worksheet vocabulary of clothes

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worksheet vocabulary of clothes

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worksheet vocabulary of clothes

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worksheet vocabulary of clothes

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worksheet vocabulary of clothes

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worksheet vocabulary of clothes

Clothes ESL Printable Picture Dictionary Worksheets

Clothes esl crossword puzzle worksheets, clothes esl matching exercise worksheets, clothes esl word search puzzle worksheets, clothes esl missing letters in words worksheets, clothes esl unscramble the words worksheets.

worksheet vocabulary of clothes

Clothes ESL Printable Multiple Choice Tests For Kids

worksheet vocabulary of clothes

Clothes ESL Printable Flashcards With Words

worksheet vocabulary of clothes

Clothes ESL Printable Flashcards Without Words

worksheet vocabulary of clothes

Clothes ESL Printable Vocabulary Learning Cards

worksheet vocabulary of clothes

Clothes ESL Printable Fidget Spinner Game

worksheet vocabulary of clothes

Clothes ESL Printable Dominoes Game For Kids

worksheet vocabulary of clothes

Clothes ESL Vocabulary Worksheets

Esl Picture Dictionaries

Clothes 1- exercises

Clothes 2 - exercises

Worksheets - handouts

  • Clothes - worksheets

Exercises pdf - handouts

  • Clothes 1 - images/handouts pdf
  • Clothes 2 - images/handouts pdf
  • Clothes we wear - handout
  • Clothes - accessories
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Colours and clothes
  • Clothes matching
  • Summer clothes - handouts
  • Winter clothes - handouts
  • Footwear - handouts
  • Accessories - printable
  • Clothes - pictures and words
  • Word cards - clothes - worksheet
  • Worksheet - pictures and words
  • Funny English - clothes doc

Vocabulary resources

  • Men's clothing - audio
  • Women's clothing

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Clothes Worksheets

Download free printable clothes worksheets and use them in class today. On this page, you can find a collection of PDF worksheets for teaching about clothes and clothes vocabulary in English. These worksheets are ideal for kids and beginner English language learners. See below for the worksheets currently available, and check the bottom of the page for related resources.

Clothes Worksheets

Worksheet 1

In this first clothes worksheet, students are asked to look at the item of clothing picture and to circle the correct word. This worksheet is great for teaching English words about clothes and for practicing the spelling of the names of clothes in English.

Clothes vocabulary Worksheet

Worksheet 2

This next clothes worksheet is for practicing writing the names of items of clothing in English. There are 10 pictures of clothes. Students should write the correct word next to the pictures. This worksheet is suitable for kids and beginner ESL students to practice reading and writing the names of clothes in English.

Clothes Worksheet

Worksheet 3

To complete this worksheet, students should unscramble the letters to make a word. Then students should write the name of the item of clothing in the blank spaces.

Clothes Worksheet - Word Search

Worksheet 4

This worksheet is a printable word search about clothes vocabulary. Students should find the words in the grid and then check off the items of clothing as they find them.

Clothes writing Worksheet

Worksheet 5

This worksheet for beginners includes 12 clothes words and students must write each word 3 times. This writing worksheet is great for kids and beginner ESL students to practice writing and spelling clothes vocabulary. 

Clothes Worksheet

Worksheet 6

In this clothes worksheet, students should unscramble the letters to make a word. Then students should draw a line to connect the clothing vocabulary to the correct clothes picture. This is good for kids and beginner ESL students.

Clothes Worksheet

Worksheet 7

In this worksheet, students should rearrange the words to make the correct sentence about clothes. Key expressions include ‘Put on your (hat).’, ‘Take off your (jacket).’, ‘He/She is wearing a (T-shirt).’, etc.

What are you wearing worksheet

Worksheet 8

This worksheet is based on the classroom game ‘Find somebody who…’. Students should walk around the class and talk to their friends ‘What are you wearing?’. Then they should complete the table with their friends’ names and the items of clothing they are wearing.

Clothes bingo Worksheet

Worksheet 9

This bingo worksheet to teach clothes vocabulary can be used for many variations of bingo. Simply instruct students to cut out the clothes and arrange them in a 3×3 bingo grid. Then call out the clothes vocabulary using the target language. For example, ‘What are you wearing?’ – ‘I am wearing a (hat).’, ‘She is wearing a (skirt).’, etc. Students should then turn over that clothes picture. Once students have turned over 3 in a line, they have 1 bingo line. The first student to get 1/2/3 bingo lines is the winner. 

Clothes Worksheet 10

Worksheet 10

This last clothes worksheet is based on the ‘Battleships’ activity. Students should fill in the grid with 10 clothes words without showing their partner. These clothes words are the students’ ‘Battleships’. Then students will take turns trying to find their partner’s battleships by calling out coordinates. When a student finds one of the battleships their partner must make a sentence using the clothes vocabulary in that square. For example, ‘I am wearing a blue shirt.’

Related Resources

For more lesson materials for teaching about clothes/items of clothing in English, check out these related resources: List Of Clothes Clothes Lesson Plan Clothes Flashcards Clothes Vocabulary Game 5 Activity Ideas To Teach Clothes Vocabulary Clothes Vocabulary Exercises

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  • A1-A2 vocabulary

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for clothes.


Start with the image matching exercise. Then choose one or more of the other exercises to try.

Check your vocabulary: gap fill

Worksheets and downloads.

What are your favourite clothes?

worksheet vocabulary of clothes

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Clothes Vocabulary

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Clothes Vocabulary

Lanternfish ESL Teaching Worksheets

Lanternfish ESL

A Collection of Clothes and Fashion Worksheets


Worksheet 1: clothes cloze (easy).

Students fill in the blanks with clothes related vocabulary.

Worksheet 2: Clothes Cloze (Hard)

Students fill in the blanks with fashion related vocabulary.

Worksheet 3: Clothes Crossword (Easy)

This crossword reviews easy clothes related vocabulary.

Worksheet 4: Clothes Crossword (Hard)

This worksheet reviews hard clothes related vocabulary.

Worksheet 5: Clothes Word Search

An easy word search to review clothing types.

Worksheet 6: Clothes Word Search (Hard)

A more difficult word search that reviews clothing related terminology.

Worksheet 7: Clothing Adjectives Word Search

This word search reviews adjective associated with clothes such as leather, baggy, bright, and casual.

Worksheet 8: Clothes Word Search (jpg)

A simple word search that reviews items of clothing.

Worksheet 9: Clothes Question Prompts

A list of questions for talking about fashion and clothing.

Game 1: The Monster Fashion Show Card Game

These flashcards teach all of the basic clothes items plus adjectives that collocate well with clothes such as striped, plaid, and leather.

Game 2: Clothes Bingo

Print unlimited bingo cards for your class on the theme of clothing.

Lesson Plan: How Much Is It?

This shopping lesson plan has some clothing overlap along with making comparisons.


  1. Clothes Vocabulary worksheet

    worksheet vocabulary of clothes

  2. Fashion

    worksheet vocabulary of clothes

  3. Clothes

    worksheet vocabulary of clothes

  4. The clothes English as a Second Language (ESL) worksheet. You can do

    worksheet vocabulary of clothes

  5. Clothes

    worksheet vocabulary of clothes

  6. CLOTHES MATCHING worksheet

    worksheet vocabulary of clothes


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  9. Clothes

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  10. Clothing worksheet- Match and wordsearch

    Dec 20, 2020 - This is another version of the other clothing worksheet I uploaded. The students match the picture to the word.

  11. Clothes Vocabulary worksheet

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  12. Clothes and Fashion Worksheets

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  14. Clothes Fashion ESL Activities Games Worksheets

    ESL Clothes Vocabulary Game - Battleships - Pair Work - Beginner (A1) - 25 minutes. In this enjoyable clothes game, students play battleships to practice