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ICAEW Case Study Made Easy – How to Pass ACA Case Study

What was my first impression of the ICAEW Case Study? Weird. This exam is completely different to the 14 ACA exams prior which actually have new content to learn. The ICAEW Case Study was completely unknown to me until I came to study for this exam. It was not really an exam that was spoken about at all beforehand. For this reason, I have written this blog to give others an insight into the ICAEW Case Study exam with tips to pass . If you would like to know how much preparation is needed for the ICAEW Case Study, click here .

I will also share a few of my ‘ help sheets ‘ for free to those of you who have kindly joined my journey. These sheets can be tailored to your ICAEW case study, printed out and taken into your exam as it is open book. It isn’t too late – join now! You will receive these within three/four days of joining at 6pm (UK).

Check out my  YouTube video  if you would prefer watching to reading!

Table of Contents

Introduction to the icaew case study, icaew case study materials, icaew case study exam format, executive summary, requirement 1, requirement 2, requirement 3, different ways to fail the icaew case study exam, icaew case study marking key and timings, make it easy.

To reiterate, there is no new content that you need to learn to pass the ICAEW Case Study. Passing this exam is more skills based than anything. According to ICAEW , students need to demonstrate they “ can provide advice on complex business issues in the form of a written report “. In order to do so, you will have to analyse both financial and non-financial data as well as portray ethical awareness to form conclusions and recommendations.

In terms of difficulty , the calculations involved are quite basic such as percentage change and there is minimal technical knowledge required. You will even already know roughly 40% of the exam that is going to come up. The remaining 60% is somewhat predictable too based on the case study information you are given.

If you are reading about the ICAEW Case Study for the first time, you are probably thinking “ this is great! “. I know I was. However, hold your horses as you might start to smile slightly less as you continue to read on.

The way the ICAEW Case Study works is that prior to the exam (roughly a month before I think it was) you should get sent the Advanced information (AI) . This is 40-50 pages of information – it is everything we need to know about the client before the current financial year. Do not worry about researching the industry outside of the AI as there is plenty of information including prior year financial statements and a few news articles within this. My case study was during COVID-19 and there were not many extra marks available regarding this.

Using this AI, you can really get to know the fictional client. You should understand the history of the company, the products the client sells, the pricing, competitors, opportunities, etc. Furthermore, you can perform a SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis and all sorts.

The surprise aspect of the ICAEW Case Study comes in the exam where you will get 10-15 pages of new information. However, this information is unlikely to be a total surprise as the AI will point towards this. For example, my ICAEW Case Study was about a magazine company. The AI mentioned the possibilities of exploring different consumer markets, different prices for magazines, a different type of magazine, etc. In the exam, out of all of these options price changes was one of the questions which came up so I was somewhat prepared.

The way I see it is that the AI is historical and the exam information is like meeting with your client for a new financial year and they update you on how it went. You will get the latest financial statements, hear of actual potential strategies and opportunities as well as get provided some newer news articles.

Every ICAEW Case Study will have the same exam format as follows:

For more information regarding each of these key exam areas, see the tabs below. As this is a report, your ES and requirements will need to be numbered throughout. My ‘help sheet’ will assist with this.

This first thing to do before even reading the exam question is to start the executive summary. You will need to address the external report to the client from your accountancy firm as per the Case Study. Following this, you should also write a disclaimer regarding liability. Doing this will get you a tick in the overall assessment criteria and my ‘help sheet’ has this all set out.

The purpose of the ES is to provide a balanced summary of all the three requirements. If someone did not have the time to read your full report, they should be able to pull out all the key information from this executive summary. The ES is standard for any ICAEW Case Study exam and is part of the 40% where you know what will come up.

You cannot simply copy and paste the conclusions from your requirements otherwise you will not get any marks . This could also result in you failing, see below. The ES needs to be slightly more detailed than the conclusion.

The ES is on a separate tab in the ICAEW software to the requirements so there would be a fair bit of flicking back and forth between the tabs to do this properly. The way I went about doing this was copying each of my requirement answers into sticky notes/comments on the exam exhibits. I would then paste these into the ES, remove less important information and reword parts to ensure I gained marks.

Timing is key in this exam so I would recommend to avoid leaving the ES until the end. Write it up after each requirement when the points are fresh in your mind.

Requirement 1 is part of that 40% where you know what question will come up. There is a small part of this requirement that is unknown but using the case study you can form an educated guess for what might come up.

The first thing you will need to do for every requirement is to create an appendix . These will be fairly basic calculations using information from the exhibits. Requirement 1 is all around financial statement analysis , in particular financial performance.

You already have the financial statements for the year prior to the exam statements in the AI. This will be used for the YOY comparison which is essentially what this R1 appendix is. You will need to have a movement column (£) and a % change column.

The software can be a pain when it comes to this requirement. This is because once you have produced the appendix, you will need to discuss the movements in the year and explain why this has happened using information in the exhibits. Again, this is fairly predictable and you can for example prepare reasons for increase/decrease in revenue beforehand. However, given the software you would need to keep scrolling up and down to see the numbers.

This is why my ‘ help sheets ‘ are useful as one addresses this issue. See a preview below. I took this in with me printed out as part of my open book file. As I was populating the appendix in the software I was writing all the numbers out too. This prevents having to scroll constantly and if you practice, it will save you more time than it wastes.

The less obvious aspect of this requirement will relate to a proposed financial adjustment. For example, a stock write off, bad debt issue, to do with cash flow or more. Do not worry too much as the AI will hint towards the potential issues.

As stated in requirement 1, you will need to produce an appendix made of fairly straightforward calculations. This should be the calculations behind evaluating a potential strategy or opportunity. For me, this was the potential revenue for different magazine pricing strategies. This was somewhat predictable so I had practiced calculations beforehand.

The rest of requirement 2 tends to have the same structure :

  • Is the strategy or opportunity is worthwhile given your numbers?
  • The assumptions would then need to be assessed. There will be benchmarks given in the AI and in the exam which you can compare these assumptions to.
  • Commercial and ethical considerations based on the exam information would be made. For example, does this strategy align with the client’s values as per the AI.
  • Conclusions and recommendations would need to be made.

Always state “any changes in the assumptions will affect the results of the model” for any ICAEW case study – it is an easy, guaranteed mark!

The shortest appendix will be needed for this requirement. It should be a few simple calculations to assess a potential strategy or opportunity. In all honesty, sometimes the lines can get slightly blurred between what could come up in requirement 2 or requirement 3.

As with 2, requirement 3 has roughly the same structure from ICAEW Case Study to Case Study:

  • Financial impact using these calculations
  • Strategic and operational issues
  • Business trust and ethical issues
  • Conclusions and recommendations

The recommendations can be quite straightforward such as carrying out market research. If there is another company involved, carry out due diligence on them.

Within all requirements , wider business context points are required to be sprinkled in throughout. These can be gathered from the AI and prepared beforehand but then ensure to add them in where relevant.

This is probably the most horrible aspect of the ICAEW Case Study. Either this or the fact that it is 4 hours long. What surprised me is that you can still fail this exam even if you achieve the actual pass mark. Yes, you read that correctly. Even if you reach the 50% pass mark, you can be failed for any of the other reasons outlined below .

  • As mentioned, achieving less than the 50% pass mark.
  • For not having complete coverage of the requirements – for example, if you scored 100% on R1 and R2 but then 0% on R3 or have a missing ES this would be seen as an incomplete report and you will fail. This is why time management in this exam is crucial which I touch on later and the ‘help sheet’ should help with.
  • Achieving less than 50% in each individual requirement and being deemed insufficiently competent often. Not only do you need 50% overall but you need to pretty much be passing each requirement. You really need to show you can produce a strong report here.
  • Missing out parts of requirements across the ICAEW Case Study. If you score above 50% in all requirements but have missed out 4-5 skills assessment boxes, you will fail. There cannot be gaps in the report. A fail could also be for writing poor conclusions and recommendations throughout.

Essentially, the examiner wants to see that you can write a complete report properly. If you do not do as ICAEW say in this exam you will be punished and you will fail.

I could honestly spend a very long time talking through the marking key. However, I do not want to get too bogged down with this in this blog. You will go through this in a LOT of detail once studying for this exam. I will therefore cover this at a high level. If you want further details about the ACA ICAEW Case Study marking key, click here where I have delved into this much more.

The main thing to know is that there are skilled assessment boxes (total of 40): ES (6); each of the three requirement (11); and one final box for the overall assessment criteria. The mark per each box is 0-6 so the maximum mark is 240 for this exam (40 x 6). Each box will have six points/’diamonds’ that need to be made. For example, one point/’diamond’ is stating revenue increased by x amount/(y %) based on the case study numbers. This will make more sense once you start studying for ICAEW Case Study.

From the table above you can see you do not benefit for hitting six points/’diamonds’ rather than four. You waste time but then it is difficult to know whether a point you make is in the skills assessment box or not. Through these boxes you demonstrate that you can: assimilate and use information; structure problems and solutions; apply judgement and form conclusions and recommendations.

You may be slightly confused as the marking key is unlike any others. There are no predetermined correct answers . In fact, only after assessing the first 100 say papers are the skills assessment boxes points/’diamonds’ put together. You need to write what everyone else writes so state the obvious and work together when preparing beforehand!

To briefly touch on timings, the ICAEW Case Study is four hours as mentioned. Believe it or not but it is very time pressured . There are many different ways to plan your time. I will share how I did it on one of my ‘help sheets’.

This blog title is definitely not click bait. These ‘help sheets’ will definitely give you a good idea of how to approach the ICAEW Case Study.

In addition to this, people do say you cannot revise for this exam given there is no content. However, I do definitely think you can prepare and you will need to go through the AI beforehand. Like I said though, do not go overboard with this as the AI should have all the information you need. Find out exactly how much preparation is needed to pass here . You should also familiarise yourself with the ICAEW software beforehand.

Practice for this exam to master the technique and timing. You may be wondering how and you probably will not like the answer. I would recommend practicing mock exams , as in previous ICAEW Case Study exams. This is tough as sitting one four hour exam is bad enough. Additionally, you would have to read AI’s that are not relevant to your exam and it is a lot of work. It is worthwhile though to do a few!

Another way to practice is through ACA Simplified / Paradigm Shift . Once the AI is released, this company will use the AI to predict around 5 different exams for your case study. It is fairly expensive but if you do want to practice on your own case study it is worthwhile. You can take the mark schemes in with you too as it is open book so this can potentially help in the exam if a similar question comes up. I mentioned above that requirement 2 and 3 have simple calculations but these can actually sometimes be tricky depending on the case study. ACA Simplified can help with this.

And there you have it! This was a very lengthy blog so if you found this useful it would be great if you could leave a comment 🙂

I thought I would also throw in a video of my final ICAEW exam day (Case Study) in November 2020 – I am sure many of you can relate to these feelings!


It’s all just come screaming back to me, great summary! Excited to see what your helpsheet is like!

Thank you for reading Abs and I hope you like them!

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A very informative blog for someone starting to prepare for Case Study! Now I know more about what I’m in for, lol. Thank you for the tips and helpsheets!

You are welcome Anne – I am glad to help!

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Thank you for providing the information relating to Case!

I was wondering what made you use ACA Simplified/Paradigm Shift compared to ACA Masters to help with your analysis of the AI?

Hi Guv, you are welcome – others I knew who had sat Case previously used ACA Simplified/Paradigm Shift and highly recommended them. At the time of my studies I actually wasn’t that aware of ACA Masters. They also have great reviews though!

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Loved this post. Very informative.

I was wondering what you think is the best way to use the ACA simplified mocks? Obviously sitting the other 2 advanced level exams, there isn’t a lot of time to practice all the mocks to time so I was wondering if you have any tips?

Also, is it possible for me to have your help sheets?

Thank you!!!

You are welcome and in terms of the mocks, I scanned through them and at the time was able to print them out and take in with me. I think this may have changed since I sat them so not sure if this is possible now. I would advise really running through the calculations and understanding them for requirement 2 and 3 – write these out in a way that is easy to understand and could be applicable to your real exam. Definitely is unmanageable trying to do them all but it is worth going through them and seeing if you would be on the right track if similar questions came up in the exam. I have mistakenly just emailed you the audit notes – in terms of the help sheets you will need to join my journey at http://www.jagsjourney.blog/contact and they will be with you in a few days. All the best!

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Why a career in chartered accountancy?

If you think chartered accountants spend their lives confined to their desks, then think again. They are sitting on the boards of multinational companies, testifying in court and advising governments, as well as supporting charities and businesses from every industry all over the world.

  • Why chartered accountancy?


Search for qualified ACA jobs

Matching highly skilled ICAEW members with attractive organisations seeking talented accountancy and finance professionals.

Volunteering roles

Helping skilled and in-demand chartered accountants give back and strengthen not-for-profit sector with currently over 2,300 organisations posting a variety of volunteering roles with ICAEW.

  • Search for volunteer roles
  • Get ahead by volunteering

Advertise with ICAEW

From as little as £495, access to a pool of highly qualified and ambitious ACA qualified members with searchable CVs.

Early careers and training

Start your ACA training with ICAEW. Find out why a career in chartered accountancy could be for you and how to become a chartered accountant.

Qualified ACA careers

Find Accountancy and Finance Jobs

Voluntary roles

Find Voluntary roles

While you pursue the most interesting and rewarding opportunities at every stage of your career, we’re here to offer you support whatever stage you are or wherever you are in the world and in whichever sector you have chosen to work.

  • ACA students

"How to guides" for ACA students

  • ACA student guide
  • How to book an exam
  • How to apply for credit for prior learning (CPL)
  • ACA student induction webinar
  • Exam resources

Here are some resources you will find useful while you study for the ACA qualification.

  • Certificate Level
  • Professional Level
  • Advanced Level

Digital learning materials

All ACA learning materials are now digital only. Read our guide on how to access your learning materials on the ICAEW Bookshelf via the BibliU app, or through your browser.

  • Read the guide

My online training file

Once you are registered as an ACA student, you'll be able to access your training file to log your progress throughout ACA training.

  • Access your training file
  • Student Insights

Fresh insights, innovative ideas and an inside look at the lives and careers of our ICAEW students and members.

  • Read the latest articles

System status checks

Getting started.

Welcome to ICAEW! We have pulled together a selection of resources to help you get started with your ACA training, including our popular 'How To' series, which offers step-by-step guidance on everything from registering as an ACA student and applying for CPL, to using your online training file.

Credit for prior learning (CPL)

Credit for prior learning or CPL is our term for exemptions. High quality learning and assessment in other relevant qualifications is appropriately recognised by the award of CPL.

Apply for exams

What you need to know in order to apply for the ACA exams.

The ACA qualification has 15 modules over three levels. They are designed to complement the practical experience you will be gaining in the workplace. They will also enable you to gain in-depth knowledge across a broad range of topics in accountancy, finance and business. Here are some useful resources while you study.

  • Exam results

You will receive your results for all Certificate Level exams, the day after you take the exam and usually five weeks after a Professional and Advanced Level exam session has taken place. Access your latest and archived exam results here.

Training agreement

Putting your theory work into practice is essential to complete your ACA training.

Student support and benefits

We are here to support you throughout your ACA journey. We have a range of resources and services on offer for you to unwrap, from exam resources, to student events and discount cards. Make sure you take advantage of the wealth of exclusive benefits available to you, all year round.

  • Applying for membership

The ACA will open doors to limitless opportunities in all areas of accountancy, business and finance anywhere in the world. ICAEW Chartered Accountants work at the highest levels as finance directors, CEOs and partners of some of the world’s largest organisations.

ACA training FAQs

Do you have a question about the ACA training? Then look no further. Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions relating to the ACA qualification and training. Find out more about each of the integrated components of the ACA, as well as more information on the syllabus, your training agreement, ICAEW’s rules and regulations and much more.

  • Anti-money laundering

Guidance and resources to help members comply with their legal and professional responsibilities around AML.

Technical releases

ICAEW Technical Releases are a source of good practice guidance on technical and practice issues relevant to ICAEW Chartered Accountants and other finance professionals.

  • ICAEW Technical Releases
  • Thought leadership

ICAEW's Thought Leadership reports provide clarity and insight on the current and future challenges to the accountancy profession. Our charitable trusts also provide funding for academic research into accountancy.

  • Academic research funding

Technical Advisory Services helpsheets

Practical, technical and ethical guidance highlighting the most important issues for members, whether in practice or in business.

  • ICAEW Technical Advisory Services helpsheets

Bloomsbury – free for eligible firms

In partnership with Bloomsbury Professional, ICAEW have provided eligible firms with free access to Bloomsbury’s comprehensive online library of around 80 titles from leading tax and accounting subject matter experts.

  • Bloomsbury Accounting and Tax Service

Country resources

Our resources by country provide access to intelligence on over 170 countries and territories including economic forecasts, guides to doing business and information on the tax climate in each jurisdiction.

Industries and sectors

Thought leadership, technical resources and professional guidance to support the professional development of members working in specific industries and sectors.

Audit and Assurance

The audit, assurance and internal audit area has information and guidance on technical and practical matters in relation to these three areas of practice. There are links to events, publications, technical help and audit representations.

The most up-to-date thought leadership, insights, technical resources and professional guidance to support ICAEW members working in and with industry with their professional development.

  • Corporate Finance

Companies, advisers and investors making decisions about creating, developing and acquiring businesses – and the wide range of advisory careers that require this specialist professional expertise.

  • Corporate governance

Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. Find out more about corporate governance principles, codes and reports, Board subcommittees, roles and responsibilities and shareholder relations. Corporate governance involves balancing the interests of a company’s many stakeholders, such as shareholders, employees, management, customers, suppliers, financiers and the community. Getting governance right is essential to build public trust in companies.

Corporate reporting

View a range of practical resources on UK GAAP, IFRS, UK regulation for company accounts and non-financial reporting. Plus find out more about the ICAEW Corporate Reporting Faculty.

Expert analysis on the latest national and international economic issues and trends, and interviews with prominent voices across the finance industry, alongside data on the state of the economy.

  • Financial Services

View articles and resources on the financial services sector.

  • Practice resources

For ICAEW's members in practice, this area brings together the most up-to-date thought leadership, technical resources and professional guidance to help you in your professional life.

Public Sector

Many ICAEW members work in or with the public sector to deliver public priorities and strong public finances. ICAEW acts in the public interest to support strong financial leadership and better financial management across the public sector – featuring transparency, accountability, governance and ethics – to ensure that public money is spent wisely and that public finances are sustainable.

Sustainability and climate change

Sustainability describes a world that does not live by eating into its capital, whether natural, economic or social. Members in practice, in business and private individuals all have a role to play if sustainability goals are to be met. The work being undertaken by ICAEW in this area is to change behaviour to drive sustainable outcomes.

The Tax area has information and guidance on technical and practical tax matters. There are links to events, the latest tax news and the Tax Faculty’s publications, including helpsheets, webinars and Tax representations.

Keep up-to-date with tech issues and developments, including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, and cyber security.

Trust & Ethics

Guidance and resources on key issues, including economic crime, business law, better regulation and ethics. Read through ICAEW’s Code of Ethics and supporting information.


Polaroids on pinboard

ICAEW Communities

Information, insights, guidance and networking opportunities on a range of industry sectors, professional specialisms and at various stages throughout your career.

  • Discover a new community


ICAEW Faculties

The accountancy profession is facing change and uncertainty. The ICAEW Faculties can help by providing you with timely and relevant support.

  • Choose to join any of the faculties

UK groups and societies

We have teams on the ground in: East of England, the Midlands, London and South East, Northern, South West, Yorkshire and Humberside, Wales and Scotland.

  • Access your UK region

Worldwide support and services

Support and services we offer our members in Africa, America, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Greater China, the Middle East, Oceania and South East Asia.

  • Discover our services

ICAEW Faculties are 'centres of technical excellence', strongly committed to enhancing your professional development and helping you to meet your CPD requirements every year. They offer exclusive content, events and webinars, customised for your sector - which you should be able to easily record, when the time comes for the completion of your CPD declaration. Our offering isn't exclusive to Institute members. As a faculty member, the same resources are available to you to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Communities by industry / sector

Communities by life stage and workplace, communities by professional specialism, local groups and societies.

We aim to support you wherever in the world you work. Our regional offices and network of volunteers run events and provide access to local accounting updates in major finance centres around the globe.

  • Ukraine crisis: central resource hub

Learn about the actions that ICAEW members are taking to ensure that their clients comply with sanctions imposed by different countries and jurisdictions, and read about the support available from ICAEW.

Insights pulls together the best opinion, analysis, interviews, videos and podcasts on the key issues affecting accountancy and business.

  • See the latest insights
  • Making COP count

This series looks at the role the accountancy profession can play in addressing the climate crisis and building a sustainable economy.

  • Read more on COP28

Professional development and skills

With new requirements on ICAEW members for continuing professional development, we bring together resources to support you through the changes and look at the skills accountants need for the future.

  • Visit the hub

When Chartered Accountants Save The World

Find out how chartered accountants are helping to tackle some of the most urgent social challenges within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and explore how the profession could do even more.

  • Read our major series

Insights specials

A listing of one-off Insights specials that focus on a particular subject, interviewing the key people, identifying developing trends and examining the underlying issues.

Top podcasts

Insights by topic.

Regulation graphic

ICAEW Regulation

Regulation graphic

  • Regulatory News

View the latest regulatory updates and guidance and subscribe to our monthly newsletter, Regulatory & Conduct News.

  • Regulatory Consultations

Strengthening trust in the profession

Our role as a world-leading improvement regulator is to strengthen trust and protect the public. We do this by enabling, evaluating and enforcing the highest standards in the profession. 

Regulatory applications

Find out how you can become authorised by ICAEW as a regulated firm. 

ICAEW codes and regulations

Professional conduct and complaints, statutory regulated services overseen by icaew, regulations for icaew practice members and firms, additional guidance and support, popular search results.

  • Training File
  • Practice Exam Software
  • Ethics Cpd Course
  • Routes to the ACA
  • ACA students membership application
  • Join as a member of another body
  • How much are membership fees?
  • How to pay your fees
  • Receipts and invoices
  • What if my circumstances have changed?
  • Difficulties in making changes to your membership
  • Faculty and community subscription fees
  • Updating your details
  • Complete annual return
  • Promoting myself as an ICAEW member
  • Verification of ICAEW membership
  • Become a life member
  • Become a fellow
  • Request a new certificate
  • Report the death of a member
  • Membership regulations
  • New members
  • Career progression
  • Career Breakers
  • Volunteering at schools and universities
  • ICAEW Member App
  • Working internationally
  • Self employment
  • Support Members Scheme
  • CPD is changing
  • CPD learning resources
  • Your guide to CPD
  • Online CPD record
  • How to become a chartered accountant
  • Register as a student
  • Train as a member of another body
  • More about the ACA and chartered accountancy
  • How ACA training works
  • Become a training employer
  • Access the training file
  • Why choose the ACA
  • Training routes
  • Employer support hub
  • Get in touch
  • Apprenticeships with ICAEW
  • A-Z of CPD courses by topic
  • ICAEW Business and Finance Professional (BFP)
  • ICAEW flagship events
  • Financial Talent Executive Network (F-TEN®)
  • Developing Leadership in Practice (DLiP™)
  • Network of Finance Leaders (NFL)
  • Women in Leadership (WiL)
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Partners in Learning
  • Board Director's Programme e-learning
  • Corporate Finance Qualification
  • Diploma in Charity Accounting
  • ICAEW Certificate in Insolvency
  • ICAEW Data Analytics Certificate
  • Financial Modeling Institute’s Advanced Financial Modeler Accreditation
  • ICAEW Sustainability Certificate for Finance Professionals
  • ICAEW Finance in a Digital World Programme
  • All specialist qualifications
  • Team training
  • Start your training
  • Improve your employability
  • Search employers
  • Find a role
  • Role alerts
  • Organisations
  • Practice support – 11 ways ICAEW and CABA can help you
  • News and advice
  • ICAEW Volunteering Hub
  • Support in becoming a chartered accountant
  • Vacancies at ICAEW
  • ICAEW boards and committees
  • Exam system status
  • ICAEW systems: status update
  • Changes to our qualifications
  • How-to guides for ACA students
  • ACA induction presentation
  • Apply for credits - Academic qualification
  • Apply for credits - Professional qualification
  • Credit for prior learning (CPL)/exemptions FAQs
  • Applications for Professional and Advanced Level exams
  • Applications for Certificate Level exams
  • Tuition providers
  • Latest exam results
  • Archived exam results
  • Getting your results
  • Marks feedback service
  • Exam admin check
  • Training agreement: overview
  • Professional development
  • Ethics and professional scepticism
  • Practical work experience
  • Access your online training file
  • How training works in your country
  • Student rewards
  • TOTUM PRO Card
  • Student events and volunteering
  • Xero cloud accounting certifications
  • Student support
  • Join a community
  • Wellbeing support from caba
  • Student conduct and behaviour
  • Code of ethics
  • Fit and proper
  • Level 4 Accounting Technician Apprenticeship
  • Level 7 Accountancy Professional Apprenticeship
  • AAT-ACA Fast Track FAQs
  • ACA rules and regulations FAQs
  • ACA syllabus FAQs
  • ACA training agreement FAQs
  • Audit experience and the Audit Qualification FAQs
  • Independent student FAQs
  • Practical work experience FAQs
  • Professional development FAQs
  • Six-monthly reviews FAQs
  • Ethics and professional scepticism FAQs
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  • The Business Finance Guide
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  • Corporate Finance Faculty
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  • Start-ups, scale-ups and venture capital
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  • Board committees
  • Corporate governance codes and reports
  • Corporate Governance Community
  • Connect and Reflect
  • Principles of corporate governance
  • Roles, duties and responsibilities of Board members
  • Shareholder relations
  • Corporate reporting resources
  • Small and micro entity reporting
  • UK Regulation for Company Accounts
  • Non-financial reporting
  • Improving Corporate Reporting
  • Economy home
  • ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor
  • ICAEW Manifesto 2024
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  • Levelling up: rebalancing the UK’s economy
  • Resilience and Renewal: Building an economy fit for the future
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  • Autumn Statement 2023
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  • The economics of biodiversity
  • How chartered accountants can help to safeguard trust in society
  • Video: The financial controller who stole £20,000 from her company
  • It’s time for chartered accountants to save the world
  • Video: The CFO who tried to trick the market
  • Video: Could invoice fraud affect your business?
  • Budget 2024: does it change anything?
  • Will accountants save the world? With ICAEW CEO Michael Izza
  • Crunch time: VAT (or not) on poppadoms
  • Where next for audit and governance reform?
  • A taxing year ahead?
  • What can we expect from 2024?
  • COP28: making the business case for nature
  • COP28: what does transition planning mean for accountants?
  • What’s in the Economic Crime Act 2023?
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  • ICAEW's regulatory expertise and history

Corporate Reporting

The Corporate Reporting exam will enable you to apply technical knowledge, analytical techniques, and professional skills to resolve compliance and business issues that arise in the context of the preparation and evaluation of corporate reports and from providing audit services. The exam is 3.5 hours long with a pass mark of 50%. It contains three questions and is available to sit in July and November. The exam is open book and will permit you to take any written or printed material into the exam.

laptop with dividers no bg

Exam guidance

We are here to support you throughout your ACA journey to ensure you have everything you need for your upcoming exam, from exam resources to free and confidential wellbeing support from CABA. Ensure you are fully prepared by reading our exam guidance  prior to your exam.

Advance information

The advance information for the Corporate Reporting exam will be available eight weeks prior to the exam. The advance information comprises a document and an 11 month data set. You will be able to access the advance information on this page. To confirm the dates when the advance information will be available please visit ACA dates and deadlines.  

We have developed an advance information walkthrough guide to help you prepare for the introduction of advance information.

Please note only students registered for the relevant exam will be able to access the advance information 11 month data set.

You can also add the advanced information to your ICAEW Bookshelf by visiting the ebookshop and selecting the relevant edition. The digital version will not be added automatically, you must visit the ebookshop for it to be available on your bookshelf.

Get the Advance Information on your ICAEW Bookshelf

The link to the 11 month dataset for the advance information is within the advance information document.

Please log in to access content.

Exam preparation

The syllabus presents the learning outcomes for each exam and should be read with the relevant technical knowledge grids and, where applicable, the skills development grids.

Data analytics software

If you are sitting the Corporate Reporting exam, we have a range of resources to support you with the data analytics software within the exam. Visit icaew.com/corporatereportingDAS for all the resources, including guidance from the examiners on using the software within your exam.

Practice software

It's important that you get to know the exam software and its various functions before you take an exam. To help, we have created an online only practice exam software.

Visit icaew.com/examsoftware to access the question banks and mocks in the practice exam software.

Corporate Reporting Question Bank Supplement

Corporate Reporting is based on IFRS Accounting Standards, and so we have produced this supplement to support transition from UK GAAP.

  • Exam highs and Lows - Advanced Level
  • Exam skills masterclass
  • Student Insights homepage
  • Watch the videos

Exams and marks plans

Use past exams in addition to the blank practice software where you can practise answering questions. The marks plans will help you check your answers.

Some past exams are used within our learning materials, they are updated to be in line with the examinable syllabus. The majority will appear in the published question banks, and some may be used in mock exams.


Introduction to the Corporate Reporting exam

Tips for success, preparing to retake the corporate reporting exam.

Read out this code to the operator.


  1. ACA Advanced Case Study resit course

    aca case study advanced information release date

  2. Case Study

    aca case study advanced information release date

  3. How to Pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam

    aca case study advanced information release date

  4. How to Pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study Exam

    aca case study advanced information release date

  5. How to Pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study 2023: Requirement 1

    aca case study advanced information release date

  6. What’s at stake in the ACA case

    aca case study advanced information release date


  1. Scuderia Ferrari

  2. NEW VIEW The View’s Sunny Hostin shows off plastic surgery on her face in before-and-after photos

  3. പ്രശ്നോത്തര രത്ന മാലിക

  4. ACA (ICAEW) Case Study Orientation July 2021

  5. Case Study: The Steading (Tim Stead Trust)

  6. Circular Economy case study


  1. Case Study module study resources

    The advance information for the Case Study exam will be available eight weeks prior to the exam. You will be able to access the advance information on this page. To confirm the dates when the advance information will be available, please visit ACA dates and deadlines. The advance information for past Case Study exams can be found below.

  2. ACA dates and deadlines

    ACA Professional and Advanced Level exam dates, results dates and exam booking deadlines. ... Release date; July: Case Study: Tuesday 28 May: July: Corporate Reporting: Tuesday 28 May: November: Corporate Reporting: Monday 09 September: November: Case Study: Tuesday 10 September: July and November exam sessions .

  3. Advanced Level Case Study advance information

    The Advanced Level Case Study exam includes advance information released prior to the exam sitting. This allows you time to become familiar with the information and to undertake any other appropriate research and analysis. Select the relevant product below, depending on the exam sitting, and proceed to check out to get the product in your ICAEW ...

  4. ICAEW Case Study Made Easy

    Requirement 1. Requirement 1 is part of that 40% where you know what question will come up. There is a small part of this requirement that is unknown but using the case study you can form an educated guess for what might come up. The first thing you will need to do for every requirement is to create an appendix.

  5. How to pass the ICAEW ACA Case Study exam

    Following on from the above, Paradigm Shift (formerly called ACA simplified) sell a mock-exam pack for the case study exams with mocks released between the advanced information date and the exam date. The package is expensive at £288 for 5 mocks but this is well worth it.

  6. Home [www.paradigmshift.training]

    Alternatively, our WhatsApp is +44 7418 610626. If you prefer email, please use the contact form here but we ask that you monitor your Junk Mail folder for our reply! Thank you. We aim to reply within one working day but please allow for a high level of enquiries in the run-up to exam day, thanks!

  7. Advanced Level Case Study

    Advanced Level Case Study. The Case Study module covers the following topics: Ensure you order the correct edition of the materials. The 2023 edition is aligned with the syllabus and exams for 2023 only. The 2024 edition is aligned with the syllabus and exams for 2024 only. You risk losing exam marks if you use a different edition.

  8. Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date

    Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date - Level: College, High School, University, Undergraduate, Master's. ... Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date, Essay On 'united States Country Of Dream, Importance Of Definition Essay, Ian Caiger Resume, Sorority Essay Examples, Account Career Career International Job Job Manager ...

  9. ACA Advanced Case Study resit course

    This three day course will provide focused analysis on the Advance Information for the real case. This will allow you to apply your skills to the scenario in the real exam. This phase of the course will include two self-marked mock exams based on the Advance Information for the real case. At the end of the three days you will have built up a ...

  10. Approaching the advance information for the Case Study exam

    Published: 15 Sep 2021. This guide is designed to help you understand how to approach the advance information for your Case Study exam. It will cover what the advance information is, what should you do with the advance information before your exam and tips for success. This series of Case Study exam resources will cover everything you need to ...

  11. Advanced Level

    The Case Study tests the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained to date. The Advanced Level exams are fully open book, replicating a real-life scenario where all the resources are at your fingertips. The exams are available to sit every July and November.

  12. Advanced Level exam notices

    November Advanced Level exam notices. Learning material. Published: 15 Jun 2021 Updated: 18 Sep 2022. Reminders if you are sitting your exam via remote invigilation. We are here to support you throughout your ACA journey, to ensure you have everything you need for your upcoming Advanced Level exam we have provided the tips below.

  13. ACA Advanced Level

    The ICAEW Advanced level exams present real-life scenarios, with greater complexity and wider implications than the Professional Level exams. The Case Study exam will present a complex business issue which will require problem solving, the identification of ethical implications and your ability to provide effective solutions.

  14. Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date

    Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date. 4240 Orders prepared. Pricing depends on the type of task you wish to be completed, the number of pages, and the due date. The longer the due date you put in, the bigger discount you get! Hire a Writer.

  15. Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date

    Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date. 4.9/5. Nursing Management Business and Economics Education +117. 921. Customer Reviews. 407. Customer Reviews. Emery Evans. #28 in Global Rating.

  16. Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date

    Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date. You are going to request writer Estevan Chikelu to work on your order. We will notify the writer and ask them to check your order details at their earliest convenience. The writer might be currently busy with other orders, but if they are available, they will offer their bid for your job.

  17. Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date

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  18. Aca Case Study Advanced Information Release Date

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  22. Introduction to the Case Study exam

    The key steps in the Case Study exam preparation include: Be familiar with your advance information. You must imagine that you are in the workplace, reporting to an actual client. Your analysis and advice must be relevant and impactful, and this only comes with client-specific knowledge.

  23. Corporate Reporting module study resources

    The Corporate Reporting exam will enable you to apply technical knowledge, analytical techniques, and professional skills to resolve compliance and business issues that arise in the context of the preparation and evaluation of corporate reports and from providing audit services. The exam is 3.5 hours long with a pass mark of 50%.