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Top 5 Reasons To Become a Pharmacy Technician

By: U.S. Career Institute

If you are looking for a career that you can start in less than a year, has good work versatility, and competitive pay, then a career as a pharmacy technician may be a great fit!

Pharmacy technicians are responsible for fulfilling and preparing prescriptions, organizing inventory, processing insurance claims, and much more. They work closely with the pharmacist and require close attention to detail, integrity, and professionalism.

When you work as a pharmacy technician there are a lot of different work environments to choose from including nursing homes, hospitals, retail stores, and assisted living communities. This creates opportunities in the job market and gives you options to choose the work environment that works best for you.

If you are thinking of exploring a career as a Pharmacy Technician then review these top 5 reasons to become a pharmacy technician!

Top 5 Reasons to become a Pharmacy Technician

Versatile Work Environment

Pharmacy technicians have a variety of choices when deciding where they would like to work. Depending on what is available in your community, the hours you would prefer to work, and who you would like to work with, this versatility gives you a lot of options to choose from. Pharmacy techs can work in hospitals, assisted living centers, nursing centers, mental health institutions, or mail-order pharmacies. Most positions are available as full or part-time.

A Career That Helps People

Similar to other careers in the health field, pharmacy technicians help other people. As a pharmacy technician, you will be able to maintain patient safety, help people manage their healthcare needs, and make a difference in people’s lives daily.

You Can Become Certified in Less Than a Year

According to the BLS, most pharmacy technician programs award a certificate in less than a year.*** Training is jam-packed and offers practical knowledge with hands-on experience. U.S. Career Institute is a proud partner with Walgreens which allows us to provide a Pharmacy Technician Externship opportunity. Once you have completed the training program and externship you will be prepared to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE), which will attest to your skills and knowledge.

Earn Around $32700 a Year! Without a Degree

A career as a Pharmacy Technician is a great opportunity for those who have just completed high school to start an awarding career in the healthcare field or for those looking for a career change!

The Pharmacy Technician Job Market is Expected to Grow 7%

The BLS is predicting that the pharmacy technician job market will grow by 7%. They attribute this prediction to 3 main reasons, an aging population, an increase in chronic diseases, and pharmacy technicians taking on greater roles! Pharmacy Technicians will be needed to take on a greater role in pharmacy operations because pharmacists are increasingly performing more patient care activities, like giving flu shots.

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Why I Want To Be A Pharmacy Technician

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10 Facts You Need to Get Straight About a Pharmacy Technician Career [& How to Get Started]

Posted on 05.12.2019.

why i want to become a pharmacy technician essay

If you’ve ever considered a career as a pharmacy technician, there are a few things you need to know. Proper training and education are key components to a successful pharmacy technician career, but there are also other factors to consider like future job growth, employment availability, and advancement opportunities.

To help you decide if a pharmacy technician career is right for you, here are 10 facts about the pharmacy technician career path and how to get started.

1. Why Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Is a Good Career

Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists to complete a wide range of administrative tasks, from communicating with patients to filling prescriptions. This is a well-paying job with flexible work hours and minimal educational requirements (ranging from four months to two years) which makes it a great choice for a career change later in life or a starting point for ambitious college students.

A pharmacy technician career is also a stable one with ample employment opportunities and increasing demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the job outlook for pharmacy technicians is bright with an above-average growth rate. As such, there are plenty of job opportunities nationwide, which is a bonus for those who relocate often.

2. What is the Pharmacy Technician Career Path?

The pharmacy technician career path is diverse and full of advancement opportunities. Individuals may begin in a technician position, but they can always advance up the pharmacy technician career ladder or branch out into a different field.

Pharmacy technicians can earn a number of specialty certifications to qualify for higher-paying positions, they can continue their education to earn their doctoral degree and become a pharmacist, or they can transition to a different path in pharmaceutical sales, management, or compounding.

3. How Long Does it Take to Become a Pharmacy Technician?

The time it takes to become a pharmacy technician will vary according to which program you choose to enroll in. Traditional schooling on campus typically takes about two years to complete. CareerStep offers a pharmacy technician training program online that our learners can complete in as little as four months.

In addition to the expedited time frame, CareerStep’s program is designed for flexibility and practicality, allowing learners to earn their certification around their busy schedules without feeling overwhelmed or easily discouraged. You can complete the program on your own terms, whether that includes a few hours after you put your kiddos to sleep, or after you get home from your current day job.

Once you have completed the training program of your choice, the next step is to earn your certification through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) with a passing score on the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE).

4. What are the Requirements to Become a Pharmacy Technician?

In order to be eligible for a certification through the PTCB, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent, pass a background check, comply with PTCB policies, and pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

But these requirements don’t fully encompass what it takes to become a pharmacy technician. Candidates will also need to complete an accredited pharmacy tech training program, acquire on-the-job experience, and apply for an internship or externship.

CareerStep provides additional support and resources to help you reach your career goals and succeed as a pharmacy technician. Our professional career advisors are with you every step of the way, from your first lesson to your first official job in your new career.

Begin your pharmacy technician career path today with CareerStep.

5. What Is a Pharmacy Technician Salary?

The average salary for a pharmacy technician ranges between $26,000 and $39,000. Broken down into hourly pay, the position averages at about $13.09 – $15.00 per hour — and this is just starting out.

The pharmacy technician career ladder is full of opportunities to increase your pay and your title. A lead pharmacy technician in a hospital setting can earn anywhere from $14 to $18 per hour.

While these estimates are a good baseline to go off of, keep in mind that the average pay does vary depending on where you live. A recent report on ZipRecruiter revealed the highest and lowest-paying states in America for pharmacy technicians.

New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland were among the highest with an average hourly rate of around $15. North Carolina, Florida, and Missouri ranked at the very bottom with an average hourly wage of less than $13.

Regardless of where you live or what your starting base pay is, pharmacy technician career advancement is promising. Pharmacy techs can advance by way of internal promotions, additional specialty certifications, or more advanced positions like a nuclear pharmacy technician.

6. What Does Job Outlook for Pharmacy Technicians Look Like?

Senior population and growth will continue to open up a lot of job opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects the career will grow more than twelve percent through 2026 (faster than the average occupation).

Local demand will only continue to grow due to a great number of factors, including advances in pharmaceutical research, increases in flu shots, higher rates of chronic illness, etc.

7. Why Do People Become Pharmacy Technicians?

There are so many perks and advantages that draw people to the pharmacy technician career path. The minimal education requirements make this a great career switch for later in life, and the pharmacy technician career advancement opportunities make for a promising lifetime career.

Furthermore, pharmacy tech positions are bountiful, supplying steady, secure work to people around the nation. Pair this with the fact that pharmacy technicians receive a national certification, and you’ve got a secure career that allowed for easy relocation if ever you have to move to a new state.

To top it all off, pharmacy technicians are paid well for the work they do, and they get the added benefit of having a flexible work schedule.

The real question is, why don’t more people become pharmacy technicians?

8. Where Do Most Pharmacy Technicians Work?

Pharmacy technicians have a variety of options to choose from regarding their place of work, and should you decide to relocate to a whole new area, your certification can come along with you.

A career in retail pharmaceuticals is the most common, as job availability is ample and the pharmacy technician duties are of the most basic caliber.

Another popular choice is to work in a hospital setting, although these positions require a greater understanding of medical knowledge and the ability to work closely with medical staff and healthcare providers.

Nursing homes, assisted living centers, and mental health institutions fall under the category of a closed-door pharmacy, which may require an extended knowledge of the unique needs of the exclusive customer base.

Compounding pharmacies require an advanced level of training and specialty certifications. Above-average math skills are a must, in addition to organization and acute attention to detail.

Pharmacy technicians also have the option to work for a mail-order pharmacy. While this job description will include less customer communication face to face, technicians can still expect to communicate with patients and third parties to verify information and fill prescriptions.

9. What Other Jobs Can a Pharmacy Technician Do?

The pharmacy technician career path can lead into a variety of different careers in the pharmaceutical industry. Technicians can choose to climb the pharmacy technician career ladder internally, or they can branch off and pursue a different line of work at a pharmaceutical company, a research lab, the pharmaceutical sales force, and beyond.

Pharmacy technicians can also go on to work deeper in the healthcare setting as medical assistants and the like.

10. What Type of Scholarship Opportunities are There for Becoming a Pharmacy Technician?

An important part of becoming a pharmacy technician is applying for internships and externships that give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience before you even begin your pharmacy technician career.

Maisha Martin, a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) and single mother of 2, found her externship to be a crucial part of her career path. She states, “ CareerStep enabled me to gain both book knowledge and, most importantly, experience through the externship program, all of which gave me everything I needed to successfully pass the PTCB Exam and obtain my national certification. The externship played such a large role in my success because I learned so much over the 180 hours and I was able to gain hands-on experience and network with the pharmacists there. ”

You’ll find that the best accredited pharmacy technician programs offer externship opportunities with reputable pharmaceutical chains near you. Speak with a counselor at your school or with your pharmacy technician program to learn more about the externships they have to offer.

Tips for Getting a Pharmacy Tech Internship

Use these tips to land your first internship and kickstart your pharmacy technician career path.

  • Talk with someone you know who has experience in the industry for professional insight about the field and what employers are looking for in their interns.
  • Contact your school or technician program and ask what options they have available as far as internships go.
  • Start researching internship possibilities early on, so you don’t miss any application deadlines.
  • Update your resume and start practicing your interview skills.
  • Make a list of places you want to work at start applying for internship programs. Keep in mind that there is a slight difference between retail and hospital internships. Hospital internships may have higher requirements for their interns, as pharmacy technicians in a hospital setting are expected to know more about the medical field than those in retail.

BONUS FACT: How Do I Obtain a Job as a Pharmacy Technician?

Are you ready to take the first step in beginning your pharmacy technician career path? Learn all about CareerStep’s accredited Pharmacy Technician Program . We provide learners with an online program designed to blend well with busy schedules and other responsibilities.

Once you complete the program, our experienced career advisors will set you up with all the resources and connections you need to prepare for the PTCE, spruce up your resume, practice your interviewing skills, obtain an externship, and everything else you need to create a successful and rewarding pharmacy technician career path.

Begin your brand new future today with CareerStep’s online Pharmacy Technician Program .

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I’m 57, is it wise for me to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician?

I am 57 years old. I have noticed a pharmacy tech position is possible to obtain on line. Training and certification could require 7 months. This would be a nice career change I think.

Can a pharcetical technician sell drugs as chemist?

My best course

I want to study phamarcy technology

You’ve come to the right place Jonatas! We have an excellent Pharmacy Technician program that is recognized by The Pharmacy Technician Certified Board and accredited by ASHP/ACPE. For more info, please visit https://bit.ly/3iwOcn3 .

Interested in becoming a pharmacist technician.

Hello, Charles. You’ve come to the right place! Our status as a PTCB-Recognized Education/Training Program ensures your full preparation for the PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) exam. For more information, we recommend a visit to our website at https://bit.ly/3iwOcn3 . Best wishes 🙂

l wants to starts asap this course because am very interesting about this PTCB course , but as am a new person on this industry l need advice about this course to start for example ; where can a find the book to study for this or what is call the name of the book to learn and to book a test to qualify about this course PTCB. Also is any help for this course to test me before am going to real test to make sure am going to pass 100%. thanks Suzana

You’re in luck, Suzana! We offer a Pharmacy Technician program that is accredited by ASHP/ACPE, which means it meets the high standards set by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. We invite you to learn more by visiting https://bit.ly/3iwOcn3 .

I want to be a pharmacy technician. ..and also futhure to be a doctor Which school is best for me as a beginner… Am an shs graduate with good results

Hi, Rhoda. Our Pharmacy Technician program was developed by a board-certified pharmacist and pharmacy technicians with years of experience. Our elite training is one of the only pharmacy technician certification programs accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists® (ASHP) / Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)—meeting all 41 of their stringent objectives.

The main purpose of our online Pharmacy Technician program is to prepare you to successfully pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam and become employable—competent and confident—as quickly as possible. If you’d like to learn more, please visit https://bit.ly/3iwOcn3 or call 1-800-411-7073.

I’m loving everything about pharmaceutical technology. I want to study this course, my heart says so and everything about it seems so in order I just wish I find the right place. Because money is an issue

Mexine, we offer various payment and financing options that allow every Learner to take action and invest in the training they need to change their life. Our Career Advisors would love to talk to you and explain how you can make this happen. Please call them at 1-800-411-7073.


(877) 463-4472


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Home > Programs > Pharmacy Technician > Why Should You Become a Pharmacy Technician?

Why Should You Become a Pharmacy Technician?

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field but do not want to spend 4+ years in college to earn a degree, you might consider training to become a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians perform some of the same roles as a pharmacist. For example, pharmacy technicians provide medications to people who need them. So, you might be wondering, should you become a pharmacy technician, and is a career as a pharm tech worth it? This blog post will answer both of these questions for you in much detail.

If you're interested in becoming a pharmacy technician, consider enrolling in UEI College's Pharmacy Technician Program . Our program can be completed in as little as 10 months, placing you on track to become a pharmacy technician. The program is hybrid, allowing you to complete a portion of your education and a portion on-site where you practice the skills you've learned hands-on.

What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

Pharmacy Technicians work under the direct supervision of pharmacists, and they are tasked with performing various duties that include filling prescription medications and assisting patients with obtaining their prescription or over-the-counter medications. Job duties of pharmacy techs include filling medications, measuring medications, and organizing medication inventories. The duties of pharmacy technicians will vary depending on the responsibilities assigned to the technician and where the pharmacy technician works. For example, the duties will differ depending on whether you work in a hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy, or compounding pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technicians are often the first point of contact when you enter a pharmacy. They often work behind the register and will help you obtain your medication upon visiting a pharmacy.

If a career as a pharmacy technician interests you, consider enrolling in UEI College's Pharmacy Technician. You can complete the program in less than a year and earn your pharmacy technician diploma!

Should You Become a Pharmacy Technician?

Here is a list of reasons that may make pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician a great career choice:

(Advantages & Pros of Pharmacy Technician Career)

#1. short-term career training.

Working as a pharmacy technician in retail or hospital pharmacies is a good career choice because it is easy to train for a career in this field. Unlike becoming a pharmacist, which takes approximately 7 to 8 years, you can become a pharmacy technician in as few as 10 months with the help of a pharmacy technician program, such as the program offered by UEI College.

#2. No College Degree Required

Pursuing a career as a Pharmacy Technician does not require a college degree. After earning your high school diploma, you can enroll in a pharmacy technician program, complete the required training, and earn your pharmacy technician diploma. Upon earning your diploma, you can begin applying to open positions to begin your new career. So, you could theoretically graduate from high school and immediately begin training to become a pharmacy technician. Instead of spending four years in college, you could graduate in as few as 10 months.

#3. Need For Pharmacy Technicians Continues to Increase

Pharmacy technicians are needed to assist the aging population with obtaining its medications. As people age, they typically require more medications than young people, so as the population ages, more and more pharmacy technicians will be needed to dispense medications to the population. Additionally, with the pandemic, more and more pharmacy technicians to assist with the operation of pharmacies. Also, more pharmacy technicians are needed to perform administrative tasks to ensure that pharmacies continue to operate efficiently and smoothly.

#4. Rewarding Career

A career as a pharmacy technician is a rewarding career. As a pharmacy technician, you would be helping patients feel better by providing them with medications to treat certain health conditions. For some people, this makes this career a rewarding one. So, if you want to pursue a career where you can help others, a career as a pharmacy technician might be the right career move for you.

#5. Challenging Career Choice

If you’re up for the challenge, a career as a pharmacy technician may be the right move for you. Pharmacy technicians must be familiar with the drugs they’re dispensing so that the right drugs in the appropriate dosages are dispensed to patients. Also, in addition to dispensing medications, pharmacy technicians must juggle the task of accurately keeping an inventory, which requires inventory management skills to ensure that the proper quantities of drugs remain in inventory. So, if you like the challenge, here is another reason why pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician is the right move for you.

#6. Availability of Good Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Suppose you’re interested in entering the healthcare field by pursuing a pharmacy technician career. In that case, you will be delighted to know that there are quality career training options, such as UEI College's Pharmacy Technician Program, which will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on training that you need to succeed in a career as a pharmacy technician. UEI College's program is hybrid, meaning you will complete a portion of your education online and a portion on-site, where you will gain hands-on training on real equipment that you will encounter in the real world.

#7. Helping Others

As a pharmacy technician, you will quite literally be helping others feel better. Not only does this make this career make you feel better about yourself, but it improves the lives of others by ensuring that they have the medication they need to treat the ailments that others have. Whether you’re dispensing medications or manning the cash register, you will be dealing directly with the people you’re helping!

#8. You May Work in Various Different Settings

Although there is a common misconception that pharmacy technicians only work in retail pharmacies, the reality is that pharmacy technicians work in various settings, including hospital pharmacies, nursing homes, compounding pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, and various other settings. So, you have many options to choose from.

#9. Hands-on Work

Another benefit of choosing to become a pharmacy technician is that you will be able to be active and work with your hands. This is different from office jobs where you will be glued to a computer. Instead, as a pharmacy technician, you will be able to move around, fill prescriptions, and interact with customers. So, if you’re someone who does not like sitting around but likes to be active and deal with people, you should consider a career as a pharmacy technician.

#10. Interact with Others

If you enjoy being around other people and interacting with them, a career as a pharmacy technician may be suitable for you. This is so because pharmacy technicians often spend a portion of their day interacting with patients from all walks of life who need their medication. Also, you may interact with pharmacists, nurses, and doctors, providing you with an opportunity to form bonds and make new friendships. So, if you want to pursue a career where you will be surrounded by people, a career as a pharmacy technician may be the right move for you.

#11. Diverse Job Duties

If you like to be in a career where you have diverse job duties, this is another reason why you should pursue becoming a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy techs are tasked with completing different job duties throughout the day. Your job duties may include filling prescriptions, talking to customers and doctors, processing customer payments, counting and managing pharmacy inventories, and directing customers to speak with pharmacists on how to use medications. So, if you’re looking for a role where you will be able to perform different tasks, as opposed to performing the same task repetitively, a career as a pharmacy technician may be right for you.

(Disadvantages & Cons of Pharmacy Technician Career)

Here is a list of some of the disadvantages of pursuing a career as a pharmacy technician:

#1. Long Hours

As a pharmacy technician, your employer may require you to work long hours due to the busy nature of pharmacies. That said, although some pharmacies may require you to work for long hours, some employers may be willing to allow you to work part-time or reduced hours. Nevertheless, this is something to consider for aspiring pharmacy technicians.

#2. Demanding

A career as a pharmacy technician is physically and mentally demanding. Most pharmacy technicians spend a great deal of time on their feet where they have to be focused on ensuring that they are filling and providing the correct medications to patients. This requires being aware of what you’re doing at all times and physically demanding because you’re constantly moving around to ensure patients receive their medications.

#3. A Bit Stressful

Being a pharmacy technician can be stressful for some because a career as a pharm tech will keep on your feet while trying to ensure that you’re correctly filling the right prescriptions with appropriate doses. Additionally, not all customers are friendly, so you will encounter the occasional dissatisfied customers, so you have to be mentally prepared to deal with them. For some workers, this causes stress. So, this is something to keep in mind if you want to be a pharmacy technician.

Consider Enrolling in UEI College's Pharmacy Technician Program

If, after reading this list of advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of becoming a pharmacy technician, you feel like a career in a pharmacy technician program sounds interesting and something that you would like to pursue, consider enrolling in UEI College to obtain your education.

UEI College's Pharmacy Technician Program will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on training that you need to hit the ground running in a career as a pharmacy technician. Our Pharmacy Technician Program is hybrid, meaning a portion of the program is completed online, and the remaining portions are on-site, where you will gain hands-on training.

Hands-on training will help familiarize you with the tools and technology that you will use as a pharmacy technician.

So, if you’re interested, contact us, and one of our admissions professionals will reach out to you and provide you with the information that you want to know about our Pharmacy Technician Program .

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14 Reasons to Be a Pharmacy Technician in 2023

Pharmacy Technician

Did you know that the UK’s pharmacy sector has grown by a whopping 75% in the past decade? Pharmacy Technicians play a vital role in any pharmacy team, and now is a better time than ever to explore this professional avenue. Not only is the world of pharmaceuticals a diverse and fast-growing industry, but there is much potential for career growth. 

Table of Contents

14 reasons to be a pharmacy technician.

If you’re considering becoming a qualified Pharmacy Technician, then this comprehensive guide will take you through the top reasons why you should pursue this rewarding and diverse role!

1. Careers in Healthcare are Expanding

Advancements in the pharmaceutical sector has led to an increase in healthcare roles and the expansion of the Pharmacy Technician role. According to the  Bureau of labor Statistics (BSL), Pharmacy Technician jobs are expected to increase by 12% from 2016 through to 2026. Recently, we have also seen a major shift from a product-centred role to a more patient-centred role, in the case of Pharmacy Technicians and assistants. There has also been a significant shift from a business to health-focused approach to providing pharmaceutical services. in general, which has been followed by a growth in popularity of   online degrees in pharmaceutical science .

Related: Healthy Eating Tips and Guide

2. Become Qualified in Under a Year

Unlike other careers in the healthcare sector, one of the many benefits of working in the pharmaceutical industry is that you can train to become a Pharmacy Technician in under a year.  Yep – that’s right. In less than 12 months (some programs require only 9 months of study) you could be fully equipped to kickstart your new career in 2023! Pharmacy Assistant requirements include studying for an accredited qualification such as BTEC National Diploma in pharmaceutical science or an NVQ/SVQ level 3 in pharmacy services, which will allow you to register with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPHC).  Services such as the NHS even offer jobs for trainee Pharmacy Technicians and Dispensing Assistants.

3. An Affordable Education

To become a pharmacy Technician or Dispensing Assistant, you don’t need a bachelor’s degree or masters, or even years of savings. Four GCSEs (A* to C grade, including English, Maths and science) along with a one-year diploma or certification program is all you need to qualify you for the role. This means no student loan repayments or excessive fees, and you don’t have to commit to years of studying. Of course, it goes without saying that you must have a passion for the role and dedication. Another benefit of Pharmacy technician training is that the coursework you need to complete to become a Pharmacy Technician allows you to work around your schedule, and therefore doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle in any conflicting way. Most of the training will be done online, and you can choose to study on a full-time or part-time basis. You must, however, maintain active certification (every two years).

4. Make a Real Difference to People’s Lives

Working in the pharmacy industry can be very rewarding. Not only is the work meaningful, but you are contributing towards saving people’s lives and shaping how the service is provided. From quality-checking products to offering advice to prescribers about their medication, Pharmacy technicians play a vital role in the wellbeing. Of the general population If clinical duties are not for you, then the role of a Pharmacy Technician offers the chance to play a crucial role in the healthcare industry without having to deal with blood, sickness and broken bones. Also, did you know that flu shots are often distributed in pharmacies? That means vulnerable people are relying on you to protect them from this very serious risk to their health.

5. Explore Career Advancement Opportunities

One of the many benefits of becoming a pharmacy technician is that there is plenty of room for career progression in the pharmaceutical industry, as continuous advancements in this sector open doors to new roles, with the opportunity to specialise in a variety of areas. Once you have established yourself in this field and developed specialist knowledge and skills, you will have the chance to explore specialise areas of practice, such as management,  mental health , oncology, pediatrics, and even nuclear pharmacy. Of course, becoming a Pharmacy Technician is also a vital step to becoming a qualified Pharmacist, but there is also potential to become a Community Store Manager or Pharmacy Technician Supervisor.

A Pharmacy Technician can progress to the following roles:

  • Pharmacy Technician Supervisor
  • Senior Pharmacy Assistant
  • Pharmacy Manager
  • Medicines Management Technician
  • Pharmacist Store Manager

6. Work with People from Diverse Backgrounds

The role of a Pharmacy Technician is diverse, which means that you get to work with a variety of people from different social and cultural backgrounds. From dealing with customers to working with the Pharmacist, the nature of the job allows you to work with many different types of people. If you possess excellent interpersonal skills, then you’ll fit right into the role of a Pharmacist Technician, where you will be required to use a person-centred approach.  People from different cultural backgrounds may have different beliefs about treatment, so it’s important to have excellent communication skills to offer them the best advice.

7. Increase Your Hireability With Accredited Pharmacy Training

Earning a recognised qualification online is a great way to develop core pharmaceutical skills and knowledge.  There are many Pharmacy Technician courses and Pharmacy or pharmacy Assistant courses to choose from, such as Alpha Academy’s  Pharmacy Technician Diploma . You can use this qualification to add to your CV, and many pharmacies accept this certification as a valid educational program. Distance learning training courses such as these allow you the flexibility to study from anywhere, anytime, fitting your studies around your schedule.

8. Earn a Stable, Secure Income

Working in pharmaceuticals can prove to be a very lucrative career, with the salary range for a Pharmacy Technician in the UK is £25-30,000, depending on your skills and experience. An entry-level NHS Pharmacy Technician can expect to earn a typical salary of £2,907, working approximately 37.5 hours a week, which may include shift work. There are also some part-time opportunities available. This role offers a great work/life balance, as your work for the day stops as soon as the pharmacy closes. Also, keep in mind that as the demand for Pharmacy Technicians continues to rise, it is expected that the typical salary will also increase, so now is the perfect time to pursue a career in this field!

9. Become Part of a Growing, Evolving Market

2023 is an exciting time to enter the pharmaceutical sector, as Pharmacies are more frequently used as the go-to service for health and primary care services, and the lines between pharmacy roles are becoming more blurred. Because of our ageing population and the development of chronic diseases, prescription dispensing is expected to increase, as the demand for prescription drugs continues to rise. As mentioned in the introduction, the UK’s pharmacy sector has risen by 75% in the past decade. This kind of rapid growth means that roles within the sector will continue to evolve to meet with current industry trends, and there is potential for a Pharmacy Technician to progress to a more senior management role.

10. Work in a Variety of Professional Settings

Gone are the days when pharmacists only worked in four main areas, and only communicated with patients if absolutely necessary. Nowadays, Pharmacy Technicians have the opportunity to work as part of the healthcare team in a wide range of professional settings, including retail pharmacies, registered pharmacies, GP practices, hospitals, care homes, community services, clinical commissioning groups, and even prisons. In community pharmacies, Pharmacy Technicians may be responsible for providing some public health services such as offering advice on issues such as alcoholism and smoking. In a hospital setting, responsibilities could include taking medical histories from patients, providing advice on treatment options and medication safety.

11. Learn Valuable Transferable Skills

During your Pharmacy Technician training and throughout your career, you will develop core skills that go that go beyond the workplace and can be applied to a wide range of industries. These skills include:

  • Customer service
  • Computer literacy
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Basic science and maths
  • Multitasking
  • Organisation
  • Decision-making
  • Accuracy/attention to detail

You will learn how medicines effect the body and interact with each other, the legislation surrounding drug development, and will broaden your understanding of basic human biology. In addition to that, you will be learning the names of new drugs and medical terminology, which is essential for any career in medicine. And, unlike some careers, all of the skills that you learn in training, you will have the opportunity to apply straight away on the job. Also, as pharmacy technicians work in teams, you will naturally develop a team-orientated approach to your work.

12. You get to Work with Your Hands

The duties of a Pharmacy Assistant are varied, practical and very hands on. Someone who doesn’t mind being on their feet for most of the day and interacting with people will fit right into this type of working environment. If office life is not for you and sitting by a desk all day staring at a computer screen for hours on end doesn’t appeal to you, then you might enjoy this fast-paced role. You’ll be busy with various duties such as greeting customers, dispensing patients’ prescriptions, measuring and counting medication, delivering medicines and generating stock lists.  Each day is different, and so the job will never feel routine, and you’ll constantly be developing new professional and transferable skills.

13. Excellent Working Conditions

Pharmacies are designed in a way that makes working conditions pleasant and comfortable. They are typically well-lit, well-ventilated, climate-controlled buildings, where a polite and professional atmosphere is consistently maintained. Also, because you’re working in the medical industry, you’re always guaranteed a clean and organised working area. And, as mentioned previously, Pharmacy Technicians work the same regular daytime hours as Pharmacists, with no overtime. If the working environment is important for you, then you may want to seriously consider a pharmacy career.

14. You Have “Signing Authority”

Although they do much of the same work, one of the key differences between a Pharmacy Technician and a Pharmacy Assistant is that a Pharmacy Technician have a few more responsibilities, such as having the authority to sign new and refill prescriptions if the prescriber is busy with other duties.  Prescriptions are electronically signed and sent straight to the central NHS spine to be downloaded. Pharmacy Technicians are also sometimes required to supervise assistants and are more involved in managing prescriptions rather than carrying out general administrative work.

Is a Pharmacy Technician Role Right for You?

So, if you’re considering a career change, and want to take your first steps towards a rewarding profession in the pharmacy industry, then, you’ve got all the information you need to get started! Now that you’ve decided that a career in the pharmaceutical sector is right for you, it’s important to take action now and start searching for apprenticeship and training opportunities. Taking an  online course   alongside your training is also highly advised to help you gain the professional skills and confidence to help you to stand out to prospective employees. Lastly, make sure that you’ve done your research and that your CV is up-to-date and highlights the skills and qualities desired for the role. Good luck and happy training!

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why i want to become a pharmacy technician essay

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Why I Want to be a Pharmacist Essay: How to Write [2024]

Why do you want to be a pharmacist? An essay on this topic can be challenging, even when you know the answer. The most popular reasons to pursue this profession are the following:

  • helping and saving people;
  • career opportunities in an evolving field;
  • stable job;
  • financial benefits.

Still unsure about your reasons?

Here, at Custom-writing.org , we suggest some ideas for “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” essays. If you provide actual reasons for pursuing this career, you’ll convince your readers. We hope you know why you want to be a pharmacist, and we can help explain and reflect it in an academic paper.

  • 👩‍⚕️ Reasons
  • ⭐ Step-by-Step Guide

👩‍⚕️ Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist: Reasons

Applying for a particular pharmacy school or internship, you have to explain why and elaborate on your reasons. Presenting them clearly and convincingly in your short application essay influences whether the readers see your motivation or not. Undoubtedly, such a task may seem overwhelming and obscure.

You know what?

We are here to suggest several reasons why pursuing this profession, in general, is the right choice. You can mention them in your “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” essay or use them to develop your ideas.

You are a part of the healthcare system and can help people if you want to do this. It’s a well-known fact that helping others always gives you “feel-good” benefits.

Even though some patients can be a bit difficult to work with. Still, you will always have an inimitable feeling when you save someone’s life. This is one of the most significant benefits of being a pharmacist.

The best thing is:

This purpose for pursuing a career is honest and regular for the health sector. You can find it in such essays like “Why I Want to Be a Nurse” or any other medicine-related one.

Pharmacy technicians have plenty of career opportunities because they work not only in drug stores but also in hospitals. They can develop their careers in clinical pharmacy, research, or even in retail. Besides, pharmacists can find themselves becoming science writers or high education lecturers.

All these opportunities for pharmacists mean that people of this profession can stay flexible. Pursuing a career can respond to all the requirements related to people’s interests, schedule, or other lifestyle choices. If you have ambitions, your future roles in the field can change.

You will have a secure job because people will always get sick and need help with their prescriptions and medications. Deciding upon a drug dosage and communicating therapy methods is a no joke. Such specialists will always stay busy.

Pharmaceutical science is an evolving field that expects you to continually educate yourself, follow the latest trends, and be flexible. It also means that more possibilities for career advancement in pharmacy are expected.

In other words:

You may rest assured that you’ll never stay without a job. Similarly to the case of “Why I Want to Become a Teacher” essay writing, you can incorporate this reason.

You can make quite a lot of money. On average, pharmacists make $116,670 per year or more, with a growth rate of 14% expected by 2022. Therefore, pharmacist benefits and salary are some of those advantages you may probably like.

Pharmacy practice and education can ensure your prosperous and economically secure future. You won’t even need a doctor’s degree to offer professional help and build a profitable career.

Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist: Essay Topics

  • Reasons to choose a career in pharmacy .
  • Is working in the pharmaceutical industry profitable?
  • What can a pharmacist do for a community health promotion?
  • Why I want to be a hospital pharmacist.
  • The important role of a pharmacist in prescribing medicines.
  • A pharmacist is a crucial member of a healthcare team.
  • Career opportunities for pharmacists in science and research.
  • A good pharmacist can boost the quality of healthcare.
  • Duties of a retail pharmacy technician.
  • The role of a pharmacist in preventing the problem of polypharmacy .
  • What a National Pharmacy Technician Association can do to improve the profession.
  • Quality pharmacy services are an essential element in a patient’s recovery.
  • How can an experienced pharmacist improve pharmacy laws?
  • The procedure of certification and registration of pharmacy technicians.
  • The importance of meeting the requirements of compliance procedure for a pharmacist.
  • Will pharmacy automation facilitate the pharmacist job?
  • Why did I choose pharmacy as my professional field ?
  • The advantages of working at the National Pharmacy L.L.C.
  • Can pharmacist forge drug prescriptions?
  • The role of a pharmacist in saving lives and health of older adults .
  • The importance of employees’ engagement in pharmacy services .
  • Pharmacy technician career: programs that help to become a good pharmacy technician.
  • The career opportunities for pharmacists in retail and supply chain .
  • How can a pharmacist help to resolve the issue of responsible prescription of opioids?
  • Role of pharmacist counseling in prevention of medication errors.
  • What are the career opportunities for a pharmacy technician in pharmaceutical companies?
  • The pharmacy technician’s role in drug development and study.
  • The most important skills for a successful career in a pharmaceutical company.
  • What are the responsibilities of a pharmaceutical industry manufacturer?
  • The role of community pharmacists in distribution chain of pharmaceutical industry .
  • How can a pharmacist make difference to a health promotion program?
  • Pharmacist’s responsibility in medicines control chain.
  • The significance of ethics in pharmacist’s profession.
  • The impact of pharmacists on the promotion of new pharmaceuticals .
  • Pros and cons of working in pharmaceutical industry.
  • Is a job in the pharmaceutical industry one of the most stable?
  • Role of a pharmacist in the detection of prescription drug abuse cases.
  • How can a community pharmacist develop into a researcher?
  • Pharmacy technician as a key link in good manufacturing practices insurance.
  • Can a pharmacist help poor citizens to get access to healthcare services?
  • Examine the program Pharmacists’ Action on Smoking.
  • Effective communication skills are crucial for a pharmacist.
  • How can a pharmacist influence the issue with pharmaceuticals in the U.S.?
  • Benefits of choosing a career in a pharmaceutical company.
  • Why I choose a pharmaceutical and not a medical career.
  • How my being a pharmacist will benefit my local community.
  • Having a qualified pharmacist should be a must in every hospital .
  • Why do pharmacists need safety and disaster training as well as doctors?
  • A pharmacist career is a guarantee of a good salary.
  • A consultant pharmacist’s role in health insurance.

⭐ Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist: Essay Writing Guide

Would you like to write an essay about your career goals in the pharmacy? Check out the helpful tips below to craft your breathtaking paper. We’ll illustrate each one with an essay sample to facilitate your journey.

Just follow these four steps!

🧠 Step 1: Brainstorm

You may not have 100% confidence in your future career, as you never know what your future may hold. But you can test yourself by just asking a few crucial questions. They will help you make a final decision about the career of your dreams.

Why exactly do you want to be a pharmacist? Ask yourself these questions to understand:

  • What exactly attracts you to the pharmacy?
  • When was the first time you became interested in it?
  • Is there someone who inspired you or influenced your decision? In what way?
  • What do you want to achieve throughout your career?
  • Have you already done something to bring you closer to a career in pharmacy? Have you read a book on pharmacy or visited some medical conference?
  • What will you learn and do in college that will help you prepare for this career?
  • Which of these questions was the easiest or most challenging to answer?

📌 Step 2: State Your Point

A strong main point is essential for your “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” essay. What you have to do is clearly and concisely communicate to your readers what you’re going to tell them.

Here is an example of a start to a successful “why pharmacy’ essay.

I’ve never asked myself the question, “Is a pharmacist a good career?” I simply knew that I would pursue it someday when I grew up. So, here I am, feeling completely ready to start learning and practicing to become a highly qualified pharmacist.

What will be the main point of the essay you’re going to wow your professor with?

🏗️ Step 3: Build Your Story

Include the details that support your central idea from the heart of your story. Don’t forget to use vivid examples to bring your main ideas to life. To make your essay one of a kind, choose your words and expressions with care.

Make sure you build up your essay correctly, as you see in the following example:

The focus of the essay:

My dream is to become a pharmacist. This job will be a great opportunity for me to combine my love for medicine with my passion for making others healthier and happier.

The details:

Pharmacy is the field I’ve always been most interested in. This year I’m going to take a pharmacy class, and I have prepared myself well for it. I’ve read two amazing books on this topic, from time to time I visit pharmacy conferences in my town, and I’ve also subscribed to the Medicine Channel. All of these activities have already assisted me in acquiring some knowledge in this sphere. With this foundation and background information, I am sure that I want to devote my life to this.

🚧 Step 4: End Your Essay Strong

At this final stage, restate and put a new face on the main point you’ve already covered. Summarize what you’ve elaborate on in your pharmacy essay and give some kind of closure. Also, try to leave your readers with some exciting ideas to think about.

Being a pharmacist, like my mother, and giving a helping hand to people who need it the most, is a very respectful and honorable mission. I know that it requires a lot of responsibility, but it will pay off people’s gratitude. Going to college will make my dream come true and assist me in reaching my lifelong goal.

As soon as you’ve finished your essay, put down your draft for a day or two. Look at it with fresh eyes to see what needs to be changed, added, or deleted. If you follow these recommendations, your “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” essay will succeed!

Essays are the most common academic paper that might seem easy to a writer. Our free tips will help you get through any kind of essay. Still, if you are stuck on writing, you can always ask us for professional help !

Thanks for reading! If you’ve enjoyed the article, share it with others and leave a comment below.

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✏️ Why Pharmacy Essay: FAQ

A hospital, clinical, retail pharmacist — each of the occupations has its peculiarities. Still, there are standard features of the profession as well. It is a rewarding role as a pharmacist helps people save their health. However, this means a high level of responsibility, too.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys helping people and following precise prescriptions, you might become a great pharmacist. Responsibility and communication skills can give you bonus points.

The main advantage of becoming a pharmacist is an opportunity to help people daily. Other bonuses are a competitive compensation and a typically excellent security package. Relatively high and stable demand for such specialists is also a plus.

First of all, you should focus on studying such subjects as chemistry and biology. They might be your major at university. Additionally, you would need personal qualities like patience, attention to detail, accuracy, persistence, etc.

  • Ending the Essay—Conclusions: Pat Bellanca, for the Writing Center at Harvard University
  • Essay writing in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science: Research & Learning Online, Monash University
  • Essays That Worked: Undergraduate Admissions, Johns Hopkins University
  • Write Your Essay: UNSW Sydney, Current Students
  • Why I Want Become A Pharmacist Essay: BartleBy
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Thank you for sharing this essay! It helped me a lot.

It was very useful. Thank you!

I need help on writing an essay of why I want to become a pharmacist.

What a relief for me to find somebody who has excellent ideas for an essay on “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist”! Thanks for sharing them so much!

Interesting reasons for a “Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist” essay! They are to the point as I’m writing my paper on this topic. Think it will work!


Why I Became a Pharmacist: The Runners-Up

The runners-up in our third annual essay contest tell their stories.

The entries for our third annual essay contest, which asked readers to explain why they became pharmacists, ranged from the humorous to the heartfelt. To read the essay of our contest winner, Sharlene Ghassemi, PharmD, click here .

To read the essays of our 2 runners-up and the best essay by a current pharmacy school student, click on their names or scroll down. Thanks also to everyone who entered the contest.

  • Alan Atchison, PharmD, MBA, CDE
  • Robin Craft, RPh
  • Kristen Masood, PharmD Candidate

Alan Atchison

Alan Atchison, PharmD, MBA, CDE Hepatitis C Clinical Pharmacist, Diabetes Educator, Walgreens at the St. Cloud Medical Group, St. Cloud, MN

Sometime the best answers are the ones that come years after asking a question.

I was asked the question, “Why did you become a pharmacist?” at a student health careers class I was speaking at 7 years ago. I came up with some typical responses: “I want to care for patients.” “Great work-life balance.” “Professional environment.” These seemed like the right things to say, but I have to admit there wasn’t a lot of heart in those answers. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate all of those things, but I can’t say they were enough to truly inspire me.

A few years after that speaking event, I sat down for a MTM/diabetes education appointment as part of a diabetes specific program my employer, Walgreens, gave me support to build in the clinic pharmacy where I work. The doctor who finally sent me the referral probably did so because he was sick of me bugging him for referrals, and he sent me his “worst” patient to try to get me to stop. I still remember the smell of cigarette smoke in that patient room and the terrible sound of this poor patient gasping for air. She started off by saying she needed help and didn’t know what to do. The gastric bypass surgeon would not operate on her because of her breathing issues, and she was scared about her diabetes since her dad had just passed away at age 62 after years of struggle and amputations. To be honest, I was a little scared too. I knew I was “next up” to find a solution for this poor 380-pound woman, and I didn’t want to let her down. We spent an hour talking about her medication, her diet, and exercise. We were able to set some simple goals for some pretty glaring issues and set a home monitoring plan with her glucose to make sure we kept in touch with her progress.

Every time this patient comes back to the pharmacy in the two years since her first appointment, and insists on giving me a hug, is the reason I became a pharmacist. Fortunately for her, and for close to 200 others that providers have trusted my team to help, the connection and accountability with a local pharmacist was the recipe for success with her health. Those hugs are easier every time, as she is down over 150 pounds (without gastric bypass). We’re still working on the smoking, but she has cut that in half. I lost a script when she was able to stop her metformin, but I’ve gained a customer for life—a hopefully much longer life at that!

This success has much more to do with the potential of our profession, and not about any special talent I bring to the table. I hope we all truly start to see how big this profession really is and can be in helping to meet our patients’ needs.

Robin Craft

Robin Craft, RPh Co-owner with her husband, Joe, of Plain City Druggist and Midwestern Compounding Pharmacy, Plain City, OH

My husband, Joe, had just graduated from pharmacy school and received his pharmacist license a few months before our honeymoon. Since we had more than a 5-hour flight to Ireland for our 10-day honeymoon trip, Joe brought along a stack of pharmacy magazines with continuing education (CE) articles and quizzes for the long air travel.

At the airport, I began browsing through the magazines. The articles were interesting. I could easily answer the multiple guess questions at the end of each section. By the time I completed the quiz sheets, Joe wouldn’t have to do any CE for years!

Finishing up one of the quizzes, I innocently asked Joe, “Do you think I could become a pharmacist?”

His answer was a resounding, “Of course, you could!”

While I already had degrees in geology and English and a relatively good job with the government, I wasn’t very happy with the work I was doing. I was bored and didn’t feel challenged mentally, wasting my days away in a small cubicle where time seemed abundantly in excess.

I continued to ponder pharmacy school and, over the next few months, I took courses at a local community college to finish the requirements I needed to apply.

The following autumn, after being accepted into the pharmacy program at the Ohio State University, I started my first day of pharmacy classes. Joe and I were celebrating our 1-year anniversary as I began a staggering curriculum of medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, quantitative analysis, and compounding lab.

Joe says (although, I don’t recall any of this—I don’t believe I would ever act so violently!) that after my first week of classes, I came home and punched him in the arm as hard as I could.

“What did I do?” he asked, rubbing his bruised bicep.

“What have you gotten me into?” I supposedly asked him. “This stuff is impossible!”

Nothing at all like those easy CEs I had whipped out in minutes on our honeymoon.

“The worst part is,” I continued, “I can’t quit. I told everyone I was doing this. Why didn’t you tell me it was going to be so hard?”

For Joe, with his photographic memory and his sunshiny attitude, pharmacy school probably wasn’t as difficult as it seemed to me. He also had a very biased belief that I could succeed at anything, so he probably had no clue what his innocent, “Of course, you could,” had done to my life.

I hunkered down and made it through pharmacy school, receiving my degree and my license. I am glad I pursued pharmacy, as Joe and I now own an independent drugstore and get to spend a lot of time together—time we would never have shared if I had not become a pharmacist.

The moral of this story is, be careful asking your new spouse if they think you can do something. When they believe you are the best thing ever, they will always tell you that you are capable of anything!

Kristen Masood

Kristen Masood, PharmD Candidate Class of 2014, University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy

At a very young age, I decided I wanted to become a pharmacist when I grew up. When assigned a 1-day shadow experience in my middle school careers class, I could have chosen to shadow anyone. Many of my peers took the easy route by spending the day with their mom or dad and came back to class the next day most likely still unsure of their future career aspirations. I decided to shadow my friend’s mom, a pharmacist at Rite Aid. Thus began my path towards pharmacy school.

In high school, I spent a semester interning 10 hours a week after school with the same pharmacist I had shadowed and got to experience how a community pharmacist worked and interacted with the public. One memory of this internship that solidified my decision to pursue a career in pharmacy was a woman who came in with her husband just after finding out she had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She was a regular at the pharmacy, having 4 children who always seemed to have an ear infection or to have caught a cold from somewhere, leading her into the pharmacy for medications. The compassion the pharmacy staff showed for this woman and her husband when they came in was heartwarming. It was like she was a member of the pharmacy family. While everyone was trying to comfort her, she managed to ask how the father of one of the pharmacists was doing after a recent heart attack. This experience stuck with me throughout the rest of high school and into college, where I decided to pursue a degree in biology on my path to pharmacy school.

During college, I worked part time as a pharmacy technician at an independent pharmacy in Niagara Falls, New York. This was another eye opening experience for me. The pharmacist/owner knew each customer by name and usually knew something else about their life. Whenever someone walked in, they were addressed by their name and assisted almost immediately. I really enjoyed my job at that small independent and before IPPE or APPE rotations even began, I had decided I wanted to work in a community pharmacy after I received my PharmD. After completing a majority of my rotations, I still believe my calling is in community pharmacy.

Since pharmacists are the most accessible health care providers, I feel that being a community pharmacist will put me in a position to help the largest number of patients. I enjoy interacting with people and watching their health and wellbeing improve. The joy I have seen in patients after being taught how to properly use their asthma medication or being helped to save money by switching to a generic prescription makes all the stress and hard work that has gone into getting a PharmD worthwhile.

While I have enjoyed and learned a lot during all my rotations at the University of Saint Joseph, I felt the most rewarded when working with patients in the community setting. My 4 weeks at CVS and 6 weeks at the Medicine Shoppe were very different experiences, but they have helped me solidify my decision to work in a community setting. With new initiatives such as Medication Therapy Management and immunizations, pharmacists can play a much more active role in patient care than in the past. I want to make a difference in my patient’s lives, and I know I will be able to do that as a pharmacist!

why i want to become a pharmacy technician essay

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why i want to become a pharmacy technician essay

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Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist: a Personal and Professional Perspective

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Published: Sep 12, 2023

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Personal motivations, professional perspectives, challenges and opportunities.

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I strongly agree with the statement above that people work more productively in teamwork than individually. For my part, through cooperation in teamwork, we can not only divide our work and emphasize specialization to achieve [...]

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why i want to become a pharmacy technician essay


  1. Why I Want to Be a Pharmacy Technician Essay

    Download. Pharmacy technicians play a crucial role in the healthcare system by assisting pharmacists with dispensing medications and ensuring patients receive the correct prescriptions. Their attention to detail and strong communication skills make them an essential part of any pharmacy team. In this essay, I will share why I have a strong ...

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    4. Making a positive impact on others. Working as a pharmacy technician is a career that allows you to have a positive impact on the lives of other people. By preparing and dispensing prescriptions to customers, you help them get the medication they require to be healthier and happier.

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    15) Enjoy a Stable, Growing Job Market. Photo by Johan Godínez on Unsplash. An excellent reason to become a pharmacy tech is the expansion of job growth. Owing much to a rapidly aging Baby Boomer generation, the projected job growth rate for all allied healthcare careers is higher than any other field in the United States.

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    The BLS is predicting that the pharmacy technician job market will grow by 7%. They attribute this prediction to 3 main reasons, an aging population, an increase in chronic diseases, and pharmacy technicians taking on greater roles! Pharmacy Technicians will be needed to take on a greater role in pharmacy operations because pharmacists are ...

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    Pharmacy Technicians are important members of the pharmacy team who work closely with patients and other healthcare professionals to ensure safe and effective use of medicines. The role is constantly evolving and expanding. Pharmacy Technicians are now working across primary and secondary care. For example in hospitals, community pharmacies, GP ...

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    An important part of becoming a pharmacy technician is applying for internships and externships that give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience before you even begin your pharmacy technician career. Maisha Martin, a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) and single mother of 2, found her externship to be a crucial part of her career path.

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    The reason why I want to become a pharmacy technician is because I want to feel part of something that would differences someone's life. The reason why I feel like I should become a pharmacy technician is because I feel like I can handle the interactions with the patient and hospital wherever my job would at and maintain the importance of the pharmacy itself.

  11. Pharmacy Admission Essay Samples

    the administrative, social, psychological, and professional characteristics of being a pharmacy technician. In order to become a pharmacy technician, you must complete an internship under a licensed pharmacist and also pass a qualifying exam. Internships normally last one year, but shorter

  12. PDF Short Application Essay for Pharmacy School

    Short Application Essay for Law School. My first personal introduction to the profusion of environmental laws in our country came while working for my father. I worked for over eleven years at my father's business, an Exxon Service Center. While there, I performed every job, task, and duty associated with the operation of a service station.

  13. Pharmacy Technicians: What They Do and How to Become One

    What does a pharmacy technician do? A pharmacy technician performs a wide range of tasks, such as helping pharmacists fill prescriptions, maintaining pharmacies, assisting with administrative work, and offering customer service. They can work in retail settings, pharmacies, doctor's offices, or hospitals. Specific duties may include:

  14. Why Should You Become a Pharmacy Technician?

    UEI College's program is hybrid, meaning you will complete a portion of your education online and a portion on-site, where you will gain hands-on training on real equipment that you will encounter in the real world. #7. Helping Others. As a pharmacy technician, you will quite literally be helping others feel better.

  15. Health Care Career Plan: Working as a Pharmacy Technician

    To become a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) or simply a pharmacy technician, all must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent with on-the-job training, but many choose to complete a postsecondary education program such as a certificate program or do an associate degree. ... I Want to Become an Accountant Essay. I want to become ...

  16. 14 Reasons to Be a Pharmacy Technician in 2023

    You must, however, maintain active certification (every two years). 4. Make a Real Difference to People's Lives. Working in the pharmacy industry can be very rewarding. Not only is the work meaningful, but you are contributing towards saving people's lives and shaping how the service is provided.

  17. Why I Want to be a Pharmacist Essay: How to Write [2024]

    You can make quite a lot of money. On average, pharmacists make $116,670 per year or more, with a growth rate of 14% expected by 2022. Therefore, pharmacist benefits and salary are some of those advantages you may probably like. Pharmacy practice and education can ensure your prosperous and economically secure future.

  18. Becoming A Pharmacy Technician Essay

    There are a couple steps you need to take, from having an Extensive Background Check to Immunizations you will need, other items and criteria are just a few simple steps into becoming a Pharmacy Tech. First thing First, You cannot have a background with any felony charges. There isn't a certain age to become a PT.

  19. Why I Became a Pharmacist: The Runners-Up

    To read the essay of our contest winner, Sharlene Ghassemi, PharmD, click here. To read the essays of our 2 runners-up and the best essay by a current pharmacy school student, click on their names or scroll down. Thanks also to everyone who entered the contest. Alan Atchison, PharmD, MBA, CDE; Robin Craft, RPh; Kristen Masood, PharmD Candidate

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    Pharmacy Technician Interview Essay. For my health career, profession class I conducted an interviewed by a woman named, Pa Vue. ... Pharmacy technicians serve an important role in the health care industry. I want to become a pharmacy technician because I enjoy helping people as well as educating people so they can eventually help themselves ...

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    Choosing a career path is a profound decision that reflects one's values, aspirations, and beliefs. In this essay, I will share the reasons why I want to be a pharmacist, and how they align with my core values and beliefs. Additionally, I will explore the professional perspectives on the role of pharmacists in healthcare, highlighting the evolving nature of the pharmacy profession and its ...

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    Why I Want Become A Pharmacist Essay The career that I am interested in pursuing is a Pharmacists. The number one reason I have decided to become a pharmacist is because I want to help and assist others. The satisfaction of me helping a patient get better quickly is the motivation that drives me. The second reason is the act of working