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Top 100 Biotechnology Dissertation Topics for the Year 2021

  • September 14, 2021 September 14, 2021

Biotechnology is one of the major streams of science where students request for our reliable and time-tested assignment help from prestigious universities, colleges, and institutes around the globe. The subject helps us understand how we can effectively utilise biological systems, living organisms, or their parts to develop or create different types of products.

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(since 2006)

Apart from genetics, bioengineering and research, the subject offers decent career options in industrial sectors like textiles, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and animal husbandry.

dissertation project biotechnology


Modern biotechnology has been credited with breakthrough innovations in the field of product development and technologies to help us develop a cleaner and more sustainable world. It is primarily because of biotechnology; we have progressed towards the development of more efficient industrial manufacturing base. Besides, it is helping in the production of cleaner energy, feed more hungry people without leaving much of our environmental footprint, and help mankind combat rare and debilitating diseases.

Our assignment writing services in the field of biotechnology cover all types of subject topics that test and vindicate the skill sets of the students before awarding them with their respective degrees. We help students successfully pass their syllabus in all forms of biotechnology courses. These include medical biotechnology (red), environmental biotechnology (green), marine biotechnology (blue) and industrial biotechnology (white).

What are We Expecting to Gain from All these Efforts?

Our sole objective of preparing this marathon list of top 100 biotechnology assignment topics is to help students decide upon effective time management skills. We have seen an immense numbers of cases where while exploring online assignment help related to topic selection, exploration of information sources, and citing them in correct reference order, students get stuck at different stages. Amongst them, most of the students find it difficult even to pass their topic selection dilemma. That is where we contribute to our efforts to make things easy for the biotech students right in one go. We help our students save time and energy, so that they can prudently use the assigned time to prepare the content of their assignment around the best topics.

Are you keen to master your dissertation writing skills in just a couple of weeks? Read the below amazing article and do not miss the golden opportunity to learn from the experts absolutely for free!

Must read: wish to master dissertation skills in 2 weeks learn from the experts here, top 100 biotechnology dissertation topics trending in the year 2021.

We have prepared the list of top 100 most recommended dissertation topics prepared by our research experts. They have ensured to provide a comprehensive list of topics that are covering all the dimensions of the subject. We fully hope that the list would cover all your dissertation help requirements. So, let us begin with the prepared list of topics one by one –

  • Effective management of renewable energy technology to promote a village
  • The production of ethanol with the help of molasses as well as its effluent treatment
  • Different methods and aspects of evapotranspiration
  • The scattering parameters of the circulator biotechnology
  • The inactivation of the mammalian TLR2 through an inhibiting antibody
  • Number of proteins through Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • The recognition and classification of the genes shaping the plant responses to salinity and drought
  • The segment of small signing molecules in the responses of plants to salinity and drought
  • Genetic improvement of the plant lenience to salinity and drought
  • Pharmacogenomics of the drug transporters
  • Pharmacogenomics of the anti-cancer drugs
  • Pharmacogenomics of the anti-hypertensive drugs
  • Indels genotyping of the African populations
  • Y-chromosome genotyping of the African populations
  • Profiling of the DNA isolated from the historical crime scenes: Discuss in terms of South African Innocence Project
  • Nanotechnology methods in terms of DNA isolation
  • Nanotechnology applications in terms of DNA genotyping
  • Recognizing heavy metal tolerant along with sensitive genotypes
  • Features of genes that participate in the process of heavy metal tolerance
  • DNA authentication of the animal species through raw meat products reared commercially
  • Molecular based technology in terms of rapid identification and detection of the food borne pathogens with respect to complex food systems
  • Making an assessment of cancer specific peptides for successful implementations in the field of cancer diagnosis
  • Quantum dot-based detection system development with respect to successful breast cancer diagnosis
  • Targeted delivery of the embelin to the cancer cells
  • Accessing the role of novel quinone compounds to perform as anti-cancer agents
  • Therapeutic approaches to the treatment of HIV and the role of nanotechnology in it
  • An assessment of the medicinal value of the natural antioxidants
  • An indepth study of the structure of the COVID spike proteins
  • An assessment of the immune response of the stem cell therapy
  • The use of CRISPR-Cas9 technology for the purpose of genome editing
  • Tissue engineering and the drug delivery with the application of Chitosan
  • An assessment of therapeutic effects of the cancer vaccines
  • Utilization of PacBio sequencing with respect to genome assembly of the model organisms
  • Studying the relationship between the mRNA suppression and its impact on the expansion of the stem cell
  • Utilizing biomimicry for the identification of the tumor cells
  • The sub-classification and characterization of the Yellow enzymes
  • The production of the hypoallergenic fermented foods
  • The production of the hypoallergenic milk
  • The purification process of the thermostable phytase
  • Bioconversion of the cellulose to successfully yield the products that are industrially significant
  • The examination of the gut microbiota in the model organisms
  • The utilization of the fungal enzymes in the production of chemical glue
  • An examination of the inhibitors of exocellulase and endocellulase
  • Discuss the utility of microorganisms in the recovery of shale gas
  • Discuss the in-depth study of the procedure of natural decomposition
  • Discuss the process of recycling the bio-wastes
  • Enhanced bio-remediation for the cases of oil spills
  • The process of gold biosorption with the help of cyanobacterium
  • Maintaining a healthy balance between the biotic and the abiotic factors with the help of biotechnological tools
  • Labeling the level of mercury in fish with the help of markers
  • Exploring out the biotechnological potential of the Jellyfish related microbiome
  • What is the potential of marine fungi in the efforts to degrade polymers and plastics?
  • Discuss the biotechnological potential that one can fetch out of dinoflagellates
  • Tracing out endosulfan residues with the application of biotechnology in the field of agricultural products
  • The development of the ELISA technique for the identification of crop viruses
  • Boosting the quality of drinking water with the help of E.coli consortium
  • The characterization of E.coli isolation from the feces of the zoo animals
  • Improving the resistance of the crops against the invasion of the insects
  • Reducing the spending on agriculture with the help of effective bio-tools
  • What are the most effective steps to reduce soil erosion with the utility of tools derived from biotechnology?
  • How biotechnology can help in the improvement the levels of vitamin in GM foods?
  • Improving the delivery of pesticide with the help of biotechnology
  • Comparing folate biofortification in different kinds of corps
  • Discuss the photovoltaic-based production of the ocean crops
  • How the application of nanotechnology to improve the activities of the agricultural sector?
  • Examining the mechanisms of water stress tolerance in the model plants
  • Testing and production of the human immune boosters in the experimental organisms
  • Comparing genomic analysis with the utility of tools meant for bioinformatics
  • Arabinogalactan protein sequencing and its utility in computational methods
  • Evaluating and interpreting gut microbiota in the model organisms
  • Different techniques of protein purification: A comparative analysis
  • Diagnosing microbes and their role in o ligonucleotide micro-arrays
  • The application of different techniques in the field of biomedical research comprising micro-arrays technology
  • The application of microbial consortium in producing the greenhouse effect
  • Computational assessment of various proteins accessed from marine microbiota
  • E.coli gene mapping with the application of various microbial tools
  • Enhancing the strains of cyanobacterium with the help of gene sequencing
  • Computational assessment and description of the crystallized proteins present in nature
  • mTERF protein and its application to terminate the transcription of mitochondrial DNA in algae
  • Reverse phase column chromatography and its application in separating proteins
  • The study of various proteins present within Mycobacterium leprae
  • An assessment of the strategies that are ideally suitable for successful cloning of RNA
  • Discuss the common failures of biotechnology in saving the ecology and the environment
  • Is there a way to make the medicinal plants free of pests? Discuss
  • What are the harms imposed by pest resistant corps on humans and birds?
  • What are the diverse fields of biotechnology that still remain unexplored in terms of research?
  • What is the future of biotechnology in the field of medicine?
  • The application of recombinant DNA technology in the invention of new forms of medicine
  • Why is the strain of bacteria used to create vaccine with the help of biotechnology?
  • How biotechnology can help in the creation of medicines that are more resistant towards the mutating forms of viruses and bacteria?
  • Can there be a permanent cure for cancer in the future? How biotechnology can play a decisive role in it?
  • Why it is critical for the students to effectively remember the DNA coding in the field of biotechnology?
  • How one can make hybrid seeds with the help from biotechnology?
  • How one can generate pest resistant seeds and what are their benefits in the end yielding in agriculture?
  • Discuss bio-magnification and its impact on ecology
  • What are the reasons due to which the ecologists disapprove the usage of pest resistant seeds, despite their usage in the field of agriculture?
  • How biotechnology positively influenced the lives of farmers in the developing economies?
  • How biotechnology functions to increase in yield of the crop plants?
  • Discuss the role of biotechnology in boosting the output of seasonal crops
  • Are there adverse effects of medicines in pharmacology when manufactured with biotechnological principles? Throw some light on the question with real-life cases

Now with that, we have reached the end of this list and fully hope that it would have served the purpose of topic selection requirements. Besides, the inclusion of biotechnology assignment topics has been done in such a manner that it can help us out with our needs related to different other assignment writing formats as well. For instance, all our topic selection requirements related to case study help , essay help , research paper writing help or thesis help can also be met with the topics in the above-mentioned list.

Biotechnology Assignment Help

Are you facing the heat of topic selection dilemma in your biology assignment homework? Check the below link to rely upon the topic list that the most respected experts recommend.

Must read: top 100 biology dissertation topics for the year 2021.

Biotechnology is a subject that is meant to offer a plethora of research prospects. A successful completion of course in one or more streams of biotechnology will ensure job placement opportunities in different research and development companies dedicated to the field. The objective of recommending this list is to help you make the right topic selection in less amount of time and dedicate more time to assignment research, and adequate content writing. After all, going an extra mile in terms of efforts will ensure that the final submission is good enough to help you earn the grades that can help you beat the competition.

If you have liked our recommended list of 100 biotechnology topics, then we invite you to reach our paid assignment help to unburden all the biotech assignment worries onto the shoulders of the most trusted professional assignment writers. Reach biotechnology assignment help to learn how the most trusted online homework help agency has helped thousands of biotechnology students to skyrocket to better career opportunities in the last 15 years. It is the time to step-in and reap the benefits from what the best in business has to offer!

Grad Coach

Research Topics & Ideas

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Research topics and ideas about biotechnology and genetic engineering

If you’re just starting out exploring biotechnology-related topics for your dissertation, thesis or research project, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll help kickstart your research topic ideation process by providing a hearty list of research topics and ideas , including examples from recent studies.

PS – This is just the start…

We know it’s exciting to run through a list of research topics, but please keep in mind that this list is just a starting point . To develop a suitable research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , and a viable plan  to fill that gap.

If this sounds foreign to you, check out our free research topic webinar that explores how to find and refine a high-quality research topic, from scratch. Alternatively, if you’d like hands-on help, consider our 1-on-1 coaching service .

Research topic idea mega list

Biotechnology Research Topic Ideas

Below you’ll find a list of biotech and genetic engineering-related research topics ideas. These are intentionally broad and generic , so keep in mind that you will need to refine them a little. Nevertheless, they should inspire some ideas for your project.

  • Developing CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing techniques for treating inherited blood disorders.
  • The use of biotechnology in developing drought-resistant crop varieties.
  • The role of genetic engineering in enhancing biofuel production efficiency.
  • Investigating the potential of stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine for spinal cord injuries.
  • Developing gene therapy approaches for the treatment of rare genetic diseases.
  • The application of biotechnology in creating biodegradable plastics from plant materials.
  • The use of gene editing to enhance nutritional content in staple crops.
  • Investigating the potential of microbiome engineering in treating gastrointestinal diseases.
  • The role of genetic engineering in vaccine development, with a focus on mRNA vaccines.
  • Biotechnological approaches to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  • Developing genetically engineered organisms for bioremediation of polluted environments.
  • The use of gene editing to create hypoallergenic food products.
  • Investigating the role of epigenetics in cancer development and therapy.
  • The application of biotechnology in developing rapid diagnostic tools for infectious diseases.
  • Genetic engineering for the production of synthetic spider silk for industrial use.
  • Biotechnological strategies for improving animal health and productivity in agriculture.
  • The use of gene editing in creating organ donor animals compatible with human transplantation.
  • Developing algae-based bioreactors for carbon capture and biofuel production.
  • The role of biotechnology in enhancing the shelf life and quality of fresh produce.
  • Investigating the ethics and social implications of human gene editing technologies.
  • The use of CRISPR technology in creating models for neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Biotechnological approaches for the production of high-value pharmaceutical compounds.
  • The application of genetic engineering in developing pest-resistant crops.
  • Investigating the potential of gene therapy in treating autoimmune diseases.
  • Developing biotechnological methods for producing environmentally friendly dyes.

Research topic evaluator

Biotech & GE Research Topic Ideas (Continued)

  • The use of genetic engineering in enhancing the efficiency of photosynthesis in plants.
  • Biotechnological innovations in creating sustainable aquaculture practices.
  • The role of biotechnology in developing non-invasive prenatal genetic testing methods.
  • Genetic engineering for the development of novel enzymes for industrial applications.
  • Investigating the potential of xenotransplantation in addressing organ donor shortages.
  • The use of biotechnology in creating personalised cancer vaccines.
  • Developing gene editing tools for combating invasive species in ecosystems.
  • Biotechnological strategies for improving the nutritional quality of plant-based proteins.
  • The application of genetic engineering in enhancing the production of renewable energy sources.
  • Investigating the role of biotechnology in creating advanced wound care materials.
  • The use of CRISPR for targeted gene activation in regenerative medicine.
  • Biotechnological approaches to enhancing the sensory qualities of plant-based meat alternatives.
  • Genetic engineering for improving the efficiency of water use in agriculture.
  • The role of biotechnology in developing treatments for rare metabolic disorders.
  • Investigating the use of gene therapy in age-related macular degeneration.
  • The application of genetic engineering in developing allergen-free nuts.
  • Biotechnological innovations in the production of sustainable and eco-friendly textiles.
  • The use of gene editing in studying and treating sleep disorders.
  • Developing biotechnological solutions for the management of plastic waste.
  • The role of genetic engineering in enhancing the production of essential vitamins in crops.
  • Biotechnological approaches to the treatment of chronic pain conditions.
  • The use of gene therapy in treating muscular dystrophy.
  • Investigating the potential of biotechnology in reversing environmental degradation.
  • The application of genetic engineering in improving the shelf life of vaccines.
  • Biotechnological strategies for enhancing the efficiency of mineral extraction in mining.

Recent Biotech & GE-Related Studies

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a research topic in biotech, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual studies in the biotech space to see how this all comes together in practice.

Below, we’ve included a selection of recent studies to help refine your thinking. These are actual studies,  so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • Genetic modifications associated with sustainability aspects for sustainable developments (Sharma et al., 2022)
  • Review On: Impact of Genetic Engineering in Biotic Stresses Resistance Crop Breeding (Abebe & Tafa, 2022)
  • Biorisk assessment of genetic engineering — lessons learned from teaching interdisciplinary courses on responsible conduct in the life sciences (Himmel et al., 2022)
  • Genetic Engineering Technologies for Improving Crop Yield and Quality (Ye et al., 2022)
  • Legal Aspects of Genetically Modified Food Product Safety for Health in Indonesia (Khamdi, 2022)
  • Innovative Teaching Practice and Exploration of Genetic Engineering Experiment (Jebur, 2022)
  • Efficient Bacterial Genome Engineering throughout the Central Dogma Using the Dual-Selection Marker tetAOPT (Bayer et al., 2022)
  • Gene engineering: its positive and negative effects (Makrushina & Klitsenko, 2022)
  • Advances of genetic engineering in streptococci and enterococci (Kurushima & Tomita, 2022)
  • Genetic Engineering of Immune Evasive Stem Cell-Derived Islets (Sackett et al., 2022)
  • Establishment of High-Efficiency Screening System for Gene Deletion in Fusarium venenatum TB01 (Tong et al., 2022)
  • Prospects of chloroplast metabolic engineering for developing nutrient-dense food crops (Tanwar et al., 2022)
  • Genetic research: legal and ethical aspects (Rustambekov et al., 2023). Non-transgenic Gene Modulation via Spray Delivery of Nucleic Acid/Peptide Complexes into Plant Nuclei and Chloroplasts (Thagun et al., 2022)
  • The role of genetic breeding in food security: A review (Sam et al., 2022). Biotechnology: use of available carbon sources on the planet to generate alternatives energy (Junior et al., 2022)
  • Biotechnology and biodiversity for the sustainable development of our society (Jaime, 2023) Role Of Biotechnology in Agriculture (Shringarpure, 2022)
  • Plants That Can be Used as Plant-Based Edible Vaccines; Current Situation and Recent Developments (İsmail, 2022)

As you can see, these research topics are a lot more focused than the generic topic ideas we presented earlier. So, in order for you to develop a high-quality research topic, you’ll need to get specific and laser-focused on a specific context with specific variables of interest.  In the video below, we explore some other important things you’ll need to consider when crafting your research topic.

Get 1-On-1 Help

If you’re still unsure about how to find a quality research topic, check out our Research Topic Kickstarter service, which is the perfect starting point for developing a unique, well-justified research topic.

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

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Topic Kickstarter: Research topics in education

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Digital Commons @ University of South Florida

  • USF Research
  • USF Libraries

Digital Commons @ USF > College of Arts and Sciences > Molecular Biosciences > Theses and Dissertations

Molecular Biosciences Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

Exploring strain variation and bacteriophage predation in the gut microbiome of Ciona robusta , Celine Grace F. Atkinson

Distinct Nrf2 Signaling Thresholds Mediate Lung Tumor Initiation and Progression , Janine M. DeBlasi

Thermodynamic frustration of TAD2 and PRR contribute to autoinhibition of p53 , Emily Gregory

Utilization of Detonation Nanodiamonds: Nanocarrier for Gene Therapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer , Allan E. Gutierrez

Role of HLA-DRB1 Fucosylation in Anti-Melanoma Immunity , Daniel K. Lester

Targeting BET Proteins Downregulates miR-33a To Promote Synergy with PIM Inhibitors in CMML , Christopher T. Letson

Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis by M82 Peptidases: The Role of PrsS in the Staphylococcus aureus Stress Response , Baylie M. Schott

Histone Deacetylase 8 is a Novel Therapeutic Target for Mantle Cell Lymphoma and Preserves Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxic Function , January M. Watters

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

Regulation of the Heat Shock Response via Lysine Acetyltransferase CBP-1 and in Neurodegenerative Disease in Caenorhabditis elegans , Lindsey N. Barrett

Determining the Role of Dendritic Cells During Response to Treatment with Paclitaxel/Anti-TIM-3 , Alycia Gardner

Cell-free DNA Methylation Signatures in Cancer Detection and Classification , Jinyong Huang

The Role Of Eicosanoid Metabolism in Mammalian Wound Healing and Inflammation , Kenneth D. Maus

A Holistic Investigation of Acidosis in Breast Cancer , Bryce Ordway

Characterizing the Impact of Postharvest Temperature Stress on Polyphenol Profiles of Red and White-Fruited Strawberry Cultivars , Alyssa N. Smith

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Multifaceted Approach to Understanding Acinetobacter baumannii Biofilm Formation and Drug Resistance , Jessie L. Allen

Cellular And Molecular Alterations Associated with Ovarian and Renal Cancer Pathophysiology , Ravneet Kaur Chhabra

Ecology and diversity of boletes of the southeastern United States , Arian Farid

CircREV1 Expression in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer , Meagan P. Horton

Microbial Dark Matter: Culturing the Uncultured in Search of Novel Chemotaxonomy , Sarah J. Kennedy

The Multifaceted Role of CCAR-1 in the Alternative Splicing and Germline Regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans , Doreen Ikhuva Lugano

Unraveling the Role of Novel G5 Peptidase Family Proteins in Virulence and Cell Envelope Biogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus , Stephanie M. Marroquin

Cytoplasmic Polyadenylation Element Binding Protein 2 Alternative Splicing Regulates HIF1α During Chronic Hypoxia , Emily M. Mayo

Transcriptomic and Functional Investigation of Bacterial Biofilm Formation , Brooke R. Nemec

A Functional Characterization of the Omega (ω) subunit of RNA Polymerase in Staphylococcus aureus , Shrushti B. Patil

The Role Of Cpeb2 Alternative Splicing In TNBC Metastasis , Shaun C. Stevens

Screening Next-generation Fluorine-19 Probe and Preparation of Yeast-derived G Proteins for GPCR Conformation and Dynamics Study , Wenjie Zhao

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Understanding the Role of Cereblon in Hematopoiesis Through Structural and Functional Analyses , Afua Adutwumwa Akuffo

To Mid-cell and Beyond: Characterizing the Roles of GpsB and YpsA in Cell Division Regulation in Gram-positive Bacteria , Robert S. Brzozowski

Spatiotemporal Changes of Microbial Community Assemblages and Functions in the Subsurface , Madison C. Davis

New Mechanisms That Regulate DNA Double-Strand Break-Induced Gene Silencing and Genome Integrity , Dante Francis DeAscanis

Regulation of the Heat Shock Response and HSF-1 Nuclear Stress Bodies in C. elegans , Andrew Deonarine

New Mechanisms that Control FACT Histone Chaperone and Transcription-mediated Genome Stability , Angelo Vincenzo de Vivo Diaz

Targeting the ESKAPE Pathogens by Botanical and Microbial Approaches , Emily Dilandro

Succession in native groundwater microbial communities in response to effluent wastewater , Chelsea M. Dinon

Role of ceramide-1 phosphate in regulation of sphingolipid and eicosanoid metabolism in lung epithelial cells , Brittany A. Dudley

Allosteric Control of Proteins: New Methods and Mechanisms , Nalvi Duro

Microbial Community Structures in Three Bahamian Blue Holes , Meghan J. Gordon

A Novel Intramolecular Interaction in P53 , Fan He

The Impact of Myeloid-Mediated Co-Stimulation and Immunosuppression on the Anti-Tumor Efficacy of Adoptive T cell Therapy , Pasquale Patrick Innamarato

Investigating Mechanisms of Immune Suppression Secondary to an Inflammatory Microenvironment , Wendy Michelle Kandell

Posttranslational Modification and Protein Disorder Regulate Protein-Protein Interactions and DNA Binding Specificity of p53 , Robin Levy

Mechanistic and Translational Studies on Skeletal Malignancies , Jeremy McGuire

Novel Long Non-Coding RNA CDLINC Promotes NSCLC Progression , Christina J. Moss

Genome Maintenance Roles of Polycomb Transcriptional Repressors BMI1 and RNF2 , Anthony Richard Sanchez IV

The Ecology and Conservation of an Urban Karst Subterranean Estuary , Robert J. Scharping

Biological and Proteomic Characterization of Cornus officinalis on Human 1.1B4 Pancreatic β Cells: Exploring Use for T1D Interventional Application , Arielle E. Tawfik

Evaluation of Aging and Genetic Mutation Variants on Tauopathy , Amber M. Tetlow

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Investigating the Proteinaceous Regulome of the Acinetobacter baumannii , Leila G. Casella

Functional Characterization of the Ovarian Tumor Domain Deubiquitinating Enzyme 6B , Jasmin M. D'Andrea

Integrated Molecular Characterization of Lung Adenocarcinoma with Implications for Immunotherapy , Nicholas T. Gimbrone

The Role of Secreted Proteases in Regulating Disease Progression in Staphylococcus aureus , Brittney D. Gimza

Advanced Proteomic and Epigenetic Characterization of Ethanol-Induced Microglial Activation , Jennifer Guergues Guergues

Understanding immunometabolic and suppressive factors that impact cancer development , Rebecca Swearingen Hesterberg

Biochemical and Proteomic Approaches to Determine the Impact Level of Each Step of the Supply Chain on Tomato Fruit Quality , Robert T. Madden

Enhancing Immunotherapeutic Interventions for Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia , Kamira K. Maharaj

Characterization of the Autophagic-Iron Axis in the Pathophysiology of Endometriosis and Epithelial Ovarian Cancers , Stephanie Rockfield

Understanding the Influence of the Cancer Microenvironment on Metabolism and Metastasis , Shonagh Russell

Modeling of Interaction of Ions with Ether- and Ester-linked Phospholipids , Matthew W. Saunders

Novel Insights into the Multifaceted Roles of BLM in the Maintenance of Genome Stability , Vivek M. Shastri

Conserved glycine residues control transient helicity and disorder in the cold regulated protein, Cor15a , Oluwakemi Sowemimo

A Novel Cytokine Response Modulatory Function of MEK Inhibitors Mediates Therapeutic Efficacy , Mengyu Xie

Novel Strategies on Characterizing Biologically Specific Protein-protein Interaction Networks , Bi Zhao

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Characterization of the Transcriptional Elongation Factor ELL3 in B cells and Its Role in B-cell Lymphoma Proliferation and Survival , Lou-Ella M.m. Alexander

Identification of Regulatory miRNAs Associated with Ethanol-Induced Microglial Activation Using Integrated Proteomic and Transcriptomic Approaches , Brandi Jo Cook

Molecular Phylogenetics of Floridian Boletes , Arian Farid

MYC Distant Enhancers Underlie Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility at the 8q24.21 Locus , Anxhela Gjyshi Gustafson

Quantitative Proteomics to Support Translational Cancer Research , Melissa Hoffman

A Systems Chemical Biology Approach for Dissecting Differential Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Clinical Kinase Inhibitors in Lung Cancer , Natalia Junqueira Sumi

Investigating the Roles of Fucosylation and Calcium Signaling in Melanoma Invasion , Tyler S. Keeley

Synthesis, Oxidation, and Distribution of Polyphenols in Strawberry Fruit During Cold Storage , Katrina E. Kelly

Investigation of Alcohol-Induced Changes in Hepatic Histone Modifications Using Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics , Crystina Leah Kriss

Off-Target Based Drug Repurposing Using Systems Pharmacology , Brent M. Kuenzi

Investigation of Anemarrhena asphodeloides and its Constituent Timosaponin-AIII as Novel, Naturally Derived Adjunctive Therapeutics for the Treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer , Catherine B. MarElia

The Role of Phosphohistidine Phosphatase 1 in Ethanol-induced Liver Injury , Daniel Richard Martin

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Changing the Pathobiological Paradigm in Myelodysplastic Syndromes: The NLRP3 Inflammasome Drives the MDS Phenotype , Ashley Basiorka

Modeling of Dynamic Allostery in Proteins Enabled by Machine Learning , Mohsen Botlani-Esfahani

Uncovering Transcriptional Activators and Targets of HSF-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans , Jessica Brunquell

The Role of Sgs1 and Exo1 in the Maintenance of Genome Stability. , Lillian Campos-Doerfler

Mechanisms of IKBKE Activation in Cancer , Sridevi Challa

Discovering Antibacterial and Anti-Resistance Agents Targeting Multi-Drug Resistant ESKAPE Pathogens , Renee Fleeman

Functional Roles of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer , Jeremy S. Frieling

Disorder Levels of c-Myb Transactivation Domain Regulate its Binding Affinity to the KIX Domain of CREB Binding Protein , Anusha Poosapati

Role of Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1 in Ovarian Cancer Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Drug Sensitivity , Chase David Powell

Cell Division Regulation in Staphylococcus aureus , Catherine M. Spanoudis

A Novel Approach to the Discovery of Natural Products From Actinobacteria , Rahmy Tawfik

Non-classical regulators in Staphylococcus aureus , Andy Weiss

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

In Vitro and In Vivo Antioxidant Capacity of Synthetic and Natural Polyphenolic Compounds Identified from Strawberry and Fruit Juices , Marvin Abountiolas

Quantitative Proteomic Investigation of Disease Models of Type 2 Diabetes , Mark Gabriel Athanason

CMG Helicase Assembly and Activation: Regulation by c-Myc through Chromatin Decondensation and Novel Therapeutic Avenues for Cancer Treatment , Victoria Bryant

Computational Modeling of Allosteric Stimulation of Nipah Virus Host Binding Protein , Priyanka Dutta

Cell Cycle Arrest by TGFß1 is Dependent on the Inhibition of CMG Helicase Assembly and Activation , Brook Samuel Nepon-Sixt

Gene Expression Profiling and the Role of HSF1 in Ovarian Cancer in 3D Spheroid Models , Trillitye Paullin

VDR-RIPK1 Interaction and its Implications in Cell Death and Cancer Intervention , Waise Quarni

Regulation of nAChRs and Stemness by Nicotine and E-cigarettes in NSCLC , Courtney Schaal

Targeting Histone Deacetylases in Melanoma and T-cells to Improve Cancer Immunotherapy , Andressa Sodre De Castro Laino

Nonreplicative DNA Helicases Involved in Maintaining Genome Stability , Salahuddin Syed

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Functional Analysis of the Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility Locus at 9p22.2 Reveals a Transcription Regulatory Network Mediated by BNC2 in Ovarian Cells , Melissa Buckley

Exploring the Pathogenic and Drug Resistance Mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus , Whittney Burda

Regulation and Targeting of the FANCD2 Activation in DNA Repair , Valentina Celeste Caceres

Mass Spectrometry-Based Investigation of APP-Dependent Mechanisms in Neurodegeneration , Dale Chaput

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Molecular and Cellular Biology Masters Theses Collection

Theses from 2024 2024.

The Impact of a Non-ionic Adjuvant to the Persistence of Pesticides on Produce Surfaces , Daniel Barnes, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Investigating the Role of Got2 in Murine Organogenesis and Placenta Development , Olivia Macrorie, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Chromatin Accessibility Impacts Knockout of Mt-Bell4 Transcription Factor , Thomas Redden, Molecular & Cellular Biology


Theses from 2023 2023

Elucidating the Priming Mechanism of ClpXP Protease by Single-Domain Response Regulator CpdR in Caulobacter crescentus , Kimberly E. Barker, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Discovery of a Novel Bacteria from a Large Co-assembly of Metagenomes , Matthew Finkelberg, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Investigating Diterpene Biosynthesis in Medicago Truncatula , Sungwoo Hwang, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Combining Simulation and the MspA Nanopore to Study p53 Dynamics and Interactions , Samantha A. Schultz, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Caulobacter ClpXP Adaptor PopA’s Domain Interactions in the Adaptor Hierarchy of CtrA Degradation , Thomas P. Scudder, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Climate Change, Giant Viruses and Their Putative Hosts , Sarah K. Tucker, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2022 2022

Changes in Gene Expression From Long-Term Warming Revealed Using Metatranscriptome Mapping to FAC-Sorted Bacteria , Christopher A. Colvin, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Determining CaMKII Variant Activities and Their Roles in Human Disease , Matthew J. Dunn, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Developmental Exposures to PFAS Mixtures Impair Elongation of the Exocrine Pancreas in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) , Emily M. Formato, Molecular & Cellular Biology

A Metatranscriptomic Analysis of the Long-Term Effects of Warming on the Harvard Forest Soil Microbiome , Brooke A. Linnehan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Characterization of the Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Family in the Fusarium oxysporum Species Complex , Daniel Norment, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2021 2021

Exploring Knockdown Phenotypes and Interactions between ATAD3 Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana , Eli S. Gordon, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Development of a Site-Specific Labeling Assay to Study the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Type III Secretion Translocon in Native Membranes , Kyle A. Mahan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Liposomal Nanoparticles Target TLR7/8-SHP2 to Repolarize Macrophages to Aid in Cancer Immunotherapy , Vaishali Malik, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Hsp70 Phosphorylation: A Case Study of Serine Residues 385 and 400 , Sashrika Saini, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Activation of Nrf2 at Critical Windows of Development Alters Protein S-Glutathionylation in the Zebrafish Embryo (Danio rerio) , Emily G. Severance, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Utilizing Fluorescence Microscopy to Characterize the Subcellular Distribution of the Novel Protein Acheron , Varun Sheel, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2020 2020

The Association Between Sperm DNA Methylation and Sperm Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number , Emily Houle, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Gene Expression Regulation in the Mouse Liver by Mechanistic Target Of Rapamycin Complexes I and II , Anthony Poluyanoff, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Sperm Mitochondrial DNA Biomarkers as a Measure of Male Fecundity and Overall Sperm Quality , Allyson Rosati, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Exploration of the Association between Muscle Volume and Bone Geometry Reveals Surprising Relationship at the Genetic Level , Prakrit Subba, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2019 2019

Studies on the Interaction and Organization of Bacterial Proteins on Membranes , Mariana Brena, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Investigating The Role Of LBH During Early Embryonic Development In Xenopus Laevis , Emma Weir, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2018 2018

Exploring the Influence of PKC-theta Phosphorylation on Notch1 Activation and T Helper Cell Differentiation , Grace Trombley, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2017 2017

Partial Craniofacial Cartilage Rescue in ace/fgf8 Mutants from Compensatory Signaling From the Ventricle of Danio Rerio , Douglas A. Calenda II, Molecular & Cellular Biology


Characterization of Calcium Homeostasis Parameters in TRPV3 and CaV3.2 Double Null Mice , Aujan Mehregan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Microtransplantation of Rat Brain Neurolemma into Xenopus Laevis Oocytes to Study the Effect of Environmental Toxicants on Endogenous Voltage-Sensitive Ion Channels , Edwin Murenzi, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Regulation of Katanin Activity on Microtubules , Madison A. Tyler, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2016 2016

The Role of MicroRNAs in Regulating the Translatability and Stability of Target Messenger RNAs During the Atrophy and Programmed Cell Death of the Intersegmental Muscles of the Tobacco Hawkmoth Manduca sexta. , Elizabeth Chan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

An in Vivo Study of Cortical Dynein Dynamics and its Contribution to Microtubule Sliding in the Midzone , Heather M. Jordan, Molecular & Cellular Biology

A Genetic Analysis of Cichlid Scale Morphology , Kenta C. Kawasaki, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Modulation of Notch in an Animal Model of Multiple Sclerosis , Manit Nikhil Munshi, Molecular & Cellular Biology

One-Carbon Metabolism Related B-Vitamins Alter The Expression Of MicroRNAS And Target Genes Within The Wnt Signaling Pathway In Mouse Colonic Epithelium , Riccardo Racicot, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Characterizing the Inhibition of Katanin Using Tubulin Carboxy-Terminal Tail Constructs , Corey E. Reed, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Identification of Notch1 Functional Domains Responsible for its Physical Interaction with PKCθ , Wesley D. Rossiter, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Dynamics of Microtubule Networks with Antiparallel Crosslinkers , Kasimira T. Stanhope, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Modifications of Myofilament Structure and Function During Global Myocardial Ischemia , Mike K. Woodward, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2015 2015

Regulation of Jak1 and Jak2 Synthesis through Non-Classical Progestin Receptors , Hillary Adams, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Antineoplastic Effects of Rhodiola Crenulata on B16-F10 Melanoma , Maxine Dudek, Molecular & Cellular Biology

RNAi Validation of Resistance Genes and Their Interactions in the Highly DDT-Resistant 91-R Strain of Drosophila Melanogaster , Kyle Gellatly, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions for Therapeutic Drug Design Utilizing Mass Spectrometry , Alex J. Johnson, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Promoting Extracellular Matrix Crosslinking in Synthetic Hydrogels , Marcos M. Manganare, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Characterization of the Reconstituted and Native Pseudomonas aeruginosa Type III Secretion System Translocon , Kathryn R. Monopoli, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Thermocycle-regulated WALL REGULATOR INTERACTING bHLH Encodes a Protein That Interacts with Secondary-Cell-Wall-Associated Transcription Factors , Ian P. Whitney, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2014 2014

Engineering Camelina sativa for Biofuel Production via increasing oil yield and tolerance to abiotic stresses , Kenny Ablordeppey, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Designing a Pore-Forming Toxin Cytolysin A (ClyA) Specific to Target Cancer Cells , Alzira Rocheteau Avelino, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Role of the Novel Lupus Antigen, Acheron, in Moderating Life and Death Decisions , Ankur Sheel, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Expression and Purification of Human Lysosomal β-galactosidase from Pichia Pastoris , Sarah E. Tarullo, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Properties of Potential Substrates of a Cyanobacterial Small Heat Shock Protein , Yichen Zhang, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2013 2013

Characterizing the Heavy Metal Chelator, Tpen, as a Ca2+ Tool in the Mammalian Oocyte , Robert A. Agreda Mccaughin, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Sustainable Biofuels Production Through Understanding Fundamental Bacterial Pathways Involved in Biomass Degradation and Sugar Utilization , James CM Hayes, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Stiffness and Modulus and Independent Controllers of Breast Cancer Metastasis , Dannielle Ryman, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2012 2012

The Pyrethroid Deltamethrin, Which Causes Choreoathetosis with Salivation (CS-Syndrome), Enhances Calcium Ion Influx via Phosphorylated CaV2.2 expresssed in Xenopus laevis oocytes , Anna-maria Alves, Molecular & Cellular Biology

A Test of the Hypothesis That Environmental Chemicals Interfere With Thyroid Hormone Action in Human Placenta , Katherine Geromini, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Analyzing the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Male-Female Interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana. , Eric A. Johnson, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Rhythmic Growth And Vascular Development In Brachypodium Distachyon , Dominick A. Matos, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Polymer Prodrug Conjugation to Tumor Homing Mesenchymal Stem Cells , Nick Panzarino, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Investigation of Differential Vector Competence of Bartonella quintana in Human Head and Body Lice , Domenic j. Previte, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Downregulation of Cinnamyl Alcohol Dehydrogenase or Caffeic Acid O-Methyltransferase Leads to Improved Biological Conversion Efficiency in Brachypodium distachyon , Gina M. Trabucco, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2011 2011

Evolutionary Relationship of the ampC Resistance Gene In E. cloacae , Shanika S. Collins, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Sex Difference in Calbindin Cell Number in the Mouse Preoptic Area: Effects of Neonatal Estradiol and Bax Gene Deletion , Richard F. Gilmore III, Molecular & Cellular Biology

In Vivo Investigations of Polymer Conjugates as Therapeutics , Elizabeth M. Henchey, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Examination of Sexually Dimorphic Cell Death in the Pubertal Mouse Brain , Amanda Holley, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Human Niemann-Pick Type C2 Disease Protein Expression, Purification and Crystallization , Yurie T. Kim, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Revealing the Localization of the Class I Formin Family in the Moss Physcomitrella patens Using Gene Targeting Strategies , Kelli Pattavina, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Connecting Motors and Membranes: A Quantitative Investigation of Dynein Pathway Components and in vitro Characterization of the Num1 Coiled Coil Domain , Bryan J. St. Germain, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2010 2010

The Protective Effects A Full-term Pregnancy Plays Against Mammary Carcinoma , Matthew p. Carter, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Analysis Of An Actin Binding Guanine Exchange Factor, Gef8, And Actin Depolymerizing Factor In Arabidopsis Thaliana. , Aleksey Chudnovskiy, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The Role of Ykl-40, a Secreted Heparin-Binding Glycoprotein, in Tumor Angiogenesis, Metastasis, and Progression: a Potential Therapeutic Target , Michael Faibish, Molecular & Cellular Biology

In Vivo Visualization of Hedgehog Signaling in Zebrafish , Christopher J. Ferreira, Molecular & Cellular Biology

An In Vivo Study of the Mammalian Mitotic Kinesin Eg5 , Alyssa D. Gable, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Identification of Dynein Binding Sites in Budding Yeast Pac1/LIS1 , Christopher W. Meaden, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Functional Characterization of Arabidopsis Formin Homologues Afh1, Afh5, Afh6, Afh7 and Afh8 , Shahriar Niroomand, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Regulation of Crbp1 In Mammary Epithelial Cells , Stacy L. Pease, Molecular & Cellular Biology

In Vivo Labeling Of A Model β-Clam Protein With A Fluorescent Amino Acid , Mangayarkarasi Periasamy, Molecular & Cellular Biology

In Vivo Characterization of Interactions Among Dynein Complex Components at Microtubule Plus Ends , Karen M. Plevock, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Anti-Diabetic Potentials of Phenolic Enriched Chilean Potato and Select Herbs of Apiaceae and Lamiaceae Families , Fahad Saleem, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Interconversion of the Specificities of Human Lysosomal Enzymes , Ivan B. Tomasic, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Deletions of Fstl3 and/or Fst Isoforms 303 and 315 Results in Hepatic Steatosis , Nathan A. Ungerleider, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2009 2009

A New Laser Pointer Driven Optical Microheater for Precise Local Heat Shock , Mike Placinta, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2008 2008

Cysteine Dioxygenase: The Importance of Key Residues and Insight into the Mechanism of the Metal Center , Jonathan H. Leung, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Invertebrate Phenology and Prey Selection of Three Sympatric Species of Salmonids; Implications for Individual Fish Growth , Jeffrey V. Ojala, Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation

Paralemmin Splice Variants and mRNA and Protein Expression in Breast Cancer , Casey M. Turk, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Stability of the frog motor nerve terminal: roles of perisynaptic Schwann cells and muscle fibers , Ling Xin, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Theses from 2007 2007

Antioxidant Response Mechanism in Apples during Post-Harvest Storage and Implications for Human Health Benefits , Ishan Adyanthaya, Molecular & Cellular Biology

Progress Towards A Model Flavoenzyme System , Kevin M. Bardon, Molecular & Cellular Biology

The effect of Rhodiola crenulata on a highly metastatic murine mammary carcinoma , Jessica L. Doerner, Molecular & Cellular Biology

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200+ Biotechnology Research Topics: Let’s Shape the Future

biotechnology research topics

In the dynamic landscape of scientific exploration, biotechnology stands at the forefront, revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. This interdisciplinary field encompasses a vast array of research topics that hold the potential to reshape our world. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of biotechnology research topics, understanding their significance and exploring the diverse avenues that researchers are actively investigating.

Overview of Biotechnology Research

Table of Contents

Biotechnology, at its core, involves the application of biological systems, organisms, or derivatives to develop technologies and products for the benefit of humanity. 

The scope of biotechnology research is broad, covering areas such as genetic engineering, biomedical engineering, environmental biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology. Its interdisciplinary nature makes it a melting pot of ideas and innovations, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

How to Select The Best Biotechnology Research Topics?

  • Identify Your Interests

Start by reflecting on your own interests within the broad field of biotechnology. What aspects of biotechnology excite you the most? Identifying your passion will make the research process more engaging.

  • Stay Informed About Current Trends

Keep up with the latest developments and trends in biotechnology. Subscribe to scientific journals, attend conferences, and follow reputable websites to stay informed about cutting-edge research. This will help you identify gaps in knowledge or areas where advancements are needed.

  • Consider Societal Impact

Evaluate the potential societal impact of your chosen research topic. How does it contribute to solving real-world problems? Biotechnology has applications in healthcare, agriculture, environmental conservation, and more. Choose a topic that aligns with the broader goal of improving quality of life or addressing global challenges.

  • Assess Feasibility and Resources

Evaluate the feasibility of your research topic. Consider the availability of resources, including laboratory equipment, funding, and expertise. A well-defined and achievable research plan will increase the likelihood of successful outcomes.

  • Explore Innovation Opportunities

Look for opportunities to contribute to innovation within the field. Consider topics that push the boundaries of current knowledge, introduce novel methodologies, or explore interdisciplinary approaches. Innovation often leads to groundbreaking discoveries.

  • Consult with Mentors and Peers

Seek guidance from mentors, professors, or colleagues who have expertise in biotechnology. Discuss your research interests with them and gather insights. They can provide valuable advice on the feasibility and significance of your chosen topic.

  • Balance Specificity and Breadth

Strike a balance between biotechnology research topics that are specific enough to address a particular aspect of biotechnology and broad enough to allow for meaningful research. A topic that is too narrow may limit your research scope, while one that is too broad may lack focus.

  • Consider Ethical Implications

Be mindful of the ethical implications of your research. Biotechnology, especially areas like genetic engineering, can raise ethical concerns. Ensure that your chosen topic aligns with ethical standards and consider how your research may impact society.

  • Evaluate Industry Relevance

Consider the relevance of your research topic to the biotechnology industry. Industry-relevant research has the potential for practical applications and may attract funding and collaboration opportunities.

  • Stay Flexible and Open-Minded

Be open to refining or adjusting your research topic as you delve deeper into the literature and gather more information. Flexibility is key to adapting to new insights and developments in the field.

200+ Biotechnology Research Topics: Category-Wise

Genetic engineering.

  • CRISPR-Cas9: Recent Advances and Applications
  • Gene Editing for Therapeutic Purposes: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Precision Medicine and Personalized Genomic Therapies
  • Genome Sequencing Technologies: Current State and Future Prospects
  • Synthetic Biology: Engineering New Life Forms
  • Genetic Modification of Crops for Improved Yield and Resistance
  • Ethical Considerations in Human Genetic Engineering
  • Gene Therapy for Neurological Disorders
  • Epigenetics: Understanding the Role of Gene Regulation
  • CRISPR in Agriculture: Enhancing Crop Traits

Biomedical Engineering

  • Tissue Engineering: Creating Organs in the Lab
  • 3D Printing in Biomedical Applications
  • Advances in Drug Delivery Systems
  • Nanotechnology in Medicine: Theranostic Approaches
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Biomedicine
  • Wearable Biomedical Devices for Health Monitoring
  • Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine
  • Precision Oncology: Tailoring Cancer Treatments
  • Biomaterials for Biomedical Applications
  • Biomechanics in Biomedical Engineering

Environmental Biotechnology

  • Bioremediation of Polluted Environments
  • Waste-to-Energy Technologies: Turning Trash into Power
  • Sustainable Agriculture Practices Using Biotechnology
  • Bioaugmentation in Wastewater Treatment
  • Microbial Fuel Cells: Harnessing Microorganisms for Energy
  • Biotechnology in Conservation Biology
  • Phytoremediation: Plants as Environmental Cleanup Agents
  • Aquaponics: Integration of Aquaculture and Hydroponics
  • Biodiversity Monitoring Using DNA Barcoding
  • Algal Biofuels: A Sustainable Energy Source

Industrial Biotechnology

  • Enzyme Engineering for Industrial Applications
  • Bioprocessing and Bio-manufacturing Innovations
  • Industrial Applications of Microbial Biotechnology
  • Bio-based Materials: Eco-friendly Alternatives
  • Synthetic Biology for Industrial Processes
  • Metabolic Engineering for Chemical Production
  • Industrial Fermentation: Optimization and Scale-up
  • Biocatalysis in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Advanced Bioprocess Monitoring and Control
  • Green Chemistry: Sustainable Practices in Industry

Emerging Trends in Biotechnology

  • CRISPR-Based Diagnostics: A New Era in Disease Detection
  • Neurobiotechnology: Advancements in Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Advances in Nanotechnology for Healthcare
  • Computational Biology: Modeling Biological Systems
  • Organoids: Miniature Organs for Drug Testing
  • Genome Editing in Non-Human Organisms
  • Biotechnology and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Exosome-based Therapeutics: Potential Applications
  • Biohybrid Systems: Integrating Living and Artificial Components
  • Metagenomics: Exploring Microbial Communities

Ethical and Social Implications

  • Ethical Considerations in CRISPR-Based Gene Editing
  • Privacy Concerns in Personal Genomic Data Sharing
  • Biotechnology and Social Equity: Bridging the Gap
  • Dual-Use Dilemmas in Biotechnological Research
  • Informed Consent in Genetic Testing and Research
  • Accessibility of Biotechnological Therapies: Global Perspectives
  • Human Enhancement Technologies: Ethical Perspectives
  • Biotechnology and Cultural Perspectives on Genetic Modification
  • Social Impact Assessment of Biotechnological Interventions
  • Intellectual Property Rights in Biotechnology

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

  • Machine Learning in Biomedical Data Analysis
  • Network Biology: Understanding Biological Systems
  • Structural Bioinformatics: Predicting Protein Structures
  • Data Mining in Genomics and Proteomics
  • Systems Biology Approaches in Biotechnology
  • Comparative Genomics: Evolutionary Insights
  • Bioinformatics Tools for Drug Discovery
  • Cloud Computing in Biomedical Research
  • Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostics and Treatment
  • Computational Approaches to Vaccine Design

Health and Medicine

  • Vaccines and Immunotherapy: Advancements in Disease Prevention
  • CRISPR-Based Therapies for Genetic Disorders
  • Infectious Disease Diagnostics Using Biotechnology
  • Telemedicine and Biotechnology Integration
  • Biotechnology in Rare Disease Research
  • Gut Microbiome and Human Health
  • Precision Nutrition: Personalized Diets Using Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology Approaches to Combat Antibiotic Resistance
  • Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Global Health
  • Biotechnology in Aging Research and Longevity

Agricultural Biotechnology

  • CRISPR and Gene Editing in Crop Improvement
  • Precision Agriculture: Integrating Technology for Crop Management
  • Biotechnology Solutions for Food Security
  • RNA Interference in Pest Control
  • Vertical Farming and Biotechnology
  • Plant-Microbe Interactions for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Biofortification: Enhancing Nutritional Content in Crops
  • Smart Farming Technologies and Biotechnology
  • Precision Livestock Farming Using Biotechnological Tools
  • Drought-Tolerant Crops: Biotechnological Approaches

Biotechnology and Education

  • Integrating Biotechnology into STEM Education
  • Virtual Labs in Biotechnology Teaching
  • Biotechnology Outreach Programs for Schools
  • Online Courses in Biotechnology: Accessibility and Quality
  • Hands-on Biotechnology Experiments for Students
  • Bioethics Education in Biotechnology Programs
  • Role of Internships in Biotechnology Education
  • Collaborative Learning in Biotechnology Classrooms
  • Biotechnology Education for Non-Science Majors
  • Addressing Gender Disparities in Biotechnology Education

Funding and Policy

  • Government Funding Initiatives for Biotechnology Research
  • Private Sector Investment in Biotechnology Ventures
  • Impact of Intellectual Property Policies on Biotechnology
  • Ethical Guidelines for Biotechnological Research
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Biotechnology
  • Regulatory Frameworks for Gene Editing Technologies
  • Biotechnology and Global Health Policy
  • Biotechnology Diplomacy: International Collaboration
  • Funding Challenges in Biotechnology Startups
  • Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Biotechnological Research

Biotechnology and the Environment

  • Biotechnology for Air Pollution Control
  • Microbial Sensors for Environmental Monitoring
  • Remote Sensing in Environmental Biotechnology
  • Climate Change Mitigation Using Biotechnology
  • Circular Economy and Biotechnological Innovations
  • Marine Biotechnology for Ocean Conservation
  • Bio-inspired Design for Environmental Solutions
  • Ecological Restoration Using Biotechnological Approaches
  • Impact of Biotechnology on Biodiversity
  • Biotechnology and Sustainable Urban Development

Biosecurity and Biosafety

  • Biosecurity Measures in Biotechnology Laboratories
  • Dual-Use Research and Ethical Considerations
  • Global Collaboration for Biosafety in Biotechnology
  • Security Risks in Gene Editing Technologies
  • Surveillance Technologies in Biotechnological Research
  • Biosecurity Education for Biotechnology Professionals
  • Risk Assessment in Biotechnology Research
  • Bioethics in Biodefense Research
  • Biotechnology and National Security
  • Public Awareness and Biosecurity in Biotechnology

Industry Applications

  • Biotechnology in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Bioprocessing Innovations for Drug Production
  • Industrial Enzymes and Their Applications
  • Biotechnology in Food and Beverage Production
  • Applications of Synthetic Biology in Industry
  • Biotechnology in Textile Manufacturing
  • Cosmetic and Personal Care Biotechnology
  • Biotechnological Approaches in Renewable Energy
  • Advanced Materials Production Using Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology in the Automotive Industry

Miscellaneous Topics

  • DNA Barcoding in Species Identification
  • Bioart: The Intersection of Biology and Art
  • Biotechnology in Forensic Science
  • Using Biotechnology to Preserve Cultural Heritage
  • Biohacking: DIY Biology and Citizen Science
  • Microbiome Engineering for Human Health
  • Environmental DNA (eDNA) for Biodiversity Monitoring
  • Biotechnology and Astrobiology: Searching for Life Beyond Earth
  • Biotechnology and Sports Science
  • Biotechnology and the Future of Space Exploration

Challenges and Ethical Considerations in Biotechnology Research

As biotechnology continues to advance, it brings forth a set of challenges and ethical considerations. Biosecurity concerns, especially in the context of gene editing technologies, raise questions about the responsible use of powerful tools like CRISPR. 

Ethical implications of genetic manipulation, such as the creation of designer babies, demand careful consideration and international collaboration to establish guidelines and regulations. 

Moreover, the environmental and social impact of biotechnological interventions must be thoroughly assessed to ensure responsible and sustainable practices.

Funding and Resources for Biotechnology Research

The pursuit of biotechnology research topics requires substantial funding and resources. Government grants and funding agencies play a pivotal role in supporting research initiatives. 

Simultaneously, the private sector, including biotechnology companies and venture capitalists, invest in promising projects. Collaboration and partnerships between academia, industry, and nonprofit organizations further amplify the impact of biotechnological research.

Future Prospects of Biotechnology Research

As we look to the future, the integration of biotechnology with other scientific disciplines holds immense potential. Collaborations with fields like artificial intelligence, materials science, and robotics may lead to unprecedented breakthroughs. 

The development of innovative technologies and their application to global health and sustainability challenges will likely shape the future of biotechnology.

In conclusion, biotechnology research is a dynamic and transformative force with the potential to revolutionize multiple facets of our lives. The exploration of diverse biotechnology research topics, from genetic engineering to emerging trends like synthetic biology and nanobiotechnology, highlights the breadth of possibilities within this field. 

However, researchers must navigate challenges and ethical considerations to ensure that biotechnological advancements are used responsibly for the betterment of society. 

With continued funding, collaboration, and a commitment to ethical practices, the future of biotechnology research holds exciting promise, propelling us towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced world.

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Super-resolution imaging of proteins in live cells using reversibly interacting peptide pairs , understanding the role and function of spocd1 in pirna-directed de novo dna methylation , sequencing b cell receptor repertoires in human disease: applications in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and in experimental malaria infection , role of tyrosine phosphatase ptpn22 in ctl responses to tumours and t cell exhaustion , rna editing ligases as novel drug targets in trypanosomatid parasites , pifs as a novel target in soybean to modulate the shade avoidance syndrome , structure and function of microtubule nucleation proteins , evaluation of the structural, functional, cellular and molecular basis of heart pathophysiology in mouse models of spinal muscular atrophy , understanding and utilising bacterial growth rate changes at high external osmolarities , origin and maintenance of diversity in british euphrasia (orobanchaceae) , single-cell time-series analysis of metabolic rhythms in yeast , ectopic heterochromatin provides an alternative route to fungal resistance , understanding adaptive immunity using immune receptor repertoire sequencing , mapping inbreeding depression in wild red deer (cervus elaphus) , transcription-only cell-free systems and their application in biosensing , encapsulin engineering for metal nanoparticle production , adaptive genomics and phylogeography of guazuma ulmifolia (malvaceae) , structural and functional characterization of cenp-v: a novel glutathione-binding protein , chromosome rearrangements and population genomics , quantitative genetics of gene expression: regulatory complexity and patterns of variation .

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You can check lab photos on our posts at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/icsccb and  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-sheo-mohan-singh

Number of seats:     8

Next Batch starting:     Mid-January and Mid-July every year (Rolling applications accepted)

Broad Topics: Proliferation and differentiation of myeloid cells and Regulation of myeloid transcription factors and other proteins in hematopoiesis and their dysregulation in leukemic cancers.

Details of techniques (hands-on by each candidate) to be learnt during the program:

Molecular Biology and Cell Culture Lab: 1. Cell culture techniques, passaging and maintenance of human cancer cell lines 2. Media preparation and cell counting 3. Cryopreservation: Freezing & thawing of human cancer cell lines 4. Genomic DNA isolation from cancer cell lines, 5. Genomic DNA estimation 6. Genomic DNA agarose gel electrophoresis 7. Total RNA extraction from human cancer cell lines 8. cDNA synthesis from RNA (Reverse Transcription) 9. Standard Polymerase Chain Reaction from cDNA (Reverse Transcription-PCR) 10. Agarose gel electrophoresis of PCR product 11. Induction of proliferation and differentiation in human cancer cell lines 12. Total protein extraction from human cancer cell lines 13. SDS-PAGE electrophoresis of extracted proteins 14. Coomassie blue staining of SDS-PAGE gel 15. MTT Assay for proliferation/cytotoxicity 16. Cytospin slide preparation of hematopoietic cells 17. May-Gruenwald Giemsa Staining of cytospin slides of hematopoietic cells and visualizing morphology of differentiating cells 18. Plasmid DNA isolation 19. Plasmid DNA gel electrophoresis 20. Plasmid DNA gel extraction 21. Restriction digestion 22. Ligation 23. Agarose gel electrophoresis of restriction digested and ligated DNA 24. Preparation of competent cells 25. Transformation and plating on LBA plates 26. Standard Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 27. Agarose gel electrophoresis of PCR product

Bioinformatics Part: 28. DNA sequence analysis: Pairwise sequence alignment, Multiple sequence alignment, BLAST tools 29. Protein sequence analysis 30. Protein structure visualization 31. Bioinformatics databases 32. PCR primer designing 33. Promoter analysis 34. Whole genome data visualisation: browsing data with the help of NCBI Genome viewer or UCSC Genome browser.

Eligibility: Current students in their final semester for dissertation project (Bachelors/Masters) or PhD students who want to do a part of their dissertation project at ICSCCB.

Special Features:

  • High emphasis on practical training during the program.
  • All students would participate and then help in conducting the Biotech and Cell Culture workshops organized by ICSCCB.
  • All students would participate and help in organizing the International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer (ICSCC) ( http://www.icscc.in/ ).
  • All students would participate and help in organizing the International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (ICBB) ( http://www.icbb.in/ ).
  • We will arrange a special exclusive interaction between our students and the key invited speakers at the above conferences.

Program starts in:      Mid-January and Mid-July every year. Please mention your preferred date of starting in the application. Applications are accepted the whole year round.

Laboratory Fees (Non-refundable): Rs. 60,000/- (Accommodation charges are separate and must be arranged by candidates.)

Application procedure: Please download and fill the Application Form and send it along with copies of your degree certificates/mark sheets and CV by post or scanned copy by email to [email protected] .

You will be informed of the admission decision once we receive complete application along with copies of degree certificates/mark sheets and CV.

Payment of program fees: After receiving admission offer letter, you should pay the  entire program fees by direct deposit of cash/cheque in your city or by any of the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer:  You can pay to following bank account: Account name: International Centre for Stem Cells CAB Bank name: HDFC Bank, Aundh Branch IFSC Code:HDFC0000052 MMID: 9240137 Account type: Current Account Account number: 50200032963132

Accommodation Info: Accommodation should be booked in nearby PG hostels/guesthouses or hotels directly by the candidate. For more information and any help in finding accommodation please contact on +91-7798490002 or email to  [email protected] .

For any queries please email to: [email protected]

  • Google Meet
  • Mobile Dialer

dissertation project biotechnology

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dissertation project biotechnology

Research Proposal Topics In Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a fascinating subject that blends biology and technology and provides a huge chance to develop new ideas. However, before pursuing a career in this field, a person needs to complete a number of studies and have a thorough knowledge of the matter. When we begin our career must we conduct study to discover some innovative innovations that could benefit people around the world. Biotechnology is one of a variety of sciences of life, including pharmacy. Students who are pursuing graduation, post-graduation or PhD must complete the research work and compose their thesis to earn the satisfaction in their education. When choosing a subject for biotechnology-related research it is important to choose one that is likely to inspire us. Based on our passion and personal preferences, the subject to study may differ.

What is Biotechnology?

In its most basic sense, biotechnology is the science of biology that enables technology Biotechnology harnesses the power of the biomolecular and cellular processes to create products and technologies that enhance our lives and the wellbeing of the planet. Biotechnology has been utilizing microorganisms' biological processes for over six thousand years to create useful food items like cheese and bread as well as to keep dairy products in good condition.

Modern biotechnology has created breakthrough products and technology to treat rare and debilitating illnesses help reduce our footprint on the environment and feed hungry people, consume less energy and use less and provide safer, more clean and productive industrial production processes.


Biotechnology is credited with groundbreaking advancements in technological development and development of products to create sustainable and cleaner world. This is in large part due to biotechnology that we've made progress toward the creation of more efficient industrial manufacturing bases. Additionally, it assists in the creation of greener energy, feeding more hungry people and not leaving a large environmental footprint, and helping humanity fight rare and fatal diseases.

Our writing services for assignments within the field of biotechnology covers all kinds of subjects that are designed to test and validate the skills of students prior to awarding their certificates. We assist students to successfully complete their course in all kinds of biotechnology-related courses. This includes biological sciences for medical use (red) and eco-biotechnology (green) marine biotechnology (blue) and industrial biotechnology (white).

What do we hope to gain from all these Initiatives?

Our primary goal in preparing this list of the top 100 biotechnology assignment subjects is to aid students in deciding on effective time management techniques. We've witnessed a large amount of cases where when looking for online help with assignments with the topic, examining sources of information, and citing the correct order of reference students find themselves stuck at various points. In the majority of cases, students have difficulty even to get through their dilemma of choosing a topic. This is why we contribute in our effort to help make the process easier for students in biotech quickly and efficiently. Our students are able to save time and energy in order to help them make use of the time they are given to write the assignment with the most appropriate topics.

Let's look at some of the newest areas of biotechnology research and the related areas.

  • Renewable Energy Technology Management Promoting Village
  • Molasses is a molasses-based ingredient that can be used to produce and the treatment of its effluent
  • Different ways to evapotranspirate
  • Scattering Parameters of Circulator Bio-Technology
  • Renewable Energy Technology Management Promoting Village.

Structural Biology of Infectious Diseases

A variety of studies are being conducted into the techniques used by pathogens in order to infect humans and other species and for designing strategies for countering the disease. The main areas that are available to study by biotech researchers include:

  • inlA from Listeria monocytogenes when combined with E-cadherin from humans.
  • InlC in Listeria monocytogenes that are multipart with human Tuba.
  • Phospholipase PatA of Legionella pnemophila.
  • The inactivation process of mammalian TLR2 by inhibiting antibody.
  • There are many proteins that come originate from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Plant Biotechnology

Another significant area for research in biotechnology for plants is to study the genetic causes of the plant's responses to scarcity and salinity, which have a significant impact on yields of the crop and food.

  • Recognition and classification of genes that influence the responses of plants to drought and salinity.
  • A component of small-signing molecules in plants' responses to salinity and drought.
  • Genetic enhancement of plant sensitivity salinity and drought.


It's also a significant area for conducting research in biotechnology. One of the most important reasons for doing so could be the identification of various genetic factors that cause differences in drug effectiveness and susceptibility for adverse reactions. Some of the subjects which can be studied are,

  • Pharmacogenomics of Drug Transporters
  • Pharmacogenomics of Metformin's response to type II mellitus
  • The pharmacogenomics behind anti-hypertensive medicines
  • The Pharmacogenomics of anti-cancer drugs

Forensic DNA

A further area of research in biotechnology research is the study of the genetic diversity of humans for its applications in criminal justice. Some of the topics that could be studied include,

  • Y-chromosome Forensic Kit, Development of commercial prototype.
  • Genetic testing of Indels in African populations.
  • The Y-chromosome genotyping process is used for African populations.
  • Study of paternal and maternal ancestry of mixed communities in South Africa.
  • The study of the local diversity in genetics using highly mutating Y-STRs and Indels.
  • South African Innocence Project: The study of DNA extracted from historical crime scene.
  • Nanotechnology is a new technology that can be applied to DNA genotyping.
  • Nanotechnology methods to isolate DNA.

Food Biotechnology

It is possible to conduct research in order to create innovative methods and processes in the fields of food processing and water. The most fascinating topics include:

  • A molecular-based technology that allows for the rapid identification and detection of foodborne pathogens in intricate food chains.
  • The effects of conventional and modern processing techniques on the bacteria that are associated with Aspalathus lineriasis.
  • DNA-based identification of species of animals that are present in meat products that are sold raw.
  • The phage assay and PCR are used to detect and limit the spread of foodborne pathogens.
  • Retention and elimination of pathogenic, heat-resistant and other microorganisms that are treated by UV-C.
  • Analysis of an F1 generation of the cross Bon Rouge x Packham's Triumph by Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR/microsatellite).
  • The identification of heavy metal tolerant and sensitive genotypes
  • Identification of genes that are involved in tolerance to heavy metals
  • The isolation of novel growth-promoting bacteria that can help crops cope with heavy metal stress . Identification of proteins that signal lipids to increase the tolerance of plants to stress from heavy metals

This topic includes high-resolution protein expression profiling for the investigation of proteome profiles. The following are a few of the most fascinating topics:

  • The identification and profile of stress-responsive proteins that respond to abiotic stress in Arabidopsis Thalian and Sorghum bicolor.
  • Analyzing sugar biosynthesis-related proteins in Sorghum bicolor, and study of their roles in drought stress tolerance
  • Evaluation of the viability and long-term sustainability of Sweet Sorghum for bioethanol (and other by-products) production in South Africa
  • In the direction of developing an environmentally sustainable, low-tech hypoallergenic latex Agroprocessing System designed specifically especially for South African small-holder farmers.


This is an additional aspect of biotechnology research. The current trend is to discover new methods to combat cancer. Bioinformatics may help identify proteins and genes as well as their role in the fight against cancer. Check out some of the areas that are suitable to study.

  • Prediction of anticancer peptides with HIMMER and the the support vector machine.
  • The identification and verification of innovative therapeutic antimicrobial peptides for Human Immunodeficiency Virus In the lab and molecular method.
  • The identification of biomarkers that are associated with cancer of the ovary using an molecular and in-silico method.
  • Biomarkers identified in breast cancer, as possible therapeutic and diagnostic agents with a combination of molecular and in-silico approaches.
  • The identification of MiRNA's as biomarkers for screening of cancerous prostates in the early stages an in-silico and molecular method
  • Identification of putatively identified the genes present in breast cancer tissues as biomarkers for early detection of lobular and ductal breast cancers.
  • Examining the significance of Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 6 (RBBP6) in the regulation of the cancer-related protein Y-Box Binding Protein 1 (YB-1).
  • Examining the role played by Retinoblastoma Binding Protein 6 (RBBP6) in the regulation of the cancer suppressor p53 through Mouse Double Minute 2 (MDM2).
  • Structural analysis of the anti-oxidant properties of the 1-Cys peroxiredoxin Prx2 found in the plant that resurrects itself Xerophyta viscosa.


This is a fascinating aspect of biotechnology, which can be used to identify effective tools to address the most serious health issues.

  • Evaluation of cancer-specific peptides to determine their applications for the detection of cancer.
  • The development of a quantum dot-based detection systems for breast cancer.
  • The creation of targeted Nano-constructs for in vivo imaging as well as the treatment of tumors.
  • Novel quinone compounds are being tested as anti-cancer medicines.
  • Embedelin is delivered to malignant cells in a specific manner.
  • The anti-cancer activities of Tulbaghia Violacea extracts were studied biochemically .
  • Novel organic compounds are screened for their anti-cancer potential.
  • To treat HIV, nanotechnology-based therapeutic techniques are being developed.

Top 100 Biotechnology Research Proposal Topics to Consider in 2022

We've prepared a list of the top 100 most suggested dissertation topics, which were compiled by our experts in research. They've made sure to offer a an extensive list of topics that cover all aspects of the topic. We hope that this list will meet all of the requirements for assistance with your dissertation . Let us start with our list of subjects, one at a time each one

  • Achieving effective control of renewable power technologies to help the village
  • The production of ethanol through the aid of molasses and the treatment of its effluent
  • Different approaches and aspects of Evapotranspiration
  • Its scattering parameter is biotechnology circulator
  • The inactivation of mammalian TLR2 via an inhibiting antibody
  • The number of proteins produced by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Recognition and classification of genes that shape the responses of plants to drought and salinity.
  • The small sign molecules that are involved in the response that plants have to the effects of salinity as well as drought
  • Genetic improvement of the plant's sensitivity to drought and saltiness
  • The pharmacogenomics of drug transporters
  • The anti-cancer drugs' pharmacogenomics are based on pharmac
  • The pharmacogenomics of antihypertensive medications
  • Indels genotyping of African populations
  • Genomics of the Y-chromosomes of African populations
  • The profiling of DNA extracted from historical crime scenes Consider the implications of South African Innocence Project
  • Nanotechnology-related methods for DNA isolation
  • Nanotechnology applications in the context of DNA genotyping
  • Recognizing the heavy metals that are tolerant with genotypes that are sensitive.
  • Genetic characteristics that play a role within the procedure of gaining tolerance to metals
  • The animal's DNA is authenticated by the species by the commercial production of raw meat products
  • The use of molecular-based technology is in the sense of detection and identification of foodborne pathogens in complicated food systems
  • Assessing the effectiveness of cancer-specific peptides that are suitable for efficient implementations in the area of diagnosis and treatment for cancer
  • Quantum Dot-based detection system is being developed in relation to a positive breast cancer diagnosis
  • It is targeted delivery of the embelin to cancerous cells
  • Exploring the potential of novel quinone compounds as anti-cancer agents
  • Treatment strategies for treating HIV in addition to the significance of nanotechnology the treatment of HIV.
  • A review of the medicinal value the antioxidants found in nature.
  • An in-depth examination of the structure of COVID spike proteins
  • A review of the immune response to the stem therapy using cells
  • CRISPR-Cas9 technology to aid in the process of editing the genome
  • Tissue engineering and delivery of drugs through the application of Chitosan
  • Evaluation of beneficial effects of cancer vaccines
  • Use of PacBio sequencing in relation to genome assembly of model organisms
  • Examining the connection between mRNA suppression and its effect on the growth of stem cells
  • Biomimicry is a method of identifying of cancer cells
  • The sub-classification and characterisation of the Yellow enzymes
  • The process of producing food products that are hypoallergenic and fermented.
  • The production of hypoallergenic milk
  • The purification process for the thermostable phytase
  • Bioconversion of the cellulose produce products that are significant for industry
  • The investigation of the gut microbiota of the model organisms
  • The use of fungal enzymes for the manufacture of chemical glue
  • A look at those inhibitors to exocellulase as well as endocellulase
  • Examine the value of microorganisms to aid in the recovery of gas from shale.
  • Examine the thorough analysis of the method of natural decomposition
  • Examine ways to recycle bio-wastes
  • Improved bio-remediation in the case of oil spills
  • The process of gold biosorption is accomplished with the aid of the cyanobacterium
  • A healthy equilibrium between the biotic and the abiotic elements by using biotechnological devices
  • The measurement of the mercury level in fish by means of markers
  • Exploring the biotechnological capabilities from Jellyfish related microbiomes Jellyfish related microbiome
  • What is the role of marine fungi to aid in attempts to break down plastics and polymers?
  • Examine the biotechnological possibilities that can be extracted of dinoflagellates
  • Removing endosulfan residues using the use of biotechnology the agriculture sector
  • The creation of the ELISA method for the detection of crop virus
  • Enhancing the quality of drinking water by the aid of the E.coli consortium
  • The characterisation of E.coli is its isolation from the feces of Zoo animals
  • Enhancing the resistance of crops to the attack of insects
  • The reduction of the expenditure on agriculture by using efficient bio-tools
  • Are there the most efficient ways to stop erosion of soils using the help of biotechnology-based tools?
  • What can biotechnology do to assist in increasing the levels of vitamin content in GM food items?
  • Enhancing the distribution of pesticides by using biotechnology
  • Comparing the biofortification of folate in various types of corpses
  • Examine the photovoltaic-based generation of ocean-based crop
  • What is the best way to use nanotechnology will improve the efficiency of the agriculture sector?
  • Analyzing the mechanisms that govern resistance to water stresses in models of plants
  • Production and testing of human immune boosters within the test organisms
  • Comparing genomic analysis to the usefulness of tools intended for bioinformatics
  • The Arabinogalactan protein sequence and its value in the field of computational methods
  • Analyzing and interpreting gut microbiota from model organisms
  • Different methods of purification of proteins A comparative analysis
  • The diagnosis of microbes and their function in micro-arrays of oligonucleotide oligonu
  • The use of diverse techniques within the biomedical research field that includes micro-arrays technology
  • The use of microbial community to produce the greenhouse effect
  • Evaluation of the computational properties of various proteins that are derived from the marine microbiota
  • E.coli gene mapping through the help of different tools for microbial research
  • Intensifying the strains of Cyanobacterium the aid of gene sequencing
  • Assessment and description by computation of crystallized proteins that are found in the natural world.
  • MTERF protein and the use of it to end the process of transcription that occurs in mitochondrial DNA inside algae
  • Reverse column chromatography in phase and its use in the separation of proteins
  • The study of the various proteins that are found within Mycobacterium leprae.
  • A review of the methods that are ideal to ensure the success of cloning RNA
  • Examine the most common mistakes of biotechnology in conserving the ecology and natural environment.
  • Is there a method to ensure that the medicinal plants are free of insects? Discuss
  • What are the dangers caused by pest resistant animals on birds and human beings?
  • What are the many areas of biotechnology that remain unexplored in terms research?
  • What's the future of biotechnology in the medical field?
  • Recombinant DNA technology to develop of new medical treatments
  • What is the reason for the type of bacteria that is used to make vaccines with the aid of biotechnology?
  • How can biotechnology aid in the development of new medicines that are resistant to the mutations of viruses and bacteria?
  • Is there a long-term treatment for cancer that is available in the near term? Biotechnology could play an essential role in this?
  • What is the reason it is so important that students remember the DNA codes in biotechnology?
  • How can we create hybrid seeds with assistance of biotechnology?
  • How can one create resistant plants to pests and what are the benefits of these seeds in final yields in agriculture?
  • Examine bio-magnification and its effects on the ecology
  • What are the causes to the reasons ecologists do not approve the use of pest-resistant seed, even though they are in application in agriculture?
  • How has biotechnology influenced the lives of farmers in developing countries?
  • Biotechnology can be used to boost the yield of plant species?
  • Examine the role played by biotechnology to increase the production of the seasonal crops
  • Are there any adverse side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs when they are manufactured with biotechnological techniques? Let the issue with real-world examples

We attempted to cover the essential topics needed for research work. Other topics are available that could be picked based on our interests, the facilities available and resources available for the research, as well as resources and time limits.

We have reached the end of this list. We feel it was beneficial in satisfying the selection criteria. Furthermore, the inclusion of biotechnology-related assignment themes was done in such a manner that they may help us with the requirements of assignment writing kinds and forms. The themes listed above can meet our demands for topic selection linked to aid with case studies and essay assistance, research paper writing help , or thesis writing help .

Frequently asked questions

What are some biotechnology research proposal topics .

Some of biotechnology topics are:

What are the research areas in biotechnology ?

What is best topic for research in biotechnology , what are some examples of biotechnology , what is the scope of biotechnology , what is master in biotechnology , is biotechnology a high paying job , is biotechnology hard to study , is biotechnology a good career , which agecy is best for biotechnology assignment help , can a biotechnologist become a doctor , is biotechnology better than microbiology , is b tech biotechnology a good course .

dissertation project biotechnology

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dissertation project biotechnology

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Biology Dissertation Topics – Based on Trends in Biological Studies

Published by Owen Ingram at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On August 18, 2023

It might be difficult to come up with an interesting study topic. B iology dissertation topic ideas should be attractive, captivating, and intellectually relevant. They must cope with controversial issues and fresh discoveries. A strong subject is the foundation of an argument in science that contains an important insight. It should also spark more conversation and inspire more research.

Our experts gave special consideration to students seeking degrees in pathology, microbiology, botany, genetics, biotechnology, and bioengineering while compiling a list of biology dissertation ideas. Helping students do research, write correctly structured materials with eloquence, and proofread their work by providing top-notch proofread service is our main goal so they can manage time, energy, and resources wisely.

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Best Biology Dissertation Topics

  • How can science be used to prevent the extinction of the most seriously threatened plant and animal species?
  • The use of comparative genomics between mice and humans.
  • Is it possible that Ebola may one day be utilized as a biological weapon after the Covid case in China?
  • Is there a connection between the escalating environmental problems and cancer cases? DNA limitations and peculiarities of contemporary nucleic acid analysis.
  • The best strategies for dealing with various infections.
  • The impact of environmental change on the diversity of species.
  • How can we strengthen our defences while being safe?
  • The processes of evolution are forced vs Natural as natural selection occurs.
  • How can we raise human awareness of the value of the earth’s biodiversity?
  • The processes of evolutionary biology are seen from the perspective of invertebrates.
  • What roles do ecology and evolution play in the prevalence of infectious diseases?
  • Human learning processes and evolution prediction using ai-based models.
  • Development of alternative dolphin feeds and tracking systems
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of the current American coastal zone management system?

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Good Biology Dissertation Topics

  • How can human errors affect the birds’ ability to pollinate plants?
  • What are the most prevalent viruses and diseases that birds may transmit to                humans?
  • What are the potentially lethal infections that resulted from failed scientific                 experiments?
  • How seriously may the demise of a single species endanger the entire bio-chain?
  • What significant obstacles is the present expansion of the rainforest overcoming?
  • Is it feasible to halt the present, risky developments brought on by the current            global warming era?
  • Why do scientists divide species into subgroups, and what criteria are used for classification?
  •     What effects do genes and hormones have on the progression of human development?
  •     What are the most common immune disorders that affect our bodies directly?
  • What do patients think about the system for charging prescriptions? Discuss the potential enhancements to the nation’s healthcare system.
  • What causes the increase in TB cases in less developed nations?
  • What percentage of cardiovascular disorders are genetically caused?
  • What studies have been conducted on diagnosing metapneumovirus in children in northwest England?
  • What are the main immunopathogenic causes of asthma, and what are the clinical ramifications? The United Kingdom has one of the highest asthma rates in the world.
  • How did pediatric renal illness spread across demographics? Conduct research using information from the UK renal registry.

Top Trending Biology Topics

  • Considering clinical pharmacology’s future?
  • What problems do integrating physiology and pharmacology lessons raise?
  • What research has been done in the area of behavioural pharmacology currently?
  • Describe the history of the British Pharmacological Society and the changes it is now through.
  • Discuss the anti-HIV medications ‘ clinical pharmacology.
  • What are the main issues facing research in developing cancer drugs?
  • What effects does oxytocin have on hemodynamics during a caesarean section performed under spinal anaesthesia?
  • What have recent developments there been in the realm of vaccination?
  • How little are geographic differences being taken into account in health studies?
  • Is implementing the Scottish National Health Demonstration Project through a legitimate health visiting practice feasible?
  • Talk about the influence and reach of Indian “Ayurveda,” which may effectively treat even the most severe chronic conditions.
  • What effects do the measurement and definition of public health concerns have on policy results?
  • What are the typical difficulties encountered during public health education and training programs nationwide? How can effective improvement initiatives be implemented?
  • What effect do schools have on childhood obesity? Conduct research depending on the nation of your choice.
  • Describe how the public health profession’s competency is bolstered by the public health skills and career structure.

Hot Biology Dissertation Topics

  • How many veterinary medications be prioritized according to their toxicity and human exposure levels?
  • Are human-infectious, antibiotic-resistant microorganisms utilized in producing veterinary medicine’s antimicrobial agents?
  • How much concern does methicillin resistance pose to veterinarians and practitioners caring for companion animals?
  • How does proper data gathering aid in the early discovery of foot-and-mouth disease and stop it from spreading like wildfire?
  • Study foot-and-mouth disease using utility models by doing a case study in Australia.
  • How to avoid infection in pet cats and the health risks involved? Make a case analysis using research from Australia, the UK, and South Africa.
  • Is a biopsy required for fibroadenoma diagnosis?
  • Finding out how often the equine polysaccharide storage myopathy is
  • Describe the experience your reputable pediatric surgery centre has amassed over ten years.
  • What technical details about the breast cancer prognostic indicators are included in the UK’s National External Quality Assessment Scheme statistics?
  • What frequent causes of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are there?
  • What are the most recent developments in the study of the cervix?
  • What do you mean by biological database—from the computers to the biological data?
  • The problems of quantitative ecology are seen through the modelling perspective.
  • How can the behaviour of marine animals be adapted to a specific genetic pool?

Easy Biology Topics Ideas

  • The biology of infectious diseases in evolution.
  • Biology uses contemporary technology and scientific tools.
  • What effects does archaeology have on animal biology?
  • Aspects that are affecting animal growth.
  • The overweight house pets.
  • Modern home pets and conventional dog diet.
  • Discovering the relationship between gut bacteria and anxiety in primate language and cognitive function.
  • Can gut bacteria cause depression?
  • Problem-solving genes and proteins essential for neuron function: cognitive neuroscience.
  • Animal behaviour: effects of ecological and evolutionary factors.
  • Examine the connection between living things and their surroundings.
  • Human behaviour’s impact on animal forms in the United Kingdom.
  • How do plants and animals react to climate change?
  • The application of hormone action therapy in collegiate sports.
  • The most frequent cell infections as well as immune system difficulties.

Common Biology Topics

  • How does microarray technology aid in illness screening?
  • What purposes do sequence analysis and functional genomics serve?
  • What do you mean when you say that phylogenetic studies are important?
  • How did the human genome project end up being so successful?
  • What roles does bioinformatics play in advancing biomedical science?
  • What roles does apoptosis play in cancer and lymphoma cells?
  • What are the complement regulatory proteins and the pathways responsible for the illnesses’ complement activation?
  • What percentage of large b-cell lymphomas survive after being treated with molecular profiling?
  • Is it accurate to say that immune deficiency disorders benefit from t-cell subset activation? Discuss.
  • The field of biomedical research will benefit from the use of nanofibers, discuss.
  • How does the nutrition of the mother affect the children’s general health?
  • What are the contributing causes of the increase in young adult female hypothyroidism?
  • The connection between polycystic ovarian syndrome and the reasons for infertility
  • Is it accurate to say that applying nanoparticles to some tumours aids their healing? Discuss
  • What factors influence the immune system’s deterioration with age?

Final Words

Providing online assistance on a wide range of biology-related topics has proven successful for our team. Our team of dedicated writers and researchers has worked tirelessly to compile a detailed list of all the subjects that can instantly transform your biology dissertation into a truly impressive one.

Getting started on your dissertation will be easier if you read scholarly literature. Analysing previous articles will help you develop your argument. Keep in mind that having fun is the key to any endeavour you undertake. Choose a subject that you are passionate about and dive in!

Being one of the most successful, reputable, and thorough online academic writing services, we constantly ensure to look for methods to provide students with free aid and guidance.

An initiative like this was launched to help students find a comprehensive list of biology subjects that might be of interest to various academic streams. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more specialized biology dissertation topic ideas . We can also provide the whole dissertation writing service in a timely manner for you if needed.

Free Dissertation Topic

Phone Number

Academic Level Select Academic Level Undergraduate Graduate PHD

Academic Subject

Area of Research

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find dissertation topics about biology.

For biology dissertation topics:

  • Follow recent advancements.
  • Explore ecological issues.
  • Investigate genetics or evolution.
  • Consider health or medical angles.
  • Review biodiversity concerns.
  • Opt for a topic resonating with your passion and research goals.

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The law of contracts is considered to be one of the most integral parts of business. Employees and companies exchange financial information through this system. The task of writing a top-notch dissertation.



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Top 50 Research Topics in Biotechnology

Table of Contents


Research in biotechnology can helps in bringing massive changes in humankind and lead to a better life. In the last few years, there have been so many leaps, and paces of innovations as scientists worldwide worked to develop and produce novel mRNA vaccinations and brought some significant developments in biotechnology. During this period, they also faced many challenges. Disturbances in the supply chain and the pandemic significantly impacted biotech labs and researchers, forcing lab managers to become ingenious in buying lab supplies, planning experiments, and using technology for maintaining research schedules.

At the beginning of 2022, existing biotech research projects are discovering progress in medicines, vaccines, disease treatment and the human body, immunology, and some viruses such as coronavirus that had such a destructive impact that we could never have expected.

The Biotech Research Technique is changing

How research is being done is changing, as also how scientists are conducting it. Affected by both B2C eCommerce and growing independence in remote and cloud-dependent working, most of the biotechnology labs are going through some digital transformations. This implies more software, automation, and AI in the biotech lab, along with some latest digital procurement plans and integrated systems for various lab operations.

In this article, we’ll discuss research topics in biotechnology for students, biotechnology project topics, biotechnology research topics for undergraduates, biotechnology thesis topics, biotechnology research topics for college students, biotechnology research paper topics, biotechnology dissertation topics, biotechnology project ideas for high school, medical biotechnology topics for presentation, research topics for life science , research topics on biotechnology , medical biotechnology topics, recent research topics in biotechnology, mini project ideas for biotechnology, pharmaceutical biotechnology topics, plant biotechnology research topics, research topics in genetics and biotechnology, final year project topics for biotechnology, biotech research project ideas, health biotechnology topics, industrial biotechnology topics, agricultural biotechnology project topics and biology thesis topics.

Look at some of the top trends in biotech research and recent Biotechnology Topics that are bringing massive changes in this vast world of science, resulting in some innovation in life sciences and biotechnology ideas .

  • Development of vaccine: Development of mRNA has been done since 1989 but has accelerated to combat the pandemic. As per many researchers, mRNA vaccines can change infectious disease control as it is a prophylactic means of disease prevention for various diseases such as flu, HIV, etc.
  • Respiratory viruses: More and more research is being done because understanding those viruses will assist in getting better protection, prohibition, and promising treatments for respiratory viruses.
  • Microvesicles and extracellular vesicles are now being focused on because of their involvement in the transportation of mRNA, miRNA, and proteins. But in what other ways can they give support to the human body? So many unknown roles of microvesicles and extracellular vesicles should be discovered.
  • RNA-based Therapeutics: Researchers focus on RNA-based therapeutics such as CAR T cells, other gene/cell therapeutics, small molecular drugs to treat more diseases and other prophylactic purposes.
  • Metabolism in cancers and other diseases: Metabolism helps convert energy and represent the chemical reactions that will sustain life. Nowadays, research is being done to study metabolism in cancers and immune cells to uncover novel ways to approach treatment and prohibition of a specific illness.

All of the ongoing research keeps the potential to bring changes in the quality of life of millions of people, prohibit and do treatment of illnesses that at present have a very high rate of mortality, and change healthcare across the world.

We share different job or exam notices on Labmonk Notice Board . You can search “ Labmonk Notice Board ” on google search to check out latest jobs of your field.

Click the page numbers below to read more on this topic.

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  • Vision & Mission
  • Research Area
  • Internship Programme
  • Genomics Tools
  • miRNA Genomics- Tools
  • Cancer Cell Culture Techniques
  • Western Blotting Technique
  • Molecular Cloning
  • Basic Flow Cytometry
  • Advanced Flow Cytometry
  • Writing Scientific Manuscript
  • “On site” Workshops
  • Special Hands-on Training
  • Final Year Research Project
  • Summer Project
  • Independent Research Program
  • Scientific Advisory Committee
  • Publication

dissertation project biotechnology

Research Scholar

[100+] Biotechnology Research Topics With Free [Thesis Pdf] 2023

Are You Searching Research Topics For Biotechnology ,   Topics For Biotechnology Research Paper, Biotechnology Research Topics For Students, Research Topics Ideas For Biotechnology, Biotechnology Research Topics For PhD, Biotechnology PhD Topics. So You are in right place. 

In this article, we provide you latest research topics for Biotechnology with a full Phd thesis. By these research topics for Biotechnology you can get idea for your research work. On this website, you can get lots of Biotechnology Research Topics for College Students,  PhD, Mphil, Dissertations, Thesis, Project, Presentation, Seminar or Workshop. Check the suggestions below that can help you choose the right research topics for Biotechnology: You can also Free Download Biotechnology Research PhD Thesis in Pdf by the given link.

Now Check 100+ Biotechnology Research Topics List

Table of Contents

Research Topic For Biotechnology 2023

Biotechnology research topics for dissertation, research topics ideas for biotechnology, biotechnology research topics ideas for college students, topics for biotechnology research paper, biotechnology research topics for thesis, biotechnology research topics for students, biotechnology research topics for undergraduate students, biotechnology research topics for university students, biotechnology research topics for phd, research topics for phd in biotechnology, research topics for mphil biotechnology, biotechnology phd topics, research paper topics for biotechnology, biotechnology research paper topics, phd thesis topic for biotechnology, research topics for biotechnology subject, biotechnology research topics for fisheries, research topics for biotechnology, biotechnology research topics examples.

Note: All Research Work Idea on this website is inspired by Shodhganga: a reservoir of Indian Theses. We provide you mostly research work under Creative Commons Licence. Credit goes to https://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/

If you find any copyright content on this website and you have any objection than plz immediately connect us on [email protected]. We Will remove that content as soon as.

This Post is also helpful for: Biotechnology Thesis Pdf, Biotechnology Thesis Topics, Biotechnology Dissertation Topics, Biotechnology Thesis, Catchy Title For Biotechnology, Phd Thesis Topic for Biotechnology, Biotechnology Research Paper Topics, Biotechnology Phd Topics, Biotechnology Research Topics, Research Topics For Biotechnology Students in India, Biotechnology Research Topics For College Students.

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Bioinformatics Training Courses

Computer aided drug designing training course, ngs data analysis training course, cheminformatics training course, molecular modelling dynamics simulation training course, python bioinformatics training courses, perl bioperl training courses, molecular biology training course.

  • Life Science Software Development Training Courses

Industrial Training

Research training, dissertation program, industrial internship program, research internship program, summer training.

  • Demo Session
  • Upcoming Batches
  • Course-Payment
  • International-Payment
  • 5 Days Bioinformatics and Precision Genomics
  • 10 Days Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis
  • 10 Days Protein Simulation & dynamic studies
  • 10 Days Chem-informatics & Drug Discovery
  • Corporate Training
  • Onsite Workshop
  • Workshop Enquiry-Form
  • Workshop-Payment
  • RASA-Knowldge Base
  • Publications
  • Case Studies

Your Dissertation Can Lead To Publication With Our Help

Dissertation program at rasa life science informatics.

RASA has designed the Industrial Biotechnology Dissertation program specially for students who are doing their Biotechnology final year project And Bioinformatics Thesis for Bsc, Msc, Btech or Mtech. The idea behind this is to give the students industrial exposure while they pursue their projects and Bioinformatics Thesis. The training will also be provided to aid in the project. The Industrial Biotechnology Dissertation program topics provided to the students will be in accordance to their requirement as well as the university requirement. Rasa Provide Biotechnology Dissertation program in Bioinformatics, Dissertation program in NGS, Dissertation program in CADD, Dissertation program in MMD.

You can also check out  more about our bioinformatics course and research services related to Bioinformatics.

How We Can Help You In Our Dissertation Program

The knowledge is both theoretical and empirical, hands on discipline and there are many skills that cannot be taught in the classroom. They can only be learned through practical experience. At RASA, we have built industry-appropriate   training modules which at the shortest time possible improve candidate competence.

RASA Life Science Informatics has become a pioneering center for Industrial Dissertation Program as it has all the required infrastructure and excellent facilities for biotechnology final year project students and Bioinformatics Thesis to pursue their courses. RASA brings together computational, physical, chemical, biological and statistical domains in a stimulating and nurturing environment for the development and training of 3rd generation scientist (one who can incorporate theory, simulation, and experiment to expand their understanding to address key problems of modern sciences).

Our Dissertation Program focus on novel areas of Drug Discovery and Designing( Dissertation Program in CADD), next generation sequence analysis( Dissertation Program in NGS), simulation studies ( Dissertation Program in MMD), bioinformatics( Dissertation Program in Bioinformatics) and life science software development. Our Dissertation Program in Pune, India can help candidates to strengthen their profile to complete biotechnology final year project, Bioinformatics Thesis and for better job opportunities in biotechnology, pharmacy or for higher studies.

In Dissertation Program Bioinformatics you will Learn to analyse the information associated with DNA, RNA and protein on a large-scale , in Dissertation Program NGS you will get Knowledge on RNA Seq, CHIP Seq, in  Dissertation Program CADD you will Specialized in QSAR, ADMET Studies, Chemical Databases, in Dissertation Program MMD you can learn  MD Simulation using Protein water, Protein legand(Complex).

So Join the Best   Dissertation Program (Bioinformatics, NGS, CADD, MMD) in Pune to make a successful career in this field. RASA life science informatics is highly ranked in India For Biotechnology Dissertation Program Course.

RASA offers several Bioinformatics Dissertation Program

dissertation project biotechnology

Industrial Dissertation Program in Computer Aided Drug Designing

3-6 Months Industrial Dissertation Program in Computer Aided Drug Designing

dissertation project biotechnology

Industrial Dissertation Program in Bioinformatics

3-6 Months Industrial Dissertation Program in Bioinformatics

dissertation project biotechnology

Industrial Dissertation Program in Molecular modeling and Dynamics

3-6 Months Industrial Dissertation Program in Molecular modeling and Dynamics

dissertation project biotechnology

Industrial Dissertation Program in Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis

3-6 Months Industrial Dissertation Program in Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis

Bioinformatics Dissertation highlights

Challenging assignments for better understanding, certificate for industrial dissertation program, 2-3 weeks hands on practical training related to project, a research project, chances to work with scientist, project assistance, bioinformatics dissertation features.

Industrial Training in Bioinformatics

Training in an industrial environment provides the trainees with the opportunity to develop a problem solving attitude and to have an insight into the functioning of the department.

dissertation project biotechnology

It will help in development of the corporate/research skills to improve their employability index.

Industrial trainin at rasa

An exposure to the working environment of a commercial organization will give students an integrated view of its operations.

Quality Industrial Training in Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis

Quality Training with small batches, personal attention, library Facility.

Quality Industrial Training in Life Science Software Development or Biojava

 Training Certificate will be given after completion of training

Industrial Training in Molecular Biology in India

Latest knowledge of industry, HR, Soft skills, CV making sessions

Sign Up !!!

dissertation project biotechnology

Enquire Here

Industrial dissertation program, we train,you gain... limited seats ,hurry up, relax you are eligible, any one from:.

Students, fresher’s, Working professional, Experienced Scientists /Research fellows (National Laboratories, Universities & other R&D institutions) and  students can apply for Industrial Training

Any Bachelor’s or Master’s like:

BSc, MSc, Btech, Mtech. B.Pharm, M.Pharm, BE, ME

Any Specialization:

Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Biomedical sciences, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Computational biology, computational chemistry, Molecular biology, cell biology, Bioinformatics course and other life science areas are eligible for Industrial Training.


Learn from Experts

Learn from Experts

AT RASA we do not have trainers but industry leaders and experts who share their rich experience and knowledge with you.

Training & Assignments

Training & Assignments

Practical and hands-on training  delivery from advanced curriculum designed according to research industry need.Challenging Assignments to help learn better.


Certificate & Publication

Industry recognized Training certificate to boost your career.Chance for a research/Review paper publication in peer reviewed journals.


NGS Data Analysis

Online Training

In-class training, saturday batch, weekdays batch, morning batch, why you would love rasa.

  •  Learn from industry experts
  • Comprehensive practical training
  • Interactive doubt sessions
  • Free backup classes
  • Industrial case-studies
  • Group & individual assignments
  • Feedback 9/10
  • Free query support post-training

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bioinformatics internship

likes to be transparent

5580 + students trained, 100 + batches, 9/10 rating given by trainees.

dissertation project biotechnology

Our Trainers

Learn Bioinformatics Training Courses

Shruti Deshmukh

I am a person who believes in presenting the facts before stating any opinion. 2+ years experience in life sciences, leading various (in silicon) research projects and giving training in biotechnology, bioinformatics, molecular modeling, simulations, chemoinformatics, and drug designing. Also, active and leading company services.


Sapana Mehandale

Over 16 years of experience as a software developer, Chemoinformatics domain expert, and business owner. Expertise in areas ranging from business administration to marketing, product development and services to chemoinformatics, and training students and professional.


Sameer Choudhary

Over 17 years of experience in bioinformatics and chemoinformatics. Represented Systems Biology (Insilico Division) India at the International Pharma Convention held at Oxford, UK, and delivered presentations to the top brass of leading players in the global Pharma and Biotech sector and generated business leads through above-par presentation skills.

Application Scientist

Sakshi Rawat

Believes in the power of possibilities in science. With 7+ years of experience in life sciences, successfully completed various research projects with 6 latest publications, 2 manuscripts accepted, and 8+publications under submission along with leading various research projects and company services. As a trained professional, I have conducted more than 25 national/international level workshops along with training more than 750+ trainees on various life science-related subjects. My area of expertise includes bioinformatics, molecular modeling, simulations, chemoinformatics, drug designing.


Maitreyee athaley.

I have completed my bsc in biotechnology from mohanlal sukhadia university with a first class and recently I’m doing msc in biotechnology. To enhance my knowledge in bioinformatics, I opt for Bioinformatics basics here in RASA. My training was for 1month and it was a wonderful experience and an opportunity to learn a lot more. It was a good learning here at RASA. On a scale of 1-10, I would like to rate RASA’s training as 9.

Akshya Sharma

Since I was new to Bioinformatics, it has been an amazing learning experience to deal with Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis which made me capable of dealing with my own subject queries to a greater extent. On a scale of 1-10, I would like to rate RASA’s Training Program as 8.

Abhishek Panda

From starting only I had a very keen interest in biological studies that uses computer programming as part of their methodology as well as a reference to specific analysis particularly in the field of genomics. So I had opted for Bioinformatics.Overall I had a very good experience over here. All the trainers are really very efficient, talented and friendly as well. I would like to wish RASA all the very best for future.

Srishti Das

My overall summer training experience in RASA for bioinformatics and next generation sequencing was good. I liked learning new things, the faculty was good and they took care of the fact that we understand the concepts. I would rate RASA’straining program 8 on 10. RASA in one line is that its the best institute.

Shivashankar Menon

My overall industrial training experience in RASA was good. In RASA I learned about the basics in Chemoinformatics. My trainer explained about the softwares and databases used and overall it was a good experience. I would rate RASA’s training program 8 on 10. RASA in one line is a good platform for young researchers to start their career.

Nilamoni Kalita

My training experience at RASA was outstanding. Here I got very good working environment. The faculties are very friendly and helpful. Attitude of all the employees is very positive. During my training I have gained many skills. I would rate RASA’s training program 8 on 10. RASA in one line is an outstanding institute.

Nikita Sharma

It was the best summer training experience at RASA. It enhanced my technical skills and knowledge. The trainers are very helpful.The overall training experience is amazing!!!I would rate RASA’s training program 10 on 10. RASA in one line is that Rasa is a good training institute. It is a good platform for bioinformatics, NGS, molecular biology, etc. It helps to improve, technical skills and knowledge.

Apoorva Deodhar

The summer training experience at RASA was very nice. The training I got here will be very helpful for me in future. All trainers were able to solve all types of queries and were available for discussions whenever needed. Overall, very good experience.I would rate RASA’s training program 9 on 10. RASA in one line is a good platform for fresher as well as for those who are doing research training.

Nayomi Neelangal

It was a wonderful experience where I gained a lot of knowledge and an opportunity to learn a lot more in depth about genomics and proteins.I would rate RASA’s training program 9 on 10. RASA has served to be a beneficial exposure for my career.

Harshada Puranik

I had a great training experience at RASA as this is a big source in informatics of science stream. I would rate RASA’s training program 9 on 10. RASA in one line is a complete package of advanced technology.

dissertation project biotechnology

Free Webinar

Take part in an informative webinar about the opportunities in life science informatics domain and get answers to all your questions. Don’t  miss the opportunity to get more knowledge and be informed.

dissertation project biotechnology

Start with a free demo

Start with a free demo lecture RASA offers you a chance to take an in-class or online demo lecture to understand about the life science informatics domain.

dissertation project biotechnology

Reserve your seat and join our upcoming batch for professional training programs in life science informatics domain.

Top Queries In Dissertation Program

Will i be receiving a certificate/diploma after completion of the dissertation program training .

RASA will issue an Industry recognized training certificate for the module you have undergone the training. This certificate will be your passport to newer and better opportunities in the life science informatics domain.

What If I happen to miss one or more classes?

In case if you miss one or more classes, you will be provided with backup classes. You can take the backup classes without having to pay anything extra.

What is the fee for Dissertation program at RASA?

What is the average starting pay package in life sciences.

An average salary for a person working in life science and life science informatics starts from INR 2.8-3.5 lakhs per year

Have More Queries?

We would love to assist you! Call at +917276010408

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Our Trainees Are Placed In

Biotechnology, bio-pharmacy, bio-it, pharmaceutical companies, research labs, universities & colleges.


Biotech Era Transforming India

Internship / Dissertation / Project/ Workshop


To make industrial ready workforce only achieved by prior exposure to the industrial set up through which, you will be acclimatized as team worker; interacting with end users; developing specific technologies and products. Developing prototype biotechnology products may be helpful in pushing you in best career; and foremost improving your writing and oral presentation skills. Biotech Era Transforming India-BETi Research and Training Center provides commercial/research oriented biotechnology projects/ Internships / hands on training to students.

  • One Month, 


B.Sc, M.Sc., B. Tech., Biotechnology, B.E. Biomedical Engineering, B. Tech., Food Technology, B. Tech., Pharma Technology, M. Tech., Biotechnology, B.Pharma, M. Pharma, M. Sc., Biotechnology, M. Sc., Microbiology, M. Sc., Biochemistry, M. Phil., Biotechnology, M. Phil., Microbiology, M. Phil., Biochemistry are encouraged to apply.

Biotechnology project are being offered throughout the year under the sub areas of Food Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bio-Pharma Technology, Enzyme Technology, Agriculture Biotechnology , Molecular Biology and Tissue Culture, Organic waste management, Waste water treatment, Spawn Production, and Mushroom cultivation

Kindly fill your details in the link provided


  1. Top 100 Biotechnology Dissertation Topics for the Year 2021

    dissertation project biotechnology

  2. Statement of Purpose Biotechnology

    dissertation project biotechnology

  3. Biotechnology Essay

    dissertation project biotechnology

  4. Biotechnology Medical Thesis Writing Service & Biotechnology Medical

    dissertation project biotechnology

  5. Training/Project/Dissertation in biotechnology at CytoGene

    dissertation project biotechnology

  6. Top 50 Research Topics in Biotechnology

    dissertation project biotechnology


  1. Resit Dissertation Project Presentation

  2. Biotechnology & Microbiology students Dissertation work contact- 8871577953

  3. BioTechnology PRODUCTION


  5. Dissertation Project: Beauty Parodies

  6. BST Paper Discussion /Biosystems Technology Sinhala Medium


  1. Top 100 Biotechnology Dissertation Topics for the Year 2021

    Genetic improvement of the plant lenience to salinity and drought. Pharmacogenomics of the drug transporters. Pharmacogenomics of the anti-cancer drugs. Pharmacogenomics of the anti-hypertensive drugs. Indels genotyping of the African populations. Y-chromosome genotyping of the African populations.

  2. Biotech & Genetic Engineering Research Topics (+ Free Webinar

    If you're just starting out exploring biotechnology-related topics for your dissertation, thesis or research project, you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll help kickstart your research topic ideation process by providing a hearty list of research topics and ideas, including examples from recent studies.. PS - This is just the start…

  3. Molecular Biosciences Theses and Dissertations

    Theses/Dissertations from 2022. PDF. Regulation of the Heat Shock Response via Lysine Acetyltransferase CBP-1 and in Neurodegenerative Disease in Caenorhabditis elegans, Lindsey N. Barrett. PDF. Determining the Role of Dendritic Cells During Response to Treatment with Paclitaxel/Anti-TIM-3, Alycia Gardner. PDF.


    Project / Dissertation work is not only the essential part of a degree program but also a gateway for better career opportunities. Choosing a topic is not important, but what has been found in the research is ... Plant biotechnology is a combination of tissue culture and genetic engineering. It deals with ...

  5. (PDF) M.Sc Biotechnology Thesis : "TWO DIMENSIONAL ...


  6. Molecular and Cellular Biology Masters Theses Collection

    Theses from 2021 PDF. Exploring Knockdown Phenotypes and Interactions between ATAD3 Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana, Eli S. Gordon, Molecular & Cellular Biology. PDF. Development of a Site-Specific Labeling Assay to Study the Pseudomonas aeruginosa Type III Secretion Translocon in Native Membranes, Kyle A. Mahan, Molecular & Cellular Biology. PDF

  7. 200+ Biotechnology Research Topics: Let's Shape the Future

    The pursuit of biotechnology research topics requires substantial funding and resources. Government grants and funding agencies play a pivotal role in supporting research initiatives. Simultaneously, the private sector, including biotechnology companies and venture capitalists, invest in promising projects.

  8. Biological Sciences thesis and dissertation collection

    Single-cell time-series analysis of metabolic rhythms in yeast . Wongprommoon, Arin (The University of Edinburgh, 2024-01-31) The yeast metabolic cycle (YMC) is a biological rhythm in budding yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). It entails oscillations in the concentrations and redox states of intracellular metabolites, oscillations in ...

  9. Dissertation Projects

    Dissertation Projects (4 - 6 Months, Full-time, Regular Program) ... All students would participate and then help in conducting the Biotech and Cell Culture workshops organized by ICSCCB. All students would participate and help in organizing the International Conference on Stem Cells and Cancer ...

  10. PDF Biotechnology, Master of Science

    MS in Biotechnology with Thesis Option Students interested in pursuing the MS in Biotechnology with the thesis are required to take 11 courses. The thesis requires a two-semester research project. Students complete AS.410.800 Independent Research in Biotechnology, and then AS.410.801 Biotechnology Thesis the following semester.

  11. 150 Research Proposal Topics In Biotechnology

    Forensic DNA. A further area of research in biotechnology research is the study of the genetic diversity of humans for its applications in criminal justice. Some of the topics that could be studied include, Y-chromosome Forensic Kit, Development of commercial prototype. Genetic testing of Indels in African populations.

  12. Dissertation on Biotechnology

    A dissertation on biotechnology is an in-depth research project conducted by a student pursuing a higher degree, such as a Master's or Ph., in the field of biotechnology. It serves as a culmination of their academic journey, demonstrating their ability to conduct independent research, analyze data, and contribute new knowledge to the field.

  13. Dissertation Project Topics in Biotechnology

    Dissertation Project Topics in Biotechnology - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

  14. Biology Dissertation Topics

    For biology dissertation topics: Follow recent advancements. Explore ecological issues. Investigate genetics or evolution. Consider health or medical angles. Review biodiversity concerns. Opt for a topic resonating with your passion and research goals.

  15. Top 50 Research Topics in Biotechnology

    Look at some of the top trends in biotech research and recent Biotechnology Topics that are bringing massive changes in this vast world of science, resulting in some innovation in life sciences and biotechnology ideas. Development of vaccine: Development of mRNA has been done since 1989 but has accelerated to combat the pandemic. As per many ...

  16. Final Year Research Projects

    Applications are invited for the final year Dissertation project, 2023-2024 in the research area of Cancer Biology, Stem cell Biology and Genomics. Final year M.Sc., B.Tech., M.Tech and M. Phil student (Biotechnology, Biomedical and any branch of Biological Sciences) who wants to do a part of their dissertation project at " Centre for Stem Cell ...

  17. Indiabiotech.in-Bio-Biotech-Institutes-for-Project-Training-Dissertation

    Institutes* for Biotech & Life Sciences Project, Training and Dissertation * Kindly Read Before You Apply for Training/Project: Following institutes normally provide industrial and academic projects and training to advance life sciences/biotech students and professionals. Kindly note that some of them do not provide training to all students as training is not a part of their routine work.

  18. Dissertation Project in Biotechnology

    Dissertation Project in Biotechnology - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

  19. [100+] Biotechnology Research Topics With Free [Thesis Pdf] 2023

    Research Topic For Biotechnology 2023. Sr. No. Research Topic. Check Thesis. 1. Identification of genetic locus associated with resistance to brown planthopper. Download. 2. Identifying genes expressed during water stress in rice cv Nootripathu roots.

  20. Biotechnology Science Projects

    Science Fair Project Idea. In this project, you'll learn how to isolate DNA from onion cells, separating it from other cellular components in a manner that still preserves its structure and sequence. In the end, you'll have enough DNA to see with the unaided eye, and you'll be able to spool it to demonstrate its strand-like structure. Read more.

  21. MSc/ MTech Dissertation Project Training Programme

    MSc/ MTech Dissertation Project Training Programme during the period from January 2019 to June 2019. NCCS invites applications from eligible Indian National candidates pursuing M.Sc. and integrated M.Sc./M.Tech degree program (those who have completed at least three years) in any branch of sciences to undertake Project Training as a part of ...

  22. Bioinformatics Dissertation : Academic Project For Biotech Student

    Our Dissertation Program in Pune, India can help candidates to strengthen their profile to complete biotechnology final year project, Bioinformatics Thesis and for better job opportunities in biotechnology, pharmacy or for higher studies. In Dissertation Program Bioinformatics you will Learn to analyse the information associated with DNA, RNA ...

  23. Internship / Dissertation / Project/ Workshop

    Internship / Dissertation / Project/ Workshop. To make industrial ready workforce only achieved by prior exposure to the industrial set up through which, you will be acclimatized as team worker; interacting with end users; developing specific technologies and products. Developing prototype biotechnology products may be helpful in pushing you in ...

  24. Governor Cooper Announces 400 New Jobs as Global Manufacturer Selects

    SCHOTT Pharma USA, Inc., a global leader in manufacturing drug containment solutions and delivery systems for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, will establish a new production facility in Wilson County, creating 401 jobs, Governor Roy Cooper announced today. The company will invest $371 million in the City of Wilson.

  25. The guide to St. Louis technology, startups and biotech training

    The St. Louis Business Journal staff has compiled informational listings of major workforce service providers across several sectors. This list features technology training programs. If you feel ...