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Electrical and electronic engineering articles from across Nature Portfolio

Electrical and electronic engineering is the branch of engineering that makes use of electricity. Electrical engineering concentrates on systems for generating and transmitting large electrical currents and converting them into other forms of energy, such as mechanical motion. Electronic engineering focusses on lower energy currents for processing and communicating information.

current research paper on electrical engineering

Quantum nonlinear devices go green

Polycrystalline films of the non-toxic element bismuth exhibit a room-temperature surface nonlinear Hall effect, which could make devices based on topological quantum effects more practical.

  • Vsevolod Belosevich

current research paper on electrical engineering

Pixel-correlated computing for detecting and tracking targets in dim lighting

An approach to dynamically control the photoresponsivity of pixels in a computational sensor based on local image gradients enables the precise and robust detection of edge features of targets in dim light conditions from a single image capture.

current research paper on electrical engineering

Wafer-scale transfer of two-dimensional materials with UV tape

Tapes whose adhesive force is controlled by ultraviolet illumination can be used to cleanly transfer large-area graphene, molybdenum disulfide and other two-dimensional materials with a low thermal budget and using no organic solvents.

  • Tiange Zhao

Latest Research and Reviews

current research paper on electrical engineering

High gain antipodal meander line antenna for point-to-point WLAN/WiMAX applications

  • Mohamed M. Gad
  • Mai O. Sallam

current research paper on electrical engineering

Combined advanced oxidation dye-wastewater treatment plant: design and development with data-driven predictive performance modeling

  • Pankaj Singh Chauhan
  • Kirtiman Singh
  • Shantanu Bhattacharya

current research paper on electrical engineering

Semantic segmentation of thermal defects in belt conveyor idlers using thermal image augmentation and U-Net-based convolutional neural networks

  • Mohammad Siami
  • Tomasz Barszcz
  • Radoslaw Zimroz

current research paper on electrical engineering

Microwave photonics doppler speed measurement based on sagnac loops and four-wave mixing effect in a highly nonlinear fiber

  • Hossein Emami
  • Reza Hashemi

current research paper on electrical engineering

Metamaterial-based passive analog processor for wireless vibration sensing

Real-time, low-cost, and wireless mechanical vibration monitoring is necessary for industrial, environmental, and biomedical applications. Here, Dajun Zhang and colleagues report a passive,ss metamaterial-based device which substantially improves the sensitivity of wireless vibration measurement methods when attached to vibrating surfaces.

  • Dajun Zhang
  • Akhil Polamarasetty

current research paper on electrical engineering

Graphene nanomechanical vibrations measured with a phase-coherent software-defined radio

Ce Zhang and colleagues report a novel system based on a software-defined radio to measure and control the vibrations of an exotic nanomechanical graphene resonator. This system will be helpful for the nanomechanical measurements with small signals and modulations.

  • YuBin Zhang


News and Comment

Transforming edge hardware with in situ learning features.

Memristor devices have shown notable superiority in the realm of neuromorphic computing chips, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI) inference tasks. Researchers are now grappling with the intricacies of incorporating in situ learning capabilities into memristor-based chips, paving the way for more powerful edge intelligence.

  • Huaqiang Wu

current research paper on electrical engineering

A new path for organic electrochemical transistors

An article in Nature Electronics presents how to use electron-beam lithography to obtain p- and n-type vertical organic electrochemical transistor matrix arrays and complementary logic circuits.

  • Silvia Conti

current research paper on electrical engineering

A stress test for bioelectronics

Advances in wearable and ingestible electronics are rapidly expanding the health-monitoring capabilities of bioelectronic devices.

current research paper on electrical engineering

Cubic marine robotics

Modular robotics offers design flexibility that could enable the scale-up of robotic systems for marine applications. We have developed simple repeating cubic modular components that can be assembled and reconfigured to create different types of underwater robots for marine applications, enabling them to navigate and perform tasks underwater with ease and efficiency.

  • Xiangning He

current research paper on electrical engineering

The road to net-zero emissions in IC manufacturing

To reduce environmental impact, imec has presented a bottom-up lifecycle assessment of logic technology nodes and prepared first recommendations to lower carbon emissions. Here we talk to Lars-Åke Ragnarsson, program director of Sustainable Semiconductor Technologies and Systems at imec, about their approach to help the semiconductor industry reduce the environmental effects of integrated circuit manufacturing.

  • Olga Bubnova

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current research paper on electrical engineering

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  • March 9, 2024 | Bridging Realms: Unveiling the Future of Electronics at Terahertz Speeds
  • March 9, 2024 | Heart Attack Alert: How a Standard Blood Test Could Save Your Life
  • March 9, 2024 | Unlocking the Secrets of Semiconductors With a Single CLIMAT Measurement
  • March 9, 2024 | Redefining Human History: Scientists Uncover Advanced 1.1 Million-Year-Old Tools in China
  • March 9, 2024 | Odysseus Lands on the Moon: Earthling Project Joins the Cosmic Journey

Electrical Engineering News

Read the latest electrical engineering research news and breakthroughs at Popular topics include semiconductors, telecommunications, controls, integrated circuits, digital signal processing, electronics, microelectronics, nanoelectronics, power systems, electromagnetism, photonics, computers, chip design, etc.

New Inspection Tool for Ultrafast Electronics With Femtosecond Electron Beams

Technology March 9, 2024

Bridging Realms: Unveiling the Future of Electronics at Terahertz Speeds

Researchers at the University of Konstanz have successfully filmed the operations of extremely fast electronic circuitry in an electron microscope at a bandwidth of tens…

AI Workload Chip Prototype

Technology March 8, 2024

Revolutionizing Computing: Inside Princeton’s Trailblazing AI Chip Technology

Princeton’s advanced AI chip project, backed by DARPA and EnCharge AI, promises significant improvements in energy efficiency and computing power, aiming to revolutionize AI’s accessibility…

Reprogrammable Light Based Processor Art

Technology March 4, 2024

Quantum Computing Takes a Giant Leap With Light-Based Processors

A team of scientists has created a reprogrammable light-based quantum processor, reducing light losses and enabling advancements in quantum computing and secure communications. Scientists have…

New Chip Architecture Concept

Technology February 28, 2024

Revolutionizing Real-Time Data Processing: The Dawn of Edge AI

Researchers have created an edge computing device aimed at overcoming the limitations of conventional cloud computing, enabling quicker data processing with reduced computational expenses. Every…

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Technology February 9, 2024

Approaching 1,000 km on a Single Charge – Scientists Discover Secret Ingredient That Can Boost EV Range

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the spotlight was on groundbreaking developments in AI and healthcare. However, battery technology is the game-changer at the…

Tiny Electronic Sensor Concept

Technology January 24, 2024

Faster Than Ever: Scientists Push Compressed Sensing to Real-Time Edge Applications

A team of researchers headed by Professor Sun Zhong at Peking University recently unveiled an analog hardware approach for real-time compressed sensing recovery. Their findings…

Perovskite Solar Cells Xiwen Gong

Technology January 20, 2024

New Advancement Could Make Solar Panels 2 to 4 Times Cheaper

The findings may enable engineers to systematically identify the most effective molecules for extending the lifespan of perovskite solar cells, moving away from a reliance…

Solid State Battery Technology Concept

Technology January 7, 2024

Scientists Use Cosmetic Ingredient To Transform Battery Protection

Xanthan gum, a substance originally obtained from plants such as cabbage and recognized for its carbohydrate composition, is commonly used in cosmetics as a natural…

Neuromorphic Computing

Technology January 1, 2024

Revolutionizing AI: Chiral Magnets Pave the Way for Energy-Efficient Brain-Like Computing

A new study led by researchers from UCL and Imperial College London has brought us one step closer to a form of brain-inspired computing that…

Phase-Change Memristor

Technology December 5, 2023

Atoms Under Pressure: The Dawn of Ultra-Efficient Computing Memory

Researchers develop hybrid phase-change memristors that offer fast, low-power, and high-density computing memory. By strategically straining materials that are as thin as a single layer…

Biological Silk Microelectronics

Technology November 24, 2023

Silk Meets Silicon: The Dawn of Biological Hybrid Transistors

Microprocessor-scale transistors detect and respond to biological states and the environment. Your phone may have more than 15 billion tiny transistors packed into its microprocessor…

New Chip Architecture Art

Technology November 15, 2023

A Milestone in Computing: 2D In-Memory Processor With Over 1000 Transistors

Developed by EPFL researchers, the first large-scale in-memory processor using 2D semiconductor materials could substantially cut the ICT sector’s energy footprint. As information and communication…

Efficient AI Chip Art Concept

Technology November 12, 2023

Twice As Powerful: Next-Gen AI Chip Mimics Human Brain for Power Savings

Hussam Amrouch has developed an AI-ready architecture that is twice as powerful as comparable in-memory computing approaches. As reported in the journal Nature, the professor…

Prototype Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor

Technology November 9, 2023

Scientists Develop “Impossible” Millimeter Wave Sensor With Vast Potential

Scientists at the University of California, Davis have created a proof-of-concept sensor that may usher in a new era for millimeter wave radars. In fact,…

AI Computer Security Art

Technology November 7, 2023

MIT SecureLoop: Revolutionizing AI With Secure, High-Performance Accelerators

The SecureLoop search tool efficiently identifies secure designs for hardware that can boost the performance of complex AI tasks, while requiring less energy. With the…

Quantum Electronics Device Art Illustration

Technology November 1, 2023

Quantum Control Breakthrough a Game Changer for Next-Gen Electronics and Computers

For the first time, researchers demonstrated how to electronically alter the direction of electron flow in promising materials for quantum computing. A new electrical method…

Artistic Rendering of Photonic Chip

Technology October 21, 2023

Light Speed Ahead: 3D Photonic-Electronic Hardware Revolutionizes AI

Researchers have developed an integrated photonic-electronic hardware capable of processing 3D data. This innovation significantly improves data processing parallelism for AI tasks. A breakthrough development…

Drone Over City New Chip Art Concept

Technology October 15, 2023

Soaring Beyond GPS: How Quantum Photonic Chips Can Revolutionize Drone Navigation

Researchers aim to leverage the quantum technique of weak value amplification to replace the gyroscopes in drones. Researchers at the University of Rochester are developing…

current research paper on electrical engineering

Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology

  • Publishes bimonthly and invites submissions from scholars and experts globally.
  • Scope includes electrical power engineering, electrical machinery and energy conversion systems, electrophysics and applications, information and controls, and electrical facilities.
  • Encourages papers based on novel methodologies and implementations in the field of electrical engineering.
  • GilSoo Jang

Societies and partnerships

The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers

  • Read more about the society  (opens in a new tab)

current research paper on electrical engineering

Latest issue

Volume 19, Issue 1

Latest articles

Comparison of buck-type dc-dc converter design for electric vehicle wireless charging system using railway power grid.

  • Jin-Chul Kim
  • Jae-Bum Lee

current research paper on electrical engineering

Detection of Defects on Cut-Out Switches in High-Resolution Images Based on YOLOv5 Algorithm

  • Young Jun Kim
  • Sung Soo Lim
  • Ji Won Yoon

current research paper on electrical engineering

The Speed Characters of PMSM with Advanced Precise Feedback Linearization Controller

  • Si-ting Zhou
  • Jia-qing Ma
  • Yong-jie Li

current research paper on electrical engineering

Hybrid Transformer for Anomaly Detection on Railway HVAC Systems Through Feature Ensemble of Spatial–Temporal with Multi-channel GADF Images

  • Beomjun Kim
  • Jeong Won Kang
  • Jeonghwan Gwak

current research paper on electrical engineering

Analysis of MRT Precoding Massive MIMO for Railway & Maritime Terminal in Multi-cell Environment

  • Koki Miyamoto
  • Koji Nishibe
  • Chang-Jun Ahn

current research paper on electrical engineering

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The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers

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current research paper on electrical engineering

Electrical engineers design the most sophisticated systems ever built. From computers with billions of transistors to microgrids fed by renewable energy sources, from algorithms that predict disease to solar cells and electric vehicles, electrical engineering touches all parts of modern society. We leverage computational, theoretical, and experimental tools to develop groundbreaking sensors and energy transducers, new physical substrates for computation, and the systems that address the shared challenges facing humanity.

Our research is interdisciplinary by nature, and has far-reaching effects on almost every field of human activity, including energy and climate, human health, communications and computation, finance and music. We make the future.

Research areas

Our research covers a wide range of topics of this fast-evolving field, advancing how machines learn, predict, and control, while also making them secure, robust and trustworthy. Research covers both the theory and applications of ML. This broad area studies ML theory (algorithms, optimization, …), statistical learning (inference, graphical models, causal analysis, …), deep learning, reinforcement learning, symbolic reasoning ML systems, as well as diverse hardware implementations of ML.

We develop the technology and systems that will transform the future of biology and healthcare. Specific areas include biomedical sensors and electronics, nano- and micro-technologies, imaging, and computational modeling of disease.

We develop the next generation of wired and wireless communications systems, from new physical principles (e.g., light, terahertz waves) to coding and information theory, and everything in between.

We design the next generation of computer systems. Working at the intersection of hardware and software, our research studies how to best implement computation in the physical world. We design processors that are faster, more efficient, easier to program, and secure. Our research covers systems of all scales, from tiny Internet-of-Things devices with ultra-low-power consumption to high-performance servers and datacenters that power planet-scale online services. We design both general-purpose processors and accelerators that are specialized to particular application domains, like machine learning and storage. We also design Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools to facilitate the development of such systems.

We bring some of the most powerful tools in computation to bear on design problems, including modeling, simulation, processing and fabrication.

Educational technology combines both hardware and software to enact global change, making education accessible in unprecedented ways to new audiences. We develop the technology that makes better understanding possible.

Our research spans a wide range of materials that form the next generation of devices, and includes groundbreaking research on graphene & 2D materials, quantum computing, MEMS & NEMS, and new substrates for computation.

Our research focuses on solving challenges related to the transduction, transmission, and control of energy and energy systems. We develop new materials for energy storage, devices and power electronics for harvesting, generation and processing of energy, and control of large-scale energy systems.

Our field deals with the design and creation of sophisticated circuits and systems for applications ranging from computation to sensing.

Our research focuses on the creation of materials and devices at the nano scale to create novel systems across a wide variety of application areas.

Our work focuses on materials, devices, and systems for optical and photonic applications, with applications in communications and sensing, femtosecond optics, laser technologies, photonic bandgap fibers and devices, laser medicine and medical imaging, and millimeter-wave and terahertz devices.

Our work focuses on developing the next substrate of computing, communication and sensing. We work all the way from new materials to superconducting devices to quantum computers to theory.

Our research focuses on robotic hardware and algorithms, from sensing to control to perception to manipulation.

Signal processing focuses on algorithms and hardware for analyzing, modifying and synthesizing signals and data, across a wide variety of application domains. As a technology it plays a key role in virtually every aspect of modern life including for example entertainment, communications, travel, health, defense and finance.

From distributed systems and databases to wireless, the research conducted by the systems and networking group aims to improve the performance, robustness, and ease of management of networks and computing systems.

Our theoretical research includes quantification of fundamental capabilities and limitations of feedback systems, inference and control over networks, and development of practical methods and algorithms for decision making under uncertainty.

current research paper on electrical engineering

Latest news

Department of eecs announces 2024 promotions.

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) is proud to announce multiple promotions.

At the MIT Quantum Hackathon, a community tackles quantum computing challenges

Each year, a community of quhackers (quantum hackers) gathers at iQuHACK to work on quantum computing projects using real quantum computers and simulators.

Device could jumpstart work toward quantum internet

Solves paradox associated with transmission of quantum information

Self-powered sensor automatically harvests magnetic energy

A system designed at MIT could allow sensors to operate in remote settings, without batteries.

EECS Alliance Roundup: 2023

Founded in 2019, The EECS Alliance program connects industry leading companies with EECS students for internships, post graduate employment, networking, and collaborations.  In 2023, it has grown to include over 30 organizations that have either joined the Alliance or participate in its flagship program, 6A.

Upcoming events

Yiyue luo – intelligent textiles for physical interactions, will crichton – helping developers use type systems for memory safety, sagar karandikar – catch m(oor)e if you can: agile hardware/software co-design for hyperscale cloud systems, eecs special seminar: eric mitchell, “making language models useful”, milwaukee tool faculty networking breakfast, eecs special seminar: dhruv shah, “the foundation model path to open-world robots”.

The Ohio State University

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current research paper on electrical engineering

Current Research


With this page, we hope to provide a steady look into the research coming out of the department. Much of this effort is hitting the pages of respected scientific journals and making waves within the industry.


Link to the paper:'s_Equations/links/56003a0a08ae07629e528886.pdf

Work by professors Luis Felipe Giraldo and  Kevin Passino is scheduled for publication in a future issue of IEEEXplore. Their research, "Dynamic Task Performance, Cohesion, and Communications in Human Groups," develops mathematical models surrounding the study of behavior in social groups given the challenge of solving a task. Learn more about how it relates to psychology, sociology, social work, engineering and more HERE .


Read the full paper HERE .

Li is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering. His research interests include control and planning of hybrid and stochastic dynamic systems, and their application in various engineering fields, especially electric vehicles, ancillary market and energy systems. 


The 17-person research team of authors, made up of phycists, computer scientists and applied mathematicians from around the world, participated in the work.

"We present here a selection of recent results for light nuclei and neutron drops in external traps and set out some of the challenges that lie ahead. The results include both those utilizing the JISP16 NN interaction and those using chiral effective field theory NN plus 3N interactions. We also present a selection of algorithms developed for high-performance computers that are helping to rapidly pave the way to efficient utilization of exascale machines (1018 floating point operations per second)," the paper states.

Read the full research HERE .


You Han and Eylem Ekici teamed up with Haris Kremo and Onur Altintas in Tokyo for the paper titled, " Enabling Coexistence of Cognitive Vehicular Networks and IEEE 802.22 Networks via Optimal Resource Allocation. " 

Their research addresses the co-existence problems between portable and fixed wireless networks, thus allowing for stronger connectivity to vehicular networks.

"To the best of our knowledge, this is the first work to deal with the coexistence issue between 802.22 networks (or Wireless Regional Area Networks) and cognitive vehicular networks (CVNs)," the paper states.

Read the full paper HERE . 


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Electrical Engineering and Systems Science > Image and Video Processing

Title: sonosamtrack -- segment and track anything on ultrasound images.

Abstract: In this paper, we present SonoSAMTrack - that combines a promptable foundational model for segmenting objects of interest on ultrasound images called SonoSAM, with a state-of-the art contour tracking model to propagate segmentations on 2D+t and 3D ultrasound datasets. Fine-tuned and tested exclusively on a rich, diverse set of objects from $\approx200$k ultrasound image-mask pairs, SonoSAM demonstrates state-of-the-art performance on 7 unseen ultrasound data-sets, outperforming competing methods by a significant margin. We also extend SonoSAM to 2-D +t applications and demonstrate superior performance making it a valuable tool for generating dense annotations and segmentation of anatomical structures in clinical workflows. Further, to increase practical utility of the work, we propose a two-step process of fine-tuning followed by knowledge distillation to a smaller footprint model without comprising the performance. We present detailed qualitative and quantitative comparisons of SonoSAM with state-of-the-art methods showcasing efficacy of the method. This is followed by demonstrating the reduction in number of clicks in a dense video annotation problem of adult cardiac ultrasound chamber segmentation using SonoSAMTrack.

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Graduate Programs

From the optical fibers that connect the world to deep space exploration, many of humanity’s greatest achievements would have been unthinkable without electrical and computer engineers. Our department has played an important role in many of these advancements. 

You can add to our legacy in world-class photonics, high-frequency diodes, and materials science research, and extend our long-standing tradition in computer engineering, devices and circuits, signal and image processing, and communications.

Our co-location with the University of Virginia's School of Medicine enables ECE faculty and students to conduct research in medical imaging, microfluidics, electrophoresis, bio-molecular engineering, and biomedical and cyber-physical data mining. Machine learning and artificial intelligence now influence everything we do, including the design and operation of engineered systems; you can leverage our investments in machine learning research to ride the AI wave.

We aspire to be an inclusive and welcoming place for all, and a hub of innovation where research and teaching go hand-in-hand. Our mission is to prepare the next generation of electrical and computer engineering leaders to solve society’s grand technological challenges and improve quality of life.

Our Graduate Programs

Ph.d. in electrical engineering.

We offer a direct pathway from your bachelor's degree to a Ph.D. If you are admitted to the Ph.D. program, you have the option of earning your M.E. or M.S. degree en route. 

M.S. in Electrical Engineering

The M.S. is a research-based master's that requires a final thesis defense.

M.E. in Electrical Engineering

The M.E. is entirely course based and can be earned in person or online through Virginia Engineering Online .

Computer Engineering Graduate Programs

We also offer graduate degrees in computer engineering in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science.

Resources for Current Students

Uva engineering graduate student resources.

Explore our resources for graduate students, including professional development support and ways to get involved at UVA Engineering.

Academic Planning

Find timelines, forms and guidance for completing your degree on schedule.

Upcoming Events

Uva engineering open house, ece seminar: ram krishnamurthy, 2024 cps rising stars workshop, ee degrees are in demand.

Our electrical engineering program is known throughout industry and academia as a source of outstanding engineers and researchers. Our faculty maintain this reputation by continually updating curricula to reflect current scientific and technological advances and requirements and by maintaining a vigorous, interdisciplinary research program that provides staff and graduate students with high-level learning experiences relevant to societal needs.

Recent graduates have joined industry, such as Apple, Amazon, BAE Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Corning, Facebook (now Meta), General Electric, General Motors, Google, Halliburton, Intel Research, Microsoft Research, NVIDA Research, Northrop-Grunman, Oracle, Qualcom and Samsung Research. Some chart their path to government research labs including the Air Force Research Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory, NASA, NIST and The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Others have followed their advisors' path into academe, pursing postdoctoral research and faculty positions in the United States and overseas, including Kuwait University, the National Defense University of Technology, China; the Royal Thai Air Force Academy; Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China; the University of California Davis, University of Florida, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of New Hampshire, University of Notre Dame, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Graduate Program Contacts

Beth eastwood-beatty .


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    current research paper on electrical engineering

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    current research paper on electrical engineering


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  1. Electrical and electronic engineering

    Research Open Access 07 Mar 2024 Microsystems & Nanoengineering Volume: 10, P: 32 Ultra-sensitive, highly linear, and hysteresis-free strain sensors enabled by gradient stiffness sliding strategy

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  3. Home

    Electrical Engineering is a journal publishing original papers in electrical engineering with a strong focus on electric power systems. Offers original research articles and insightful reviews. Focusses on areas including smart systems, systems planning, and energy distribution. Welcomes manuscripts describing theoretical, computer application ...

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    Explore the latest full-text research PDFs, articles, conference papers, preprints and more on ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. Find methods information, sources, references or conduct a literature review ...

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    A multi-convex composition of adaptive LMS filter-based control for dynamic voltage restorer with SSO-optimized PI gains. Chinmay Deshpande. Rajasekharareddy Chilipi. Sabha Raj Arya. Original Paper 20 February 2024. Part of 1 collection: Design and Control of Hybrid Energy System and Energy Storage for Sustainable Energy Solutions.

  6. Environment and Electrical Engineering-Edition 2021

    Special Issue Editors. Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Leonowicz. E-Mail Website. Guest Editor. 1. Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, 50-370 Wroclaw, Poland. 2. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, 708-00 Ostrava, Czech Republic.

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    Read the latest electrical engineering research news and breakthroughs at Popular topics include semiconductors, telecommunications, controls ...

  8. Home

    Overview. Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology is an official publication of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers, focusing on all aspects of electrical engineering technologies. Publishes bimonthly and invites submissions from scholars and experts globally.

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    Electricity is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on electrical engineering published quarterly online by MDPI.. Open Access —free for readers, with article processing charges (APC) paid by authors or their institutions.; High Visibility: indexed within ESCI (Web of Science), Scopus, EBSCO and other databases. Rapid Publication: manuscripts are peer-reviewed and a first ...

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    The second edition of George Verghese, John Kassakian, and Devid Perreault's "Principles of Power Electronics" greatly expands upon the first, and weighs in at a hefty 4.6 pounds and 800 pages-a reflection of the increased stature and importance of power electronics to a whole new generation of electrical and computer engineers ...

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    Feature papers represent the most advanced research with significant potential for high impact in the field. ... This Special Issue of Energies focuses on the electrical engineering aspects of sustainable and renewable energies ... (IMC)-based grid-tied Photovoltaic (PV) system for Smart Grids (SGs). The PV array injects current in the 'dc ...

  12. International Journal of Electrical Engineering & Education: Sage Journals

    SUBMIT PAPER. The International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education's origins date back to 1948, when the world's first stored-programme digital computer ran at the University of Manchester. In 1963, the Bulletin of Electrical Engineering Education evolved into … | View full journal description. This journal is a member of the ...

  13. Computers and Electrical Engineering

    The journal Computers & Electrical Engineering provides rapid publication of topical research into the integration of computer technology and computational techniques with electrical and communication and information systems. The journal publishes papers featuring novel implementations of …. View full aims & scope.

  14. Recent Challenges in Electrical Engineering and the Solution with IT

    Abstract. Electrical engineering is a broad field right from Electrical Power Generation to Distribution to end users. With deep penetration of Power Electronic Devices (PED) into electrical ...

  15. Current Research

    Read the full paper HERE. Li is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering. His research interests include control and planning of hybrid and stochastic dynamic systems, and their application in various engineering fields, especially electric vehicles, ancillary market and energy systems.

  16. Electrical engineering guides, research studies and papers

    Electrical books and guides. Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Many companies and industry experts has been releasing technical books and guides in order to spread their knowledge, so they are all here, presented for you.

  17. Energies

    The Special Issue is focused on issues related to the development, implementation, exploitation, and management of systems and installations that operate with photovoltaic power. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: - Industry 4.0. - Smart electronics. - Electromobility.

  18. Electric aviation: A review of concepts and enabling technologies

    Several published review articles discuss different aspects of electric aviation. Brelje and Martins [19] discussed electric fixed-wing aircraft models' electrical fundamentals and concepts. Gnadt et al. [20] provide a technical and environmental assessment of all-electric narrow-body aircraft compared to conventional aircraft. Their results indicated that an improvement in battery pack energy ...

  19. Researches and Projects (RaP)

    Research papers. EEP's section Researched and Projects encourages every research scholar, professors, faculty members and research students to publish their research papers on EEP. EEP's goal is to promote scientific research in electrical engineering in general, power substation, transformers, HVAC, maintenance of electrical equipment ...

  20. What is Electrical Engineering?

    Electrical Engineering at Michigan Tech Electrical Engineering Degrees. Michigan Tech's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) is a world leader in quality education— preparing students for careers in industry, academia, or government. Our bachelor's program in electrical engineering allows you to choose from concentrations or focus areas within your major to customize ...

  21. SonoSAMTrack -- Segment and Track Anything on Ultrasound Images

    Abstract: In this paper, we present SonoSAMTrack - that combines a promptable foundational model for segmenting objects of interest on ultrasound images called SonoSAM, with a state-of-the art contour tracking model to propagate segmentations on 2D+t and 3D ultrasound datasets. Fine-tuned and tested exclusively on a rich, diverse set of objects ...

  22. Electrical Power Engineering and Renewable Energy Technologies

    Thus, this Special Issue aims to present and disseminate recent advances related to the theory, design, modelling, application, control, and reviews related to the advancement of power electronics in renewable energy, power quality, and electrical drives. The authors are invited to submit their original work and survey papers for publication in ...

  23. EE Graduate Programs

    Our graduate programs provide thought leadership via award-winning research, out-of-the-box ... Our electrical engineering program is known throughout industry and academia as a source of outstanding engineers and researchers. Our faculty maintain this reputation by continually updating curricula to reflect current scientific and technological ...

  24. Volume II: Challenges and Research Trends of Electrical Engineering and

    Feature papers represent the most advanced research with significant potential for high impact in the field. ... arrow_forward_ios Forthcoming issue arrow_forward_ios Current issue; Vol. 17 (2024) Vol. 16 (2023) Vol. 15 (2022) ... Challenges and Research Trends of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics" will be devoted to current ...

  25. Abbie Warnock-Matthews on Instagram: "The Anthony Peratt Petroglyph

    115 likes, 18 comments - abbies_out_there on March 6, 2024: "The Anthony Peratt Petroglyph Theory - Part 1: This is a fringe and sometimes divisive topic come..."

  26. Recent Advances in Electrical Power Engineering

    Feature papers represent the most advanced research with significant potential for high impact in the field. ... Department of Electrical Power Engineering, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, 708 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic ... Improving the dielectric properties of liquid-insulating materials is a current problem in research into the ...