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How To List Projects On A Resume

Are you lacking the necessary skills or experience for a job? Listing your academic, work, or personal projects is the best way to show a hiring manager you have the right qualifications for the position. Check out our writing guide and examples for help.

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Including projects on your resume is a great way to add valuable experience, skills, and other relevant qualifications to your job application.

But it’s not always clear how to communicate the experience and skills you gained from working on projects on your resume.

project portfolio activity writing a resume student guide.pdf

Our free-to-use resume builder can make you a resume in as little as 5 minutes. Just pick the template you want, and our software will format everything for you.

What are projects?

Projects are any undertaking related to school, work, or your personal life. For example, a project could be an app you coded in your spare time, a piece of freelance design work you did, or a photography collection.

Listing projects on your resume can be a great way to provide evidence of necessary skills and qualifications when you write a resume with no work experience, for example, if you’re a recent graduate or those changing careers .

Projects are also very important for freelancers, especially those creating a project-based resume, because your work experience section will likely be entirely devoted to them.

project portfolio activity writing a resume student guide.pdf

The best resume templates for 2024

One of the best ways to make your resume is by filling out one of our free resume templates. All our templates are designed by experts and free to download for Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

How to put projects on a resume

There are two methods you can use for adding projects to your resume:

  • List your projects in separate bullet points or short paragraphs beneath each work experience and education entry
  • List your projects in a dedicated section on your resume

Typically, you’ll want to use the first method (bullet point or short paragraph) for your work and academic-related projects. For personal projects, it’s best to create a dedicated section.

To ensure you keep your resume looking clean, organized, and under one page , only include projects that are relevant to the job you’re applying to.

Academic projects

Listing academic projects is a great way for students to display the necessary skills and qualifications for a job or internship , especially if they lack relevant work experience.

Academic projects should be listed in your education section as either a bullet point or a short paragraph below your degree information (such as university name, extracurricular activities , and academic awards ).

Give your project a name, include dates (or the semester it took place), and a short description highlighting any necessary skills or experience outlined in the job description.

Here’s an example of how to add academic projects to your resume:

An example of how to list academic projects on a resume

Work projects

In your current or past positions, if you had a special assignment that fell outside the scope of your regular job duties and responsibilities, listing it as a project in your work experience section is the best way to highlight it for a hiring manager to see.

Below each of your work experience entries, include either a short paragraph or extra bullet point describing your duties and responsibilities for the project. You’ll also need to give the project a name, even something as simple as “Key Projects” will work.

Similar to your work experience, ensure you include action verbs and hard numbers if you’re listing any career accomplishments in your project.

Here’s an example of how to include your work projects on your resume:

An example of how to list projects in your work experience

Personal projects

Showcasing your personal and side projects on your resume is a great way to demonstrate your qualifications and hard and soft skills when applying for a job.

However, you’ll need to be selective with which personal projects you list and only include ones that are relevant to the job. Remember, you’re not listing your personal projects because the hiring manager wants to know what your hobbies are.

Your personal projects aren’t related to your education and work experience, so you’ll need to create a dedicated section for them titled “Personal Projects” or “Relevant Projects.”

For each project, provide a title and dates, and include bullet points that accurately display what the project entailed while highlighting any qualifications and skills you gained from the experience.

Here’s an example of how to list personal and side projects on your resume:

An example of how to list personal projects on your resume

For more examples of how to list projects on your resume, check out our video below, where our career expert Eva discusses six types of relevant experience for your resume (find academic projects at 00:34 and personal projects at 02:29):

How to List Projects on a Resume

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project portfolio activity writing a resume student guide.pdf

project portfolio activity writing a resume student guide.pdf

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How To Create A Project Management Portfolio For Your Resume

Sarah M. Hoban

Your resume isn't complete without an accompanying project management portfolio that shows off your accomplishments in the field. Here's 5 steps to create one and expert tips on selling yourself in your portfolio to secure that job interview.

illustration of a a project manager with a briefcase filled with their portfolio

If you’re wondering how to make your job application stand out from the crowd, this article will walk you through how to create a project management portfolio—an opportunity to showcase your unique program management experience beyond the confines of your resume or CV .

This is part of a three-part series. Be sure to check out the other parts here:

  • What Is A Project Manager Portfolio? (+ Examples & Template)
  • How To Use A Project Management Portfolio To Nab A New Job

5 Steps For Creating A Project Management Portfolio

Having a professional portfolio is one of the easiest and quickest ways to show hiring managers the skills you bring to the table . You don’t even have to come up with original content. You’re simply promoting things you’ve already accomplished!

Despite knowing the benefits of having a portfolio, it’s a wonder that not everyone has one, or that more companies don’t ask job applicants to submit a portfolio. It could be that people believe portfolios are restricted to those in design, the arts, or education. How do you create a portfolio with only words and numbers anyway? 

This article will teach you how to create a digital portfolio you can send along with your resume. On the one hand, creating a portfolio is easy because you’re simply compiling things you’ve already done! On the other hand, it’s difficult because you need to go back and revisit what you did.

Step 0: Build The Story As You Go

In an ideal scenario, you’re approaching each one of your projects with a story in mind from the start. Some suggestions include:

  • Maintain a running file with the project objectives , team size, timeline, and budget
  • Ask for permission to use project visuals and artifacts, redacting any sensitive content
  • Keep tabs on the business metrics that you and your team are tracking to prove the impact of your project.

Imagine you are explaining the project to a friend, think of the things you would need to be able to do so, and try to grab hold of these data points while you’re executing the work. It will make sifting through the past much, much easier!

Step 1: Collect, Curate, And Categorize 

Regardless of whether you have the luxury of pulling from documentation you created while executing the work, or you need to recreate the details from memory, you’ll need to assemble your assets.

  • Gather the key details that you have, then curate and categorize them.
  • If helpful, do this concurrently for each of the projects you intend to include in your portfolio so that you can get a sense of how to present these stories consistently.

Step 2: Prioritize And Organize

You could decide to organize your projects in any number of ways, such as by date, relevance to the job you’re applying for, or project size. Decide on the salient information you want to communicate about each project depending on the requirements of the role you’re seeking.

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Step 3: Choose A Format

You can choose from multiple formats when creating your project management portfolio. Keep in mind, however, that many companies use automated hiring software to prescreen applicants. Including salient keywords from the job description will not help your application get noticed if the artifact you’re submitting is in a format that the computer can’t read.

For this reason, I tend to think of a project management portfolio as a supplementary artifact to help augment your already awesome application.

Possible formats for project management portfolios include:

Slides / PDF with clickable linksIncludes dashboards or other visual representations of deliverables; Can customize content based on the desired roleStatic delivery format; Hiring manager may ignore file attachments; Does not scale to a broader audience
WebsiteLooks professional; Dynamic delivery format; Hiring manager may be more likely to review a website than a file attachment; Scales content for a broader audienceCostly to develop and maintain
LinkedIn ProfileRequires minimal design expertise; Format already familiar to hiring managers; Scales content for a broader audiencePredictable format limits creativity and doesn’t help your application stand out
VideoHighlights your personality to help your application stand out; Showcases public speaking skills; Can customize content based on the desired role ; Does not necessarily scale to a broader audience

Step 4: Build Your Portfolio

When building your project management portfolio, consider the business impact of the following metrics:

  • How many people were on your team? What did the team composition look like?
  • How long was the project duration?
  • What was the budget range?
  • What was the project’s business objective? (e.g., improve conversion rates, dwell time)

Don’t be afraid to use qualitative data if you don’t have real numbers. And, to give a sense of scale, percentages are typically more helpful than exact figures.

For more information on what separates a great project manager portfolio from a mediocre one, have a read here .

Step 5: Get Feedback

If possible, seek input from a mentor and/or hiring manager to get feedback on the content and quality of your portfolio. At the least, have someone review the finished product to check for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors and to verify the links you’ve included.

How To Overcome Common Project Management Portfolio Challenges

When you’re building your project management portfolio, you may encounter challenges. Here are some solutions to the most common pitfalls.

Missing Or Incomplete Project Metrics

It’s hard to create a data-rich presentation that hiring managers will salivate over if you’re operating in an environment that either hasn’t built out a data capability or where client sensitivities preclude you from sharing details. In these situations:

  • Share qualitative information, rather than quantitative information, that focuses on the impact you made as the project manager (e.g., relative changes, benefit to end-users)
  • In the absence of project details, reference business metrics that are universally understood (e.g., revenue, clickthrough rate, call times, productivity rates).

Lack Of Project Visuals

Sometimes, you worked on a cool project, but you don’t have any visual outputs to share that demonstrate how cool that project was. In this case, consider using company logos, redacted versions of deliverables, or open source images (not stock photos!) to convey the project theme or impact.

Similarly, if you built a website that is no longer live, substitute screenshots of working files, search the Wayback Machine for archival information, or design an infographic instead to illustrate project metrics.

Examples Of Project Management Portfolios

Here are some examples of project manager portfolios that hit the mark:

  • Robyn Birkedal
  • Jamie Bradshaw
  • Pauline Grevet
  • Adeline Siksik

You can find additional examples here .

4 Tips For Your Project Management Portfolio

Here are some tips to keep in mind when compiling your project management portfolio.

1. Be Professional But Stay True To Yourself

List your achievements, certainly, but also use the portfolio to show off your personality. Your unique characteristics can differentiate you from other applicants.

2. Invest In Professional Services 

If you’ve been putting off designing a website, creating a layout for a PDF, or writing copy, consider hiring someone to do it for you. Your portfolio should do justice to your accomplishments and, if design is not your forte, don’t let that hold you back.

More Articles

How to become an independent project management consultant: 8 steps, 5 project management resume tips from an expert pm, jobs with purpose: my project management skills helped me build a career in sustainability, 3. think like a hiring manager.

Skim your portfolio in 30 seconds to evaluate it from the perspective of a hiring manager. Is the design compelling? Do the salient points shine through? If not, take another look to make sure your achievements show in the best light.

4. Don’t Leave Out The Drama

What made your journey difficult? What challenges did you encounter? Hiring managers don’t need to know what you’re like in fairweather projects that go perfectly. They want to know what you’re like when things are on fire and flying off the rails. Pique their interest so that they can bring you in for an interview and ask you about it.

Find tips for your accompanying project management resume here .

Looking For More?

Get practical insights and real-time community advice on your project manager portfolio by becoming a DPM member . Join the collective. Find your people.

  • Resumes & Portfolios

There are two documents that you need to write that will usually be your introduction to a potential employer - a resume and a cover letter. 

A resume is often the first document that you will send or hand to a potential employer or even someone who might advise you.  You may (and should) spend time revising it continually, but you should always assume that the person seeing it for the first time may only spend 10-15 seconds looking at it.  Think of the hiring manager who has been given a stack of 100 resumes (which have already been filtered beforehand by someone in HR), who is trying to fill one or two slots. She/he just doesn't have time to go in detail through every resume, so they'll cut it down to a small number of finalists.  You've got one page to catch the hiring manager's attention for one of the few resumes to survive her/his first pass through that stack.

So, what will a hiring manager (who could be an individual engineer, scientist, programmer, etc. or a manager of a group who is hiring a summer intern) look for in that initial pass through the resumes.  This can differ by organization, which is one reason we encourage students to connect to alumni for advice. However, let's boil it down to three big factors:

  • They want an indication that you are "smart" - intellectually curious and able to figure out how to solve problems.  The fact that you were admitted to Harvard will count for a lot, but don't ignore putting your GPA on there.  If you don't put it on the resume, the hiring manager will likely assume that it is below whatever cut-off the company has or he/she has. 
  • The hiring manager will usually be hiring you to solve a problem during your internship (or a broader set of problems in your post-graduate employment).  She/he will want to know if you have the skills necessary to solve that problem.  So, the skills section of a resume, where you list programming languages, laboratory/machining skills, etc., is important.  It is also important for you to show how you used those skills.  You can do this by listing projects (not homework) from classes, clubs, or other outside activities.  Students often list leadership in such activities, but it is probably more important to show evidence that you actually did the CAD design or programmed the app.
  • The people hiring you want students who will be enthusiastic about the job.  The projects on your resume help convey that, as do student organizations in which you are involved. 

If you are submitting a resume to a job posting or company website, you will also include a cover letter.  It is your opportunity to talk about why you are a particularly good match for and interested in the specific company and/or job.  Hiring managers see a lot of resumes, which can start to look the same.  But if you are particularly interested in a specific company or job, you get a chance to convey that in the cover letter.

There are multiple resources available to guide you in writing a resume. The Office of Career Services(OCS) has several excellent resources including a tutorial and some technical resume templates. 

If you are just starting out, use those resources to write a first draft. Then, attend one of the many OCS resume workshops scheduled during first term, attend one of their drop-in sessions, or schedule a meeting with me.

Portfolios and Github

Let's say that the hiring manager has put your resume into the small group of resumes to be examined in more depth.  At this point, if you have an online portfolio or github, they may be willing to spend the extra time to look at your accomplishments and work/project history in more depth. 

If you are applying for a back-end programming job, have a well-organized github account that the hiring manager can search.  Don't put anything online that you don't want the outside world to see.  Obviously, if you did some work for a company, they will likely consider that proprietary.  But this caution may also hold for research work under a professor, as he/she may want to keep it secret until published.

For most other types of jobs - front-end programming, engineering, design, etc. - a portfolio is a better choice for demonstrating your skills and activities in a format that is much more extensive than a resume. 

Most students use templates provided commercial website companies such as Squarespace, WIX, Wordpress, Start Bootstrap, etc. - there are many out there.  A free alternative available to Harvard students is OpenScholar .

In Student Career Development

  • Internships (U)
  • Part-Time Positions
  • Post-Graduate Positions (U)
  • Winter Break / Term Opportunities
  • European Job Portals and Fellowships & Short Stays in Europe
  • Internships (G)
  • Post-Graduate Positions (G)
  • Resumes, CV's, Portfolios
  • Scholarships, Fellowships, Conferences, Etc.
  • Selected Hackathons, Competitions, Etc.
  • Government Lab Internships and Jobs
  • Career Mixers
  • Groups (Typically Startups) Looking for Team Members

Resume Builder

  • Resume Experts
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  • Employer Branding
  • Outplacement
  • Resume Samples

Project Portfolio Manager Resume Samples

The guide to resume tailoring.

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the project portfolio manager job. It’s actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

Craft your perfect resume by picking job responsibilities written by professional recruiters

Pick from the thousands of curated job responsibilities used by the leading companies, tailor your resume & cover letter with wording that best fits for each job you apply.

Create a Resume in Minutes with Professional Resume Templates

Resume Builder

  • Actively manage the project portfolio (resource capacity and IT budget) and provide regular management status reporting to the senior management
  • Develop and track performance metrics; schedule risk and financial performance of assigned portfolio of programs/projects
  • Develop opportunities to make efficiencies or improvements and recommend to the PMO leadership team
  • Responsible for managing relationships with Finance, Legal, Purchasing, Vendor Management, 3rd Party Service Providers, IT Delivery & IT Support Managers
  • Work with others to manage and solve prioritization conflicts, resource issues, scheduling issues, and exceptions
  • Works with others to manage and solve prioritization conflicts, resource issues, scheduling issues, and exceptions
  • Develop relationships and expertise to provide continued value-add services
  • Maintain database of annual projects spending for forecasting
  • Partner with J&J E&PS PM to ensure deployment of project management and engineering standards in all projects
  • Maintain Capital Delivery Process and facilitate its use and continual improvement and benchmarking
  • Partner with EHS&S regarding project safety and contractor management
  • Partner with Segment leadership, Finance, Regional Business Operations, COE and Regional Lead in assessing risk
  • Establish and enforce methodologies to generate savings and optimize the business while enabling tactical deployment of COE strategy
  • Serve as Regional Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Project Management of EFM projects
  • Defines and maintains a local governance for the IMR project portfolio aiming at ensuring risks and issues are escalated and projects prioritized
  • Defines and manages the IMR project portfolio standards
  • Administers the IMR process to ensure issues, their root cause analysis and the solution design are well documented and are handled through a project
  • Provides executive level briefings on the portfolio and progress of the initiatives and effectively communicate relevant project information to senior management and project team
  • Follows up on the changes to project management plan and update project master plan
  • Acts as liaison with head office and other countries in the region (Brazil / Canada) with regards to efforts requiring contributions from head office team(s)
  • Continuously reconciles expectations of numerous stakeholders in the process (regional vs global, function vs business line, corporate banking vs capital market)
  • Strong sense of ownership and accountability for work
  • Proven ability to quickly earn the trust of sponsors and key stakeholders
  • Leadership – proven strength in leadership skills and the ability to lead a team (both on site and remotely), ensuring deliverables are on time
  • Is highly motivated and adaptable
  • Excellent organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking
  • Very good MS Office skills (especially MS Access and MS Excel)
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and define approaches to bring un-focused issues to resolution
  • Ability to manage risk registers and mitigation plans
  • Ability to develop top down and bottom up work breakdown structure (WBS)

15 Project Portfolio Manager resume templates

Project Portfolio Manager Resume Sample

Read our complete resume writing guides

How to tailor your resume, how to make a resume, how to mention achievements, work experience in resume, 50+ skills to put on a resume, how and why put hobbies, top 22 fonts for your resume, 50 best resume tips, 200+ action words to use, internship resume, killer resume summary, write a resume objective, what to put on a resume, how long should a resume be, the best resume format, how to list education, cv vs. resume: the difference, include contact information, resume format pdf vs word, how to write a student resume, project portfolio manager resume examples & samples.

  • Establish cost and benefit management principles for the portfolio and ensure they are being enforced
  • Develop analytics for use in management reporting; support COO and Business management analytics and deliverables
  • Work with the Reporting and Control functions to effectively understand and manage the variables impacting project cost reporting in the firm's activity based costing system, including developing and explaining cost allocations across divisions
  • Provide detailed analysis on the portfolio to enable effective decision making and escalation as required
  • Work with program leads and act to ensure quality program and project execution and reporting
  • Collaborate across divisions such as IT, Finance and the Front Office to ensure effective reporting and control of the project portfolio
  • Experience defining and rolling out project cost management standards and best practices
  • Clear understanding of project cost management and business analysis approaches
  • Exceptional written and verbal presentation skills
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills and a creative and flexible approach to problem solving
  • Experience working in a PMO, Project Portfolio Office or Project Center of Excellence
  • Experience defining and rolling out project management standards and best practices
  • Experience in Project Risk Management and Benefit Management
  • Experience with a management consulting firm is considered desirable
  • Microsoft Office suite (particularly Excel, Access and PowerPoint). A working knowledge of pivot tables and ability to create Access queries is highly desirable
  • Partners with Client Executives in order to understand their current and future business requirements while interpreting their implications for efficient, reliable and available technology systems service delivery
  • Translates client needs into service level agreements that proactively meet the technology systems requirements of their business, providing continuous improvement opportunities and ensuring that client expectation is managed
  • Facilitates mutually satisfactory and effective working relationships between clients and Networks and Systems providers of service through value-added representation of each group’s needs, priorities, and issues, and facilitates effective conflict resolution
  • Governs control mechanisms for reliable and available service to clients in accordance with SLAs
  • Acts as escalation point for systemic customer satisfaction issues in the client groups
  • Implements standards for technical documentation, incident and problem management, and management reporting
  • Translates service delivery trends and customer billing and costing into value propositions for the clients, facilitating effective management of technology operations service spending
  • Is responsible for ensuring continuity, availability, and service restoration for computing and communications
  • Expedites timely, efficient, and effective resolution of operations issues for clients in order to optimize reliability and availability of systems
  • Represents N&S executives at client’s Senior Management committees and meetings to ensure responsive and comprehensive understanding of issues and opportunities
  • Recommends integrated solutions and opportunities to N&S executives to increase quality of service and client satisfaction
  • Acts as Manager of client’s Disaster Recover management team, leading the management of any declared disasters
  • Facilitates timely and effective resolution of service issues for clients to optimize availability and reliability of service
  • Possesses a university degree/college diploma in related discipline(s) or equivalent work experience, and/or 10+ years experience in operations management position
  • Demonstrates advanced experience in service level agreements management and vendor relations
  • Is able to achieve results that meet both short and long term business objectives
  • Exhibits a proven track record in achieving or exceeding objectives
  • Maintains an advanced understanding of the T&O organization and stays abreast of the current organizational state
  • Is able to effectively persuade, convince, and negotiate with influence in order to support one’s objective
  • Demonstrates expert problem solving skills
  • Displays advanced budget management skills
  • Illustrates expert planning and project management skills
  • Exhibits advanced leadership skills

Senior Project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Excellent understanding of program or portfolio management ideally within a technology function
  • Excellent understanding of MI and Reporting including forecasting, business cases, governance (including Steering Committee Packs) and best practice methodology
  • Excellent understanding of how to improve processes and optimize outputs for successful experiences for our customers (internal)
  • Program management office skills and experience of collating information across large and complex projects
  • Strong examples of working to improve delivery on time that achieve business case stated outcomes
  • In depth experience of working in an technology environment either functionally or technically with a keen interest for a career path within technology
  • Implementation, change management and benefits realization

Project / Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Excellent understanding of a variety of project management methodologies
  • 3-5 years prior experience in a Project Delivery Lead or Consulting role embedding change
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt or experienced Green Belt with evidence of successfully delivering projects and outcomes
  • Proven ability in coaching others to achieve project outcomes
  • Set-up and run the project management office for a large project portfolio
  • Manage actively stakeholders at global level
  • Support the development of the technology roadmap (strategic and tactical) to continuously innovate the technology offering of our department
  • Outstanding communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Excellent English language skills (German is a plus)
  • A degree-level education (or equivalent) in economies, computer science or an IT related discipline is preferred
  • At least 3 years of experience as a project manager or project portfolio manager (IT or business) in the banking or consulting industry
  • Controlling and reporting skills
  • Strong financial, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Big-picture perspective, balancing ambiguity and detail to achieve successful outcomes
  • Resourcefulness to proactively obtain relevant information and perspectives from business and technology partners
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic, global environment with limited direction
  • Highly flexible and organized to successfully juggle multiple, competing priorities
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Guide business partners towards decisions that optimize investments and are in the best interest of the overall E2 portfolio; escalate instances that deviate from that objective
  • Ensure assigned portfolio complies with all established governance policies/procedures
  • Facilitate regular steering meetings; provide insightful perspectives on portfolio status and issues to be addressed
  • Contribute to the development of the overall portfolio roadmap
  • Lead the annual capital planning process for assigned portfolio
  • Familiarity with PPM methodologies and experience collaborating with diverse stakeholders to drive consensus. Experience monitoring/reporting project portfolio performance
  • Strong written and verbal presentational skills; ability to clearly communicate complex messages to a variety of audiences including senior management and the executives
  • Focused and versatile team player that is comfortable delivering under pressure
  • Managing the P&G EMEA Portfolio
  • Managing the Projects Team
  • Project Managing Projects
  • Project manage P&G portfolio projects (and some IBM internal projects on the P&G Account)
  • Lead, co-ordinate and deliver all project management activities in the deployment of projects
  • Use standard IBM Project tools and methodology aligned with the IBM project management profession
  • As the team leader, they will drive forward key initiatives to improve and consolidate associated process and tools
  • Drive team activities – managing the ion, ILC Codes, Controls, work plan
  • Coach and support members of the project team (and service delivery teams)
  • The role is extremely challenging that requires drive and professionalism and an ability to develop teams and deliver stretching goals
  • A solid understanding of the commercial and project management processes on the P&G Account
  • Have completed PM54G – Project Management Fundamentals
  • Have delivered service line projects – small / large
  • Must be flexibility and able to manage change
  • Communication – Excellent communication skills, professional approach enabling good working relationship with key customer resources. Need to be able to manage difficult situations, resulting in an agreeable and appropriate alignment
  • Collaboration - ability to work across boundaries and at all levels and form productive working relationships with both internal and external customers in the drive to improve efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Ability to deal with complex issues, identify solutions and implement often under time pressure, to meet key customer deadlines
  • Be able to solution requests, complete SOW, PCF and SPR
  • Adaptability - ability to pre-empt potential issues and re-prioritize work to meet the ever-changing needs of our client
  • Communication – Excellent communication
  • Delivery of multi-year program investments
  • Optimization of investment return
  • Implementation of strong, consistent governance and formal controls to mitigate investment risk
  • Delivery of core competencies like scope, schedule and budget
  • Delivery of the business goals and objectives along with the value promise
  • Serving as a co-driver among the business and IT in delivering applicable services
  • Consult with business partners, executive management, clients, colleagues, and staff to identify and document organizational vision and objectives to meet enterprise and line of business needs, taking into consideration the direction of the business, the value of the investment, the competitive landscape, industry best practices, current business approaches, and available solutions
  • Provide leadership within the Project Office and to stakeholders of the assigned project portfolio regarding the balancing of enterprise resource and financial constraints against program/project demand
  • Ensure that project portfolio activities are aligned with Corporate and Business Unit objectives and include the assessment of organizational change impact resulting from related programs/projects and determine / incorporate appropriate mitigation steps to ensure proper acceptance and adoption
  • Lead the planning and development of program, strategic project, and departmental budgets in accordance with established guidelines; administers compliance to meet budgetary goals; and negotiates changes as required. Plan for and manage the ongoing changes to project portfolio demand and capacity constraints so that needs are properly forecasted and opportunities for optimization are identified and incorporated
  • Manage relationships with partner organizations and communicate regularly with project portfolio stakeholders regarding portfolio status, issues, risks, opportunities, and other relevant considerations
  • Direct and guide assigned associates within the Project Office to ensure effective planning, design and delivery of enterprise programs and strategic projects. This is to include the definition and execution of projects from initial requirements to final implementation
  • Ensure all Project Office associates provide objective guidance and leadership to the execution of project planning and execution responsibilities, including transparent status reporting and necessary escalations
  • Ensure that programs/projects are clearly defined with measurable objectives/outcomes and are properly governed throughout the execution lifecycle so that intended objectives/objectives are achieved
  • Ensure all Corporate and Project Office policies, procedures, and processes are adhered to, including compliance with and support of quality assurance standards and potential internal / external audits
  • Review and evaluate all project portfolio processes on a regular basis, recommending, developing, implementing, and managing process redesign, quality, and continuous process improvement
  • Responsible for assigned personnel regarding employment, career development, performance evaluations, salary changes, promotions, transfers, succession planning, competency/skills management, and terminations within established policies and guidelines
  • Provide leadership and team management to include: individual coaching, informal evaluation, and written Performance Development Plan evaluations as required
  • Hold regular staff and portfolio meetings to inform and communicate
  • Perform as an active/productive member of the Project Office Senior Leadership Team
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or IT, or equivalent education and related experience
  • Minimum of 10 years of complex program/project management experience
  • Minimum of 3 years managing a complex portfolio of project investments
  • Minimum of 12 years of applicable business experience inclusive of program/project management experience
  • Demonstrated large team organization and leadership experience
  • Minimum of 10 years of personnel management experience. Ability to provide objective leadership and guidance to team and stakeholders in regards to investment analysis, planning and delivery
  • Knowledge of a standard project management lifecycle processes and methodologies
  • Demonstrated leadership, mentoring, and team-building skills
  • Superior management, planning, decision-making and organizational skills
  • Demonstrated conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Goal-oriented, action-focused, superior interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people; including different business banking areas as well as vendors
  • Proven ability to direct the efforts of others
  • Five or more years of financial services-related experience managing enterprise project portfolios and/or large complex enterprise program initiatives
  • Other industry respected certifications
  • Enhanced Customer Personalization
  • Offering Streamlined Experience into a single plan
  • Enhanced Legacy Planning and Retention
  • Access to TCAM Products
  • Enhanced Breath of Investment Choices
  • A bachelor’s degree/or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Experience with building and executing multiyear complex, strategic programs
  • Significant project related experience, including business requirements and other analytical functions
  • LEAN and/or Six Sigma experience preferred
  • Proven ability to lead cross-functional teams including an ability to influence executive-level leaders. Possesses strong business partner and collaboration skills
  • Attention to detail, ability to anticipate, exceptional planning skills
  • Operates well in a fast-paced environment: self-starter, ability to execute without significant oversight, and ability to juggle multiple priorities
  • Build key stakeholder relationships with key stakeholders across the organisation
  • Engage with exisitng PMO's to coach and mentor on project management frameworks and processes
  • Support the EPMO Director with the implementation of the EPMO target operating model

Director, Project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • 10+ years of experience in leadership roles related to program management in financial services/IRA/brokerage/ wealth management/ investments / strategic client marketing, etc
  • PMP Certification highly preferred
  • High degree of business acumen and ability to work closely with executives
  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral), with leaders and peers, facilitation, interpersonal and collaborative skills
  • Deep understanding of project financials and budgeting
  • Must have strong PowerPoint presentation skills and Excel spreadsheet skills
  • Moderate travel will be required

IT Project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work directly with members of the BB&T Executive Management team, BB&T Legal team and key executive and operational leaders of the acquired or divested entity. Consult with stakeholders within Finance, Accounting, Legal, Human Systems, Information Technology (IT), Marketing, Supply Chain and several other support functions in order to understand and address potential program risks and to ensure buy-in to key program milestones and measures of success
  • Ensure successful implementations in a manner that reaches the major value creation opportunities presented by the applicable project, programs, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures or integrations. Overall responsibility with respect to each initiative is to organize and manage the people, processes tasks and deliverables across multiple business and operational functions across all stakeholders, applying discipline to track progress against critical milestones, identify and mitigate risks and to hold people accountable for achieving intended results
  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge of program management, mergers, acquisitions and/or divestitures including due diligence, business justification, initiation, planning, delivery, value measurement and/or post-conversion transformation/adoption
  • Manage internal evaluation of new initiative demand. Share knowledge and expertise on company evaluations and review analyses and present identified opportunities to executive-level management
  • Network and maintain relationships with a broad spectrum of internal organizations and external stakeholders to optimize the overall enablement of strategic initiatives to support the strategies and requirements of the Bank. Creatively think about deal structures and solutions and act as champion of deals internally. Create and execute well-defined business integration plans consistent with business strategy, timelines and financial targets
  • Synchronize IT and business cultures and objectives and align technology with business strategy and goals
  • Direct performance management, including measurements and metrics, process performance monitoring and reporting status activities in the portfolio
  • Oversee vendor management and reporting
  • Manage technology requirements, including establishing criteria and providing guidance for selecting, piloting and leveraging new processes to be integrated and used effectively
  • Manage staff (e.g. development, counseling, conducting performance appraisals, setting performance expectations) and evaluate applicable project management processes on a regular basis. Coordinate with the responsible Project Office owner to implement new or improved processes or procedures that improved quality of work produced by the unit or eliminate/reduce operating expense
  • Direct quality assurance strategies/processes
  • Manage organizational change and direct the continual improvement of the Bank’s merger integration standards and processes
  • Maintain a high level awareness and understanding of existing and emerging management strategies and processes applicable to assigned portfolio
  • Develop thought leadership, methodologies and sustainable practices
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or IT, or equivalent education and related training
  • Twelve years of professional consulting or relevant industry experience, five years specializing in systems implementations, project portfolio management, merger integration, business transformation and/or change management
  • Possess specialty skills and/or significant experience related to the management of strategic transformation and/or integration activities
  • Strong business acumen/analytical skills
  • Self-starter, highly-motivated, change agent
  • Demonstrated ability working with C-suite executives as well as private equity deal and operating partners
  • Ability to act as a steward over programs/project investments including: delivery of multi-year program investments, optimize investment return, strong consistent governance and formal controls to mitigate investment risk, delivery of core competencies like scope, schedule and budget, delivery of the business goals and objectives along with the value promise, and act as a co-driver with the business
  • Strong negotiation/facilitation skills
  • Excellent fact-gathering and business process mapping and analysis
  • Extensive experience working with private equity sponsors, portfolio companies or related transaction/merger integration experience
  • Specific experience designing and leading the execution of internally focused and externally focused change/communications strategy
  • Demonstrated ability in strategic thinking with ability to differentiate feasible from academic solutions
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, collaboration and leadership skills
  • Management success and ability to drive results in a matrix environment
  • Expertise and success with leading implementation partners
  • Deep functional expertise in one or more of the following areas: private equity advisory, financial services, regulatory compliance, contract/legal management, IT merger integration and carve-out, business/IT transformation, program/project management, collaboration and leading change to improve key business functions (supply chain and/or finance/accounting), IT operations, solutions architecture, enterprise architecture and infrastructure, and IT assessment and strategy development
  • 5 yrs+ Project Management Experience - both IT and Business Transformation
  • Worked on end to end lifecycle of projects
  • Formal Project and Portfolio Management Qualifications (AIPM/PMI and P3O)
  • Financial Services Industry experience
  • Demonstrated experience in personnel management

Project & Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • 30% Be a technical project champion for APAC R&D and take full responsibilities on projects, such as: NBS and NPSS, management. Provide quality reports to management and APAC R&D team regularly
  • 30% Be a supervisor on project management system and platform, eg. SFDC, Provide standardization, procedure and templates, orientations, trainings, supports to PM processes in the organization and ensure SFDC being a day-to-day project management tool for all team members
  • 20% Establish an effective project/portfolio management process and the application of best practices. Align cross-function teams to ensure the effective project prioritilization and decision making process
  • 20% Support the R&D and GTM leaders to drive innovation culture in the APAC R&D team by defining and rolling out the innovation strategy, communication and sharing best practices from other organizations and make sure a good connection with GFR and other regions / functions and PMOs
  • Deliver on NBD, NPSS targets for Business growth (joint deliverable with commercial/RDA/Operations)
  • Make sure all team memebers using SFDC for day-to-day project management
  • Make sure a good connection and alignment with internal and external teams
  • Deliver on templates to guide innovation process, manage project evaluation and priorilzation, and complete project progress reports
  • Make sure we have the right project / portfolio reflecting our business strategy and business growth
  • Work closely with RDA, R&D dir, Marketing dir, Com dir, and controller to get all key data on NBD, NPSS, waterfall and HPI alligned
  • University education
  • 5+ years project management experience
  • 5+ years Business process knowledge in MNCs
  • Food industry & product knowledge
  • Demonstrated Influencing and communication skills
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in engaging with various disciplines in the organisation
  • Demonstrated ability to coach & develop people
  • Demonstrated collaboration skills, both within and between groups, team building
  • Demonstrated strong business acumen
  • Career Development

Senior Project & Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Assist in organizational prioritization and alignment between Technology and Business stakeholders
  • Provide insight into portfolios via analysis and weekly reporting
  • Proactively identify, manage and resolve issues and risks
  • Identify areas of process improvement
  • Indirectly manage, coach and influence department level project managers
  • Ensure capital is requested and portfolio projects are funded
  • Oversee capital management by monitoring spend plans and ensuring monthly forecasts have been completed
  • Provide clear and thorough verbal and written communications to stakeholders
  • Liaison with internal cross-functional teams – Finance, Product, Technology, Infrastructure , Legal, Information Security, etc
  • Assist decision makers with the review, prioritization, and optimization of the portfolio
  • Ensure portfolio stakeholders and management are kept appropriately informed of project status and that there is sufficient record of meetings and decision-making

Senior Global Project / Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work across Patient Value Practices, Functions, Units and Operations to ensure a coherent and well organized structure, process, and reporting mechanism for the Target Patient Value Profile/Integrated Evidence Plan
  • Work with Patient Solutions Teams and Mission teams and associated organizational units on the individual creation of Target Patient Value Profile and subsequently the Integrated Evidence Plan for a patient solution, ensuring content is of highest quality and clearly articulates and delivers patient value
  • Ensure process for the review and approval by Governance of the Integrated Evidence Plan (inclusion of portfolio management, Early Project Solutions Board and Advanced Project Solutions Board)
  • Develop Reporting dashboard platform across solutions (with Portfolio Management) and across functions allowing for optimal use of information by stakeholders and continuous improvement methodology
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities within for the Target Patient Value Profile and Integrated Evidence Plan process, optimising the support/service provided to Patient Solution Teams, Practices and Functions by the team as well as overall by Project Management Center of expertise
  • Work towards increasing the organization’s “sense of urgency” with regard to Target Patient Value Profile/Integrated Evidence Plan, as the foundational place creating patient value, and thereby for ensuring efficiency, consistency and focus of resources/investments
  • Promote Project Management Center of expertise through driving Target Patient Value Profile/Integrated Evidence Plan strategy and implementation
  • Provide creative and dynamic information management and communication solutions inside (and outside where appropriate) the Project Management Center of expertise in collaboration around Target Patient Value Profile and Integrated Evidence Plan, including metrics
  • Act as key interface across UCB to represent Project Management Center of expertise and the Development and Medical Practices expertise
  • Excellent understanding of the drug development process and all the interfaces
  • Understanding of “Patient Value” and how this can be applied and delivered
  • Understanding that generating evidence, at the right time and for the right stakeholders is critical to success
  • Scientific and/or technical education an advantage
  • Project Management: Integrates best practices and tools in conjunction with the Project Management Center of Expertise and broader Project Management Community (including across Functions). Will ensure coordination of individual planning by Solution and associated tracking of activities
  • Communication skills: Understands the contextual environment and thereby, by using strong interpersonal skills as well as networking, is able to utilize various channels as well as direct presentation tools to clearly communicate to individuals, project teams, and Governance
  • Influencing skills: Has ability to define, map, and thus be able to influence key decisions using strong interpersonal skills, data, and best practice (both from within UCB and external)
  • Build effective partnerships: Identifies opportunities and takes actions to build effective relationships within Project Management Center of Expertise, with project teams, and with other areas of the organization
  • Sensitivity to the diverse cultures comprising the international and global environment

Global IS Project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Strong negotiation, facilitation and consensus building skills
  • General Project Management knowledge in area of IT/IS, with Project Management experience
  • Strong ability to build and sustain relationship on senior management level
  • PMP certification or equivalent
  • Excellent communication skills – ability to communicate with the team and various stakeholders
  • Strong English written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organization, time management, decision making and influencing skills
  • Flexibility, persistence, accompanied by quality and results orientation
  • Ability to work in a global, multicultural work environment
  • 20% Communicate status
  • 7+ years Project Management experience with a Financial Services Institution or Professional Management Consulting Firm. Interpersonal skills must be excellent. In addition, must have extensive experience with
  • Business Analysis, RFI/RFP, Gap Analysis
  • Project Scheduling, Maintenance
  • Use/knowledge of a project methodology
  • Status Reporting, Issue/Resolution Tracking
  • Management of Project Team, consultants, and vendors
  • Test and Conversion Planning,
  • Creation of Budget Proposal, cost/benefit analysis
  • Systems and technical terminology
  • Scope Management, an effective integration of the processes required to accomplish project objectives (includes developing a plan and project charter) and ability to define and control what is and what is not included in the project
  • Time and Cost Management, ability to develop and control a project or a program, including planning, budgeting and controlling costs. Ensuring the project or program delivery is on agreed time and cost
  • Quality Management, ability to ensure the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken
  • Ability to provide a clear vision of the end goal in partnership with Design Management
  • Ability to work in complex frameworks, gather, analyze and prioritize elevated levels of information and convert ideas and objectives into prioritized actions
  • Communicate ideas clearly and persuasively at an individual and group level. Do so typically with direct team members and suppliers. Choose the right communication style and influencing tools.Influencing and relationship building
  • Build relationships and appropriately influence the relevant internal and external stakeholders, including those mentioned in the previous bullet point. Build relationships and networks, and exert influence in the Sector up to Management Team level to achieve short and long-term goals. Be seen as an expert
  • Degree or higher-level qualification in appropriate field such as Industrial Design, Marketing or Engineering
  • 5 years of Professional relevant Project experience
  • A proven track record of excellent performance in previous positions
  • Advanced Excel skills and proficient in all standard office softwares
  • Fluency in English. Other European languages are a benefit

Capital Project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree (Business/Engineering/Construction Management)
  • Minimum of five (7) years of Project/Program/Portfolio Management experience in the industrial or manufacturing sectors
  • Experience with project management systems
  • Master’s degree – Business Administration/Project Management
  • Project Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) Certification
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Experience
  • Strong project controls capability
  • Establish and manage effective relationships with business, clinical and technology stakeholders, by gaining in-depth understanding of the business processes, products, objectives, etc. as well as business and technology capabilities
  • Monitor performance of projects within portfolio; work with project managers to ensure projects stay aligned to the approved business case, CBA, and committed timeline
  • Manage portfolio inventory (project backlog) to ensure that business needs, technology initiatives, and available resource capacity
  • Provide financial metrics, value realization and other reports for leadership teams
  • Works closely with Finance to ensure effective use of company investment in the portfolio
  • Work with IT and Business management to ensure that portfolio management processes and reports are effective and flexible in meeting organization’s objectives
  • Make recommendations for improvements of the intake, prioritization, release and other processes
  • Support ad-hoc special projects and reporting as needed
  • 5+ years of experience in leading multiple concurrent projects and initiatives
  • Experience developing business cases and CBA (Cost Breakdown Analysis)
  • Experience defining and / or managing project budgets including at least 3mm in size
  • Experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to enable stakeholder decision-making
  • Experience presenting to senior leadership to gain buy in
  • Experience communicating to varying audience levels including the ability to adjust communication style given the audience
  • Experience creating and presenting material in PowerPoint to executive leadership
  • Experience with direct people management
  • Bachelors degree in Health Administration, Business, or Finance
  • 2+ years working with software development in Scaled Agile frameworks
  • Experience in large, complex, highly-matrixed organization
  • Experience in healthcare/clinical environments
  • Experience with Rally and / or other agile software tools
  • Ability to communicate to varying audience levels, verbally and written
  • Ability to work independently and deliver quality work, delivered on a tight schedule, and across multiple concurrent assignments

Project Portfolio Manager, BPI Resume Examples & Samples

  • Work with a motivated group of project managers, within the TOPs organization and the Director of BPI team, to manage the time, resources, and budgets necessary to execute all of the approved TOPs capital projects
  • Assist in development, implementation, and administration of an integrated workplace management system for the BPI Department
  • Receive, prioritize, and manage project change requests that are received from all the TOPS Business owners.Develop a central repository for these requests that will tie into the overall department’s financial and operational constraints
  • Become the single point of contact for all incoming project requests throughout the year within the TOPs organization
  • Establish a reporting structure with TOPs TPMG Project Management Office (PMO) which will roll up the capital projects with the other business process improvement project within the TOPs organization
  • Demonstrate the value and establish a prioritization system for the proposed capital projects in relation to the corporate drivers and goals of the TOPs organization
  • Eliminate surprises within the TOPs BPI project portfolio by identifying potential problems early in the project lifecycle. Provide visibility to take corrective actions before they impact financial and/or schedule restrictions
  • Assist in the annual selection and prioritization of capital projects with BMRN Finance.Assist the TOPs projects managers to provide sufficient rigor to justify the projects prior to submission
  • Ensure that the BPI department continues to increase productivity and on-time delivery - adding value, strengthening performance, and improving results
  • Understand and provide visibility to resource allocation within the CPM Group and other BMRN departments for the various projects within the overall portfolio, which will assist in escalating issues and transitioning them in time of need
  • Assist with the development and implementation of new department workflows to ensure a consistent approach to project execution
  • Research and provide recommendations on current best practices for capital project management that will yield a more effective project delivery
  • Create and present presentations of portfolio dashboards, cost reports, resource loading, etc. for BMRN executive management review and approval

EFM Senior Project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Approach Project Management from a broader regional scope; champion cross-regional coordination to deliver on project management and execution
  • Identify, assess, prioritize and track portfolio of projects in make and non make
  • Work with service providers, internal project management resources, and/or project services groups to lead execution of regional projects
  • Track and control project development and execution through collaboration with Finance and business leaders
  • Develop and deploy capital plan for region including strategic and base business capital projects and monitor plan at all stages from approval through development, design, execution, and closure
  • Coordinate with Asset Management COE, EFM Business Operations functions, and segment functions that manage capital planning, budget, and cash flow to engage stakeholders in annual capital plan development
  • Partner with EHS&S regarding project safety and contractor management
  • Partner with J&J E&PS PM to ensure deployment of project management and engineering standards in all projects
  • Participate in governance meetings at all levels where appropriate and provide input into performance evaluation
  • Assist in supplier management and conduct supplier business reviews (local operations. meetings, issue resolution, and escalation)
  • Provide consistency and visibility across supply chain and non-supply chain site project portfolio
  • Assume ownership of managing outsourced service providers; liaise with outsourced service providers and internal project management resources to ensure compliance with project delivery standards, policies, and procedures
  • Partner with peer functions across the globe to support global Sector/Segment SPOC’s
  • Scope will be aligned within the team of PM’s in EMEA, where one PM will focus on one Sector and one or two sub-regions
  • Minimum 8 years of project management or related experience is required
  • Minimum 8 years supervisory experience in Maintenance, Utilities, Project Delivery, Site Services or Facility Engineering is preferred
  • Certifications (e.g., Project Management Professional (PMP), etc.) preferred
  • Broad-based corporate real estate, facilities management, or equivalent experience required; preference for experience within a global corporation
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral; required
  • Budget / financial management skills; required
  • Ability to work in a team environment of professionals with diverse skills and competencies spanning business and technical areas; required
  • Ability to focus strategically while maintaining a tactical focus; required
  • Ability to adapt emerging best practices and industry innovations; required
  • Ability to lead diverse teams through change and organizational transformation; required
  • Must be able to travel regularly between sites up to 25% of time
  • Support ad-hoc special projects, reporting, and other duties as needed
  • 3+ years of experience in leading multiple concurrent projects and initiatives
  • Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration, Business, or Finance
  • Experience working with software development in Scaled Agile frameworks
  • Design, develop and maintain PMO project portfolio
  • Responsible for the Design, development, maintenance and analysis of reporting at portfolio level and project level, and exception reporting of portfolio issues
  • Maintain Time Sheet function utilized by Transamerica employees
  • Ensure the data required to support management decision making and forecasting is captured and reported efficiently
  • Design, Development, Maintenance and administration of PMO project management toolsets (eg MS Project 2013)
  • Support PMO Management to define and develop PMO Processes and methodology
  • Support Project management staff to consistently apply PMO Project standards and methodology, including audit activities
  • Maintain a strong understanding of all PMO services, operational processes and procedures
  • Mentoring and coaching of portfolio staff to achieve PMO goals
  • Supervise a team of direct reports, providing strong leadership and direction
  • Display exceptional problem solving and decision making skills
  • Exhibit strong attention to detail and highly accurate reporting capabilities
  • Collaborate effectively at all levels within the organization; ability to build strong relationships, gain buy-in and approach challenging situations with diplomacy
  • Working knowledge of Project Management methodologies and principles (eg Prince2, PMP, PMBOK)
  • Advanced experience in the use and administration of formal Project Management (MS Project 2013) and Project Portfolio management Tools
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills (planning, prioritizing) are critical to this position
  • Communication skills (written, verbal, listening) , and the ability to successfully adapt to Diverse people and situations, manage conflict, proactively resolve issues, and complete assignments on time
  • Strong understanding of Relational Database Management principles
  • Advanced level understanding of SharePoint Development
  • Professional certification (PRINCEII, PMP, ESI – Masters, etc.) preferred
  • ITIL v3 Foundation
  • A performance-oriented culture where you can put your own mark on how to ensure a successful implementation
  • Emphasis on providing and receiving ongoing feedback to improve performance
  • A steep learning curve working alongside talented colleagues
  • An international and collaborative environment with colleagues working from around the globe
  • Portfolio Analysis - Track health of project portfolio and bring visibility to management and sounding alarm in case of serious concern. Analyse project portfolio performance and drive improvement actions. Monitor KPI with Finance team: (i) Margin deviation (ii) C-R (iii) Old Project closure
  • Reporting - Consolidate project-specific details, compile information, and visually present in form of Project portfolio dashboard(s) to Regional/Zone management team. Present delivery status, progress and roadblocks
  • Governance - Schedule & coordinate Regional/Zone Project reviews (REL reviews). This involves working closely with Application Center leaders, project managers, Finance Controllers and Zone Execution center management team. At end of each review, draft meeting minutes and action plan. Follow up on agreed action plan
  • Practices - Provide governance & coaching to managers on their role in project reviews, evaluating project plans, and mitigating risks. Generate & manage lessons learned and disseminate best practice across application centers for Execution phase
  • Processes & Methods - Monitor deployment and alignment of processes and tools across Project Portfolio (incl. standard tools/ templates as per CPP). Focus on Project Scheduling, Variation claim management, Risk Management, Resource planning, margin monitoring
  • Workforce planning - Monitor regularly DVC resource utilization including staffing (utilization rate/billable ratio), budget and facilities
  • Collaboration & Talent Management - Work closely with Application center leaders and HR on talent review and development activities related to Execution center key roles
  • Good knowledge of ERPs and/or Project Management systems
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to interact effectively with department staff, management team and executive leaders
  • Ability to understand and influence complex matrix organisation then to convince team members, co-workers and peers

BU Project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • The purpose of the job is to drive and manage the implementation of the strategic project portfolio of the Business Unit and to develop internal project management
  • Manages the project portfolio of the BU SOP Plant nutrition in the broadest sense: Capital and operations expenditure (Capex/Opex), IT, Innovation, HR, SHEQ, Commercial and operational excellence
  • Actively supports and coaches the Project managers to support delivery and project success
  • Reports to Management Team on the status, the risks and conflicts in the project portfolio
  • Is a member of the Steering Committee of key strategic projects to discuss/challenge project status. Supports target setting for the key strategic projects. After project implementation, follows up on the embedding of the key strategic projects
  • Plays an active role in alignment with (informal) PMO Community (or PMO colleagues from other BU's) e.g. to share best practices
  • Is the owner of the project management process and in that role ensures that all guidelines with regard to project governance, methodology and tools are available, respected and implemented in a consistent way on all projects across the organization
  • Next to PPMO role, acts also as Project Manager on ad hoc base for cross functional BU Projects or strategic projects Is for these projects responsible for the steering, coordination, follow-up and reporting of projects during the whole project life cycle in order to obtain the objectives as described in the scope of work within the agreed budget and timing
  • Coaches project managers and assists them in finding solutions in order to make sure they execute all necessary project tasks
  • Actively promotes a safe working environment for all employees, through leadership by example, installing a culture of zero tolerance and discipline against breaches of the policies, and this throughout all ranks in the organization
  • Owns and continuously improves the project/program portfolio process methodology
  • Owns and execute the Program/Project portfolio management process
  • Owns and drives the program/project prequalification and priority setting process
  • Drives full alignment of the project portfolio with the corporate strategy
  • Owns methodology and drive standardization of the project execution process in tight alignment with the TK global project management framework
  • Drives proactive stakeholder alignment
  • Prepares project investment decisions in tight alignment with the executive sponsor
  • Determines critical project success factors as key input for investment decisions
  • Drives investment decisions
  • Identifies portfolio overlaps, realignment needs and prepares recommendations
  • Provides an holistic view on ongoing projects, expected impact and risk scenarios
  • Provides multidimensional view and reporting on the portfolio
  • Establishes, negotiates and monitors KPIs for Project Portfolio Management
  • Reallocates budget and resources for terminated projects
  • Collects and documents problem solving frameworks, feedback, lessons learned, root-cause analysis results via a knowledge sharing platform
  • Integrates PPM reporting system with other corporate reporting
  • Conducts a portfolio risk analysis and determines appropriate management reserves
  • Executes portfolio benchmark with regards to industry standards, competitors and best practices
  • Ability to travel 50%
  • Strong understanding of project, portfolio, demand, and resource management
  • Ability to develop executive-level communications, metrics and reports
  • Ability to effectively track deliverables to the agreed upon scope, schedule, and budget
  • Excellent dependency, risk, and resource management capabilities
  • Team player, adaptable, and flexible to drive and deliver effort on time
  • Strong customer relationship management and interpersonal skills
  • Provide efficient, timely, reliable and courteous service to customers
  • Knowledge of Daptiv, JIRA, MS-Project, or similar PPM tools
  • Experience managing or supporting Infrastructure or Application projects
  • Performs effectively as member of a team or independently with minimal supervision
  • Communicates effectively with management, peers, including technical and non-technical individuals
  • Familiarity with various project frameworks (Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, LEAN, Kanban, PRINCE) a plus
  • Experience in a global business environment preferred
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in a Portfolio Management role
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a Project Manager or PMO support role
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in resource, dependency, or financial management
  • Experience managing an IT Portfolio of 50+ active projects with shared/matrixed resources globally
  • Experience concurrently managing 3+ projects in a matrixed or non-matrixed organization
  • Background in Media and Entertainment industry preferred

IT Project & Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Lead the local Project Management team in our location Essen and develop the Project Management Profession at the TSC
  • Monitor the costs, risks, issues, progress, quality and benefits of all TSC projects
  • Support our project managers to solve issues
  • Notify TSC management of issues and recommend as well as monitor corrective actions
  • Ensure the quality of the TSC project reporting
  • Define, document and successfully complete small and medium-scale IT solution delivery projects
  • Plan and monitor the project budget and resources
  • Maintain effective project control, change control, risk management and testing processes
  • Monitor and control resources, revenue and capital costs against the project budget
  • Ensure project teams deliver within agreed cost, timescale and resource budgets
  • Effectively lead project teams and take appropriate action where team performance deviates from agreed tolerances
  • Monitor the CBI project portfolio based on defined KPI’s to identify issues regarding portfolio structure, costs, risks, inter-dependencies, impact on current business activities and the intended strategic benefits
  • Ensure transparency on CBI projects, priorities, dependencies, status & risk assessment and present for alignment to the business stakeholders (KAM/Sales & business representatives of Land/Air/Ocean/Logistics)
  • Notify CBI management of issues and recommend/monitor corrective action
  • Ensure quality and accuracy of CBI project status reporting and adherence to the Global Project Portfolio Management guidelines and regulations
  • Plan, manage and control agreed application roadmaps in the domains related to CBI in close agreement with the regions and countries; Support countries to define roadmaps and migration projects and track roadmap implementation
  • Support the implementation of Demand2Benefit process within the CBI department and act as SPOC to (this and further) IT Governance Processes
  • Strong understanding of project, program, portfolio, and resource management
  • Service focused and promotes cross-functional collaboration and synergies
  • Knowledge of Daptiv, ServiceNow, JIRA, MS-Project, or similar PPM tools
  • Familiarity with various project frameworks (Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, LEAN, Kanban, PRINCE II) a plus
  • Experience in MS Office Products (Outlook, Excel, Word, Visio, MS-Project, SharePoint, and Power Point)
  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in a Portfolio Management role a plus
  • Experience managing Infrastructure Operations or Security projects a plus
  • Background in Media and Entertainment industry a plus

CRE National Project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • MA or MS degree in architecture, real estate development, construction management or engineering, is strongly preferred. Advanced business degree is a plus
  • LEED Accredited Professional is a plus. Architect License or Professional Engineer certification is a plus. PMP certification is a plus
  • 15+ years of design, construction, program and project management experience at progressive levels of responsibility, preferably within a financial services organization and/or real estate services provider firm. Demonstrated experience is managing outsourced service providers
  • Experience in development and execution/management of the real estate transactions and understanding of lease terms, LOI's and contracts
  • Proven record of managing of complicated initiatives, programs and projects with substantial scope in new and existing retail banking network. Strong knowledge of accessibility and environmental compliance requirements
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and contribute to business objectives and strategy, to identify opportunities and risks, and to recognize impact on both client and service provider deliverables
  • Comprehensive understanding of technical principles and requirements of construction management and project management risks and opportunities
  • Ability to effectively lead, motivate and manage teams of external personnel
  • Ability to analyze complex problems and generate multi-dimensional data-driven solutions through competency in financial modeling, capital planning, budget management and feasibility studies
  • Executive presentation development and delivery. Strong client relationship experience
  • Excellent organizational, time management, communication, analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Project identification (e.g. conducting preliminary cost-benefit analyses; performing a thorough analysis of alternatives; recommending possible courses of actions; evaluating viability according to established scoring methods)
  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive project portfolio database to include pipeline projects (whether fully approved or simply contemplated), in-flight projects, and retired projects
  • In conjunction with the Service Portfolio Manager, ensure that projects designated to improve existing services or to implement new service offerings, have designated Business Sponsors, contain an approved set of requirements, and are fully chartered and resourced
  • Conduct periodic review of proposed projects to determine duplicate of effort, the ability to consolidate one or more projects to achieve similar goals/objectives, and to validate continued need against evolving mission objectives and vision
  • Establish a formal procedure to accept and review submitted changes for in-flight projects. The evaluation methodology shall include an assessment of increased or decreased cost, impact to scheduled deliverables and milestones; impact to previously assessed risks; and impact to dependent projects or service offerings
  • Remediate identified portfolio constraints as required
  • Generate periodic reports detailing the cost, effort, schedule, and performance of the portfolio (e.g. Balanced Scorecard; project scoring models)
  • Ensure continued alignment to organization mission, goals, objectives and vision
  • Appraisal (assessment of benefits, review of purpose and capability)
  • Demonstrated experience in managing a portfolio of projects for a medium-sized (approximately 2,000+ employees) organizations
  • Active PMP certification
  • 8+ years’ experience in managing complex IT projects (multi year and $1M+ each)
  • Experience interacting with senior-level executives
  • Excellent presentation skills (verbal and written)
  • Experienced in guiding and mentoring junior or mid-level project staff
  • Experience in managing projects in Clarity PPM is highly desired
  • Experience with Enterprise Architecture strategies, leveraging common platforms, processes and applications
  • ITIL Practitioner or Intermediate certification is highly desired
  • The ideal candidate we are looking for has a master degree in (Medical) Sciences or Engineering
  • Experience in a senior Project Management role working with multidisciplinary teams at any level within the organization (marketing / finance / technical specialists etc.)
  • Used to working in a global corporate perspective, with the departments operations/supply chain, Product or Packaging Development in a food/life science business
  • People & cross cultural communication skills/experience
  • Ability to lead a cross functional team in global perspective
  • Ability to simplify complexity
  • Affinity with technology behind (food) products, packaging, logistics and processing
  • Go into detail when needed
  • Ability to multi task and be involved in several projects
  • Strong communicator, networker, eager to learn, and Influencer
  • Develop, maintain and drive evolution of IT Service Portfolio aligned with DHS priority requirements
  • Lead development and maintain portfolio management artifacts and guidelines that assist in prioritizing the portfolio; making visible to stakeholders the status, risks and issues and facilitates proactive corrective action
  • Lead engineering creation of ROMs/BOMs in response to customer business requests. Working with the HSDN and C-LAN service managers develop proactive mechanisms to forecast resource demands and staff appropriately
  • Develop integrated backlog of prioritized requirements aligned to individual agile engineering teams and allocated to individual engineering sprints. Develop, maintain and make visible to the government the combined HSDN and C-LAN roadmap with objectives, key milestones and activities, and RESPONSIBILITIES
  • Work with Program / Project / Product Management offices to mitigate operational and technical risk and align strategic business objectives with operational requirements
  • Develop briefings, position papers, and other supporting artifacts
  • Interview and select candidates to fulfill project management needs of the program
  • Manage, mentor and grow project management staff
  • Current Secret Clearance
  • 10+ years’ progressive experience with project and portfolio management
  • PMI-ACP certification (desired)
  • PfMP certification (desired)
  • Experience using Microsoft Project Server to support portfolio management of IT projects
  • Experience developing integrated master schedules (IMS)
  • Experience with agile project management (desired)
  • Demonstrated experience managing technical teams
  • Exceptional written/verbal communication skills

VP-project Portfolio Manager Resume Examples & Samples

  • Follows up with project managers to ensure timeline is being respected and deliverables are to be met on schedule
  • Develops and maintains a highly effective relationship with support groups, ensuring they remain focused on delivery aligned with sponsorship’s objectives and that sponsorship addresses any issue or provides sufficient guidance to make progress
  • Follows appropriate change control and configuration management procedures as applicable
  • Continually drives improvements to the existing processes, reporting and delivery methods
  • Develops and maintain knowledge current on rulemakings and general industry developments regarding U.S. regulatory reform across assigned sections of the rulemakings with the objective of being a first level of contact for non-experts
  • Develops and maintains knowledge on the BCBS239 guidance as well as the RaDAR program implementation so as to constantly adjust, as relevant, your activities to the approach promoted by the Group
  • Reviews work for completeness, accuracy and effectiveness of staff assigned to the project to ensure high level of qualify on all project deliverables
  • May manage or coach a small numbers of resources (business analysts and/or project managers)
  • Master’s degree in Finance, Technology or related field
  • 10+ years’ experience in project management and business analysis with a minimum of 3 years as project portfolio manager
  • Proven knowledge and experience with IT intensive undertakings
  • Solid knowledge of financial industry and related products
  • Develops open, considerate and effective relationships with customers, external contacts and primary data consumer senior leadership
  • Focused approach to problem solving which must include flexibility while maintaining keeping focus on priorities defined by overall impact
  • Attention to detail and the ability to work with a distributed multinational and multicultural teams
  • MBA in Finance or related field
  • Knowledge of the Informatica IDQ platform
  • Knowledge of proprietary BNP Paribas technology platforms around either accounting, counterparties, reporting or business intelligence
  • Working knowledge of French language
  • Audits performance of the portfolio, project plans, project artifacts, project teams, project collaboration sites (i.e. schedule, costs, risks, issues, decisions) & project financials/forecasts
  • Ability to coach and mentor Project Managers to ensure clarity/understanding of project scope, deliverables, schedule, and budget; ability to hold team accountable for providing deliverables on time, on budget with Customer’s expectations met
  • Is accountable for portfolio financials (invoices, PRs, etc.) & project contracts (NDA, MSA, PSA, SOW’s)
  • Responsible for communicating all portfolio & project status reporting/metrics to all stakeholders (Executives, Sponsors, Management, Project Team Members, Customers)
  • Works with the Business Relationship Manager & Project Managers to ensure communications to sponsor, steering committee, and other project stakeholders are effective
  • Ability to audit performance of Project Managers and resolve performance issues
  • Responsible for understanding & educating Project Managers and project teams on Bridgestone’s internal project management & SDLC processes & controls
  • Responsible for managing key relationships with Business SME’s working on project teams
  • In-depth knowledge of PMI and SDLC methodologies
  • Ability to develop & manage project plans
  • Ability to manage project financials e.g. budgets, forecasts, invoices, etc
  • Ability to schedule & facilitate various organizational level meetings (i.e. Executive/Team/Steering/Sponsor)
  • Update defined information required for reporting (status of financials, project schedules, etc.)
  • Able to generate portfolio/project documentation, e.g. approvals, issues, decisions, etc., with Microsoft Tools (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Acquires resources (hardware, software, personnel) (On-Boarding/Off-Boarding/Asset Mgt)
  • Manages contracts, which include SOWs, NDAs, MSAs, and PSAs
  • Bachelor’s degree and minimum of 6 years experience as a Project/Program and or Portfolio Manager
  • Possesses strong Microsoft Project knowledge
  • Strong understanding of PMI nine knowledge areas
  • Experience using Microsoft Tools (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Ability to clearly communicate scope, expectations, plans, & hold team accountable for project commitments
  • Strong relationship building competency
  • Ability to defuse team conflicts
  • Ability to quickly learn internal Financial, HR, Legal, and IT processes and controls
  • BA in Management Information Systems (MIS), Computer Science or related field
  • 2-4 years of PPM administrative experience is required
  • 1-3 years of project management, quality assurance, testing experience is preferred
  • PPM administration experience is a must
  • Experience with CA Clarity PPM preferred
  • Previous track record of successfully using Microsoft Project, Planview, Clarity, or equivalent PPM solution preferred
  • Previous experience understanding business problems and translating into business requirements/technical specifications is preferred

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Jobscan > Resume Formats

Resume Formats That Help Get You Job Interviews

Find out how to choose the best resume format to showcase your skills, experience, and achievements.

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A good resume format organizes your skills, experience, and achievements. It tells hiring managers what they need to know.

Having a good resume format is important for another reason. It helps applicant tracking systems (ATS) read and understand your resume.

ATS is a computer software that most companies use today to help them hire employees. One of the main jobs of ATS is to screen the hundreds of resumes that come in for every job opening.

If your resume isn’t formatted the right way, the ATS will have trouble reading it. This makes it far less likely that a hiring manager will see your resume.

Don’t worry! Choosing a resume format isn’t as hard as it sounds. This article will guide you through the process.

By the end of it, you’ll know which resume format is best for your situation.

The 3 basic resume formats

There are three basic resume formats to choose from. They are:

  • Chronological – Lists your work history in order, starting with your most recent job first.
  • Functional – Focuses on your skills and accomplishments instead of your work history.
  • Hybrid – Places your skills and accomplishments at the top, before your work history.

It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each format. This allows you to choose the one that best suits your specific situation and career goals.

After choosing a format, consider using a resume template to help create your resume. A template is a pre-designed layout that provides a structured framework for presenting your skills and experience. All you have to do is fill in your information.

Jobscan has a variety of free resume templates you can use. Our templates come in all three resume formats and each one is ATS-friendly.




The chronological resume format

Also known as the “reverse chronological” resume, this is the most common type of format. You’re most likely already familiar with it.

As the name suggests, this format lists your most recent job first. Then your second-most recent job, your third-most recent job, etc…

Why do hiring managers like the chronological resume?

Hiring managers often prefer the chronological resume format for several reasons:

  • It’s easy to follow – Recruiters can scan through your resume. It’s easy for them to find the companies you’ve worked for and the positions you’ve held.
  • It’s the most traditional – Hiring managers are very familiar with this format. It won’t confuse them.
  • It shows your career growth – Your work history makes it easy for recruiters to see how your career is going.


Who should use the chronological resume format?

Because this resume format focuses on work experience, it’s often used by job seekers who:

Have a strong work history

This format is ideal for job seekers who have lots of relevant work experience. It allows recruiters to see your career trajectory at a glance. They can get a good sense of the breadth and depth of your expertise.

Work in traditional industries

Many traditional industries prefer the chronological format. These industries include finance, engineering, healthcare, and legal professions. These sectors generally place a strong emphasis on a candidate’s work history.

Have a stable career path

The chronological resume is good at showing steady career growth within an industry. Hiring managers like to see this because it shows commitment.

How to set up a chronological resume

The reverse chronological resume contains the following sections, from top to bottom:

  • Contact Information : Begin your resume with your name, phone number, and email address. You can also include a professional website or LinkedIn profile (if applicable).
  • Resume Summary : This is a short statement about your goals, qualifications, and experience. It should provide a snapshot of your professional profile.
  • Work Experience : This is the heart of the chronological resume. List your jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position. Include the company name, job title, and dates of employment. Add a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments for each role.
  • Education : This section should also be in reverse chronological order. List degrees earned, school names, and graduation dates. You may also want to list academic honors or certifications relevant to your field.
  • Skills : This section allows you to highlight relevant skills. Include both hard and soft skills.
  • Additional Sections : Depending on your background, you may choose to include more sections. These could include volunteer work, hobbies, publications, or foreign languages.

You don’t have to create your resume from scratch. You can use a resume template. This is a pre-designed layout that includes all the sections listed above. All you have to do is fill in your information.

Jobscan has free resume templates . Each one is ATS-friendly and can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Pros and cons of the chronological resume format

  • Draws attention to employment gaps – Shows if you’ve had periods of unemployment or job breaks.
  • Not ideal for career changers – Does not highlight your transferable skills. These are important if you are making a significant career change.
  • Less focus on skills – Does not immediately highlight your specific skills. These are listed later in a separate skills section.
  • Emphasizes career progression – Highlights promotions, increased responsibilities, and relevant experience.
  • Preferred by recruiters – This makes it easy for them to assess your work history.
  • Shows career stability – A stable career shows commitment to a job or industry.
  • ATS-friendly – Applicant tracking systems are familiar with this format. They should have no problem reading and understanding your information.

Functional resume format

This is also known as the skills-based resume format. It’s quite different from the chronological resume format.

The chronological format focuses on your work history. The functional format focuses on your skills and achievements. It minimizes your work experience.

This has several advantages:

  • Focusing on your skills helps recruiters see if you can do the job.
  • This format downplays negatives like employment gaps, career changes, and limited work experience. Instead, it focuses on positives, such as your transferable skills.
  • This format also focuses on achievements that are relevant to the job you’re applying to. This makes it easier for recruiters to assess your capabilities.

Why do hiring managers like the functional format?

Actually, hiring managers don’t like the functional resume format!

This is because the lack of work experience makes it hard for them to understand your career. The functional format can also hide periods of unemployment. Hiring managers prefer transparency.

Another big reason why you shouldn’t use the functional resume format is that it’s not ATS-friendly.

ATS scan resumes for specific keywords, job titles, and dates. They use this information to assess an applicant’s qualifications for a specific job.

But functional resumes don’t focus on job titles and dates. So the ATS might have trouble reading and understanding them. As a result, functional resumes may not receive high rankings from an ATS.


Who should use the functional resume format?

While we don’t recommend using a functional resume, it can help certain job seekers. Especially those who:

Have transferable skills

Are you considering a career change? The functional format might be for you. It emphasizes your transferable skills that are relevant to the desired role.

Transferable skills are abilities that you can use in any job in any field or industry. They include things like communication, problem-solving, leadership, time management, organization, and adaptability.

Have limited work experience

The functional resume is for recent graduates or people with limited work experience. This is because it highlights things like your school achievements, hobbies, and volunteering.

Have employment gaps

The functional format downplays gaps in your work history. It redirects the focus of hiring managers toward your skills.

How to set up a functional resume

When creating a functional resume, follow this structure:

  • Contact Information: This is the same regardless of which resume format you choose. Include your name, phone number, email address, and location.
  • Resume Summary: The resume summary provides a concise snapshot of your qualifications. It should touch upon your unique skills, expertise, and accomplishments. The goal is to attract the reader’s interest.
  • Skills Section : This is the heart of your functional (or skills-based) resume. This section should include a combination of hard skills (technical abilities specific to the job) and soft skills (transferable skills like communication , leadership , problem-solving , etc.).
  • Use bullet points when creating your skills section. List your most relevant skills first. Whenever possible, try to include achievements that display relevant skills.
  • Work Experience: Whatever work experience you have should come after your skills section. Don’t list detailed job descriptions. Instead, focus on the accomplishments, projects, and experiences that show your skills.
  • Education : Include information about your educational background. This includes degrees earned, institution names, and graduation dates. Also include relevant coursework, certifications , or academic achievements.

If you don’t want to build your functional resume from scratch, try Jobscan’s free resume templates . They’re easy to customize and each one is ATS-friendly.

Pros and cons of the functional resume format

  • Lack of detailed work history – Employers often want to see your work experience to see if you can do the job.
  • No career timeline – Recruiters may find it hard to grasp the chronology of your work experience. This is because the focus is on your skills.
  • Less suitable for established industries – Some industries focus more on work history.
  • Highlights skills and achievements – This shows employers that you have what it takes to do the job.
  • Good for career changers – This format focuses on your transferable skills. These give recruiters a good idea of your potential.
  • Hides employment gaps – This format can lessen concerns about gaps in your work history.

Hybrid resume format

The hybrid resume format is becoming more popular. It combines the best aspects of the chronological and functional resume formats.

That’s why it’s called a hybrid .

The hybrid resume emphasizes both skills and work history. It features a dedicated skills section at the top of the resume. Below that is a chronological work experience section.

This format is especially helpful when you have lots of work experience but also want to show off your skills and accomplishments.

Why do hiring managers like the hybrid format?

Hiring managers appreciate the hybrid resume format for several reasons:

  • It strikes a balance – Recruiters can see your skills and your work experience.
  • It focuses on key skills – Sometimes recruiters want to make sure you have the skills to do the job. This resume format tells them immediately.
  • It shows career progression – The hybrid resume provides a clear overview of your career path.


Who should use the hybrid resume format?

Anyone can use the hybrid resume format to great advantage. It’s especially suited to job seekers who:

Have a diverse skill set

You might have the perfect skills for the job. But your work experience is a little weak. This format allows you to feature your skills while downplaying your work experience.

Want to emphasize achievements

The hybrid format allows you to showcase achievements as well as skills at the top of your resume.

Are changing careers

The hybrid is good if you are transitioning to a new field. It focuses more on your transferable skills and slightly less on your work history.

How to set up a hybrid resume

When creating a hybrid resume, follow this structure:

  • Contact Information : Begin with your name, contact details, phone number, and email address. You can also include your professional website or LinkedIn profile (if applicable).
  • Resume Summary: Try to distill your entire resume into a short, easy-to-read blurb. Summaries can help career changers who need a place to explain a shift in career trajectory.
  • Skills Section : Use bullet points to list your skills and achievements. Include both hard skills and soft skills.
  • Work Experience: List your jobs in reverse chronological order. Start with your most recent or current position. Include the company name, job title, and dates of employment. Also, include a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments for each role.
  • Education : List your education as you would on a chronological resume. Include degrees earned, school names, and graduation dates. You may also want to list academic honors or certifications relevant to your field.

If you don’t want to build your hybrid resume from scratch, try Jobscan’s free resume templates . They’re easy to customize and each one is ATS-friendly.

Pros and cons of the hybrid resume format

  • Can result in a longer resume – The hybrid format may result in a longer resume. This is due to the inclusion of both a skills section and a detailed work history. But this shouldn’t be a problem as long as your resume isn’t more than two pages.
  • Requires more thought – It can be hard to achieve the right balance between skills and work history. It requires thoughtful consideration and planning.
  • Highlights your skills – By showing your skills first, this format captures the attention of hiring managers who are looking for them.
  • Showcases your career progression – This format includes a chronological work experience section. This gives employers a good sense of your professional background and experience.
  • Adaptable – The hybrid resume is flexible and easy to customize for specific jobs.
  • ATS-friendly – ATS should have no problem reading this type of resume format.

If you’re still not sure which format to use for your resume, follow this flowchart to help you decide based on your situation.

How to format your resume so an ATS can read it

It’s important to choose the right resume format. But it’s also important to optimize your resume layout and content for an ATS.

If your resume is not optimized for an ATS, it’s less likely to make it into the hands of a hiring manager. Even if you have relevant skills and experience.

Here are some tips for creating a resume that will get past the initial screening of an ATS.

  • Use standard fonts – Stick to common fonts like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. Avoid fancy or decorative fonts. The ATS may not recognize them.
  • Keep it simple – Avoid excessive formattings, such as tables, images, or graphics, as they may confuse the ATS.
  • Use simple headings – Use headings like “Work Experience,” “Education,” and “Skills”. The ATS can read these without a problem.
  • Use plain text – Stick to basic formatting like bullet points and simple indentation. Avoid using headers or footers, text boxes, columns, or special characters.
  • Use a font size that is easy to read – The recommended font size is 11-12 pt for regular text and 14-16 pt for section titles.
  • Use the right margin – Make sure that the margins on all sides of your resume are 1 inch so that it doesn’t look too crowded.
  • Include relevant keywords – Read the job description and pick out prominent keywords. Incorporate these keywords throughout your resume. This helps the ATS recognize your qualifications. It will then rank your resume higher in the search results.
  • Use standard file formats – Save your resume as a .docx or .pdf file. These formats are widely compatible with most ATS systems.
  • Avoid abbreviations and acronyms – Spell out acronyms and avoid excessive abbreviations. The ATS may not recognize uncommon abbreviations.
  • Keep the file name simple – When saving your resume, use a simple file name. You could use the word “resume” for example. This makes it easier for the ATS and hiring managers to identify and organize your file.

Pro Tip : Use Jobscan’s free resume templates to start building your resume. All our templates are ATS-friendly and easy to customize.

5 tips for writing a resume that will get you interviews

Here are some additional tips that will help you create an effective resume:

Tailor each resume to the job you are applying for

Don’t make the mistake of sending out the exact same resume with every application. Yes, it’s easy. It’s also ineffective.

Instead, read the job description to find out which skills and qualifications are most important. Then try to include those skills on your resume.

When you use the same language on your resume that’s found in the job description, you increase your chances of getting an interview.

Highlight achievements as well as responsibilities

While it’s important to list your job responsibilities on your resume, you also want to highlight accomplishments .

Responsibilities are what you did. Accomplishments are how well you did it.

For example, if you increased sales or reduced costs, be sure to mention these accomplishments.

Use action verbs

Action verbs paint a clearer picture of your qualifications. They increase the overall impact of your resume.

Instead of simply stating that you were “responsible for” a certain task or project, explain how you took charge and made it happen.

For example, you could say that you “spearheaded a new initiative” or “coordinated a complex team effort.”

Use numbers

Try to use numbers whenever possible. Numbers show the true scope of your accomplishments to hiring managers.

Instead of saying that you “Created marketing campaigns” you could say that you “Created 10 successful marketing campaigns that generated a 20% increase in leads.”

Use active voice, not passive

Always try to use active voice instead of passive voice when writing your resume. Active voice is more direct, concise, and easier to read.

In active voice, the subject of the sentence is doing the verb. In passive voice, the subject is being acted upon by the verb.

If you’re not sure whether your resume is using active or passive voice, try running it through the Hemingway editor . It’s free and will tell you if you’re using passive voice.

Additional resume resources

Selecting the right resume format is the first step to creating an impactful resume. To learn more about how to create a resume that will stand out, check out these additional resources:

  • How to Write a Resume That Recruiters Will Really Love – This step-by-step resume guide will teach you how to write a resume that stands out.
  • How to Add Work Experience to Your Resume – Learn how to create a work experience section that will grab the attention of hiring managers.
  • 8 Things You Need to Know About Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) – Here’s everything you need to know about ATS. What they are, how they work, and especially how you can “beat” them!
  • How to Write a Strong Resume Skills Section – Here are the top resume skills employers are looking for. Learn how to list them on your resume.
  • Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills – Learn the difference between hard and soft skills and why you need both on your resume.
  • Free Professional Resume Templates – These ATS-friendly resume templates feature sleek, minimalist designs.

FAQs about resume formats

What does ats-friendly resume format mean.

An ATS-friendly resume format is one that can be read by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Employers use these systems to manage and filter large volumes of resumes.

When you use an ATS-friendly format , it increases the chances that a hiring manager will find your resume.

Is a resume format the same as a resume template?

No, they are two different things.

Resume format refers to the structure and organization of the content in a resume. A resume template refers to a pre-designed layout you can use to create a resume.

Is there a separate student resume format?

There isn’t a specific “student resume format” per se. Students generally use the same resume formats as other job seekers. But they may emphasize different sections or information.

A student’s resume highlights coursework, internships, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and academic achievements.

What is the best resume format for 2023?

The best resume format for you depends on your specific circumstances. This includes your work experience, career goals, and the industry you’re targeting.

Having said that, we like the hybrid resume format .

Employers are looking for job candidates who have the right skills. And the hybrid resume features skills right at the top of the resume. Employers also want to see a work experience section on a resume. The hybrid has that as well.

This powerful combination of skills and experiences makes the hybrid resume our top choice for 2023 and beyond.

Free Professional Resume Templates

Jobscan’s free Microsoft Word compatible resume templates feature sleek, minimalist designs and are formatted for the applicant tracking systems that virtually all major companies use.

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    resume is a work in progress. hile there are some basic rules (spellcheck is a must!) and standard practices to resume writing, it is largely a personal undertaking. We encourage you to take a holistic approach to creating your resume, considering your unique set of experiences in relation to the types of roles to which you aspire.

  8. PDF Portfolio Project: Write Your Résumé Objectives

    This portfolio project will walk you through the steps of building the various parts and putting them all together to form your complete résumés. Objectives. The student will be able to: o. Identify his or her special skills and talents . o. List the essential parts of the two types of résumés . o. Produce two complete résumés . o

  9. How To Create A Project Management Portfolio For Your Resume

    Step 2: Prioritize And Organize. You could decide to organize your projects in any number of ways, such as by date, relevance to the job you're applying for, or project size. Decide on the salient information you want to communicate about each project depending on the requirements of the role you're seeking.

  10. PDF Building a professional resume, cover letter and portfolio

    Demonstrate your 'fit' with the role. Why are you a suitable candidate. Summarise any relevant experience. Highlight a couple of other key selling points e.g. degree performance, relevant skills or attributes. Provide specific examples as evidence. Stress relevant accomplishments. Cover letter structure.

  11. Resumes & Portfolios

    So, the skills section of a resume, where you list programming languages, laboratory/machining skills, etc., is important. It is also important for you to show how you used those skills. You can do this by listing projects (not homework) from classes, clubs, or other outside activities. Students often list leadership in such activities, but it ...

  12. PDF Ready Reference E-12 Creating A Professional Portfolio

    created so that your portfolio can be modified, much like your résumé, for each job vacancy. Steps Involved In Making A Portfolio Like a résumé, a portfolio requires an inves tment of time. The following steps are suggested when . putting your portfolio together: • Research the employer or job desired • Review your collection

  13. How to Make a Perfect Portfolio Resume: 2024 Guide

    Design your portfolio resume. It needs to be neat, organized, and readable, so if you don't have the skills necessary to tick those three boxes, try to ask for a befriended graphic designer for help or look for a template you can use. When adding photos, don't make them hang without context.


    Effective cover letters must convey a sense of purpose and project enthusiasm. A "form" cover letter rarely does this. Researching the employer, college, or scholarship prior to writing the cover letter will give you the opportunity to effectively personalize your letter. 1. Always include a cover letter when mailing your resume.

  15. Project Portfolio Activity Writing a Resume.pdf

    Project Tutoring @ Willoby County Library Store: The Willoby County Library has organized and run a tutoring program for student grades 4 through 12 for the last three years. Student volunteers and library supervisor provide instructional and practical support for students in a variety of subject areas, including Algebra, Calculus, Arithmetic, Chemistry, Biology, and many others.

  16. PDF How to build a standout resume lesson for grades 9-12

    This 60-minute lesson plan has everything you need to teach your students resume-writing skills so they can write resumes that grab employers' attention and, most importantly, lead to interviews. It includes materials, learning objectives and standards, activities and instructions, and student handouts. We also recommend tech tools that you ...

  17. PDF Project Portfolio Management Playbook

    22 Back to Basics on Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 23 Optimizing the Use of Key Resources in a Project Portfolio 24 5 Ways to Improve Your Project Portfolio Management 25 How to be successful in project portfolio management development 27 Project portfolio management is part of change management 29 Put your ideas into a portfolio. 1.


    EVERYTHING ABOUT A RESUME A resume is an executive summary of your qualifications to perform a responsible role in the workplace. A resume is one page in length and contains your education, training, work, and life experience in relationship to your potential value to an employer or opportunity. A resume is: A professional handshake

  19. PDF Guide to Writing a Winning Resume

    Please use the following checklist as a guide for writing and editing your resume. A clean, well‐formatted resume will make it easier for readers to find the critical information they need to know about you. 1. General Formatting Guidelines. .

  20. Project Portfolio Manager Resume Samples

    The Guide To Resume Tailoring. Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the project portfolio manager job. It's actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

  21. PDF The Resume Workbook For High School Students

    This workbook is designed to be consistent with the resume writing strategies presented in Yana Parker's other publications: • Damn Good Resume Guide • The Resume Catalog • Ready-To-Go Resumes — Software/Templates • Blue Collar and Beyond: Resumes for Skilled Trades and Services These four books are available from Ten Speed Press.

  22. Project Portfolio Activity Writing a Thank You Letter Student Guide.pdf

    3 Thank-you-Letter BY: Christopher Campbell I am very glad and appreciative that you have let me come in for an interview! Like I said in the interview I'm a very hard worker and I like to listen the first time I was asked to do something. My interests are tech, media, and much more. I believe that I am very available for this Job and smart. For this career it said I needed production ...

  23. Resume Formats That Help Get You Job Interviews

    The 3 basic resume formats. There are three basic resume formats to choose from. They are: Chronological - Lists your work history in order, starting with your most recent job first. Functional - Focuses on your skills and accomplishments instead of your work history.

  24. FAR

    PDF Word EPub Apple Books Kindle; 2024-05: 05/22/2024: Browse FAR Part/Subpart and Download in Various Formats. Parts/Subparts HTML DITA Print Part 1 - Federal Acquisition Regulations System Part 2 - Definitions of Words and Terms Part 3 - Improper Business Practices and Personal Conflicts of Interest

  25. Creative Cloud for education

    From critical thinking and creative problem solving to communication and collaboration, Adobe Creative Cloud helps students build the skills they need to succeed in K-12, higher education, and the modern workforce. Adobe Creative Cloud for education provides educational institutions with industry-leading creative tools and centralized ...

  26. Adobe Creative Cloud for students and teachers

    Students and Teachers. Introductory Pricing Terms and Conditions Creative Cloud Introductory Pricing Eligible students 13 and older and teachers can purchase an annual membership to Adobe® Creative Cloud™ for a reduced price of for the first year. At the end of your offer term, your subscription will be automatically billed at the standard subscription rate, currently at (plus applicable ...