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CV Tips for Fashion Designers

  • Highlight Your Design Skills and Specialization : Specify your proficiency in design software like Adobe Illustrator or CAD. Detail your specializations, such as menswear, womenswear, or children's fashion, early on in your CV.
  • Showcase Your Portfolio : Include a link to your online portfolio or attach images of your work. Use this to demonstrate your design process, from initial sketches to final pieces.
  • Customize Your CV to the Job Description : Align your CV content with the job's requirements, emphasizing relevant experiences like pattern cutting or fabric sourcing if required by the employer.
  • Detail Your Industry Knowledge : Show your understanding of fashion trends, production processes, and the business side of the industry. Mention any experience with marketing or sales.
  • Exhibit Soft Skills and Teamwork : Highlight your ability to work within a team, communicate effectively, and manage time and resources efficiently. These skills are crucial in a fast-paced industry like fashion.

The Smarter, Faster Way to Write Your CV

cv personal statement for fashion

  • Directed the design and production of a high-profile fashion line that increased company revenue by 30% and was featured in top fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle.
  • Managed a team of 10 designers, fostering a creative and collaborative environment that resulted in a 20% increase in productivity and a 15% decrease in design turnaround time.
  • Implemented sustainable design practices, reducing the company's carbon footprint by 25% and earning recognition from environmental organizations.
  • Designed a best-selling collection that boosted the company's brand recognition and resulted in a 35% increase in sales.
  • Collaborated with marketing and sales teams to develop successful promotional campaigns, leading to a 50% increase in social media engagement and a 20% increase in online sales.
  • Introduced innovative textile techniques that improved product quality, leading to a 10% decrease in returns and a 15% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Developed a unique design concept that was selected for the company's annual fashion show, attracting high-profile clients and increasing brand visibility.
  • Assisted in the creation of a comprehensive trend forecasting report, which informed the company's design strategy and contributed to a 20% increase in sales.
  • Coordinated with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of materials, reducing production delays by 30% and improving overall efficiency.
  • Exceptional fashion design and production skills
  • Strong leadership and team management abilities
  • Knowledge of sustainable design practices
  • Proficiency in textile techniques and material selection
  • Ability to create unique design concepts
  • Experience in trend forecasting and strategy development
  • Excellent collaboration and coordination skills
  • Proven ability to increase sales and brand recognition
  • Experience in developing successful promotional campaigns
  • Efficiency in supply chain management and reducing production delays

Fashion Designer CV Template

  • Collaborated with [teams/departments] to create [type of collection, e.g., summer, winter, bridal], demonstrating strong [soft skill, e.g., teamwork, leadership].
  • Managed [design process, e.g., sketching, fabric selection, pattern making], optimizing [process or task, e.g., design conceptualization, production coordination] to enhance [operational outcome, e.g., production efficiency, design quality].
  • Championed [system or process improvement, e.g., the adoption of new design software, revision of production workflow], resulting in [quantifiable benefit, e.g., 20% time savings, enhanced design detail].
  • Played a key role in [project or initiative, e.g., seasonal fashion shows, brand collaborations], which led to [measurable impact, e.g., increased brand visibility, positive customer feedback].
  • Directed [type of analysis, e.g., trend forecasting, market research], employing [analytical tools/methods] to inform [decision-making/action, e.g., design decisions, collection planning].
  • Instrumental in [task or responsibility, e.g., quality control, supplier negotiations], ensuring [quality or standard, e.g., fabric quality, cost-effectiveness] across all design projects.
  • Major: Name of Major
  • Minor: Name of Minor

100+ Free Resume Templates

How to format a fashion designer cv, start with a creative objective, highlight education and design skills, detail relevant experience and portfolio, emphasize soft skills and technical proficiencies, personal statements for fashion designers, fashion designer personal statement examples, what makes a strong personal statement.

Match & Compare Your CV to a Job Description

cv personal statement for fashion

CV FAQs for Fashion Designers

How long should fashion designers make a cv, what's the best format for an fashion designer cv, how does a fashion designer cv differ from a resume, related cvs for fashion designer.

Assistant Fashion Designer CV

Beginner Fashion Designer CV

Entry Level Fashion Designer CV

Creative Fashion Designer CV

Fashion Technical Designer CV

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Fashion designer is drawing a fashion sketch for autumn-winter season

How to write a personal statement for fashion

Fashion courses at university are incredibly competitive, so how do you make your personal statement stand out? Be original, think business, and don’t quote Chanel

"F ashion is not simply a matter of clothes; fashion is in the air, born upon the wind; one intuits it." That's a quote from Coco Chanel – and it's how not to start a personal statement for a fashion degree.

When applying for a university fashion course, your personal statement won't even be read though if your portfolio is not good enough.

Willie Walters, programme director for fashion at Central St Martins, said the personal statement is "secondary" to portfolio work.

"I don't even read the statements unless the work looks interesting," she says.

Walters advises applicants to make their portfolio work as clear as possible, and to include research and sketchbook work, as well as photographs of design pieces. "We look for originality and something fresh."

When it comes to the written statement, saying you have a "passion for fashion" is an immediate no-no, says Josephine Collins, course leader for fashion journalism at the London College of Fashion.

"It's easy to do and sounds great but we've seen it so many times before," she warns. Similarly, admissions tutors cringe when confronted with yet another tired quote from a fashion icon.

Fashion related courses are notoriously competitive, so avoiding clichés is an important way to make your application stand out, says Andrew Groves, course director for fashion design at the University of Westminster.

"Put yourself in my shoes," says Groves, who reads over 1,000 personal statements each year. "How would you make yours different from all those other applications?"

Although mentioning your favourite designer is a good idea, you should think carefully about who you cite, says Mal Burkinshaw, programme director of fashion at Edinburgh University.

"We always have the same designers quoted. Every now and then someone says they are interested in a more conceptual designer and it makes them stand out. You can tell they are engaging more deeply."

Evidence of engagement with fashion is essential, agree tutors, but make sure you are thinking about it as a serious industry.

"Fashion is the third largest industry in the UK," says Jane Gottelier, programme leader of the fashion department at Falmouth University.

"I steer clear of students who talk mainly about celebrity fashion and TV programmes in their personal statements because it makes me think that they see fashion as something rather fluffy," she says.

As well as explaining why you want to study fashion and listing any relevant work experience, it's also important to show interests outside of fashion, say tutors.

"Some of our fashion courses are really business-orientated," says Liz Barnes, senior lecturer in fashion at Manchester University, "so demonstrating a commercial mind is key."

Outside interests show an engagement with general society that is important for a fashion student, and key to fashion admissions tutors.

It's important to be up to date on current news, to prove an academic interest and to show curiosity about the world and an inquisitive mind. If you have an unusual hobby don't be afraid to mention it as it might help yourself get noticed.

"I've had ice skaters, an Olympic-standard gymnast and stick insect collectors," says Anne Chaisty, principal lecturer in fashion studies at the Arts University Bournemouth.

Fashion may be portrayed as a cut-throat industry, but people who are interested in giving something back interest Chaisty.

"We look for students who want to make a positive difference through what they do as a designer," she says.

Accuracy and a good flow are things all tutors agree on when it comes to a good personal statement, but Barnes says you should also be in tune with the specifics of your course.

"There are lots of courses that are called fashion marketing, for example, but the content of those courses will vary enormously," Barnes explained.

"Understand the course you are applying for and tailor the personal statement to match."

For courses where a portfolio carries a heavier weighting than the personal statement, it is still important to express personality in your written statement.

Tutors say individuality and character are perhaps the most important things to convey.

"Don't contrive something for the sake of it," advises Chaisty, "just be honest, be natural and be yourself."

Just don't quote Coco Chanel.

This article was amended on 19 September to correct an error, changing Willie Walters' job title from course leader to programme director of fashion at Central St Martin's.

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How to Write a CV Personal Statement [+4 Real-life Examples]

Background Image

Creating an effective CV takes time and close attention to detail. You've already included your jobs and experience , and now you want to allow the recruiter or hiring manager to understand the strategic value you can add.

This is when you need to utilize a personal statement at the top of your CV.

How to Write a CV Personal Statement [+4 Real-life Examples] 

cv personal statement example

What is a Personal Statement? 

A personal statement is a few brief and direct sentences at the top of your CV. The personal statement is also referred to as a career summary or personal mission statement.

This is used to grab the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager and summarizes essential experiences or training that you can bring to this position.

Why do I Need a Personal Statement?

A recruiter or hiring manager is tasked with sorting through an enormous amount of resumes every single day. A personal statement is a way to separate yourself from the other applicants.

This statement summarizes your experience and highlights your unique talents . The CV personal statement is meant to demonstrate why you are the perfect fit for the job. 

Even med students need a medical school personal statement , as it is what differentiates them from all the other students applying. Plus, it allows them to share their personal stories and objectives.

Where do I Start? 

Always begin by reading the job description carefully and thoroughly.

Your personal statement should be tailored to each job description, so it explicitly states the value you’ll bring to the position you are applying. A generic personal statement cannot do that. 

Once you have a solid handle on the job description, you can begin writing. It’s important to keep your personal statement brief, about 50-200 words will do.

Don’t forget that you have your whole cover letter to show some personality and include engaging content.

The personal statement should be a quick summary that highlights why you are the best person for the job. 

You’ll need to decide whether you are writing your personal statement in first- or third-person. This should follow how you've written the rest of your CV.

For example, if you've already written, “I grew and developed a team of 50 salespeople,” in your CV then you will want to keep your personal statement in first-person to match the prevailing style.

No matter what you choose, make sure that you keep it consistent throughout. Do not switch between first- and third-person as that will get confusing to the hiring manager.

Writing a personal statement for your CV in first-person does not mean you need to start every sentence with “I.”

There are ways to craft your personal statement to sound snappy, concise and personal, and here are a few examples to help inspire your personal statement. 

CV Personal Statement Examples

It doesn’t matter what chose as your desired career or how much experienc e you have, use these examples to drive the creation of your own personal statement.

You can take snippets from each or write something completely different. Always remember that your personal statement is a reflection of yourself and should align with your own personal goals and experience.

If these examples don’t fit your exact career, feel free to take some pointers and write yours from scratch. 

#1: Personal Statement Example for Recent Graduate CV

“As a recent graduate from university, with an honors degree in communications, I held several internships within leading organizations, including Bertelsmann. These internships enabled me to gain experience in the field and learn how to serve up valuable contributions in a fast-paced, professional environment.”

Explanation: This example should be customized to include the university you’ve graduated from and any relevant internships. A compelling personal statement always highlights relevant skills and experiences.

In this case, a recent graduate does not have extensive experience in the workforce, so soft skills like experiencing success in a fast-paced work environment and becoming a trusted team member become even more critical.

#2: Personal Statement Example for Returning to the Workforce CV

“A highly motivated and experienced office administrator, I am currently looking to resume my professional career after an extended hiatus to raise my family. Proficient in all Microsoft Office programs, I can lead meetings and work with clients to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently. After spending several years volunteering as an administrative worker for a local charity, I am committed to resuming my professional career on a full-time basis.”

Explanation: After time off from a career, it can be hard to break back into the market. This personal statement outlines the reason for the break, the relevant qualifications and what the applicant has been doing in between jobs.

Any volunteer experience becomes highly relevant when there is no concrete professional experience to draw upon, to demonstrate the use of those skills. 

job search masterclass

#3: Personal Statement Example for a Career Change CV

“With over 15 years as a sales manager, I have extensive experience building high-functioning sales teams that consistently achieve budget numbers. In fact, my ability to grow talent led to a 20% increase in annual renewals across the board. Now, after 15 years, I am seeking new challenges to flex my marketing muscles in a fast-paced environment.” 

Explanation: When changing careers , it's essential to highlight skills that are transferable between industries.

In this case, leadership and team-building experience can apply to any industry. Homing in on concrete numbers and percentages increases credibility when applying for a position.

The applicant ends with the reason behind the desired career change. This part is not necessary but may be appealing to some hiring managers who are wondering what the impetus for the career change.

#4: Personal Statement Example for a Experienced Professional CV

“As a friendly, professional and highly trained educator, I am passionate about teaching and have an innate ability to understand student’s needs. Creating a safe and productive environment for optimal learning is my top priority. I’ve worked as a teacher for nearly 10 years in a variety of subjects and my experience and skill set make me the perfect fit for your team.”

Explanation: With more experience comes more skills and a better idea of strengths and weaknesses. Showcasing your passion for the industry is a great way to begin a personal statement, as it shows the hiring manager your dedication to the craft. 

A personal statement can be written in many different ways, but it is ultimately up to you to determine what skills you want to highlight for your chosen position.

You can follow these examples or take learnings from each to contribute towards your personal statement. 

If you understand the job you are applying for and know the unique skill set that you bring to the table, you will have a stellar personal statement for your CV that will get you across the table from the hiring manager in no time.  

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Fashion Personal Statement Examples

cv personal statement for fashion

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A level results day.

cv personal statement for fashion

Find out more

Clearing Guide

cv personal statement for fashion

StandOut CV

Fashion Buyer CV example

Andrew Fennell photo

You have a keen eye for the latest trends and you know what sells. But if you want to land your next buyer role, you need to sell yourself to the recruiter.

Your first chance to do this is your CV, so it needs to be perfect.

In our detailed guide below, we’ll teach you how to write an application that’s more impressive than a Dior handbag collection. You can also make use of our fashion buyer CV example for inspiration.

CV templates 

Fashion Buyer CV example

Fashion Buyer CV 1

This example CV demonstrates how to structure and format your own Fashion Buyer CV, so that it can be easily digested by busy hiring managers, and quickly prove why you are suitable for the jobs you are applying to.

It also gives you a good idea of the type of skills, experience and qualifications that you need to be highlighting in your CV.

CV builder

Fashion Buyer CV layout and format

In today’s fast-paced job market, recruiters and employers are often short on time. If they can’t locate the information they’re searching for within a few seconds, it could result in them overlooking your application.

To avoid this happening, it’s critical to structure and format your CV in a way that allows them to quickly identify your key skills and offerings, even when they’re pressed for time.

How to write a CV

Tips for formatting your Fashion Buyer CV

  • Length: While there’s no ‘official’ CV length rule, the majority of recruiters agree that less is more. Aim for two pages of A4 or less. This is just enough room to showcase your suitability to the role, without overwhelming recruiters with irrelevant or excessive content.
  • Readability : To help busy recruiters scan through your CV, make sure your section headings stand out – bold or coloured text works well. Additionally, try to use bullet points wherever you can, as they’re far easier to skim through than huge paragraphs. Lastly, don’t be afraid of white space on your CV – a little breathing space is great for readability.
  • Design: While it’s important that your CV design looks good, it also needs to be functional (which means easy for recruiters to read) Keep the design simple to achieve a good balance between looking good and reading well.
  • Photos: Don’t add profile photos to your CV unless you work in an industry or region which prefers to see them. Most employers in the UK will not need to see one.

Quick tip: Creating a professional CV style can be difficult and time-consuming when using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. To create a winning CV quickly, try our quick-and-easy CV Builder and use one of their eye-catching professional CV templates.

CV formatting tips

CV structure

For easy reading, write your CV to the following CV structure:

  • Contact details – Make it easy for recruiters to get in touch with you by listing your contact details at the top of your CV.
  • Profile – A short and snappy summary of your experience and skills, showcasing what makes you a good fit for the position.
  • Work experience / career history – Note down all your work history, with your current position first, then working backwards.
  • Education – A short list of your academic background and professional/vocational qualifications.
  • Interest and hobbies – This is an optional section, which you can use to highlight any relevant hobbies or interests.

Now you understand the basic layout of a CV, here’s what you should include in each section of yours.

Contact Details

Contact details

Tuck your contact details into the corner of your CV, so that they don’t take up too much space. Stick to the basic details, such as:

  • Mobile number
  • Email address – It should sound professional, such as your full name.
  • Location -Just write your rough location, rather than your full address.
  • LinkedIn profile or portfolio URL – If you include these, ensure they’re sleek, professional and up-to-date.

Fashion Buyer CV Profile

Your CV profile (or personal statement , if you’re an entry-level applicant) provides a brief overview of your skills, abilities and suitability for a position.

It’s ideal for busy recruiters and hiring managers, who don’t want to waste time reading unsuitable applications.

Think of it as your personal sales pitch. You’ve got just a few lines to sell yourself and prove you’re a great match for the job – make it count!

CV profile

CV profile writing tips:

  • Make it short and sharp: The best CV profiles are short, sharp and highly relevant to the target role. For this reason, it’s best to write 3-4 lines of high-level information, as anything over might be missed.
  • Tailor it: Before writing your CV, make sure to do some research. Figure out exactly what your desired employers are looking for and make sure that you are making those requirements prominent in your CV profile, and throughout.
  • Don’t add an objective: Career goals and objectives are best suited to your cover letter , so don’t waste space with them in your CV profile.
  • Avoid generic phrases: If your CV is riddled with clichès like “Dynamic thought-leader”, hit that delete button. Phrases like these are like a broken record to recruiters, who read them countless times per day. Hard facts, skills, knowledge and results are sure to yield far better results.

Example CV profile for Fashion Buyer

What to include in your fashion buyer cv profile.

  • Experience overview: Demonstrate your suitability for your target jobs by giving a high level summary of your previous work work experience , including the industries you have worked in, types of employer, and the type of roles you have previous experience of.
  • Targeted skills: Highlight your skills which are most relevant to Fashion Buyer jobs, to ensure that recruiters see your most in-demand skills as soon as they open your CV.
  • Key qualifications: If you have any qualifications which are highly relevant to Fashion Buyer jobs, then highlight them in your profile so that employers do not miss them.

Quick tip: If you are finding it difficult to write an attention-grabbing CV profile, choose from hundreds of pre-written profiles across all industries, and add one to your CV with one click in our quick-and-easy CV Builder . All profiles are written by recruitment experts and easily tailored to suit your unique skillset.

Core skills section

Next, you should create a bullet pointed list of your core skills , formatted into 2-3 columns.

Here, you should focus on including the most important skills or knowledge listed in the job advertisement.

This will instantly prove that you’re an ideal candidate, even if a recruiter only has time to briefly scan your CV.

Core skills section CV

Important skills for your Fashion Buyer CV

Trend Analysis – Analysing fashion trends and forecasting future ones.

Market Research – Researching and analysing the fashion market, its competitors, and its target consumers.

Negotiation – Negotiating prices, delivery dates, and terms with suppliers.

Strategic Planning – Developing and executing long-term business strategies to increase sales and profitability.

Product Development – Developing new product lines and enhancing existing ones to meet customer demands.

Data Analysis – Analysing data, identifying trends and patterns, and making informed decisions based on findings.

Financial Analysis – Analysing financial data, understanding budgets, and forecasting sales.

Creativity – Thinking creatively and generating innovative ideas to differentiate the brand and increase sales.

Quick tip: Our quick-and-easy CV Builder has thousands of in-demand skills for all industries and professions, that can be added to your CV in seconds – This will save you time and ensure you get noticed by recruiters.

Work experience section

Next up is your work experience section, which is normally the longest part of your CV.

Start with your current (or most recent) job and work your way backwards through your experience.

Can’t fit all your roles? Allow more space for your recent career history and shorten down descriptions for your older roles.

Work experience

Structuring each job

If you don’t pay attention to the structure of your career history section, it could quickly become bulky and overwhelming.

Get in recruiters’ good books by creating a pleasant reading experience, using the 3-step structure below:

Role descriptions

Start with a brief summary of your role as a whole, as well as the type of company you worked for.

Key responsibilities

Next, write up a punchy list of your daily duties and responsibilities, using bullet points.

Wherever you can, point out how you put your hard skills and knowledge to use – especially skills which are applicable to your target role.

Key achievements

Lastly, add impact by highlight 1-3 key achievements  that you made within the role.

Struggling to think of an achievement? If it had a positive impact on your company, it counts.

For example, you might increased company profits, improved processes, or something simpler, such as going above and beyond to solve a customer’s problem.

Sample job description for Fashion Buyer CV

Work in the buying department of leading UK department store, Marks & Spencer’s, conducting extensive market research to optimise sales and sourcing products from over 120 local vendors in Europe and the USA.

Key Responsibilities

  • Curate and execute merchandise assortment that aligns to with current fashion trends and consumer buying habits
  • Develop and maintain working relationships with suppliers and stakeholders, negotiating wholesale prices
  • Deliver weekly reports to ensure the buying activity achieves financial targets for sales, profitability, and inventory turnovers
  • Conduct research of competitors, social media trends, and markets to identify emerging trends, categories, and promotional campaigns

Quick tip: Create impressive job descriptions easily in our quick-and-easy CV Builder by adding pre-written job phrases for every industry and career stage.

Education and qualifications

At the bottom of your CV is your full education section. You can list your formal academic qualifications, such as:

  • GCSE’s

As well as any specific Fashion Buyer qualifications that are essential to the jobs you are applying for. Note down the name of the qualification, the organisation at which you studied, and the date of completion.

Hobbies and interests

This section is entirely optional, so you’ll have to use your own judgement to figure out if it’s worth including.

If your hobbies and interests could make you appear more suitable for your dream job, then they are definitely worth adding.

Interests which are related to the industry, or hobbies like sports teams or volunteering, which display valuable transferable skills might be worth including.

A strong, compelling CV is essential to get noticed and land interviews with the best employers.

To ensure your CV stands out from the competition, make sure to tailor it to your target role and pack it with sector-specific skills and results.

Remember to triple-check for spelling and grammar errors before hitting send.

Good luck with the job search!


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    cv personal statement for fashion

  4. If you want to write good Fashion Personal Statement, click the link

    cv personal statement for fashion

  5. Fashion Stylist Resume

    cv personal statement for fashion

  6. How to Write a Fashion CV: Tips & Examples

    cv personal statement for fashion


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  1. 4 Fashion CV examples + guide [Win those jobs]

    Use our Fashion CV examples and writing guide to learn exactly how you can create an effective CV and make the right impression on recruiters. Guide contents. Fashion CV examples. Fashion designer. Fashion editor. Model. Buyer. CV layout and format. Your CV profile.

  2. How to Write a Fashion CV: Examples & Tips

    1. Start with a convincing fashion CV personal statement. A good CV introduction convinces employers to read the rest of your CV. Here are some examples of fashion CV personal statements for different experience levels: Entry-Level Fashion Personal Statement. Fashion Design graduate from the University of Warwick, passionate about sustainable ...

  3. Fashion CV Examples (Templates & Guide with 20+ Tips)

    Fashion CV Sample. Diligent and results-driven boutique facilitator with 6+ years of experience in high-end retail environments. Eager to support Valentino with top-class organizational skills and providing the highest standards of service. In previous roles increased client-facing time by over 40%.

  4. Fashion CV Examples & Templates [Full Guide]

    Fashion CV examples: personal statement. Courteous fashion stylist with a sharp eye for detail, trained through 4+ years of experience in high-traffic fashion outlets. A wide base of experience, from assisting in choosing, styling and altering wedding dresses, to providing fast makeovers in a high-traffic location.

  5. Fashion Designer CV

    PERSONAL STATEMENT. Highly innovative and resourceful professional with 6+ years of experience creating highly engaging designs and contemporary collections for prominent brands. Well-versed in drawing sketches, using computer-aided design (CAD) software, researching fashion trends, networking with suppliers, and participating in weekly meetings.

  6. Fashion Graduate CV example + guide [Land job interviews]

    Fashion Graduate CV Profile. Grab the reader's attention by kick-starting your CV with a powerful profile (or personal statement, if you're a junior applicant). This is a short introduction paragraph which summarises your skills, knowledge and experience.

  7. Fashion Resume Examples (Templates & Guide with 20+ Tips)

    Numbers show your real impact. Pro Tip: If you find it hard to quantify your experience, cherry-pick 1-3 achievements you are able to justify with numbers and list them in a key achievements subsection. 4. Make Your Fashion Resume Education Section Colorful. The vast majority of job openings for fashion jobs require you to have a certain ...

  8. 10 Stylish Fashion CV/Résumé Examples and Templates

    Here are the 10 best fashion résumé examples . 1. Fashion designer. A must have all the fundamental components on their résumé: a well-designed template with clear formatting and layout, a professional portfolio link included and a skills chart.

  9. CV Example for Fashion Designers (+ Free Template)

    A strong personal statement for a Fashion Designer CV seamlessly blends professional achievements with specific design skills, clearly demonstrating the candidate's value through their creative vision and technical expertise. It stands out by being highly tailored to the fashion design field, highlighting expertise in areas like trend ...

  10. Fashion Designer Resume: Examples & Writing Guide [20+ Tips]

    Follow these tips to make a bespoke fashion designer resume: Put your latest position up top and follow it up with the previous ones. Each entry should consist of your job title, company name, location, and dates. Describe your experience using bullet points. Stay below 8 bullet points for each job.

  11. Fashion Designer CV example + guide [Land a top job]

    Fashion Designer CV example. Andrew Fennell. Fashion Designer jobs are engaging and rewarding, but competition to land one can be tough. Check out this example Fashion Designer CV along with our simple CV writing guide, to help you create an impressive CV that will attract employers and land you plenty of job interviews. Guide contents.

  12. Fashion Stylist CV example + guide [Win interviews]

    Example CV profile for Fashion Stylist. Highly creative and trend-savvy Fashion Stylist with 17+ years of experience working in the fashion merchandising and styling industry for a wide range of brands and clients including Michael Kors, Elle and Vogue. Graduate of London College of Art with demonstrated expertise in curating and executing ...

  13. How to write a personal statement for fashion

    "F ashion is not simply a matter of clothes; fashion is in the air, born upon the wind; one intuits it." That's a quote from Coco Chanel - and it's how not to start a personal statement for a ...

  14. How to Write a CV Personal Statement [+4 Real-life Examples]

    CV Personal Statement Examples #1: Personal Statement Example for Recent Graduate CV #2: Personal Statement Example for Returning to the Workforce CV #3: Personal Statement Example for a Career Change CV #4: Personal Statement Example for a Experienced Professional CV Conclusion. Creating an effective CV takes time and close attention to detail.

  15. Fashion Personal Statement Examples

    Fashion Personal Statement Example 1. Fashion; to me it is an art. It is a concept that can be interpreted in various ways for each individual, which, for me makes it fascinating- everyone has a different style. For some people, self-expression is difficult, having an individual style gives these people the ability to show their personality and ...

  16. How to Write a CV Personal Statement + Examples

    Here's how to write a personal statement step-by-step: 1. Say Who You Are in the First Sentence. The first sentence of your personal profile must show that you're a serious candidate for the job. So, skip your zodiac sign or your favorite football team, even if they're a big part of who you are.

  17. How to Write a CV Personal Statement [20 Examples Included]

    Here's how to write a CV personal statement and pitch yourself to a hiring professional: #1. Introduce Yourself. The very first sentence of your personal statement should indicate that you're a serious candidate for the position. Describe yourself and your work experience using strong adjectives and action verbs.

  18. How to create a fashion stylist CV (With example and tips)

    How to write a fashion stylist CV. The following are steps you can take to help you write your own fashion stylist CV: 1. Add your contact details. Write your contact details in the document header. Include your first and last name, phone number, email address and the location where you reside.

  19. 20+ Good CV Personal Statement Examples (& How to Write)

    13 CV personal statement examples for specific jobs. Below are 13 CV personal statement examples from different industries. Even if you don't see an example that exactly matches your job title, you can adapt the general writing style to target the role you want (and you can check CV examples from your field and look at their personal statements).. 1.

  20. 17 CV personal statement examples 2024

    CV templates 17 CV personal statement examples. To start this guide, I have included 10 examples of good personal statements, to give you an idea of how a personal statement should look, and what should be included.. Note: personal statements are generally used by junior candidates - if you are experienced, check out our CV profile examples instead.

  21. How To Write a Personal Statement on a CV (with Examples)

    Therefore, it should be compelling, attention-grabbing and tailored to the particular position. Here are three steps to take to create a compelling and effective personal statement: 1. State who you are. Start with a statement detailing where you are in your career. This should communicate your current position in your profession and field of ...

  22. Fashion Buyer CV example + guide [Get noticed]

    Fashion Buyer CV Profile. Your CV profile (or personal statement, if you're an entry-level applicant) provides a brief overview of your skills, abilities and suitability for a position. It's ideal for busy recruiters and hiring managers, who don't want to waste time reading unsuitable applications. Think of it as your personal sales pitch.

  23. 16 Winning Personal Statement Examples (And Why They Work)

    Here are 16 personal statement examples—both school and career—to help you create your own: 1. Personal statement example for graduate school. A personal statement for graduate school differs greatly from one to further your professional career. It is usually an essay, rather than a brief paragraph. Here is an example of a personal ...