case study for web development

How to write the perfect web design case study to win more clients

An immersive digital portfolio is the key to landing new clients. Learn how to show off your skills with a winning web design case study.

case study for web development

Design and build a custom portfolio website, visually, within 21 days.

case study for web development

A design portfolio without case studies is like a movie with no dialogue — visually present but lacking the substance needed to convey its full meaning.

Dialogue and case studies both communicate meaning. Without dialogue, audiences struggle to understand a film’s plot, characters, and themes, similar to how clients will struggle to understand the problem you solved, your design process, and the impact of your work without a thorough case study.

When you’re competing against other designers for a project or role, a well-written web design case study sets your portfolio apart , showing potential clients what you’ve done and what you’re capable of.

What is a case study?

A case study is an in-depth investigation into a person or group of people, a situation, event, or a product. A web design case study is a visual and textual analysis of a successful web platform, landing page , website design, or other web-based product. These types of case studies can be physical documents, but they’re often digital: PDFs, infographics, blog posts, or videos. Screenshots are an essential component, as are wireframes and mockups. But a robust web design case study also features detailed written explanations.

These visual and written elements work together to create a comprehensive assessment of the design process from start to finish, including the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the results achieved.

5 benefits of web design case studies

Now that we’ve touched on how case studies sell prospective clients on your work, here are a few other benefits of adding web design case studies to your portfolio website:

1. Demonstrate expertise

Case studies are a powerful marketing tool for designers to demonstrate their capabilities to potential clients or employers. A good web design case study showcases your skills and expertise in solving complex design problems.

2. Build credibility

In case studies, designers often include the name of the business, client, or project they’ve worked on, building credibility by providing real-world examples of their past work. You can even add testimonials and reviews to highlight positive feedback directly from those you’ve worked with.

3. Inspire future projects

Examining and analyzing your own work can inspire your next website build — maybe you’ll try one of the layouts that was nixed for this project or center the next design around an element you ended up loving. It also provides guidance and best practices for design projects, setting the bar for innovative design.

4. Encourage personal growth

Writing an investigation of your own design portfolio pieces after completing a project provides an excellent avenue for self-reflection. Reflecting on past projects, the struggles you’ve faced working on them, and what you’ve learned from the process will help you identify your strengths as a designer and areas of improvement to work on.

5. Improve communication

Presentations of your own work don’t just communicate the design process, decisions, and outcomes to clients. They also speak to stakeholders, including clients, team members, and management. A well-written case study illustrates a designer’s ability to effectively communicate complex design ideas and concepts, and writing it will improve your communication skills and offer insight into how effectively you work and collaborate with others.

What makes an effective web design case study?

A web design case study describes the process you took to solve a challenge with a particular web design project. A successful case study features a notable client project, a well-written narrative structure, and an engaging visual design.

Think of it as a story with an identifiable beginning, middle, and end. Throughout the story, show clients your approach to successful web design — the problem, the research you did to prepare for the project, the steps and iterations you completed throughout the process, and the final results you delivered. This narrative structure helps clients understand the project’s evolution and details your design process, making it key to an effective case study.

Case study curation and criteria

We’ve covered the basics of what a good case study looks like. But how do you determine which projects to include? If a project meets all the following criteria, it’s a good candidate for a detailed case study.

Is it relevant to the future projects you hope to explore?

If there’s a type of project you’ve completed in the past that you’d like to avoid in the future, that particular portfolio piece might not be a great option for a case study. You’re not just trying to sell yourself to clients — you’re trying to land jobs you actually want to do.

Does it have a defined initial problem?

Web design projects often arise as a result of a problem. These projects are perfect for case studies because the product design goes beyond appearance and functionality. Here are some of the issues your designs might solve:

  • Poor user experience: To create a smooth, enjoyable experience for users, user experience (UX) design focuses on identifying and solving issues that cause frustration, confusion, or difficulty while using an app or a website, such as confusing navigation, misleading icons, or slow load times. Addressing these challenges lets you showcase your understanding of your target audience’s needs and demonstrates your ability to apply your creative and technical skills to solve them.
  • Low search engine ranking: Redesigning a website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind will improve its ranking in the search engine results pages, and you’ll have metrics to include in your case study to quantify the claims you’re making.
  • Inconsistent branding: Brand design is a massive part of a company’s identity. A lack of alignment between the logo, colors , and other visual elements of a brand’s identity and its digital assets reflects negatively on the company, leaving customers with more questions than answers about who’s behind the brand. Good web design can bring a sense of cohesion to the company’s digital products, an achievement you can speak to in your case studies.

Does the outcome deliver measurable success?

Good design is subjective, but the best projects for case studies have data to show how successful they are. Search engine ranking is one example. You might also highlight impressive metrics for user engagement (bounce rate, time spent on the site), conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who make a purchase or fill out a form), or web traffic (the number of visitors to the website).

Is the project visually suitable for presentation?

When preparing a web design case study, consider the various formats it can be presented in, such as a video, static webpages, or interactive web content.

Selecting projects that fit your chosen presentation format is essential to showcasing your web design skills. As a web designer, it’s a given that whatever you’re presenting to potential clients needs to use thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing designs.

Design for display

There’s no single right way to present a case study. What’s most important is that your case study tells the story of the journey from an initial problem or idea to a finished product that meets the client’s needs.

A minimalist design will help you achieve this goal. But don’t confuse minimalist with boring. You can (and should) get clever with the presentation. Instead of using basic screenshots, for example, consider exhibiting your work in modern frames with immersive features. Or display screenshots of the product in its natural habitat. Webflow designer Karen Huang uses a digital screen in this user experience case study to feature a screenshot of the user interface (UI) on a smartphone screen just as users would experience it:

Mockup of a laundry app in a smartphone-inspired frame.

Build completely custom, production-ready websites — or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code. Only with Webflow.

How do you structure a case study?

The contents of every web design case study will vary, but they should all follow this basic structure:

1. A challenge

Webpage presenting client information, statistics, calls to action, and a screenshot of the company’s website.

Start your case study with an introduction to your client and the problem your design solved. Include details about the project’s context, goals, and constraints. This section sets the stage for the rest of the case study and ensures the readers clearly understand what the project — and your solution — is all about.

2. A solution

Webpage featuring four mockups of different sections of a website.

Detail your approach to solving the challenge introduced in the previous section. Include information about your research, its methodology, and the data you gathered to develop your solution. Focus on your skills, not diagnostics — this is the place to showcase your intelligent approach, reasoning, and innovative ideas that ultimately resolve the challenge.

For this section, it’s helpful to break each key resolution into separate paragraphs and introduce images in chronological order to detail your design process. Screenshots of wireframes and strategy phases will paint a vivid picture of the project’s journey.

If you face any challenges or roadblocks while designing your solution, discussing them provides insight into your problem-solving skills and shows potential clients how you overcome difficulties. End this section with multiple pictures of the final product, and be sure to include a direct link to the project for potential clients and employers to peruse.

3. The impact

Alt text: Webpage featuring project impact metrics and a photograph of two women laughing.

This section is where you’ll highlight metrics and data that back up the project’s success. Leverage metrics, user feedback, or whatever data is available to illustrate how your solution solved your client’s challenges and achieved the project’s goals. You can also include information about the potential longitudinal impact of your work and future opportunities for the project.

4. Key quotes

Webpage featuring a client pull quote and two photographs of product prototypes.

A case study is a perfect place to share client testimonials and add quotes from team members to help readers learn what the experts behind the project think about the build. Get creative but use quotes sparingly, sprinkling them throughout the case study to support the image or project stage the quote relates to.

Let your work do the talking

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Case study: How Zestful built its marketing site — and web app — with Webflow

Zestful uses Webflow to build employee perk programs to keep your team happier and more connected. So far, they’ve raised 1.2M to continue their mission.

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5 inspiring web design case studies

A good case study makes for a top calling card; check out these examples.

The reality of web design is that once you've finished a project, you hopefully move straight onto the next one. However, every site you deliver is an essential portfolio piece that demonstrates your skills and abilities, and while you'll usually want to link to your recent work on your site, it pays to do the job properly.

Rather than simply grabbing a screenshot of a landing page and a link and adding it to your online portfolio, writing up an engaging case study on your work can be a lot more worthwhile. Case studies don't need to be lengthy essays; they just need to give readers a taste of your process and provide some insight into the challenges you've faced over the course of a web build and how you solved them. 

They're a great way to let potential clients know how you work, and they can also provide inspiration for other designers and developers; here are five of our favourite recent examples. Make sure you also check out our top web design tips .

  • How to write engaging case studies for your portfolio

01. Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago

Web design case studies: Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago

For a really inspiring case study, it's hard to beat DogStudio's extensive piece chronicling its work for the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. The museum is a vast and highly respected American institution, and you can't help but get the impression that DogStudio was punching well above its weight when it won the commission to rethink and revamp its web platform, but as this case study reveals, it carried the job off with aplomb.

Packed with revealing wireframes, imagery and animations, it's a fascinating insight into a massive and challenging build that had to cater for more than five million online visitors wanting to do everything from buy tickets through to figuring out where to park and finding information about individual exhibits. 

02. National Geographic: A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone

Web design case studies: National Geographic: A Bear's-Eye View of Yellowstone

Sometimes it's better to show rather than tell. For this captivating look at Yellowstone National Park as seen by four bears fitted with camera collars and GPS, Hello Monday had a wealth of footage, data and expert analysis to work with. And rather than go into dry details of how it fitted everything together, it keeps things brief in its case study , providing a short outline of the project and deliverables before moving on to an entirely visual essay that demonstrates just how much work went into creating this digital feature.

As well as a good helping of footage and screenshots showcasing what the site's all about, what we really love about this study is a section dedicated to how Hello Monday stamped its own personality on the project, breathing extra life into the feature with animation, watercolour illustrations and pencil-drawn portraits of each bear.

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03. Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood

Web design case studies: Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood

Currently doing big business at the box office, Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood is a love letter to 1960's cinema that recreates its era with Tarantino's typical attention to detail. And to create an online presence that captured the feel of 1969 Hollywood as well as the film, LA agency Watson went the extra mile to create a digital magazine that feels like it could have come off a newsstand 50 years ago.

In this case study the Watson team explain not only the thinking behind the magazine and its pitch-perfect adverts, but also how they create a physical print run of the mag that got handed out at the premiere and first-night screenings, creating a whole other social buzz as movie fans posted shots of their magazine to prove that they were there. If you're looking for ideas on how to run a strong social campaign, there's some great material here. 

04. British Red Cross

Web design case studies: British Red Cross

Kota's case study on its recent work with the British Red Cross is a clear and concise piece that provides valuable insight on the challenges – and opportunities – of working on a campaign with an institution with clear-cut brand guidelines that need to be adhered to. In the case of the British Red Cross's OneKindThing campaign, Kota had to create a platform that stood out from previous campaigns while staying within the society's pretty epic brand guidelines.

With a handful of images and a couple of paragraphs, Kota outlines how it managed just that, and also covers some of the technical hurdles that had to be overcome to deliver the finished site. The end result was well worth the effort, as the British Red Cross testimonial at the end of the case study reveals.

05. Stonewall Forever

Web design case studies: Stonewall Forever

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, an event that helped bring about the Pride movement, Stink Digital partnered with The LGBT Community Center to create Stonewall Forever, an immersive digital experience that features key narratives and previously unheard stories from LGBTQ+ history. 

Stink Digital's case study explains how it built a living monument to 50 years of Pride, based in Christopher Park, New York, but accessible anywhere through a website or AR app, and goes into some detail of the challenges of creating a WebGL monument that consists of over 10,000 individual shards with post-processing effects, but still runs at 60fps, even on low-end devices. 

Beyond the technical challenges, though, this is an absorbing and insightful piece on a project that explores life before, during and after the Stonewall Riots.

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Jim McCauley

Jim McCauley is a writer, performer and cat-wrangler who started writing professionally way back in 1995 on PC Format magazine, and has been covering technology-related subjects ever since, whether it's hardware, software or videogames. A chance call in 2005 led to Jim taking charge of Computer Arts' website and developing an interest in the world of graphic design, and eventually led to a move over to the freshly-launched Creative Bloq in 2012. Jim now works as a freelance writer for sites including Creative Bloq, T3 and PetsRadar, specialising in design, technology, wellness and cats, while doing the occasional pantomime and street performance in Bath and designing posters for a local drama group on the side.

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Top Website Development Case Studies 2024

Home Blog Web Development Top Website Development Case Studies 2024

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In my opinion, website developers can show new clients that they can create successful projects using case studies, which is a great concept. One of the most challenging tasks a designer has to do is win over potential clients' trust and confidence. If the clients have never worked with you, they can hesitate to give their project to an unknown person or organization. Clients feel assured that this team has the skills to complete projects successfully when past project achievements are displayed. This case study on web application development can also help the website developer gain credibility by demonstrating their abilities and the benefits they offer to companies.

Make sure you take the required actions to reassure them that your design will be aesthetically stunning and advantageous to their business to gain their trust. So, let's discuss more about website development case studies   with their examples to get a better understanding of website development. So, let's dive in.

What are Web Development Case Studies, and Why are They Important?

A website development case study outlines your steps to overcome an obstacle on a specific project. A noteworthy client project, a carefully created narrative structure, and an eye-catching visual design are all characteristics of an excellent case study. By showcasing the success of prior projects, case studies can help establish trust with potential clients and convince them that the website development team has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide excellent outcomes. Because they can observe the success of the team's work with other firms, they can also establish credibility and trust with new clients. The online Web Developmen t courses with certificates demonstrating the developers' abilities and expertise and the value they can provide to a company could help bring in new customers.

Web Development Case Studies

So here are the top 10 web   development case study examples mentioned below:

Case Study 1: Improving conversion Rates with e-commerce Redesign:

Redesigning its e-commerce platform was one way an apparel store tried to increase online sales. With user research and UX/UI optimization, the new design expedited checkout and made browsing easier. The website's user-friendly interface and adaptability to mobile devices received good feedback, leading to a 30% boost in conversion rates. If you want to learn this skill, then you can take advantage of the best Full Stack developer course .

Case study 2: Optimising the scalability of SaaS platforms:

Software as a service (SaaS) company experienced performance problems as its user base increased. The platform gained increased scalability and reliability by optimizing code efficiency and using cloud-based infrastructure. Improved customer satisfaction and retention resulted from a 50% reduction in load times and nearly complete removal of downtime.

Case study 3: Healthcare portal for patient management:

A healthcare provider for communication and patient management requires a complete portal. The case studies web development team created a secure platform that enabled patients to make appointments, view medical records, and securely connect with healthcare providers. Better patient satisfaction, shorter wait times, and simpler administrative duties were all made possible by the portal, enhancing operational effectiveness and health outcomes.

Case study 4: Blockchain-powered voting mechanism for transparency:

Blockchain-Powered Voting Mechanism for Transparency

A government organization intended to improve security and transparency by updating its voting technology. The development team put in place a blockchain-based web application for reliable and secure electronic voting. Using cryptographic encryption and decentralized verification, the voting process was made more publically trusted, and tamper-proof vote records were ensured.

Case study 5: Chatbot integration for customer support:

An online retailer aimed to increase response times and customer service effectiveness. They automated common queries and gave consumers immediate support by incorporating an AI-powered chatbot into their website. Due to the chatbot's capacity to interpret natural language and availability around the clock, customer wait times dropped by 60%, increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

Case study 6: Service finder app based on geolocation:

Core Elements of Geolocation app

A nearby service provider wished to establish more efficient connections with nearby clients. The development team created a geolocation-based online application that lets users search for services in their area, read customer reviews, and make online appointment bookings. The user-friendly interface and precise position monitoring resulted in a 50% rise in service bookings and client satisfaction.

Case study 7: An educational gamified learning platform:

An educational institution aimed to increase student engagement and interaction with the subject matter. By incorporating gamification components like badges, progress tracking, and quizzes, the web development team was able to change the traditional method of education into an engaging and fulfilling one. Academic performance and motivation improved due to a significant increase in student engagement and retention.

Case study 8: For cross-platform compatibility, use a responsive web application:

Access to investment tools and resources across devices was a goal for a financial services company. The development team skillfully developed a web application that flexed to fit different screen widths and OS versions. Encouraging accessibility and user happiness, clients could now monitor changes in the market and manage their portfolios on PCs, tablets, and cell phones.

Case study 9: Custom CMS implementation for content management:

A content management system (CMS) adapted for a media company's unique editorial workflow and publishing requirements was necessary. The web development case study team designed a unique content creation, editing, and scheduling tool. Now that writers and editors can work together more effectively, content output and quality have increased by 40%.

Case study 10: Community engagement platform development:

A charity organization requires a digital platform to help with volunteer organizing and community involvement. With features like discussion boards, volunteer sign-up forms, and event calendars, the web development team produced an easy-to-use portal. The platform encouraged community members to collaborate and participate more, which improved event attendance and created a stronger sense of community.

The Knowledgehut Web Development courses online with a certificate will help you gain access to profitable career opportunities. With the help of our in-depth case studies, you can delve deeply into real-world situations and gain the practical skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced web development industry. Get hands-on expertise, prove your knowledge with a degree, and advance your career. Enrol in our courses now to start your journey to success in the digital world.

To sum up, these case studies on website building demonstrate the wide range of difficulties and solutions found in the digital world. Every project, from instructional websites to e-commerce platforms, reflects the value of user-centric design, flawless functionality, and clear communication. Using strategic planning, systematic development, and continuous optimization, enterprises can accomplish their goals and expand their online presence. These website development case studies also highlight the value of creativity and adaptation in changing user habits and technology advancements.

Organizations could keep a competitive edge and provide their audiences with outstanding digital experiences using modern technology and best practices. Ultimately, in today's competitive online market, these case studies for website development provide insightful information to developers and organizations looking to build robust, user-friendly websites that generate engagement and provide tangible benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The web development case study often shows difficulties in meeting deadlines, limiting scope creep, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, enhancing site speed, fixing security flaws, and keeping up with rapidly changing technologies. Furthermore, difficulties with cooperation and communication between stakeholders and team members are often highlighted.

Vadiance set out to sell its special water supplement online through an e-commerce website to enhance people's quality of life by fostering inner harmony and balance. They generated traffic to their poor website design.

It offers advice on best practices, suggestions to improve reliability and security, and an understanding of the underlying causes and contributing aspects of previous incidents.


Sachin Bhatnagar

With 20+ yrs of industry experience in media, entertainment and web tech, Sachin brings expertise in hands-on training and developing forward-thinking, industry-centric curricula. 30k+ students have enrolled in his tech courses.

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Case studies

case study for web development

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Front-end Development Case Studies And Success Stories

by Ideamotive Talent

Here is the collection of some front-end development and web design case studies showcasing what Ideamotive’s developers and UX/UI designers can do. From quick frontend, body-leasing stories to full web product development - take a look at how our tech talent helps startups and big companies worldwide, what value we provide, and how the collaboration with us looks like

JRPass: Marrying web development and business processes support

How to optimize booking system for a Japanese railway network and increase sales?


CustomEase: cloud-based application for day-to-day operations automation

How we created a cloud-based application to automate operations of an interior design company with custom CRM, CMS, ERP, and team communication features.

eCommerce, Interior Design

CustomEase - Case study hero desktop

AMLD: building a web app for managing an AI event with hundreds of speakers and thousands of attendees

How we leveraged the full power of Ruby on Rails and created an event management web app with a complex admin panel.


Education, Event


Mediatask: building a marketplace for hundreds of draftsmen and architects

How we re-written the product completely with intelligent algorithms and introduced various business automation solutions allowing to scale almost infinitely.

Marketplace, Manufacturing


TRAVELDUCK: building a marketplace for boutique adventure trips and activities

How we created a fully functional digital marketplace from scratch and helped the Client validate the business model for scaling up.

Travel, Marketplace


SnowShow: building a booking system for one of the biggest European winter tours operator

How we created the new architecture and introduced Machine Learning based solutions to the system and increased the digital sales of over 70%.

Travel, Event, Media & Entertainment


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adam buchanan

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Case Studies

Our work in action.

Explore our web design case studies to see how we craft custom sites that look great, perform well, and drive serious results.

Engaged Sessions

Retail & products.

Blenz needed a fresh new website to reflect their updated branding, and to help customers more easily find their way to online orders, app downloads, and perks.

A new web design with vastly improved structure and navigation help BC Dairy’s different audiences discover their array of tasty content.

Our website redesign helped SISU’s visitors quickly and easily find where to buy their products, while showcasing their wellness blog as a resource.

Travel & Tourism

Tourism cowichan.

Tourism Cowichan needed a new website to get visitors excited about all this earthy, welcoming region has to offer. This project required a strong architecture with emphasis on featured and related content, for easy browsing and content discovery.

Organic Search Traffic

Professional services.

MISIM needed a brand new website to showcase their complex offering and vast experience – and they also needed cohesive brand strategy to make their digital presence stand out.

CRAFT Beer Market

Our tantalizing website redesign helped CRAFT Beer Market achieve huge increases in their search traffic, impressions, and page speeds.

Pacific Public Health Foundation

PPHF’s resource and campaign content had become difficult to navigate. They needed a full website redesign to improve site architecture and content discoverability – and on a short timeline.

Engineering & Construction

Highline forming.

Highline Forming needed a polished, professional new website with significantly deeper content to help them stand out in a highly competitive industry and region.

This new website was focused on helping SHARE capture their rebrand, expand their offering, and make their content more conversational.

Tourism Prince Rupert

This redesign helped Tourism Prince Rupert earn significantly more search traffic and engagement, while making it easier for their team to manage their ever-evolving content

Technology & Investment

Sandstorm gold royalties.

Sandstorm Gold needed a complete redesign to increase investor appeal. We designed and built multiple new custom features to give the site engaging movement, and help drive content discovery.

Outward Bound Training Academy

Outward Bound’s outdoor training academy had grown too big for their main website, and needed a home of its own. We designed an all-new website to showcase their programs and courses.

Research & Education

MIRA’s high volume of resources had outgrown their old site. They needed a full redesign to drastically reorganize all that content around multiple newly clarified audiences – while meeting high accessibility standards. 

Average Engagement Time

Backpack buddies.

Backpack Buddies needed a full redesign to help their organization raise awareness, and to significantly improve their visual storytelling to create that emotional connection needed to drive donations.

case study for web development

Donation Rate

Bc burn fund.

The BC Burn Fund had a heavily outdated website that was difficult to use, and failed to capture their important programs and services. They needed a massive redesign to help drive awareness, attract donors, and support campaigns – starting with proper brand guidelines.

Bounce Rate

PCRS needed a redesign to make their website much easier to search and browse, to help make their critical services more accessible to vulnerable communities with limited online access.

More Website Users

Lgm financial services.

LGM needed a website redesign to showcase their new products and services, and bring their rebrand to life. Our project helped them drive traffic, boost engagement, and speed up their site.

Health & Wellness

We designed an all-new website for BRIA to launch their new virtual mental healthcare service for women and start building their patient list.

This brand new web design helped Nexii double their search traffic and content views, and drastically increase website visits from their U.S. audience.

Under the Same Sun

Under the Same Sun needed a fresh website that could better convey their impact and tell their story, to help drive awareness and – ultimately – donations.

case study for web development

Our website redesign helped RCBC organize their massive volume of important resource content for multiple competing audiences, while making it easier for their team to keep content up-to-date.

Sandbox Royalties

Sandbox Royalties needed a brand new website to launch their company into the market, and immediately begin to attract investors. It had to be uncomplicated yet highly professional.

Circular Materials

This huge website redesign project required organizing a vast amount of content for multiple audiences into an efficient architecture, building a highly usable backend, enabling tailored user experiences by location, and supporting two languages – all on a tight turnaround.

Pages Viewed Per Session

Lindome structures.

Lindome needed a major website redesign to properly showcase their product library and accessories, to help facilitate lead generation and conversions. We went with a bold, visual design to showcase real life applications of their structures.

case study for web development

Faster Page Loads

Delta-q technologies.

We crafted a new web design for Delta-Q to help them showcase their innovative solutions and capabilities, and deepen their company storytelling, while drastically improving visitor engagement.

Engagement Rate

Horizon copper.

Horizon Copper needed a spacious new website to showcase their brand, while making it easier for investors and the public to find critical information about their asset portfolio.

Kitimat Bound

Our brand new website for Kitimat Bound helped capture the region’s breathtaking natural beauty and entice travellers, as evidenced by the rapid climb in search traffic and engagement each month since launch.

Canada’s Placemaking Community

The all-new website we designed for CHCI’s Placemaking Community find its audience, so the organization can share resources and showcase community projects to make others want to get involved.

Mobile Traffic

Yvr art foundation.

The clean, welcoming new website we designed for the YVR Art Foundation helped them double their traffic and on-page engagement, significantly increasing their reach about opportunities and exhibits.

Western Stevedoring

We crafted a new website structure and design for Western Group and its two divisions. The new sites are straightforward for their customers to use, while broadening their company story.

Equinox Gold

A clean, uncluttered design helped Equinox Gold showcase investor information about their mining portfolio, and while keeping the public informed about their responsible practices.

Conversion Rate

Surrey hospitals foundation.

Our total website redesign for Surrey Hospitals Foundation helped them showcase their rebrand, deepen content about their community impact, and drastically increase website traffic and conversions.

Longer Sessions

Summ foods.

The new website we designed for SUMM! Foods helped them better tell their heartwarming brand story, and to achieve huge improvements in their website engagement.

Able & Howe

Our design project for Able & Howe was focused on helping them reposition their brand, deepen their content, and highlight their unique business approach.


Our fresh web design helped BuilderWorks achieve impressive page speeds and a high conversion rate right after launch.

Smart, Savvy + Associates

We crafted a new website to help Smart, Savvy capture their recent rebrand, and to create a more usable experience for their two distinct audiences.

CHBA BC Education

We built a brand-new website for CHBC BC to house their high volume of educational content, driving significantly more organic search content within a few months after launch.

This redesign helped Vivreau dramatically increase search traffic and engagement, while showcasing their product offering and environmental impact.

Braintrust Group

We redesigned Braintrust Group’s website to create a more welcoming, motivating user experience that would improve their conversion rate – and it worked.

We redesigned MRS Lumber’s website to create a much more usable product catalogue, drive more traffic, and to improve sales.

case study for web development

TreeFree Sourcing

Tree Free Sourcing had a tiny website, so we crafted a new design that would help them deepen their content, showcase their B2B offering, and drive sales.

Website Users

Four points insurance.

Four Points Insurance needed to move their commercial offering to its own domain. We designed a new website that earned huge traffic, engagement, and page speeds right after launch. 

Miracon Development

Our ongoing partnership with Miracon resulted in not only a fresh website for their business, but also several sub-sites for their new developments and  massive monthly leaps in traffic and conversions.

This redesign project was about helping Stanscott distinguish their product portfolio from the parent company, and highlight opportunities for potential clients in the Caribbean and beyond.

ISS Language and Career College

As part of our ongoing partnership with ISSofBC, we redesigned the website for their Language & Career College to create a welcoming experience with clear paths to their many language programs and services.

Centre for Brain Health

The UBC Centre for Brain Health creates a massive amount of important content, and it was our job to help them organize it into a well-structured new website.

A Better Life

A Better Life Foundation needed a website redesign so they could better communicate their meaningful work, create community connections, and drive their digital campaigns.

Beacon Group

The new website we designed for Beacon Group involved a total brand reinvention and improved content strategy to showcases their unique approach to consulting

Fraser Valley Conservancy

We crafted a new website for Fraser Valley Conservancy to help them tell their story, clearly convey their impact, and better engage with potential donors.

Spur Communication

Spur Communication had grown way beyond their one-page website, and hired us for a redesign that included deeper content and a custom Shopify theme for an all-new digital downloads store

BC Non-Profit Housing Association

We redesigned the website for the BC Non-Profit Housing Association help make their valuable resources much more easily discoverable, while aligning with a recent rebrand.

case study for web development

Centre for Advancing Health Outcomes

Our website redesign helped CHÉOS boost search traffic and engagement, and drastically improve the organization of their critical health research content.


The new Naturally:Wood website was a huge challenge that we enjoyed: folding two large, resource-heavy sites into one usable structure and rebranded design.

Forestry Innovation Investment

The new website we crafted for Forestry Innovation Initiative helped them significantly improve their page speeds, engagement, and traffic – but most importantly, it made it easier for their team to manage their content.

DeMello Spirituality Center

We redesigned the DeMello’s Spirituality Center’s website to refresh the user experience, and to improve content discoverability.

Avg. Conversion Rate

Northwest bc recruitment.

This project was a joint venture for several communities that needed an engaging and interactive website experience to showcase jobs and regional attractions in Northwest BC.

Search Traffic

The CTN needed a new website to help their underserved audiences access vital resources and information. Our design helped them increase search traffic and engagement, too.

North Vancouver Chamber

This fresh web design helped the North Vancouver Chamber achieve a huge increase in conversion rate, as well as improved on-site engagement.

Marion Scott Gallery

Marion Scott Gallery has showcased contemporary art from Northern Canada since 1975.

One World Education

One World Education helps learners of all ages develop critical thinking and writing skills.

Semios tasked us with a full website redesign for their global expansion, to facilitate improved navigation and deeper content about their expanding capabilities.

Barbican Property Management

Barbican Property Management needed a new website to improve their content and search capabilities for potential tenants browsing hundreds of residential and commercial properties.

BBS Pro needed our help to drastically improve the usability of their technical product catalogue, while increasing traffic, engagement, and page speeds


Envisio came to us looking for a a total website overhaul to reflect their visual rebrand. At the same time, they wanted to improve their storytelling, SEO, and conversions.

Binnie’s website redesign was about reflecting their rebrand, deepening their content, and demonstrating their impressive experience and capabilities to both customers and potential recruits.

Adrenaline Tattoo Studios

We crafted a highly visual website for Adrenaline Studios, improving their storytelling content while increasing their search traffic and engagement.

Archetype Glass

Archetype hired us to create a polished new web design to match their premiere products, plus a complex product catalogue and tiered content filtering.

The new website we built for PHS helped them better convey their vital community services for donors – and drove a massive conversion rate increase.

Faster Loads

Bright health.

This redesign was a fun challenge involving a complete rebrand and name change, deepening content while reducing clutter,  and creating micro-sites for products. The new site more than doubled their organic search traffic.

Kenorah’s website redesign was all about better showcasing their breathtaking dream-home projects through a more visual experience, while amplifying their intimate process to help potential clients fully envision the smooth work and results.

RDH Building Science

RDH tasked us with a full website redesign to migrate three sites into one interface, while keeping the content from three blogs  and their services clean and usable for distinct audiences.

Repeat Visitors

Quantum matter institute.

We were thrilled to help the Quantum Matter Institute with a complete redesign of their content structure and site design, to organize a vast volume of content into a usable experience.

One Coffee hired us for a website redesign to reflect their products’ new look, and to deepen their content for improved SEO. We also helped them significantly boost page speeds.

case study for web development

We designed an all-new, strategic website to help Herstasis™hit the market running, raise awareness, attract investors, and build an audience ready to use their product.

Host Defense

Host Defense needed an all-new website to launch their brand in Canada, with a shoppable product catalogue and ample educational resources for existing and potential customers.

Secure IT Systems approached us about a redesign to create a deeper website experience that accurately showcases their capabilities, and feels as professional as their customer care.

CooperTree Analytics

CopperTree needed a fresh web design and structure to make their high volume of technical information easier to digest, while building out stronger areas for their trust and credibility content.


Softlanding’s website redesign was all about improving their complex user experience, especially navigation. At the same time, we improved their conversion rate, engagement, and site speed.

The new website we crafted for Botanica was focused on helping users find content quickly and effortlessly, and communicating their dedication and commitment to wellness while boosting SEO, conversion rate, and mobile performance.

Neighbourhood Small Grants

Neighbourhood Small Grants needed a total website redesign to deliver more customized multilingual audience experiences, and to capture their exciting rebrand.

The Dakeryn group of companies needed a fresh website to add more depth to their content, flesh out their product directory, and build up their sustainability storytelling.

The Sound came to use for a full revamp of their user experience, needing more content for SEO, improved content discovery, and a much stronger and easier-to-manage CMS.

Equinox Gallery

We crafted a new website for Equinox Gallery to recreate the in-person experience through clean, minimal design and new areas for content discovery and virtual viewings.

Longer Mobile Visits

Population Health Research Institute needed a full website redesign to help make their huge volume of critical research content much easier to search and explore.

Tourism New Westminster

Tourism New Westminster serves both tourists and residents, so they needed a total redesign to make all of their local content more visually appealing and browsable to help drive business.

Inclusion BC

Inclusion BC tasked us with designing a highly usable and welcoming new website to help their audience find critical resources and opportunities.

BluEarth Renewables

The fresh website we built for BluEarth Renewables boasts an exceptionally strong information architecture and navigation, with clear paths to key content for each of their many diverse audiences.

Tourism Langley

Tourism Langley wanted a custom web design focused on rich photography, with a powerful user experience tailored to helping people quickly find events, guides, and local tips to get them excited about the township.

Stella Custom Glass Hardware

Stella Custom Glass Hardware needed their new website to be rooted in a quick, intuitive mobile experience, to help their B2B audience find parts and specs while working on job sites.

The Nature Trust of BC

The Nature Trust of British Columbia needed a new web design to better tell their brand story and the value of their work, to help drive conversions.

First Nations Summit

The First Nations Summit needed a brand new website to make information, tools, and resources about the BC treaty process more accessible.

Our years-long partnership with ISSofBC has included two full redesigns of their main site, as well as building separate sites for their services and programs.

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Website Development Case Studies

Web design and development is constantly changing, with online technologies and solutions evolving on a near continuous basis. Having a team of Web Design and Development experts with decades of combined of industry knowledge makes the difference between a mediocre website and a website that works!  Infront Webworks is a leading Web Development agency that has been in business for over 25 years. Our award winning Web Design , Development and Custom Coding team have helped hundreds of businesses create an online presence that produces results.  Here,  we present some case studies of notable clients who we have helped over the years.

Featured Web Design Case Study

Vadiance science.

With over 10 years of research and scientific experimentation, Vadiance has set the stage to benefit humanity by creating a supplement that generates Vital Life Force Energy by enhancing the one thing humans need to survive: water.  With the goal of improving people’s quality of life by creating inner balance and harmony, Vadiance set out to offer their unique water supplement online through an ecommerce website.  They got the traffic to their poorly designed website, but the conversion of site visitors to customers was not happening.  Se we built them a brand new website that uses website design and ecommerce best practices to reverse that trend, turning website visitors into repeat, paying customers.

Web Design Categories

Wordpress web design.

We have spent over a decade perfecting all aspects of great WordPress website design.  We understand not only what makes your WordPress look professional and highly credible, but how to optimize its performance for the most demanding website users.  Our WordPress content management framework makes it super easy for you to manage your site, content, and focus on what you do best – telling your story and engaging your website visitors.  

veterans referring veterans

eCommerce Web Design

When you are considering selling your goods and services online, you know how critical it is to have a great design, a super fast website, an intuitive sales funnel and engaging content. At Infront, we love developing successful eCommerce websites that guide your online customers through the sales process enjoyably and that sets the stage for repeat sales.  

king of kings

Faith Organization Web Design

In the era of online everything, churches, missions and other faith based organizations have come to realize that a credible website is critical to both attract new visitors and serve existing members.  We have helped many churches and ministries put their values,  courses, sermons, and streaming services online. Let us help you spread your message with a well designed website that will delivery the quality your members expect.

Award-Winning Case Studies

Best Web Designers in Colorado Springs 2020

Small Business Web Design

You run a small business.  Leads and sales are critical to your business, but you can’t afford a full time sales person to find leads. Now you can:  a website can be your 24 x 7 sales person. Plus with a professionally designed website, your small company or organization can have the credibility it needs to compete with larger organizations.  

the st marys inn

Mid Market Web Design

As your business grows, so do the requirements for an effective online presence that takes on the role of fulfilling your business processes.   Whether it be evolving into online product sales, booking events, or providing a secure information portal for your customers we understand not just what your online needs are, but how to affordably execute them.

Large Business Web Design

When you are a well established company or organization whose requirements to engage with your customers are critical,  we can build a custom solution to create successful transactions and outcomes.  Our large business web development services ranges from creating custom YMCA registration and member management systems, to bespoke eCommerce solutions for schools to order school supplies in bulk.   If you can conceive it, we can build it.


Nonprofit Web Design

More than ever non-profits rely on the world wide web to get their message out to prospective stakeholders and donors.  A professionally designed, easy to use and easy to find website is essential for any non-profit organization that wants to stay even with their “competition”.  We’ve worked with hundreds of non-profits across the country to create a superior website that touches their visitors and compels them to take action.


Business growth

Marketing tips

16 case study examples (+ 3 templates to make your own)

Hero image with an icon representing a case study

I like to think of case studies as a business's version of a resume. It highlights what the business can do, lends credibility to its offer, and contains only the positive bullet points that paint it in the best light possible.

Imagine if the guy running your favorite taco truck followed you home so that he could "really dig into how that burrito changed your life." I see the value in the practice. People naturally prefer a tried-and-true burrito just as they prefer tried-and-true products or services.

To help you showcase your success and flesh out your burrito questionnaire, I've put together some case study examples and key takeaways.

What is a case study?

A case study is an in-depth analysis of how your business, product, or service has helped past clients. It can be a document, a webpage, or a slide deck that showcases measurable, real-life results.

For example, if you're a SaaS company, you can analyze your customers' results after a few months of using your product to measure its effectiveness. You can then turn this analysis into a case study that further proves to potential customers what your product can do and how it can help them overcome their challenges.

It changes the narrative from "I promise that we can do X and Y for you" to "Here's what we've done for businesses like yours, and we can do it for you, too."

16 case study examples 

While most case studies follow the same structure, quite a few try to break the mold and create something unique. Some businesses lean heavily on design and presentation, while others pursue a detailed, stat-oriented approach. Some businesses try to mix both.

There's no set formula to follow, but I've found that the best case studies utilize impactful design to engage readers and leverage statistics and case details to drive the point home. A case study typically highlights the companies, the challenges, the solution, and the results. The examples below will help inspire you to do it, too.

1. .css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class]{all:unset;box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-text-fill-color:currentColor;cursor:pointer;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class]{all:unset;box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;cursor:pointer;-webkit-transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;outline-offset:1px;-webkit-text-fill-color:currentColor;outline:1px solid transparent;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='ocean']{color:#3d4592;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='ocean']:hover{color:#2b2358;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='ocean']:focus{color:#3d4592;outline-color:#3d4592;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='white']{color:#fffdf9;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='white']:hover{color:#a8a5a0;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='white']:focus{color:#fffdf9;outline-color:#fffdf9;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='primary']{color:#3d4592;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='primary']:hover{color:#2b2358;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='primary']:focus{color:#3d4592;outline-color:#3d4592;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='secondary']{color:#fffdf9;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='secondary']:hover{color:#a8a5a0;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='secondary']:focus{color:#fffdf9;outline-color:#fffdf9;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-weight='inherit']{font-weight:inherit;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-weight='normal']{font-weight:400;}.css-1l9i3yq-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-weight='bold']{font-weight:700;} Volcanica Coffee and AdRoll

On top of a background of coffee beans, a block of text with percentage growth statistics for how AdRoll nitro-fueled Volcanica coffee.

People love a good farm-to-table coffee story, and boy am I one of them. But I've shared this case study with you for more reasons than my love of coffee. I enjoyed this study because it was written as though it was a letter.

In this case study, the founder of Volcanica Coffee talks about the journey from founding the company to personally struggling with learning and applying digital marketing to finding and enlisting AdRoll's services.

It felt more authentic, less about AdRoll showcasing their worth and more like a testimonial from a grateful and appreciative client. After the story, the case study wraps up with successes, milestones, and achievements. Note that quite a few percentages are prominently displayed at the top, providing supporting evidence that backs up an inspiring story.

Takeaway: Highlight your goals and measurable results to draw the reader in and provide concise, easily digestible information.

2. Taylor Guitars and Airtable

Screenshot of the Taylor Guitars and Airtable case study, with the title: Taylor Guitars brings more music into the world with Airtable

This Airtable case study on Taylor Guitars comes as close as one can to an optimal structure. It features a video that represents the artistic nature of the client, highlighting key achievements and dissecting each element of Airtable's influence.

It also supplements each section with a testimonial or quote from the client, using their insights as a catalyst for the case study's narrative. For example, the case study quotes the social media manager and project manager's insights regarding team-wide communication and access before explaining in greater detail.

Takeaway: Highlight pain points your business solves for its client, and explore that influence in greater detail.

3. EndeavourX and Figma

Screenshot of the Endeavour and Figma case study, showing a bulleted list about why EndeavourX chose Figma followed by an image of EndeavourX's workspace on Figma

My favorite part of Figma's case study is highlighting why EndeavourX chose its solution. You'll notice an entire section on what Figma does for teams and then specifically for EndeavourX.

It also places a heavy emphasis on numbers and stats. The study, as brief as it is, still manages to pack in a lot of compelling statistics about what's possible with Figma.

Takeaway: Showcase the "how" and "why" of your product's differentiators and how they benefit your customers.

4. ActiveCampaign and Zapier

Screenshot of Zapier's case study with ActiveCampaign, showing three data visualizations on purple backgrounds

Zapier's case study leans heavily on design, using graphics to present statistics and goals in a manner that not only remains consistent with the branding but also actively pushes it forward, drawing users' eyes to the information most important to them. 

The graphics, emphasis on branding elements, and cause/effect style tell the story without requiring long, drawn-out copy that risks boring readers. Instead, the cause and effect are concisely portrayed alongside the client company's information for a brief and easily scannable case study.

Takeaway: Lean on design to call attention to the most important elements of your case study, and make sure it stays consistent with your branding.

5. Ironclad and OpenAI

Screenshot of a video from the Ironclad and OpenAI case study showing the Ironclad AI Assist feature

In true OpenAI fashion, this case study is a block of text. There's a distinct lack of imagery, but the study features a narrated video walking readers through the product.

The lack of imagery and color may not be the most inviting, but utilizing video format is commendable. It helps thoroughly communicate how OpenAI supported Ironclad in a way that allows the user to sit back, relax, listen, and be impressed. 

Takeaway: Get creative with the media you implement in your case study. Videos can be a very powerful addition when a case study requires more detailed storytelling.

6. Shopify and GitHub

Screenshot of the Shopify and GitHub case study, with the title "Shopify keeps pushing ecommerce forward with help from GitHub tools," followed by a photo of a plant and a Shopify bag on a table on a dark background

GitHub's case study on Shopify is a light read. It addresses client pain points and discusses the different aspects its product considers and improves for clients. It touches on workflow issues, internal systems, automation, and security. It does a great job of representing what one company can do with GitHub.

To drive the point home, the case study features colorful quote callouts from the Shopify team, sharing their insights and perspectives on the partnership, the key issues, and how they were addressed.

Takeaway: Leverage quotes to boost the authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your case study. 

7 . Audible and Contentful

Screenshot of the Audible and Contentful case study showing images of titles on Audible

Contentful's case study on Audible features almost every element a case study should. It includes not one but two videos and clearly outlines the challenge, solution, and outcome before diving deeper into what Contentful did for Audible. The language is simple, and the writing is heavy with quotes and personal insights.

This case study is a uniquely original experience. The fact that the companies in question are perhaps two of the most creative brands out there may be the reason. I expected nothing short of a detailed analysis, a compelling story, and video content. 

Takeaway: Inject some brand voice into the case study, and create assets that tell the story for you.

8 . Zoom and Asana

Screenshot of Zoom and Asana's case study on a navy blue background and an image of someone sitting on a Zoom call at a desk with the title "Zoom saves 133 work weeks per year with Asana"

Asana's case study on Zoom is longer than the average piece and features detailed data on Zoom's growth since 2020. Instead of relying on imagery and graphics, it features several quotes and testimonials. 

It's designed to be direct, informative, and promotional. At some point, the case study reads more like a feature list. There were a few sections that felt a tad too promotional for my liking, but to each their own burrito.

Takeaway: Maintain a balance between promotional and informative. You want to showcase the high-level goals your product helped achieve without losing the reader.

9 . Hickies and Mailchimp

Screenshot of the Hickies and Mailchimp case study with the title in a fun orange font, followed by a paragraph of text and a photo of a couple sitting on a couch looking at each other and smiling

I've always been a fan of Mailchimp's comic-like branding, and this case study does an excellent job of sticking to their tradition of making information easy to understand, casual, and inviting.

It features a short video that briefly covers Hickies as a company and Mailchimp's efforts to serve its needs for customer relationships and education processes. Overall, this case study is a concise overview of the partnership that manages to convey success data and tell a story at the same time. What sets it apart is that it does so in a uniquely colorful and brand-consistent manner.

Takeaway: Be concise to provide as much value in as little text as possible.

10. NVIDIA and Workday

Screenshot of NVIDIA and Workday's case study with a photo of a group of people standing around a tall desk and smiling and the title "NVIDIA hires game changers"

The gaming industry is notoriously difficult to recruit for, as it requires a very specific set of skills and experience. This case study focuses on how Workday was able to help fill that recruitment gap for NVIDIA, one of the biggest names in the gaming world.

Though it doesn't feature videos or graphics, this case study stood out to me in how it structures information like "key products used" to give readers insight into which tools helped achieve these results.

Takeaway: If your company offers multiple products or services, outline exactly which ones were involved in your case study, so readers can assess each tool.

11. KFC and Contentful

Screenshot of KFC and Contentful's case study showing the outcome of the study, showing two stats: 43% increase in YoY digital sales and 50%+ increase in AU digital sales YoY

I'm personally not a big KFC fan, but that's only because I refuse to eat out of a bucket. My aversion to the bucket format aside, Contentful follows its consistent case study format in this one, outlining challenges, solutions, and outcomes before diving into the nitty-gritty details of the project.

Say what you will about KFC, but their primary product (chicken) does present a unique opportunity for wordplay like "Continuing to march to the beat of a digital-first drum(stick)" or "Delivering deep-fried goodness to every channel."

Takeaway: Inject humor into your case study if there's room for it and if it fits your brand. 

12. Intuit and Twilio

Screenshot of the Intuit and Twilio case study on a dark background with three small, light green icons illustrating three important data points

Twilio does an excellent job of delivering achievements at the very beginning of the case study and going into detail in this two-minute read. While there aren't many graphics, the way quotes from the Intuit team are implemented adds a certain flair to the study and breaks up the sections nicely.

It's simple, concise, and manages to fit a lot of information in easily digestible sections.

Takeaway: Make sure each section is long enough to inform but brief enough to avoid boring readers. Break down information for each section, and don't go into so much detail that you lose the reader halfway through.

13. Spotify and Salesforce

Screenshot of Spotify and Salesforce's case study showing a still of a video with the title "Automation keeps Spotify's ad business growing year over year"

Salesforce created a video that accurately summarizes the key points of the case study. Beyond that, the page itself is very light on content, and sections are as short as one paragraph.

I especially like how information is broken down into "What you need to know," "Why it matters," and "What the difference looks like." I'm not ashamed of being spoon-fed information. When it's structured so well and so simply, it makes for an entertaining read.

Takeaway: Invest in videos that capture and promote your partnership with your case study subject. Video content plays a promotional role that extends beyond the case study in social media and marketing initiatives .

14. Benchling and Airtable

Screenshot of the Benchling and Airtable case study with the title: How Benchling achieves scientific breakthroughs via efficiency

Benchling is an impressive entity in its own right. Biotech R&D and health care nuances go right over my head. But the research and digging I've been doing in the name of these burritos (case studies) revealed that these products are immensely complex. 

And that's precisely why this case study deserves a read—it succeeds at explaining a complex project that readers outside the industry wouldn't know much about.

Takeaway: Simplify complex information, and walk readers through the company's operations and how your business helped streamline them.

15. Chipotle and Hubble

Screenshot of the Chipotle and Hubble case study with the title "Mexican food chain replaces Discoverer with Hubble and sees major efficiency improvements," followed by a photo of the outside of a Chipotle restaurant

The concision of this case study is refreshing. It features two sections—the challenge and the solution—all in 316 words. This goes to show that your case study doesn't necessarily need to be a four-figure investment with video shoots and studio time. 

Sometimes, the message is simple and short enough to convey in a handful of paragraphs.

Takeaway: Consider what you should include instead of what you can include. Assess the time, resources, and effort you're able and willing to invest in a case study, and choose which elements you want to include from there.

16. Hudl and Zapier

Screenshot of Hudl and Zapier's case study, showing data visualizations at the bottom, two photos of people playing sports on the top right , and a quote from the Hudl team on the topleft

I may be biased, but I'm a big fan of seeing metrics and achievements represented in branded graphics. It can be a jarring experience to navigate a website, then visit a case study page and feel as though you've gone to a completely different website.

The Zapier format provides nuggets of high-level insights, milestones, and achievements, as well as the challenge, solution, and results. My favorite part of this case study is how it's supplemented with a blog post detailing how Hudl uses Zapier automation to build a seamless user experience.

The case study is essentially the summary, and the blog article is the detailed analysis that provides context beyond X achievement or Y goal.

Takeaway: Keep your case study concise and informative. Create other resources to provide context under your blog, media or press, and product pages.

3 case study templates

Now that you've had your fill of case studies (if that's possible), I've got just what you need: an infinite number of case studies, which you can create yourself with these case study templates.

Case study template 1

Screenshot of Zapier's first case study template, with the title and three spots for data callouts at the top on a light peach-colored background, followed by a place to write the main success of the case study on a dark green background

If you've got a quick hit of stats you want to show off, try this template. The opening section gives space for a short summary and three visually appealing stats you can highlight, followed by a headline and body where you can break the case study down more thoroughly. This one's pretty simple, with only sections for solutions and results, but you can easily continue the formatting to add more sections as needed.

Case study template 2

Screenshot of Zapier's second case study template, with the title, objectives, and overview on a dark blue background with an orange strip in the middle with a place to write the main success of the case study

For a case study template with a little more detail, use this one. Opening with a striking cover page for a quick overview, this one goes on to include context, stakeholders, challenges, multiple quote callouts, and quick-hit stats. 

Case study template 3

Screenshot of Zapier's third case study template, with the places for title, objectives, and about the business on a dark green background followed by three spots for data callouts in orange boxes

Whether you want a little structural variation or just like a nice dark green, this template has similar components to the last template but is designed to help tell a story. Move from the client overview through a description of your company before getting to the details of how you fixed said company's problems.

Tips for writing a case study

Examples are all well and good, but you don't learn how to make a burrito just by watching tutorials on YouTube without knowing what any of the ingredients are. You could , but it probably wouldn't be all that good.

Writing a good case study comes down to a mix of creativity, branding, and the capacity to invest in the project. With those details in mind, here are some case study tips to follow:

Have an objective: Define your objective by identifying the challenge, solution, and results. Assess your work with the client and focus on the most prominent wins. You're speaking to multiple businesses and industries through the case study, so make sure you know what you want to say to them.

Focus on persuasive data: Growth percentages and measurable results are your best friends. Extract your most compelling data and highlight it in your case study.

Use eye-grabbing graphics: Branded design goes a long way in accurately representing your brand and retaining readers as they review the study. Leverage unique and eye-catching graphics to keep readers engaged. 

Simplify data presentation: Some industries are more complex than others, and sometimes, data can be difficult to understand at a glance. Make sure you present your data in the simplest way possible. Make it concise, informative, and easy to understand.

Use automation to drive results for your case study

A case study example is a source of inspiration you can leverage to determine how to best position your brand's work. Find your unique angle, and refine it over time to help your business stand out. Ask anyone: the best burrito in town doesn't just appear at the number one spot. They find their angle (usually the house sauce) and leverage it to stand out.

In fact, with the right technology, it can be refined to work better . Explore how Zapier's automation features can help drive results for your case study by making your case study a part of a developed workflow that creates a user journey through your website, your case studies, and into the pipeline.

Case study FAQ

Got your case study template? Great—it's time to gather the team for an awkward semi-vague data collection task. While you do that, here are some case study quick answers for you to skim through while you contemplate what to call your team meeting.

What is an example of a case study?

An example of a case study is when a software company analyzes its results from a client project and creates a webpage, presentation, or document that focuses on high-level results, challenges, and solutions in an attempt to showcase effectiveness and promote the software.

How do you write a case study?

To write a good case study, you should have an objective, identify persuasive and compelling data, leverage graphics, and simplify data. Case studies typically include an analysis of the challenge, solution, and results of the partnership.

What is the format of a case study?

While case studies don't have a set format, they're often portrayed as reports or essays that inform readers about the partnership and its results. 

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Hachem Ramki

Hachem is a writer and digital marketer from Montreal. After graduating with a degree in English, Hachem spent seven years traveling around the world before moving to Canada. When he's not writing, he enjoys Basketball, Dungeons and Dragons, and playing music for friends and family.

  • Content marketing

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12 Facebook ad copy examples to learn from

Improve your productivity automatically. Use Zapier to get your apps working together.

A Zap with the trigger 'When I get a new lead from Facebook,' and the action 'Notify my team in Slack'

Discover our works

We have helped successfully launch clients’ projects of different stages: from product idea validation, MVP implementation to scaling, further development and support.

Online domain name trading marketplace platform

Dan is an online marketplace platform that allows you to buy and sell domain names simply and transparently.

Online domain name trading marketplace platform

Online Service Marketplace

PlanMyKids is a marketplace where parents can plan and book kids activities nearby. The platform offers a simple solution that connects parents with after-school programs and camps.

Online Service Marketplace

Multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform

This is the first online marketplace in Europe and the UK that allows users to buy and sell their services and products in one place.

Multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace platform

Insurance Progressive Web App

Babel Cover is an early stage insurance technology startup. The goal of this project was to bring consumers closer to insurance products, and to enable them to access insurance services from their smartphones with the help of a cross-platform Progressive Web App.

Insurance Progressive Web App

Online marketplace for boats

Trade A Boat is an Australia-based marketplace that helps organize the process of buying and selling new or used boats, and marine equipment.

Online marketplace for boats

Fitness Progressive Web Application

Impact is a fitness app that connects trainers and their clients via desktops and smartphones. The application allows for assigning and tracking personal training and nutrition programs.

Fitness Progressive Web Application

Time tracking software

TimeBot is a Slack bot in conjunction with the admin panel that serves as the project management tool. It automates monitoring the workflow and evaluation of the performance, boosting the team’s productivity.

Time tracking software

Real Estate Portal

The SaaS allows for showing real estate listings with 3D virtual tours. The real estate portal lets users see an apartment on the screen as if they are already there. You can post a listing and change details if needed on the platform.

Real Estate Portal

Online travel marketplace

iExpedition is an Australia-based expedition and adventure travel company that offers polar cruises. The travel marketplace platform allows tourists to search and book Arctic and Antarctic trips.

Online travel marketplace

Online collaboration marketplace

Digital Village is a platform in Australia that brings a job network of digital professionals together to develop software and solve business technology issues.

Online collaboration marketplace

Intelligent Job Match System

Wowner is an online job search solution for the Netherlands market. It helps people to find new relevant jobs based on their preferences and skills.

Intelligent Job Match System

Recreational vehicles marketplace platform

TradeRVs is a leading marketplace in Australia where private sellers and dealers can sell or buy new or used caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, parts and accessories, and other recreational vehicles.

Recreational vehicles marketplace platform

SaaS platform for bakery business

CakerHQ is an Australian website for bakery businesses where cake makers sell flavorful desserts, and customers can book the confectionery easily and quickly.

SaaS platform for bakery business

Online marketplace for selling collectibles

Learn how Codica created a collectible marketplace from scratch. The platform helps appraise and insure collectibles and is a place for social sharing.

Online marketplace for selling collectibles

Online news portal DUMA™

DUMA™ is the #1 entertainment news website in Africa. It shares articles and real-time news about celebrities, fashion, sports, lifestyle, and more.

Online news portal DUMA™

Dental Imaging Management System

Ref Dental is a dental imaging management system that allows the imaging center to exchange referral forms and communicate with dental clinics.

Dental Imaging Management System

Multi-vendor vehicle marketplace

This is the first vehicle marketplace platform in Africa, and it consists of 90+ independent marketplaces, fully localized for each country. The marketplace was initially designed, developed and optimised with focus on mobile experience.

Multi-vendor vehicle marketplace

Recruitment Progressive Web Application for RecruitEverywhere

RecruitEverywhere is a product of the Intelligence Group that specializes in talent acquisition and labor markets. The recruiting platform allows hiring specialists all over the world in a couple of clicks.

Recruitment Progressive Web Application for RecruitEverywhere

Accommodation Search Website

This is a world-first service for finding long-term accommodation. The company set out to simplify the relocation process, and help people who move to Australia for work to quickly find new accommodation.

Accommodation Search Website

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  • 3. Our custom software development experts will analyze your requirements and suggest the best ways to bring your idea to life.

Web Development Case Studies

See how Wezom has helped its clients achieve their vision of digital innovation

DelightDale: Fine wines and delicacies for sale online

We have built an eCommerce system dedicated to exclusive cuisine.

Case: CRM in ERP

In 2021, we were approached by a client representing a conglomerate of companies in the field of gas and electricity distribution services to develop a custom CRM system. At the time of the first contact, these companies used disparate ready-made software, such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Cybersecurity in eCommerce: How to wipe out weaknesses

How we analyzing a digital company for weaknesses with our service Cybersecurity in eCommerce

EasyLoad TMS

Development of a complex SaaS TMS solution for logistics business

Corporate platform WEZOM INFO

We launched a personal cabinet for onboarding, staff education, and recruitment automation.

Cooper&Hunter: AI for customer calls

We created an innovative VoIP telephony platform for an industrial giant. Also, we used AI to automate the processing of applications.

ERP with Dedicated Team in OIL&GAS

Development of a custom Enterprise Resource Planning System for a company in an oil and gas sector

WEZOM Academy: a platform for online learning

By creating a platform for gamified online learning and a new personal student dashboard, we achieved a 30% increase in IT course sales.

We digitalize businesses, create ecosystems

New technologies are not an end in themselves, and not progress for the sake of progress. They should make our life better, give new opportunities, reveal the creative potential of a person. The mission of IT company WEZOM is to transform business with the help of technology, to give it the tools for sustainable growth.

The economy of the future will be primarily digital, which means that businesses cannot do without investments in digital. The only question is how to extract the maximum return from these investments. Our IT product company has been creating digital business solutions for over 23 years. We firmly know how to make IT products for solving applied problems, avoiding typical mistakes, non-obvious problems and “draining” budgets.


Digital Web Design Agency India


Explore our Market-Fit Services

We ensure to establish websites with the latest trends as we believe that, products whose value satisfies the needs of the market and its potential customers can be efficiently successful.

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Popular Website Development Case Studies

Category: Case Study blogs Web Development

Date: January 29, 2024

Popular Website Development Case Studies

Assume that you are a gym owner and that all of your clients have reached their desired weight, but no one is aware that you were the one who assisted them. So, doing your work in a wholesome way is not enough to reach people; advertising it through displaying your work is equally crucial to attracting additional customers. 

Likewise, case studies can be a great idea for website developers to demonstrate their ability to create successful projects and to gain the trust from potential clients.

Website Development Case Studies (Time) - ColorWhistle

Gaining the trust and assurance of prospective clients can be one of the most difficult tasks that a designer has to face. If the clients have no prior experience with your work, they could be hesitant to give their project to an unfamiliar individual or agency. By showcasing the successes of previous projects, it gives clients confidence that this team has the necessary expertise to deliver successful results. 

These studies can also provide credibility to the website developer , as they can serve as evidence of their skills and the value they bring to businesses. To build up their confidence, it is important to make sure that you take the necessary steps to assure them that your design will be both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to their business.

Popular Website Development Case Study Ideas

1. spexster web.

Spexster is a startup founded by filmmakers that connect videographers with advertisers. The site is designed to provide a marketplace for videographers to sell their spec videos. It is the first platform that offers instant ads for free and is open to all users. 

This marketplace functions as a platform for advertisers to search for existing videos for their marketing campaigns. They can provide the videographer with their branding materials and request minor edits to create the final product.

Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Spexster) - ColorWhistle

When this project started, SPINX Digital found that there were no competitors for their business. Their concept differentiated them from the crowd. So, the designing part was crucial because no one had done this before to refer. The Spinster team brought a lot of creative ideas to prioritize the essential features. Due to the unique flow and features needed for the marketplace, programming for this site is a complex one.

The website was created from the ground up on a bespoke.NET platform. The design of each element of the site encourages visitor interaction and is customized to guide visitors further into the user experience. Developing and launching Spexster required a lot of hard work, but the result is something to be proud of and has brought financial rewards.

In this case study , they have clearly explained the discovery, UX strategy, build, test and launch, and result phases of the Spexster site.

2. BetterCloud

BetterCloud is a company that offers solutions for IT departments to improve their employees’ experience, protect their data, and increase efficiency in their operations. It is a leading provider of SaaS Operations. They came to Huemor to consolidate their old website, company’s image and for their own navigation management to position them shoulder to shoulder with the competitors. 

Each product page is designed to both highlight the unique features of the product and address the challenges potential customers may be facing. The page is designed to be flexible so that it can be easily adapted to create new landing pages for future products.

IT Firm Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Better Cloud) - ColorWhistle

They increased demo sign-ups by more than 50% after this web development process, had a 17% bounce rate, and had an average session duration that was 49% longer.

During this web development, they worked on the homepage, mega menu navigation, product page, solution page, resource center, about us, and careers.

3. Open Banking

The OBIE develops software standards and industry guidelines to promote competition, innovation, and transparency in UK retail banking. A CMA report found that the newer banks find it difficult to access the market and grow. The open banking ecosystem has been allowing customers and small businesses to securely share their account information with third party providers since 2018. These providers use the data to customize their apps and services to fit individual financial situations.

Banking Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Open Banking) - ColorWhistle

93digital led the development of Open Banking, including its discovery, UX design, digital marketing, and communications. The website has been redesigned to emphasize the ecosystem and partnerships in order to support a B2B2C model. The website now encourages new B2B participants to connect and enroll in open banking and has also made Open Banking the primary destination for B2B open banking news and insights, as well as advertising important services to visitors.

93digital updated UX and the site map, WP Engine enterprise hosting, Google tag manager setup, the app store, the regulated providers directory, data API integrations, the document library, and content migration. 

As a result, Open Banking has become a leading source of B2B open banking news and insights, as well as effectively promoting its services to visitors.

4. Kitimat Bound

Kitimat Bound offers a wealth of information for tourists and locals about the adventures, work opportunities, and lifestyle in Kitimat.

Objectives of this Project

  • Enhance the visual appeal and usability of the website
  • Streamline the organization and navigation of the site
  • Build on the existing Search Engine Optimization strategies
  • Make sure the website is responsive
  • Use WordPress as the platform for managing content
  • Increase the number of visitors who become contacts, job seekers, or residents by improving the site’s conversion rate

Tourist Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Kitimat) - ColorWhistle

5. Aspirity Tech

Aspirity Tech offers a wide range of IT services, including consulting, software development, and quality assurance. They approached ColorWhistle for a comprehensive website development project , including a logo and web design. The company wanted a website with a strong, elegant appeal. The entire website has been rebuilt from the ground up, resulting in a more user-friendly experience than before.

Objectives of the Project

Logo Designing Process – Visual appeal of the logo on print materials must be good.

Designing Process – Website to be designed with micro-interactions and animations.

WordPress Development Process – Requested that the job listing be automatically displayed on the website, specifically the one that was posted on LinkedIn.

IT Consulting Website Design, Website Development Case Study Ideas (Aspirity) - ColorWhistle

Development and Result

  • Unlike other website development, we at ColorWhistle, put more time and effort into their design, particularly the design phase and logo design services  
  • We used full SVG animated banners and animated CTA buttons throughout the website
  • After receiving approval for the design, it was sent to the development team. Our team developed a highly responsive website with necessary micro animations and interactions
  • For the LinkedIn job listing feature, our team implemented it using the LinkedIn API
  • The result of our work was that the website went live according to plan and had a performance level of over 90% for desktop users

Looking for Web Development Services?

Seize and experience the transformative impact of Web Development Services & Solutions with ColorWhistle.

Case studies can help build trust with possible clients and convince them by showing the success of previous projects that the website development team has the skills and expertise to deliver successful results. Additionally, they can provide credibility and build trust with potential clients, as they can see the success of the team’s work with other businesses. This can help attract potential clients by providing evidence of the developer’s skills and capabilities, as well as the value they can provide to a business.

Did You Know?

According to a survey, 94% of respondents reported that the web design of a website plays a role in their first impression of the site.

Are you looking for a web development company that loves to strengthen your business as much as you do? Stay cool! ColorWhistle is the first-rate web development company in the market. Our creative and brainy team will make your website as your main lead source with high-quality site development. Visit our case study page to gain better knowledge about our services.

Connect with us via call +1 (210) 787-3600 or sending a text . We are happy to collaborate with you:)

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  • API Directory vs API Discovery — What’s the difference?

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About the Author - Nandhini

I'm an artistic copywriter & SEO analyst at ColorWhistle. As a copywriter, I write academic, professional, journalistic, or technical-related, innovative and recreational content using my SEO knowledge. I am an electronics and communication engineer by degree and a copywriter by passion. I flawlessly use my research and adaptability skills while writing. When I'm not writing you'll find me wandering through music, pencil drawings, gardening, and bike rides. I'm also a lover of dogs, cats, a sky full of stars, and an empty road.

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A first course in web development.

10th Edition Book Cover

The 10th edition of Web Development & Design Foundations is available!

Announcing the 10th Edition

Building on this textbook’s successful ninth edition, new features for the tenth edition include:

  • Chapter 7 has been renamed Responsive Page Layout and takes a mobile first approach! There is a greatly expanded focus on new layout systems including CSS Flexible Layout Module (Flexbox) and CSS Grid Layout — including configuring grids using named areas.
  • Chapter 9 introduces form layout with the CSS Flexbox and Grid Layout Systems
  • Updated coverage of HTML5 elements and attributes
  • Updated code samples, case studies, and web resources
  • Expanded treatment of page layout design and responsive web design techniques
  • Updated reference sections for HTML5 and CSS
  • Additional Hands-On Practice exercises

The book will be primarily available as a Pearson eText. Print copies will be available on demand. Table of Contents Purchase at Pearson

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Internet and World Wide Web

This brief introduction covers the terms and concepts related to the Internet and the Web with which Web developers need to be familiar. For many students, some of this will be a review. Chapter 1 provides the base of knowledge on which the rest of the textbook is built.

Chapter 2: HTML Basics

As HTML5 is introduced, examples and exercises encourage students to create sample pages and gain useful experience. Students are encouraged to create sample pages as they read through the text.

Chapter 3: Configuring Color and Text with CSS

The technique of using Cascading Style Sheets to configure the color and text on web pages is introduced.

Chapter 4: Visual Elements and Graphics

This chapter discusses the use of graphics and visual effects on web pages, including image optimization, CSS borders, CSS image backgrounds, new CSS3 visual effects, and new HTML5 elements. Students are encouraged to create web pages as they read through the text.

Chapter 5: Web Design

This chapter focuses on recommended web design practices and accessibility. Some of this is reinforcement because tips about recommended website design practices are incorporated into the other chapters.

Chapter 6: Page Layout

This chapter continues the study of CSS begun earlier and introduces techniques for positioning and floating web page elements, including a two-column CSS page layout, CSS sprites, CSS for printing, single page website navigation, and more!

Chapter 7: Responsive Page Basics

A mobile first approach is used as this chapter introduces coding techniques for responsive web pages including media queries, feature queries, CSS Flexible Box Layout (Flexbox), CSS Grid Layout, HTML5 picture element, and responsive attributges for the img element.

Chapter 8: Tables

This chapter focuses on the HTML elements used to create tables. Methods for configuring a table with CSS are introduced.

Chapter 9: Forms

This chapter focuses on the HTML elements used to create forms. Methods for configuring the form with CSS, including CSS Grid Layout, are introduced. New HTML5 form control elements and attribute values are introduced.

Chapter 10: Web Development

This chapter focuses on the process of website development, including the job roles needed for a large-scale project, the web development process, and web hosting.

Chapter 11: Web Media and Interactivity

This chapter offers an overview of topics related to adding media and interactivity to web pages. These topics include HTML5 video and audio, CSS3 transforms, CSS transitions, CSS animation, aninteractive image gallery, interactivity with HTML5 Details and Summary elements, and a quick overview of HTML5 APIs, JavaScript, and AJAX.

Chapter 12: E-Commerce Overview

This chapter introduces e-commerce, security, and order processing on the Web.

Chapter 13: Web Promotion

This chapter discusses site promotion from the web developer’s point of view and introduces search engine optimization.

Chapter 14: A Brief Look at JavaScript & jQuery

This chapter provides an introduction to client-side scripting using JavaScript and jQuery.

Author Profile

Dr. Morris has a unique combination of years of industry experience in addition to many years teaching technology courses. Her hands-on approach to this topic enables students to become productive quickly. More Author Info

Student Files

Student files for the 10th edition are available for free download from Pearson .

Instructor Materials

Downloads are available to instructors with exercise solutions, case solutions, PowerPoint presentations, and sample test questions. Contact your Pearson Higher Ed representative or visit Pearson Publishing for more information.

Software development case studies​

We love to show off examples of web and mobile applications that we’ve developed for our clients. In addition to betting projects (in which we specialize), here you will also find applications from the financial, healthcare, IoT industries and additionally, some solutions for startups. Remember that not all of the software development case studies that we’ve completed are available on this page, some of them are confidential. We encourage you to contact us if you have questions.

All software development case studies

Below you will find all of our case studies. For a better navigation experience, use the filters by dividing them into industries, the scope of work, or the platform. Projects we have carried out in the past are still being developed. We put a lot of work into them and we are very proud of what we do. We’d love to speak with you, so please contact us if you have questions about these projects. If you want to implement your own idea, CrustLab is the partner to help you do it!

CrazyBet case study card

CrazyBet – Crypto Casino with Custom Frontend & Social Features

Delve into the genesis of a standalone crypto casino platform infused with immersive gaming aspects and vibrant social interactions.

case study card BETFAN – Sportsbook Web & Mobile UI

BETFAN – Sportsbook Web & Mobile UI

Innovative sportsbook UI that transforms betting on web and mobile platforms into an exceptional experience. Delivered for one of the top legal bookmakers in Poland.

Gamehub case study card

Slot Games Aggregator

Industry-acclaimed one-stop software for online casino operators, now expanded with even more attractive gaming options.

White-label Casino Apps case study card

White-label Casino Apps for a Global Audience

Uncover the intricacies of cutting-edge custom casino mobile apps. Confronting considerable technical challenges, rigorous timelines, and strict regulatory constraints, we redefined industry standards.

white-label mobile sportsbook apps cs card

White-label Mobile Sportsbook Apps

The genesis of custom mobile sportsbook apps reshaping the US and Canadian iGaming landscape through customization and cross-state functionality.

Stay Strong case study card

STAY STRONG – A Next-level App Elevating Tennis Club Engagement

Discover how Fame Sport Club, a VIP-centric tennis and badminton hub in Krakow, harnessed cutting-edge technology to elevate player experiences and boost profitability.

flutter mobile app case study card image

AI-boosted Flutter mobile app supporting soccer clubs in training young soccer players

Cross-platform Flutter mobile app created for professional soccer clubs. AI-boosted Duolingo for young adepts of soccer and a complete back office for professional coaches.

sportech online betting platform card

BetMakers – the next generation online betting platform

Creation of a next generation multi-tenant Horse Racing betting system hosted by one of the biggest players in the betting industry.

tms virtual currency exchange office card

TMS Brokers – Online currency exchange office

Expansion of an online currency exchange office’s functionalities including dedicated panels for users, administrators, and traders.

pelvifly healthcare cross-platform mobile app card

PelviFly – Healthcare cross-platform mobile app development

Creation of a cross-platform mobile app for end-users and a custom web application for coaches and administrators. The system introduces the gaming experience into a professional medical treatment to start training pelvic floor muscles for women of all ages.

Tracking system case study card

Offender tracking system – an AI-supported IoT application for Public Safety

Development of the personal unit tracking system and native mobile applications to supervise and monitor their activity.

Leeroy case study card

Leeroy – A White-label Restaurant Management App

The transformation of a groundbreaking all-in-one platform designed to streamline restaurant management across Scandinavia.

fixed pool betting system card

Case study – fixed pool betting system

Improvements and refreshments to a fixed-pool betting system. Fixed performance bottlenecks, implemented several new technical solutions and custom features, improved the user experience, and added more business conversion points to the web application.

DreamPicks betting platform MVP design card

DreamPicks – Online sports betting platform MVP design

Complete design project of the MVP version for an online sports betting platform intended for the US market.

zowie mobile chatbot card

Zowie – a mobile chat widget SDK

Creation of the SDK for a mobile chat widget for Android, iOS, and Flutter.

soydigi web app mvp card

SoyDigi – business management as a service web app MVP

Creation of the web app MVP version of a business as a service application for a Polish-Columbian startup in the early stages of growth.

Pick24 case study card

Pick24 – social betting mobile apps development

Development of social betting iOS and Android mobile applications for simulated gambling.

WorkInn case study card image

WorkInn – Web application and recruitment marketplace for the HoReCa industry

A web application from the event and catering industry that connects event organizers and employees such as cooks, waiters, bartenders, and more.

Web Remote Job Board Smooth Remote card img

Smooth Remote – An AWS-based web remote job board

An extended AWS-based web remote job board with an admin panel, Content Management System, and payment integrations.

cdt content management system case study card

The Central House of Technology – Content Management System development

Development of a Content Management System to manage the knowledge base and integration with the web portal.

solver web e-learning platform card

Solver e-learning platform

Creation of an e-learning platform that targets two types of users: providers who offer services and audiences who want to learn.

iceo android app development case study card

ICEO – Android widget application

Development of Android widget application which allows the user to follow the cryptocurrency rates in real-time.

blnk iOS mobile app design case study card

BLNK – design of iOS mobile application

An iOS mobile application supporting the maintenance of healthy eyesight.

pretta iOS mobile app case study card

Pretta – A new level of project management

An iOS application designed to optimize project management processes.

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logo sportech

CrustLab consistently adds value to our organization in many ways. We’ve received very positively feedback on the system CrustLab has delivered. Our customers regard it as an excellent product. Our experience working with them has far exceeded those of other vendors.

case study for web development

The team provided professional services that added value to the core functions of the business. They were fast and felt like our internal IT department, working during the night when we were deploying important features. That was fantastic, and I’m happy they’ve worked with me.

case study for web development

CrustLab’s implementation of our solutions has almost doubled our revenues. All aspects of cooperation were very good. I felt that we were treated as very important clients because we received a very high standard of service. The team delivered the results at the time and budget.

soydigi logo

We finished an MVP in 3 weeks. It was very valuable that CrustLab was able to evaluate the feasibility of our solution and estimated the effort and cost that was required to request the funding. CrustLab can be a business partner in addition to an excellent software development agency.

CrustLab successfully delivered a product that was able to maintain its performance despite some sudden surges in the site’s traffic. Thanks to their experience and ability to predict problems, we found solutions and built the project on time.

case study for web development

We take advantage of CrustLab’s experience in the field of payments, new functionalities, and user-friendly design. The development process itself ran smoothly and according to plan. It was important for us to complete the project on time, so I cannot imagine a better partner for this project.

case study for web development

We hired CrustLab to introduce several modifications to improve one of the Pocco Finance apps and integrate it with the new version of the SDK. The project was completed on time and in line with the planned budget. I strongly recommend CrustLab as a software partner.

case study for web development

This team is hungry, sharp, “on it” and very customer-focused. I had no idea that I could find such great help from the other side of the world – especially a firm that could understand our product requirements even though I’m not a tech product manager.

case study for web development

We are really satisfied with the cooperation with CrustLab. Very good technical skillset, good communication, and work done on time! After creating a customizable widget, we entrusted them with redefine of another application, and the results are splendid.

case study for web development

Our cooperation with CrustLab concerned body leasing. They offered us highly skilled and experienced Android developers. I am fully satisfied with the ease of contact, the speed of completing the formalities, but most of all of the man they recommended to us.

case study for web development

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Case Study on Web Development

Website development case study:.

Web development is the kind of web design and programming, which is connected with the projecting of web interfaces for websites and their apps. Web developers are the multitasking professionals who try to solve several problems simultaneously: they create a logical structure of websites, brainstorm the most reasonable and the easiest ways of the presentation of information and finally work hard on making the website look attractive and stylish. Web development is the brand new occupation which can be called the occupation of the new generation, because the developer should be the expert in the technical part of his job on programming the website and at the same time he should possess artistic taste and make the website look logical, convenient and beautiful.

The web developer is supposed to be a smart person in order to be able to make the very website the employer requires and at the same time to make the website convenient and understandable for an ordinary Internet surfer. If the website has a complicated structure, and if the information is hidden in the scrupulous way, such a website will not be popular among the Internet surfers.The occupation of web development is one of the newest ones and it is obvious that every company requires a team of web developers who would create a worthy website for the company’s convenience. The website must not only serve as the advertisement board for clients, but should also inform the staff of the company about everything essential. Naturally, small firms do not require complicated websites and a few developers can be enough for the quality of the work of the website. On the contrary, big corporations employ hundreds of web developers who create complicated websites for various business purposes.

We Will Write a Custom Case Study Specifically For You For Only $13.90/page!

Web development is an important occupation which enables the normal functioning of the Internet and the student is supposed to learn about the issue everything in order to become an expert in future. The case on web development is often associated with the certain problem which has occurred in this activity. The student is expected to learn about the cause of the problem, its effect and generate constructive solutions to the problem demonstrating his knowledge and writing skills.The difficulty of case study writing is often associated with the irregular structure of the text and invalid manner writing. The student is able to solve his troubles on writing with the help of a free example case study on web development organized by a qualified writer for the student’s advantage.

It is a positive moment that the student is able to learn about the style and tone of writing and observe the right research approach due to a free sample case study on web development.

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Top 10 Project Management Case Studies with Examples 2024

1. nasa's mars exploration rover: innovative project management in space exploration., 2. apple's iphone development: delivering revolutionary products with precision., 3. tesla's gigafactory construction: exemplary project execution in renewable energy., 4. netflix's content expansion: agile management in the entertainment industry., 5. amazon's prime air drone delivery: pioneering logistics project management., 6. google's waymo self-driving cars: cutting-edge technology meets project efficiency., 7. mcdonald's digital transformation: adaptive project management in fast food., 8. ikea's sustainable store design: eco-friendly project implementation in retail., 9. unicef's vaccine distribution: humanitarian project management at scale., 10. spacex's starlink satellite network: revolutionizing global connectivity with project prowess., discover more stories.

case study for web development

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case study for web development

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About wolverinesoft studio, system requirements.

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  • Sound Card: Does anyone even still have one of these?
  • Processor: Both Intel and Silicon
  • Graphics: Indeed

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    Stay focused. Don't use case studies as an opportunity to channel your revolutionary ideas, but don't delve in conventionalities, either. Don't try to tell everything about the project at once, or at all. Your clients don't need to know everything you did for a project. But they do need to know the relevant bits.

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    ColorWhistle is the first-rate web development company in the market. Our creative and brainy team will make your website as your main lead source with high-quality site development. Visit our case study page to gain better knowledge about our services. Connect with us via call +1 (210) 787-3600 or sending a text.

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    Check out what we do at SPINX Digital and how we help our clients in providing them right solutions in web design & development, online marketing and much more. 213.894.9933 START A PROJECT

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    15 Real-Life Case Study Examples. Now that you understand what a case study is, let's look at real-life case study examples. In this section, we'll explore SaaS, marketing, sales, product and business case study examples with solutions. Take note of how these companies structured their case studies and included the key elements.

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    The companion website for Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5, a textbook that takes a unique approach to prepare students to design web pages that work today in addition to being ready to take advantage of new HTML5 coding techniques of the future. ... Updated code samples, case studies, and web resources; Expanded treatment of ...

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    Software development case studies . We love to show off examples of web and mobile applications that we've developed for our clients. In addition to betting projects (in which we specialize), here you will also find applications from the financial, healthcare, IoT industries and additionally, some solutions for startups.

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    Explore top project management case studies of 2024, from Mars exploration to self-driving cars, showcasing innovation and success across industries. ... Apple's iPhone Development: Delivering revolutionary products with precision. 3. Tesla's Gigafactory Construction: Exemplary project execution in renewable energy. ...

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    Join us at 6 PM (WAT) this Thursday May 9, 2024, as our distinguish guest will be discussing the topic: GEN-Z ACCOUNTANTS: Redefining Traditional...

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    Soul of the Forest was created by a team of 55 students over the course of 2 semesters as a case study of modern turn-based RPGs. All Reviews: No user reviews Release Date: May 8, 2024. Developer: WolverineSoft Studio. Publisher: WolverineSoft. Tags. Popular user-defined tags for this product: ... Developer: WolverineSoft Studio. Publisher ...