How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter

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  • How to Write a Cover Letter
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  • Cover Letter Tips
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing Cover Letter Template

Sample nursing cover letter, are you ready to earn your online nursing degree.

Man typing cover letter on a laptop

A nursing cover letter is still crucial in the job application process. It’s often the first impression a potential employer will have of you. A cover letter is a chance to tell your story and call attention to aspects of your resume you want a reviewer to notice.

It’s also a chance to explain to an employer why you want to work for them, what you know about them, and why you’re an ideal candidate. A strong cover letter can tip the balance in your favor, helping you stand out from the competition and land an interview.

In the following guide, we walk you through writing a strong nursing cover letter, mistakes to avoid, and real-world tips that will keep you focused. Check out our downloadable nursing cover letter template and a sample letter to get started. Once you master the process, you’ll be writing winning cover letters in no time.

4 Steps to Write Your Nursing Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter can feel overwhelming for many nurses, especially because it’s difficult to know what to say, how much to reiterate what’s on your resume , and what information to include or not. A cover letter is an opportunity to explain aspects of your professional or personal history that a resume can’t always get across. Your passion and interests come through, along with your ability to communicate clearly. Review the following steps to write a stand-out cover letter. Feel free to use our sample letter and downloadable template. The cover letter is a significant part of convincing employers that they absolutely need to meet you!

Create a Header with Your Contact Information

Introduce yourself and note the position you’re applying for in the opening paragraph, highlight your skills and the reasons you want to work for this employer, write a closing paragraph and restate your interest, 7 mistakes to avoid in your nursing cover letter.

  • Submitting Spelling and Grammar Errors: Nursing requires excellent documentation and attention to detail. Grammatical errors are unprofessional, and they can paint a picture of someone who doesn’t value attention to detail. Many resume reviewers will likely pass on a candidate whose resume and/or cover letter contain errors.
  • Copying Your Resume: Your nursing cover letter can highlight aspects of your resume , but it shouldn’t be a verbatim copy. Find creative ways to underscore your key characteristics, skills, or experiences without repetition.
  • Using Incorrect or Inconsistent Format: It’s best practice for your cover letter and resume to match in terms of design, font, and format. This creates a branded, visually cohesive application package.
  • Forgetting to Tie Your Qualifications to the Position: Your cover letter should be targeted and specific, addressing the position you’re applying for and its qualifications, skills, and responsibilities. If you don’t tie your qualifications to the job in question, that makes a weak case for you getting an interview.
  • Failing to Address the Letter to a Specific Person or Department: Many postings fail to provide the name of an individual or a department to address in your letter. If they provide this information, use it. If they don’t, you can use the generic “Hiring Manager” or “Hiring Committee”.
  • Starting Every Paragraph with “I”: Be creative in finding different ways to begin each paragraph (see our sample letter for examples). If two paragraphs begin with “I”, that’s OK, but no more than that.

Tips from Nurses on Writing Your Nursing Cover Letter

Research potential employers, explain relevant skills that meet the position’s qualifications, include your soft skills, highlight your best qualities, demonstrate your passion, showcase your ability and willingness to learn, check for errors, frequently asked questions about nursing cover letters, what should a nurse cover letter include.

A nurse cover letter should include a header with your name, credentials, and contact information, plus the receiver’s contact information. The body of the letter should specifically address the position you’re applying for, and how you can fulfill the characteristics, credentials, skills, knowledge, and expertise required.

What should a nurse cover letter not include?

Your cover letter does not need to include phrases like, “My references are available upon request”; “Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns”; or “I can be contacted via email at _____________or via phone at _____________.” These are all givens, and if your contact information is in your header, there’s no need to say it again.

What’s the difference between a new grad nurse cover letter and an experienced nurse cover letter?

A new grad nurse cover letter can’t demonstrate the level of skill, expertise, and knowledge as a seasoned nurse. New grads haven’t accumulated years of nursing experience, but they have their academic and clinical performance, enthusiasm, passion, and related healthcare experience to share, whether paid or volunteer. When employers advertise new grad positions, they understand that new grad resumes and letters can’t reflect the resumes of experienced nurses.

Are nursing cover letters necessary?

In these days of online applications, a cover letter may be optional, meaning that applicants can upload a cover letter if they choose to. For some applications, a cover letter will be required. Consider this: if a cover letter is optional, why not go the extra mile and write a strong one? If your resume and experience are comparable to another candidate’s, your cover letter could give you the edge. After all, a resume can’t by nature express much personality, but a cover letter can. So, make a strong impression with a well-crafted letter, whether it’s required or not.

Download our cover letter template (DOCX, 14KB)

Name and Credentials

Town, State | Phone | Email

Personalized LinkedIn profile URL (optional)

Dept and/or contact person Facility or organization Street Town, State, Zip

Dear ________________:

Paragraph 1: Begin by stating the position for which you are applying. Say something about the organization to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework and understand what they’re all about, and that this letter is not at all “cookie-cutter” in nature.

Paragraph 2: Share select highlights of your career, expertise, experience, skills, or personal characteristics that are directly applicable to this position and/or this employer. You can emphasize something from your resume that you want them to make note of, as long as you don’t use exactly the same language as your resume, which is redundant.

Paragraph 3: This is a good place to highlight some of your “soft skills” (e.g., communication, emotional intelligence, relational intelligence, patient education, compassion, empathy, etc).

Paragraph 4: Here you can call attention to your computer skills, EMR experience, etc., as well as any other tech skills worth mentioning.

Closing paragraph: Tie the letter together, reiterate your interest, and express your enthusiastic desire to have the opportunity to meet to discuss your experience and the position further.

Sincerely, Your name and credentials

Miguel Schwartzkoffnian, BSN, RN

Annabelle, HA | 000-000-1000 | [email protected]

April 3, 2023

Department of Nursing Recruitment University of Tabula Rasa Medical Center 301 Rasa Drive Glen Tabularea, MOO 22222

Dear Nursing Recruitment Department:

As a caring and dedicated summa cum laude graduate of Adelphi University’s BSN program, please accept my enthusiastic interest in the Registered Nurse – Respiratory/Intermediate Care position posted on your website. I am both personally and professionally aligned with the values that are a very clear aspect of your organization’s mission. From your “Power of Caring” funding of your expanded Outpatient Care Center to your “Next Generation” initiative, I can clearly see the forward-thinking philosophy underlying UTRMC and its reputation as an innovative facility and community member.

During my education, I thrived in clinical practice where I received positive preceptor feedback following each rotation. I am highly coachable, and as you can see from my resume, I bring more than six years’ related healthcare experience as both an EMT and CNA. I am already well-versed in code blue response, Foley catheter insertion and care, venipuncture, ECG interpretation, and non-complex wound care. Comfortable in new settings, I am not afraid to ask questions to enhance my learning and improve the quality of care I deliver to patients and their families. I thrive in multidisciplinary environments, and I use my highly-developed communication skills and emotional and relational intelligence to foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among my colleagues, and nurse-patient relationships built on trust.

As a digital native and quick learner, I am highly competent using the Epic and Cerner EMRs and Microsoft Office Suite, and I have full confidence in my natural curiosity and powers of critical thinking in relation to learning new technologies and digital interfaces.

I have a great deal to contribute as a member of the UTRMC community of clinicians. I look forward to discussing the intersection of my skills and experience with the needs of your inspiring organization that embraces its role beyond the actual facility and into the surrounding community it serves.

Sincerely, Miguel Schwartzkoffnian, BSN, RN

Page last reviewed on February 24, 2023

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Nursing Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2024

Nursing Cover Letter Examples and Templates for 2024

Jacob Meade

  • Cover Letter Examples

How To Write a Nursing Cover Letter

  • Cover Letter Text Examples

When writing your nursing cover letter, focus on how you can support patients’ health and recovery at the hospital or facility that posted the job. Also, emphasize your related skills like problem-solving, family relations, or medication administration.

This guide will help you write a cover letter that gets you interviews for your next job in nursing.

Nursing Cover Letter Templates and Examples

  • Entry-Level
  • Senior-Level


To write a great nursing cover letter that separates you from other candidates during the job search, it’s important to tell your unique story within the health care field. Emphasize the positive impact you’ve had on patient outcomes and clinical operations throughout your work history. Feature tangible accomplishments that paint a compelling picture of your experience as a registered nurse. Below, we’ll provide useful tips and insights to help you craft a powerful nursing cover letter:

1. Contact information and salutation

List all essential contact information at the top of your nursing cover letter , including your name, phone number, email, and LinkedIn URL. Be sure to address the hiring manager by name — Mr. or Ms. [Last Name]. If you can’t find the hiring manager’s name, use a variation of “Dear Hiring Manager.” Avoid using outdated greetings such as “To Whom It May Concern,” as your salutation should be direct and personalized.

2. Introduction

To maximize the impact of your nursing cover letter, lead with a strong opening paragraph to draw the reader in. Convey your years of experience within the medical field and key clinical specializations that align with the role you’re applying for. Feature one of your most notable achievements as a registered nurse to immediately show the hiring manager your proven track record of success.

In the example below, the candidate details how they successfully reduced an operating budget while maintaining high patient care standards. By providing deeper insights into your medical background, you can bolster the strength of your nursing cover letter.

As a nursing manager, I successfully modified my unit’s budget by cutting 15% of costs without sacrificing patient care. I hope to bring the same level of success to a position at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

3. Body paragraphs

Continue to illustrate your clinical experience, qualifications, and accomplishments in the body paragraphs of your nursing cover letter. Start by mentioning the hospital’s reputation, culture, and mission statement and why you’re interested in joining their team. Draw attention to aspects of your experience as a registered nurse that help you stand out from other applicants during the hiring process. In the example below, the candidate features their background providing care to elderly patients in residential facilities, which paints a clearer picture for the hiring manager.

Since acquiring my nursing degree and LPN license in 2017, I have set my career path toward caring for individuals living in residential facilities. As a part of your team, I can bring:

  • Efficiency: I can perform many tasks, such as medication administration, injections, and catheters independently.
  • Communication: My current management has commended me for excellent bedside manners and teamwork.
  • Dependability: I’ve maintained a perfect attendance record at my current position.

4. Nursing skills and qualifications

Although it’s unnecessary to feature a list of skills on your nursing cover letter, incorporate key clinical terms that align with the position you’re targeting. Integrate these terms where they fit naturally to avoid negatively impacting the flow of your sentences. Below, we’ve compiled a range of clinical skills you can highlight on your nursing cover letter:

Key Skills and Qualifications
Activities of daily living (ADLs) Acute care
Case management Clinical operations
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) Electronic Health Records (EHR)
HIPAA Infectious disease protocols
Medication administration Oncology
Patient advocacy Patient centered-care
Patient education Patient management
Pediatric advanced life support (PALS) Telemetry
Treatment planning Vital sign monitoring
Wound care  

5. Closing section

Close out your nurse cover letter with a call to action (CTA) inviting the hiring manager to interview you. Further emphasize how your clinical background can benefit the hospital you’re targeting. Be sure to thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration in the last sentence.

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss how my patient care skills and plan-of-care knowledge would benefit the team at San Diego West Medical. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss a meeting time that would suit your schedule.

Best regards,

Nursing Cover Letter Tips

1. show you can support and advocate for patients.

Start your letter with a clear example of your success in your field. As the American Nurses Association puts it , nurses are “the glue that holds a patient’s health care journey together.” View your work experience from that perspective. How have you coordinated with doctors and other health care personnel? And how have you guided or supported patients’ progress to new stages of treatment or recovery? Your answers to these questions can help you find a powerful work highlight to open your letter.

At San Diego Bay Hospital, I have been named employee of the year twice (2016 and 2018) and received numerous accolades and commendations for my excellent patient care skills. I would be proud to replicate this success at San Diego West Medical.

2. Explain why you’re drawn to the opportunity

On a separate document or sheet of paper, take 10 minutes to brainstorm why this nursing job or employer interests you. For instance, maybe the role is in pediatrics, a patient age group you’d be eager to work with again. Or perhaps the hospital or clinic has a stated mission or patient care philosophy that resonates with you.

When you’re done brainstorming, review your notes: Do any stand out as important or persuasive? Take another 10 minutes to brainstorm and elaborate on them. Repeat this process until you have two or three concise sentences that speak to the job opening. By adding these to your cover letter, you can show nurse managers you read their job posting and are responding to it directly.

In addition to a master’s degree in nursing, I have over five years of proven experience providing high levels of care to all my patients. Due to my extensive medical knowledge, management experience, and patient-centered focus, I would be a valuable addition to your nursing staff.

3. Highlight your other work strengths

Add a short list of bullet points to cover your success in other key areas of nursing. With each bullet point, show the skill in action by giving an example of how you improved clinical operations or patient outcomes. For instance, you could display leadership by describing how you helped train nurse assistants on new department practices.

Some of my past successes include:

  • Training new nurses and staff members in electronic medical record (EMR) and EHR protocols and system updates, resulting in better patient health records
  • Created new scheduling systems that cut 17% of scheduling waste from the unit
  • Designing and implementing a new nursing career development program that assisted nurses wanting to further their training, reducing the unit’s turnover by 23%

Nursing Text-Only Cover Letter Templates and Examples

Philip Glossman Licensed Practical Nurse | [email protected] | (540) 123-4567 | 689 Whisper Lane, Thornburg, VA 22565

January 1, 2024

Dr. Ralph Hughes Nursing Director Hughes Home, Inc. (540) 098-7654 [email protected]

Dear Dr. Hughes,

When my grandmother moved into your community five years ago, I knew that I wanted to serve families at Hughes Home upon completing my nursing education. In response to your Indeed listing, I gladly offer my skills and experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Now that you have a need for a professional with my credentials, I am eager to discuss with you how I can contribute to the ongoing success of the community that cared for my grandmother. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to set up an interview.

Philip Glossman

Zoey Logan Registered Nurse | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | 123 South St., San Diego, 12345

January 7, 2024

Jessica Stanley Senior Hiring Manager San Diego West Medical (987) 654-3210 [email protected]

Dear Ms. Stanley,

In addition to a master’s degree in nursing, I have over five years of proven experience providing high levels of care to all my patients. Due to my extensive medical knowledge, management experience, and patient-centered focus, I would be a valuable addition to your nursing staff. Some of my notable accomplishments include:

  • Assisted in creating nursing schedules that helped to create a 5% reduction in scheduling waste from my unit
  • Extensive experience in working in the trauma and ICU wards
  • Trained seven new nursing staff in the EMR systems and best practices.
  • Educated patients in post-operative care and medication before discharge

Best Regards,

Sarah Pettigrew Nursing Manager | [email protected] | (123) 456-7890 | 123 Main St., Miami, FL 12345

David Higgins Senior HR Manager Mount Sinai Medical Center (987) 654-3210 [email protected]

Dear Mr. Higgins,

I have over 17 years of experience in caring for patients and managing staff. I showcase a broad range of nursing experience, having worked in various wards, including pediatrics, obstetrics, trauma, and ICU. My patient care record and excellent communication skills make me a valuable addition to your medical team.

  • Created new scheduling systems that cut 17% scheduling waste from the unit
  • Designing and implementing a new nursing career development program that assisted nurses wanting to further their training, reducing the unit’s turnover by 23%

I’d like to set up a meeting at your convenience to discuss how my work experience and health care knowledge could be of use to Mount Sinai Medical Center. Please feel free to contact me with a time that suits your schedule.

Sarah Pettigrew

Nursing Cover Letter Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to start a cover letter -.

With a clear example of your success in the role you’re pursuing. The concept of “show, don’t tell” absolutely applies to your cover letter’s first paragraph. For instance, don’t just tell the hiring manager you’re a “proactive nurse professional.” Demonstrate you’re proactive by citing a time you exceeded expectations or found a new way to support and advocate for patients.

Should I say “My name is…” on a cover letter? -

No. As long as your name appears in the letter’s closing section, you don’t need to state it otherwise.

What traits are useful to highlight in my cover letter? -

Desired qualities in nursing professionals include empathy, precision, dedication, collaboration, and emotional resilience. Consider which of these traits best describe you, then give an example or two of how you’ve shown them in a work setting.

Craft a new cover letter in minutes

Get the attention of hiring managers with a cover letter tailored to every job application.

Jacob Meade

Jacob Meade

Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW, ACRW)

Jacob Meade is a resume writer and editor with nearly a decade of experience. His writing method centers on understanding and then expressing each person’s unique work history and strengths toward their career goal. Jacob has enjoyed working with jobseekers of all ages and career levels, finding that a clear and focused resume can help people from any walk of life. He is an Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) with the Resume Writing Academy, and a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.

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25 Nursing Cover Letter Samples & Writing Guide for 2024

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  • Nursing Cover Letter
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  • Write an Outstanding Nursing Cover Letter

Nurses tackle difficult situations for their patients, providing care under stressful circumstances. Nurses are there when patients need help with medicines, a drink, or someone to talk to.

But despite tackling the most precarious situations at work, writing a cover letter to complement a nursing resume can feel more daunting than handling a crowded emergency room. Do you even have the time and energy after a 12-hour shift?

Luckily, we can help with our nursing cover letter examples and tips that will impress any medical director. Then, polish your application off with our free resume builder and AI cover letter generator to create stunning documents in no time.

how to make a nursing cover letter

Nursing Cover Letter Example 


Microsoft Word

Google Docs

Block Format

Nursing cover letter template 

Copy this text for your Nursing cover letter!

123 Fictional Lane Boise, ID (123) 456-7890

January 23, 2023

Casey Matheson, StarRN Recruiter West Valley Medical Center 1717 Arlington Ave. Caldwell, ID 83605

Dear Ms. Matheson:

When I heard about HCA Healthcare’s $3.7M charitable care initiatives, I knew I wanted to become a nurse with HCA. Your title as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies to Work for further drives my desire to apply for this position. As your Med Surg nurse, I know I can improve patients’ lives through compassionate, effective care using the most modern nursing practices.

Your organization shares my passion for patient care regardless of the ability to pay, as shown by your community impact fund to help people living below the poverty line. As an LPN at Cedar Ridge Clinic, I frequently saw entire families. Beyond greeting patients and assessing their condition, I engaged with each one personally, remembering details from their previous visits and asking about family members. Moreover, I researched ways to reduce their medical bills, such as requesting assistance from the clinic’s charity funds. By developing a relationship with my patients and helping them find affordable care, they were 48% more responsive to the doctor’s suggestions, and we reduced their clinic stay by 28%. Around 77% of patients said they’d return to Cedar Ridge Clinic or recommend it to their friends.

Most recently, I was a nurse with Vivian Health. I floated between three departments, communicating changes to healthcare staff, providing instructions for CNAs, and performing basic tasks, including drawing blood and taking vitals. On any given day, I cared for six patients, assisted five doctors, and instructed two CNAS per shift, which meant I was stretched thin and unable to provide adequate care to my patients. To remedy the issue, I coordinated the nursing schedules using ShiftWizard, so every nurse knew where they needed to be and whom they were helping throughout the day. After using ShiftWizard for three months, productivity increased by 28% and efficiency rates by 19%.

Providing adequate care for my patients is only the tip of the iceberg; I connect with patients personally and consistently seek to improve. As a nurse with HCA, I will provide individualized care to patients and collaborate with families, doctors, and healthcare staff to create better patient care plans. Thank you for raising the standard of healthcare in the US, and I eagerly await your response.


Aurora Landig

Enclosures: Resume Job application Transcript

Why this cover letter works

  • Especially in your opening and closing, include details like why you applied for the position, what you appreciate about the company, and what you hope to achieve in the future. 
  • Your cover letter isn’t the place to be modest; beyond just metrics, name things you’re good at and what you want to accomplish in your future company.
  • Some good skills you can include are collaboration, leadership, and technical abilities. Just make sure your examples relate to the job description in some way. 
  • So long as you focus on your skills and how you can use them, you’ll exude confidence, not arrogance.

Level up your cover letter game

Relax! We’ll do the heavy lifting to write your cover letter in seconds.

Nursing New Grad Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Nursing New Grad cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32201 (123) 456-7890

November 26, 2023

Amelia Martin Orange Park Medical Center 123 Fictional Lane Jacksonville, FL 32201

Dear Ms. Martin:

As a recent nurse graduate energized to embark on a rewarding career, my aspiration is to provide safe, quality care to every patient. Confident in my abilities, I believe that as a travel nurse at Orange Park Medical Center, I can adapt to diverse nursing environments, contribute to developing innovative care strategies, and collaborate with staff to enhance the overall patient experience and well-being.

Patient assessment became my main duty in my recent clinical internship at Ascension Seton Northwest Hospital. Evaluating close to 84 patients each week, I honed my diagnostic skills and enhanced the efficiency of patient referrals by approximately 37%.

As part of my nursing practicum at James Casey Garden Medical Center, I oversaw the crucial life support for nine critical patients. Here, I maintained and adjusted ventilator settings, surging the patient survival rate by 43%.

A touching volunteer stint during Hurricane Harvey introduced me to the crucial aspect of wound care in the field. By treating around 52 injuries amidst the chaos, my experience led me to streamline emergency wound care processes, significantly speeding up the treatment time.

Fuelled by burning enthusiasm, I’m geared up to funnel my know-how and unwavering commitment into Orange Park Medical Center’s quality patient care charter, promising fundamental, positive shifts. Looking forward to discussing how I can help level up your medical center’s services. Thank you.

Luca Moretti

  • Luca perfectly executes this in his nursing new grad cover letter by sharing his stint during Hurricane Harvey, where he helps with wound care. Personal moments like these, supported with transferable skills , can be your lever into your professional world.

Registered Nurse (RN) Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Registered Nurse (RN) cover letter!

April 11, 2023

Dear Ms./Mrs the Hiring Manager,

My name is Ziad Al-Samahi, a professional nurse with 15+ years of experience in nursing, teaching and training.

As a nurse, I always provide safe, quality care to every patient, and this is how I found my passion. Your success stories and reputations about helping people physically pushed me to apply to your organization that upholds the values of equity, safety, and integrity. I am confident that as a nurse at the International Medical Coprs, I can lead my fellow nurses, develop modernized treatment plans, and collaborate with staff to improve our patient’s experience and ease.

Managing my time well under stressful conditions has been proven by my role as a nurse while working in many reputable hospitals in Syria, such as AL-Madina Hospital.

My diverse experience, including medical training, has given me strong management skills, knowledge of psychiatric care, and excellent collaborative abilities. I believe these skills will help me effectively deliver proper care to clients, establish robust treatment plans, and educate and empower patients to improve their health. I admire your safe, compassionate care for patients recovering from chemical dependency or mental disorders and am excited to discuss how I would fit into your team of behavioral health nurses.

Chase Turner

Enclosures: Resume Job Application Connecticut RN License Transcript

  • Describe a situation that reveals your expertise if relevant to the job description. Perhaps you were part of a rapid response team or alerted the doctor when a patient woke in the middle of surgery. Think back on a challenge where you emerged victorious.
  • For example, if you want to be a critical care nurse, mention how your time as a forensic nurse helped you develop decision-making skills when helping patients with psychiatric disorders.
  • Pick work experience according to what the employer needs. Are they looking for an ER nurse, someone with pediatric experience, or an oncology RN? Include experience within those fields.
  • If you don’t have expertise in a particular area, talk about previous positions with transferable skills. 

Experienced Nurse Cover Letter Example

Experienced nurse cover letter template

Copy this text for your Experienced Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue New York City, NY 10002 (123) 456-7890

April 29, 2024

Layla Parker NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 123 Fictional Lane New York City, NY 10002

Dear Ms. Parker:

As a high school student, I was awestruck during a visit to a local hospital by the precision and compassion of the clinical team. I remember standing riveted in those hallways, vowing to join the ranks of those healthcare heroes brimming with a perfect amalgamation of ingenuity and empathy—qualities I aspired to embody. Now, with a deep-seated commitment to patient care, I’m eager to join the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital team as a clinical nurse specialist.

At Cayenne Consulting, my leadership in revamping our talent acquisition approach not only sparked a substantial increase in team morale but also propelled our retention rates upward by 29%. This strategic overhaul was pivotal in streamlining operations and establishing a robust platform for ongoing professional growth, paralleling the skills a clinical nurse specialist utilizes to cultivate a thriving culture of excellence and continuous learning within the nursing workforce.

My contribution extended to crafting an innovative onboarding process that condensed training duration by an impressive six days, concurrently elevating employee satisfaction levels. This achievement underlines my proficiency in transforming educational concepts into tangible benefits, a skill that resonates with NewYork-Presbyterian’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of nursing education and practice with cutting-edge, evidence-based approaches.

The forward-thinking mindset and dedication to fostering an environment of relentless learning and enhancement in your institution are thrilling. I’m keen to leverage my experience in strategic planning, team leadership, and the promotion of educational virtues to help fulfill your esteemed mission of providing exemplary patient care and pioneering advancements in nursing.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing how my skills and experiences can be of value to your team and contribute to the ongoing success of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Evelyn Moreau

Enclosures: Resume Application form 2 letters of recommendation

  • Here’s a bummer, though: the hiring manager doesn’t want to hear about those misadventures with friends (save them for the breakroom once you get the job, not your application). But a heartfelt snippet about that visit to a local hospital years ago painting a picture of the moment you knew nursing was your calling? That’s the kind of story that grabs hold and doesn’t let go.

Nursing Preceptorship Cover Letter Example

Nursing preceptorship cover letter template

Copy this text for your Nursing Preceptorship cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue San Antonio, TX 78201 (123) 456-7890

Anthony Evans University Health System 123 Fictional Lane San Antonio, TX 78201

Dear Mr. Evans:

With a clear vision for the future, a passion for innovation in care, and a foundation in health sciences, I find deep satisfaction in addressing challenges and enhancing practices throughout the entire spectrum of patient care. I’m excited about the prospect of joining the University Health System through a nursing preceptorship, where I can bring my dedicated approach and my advanced clinical skills to support your esteemed team.

While at Methodist Hospital Texsan, I led a pioneering project that transformed how new nurses in the NICU were onboarded. By integrating simulation-based training and fostering peer review mechanisms, we initiated a monumental shift that led to a remarkable 32% reduction in the time required for initial training while simultaneously enhancing nursing competency by an astounding 48%.

My career journey is also marked by expertly navigating multidisciplinary teams through the stormy seas of clinical emergencies. Such situations called for immediate action and unwavering commitment to the highest standards of healthcare delivery. These experiences have sharpened my skills in guiding novice nurses through the complex labyrinth of clinical hurdles, underscoring the importance of quick decision-making and solid teamwork.

With a bachelor of science in nursing from Chamberlain University and Advanced and Basic Life Support certifications, my academic background and hands-on experiences equip me to make a significant impact at University Health System. I’m driven by the prospect of lending my expertise in clinical teaching and patient management to your venerable institution, aiming to enrich the mentorship and continuous growth of your nursing personnel.

Thank you for your consideration. I’m enthusiastic about discussing how my experience and skills can benefit your team.

Oscar Lindberg

Enclosures: Resume Application 2 letters of recommendation

  • You want to keep your nursing preceptorship cover letter concise, ideally to a single page. And it’s not just about brevity; it’s respect for the recruiter’s time and demonstrating your ability to prioritize and articulate information well. Even so, focus on what matters—your qualifications, passion for the practice, and readiness to contribute to the facility). Otherwise, you’ll get the same response you got last time—the heartbreaking silence.

Nurse Manager Cover Letter Example

Nurse manager cover letter template

Copy this text for your Nurse Manager cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Nashville, TN 37202 (123) 456-7890

Ava Harris Vanderbilt University Medical Center 123 Fictional Lane Nashville, TN 37202

Dear Ms. Harris:

Transitioning from my current role into the healthcare sector has always been a goal deeply rooted in my dedication to serving others and my fascination with the complex, dynamic world of medical care. Despite my background not being directly in healthcare, I’ve cultivated skills vital to effective nursing leadership—such as clear communication, team coordination, and critical decision-making—through varied professional experiences. These skills, combined with a genuine passion for patient care and a keen desire to impact health outcomes positively, fuel my ambition to join your team as your next nurse manager.

As a senior data analyst at Humana and throughout my previous roles, I’ve cultivated a deep proficiency in navigating the realms of data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. For instance, I led a data integration project that reduced time-to-insight by 16%. This journey has empowered me to unearth insights that can elevate operational efficiencies.

While my journey hasn’t directly traversed nursing, the leadership qualities I’ve refined, my knack for steering complex projects to success, and my relentless drive for fostering improvement through data insights are versatile and adaptable to the nurse manager position. My strength lies in galvanizing teams, guiding staff development, and championing evidence-informed strategies to fulfill and surpass organizational benchmarks.

I’m poised to ensure the rigorous observance of regulatory standards, the elevation of staff development programs, and the lead on initiatives that drive quality enhancements. My conviction is strong in my potential to make a significant and positive impact on your team, advocating for a culture that is continually aspiring towards excellence and growth.

The possibility of engaging in a detailed discussion about how my eclectic background, skills, and fervor align with the aspirations of your facility excites me greatly. Thank you for considering my application.

James Wright

  • Take James, for example. He doesn’t just mention his job duties; he dives into a story about spearheading a data integration project that reduces time-to-insight by 16%. And he doesn’t stop there—see how he layers on other must-have skills for a nurse manager (we’re talking communication, decision-making, and team coordination). You don’t want to be just in the running but leading the pack for that coveted interview.

Nursing Instructor Cover Letter Example

Nursing instructor cover letter template

Copy this text for your Nursing Instructor cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue San Francisco, 94101 (123) 456-7890

Daniel Thompson San Francisco State University 123 Fictional Lane San Francisco, 94101

Dear Mr. Thompson:

San Francisco State University’s resolve to deliver academic excellence and advance social justice within our diverse global society resonates with me as a seasoned nursing professional. Some treat nursing as a way to earn a living. However, I believe in empowering students with the necessary skills that would ultimately raise the bar in healthcare, and this intention is visible in the rapport I cultivate with every learner I mentor.

While rolling out a new curriculum development approach within my three-year tenure at UCSF Medical Center, I realized how crucial the instructor-student partnership is, especially in our evolving healthcare landscape. My knack for innovative curriculum design cultivated a unique appreciation of our students’ needs, thus enhancing our program completion rate by an estimated 8% annually. At the core of this achievement was frequent course material revision and deployment of interactive learning tools.

Meanwhile, serving as a Nurse Educator at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center for the better part of two years, my team and I boasted a 48% proficiency improvement rate by year’s end. We achieved this milestone by consistently examining our teaching methodologies and assessing each phase of the learning experience to identify areas of optimization that led to lasting academic growth.

My passion for demystifying complex medical scenarios through teaching methodologies, guiding learners to excel in patient assessment, and designing relevant curricula drives me to strive for academic excellence consistently. I’m confident this vigor will catalyze my success as your next nursing instructor.

I look forward to exploring this opportunity further. Thanks for considering my application.

Maya Haddad

  • The hiring institution wants to see how you nurtured nursing students and generated an impact. So, go ahead and paint the town red with anecdotes of meaningful student engagements and measurable outcomes (Cue improving program completion rate by 8%).

ICU Nurse Cover Letter Example

ICU nurse cover letter template

Copy this text for your ICU Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Lane Macon, GA (123) 456-7890

Angel Sumpter, Nursing Manager Wellstar North Fulton Hospital 3000 Hospital Blvd Roswell, GA 30076

Dear Ms. Sumpter:

I knew I had to apply for the ICU position at Wellstar North Fulton Hospital when I read your care testimonials. Reading quotes from the doctors and nurses revealed that Wellstar provides individualized attention for every patient. I also love how you give back to the community with your wellness programs for children, young adults, and seniors, regardless of situation or background. As your critical care RN, I would provide efficient care through accurate assessments, vigilant monitoring, and active collaboration with healthcare staff and patients.

My last position was in the ICU for St. Maisha Hospital. While there, I treated many non-English speaking patients who lived below the poverty line. Though challenging, I learned to assess patients and communicate with them and their families regardless of language barriers and lack of funds. I petitioned for yearly fundraisers to provide resources for families to get the care they deserved and established volunteer-based language classes for nurses and doctors. These initiatives mean patients were treated 27% faster and spent 46% less time in the hospital.

I also have experience identifying and responding to emergencies quickly and calmly from my time as a neuro ICU nurse at Augusta University. My patients had suffered strokes, seizures, and other life-threatening events that put them at high risk for neurological issues. I soon realized the best way to determine cognitive function was to establish a strong relationship with my patients, allowing me to see subtle signs of decline that even checking vital signs, motor function, and reflexes couldn’t catch. Through my diligent and compassionate care, I evaluated patients 56% faster and reduced mortality rates by approximately 39%.

Nursing should consistently deliver effective and thorough treatment to every patient. With your focus on nonprofit care in multiple service areas, I know Wellstar North Fulton Hospital feels like I do. Thank you for caring for all your patients with the same level of attention regardless of their ability to pay, and I look forward to hearing more about your nursing team and healthcare strategies.

Best regards,

Jacqueline LaLonde

Enclosures: Resume Georgia RN License Copy of BLS & ACLS cards

  • Once you know what you do differently, you can measure your results against others and find the numbers you need for your ICU nurse cover letter.
  • Double-check for special requirements, like a copy of your BLS and ACLS cards.

Director of Nursing Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Director of Nursing cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55402 (123) 456-7890

Amelia Martin Allina Health 123 Fictional Lane Minneapolis, MN 55402

The Minneapolis Heart Institute at Allina Health becoming the first in the U.S. to implant the TriClip™ System, revolutionizing the treatment for Tricuspid Regurgitation, not only showcases your commitment to pioneering healthcare but also solidifies your position as a leader in innovative cardiac care. Motivated by such advancements and the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking medical practices, I’m eager to leverage my expertise and leadership to further enhance patient care and clinical outcomes as Allina Health’s next director of nursing.

At BlueCross, I championed a significant initiative to migrate our data systems to Power BI, which led to a striking 62% reduction in report generation time and a 36% increase in data handling efficiency. This strategic overhaul didn’t just streamline our processes but also brought substantial savings of 64,082 per year. These milestones underscore my ability to institute innovative solutions that vastly improve patient care, perfectly aligning with Allina Health’s commitment to technological advancements in the service of healthcare excellence.

A master of science in business from Hamline University and a bachelor of technology form the backbone of my educational qualifications. This blend of tech-savvy and strategic insight equips me to tackle the multifaceted challenges in healthcare leadership and foster a culture of relentless improvement within Allina Health.

My professional philosophy resonates deeply with Allina Health’s mission, particularly your emphasis on technological innovation and nurturing nursing talent. I look forward to discussing how my blend of experience, skills, and enthusiasm for excellence in healthcare could bolster the standards of patient care and nursing leadership at Allina Health. Thank you for considering my application.

Alexander Petrov

  • So, here’s the thing: unlike your resume, your director of nursing cover letter doesn’t have a skills section, making bringing them to life in a recount your best, if not only, option. Like, say you championed an initiative to save time, and boom, that’s flaunting your teamwork skills right there (a must-have interpersonal soft skill for any leadership role).

School Nurse Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your School Nurse cover letter!

Mia Anderson San Diego State University 123 Fictional lane San Diego, CA 92102

Dear Ms. Anderson:

The belief that education forms the bedrock of a thriving society resonates deeply with me, just as the health and well-being of our students are paramount to nurturing their ability to learn and grow. Drawing from my profound commitment to fostering supportive environments where children can flourish, I’m eager to contribute my skills and passion to your school. My adeptness at navigating challenges and interpreting health data positions me as an ideal candidate to work collaboratively with your educational team, ensuring the holistic well-being of every student aligns with your school’s mission.

My role as a senior data analyst at Humana involved extensive work with health data infrastructures, where I spearheaded seven projects that enhanced product offerings and directly impacted customer health positively. This work, particularly my experience with A/B testing and trend analysis, has fine-tuned my ability to sift through complex data sets to devise actionable health strategies. Implementing these strategies led to measurable improvements in wellness programs, showcasing my capacity to directly contribute to health promotion and disease prevention within a school setting.

The analytical prowess I developed through my master of science in school nursing has been instrumental in forecasting and evaluating health initiatives’ effectiveness. By applying these capabilities, I aim to advance health education, identify and support at-risk students, and foster an environment conducive to physical and mental well-being across the campus.

Joining San Diego State University as a school nurse would allow me to leverage my unique skill set to enhance student health outcomes and academic success. I’m keen to apply my analytical abilities and passion for health and wellness to support the university’s mission of providing a safe and nurturing educational environment. Looking forward to discussing how I can contribute to the well-being of your students and the broader university community. Thank you.

Victoria Lopez

  • Got a Master of Science in school nursing? Flashing it in your school nurse cover letter isn’t just dropping another credential; it communicates that you’ve devoted time to acquiring the knowledge required to practice and yield desirable results. That might just be the final push needed for the hiring manager to pick up the phone and dial your number.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Cover Letter Example

Labor and delivery nurse cover letter template

Copy this text for your Labor and Delivery Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85002 (123) 456-7890

Chloe Phillips St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center 123 Fictional Lane Phoenix, AZ 85002

Dear Ms. Phillips:

Each birth is a moment of profound intensity and joy. Thriving in fast-paced and high-pressure roles has prepared me for the labor and delivery nurse position at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. Despite my non-traditional background, my rapid decision-making, problem-solving, and teamwork skills closely match the demands of labor and delivery nursing. I’m ready to collaborate with your healthcare team to ensure safe and memorable birthing experiences for your patients.

Drawing from my background as an industrial electrician, I bring to the table a unique skill set that’s surprisingly transferable to nursing. The critical thinking, meticulous organization, and ability to perform under pressure cultivated in my previous role resonate profoundly with the demands of labor and delivery care. The parallels between conducting system tests and clinical assessments, as well as ensuring safety and facilitating team projects, highlight the synergy between my past experiences and the responsibilities of a labor and delivery nurse.

My history of thriving in fast-paced, high-pressure environments is evidenced by my track record of reducing errors and injuries through conscientious practice and adherence to protocols. These qualities, honed through years of experience, are invaluable assets in the labor and delivery unit, where each moment demands precision and composure. Moreover, my innate empathy and organized approach to problem-solving fuel my aspiration to positively impact the childbirth experiences of expectant mothers and their families.

Despite embarking on an unconventional journey to nursing, my commitment to this role is unwavering, underscored by dedicated preparation and acquisition of relevant healthcare certifications. I’m eager to contribute meaningfully to your team, fostering safe and positive childbirth experiences and reinforcing your institution’s commitment to exceptional maternal care.

Thank you for considering my application. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to discuss how my background, skills, and certifications can be an asset to your labor and delivery unit.

Sofia Santos

  • It’s simple: consider what the hiring organization is looking for and demonstrate how transferable skills mastered from previous roles translate into the role. The critical thinking, meticulous organization, and ability to perform under pressure cultivated in my previous role… from Sofia’s cover letter makes for an excellent example of this strategy in action.

Nursing Residency Program Cover Letter Example

Nursing residency program nurse cover letter template

Copy this text for your Nursing Residency Program cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Raleigh, NC 27602 (123) 456-7890

Mia Anderson Duke Raleigh Hospital 123 Fictional Lane Raleigh, NC 27602

Duke Raleigh Hospital’s Pediatric Nurse Residency Program stands out for its exceptional commitment to fostering growth and delivering outstanding pediatric care, a mission that deeply resonates with my personal and professional aspirations. With a bachelor of science in nursing and a background rich in youth engagement and welfare through summer camp counseling, my journey has been fueled by a dedication to the well-being and development of children.

As a summer camp counselor, I initiated a pioneering health and wellness program that notably cut down the need for medical attention among campers by reducing incidents from 116 to 58 within a single season. This focus on preventive strategies and tailor-made health education for children demonstrated the effectiveness of preemptive health measures and education. Not only did it underscore the importance of comprehensive pediatric care covering physical, emotional, and mental health, but it also reinforced my resolve to make an impact in this field.

I look forward to the prospect of participating in Duke Raleigh Hospital’s diverse scope of clinical rotations and benefiting from its interdisciplinary learning environment. With my background in child-centered supportive care and health promotion activities, I’m eager to augment your efforts in delivering comprehensive, family-focused healthcare that results in healthier futures and cost savings in the healthcare system.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m eager to explore how I can contribute to the continued excellence of Duke Raleigh Hospital’s pediatric care through your residency program.

Mateo Silva

  • Sprinkle some personal touch into your piece. How, you wonder? Swap out the impersonal tone for a hearty first person (I) and go ahead to express your aspirations for the role. After all, you’re selling yourself and you’ve got to capitalize on every chance to say “Hey, I’m not just another application but someone deeply passionate about joining your team.”

Pediatric Nurse Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Pediatric Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45202 (123) 456-7890

Benjamin Turner Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 123 Fictional Lane Cincinnati, OH 45202

Dear Mr. Turner:

Motivated by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s mission to enhance child health and transform care delivery, I am highly enthusiastic about bringing my skills to your team as a Pediatric Nurse. Your commitment to globally recognized research, education, and innovation resonates with my dedication to providing exceptional nursing care for children. I’m excited about the prospect of learning and growing alongside your esteemed team, understanding the needs of your young patients, and actively participating in the journey of ensuring their well-being and satisfaction.

During my tenure as a ticket sales associate at Cincinnati Bengals, I honed my communication and educational prowess, leading to a notable 23% boost in membership retention. This role was instrumental in shaping my ability to distill and convey complex concepts clearly, a skill that is invaluable when teaching patients and their families about medical conditions and care strategies within a pediatric framework.

The high-pressure environment of a help desk technician at NetGrain Technologies further refined my stress management and problem-solving skills. Faced with urgent technical dilemmas, I developed a knack for rapid, level-headed decision-making. This ability is critical in pediatric healthcare, a field where seconds count, and maintaining composure can make all the difference.

As a co-founder of the Pitt Science Junior Collegiate, I orchestrated educational initiatives for 52 youngsters, honing my project management skills and reinforcing my dedication to the well-being of children. This venture not only sharpened my organizational prowess but also aligned perfectly with the pediatric nursing values of child-centered care and the promotion of health education.

With a zeal for continuous learning and an ambition to enhance patient experiences, I’m enthusiastic about contributing to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. I’m keen to discuss further how my diverse skills and dedication can support your mission. Thank you for considering my candidacy.

  • There’s no magic tech that lets you edit your cover letter once you release it to the recruiter, so before that, read it carefully, word for word, to ensure that it’s free of errors. And if you’re falling short of confidence, don’t hesitate to leverage Grammarly or other spell checkers.

Emergency Nurse Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Emergency Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46201 (123) 456-7890

April 26, 2024

Benjamin Turner Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital 123 Fictional Lane Indianapolis, IN 46201

Throughout my career, I’ve been captivated by the intensity and immediacy of emergency care. My deep commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in acute need led me to pursue a path in nursing, culminating in my seeking an opportunity at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital’s renowned emergency department. With a robust foundation in fast-paced decision-making, critical thinking, and a dynamic teamwork environment, I am eager to bring my skills to a setting where every second counts.

My tenure in emergency nursing at Aya Healthcare sharpened my ability to assess and prioritize patient needs through physical examinations and swiftly implement evidence-based interventions. I’ve consistently collaborated with diverse healthcare teams to ensure streamlined patient care while adeptly managing electronic health record systems for meticulous documentation. Additionally, I hold certifications in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), all pivotal for excelling in the emergency nurse role.

Beyond my clinical prowess, I value providing holistic care to patients and their families during critical moments. My approach emphasizes patient advocacy, emotional support, and culturally sensitive care to drive positive outcomes and bolster patient satisfaction. Thriving in the fast-paced realm of emergency nursing, I’m committed to continual growth in this field.

The opportunity to boost both the efficiency and effectiveness of your emergency department fills me with excitement, and delving into how my experience, abilities, and qualifications match your organization’s needs is something I look forward to with great anticipation. I appreciate your consideration.

Thank you for your consideration,

Aisha Rahman

Enclosures: Resume Application Transcripts

  • But then, what’s the right way to address recruiters? First, steer clear of hey and hi — they’re just too casual. Instead, use dear like Aisha does. Also, do a little digging to find the recruiter’s name to stand out and let them know you took the initiative to learn more about the hiring company.

Aesthetic Nurse Cover Letter Example

Aesthetic nurse cover letter template

Copy this text for your Aesthetic Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Buffalo, NY 14202 (123) 456-7890

Joseph Young Western New York Dermatology 123 Fictional Lane Buffalo, NY 14202

Dear Mr. Young:

While my background might initially seem an unconventional fit for the field of aesthetic nursing, this application is an invitation to explore the depth and adaptability of my skill set, which bears significant relevance to the nuanced demands of this specialty. I see this as an opportunity to highlight how my foundational competencies and core professional values align with the multifaceted nature of aesthetic nursing despite coming from a markedly different professional landscape.

At Court Street Grocers, I embodied a leadership role that required oversight of intricate warehouse operations, commanding a team of 23 to achieve operational targets while leading efforts that resulted in a 16% reduction in operational costs through strategic process optimization. My dedication to excellence and safety not only upheld the highest standards but also fostered a culture of proactive care and diligence.

My tenure at Logistics Plus was characterized by an ethos of collaboration. I led cross-departmental teams on projects that delivered on efficiency improvements, saving the company an estimated $226,084 annually. The ability to foster teamwork and drive towards common goals in such environments will be instrumental in the interdisciplinary approach of aesthetic nursing, promoting cohesive patient care strategies alongside diverse healthcare professionals.

Further, my engagement in developing and implementing training programs has sharpened my mentorship and educational skills, equipping me with the ability to communicate complex concepts effectively. That will be invaluable in aesthetically oriented patient consultations, where understanding and navigating patients’ goals and expectations are essential for superior care delivery.

The opportunity to contribute within the realm of aesthetic nursing is one I find deeply compelling. I’m eager to discuss my fit for this role and how my diverse skill set might benefit your team and the individuals you serve. Thank you.

Luca Bianchi

  • Say, for example, you led a team of 23 to achieve operational targets and reduced operational costs by 16%; put that in your aesthetic nurse cover letter. It even makes it more compelling by thrusting your exemplary leadership skills into the limelight.

NICU Nurse Cover Letter Example

NICU nurse cover letter template

Copy this text for your NICU Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Kansas City, MO 64101 (123) 456-7890

Layla Parker Children’s Mercy Kansas City 123 Fictional Lane Kansas City, MO 64101

Driven by a profound desire to support and nurture life at its most fragile stages, I am eager to embark on a meaningful journey in neonatal care with Children’s Mercy Kansas City’s neonatal intensive care unit. Though my professional background has not yet afforded me the opportunity for direct patient care, my commitment to compassionate service and my ability to quickly adapt and learn in fast-paced environments prepare me to contribute to the exemplary care Children’s Mercy Kansas City provides to its most vulnerable patients.

My professional evolution has been marked by a dedication to cultivating abilities central to any high-stakes, precision-demanding setting. Steering through the demanding realm of strategic project management, I’ve developed a keen sense for navigating complex challenges. I’ve led task forces of up to 18 members, overseeing critical operations that increased efficiency.

I also place a high value on the growth and evolution of my professional capabilities. To this end, I’ve engaged in over 196 hours of specialized training to bolster workplace safety and improve process workflows—endeavors that translate into a preparedness to embrace the steep learning curve associated with neonatal care. Ingrained with the ethos of perpetual improvement, my goal is to absorb and refine the competencies necessitated by the NICU’s dynamic environment.

Children’s Mercy Kansas City stands out as a beacon of comprehensive neonatal care, where the fusion of medical expertise and compassion sets the standard. This very synergy of care sparks my enthusiasm to integrate my strategic and leadership prowess with your healthcare team.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I’m excited to discuss the potential contributions my background and expertise can make to your team’s success.

Maxime Lefebvre

  • Customizing your NICU nurse cover letter is pretty easy; ensure it aligns with the target role. Let’s say, for example, the hiring organization is after specific skills. Mention and demonstrate them in your cover letter to maximize your chances.

Neonatal Nurse Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Neonatal Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Hartford, CT 06102 (123) 456-7890

Sophia Allen Hartford Hospital 123 Fictional Lane Hartford, CT 06102

Dear Ms. Allen,

The inspiring example set by Hartford Hospital through their initiative “Help Me Grow,” a program to aid in the healthy development of children, first placed Hartford on my professional radar. As an experienced neonatal nursing professional, I’m eager to bring my academic acumen and practical training to your acclaimed neonatal intensive care unit, casting a positive light on every precious life that begins its journey within these walls.

At Saint Francis Hospital’s NICU, I served as a pivotal element in the rapid transfer pathway that successfully facilitated the transition of 86%—a notable increase from the previous 72%—of newborns from the NICU to home within just three days. My adept clinical assessment skills enable me to make critical decisions under pressure, ensuring the well-being of premature, ill, or congenitally affected newborns.

My commitment to patient care transcends beyond just embracing the medical complexity of neonatal care. Guided by profound empathy, I have routinely offered emotional support to families enveloped in the stress of their child’s NICU journey.

With a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Hartford and certifications in Advanced and Basic Life Support, I am eager to further my education and training in this specialized field. Although I haven’t yet obtained the RNC-NIC certification, I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to contribute to your team and make a positive impact on the lives of the infants and families you serve.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m eager to discuss how my background and skills align with the goals of your NICU team.

  • Maya’s approach is pretty commendable here. She goes beyond expressing interest, specifically praising Hartford Hospital’s “Help Me Grow” initiative and clearly states her enthusiasm to further their mission. That screams someone already on board with the team’s vision.

Dental Nurse Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Dental Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Albuquerque, NM 87101 (123) 456-7890

Hande Ortega ABQ Pediatric Dentistry 123 Fictional lane Albuquerque, NM 87101

Dear Ms. Ortega:

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the impactful role compassionate healthcare professionals played in nurturing young smiles. This interest has developed into a career aspiration, and I am motivated to become a Neonatal Nurse in a respected institution like ABQ Pediatric Dentistry. Backed with participatory hours in clinical settings, a nurturing persona, and certifications in Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS), I am excited to contribute to the valuable mission of ABQ Pediatric Dentistry in creating healthy smiles from infancy.

Navigating the demands of patient care within the busy UNM Hospital’s Maternity and NICU departments, I’ve refined a skill set that thrives under pressure—a quality essential to the fast-paced nature of a dental clinic. I’ve managed care protocols for upwards of 28 patients per shift, yielding a 32% improvement in patient turnover rate, showcasing my capacity to adapt swiftly and execute dental support tasks deftly, all while ensuring the clinic’s workflow hums along efficiently.

Parallel to this was my tenure at Rio Grande Dermatology, which extended my expertise to a tapestry of patient backgrounds and increased my effectiveness in patient education, a critical element in any healthcare setting. I was instrumental in developing patient-care initiatives that amplified 5-star scores by 29%. Migrating these refined abilities to the dental sector, my aptitude for conveying vital information will be essential to promoting good oral health practices among your clientele.

Your clinic’s holistic philosophy and collaborative atmosphere resonate profoundly with my professional ethos. I’m keen to integrate my rich tapestry of nursing experiences into your clinic’s fabric, fervently supporting the nexus of team efforts and individual health outcomes. Thank you for considering my application. I’m eager to discuss this exciting opportunity further and am available for an interview at your earliest convenience.

Kai Yamamoto

  • Jump in with a positive (and intriguing) fact that shines a light on your personal connection with the practice. For instance, Kai opens with “Growing up, I was fascinated by the impactful role compassionate healthcare professionals play in nurturing young smiles.” Now, that isn’t just an intro; think of it as an attention-grabbing headline that sets you miles apart from the rest.

Operating Room Nurse Cover Letter Example

Operating room nurse cover letter template

Copy this text for your Operating Room Nurse cover letter!

Mason Martinez Integris Health 123 Fictional Lane Oklahoma City, OK 73101

Dear Mr. Martinez:

Integris Health’s search for an operating room nurse caught my attention, not just as a career opportunity but as a chance to apply my skills in a setting known for its commitment to superior surgical care. My experience aligns closely with the demands of the role, from conducting detailed preoperative assessments to ensuring high standards of intraoperative support and postoperative recovery.

I carved out significant roles at esteemed institutions like Mercy, SSM Health, and OU Health, where my engagement with the surgical spectrum—from preoperative to postoperative care—was meticulously honed. My proficiency was greatly enhanced through using technologies such as the Medtronic Hugo™ and Stryker Mako robotic arm systems, which helped reduce surgery times by an average of 36 minutes per procedure

My tenure at these institutions enabled me to refine my practice in conducting thorough preoperative assessments, educating patients and their families, assisting adeptly during surgeries, and providing diligent postoperative care. With a solid grounding in utilizing SIS Analytics and Allscripts, I notably improved the precision of patient data management, saving the surgical teams approximately 106 hours annually through streamlined operational processes. This directly contributed to an enhanced capacity for handling an additional 16 surgeries per year

The opportunity to further my professional development within your facility while driving forward your standards of surgical excellence is a proposition I approach with great enthusiasm and commitment. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discuss in further detail how I can contribute to your team. Thank you.

Zoe Fischer

Enclosures: Resume Application 2 letters of recommendatio

  • Ideally, pick a two-column operating room nurse cover letter template. For an added flair, bold your first name, the hiring manager’s, and the date, then use a different font color for your last name. Harness such subtle enhancements not for aesthetics, but to showcase your organizational skills.

Psychiatric Nurse Cover Letter Example

Psychiatric nurse cover letter template

Copy this text for your Psychiatric Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Washington, DC 20002 (123) 456-7890

Emily Moore University of Washington Medical Center 123 Fictional Lane Washington, DC 20002

Dear Ms. Moore:

The story of a dear friend who triumphed over depression has always remained with me, highlighting the power of excellent healthcare professionals and the value of empathy. This narrative fuels my desire to bring my extensive nursing experience to help others overcome their health challenges, much like my friend did. Now, as I seek to join the University of Washington Medical Center, I’m driven by a firm commitment to employ my background and competencies in ensuring that psychiatric patients not only have seamless access to medications but are also enveloped by the support they need to thrive.

At Howard University Hospital, I led a series of progressive initiatives within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that culminated in a 19% enhancement in patient outcomes. This challenging role honed my capabilities to adeptly manage the intricacies of psychiatric nursing, underscoring the vitality of personalized care strategies and the integral role of family participation in mental health treatments.

My endeavors extended beyond the hospital to a ground-level program that weaved mental health literacy into the broader tapestry of public health education. The insights gained from this experience solidified my view regarding the indispensable nature of approachable mental health services and the strength of collective community backing—a perspective I recognize as central to the mission of University of Washington Medical Center.

The opportunity to join a pioneering institution like yours excites me as it aligns with my passion for advancing mental health care through innovative practices and a patient-centered approach. I am eager to bring my background in direct patient care, education, and community engagement to a role that supports and expands the capabilities of your psychiatric care team.

Thank you for considering my application. I’m looking forward to discussing how my experience and background meet your team’s needs and can contribute to the University of Washington Medical Center’s continued success in the mental health field.

  • For your case, go for a standard professional font (think Arial, Cambria, Calibri, Times New Roman, etc.) to ensure it’s neat and legible and lessen the recruiters’ eye strain to make a positive impression.

Charge Nurse Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Charge Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Detroit, MI 48202 (123) 456-7890

Lily Baker Henry Ford Health System 123 Fictional lane Detroit, MI 48202

Dear Ms. Baker:

Diving into the feedback from over 2,903 staff on Indeed and the impressive 3.7 rating from more than 1,778 votes on Glassdoor, I was captivated by the positive reflections of Henry Ford Health System’s team’s dedication and professionalism. Your commitment to not only providing top-tier healthcare but also its initiatives to support the well-being of the community across all ages and backgrounds resonates deeply with my desire to contribute to an outstanding team as a charge nurse.

While at the American Red Cross, my leadership contributions led to a notable 18% uptick in operational efficiency, mirroring the multifaceted leadership capabilities your role demands and highlighting my aptitude for guiding diverse medical teams.

My professional credentials are reinforced by BLS and ALS certifications, all built upon a robust educational framework from the Hondros College of Nursing where I earned my RN licensure right here in Detroit. My approach places patient care at the pinnacle while fostering a spirit of collective triumph and strict adherence to healthcare mandates.

The commitment to excellence in patient care and the emphasis on leadership and professional growth at your facility resonate strongly with me. I’m excited to merge my clinical expertise, leadership prowess, and passion for patient advocacy with your esteemed team.

I eagerly anticipate the chance to discuss how my experience, skills, and certifications can benefit your team. Thank you for your consideration.

Clara Duval

  • Ace that first paragraph by kissing up to the company you’re applying to. For example, Clara goes with, “ Diving into the feedback from over 2,903 staff on Indeed and the impressive 3.7 rating from more than 1,778 votes on Glassdoor, I was captivated by the positive reflections of…” A cakewalk, right?

Travel Nurse Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Travel Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Louisville, KY 40202 (123) 456-7890

Mason Roberts University of Louisville Hospital 123 Fictional Lane Louisville, KY 40202

Dear Mr. Roberts:

As a nurse, my commitment is to deliver exceptional and safe healthcare to all. My beliefs echo the values of your institution, and it is for this reason that I write to express my interest in the travel nurse position at the University of Louisville Hospital. The stories of your successful work in transforming lives, inspire and resonate with my nursing ideals of championing equity, safety, and moral integrity. My aim as a travel nurse is to extend quality care to every patient, drawing from diverse experiences to lead nursing teams and innovate care plans.

Across the spectrum of my career, including significant roles at institutions like Norton Hospital and Baptist Health, my unwavering commitment has been to deliver outstanding patient care in a variety of medical milieus. This broad exposure has sharpened my acumen in swiftly adjusting to diverse healthcare scenarios, forging effective partnerships with versatile medical teams, and crafting holistic care strategies that could elevate patient prognosis by 27%.

The experiences I have garnered have bestowed upon me the critical skills needed to provide superior bedside care in line with approved nursing protocols, evaluate medical conditions, administer prescribed medications, and meticulously record patient reactions. I take great pride in my distinguished history of enhancing healthcare results and bolstering the precision of clinical documentation.

Consistent professional growth is a cornerstone of my healthcare practice, propelling me to continually refine my clinical expertise and acumen. My accreditations in Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) stand as a testament to my unwavering resolve to stay abreast of cutting-edge practices in patient care.

The opportunity to apply my strong nursing skills, adaptability, and passion for patient care to this role is exciting and I look forward to the possibility of discussing my application in further detail. Thank you.

  • But don’t stop at the praises. Show how you can boost the hiring establishment’s reputation, with your narration coming across as professional and authentic. You want to focus on putting your proficiencies and skills under the limelight, aligning with the need for versatility and adaptability in travel nursing.

Nurse Case Manager Cover Letter Example

Nurse case manager cover letter template

Copy this text for your Nurse Case Manager cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Austin, TX 78701 (123) 456-7890

Zoey Mitchell St. David’s HealthCare 123 Fictional Lane Austin, TX 78701

Dear Ms. Mitchell:

With a heartfelt passion for healthcare excellence and a strong foundation in nursing, specifically in maternity, neonatal intensive care, and dermatological settings, I’m eager to contribute my skills as a nurse case manager at St. David’s Healthcare. Born into an age marked by groundbreaking medical advancements, I have witnessed first-hand how swiftly our capacity to care for patients evolves with each technological stride. It is with this same spirit of innovation and a dedication to quality that I reach out to you, aspiring to join a team that values agility and the life-altering impact of immediate, data-driven decision-making.

My expertise in performing thorough evaluations and tailoring personalized care strategies has served over 1,072 patients, consistently achieving high levels of satisfaction and markedly improving their health outcomes. This dedication not only mirrors the high standards set by St. David’s HealthCare but also underscores my commitment to excellence in patient care and management.

By ensuring clear and effective communication channels among medical staff, I have streamlined the care process, leading to a 32% improvement in care efficiency and a significant reduction in hospital readmission rates. My strategic approach to resource allocation and care coordination at DaVita realized savings upwards of $119,082 per year, showcasing my ability to optimize operational efficiencies while enhancing patient care.

The focus on bettering patient health outcomes in this role deeply resonates with me, motivating my interest in contributing my clinical knowledge, proficient communication capabilities, and commitment to patient representation to your team. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to discussing how my background, skills, and certifications can contribute to the stellar team at St. David’s HealthCare.

Sara Andersen

  • To ensure you don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity, always include your up-to-date professional contact information prominently at the top of your nurse case manager cover letter. And that includes your name, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile link. Simply put, make it easy for the prospective employer to reach you.

Nursing Faculty Cover Letter Example

Nursing faculty cover letter template

Copy this text for your Nursing Faculty cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Salt Lake City, UT 84102 (123) 456-7890

Grace Hill Salt Lake Regional Medical Center 123 Fictional Lane Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Dear Ms. Hill,

Ever since I tended to a makeshift bandage on a playground knee scrape at the age of 8, I’ve known healthcare was my calling. This early experience sparked a flame of compassion and curiosity that propelled me toward a fulfilling career in nursing. Now, with specialized experience in maternity and infant care and a solid track record in clinical education, I am thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to nurturing the next generation of nurses at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center.

During my tenure at Holy Cross Hospital, particularly within the maternity and NICU units, my commitment to enhancing patient care was not just a duty; it became a mission. I spearheaded educational initiatives that directly impacted over 1,884 patients annually, focusing on refining communication with diverse patient groups. This effort substantially improved understanding and compliance, reducing patient misconceptions and boosting satisfaction scores significantly. We also witnessed a remarkable reduction in follow-up visits, saving the hospital approximately $24,902 per year in unnecessary healthcare expenditures.

At Sacred Circle Healthcare, my dedication to improving operational efficiencies extended beyond direct patient care. I managed a pivotal project that revamped our interdisciplinary communication protocols and refined patient handover processes. This initiative successfully shaved critical minutes off our workflows, reducing handover times by 32%, which in turn increased patient-facing time by over 16 hours per month. This not only optimized resource allocation but also saved the healthcare system roughly $30,906 annually through increased efficiency.

Poised to contribute to both the practical and academic fields, I am keen on embarking on research endeavors that align with the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center’s strategic objectives. I appreciate your consideration of my application and I am enthusiastic about the possibility of discussing how my qualifications and initiatives align with the goals of Salt Lake Regional Medical Center.

Matteo Esposito

Enclosures: Resume Applicant Transcript of records

  • Ready to capitalize on the rev-chron layout for your nursing faculty cover letter? Here’s how to do it: describe your most recent job and go backward; most recruiters have a thing for this format because it aligns with modern hiring practices. Plus, they don’t have to try too hard to find the candidate’s deets.

Acute Care Registered Nurse Cover Letter Example

how to make a nursing cover letter

Copy this text for your Acute Care Registered Nurse cover letter!

123 Fictional Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19102 (123) 456-7890

Caleb Turner Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals 123 Fictional Lane Philadelphia, PA 19102

With Florence Nightingale’s pioneering spirit coursing through my veins and a bachelor of science in nursing in my toolkit, I have navigated the vast seas of healthcare for over seven years, charting my course through the intense landscapes of both intensive and outpatient settings. My compass now points me towards the esteemed hallways of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where I aim to infuse my acute care expertise with your tradition of excellence and innovation. My objective is not just to fill a role but to enhance the legacy of compassionate, cutting-edge care that your institution embodies.

At Nazareth Hospital, I took the helm in patient care within both maternity and neonatal intensive care units, orchestrating intricate assessments and interventions that yielded a 38% improvement in patient recovery rates. My hands-on experience in these charged atmospheres has polished my capacity for rapid and efficacious decision-making, ensuring peak care quality during critical moments.

My professional journey has been defined by a collaborative spirit and a commitment to clear communication within multidisciplinary healthcare teams. These efforts have resulted in the smooth integration of holistic care strategies, aligning with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s mission to revolutionize healthcare through a patient-focused lens.

The prospect of joining an organization that places a premium on sharp analytical skills, clinical distinction, and path-blazing approaches to patient care excites me. I bring a fervent passion for the field of acute care nursing and a staunch dedication to the welfare of those in my care, poised to make a meaningful contribution to your esteemed team.

Thankful for your consideration and enthusiastic about the possibility of discussing how I can contribute to your team, I look forward to potentially joining Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals and advancing our shared goals of outstanding healthcare service.

Santiago Gomez

Enclosures: Resume Application Transcript of records

  • You probably have a desired salary range in mind but mentioning it can be off-putting, alongside telling the hiring manager when they should call you or anything else you expect from them. Remember, presumption is the quickest path to losing the race.

Does your nurse resume need a little TLC?

Hopefully, our cover letters have given you the confidence you need to personalize your own. Don’t neglect your nurse resume, though, because we’ve got tons of resume samples you can edit—just like this one here.

Nursing Resume

Need a resume to pair with your nursing cover letter?

or download as PDF

Nurse resume template

3 Tips for Writing an Outstanding Nursing Cover Letter

Coworkers share tips over presentation on how to write a nursing cover letter

As a nurse, you know the value of research, critical thinking, and compassionate care for each patient, but did you know you can use those same skills to write your cover letter? 

All you need is to research the company, share relevant successes, and monitor your tone to create a cover letter that will catch any manager’s eye.

how to make a nursing cover letter

Tip 1: Get to know the organization

You wouldn’t walk into a patient’s room without knowing their medical history, so you shouldn’t write a cover letter without some research first. But don’t worry—this research is far easier than studying for the NCLEX exam. 

Start by looking at the job description and the company’s website. Once you know what the employer needs, find a way to incorporate their requirements into your cover letter. 

Does the company need a certified nephrology nurse? Be sure to mention your time in a dialysis clinic. Do they want someone experienced in labor and delivery? Write a paragraph about your previous position as a midwife. 

Don’t forget: similar to how you customize your care for each patient, you should customize your cover letter for each new position. Employers will have different requirements even if you’re applying for niche roles.

how to make a nursing cover letter

Tip 2: Go a few steps further than your resume

Repetition is usually good, but not regarding your cover letter and resume. Both are essential documents, but they should support, not mimic, each other. 

Your cover letter is the best way to show your personality, which is especially important in nursing. Your employer needs to determine more than just your qualifications; they’ll want to know you’ll work seamlessly with their team. 

To achieve this, include any  experience and skills  you have solving complex medical problems or times when your personality traits significantly improved your patients and the organization.

If you’re wondering where to start, look at this example from one of our cover letters: 

As an LPN at Cedar Ridge Clinic, I frequently saw entire families. Beyond greeting patients and assessing their condition, I engaged with each one personally, remembering details from their previous visits and asking about family members. Moreover, I researched ways to reduce their medical bills, such as requesting assistance from the clinic’s charity funds. By developing a relationship with my patients and helping them find affordable care, they were 48% more responsive to the doctor’s suggestions, and we reduced their clinic stay by 28%. 

Although this example includes metrics and responsibilities, it also underscores the nurse’s compassion and interpersonal communication skills, which are major green lights for employers. 

how to make a nursing cover letter

Tip 3: Tone is everything

Nursing relies heavily on decorum and empathy, so your cover letter should sound professional and compassionate, but where do you start? Let’s walk through it step-by-step.

For example, a local hospital needs a pediatric nurse who’ll care for special needs children. Working with challenged children requires patience, high emotional intelligence, and strong critical thinking skills, so you’ll want to reflect those abilities. 

To do so, start by picking what experience to include and what to omit to keep your cover letter to one page. Any longer, it will likely be thrown into the recycle bin since recruiters and managers have limited time.

Once you’ve condensed, work on adopting a kind tone. Use words with positive connotations, limit jargon, and adjust your syntax to be direct (but not blunt). Think of it this way: you’re trying to demonstrate your ability to communicate with anyone, so your writing needs to be understandable, easy to read, and compassionate. 

Use words with positive connotations, limit jargon, and adjust your syntax to be direct (but not blunt) .

But don’t stress if you haven’t found the right words yet; revision is the next step. Ask someone to read it through, find any grammatical or punctuation errors, and determine if they would hire you based on what you’ve written.

Use Our Informative Outline to Start Your Nursing Cover Letter

Board with graphs and laptop where an effective outline for a nursing cover letter has been written

Any great strategy needs a solid structure to make it succeed; use our outline to plan your cover letter for your next nursing role. 

how to make a nursing cover letter

How to start a nursing cover letter

Your contact info:  If your employer doesn’t know how to contact you, they can’t hire you. Don’t leave them in the dark—include your address (city and state) and phone number.

  • Formatting : Leave your name out of your address if using a block format. 

Date:  Every letter needs a date, even a cover letter. Include the date near the top, and make sure it reflects the day you submit, not the day you started writing. 

  • Formatting : Write the full date, e.g., January 5, 2023.

Inside address:  An inside address is the employer’s address, including the hiring manager’s name and title, plus the medical organization’s physical location. 

It may sound silly to include the employer’s location since they’re reading the letter, but it adds credibility. Addressing the manager by name and listing their location demonstrates your research, especially if there are multiple locations within the organization.

  • Formatting : Each part of the address should be on a new line. Double space between the inside address and greeting to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

Greeting:  A proper salutation is always a good idea in a cover letter. Since most healthcare organizations are pretty formal, use the standard “Dear Ms./Mr.” followed by the manager’s name. 

We know this isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Finding the person in charge of hiring at your clinic, hospital, physician’s office, or other healthcare location can be as difficult as getting an IV in a deep vein.

However, don’t skip over this step because it’s hard. This small inclusion demonstrates your research; everyone likes personal acknowledgment, so it’s a win-win. We recommend scouring LinkedIn or the company’s website and medical job boards to find details about the company and its employees. 

  • Formatting : Use a colon after the greeting instead of a comma per business standards.

how to make a nursing cover letter

How to write your nursing cover letter

Body:  The body of your nursing cover letter should be three to four paragraphs that convey your eagerness for the job, qualifications, and interest in further discussion. 

Opening paragraph:  Nursing can be thrilling, but you’d be surprised at how many cover letters make it sound like the most boring job in the world, starting with the opener.

Many opening paragraphs sound downright sterile and robotic, like this one: 

Good day—my name is Laura Howell, and I am inquiring about the Travel Med Surg RN position. I have four years of experience in the healthcare industry and the necessary knowledge and skills to help your organization take better care of its patients. 

Besides including their name, this opener is entirely depersonalized and generic. Having several years of experience means nothing if you don’t qualify or quantify it, and nothing about this opening suggests real passion for the company (or even nursing in general). 

Instead, mention the organization by name and explain why you’re interested in the position:  

As a nurse, I always want to provide safe, quality care to every patient, which Natchaug Hospital embodies. Your success stories about helping others with addictions and mental illnesses convinced me that your hospital truly upholds the values of equity, safety, and integrity. I am confident that as an RN at Natchaug Hospital, I can lead my fellow nurses, develop modernized treatment plans, and collaborate with healthcare staff to make our patient’s experience more effective and comfortable.

In just one paragraph, you can quickly tell the candidate’s passion for nursing, their goals as a nurse, and why they want to work at Natchaug Hospital.

Paragraphs 2-3:  Your cover letter should reflect more than basic skills; nursing is more than just “preparing documentation” and “assessing patients.” 

These paragraphs need to provide evidence for your assertions in the opening paragraph. Make each one a spotlight on one of your achievements.

Did you diagnose a patient when even the doctor was stumped? Did you save someone’s life through your attention to detail? Find your best moments, and don’t be shy about relaying your successes.

If you’re wondering where to start, use one of our examples as a guideline: 

Although this paragraph has metrics, it focuses on the nurse’s ability to communicate and relate to people. It’s personal without being sentimental and professional without being cold. 

Closing paragraph:  You are excellent at ensuring patients have what they need before leaving your care, so do the same in your cover letter. Summarize how your values and qualifications align with the organization’s needs and express your desire to discuss further. 

Whatever you do, don’t leave them hanging like this:

As you can see, I have the experience and the skills to be a nurse at your location. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

If ever there was a more generic closing paragraph than this, we haven’t found it. This closer offers nothing unique about the applicant or the business and hardly sounds enthusiastic. 

Instead, give the hiring manager something to remember with details specific to you and the job: 

This closer effectively concludes the conversation while demonstrating their interest in the position and why they’re the best choice for the employer.

  • Formatting:  Single-space your nursing cover letter but double-space between paragraphs. 

Signature:  End your cover letter on a high note and with a “thank you” if you haven’t already said so. 

  • Formatting : If you’re presenting any hard copies of your nursing cover letter, quadruple space to sign your name in blue/black ink. 

Enclosure(s):  Adding an enclosures section is greatly appreciated in the healthcare industry. This section lists other documents you’ve included in your application, reminding the reader there’s more to come. 

Nursing cover letter enclosures can include the job application, a resume, a transcript, writing samples, and licensure documents, to name a few. 

  • Formatting : Use the singular or plural form of “enclosure,” depending on how many things you attach.

Check the Health of Your Nursing Resume

Nurse sitting in front of her laptop going through and checking her resume

Congrats, you’ve finished your nursing cover letter! You’re one step closer to the nursing job you’ve always wanted. 

But wait—don’t forget you still need to  write a resume . Whether you need to build an  outline of a resume  or are in the finishing stages of filling out a  resume template , we have the tools you need to write a great nursing resume. 

If you’re finding it hard to start, you can edit this nurse resume directly.

ICU Nurse Resume

ICU Nurse resume template

No matter where you’re at in the job hunt, remember: you’re a great nurse, and your patients know it. Now go out there and prove that with a stellar resume and cover letter!

Ideally, you should connect with your role as a nurse and the type of medical organization you’re applying to. For instance, if the position involves providing care to elderly patients, then connecting with why you want to help elderly patients maintain a good quality of life and minimize pain could be great points to focus on.

You can lean on how your associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing has equipped you to be successful in the role, such as how you achieved excellent grades in your pathophysiology classes. Also, connect your passion to the role and desire to help others as much as possible to stand out.

Nurses need a large skill set, but detailing every ability you possess in your cover letter wouldn’t be the best idea since it would likely lose a hiring manager’s attention. Instead, focus on the primary needs of the job. Will you be in an emergency response sector? Then focusing on skills like wound dressing or controlling bleeding may be essential to emphasize within your cover letter.

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how to make a nursing cover letter

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how to make a nursing cover letter


how to make a nursing cover letter


how to make a nursing cover letter


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Nursing Cover Letter Examples For 2024 (20+ Skills & Templates)

how to make a nursing cover letter

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Looking to land more nursing job offers?

Crafting a strong cover letter is key. This comprehensive guide is packed with everything you need to know in order to write a job-winning nursing cover letter , complete with effective strategies, essential skills, helpful templates, and real-life examples.

You can trust that all the insights and tips in this guide are based on data from coaching thousands of job seekers, just like you, who have gone on to secure positions at some of the world's most reputable companies.

Whether you're a seasoned nurse or just starting out, reading this guide from start to finish can help you land your dream role. But if you're short on time and looking for specific information, here's a breakdown of what's included:

  • What To Know About Writing A Job-Winning Nursing Cover Letter
  • The Best Skills To Include On A Nursing Cover Letter

How To Address A Nursing Cover Letter

  • 3 Nursing Cover Letter Examples

The 8 Best Nursing Cover Letter Templates

3 tips for writing a job-winning nursing cover letter.

Here's the step-by-step breakdown:

Nursing Cover Letter Overview: What To Know To Write A Cover Letter That Wins More Job Offers

What do healthcare centers look for when hiring for a nursing role?

Hospitals and clinics look for nursing candidates with a nursing degree or diploma from an accredited program and a valid nursing license. Certification in a specialty area, such as pediatrics or critical care, may also be preferred.

Nurses should have both technical skills, such as administering medication and using medical equipment, and strong interpersonal skills, such as communication, empathy, and collaboration. They should be adaptable, flexible, able to make quick decisions, and solve problems in complex situations.

Professionalism and ethical standards are also important qualities in nursing roles. Nurses work as part of a larger healthcare team, so employers often look for candidates who are team players and can work effectively with others.

Your resume should show your potential employer that both your personality and your experience encompass all of these things.

Additionally, there are a few best practices you want to follow to write a job-winning nursing resume:

  • Highlight your experience.  Highlight your nursing experience that is most relevant to the job you are applying for. Focus on clinical skills, procedures, and technologies you are experienced with.
  • Emphasize your communication and interpersonal skills.  Provide examples of how you have effectively communicated with patients, family members, and colleagues.
  • Include keywords from the job description:  ensure your resume is optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  • Highlight your problem-solving and decision-making skills.  Provide examples of how you have addressed complex issues and made effective decisions.
  • Include any relevant certifications, awards or professional development courses.  List any nursing certifications, licenses, and professional memberships you hold.
  • Quantify your work:  Use numbers and statistics to quantify your achievements, such as the number of patients you cared for or the success rate of your treatments.
  • Proofread: Make sure to thoroughly proofread your cover letter for any grammatical errors or typos. A well-written, error-free letter can make a strong first impression. I recommend using Hemingway App to do this.

Let's dive deeper into each of these so you have the exact blueprint you need to see success.

The Best Nursing Skills To Include On Your Cover Letter

Keywords are one of the most important factors in your cover letter. They show employers that your skills align with the role and they also help format your cover letter for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

If you're not familiar with ATS systems, they are pieces of software used by employers to manage job applications. They scan cover letters for keywords and qualifications and make it easier for the employers to filter and search for candidates whose qualifications match the role.

If you want to win more nursing interviews and job offers, you need to have a keyword-optimized cover letter. There are two ways to find the right keywords:

1. Leverage The 20 Best Nursing Keywords

The first way to find the right keywords is to leverage our list of the best keywords and skills for a nursing cover letter.

These keywords were selected from an analysis of  real nursing  job descriptions sourced from actual job boards. Here they are:

  • Patient Care
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Team Member
  • Coordination
  • Instruction
  • Flexibility
  • Certification
  • Accountability

2. Use To Find The Best Keywords That Are Specific To Your Cover Letter And Target Role

The second method is the one I recommend because it's personalized to your specific cover letter and target job.

This process lets you find the exact keywords that your cover letter is missing when compared to the individual role you're applying for.

Nursing Keywords

Here's how it works:

  • Open a copy of your target nursing job description
  • Head over to
  • Select the “Job Description Scan” from the scan type selector in the upper right corner of the tool
  • Copy and paste the nursing job description into the field on the left
  • Hit scan and review the results

ResyMatch is going to scan the target job description and show you the exact keywords and skills that are relevant for the role and that you should weave into your cover letter.

Here's a video walking through this whole process:

Personalization is what makes a cover letter stand out. That starts from the very first sentence where you greet the person reading your cover letter! There are two ways to do this well:

1. Use The Hiring Manager's Name

The first, and best, is by including the hiring manager's name. Let's say that you discovered the hiring manager's name from a post on LinkedIn or via an informational interview.

This is the jackpot! All you need to do is use their name in the introduction, like this:

Example of Starting A Cover Letter With The Hiring Manager's Name

2. Use This Formula: To The [Department] Team at [Organization]

If you don't have the hiring manager's name, no problem! You can address your cover letter to the team that you're applying to.

For example, if you're applying to for a Product Marketing Manager role at Discovery Education, you might start you cover letter like this:

Example of Starting A Cover Letter With The Team & Company

This shows the reader that this letter has been written specifically for them and the content inside of it will support that.

It's much more relevant and personal than  “To Whom It May Concern!”

For more advice on writing a strong opening to your cover letter, check out this guide.

3 Nursing Cover Letter Examples For 2023

Now let's take a look at all of these best practices in action. Here are three cover letter examples for different situations from people with different backgrounds that are all applying for nursing roles:

Nursing Cover Letter Example #1: A Traditional Background

Our first example is a cover letter written by a candidate with traditional nursing experience. Here is what an example of their cover letter might look like:

Nursing Cover Letter Example #1

Nursing Cover Letter Example #2: A Non-Traditional Background

Our second cover letter example comes from a candidate looking to transition from a social work background into a nursing role. This cover letter illustrates how they identify and speak to their transferable skills:

Nursing Cover Letter Example #2

Nursing Cover Letter Example #3: Landing A Nurse Practitioner Role

Our third example highlights a candidate with extensive nursing experience who is looking to take a leap in their career and land a Nurse Practitioner role.

Nursing Cover Letter Example #3

At this point, you know all of the basics you'll need to write a nursing cover letter that wins you more interviews and offers. The only thing left is to take all of that information and apply it to a template that's going to help you get results.

We made that easy with  our CoverBuild tool . It has 8 proven templates that were created with the help of recruiters and hiring managers at the world's best companies. These templates also bake in thousands of data points we have from the job seekers in our audience who have used them to land job offers.

The Best Cover Letter Templates

You're off to a strong start! But I've got a few more tips to help you take your cover letter to the next level:

1. Use ChatGPT To Write Your Cover Letter In <30 Seconds

All of these tips and best practices work, but you still have to implement them. Normally, that'd mean you sitting down and spending hours brainstorming ideas, typing, deleting, and typing again, and then feeling absolutely drained.

Now there's a way to work around all of that so you save your best energy for the writing and edits that matter most. Here's how it works:

  • Head to ChatGPT (you'll need to create an account – it's free)
  • Ask ChatGPT,  “Please write me a cover letter for a nursing role. The role I'm applying for is [Job Title] role at [Employer]. Here is the job description: [Paste Job Description]. And here is my resume: [Paste Resume].
  • Watch ChatGPT write up a pretty darn good cover letter base!

Here's a video of me doing this with a real cover letter if you want to see the steps in action:

Note:  I  do not recommend or advise that you simply copy and paste the content from ChatGPT into your cover letter and submit your application. ChatGPT is great for doing 80% of the baseline work, but you still need to review, revise, and personalize the content yourself.

2. Include Measurable Metrics And Outcomes

Too many job seekers only focus on the actions that they took and not the outcomes that resulted from those actions. As a hiring manager, it's impossible to differentiate between a dozen candidates who were all “Responsible For Monitoring Patient Progress.”

If you want to win, your cover letter should speak to the specific outcomes that you drove in previous roles. That could be:

  • The percentage by which your patients' health improved under your care
  • The average reduction in hospital readmissions
  • The average parent satisfaction rate
  • The rate by which you and your team were able to reduce medical errors

These numbers will show hiring teams what you're capable of and make your value crystal clear!

3. Match Your Cover Letter And Resume Design

Quality Impacts Perceived Value - Car Example

They're the exact same car, down to the year, make, and model. The only difference is the way the product was presented. Like I said, quality impacts perceived value.

One of the best ways to boost the quality of your cover letter is to make it look clean, professional, and have it match your resume. That's why the resume templates in our resume builder tool match the cover letter templates in our cover letter builder:

Matching Cover Letter And Resume

If you use both tools to create your cover letter and your resume, your entire application is going to be top notch.

Key Takeaways To Wrap Up Your Job-Winning Cover Letter

You made it! We packed a lot of information into this post so I wanted to distill the key points for you and lay out next steps so you know exactly where to from here.

Here are the 5 steps for writing a job-winning nursing cover letter:

  • Start with a proven cover letter template from
  • Use to find the right keywords and optimize your cover letter for each nursing role you apply to
  • Start your nursing cover letter with a personalized greeting for the hiring manager or Human Resources representative.
  • Emphasize the measurable outcomes and value you drove in previous roles (include metrics!)
  • Compare the draft of your nursing cover letter to the examples on this page to make sure you're on the right path
  • Use a tool like  Hemingway App to proofread your cover letter before you submit it

If you follow those steps, you're going to be well on your way to landing more nursing interviews and job offers.

Now that your cover letter is taking care of, be sure to check out our guide on writing a job-winning Nursing resume (with examples!)

Laura Headshot

Laura Lorta

Laura is an Editor at Cultivated Culture. She transitioned from teaching into the world of content so she's no stranger to career pivots. She also has a bachelors in Entrepreneurship and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction / Bilingual Education. She currently shares job search advice to help people like you land jobs they love without applying online.

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30 Professional Nurse Cover Letter Examples for 2024

Your nurse cover letter must immediately highlight your dedication to patient care. Showcase your commitment through a personal anecdote or a professional accomplishment. Illustrate your ability to work in high-pressure environments with ease. Demonstrate your expertise with specifics about your clinical skills or special certifications.

All cover letter examples in this guide

how to make a nursing cover letter

Aesthetic Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Agency Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Clinical Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Clinical Research Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Company Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Critical Care Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Dental Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Hemodialysis Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Infection Control Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Medical Surgical Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Nurse Anesthetist

how to make a nursing cover letter

Nurse Practitioner

how to make a nursing cover letter

Occupational Health Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Pediatric Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Perioperative Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Practice Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

School Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Staff Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Surgical Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Telemetry Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Travel Nurse

how to make a nursing cover letter

Veterinary Nurse

Cover letter guide.

Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Format

Cover Letter Salutation

Cover Letter Introduction

Cover Letter Body

Cover Letter Closing

No Experience Nurse Cover Letter

Key Takeaways

Nurse cover letter

Embarking on your job search, you've swiftly discovered the importance of a well-crafted nurse cover letter, a step that often feels daunting. Beyond your resume, this letter is your chance to narrate your proudest professional achievement in a story that captivates your future employer. While maintaining formality, sidestep the clichés that bury your unique voice, and keep it concise; your powerful, one-page introduction can set the stage for career success. Let's dive in and design a cover letter that stands out.

  • Including all the must-have paragraphs in your structure for an excellent first impression;
  • Learning how to write individual sections from industry-leading cover letter examples;
  • Selecting the best accomplishment to tell an interesting and authority-building professional story;
  • Introducing your profile with personality, while meeting industry standards.

And, if you want to save some time, drag and drop your nurse resume into Enhancv's AI, which will assess your profile and write your job-winning cover letter for you.

If the nurse isn't exactly the one you're looking for we have a plethora of cover letter examples for jobs like this one:

  • Nurse resume guide and example
  • Social Work Student cover letter example
  • Oral Surgery Assistant cover letter example
  • Licensed Practical Nurse cover letter example
  • Pacu Nurse cover letter example
  • Nicu Nurse cover letter example
  • Ob Gyn Medical Assistant cover letter example
  • Hemodialysis Nurse cover letter example
  • Public Health cover letter example
  • Medical Surgical Nurse cover letter example
  • Pediatric Nurse cover letter example

Nurse cover letter example


Chicago, IL


[email protected]

  • Highlighting specific achievements related to the role, such as reducing infection rates, shows the candidate’s impact on previous organizations and implies potential benefits for the new employer.
  • Emphasizing leadership experience and the ability to manage a multidisciplinary team aligns with responsibilities that may be required in a Registered Nurse position at a hospital.
  • Illustrating a commitment to patient care and safety helps align the candidate's values with those of the healthcare facility, which is an essential aspect of working in a hospital environment.
  • Explicitly stating the willingness to discuss how the candidate's skills and experience can benefit the hospital demonstrates proactive engagement and eagerness to contribute to the institution's mission.

Standard formatting for your nurse cover letter

Structure your nurse cover letter, following industry-leading advice, to include:

  • Header - with your name, the role you're applying for, the date, and contact details;
  • Greeting - make sure it's personalized to the organization;
  • Introduction paragraph - no more than two sentences;
  • Body paragraph - answering why you're the best candidate for the role;
  • Closing paragraph - ending with a promise or a call to action;
  • Signature - now that's optional.

Set up your nurse cover letter for success with our templates that are all single-spaced and have a one-inch margin all around.

Use the same font for your nurse cover as the one in your resume (remember to select a modern, Applicant Tracker System or ATS favorites, like Raleway, Volkhov, or Chivo instead of the worn-out Times New Roman).

Speaking of the ATS, did you know that it doesn't scan or assess your cover letter? This document is solely for the recruiters.

Our builder allows you to export your nurse cover letter in the best format out there: that is, PDF (this format keeps your information intact).

The top sections on a nurse cover letter

  • Header : Includes the nurse's contact information, the date, and the employer's contact details; this section sets a professional tone and ensures the recruiter knows who the letter is from and how to get back in touch.
  • Greeting : Addresses the hiring manager or recruitment team by name if possible; personalization shows the nurse has done their research and is genuinely interested in the position at that specific healthcare facility.
  • Introduction : Briefly introduces the nurse, stating their current role, years of experience, and enthusiasm for the position applied for; this segment hooks the reader and gives a snapshot of the nurse's professional identity.
  • Body : Describes the nurse's relevant experience, special skills, accomplishments, and any certifications that are pertinent to the job posting; it provides proof of competence and illustrates how they can contribute to the healthcare team and patient care.
  • Closing : Summarizes the nurse’s interest in the role, thanks the reader for considering their application, and includes a call-to-action, such as expressing eagerness to discuss how they can contribute to the facility in an interview; it wraps up the letter with politeness and forward momentum.

Key qualities recruiters search for in a candidate’s cover letter

  • Clinical skills and technical knowledge: Shows that the candidate is well-prepared to perform necessary medical procedures and provide high-quality patient care.
  • Excellent communication skills: Enables effective interaction with patients, families, and the healthcare team, and is crucial for patient education and advocacy.
  • Compassion and empathy: Essential for providing patient-centered care and for building trust and rapport with patients undergoing stressful health challenges.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: Demonstrates the ability to handle the fast-paced and often unpredictable nature of healthcare environments.
  • Attention to detail: Critical for administering medications, updating patient records accurately, and ensuring patient safety.
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Vital for working effectively with interdisciplinary healthcare teams and ensuring cohesive patient care.

Greeting recruiters with your nurse cover letter salutation

What better way to start your conversation with the hiring manager, than by greeting them?

Take the time to find out who the professional, recruiting for the role, is.

Search on LinkedIn, the company website. And for those still keen on making a fantastic first impression, you could even contact the organization, asking for the recruiter's name and more details about the job.

Address recruiters in the nurse greeting by either their first name or last name. (e.g. "Dear Anthony" or "Dear Ms. Smarts").

If you're unable to discover the recruiter's name - don't go for the impersonal "To whom it may concern", but instead use "Dear HR team".

List of salutations you can use

  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear [Employer's Name],
  • Dear [Department] Team,
  • Dear [Title] [Last Name],
  • Dear [Job Title] Hiring Committee,

Get creative with your nurse cover letter introduction

Recruiters are going to assess plenty of candidate profiles for the role. Thus, anything you do to stand out will win you brownie points.

Use your nurse cover letter introduction to share something memorable about your experience .

But before you go down the rabbit hole of creativity and humor, align your message with the company culture.

For example, if you are applying for a role in some startup, use those first two sentences to tell a funny story (about your experience) to quickly connect with the recruiter.

What to write in the body of your nurse cover letter

Now that you've got your intro covered, here comes the heart and soul of your nurse cover letter.

It's time to write the middle or body paragraphs . This is the space where you talk about your relevant talent in terms of hard skills (or technologies) and soft (or people and communication) skills.

Keep in mind that the cover letter has a different purpose from your nurse resume.

Yes, you still have to be able to show recruiters what makes your experience unique (and applicable) to the role.

But, instead of just listing skills, aim to tell a story of your one, greatest accomplishment.

Select your achievement that:

  • covers job-crucial skills;
  • can be measured with tangible metrics;
  • shows you in the best light.

Use the next three to six paragraphs to detail what this success has taught you, and also to sell your profile.

Closing paragraph basics: choose between a promise and a call to action

You've done all the hard work - congratulations! You've almost reached the end of your nurse cover letter .

But how do you ensure recruiters, who have read your application this far, remember you?

Most nurse professionals end their cover letter with a promise - hinting at their potential and what they plan on achieving if they're hired.

Another option would be to include a call for follow-up, where you remind recruiters that you're very interested in the opportunity (and look forward to hearing from them, soon).

Choose to close your nurse cover letter in the way that best fits your personality.

Keep this in mind when writing your zero experience nurse cover letter

Even though you may not have any professional experience , your nurse cover letter should focus on your value.

As a candidate for the particular role, what sort of skills do you bring about? Perhaps you're an apt leader and communicator, or have the ability to analyze situations from different perspectives.

Select one key achievement from your life, outside work, and narrate a story that sells your abilities in the best light.

If you really can't think of any relevant success, you could also paint the picture of how you see your professional future developing in the next five years, as part of the company.

Key takeaways

Winning recruiters over shouldn't be difficult if you use your nurse cover letter to tell a story that:

  • Is personalized by greeting your readers and focusing on key job skills greets;
  • Isn't spread all over the place, but instead focuses on one key achievement and selling your value as a professional;
  • Introduces your enthusiasm for the role, passion for the job, or creativity in communication;
  • Is also visually appealing - meeting the best HR practices;
  • Ends with a nod to the future and how you envision your growth, as part of the company.

Nurse cover letter examples

Explore additional nurse cover letter samples and guides and see what works for your level of experience or role.

Aesthetic Nurse Resume Example

Cover letter examples by industry

AI Section Background

AI cover letter writer, powered by ChatGPT

Enhancv harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT to provide a streamlined interface designed specifically focused on composing a compelling cover letter without the hassle of thinking about formatting and wording.

  • Content tailored to the job posting you're applying for
  • ChatGPT model specifically trained by Enhancv
  • Lightning-fast responses

Cover Letter Background

A Breakdown of a Successful One Page Resume – And How to Write Yours

What should a cover letter say here's what you need to know, the 19 best cover letter formatting tips, how to answer: “do you want to tell us anything else about you”, 40+ resume tips and advice for 2024 [with expert insights] | enhancv, how to write a resume personal statement (with examples).

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  • How to Write a Resume
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Empowering healthcare professionals to find and do their best work.

cover letter

Writing a Successful Nursing Cover Letter With Examples and Templates

' src=

Jul 01 2022

Career Resources / Job Searching / Nursing Cover Letter

Reviewed by: Kiley Griffin, R.N.

Writing an effective nursing cover letter may seem unnecessary–trust us: it’s not. Roughly 45% of job seekers send resumes without a cover letter . Yet, a majority of employers prefer cover letters to go with a resume. 

When looking for a new job , nurses often spend the most time developing their resumes . Sometimes they neglect their cover letters or don’t write one at all.  

Whether you are a new grad nurse or a nurse veteran, a good cover letter is a great way to separate yourself from the pack. Even if a hiring manager only skims it, it can mean the difference between you and another candidate getting the job if something catches their eye.

In this post, we will explore the following:

  • Examples and a Template for a Nursing Cover Letter

When Nursing Cover Letters Are Required

  • Benefits to Writing a Cover Letter
  • Steps for Writing a Cover Letter
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Cover Letter

Introducing Resume Wizard

AI-powered resume builder for nurses.

Nursing Cover Letter Examples and Templates

With the right care and effort, you can craft a professional nursing cover letter that helps distinguish you from other candidates.  

We’ve provided two sample nurse cover letters and a template to help give you an idea of what to write.

how to make a nursing cover letter

Nursing Cover Letter Template

Hiring Manager name Nursing Recruitment 1234 Any Place Road Sometown, California 11111 (999)999-9999 June 16, 2021 Your Name Title Current Employer Mailing Address Phone Number Email Address Dear Hiring Manager, I am pleased to learn of this opportunity, as I found the qualities you are seeking for this position to be an excellent match for my skills, education, and experience. I have a robust background and leadership experience in emergency nursing, trauma/critical care, change leadership, and a commitment to providing high-quality care through standardizing workflows to align with best practices. It is in response to similar challenges that I have excelled during my career as a manager, director, and clinical leader.  Also, I am particularly interested in [the company] because of your excellent reputation, community engagement, and focus on delivering high-quality care to patients. My current role primarily includes providing strategic direction to the clinical operations of the Emergency Department, Trauma Base Hospital, and Crisis Stabilization Unit. I also establish and enforce policies and procedures for the hospital. Additionally, I ensure that financial targets are met within my scope of responsibility. Moreover, I am confident that I can support your strategic objectives of the ICU and provide stability in the department with regard to achieving quality outcomes, staff development, and meeting financial targets. I look forward to discussing in detail with you the ways in which my experience and determination will make further significant contributions to your organization. Respectfully, [Your Name]

Here are the most common scenarios when a nursing cover letter is required:

  • Applying directly to a specific person: Suppose the job posting invites applicants to apply to a particular individual instead of a general application system. In that case, it is appropriate to include a cover letter and address it to the individual . This is especially important for new grad nurses with less experience.
  • Referral for a position: Don’t skip the cover letter If you apply for work based on another professional or mentor’s recommendation. Use the cover letter to explain that someone referred you to the job and specify whom. This allows hiring managers to see that someone they value as a trusted professional in the healthcare industry believes you are qualified for a position.
  • When requested in a job listing:  Some job listings specifically request candidates to submit a professional cover letter with their application. Following job listing requirements to include a cover letter shows hiring managers that you follow instructions and have an eye for detail. Both are essential qualities in the nursing profession.

Benefits to Writing a Nursing Cover Letter

Knowing you are the best candidate for the job and proving it are two different things. You may have an impeccable nursing resume ; however, 20 other candidates are applying for the same position.

Nursing careers are in demand , but that does not mean there isn’t competition for specific nursing positions such as a nurse practitioner or nurse educator .

Resumes are neatly spun packages of information about a candidate’s education, job history (when applicable), and professional certification . They leave little room for information about who you are as a candidate. 

That is where a good cover letter comes in. With the proper cover letter format, your cover letter will offer several advantages and is a great way to showcase your nursing skills.

Identify your intent

Resumes indicate your worth. Cover letters reveal your intent . Outline how your desires and skills align with the job you are applying for. This shows the hiring manager you are interested in the position.

Hopefully, it’s not going to be just another job for you. It will become part of your mission and vision as a nursing professional . For instance, if a position will help grow your leadership skills and prepare you for an advanced nursing career, state that as part of the intent. 

Provide a more in-depth description

Your education and credentials make up only a small portion of who you are as a nursing professional. How someone looks on paper is not an indicator of how they will perform. It does not accurately gauge their character.

In that sense, a cover letter provides a sample of what the hiring manager will expect in the interview.

Using a cover letter to honestly explore your strengths, weaknesses, experiences, interests, and perspectives is an asset. Maybe your resume includes a certification or award you are proud of. Expand on it in the cover letter. 

Pro-tip: Using some of the traits and terms found in the job’s job description is a great way to stand out as a candidate, as it shows you have the qualities the employer is looking for.

What makes you proud of that achievement and how does it make you the best candidate for the position?

Explain the gaps

Hiring professionals suggest resumes span one page for new nurses and those with less than 10 years of experience. Due to length limits, it is hard to explain any gaps in work history. Also, resumes leave out room for detailing why you may have shifted gears from an earlier career into nursing. 

A cover letter provides the perfect opportunity to explain these situations.

Establish a willingness to work

Cover letters add an extra touch to a job application. As stated, nearly half of all job applicants fail to include a cover letter with their job applications unless requested.

Going that extra mile shows a hiring manager that you are willing to put the work in to get the job done right. That is a desirable quality for any business or industry, especially in nursing and other healthcare careers.

Remember that a cover letter should focus on a resume’s highlights, fleshing them out in a more meaningful way.

These are key purposes of a nursing cover letter.

Include only information that falls into one of the four benefits listed above to get the most mileage out of your cover letter.

Top nurse jobs on Incredible Health

🏥 emergency department / er nurse (rn).

Pembroke Pines, FL | $49,490 to $100,000 /year

🏥 Nurse Practitioner – Urology

Melrose Park, IL | $86,000 to $131,000 /year

🏥 Registered Nurse – Neuro ICU Assistant Manager

Burlington, MA | $75,000 to $150,000 /year

🏥 Staff Nurse (RN), Med Surg

Shelby, MI | $59,640 to $77,630 /year

Patchogue, NY | $73,450 to $127,496 /year

Get matched with these and thousands more permanent jobs on Incredible Health.

Steps for Writing Your Cover Letter

The nursing field requires structure and proper etiquette .

You wouldn’t walk into a patient’s room and say,

“hey, Adam, what’s up, man?” 

The same need for etiquette and structure applies to writing a cover letter. 

Accordingly, we have provided steps to writing a successful nursing cover letter. 

1. Create a header

When a nurse injects a patient with a vaccine, they clean the area first with an alcohol wipe. They don’t just stick the needle in. In the same vein, you need to start by listing your name, phone number, email, and residential address . 

Make sure you put the date under that information. 

Last, include the recipient’s contact information as well. 

2. Use a professional greeting

professional greeting

This is your first impression – show respect. Using “Dear” will work when sending a formal cover letter. If you don’t know the hiring manager’s name, simply write “Dear hiring manager.” 

3. Write your opening paragraph

Your first paragraph serves as the bait or pitch to get the hiring manager’s attention. Don’t bother placing a fishing lure of fluff to try and get their attention. It’s essential to lead with honesty and earnestness. 

While writing this paragraph, make sure you include the title for the position you’re applying to. If you’re applying to work as an RN , state that. Next, articulate why you applied for this job to begin with and your overall excitement to obtain this role.

Make sure that you key in on specific details about the position and how they interest you.

Here’s an example of a stellar opening paragraph:

I am thrilled at the opportunity to apply at St. Joseph’s Hospital as an ICU nurse. As an ICU nurse with over six years of experience, I have gained the necessary skills to perform my role excellently. Specifically, I am excited about the opportunity to work on a 35-bed unit with the demands it requires. I think that my experience, passion, and skill set make me an ideal ICU nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

4. Write your background paragraph

Dedicate this paragraph to your career in nursing up to this point. You want to include all the most applicable skills that pertain to this position. Be specific. Include the detailed duties that you performed that correspond to this new role. 

If you’re applying to work in oncology, but have training in wound therapy, maybe don’t lead with that. Try including only relevant examples. 

Next, include any measurable achievements you’ve had in other jobs that relate to this role. Keyword: measurable . 

Here’s an example of a job posting for an ICU nurse:

how to make a nursing cover letter

Now, here’s a great way to respond to such a job posting:

My experience as a CVICU nurse has allowed me to develop the necessary skills to provide exceptional nursing care through a continuously evolving education. One of my greatest achievements is training 10 CVICU nurses to handle the CVICU and work with external pacemakers and post-cardiac surgery care. By working alongside a variety of health care providers at all levels, I have been able to establish outstanding collaboration and delegation abilities. Through my education, a strong emphasis on patient advocacy and ethical decision-making has been incorporated. Therefore, I have learned to place patient care at the utmost importance. I have developed strong assessment and critical thinking skills. This allows me to deliver the highest quality patient-centered care.

5. Expand on qualifications

Try adding a few short stories that can highlight your primary achievements. This is a great opportunity to highlight your soft skills as well. 

Some potential soft skills include:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work under pressure

6. Craft a conclusion

In your concluding paragraph, circle back to why you’re the best candidate for this role. Try to expand on your eagerness to obtain the position. End the paragraph with a call to action . A call to action expresses your desire to hear from them soon with next steps regarding the hiring process.

7. End your letter formally

Just like you began your letter, conclude your letter professionally with a “Sincerely” or “Respectfully,” followed by your name. Ending your letter this way helps it end on a high, formal note. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Cover Letter

In the nursing profession, a mistake can lead to a lawsuit. When writing a nurse cover letter a mistake could lead to you not getting a job. Below are some of the common mistakes to avoid when writing your cover letter.

  • Typos: The nursing profession has a lot of difficult and wonky spellings. For example, you may be proficient at Arrhythmia management , but do you know how to spell it? Having typos within your cover letter sends the message to your hiring manager that you might not be detail-oriented and that’s one of the most important traits in a nurse.
  • Focusing too much on yourself: According to Forbes, this is another common mistake to avoid . Often people try to list all their accomplishments in ways that don’t directly tie into how they can help the company . You want your cover letter to be strategic and it’s imperative to list ways that you can help the employer.
  • Lying: This should be obvious but it’s crucial that you tell the truth in your cover letter. The truth will eventually come out. The best policy is to just practice honesty.
  • Addressing the letter to the wrong person: This is a critical mistake. The recruiter or hiring manager probably will just stop reading at that point.
  • Re-writing your resume: Unfortunately, this is a common error when writing a cover letter. As explained earlier: resumes explain your worth, cover letters show your intent. They are two separate documents and a hiring manager will know if you attempt to merge them.
  • Using a different font than your resume: It may seem like a small detail, but using the same font on your resume shows that you pay attention to detail.

You’ve made it. Congratulations!

Writing a cover letter on its own separates you from the pack. However, writing a strong cover letter makes you an even more intriguing candidate. A nurse wouldn’t leave a stitch when sewing up a wound and neither should you leave a job unfinished when applying for a job.

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how to make a nursing cover letter

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Nursing Cover Letter FAQs

Your nursing cover letter shouldn’t be longer than a page. The recruiter should be able to read it quickly and get a good idea of what you offer the company. Anything longer than that and you risk the recruiter tossing your letter.

It’s best to use either Times New Roman or Arial when writing a nursing cover letter.

The cover letter should expand on information found in the resume. It should provide insight into your skills, qualifications and background.

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6 New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Examples + How To Write

how to make a nursing cover letter

Finding your first nursing position after graduation can be a daunting task. Knowing what steps to take to find your dream job will help propel you toward your goal of gainful employment as an RN. Once you have prepared an excellent resume, be aware that you have one final action to take in the application process; that of a persuasive cover letter. You may be unclear about how to write an exceptional cover letter and wonder what are some excellent examples of new grad cover letters? Using a professionally prepared cover letter as a guide is a great way to learn how to compose a top-notch document. Read the following article “6 best new grad nurse cover letter examples + how to write” for recommendations that will help you get started on your best ever nursing cover letter without stress.

What Exactly is a New Grad Nurse Cover Letter?

How is a new grad nurse cover letter different from an experienced nurse cover letter, 4 reasons why an excellent cover letter makes a difference to new grad nurses, 1. nurses are professional-, 2. leads to an interview-, 3. expands on resume-, 4. you may be up against experienced nurses-, what are some excellent examples of new grad nurse cover letters, example #1: cover letter of diane joyner, what makes this an excellent new grad registered nurse cover letter:, example #2: cover letter of jan bock, example #3: cover letter of joan zimmerman, example #4: cover letter of lizzie arndt, what makes this an excellent new grad registered nurse cover letter: new grad nurse cover letter examples, example #5: cover letter of lynn horton, example #6: cover letter of paul linney, how to write an excellent new grad rn cover letter, 1. heading-.

• Your Name and Contact Information • The date • The recipient's name and address

2. Opening Paragraph-

• Your professional credentials (RN or BSN) • Which specific job you are applying for • A few brief points about why you are a great fit • Why you want to work for this particular institution or position

3. Background-

4. qualifications-.

• Specific clinical experience • Other job or volunteer transferable experience • " Soft skills " such as communication, leadership, group experience, compassion, and problem-solving

5. Closing Paragraph and Sign-Off-

6. don't just reiterate your resume-, 7. outshine with your willingness to learn-, 8. detail why you want the job-, 9. showcase your exceptional side-, 10. fashion the letter to the exact position-, 11. show your passion-.

• Adaptability • Ease with technology • Willing to accept change • Eager and positive attitude • Fresh perspective

12. Proof Read-

7 common mistakes to avoid when writing your new grad nurse cover letter, 1. too general-, 2. improper format-, 3. too wordy-, 4. duplicate resume-, 5. not selling yourself to the job-, 6. too informal-, 7. spelling and grammar errors-, 3 consequences of a poorly written new grad rn cover letter, 1. you may not be granted an interview-, 2. you may misrepresent yourself-, 3. compensation and opportunities may be compromised-, my final thoughts, frequently asked questions answered by our expert, 1. what is the difference between new grad nurse cover letter and new grad nurse cv, 2. is a cover letter necessary for a new grad nurse, 3. can i use the same cover letter for all new grad nurse positions i'm applying for, 4. how many cover letters do i need when applying for new grad nurse job positions, 5. can my new grad nurse cover letter expire, 6. my new grad nurse job applications says a cover letter is optional, should i still submit one, 7. do cover letters for new grad nurses have to be long, 8. as a new grad nurse, when should i write my cover letter, 9. what should be included in a new grad nursing cover letter.

• Heading • Salutation • Opening paragraph of who you are and your intentions for which specific job • Background paragraph, where you highlight your education and clinical experience • Qualification paragraph, which is used to “sell” the employer on your qualities and abilities as a nurse • Closing paragraph and sign-off

10. What Should Not Be Included In A New Grad Nursing Cover Letter?

11. how much time does it take to write a cover letter for a new grad nurse, 12. can i ask someone else to write my new grad nurse cover letter, 13. is it a good idea to use ready templates to write my new grad nurse cover letter, 14. are there any online apps or tools that make writing a good cover letter for a new grad nurse easy.

how to make a nursing cover letter

How to Write a New Grad Nurse Cover Letter (With Examples!)

What is a new grad nurse cover letter.

  • Cover Letter Benefits
  • New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Features
  • What to Include

New grad nurse cover letter

First, congratulations on graduating from nursing school! This is a huge milestone that paves the way for an exciting and fulfilling career in the nursing profession. As you embark on this next chapter, it's time to polish  your new grad nurse resume and craft a captivating new grad nurse cover letter that truly shines.

If you are a recent nursing school graduate, you are in the right place! This article will explain what a new nurse cover letter is, how they are unique from other cover letters, what they should include, and four sample new grad nurse cover letters. 

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A new grad nurse cover letter is the document that will accompany your resume when applying for a nursing position or nurse residency program as a new grad nurse.

It serves as an introduction to the hiring manager and provides an opportunity to highlight your qualifications, skills, and passion for nursing.

Most importantly, cover letters also allow you to make a positive first impression. A well-written cover letter helps grab the hiring manager's attention and makes them interested in reviewing your resume and considering you for the position.

how to make a nursing cover letter

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Do You Need a Cover Letter When Applying to Jobs as New Grad Nurse?

The short answer is yes, you do need one! Here are the top 3 reasons why new nurse grad cover letters are an essential component of a job application:


A cover letter allows you to customize your application and tailor it to the specific nursing position you are applying for. You can highlight relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications that make you a strong candidate for that particular role.

Showcase Your Qualifications

A cover letter provides an opportunity to expand on the information provided in your resume. 

You can elaborate on your educational background, clinical experiences, and any specialized training or certifications you have obtained. This helps the hiring manager understand your qualifications in more detail.

Express Your Passion For Nursing

A cover letter allows you to convey your passion for nursing and express why you are motivated to pursue a career in this field. It helps the hiring manager gauge your enthusiasm and commitment to the profession.

Stand Out From Your Competition

A cover letter gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other candidates. By highlighting your unique experiences, skills, and qualifications, you can make a compelling case for why you are the best fit for the position.

>> Show Me Online MSN Programs

How is a New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Unique from Other Cover Letters?

A new grad nurse cover letter is different from other cover letters because the context is very specific to newly graduated nurses entering the workforce. Here are some unique aspects:

Nursing Education

As a new graduate nurse, your educational background is a critical component of your qualifications. 

Your cover letter will likely place significant emphasis on your nursing education, including the nursing program you completed, and any relevant coursework or clinical rotations. 

If you graduated with honors, this is a great place to emphasize it!

Limited Professional Experience Compared to Experienced RNs

Unlike experienced nurses, new grad nurses have limited professional experience. Therefore, the focus of your cover letter will often be on your clinical experiences during your nursing program, including any internships, externships, or practical training. 

You can highlight the skills, knowledge, and achievements gained during these experiences to demonstrate your readiness for the job.

Demonstrate Enthusiasm and Eagerness to Learn

As a new graduate, employers understand that you are entering the nursing field with a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge but limited practical experience. 

Your cover letter should convey your enthusiasm for learning and your eagerness to grow as a nurse. You can express your commitment to ongoing professional development, continuing education, and embracing mentorship opportunities.

What Should You Include in a New Grad Nurse Cover Letter?

When crafting a New Grad Nurse Cover Letter, you should include the following sections, each serving a specific purpose:

1. Personal and Contact Information

Include your full name, address, phone number, and email address at the top of the cover letter. This information allows the hiring manager to easily reach out to you.

2. Greeting

Address the cover letter to the hiring manager or the person responsible for reviewing applications. 

If the job posting does not mention a specific name, you can address it as "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear [Name of the Healthcare Organization] Hiring Team."

To find the appropriate contact information, you can search the organization's website and LinkedIn profiles of employees, or consider making a phone call to the organization's human resources department.

3. Opening Paragraph

In the opening paragraph, introduce yourself as a recent nursing graduate and express your interest in the specific nursing position you are applying for. 

Mention how you learned about the job opening, whether through a job posting, referral, or research on the organization.

4. Middle Paragraph(s):

In the middle paragraph(s), elaborate on your qualifications, skills, and experiences. 

Highlight your nursing education, including the name of the nursing program, the degree obtained, and the date of graduation. Mention any honors, awards, or notable achievements during your studies.

Discuss your clinical experiences, such as internships or practical training, and emphasize the types of patients you worked with, the skills you gained, and any noteworthy contributions or accomplishments.

Additionally, highlight any relevant transferable skills from other experiences, such as leadership roles, volunteer work, or part-time jobs. These skills can include communication, teamwork, critical thinking, organization, and problem-solving.

5. Closing Paragraph

In the closing paragraph, reiterate your interest in the position and express gratitude for the opportunity to apply. 

Emphasize your enthusiasm for further discussing your qualifications in an interview. 

You can mention that you are open to providing any additional information or references upon request.

6. Sign Off

End the cover letter with a professional sign-off, such as "Sincerely," followed by your full name. 

Leave space for your handwritten signature if you are submitting a physical copy of the letter.

Nursing Cover Letter Tips for New Grads

Remember to keep your cover letter concise and focused, typically no longer than one page. 

Customize it for each job application, aligning your qualifications and experiences with the specific requirements of the position.

 Proofread the letter carefully to ensure it is free from errors and presents a professional image.

4 Nurse Cover Letter Examples for New Grads 

Here are four nurse cover letter examples tailored to different scenarios for new grad nurses:

Example #1: New Grad Nurse Applying to a Med Surg Unit

Dear (Recipient's Name),

I am writing to express my strong interest in the New Grad Nurse position within the Medical-Surgical Unit at (Healthcare Organization). As a recent graduate of (Nursing Program) with a passion for patient care and a solid foundation in medical-surgical nursing, I am excited to contribute to your dedicated team.

During my nursing education at (Nursing Program), I developed a comprehensive understanding of medical-surgical nursing principles and gained valuable clinical experience. I successfully completed rotations in diverse healthcare settings, including medical-surgical units, where I had the opportunity to care for patients with a wide range of conditions and diagnoses. My clinical experiences helped equip me with strong assessment skills, the ability to administer medications safely, and effective communication with interdisciplinary teams.

I am confident in my ability to provide exceptional care to patients in the Medical-Surgical Unit at (Healthcare Organization). I am committed to delivering compassionate, patient-centered care and ensuring the highest standard of safety and quality.

I am impressed by (healthcare Organization’s) reputation for excellence in medical-surgical care and your commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. I am eager to join your team and contribute to the delivery of outstanding patient outcomes.

Thank you for considering my application. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills and passion for medical-surgical nursing align with the needs of (Healthcare Organization) in an interview. Please find my attached resume for your review. I look forward to hearing from you.

(Your Full Name)

Example #2: New Grad Nurse Applying to a Labor and Delivery Unit

I am thrilled to apply for the New Grad Nurse position within the Labor and Delivery Unit at (Healthcare Organization). As a recent graduate of (Nursing Program), I am excited to embark on a fulfilling career in maternal-child health and contribute to the exceptional care provided by your renowned department.

Throughout my nursing education, I developed a strong passion for women's health and had the privilege of completing a clinical rotation in the Labor and Delivery Unit at (Hospital Name). This experience provided me with hands-on exposure to the full spectrum of obstetric care, including antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum stages. I gained valuable skills in fetal monitoring, assisting with labor and delivery, conducting newborn assessments, and providing breastfeeding support.

My dedication to providing compassionate care to women and their families is unwavering. I possess excellent communication skills, which allow me to establish trusting relationships with patients, address their concerns, and provide education during pivotal moments. I am confident in my ability to promote a safe and nurturing environment for both mothers and infants, ensuring positive birth experiences and healthy outcomes.

The commitment to excellence and family-centered care at (Healthcare Organization) aligns perfectly with my professional values. Joining your Labor and Delivery Unit would allow me to contribute my knowledge and skills while continuously growing and learning as a nurse.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the opportunity to discuss further how my passion for maternal-child health and my dedication to providing exceptional care align with the needs of (Healthcare Organization). Please find my attached resume for your review. I look forward to the possibility of an interview.

Example #3: New Grad Nurse Applying to the ICU

I am writing to express my interest in the New Grad Nurse position within the Intensive Care Unit at (Healthcare Organization). As a recent graduate of (Nursing Program), I am eager to embark on a challenging and rewarding career in critical care nursing and contribute to your esteemed department's mission of providing exceptional patient care.

During my nursing education, I had the privilege of completing a clinical rotation in the ICU at (Hospital Name). This invaluable experience exposed me to a wide array of critical care scenarios, including postoperative care, respiratory distress, and cardiovascular emergencies. I developed strong assessment skills and honed my ability to monitor and interpret vital signs.

My passion for critical care nursing is fueled by a commitment to deliver exemplary patient outcomes. I thrive in high-pressure situations, utilizing critical thinking and effective communication to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and ensure prompt and precise interventions. I am eager to learn and become more proficient in advanced life support techniques, medication administration, and ventilator management to provide compassionate and evidence-based care to critically ill patients.

(Healthcare Organization)'s reputation for excellence in critical care and commitment to advancing patient care aligns perfectly with my professional aspirations. I am impressed by the innovative practices and ongoing professional development opportunities available within your organization. 

Thank you for considering my application. I welcome the opportunity to discuss how my dedication, clinical competencies, and enthusiasm for critical care align with the needs of (Healthcare Organization). Please find my attached resume for your review. I am excited about the possibility of an interview and look forward to hearing from you.

Example #4: New Grad Nurse Applying to an Oncology Unit

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the New Grad Nurse Program within the Oncology Unit at (Healthcare Organization). As a recent graduate of (Nursing Program) with a strong passion for oncology nursing, I am eager to contribute to your dedicated team and provide compassionate care to individuals and families impacted by cancer.

Throughout my nursing education, I was deeply inspired by the strength and resilience of oncology patients I encountered during my clinical rotations. I gained exposure to various aspects of oncology care, including chemotherapy administration, symptom management, patient education, and palliative care. 

I am committed to providing holistic support to patients throughout their cancer journey. I possess excellent communication skills, enabling me to establish trusting relationships, listen attentively to patients' concerns, and provide emotional support. I am dedicated to staying updated on advancements in oncology treatments and nursing interventions to ensure the highest standard of care.

(Healthcare Organization)'s reputation as a leading provider of oncology services, along with your comprehensive and patient-focused approach aligns with my professional goals. Participating in your New Grad Nurse Program would provide an ideal platform to enhance my skills, expand my knowledge, and contribute to the well-being of oncology patients.

Thank you for considering my application. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my passion for oncology nursing, and dedication to patient care. Please find my attached resume for your review. I am excited about the possibility of an interview and look forward to hearing from you.

A well-crafted new grad nurse cover letter is a valuable tool for showcasing your qualifications, skills, and passion for nursing. It allows you to personalize your application and stand out from other candidates, despite limited professional experience. 

By highlighting your education, clinical experiences, transferable skills, and career goals, you can highlight your readiness and commitment to excel as a new graduate nurse.

Remember, landing your first nursing position may take time and perseverance. But with a well-crafted cover letter, a compelling resume, and a great attitude, you will land your first nursing job. Good luck in your job search as you embark on this fulfilling and rewarding journey as a new grad nurse!

Sarah Jividen

Sarah Jividen , RN, BSN, is a trained neuro/trauma and emergency room nurse turned freelance healthcare writer/editor. As a journalism major, she combined her love for writing with her passion for high-level patient care. Sarah is the creator of Health Writing Solutions , LLC, specializing in writing about healthcare topics, including health journalism, education, and evidence-based health and wellness trends. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two children. 

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how to make a nursing cover letter

How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter (Everything You Need to Know)

how to make a nursing cover letter

What is a Cover Letter?

In general, a cover letter is a letter that is sent with something to explain the reason for it or to give more information about it. When it comes to nursing, a registered nurse cover letter gives more information about the applicant and usually accompanies a résumé.

You can find more on nursing résumés, including a custom resume builder, at Trusted for New Grads !

When you write a cover letter, it's your chance to elaborate on topics mentioned in your résumé or talk about something completely different that makes you an awesome candidate for the position you’re applying for.

Watch the full recording of our recent webinar with cover letter and resume expert, Ashley Sayles, MSN, CRNP, CPNP-PC below! ‍

When Should You Submit a Cover Letter

In short? Always! Especially if you’re a new graduate nurse or are a nurse looking to change nursing specialties. Cover letters can also be very useful in explaining gaps in employment or even to better explain being let go from a previous nursing position.

As a new graduate nurse, you enter the nursing job market with thousands of other nurses with pretty much the exact same résumé content. You went to ABC nursing school; you recently graduated and passed the NCLEX; and, you have clinical experience in Psych/Mental Health, L&D/Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical nursing, and Public/Community Health. 

You may have some fun stuff to add, nursing honor society, or clubs and volunteer involvement that can help set you apart from other applicants. You may even have experience as a CNA or nurse extern, too—these are all great accomplishments to be proud of. 

If you have been out of work for an extended period of time, your cover letter is the perfect place to EXPLAIN your employment gap and reasons why you’re looking to get back into the swing of things.

If you have experiences that you can elaborate relevant information from (mission trips, study abroad, shadowing/share time, union involvement, research projects, etc.), you should detail it in your cover letter. ‍

man typing on laptop nursing cover letter

Cover Letter Format 

A registered nurse’s cover letter should always be in formal letterhead format, including: 

  • Your full name, address, email, and phone number
  • The employer/institution’s full name and mailing address
  • Salutation (“Dear Hiring Manager/Nurse Recruiter” or “To Whom It May Concern”)
  • Introduction paragraph, 1-2 body paragraphs, then conclusion paragraph
  • Complimentary close (“Sincerely, With Care, Regards, Respectfully”)
  • Signature—Your name typed (PDF image of your actual signature is even better)
  • Cover letter length should NOT exceed one page!

You can access a variety of templates here ! ‍

Cover Letter Layout

What should the format entail?

  • Always use formal letter format (and don't begin with a title like, "Cover Letter for Nursing Job")
  • Layout, font, colors should match resume (visual cues)
  • Introduce yourself in the first paragraph: credentials, graduation date, nursing school, NCLEX status (passed, will take on XYZ date)
  • Next, discuss why you’re right for the position—specific personal experiences, studies, etc.
  • In the third paragraph, discuss why the position (particularly the unit) and the facility is right for you
  • Finally, summarize your letter and thank the reader for their time and consideration

Make sure you look up the hospital and unit you’re applying to. You should know their mission statement and core values, and you should mention them in your cover letter; this is where you impress them with your research.

Example: “I truly admire XYZ Medical Center’s commitment to diversity and interdisciplinary collaboration as evidenced by the institutions mission statement…”

Yale's School of Nursing also has some great layout and format suggestions . ‍

Cover Letter - Keep in Mind

Additionally, here are a few things to keep in mind as you work through your cover letter:

  • If you’re not sure who will be reading the letter, address it to “Hiring Manager” or “Nurse Recruiter”
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself!  

Hype up your extracurricular involvement, relevant clinical experience, your personal life that brought you to nursing, or the particular type of nursing for which you are applying, etc. 

  • Lastly, talk about how much you want the job—eloquently, of course, NO desperation!

Example: “Working at XYZ hospital has been a dream of mine for some time, and I’m sure I will continue to build on the skills and experience I have already come across in school while working on the unit among the amazing nurse educators and preceptors that make this institution great!” ‍

Example Cover Letter Narrative

Cover Letter Sample, here is my back story:

I was a new grad applying to work in the pediatric ICU AND I just so happened to be a previous PICU patient as a child. Of course, this means I can offer empathy and understand what patients are experiencing while in the PICU but where would this information go in my résumé? Nowhere, it would be odd to put that in my résumé but does that mean it isn’t important?

‍ And here is an excerpt from my actual cover letter:

“As a previous PICU patient myself battling severe asthma, I have a unique understanding of what my patients are experiencing and thus can offer empathy and enhanced patient care experience in a way many of my peers may not be able to.” ‍

laptop notebook head phones and coffee mug with pencils in it sitting on pink carpet nursing cover letters

Nursing Cover Letter Do’s & Don'ts

  • Do reuse your cover letter for multiple positions
  • Don’t forget to change the facility name, address, etc. if you do so!
  • Do use personal experiences that cannot be fully detailed in the resume
  • Don’t ramble or simply summarize your resume ‍

Need Help Building Your Resume?

Sign up for a free Trusted profile for access to our resume builder, more nursing resources, and your own Nurse Advocate! 

Ashley Sayles realized the great need for nursing-focused résumé and career services, and thus ReNegade Résumé was born. In becoming more active on social media, Ashley began to connect with nurses and aspiring nurses from all over the country and many would ask for résumé and career advice through these channels. Ashley decided to create the ReNegade Résumé to offer affordable career preparation and management services that nurses can trust.

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how to make a nursing cover letter

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Example of a Nurse Cover Letter (Template+Guide)

This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy through the link, I may earn a commission. Learn More.

Even though nurses are in demand you still have to bring your “A” game when you’re applying to nurse jobs.

That’s why in this article we’re going to cover how to write a nurse cover letter .

A cover letter is often an afterthought, or not even thought of at all for many nurses.

While there is an increased need for skilled nurses, the nursing field is still highly competitive.

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive a commission. For more info, please  see my disclaimer . 

The Purpose of a Nurse Cover Letter

When applying for nursing jobs, it helps to have a detailed resume and an effective cover letter. Having a quality cover letter is an essential part of the job-hunting process ( source ).

It acts as an introduction and a summary of skills, and it gives employers an overview of why you’re the right candidate for the job.

A well-crafted cover letter may even make the difference when HR departments struggle to decide between two candidates.

The cover letter is also tailored for each job application.

It should include details related to the specific facility where you’re applying for a job, and it provides a chance for you to explain why your skills match the needs of the employer ( source ).

Before you start writing, I suggest that you take the time to look at a few examples and explore some tips.

Here is everything that you need to know to write a stellar nursing cover letter.

Related Article: Why Your New Nurse Resume is NOT Working

What Should You Include in a Cover Letter for a Nursing Job?

This is the template for a nurse cover letter.

The first step in writing a quality nurse cover letter is ensuring that it includes the required information and follows the standard format.

Here is a quick overview of what you need to include:

  • Your contact information
  • The addressee’s contact information
  • The job listing or title
  • The salutation
  • The main body
  • The call to action
  • The sign-off

The letter starts with your name. Make sure you include your certification or licensing status, such as “Jane Smith, RN.” On the second line, add your address, phone number, and email address.

The next section includes the date and the contact information of the hiring manager.

Include the contact’s title, such as “Human Resources Manager.”

If you’re submitting a resume for a job that you find online or in a paper, you may want to reference the source.

For example, “RE: Registered Nurse Entry Position.”

The salutation is a simple greeting. Most cover letters start with “Dear” followed by the contact’s name.

If you don’t know the name of the hiring manager, you can simply include “Dear hiring manager.”

The main body and call to action are the most important parts of the letter. This is where you sell your skills, experience, and traits to make yourself the most attractive candidate on paper.

The sign off is a simple ending to the letter.

Candidates often sign off with “best regards” or “sincerely.” If you want to come across as being more original, you can use a synonym, such as:

  • “Regards”
  • “Yours sincerely”
  • “Yours respectfully”

Avoid anything too personal, such as:

  • “ Cheers”
  • “Love”
  • “Take care”
  • “Best wishes”

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What Details Should You Discuss in the Body?

Other than the contact information, salutation, and sign off, you’ll include a few short paragraphs to help sell yourself. These sections include the main body and call to action. The body contains three parts:

  • Achievements

Hiring managers typically scan the cover letter to see if anything is out of place or missing, such as the hiring manager’s name.

After a quick scan, they’ll read the opening paragraph, which is where you need to hook them.

The hook should include two to three lines that promote your skills and build interest.

Toward the end of the article, I’ll provide a couple of examples so that you can see what an effective hook looks like.

The second paragraph discusses why you want the job and why you’re the most qualified candidate. Don’t simply list the number of years that you’ve worked or say that you like to help treat patients.

This section needs to maintain interest from the opening paragraph.

End the second paragraph with a line drawing attention to your achievements, such as “among my accomplishments.” These two short paragraphs are followed by a bullet point list of your biggest achievements.

Again, don’t simply list your certifications or past employment.

Those details are included in the resume. This is where you include information that isn’t typically added to the resume.

Consider any major challenges that you’ve overcome or initiatives that you helped get off the ground.

For example, perhaps you’ve trained nurses or helped establish a blood drive that allowed your hospital to achieve a new record. Include three or four bullet points.

You don’t want to fill the cover letter with a lengthy highlight reel of your achievements.

The body ends with a short sentence summarizing why you’re interested in the job.

For example, “I’m looking forward to how much more I can achieve in a setting like NAME OF HOSPITAL.”

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How to Write an Effective Call to Action

After the body, it’s time to write the call to action. Calls to action are used in marketing to give potential customers a clear direction.

When you view a product page, you may see a button that says, “click here to get the best price” or “sign up today to get a free gift.” The call to action is asking you to perform a specific action.

The call to action at the end of your cover letter should ask the hiring manager to contact you to set up an interview.

This is another portion of the cover letter where you don’t want to simply state facts, such as, “I’d appreciate if you contact me to set up an interview at a time that is convenient.”

You want to use this closing line to stand out from other candidates.

You may even use the call to action to remind the hiring manager of your past accomplishments. Here’s a short example:

“Can we arrange a meeting to explore how my experience and drive can help increase patient care at HOSPITAL?”

In marketing, the call to action is typically just three to seven words. With a nursing cover letter, it can be a full sentence.

The goal of this sentence is to summarize the point of the cover letter in a question.

You want to arrange an interview, but you need to tell the hiring manager why they should contact you instead of the dozens of other candidates.

Asking a question also forces the person reading your letter to consider a response before they even open the rest of the resume.

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How Do You Know What the Hiring Manager Is Looking for?

One of the main purposes of the cover letter is to show the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job, so how do you know what they want?

The details are often included in the job description.

When you look at dozens of job listings, it’s easy to skim the details and focus on whether you meet the qualifications.

Within the details, you’ll often find specific traits, skills, or experience that the hospital or healthcare facility wants in a new nurse. Most job listings include the following information:

  • Hospital Name
  • Position requirements
  • Position responsibilities

The position responsibilities typically include the details that can help you stand out as the most qualified nurse.

You may see a listing that includes the following responsibilities:

“Perform approved therapeutic procedures and diagnostic procedures while assisting the MDs with medical procedures.”

Find at least one aspect of the listed responsibilities where you can showcase your talents or experience.

You may have experience in an ER assisting MDs or perhaps you’ve trained doctors in how to use the latest diagnostic equipment.

Always thoroughly read the job description while trying to find connections to your past achievements.

Make a note of any specific details where you can illustrate your skills or previous projects. You can use this information when crafting the main body of your cover letter.

Review Sample Nurse Cover Letters for Nursing Jobs

The last step in preparing your own cover letter is to look at a couple of examples.

The first one is for an entry-level position, making it a suitable example for those applying for their first nursing jobs .

The second example represents a nurse with several years of experience looking to further his or her nursing skills.

Nurse Cover Letter Example 1 – Entry-Level Nursing Position

Your Name, RN

Your city, State (abbreviated) zip code | phone number | email address

Current date

Hiring manager’s name Hiring manager’s job title Example Hospital Address City, state, zip code

RE: Entry-Level Registered Nursing Position

Dear Ms. Smith,

Graduating with high honors from Example University and achieving the highest grade on my NCLEX-RN exam are two of my most satisfying accomplishments. I would be even more satisfied utilizing my education to help improve the quality of patient care at Example Hospital.

With three years of clinical experience, I have had the chance to work in a variety of settings. Example Hospital always stood out as a place that truly put the patients first. I believe this is the perfect environment for me to further my real-world training and shine. Here are several of my past achievements:

● Finished first in my class at the respected Example University Nursing School.

● Established an outreach program to provide health education to senior citizens.

● Led a blood drive program with local high schools to promote health education in the schools.

Education has been my focus for the past few years, and I’m excited to continue this education at Example Hospital.

Can we arrange a meeting to consider the ways that my commitment can help Example Hospital’s patients?

Best regards,

You may have noticed that this cover letter doesn’t include a list of certifications or skills.

If the job requires specific certifications, knowledge of patient records and charting systems, and communication skills, you don’t need to list them on the cover letter, as they’ll be included in the resume.

Nurse Cover Letter Sample 2 – Experienced Nursing Position

Y our Name, RN

RE: Experienced Nurse Practitioner

The last three years of my life have been committed to reducing workplace hazards, helping to make my facility one of the safest healthcare facilities in the region. I would love to bring this same level of commitment to Example Hospital.

As a nurse practitioner with five years of experience, I appreciate the practices put in place at Example Hospital. The systems that your facility already has in place should provide the perfect environment for my skills and expertise to have the biggest impact. My previous accomplishments include:

● Established a system for reducing exposure to hazardous materials, reducing workplace accidents by 80% in three years.

● Led an initiative that helped form a partnership with a local college to provide clinical rotations to nursing students.

● Became the lead nurse in charge of scheduling , helping to reduce work hours by 10% without reducing the quality of patient care.

I look forward to bringing these same skills to a patient-focused facility like Example Hospital.

Can we arrange a meeting to review how my experience can address the needs of Example Hospitals’ patients?

Yours sincerely,

These cover letters are short, to the point, and help highlight several unique achievements that you may not have room to include in the resume.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nurse Cover Letters

1. do you need special formatting or paper for the nursing cover letter.

Besides the content of your letter, you need to consider the paper, ink, font, margins, and styling. Use 10pt or 12pt text sizes with simple fonts, such as:

  • Courier New
  • Times New Roman

Don’t choose a font that is hard to read or cartoonish, such as Comic Sans. Stick to black ink and only use one font for the entire letter.

If the text is difficult to read, your resume will likely get tossed.

Resumes are printed on standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper. It’s the size that fits in most folders, filing cabinets, and printers.

The paper that you use for the resume should also match the paper used for the cover letter.

Most people use plain white paper. Avoid any specialized resume paper with thick scrollwork or frilly borders.

While bright paper should be avoided, you can use a very lightly tinted paper with a hint of blue, gray, pink, or tan.

This can help your cover letter stand out without the hiring manager needing to read a single sentence.

2. Do Nurses Need a Cover Letter?

Absolutely they do.

A cover letter can make the difference between you getting the job interview or not. A nurse cover letter provides additional information related to your nursing resume.

It’s also a way for you to highlight or add additional skill sets or experiences you think will be needed for the job.

3. What are Some Easy Tips for Writing a Good Nursing Cover Letter?

  • Keep it short, sweet and to the point.
  • Make sure to change the cover letter based on what job your applying for. Don’t just use the same cover letter for every job application.
  • Personal Stories are found as long as they enhance your resume and go along with what the facility is looking for.
  • Make sure to show some passion and enthusiasm for the job your applying for.
  • Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!

a pencil being held on a white background with the wordings how to write a nursing cover letter

We hope you found these tips helpful in helping you get and ace your next nursing interview.

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About the Author

Thomas Uzuegbunem is a registered nurse who graduated with a bachelor’s in business and went on to get his bachelor’s of science in nursing. He’s worked in the ICU, mental health (inpatient, outpatient), & GI specialty areas. He’s the lead editor and founder of Nurse Money Talk.

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StandOut CV

Nurse cover letter examples

Andrew Fennell photo

You love being there for your patients, ensuring they get the care, attention and treatment they need.

But in order to keep doing that, you need to secure your next rewarding nursing position, and that requires you to effectively showcase your relevant qualifications and experience.

In the guide below, we’ll share our expert writing advice, complete with nurse cover letter examples to help you with your application.

CV templates 

Nurse cover letter example 1

Nurse cover letter 1

Nurse cover letter example 2

Nurse cover letter 2

Nurse cover letter example 3

Nurse cover letter 3

The Nurse cover letter examples above should give you a good idea of the type of content you need to include in your own cover letter, and how it should be structured.

But if you’re really looking to wow recruiters and get your CV in front of the very best employers, then check out our guidance on how to write your own effective cover letter below.

How to write a Nurse cover letter

Here’s how to write your own winning Nurse cover letter

How to write a cover letter

Write your cover letter in the body of an email/message

When writing your Nurse cover letter, it’s best to type the content into the body of your email (or the job site messaging system) and not to attach the cover letter as a separate document.

This ensures that your cover letter gets seen as soon as a recruiter or employer opens your message.

If you attach the cover letter as a document, you’re making the reader go through an unnecessary step of opening the document before reading it.

If it’s in the body of the message itself, it will be seen instantly, which hugely increases the chances of it being read.

Write cover letter in body of email

Start with a friendly greeting

Cover letter address

Start you cover letter with a greeting that is professional but friendly.

This will build rapport with the recruiter whilst showing your professionalism.

  • Hi, hope you’re well
  • Hi [insert recruiter name]
  • Hi [insert department/team name]

Avoid overly formal greetings like “Dear sir/madam ” unless applying to very traditional companies.

How to find the contact’s name?

Addressing the recruitment contact by name is an excellent way to start building a strong relationship. If it is not listed in the job advert, try these methods to find it.

  • Check out the company website and look at their  About page. If you see a hiring manager, HR person or internal recruiter, use their name. You could also try to figure out who would be your manager in the role and use their name.
  • Head to LinkedIn , search for the company and scan through the list of employees. Most professionals are on LinkedIn these days, so this is a good bet.

Identify the role you are applying for

After you have greeted the recruiter, it’s important to state the job you are applying to.

Recruiters are often managing multiple vacancies, so they need to know exactly which job you are referring to.

Be as specific as possible and use a reference number if you can find one.

Here are some examples you can use;

  • I am interested in applying for the role of admin assistant with your organisation.
  • I would like to apply for the role of Sales assistant (Ref: 4057393)
  • I would like to express my interest in the customer service vacancy within your retail department
  • I saw your advertisement for a trainee project manager on Reed and would like to apply for the role.

See also: CV examples – how to write a CV – CV profiles

Highlight your suitability

The sole objective of your cover letter is to motivate recruiters into to opening your CV. And you achieve this by quickly explaining your suitability to the roles you are applying for.

Take a look at the job descriptions you are applying to, and make note of the most important skills and qualifications being asked for.

Then, when crafting your cover letter, make your suitability the central focus.

Explain why you are the best qualified candidate, and why you are so well suited to carry out the job.

This will give recruiters all the encouragement they need to open your CV and consider you for the job.

Cover letter tips

Keep it short and sharp

A good cover letter is short and sharp, getting to the point quickly with just enough information to grab the attention of recruiters.

Ideally your cover letter should be around 4-8 sentences long – anything longer will risk losing the attention of time-strapped recruiters and hiring managers .

Essentially you need to include just enough information to persuade the reader to open up your CV, where the in-depth details will sit.

Sign off professionally

To round of your cover letter, add a professional signature to the bottom, giving recruiters your vital contact information.

This not only gives various means of contacting you, it also looks really professional and shows that you know how to communicate in the workplace.

Include the following points;

  • A friendly sign off – e.g. “Warm regards”
  • Your full name
  • Phone number (one you can answer quickly)
  • Email address
  • Profession title
  • Professional social network – e.g. LinkedIn

Here is an example signature;

Warm regards,

Gerald Baker Senior Accountant 07887500404 [email protected] LinkedIn

Quick tip : To save yourself from having to write your signature every time you send a job application email, you can save it within your email drafts, or on a separate document that you could copy in.

Email signatures

What to include in your Nurse cover letter

Here’s what kind of content you should include in your Nurse cover letter…

The exact info will obviously depend on your industry and experience level, but these are the essentials.

  • Your relevant experience – Where have you worked and what type of jobs have you held?
  • Your qualifications – Let recruiters know about your highest level of qualification to show them you have the credentials for the job.
  • The impact you have made – Show how your actions have made a positive impact on previous employers; perhaps you’ve saved them money or helped them to acquire new customers?
  • Your reasons for moving – Hiring managers will want to know why you are leaving your current or previous role, so give them a brief explanation.
  • Your availability – When can you start a new job ? Recruiters will want to know how soon they can get you on board.

Don’t forget to tailor these points to the requirements of the job advert for best results.

Nurse cover letter templates

Copy and paste these Nurse cover letter templates to get a head start on your own.

Good morning, Michelle

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my keen interest in the Mental Health Nurse position at Bluebird House. With 12 years of experience working in inpatient care facilities, I bring compassionate care and expertise in delivering high-quality support to diverse mental health patients.

Throughout my career, I have had a strong track record of using therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), to reduce readmissions effectively. Working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams, I provide holistic care and crisis intervention, ensuring patient safety. At Bedfordshire Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, I successfully introduced a relapse prevention program, reducing readmissions by 21%, and implemented a patient-led care plan system that improved patient engagement by 22%. In secure psychiatric hospital settings, I have led self-harm reduction programs resulting in a 34% decrease in incidents, adopted by multiple centres. Additionally, I hold certifications including the Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Trauma-Informed Care Training as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing from the University of Surrey.

I am eager to discuss how my skills and experience align with your facility’s mission. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience.

Patrick Dawn

I hope this email finds you in good health. I am excited to submit application for the Practice Nurse position at Park Road Surgery, and feel my skill and experience make me an exceptionally fit for the vacancy.

With 8 years of experience in general practice, I possess expertise in managing acute and chronic diseases, specialising in Diabetes management and health education. In my current role at Crawley Road Surgery, I provide comprehensive nursing care to 2,100 registered patients, conducting assessments, administering vaccinations, and managing chronic conditions. Notably, I have improved patient satisfaction by 25% in four years through a feedback system and set up a successful asthma clinic with a 34% improvement in patient outcomes. As a Nurse Independent Prescriber (NIP) with Advanced Life Support (ALS) training and Level 3 Certified Diabetes Coordinator qualification, I am equipped to deliver high-quality care.

I am eager to join your healthcare team and contribute to exceptional patient service. I am available for an interview at your convenience.

I hope you are well. As a compassionate and dedicated Oncology Certified Nurse with 6 years of experience providing specialist care to cancer patients, I am enthusiastic about the Oncology Nurse vacancy at Leeds General Infirmary.

In my current role as part of the cancer team at St. Vincent’s Hospital, I collaborate closely with oncologists to deliver personalised care, ensuring patients receive the utmost support throughout their treatment journey. My ability to administer chemotherapy, conduct nursing assessments, and advocate for patients has contributed to their improved outcomes. Some examples of this include implementing a pain management protocol that resulted in a remarkable 30% reduction in pain scores among oncology patients and conducting educational workshops that increased patient understanding of treatment options by 25%.

I possess the skills and expertise to administer a broad range of chemotherapy treatments, manage symptoms, and offer crucial emotional support which I believe would make a great fit for your team. I am available for an interview from next week.

Kind regards,

Helen Smith

Writing an impressive cover letter is a crucial step in landing a Nurse job, so taking the time to perfect it is well worth while.

By following the tips and examples above you will be able to create an eye-catching cover letter that will wow recruiters and ensure your CV gets read – leading to more job interviews for you.

Good luck with your job search!


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