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PSY-200 Case study 3 (KATIE)


  1. Psy-200 Case Study Final Paper James Bennett F .docx

    psy 200 case study 3

  2. PSY 200 TEST 3.docx

    psy 200 case study 3

  3. PSY 200 Midterm Study Guide

    psy 200 case study 3

  4. PSY 200 Case Study 3

    psy 200 case study 3

  5. PSY 200 Case study .docx

    psy 200 case study 3

  6. PSY 200 Unit 2- Case Study Milestone One.docx

    psy 200 case study 3


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  4. Case study 3 dimensions of team performance


  6. 02 2023 Case Study 3 Analytics Roadmap


  1. PSY-200 Case Study 3

    Students also viewed. 72 Case Study Final Paper PSY200; PSY 215 Project One Template; Psy 200 8-1 Discussion - Graded A. personal opinions. 2-1 Discussion - Grade A

  2. PSY 200 2-2 Case Study Milestone One Short Paper

    Case Study 3 Cheyenne Reese Southern New Hampshire University PSY 200: Foundations Of Addictions Amber Hinson June 29th, 2022. The client in this study is a thirty-five-year-old, caucasian female named Katie. Katie is a mother of two children and she is gainfully employed.

  3. PSY-200 Milestone One1

    PSY 200- Case Study 3; Case Study 3; 7-2 Case Study Final Paper; Journal 8; 4-2 Case Study-2 - 4-2 Case study; Preview text. Case Study 3 Lauren Cox Southern New Hampshire University November 2020 The client of this study is Katie, a women whose race is not mentioned. Katie is described as a who has an addiction to prescription drugs including ...


    Case study psy-200.pdf. Case Study 3 1 Natalia Wolak Southern New Hampshire University PSY-200: Module 2 Short Paper January 14, 2024 Case Study 3 2 Background Information 35-year-old Katie is a mother of two young children and married to Lewis. She considered herself to be a '

  5. PSY-200 Case study 3 (KATIE) (docx)

    Psychology document from Southern New Hampshire University, 5 pages, 1. Ashley Vogel PSY 200 Case Study 2-2 C. Aguilar Southern New Hampshire University 9/04/2023 2. Katie, a 35-year-old wife, mother of two, a daughter, and a rising professional has an addiction to prescription drugs, mostly pain medications and soma (mus

  6. PSY 200 Case study 3.docx

    Case Study 3 LaToya Wiles Southern New Hampshire University PSY: 200 Foundations of Addiction Instructor Cassity Asher Katie, a 35-year-old woman, is a wife and mother of two, and a rising professional.

  7. PSY 200 Case Study Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

    PSY 200 Case Study Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview There are two major projects for this course. Scenario/Case Study: This is a final project (with milestones) in which students will analyze a scenario of an individual dealing with an addiction in order to explore potential diagnoses that could apply and to articulate a treatment plan for the individual.

  8. Case study psy-200 (pdf)

    Case Study 3 1 Natalia Wolak Southern New Hampshire University PSY-200: Module 2 Short Paper January 14, 2024. Case Study 3 2 Background Information 35-year-old Katie is a mother of two young children and married to Lewis. She considered herself to be a 'rising professional' but no specific profession was included in the case study.

  9. Psy-200 Case Study Final Paper James Bennett F .docx

    Enhanced Document Preview: Case Study 3 Module 7-2 Final Paper 1 Case Study Module 7-2; Final Paper James Bennett Bachelor of Psychology, Southern New Hampshire University Psy-200 Foundations of Addiction Dr. Lavine January 28, 2022 Case Study 3 Module 7-2 Final Paper 2 The client for the current case study is a 66-year-old male named Robert ...

  10. 2-2 Case Study Milestone One Short Paper.docx

    Case Study 3 3 an active role in their recovery. "Couples therapy for women in alcohol and drug abuse treatment contributed to favorable outcomes in one study (Trepper et al. 2000), and a study by Fals-Stewart and colleagues (2005) indicates that behavioral couple's therapy was associated with abstinence and sustained recovery" (Treatment, 1970).

  11. Mod3 PSY200 Case Study 3

    Module 3 Case Study 3. Briana Nicholas SNHU PSY 200 Teresa Anderson September 10, 2023. The client is Katie, a 35 year old wife and mother of two. Katie has become addicted to prescription pain medications and muscle relaxants ever since an accident in her 20s left her with lower back pain.


    Psychology document from Southern New Hampshire University, 4 pages, Wesley Amber Mackey PSY-200 Module 2-2 Case Study Milestone One: Short Paper Instructor Cassity Asher November 5, 2023 Client Information and Presenting Problem Client is a 35-year-old female, Katie. She is married and has two young children. She is a ri

  13. PSY 200 Case Study Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

    Guidelines for Submission: This submission should follow APA formatting guidelines, use 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins, be at least 3 pages in length, not including the title page and references page, and employ a minimum of 2 scholarly sources that directly support your main ideas. Case Study Milestone One Rubric

  14. PSY200

    PSY-200 Case Study 3. Coursework 75% (4) New. 5. Case Study 3 Mod One Assignment Submit. Assignments None. 2. Psy-200 Project 1. Coursework None. 5. Mod 2-2 Psy 200 - MOD 2-2. Coursework None. 7. PSY 200 Final Project Case study 1 short paper Tammie Harker. Assignments None. Lecture notes. Date Rating. year. Ratings. Discussion 5week help.

  15. PSY 200 Short Paper Case Study 3.docx

    Case Study 3: Katie & Lewis Cassandra Silva Southern New Hampshire University PSY 200 - Foundations of Addictions Dr. Porter-Miller, Ph.D. May 16, 2021 Addiction is a complex disease that has an astonishing effect on the individual's brain, but it also effects their entire family.

  16. Psy 200 7-2 Final (docx)

    Psychology. Case Study - Final PSY-200 7-2 Avalon Juliana Southern New Hampshire University December 11, 2022 1. Client Information According to the Case Study, the client is male, aged sixty-six and is an retired, married, resides on the west coast and goes by the first name of Robert. Substance abuse / addiction is apparent, and his substance ...

  17. PSY 200 Module 3-2 Short Presentation

    Milestone One-Case Study; 1.3 short response - This was old but maybe it can help you be with; Discussion post 5 Julie uses heroin for her reported chronic pain; PSY-200 4-2 case study; PSY222 Module Four Activity; Lifespan AND Development Literature Module

  18. PSY200 Exam 3 Study guide Flashcards

    Clinical Psychology - Study Guide #3 - UWF. 86 terms. HannahSonshine. Preview. PSYC 354 | Historical and Current Forces LC. 13 terms. chloegreenwooddd. Preview. ... from fertilization to two weeks 2. embryonic stage (embryo) from week 2 - week 8 3. fetal stage (fetus) week 8 - end longest stage. reflexes of a newborn. rooting, sucking ...

  19. PSY 200 : 200

    Case Study_ Final Paper (3).pdf. Running head: CASE STUDY FINAL PAPER 7-2 Case Study Final Paper: Robert Dorielle Ard Southern New Hampshire University October 2021 1 CASE STUDY #1 2 Case Study Final: Robert According to Wittman's (2012) Case Study #1, the client's name is Robert. ... May 19, 2021 Martine Nielsen PSY 200 Unit 3.1 DB Pre ...

  20. PSY-200 Case Study Milestone Two

    PSY-200 1-1 Discussion; 4-2 Case Study Milestone Two; Case Study 4-2; Related Studylists Psy-200 Psy 200. Preview text. Case Study Southern New Hampshire University. Identify Client The client is HC, a 16-year old Korean boy who is living in America with his mother and brother. He has a process addiction with the Internet.

  21. Case Study 3-Psy200.docx

    View Homework Help - Case Study 3-Psy200.docx from PSY 200 at Southern New Hampshire University. RUNNING HEAD: CASE STUDY 3 1 Case Study 3 Shandel Clang Southern New Hampshire University CASE STUDY. AI Homework Help. Expert Help. Study Resources. ... Pages 5. Total views 20. Southern New Hampshire University. PSY. PSY 200. smc52192. 3/10/2019 ...

  22. PSY 200 Milestone Two Case Study Short Paper (docx)

    PSY 200 Mileston Two: Case Study Short Paper 3 of HC's father and brother, there are no records of their support. Also, the case study reports that the patient is a student but it doesn't give any information regarding a job, therefore it is safe to assume that the patient does not work for a company where his addiction is encouraged. The patient has reported concern for his condition and ...

  23. PSY200 Katie case study.docx

    2 PSY-200 Case Study 3 Client information The client's name is Katie; she is a white thirty-five-year-old female, mother of two young children, rising professional, and married to her husband name Lewis. The addiction that Katie is suffering from is a prescription medication called Vicodin and muscles relaxers called Soma. The client's addiction started when the doctor prescribed her medicine ...