?

Why labview projects.


LabVIEW  Projects

LabVIEW Projects for Beginners

Labview projects for experienced.

LabVIEW Real-time Project Examples

LabVIEW Projects: Why are they so important?

LabVIEW is the abbreviation for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench. It is software developed by National Instruments. Companies embrace LabVIEW software for data acquisition and processing, monitoring and controlling their instruments and systems, etc.

The great thing about LabVIEW software is that this software automates data acquisition, monitoring, and other processes. Another important thing is LabVIEW excels in making simulations and interfacing with external devices.

Moreover, LabVIEW is a tool that is increasingly being used across industries. To name a few, Electronics, Electrical, and Robotics companies use LabVIEW extensively. That’s why there is a huge demand for LabVIEW professionals worldwide.

So, if you have expertise in LabVIEW, the chances of getting hired by MNC companies are so high. If you are wondering how to get proficient with LabVIEW, don’t worry, we will help you.

Working on LabVIEW projects is one of the best ways to get expertise on LabVIEW. If you practice through many projects on LabVIEW, your mastery of LabVIEW will go up.

In this blog, we will discuss many important LabVIEW projects, the importance of the projects, skills that you will acquire, FAQs, and much more.

Essentially, LabVIEW is a system-design platform. It is also a development platform with a visual programming language known as G-Language. G-language is a graphical language with which we can drag and drop elements to create programs.

Know that structures and functions are the critical components of G-language. We can efficiently control industries' equipment, processes, and systems using G-language. This language has two essential components – a front panel and a block diagram. The front panel consists of indicators and controls. On the other side, a block diagram is the coding area where we write codes.

 visual programming language G-Language

The following are the reasons why LabVIEW projects are important to raise one’s knowledge of LabVIEW.

Let’s take a look at the reasons:

  • Most key engineering divisions, such as electrical, electronics, robotics, etc., use LabVIEW to monitor their equipment, processes, and systems. So you will get familiar with various domains and their systems, processes, and equipment.
  • You can make quick measurements from systems and instruments by doing LabVIEW projects.
  • Controlling systems through automation is a critical aspect of LabVIEW. You will understand how to automatically control equipment, systems, and devices by going through LabVIEW projects.
  • You can learn to integrate hardware and LabVIEW software through LabVIEW projects easily.
  • Gaining expertise with G-language is made simple through LabVIEW projects. It can be done by creating codes to control processes and systems.

Pre-requisites to learn LabVIEW Projects

Before practicing projects on LabVIEW, it is important that every learner must perform a self-check to ensure whether they have the basic idea of the following concepts.

Let’s have a quick look at them!

  • Basic understanding of signals and systems, electric circuits, communication systems, and other related engineering concepts.
  • Exposure to various NI Hardware and NI recommended guidelines.
  • Familiar with the fundamentals of instrumentation as well as embedded systems.
  • Basic coding skills in popular programming languages.

If you have all the above requirements, now you are ready. Yes! You can start working on LabVIEW projects confidently.

Skills that will acquire through LabVIEW Projects

By working on LabVIEW projects, you will reap many crucial skills. The skills will facilitate you to work on real-time projects using LabVIEW effortlessly.

Let’s outline the skills that you will acquire through LabVIEW projects.

By learning projects on LabVIEW, you will

  • Get familiar with the software development life cycle
  • Validate product design of a component or subsystem, or system automatically
  • Perform automated tests on components or subsystems, or systems.
  • Get proficient with the data flow, structures, loops, and functions of the G-language.
  • Monitor and control equipment or process closely
  • Get exposure to measurements, data acquisition, and control systems
  • Get Familiar with critical tools such as Simulink and MATLAB
  • Acquire strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Integrate hardware with LabVIEW applications
  • Handle communication protocols such as RS-232 and TCP/IP easily.

MindMajix Youtube Channel

As you know, learning LabVIEW projects is the best way to hone your skills in LabVIEW software. It provides in-depth knowledge about multiple domains and mastery over LabVIEW. In this section, MindMajix content specialists compiled different sets of LabVIEW projects for both beginners and experienced.

If you go through the projects discussed in this section, you will gain a strong idea of the projects and what you will learn from the projects in greater detail.

By doing the given entry-level projects, you will understand the basic features and functions of the LabVIEW software. Not only that, you will learn to measure various parameters of systems and control them efficiently.

Let’s go over them in the following:

1. Water level detection with LabVIEW

This LabVIEW project helps to monitor water levels in tanks. By completing this project, you will learn to use vertical point slides, LabVIEW functions, and many other features of LabVIEW.

Water level detection with LabVIEW

In this LabVIEW project, you will get to know setting up upper-level and lower-level indicators to measure water levels in tanks. Also, you will learn to generate graphs using LabVIEW to monitor water levels.

2. Temperature sensing with LabVIEW

It is one of the critical LabVIEW projects. It is possible to design a LabVIEW project to measure temperature in refrigerators, kitchens, ACs, etc., and control them through this project. This is because temperature variations in these sensitive places have the potential to cause severe damage.

Temperature conversion with LabVIEW

By learning this project, you will get exposure to LabVIEW’s controls, block diagrams, properties, and other tools.

3. Temperature conversion with LabVIEW

Temperature can be measured in Kelvin, Celsius, and Fahrenheit scales. Also, if we need, we can convert temperature from one scale to another.

Completing this project will teach you to work with LabVIEW's numeric controls, elaborately configuring formulas, functions, and many other tools.

Temperature conversion with LabVIEW

4. Quadratic roots calculation with LabVIEW

This is an important project where you will understand performing quadratic roots calculation. As you know, a quadratic equation is crucial in solving complex mathematical problems. It is possible to solve quadratic equations by completing squares, factorizing, and using quadratic formulas.

In this LabVIEW project, you can use any of the methods mentioned earlier to solve a quadratic equation. By practicing this project, you will learn to use LabVIEW's tools palette, functions, and other vital tools.

5. Measuring and controlling temperature with LabVIEW

In this project, you will design a system to measure temperature in an environment. We use temperature sensors to measure the temperature.

By practicing this project, you will get exposure to LabVIEW coding to control machines or systems with the help of temperature metrics.

6. Speech recognition with LabVIEW

With LabVIEW, the human voice can be used to control industrial objects. You can design a LabVIEW project using human voice to control objects such as LEDs, toggle switches, etc.

Speech recognition with LabVIEW

In this project, you will receive human voice signals using the microphone. LabVIEW processes this audio signal and generates an appropriate electrical signal to control the objects in the workplace.

7. Home automation with energy Gentrification

It is yet another LabVIEW automation project. The goal of this project is energy optimization. In this project, you will design a system to automate the energy consumption of home appliances. The system will identify the areas where energy is wasted and take immediate control action to prevent wastage. Thus this project helps preserve energy and reduce costs.

By doing this project, you will learn to use many sensors, acquire data, and more. You will use relays in this project to connect home appliances with the data acquisition board of LabVIEW. Based on the varying loads of the appliances, the energy control mechanism controls energy consumption. Thus energy consumption of the home appliances is optimized automatically.

Next, we will go through a set of advanced LabVIEW projects. By completing these projects, you will undoubtedly level up your skills on LabVIEW to new heights.

1. Displaying serial data on the real-time graph with LabVIEW

By completing this project, you will learn COM ports and many more. In this project, you will understand the different data display formats, such as data 1D, response, and graphs.

Also, you will get familiar with using accelerometers to display values on graphs by doing this project.

Attention tracking for distracted driving with LabVIEW

2. Attention tracking for distracted driving with LabVIEW

It is highly important that drivers should get no distractions while driving vehicles. LabVIEW helps to track the attention of drivers automatically. If it finds any attention deviation of drivers, it enables alerts to drivers to regain their attention. As a result, the drivers can have reasonable control over the vehicle.

By completing this project, you will get exposure to GSM, brainwave sensors, and Bluetooth.

3. Acquiring continuous data from the COM port with LabVIEW

By learning this LabVIEW project, you will learn to receive data from serial ports. Also, you will be familiar with the NI-VISA driver that we use to communicate in serial mode.

Besides, you will understand to use microcontroller 89C51 to get continuous data and use RS 232 for serial communication.

4. Tracking of the eyeball with GSM and LabVIEW

It is a beneficial labview project used in the biomedical field. This LabVIEW project is a human eyeball tracking project. You will design this project to track the eye movements of coma patients.

By doing this project, it is possible to gain expertise in using smart cameras and vision software tools. Not just that, but you will get familiar with eye-tracking algorithms.

5. Monitoring of the human body parameters with LabVIEW

Monitoring human body parameters is important to prevent any serious health issues in advance. This LabVIEW project monitors human body parameters, identifies health issues, and makes alerts instantly. That’s why it can be marked as a life-saving LabVIEW project.

In this LabVIEW project, you will learn to accurately measure human body parameters like pulse rate, temperature, etc. Also, you will get exposure to Web Servers, Arduino Controllers, and so on.

6. Animal food feeding system with LabVIEW

This is one of the crucial LabVIEW projects used in zoo parks. You can design this project to execute food feeding to animals at the scheduled times. This LabVIEW system will alert the concerned people to provide food to animals at the scheduled hours.

Working on this project will teach you to design Zigbee, RTC, microcontrollers, and many other vital electronic systems.

7. Book-picking robots in libraries with the control of LabVIEW

It is an interesting LabVIEW project. This project can be used in records rooms and libraries. As you know, picking and placing books in the exact location is tedious. You can overcome this issue by designing robots to pick library books or records from shelves.

Book-picking robots in libraries with the control of LabVIEW

Learning this project makes it possible to code for a robot to pick books from racks in the library or records from shelves. You will also get expertise in designing ZigBee, RFID, and Webpage through this LabVIEW project.

LabVIEW Real-time Projects Examples

Undeniably, you can polish your skills by practicing many real-time LabVIEW projects.

Here’s the list of real-time projects on LabVIEW that you can practice to scale up your hands-on experience with LabVIEW software.

  • Detecting fire forests with solar-power systems
  • Identification and data management system with RFID systems
  • Controlling BLDC motor torque using fuzzy logic
  • Data monitoring with PV solar cell
  • Controlling Traffic light systems with wireless sensors
  • Displaying Seven segment counter
  • Controlling DC motor along with Arduino
  • Converting Optical character recognition into a speech system
  • Designing Multiplexer
  • Generating human power as well as analyzing fitness.

LabVIEW Projects: Why are they so Important?

By working on LabVIEW projects, you will learn to:

  • Perform mathematical and complex logic functions. For example, you will be proficient in basic arithmetic, case statements, conditional statements, etc.
  • Interface LabVIEW and other programming languages. Here, DLL plays a pivotal role in the interfacing. For example, you can interface LabVIEW with MATLAB and . NET .
  • Perform real-time compilation to execute function blocks without creating test cases.
  • Get exposure to the huge function libraries of LabVIEW.
  • Use the debugging tools of LabVIEW. With these tools, you can pause code execution and use subroutines without using many complex codes.

LabView Projects FAQs

1. what is the use of learning labview projects.

LabVIEW projects help to monitor and control processes and systems automatically. For example, you will learn to measure atmospheric temperature, water level, and human body parameters. Also, you will learn how LabVIEW enables control actions and alerts by doing projects on LabVIEW.

2. How to create a new LabVIEW project?

  • First, install the LabVIEW software.
  • Click ‘blank project’ to create a project
  • A new project will open and then save it.

3. How to practice with LabVIEW?

You can install the LabVIEW software and start practicing LabVIEW projects. Also, you can sign up for a course in MindMajix and learn LabVIEW to get proficiency in the tool.

4. What are the advantages of LabVIEW projects?

  • Tracking and controlling processes and systems is made simple.
  • Data acquisition can be done effectively.
  • Interfacing with instrumentation and communication links can be done efficiently.
  • With the NI ecosystem, you can interface sensors and actuators seamlessly.
  • The language used in LabVIEW is a graphical language. Simple drag-and-drop options will help to code quickly.

5. List the disadvantages of LabVIEW.

  • Data communication is difficult.
  • Implementing a remote client is a bit tough
  • Resizing UI is not simple, and limited theme customizations
  • The user community is not so big.

6. What is the package for LabVIEW developers?

On average, LabVIEW developers can earn up to 9 LPA.

7. Why should I learn LabVIEW projects?

By learning projects on LabVIEW, you will get proficient with the LabVIEW tool. The main thing is that you will learn labview quickly on the go.

8. Is learning LabVIEW projects good for your career?

Yes. Learning LabVIEW projects will help to grow in your career. You will have a promising future if you get expertise in projects on LabVIEW.

In a nutshell, working on LabVIEW projects help to sharpen your skills in LabVIEW software. It is the best way to enhance your hands-on experience with LabVIEW. It will help you excel in your career, even as a beginner. Yes! By completing LabVIEW projects, it is possible to become a competent LabVIEW developer eventually.

Furthermore, if you go through professional training, it will help to elevate your skills on LabVIEW to new heights. A leading e-training provider, MindMajix offers courses in LabVIEW. You can sign up for the LabVIEW Course and gain certification. It will help polish your skills on LabVIEW and advance your career.

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LabVIEW Projects for Engineering Students

Currently, the LabVIEW based hardware units are commonly used in various industries due to their features like rugged design and exact control. The communication of these can be done using different protocols namely RS232, TCP/IP, RS485, etc. The abbreviation of term LabVIEW is “Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench”. It is a software expansion environment used to make custom applications to check & control the real-time information in the application fields like science and engineering. As the name specifies, it is a virtual instrument and it has the characteristics to execute data analyzing, measurements to the user. So this is the main reason to use this in various industries as well as an extensive range of applications. This article provides a list of LabVIEW projects based on different categories.

What is LabVIEW?

The LabVIEW is one kind of platform from National Instruments used to design the system & also an expansion environment for a visual programming language. This is mainly used for controlling the instruments, automation of industries, and DAQ (data acquisition), etc. The programming representation used in LabVIEW is named as G, which depends on the accessibility of data.

LabVIEW provides a huge elasticity to make an application with the help of G-language. This is an influential graphical language when contrasted with normal computer programming languages . It mainly includes two essential elements like the front panel & block diagram.


LabVIEW provides a huge elasticity to make an application with the help of G-language. This is an influential graphical language when contrasted with normal computer programming languages. It mainly includes two essential elements like the front panel & block diagram. The front panel assists a user interface wherever we can situate indicators and controls. The coding part is located in a block diagram wherever we can write the code using functions as well as structures for applications.

LabView Projects for Engineering Students

LabVIEW programming is used in all the branches of engineering projects like electrical, electronics, IEEE, robotics, Arduino, etc. LabVIEW based electrical projects mainly include real-time projects, industrial automation, controlling, drive, LabVIEW industrial projects etc. These LabVIEW based final year projects are very helpful for engineering students. The list of LabView projects for engineering students are also discussed below.

Motor Speed Controlling through Voice & LabVIEW

This project uses voice commands to control the operation of the DC motor to reduce the manual operation. This project is mainly used by the disability people like blinds, etc. The main feature of this motor is, it can be controlled through voice or voice. The process of voice recognition can be done with the help of LabVIEW programming language.

This project mainly uses Microsoft SDK as well as voice recognition to control the motor. So the implementation of DC motor control can be done with the help of the PWM technique. This project is used for a DC motor with 0.5HP 220V 3A.

Speech Recognition Project using LabVIEW

The main intension of this project is to design a system to control the objects by using human speech as well as LabVIEW. Human communication is the natural speech and this process is used in computers to follow the voice commands of the human to understand the human languages. In this project, a system is designed to control objects like Toggle switch, LED, etc using human speech & LabVIEW. This project uses a microphone to get the voice signals from Human and it is interfaced through LabVIEW code. So this LabVIEW programming generates a suitable signal for controlling the objects.

Measurement & Controlling of Temperature through LabVIEW

The main intention of this project is to design a system using a LabVIEW program to control the hardware by measuring temperature with temperature sensor

Speech Synthesis based on the Recognition of Optical Character using LabVIEW

This project is used to synthesis the speech depending on the optical character recognition using LabVIEW programming.

Arduino & LabVIEW based Controlling of Water Level

This project is mainly designed with an ultrasonic sensor, Arduino & LabVIEW programming to estimate the water level without contact. Once the water level is reduced then the water pump will automatically turn ON. Similarly, the pump will turn OFF once the water level reaches the fixed level.

LabVIEW & DAQ based Data Monitoring in Real-Time for PV Solar Cell

The main concept of this project is to design a system to monitor the data of PV solar cells using LabVIEW programming as well as the DAQ board.

Monitoring & Controlling of Soil Humidity with LabVIEW

This project is used to check the humidity of the soil so that it can be monitored and controlled through LabVIEW programming.

Automatic Biometric using Brain Waves to Recognize the User

This is project is designed with Brainwave sensor, Data Processing, Bluetooth & LabVIEW programming. The BCI (Brain-computer interfaces) is used to convert brain signals to control signals without using peripheral nerves or muscles. By using these signals, authentication can be done. This project is applicable in the navy, army, safety system of industries, and high-security applications.

LabView based Soft Switching Technique for Regulation of Smart Fan

The conservation of energy in homes is a major consideration. Similarly in industries, energy usage inefficient way is also the main consideration. The proposed system is used to decrease the power utilization of the fans by changing the speed in a smart way so that the overall power usage can be reduced. This regulation method can be connected in series/parallel based on the levels of humidity in homes. This project uses humidity as well as temperature sensors for detecting the temperature in rooms.

Home Automation with Energy Gentrification

This system is designed to give highly reliable automation in industries, homes so that the energy shortage problem can be solved. This project is used to control the home appliances with the help of an automation system.

This system uses LabVIEW software & data acquisition board along with various sensors. Home appliances can be connected through a relay over a DAQ board. The different sources of energy generations are associated with the control mechanism to different loads.

LabVIEW based Security System of Railway Track & Gate

At present, railway safety is the main aspect of railways because many accidents have occurred while crossing the railway gate. So, this project is used to design a controller for railway-crossing-gate to avoid accidents at the railway gate with the help of sensors.

This system uses the LabVIEW software, DAQ system as well as different sensors IR & proximity. The arrangement of these sensors can be done at both sides of the railway crossing in a fixed distance. An infrared sensor is arranged in front of the railway gate for detecting the obstacles over the track. This project provides security for both the track & railway gate.

Traffic Light System using WSN with Override for Emergency

The project is designed to provide a traffic light control system using an override capacity used for emergency automobiles.

This project uses the DAQ module at each junction where IR sensors are allied. The programming of LabVIEW can be done in such a way that the traffic light system operates in dissimilar modes such as automatic time period for each junction; a system based on density & manual operation for controlling.

The list of LabView projects for engineering students is listed below.

  • Induction Generator Optimized Operation for Small-scale Wind Power
  • LabVIEW based Virtual Instrumentation System for Disabled People
  • Detection of Fire in Forest with Solar-Power Zigbee Network
  • Monitoring of Water Quality & Control System
  • Recognition of Optical Character based on LabVIEW & Speech Synthesis System
  • Monitoring System of Human Body using Web-Server & LabVIEW
  • Foot Ulceration Screening in Diabetic Patients with Flexi Force Sensor
  • BLDC Motor Torque Control with Fuzzy Logic
  • LabVIEW & DAQ based PV Solar Cell Real-Time Data Monitoring
  • LabVIEW based Home Automation System
  • Fitness Analyzer & Human Power Generator using LabVIEW
  • Implementation of Stepper Motor Controller on FPGA using GUI in LabVIEW
  • Encryption of Text File with FFT Method in LabVIEW
  • Controlling of Walking Simulator in Omnidirectional
  • Power Analyzer using A LabVIEW
  • Dangerous Gas Checking with VI Server
  • Automation of Driving License Test with LabVIEW
  • Humidity Monitoring of Soil with LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW based Automotive Safety & Security
  • GSM & LabView based Pollution Monitoring in Industries
  • LabVIEW & DAQ based Monitoring and Parameter Calculation of 3-Phase AC Motor
  • LabVIEW based Medical Aid System
  • Railroad Track Visual Detection/Inspection
  • LabVIEW based Fault Locating & Monitoring within Distribution Lines
  • LabVIEW & RFID based Traffic System Control using Ambulance
  • Energy Monitoring System based on Zigbee & GSM for E-Billing
  • Accident Avoidance System using LabVIEW in Underground Collieries
  • LabVIEW based Mobility Wheelchair
  • LabVIEW based Multi-Level Automobile Parking
  • Rescue Operation using Automate Machine for Child
  • LabVIEW & RFID Automatic Identification & Database Management System
  • Voice Control and Wireless EMG System Development
  • LabVIEW based Inverter Fed Motor Simulation
  • MEMS Digital Accelerometer for Monitoring of Vibration
  • Attendance System based on Fingerprint using LabVIEW
  • Designing of Quadcopter Controller using LabVIEW & Image Processing

The list of some LabView projects for beginners is listed below. All these are associated with real-time applications that are previously executed by others.

  • RFID based Identification & Data Management System
  • Image Processing based Design of Controller for Quadcopter
  • MEMS Digital Accelerometer-based Vibration Monitoring with ATmega and MEMS
  • Implementation of Controllers like PID & Fuzzy PD for DC Servo Motor
  • Temperature Control & Measurement System using LabVIEW
  • LabView based Controlling of Smart Fan with Switching Technique
  • Home Automation using Energy Gentrification
  • Security System for Railway Gate & Track using LabVIEW
  • Traffic Light System based on Wireless Sensors
  • Industrial Control System using SCADA
  • 900 Light Emitting Display
  • Aware System for Anti Creeper
  • Focus Space
  • LabView based Thermistor

LabVIEW based IEEE Projects

The list of LabVIEW based IEEE projects includes the following.

Smart Home Controlling using BCI

This project is used to design a virtual reality system with the help of EEG (electroencephalogram) & BCI (brain-computer interface) for controlling a smart home. This project uses Bluetooth, Brainwave Sensor, Zigbee & LabVIEW programming. The applications of this project mainly include controlling home appliances, BMS control, etc.

Attention Tracking while Distracted Driving

While driving a vehicle, the driver requires full attention to control the vehicle. So this project is designed to maintain the attention of the driver while driving on the road. This project can be designed with Brainwave sensor, GSM, LabVIEW, and Bluetooth. This project is mainly used in automotive applications, Safety of the Driver & Alerting system.

Health Monitoring System of Animals using Zigbee

This project is used to monitor the physiological parameters of the animal-like temperature of the body, rumination, pulse rate, etc. The designing of this system can be done using WSN, Zigbee & LabVIEW. This system also analyzes the level of stress equivalent to THI (thermal humidity index). This project is used in Farms, Zoological parks, Animals care, etc.

Intelligent Management System through Motion Sensing for Surveillance

This project can be designed with PIR, Microcontrollers, Image Processing, Zigbee & LabVIEW. The parameters of the machine system provide huge information regarding the condition of the machine, maintenance, output, etc. So the parameters of the machine can be estimated with motion technology. This project is applicable to security applications.

Animals Food Feeding System based on Time Scheduling

This project is used to design a system for feeding the food for animals based on the scheduling of time. This project is designed with RTC, LabVIEW, Zigbee, and microcontrollers. This project is used in Zoo parks, safe feeding systems.

GSM & Labview based Tracking of Eyeball

This project is used to design a system for tracking the eyeball, position of the eye, movement of the eye. This project uses a smart camera, vision software tool & LabVIEW programming to generate tracking and detection of eye algorithms. This project is used in the biomedical field for Coma Patients.

LabVIEW based Fire Rescue System in Railways

The most comfortable as well as feasible modes of transport for passengers is railways. This project is the best solution for developing a fire rescue system to reduce the no. of victims in case of fire accidents in train. This system can be developed with the help of microcontroller technology as well as smart sensors. This project uses GPS, GSM, LabVIEW & Zigbee.

Power Management System for Institutions using Labview

This project is used to design a system for a smart classroom for reducing energy consumption as well as wastage with the help of LabVIEW. There is one kind of automation process where the environment of the institution can be monitored through ambient intelligence for providing context-aware services & make it possible for remote power control. This project uses Xbee protocols & LabVIEW Data Processing. The applications of this project include Automatic Power controls & Energy management systems.

The list of LabVIEW Projects for biomedical engineering students are discussed below.

Monitoring of Human Body using Web Server & LabVIEW

This project is used to monitor the parameters of the human body such as temperature, pulse rate, etc using LabVIEW programming. The procurement of this data can be performed using the Arduino controller, LabVIEW & web server.

Temperature Monitoring of Premature Newborn Baby

This project is designed with GSM, Webpage HTML, and Zigbee. Patient safety is very important but for premature newborn infants, there is no proper way to monitor the temperature. With the development of technology in the medical industry, the death rates of newborn babies have been controlled. This project is used in Neonatal nursing stations & Biomedicals.

Automated Blood Bank Design using LabVIEW & Embedded System

This project is used to design an automated blood bank system using LabVIEW & embedded systems. This project is designed with GSM, microcontroller, web page, and LabVIEW. This system updates the information about the voluntary blood donors as well as those in require of blood on this platform. This system fulfills each and every blood request in the country through an android application. This project is applicable to Bio-medicals, etc.

Robotics Projects

The list of LabVIEW robotics projects includes the following.

Robot Controlling through Neuro Waves using LabVIEW

This project is designed with Bluetooth, Robotics, Brainwave sensor & LabVIEW. A BCI or brain-computer interface can be defined as a control system or communication system which works on ECG signals or brain waves to control a device. The communication between the human brain and a computer can be done by using this system. This project is mainly used to control robots, wheelchairs, etc.

LabVIEW based Book Picking Robot in Libraries

This project is used to design a robot for picking up library books using LabVIEW programming. This project is designed with RFID, ZigBee & Webpage based on HTML. This project is used in Document Saftey, Large Libraries & Institutional book management.

Omni-Directional Robot Controlling with Android Phone & Accelerometer Sensor

This project is used to design a robot that travels in omnidirectional. This project is used to control this robot using android mobile as well as an accelerometer sensor. This project is designed with Microcontrollers, Android mobile, Zigbee, and LabVIEW. This project is used in controlling robotic applications.

LabVIEW & Smart Surveillance based Mobile Robot

This project is used to design a mobile robot including a camera that is placed on the robot for investigation purposes. The outline of this robot can be controlled using GUI based LabVIEW programming.

The list of some more robot projects includes the following.

  • Climbing Robot Controlled by LabVIEW
  • Racing Robots using LabView & Leap Motion Controller
  • LabVIEW based Fruit Picking Robot
  • LabVIEW & EEG based Robots for Controlling Mind
  • LabVIEW based Smart Surveillance of Mobile Robot
  • A Piano Player Robot
  • myRIO based Autonomous Robot
  • Robotic Arm Custom design

The list of LabView projects using Arduino are listed below.

  • LabVIEW and Arduino based Non-contact Level of Water Controlling
  • LabVIEW and Arduino based Light Control System Automatically
  • LabVIEW and Arduino based Pediatric Gait Instructor
  • Fire Detection alarm system using LabVIEW and Arduino
  • The Rescue System for Wearable Electronics using Arduino & LabVIEW
  • Arduino Programming using Labview
  • Remote monitoring system using Arduino & LabVIEW
  • Serial Communication based Getting Arduino Data
  • Controlling the Speed of a DC Motor using LabView & Arduino
  • LabView & Arduino based Weather station
  • Ball & Beam System
  • Monitoring System for Heart Rate
  •   Arduino & Linux based 24volts LED Dimmer
  • Interface od LabVIEW UDP for Arduino
  • Arduino and Linx based Light Show
  • Controlling of Temperature based on Arduino & LINX
  • Controlling of Water Level based on Arduino & LINX

LabView Projects using myRIO

The LabView projects using myRIO are listed below.

  • myRIO Powered Full Scale R2D2
  • myRIO based Diligent Motor Adapter designed for Stepper Motor
  • Guitar Effects Pedal Enabled by the Internet
  • myRIO based Music Box
  • myRIO based RGB LED (32×32) Display
  • myRIO based Measurement of Current
  • Illumination based Visualization
  • Lag-lead Approach based myRio Control system
  • Information Age Medical Monitor
  • Trouble using Semaphore through my-RIO & X-CAN Stratum Adapter
  • A Device for Wireless Surveillance
  • 3D Images Making within Thin Air
  • Strings of light based on Music
  • Control System based on Machine Vision
  • myRIO & the Classy State Machine based USB LiDAR Controlling
  • SmartHome Motion Sensor using myRIO
  • NI myRIO based  Reliable, Traceable, and Recordable Flight Data

Thus, this is all about LabView Projects which includes LabVIEW based mini projects,  present, hardware units based on LabVIEW are commonly used in various industries because of their controlling capability & rugged design. The communication of this can be done using some protocols such as RS232, TCP/IP, RS485, etc. Here is a question for you, please list out some LabView projects using DAQ.

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Microcontrollers Lab

Complete list of Labview tutorials and projects

Labview tutorials.

  • Tutorial one Getting started with labview
  • Tutorial two Writing your first labview program
  • Tutorial three Using loops in labView
  • Tutorial four LabView data types
  • Tutorial five Using arrays in labview
  • Tutorial six Using charts and graphs in NI
  • tutorial seven Front panel tips and tricks in labview
  • Tutorial Eight Using tools Palette in Labview
  • Tutorial nine Loop auto indexing in labview
  • Tutorial ten How to use Shift registers  in labview
  • Tutorial 11 Using case structures in labview
  • Tutorial twelve Cluster function in labview
  • Tutorial thirteen Creating Sub Vis in labview
  • Tutorial fourteen using Global variables in labview
  • Tutorial fifteen Mathscript window basic in labview
  • Tutorial sixteen Menu control and enumerated data types in labview
  • Tutorial seventeen Customizing VI properties in labview
  • Tutorial eighteen Property Node in labview
  • Tutorial nineteen Sequence structures in labview
  • Tutorial twenty Data flow in labview
  • Tutorial 21 Reading and writing to a text files in labview
  • Tutorial 22 Spreadsheet Files and excel files in labview
  • Tutorial 23 Using debugging tools in labview

Labview projects

Here is a list of labview projects. I will add more projects to these labview projects.

  • Project 1: How to program Arduino with Labview
  • Project 2: Remote monitoring system with labview and Arduino
  • Project 3: Getting Arduino data on Labview through serial communication 
  • Project  4: DC motor control with Arduino and Labview
  • Project 5: Weather station using Arduino and Labview
  • Project 6: Controlling LEDs with a switch in LabView
  • Project 7:Seven segment counter in LabView
  • Project 8: Quadratic roots calculation in LabView
  • Project 9: Simple calculator in LabView
  • Project 10: Water level indicator in Labview
  • Project 11: Matrix addition subtraction and multiplication in LabView
  • Project 12: Guess the number game
  • Project 13: Half adder circuit using LabView
  • Project 14: Full adder circuits using LabView
  • Project 15: Multiplexer design using LabView
  • Project 16: Sum of N natural numbers
  • Project 17: Factorial of a number in LabView

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Labview projects using Arduino

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labview projects for beginners without hardware

Raspberry Pi

Labview projects.

PCBWay fabrication house

  • Communication Engineering

labview projects , Labview tutorials, labview student projects, labview final year projects, labview semester projects

Moreover, LabView is really a difficult software and it really took us a lot of time in designing these projects so other blogger are more than welcome to share our projects on their blog but do mention the respective link from where you copied as a favor. I am gonna share the complete list here. The benefit of doing this is that it will also organize the projects and you guys can get all of them in one place. So, anyways, let's get started with LabView Projects.

Getting Started with LabView

  • Introduction to LabView
  • Creating First Project using LabView Programming
  • Communication Signals Generation in LabView

Basic LabView Projects

Temperature sensing using NI LabVIEW, Temperature level indication in LabVIEW, Temperature level detector in LabVIEW, Sensing different levels of temperature in LabVIEW, How to differentiate between different levels of temperature

  • Water Level Detector in LabView
  • Temperature Conversion in LabView
  • Temperature Sensing in LabView
  • Quadratic Roots Calculation in LabView

Embedded LabView Projects

DC motor control tutorials, DC motor control articles, Control DC motor articles, control DC motor articles, How to control DC motor, DC motor controls tutorials

  • Display Serial Data on Real Time Graph in Labview
  • Get Continuous Data From COM Port in LabView
  • DC Motor Speed Control in LabView
  • DC Motor Direction Control in LabView
  • Stepper Motor Speed Control in LabView
  • Stepper Motor Direction Control in LabView

NI myRIO Labview Projects

introduction to myrio, getting started with myrio, ni myrio, myrio ni, myrio

  • Getting Started with NI myRIO.
  • How to configure NI myRIO on WiFi ?

Syed Zain Nasir

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45+ LabVIEW Projects for Engineering Students

  • July 31, 2015
  • By Administrator

LabVIEW stands for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench, which is a software development environment for creating custom applications that are able to monitor and control the real-time data in engineering and science field applications.

As the name indicates Virtual Instrument, LabVIEW has the characteristics of an instrument which can perform measurements, analyzing data and presenting results to the user. That is the reason why LabVIEW is extensively used in various industries and a wide variety of applications.

Labview logo

LabVIEW offers a great flexibility to create an application or control strategy using powerful graphical language (which also called as G-language) as compared with traditional text-based programming languages like C, C++ and Java. It consists of two main elements, namely, front panel and block diagram.

The front panel facilitates a user interface where we can place controls and indicators. The block diagram is coding part area where we can write the code for an application using structures and functions.

In addition to LabVIEW software, a dedicated and reconfigurable data acquisition (DAQ) hardware can perform many complex real-time tests, measurement and control tasks.

Nowadays, this LabVIEW based dedicated hardware units are popularly used in different industries due to their precise control and rugged design. These are also capable of communicating through protocols like RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, etc.

Here we have listed some of the popular projects based on LabVIEW . All these projects are related to real-time applications which are already implemented by others.

List of LabVIEW Projects I deas

  • LabVIEW Based Temperature Measurement and Control System : The objective of this project is to design a LabVIEW program with data acquisition and control circuitry to measure temperature from temperature sensor and thereby to control the heating element.
  • Non Contact Water level controller using Arduino and LabVIEW : This project implements a non contact water level measurement and control using Arduino, ultrasonic sensor and LabVIEW. When the water level goes low, pump is turned ON while the water level goes high, the pump will be turned OFF.
  • DC Motor Speed Control Using LabVIEW : This project is intended to build a simple controller to control the speed of DC motor as well as its direction using MOSFET H-bridge, AVR microcontroller and LabVIEW.
  • Optimized Operation of Induction Generator for Small-scale Wind Power : The main aim of this project is to control the power generated by the induction generator by varying its slip (with use of DC motor drive). This whole circuit is interfaced with LabVIEW software for achieving computerized control.
  • Forest Fire Detection Using Optimized Solar-Power Zigbee Network : This project is intended to prevent the forest fires by remotely acquiring various parameters like temperature, rain and pressure through Zigbee module which is powered with solar energy. In addition this project also includes the maximum power point tracking algorithm.
  • Optical Character Recognition Based Speech Synthesis System Using LabVIEW : In this project, an optical character recognition (OCR) based speech synthesis system is implemented for converting printed or written character documents into speech signals using LabVIEW software.
  • Screening of Foot Ulceration in Diabetic Patients Using Flexi Force Sensor Platform : This project aims to prevent the foot ulcer in diabetic patients by effectively diagnosing the pressure on the foot using forces sensing resistor. LabVIEW graphical programming language is used to implement this project to compare abnormal and normal foot pressure values.
  • Real Time Data Monitoring of PV Solar Cell Using LabVIEW and DAQ : The main objective of this project is to design a real time monitoring system for solar or photovoltaic cells mounted on rooftops using DAQ board and LabVIEW. This will help to determine the requirements of the load to be connected for solar system.
  • AES-256 Encryption for Secured Communication : This project implements Rajndael algorithm AES 256 which is a cryptographic algorithm used for security services. This encryption for wireless sensor networks provides the authentication and secure key for every node.
  • LabVIEW Based Human Power Generator & Fitness Analyzer : The main aim of this project is to generate the power from spin bike and also to measure the fitness level of a person. This project uses LabVIEW to monitor the various parameters like calories burned, heart rate, VO2 max level, battery status, power generated, speed, etc.
  • Text File Encryption Using FFT Technique in LabVIEW : This project is designed to provide high security encryption for the transmission of text file based on FFT algorithm implemented in LabVIEW software.
  • High Precision Stepper Motor Controller Implementation on FPGA with GUI on LabVIEW : The main aim of this project is to implement a technique for precise control of stepper motor through Bluetooth wireless network by implementing PWM technique in FPGA controller. In this, the control parameters are implemented on LabVIEW platform.
  • Implementation of Home Automation System Using LabVIEW : This project deals with the design of control and monitor system for homes using LabVIEW software. This also achieves the remote control operation via internet so that user can control his/her home from anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-Level Security for Automotive–RFID Based Technology with LabVIEW Implementation : This project aims to develop a secure automotive vehicle by preventing unauthorized persons to access it. RFID system with main controller implements the hardware part while LabVIEW software is used for designing the GUI part.
  • Direct Torque Control Of BLDC Motor Using Fuzzy Logic In LabVIEW : This project simulates the sensorless direct torque control of brushless DC motors for attaining much faster response of torque compared with PWM control technique. This scheme is implemented on fuggy logic controller which is virtually created in LabVIEW.
  • LabVIEW and Web-Server Based Human Body Monitoring System : This project is intended to monitor the human body parameters like heartbeat rate, temperature and SPO2 using LabVIEW. The data acquisition is performed through Arduino controller whereas LabVIEW enables GUI as well as web server based monitoring operations.
  • Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring and Control System : In this project, online real-time monitoring and control system for water quality system is implemented by measuring water parameters like pH, temperature, chlorine level, turbidity, etc. This project uses compact RIO module along with LabVIEW software.
  • Design of Virtual Instrumentation System for Disabled using LabVIEW : The objective of this project is to develop a virtual instrument for hand gesture recognition as well as to acquire and process electrooculogram signal for detecting eye movements. With these two inputs, this LabVIEW project displays corresponding message or gives a voice message so that it aid for the communication of deaf and dumb people.
  • Control of an Omnidirectional Walking Simulator : The idea this project is to build an omnidirectional simulator which replicates the real world terrains such that it allow one to walk on the plane in any direction using DAQ and LabVIEW software.
  • Hazardous Gas Monitoring Using VI Server : This project is proposed to build a LPG gas monitoring system which continuously monitors the gas leaks. These sensors are placed at different locations which communicates the main PC (in which LabVIEW controller is installed) via USB-hub.
  • Monitoring and Control of Relative Humidity in Soil Using LabVIEW : This project implements an automatic irrigation water control system which works based on the signal of soil moisture sensing circuit. This monitoring system uses peripheral control interface and PC with LabVIEW software.
  • Low-Cost Instrument for Tracing Current-Voltage Characteristics of Photovoltaic Modules : This project is intended to design a low cost instrument to trace the current- voltage characteristics of PV modules using low cost DAQ module and LabVIEW application. This design is helpful for analyzing field conditions of PV and also for the identification of degradation and malfunction.
  • Industrial Pollution Monitoring System Using LabVIEW and GSM : The main aim of this project is to design a pollution check system especially for industries like paper making, chemical, sugar manufacturing, etc. This design continuously monitors the parameters like CO gas, pH level, etc using LabVIEW and further this data is transmitted to the authorized people via GSM.
  • Robot Aided Remote Medical Assistance System using LabVIEW : The main aim of this project is to implement a remote medical assistance to patients from doctors by implementing a robot which can do medical tests like pulse rate, ECG, etc. Further this data is transferred to the LabVIEW application at doctor side via internet.
  • 3-Phase AC Motor Monitoring and Parameter Calculation Using LabVIEW and DAQ : This project implements a real-time monitoring and control system for 3 phase induction motor using LabVIEW and DAQ. The voltage and current values are continuously monitored by this project and also protect the motor if they exceed safer limits.
  • Automobile Security and Safety System Using LabVIEW : In this project, an anti-collision safety is provided by dipping the head lights of the vehicle when unwanted vehicle comes close to the other vehicle. In addition with LabVIEW software and DAQ, it uses ultrasonic sensor, LDR and camera (for face recognition security).
  • Driving License Test Automation Using LabVIEW : This project automates the present driving license testing system without human observer by evaluating speed sensing, tracking path and other driving skill. Further, wirelessly it transfers the data to PC, process the data and produce the output whether driving test passed or failed.
  • A LabVIEW Based Power Analyzer : In this project, a computer based power analyzer VI is designed to measure the real time power quality parameters like active and reactive power, instantaneous power, harmonics and power factor using DAQ board and LabVIEW.
  • Smart Surveillance Using Mobile Robot Using LabVIEW : This project deals with the implementation of mobile robot with camera mounted on it for surveillance purpose. This design is controlled through LabVIEW based GUI upon Zigbee wireless data transmission.
  • Automated Visual Inspection/Detection of Railroad Track : The objective of this project is to develop a system that can detect the cracks on railway tracks and also does the visual inspection of track geometry with notification of location of crack on the track to the inspector.
  • Ambulance Controlled Traffic System Using RFID Technology with LabVIEW Simulation : This project is designed to control of traffic during the arrival of ambulance using RFID technology. Based on the RFID tags, signals in the ambulance path are automatically controlled till it reaches the destination. This entire operation is simulated on LabVIEW software before practical implementation.
  • Smart Mobility Wheelchair using LabVIEW : This project aims to design a smart mobility system for physically challenged persons by controlling the wheelchair based on eye movements. In addition, this project consists of automatic navigation, line following and computer interfacing capabilities.
  • Multi Level Car Parking By LabVIEW : The main aim of this project is to develop an automatic car parking system by automatically allotting parking slot depending in the size of the car. IR sensors give information about the size of vehicle to the LabVIEW and according to the code, it assigns the parking slot.
  • Automate Machine for Rescue Operation for Child Using LabVIEW : The objective of this project is to rescue the trapped child into bore well by designing a system which can capable of monitoring the child with high resolution camera, supplying necessary surviving methods like oxygen, temperature, etc and to bring back systematically and safely from bore well.
  • Automatic Light Control System using LabVIEW and Arduino : It is simplest form of controlling set of LED lights by sensing light intensity with LDR connected to Arduino. LabVIEW programs the set limits of the light intensity and thereby sends the control signals to LEDs.
  • Development of Wireless EMG & Voice Control System : This project aims to develop an Electromyography (EMG) and voice based control system which detects the voice as well as EMG signals. Based on the detecting signals, LabVIEW sends the control commands to the output devices for their control like robot movements using wireless Zigbee module.
  • Enhanced Accident Prevention System in Underground Collieries Using LabVIEW : This project continuously monitors the concentration of methane gas in underground coal mines using CNG sensor connected to Arduino board which is interfaced with LabVIEW. When this design detects the threshold level of gas, it automatically switches the driver circuit to turn the blower.
  • Autonomous Fruit Picking Robot System in Greenhouses Using LabVIEW : The objective of this project is to develop an autonomous fruit picking robot which can be implemented by image processing and robot arm control system in LabVIEW. Depends on the image captured, this system controls the robot arm grip to pick the fruit.
  • Pediatric Gait Trainer using LabVIEW VI and Arduino : This project implements a prototype of pediatric gait trainer based on LabVIEW and Arduino platforms. LabVIEW creates PWM patterns for leg-pulling sequences and accordingly controls the speed of DC motor.
  • Simple Fire Detection Alarming System using LabVIEW and Arduino : This project aims to build a simple alarming circuit that can give alarm when it detects the fire. This design is implemented by using fire detection based Arduino board and LabVIEW software.
  • Mind Controlled Robots using EEG Using LabVIEW : The objective of this project is to build a mind controller to control the movements of a robotic vehicle through brainwave output. Arduino with RF module in the robot receives the processed information of brain signals to control the movements of robot.
  • Implementation of Fuzzy and PID Controller to Water Level System using LabVIEW : The main idea of this project is to demonstrate the performance of fuzzy and PID controllers for a water level control system and to compare their faster performance and stability using LabVIEW software.
  • LabVIEW Controlled Climbing Robot with Vacuum Attachment Cups : This project is intended to design an autonomous climbing robot which can climb on both vertical and horizontal surfaces using vacuum cups attachment system. This robot control commands are ensured by LabVIEW software.
  • Zigbee Based Energy Monitoring System with E-Billing through GSM Network : This project aims to design efficient Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR) by interfacing electronic energy meter with Zigbee module. At the receiver end, Zigbee receiver with LabVIEW based PC process the data and measures the number of units generated. Further it sends the billing information SMS to consumer via GSM module.
  • The Wearable Electronic Rescue System Using LabVIEW & Arduino : This project implements a rescue system for elder people especially when they are alone at homes to check their abnormal conditions of heart and sudden accidental fall. This design is developed using ECG and accelerometer sensor based Arduino board, GSM modem and LabVIEW software.
  • Simulation of Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive with LabVIEW : The main idea of this project is to present a mathematical model of inverter fed induction motor and simulate it using LabVIEW software so that its dynamic characteristics are observed.
  • Automatic Fault Locating and Monitoring in Distribution Lines Using LabVIEW : Using this project, fault location monitor and control system is implemented which can able to locate the exact location of fault occurred in distribution lines and then transmits the data to remote substation via Zigbee module.
  • Fingerprint Based Attendance System Using Microcontroller and LabVIEW : This project is designed to produce a portable finger print based attendance system which uses high encryption technique to collect the attendance and stores the recorded data in the data base. This design is implemented using LabVIEW and data acquisition circuitry.
  • LabVIEW Based Automatic Identification and Database Management System Using RFID : This project aims to design automatic identification and database management which can be used for inventory systems by automatically identifying the products using RFID and maintaining their record using LabVIEW software.
  • Controller Design for Quadcopter Using LabVIEW With Image Processing Techniques : This project aims to develop an autonomous quadcopter which is four rotor vertical takeoff and landing vehicle. This design is controlled with LabVIEW based image processing technique for precise and stable control.
  • Vibration Monitoring Using MEMS Digital Accelerometer with ATmega and LabVIEW : This project is designed to monitor the vibration signals with greater accuracy especially to aid with space applications. In this, MEMS accelerometer with ATmega controller is interfaced with LabVIEW to extract, monitor and display the data.
  • Real Time Implementation of PID and Fuzzy PD Controllers for DC Servo Motor : This project presents Ziegler-Nichols rule based PID and fuzzy based PD controllers for controlling the DC servo motor position using LabVIEW software and DAQ board. A performance evaluation of these both controllers is also carried in this project after getting the test results.
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  • ARM Projects
  • Robotic  Projects
  • Electronic projects
  • Electrical & Electronics Schematic Symbols

5 Responses

is it possible to attach a sensor with a key that delivers a beep sound when searched from a mobile phone through labview

Hello, Please can u attach labview code for Vibration Monitoring Using MEMS Digital Accelerometer with ATmega and LabVIEW Interface for Space Application.

lab view is very poor

Hello I need the connection of the circuit of the voltage and current sensors with labview throught the arduino as interface. I searched much and much,but nothing.i hope anyone can help me. Thank you .

Hi Ahmed, Interfacing between Lab view and Arduino is very much simple, you can use any communication Protocole, 1. VISA 2. Makerhub Linx 3. LIFA

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Tag: Labview

Rail platform obstacle detection using labview simulation.

As the rapid development of the rail transportation industry, rail transportation becomes more popular as a component of urban public transport systems, but the fallen obstacle(s) from the rail platform becomes the terrible hidden danger for the Continue reading →

Measurement System With Image Analysis: Detecting Signal Disturbances in the Head-up Display of the Jas 39 Gripen

A measurement system has been developed to detect errors in the head-up display of JAS 39 Gripen. Errors have been identified by continuously capturing images of the Continue reading →

A Stroke Therapy Brace Design

Victims of stroke often have difficulty with rehabilitation. With limited movement on their affected arm, patients often do not want to move much for physical therapy. In this project, we design a robotic brace that helps stroke patients move their Continue reading →

Cylindrical Surface Analysis with White Light Interferometry

At present, one of the big challenges is to develop a precise surface measurement method for mechanical parts. Especially, to study cylindrical surface, the cause of many difficulties because of its geometry shape. This project presents a quite good solution for Continue reading →


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    labview projects for beginners without hardware

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    labview projects for beginners without hardware


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    Currently, the LabVIEW based hardware units are commonly used in various industries due to their features like rugged design and exact control.

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    Autonomous Fruit Picking Robot System in Greenhouses Using LabVIEW: The objective of this project is to develop an autonomous fruit picking

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    (assuming no Daq or GPIB hardware). Open a binary file. Parse ... I agree, making a video game using LabView should prove to be a FUN project...

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