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  1. JAG Frequently Asked Questions

    The Air Force JAG Corps currently does not offer scholarships to pay for law school. The Air Force, however, offers the Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP) to officers and enlisted members on active duty. Under FLEP, commissioned officers and enlisted members on active duty may apply and be competitively selected to attend law school through ...

  2. Advice on Stations for New JAG : r/AirForce

    DC is (or at least used to be) the most requested location, Ramstein the most requested OCONUS location. But again, your first assignment will be at base legal, not a MAJCOM or NAF or anything cool. You will be doing wills, learning civil law, and hopefully getting certified for courts sooner rather than later.

  3. AFJAG Home

    JAG Corps Vision. Disciplined and legally-enabled Air and Space professionals and organizations employing the law to advance the mission. Our JAG Corps mission is a powerful force enabler: we deliver professional, candid, independent counsel and full spectrum legal capabilities to command and the warfighter. The Air Force, like other Services ...

  4. JAG Entry Programs for Students

    Become a JAG right after graduation, guaranteed. The One-Year College Program (OYCP) assures you a position as a JAG upon successful completion of a one-year AFROTC program, law school and legal licensing requirements. You'll secure your future in a rewarding career that many graduating law students and new attorneys will be competing to enter.

  5. PDF Department of The Air Force

    By order of the Secretary of the Air Force, this Department of the Air Force Guidance Memorandum (DAFGM) immediately implements changes to DAFI 36-2110, Total Force Assignments. Compliance with this guidance memorandum is mandatory. To the extent the guidance memorandum's directions are inconsistent with other Department of the Air Force

  6. PDF By Order of The Air Force Instruction 36-2135 Secretary of The Air ...

    1.3. Joint Assignment Policy. Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC), Air Force Reserve Senior Leader Management (AF/REG) and ANG assign officers to standard-joint duty assignments (S-JDA) for a length of time that provides stability to the joint organization.

  7. A very brief description of the assignment process : r/AirForce

    A very brief description of the assignment process. TLDR; The Air Force's priority is cycling people through OCONUS spots and back, and also through special duty spots and back to regular AF duties. Most assignment actions happen due to one of these. If you want to get an assignment, then volunteer for OCONUS and/or apply for special assignments.

  8. Any JAG Officers here? : r/AirForce

    Your first assignment is always in a base-level legal office. In a base office, you'll do a mix of criminal and civil. The balance really depends on how busy the base's criminal docket is. ... There are some great JAG/ADC's in the Air Force. There seem to be more who are not great at their jobs but great at playing the promotion games. The good ...

  9. Assignment

    The Assignment Management System (AMS) is a web application that houses multiple applications in support of officer assignments, enlisted assignments, commander responsibilities, and individual Air Force members. Users have access to a portion of their own personnel data and the ability to use manning tools, volunteer for available assignments, and review career field information using AMS.

  10. Followership for Leaders > JAG Reporter > Article View Post

    There has always been a place in the JAG Corps for specialists, as dictated by the needs of the Air Force. However, specializing is not appropriate during the first years of an individual's service. For example, the first-assignment JAG may be concerned about being told he will be moved from claims to military justice just when he starts to ...

  11. PDF U.s. Air Force Judge Advocate General'S Corps Reserve Officer Training

    The Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG Corps) does not award any scholarships for participation in GLP/OYCP and students will be responsible for costs (i.e. tuition, books, etc.) associated with the academic requirements for the AFROTC program . However, students successfully completing GLP/OYCP are guaranteed a position in the JAG Corps once

  12. JAG Entry Programs for Licensed Attorneys

    applicant requirements. Must be a citizen of the United States. Must be a graduate of an ABA-approved law school and be admitted to practice law in the highest court of any U.S. state, commonwealth, territory or the District of Columbia. Must be commissioned before the age of 40. Once selected for the JAG Corps, all applicants must complete and ...

  13. Notification of Assignment > Ramstein Air Base > Display

    Outbound Assignments. Bldg 2106 Room 315. [email protected]. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 0830 - 1300 and Tuesday 0900 - 1300. General Line: 480-9898/06371-47-9898. Members are notified of an assignment selection via virtual MPF.Members are then required to complete the initial assignment briefing online in virtual MPF ...

  14. First stations for JAG : r/AirForce

    It is all dependent on what base legal offices need new JAGs at a particular moment. You are at most fungible status in your first two assignments. As noted by the other poster, make a clear dream sheet. Keep an open mind on the whole process - the Corps is filled with folks in which an unexpected, or even unwanted, assignment ended up being a ...

  15. "Why We Fight" > JAG Reporter > Article View Post

    That change came for me toward the middle of my first assignment. I was neck deep preparing my first fully-litigated, general court-marital. ... the Air Force Trial Judiciary, Central Circuit. Previously, he was the Chief of the Military Justice Division at the Air Force Judge Advocate General's School from September 2015-July 2018. Endnotes

  16. First 479th Flying Training Group First Assignment Instructor Pilot

    The 479th Flying Training Group at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida, recently welcomed 1st Lt. Hannah Michitsch, the group's first-ever First Assignment Instructor Pilot, on April 19. Michitsch completed the Pilot Instructor Training earlier this year after earning her wings at Undergraduate Pilot Training at Columbus Air Force Base ...

  17. Two-cycle officer assignment system means more time for Airmen

    JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas -- In a move toward a more efficient and transparent process, the Air Force's Personnel Center is transitioning the Air Force Officer Assignment System from three to two cycles.This modification will allow more time for interaction and communication between officers, billet owners, commanders and assignment teams.

  18. First 35th Fighter Wing Change of Responsibility > Misawa Air Base

    MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan --. Today marked a significant milestone as the 35th Fighter Wing conducted its inaugural Change of Responsibility ceremony. Chief Master Sgt. David Najera stepped into the role of incoming command chief and officially assumed the mantle of responsibility from Chief Master Sgt. Cheronica Blandburg, the 35th FW outgoing ...

  19. ACLU Client Makes History As First Air Force JAG Corps Officer to Wear

    May 16, 2018. When Lt. Maysaa Ouza began her first assignment as an officer in the Air Force's Judge Advocate General's Corps earlier this month, it was a historic moment. Lt. Ouza, a recent law school graduate, became the first Air Force JAG Corps officer authorized to wear hijab. Before she enlisted, the Air Force granted her a religious ...

  20. JAG 1st assignment location : r/airforceots

    A subreddit focused on the process of applying to, attending, and graduating from the United States Air Force Officer Training School. Members Online Prior enlisted w 40% VA disability wanting to go back in as officer

  21. JAG Entry Programs for Active Duty Military

    INTERSERVICE TRANSFER. If you're a licensed attorney and are currently serving in active duty in another branch of the Armed Forces, you can still become a part of the JAG program within the Air Force. To request an interservice transfer, you must be an officer in the pay grade of O-3 or below on extended active duty.

  22. Navy, Marine Corps See Decreases in Sexual Assault Reports in FY 2023

    The Navy reported 1,942 sexual assault incidents for Fiscal Year 2023, down 5 percent from FY 2022, when the service reported 2,052. The Marines saw a 1 percent decrease in FY 2023, with 1,228 ...

  23. Selected by both AF and Navy for JAG

    The Air Force, Navy, and Army now all have a military justice track. That's because of the new congressionally mandated OSTC needing a lot more people dedicated to that prosecution bureaucracy. These tracks aren't absolute though; you'll still spend parts of your career practicing other areas of law and being part of the military staff.

  24. Around the Air Force: SECAF Flight Test, Rapid Autonomous Aircraft

    FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (AFNS) -- In this week's look around the Air Force, Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall experiences autonomous flight in the front seat of the VISTA aircraft, researchers create and deploy small unmanned aerial systems in just a few hours, and JROTC instructor positions are open to veterans and currently serving Guard and Reserve Airmen.