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  1. Important Thesis Dates and Deadlines

    Important Thesis Dates and Deadlines. Please select the semester in which you intend to complete your Honors Thesis to view the applicable dates and deadlines. A Few Notes On Thesis Deadlines: Your department or thesis committee may have discipline-specific deadlines that take precedence over those published on this page. If your department or ...

  2. Honors Thesis

    The honors thesis is the culmination of Barrett students' honors experience and their entire undergraduate education. The honors thesis is an original piece of work developed by a student under the guidance of a thesis committee. It is an opportunity for students to work closely with faculty on important research questions and creative ideas.

  3. Honors Thesis Deadlines Defending Spring 2023

    • During your defense, your committee might suggest changes to your thesis. You have until April 18th to make any changes you wish. These changes will not be considered when determining your Latin honors designation. • On or before April 18th, upload the final copy of your thesis to the Undergraduate Honors Thesis repository on CU Scholar.

  4. Honors Thesis

    An honors thesis manuscript should replicate the appearance of professional writing in your discipline. Include the elements of a formal piece of academic work accordingly. ... Failure to submit the Format Review by the deadline will result in removal from the honors graduation checklist. If this occurs, you must either defer graduation or ...

  5. Thesis

    Honors College. Morrison Hall 203. One Bear Place #97122. Waco, TX 76798-7122. [email protected]. (254) 710-1119. Apply Honors College Honors Residential College Visit Make a Gift. THESIS DOCUMENTS (SYLLABUS, DEFENSE FORMS, ETC.)Advanced Readings & Research (HON 3100 & 3101)Please see the description of the Advanced Readings courses, during which ...

  6. Submitting Your Thesis

    The thesis submission and approval process is completely online and an approved copy of your thesis is due by the last day of classes during the semester you plan to graduate. Even if your thesis is not a traditional paper/project, submission of some form of electronically written product is required. IMPORTANT: Honors Theses Deadlines.

  7. Honors Thesis

    Complete an honors thesis by the deadline agreed upon with their primary advisor and obtain the final approval of their advisor (s) (see below for due date). Thesis writers are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the departmental Honors Thesis Presentation session held in May, with a brief presentation of their work and findings.

  8. Undergraduate Honors Theses

    Department: Deadlines to submit your Honors thesis/project to your department might affect your graduation. Submission assistance. Department: Contact your academic mentor and/or your department's undergrad coordinator. Libraries: Contact the submissions team at [email protected] or 352-294-3785.

  9. Due Dates

    Work out a plan of action with your thesis committee to meet the due dates that correspond with the semester you intend to complete your undergraduate degree, or an earlier semester if desired. To discuss your honors thesis timeline, connect with a Barrett Honors Advisor. Due dates based on semester of completion. Deliverables Spring 2024 Fall 2024

  10. Senior Honors Thesis Timeline

    May. First day of finals: This is the DEADLINE for "Recommendation for Thesis Honors" form to be submitted by your honors thesis advisor to the degree audit coordinator in Dowling Hall. Your committee may ask you to correct or rewrite portions of your thesis after the defense but before you submit it to archives.

  11. Deadlines

    Note: Honors Program deadlines are firm. Students submitting materials after these deadlines will be considered for graduation the following semester. Honors students may only extend graduation by one semester beyond completion of their major and other university requirements for the purpose of completing Honors requirements. Individual departments may have earlier thesis deadlines than our ...

  12. Honors Requirements

    Honors Option Deadline. Friday, January 31, 2025 11:59 PM. Schreyer Plan Deadline for All Scholars. ... Deadlines for Graduating Scholars. Thesis Proposal Deadline. Sunday, April 14, 2024 11:59 PM. Thesis Midpoint Check-In Deadline. Friday, January 31, 2025 11:59 PM. Thesis Format Review Deadline. Saturday, March 1, 2025 11:59 PM. Final Thesis ...

  13. Honors Thesis

    Thesis Deadlines are included on each checklist. *Thesis forms can be submitted either in-person or digitally. All digital thesis forms should be emailed to the Fulbright College Honors Office at a [email protected]. Honors Thesis Meeting Recordings. 2nd Year Meeting; 3rd Year Meeting; 4th Year Meeting; 2024 Thesis Information. Checklist

  14. Honors Project Forms & Deadlines

    Honors Project Deadlines and Forms. By the time you declare your intent to graduate you must file an Honors Declaration Form (DocuSign) with the Honors College to opt into either the Honors College Distinction (non-Honors Project option) or Commonwealth Honors (Honors Project/Thesis option) for Honors College Graduation. Next you need to find a mentor during the semester before you start your ...

  15. Senior Thesis Timeline

    Thesis grant application for the spring semester closes. Deadline to submit for Thesis Symposium. 4/1: Students in the final semester of thesis preparation submit thesis defense plans to the Honors College. 4/12 (tentative) Thesis Symposium: 4/15: Last day to hold thesis defense for students graduating in May

  16. Honors Thesis

    The Honors Thesis should demonstrate the student's capacity for quality research and should give evidence of mastery of the material in a field. Topics should be framed in terms of a question to be asked, a problem to be explored, or a hypothesis to be tested. The thesis should show comprehensive awareness of what scholars or relevant experts ...

  17. Thesis Submission

    The completed Honors thesis is always due on the Monday of the week before the week of your presentation. See the Honors thesis instructions and guidelines here. Thesis Submission Spring 2024

  18. Senior Thesis

    The senior thesis is designed to be the culminating experience of a student's career at South Carolina Honors College. It is a chance for students to ask and answer meaningful questions about the natural world, social or political systems, history and culture, artistic expression, the creative process, or the application of knowledge to ...

  19. My English Honors Thesis: Chapter Three

    The final installation in a series of blog posts where I talk about my honors thesis in the English Department! ... This was an off term for me, but I love Hanover so much I hung around anyways! I worked for admissions and Baker-Berry Library, read a ton of J.G. Ballard, and stared out the window at the snow for an embarrassingly long amount of ...

  20. PDF Honors College Thesis Extension

    HONORS COLLEGE THESIS EXTENSION . Honors College students in the Grossman School of Business who plan to enroll in thesis credits during the 2024-2025 academic year and are unable to complete the thesis proposal by the deadline of May 20, 2024, due to extenuating circumstances, may apply for an extension. The

  21. 2024 English and Creative Writing Honors Thesis Presentations

    A diverse and inclusive intellectual community is critical to an exceptional education, scholarly innovation, and human creativity. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is committed to actions and investments that foster welcoming environments where everyone feels empowered to achieve their greatest potential for learning, teaching, researching, and creating.

  22. PDF Thesis Master Degrees- Final Degree Requirements Procedures

    ii. At time of format review, thesis should be complete, defended and already reviewed by mentor and all committee members. The deadline for submission is stated in the Calendar of Deadlines. b) The final thesis is submitted to ProQuest electronically after the candidacy advisor, the mentor and readers approve the thesis.