Top 7 Homework Planner Apps for Students

Whether you are attending classes, completing your assignments, studying for a quiz, project work, extra-curricular activities, or squeezing some time for friends and family. You’d agree that organizing and planning goes a long way. That’s why a homework organizer or a homework planner app can be a lifesaver to keep track of all your assignments, tests, submission deadlines, and exams. I did the research and shortlisted the perfect homework planner apps for Android and iOS. Let’s check those out.

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Homework Planner Apps for Students

1. student planner- homework agenda & notes.

The first app on the list is a simple homework and notes management app. It keeps track of homework, assignments, projects, and to-do lists. The layout is minimal, all the tasks are neatly organized with a colored bookmark for easy identification. You can mark a task complete and remove it from the pending list.

Courses can be added easily and color-coded as well. The calendar shows any upcoming deadlines so you can prioritize accordingly. The tasks have a progress bar that you can adjust as you make progress which enables you to get a quick summary without actually opening every task.

You can also break your assignments in small chunks as subtasks that would make finishing a task much easier and the progress bar will fill automatically. It also allows you to attach media files to your assignments or projects for easy access to the important information in one place.

homework planner apps- agenda

  • Progress bar
  • Deadline Reminders
  • Calendar View
  • No option to sync data to the cloud

Student Planner is a great app for all the students, it has all the necessary features like Deadline reminders, subtasks, progress bar, color-coded tasks, and courses. It can significantly increase your productivity when used regularly. You can get this app for free in the Play Store.

Install Student Planner- Homework Agenda ( Android )

2. Student Planner

Student Planner is another fast and simple homework management app which is wrapped by a beautiful and intuitive material designed UI. What Student Planner adds to the table is the inclusion of a schedule or time table which you can use to either store your class schedule or it might even be a study schedule for your exams.

You first start by adding your subject and the schedule then you can add an assignment or set a reminder. The due assignments are arranged as separate cards and can be swiped away once done with.

homework planner apps- Student Planner Android

  •  Simple and easy to get started with
  •  Fast and small in size
  •  Beautiful Minimal UI
  •  Option for Schedule
  • No sync/backup
  • Timetable implementation not perfect

I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a simple homework management app with timetable support and a minimal UI.

Install Student Planner ( Android )

Egenda is simple. Open the app, add all the classes or subjects to the app, and once that is set up, you have the option of adding a new Homework, Quiz, Project, or Test and choose the respective subject deadlines. The app also arranges the due work in cards that can be swiped away when done. But what I love the most about this app is that the fact it allows you to go subject-wise and view all your upcoming tests, projects, or pending assignments which is a huge convenience for planning your schedule ahead of time instead of the previous day.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have a timetable option, but in its latest update, it added a  Calendar View  where you can see your whole month at a glance with your assignments, tests, and projects.

homework planner apps- Egenda Android

  •  Subject-wise sorting
  •  Calendar View
  • No timetable support

Egenda provides some great tools for Homework and Test planning and I am sure anyone would find them extremely convenient and useful. But keeping its single con in mind, go for this app if you are not too keen on having a schedule or timetable.

Install  Egenda  ( Android  |  iOS )

4. ChalkBoard

The next app on our list is ChalkBoard, which I found out to be a pretty smart homework planner app. Chalkboard strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and features.

Although the setup process is a little longer than the previous three apps, as you have to feed meticulous details about the classes, teacher, and schedule. It is worth the effort.

On the home screen, you are shown upcoming classes, events tab, and upcoming tests. ChalkBoard fetches the dates for every subject from the Timetable for your future classes. Little features like these make the app stand out from the rest and give an overall great experience. You can also view classes and assignments subject wise.

homework planner apps- ChalkBoard Android

  • Proper Timetable
  • Ability to add teachers for subjects
  • View tomorrow’s classes as well as assignments/tests/quizzes
  • Smart features
  • Little longer to set up
  • No calendar view

If you are looking for a homework planner as well as a school planner, Chalkboard is the app as it strikes a great ground with almost all the features one might need while not being too bulky.

Install ChalkBoard ( Android )

5. School Planner

School Planner is a full-fledged planning application designed for students to manage their career as a student. Along with your homework and timetables, School Planner offers you to keep track of your grades and attendance, add contacts for teachers, add recorded lectures, and even multiple planners.

The app supports backing up of all your data via Google Drive, Calendar View along with a weekly report, attaching snapshots to your assignment reminders, student accounts from ClassViva, and a lot more. In spite of so many features, the app doesn’t feel slow at all and delivers a powerful performance with its beautiful design.

homework planner apps- School Planner Android

  • Full-fledged student companion
  • Feature-packed and free
  • Supports sync and backup
  • Widget Support
  • Tedious setup procedure
  • Big in size
  • Complex, not so smooth learning curve

While it is not for someone who is looking for a fast and easy way into homework management, School Planner is a great student companion app and serious students will surely get the most out of hit.

Install School Planner ( Android )

6. My Study Life

My Study Life comes with its own web app and syncs with the Android app, essentially making your data accessible from any device as long as it has a browser.

It implements a goal-centric circular tracker that shows your progress. The Calendar view combines your timetable, deadlines, and shows all your classes and assignments, projects in a single place.

homework planner apps- My Study Life Android

  • Refreshingly new UI
  • Access from anywhere through its web app
  • Sync and Backup
  • Lengthy setup process

If you study from your computer or laptop, My Study Life makes it easy to access your homework planner on your phone from your computer, while not compromising on features and being completely free. What more can you ask for?

Install My Study Life ( Android  |  iOS )

7. iStudiez Pro

Like School Planner, iStudiez Pro includes grading and subject wise organization of tasks. iStudiez Pro takes it further with the integration of Google Calendar that allows you to directly get all your holidays, exam schedule, routine from Google Calendar itself.

It also offers separate apps on all platforms including iOS, Mac, and Windows. All the apps sync seamlessly between themselves, so studying on your computer consulting your planner won’t be an issue.

homework planner apps- iStudiez Pro Android

  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Cross-Platform
  • Cumulative Price

If Google Calendar integration and cross-platform support is a must for you, iStudiez Pro is definitely the app you want.

Install iStudiez Pro ( Android   |  iOS )

So this was our roundup of the best homework planner apps for Android. We genuinely think that there is an app for every need and we hope that you found a Homework Planner that suits your need whether you are a high school student or a college senior. So which one was your favorite or did we forget to add yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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how to keep track of homework assignments

How to keep track of homework assignments

Katie Azevedo December 29, 2016 good habits , homework , productivity , study skills , time management

The first step to getting a good grade on an assignment is to … wait for it … do the assignment!

Simple, right?

Maybe, but only if you remember to do the assignment. For some students, knowing how to keep track of assignments and their due dates is a huge challenge. Here, I’m going to explain how to keep track of assignments and projects, and give you some tips for staying organized. A cool angle to this is that what I’m going to be talking about is completely applicable outside of school. So if you’re not a student, but you still have due dates and project deadlines – pretty much like any human – then this system is for you, too.

1.  Find a planner system and use it multiple times every day.

The KEY step for keeping track of homework, which I’ll get to next , is to write everything down. But before that happens, you need a place to write it all. You have three options here. 1) paper 2) digital 3) a combination of both. Personally, I use a combination of both. While I am a pen and paper person at heart, I do use Google calendar in addition to my paper calendar. I have a family and a business to run, so I need the digital aspect to be able to share calendars with other people. For my paper calendar I use the Staples Arc system . It’s cheap, simple, and super customizable.

I advise you to pick a system based on what’s convenient and easy, and not on what is cool. There are a gazillion list apps out there with fancy features — some of you may have heard of Evernote , the king of task management apps — but the goal is to keep it simple and use a system that you don’t have to stress about. If it’s too complicated, you won’t want to be bothered to even take it out when you need it. Whatever you pick, be sure it includes a monthly calendar and a daily calendar/agenda. Here’s why:

A monthly calendar allows you to see, at a glance, what assignments and appointments are coming up over the next few days or weeks or months. It’s key for long-term planning.

A daily calendar/agenda allows you to see and plan for what’s coming up tomorrow and in the very near future.

Whether you go for a dated calendar or an undated one (one you have to date yourself) is up to you. What size is up to you. (I use a half-sized one and a full-sized one!) Here’s a picture:

how to keep track of homework assignments

The cover and paper inside your planner is up to you. Whether you color-code your entries is up to you. (I do!) Make it something you’re excited to use, while keeping it simple.

It’s important to use your system multiple times a day because the more you use it, the more you trust it. And the more you trust it, the more it will work.

I’ve heard so many students say “I’ve tried using an assignment notebook and calendar, but it doesn’t work.” But when I ask them if they write everything down, they say no. And that’s why. So you’ve got to commit to your system. Use it multiple times every day. Get in the habit of checking it every morning or every night before bed so you know what’s on your agenda.

2.  Write everything down. And the operative word here is EVERYTHING.

I have a theory that I’ve lived by for the longest time: Our brains weren’t made for storing information, but are instead made for creating and processing information. (Lol … it turns out that I’m not a genius and that I didn’t invent this theory.) Several scientific studies actually support the idea that to a degree we have a maximum brain capacity. And if we use up all that capacity for storing information and trying to remember everything … then there will be no brain energy left to create, think and process. So by writing things down, we get them out of our heads, which frees up space for us to be smarter and more creative.

Plus, there is just no way on earth that we can remember every little detail of what’s due when, as well as the time and date of your next doctor’s appointment. If something comes up and you’re not sure whether to write it down, write it down!

Here’s what you should be keeping track of:

  • Daily homework assignments (short-term)
  • Project due dates (long-term)
  • Upcoming tests/quizzes
  • Books that have to be read by a certain point
  • Appointments (doctor, dentist, guidance counselor, coach, etc.)
  • Things you’re supposed to remember to do (ie: talk to math teacher)
  • After-school activities, sports (even if you have practice every day from 2:30-5, block out that time on your calendar)
  • Weekend activities

Here’s another important tip: write assignments down the moment their assigned, and write appointments down the moment their scheduled. Do NOT tell yourself that you’ll remember to write it down later. Doesn’t work! Plus – that defeats the purpose: you don’t want to use your brain to remember . If you don’t have your paper agenda with you when something comes up, then set a reminder in your phone to write it down later, or write the assignment down on a sticky note and put it somewhere you won’t forget. Then, transfer the information into your planner the moment you get home.

3.  Set up reminders.

Let’s say you have a project due in one week, so you write down “biology project due” on your calendar on the date it’s due. Sound good? No! No, because you don’t want to end up checking your calendar on the project’s due date and realizing “Oh crap! It’s due today!” So the hack for remembering to do the assignments you write down is this: remind yourself along the way.

You can do this several ways, depending on your system. If you’re using digital, like a phone, use the default reminder app to remind yourself of the project at least a few days before it’s due. You can even set up several reminders throughout the week. If you’re using a good old paper calendar, then in addition to writing down “project due” on the actual due date, write in several reminders to work on the project on the days leading up to the due date.

A reminder system also helps you manage your time for long-term assignments because it encourages you to work a little bit each day towards the larger goal.

4.  Keep your planner/calendar accurate and up-to-date.

Your homework management system is only going to work if it’s accurate. So you’ve got to be sure that you update your calendar and your agenda as things change. So if your teacher gives an extension or changes the due date of a project, or if your band concert or meeting is rescheduled, make those edits in your calendar. (Try to keep it neat if you’re using a paper system, so that might mean using whiteout. Messy on paper equals messy in the head.) And remember the rule: make these changes immediately if possible.

If you end up using a combination of a digital system and a paper system, make sure you sync the two systems daily. I have run into the problem where I’ve added an appointment in my phone, but then forgot to add it to my paper calendar, and then I totally forgot about it. Oops! So I make it a habit to review both calendars/agendas every night to make sure they both contain the same information.

How to keep track of homework assignments: Extra tip

There are going to be times when you fall off the bandwagon and let your system slip. You might go a few days or even a week without writing things down – either because you forget or you keep telling yourself that you’ll do it later. But don’t give up on your system. Just pick up where you left off and get back to writing down every little detail. Whenever you wander away from your system, bring yourself back to it, and don’t judge yourself.

Also, these moments can be learning opportunities! Whenever you stop using your agenda or calendar, ask yourself why? Why did you stop? What part of the system wasn’t working? If the system was easy enough to use, you wouldn’t have stopped. Is your notebook so big that it’s annoying to bring with you? Then get a smaller one. Are you not writing assignments down because you don’t have enough space in the “Daily Agenda” part of your notebook? Then get a notebook that gives you more room to write down your daily tasks. Did you think you were a techie, but find the app stuff too complicated? Or vice versa? Then switch systems. Modify as you go. You won’t come up with the perfect system right away, but you will instead figure out what works for you as you go. Be open to change.

So those are my 4 strategies for how to keep track of homework assignments. If you have some strategies of your own, then please share them in the comments below!

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The 10 Best Study Planning Apps for All Students

These study planner apps for Android and iPhone help you get organized in school by tracking your assignments, tests, and other coursework.

As a student, you're responsible for keeping track of test dates, quizzes, homework assignments, and final exams. On top of that, maybe you partake in after-school activities and sports. This makes it even harder for you to keep track of due dates and tests.

If you feel that you're sinking into a pile of assignments, you need to add some organization to your life. These are some of the best study planner apps for Android and iOS that can help you set times to study and remind you of upcoming exams, so you're not caught off-guard.

Chipper is one of the most popular and best study planners for students. Using Chipper can greatly improve your time-management skills.

This study planning app comes equipped with several tools dedicated to students . Simply add all the courses that you're currently taking, and organize them by time and date in the built-in schedule.

Chipper also allows you to add tests, homework due dates, papers, labs, and quizzes to your calendar to help you stay on top of your coursework. On top of that, you can set reminders that Chipper will send as notifications, so you never miss a deadline. And when you're ready to study, open the Study tab to set a timer for your session.

That means you don't need to download a Pomodoro timer app for such. But if you do, here are the best Pomodoro timer apps .

This app rewards you with earnings in the form of imaginary cash as you complete tasks. You don't actually receive any of these earnings in real life, but it's a good incentive to keep you moving forward.

Download: Chipper for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Classify

Use Classify to build an easy-to-read schedule for your homework assignments, projects, quizzes, and other activities. Because it has a clear and simple interface and a lot of useful features, it is a unique study tracker app.

Classify helps you organize your school life by adding everything important in one place. It also provides templates for tasks, homework assignments, and events. For example, you can attach a PDF when you add an assignment, and you can set priorities for tasks.

Simply add this semester's courses, along with assignments and their due dates. Classify will let you know when your assignments are due and give you helpful reminders about upcoming deadlines, making it a great study planner app for students. Additionally, it has a Pomodoro functionality built-in if you fancy using the Pomodoro technique .

Download: Classify for iOS | Android (Free)

3. My Study Life

My Study Life is yet another great study planner app you should try today. With My Study Life, you can easily add tasks, classes, and exams to a weekly schedule template for students. When you add your classes, you can input detailed information about them such as the room number, module, time, and even the teacher.

If you struggle to remember holidays or class rotations, you can input that information in My Study Life as well. Your dashboard displays all your upcoming assignments, exams, and classes. This way, you'll never forget about that assignment that's due tomorrow.

Download: My Study Life for iOS | Android (Free)

4. Power Planner

Power Planner is a clean and simple study schedule app that's perfect for middle school, high school, and even college students.

As one of the most useful apps for every student , it helps you remember class times, keep track of tests, and can assist you with staying on top of your assignments.

Power Planner integrates with Google Calendar to make your life even easier. Better yet, you can also estimate your GPA by inputting assignment and test grades.

However, if you want to add more than one semester and five grades per class, you'll have to spend a few dollars on the premium version.

Download: Power Planner for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. Lessons School Planner

Lessons School Planner is a study tracking app that is built with simplicity in mind ensuring your energy is focused on increasing productivity and getting work done instead of organization. It can be likened to a simple to-do list tool but for students. When you download the app, you can start by creating a custom lesson plan, or importing one if you have it already on another device.

The app has lessons added already, but you can customize them depending on your needs. It makes organization easier by using a number system to organize lessons.

Tapping on a subject on your daily lesson plan allows you to add activities related to it, like an upcoming assignment submission deadline, exam, test, project, presentation, and more. These activities can then be viewed on a dedicated page. The app also allows you to set reminders for your tasks, ensuring that you don't miss out on anything important.

Download: Lessons for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Study Bunny: Focus Timer

Study Bunny is a less conventional study tracker app, but it makes studying a lot more fun. For starters, it introduces you to an adorable cartoon bunny that acts as your study partner.

You can use the app to time study sessions, create awesome to-do lists , make flashcards, and keep track of your progress.

When you start studying, you'll earn coins that you can use to treat the bunny. You can buy items to feed and customize your pal, which will help motivate you to finish a long study session.

Download: Study Bunny: Focus Timer for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Vaia (formerly StudySmarter) is a helpful study-planning app that lets you collaborate with other students from around the world.

To help you save time, the app allows for shareable flashcards. This means that you can search for and use flashcards that other users have already made which makes learning easier. As a study planner app for students, Vaia is also featured in our list of the best flash card apps .

In addition to that handy feature, Vaia lets you upload and annotate documents, as well as create study groups with students from other universities. And when you want to check your progress, you can use the app's built-in charts to visualize your study time and see if you're meeting your weekly goals.

Download: Vaia for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. myHomework Student Planner

The myHomework Student Planner app is a straightforward way to keep tabs on your studies. To get started, you simply have to input your class schedule and any upcoming assignments.

myHomework Student Planner will then generate a color-coded class schedule, as well as a calendar that organizes your upcoming classes, assignments, and tests. Besides that, it also creates a clean list of homework assignments, which makes it much easier to remember important due dates.

Download: myHomework Student Planner for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

9. Smart Timetable

To get started on Smart Timetable, add your classes as events with how often you want to study for them. When it's time to hunker down, Smart Timetable will send a notification to your phone as a reminder.

The app allows you to input additional information about each class including the type, building and room number, and instructor, and you can even upload class notes. Each day the app's home page has the day's classes, and you can swipe left to view upcoming classes in the follow-up days.

There's also a task tab where you can add your upcoming assignments and tick them off once you're done.

Download: Smart Timetable for Android (Free, subscription available)

10. School Planner

The School Planner app has a ton of versatility when it comes to schedule options. You can input your classes into the app by using the available easy-to-use default templates.

Templates include everything you need to stay on top of your classes, including day, time, teacher, subject, frequency, and room. You also have the ability to add any upcoming events, whether it's a simple reminder, an upcoming exam, or a homework submission deadline.

All the upcoming tasks will show up on the app's home page in a sleek Overview page with a snapshot of any upcoming events in the next seven days, what's on your schedule today, tomorrow, and a detailed outlook of the upcoming week. School Planner's interface and organization make it one of the best study scheduling apps around.

The experience isn't limited to class times and assignments; you can also add grades, teachers, recordings, and days you were absent. Hit the hamburger icon in the top left to get an idea of how much the app offers.

Download: School Planner for Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

Stay on Track With the Best Study Planner Apps for Students

Who needs a messy assignment book when you have a study planner app? Instead of jotting down due dates on your calendar, take them with you on your smartphone.

Moreover, having an app at your fingertips can serve as a reminder to start studying or to complete an important assignment. Better yet, it's much easier to read and visualize when you use a template in an app.

Campus Leaders logo

Campus Leaders is an affiliate for companies including Amazon Associates and earns a commission on qualifying purchases.

How To Keep Track of College Homework (10 Methods)


Talk to several students about college, and one issue will always rise to the top, which is that keeping up with the assignments is a pain. Unfortunately, assignments make up most of your grades, so you have no choice but to do them if you want to pass. But how do you manage all that college homework and still have time to study and have a life?

Here’s how to keep track of college homework:

  • Write everything down.
  • Have a calendar.
  • Use a planner.
  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.
  • Set reminders.
  • Digitize your notes.
  • Divide complex assignments into small tasks.
  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Stick to the schedule.
  • Have a homework accountability team.

Read on as I will explain how these tips will help you in keeping track of your college homework.

Keep up with college homework.

1. Write Everything Down

In the words of David Allen, “Your brain is for having ideas, not storing them” ( source ). 

If you’ve ever wondered why you forget so many things, it’s because your mind wasn’t meant for storing loads of information, and you shouldn’t try to force it. Instead, write down everything the lecturer says you should do later, so your brain has room to process what you learned that day and be creative.

So, what should you write down? Every little thing, including time and dates, and the following:

  • Daily homework
  • Long-term assignments
  • Upcoming quizzes
  • Books to be read
  • Appointments
  • Weekend and after school activities
  • Random things you want to remember later, like asking your teacher something or borrowing a certain book.

The only efficient way to do this is to write down everything immediately when it’s assigned or when it comes to mind. Don’t tell yourself that you will write later, because you may not. 

If you don’t have a physical planner on hand, set a reminder on your phone to write it down later ( source ).

2. Have a Calendar

The next step to tracking your homework is to have a working calendar system, which can be paper, digital, or a combination of both. I recommend using both but go with what works better for you.

The sole purpose is to give you structure so you know what time to do what, instead of guessing. It also frees up space in your head so you can think about other things. Instead of having to remember classes, due dates, and assignments, you have a visual cue of what to do next so you can stay organized and on track.

If you have a digital calendar such as Google Calendar , you can get automatic reminders of important events and things you need to do before time. The type of calendar you use doesn’t matter as long as you can easily dump all the important events and tasks there. 

Some of the things to include in your calendar are:

  • Assignments due dates
  • Exam dates and term papers.
  • Clubs or extracurricular meeting times
  • Your work schedule if you have a part-time job.
  • Important appointments with doctors, dentists, or professors.
  • Group meetings

Ideally, you should be able to see the entire semester’s calendar at a glance. This will let you see what you have for this week and next week and possibly any long-term assignments whose deadlines are drawing near. 

You will also be able to slot in long-term homework on days when you are not so busy.

3. Use a Planner

The difference between a planner and an organization calendar is that you can have daily to-do lists with a planner, not monthly or weekly. This will help you stay organized, prioritize what is most important and stay away from distractions. To make a planner work for you, look at your list of things to do as well as your calendar, then plan your day accordingly.

Do you have an assignment due on Thursday? Schedule it on Monday and Tuesday so you can edit and hand it in before the due date. Schedule daily homework in the morning to be done before attending that class. 

It’s important to slot out at least an hour daily for homework, even if nothing is urgent.

You will also include your classes, study time, cleaning, extracurricular activities, and any appointments you have that day. You should do this daily and tick off an activity once you are done with it. 

Again, you can use a digital or paper planner or both as long as you do it daily and follow it.

Schedule your assignments during slots where you don’t have a class, the 2 hour period before classes start, and the evening if you don’t have other mandatory activities. You can also utilize your lunch break for eating and finishing one homework.

Some of the best digital planners for college students include:

  • Class Timetable
  • My Study Life

4. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

You have your calendar and your planner on hand. How do you ensure they work for you? It’s all about knowing how to prioritize. If you count classes, games, time with friends, and study time, you have very limited time to do your homework during the day.

This means you have to make the best of the little time you have by picking one or two assignments you can do. 

Look at your calendar and your to-do list and see what is more urgent. Do you have homework that is due today or tomorrow? That should be number one on your list. Number two should be the next most urgent thing.

That said, it’s important to avoid holding off things until the last minute unless the time frame to do your homework is only one day. This is why making time for homework every day is crucial.

5. Set Reminders

Even with a planner, it’s possible to have things fall off the cracks with all you have to do in college. 

You can ensure you don’t miss homework deadlines by setting a reminder on your phone, which should ring during a period when you are usually free and not when you are busy in class or a club.

But there is one more thing you need to consider when setting reminders. Don’t set it to ring on the due date. Set a reminder for two to three days before the due date so you have time to complete the homework. If it’s a short deadline homework, set the reminder for that evening before the due date or the morning of, so you don’t forget.

In addition to using a digital reminder, be sure to include several reminders on your physical planner. The simple act of seeing something you need to do that day when you look at your planner in the morning will keep you on your toes all day.

6. Digitize Your Notes

Have you ever started to do your assignment and realized you left the notes you need for it in school? Or perhaps you have the books with you, but it’s taking forever to find exactly where those specific notes are. 

Taking notes digitally and saving them on your computer eliminates these problems.

You have easy access to your notes, especially if you save them on Google Docs, and it’s easier to organize them for easy access. If you cannot take notes digitally in class using a computer keyboard or smart pen, you can transfer them in your own time from paper to computer. 

Alternatively, use an app to photograph your hand-written notes and transcribe them into digital copies.

When you have all your notes with you all the time, it’s easy to do your homework wherever you are. It will also take less time to find the resources you need to do your assignments.

7. Divide Complex Assignments Into Small Tasks

Some college assignments are long, hard, and complicated. You have to do research, write the projects and add other stuff to make your homework the best. Doing this every day can be overwhelming, especially since you have other things to attend to.

The best way to handle such complex work is to divide it into small manageable tasks you can do every day. For example, if you have a writing project, take 1-3 days just for research and jotting down what stands out from your research. 

You can block one hour or even 45 minutes every day for that.

After that, go through your rough notes and develop an outline and a good heading, which should take one day slot. Take another day to do the actual writing and another day to edit.

The important thing is to dig into this homework every day and give yourself a deadline for completing it. In the end, it won’t feel so overwhelming anymore, and you will not struggle to finish in time ( source ).

8. Eliminate Distractions

A big reason college students fail to complete assignments on time is distractions. Social media, television, hanging out with friends and spending too much time on extracurricular activities. 

While all those things are important for a young person, they have to be given their own time.

Slot these activities for evenings when you are free and after you have completed your daily to-do list. Alternatively, you can set a timer for things like social media and stop immediately the timer goes off. If your distraction is notifications on your phone, switch off the phone or put it on airplane mode while doing your homework or studying.

For most college students, avoiding distraction means going to a secluded place where their friends won’t find them. You can try the library basement or a hidden corner in the basement, where no one will find you. 

Another great tip is to wake up earlier than everyone else and take an hour to do some homework before the day starts.

9. Stick to the Schedule

A planner and a calendar will not help you if you can’t stick to a schedule. 

You will still slack behind on your homework if you choose to hang out with your friends or sleep during sessions where you don’t have classes instead of doing homework.

It will also not work if your schedule is not realistic. 

For example, if you’ve scheduled homework time from 5 am to 6 am, but you are not a morning person, that will likely not work. The same applies if you are too tired in the evening and can’t focus on homework.

The best way to stick to a homework schedule is to slot it when you are most productive. If that is before the first class starts, go ahead and put it there. The second period is also a great slot because you are not tired yet, and the first class of the day has already stimulated your brain.

All said and done, though, sticking to a schedule is all about discipline. Train yourself to do things when you say you will do them, even if you don’t feel like it. 

The planner will only work if you follow it.

10. Have a Homework Accountability Team

I don’t know about you, but having a support team comes in handy for me. Find a mastermind group to do everything study-related, including homework. This will make things easier and fun, especially if you throw in some competition.

The secret to making this successful is finding people on the same wavelength as you. 

If your accountability partners couldn’t be bothered to finish their homework on time, they will only pull you behind. Find people who are accountable, responsible, and who can help you with homework as much as you can help them.

The top students in the class are a good place to find these people because they don’t become top by luck. Once you have that, pull your weight and try to teach as much as you learn from them.

Final Thoughts

The last thing in keeping track of your college homework is reviewing your daily planner and calendar. At the end of each day, have a quick look at your planner and see if you ticked off everything you need to do.

If you completed the homework, make sure you put it in your bag or set a reminder to send the digital format first thing in the morning. If there is homework you didn’t manage to do, slot it as number one on your next day list. This will ensure everything is done and on time.

Recommended Reading:

  • How To Keep Up With College Assignments (Ultimate Guide)
  • Late Assignments – A Complete College Student’s Guide


Emily is an engineer at a Fortune 100 company. Her degree is in Chemical Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Chemistry. She completed 4 internships in college and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2020. She is from Texas and currently lives in Seattle, WA. Emily loves hiking, traveling, and playing guitar. She is a very proud dog mom to her fur baby, Oliver.

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easiest way to keep track of assignments

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5 apps to keep track of homework assignments

The new school year is almost upon us, and there's no time like today to get ready.

Whether you are the student or it's someone else in your family, it's important to keep things organized and on track from day one.

While these apps can be useful for a wide age group, be sure and check with your local school district to ensure you're not breaking any rules by sending your child or teen to school with a smartphone.

1. Evernote Price: Free Download: Evernote for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad , Android , Window Phone 7 , BlackBerry , Palm Pre / Palm Pixi , Mac , Windows , web .

While it's not an actual planner or calendar app, if you take notes to stay organized, then Evernote is for you. Take photos, copy web pages, save PDF files or just take notes and organize them all into folders. Search for your notes via tags or keywords in the notes themselves. Evernote can even search for words located in pictures you've taken — a pretty cool feature.

You'll never lose another sticky note or forget a reading assignment when you jot it down in Evernote. Just pull up your notes on whatever device you have, wherever you are. Free accounts are allowed up to 60MB of upload (or synchronized) data per month, which can be upgraded for $5 per month or $45 per year.

2. FC Tasks Price : $5.99 Download : FC Tasks for iPhone .

FranklinCovey is one of the best-known names when it comes to pencil and paper (even digital stand-alone) day planners. You would expect this company to have a mobile app to help make our lives more organized, and you would be right.

The FC Tasks app is a great stand-alone mobile product for anyone who's used to using the FranklinCovey system of productivity and time management. You'll see the familiar ABC-123 ranking method for all the task lists, but that's only the beginning. With this app, you can create recurring tasks, create multimedia tasks, delegate tasks via email and more. This is a top-of-the-line app from a top-of-the-line company.

3. Remember the Milk Price: Free to download; requires Remember the Milk Pro for Android and BlackBerry users. Download: Remember the Milk for iPhone / iPad , Android , BlackBerry .

Remember the Milk is a great to-do list service. The basic service is available online and can be integrated with web apps such as Gmail, desktop apps such as Outlook and the mobile app platforms listed above. Set your tasks, prioritize and get email alerts when they are due. It's everything you want in a to-do list.

While the web app is great, taking Remember the Milk on the road is the key to making this app work for you. Browser add-ons and widgets for other apps such as Gmail make this service seamless with other apps that you're already using. Read more in our Remember the Milk review .

4. ToDoMatrix Price : Free Download : ToDoMatrix for iPhone , BlackBerry .

The free version of the ToDoMatrix app is limited to six folders and 30 tasks, which is probably enough for you if you're a casual user. If you're looking for something more than just a homework tracking app, you'll want to look at in-app upgrades to remove these limits.

What started as a productivity app designed for business-minded BlackBerry users has made the transition to mainstream with the debut of its iOS app. Organize tasks, set flexible reminders, delegate and view just what you want with multiple display options. Your data is encrypted and backed up wirelessly to the cloud. If you're a BlackBerry user, you probably already know about this one; if not, it's definitely worth checking out the free version to see if it meets your needs.

5. Google Calendar Price : Free Download : Google Calendar for web , iPhone Sync , Windows Mobile Sync , BlackBerry Sync .

We've saved the best for last, despite the non-app status of this service. We think you'll agree once you see how seamlessly this free service from Google integrates with literally all of your devices. Start out on the web app and set up your calendars. From there, you can sync your calendar to all of the major mobile operating systems out there.

Google Calendar doesn't miss a beat with Google's own Android OS , as would be expected. Once you set up your Android device, it's an automatic sync with the Google apps on your mobile device. If you're on another operating system, syncing the built-in calendars on these mobile devices to your Google Calendar account is simple. There are few limitations, flexible reminders, multiple calendars, share features and more.

Getting your time back It takes a little practice to see which planner or homework tracking app is going to work best for you. Don't wait until the last minute. Start now, before school kicks off, and try them all (or at least the free ones). Once you've settled on which app design works for you, don't look back. There's no point in second guessing your choice, and once school starts, you will want to feel confident in your ability to use your app to organize your time so you don't miss any important deadlines.

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  • The best apps for taking notes in class
  • Springpad organizes your life
  • How to get big discounts from daily deal sites

easiest way to keep track of assignments

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Never forget a class or assignment again.

Unlock your potential and manage your classes, tasks and exams with mystudylife- the world's #1 student planner and school organizer app..

school timetable app hourly planner

School planner and organizer

The MyStudyLife planner app supports rotation schedules, as well as traditional weekly schedules. MSL allows you to enter your school subjects, organize your workload, and enter information about your classes – all so you can effortlessly keep on track of your school calendar.

Homework planner and task tracker

Become a master of task management by tracking every single task with our online planner – no matter how big or small.

Stay on top of your workload by receiving notifications of upcoming classes, assignments or exams, as well as incomplete tasks, on all your devices.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

“Featuring a clean interface, MyStudyLife offers a comprehensive palette of schedules, timetables and personalized notifications that sync across multiple devices.”

” My Study Life is a calendar app designed specifically for students. As well as showing you your weekly timetable– with support for rotations – you can add exams, essay deadlines and reminders, and keep a list of all the tasks you need to complete. It also works on the web, so you can log in and check your schedule from any device.”

“MyStudyLife is a great study planner app that makes it simple for students to add assignments, classes, and tests to a standard weekly schedule.”

“I cannot recommend this platform enough. My Study Life is the perfect online planner to keep track of your classes and assignments. I like to use both the website and the mobile app so I can use it on my phone and computer! I do not go a single day without using this platform–go check it out!!”

“Staying organized is a critical part of being a disciplined student, and the MyStudyLife app is an excellent organizer.”

easiest way to keep track of assignments

The ultimate study app

The MyStudyLife student planner helps you keep track of all your classes, tasks, assignments and exams – anywhere, on any device.

Whether you’re in middle school, high school or college MyStudyLife’s online school agenda will organize your school life for you for less stress, more productivity, and ultimately, better grades.  

school planner

Take control of your day with MyStudyLife

easiest way to keep track of assignments

Stay on top of your studies. Organize tasks, set reminders, and get better grades, one day at a time.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

We get it- student life can be busy. Start each day with the confidence that nothing important will be forgotten, so that you can stay focused and get more done.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

Track your class schedule on your phone or computer, online or offline, so that you always know where you’re meant to be.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

Shift your focus back to your goals, knowing that MyStudyLife has your back with timely reminders that make success the main event of your day

easiest way to keep track of assignments

Say goodbye to last minute stress with MyStudyLife’s homework planner to make procrastination a thing of the past.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

Coming soon!

MyStudyLife has lots of exciting changes and features in the works. Stay tuned!

Stay on track on all of your devices.

All your tasks are automatically synced across all your devices, instantly.

school timetable app hourly planner

Trusted by millions of students around the world.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

School can be hard. MyStudyLife makes it easier.

Our easy-to-use online study planner app is available on the App Store, the Google Play Store and can be used on desktop. This means that you can use MyStudyLife anywhere and on any device.

Discover more on the MyStudyLife blog

See how MyStudyLife can help organize your life.

Unlocking Opportunities: Summer Internships for High School Students

Unlocking Opportunities: Summer Internships for High School Students

Understanding the SAT and ACT Exams: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the SAT and ACT Exams: A Comprehensive Guide

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16 Best Study Planning Apps For Students In 2024

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15 Best Study Planning Apps For Students In 2024

Let's keep a track!

Are you a student who needs help staying focused and organised? Well, you're in luck! Several amazing study planner apps make keeping track of assignments, exams, and projects easier than ever. This blog will cover 15 of the top study planner apps available. These apps can help you stay focused and do well in all of your studies, whether you're in high school or college. Alright, let's get going!

15 Best Study Planning Apps For Students

Trust us when we say this, the art of organising and tracking does help in the long run. Productivity leads to systematic task completion. There are many best study planner apps for students available on the internet, but we've mentioned the top ones. Here are the top 15 best study planner apps for students:

Best Free Study Planning Apps

While paid versions unlock more custom features, these free study planning apps provide a powerful organisation with just a quick, no-cost download. Below are a few of the apps essential for study planning.

1. Chipper 

USP: Schedule Courses and Set Homework Reminders Downloads: 125 Cost: Free Play Store Ratings: 4/5

Chipper is one of the best study planner apps. It helps you plan out your work and improve your time management skills. Chipper comes with many useful tools for students to help them study better!

Key Highlights of Chipper

1. You just have to forage in all the courses and organise them by time and date. 

2. The study planning app also allows you to add homework due dates, assignment due dates, tests and quizzes and also set reminders so that you don't miss a deadline.

2. Study Bunny 

USP: Make Studying Fun by Caring for a Virtual Pet Downloads: 5M+ Cost: Free Google Ratings: 5/5

As cute as the name suggests, this app is like having your study buddy in the form of an adorable cartoon bunny. So why not add fun to your study target with this best study planner app, Study Bunny?

Key Highlights of Study Bunny

1. You can time your study sessions, make to-do lists and flashcards, and track your progress. 

2. As you study, you'll earn coins that you can use to treat your bunny pal, and the app is FREE. 

3. You can buy items to feed and customise your bunny, making your study sessions even more enjoyable. 

Discover, Shortlist, and Book Through The Amber App.

Book through amber today!

3. myHomework

USP: Generate a Visual Schedule and Assignment List Downloads: 1M+ Cost: Free Google Ratings: 4.5/5 

Next on the list is one of the best study planner apps for students - myHomework . This app is simple to use - just input your class schedule and upcoming assignments, and you're good to go. So, it's time to give my Homework Student Planner a try and take control of your studies!

Key Highlights of myHomework

1. myHomework Student Planner is a free app. However, you can get an ad-free version with a subscription, which generates a colour-coded class schedule and a calendar that organises your classes, assignments, and tests. 

2. It also creates a neat list of homework assignments, so you'll never forget important due dates again.

4. School Planner 

USP: Versatile Templates for Courses and Events Downloads: 10M+ Cost: Free Google Ratings: 4.3/5

Are you looking for a versatile study planning app? The School Planner is a free app, although the important features may need a subscription. With its user-friendly templates, you can easily code in all your classes with just a few clicks. These templates have all the important details, like the day, time, teacher, subject, frequency, and room. 

Key Highlights of School Planner

1. You can add any upcoming and anticipated events, whether a simple reminder, an exam, or a homework deadline. 

2. The app's overview page delivers a snapshot of what's coming up in the next seven days, your schedule today and tomorrow, and a detailed outlook of the upcoming week.

3. You can also add grades, class recordings, and even days you were absent. Just click the hamburger icon in the top left corner to see all this app's amazing features. 

USP: Time and Track Your Study Sessions for Progress Reports Downloads: 14.9K Cost: Free Google Ratings: 4.5/5

If you're looking for a simple yet effective way to stay on top of your tasks and projects, look no further! Todait is a free study planning app that helps you study more efficiently and is a perfect study buddy! Todait compiles data from your learning activities and presents it through informative graphs for better insight into your progress. This way, with this study schedule app, you can see a comprehensive view of your performance and be motivated to achieve even greater success.  

Key Highlights of Todait

1. With Todait, you can schedule your tasks based on things like the number of problems to solve, pages to read, or terms to recall. 

2. You can time your study sessions to make sure you stay focused and on track. 

3. When you complete tasks, Todait will notify you of the time spent learning and the percentage of tasks you've completed.

USP: Physical Planner for a Digital Version Downloads: 100K+ Cost: Free Google Ratings: 4.7/5

Are you tired of having a messy and unreadable physical agenda book? Egenda, tailored specifically for students, is among the top study apps available for free, effectively catering to your academic needs. With Egenda's reminders and alerts, you'll never miss another due date, ensuring you stay on top of your tasks effortlessly. So why wait? Give this study schedule app a try and say goodbye to cluttered and messy physical agenda books.

Key Highlights of Egenda

1. This handy app allows you to create easy-to-read and colourful schedules for homework, projects, quizzes, and tests.

2. No more struggling to read your handwriting or accidentally covering up important assignments. Just enter all your classes, assignments, and deadlines for the semester into Egenda, and it will take care of the rest.

Top Paid Study Planning Apps

The premium versions of study planner apps unlock additional useful features to help students stay on top of their academics. Below are some of the top paid study planning apps for students.

9. Power Planner

USP: Customisable Planner Integrated with Google Calendar Downloads: 100K+ Cost: $1.99 Ratings: 4.8/5

We're sure you want to stay organised and on top of your studies, which is why this best study planner app, Power Planner , comes to your rescue. It's a user-friendly app ideal for students of all levels due to its intuitive design and functionality. With the Power Planner study planning app, you'll never forget a class time or test again. If you want to add more than one semester and five grades per class, you'll need to upgrade to the premium version. 

Key Highlights of Power Planner

1. It's unified with Google Calendar to simplify your life. 

2. You can even estimate your GPA by inserting your grades.

10. Easy Study

USP: Set Study Reminders and Track Progress Downloads: 1M+ Cost: $2.99 Google Ratings: 4.6/5

Easy Study is one of the best study planner apps for students. It's a free app, but for some important features, you may have to pay a subscription of $2.99. Remember that the free version has ads and is limited to a few features, but you can always upgrade.

Key Highlights of Easy Study

1. To get started, insert your classes and set your timing for Study. 

2. Easy Study will send a friendly reminder to your phone during study sessions. 

3. You can even add specific activities for each subject to make the most of your study time, and the app tracks your time so you can see just how productive you've been. 

4. You can keep track of all your progress under the Statistics icon.

Additional Great Study Planning Apps

Apart from the above free and paid planning apps for students, there is a diverse range of feature-rich apps that students can mix and match to build their perfect set of organisation tools. Below are some additional study planning apps for students.

11. Evernote

USP: Upload Handwritten Notes for Easy Online Access Downloads: 1000 Cost: Free Google Ratings: 4.5/5

If you are looking for a way to keep all your notes and ideas organised in one place, Evernote is one of the best study planning apps, and it's free of cost. Note-taking has never been easier since this is one of the best note-taking apps for students to help jot down ideas, sketches, and dreams!

Key Highlights of Evernote

1. Evernote can accommodate notes digitally or handwritten.

2. You can even photograph your handwritten notes and upload them to the app. 

3. With Evernote's efficient search feature, you'll never have to shift through piles of paper.

4. Evernote syncs seamlessly across all your devices, so your notes are always at your fingertips.

11. My Study Life

USP: Customisable Weekly Schedule with Rotation Support Downloads: 1M+ Cost: Free Google Ratings: 4.7/5

My Study Life is a free and user-friendly app that manages all aspects of your academic life, including overdue homework, conflicting classes and exams, and revision assignments. It is a study planning app specifically designed for the demands of school life, with support for weekly and daily rotations.

Key Highlights of My Study Life

1. One can add all their classes and view them in a beautiful, recognisable weekly format. 

2. With My Study Life, you can easily add tasks, courses, and exams to your weekly timetable template and even enter detailed information such as room number, module, time, and teacher.

12. StudySmarter

USP: Collaborate with Other Students in Study Groups Downloads: 5M+ Cost: Free  Google Ratings: 4.6/5

If you want to be more productive and efficient with planning your studies, StudySmarter is here to help. This learning app is completely free of charge. So, it's time to give StudySmarter a try and take your studying to the next level!

Key Highlights of StudySmarter

1. You can collaborate with students worldwide and access shareable flashcards for a quick study boost. 

2. You can also upload and annotate documents and join study groups with students from other universities. 

3. If you want to see your progress, this study planning app has covered you with built-in charts to help you visualise your study time and see if you're meeting your weekly goals.

USP: Create Shared To-Do Lists and Track Assignments Downloads: 1 Cr+ Cost: Free  Google Ratings: 4/5

Next, we have an app to keep you organised and on track with your study plans! Trello is a study planning app that helps you stay on top of your courses, assignments, and deadlines. It is one of the best student study planner apps and is worth your time.

Key Highlights of Trello

1. This study planner app creates to-do lists, deadlines, responsibilities, goals and details of your tasks. 

2. It helps you remain on track during your studies and helps reduce stress. 

3. Another cool feature is that you can share lessons on Trello with your friends to make a group study session.

14. Notion 

USP: Adaptive Note Taking with AI Writing Assistance Downloads: 1 Cr+ Cost: Free  Google Ratings: 4.7/5

Another best study planner app out there for students is Notion! This app is a treasure box! The best way to know the capabilities of Notion would be by exploring the app since there are so many features!

Key Highlights of Notion

1. Notion appeals to many due to its adaptability; you can create tasks and calendars, keep a notebook, add images, create a timetable, and so much more! 

2. This study planner app has now introduced an AI feature that helps people write much quicker. 

3. Your notes are in sync with all your devices, meaning the notes you took on your laptop are accessible on your phone!

15. Habitica 

USP: Gamify Your Studying for Fun Motivation Downloads: 1M+ Cost: Free  Google Ratings: 4/5

Time to gamify your study plan! Habitica is a study planning app for students and is one of the most unique apps on the market. This study planner app is one of the unique apps you can use to plan your studies!

Key Highlights of Habitica

1. Every time you complete your tasks, you receive rewards for achieving them and even be penalised for failing to complete them.

2. Using rewards, you can fight alongside monsters with other players who use the app! 

16. Be Focused 

USP: iOS App for Distraction-Free Timed Study Sessions Downloads: N/A Cost: Free Google Ratings: 4.7/5

Last but not least is an iOS-specific app named Be Focused. This study planner app is for students who need to keep away from distractions; this app lets you do just that. Making it one of the best study planner apps for students!

Key Highlights of Be Focused

1. You can break down your tasks and set timers for each one of them with breaks in intervals! 

2. You can create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period.

Why Should You Use Study Planning Apps?

Planning and organising have always been a boon! Studying requires you to concentrate and take in a lot of information that helps build knowledge. Utilising study planning apps and goal setting apps , you will easily be able to keep track of your subjects, time yourself, analyse how you can get better and achieve your goal too. You can also set a calendar or a reminder for revisions and tests. It would make tracking your strengths and weaknesses easy, too. Here are some reasons why you should be using these best study planning apps:

1. Time Management

2. Consistency

3. Goal Setting

4. Notifications and Reminders

5. Resource Management

6. Adaptability

7. Visual Representation

8. Analytical Insights

9. Collaboration

10. Organisation

There are various study planning apps available on the Apple Store and Google App Store to suit the preferences of all types of students. Some of these are the best study apps for students , which can help you keep track of class schedules, manage assignments, and boost your productivity. Studying and planning are always an amazing combo; however, have you planned to book your student accommodation through the amber app ? If not, go through the guide to learn more about the app!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it easier to use a study organiser app instead of manual work, is there any specific schedule app for students, which is the best timetable application for students, how to find great apps for studying without getting confused, is my data safe in the study planning apps, what is the best online planner for students, which are the best online planners for students.

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Rated as "Excellent" • 4800+ Reviews by Students

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The 5 best academic planners for college students

When you buy through our links, Business Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more

  • Keeping track of homework assignments, events, and goals in college can be overwhelming.
  • A physical planner can make it easier to stay organized, set goals, and jot down quick notes.
  • Below are the 5 best academic planners for college in 2022, from brands like Moleskine and Blue Sky.

Insider Today

When it comes to juggling classes, weekend plans, and long-term goals in college, using a paper planner is never a bad idea. For one, physically writing down information is shown to improve your memory , which comes in handy for keeping track of due dates and extracurricular events throughout the year.

The other benefit of writing in a physical academic planner is it gives you a screen-less space to reflect on your goals, cross off finished homework, and organize your life. With the variety of planners out there, you can find everything from simple daily planners for easy scheduling to journals focused on time management or habit-tracking. And if you decide to get one in the middle of the academic year, there are plenty of undated versions, too.

The 5 best academic planners for college students in 2022:

Best college academic planner overall: Blue Sky Academic Year Weekly & Monthly Planner, $20 at Amazon Of all the planners out there, we consider the Blue Sky Academic Planner the best one overall because of its weekly and monthly layouts, which are great for both quick calendar planning and more in-depth notetaking for each day of the week.

Best college academic planner for scheduling: PAPERAGE 17-Month Academic Planner, $14.95 at Amazon If you prefer to use your planner strictly for scheduling, the PAPERAGE 17-Month Academic Planner comes with weekly and monthly overviews as well as a class schedule tracker.

Best customizable college academic planner: Moleskine Spiral Academic Planner, $28.99 at Amazon While Moleskine is most famously known for its classic minimalist notebooks , this spiral academic planner boasts the same high quality but with more guidance on its pages.  

Best college academic planner for self-reflection: bloom daily planners Academic Year Goal & Vision Planner, $26.95 at Amazon When it comes to planners set around specific goals, bloom daily planners is our favorite for its themed planners, such as its Academic Year Goal & Vision Planner.

Best undated college academic planner: BK Undated Weekly/Monthly Planner 2022-2023, $14.50 at Amazon The Perfect Planner from BK makes it easy to jump in, no matter where you are in the year.

Best college academic planner overall

easiest way to keep track of assignments

Blue Sky 2022-2023 Academic Year Weekly & Monthly Planner, $20, available at Amazon

Of all the planners out there , we consider the Blue Sky Academic Planner the best one overall because of its weekly and monthly layouts, which are great for both quick calendar planning and more in-depth notetaking for each day of the week. It also comes with a yearly goal section to write down broader reflections.

Additionally, the Blue Sky Academic Planner comes in a huge variety of colors and sizes , making it feel more customizable.

Best college academic planner for scheduling

easiest way to keep track of assignments

PAPERAGE 17-Month Academic Planner 2022-2023, $14.95, available at Amazon

If you prefer to use your planner strictly for scheduling, the PAPERAGE 17-Month Academic Planner comes with weekly and monthly overviews as well as a class schedule tracker. Its lay-flat layout makes it easy to simply leave it open on a desk, and its 100 gsm acid-free paper is thicker than typical planner paper, so you're less likely to have any pen bleed-throughs that mess up your calendar.

There are also extra pages for miscellaneous notes such as holidays, birthdays, and other big events to remember.

Best customizable college academic planner

easiest way to keep track of assignments

Moleskine 2022-2023 Spiral Academic Planner, $28.99, available at Amazon

While Moleskine is most famously known for its classic minimalist notebooks , this spiral academic planner boasts the same high quality but with more guidance on its pages.  

On top of its weekly and monthly calendars, class schedule, GPA tracker, project tracker, and habit tracker, it also has select prompts like "this year, I will:" and "why was this year memorable?". 

The number of journaling options available in this one notebook makes it a great planner to customize. You can use it for remembering assignments and grades, or add elements of goal-setting and daily journaling to the mix, adding creative elements like sticky notes or drawing to truly make this planner your own.

Best college academic planner for self-reflection

easiest way to keep track of assignments

bloom daily planners 2022-2023 Hardcover Academic Year Goal & Vision Planner, $26.95, available at Amazon 

When it comes to planners set around specific goals, bloom daily planners is our favorite for its themed planners, such as its Academic Year Goal & Vision Planner. On top of weekly and monthly calendar pages, this planner includes pages for in-depth goal-setting in all areas of life, including relationships, fitness, finances, family, and fun. 

Beyond promoting a healthy balance between academic study and other important things like friendships and health, its layout encourages breaking down bigger goals into actionable steps so you're not overwhelmed with tasks during an already busy time.

Best undated college academic planner

easiest way to keep track of assignments

BK Undated Weekly/Monthly Planner 2022-2023, $14.50, available at Amazon

If you're months into college when you realize you could really use a planner, it can be frustrating to pay for one when you can't use all the pages. Undated planners, like the Perfect Planner from BK, make it easy to jump in no matter where you are in the year.

It has all the same benefits as a dated planner, including monthly and weekly pages. But it also has 68 extra pages for notes, with dotted paper that makes it great for bullet journaling . As an added bonus, it comes bound with a sleek vegan leather cover for a stylish touch.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

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10 Best Homework Planner Apps [2024]

Are you looking for the best homework planner apps that will help you organize your academic life in an organized way? So you must check out the 10 best homework planner apps for students that we have mentioned in this post.

With these best homework planner apps, you can easily keep track of school, college, or tuition homework, assignments, exams, classes, projects, and many more.


There are many benefits of using the Homework Planner app such that you do not have to rush to complete your homework at the last minute. And you can complete and submit your homework on time.

You can use these apps in place of traditional paper-based academic agenda books, school diaries, and students planner.

These student assignment planner apps will help you stay organized about your homework and assignments, will send you homework reminders, and help you track your homework at all times.

Let’s look at the 10 best homework planner apps for college and high school students that help you manage your homework schedules, and reminders and improve time management skills and productivity.

Table of Contents

10 Best Homework Planner Apps

Here are the best homework planner apps for students that you can use:

1. My Study Life – School Planner

My Study Life is one of the best study planner apps for students and teachers that will make it easier to manage your academic life.

It allows you to track your homework, tasks, assignments, projects, and upcoming exams with reminders and notifications, and store your homework, classes, tasks, and exams in the cloud, making it easy to access anywhere on any device.

The best part of this app is that it synchronizes your data seamlessly between devices, allowing you to use the app even when you are offline. We highly recommend it if you struggle to organize, it helps rid you of a lot of stress.

Rating: 4.3 /5.0

Downloads: 1 Million+

Price: Free and In Purchase Available

Download: My Study Life App for iOS | Android

2. myHomework Student Planner App

This is another one of the most popular homework planner apps for students. My Homework Student Planner app has a very simple interface and its modern design makes it easy to use for all.

The free version of this app has amazing features that allow students to keep track of their homework, homework calendar, class schedule and, homework widget, synchronized homework, reminders, colorful themes.

A Premium version of this app is also available which includes many premium features like it will give you ad-free access, uploading pictures and files in homework and classes, 60+ themes, and more.

Rating: 4.1 /5.0

Download: My homework Student Planner App for iOS | Android

3. Power Planner: Homework/Grades

Power Planner is the most popular homework planner app that helps you manage your academic life across your Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Power Planner is a great app to keep up with all your classes and courses, timetable,  tasks, and grades. The app has a very clean interface, user-friendly UI, and great features.

Power Planner helps you keep track of classes, homework, and grades every semester. The widgets in this app also help you see your upcoming homework and assignments. Google Calendar integration helps you view homework and classes from Google Calendar.

The premium version of this app (one-time purchase) unlocks additional features such as the ability to add more than five grades per class, use multiple semesters/years, and many more. However, the free version of this application is also functional.

Rating: 4.8 /5.0

Downloads: 100k+

Download: Power Planner App for iOS | Android

4. Schedule and Homework Weeklie

Our next app is Schedule & Homewor k which is the best homework planner app for college students. This app will help you to improve your academic performance and become more organized.

This app allows you to track your homework, manage your assignments, attach some photos, or create reminders so that you never forget to complete your assignments on time, you can even share the schedule with your friends.

Rating: 4.2 /5.0

Downloads: 500k+

Download: Schedule and Homework Weeklie  App for   Android

5. Egenda School Planner

This is one of the best free homework planner apps for students. The app has amazing designs which make it beautiful and easy to use.

The app includes amazing features such as you can manage all your homework, assignments, tasks, projects, and exams, and also you will get reminders for upcoming tasks.

The best part about this amazing application is that it is available completely free to use. There is no in-app purchase or subscription fee involved in using this app.

Download: Egenda App for iOS | Android

Also Read: 11 Best Student Planner Apps of 2024

6. Homework Planner School Agenda

Another best homework planner app for students is Homework Planner School Agenda . This homework planner app is very easy to use for homework organization. The app helps you to keep track of your homework, assignments, projects, seminars, and to-do lists.

The app has amazing features such as you can break your assignments into sub-tasks and track your progress more accurately, multiple reminders can be set to notify you about the upcoming task, so you will never miss a deadline and complete all homework and assignments on time.

Downloads: 50T+

Download: Homework Planner School Agenda App for Android

7. Classify – Homework Timetable School Planner

Classify is the best all-in-one student planner app that helps you to organize your daily tasks and homework, assignments, and projects.

The app has amazing features like tracking your entire school schedule, managing your timetable and events, set reminders to complete homework and assignments on time.

Downloads: 10T+

Download: Classify – Homework Timetable School Planner App for iOS | Android

8. Homework Planner

Keeping homework organized is never an easy task but the Homework Planner app helps you to make it easy. The application is simple and very easy to use.

Homework Planner will help you organize and track your homework, assignments, and grades and you can even set reminders so that you can complete your homework and assignments on time without forgetting.

You can try this great homework app to organize your school life in a better way.

Rating: 4.0 /5.0

Download: Classify – Homework Planner App for Android

9. Class Timetable

Another simple and easy-to-use homework planner app for school, college, or university students is Class Timetable . The app allows you to keep track of your classes and add events to your week’s schedule, color code every subject.

The best part of this application is that it doesn’t have any annoying ads. Overall this is an amazing homework planner app that we highly recommend for high school or college students.

Rating:  3.8 /5.0

Download: Classify – Class Timetable App for iOS | Android

10. School Timetable – Study Planner, Grades, Tasks

The last app in our list of best homework planner apps for students is School Timetable . It allows you to organize your homework, timetable, marks, class notes, and events.

School Timetable helps you keep track of all your homework, assignments, exams, and classes and add events to your week’s schedule, Daily notifications of upcoming tasks will help you never forget your important tasks.

Rating:  4.5 /5.0

Download: Classify – School Timetable – Study Planner App for   Android

These best homework planner apps will help you keep track of your homework, assignments, exams, classes, projects, and seminars and will also help you in increasing your productivity with time management.

The homework planner app ensures that you stay organized about your homework and are less stressed throughout your academic year at school or college.

When it comes to keeping track of homework or assignments for your school, college, or tuition, these homework apps for students prove to be very beneficial.

Everyone has their own way of managing their academic life. It is entirely up to you to find the best homework planner app as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below we have shared some frequently asked questions and answers related to the best homework planner apps for students which will definitely help to resolve frequently asked queries.

Q.1 What is the best way to keep track of homework?

Ans : The best option for you to keep track of your homework and assignments is to use the Homework Planner app on your mobile phone.

With the help of these best homework apps for students, you will never forget your important task and you will be able to complete it on time.

Q.2 What is the best homework planner App?

Ans : All the above-mentioned best homework planner apps are good. Nevertheless, if we talk about the best homework planner app out of these, then it is My Study Life.

My Study Life helps you to track your homework, and assignments in a well-organized way. With this, you can complete your important homework and assignments on time.

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easiest way to keep track of assignments


6 Homework Apps to Help Keep You Organized

homework apps

Managing everything you have to do as a student can seem like a full-time job. With so many classes, activities, club meetings, and homework assignments thrown at you every day, it can be very overwhelming to keep track of it all.

Luckily, there are some great homework apps you can install on your phone or tablet that can help you know what classes you have coming up each day and stay on top of all of your assignments.

Here are six of our favorites. We hope these help you stay organized all year long!

Although the myHomework app supports traditional school schedules as well as block schedules, it does not support alternating block schedules, so if you have an A/B schedule, this is probably not the app for you.

  • My Study Life This app is a full-fledged homework management app with its own web application, which is awesome because you can check your assignments from your computer or your phone. Plus, the calendar view shows all of your classes and assignments at the same time, and it shows you incomplete tasks that are due soon so you know what to work on first. The design is unique, too, with circles showing what percentage of a task is completed and how much more you have to go. Available for: iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone and the web. Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Cost: Free

Another cool feature is that you can organize all of your assignments by date, course or priority, and you can sort them by pending and completed as well. Other bonus features include the ability to add contact info for all of your teachers and the ability to enter your grades so you can track how your GPA is doing.

Unfortunately, none of the apps listed above will actually do your homework for you — that part’s still up to you — but at least they’ll make it more likely that you’ll get it finished on-time and stress-free.

The organization was established over 50 years ago and works “to change the trajectory of high-potential Black youth by providing unique programming in the classroom and beyond.” Their scholars complete a four-year fellowship that includes academic enrichment, leadership development, career exposure, mentoring and college access.

Students must maintain a grade point average near 3.0 to remain in good standing with the organization — a bar the organization sets knowing full well that access to scholarships and grants for college will be the only way that most of its students can afford to go. Not all students meet this threshold despite mentoring from caring adults and strong support from administrative staff. Thus additional academic supports are needed.

Over many years, EE provided programs to help get students back on track if they started to flounder and to establish academic habits that put them on a trajectory for success. We started by offering weekly group tutoring events at the organization’s facility that not only helped students with homework completion and exam prep but also provided lessons on learning strategies, goal setting, and self-advocacy. However, traveling to the facility after school was a burden for some scholars, so EE tutors also met students at libraries and other public locations to provide support in specific subject areas where students requested help. Year after year we met with administrators and added additional resources: a summer school study skills workshop for freshmen and final exam prep workshops for all grade levels. Our unique array of programs allowed the organization to support their scholars at every stage of their academic journey.

The mission of the organization is to fight for economic mobility among highly motivated, first-generation college students by providing mentoring and intensive career development. The agency was founded on the belief that socioeconomic status should not be a barrier to college persistence and career success. 

Their staff found that many of their participants were struggling with writing assignments of all sorts in college. From essays in English class to writing cover letters for potential summer internships, many students were not effective writers. The organization provided various career development workshops throughout the academic year, but they lacked a writer’s workshop to specifically address this area of weakness. 

We met with program managers and the executive director to discuss their students’ needs and what type of program would be beneficial. The Writer’s Practice Workshop was an ideal fit for them. The course allowed students to understand that everyone is a writer even if they don’t think of themselves as such. Over the course of four sessions students assessed their own writing process; discussed the tools of a good writer’s practice; considered the audience, purpose, and the needs of any piece; and produced writing on topics that were important to them. Students left the workshop with a greater understanding of how to start assignments and follow steps to revise, edit, and polish for best results, giving them confidence in their writing. 

The organization’s mission is to provide opportunities for underserved youth to achieve academic and personal success via financial, educational and personal support during their high school years. They provide tuition assistance to attend a high-quality school along with the guidance and commitment of caring, adult mentors. They aim to serve an often overlooked segment: academically “average” students from the city’s most challenging and underserved neighborhoods.

Program staff wanted to help their students prepare for final exams and train mentors to more effectively support students in their exam prep efforts. Volunteer mentors were available to give support, but the organization lacked a consistent approach on how best to help students and make them better learners.

EE met with program administrators and board members to plan and implement a Final Exams Workshop in the lead-up to final exams. The 3-hour workshop was attended by students and their mentors on a Saturday morning. The curriculum helped students create DIY study guides for any class, plan a study schedule, prioritize final exams by difficulty and need, assess and discuss their strengths and weaknesses in regards to learning strategies, and share with peers their successes or concerns. We also facilitated a conversation between mentors and mentees as to how they could best support their students in the coming weeks. Students and mentors left the workshop with a blueprint for attacking finals week in the most efficient way — a plan they could use for high school and college.

The organization supported immigrants and their families by connecting women from over 60 countries who share a dedication to the pursuit of global understanding and universal human rights. As part of their philanthropic arm, the organization supported a local elementary school they had identified as highly diverse with a large number of immigrant students. Before engaging EE, the organization relied mostly on volunteers to provide reading support to students during school hours. 

After discussions with the organization and the school principal, teachers, families, and other stakeholders, we developed a school year calendar of after school programs that would help students develop the skills needed to succeed in elementary school and beyond. We provided courses for grades 5-8 in the spring and fall, greatly expanding the enrichment opportunities the NFP was able to provide. In doing so, we developed a close relationship with the school administration and their teaching staff, who saw the positive impact the program was having on their students. Additionally, the NFP was able to expand their mission to areas where they saw a great need: improving study skills, raising test scores, and increasing access to high school opportunities for immigrant youth. 

A scholarship foundation funded by a suburban country club was disappointed with the caliber of student who typically applied for their college scholarship offerings. Knowing that the skills needed for success in college must be cultivated from an early age, they wanted to establish a summer enrichment program for students entering 9th and 10th grade that would serve as an early intervention and better position the pool of applicants when the time came a few years later to apply for the college scholarships.

We collaborated with the foundation to identify areas of strength and weakness in their applicant pool and listened to their personal beliefs about what it takes to succeed in college. With that understanding, we customized a version of the Summer Learners’ Workshop that lays the foundation for college-level skills and caters to the learning styles and academic backgrounds of the particular students at this organization.

The resulting program has gained a reputation as one of the top summer enrichment experiences in that community with parents routinely reporting that the results exceeded their expectations. The program is now attended by an even wider array of students than those who were first targeted by the foundation.

A charter school network was seeking to implement a test prep program across eight campuses to prepare their 8th grade students for the Chicago Public Schools selective enrollment entrance exam. The high school admissions process is highly competitive, and it was the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic when students were learning from home. The schools did not have expert knowledge about the contents of the test, and finding staff at their schools to cover a program outside of school hours would be challenging. Administrators knew how competitive the admissions process was and that even their strongest students were not guaranteed a spot. For equity, they wanted to offer the course to all of their students – even those who were very unlikely to be admitted to a selective enrollment school. 

Given the wide array of students, the EE team worked with individual school counselors to create ability groupings, determine a process for reporting attendance, progress, and behavior issues, and create a curriculum that would be effective in a remote learning model. We knew that remote engagement for an after school program would be a challenge, so we incorporated competitive team games, a leaderboard of accomplishments, and other incentives to encourage maximum participation. EE provided all management and instructional staffing to deliver the test prep course successfully while freeing up teachers and counselors at the charter school to focus on their daily workload. Students received a robust course focused on strategies, practice tests, and concept review that put them in the best position to maximize their potential on test day. 

A leading scholarship fund that provides financial assistance for highly qualified, low-income students knew that financial aid alone would be insufficient to ensure their students’ success at rigorous private and parochial high schools. Therefore, they sought an intensive summer program to prepare scholars for what lay ahead. 

EE worked with the organization to determine the biggest challenges scholars would face. We landed on a wide array of non-cognitive skills that are not necessarily taught in middle school: time management, organization, self-advocacy, focus, growth mindset, etc. Inspired by this challenge, we developed our Ideal Student Workshop, which would later become the basis for our Learners’ Workshop.

Over a decade later we are still delivering the program to students at this scholarship fund and others. The program works to develop the three dimensions of successful students: character, learning strategies and habits. We update the program yearly to keep up with changes in student needs and the educational landscape. Our fun and research-based curriculum continues to be a popular summer bridge for various organizations. 

A prominent sports-based youth development organization wanted to improve one of the core elements of their program: providing educational enrichment programs to their participants.

Their goal was to offer a continuum of services for 9th-12th graders that would support students in their schoolwork, provide a pathway to college, and create a culture of learning amongst players. EE was uniquely positioned to offer a variety of services to meet this need: private tutoring, study skills classes, writing courses, high school admissions test prep, SAT/ACT prep, and college readiness seminars. We listened to the players, parents, and other stakeholders to determine which programs were most effective, established expectations for participants, and decided on the best timing and format to deliver the courses.

Since 2017 we have successfully delivered these services allowing their administrative team to focus on their primary coaching responsibilities. Ultimately, the best praise we have received is that we have provided a wide circle of caring adults to support students academically and emotionally and that we have listened to their needs and adapted our offerings to suit their participants.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

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I Tried 4 To-Do List Methods. Here’s What Worked.

  • Kelsey Alpaio

easiest way to keep track of assignments

…and what didn’t.

There are a lot of methods out there for staying organized. But which method prevails? Over four days, I tried four ways of organizing my to-do list. I tracked my overall productivity and stress levels to see which worked best.

  • Monday: Get rid of your to-do list and instead schedule out your tasks in your digital calendar. This method is good for people who like structure, aren’t afraid of a crowded calendar, and love planning ahead.
  • Tuesday: Keep a running list but do just “one thing” on it. This method is good for daydreamers, multitaskers, and people who are easily distracted.
  • Wednesday: Use a digital task manager. This method is good for techies and people who have A LOT of tasks to organize, or are working on a variety of projects.
  • Thursday: Make three lists, one for immediate tasks, one for future tasks, and one for tasks you’re never going to get done. This method is good for self-motivated people with competing priorities who love crossing the easy items off their list (a little too much), and don’t need much support to stay focused.

Ascend logo

Where your work meets your life. See more from Ascend here .

You know that slimy, green ghost from Ghostbusters ? The one that floats around eating everything in sight?

  • KA Kelsey Alpaio is an Associate Editor at Harvard Business Review. kelseyalpaio

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Deep Roots Learning Solutions, Inc.

Deep Roots Learning Solutions, Inc.

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How to Use Google Calendar as Your Homework Planner – Part 1

In this post, you will learn how to set up and share a Google calendar for the purpose of keeping track of homework or assignments. See Part 2 of this post to see how to set up the homework entries and reminders.

Kids lose their agenda books. They leave them in their lockers, on buses, in desks. Sometimes they just vanish without a trace. And they take with them any clue the kid had about what to do for homework.

And then there are the kids that a paper planner just doesn’t work for. Their handwriting doesn’t fit in the boxes, or they keep putting things on the wrong page, and then they are gone forever! Or they write a project or due date down, and don’t check the agenda book when it’s time to do the work. Students with dyslexia or dysgraphia might also find a paper planner challenging to use.

Turning Google Calendar into an assistive technology to help these kids is simple and helps them to build technology skills that will support them for life. I think this starts to be effective around sixth grade, if there are devices available regularly through the day, or if the child carries a smartphone.

First the child needs a Google account. Log in and choose Google Calendar from the menu of Google tools:

You will see a blank Google calendar, if you’ve never used it before.

I recommend creating a dedicated Google calendar, called “Beth’s Homework” or something similar to keep all the homework in one place. This is a good practice because hopefully the student will use the calendar to keep track of appointments, sports practices, and important dates down the road, and this keeps all that information from becoming smushed together and overwhelming.

  • Name the calendar. Mine is “Beth’s Homework.”
  • Share it with others. Type an email address, and choose from the dropdown whether others can view only or edit (including adding and deleting) events.
  • Click “Create Calendar” at the bottom of the screen.

Tune in tomorrow to learn how to set up repeating events and color coding to make it look like a student agenda book . I’ll also show you how to edit the events to record the day’s assignments.

What’s next?

If your child needs individualized help with writing , check out our writing tutoring services .

We also offer small-group classes for middle and high school students.

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How to Stay on Top of Your Assignments in College

Empowering Parents: How to Avoid Burnout While Pursuing Education

What is Nurse Practitioner Credentialing?

What is Nurse Practitioner Credentialing?

Herzing's Career Pathways to Women's Health Nursing

Herzing's Career Pathways to Women's Health Nursing

The Evolution of Nursing: From Past to Future

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myHomework Student Planner 4+

Rodrigo neri, designed for ipad.

  • 4.5 • 4.2K Ratings
  • Offers In-App Purchases



What makes myHomework the best student planner? * Beauty, Simplicity, and Reliability - myHomework has a gorgeous appearance and simple interface making it easy for anyone to use. Our apps fill their role as a planner without network connectivity. * Amazing Anywhere - With highly rated cross-platform apps, and a wonderful website, it's the most complete on the go planner experience anywhere. * Price - The account is FREE everywhere and an ads-free premium experience is available. * Experience - myHomework has been around since 2009 and continually improving the experience based on the feedback of our users. But don't listen to us, check out just some of the coverage we've received: 2014: USA Today Best Back to School Apps 2013: Edudemic The 16 Apps And Tools Worth Trying This Year 2012: HLNTV Top 4 Back to School Apps 2012: Yahoo News 10 Helpful Apps for Students 2012: The Street 10 Best Back-to-School Apps 2011: Main Street Back-to-School: The Best Smartphone Apps 2010: Mashable Top 10 Back to School Apps 2009: Time's Top 10 Back To School Apps 2009: Business Insider The Top 10 Back-To-School iPhone Apps The free app includes: - Track your classes, homework, tests and assignments - Beautiful calendar display - Supports time, block and period-based schedules - Universal (both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) - Compatibility for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus With the optional myHomework account, you also get: - Sync across other platforms - Access to our website - Receive homework reminders - Facebook Single Sign-On - Join your teacher's class and automatically download their class information, assignments, files and announcements Are you looking for a replacement to that paper student planner, school diary, or academic agenda? myHomework is just what you're looking for. The clean interface and design make this app great for college, high school, or middle school. This homework helper contains additional features that make it easy to use for high school students with a block class schedule. Keeping track of assignments has never been better! The myHomework student agenda is today's students favorite way to focus and reduce anxiety. With this school tracker, the information normally hidden in the academic planner is now available everywhere. Using myHomework as a school organizer makes keeping track of what assignments to do easier than ever before. Download Today!

Version 6.8.12

General improvements and minor bug fixes.

Ratings and Reviews

4.2K Ratings

This app is extremely helpful with keeping track of all schoolwork and assignments. I’ve been using it for about two-three months now and it has literally saved me. I’ve tried out other apps to keep track of schoolwork, but this one is by far the best, because it allows you to streamline your process, all you need to do is quickly enter the title of your assignment, due date, and choose the class it belongs to, then instead of trying to keep track of your assignments in your head (if you’re anything like me you will forget half of them exist), you can just open that app and it provides a clear view of exactly what you need to get done. I’ve started to use this app to even keep track of meetings and other things outside of school because it works so well. A nice benefit is that for the necessary features it doesn’t require you to pay, although the premium version does allow you to have a few nice perks. Other apps sometimes require you to pay for features that are necessary, such as adding more than a set amount of assignments, but with MyHomework you get free reign, even with the free version. My only slight issue is that it doesn’t work very well in the multitasking view on iPad. Other than that, this app is amazing and I would highly recommend it.

Great App! Small Glitch

I have been using this app for over a year, and let me say that this has saved my grades. I have a physical planner where I write down my homework, but by the middle of the year, I always seem to forget to write it down. Since I’m on my phone a lot, it’s so convenient to be able to quickly jot it down in this app. Literally, I could be relaxing and then I’ll get a notification that I have an assignment due tomorrow which I completely would’ve forgotten to do. It’s also convenient as a schedule since you can write down the name of your teacher, the room number, and the time/period your class starts. Even the color coding feature is super helpful since you remember what class the assignment is for easily and it’s great for aesthetic purposes. My only issue is right now is this glitch. I recently upgraded from an iPhone 6 to and iPhone 7. I noticed that there’s the whole screen is kinda shifted up from where it should be and some of the words get cut off, so I don’t know what I’m reading or writing down. It’s pretty annoying, so I hope you guys fix that asap.

Switched from paper planner to this app

Im a sophomore in high school and i often get slot of homework. School plus extracurricular means i have a very busy schedule and need something to help me stay organized. Before this app i used a paper planner which was great but sometimes inconvenient if i wanted to check if i had plans on a certain day or have homework due on a certain day but i don’t have my planner on me. So now that the new year 2024 has started i needed a new planner but i decided instead of buying on that i would look for a app. i tried one app b4 this which u didn’t like bc it didn’t have a calendar and you could put events or remídete . superrr inconvenient. This app literally had everything that I need and i can log what hw i have right when the teacher says it instead of having to get my planner and write it down . I’m super thankful for it . I recommend this app to any other high school student w extracurriculars and sometimes a busy schedule. ALSO this app works for ppl with A Days and B day schedule 👍👍👍👍👍

App Privacy

The developer, Rodrigo Neri , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Identifiers
  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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10 ways to make your patio less of a target for birds

There is no easy, permanent and totally effective way to deter pigeons and other poop-prone birds. But you can make your space less appealing.

Q: How can I deter pigeons from pooping on my deck? I know there are various products available — tape, twirly things and all that — but I was hoping for a way to keep them away, period. Is that possible?

A: A person who comes up with an easy, permanent and totally effective way to keep away pigeons — or seagulls, geese, starlings or other poop-prone birds — is sure to get rich. Unfortunately, that solution doesn’t yet exist.

Ask Jeanne anything about home maintenance

That said, it is possible to make a deck, patio or balcony less inviting to pigeons or other pest birds. Here are some options, along with the pros and cons of each method.

Remove feeders

Taking down bird feeders is a good first step, but it’s not likely to be enough. Pigeons, especially, dine on a wide array of things — including insects, snails, worms, fruit and greens — even when people aren’t putting out a banquet of grains and food scraps.

Light and sound

Reflected light can go a long way toward bird-proofing a deck or patio. Birds are confused and scared by twirly things, reflective tape, and shiny CDs or aluminum-foil pie plates suspended on string that move in a breeze. Plastic owls also work, for a while.

Wind chimes and sounds, both audible and ultrasonic, also can help keep birds at bay. But the key thing to remember with all of these deterrents is that birds aren’t as dumb as we might think. Something will work for a while, but then the birds figure out the trick is just a scare tactic and ignore it.

If you’re trying to keep birds from eating cherries or berries in your garden, wait to put out reflective pieces until shortly before the fruit ripens so the birds don’t have time to figure out the subterfuge. For a deck or patio you want to use all summer, stock up on a couple of deterrents and switch them periodically. You might want to alternate between reflective devices, plastic owls or rubber snakes, and things that emit sounds.

Netting can be almost 100 percent effective at keeping birds out of an area. Bird-B-Gone recommends ¾-inch polypropylene mesh, which it says blocks all birds, including pigeons, starlings and sparrows.

But there are downsides: Birds can fly into the netting and get caught, a situation that’s not fun to deal with. The netting could make you feel like you’re in a cage. And you’d need a support structure of some kind, which could get complicated unless your patio, balcony or deck already has a roof, overhead trellis or pergola.

Unless there’s a roof, you also need a strategy to keep pigeons or other birds from perching on the upper supports and pooping right through the mesh.

Bird wire, which would keep birds from roosting on the railing surrounding a deck, is nylon-coated stainless steel cable strung between upright supports about 3½ to 5 inches above a beam and 3 inches apart if a beam is wide. The wires look like an inviting place to land, but the tensioned spring system makes for an unstable surface, so the birds roost elsewhere. ( sells all the components and offers a five-year warranty against corrosion; 250 feet of wire is $28.75.)

Electric track systems

Birdbarrier also offers an electrified track system, Bird-Shock Flex-Track , which gives birds enough of a shock when they land that they go elsewhere, but not such a high surge that they are injured or killed. It also has a five-year warranty against corrosion. Birdbarrier prices components separately, with the track starting at $216.60 for 50 feet. On Amazon you can buy a kit with 33 feet of a different brand of track and a charger for $199.

Spikes work well to keep birds off narrow ledges, but they aren’t as discrete as some other options, and they’re probably not something you’d want on your deck railing. At Home Depot, spikes to cover 10 linear feet are $24.58 in stainless steel and $30.03 in clear plastic , which is designed to be nearly invisible once installed.

Sticky gels

Installing bird wire, electrified track or spikes can take considerable effort. Squirting sticky goo, such as Bird Repellent Gel ( $29.97 for three tubes at Home Depot ), using a caulk gun is easier, but it won’t last as long. The manufacturer claims it will stay tacky and effective at keeping pigeons, starlings or sparrows from roosting for up to six months. If your yard gets a lot of dust, that could shorten the effective time. The gel is nontoxic but probably not something you want to spread on handrails or other surfaces people are likely to touch.

Unpleasant odors

Companies also offer bird repellents that use scents to scare away birds, but check customer reviews online before you buy: Many of these get two stars out of five, while the twirly and reflective solutions tend to rate considerably better.

In agricultural settings, where bird damage can be severe, some farmers are using lasers to scare away birds. Green laser lights set to flash randomly work especially well, with the light most vivid near sundown and sunrise. Laser light typically doesn’t stand out as much during the day, but Bird-X, which sells a laser that makes red and green dots ( $204.97 at Home Depot ) claims that its product works day or night. Customer reviews confirm that — and note that it can drive a dog crazy.

One customer suggested saving money by buying a laser designed for making a Christmas-season outdoor show, which produces similar light flashes but costs far less. (The Star Shower laser with red and green options and a remote control, for example, is $39.99 on Walmart’s website .)

Lasers can annoy neighbors, and some states have laws that make it a crime to use a laser in a way that bothers someone. Most places ban lasers directed at police or airplanes.


Giving pigeons or other birds food laced with a contraceptive is another option, but one that’s really only practical as a way of reducing a community’s bird population long-term. It doesn’t kill the birds, just keeps their eggs from hatching. And because pigeons may live for seven years or so, it will be a long time before the population decreases. Plus, if the birds skip eating the treated food for a few days, any new eggs they lay are back to normal.

Have a problem in your home? Send questions to [email protected] . Put “How To” in the subject line, tell us where you live and try to include a photo.

easiest way to keep track of assignments

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Here Comes Manhattanhenge’s 2nd Night: When and Where to Watch

The annual event brings New Yorkers together to celebrate longer days, warmer weather and epic summer sunsets.

A crowd including people with hands raised holding smartphone cameras looks west toward the sunset over the East River and a small boat.

By Katrina Miller

Katrina Miller recently reported on the April total solar eclipse from Carbondale, Ill. , and the May geomagnetic storm from Chicago.

A low cap of clouds toyed with New Yorkers on Tuesday as they attempted to take in the first night of the solar spectacle known as Manhattanhenge. On Wednesday evening, many may try to see the event again.

Each year at the end of May, and again in mid-July, residents and tourists alike flood the streets of Manhattan for a spectacular view of the sun setting in the west, flanked by the city’s famous streetscapes. The event attracts more people each year, some gathering in dense crowds as they dart in and out of the streets, their necks tilted and their camera lenses raised to catch a view.

“I think of it as astronomy in your face,” said Jackie Faherty, an astronomer at the American Museum of Natural History who computes the dates for Manhattanhenge each year . “It’s like a huge science party that will occur in the city.”

The event’s popularity most likely goes beyond an interest in science, Dr. Faherty added: People love a good photo op, and when the weather cooperates, Manhattanhenge delivers.

When is Manhattanhenge?

This year, Manhattanhenge’s first night occurred on Tuesday, May 28. More opportunities to see it will occur Wednesday, May 29, then again on July 12 and 13.

According to the American Museum of Natural History, Manhattanhenge will next reach its fullest effect at 8:12 p.m. on Wednesday, local time. In July, the event will occur at 8:21 p.m. on the 12th and 8:20 p.m. on the 13th.

The sunset will appear different on consecutive days. On May 28, the top half of the sun aligned with the city grid, although clouds obscured the full effect. On Wednesday, the full sun will be visible. Later in the summer, this pattern reverses: Viewers will see a full sun on July 12, and the top half of the sun on July 13.

Will clouds get in the way?

Probably. A National Weather Service forecast issued on Wednesday predicted that clouds would cover most of the skies in New York City at 8 p.m. this coming evening.

Why should I see it?

Like April’s solar eclipse and the sun’s dancing aurora , Manhattanhenge is another instance of our home star bringing people together.

Sunsets are one of the easiest ways to embrace “the wonder of the cosmos,” Dr. Faherty said, adding that each one is distinct. “You never know how the light is going to look or feel as it is setting, or what the atmosphere around you will be like.”

Longer days, warmer weather and the school year winding down in New York City make Manhattanhenge “just that extra notch up,” she said. “The whole thing is just a nice, relaxing summer party and celebration of astronomy.”

Why does Manhattanhenge happen?

The sun setting perfectly between New York’s urban canyons results from the geometry of the sun and Earth.

The sun sets in a different location every day because Earth is tilted on its axis as it orbits the sun, Dr. Faherty said. In the spring, she explained, if you watched the sun looking west from the same spot, you’d notice that the place where it sets moved a little north relative to the horizon each day.

After the summer solstice, which occurs on June 20 this year , the sun starts inching back south. “It pingpongs between solstices,” Dr. Faherty said. “And that’s because we’re going around the sun, like doing loops around a track.”

That’s also why there are two chances to see Manhattanhenge, in May and in July; the dates occur on either side of the summer solstice. Between these dates, viewers can still catch the sun emerge from behind the city’s skyscrapers as it sets, though it will appear at different heights in the sky.

It’s a season of “epic sunsets in New York City,” Dr. Faherty said.

How did Manhattanhenge start?

In the 1800s, city planners designed New York City as a grid: Its avenues run roughly north to south, and its cross streets are laid out at 90-degree angles, running approximately east to west.

As long as this grid has existed, people have likely noticed the phenomenon, Dr. Faherty said.

The earliest mention of this effect that Dr. Faherty has been able to track down is a 1997 comic strip published in Natural History magazine. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, coined the name “Manhattanhenge” in 2002, inspired by the ancient Stonehenge monument in England.

Since then, excitement surrounding the event has grown every year. “People caught on and it lit like wildfire,” Dr. Faherty said.

Where can I see Manhattanhenge?

Among the most popular places to watch this special sunset is the Tudor City overpass, a pedestrian walkway above 42nd Street. The vantage point offers a good view of the Chrysler Building.

Another favored location for photographers is the Park Avenue Viaduct a few avenues west, near Grand Central Station. But pedestrians aren’t allowed up there, and police will likely show up to clear any gathering crowds.

But any street running east to west in Manhattan with good visibility of New Jersey is fair game. For the best views (and photos), Dr. Faherty recommends finding a wide road framed by notable city structures.

On 34th Street, you’ll see the Empire State Building; elsewhere on 42nd Street, you might be able to position Times Square in your frame. Wide roads like 14th Street, 23rd Street and 57th Street are also popular. Uptown on 145th Street and Hunters Point in Queens offer unconventional views.

“You have to be in the middle of the street to fully appreciate it,” Dr. Faherty said, so keep safety in mind when picking a spot.

Does the effect ever occur at sunrise?

A similar effect occurs at sunrise in November and January, roughly six months after the Manhattanhenge sunset dates. Dr. Faherty call this Reverse Manhattanhenge.

But the dates for Reverse Manhattanhenge are more difficult to calculate, she said, because the sun rises to the east over the city’s other boroughs.

“The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens — they’re big, they have a lot of topography to them,” Dr. Faherty said. “There’s a lot more things that get in the way.”

That adds challenges to determining when there will be a clear view of the rising sun. And because the weather isn’t as good, Reverse Manhattanhenge tends to draw a smaller crowd.

John Keefe contributed reporting.

Katrina Miller is a science reporter for The Times based in Chicago. She earned a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Chicago. More about Katrina Miller

What’s Up in Space and Astronomy

Keep track of things going on in our solar system and all around the universe..

Never miss an eclipse, a meteor shower, a rocket launch or any other 2024 event  that’s out of this world with  our space and astronomy calendar .

The company SpaceX achieved a key set of ambitious goals  on the fourth test flight of a vehicle that is central to Elon Musk’s vision of sending people to Mars.

Euclid, a European Space Agency telescope launched into space last summer, finally showed off what it’s capable of with a batch of breathtaking images  and early science results.

A dramatic blast from the sun  set off the highest-level geomagnetic storm in Earth’s atmosphere, making the northern lights visible around the world .

With the help of Google Cloud, scientists who hunt killer asteroids churned through hundreds of thousands of images of the night sky to reveal 27,500 overlooked space rocks in the solar system .

Is Pluto a planet? And what is a planet, anyway? Test your knowledge here .


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