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50 Easy Essay Topics To Write About

Are you tired of complicated writing prompts? Explore our list of easy essay topics that cater to different interests, plus writing tips to guide you.

Easy essay topics are straightforward and are not complex. Writers won’t have a problem researching information about these essay topic ideas as there are many details available they can use to whip up thesis statements or start an argument to stimulate the readers. When writing easy essay topics, you should focus on the quality of your writing, not the difficulty of your chosen subject. Try out some of the best essay checkers when writing your next essay!


Easy Narrative Essay Topics

Easy descriptive essay topics, easy persuasive essay topics, easy argumentative essay topics, easy expository essay topics, easy informative essay topics , easy compare-and-contrast essay topics, easy cause and effect essay topics, easy college (application) topics.

Easy essay topics: Narrative Example

Narrative essays show the writers’ point of view as they share their stories with the readers. These descriptive essays are often from personal experience and let the writers be as creative as they want.

  • My first childhood memory

Think back to your earliest memory and describe what happened. Try to recreate it through words by adding as many details as possible. Then, describe the emotions you feel when recalling this memory.

  • A travel experience that I want to relive

Pick an adventure you want to do again and recount your journey. Begin your essay with how you planned your travel and arrived at the destination, then tell the reader things you did there. Your essay should make the readers feel like they are on the trip with you.

  • The day I met my best friend

Write how you met your best friend, what you felt, and what you talked about or did that day. Point out what made them your best friend and share how your friendship developed over time.

  •  My first day as a student

Take the readers with you on your first day as either a middle school, high school, or college student. Talk about your first impression of the school, teachers, and classmates. You can also compare your expectations to your first day’s actual events.

  • My most embarrassing moment

Write about what led to the embarrassing scene, how you reacted to it, and other details that made it a vivid memory for you. Add what you learned from the experience, and if other people still tease you.

  • My most recent summer vacation

Pick a recent memory so you can recall as much detail as possible. Discuss how you spent your summer vacation, whether you stayed home because it was too hot or visited the beach and got sunburned.

As the name suggests, a descriptive essay asks writers to describe a subject, including their thoughts and experiences. The key to writing this type of essay is to be imaginative and focused on the details of your writing.

  • My treasured place

Pick the place that holds a special meaning to you. It can be a local park where you and your friends play, your childhood home, etc., and describe the location’s sounds, colors, and other details. For instance, if it’s the park, you can say that the sun is shining bright, and the kid’s laughter is loud.

  • My best friend

Describe your best friend – their appearance, personality, and habits. Paint a picture of them through words and additional reasons why you consider them your closest friend. 

  • My favorite food

When writing about your favorite food, ensure to describe its appearance, taste, texture, and anything else that can make the reader feel like they are eating the same thing as you. Then, share why you enjoy it so much.

  • My hometown

Stroll around your neighborhood to get more details about your hometown to let readers visualize it better. Point out any landmark and detail the scenery, history, and culture of where you live.

  • My dream vacation

Select a place you want to visit someday and describe what you’re most excited to see there. For instance, you may want to visit Japan to watch the white and cherry blossoms floating in the wind.

  • My favorite book or movie

Choose what stands out the most among the many books and movies you’ve read and watched. Present a summary of its plot, including your favorite characters, and explain why it stands out. Your reasons can also be the movie’s atmosphere or the author’s writing style. Just describe them as best you can. You might also be wondering what is a synthesis essay ?

Persuasive essay topics have one goal: to urge the readers to take their stance and convince them that the writer is correct. Good essays about challenges using persuasive writing often rely on opinions, are more personal, and have a more emotional or passionate tone.

  • You should exercise regularly

Encourage your readers to exercise regularly by listing benefits such as improved physical and mental health. You can include your experience and share its impacts on your life.

  • We should practice recycling

Tap on your readers’ emotions by identifying the adverse effects of waste on the environment. Then, discuss how recycling can reduce those consequences by citing successful recycling programs.

  • Why we should help illegal immigrants

Choose this topic if you want to support undocumented immigrants and help them settle down legally. Encourage your readers to do the same by showing this group’s contributions to the economy and debunking immigration myths.

  • We should advocate for mental health awareness

Increased awareness of mental health issues reduces the stigma around the subject and improves treatment options for those who suffer from it. If you also live with mental health problems, share your experience and include campaigns and initiatives you appreciate.

  • We should volunteer often

Volunteering opens up many opportunities through social connections and improved networks. Plus, it offers the feeling of personal fulfillment. Use your essay to persuade your readers to consider volunteering and positively impacting their communities.

  • Why we should set goals and deadlines to combat procrastination

Everyone has procrastinated before, so we all have our tales about it. Focus your essay on the benefits of setting goals to improve productivity. Include any prior experience of how doing this helped you or someone you know.

Argumentative writing presents facts to get the readers to see the writer’s point of view. These interesting essay topics acknowledge that another side exists and counter the other side’s points. Argumentative essay topics present credible evidence to show the readers the writer’s perspective on the issue.

  • Should college be free for everyone? 

Indicate your stance on the matter and identify the disadvantages and drawbacks of free college. Present a clear argument supporting the side you choose.

  • Is social media harmful to society?

Discuss the impact of social media sites on mental health, privacy, and communication. Show how social media helps or harms society by sharing your experience and citing examples. Then, you can add tips on how we can use social media in a way that isn’t harmful to our well-being.

  • Should schools ban junk foods in cafeterias?

Ensure to tackle the pros and cons of banning junk foods in school. Some pros can include teaching students to choose healthier foods. Cons may include increased food prices, which not every student can afford.

  • Should animal testing be illegal? 

Start your essay by discussing the history and purpose of animal testing and the available alternatives today. Pick a side on whether you support animal testing and make your case by considering ethics and scientific validity.

  • Is capital punishment effective?

One of the most important social issues includes the death penalty. Argue for or against the effectiveness of capital punishment in deterring crime through statistics and case studies. You can also add the cost of capital punishment and identify other related inmate expenses, like healthcare.

Easy expository essay topics

Expository essay writers explain, evaluate, and inform. The thesis statement in expository essay topics should be in the first paragraph, with the supporting arguments and evidence scattered over the essay body to convince the readers that the logic presented is credible.

  •  Reading is vital for personal growth

Start by defining what personal growth means and why it’s crucial. Then, explore the benefits of reading on personal growth through much research already available online. Some benefits are improved vocabulary and broader knowledge. If you’re a bookworm, include any other effects you observe in yourself.

  • The history of the internet

Provide a brief overview of the subject and delve into how the internet was created. Add key events and technological advancements that led to the development of the internet as we know it today.

  • The process of becoming a licensed driver

Begin by explaining why obtaining a driver’s license is important. Then, provide a step-by-step breakdown of the process, including driver education, practice driving hours, and taking the driver’s test.

  • Types of natural disasters and their causes

Explain what natural disasters are and enumerate their types. Then, dive into their causes, like seismic activity, climate change, and human actions. Add the impacts of these disasters on the environment, people, and the economy.

  • The importance of a college education

Explain what a college education is and its purpose in one’s life. Survey the benefits one can reap from college, like increased job options and higher earning potential. Discuss the possible downsides of pursuing higher education, such as needing more technical skills and incurring a large debt.

  •  How to start a small business

Talk about the concept of a small business and the gains of owning one. Outline the steps in starting a small business, like planning, securing funds, and marketing your product or service.

Informative writing aims to educate the readers with uncomplicated facts, often to help understand how something came about or works and is never about personal opinions. Informative essay topics can be anything as long as the readers learn something new.

  • Global warming and the planet

Research and gather information about how global warming and the greenhouse effect affect the environment, such as rising sea levels, extreme weather patterns, and animal and plant extinctions. Organize your essay into different sections, each focusing on one of the effects of global warming, and provide scientific evidence and statistics.

  •  COVID-19 and vaccination

Since there has been a lot of information during the spread of the pandemic, you already have ample knowledge of the vaccination process. In your essay, relay how the vaccine was made and used to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  • All about modern homeschooling

This prompt is best if you’re homeschooled or know someone who is homeschooled. Briefly discuss the history of homeschooling, then explain how modern schooling is done. Include the best practices that help parents and their children manage their time and efficiently learn.

  • World War II and women’s rights

Delve into how World War II affected women’s rights and societal roles during and after the war. Explore how women contributed to the war effort and how this led to today’s changing social and political landscape.

  • English as an international communication tool

Analyze the importance of English as a global language and how it is used for international communication in business, education, and diplomacy. Add how English works with other languages and cultures.

  • The history of chocolate

Begin with the origins of chocolate, then trace its history through time, with special attention to its cultural significance and evolution as a food item. Include methods of making chocolates and examples of different types of chocolate.

Compare and contrast essay topics focus on two subjects to highlight the subtle differences or similarities between the two. It’s best to present your thesis statement in the introduction and tell your readers why you compare and contrast the ideas.

  • Online Classes vs. In-Person Classes

This is a timely and relevant topic in today’s world, as more and more people prefer online classes. In your essay, compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of online and traditional courses regarding convenience, flexibility, student engagement, and learning outcomes.

  • Dogs vs. Cats

Dogs versus cats is a classic comparison topic you can use to develop your writing skills. Do this by discussing the differences between the two animals regarding their behavior, care needs, and popularity as pets. You can even explore the advantages and disadvantages of owning each animal.

  • City Life vs. Rural life

Get your readers’ attention by describing the lifestyle in the city and rural areas and point out what sets the two apart. Include relevant factors like the cost of living, job opportunities, social life, and environmental conditions. Conclude the essay by giving your opinion on which lifestyle you prefer and why.

  • The Harry Potter books vs. the Harry Potter movies

This topic would be perfect for fans of the series. Compare and contrast the books’ and films’ plots, characters, and themes, then discuss which medium you feel was more effective in telling the story. It’s best to focus on a few key aspects of the series and provide specific examples from the books and movies to support your assertions.

  • High school vs. College

This common compare-and-contrast topic is still relevant and easy to write about today. Talk about the differences between the two regarding academic pressures, expectations, and level of independence between college and high school students. You can draw from your experiences or research and compare high school and college educational systems and cultures.

Cause and effect essay topics highlight the connection between a subject and its consequences. School essays in this category help develop student writers’ critical thinking skills.

  • The causes and effects of obesity

Review the various factors contributing to obesity, like poor diet, inactive lifestyle, and genetics. Then, move on to the harmful effects of the disease, such as the increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues. Obesity is a topic that still demands attention for its devastating impacts.

  • Video games and children

For this topic, explain what video games are and comment on their impacts on children’s behavior and cognitive development. Be sure to cite relevant research and studies. You can also share ways parents and educators can mitigate any negative effects.

  • The impact of technology on communication

This is an easy topic to write about, as technology’s effect on communication is a prevalent and often-discussed topic. Begin by describing what technology is all about, including its various forms and how it changed communication. Point out technology’s positive and negative impacts on communication and offer suggestions to reduce any cons.

  •  Stress and our physical and mental health

For this prompt, explore the impact of stress on the body and mind, including its effects on the immune system, sleep, and mental health. Research the causes and effects of stress, such as how it influences an individual’s work, relationships, and lifestyle choices. You can also discuss stress management methods like exercise, mindfulness, and therapy.

Soon-to-be college students write college application essays to demonstrate why they fit into their chosen school. These essays show the applicant’s personality and drive and present the writer’s academic and career goals.

  •  Discuss an experience or accomplishment that significantly impacted your personal growth. 

To write a great essay on this topic, reflect on a specific experience or achievement that taught you a valuable lesson or changed your perspective about something. Describe the experience or achievement and explain how it influenced your growth. For example, you can talk about winning a marathon and how it helped you become more disciplined and focused.

  •  Describe a challenge you have faced and how you overcame it.

In this essay, discuss a particular hardship you had to deal with. It can be an academic or personal situation. Make sure to explain the steps you took to solve or overcome the problem. This essay prompt will help you showcase your resilience and problem-solving skills.

  • Discuss a person who has significantly influenced your life.

Think of the person you hold in high regard, like a parent, teacher, or mentor, and talk about why you consider them an important person in your life. Then, reflect on experiences that highlight their influence and impact on you. These can be moments such as when they stayed up all night helping you on a project or when they received a community award for volunteering. 

  •  Discuss your favorite academic subject and explain why you enjoy it.

This prompt lets you showcase your passion for a particular subject and demonstrate your intellectual curiosity. To write this essay effectively, you must share specific examples of how you pursued your interest and how it affected your academic and personal goals. For instance, you enjoyed physical education and joined a sports team.

  • Explain why you have chosen your intended major and how it aligns with your future goals.

This essay topic lets you illustrate your academic and career aspirations and showcase how you prepared for your chosen field of study. Start by explaining why you’re eager to be in your major and share any relevant coursework or experiences that influenced your choice. Then, describe your future career goals.

  • Discuss an extracurricular activity or community service project that’s important to you and how it has impacted your life.

Talking about having extracurricular activities on top of your standard academic units demonstrates your leadership skills and commitment to serving others. To write this essay, describe the project or activity you’ve participated in and explain why it’s meaningful. Share any personal or community benefits that have resulted from your involvement.

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Essay Writing Guide

Essay Topics

Last updated on: Dec 19, 2023

Essay Topics: 100+ Best Essay Topics for your Guidance

By: Nova A.

13 min read

Reviewed By: Rylee W.

Published on: Jan 29, 2019

Essay Topics

Let’s face it, essay writing can be tedious and boring. Spending hours to write a good essay is difficult, and brainstorming essay topic ideas can be even more confusing.

This is what makes writing essays difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, you can learn  essay writing  with practice and by following some good examples. But before that, you should know how to choose a good and engaging topic for your essay.

To help you get started, we have categorized a list of a number of different types of essay topic lists.

Essay Topics

On this Page

Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay investigates a topic in great detail, forms an argument over it, and defends it using supporting data.

Below are some good argumentative essay topic ideas to help you draft winning essays.

  • School students should be allowed to curate their high school curriculum.
  • The role of physical education in the school system.
  • Should the death sentence be implemented globally?
  • It should be illegal to use certain types of animals for experiments and other research purposes.
  • Should the government do more to improve accessibility for people with physical disabilities?
  • Do people learn the art of becoming a politician, or are they born with it?
  • Social media platform owners should monitor and block comments containing hateful language.
  • Does technology play a role in making people feel more isolated?
  • Will there ever be a time when there will be no further technological advancements?
  • It should be illegal to produce and sell tobacco.
  • Girls should be motivated to take part in sports.
  • Rape victims should abort their unborn children.
  • Fathers should get equal paternity leave.
  • Do teenagers get into trouble because they are bored?
  • Individuals who have failed at parenting should be punished.
  • Vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes.
  • Covid-19 vaccination has more cons than pros.
  • Social media is the real cause of teenage depression.
  • Is the American education system perfect for society?
  • Recycling should be made compulsory.

Choosing a strong topic is key to writing a great essay. Have a look at our blog to select good  argumentative essay topics  to impress the audience.

Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay is similar to an argumentative paper. However, in it, the writer wants to convince the readers of their point of view. Simple essay topics would make better essays as they help the students stay focused.

Below is a list of some good persuasive essay topics for you:

  • Energy drinks should be banned in schools and colleges.
  • Gambling should be banned in the United States.
  • Should abortions be banned worldwide?
  • Hunting is an immoral act.
  • Is it okay to use animals in a circus?
  • Harmful dogs should be euthanized.
  • Cell phones should not be allowed in schools.
  • Teachers should pass a professional exam, just like students.
  • Schools should reduce the workload on students.
  • Sex education should be mandatory in high schools.
  • Vlogging isn’t an actual profession.
  • Is LinkedIn helpful for finding a job?
  • Social media has played a big role in increasing business opportunities.
  • Is Java becoming obsolete?
  • Should employers go through the candidate’s social media profiles?
  • Animal testing should be banned.
  • Violent video games should be banned.
  • Parents with mental disabilities should not be allowed to adopt children.
  • Alcohol consumption should be legalized in Muslim countries.
  • Every person should get Covid-19 vaccination.

For your help, we have gathered a wide range of  persuasive essay topics . Give it a read.

Descriptive Essay Topics

A descriptive essay describes a specific thing by using sensory data. It is done to engage the reader’s five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight).

The following is a list of descriptive essay topic ideas for the students.

  • The person who is responsible for making a difference in my life.
  • Describe a smartphone and its benefits to someone from the ‘60s.
  • The most interesting piece of art I have ever seen.
  • Describe the experience of falling in love.
  • What does a place that only exists in your imagination look like?
  • Describe meeting a famous person.
  • Describe yourself and your personality to a stranger.
  • What will life be like in 2050?
  • An experience that changed my life forever.
  • Your idea of the perfect day.
  • My first trip abroad.
  • The most significant event in American History.
  • A popular book series that disappointed you.
  • A look into my daily life.
  • A day in the life of an ER doctor.
  • A trip to the museum.
  • The most interesting movie I watched during my summer vacation.
  • My favorite childhood memory.
  • An incident that changed my life.
  • An incident that restored my faith in humanity.

Here are some more  descriptive essay topics  to help you find a good idea for your essay.

Topic Generator

Discover Captivating Topics in a Click!

Narrative Essay Topics

In a narrative essay, your goal is to share a personal experience by telling a story. This creative form of writing depends on how strong and exciting the theme is. The article topics for students given here are carefully curated and would help the students do good in their essays.

Some examples and topics of narrative topic ideas are presented below.

  • The experience that taught me how looks could be deceiving.
  • A week without internet and technology.
  • The impact your first love had on your life.
  • How much did your teachers contribute to making you the person you are today?
  • An experience that made you realize your parents were or weren’t always right.
  • A moment when someone you didn’t like surprised you with kindness.
  • The influence technology has had on your hobbies and life.
  • An achievement outside of academic life?
  • Which school lesson had the biggest influence on your life?
  • A day when you fought procrastination.
  • The time you faced rejection.
  • The time when you stood against your parents.
  • An experience that left you helpless.
  • The time you prayed to be an only child.
  • An act of kindness you can never forget.
  • Death of a loved one.
  • Your biggest pet peeve.
  • Your definition of a perfect weekend.
  • The things you regret most in life.
  • Your first experience of an air trip.

Choosing interesting  narrative essay topics  is essential to make the content compelling for the readers.

Research Essay Topics

While writing a research essay, the most crucial step is choosing a topic for your essay. Select a topic that is broad enough to compose an entire research essay on it.

Below are some of the best topics for your research essay.

  • Effects of violent cartoons on children.
  • Should universities provide accommodations to disabled students?
  • Events and experiences I agree are causing the increase in terrorism.
  • How do technology and gadgets affect the studies of children?
  • Do children who attend preschool do better in school?
  • Universities are becoming business-driven.
  • Does college debt affect the future lives of students?
  • Why has the divorce rate changed in the past decade?
  • Schools should allow the use of smartphones in school.
  • Effective ways to decrease depression among our youth.
  • Analyze the relationship between the United States of America and North Korea.
  • Why did the UK decide to leave the EU?
  • Is it true that students learn better in a same-sex school?
  • How does giving kids different gadgets affect their studies?
  • Compare the immigration policies of two different countries.
  • Events that lead to World War I.
  • Pros and cons of studying abroad.
  • How has Covid-19 influenced the education system of the world?
  • Individual acts that lead to Global Warming.
  • Effectiveness of the policies made to control Covid-19.

Looking for more? We have an extensive range of  research essay topics  to make the audience fall in love with your work.

Expository Essay Topics

While writing an expository essay, you have to explain and clarify your topic clearly to the readers.

Below is a list of expository essay topics:

  • Why do teenagers commit suicide?
  • What is the impact of music on our youth?
  • What are the consequences of skipping school?
  • Why do teenagers use drugs?
  • How can pets make you happy and improve your life?
  • Consequences of having alcoholic drinks within a school campus.
  • How does drug use affect relationships?
  • Is global warming a cause of skin cancer?
  • Is sodium bad for your health?
  • What is the line between being overweight and being obese?
  • Why do you want to pursue your desired career?
  • Explain how advancements in science improve the quality of life for humans.
  • What are some unconventional ways of relieving stress?
  • If you could swap your lives with someone, who would it be and why?
  • What are some major stress factors in a teenager’s life?
  • Why is getting a degree important for job life?
  • Pros and cons of getting financial aid.
  • How emotional support animals help in treating mental conditions.
  • How does prostitution influence society?
  • The environmental causes of smoking. has gathered an additional and extensive list of  expository essay topics .

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

In a compare and contrast essay, you evaluate and analyze the similarities and differences between the two subjects. Your reader must be able to form an opinion after weighing the pros and cons you have set forth.

Below are some topics for you to choose for your compare and contrast paper:

  • Extroverts and introverts.
  • Generation Y Vs. Generation Z.
  • Traditional Helicopters Vs. Lifesize Drones.
  • Unemployed students Vs. students with a part-time job.
  • SAT and TOEFL.
  • Persuasive and argumentative essays - How are they similar?
  • How were the causes of World War I different from the causes of World War II?
  • Education vs. professional career: what is more difficult?
  • Real-life or spending your time daydreaming.
  • Consequences of earthquake and tsunami: what’s worse?
  • Being popular in high school or alone?
  • Part-time work or studying for a higher degree?
  • Getting married at an old age or a young age?
  • Fashion today Vs. twenty years ago.
  • Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton.
  • Democracy Vs. Dictatorship
  • Vietnam War Vs. War on Terror.
  • Benefits of drinking tea Vs. coffee.
  • Greek and Roman methodologies - Similarities and differences.
  • Traditional Vs. distant learning.

Get more interesting  compare and contrast essay topics  at to impress your instructors.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The cause and effect essay explains why something happens and what happens as a result of those happenings. A cause and effect essay is a type of expository essay.

Here are a few topics for your cause and effect essay:

  • What are the causes of eating disorders?
  • Effects of climate change and global warming.
  • The effects of the Feminism movement.
  • What are the causes of increasing depression among teenagers?
  • What are the causes of suicidal thoughts?
  • Is keeping a pet effective in calming your mind?
  • How does divorce affects children?
  • Why are men afraid of commitment?
  • Effects of social media on youth.
  • Has social media affected relationships among families?
  • Discuss the effects of homeschooling on children.
  • Causes of heart diseases.
  • Causes of sibling rivalry.
  • Cramming doesn't help improve test scores.
  • Cause and effect of depression in the workplace.
  • How do abusive parents influence the mental stability of a child?
  • Causes and effects of bullying.
  • Causes of obesity in teenagers.
  • Effects of taking a balanced diet on health?
  • Causes and effects of insomnia.

To get more ideas, visit our  cause and effect essay topics  that are remarkable and well-suited for a great essay.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics are quite popular assignments in universities. If you are a student searching for a captivating argumentative essay topic, here is a list of ideas you can consider.

  • Third world war should be prevented by the Russian and US governments.
  • Political policies and practices affecting students.
  • Is gun control effective in reducing crime?
  • Same-sex marriage and constitutional law.
  • Is society over-regulated?
  • Are leaders born or made?
  • No one should be above the law.
  • Monarchy: pros and cons.
  • Rules on Political Activities by Federal Employees.
  • The most corrupt countries in the world.
  • Mercy killing should be legalized in all countries of the world.
  • Death penalties should be abolished.
  • Third-world countries should be provided with education plans by the developed countries.
  • Muslims should not be labeled as terrorists.
  • Illegal immigrants should be given equal rights.
  • Abortions should be legalized.
  • Live-in relationships should be encouraged.
  • Professional athletes should be allowed to consume steroids.
  • Should physical punishments be given to children?
  • Smoking in public should be an offensive crime.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you looking for some funny argumentative essay topics for your essay? If so, choose a topic from the following list.

  • Why do people like watching funny videos?
  • What your cat is really thinking.
  • Why spam emails should be your favorite type of email.
  • Why wearing braces is fun.
  • School dropouts are the best in our society.
  • Why I don't like country music.
  • Types of dates.
  • A better way to get things done.
  • What organic food really is.
  • Things guys do that girls hate.
  • How to annoy your friend.
  • Why do women pretend that they enjoy sports?
  • Things preventing you from completing your homework in time.
  • Funny things we see in wedding ceremonies.
  • Why are spam emails more interesting?
  • Why does Starbucks coffee taste better?
  • Why are backbenchers smarter than other students?
  • Clowns are scarier than funny.
  • Should we be maintaining social distancing even after Covid-19?
  • Why is watching movies better than reading books?

Informative Essay Topics for Students

Essay writing requires depth. However, you don’t have to choose a complex topic in middle school, high school, or college.

Here is a list of interesting essay topics for middle school, high school, and college students.

Essay Topics for College Students

  • Virtual classes cannot replace the traditional class system.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of online classes.
  • Is there a need to reform the college education system?
  • Assault weapons should not be legal.
  • People with a history of mental illness should not be allowed to purchase firearms.
  • The taxation system needs to be changed around the globe.
  • Kids should not be the target audience in advertising.
  • The number of calories should be mentioned with every meal.
  • Feminists have effectively improved the workforce for women.
  • Is the death penalty effective?
  • How to identify fake news?
  • How to maintain a healthy life?
  • How to treat PTSD naturally?
  • Should people be judged on their appearance?
  • How is technology influencing the work performance of people?
  • Private Vs. public schools
  • How to choose majors in high school?
  • Impact of legalizing drugs on society.
  • Significance of learning social values.
  • How to prevent bullying on campus?

Essay Topics for High School

  • The choice to join the armed forces should be an individual decision.
  • Listening to music can increase work efficiency.
  • Being honest has more cons than pros.
  • People who have been in an accident value life more than others.
  • Embarrassing moments help boost your confidence.
  • Kindness is the most valuable personal trait.
  • Spontaneity can improve your life.
  • Can hobbies help improve the richness of one’s life?
  • Dressing properly in the office improves work efficiency
  • Being organized can help in school as well as the office.
  • Impact of homosexuality on society.
  • What is feminism?
  • How to overcome fears and phobias?
  • Significance of having leadership skills in job life?
  • Causes and treatments for bipolar disorder.
  • Side effects of consuming antidepressants.
  • How important is mental health in succeeding professionally?
  • How do teaching methods influence learning abilities?
  • Should specially-abled people be allowed to work in offices?
  • Discrimination and racism in the US.

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Essay Topics for Middle School

  • Every child should have chores at home.
  • There should not be any summer classes.
  • Should students continue studying during summer vacation?
  • Parents should pay attention to the amount of time their children spend watching television.
  • Favorite family summer vacation.
  • Sports should be mandatory in every school.
  • Processed foods should not be part of private and public school lunch.
  • Do students still use newspapers for research?
  • Every individual should spend a year doing community service.
  • The weekend should be 3 days long.

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Essay Topics – List of 500+ Essay Writing Topics and Ideas

List of 500+ essay writing topics and ideas.

Essay topics in English can be difficult to come up with. While writing essays , many college and high school students face writer’s block and have a hard time to think about topics and ideas for an essay. In this article, we will list out many good essay topics from different categories like argumentative essays, essays on technology, environment essays for students from 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades. Following list of essay topics are for all – from kids to college students. We have the largest collection of essays. An essay is nothing but a piece of content which is written from the perception of writer or author. Essays are similar to a story, pamphlet, thesis, etc. The best thing about Essay is you can use any type of language – formal or informal. It can biography, the autobiography of anyone. Following is a great list of 100 essay topics. We will be adding 400 more soon!

But Before that you may wanna read some awesome Essay Writing Tips here .

500+ essay topics for students and children

Get the Huge list of 100+ Speech Topics here

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should plastic be banned?
  • Pollution due to Urbanization
  • Education should be free
  • Should Students get limited access to the Internet?
  • Selling Tobacco should be banned
  • Smoking in public places should be banned
  • Facebook should be banned
  • Students should not be allowed to play PUBG

Essay Topics on Technology

  • Wonder Of Science
  • Mobile Phone

Essay Topics on Festivals on Events

  • Independence Day (15 August)
  • Teachers Day
  • Summer Vacation
  • Children’s Day
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Janmashtami
  • Republic Day

Essay Topics on Education

  • Education Essay
  • Importance of Education
  • Contribution of Technology in Education

easy essay topics pdf

Essay Topics on Famous Leaders

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • APJ Abdul Kalam
  • Jawaharlal Nehru
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Mother Teresa
  • Rabindranath Tagore
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  • Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Martin Luther King
  • Lal Bahadur Shashtri

Essay Topics on Animals and Birds

  • My Favorite Animal

Essays Topics About Yourself

  • My Best Friend
  • My Favourite Teacher
  • My Aim In Life
  • My Favourite Game – Badminton
  • My Favourite Game – Essay
  • My Favourite Book
  • My Ambition
  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  • India of My Dreams
  • My School Life
  • I Love My Family
  • My Favourite Subject
  • My Favourite Game Badminton
  • My Father My Hero
  • My School Library
  • My Favourite Author
  • My plans for summer vacation

Essay Topics Based on Environment and Nature

  • Global Warming
  • Environment
  • Air Pollution
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Rainy Season
  • Climate Change
  • Importance Of Trees
  • Winter Season
  • Deforestation
  • Natural Disasters
  • Save Environment
  • Summer Season
  • Trees Our Best Friend Essay In English

Essay Topics Based on Proverbs

  • Health Is Wealth
  • A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
  • An Apple a Day Keeps Doctor Away
  • Where there is a will, there is way
  • Time and Tide wait for none

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Essay Topics for Students from 6th, 7th, 8th Grade

  • Noise Pollution
  • Environment Pollution
  • Women Empowerment
  • Time and Tide Wait for none
  • Science and Technology
  • Importance of Sports
  • Sports and Games
  • Time Management
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness
  • Cleanliness
  • Rome was not Built in a Day
  • Unemployment
  • Clean India
  • Cow Essay In English
  • Describe Yourself
  • Festivals Of India
  • Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Healthy Food
  • Importance Of Water
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Value of Time
  • Honesty is the Best Policy
  • Gandhi Jayanti
  • Human Rights
  • Knowledge Is Power
  • Same Sex Marriage
  • Childhood Memories
  • Cyber Crime
  • Kalpana Chawla
  • Punctuality
  • Rani Lakshmi Bai
  • Spring Season
  • Unity In Diversity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Online Shopping
  • Indian Culture
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Indian Education System
  • Disaster Management
  • Environmental Issues
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Grandparents
  • Save Fuel For Better Environment
  • Importance Of Newspaper
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • World Environment Day
  • Narendra Modi
  • What Is Religion
  • Charity Begins at Home
  • A Journey by Train
  • Ideal student
  • Save Water Save Earth
  • Indian Farmer
  • Safety of Women in India
  • Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
  • Capital Punishment
  • College Life
  • Natural Resources
  • Peer Pressure
  • Nature Vs Nurture
  • Romeo And Juliet
  • Generation Gap
  • Makar Sankranti
  • Constitution of India
  • Girl Education
  • Importance of Family
  • Importance of Independence Day
  • Brain Drain
  • A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words
  • All That Glitters Is Not Gold
  • Bhagat Singh
  • Demonetization
  • Agriculture
  • Importance of Discipline
  • Population Explosion
  • Poverty in India
  • Uses Of Mobile Phones
  • Water Scarcity
  • Train Journey
  • Land Pollution
  • Environment Protection
  • Indian Army
  • Uses of Internet
  • All that Glitters is not Gold
  • Balanced Diet
  • Blood Donation
  • Digital India
  • Dussehra Essay
  • Energy Conservation
  • National Integration
  • Railway Station
  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • Health And Hygiene
  • Importance Of Forest
  • Indira Gandhi
  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine
  • Career Goals
  • Mental Health
  • Save Water Save Life
  • International Yoga Day
  • Winter Vacation
  • Soil Pollution
  • Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining
  • Indian Culture And Tradition
  • Unity Is Strength
  • Unity is Diversity
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Cruelty To Animals
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Of Mice And Men
  • Organ Donation
  • Life in a Big City
  • Democracy in India
  • Waste Management
  • Biodiversity
  • Afforestation
  • Female Foeticide
  • Harmful Effects Of Junk Food
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Save Electricity
  • Social Media
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Sound Pollution
  • Procrastination
  • Life in an Indian Village
  • Life in Big City
  • Population Growth
  • World Population Day
  • Greenhouse Effect
  • Statue of Unity
  • Traffic Jam
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao
  • Importance of Good Manners
  • Good Manners
  • Cyber Security
  • Green Revolution
  • Health And Fitness
  • Incredible India
  • Make In India
  • Surgical Strike
  • Triple Talaq
  • A Good Friend
  • Importance of Friends in our Life
  • Should Plastic be Banned
  • Nationalism
  • Traffic Rules
  • Effects of Global Warming
  • Fundamental Rights
  • Solar System
  • National Constitution Day
  • Good Mother
  • Importance of Trees in our Life
  • City Life Vs Village Life
  • Importance of Communication
  • Conservation of Nature
  • Man vs. Machine
  • Indian Economy
  • Mothers Love
  • Importance of National Integration
  • Black Money
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Untouchability
  • Self Discipline
  • Global Terrorism
  • Conservation of Biodiversity
  • Newspaper and Its Uses
  • World Health Day
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • A Picnic with Family
  • Indian Heritage
  • Status of Women in India
  • Child is Father of the Man
  • Reading is Good Habit
  • Plastic Bag
  • Terrorism in India
  • Library and Its Uses
  • Life on Mars
  • Urbanization
  • Pollution Due to Diwali
  • National Flag of India
  • Vocational Education
  • Importance of Tree Plantation
  • Summer Camp
  • Vehicle Pollution
  • Women Education in India
  • Seasons in India
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Caste System
  • Environment and Human Health
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Depletion of Natural Resources
  • Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
  • Health Education
  • Effects of Deforestation
  • Life after School
  • Starvation in India
  • Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Impact of Privatization
  • Election Commission of India
  • Election and Democracy
  • Prevention of Global Warming
  • Impact of Cinema in Life
  • Subhas Chandra Bose
  • Dowry System
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Festival
  • Role of Science in Making India
  • Impact of Global Warming on Oceans
  • Pollution due to Festivals
  • Ambedkar Jayanti
  • Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat
  • Family Planning in India
  • Democracy vs Dictatorship
  • National Festivals of India
  • Sri Aurobindo
  • Casteism in India
  • Organ trafficking
  • Consequences of Global Warming
  • Role of Human Activities in Global Warming
  • Issues and Problems faced by Women in India
  • Role of Judiciary in the Country Today
  • Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan
  • PUBG Mobile Game Addiction
  • Role of Youths in Nation Building
  • Value of Oxygen and Water in Life/Earth
  • Farmer Suicides in India
  • Start-up India
  • Pollution Due to Firecrackers
  • Life of Soldiers
  • Child Labour
  • Save Girl Child
  • Morning Walk
  • My School Fete
  • Essay on Financial Literacy
  • Essay On Sustainable Development
  • Essay On Punjab
  • Essay On Travel
  • My Home Essay
  • Child Marriage Essay
  • Importance Of English Language Essay
  • Essay On Mass Media
  • Essay On Horse
  • Essay On Police
  • Essay On Eid
  • Essay On Solar Energy
  • Animal Essay
  • Essay On Mango
  • Gender Discrimination Essay
  • Essay On Advertisement
  • My First Day At School Essay
  • My Neighborhood Essay
  • True Friendship Essay
  • Work Is Worship Essay
  • Essay On Self Confidence
  • Essay On Superstition
  • Essay On Bangalore
  • Sex Vs Gender Essay
  • Essay On Social Issues
  • Time Is Money Essay
  • Essay About Grandmothers
  • Essay On Hard Work
  • First Day Of School Essay
  • Flowers Essay
  • My Favorite Food Essay
  • Essay on Birds
  • Essay on Humanity
  • Essay on Sun
  • Essay on Kargil War
  • Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Essay
  • Francis Bacon Essays
  • Importance of Cleanliness Essay
  • My Sister Essay
  • Self Introduction Essay
  • Solar Energy Essay
  • Sports Day Essa
  • Value Of Education Essay
  • Essay On Isro
  • Essay On Balance Is Beneficial
  • Essay On Reservation In India
  • Essay On Water Management
  • Essay On Smoking
  • Essay On Stress Management
  • Essay On William Shakespeare
  • Essay on Apple
  • Essay On Albert Einstein
  • Essay On Feminism
  • Essay On Kindness
  • Essay On Domestic Violence
  • Essay on English as a Global Language
  • Essay On Co-Education
  • Importance Of Exercise Essay
  • Overpopulation Essay
  • Smartphone Essay
  • Essay on River
  • Essay on Cyclone
  • Essay On Facebook
  • Essay On Science In Everyday Life
  • Essay On Women Rights
  • Essay On Right To Education
  • Essay on Quotes
  • Essay On Peace
  • Essay On Drawing
  • Essay On Bicycle
  • Essay On Sexual Harassment
  • Essay On Hospital
  • Essay On Srinivasa Ramanujan
  • Essay On Golden Temple
  • Essay On Art
  • Essay On Ruskin Bond
  • Essay On Moon
  • Birthday Essay
  • Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover Essay
  • Draught Essay
  • Gratitude Essay
  • Indian Politics Essay
  • Who am I Essay
  • Essay on Positive Thinking
  • Essay on Dance
  • Essay on Navratri
  • Essay on Onam
  • Essay on New Education Policy 2020
  • Esasy on Thank you Coronavirus Helpers
  • Essay on Coronavirus and Coronavirus Symptoms
  • Essay on Baseball
  • Essay on coronavirus vaccine
  • Fitness beats pandemic essay
  • Essay on coronavirus tips
  • Essay on coronavirus prevention
  • Essay on coronavirus treatment
  • Essay on essay on trees
  • Essay on television
  • Gender inequality essay
  • Water conservation essay
  • Essay on Gurpurab
  • Essay on Types of sports
  • Essay on road safety
  • Essay on my favourite season
  • My pet essay
  • Student life essay
  • Essay on Railway station
  • Essay on earth
  • Essay on knowledge is power
  • Essay on favourite personality
  • Essay on memorable day of my life
  • My parents essay
  • Our country essay
  • Picnic essay
  • Travelling essay

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Sat / act prep online guides and tips, 113 perfect persuasive essay topics for any assignment.

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General Education


Do you need to write a persuasive essay but aren’t sure what topic to focus on? Were you thrilled when your teacher said you could write about whatever you wanted but are now overwhelmed by the possibilities? We’re here to help!

Read on for a list of 113 top-notch persuasive essay topics, organized into ten categories. To help get you started, we also discuss what a persuasive essay is, how to choose a great topic, and what tips to keep in mind as you write your persuasive essay.

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

In a persuasive essay, you attempt to convince readers to agree with your point of view on an argument. For example, an essay analyzing changes in Italian art during the Renaissance wouldn’t be a persuasive essay, because there’s no argument, but an essay where you argue that Italian art reached its peak during the Renaissance would be a persuasive essay because you’re trying to get your audience to agree with your viewpoint.

Persuasive and argumentative essays both try to convince readers to agree with the author, but the two essay types have key differences. Argumentative essays show a more balanced view of the issue and discuss both sides. Persuasive essays focus more heavily on the side the author agrees with. They also often include more of the author’s opinion than argumentative essays, which tend to use only facts and data to support their argument.

All persuasive essays have the following:

  • Introduction: Introduces the topic, explains why it’s important, and ends with the thesis.
  • Thesis: A sentence that sums up what the essay be discussing and what your stance on the issue is.
  • Reasons you believe your side of the argument: Why do you support the side you do? Typically each main point will have its own body paragraph.
  • Evidence supporting your argument: Facts or examples to back up your main points. Even though your opinion is allowed in persuasive essays more than most other essays, having concrete examples will make a stronger argument than relying on your opinion alone.
  • Conclusion: Restatement of thesis, summary of main points, and a recap of why the issue is important.

What Makes a Good Persuasive Essay Topic?

Theoretically, you could write a persuasive essay about any subject under the sun, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Certain topics are easier to write a strong persuasive essay on, and below are tips to follow when deciding what you should write about.

It’s a Topic You Care About

Obviously, it’s possible to write an essay about a topic you find completely boring. You’ve probably done it! However, if possible, it’s always better to choose a topic that you care about and are interested in. When this is the case, you’ll find doing the research more enjoyable, writing the essay easier, and your writing will likely be better because you’ll be more passionate about and informed on the topic.

You Have Enough Evidence to Support Your Argument

Just being passionate about a subject isn’t enough to make it a good persuasive essay topic, though. You need to make sure your argument is complex enough to have at least two potential sides to root for, and you need to be able to back up your side with evidence and examples. Even though persuasive essays allow your opinion to feature more than many other essays, you still need concrete evidence to back up your claims, or you’ll end up with a weak essay.

For example, you may passionately believe that mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best ice cream flavor (I agree!), but could you really write an entire essay on this? What would be your reasons for believing mint chocolate chip is the best (besides the fact that it’s delicious)? How would you support your belief? Have enough studies been done on preferred ice cream flavors to support an entire essay? When choosing a persuasive essay idea, you want to find the right balance between something you care about (so you can write well on it) and something the rest of the world cares about (so you can reference evidence to strengthen your position).

It’s a Manageable Topic

Bigger isn’t always better, especially with essay topics. While it may seem like a great idea to choose a huge, complex topic to write about, you’ll likely struggle to sift through all the information and different sides of the issue and winnow them down to one streamlined essay. For example, choosing to write an essay about how WWII impacted American life more than WWI wouldn’t be a great idea because you’d need to analyze all the impacts of both the wars in numerous areas of American life. It’d be a huge undertaking. A better idea would be to choose one impact on American life the wars had (such as changes in female employment) and focus on that. Doing so will make researching and writing your persuasive essay much more feasible.


List of 113 Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Below are over 100 persuasive essay ideas, organized into ten categories. When you find an idea that piques your interest, you’ll choose one side of it to argue for in your essay. For example, if you choose the topic, “should fracking be legal?” you’d decide whether you believe fracking should be legal or illegal, then you’d write an essay arguing all the reasons why your audience should agree with you.


  • Should students be required to learn an instrument in school?
  • Did the end of Game of Thrones fit with the rest of the series?
  • Can music be an effective way to treat mental illness?
  • With e-readers so popular, have libraries become obsolete?
  • Are the Harry Potter books more popular than they deserve to be?
  • Should music with offensive language come with a warning label?
  • What’s the best way for museums to get more people to visit?
  • Should students be able to substitute an art or music class for a PE class in school?
  • Are the Kardashians good or bad role models for young people?
  • Should people in higher income brackets pay more taxes?
  • Should all high school students be required to take a class on financial literacy?
  • Is it possible to achieve the American dream, or is it only a myth?
  • Is it better to spend a summer as an unpaid intern at a prestigious company or as a paid worker at a local store/restaurant?
  • Should the United States impose more or fewer tariffs?
  • Should college graduates have their student loans forgiven?
  • Should restaurants eliminate tipping and raise staff wages instead?
  • Should students learn cursive writing in school?
  • Which is more important: PE class or music class?
  • Is it better to have year-round school with shorter breaks throughout the year?
  • Should class rank be abolished in schools?
  • Should students be taught sex education in school?
  • Should students be able to attend public universities for free?
  • What’s the most effective way to change the behavior of school bullies?
  • Are the SAT and ACT accurate ways to measure intelligence?
  • Should students be able to learn sign language instead of a foreign language?
  • Do the benefits of Greek life at colleges outweigh the negatives?
  • Does doing homework actually help students learn more?
  • Why do students in many other countries score higher than American students on math exams?
  • Should parents/teachers be able to ban certain books from schools?
  • What’s the best way to reduce cheating in school?
  • Should colleges take a student’s race into account when making admissions decisions?
  • Should there be limits to free speech?
  • Should students be required to perform community service to graduate high school?
  • Should convicted felons who have completed their sentence be allowed to vote?
  • Should gun ownership be more tightly regulated?
  • Should recycling be made mandatory?
  • Should employers be required to offer paid leave to new parents?
  • Are there any circumstances where torture should be allowed?
  • Should children under the age of 18 be able to get plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons?
  • Should white supremacy groups be allowed to hold rallies in public places?
  • Does making abortion illegal make women more or less safe?
  • Does foreign aid actually help developing countries?
  • Are there times a person’s freedom of speech should be curtailed?
  • Should people over a certain age not be allowed to adopt children?


  • Should the minimum voting age be raised/lowered/kept the same?
  • Should Puerto Rico be granted statehood?
  • Should the United States build a border wall with Mexico?
  • Who should be the next person printed on American banknotes?
  • Should the United States’ military budget be reduced?
  • Did China’s one child policy have overall positive or negative impacts on the country?
  • Should DREAMers be granted US citizenship?
  • Is national security more important than individual privacy?
  • What responsibility does the government have to help homeless people?
  • Should the electoral college be abolished?
  • Should the US increase or decrease the number of refugees it allows in each year?
  • Should privately-run prisons be abolished?
  • Who was the most/least effective US president?
  • Will Brexit end up helping or harming the UK?


  • What’s the best way to reduce the spread of Ebola?
  • Is the Keto diet a safe and effective way to lose weight?
  • Should the FDA regulate vitamins and supplements more strictly?
  • Should public schools require all students who attend to be vaccinated?
  • Is eating genetically modified food safe?
  • What’s the best way to make health insurance more affordable?
  • What’s the best way to lower the teen pregnancy rate?
  • Should recreational marijuana be legalized nationwide?
  • Should birth control pills be available without a prescription?
  • Should pregnant women be forbidden from buying cigarettes and alcohol?
  • Why has anxiety increased in adolescents?
  • Are low-carb or low-fat diets more effective for weight loss?
  • What caused the destruction of the USS Maine?
  • Was King Arthur a mythical legend or actual Dark Ages king?
  • Was the US justified in dropping atomic bombs during WWII?
  • What was the primary cause of the Rwandan genocide?
  • What happened to the settlers of the Roanoke colony?
  • Was disagreement over slavery the primary cause of the US Civil War?
  • What has caused the numerous disappearances in the Bermuda triangle?
  • Should nuclear power be banned?
  • Is scientific testing on animals necessary?
  • Do zoos help or harm animals?
  • Should scientists be allowed to clone humans?
  • Should animals in circuses be banned?
  • Should fracking be legal?
  • Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets?
  • What’s the best way to reduce illegal poaching in Africa?
  • What is the best way to reduce the impact of global warming?
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Is there legitimate evidence of extraterrestrial life?
  • Should people be banned from owning aggressive dog breeds?
  • Should the United States devote more money towards space exploration?
  • Should the government subsidize renewable forms of energy?
  • Is solar energy worth the cost?
  • Should stem cells be used in medicine?
  • Is it right for the US to leave the Paris Climate Agreement?
  • Should athletes who fail a drug test receive a lifetime ban from the sport?
  • Should college athletes receive a salary?
  • Should the NFL do more to prevent concussions in players?
  • Do PE classes help students stay in shape?
  • Should horse racing be banned?
  • Should cheerleading be considered a sport?
  • Should children younger than 18 be allowed to play tackle football?
  • Are the costs of hosting an Olympic Games worth it?
  • Can online schools be as effective as traditional schools?
  • Do violent video games encourage players to be violent in real life?
  • Should facial recognition technology be banned?
  • Does excessive social media use lead to depression/anxiety?
  • Has the rise of translation technology made knowing multiple languages obsolete?
  • Was Steve Jobs a visionary or just a great marketer?
  • Should social media be banned for children younger than a certain age?
  • Which 21st-century invention has had the largest impact on society?
  • Are ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft good or bad for society?
  • Should Facebook have done more to protect the privacy of its users?
  • Will technology end up increasing or decreasing inequality worldwide?


Tips for Writing a Strong Persuasive Essay

After you’ve chosen the perfect topic for your persuasive essay, your work isn’t over. Follow the three tips below to create a top-notch essay.

Do Your Research

Your argument will fall apart if you don’t fully understand the issue you’re discussing or you overlook an important piece of it. Readers won’t be convinced by someone who doesn’t know the subject, and you likely won’t persuade any of them to begin supporting your viewpoint. Before you begin writing a single word of your essay, research your topic thoroughly. Study different sources, learn about the different sides of the argument, ask anyone who’s an expert on the topic what their opinion is, etc. You might be tempted to start writing right away, but by doing your research, you’ll make the writing process much easier when the time comes.

Make Your Thesis Perfect

Your thesis is the most important sentence in your persuasive essay. Just by reading that single sentence, your audience should know exactly what topic you’ll be discussing and where you stand on the issue. You want your thesis to be crystal clear and to accurately set up the rest of your essay. Asking classmates or your teacher to look it over before you begin writing the rest of your essay can be a big help if you’re not entirely confident in your thesis.

Consider the Other Side

You’ll spend most of your essay focusing on your side of the argument since that’s what you want readers to come away believing. However, don’t think that means you can ignore other sides of the issue. In your essay, be sure to discuss the other side’s argument, as well as why you believe this view is weak or untrue. Researching all the different viewpoints and including them in your essay will increase the quality of your writing by making your essay more complete and nuanced.

Summary: Persuasive Essay Ideas

Good persuasive essay topics can be difficult to come up with, but in this guide we’ve created a list of 113 excellent essay topics for you to browse. The best persuasive essay ideas will be those that you are interested in, have enough evidence to support your argument, and aren’t too complicated to be summarized in an essay.

After you’ve chosen your essay topic, keep these three tips in mind when you begin writing:

  • Do your research
  • Make your thesis perfect
  • Consider the other side

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Christine graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Environmental Biology and Geography and received her Master's from Duke University. In high school she scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and was named a National Merit Finalist. She has taught English and biology in several countries.

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IELTS writing topics and answers

ielts writing topics

IELTS writing topics are extensive, and consistently finding answers for them takes practice. Below I share how I produce an essay, including thinking of ideas , building paragraphs and planning.

For these ideas and sample answers, I usually use the latest latest writing task 2 topics seen by our own students when they do the exam. 

IELTS writing task 2 topics (academic) often require simple ideas that are easy to communicate, rather than complex ideas with difficult grammar. 

Get the IELTS essay topics with answers pdf here .

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Tutorial contents

  • IELTS essay topics and answers: education

IELTS essay topics and answer: globalisation

Ielts essay topics and answer: travel and transport, ielts essay topics and answer: employment, ielts essay topics and answer: employment (skills).

  • IELTS essay topics and answer: gender issues
  • IELTS topic and answer: education
  • IELTS topic: gender issues (career)

IELTS essay topics and answer: technology

  • IELTS essay topic and answer: health
  • IELTS essay topics and answer: society
  • Quick presentation on the topics and answers

Common IELTS writing task 2 topics (list)

Below is a list of the most common IELTS essay topics for task 2 questions . Click the topic to get a sample essay, vocabulary list, and a Ted Talk video (to help learn the vocabulary in context). You can also find an in-depth tutorial about IELTS vocabulary and lexical resource here.

Sport Employment Law Health Technology Politics Education Language and culture Crime Environment

IELTS essay topics, answers and ideas

Some people think that robots are important for human’s future development. Others think that robots have negative effects on society. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Ideas: Definitely important, true, big advances, productivity, intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc

Can have negative effects – Unemployment – automation – loss of jobs – safe nets need to be in place – welfare system etc Even death of citizens – Tesla accident autonomous driving –

Conc: there are too many advantages to ignore, we cannot forego these advances however more precaution and govt. Legislation could be wise.

Some people think that new houses should be built in the same style as older houses in the local area. Others disagree and say that local authorities should allow people to build houses in the styles of their own choice. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Yes, should be in the same style, keep property values higher, uniformity, conformity, and cohesion –

EG certain villages in prosperous parts of England such as Cheshire, The Cotswolds, and Howarth have extreme rules because the areas have immense cultural heritage. To place a modern MacDonald’s style restaurant in one of these areas would be tantamount to architectural vandalism .

-Great idea! Innovates an area, and introduces new flavours, styles, and ideas into stale and old areas. Your house can reflect your personality. You can make it more environmentally friendly. You can install technical innovations. Solar panels, or even solar cells in roof tiles, are available from Elon Musk’s company.

Conc: both are viable and fair, the caveat is that the law should be clear from the beginning and be permanent – changing it would be extremely unfair.

Some people spend a lot of money attending cultural or sports events. Is it a good or a bad thing? Give your opinion and examples from your own experience.

Body paragraph 1

Definitely a good development, gives something for people to aspire to. It also most likely begets higher revenues for the performers and promoters , which should ultimately lead to even more events. This undoubtedly leads to greater monetary and cultural wealth for a society.

Take for example the English Premier League (EPL), this entertainment spectacle has brought considerable wealth into cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, and London. Higher ticket prices lead to better wages for football stars, which leads to more quality players wanting to play in the EPL, leading to a considerable increase in high net-worth individuals residing in these cities.

There has undoubtedly been a positive self-fulfilling cycle of improvement and quality, fuelled by increasing prices. Furthermore, high prices will most likely mean higher tax revenues for the government, this is definitely beneficial for society.

P2 – Same, but apply to a cultural event – ballet – opera???

IELTS essay topics and answer: education

Do you think it is better for students to work before their university studies? Why?  Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice.

MY ANSWER: YES! –  One position, easier to write, easier to read. 

PARAGRAPH 1 Practical experience, contacts, on the job skills. EG: Studies from the UK Government show graduates with work experience are twice as likely to find employment…..

PARAGRAPH 2 Better preparation, the chance to improve social skills, close the gap between academia and private sector, helps the student decide on future before committing long term, EG 1/6 students will change their higher education course while at uni….

Many people believe that it’s better to learn something in a group rather than individually. Do you agree or disagree?

Paragraph 1 Agree – learning in a group has many advantages Elements of teamwork can be adopted A group can utilize each person’s skill and expertise

Paragraph 2 Disagree – Individualism is better Self reliant, own the result, not dependent on others More mature way, more responsible No laggards

For the full podcast, click here

IELTS essay topics and answer: education (child)

Some people believe that children should do organised activities in their free time while others believe that children should be free to do what they want to do in their free time. Which viewpoint do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

MY ANSWER: YES! –  One position, easier to write, easier to read.   

PARAGRAPH 2 Better preparation, a chance to improve social skills, close the gap between academia and private sector, helps the student decide on future before committing long term, EG 1/6 students will change their higher education course while at uni…. 

Many people believe that it’s better to learn something in a group rather than individually. Do you agree or disagree? 

Paragraph 1 Agree – learning in the group has many advantages Elements of teamwork can be adopted Group can utilize each person’s skill and expertise

Paragraph 2 Disagree – Individualism is better self-reliant, owning the result, not being dependent on others, being more mature way, and being more responsible. No laggards. 

Many people say that globalization and the growing number of multinational companies have a negative effect on the environment. Which viewpoint do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

PARAGRAPH 1 -DEFINITELY DAMAGING THE ENVIRONMENT -Increased interaction between countries -Increase in goods and services traded -this means more production and, therefore more resources. EG China ‘workshop of the world’ – In many places air pollution masks are needed.

PARAGRAPH 2 -MULTINATIONALS / PROBS WITH GLOBALISATION -YES increase pollution – (this decision taken for simplicity) -Globalisation requires global solutions -these can have drastic consequences if accidents happen -EG BP Gulf of Mexico, oil spill , destroyed the local ecosystem…

Scientists believe that in order to protect the environment, people must use less energy in their daily lives. However, most people have not changed the way they live. Why do you think many people have not taken individual action? What could be done to encourage them to take action?

Ideas for body paragraph 1

Not taken individual action because: – Danger not immediately or directly facing them – Tragedy of the commons – Collective problem – easier to shirk responsibility

Ideas for body paragraph 2

What could be done to encourage them to take action? – Media campaigns by the government – Tax or financial incentives EG In Tokyo ……

Some believe that is the responsibility of people to take care of the environment. Others say it is the government that should take care of the environment. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

Paragraph 1 People should take care of the environment because: We are the consumers, we vote with our wallets, Throw away culture become considerably too prevalent – consumers are causing horrendous damage (Pacific Garbage Patch)

Paragraph 2 The government should take care of the environment because: They have the power to legislate Can impose fines and taxes on polluters Supposed to be guardians of the country, which means collectively they are guardians of the earth… but not true in reality

Conclusion Both should be doing more!

Some people say that protecting the environment is the government’s responsibility. Others believe that every individual should be responsible for it. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Ideas for body paragraph 1 – Yes: Government’s responsibility – Policies govt could do, then country-specific example

Ideas for body paragraph 2 – Yes individual responsibility also – Action individuals could take + examples. 

Conclusion –  MY OPINION: Such a mess, such a disastrous state, such a shame, so much so that all parties need to step up and take responsibility for the state of affairs we have landed ourselves in.

In many countries, small shops and town centers are going out of business because people tend to drive to the large out-of-town stores. This results in an increase in car use, and it also means that people without cars have limited access to out-of-town stores. Do you think the advantages of such development outweigh its disadvantages?

The advantages of out-of-town shopping centres are very limited… – Slightly cheaper prices – but huge new developments contribute to the urban sprawl of cities… This reduces investment in city centres … which are much more than just places for shopping EG Vienna regularly has art exhibitions in the city centre…

– For example: those without transport are disenfranchised – Traffic on the roads – ALSO (MAIN POINT) -Some might argue they create jobs .. but really it is probably just shifting employment from one area to the other…

Parents want to achieve balance between family and career but only a few manage to achieve it. What do you think is the reason? Discuss possible solutions and provide examples.

Paragraph 1 – The reason for the imbalance The reason is work-life balance, increased competition in the workplace, changes in society, increase in the amount of working mothers puts strain on the family, EG Studies in the US show that families with two full-time parents are more likely to separate. -therefore this shows that finding the balance is incredibly difficult.

Paragraph 2 – Possible Solutions? -Regulations from the government, increasing maternity leave, more flexible working practices, reduced working week, EG France had a 35-hour working week …

Some people believe that employees should stay in the same job for the rest of their lives. Others think they should switch jobs at least once during their career. To what extent do you agree/disagree?

Click here for the band 6.5 – 7 essay graded by an ex-IELTS examiner (from our team of essay correctors!)

IELTS essay topics, answer,s and ideas: gender issues

Nowadays both men and women spend a lot of money on beauty care. This was not so in the past. What may be the root cause of this behaviour? Discuss the reasons and possible results.

Paragraph 1 -Marketing. Beauty market for women is worth millions, consumer goods companies see similar potential for the male market. Therefore developing new ranges, e.g. Loreal for Men Expert. Therefore main reason is the potential opportunity.

Paragraph 2 -Results? -Difficult to say the results because it is still early, however general trend is in this direction, – Deodorant was considered unnecessary before the 1950s. -Market will probably grow and it will be completely normal in the future.

Some people think that men are naturally more competitive than women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Paragraph 1 Agree – Men are more competitive Look at sporting fans, globally most are male A lot of sports historically only men participate in F1, Boxing, MMA, etc. Psychological drivers of men include: dominance, control

Paragraph 2 Agree – Men are more competitive Although it is difficult to say without sounding sexist Is it nature or nurture – difficult to say

IELTS essay topics and answer: education (student reward)

Students perform better in school when they are rewarded rather than punished.To what extent do you agree or disagree? Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

IELTS writing essay structure:

Intro: Paraphrase the question and state your side/argument.

Idea / Paragraph 1: they perform better in schools -definitely better Types of reward – certificate, recognition, positive reinforcement, Studies show children are sensitive and easily influenced when younger, therefore positive environment probably better…

Idea / Paragraph 2: they perform better when punished – works but too harsh for Childhood Possibly does work, but it’s old fashioned, potentially dangerous – could discourage a student for life

Conclusion: Positive better and more modern.

In today’s very competitive world, a worker has to possess multiple skills to succeed. Among the skills that a worker should possess, which skill do you think is more important, social skills or good qualifications? Explain the reasons and provide specific examples to support your answer.

Paragraph idea 1: Social skills are more important – no man is an island – idiomatic expression correctly used i.e in context We need people around us – Lacking social skills could seriously disrupt, demotivate, and damage a team. – a big list of great vocab for Lexical Resource score there.

Paragraph idea 2: Good qualifications, certificates very useful, extremely useful in certain fields such as medicine, but in general, less technical areas, social skills triumph – less common vocabulary “triumph”


Consider both, but give more weight to sociability.

IELTS essay topics and answer: employment (business)

Do you think businesses should hire employees who will spend their entire lives working for the company? Explain why you agree or disagree. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Paragraph idea 1: Very bad idea to have lifetime permanence- almost zero incentive to improve, Not fair to employees because the company may pledge allegiance to the company but then the company relocates to Asia. Horrible.

Paragraph idea 2: The employee may become a burden for the company. Employees may become a cost that damages the company, lots of companies suffer because of contractual arrangements made in boom times. British Airways is a perfect example of expensive pension contracts made , only for the entire industry to change and render the contracts a massive headache.

Freedom should be given to employees to “ cherry-pick ” their career destiny.

ielts essay topics: cherry pick definition

IELTS essay topics and answer: gender issues (career)

Some people think women should be given equal chances to work and excel in their careers. Others believe that a woman’s role should be limited to taking care of the house and children. Which opinion do you agree with and why? Include specific details and examples to support your choice.

Paragraph idea 1: Women should of course be given equal rights to perform to the best of their ability (good collocation) in the market place Generous provisions and allowances should be made into law to encourage this behaviour and allow females to also fairly take time out from the career ladder to pursue a family.

Paragraph idea 2:  another good reason why I think the first point: Making legal structures to facilitate this transition would not only help to improve the worker’s happiness and wellbeing but also improve the health of society as a whole. Japan has a rather bleak future due to the low fertility rate, perhaps this kind of future could be avoided with more generous legislation.

Conclusion: Definitely should pursue a career and definitely fulfill the traditional family role also. The government should help make both objectives possible.

Do you think that technological advancement has brought more harm than good? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

What technologies did you use to help you in your studies? Describe how it has helped you. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

With the latest technological advancements, dating is now possible online. Would you recommend online dating for your single friends? What are the advantages and disadvantages of online dating? Site some examples to support your answer.

In the developed world, technological progress is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society? Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of radical technological advancements.

At the present time, artificial intelligence of some technologies is advancing rapidly, especially in the driving sector. Do the advantages of this situation outweigh the disadvantages?

Films and computer games which contain violence are very popular. Some people believe they have a negative effect on society and so should be banned. Other people, however, say they are just harmless and help people to relax. Discuss both these points of view and give your own opinion. Ideas for body paragraph 1

Some people believe they have a negative effect on society and so should be banned. – No strong scientific study – Present globally but clearly only the US has issues regarding gun violence. – Banning usually has the direct opposite of its intentions

…harmless and helps people to relax. – Playing with toy guns never seemed to be a problem, these are a modern interpretation of toy guns – With every new development of a generation the older generation is usually worried… EG This happened with the Beatles, with heavy metal and Us hip hop..

These days, mobile phones and the internet are very important to the ways in which people relate to one another socially. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Paragraph 1 It is more advantageous to relate socially to others via the phone Possible to give more frequent contact and support Possible to find others similar to you, useful for those with obscure or specialist interests

Paragraph 2 Disadvantages Cyberbullying is becoming a reality Teenagers becoming addicted to phones, even labeled screenagers Phenomenon called Instagram reality which shows the real-life pictures without the filters…

Some people are fond of buying new gadgets, phones, or laptops. Is this a good or bad thing? Discuss your opinion.

I can write it’s an entirely bad thing, or I can write it’s an entirely good thing. 

Ideas for body paragraph 1 – Good: New tech, drive innovation, tech development, job creation etc. – Example: new investment in tech to stay competitive – Sony – manufactures a new chip plant in Korea for PlayStation 5. 

Ideas for body paragraph 2 – Bad: C onsumerism, waste, unnecessary, planned obsolescence – Example: Research showed searches for the phrase “slow iPhone” peaked a few weeks before the launch of new iPhone models. This is an extremely worrying development because people might be manipulated into buying new gadgets and finding exaggerated happiness in their new products. 

Conclusion – Pros and cons: I think in the past it was fantastic, nowadays with the environment in such a dire state consumerism needs to be upgraded somehow.

Some parents think it is good to have mobile phones for their children, others disagree with it. Discuss both sides and give your opinion. Ideas for body paragraph 1

– Agree: Good idea because can stay in contact with parents, is safer, and can be used for better enriching a child’s life. – Example: algebra app, language learning app, … recent studies showed students learned 26% faster when using the IELTS Podcast Android app.

– Phones are bad: Undoubtedly bad detrimental. Teenagers are quickly and swiftly becoming screenagers, missing out on physical interactions and games. – Social media has a negative impact on confidence and contributes to cyberbullying… and other trends such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). For example ….

Topic and answer: health

Many doctors say that people in today’s world do not do enough physical exercise. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions are there to this problem?

Cause of not doing enough physical exercise – Joke: no natural predators nowadays, nature would have solved this problem,… in the past wild animals would have eliminated those out of shape…. JOKE – Sedentary lifestyle in the office – Lack of time for sport in a lot of modern lifestyles (40 hours/week + commuting etc)

What solutions are there to this problem? – Media campaigns by the government – Tax or financial incentives EG In Tokyo ……

Topic and answer: society

Weddings are more expensive in many countries nowadays when compared to the past. What is the reason behind this? Is this a positive or a negative development?

Paragraph 1 The reason behind this is probably social media Vapid attempts at self-promotion and “keeping up with the joneses”. Now it can be really publicised Ideas here need to be organised a little before starting the essay.

Paragraph 2 Definitely a negative development Although it’s a memorable day and should be cherished – the fact is, large amounts of cash are being spent, Most families have a considerable financial mountain ahead – babies, mortgage, etc

Nowadays consumer goods have become the most important part of people’s lives. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Ideas for body paragraph 1 – Advantage:  Understandable – a car – can be the most important if you need it for work, family, etc Advantages are mobility, freedom, independence…  

Ideas for body paragraph 2 – Disadvantage:  When you fawn over a new product, it has been said the product owns you rather than you owning the product. For example: with an expensive phone, you are constantly worried about the screen smashing, or leaving it on a table, or in a taxi — the worry associated can be stressful. 

Conclusion –  Although it is understandable they are vital components of modern life, it must not be forgotten , that our lives are so much more than consumer durables.

Some people believe that if people are allowed to work after the age of 60, it will cause some problems. Do you agree or disagree? Ideas for body paragraph 1

– Yes:  lots of problems, – Sight, attention, technology gap, especially machinery… blue-collar work… – In some countries, senior citizens are required by law to retake their driving exam….

– Disagree: The elderly can be better qualified at the job, have more life experience, more insight, and more wisdom… – Pension burden if not allowed to work after 60. For example: most Western countries have a serious demographic deficit of an aging workforce . A country simply cannot prosper if all its wealth goes towards a pension.

Conclusion – For some sectors, it should be illegal, or at least the worker should be medically tested, but for other jobs, especially white-collar work, it should be okay.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main topics of writing task 2.

Think about question types rather than topics – advantages/disadvantages, discuss both sides (and sometimes give your view), opinion essay or agree/disagree, causes/problem/solution/result essays, and two-part essays. Practice all those with common topics to be confident in IELTS.

What are the most common topics in IELTS writing Task 2?

There are many examples to look at and it’s great to do practice tests. In general, common topics are related to work, education, social issues (citizenship, the elderly, government support, healthcare, transportation), technology, globalization, and the environment. Start with those!

How do you get 8 in writing Task 2?

Make sure your essay answer is well organized into paragraphs with a clear introduction and conclusion, topic sentences, and supporting arguments. You must use formal language, fully address the task and make hardly any grammar or word choice errors.

easy essay topics pdf

Essay Writing Guide

Essay Topics

Nova A.

A Catalog of 500+ Essay Topics for Students

36 min read

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It can be frustrating, right? 

The blank page stares back at you, and the pressure to choose an engaging essay topic feels overwhelming. You want something that's not only interesting but also meaningful—a topic that will make your essay shine.

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  • 2. Essay Topics for Grade 3
  • 3. Essay Topics for Grade 4
  • 4. Essay Topics for Grade 5
  • 5. Essay Topics for Grade 6
  • 6. Essay Topics for Grade 7
  • 7. Essay Topics for Grade 8
  • 8. Essay Topics for Grade 9
  • 9. Essay Topics for Grade 10
  • 10. Essay Topics for Grade 11
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  • 12. Essay Topics for High School Students
  • 13. Best College Essay Topics
  • 14. Essay Topics for University Students
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  • 16. Essay Topics by Subjects
  • 17. General Essay Topics
  • 18. Tips for Choosing the Best Topic

Essay Topics for Kids

  • The Benefits of Reading Books for Fun
  • The Most Exciting Adventure I've Ever Had
  • What Makes a Good Friend?
  • My Favorite Hobby and Why I Love It
  • If I Could Visit Any Place in the World, Where Would I Go?
  • The Importance of Being Kind to Others
  • My Role Model and Why I Look Up to Them
  • How I Would Spend a Day Without Technology
  • My Favorite Season and the Activities I Enjoy During It
  • The Best Day of My Life and Why It Was Special

Essay Topics for Grade 3

  • My Favorite Animal
  • A Day at the Amusement Park
  • If I Could Fly
  • My Best Friend
  • My Favorite Season
  • A Special Family Tradition
  • If I Found a Magic Wand
  • The Importance of Being Kind
  • My Dream House
  • A Day in the Life of a Superhero

Essay Topics for Grade 4

  • My Favorite Book and Why I Love It
  • The Importance of Saving Money
  • If I Could Travel Back in Time
  • A Day Without Electricity
  • My Favorite Food and How to Prepare It
  • How I Would Spend a Day on a Deserted Island
  • The Benefits of Homework and Studying

Essay Topics for Grade 5

  • My Dream Vacation Destination
  • The Impact of Technology on My Life
  • The Importance of Environmental Conservation
  • My Hobbies and Why They Matter
  • If I Could Change One Thing About the World
  • The Role of Friendship in My Life
  • A Memorable Family Trip
  • The Power of Imagination
  • The Benefits of Physical Exercise
  • A Day in the Life of My Favorite Book Character

Essay Topics for Grade 6

Let’s explore essay topics for middle school students in grade 6 here:

  • My Personal Hero and Their Influence on Me
  • The Challenges of Growing Up
  • The Significance of Volunteering in the Community
  • The Impact of Social Media on Society
  • The Value of Setting Goals
  • If I Could Invent a New Holiday
  • The Role of Art and Music in My Life
  • The Benefits of Traveling and Experiencing Different Cultures
  • A Time I Overcame a Fear
  • The Importance of Time Management

Essay Topics for Grade 7

  • The Role of Technology in Education
  • The Impact of Bullying and How to Prevent It
  • The Value of a Good Education
  • The Pros and Cons of Social Networking
  • The Effects of Peer Pressure
  • If I Could Change One Thing About My School
  • The Benefits of Learning a Second Language
  • The Importance of Financial Literacy
  • A Time I Faced a Difficult Decision
  • The Significance of Gender Equality

Essay Topics for Grade 8

  • The Influence of Role Models in Our Lives
  • The Impact of Climate Change on the Environment
  • The Value of Diversity and Inclusion
  • The Role of Technology in Shaping the Future
  • The Importance of Critical Thinking Skills
  • If I Could Travel to Any Period in History
  • The Ethics of Animal Testing
  • The Benefits of Team Sports
  • A Time I Learned a Valuable Life Lesson
  • The Significance of Freedom of Speech

Essay Topics for Grade 9

  • The Power of Literature to Change Lives
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society
  • The Value of Civic Engagement
  • The Role of Education in Achieving Success
  • The Ethics of Genetic Engineering
  • If I Could Meet Any Historical Figure
  • The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle
  • The Importance of Financial Responsibility
  • A Time I Overcame a Personal Challenge
  • The Significance of Global Citizenship

Essay Topics for Grade 10

  • The Influence of Media on Public Opinion
  • The Impact of Climate Change Policies
  • The Value of Ethical Leadership
  • The Role of Science in Solving Global Challenges
  • The Importance of Mental Health Awareness
  • If I Could Change One Aspect of Society
  • The Benefits of Learning a Third Language
  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace
  • A Time I Faced an Ethical Dilemma
  • The Significance of Cultural Exchange Programs

Essay Topics for Grade 11

  • The Role of Technology in Shaping the Job Market
  • The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
  • The Value of College Education in Career Development
  • The Ethics of Bioengineering and Genetic Modification
  • The Importance of Ethical Business Practices
  • If I Could Travel to the Future
  • The Benefits of Entrepreneurship
  • The Significance of Political Engagement among Youth
  • A Time I Challenged a Deeply Held Belief
  • The Role of Art in Social Change

Essay Topics for Grade 12

  • The Influence of Literature on Social Change
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment
  • The Value of Critical Thinking in Decision-Making
  • The Ethics of Privacy in the Digital Age
  • The Importance of Environmental Sustainability
  • If I Could Leave a Legacy for Future Generations
  • The Benefits of Internships and Work Experience
  • The Significance of Advocacy for Human Rights
  • A Time I Took a Stand for a Cause
  • The Role of Education in Shaping Values and Beliefs

Essay Topics for High School Students

Have a look at the following topics for high school essays to come up with your own ideas.

  • Does the fashion industry need to change the way they advertise?
  • Do beauty pageants carry any benefits for women?
  • Should women get plastic surgery?
  • What instigated World War 2?
  • What do people mean when they say “Fake news?”
  • Can constant use of drugs cause brain damage?
  • Can gun control help in regulating crime?
  • Is summer school designed to help children?
  • Methods that are used by professionals to get their dream job.
  • The ways to deal with on-campus violence.

Best College Essay Topics

  • Role of Modern Media in contributing to eating disorders.
  • Is technology turning people into zombies?
  • Is censorship on the internet necessary?
  • Will there be a 3rd World War?
  • Should every student have the right to choose the discipline they are interested in?
  • What does it take to become a politician?
  • The reasons behind high unemployment rates.
  • The aftermath of earthquakes.
  • Which countries have the most corruption?
  • Should there be a restriction on the sales and production of tobacco?

Essay Topics for University Students

  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Job Market.
  • The Ethical Dilemmas of Human Gene Editing.
  • The Role of Social Media in Shaping Political Movements.
  • The Influence of Climate Change on Global Security.
  • The Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Education.
  • The Intersection of Technology and Mental Health.
  • The Economic Implications of Renewable Energy Adoption.
  • The Future of Space Exploration and Colonization.
  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.
  • The Cultural Significance of Contemporary Art Movements.

Essay Topics for Different Types of Essays

For writing an essay, the first step is to decide on the topic.

Here, you can find interesting topics and ideas for different types of essays to help you get started.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is Climate Change Primarily Caused by Human Activities?
  • Should Affirmative Action Policies be Continued in College Admissions?
  • Is Universal Healthcare a Viable Option for the United States?
  • Should Euthanasia be Allowed for Severely Disabled Newborns?
  • Is Genetic Engineering Ethical in Humans?
  • Should the Voting Age be Lowered to 16?
  • Is Internet Censorship Necessary to Protect National Security?
  • Should Hate Speech be Protected as Free Speech?
  • Does asking someone to reduce weight equate to body shaming?
  • Should kids be allowed to adopt e-gaming as a progressive career?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is pizza a proper breakfast food, and why should it be?
  • Should cats be considered superior to dogs as household pets?
  • Is it ethical for a sock to vanish in the laundry, and where do they go?
  • Are aliens avoiding Earth because they fear our reality TV shows?
  • Can you survive a zombie apocalypse using only office supplies?
  • Is procrastination an art form, and how can you perfect it?
  • Should kids' cartoons be considered educational for adults?
  • Can you convince your boss that napping at work increases productivity?
  • Is laughter truly the best medicine, and can it cure anything?
  • Can you convince your roommate that washing dishes is an ancient martial art?

In need of more debatable essay topics? We have a comprehensive list of more excellent argumentative essay topics to assist you.

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should Recycling Be Mandatory in Every Household?
  • Is Single-Use Plastic a Menace to the Environment, and Should It Be Banned?
  • Should Schools Implement Uniform Dress Codes to Promote Equality?
  • Is Standardized Testing an Effective Measure of Student Knowledge?
  • Is Online Learning as Effective as Traditional Classroom Education?
  • Should Vaccinations Be Mandatory for All Children to Ensure Public Health?
  • Is Animal Testing Justified in the Name of Scientific Progress?
  • Should Governments Impose Higher Taxes on Junk Food and Sugary Drinks?
  • Is Social Media Detrimental to Mental Health, and Should It Be Regulated?
  • Should College Athletes Be Paid for Their Participation in Sports?

Read our comprehensive guide to persuasive essay topics to find a trending topic or a good idea for your paper.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • Causes and Effects of Stress in Modern Society
  • The Consequences of Bullying on Mental Health
  • Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions
  • The Influence of Parental Divorce on Children's Well-being
  • The Causes and Effects of Obesity in Developed Countries
  • The Causes and Effects of Economic Inequality
  • The Causes and Consequences of Academic Procrastination
  • The Impact of Social Pressure on Teenagers' Decision-Making
  • The Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction
  • The Influence of Early Education on a Child's Future Success

Check out this comprehensive guide on 100+ cause and effect essay topics for more ideas.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Comparison of High School vs. College Life
  • Contrast of Traditional Education vs. Online Learning
  • Comparison of Two Major Religions: Christianity vs. Islam
  • Contrasting the Novels of Jane Austen vs. Emily Brontë
  • Comparing Two Art Movements: Renaissance vs. Baroque
  • Contrasting Classical Music vs. Jazz
  • Comparing Two Smartphone Brands: iPhone vs. Android
  • Contrast of Two Political Systems: Democracy vs. Authoritarianism
  • Comparison of Traditional Medicine vs. Modern Medicine
  • Comparing the Characters of Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story

If you need more ideas, here are some interesting compare contrast essay topics for your help.

Narrative Essay Topics

  • My First Day of School: A Memorable Experience
  • The Day I Overcame My Greatest Fear
  • The Most Important Lesson I Learned from a Family Member
  • The Time I Achieved a Personal Goal, I Never Thought Possible
  • The Day I Discovered My Passion for a Hobby or Interest
  • The Impact of a Life-Altering Event on My Perspective
  • The Story Behind My Most Prized Possession
  • My Experience as a Volunteer or in Community Service
  • The Day I Realized the Power of Kindness
  • A Special Bond I Share with a Childhood Friend

Need more topics? Check out this extensive blog on narrative essay topics for your next assignment.

Expository Essay Topics

  • The Impact of Technology on Society: Past, Present, and Future
  • The Process of Photosynthesis and Its Importance in Nature
  • The History and Significance of the Industrial Revolution
  • Understanding the Basics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology
  • The Role of Education in Shaping Future Career Success
  • The Significance of Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World
  • Exploring the Psychology of Human Behavior and Decision-Making
  • The Process of How a Bill Becomes a Law in Government
  • The Role of Renewable Energy Sources in Combating Climate Change
  • Understanding the History and Culture of a Specific Country or Region

Here are some more intriguing expository essay topics to assist you.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

  • Evaluating the Persuasive Strategies in a Self-Help Book or Article
  • Examining the Rhetoric of a Famous Political Campaign Ad
  • Analyzing the Persuasive Techniques in a TED Talk of Your Choice
  • Analyzing the Rhetoric of a Controversial News Article
  • Evaluating the Persuasive Techniques in a Super Bowl Commercial
  • Examining the Rhetorical Appeals in a Famous Courtroom Speech
  • Evaluating the Use of Rhetorical Devices in a Political Debate
  • Analyzing the Persuasive Strategies in a Feminist Manifesto
  • Evaluating the Rhetorical Appeals in a Social Justice Speech
  • Examining the Rhetorical Techniques in a Historical Letter or Document

Check out this extensive blog on 100+ rhetorical analysis essay topics for more topics.

Analytical Essay Topics

  • The impact of Martin Luther King's speech “I have a dream” on modern American politics
  • The significance of Pablo Picasso's artwork “The Old Guitarist”
  • Important characteristics of Denzel Washington Speech at the University Of Pennsylvania
  • Impact of the psychoanalytic theory on modern psychology
  • The impact of Romeo and Juliet on the modern concept of love
  • The significance of national security strategy 2018 on great power politics
  • How does the author's treatment of the subject matter in “The Catcher in the Rye” differ from that in “The Great Gatsby”?
  • How are the characters in “To Kill a Mockingbird” used to illustrate different aspects of racial prejudice in America during the 1930s?
  • How is the treatment of love different in Shakespeare's “Romeo and Juliet” and “Othello”?
  • How does the author use symbolism to develop the theme of good vs. evil in “The Scarlet Letter”?

Explore the blog to get some more ideas about interesting analytical essay topics .

Descriptive Essay Topics

  • A Walk Through a Peaceful Forest in Autumn
  • A Vibrant Farmers' Market on a Saturday Morning
  • A Day at the Beach: Sun, Sand, and Waves
  • The Serene Beauty of a Starry Night Sky
  • A Memorable Childhood Christmas Morning
  • The Sights and Sounds of a Carnival or Fair
  • The First Day of Spring: Nature's Reawakening
  • A Visit to a Historical Landmark or Museum
  • A Gourmet Dining Experience at Your Favorite Restaurant
  • The Excitement of a Music Concert or Festival

Check out this extensive list of descriptive essay topics ideas for your help.

Informative Essay Topics

  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Job Market
  • The History and Cultural Significance of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics
  • The Benefits and Risks of Gene Editing Technology
  • Exploring Renewable Energy Sources: Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric Power
  • The Effects of Climate Change on Polar Ice Caps and Wildlife
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Time Management
  • Exploring the Role of Nutrition in Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
  • The Significance of Space Exploration: Past, Present, and Future
  • The Origins and Cultural Significance of a Traditional Festival
  • A Guide to Sustainable Farming and Agriculture Practices

Here’s a comprehensive list of interesting, 100+ informative essay topics .

Definition Essay Topics

  • The Meaning of "Success" in Modern Society
  • Defining the Concept of "Love" in All Its Forms
  • The True Definition of "Friendship"
  • The Ever-Changing Meaning of "Freedom"
  • Exploring the Notion of "Happiness"
  • Defining "Cultural Diversity" and Its Importance
  • The Multifaceted Definition of "Beauty"
  • The Various Interpretations of "Justice"
  • Understanding "Mental Health" and Its Stigma
  • Defining "Leadership" and Its Qualities
  • The Meaning of "Sustainability" in Environmental Contexts
  • Exploring the Concept of "Feminism"
  • Defining "Social Media" and Its Impact
  • The True Definition of "Equality"
  • Exploring the Meaning of "Art" in Contemporary Culture

Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • How to prevent social media bullying?
  • How to help a depressed person?
  • How texting affects face-to-face relationships?
  • How to prevent injuries in sports?
  • How can parents teach their children about time management?
  • How to deal with manipulative and dominating people?
  • How can schools and colleges be made safer?
  • How to prevent deaths due to drunk driving?
  • How to help families with a child with mental illness?
  • How to stop violence in schools?

Personal Essay Topics

  • A person you admire the most.
  • Are you addicted to games?
  • How did you learn to draw?
  • What is your life’s goal?
  • Things you hate the most?
  • Why do I prefer online shopping?
  • Your biggest achievement.
  • What does success mean to you?
  • What annoys you the most?
  • Why is volunteering important?

Proposal Essay Topics

  • Promoting Sustainable Transportation
  • Enhancing Cybersecurity Education
  • Implementing Recycling Programs in Schools
  • Reducing Plastic Waste in the Community
  • Supporting Small Local Businesses
  • Improving Mental Health Support in Schools
  • Implementing Renewable Energy Initiatives
  • Enhancing Campus Sustainability Efforts
  • Combating Food Insecurity in Underserved Communities
  • Promoting Gender Equality in the Workplace

Evaluation Essay Topics

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of online learning compared to traditional classroom education.
  • Evaluate the impact of social media on interpersonal relationships and communication.
  • Assess the quality and impact of a recent movie or television series.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a specific diet or nutrition plan for weight loss.
  • Assess the environmental impact of electric vehicles compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars.
  • Evaluate the performance and features of a popular smartphone or electronic gadget.
  • Assess the impact of a particular social or political policy on society.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign for a well-known brand.
  • Assess the impact of a recent technological advancement on daily life.
  • Evaluate the quality and impact of a famous work of literature or art.

Process Analysis Essay Topics

  • How to Plan and Organize a Successful Study Group.
  • The Process of Making Homemade Pizza from Scratch.
  • Steps to Mastering a Musical Instrument.
  • How to Write a Winning College Application Essay.
  • The Process of Brewing Your Own Craft Beer.
  • Steps to Launching a Small Business Online.
  • How to Effectively Manage Time and Prioritize Tasks.
  • The Art of DIY Home Renovation.
  • The Process of Creating a Stunning Piece of Art.
  • How to Cook a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.

Check out some other process analysis essay topics for inspiration!

Illustration Essay Topics

  • Illustrate the Impact of Technology on Everyday Life.
  • Illustrate the Traits of a Successful Leader.
  • The Role of Music in Shaping Emotions and Moods.
  • Illustrate the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • The Influence of Social Media on Personal Relationships.
  • Illustrate the Impact of Cultural Diversity in a Community.
  • The Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace.
  • Illustrate the Evolution of Fashion Trends Over the Decades.
  • The Characteristics of a Memorable Family Vacation.
  • Illustrate the Process of Achieving a Personal Goal.

Here’s a list of some more creative and engaging illustration essay topics .

Exploratory Essay Topics

  • Exploring the Causes and Effects of Climate Change.
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Job Market: An Exploration.
  • Exploring the Role of Media in Shaping Public Opinion.
  • The Influence of Nature vs. Nurture on Human Behavior.
  • An Exploration of the Ethics of Genetic Engineering.
  • The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health: An In-Depth Examination.
  • Exploring the Challenges and Benefits of Online Education.
  • An Exploration of the Implications of Universal Basic Income.
  • The Dynamics of Family Relationships: An In-Depth Analysis.
  • Exploring the Impact of Literature and Art on Society.

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Classification Essay Topics

  • Types of Pet Owners: A Classification.
  • Classification of Musical Genres: From Classical to Hip-Hop.
  • Types of Travelers: Exploring the Adventurer, Relaxer, and Culture Enthusiast.
  • Classifying Different Types of Social Media Users.
  • Types of Students in a Classroom: From the Overachiever to the Laid-Back.
  • Classifying Different Styles of Fashion: Bohemian, Classic, and Trendy.
  • Types of Moviegoers: The Action Lover, Rom-Com Fan, and Film Buff.
  • Classifying Different Forms of Exercise: Yoga, Weightlifting, and Cardio.
  • Types of Foodies: From Gourmet Enthusiasts to Fast Food Lovers.
  • Classifying Various Types of Vehicles: Cars, Motorcycles, and Bicycles

Check out other compelling classification essay topics for more ideas.

Synthesis Essay Topics

  • The Electoral College as a tool to determine the outcome of Presidential elections.
  • Predicting animal adaptation by examining various evolutionary theories.
  • A side-by-side analysis of the theories behind JFK's shooting
  • Economic and social impacts of proposed legislation by Donald Trump
  • Comparing plans to attract more visitors and create business opportunities.
  • Examining crime rates in urban locations and the countryside
  • Analysis of different theories on the causes of the Great Depression
  • An account of the American Civil War from historical texts
  • A synthesis of different theories of motivation to create behavioral change
  • A unified approach to managing diabetes by examining global research from around the world
  • The scientific method as a means of acquiring knowledge

Explore the blog for some more synthesis essay topics .

Essay Topics by Subjects

Students are often asked by teachers to write essays on a variety of topics related to a particular subject. 

The sheer number of discussion areas can be overwhelming for students, making it difficult to choose a good essay topic. 

This list of essay topics by subject can help you narrow down your choices and find a topic that is both interesting and relevant to your studies.

Essay Topics on Languages

  • The change of language over time.
  • The use of text messages has ruined the modern language: is it true?
  • How to explore new languages.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming and how it works.
  • Physical communication or verbal communication: which is effective?
  • Explore the ways in which people can communicate.
  • Benefits of learning a second language.
  • Explain how learning languages work.
  • Is learning a new language in high school important?
  • Why is English important?

Essay Topics on Social Media

  • Influence of social media on youth.
  • What are the cons of social media?
  • Should texting and driving be illegal?
  • The impact of social media on the life of teenagers.
  • How does social media affect the relationship between parents and children?
  • Does social media like Pinterest should be used in the classrooms?
  • How to handle the problem of being bullied through social media?
  • What rules should students follow when posting to social media?

Essay Topics on Technology

  • Technology and the global economy.
  • The positives and effects of technology.
  • The role of 3-D printing  in Medicine.
  • What science has to offer to disabled people?
  • Face detection software and the problem of identity theft.
  • Adding connectivity to our home devices: is it helpful or not?
  • Cloud computing and artificial intelligence
  • How has technology changed our life?
  • Life without technology
  • Technology has its own rules

Essay Topics on Current Affairs

  • The Global Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lessons Learned.
  • Climate Change and Its Effects on Biodiversity and Weather Patterns.
  • The Role of Social Media in Shaping Modern Political Discourse.
  • Cybersecurity Threats in the Digital Age and Strategies for Protection.
  • The Influence of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Work.
  • The Refugee Crisis: Challenges, Solutions, and Global Responsibility.
  • Racial and Social Justice Movements in the 21st Century.
  • The Geopolitical Impact of China's Belt and Road Initiative.
  • The Rise of Populism and Nationalism in Western Democracies.
  • The Implications of Space Exploration and Colonization for Humanity.

Essay Topics on Corruption

  • The Impact of Corruption on Economic Development
  • The Relationship Between Corruption and Inequality
  • The Role of the Media in Combating Corruption
  • The Impact of Corruption on Political Stability
  • The Relationship Between Corruption and Crime
  • The Use of Technology in Combating Corruption
  • International Cooperation in Combating Corruption
  • The Private Sector and Combating Corruption
  • Civil Society and Combating Corruption
  • The Causes of Corruption

Essay Topics on Climate Change

  • The effects of climate change on human health
  • The impact of climate change on global food security
  • The economic impacts of climate change
  • The role of the media in communicating the risks of climate change
  • The ethical implications of climate change
  • The Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture
  • The Impacts of Climate Change on Wildlife
  • The Potential Solutions to Climate Change
  • The Challenges in Implementing Solutions to Climate Change
  • The Role of the Individual in Solving Climate Change

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writers!

  • The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health and Well-being.
  • Social Media's Role in Shaping Political Discourse and Activism.
  • The Effects of Social Media on Interpersonal Relationships.
  • Cyberbullying and Online Harassment: Challenges and Solutions.
  • Privacy Concerns in the Age of Social Media: Balancing Sharing and Security.
  • Social Media Influencers: Their Influence and Responsibilities.
  • The Use of Social Media in Education: Pros and Cons.
  • Social Media Marketing: Strategies, Trends, and Ethics.
  • Fake News and Misinformation on Social Media: The Role of Fact-Checking.
  • The Future of Social Media: Emerging Trends and Technologies.

Essay Topics on Democracy

  • The Evolution of Democracy: From Ancient Greece to Modern Times.
  • The Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century.
  • The Role of Media in Sustaining a Healthy Democracy.
  • Democracy and Its Implications for Economic Development.
  • Electoral Systems: Comparing First-Past-The-Post and Proportional Representation.
  • The Influence of Money in Politics and Its Impact on Democracy.
  • Direct vs. Representative Democracy: Which Is More Effective?
  • The Role of Civil Society in Strengthening Democracy.
  • The Importance of Civic Education in Sustaining Democracy.
  • Threats to Democracy: Populism, Authoritarianism, and Erosion of Institutions.

Essay Topics on Covid-19 

  • The current COVID-19 pandemic
  • COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on families
  • Coronavirus and its medication
  • How does coronavirus damage a person's health?
  • How did the world change after the coronavirus?
  • Negative side effects of Covid-19
  • Everything you need to know about the coronavirus
  • How did Covid-19 impact businesses?
  • What medicines are good for coronavirus?
  • How does covid-19 lead to cabin fever and anxiety symptoms?

Essay Topics on Social Issues

  • The Impact of Social Media on Social Isolation and Loneliness.
  • Homelessness in Urban Centers: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions.
  • Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System: Analyzing the Data.
  • Gender Inequality in the Workplace: Progress and Challenges.
  • The Opioid Epidemic: Root Causes and Approaches to Combat It.
  • Environmental Racism: Communities at Risk.
  • Access to Healthcare: A Basic Human Right or a Privilege?
  • Bullying in Schools: Strategies for Prevention and Intervention.
  • Immigration Policies and Their Effects on Society.
  • Aging Population: Challenges and Opportunities in an Aging Society

Essay Topics on Current Issues

  • The Global Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Future Preparedness.
  • Climate Change and the Urgency for Sustainable Solutions.
  • Cybersecurity Threats in the Modern World: Protecting Digital Assets.
  • Vaccine Hesitancy and Public Health: Addressing Misinformation.
  • The Role of Big Tech in Shaping the Digital Landscape.
  • Refugee Crises Around the World: Seeking Global Solutions.
  • Income Inequality: The Wealth Gap and Its Social Implications.
  • Political Polarization and Its Impact on Governance.
  • Food Security: Feeding the World's Growing Population.
  • The Ethics of AI and Automation in the Workforce.

Essay Topics About Mental Health

  • The prevalence of mental health disorders in the United States.
  • The impact of mental health disorders on individuals and society.
  • The causes of mental health disorders.
  • The treatments available for mental health disorders.
  • The challenges faced by individuals with mental health disorders.
  • CBT for obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Role of Antidepressants in treating Depression
  • Impact of noise pollution on mental health
  • Social media use leads to negative self-esteem
  • Attachment issues in adults are related to childhood parenting issues

Essay Topics about Music

  • The Influence of Music on Mood and Emotions.
  • The Evolution of Hip-Hop Culture.
  • The Impact of Music on Social Movements.
  • The Role of Music in Different Cultures.
  • The Connection Between Music and Memory.
  • The Influence of Music on Fashion and Style.
  • Music and Its Effects on Brain Development in Children.
  • The Significance of Music Festivals in Modern Culture.
  • Music Therapy: Healing through Sound.
  • The Impact of Technology on the Music Industry.

Essay Topics About Love

  • The Different Types of Love: Exploring Romantic, Familial, and Platonic Love.
  • The Impact of Love on Mental and Physical Health.
  • Love in Literature: Analyzing Famous Love Stories in Classic Novels.
  • The Role of Love in Shaping Our Personal Identities.
  • Unconditional Love: Examining the Bonds Between Parents and Children.
  • The Evolution of Love in the Digital Age: Online Dating and Relationships.
  • Love and Self-Esteem: How Our Self-Perception Affects Our Ability to Love.
  • The Connection Between Love and Empathy in Human Relationships.
  • Love and Attachment Styles: Understanding How We Form Connections.
  • The Cultural Variations in Expressing and Experiencing Love.

Essay Topics About Yourself

  • Introduce yourself in a unique way that captures your reader's attention.
  • Discuss an accomplishment that you are proud of, and how it has shaped who you are today.
  • Describe a time when you faced a challenge, and how you overcame it.
  • Share an experience that has helped to shape your values and beliefs.
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your career aspirations?
  • Describe a time when you faced a challenge and how you coped with it.
  • Tell us about a time when you were proud of yourself and why.
  • What are your plans for the future?

Essay Topics About the Environment

  • The Impact of Climate Change on Global Weather Patterns.
  • Deforestation and Its Effects on Biodiversity.
  • The Role of Renewable Energy Sources in Combating Climate Change.
  • Plastic Pollution: Analyzing the Impact on Marine Ecosystems.
  • The Importance of Environmental Education in Schools.
  • Urbanization and Its Environmental Consequences.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Balancing Food Production and Environmental Conservation.
  • The Significance of Wildlife Conservation and Preservation.
  • The Ethics of Animal Testing in Scientific Research.
  • Environmental Justice: Addressing Disparities in Environmental Quality.

General Essay Topics

  • The Impact of Video Games on College Students.
  • The Importance of Physical Education in Schools.
  • Social Media Platforms and their Influence.
  • Negative Impact of Social Media on Students.
  • Public Schools vs. Private Schools: A Comparative Analysis.
  • Analyzing College Students' Point of View on Video Game Addiction.
  • Persuading for Environmental Conservation.
  • The Role of Social Media in Modern Marketing.
  • The Impact of Technology on the Job Market.
  • Analyzing Point of View in a Legal Context.

Tips for Choosing the Best Topic

Choosing the right topic for your essay is a critical step in the essay writing process. It sets the tone for your work and can greatly impact your ability to engage your readers. Here are some tips to help you select the best topic:

  • Consider Your Interests

Start by thinking about your own interests and passions. Writing about a topic you're enthusiastic about will make the entire process more enjoyable and may result in a more engaging piece.

  • Narrow or Broad

Decide whether you want a broad or narrow topic. Broad topics allow for a wide range of discussion, while narrow ones allow for deeper exploration of specific aspects. Your choice depends on your assignment and word limit.

Consider the relevance of the topic to your audience and context. Is it something your readers will find interesting or valuable? Is it aligned with the purpose of your essay, whether it's informative, persuasive, or analytical?

  • Research Availability

Ensure there's enough research material available on the topic. If you're writing a research-based essay, it's crucial to have access to credible sources to support your arguments.

  • Audience Considerations

Tailor your topic to your target audience. Consider their interests, knowledge level, and preferences when choosing a subject that will resonate with them.

  • Current Events

If it's appropriate for your essay type, explore current events and trending topics. They can add relevance and timeliness to your writing.

  • Brainstorming

Spend some time brainstorming ideas. Create lists, mind maps, or free-write to generate a variety of potential topics. Don't censor yourself during this process; just let the ideas flow.

In conclusion, selecting the best topic for your essay is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the quality and engagement level of your writing. By considering your interests, you can set yourself up for success in crafting an exceptional essay.

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essay writing guide

101+ PTE Essay Topics [Updated 2024]

pte essay topics

  • Post author By admin
  • February 27, 2024

Embark on a journey through the world of PTE essay topics! Meet Sarah , a diligent student preparing for the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic. With determination in her heart, she dives into the ultimate guide on mastering PTE essay topics. Through this blog, she discovers the importance of understanding various types of essay topics and learns practical tips and strategies for excelling in her writing tasks. From opinion-based topics to discussion-based ones, Sarah gains invaluable insights that pave her path to success in the PTE exam. Join Sarah on her quest to conquer 101+ PTE essay topics and unlock your own potential today!

Table of Contents

3 Types of PTE Essay Topics

PTE essay topics can generally be categorized into three main types: opinion-based topics, argumentative topics, and discussion-based topics. 

  • Opinion-based topics typically require you to express your personal opinion on a given subject. 
  • Argumentative topics prompt you to present arguments and counterarguments on a specific issue. 
  • Discussion-based topics involve examining various perspectives on a topic without necessarily taking a side.

Understanding the nuances of each type is essential for crafting a well-structured response.

What Are The Key Elements of PTE Essay Topics?

To effectively tackle PTE essay topics, you need to grasp several key elements. 

First and foremost, understanding the prompt is crucial. Take your time to comprehend what the question is asking you to do.

Identify the type of essay required, whether it’s expressing an opinion, arguing a point, or discussing multiple viewpoints. 

Brainstorming and planning your essay before you start writing can help you organize your thoughts and ideas more coherently. 

Establishing a clear thesis statement early on will guide the direction of your essay, while structuring it effectively will ensure a logical flow of arguments and ideas.

101+ PTE Essay Topics: Category Wise

Opinion-based topics.

  • Is technology making people more or less sociable?
  • Should governments prioritize renewable energy over fossil fuels?
  • Are smartphones beneficial or harmful to children?
  • Is it better to live in a big city or a small town?
  • Should animal testing be banned?
  • Are video games a positive or negative influence on society?
  • Should students be required to wear school uniforms?
  • Is it better to travel alone or with a group?
  • Should the voting age be lowered?
  • Are genetically modified foods safe for consumption?
  • Is it important to learn a second language?
  • Should smoking be banned in public places?
  • Is it better to rent or buy a home?
  • Should college education be free for everyone?
  • Is online shopping better than traditional shopping?
  • Should fast food restaurants be held responsible for obesity?
  • Is climate change the greatest threat to humanity?
  • Should parents be held legally responsible for their children’s actions?
  • Is it important to have a work-life balance?
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Is social media more beneficial or harmful?
  • Should zoos be banned?
  • Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling?
  • Should the government regulate the internet?
  • Is space exploration worth the cost?
  • Should junk food be taxed to discourage unhealthy eating?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for entertainment?
  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Is it better to be self-employed or work for a company?
  • Should there be stricter gun control laws?
  • Is globalization a positive or negative phenomenon?
  • Should standardized testing be eliminated in schools?
  • Is online learning as effective as traditional classroom learning?
  • Should the legal drinking age be lowered?
  • Is it important to preserve traditional cultures?

Argumentative Topics

  • Should the government provide free healthcare for all citizens?
  • Is democracy the best form of government?
  • Should wealthy countries provide financial aid to developing nations?
  • Is censorship justified in certain circumstances?
  • Should college athletes be paid?
  • Is homeschooling more effective than traditional schooling?
  • Should the minimum wage be increased?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for scientific research?
  • Should the government regulate the food industry to combat obesity?
  • Is social media responsible for the rise in mental health issues among young people?
  • Should the government provide subsidies for renewable energy?
  • Is it ethical to use drones for military purposes?
  • Should the rich be taxed more heavily?
  • Is affirmative action necessary to promote diversity?
  • Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  • Is it ethical to clone animals for food production?
  • Should the government regulate the sale of sugary drinks?
  • Is the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports justified?
  • Should there be restrictions on immigration to protect jobs for citizens?
  • Is the death penalty an effective deterrent for crime?
  • Should parents be held responsible for their children’s crimes?
  • Is it ethical to use sweatshop labor to produce cheap goods?
  • Should the government provide free education for all citizens?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for cosmetic testing?
  • Should hate speech be protected under free speech laws?
  • Is capitalism the best economic system?
  • Should the government provide subsidies for the arts?
  • Is it ethical to use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture?
  • Should there be limits on CEO salaries?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for entertainment purposes?
  • Should the government provide universal basic income?
  • Is it ethical to use embryonic stem cells for medical research?
  • Should the government regulate the use of artificial intelligence?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for zoos and aquariums?
  • Should there be stricter regulations on the use of pesticides in agriculture?

Discussion-based Topics

  • Is it possible to achieve world peace?
  • Should parents be allowed to choose their child’s gender?
  • Is the internet a force for good or evil?
  • Should social media companies be responsible for moderating content?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for sports and entertainment?
  • Should schools teach financial literacy?
  • Is privacy more important than national security?
  • Should genetic engineering be used to eliminate hereditary diseases?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for fashion?
  • Should there be limits on free speech to prevent hate speech?
  • Is it possible to achieve gender equality in the workplace?
  • Should the government regulate the use of drones for civilian purposes?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for therapy?
  • Should schools teach coding as part of the curriculum?
  • Is social media addiction a real problem?
  • Should the government provide free internet access to all citizens?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for military purposes?
  • Should governments invest more in space exploration?
  • Is it possible to achieve true equality in society?
  • Should schools teach emotional intelligence?
  • Should there be limits on freedom of expression in the media?
  • Is it possible to eliminate poverty worldwide?
  • Should schools teach environmental sustainability?
  • Should there be stricter regulations on the use of plastic?
  • Is it possible to achieve sustainable development?
  • Should governments provide universal healthcare?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for medical testing?
  • Should schools teach mindfulness and meditation?
  • Is it possible to achieve racial equality?
  • Should governments invest more in renewable energy?
  • Is it ethical to use animals for food production?
  • Should schools teach cultural diversity?
  • Is it possible to achieve universal access to education?

Tips for Effectively Addressing PTE Essay Topics

Effective addressing of PTE essay topics is crucial for scoring well in the exam. Here are some valuable tips to help you tackle PTE essay topics with confidence:

  • Understand the Prompt: Take time to thoroughly understand the essay prompt. Identify the main question or task you are being asked to address and ensure you grasp its nuances.
  • Identify Essay Type: Determine the type of essay you need to write—whether it’s an opinion essay, argumentative essay, discussion essay, or another type. This will guide your approach to structuring and presenting your ideas.
  • Brainstorm Ideas: Before you start writing, brainstorm ideas related to the topic. Jot down key points, arguments, and examples that you can use to support your thesis statement.
  • Develop a Clear Thesis Statement: Formulate a clear and concise thesis statement that outlines your main argument or position on the topic. Your thesis statement should provide a roadmap for your essay.
  • Plan Your Essay Structure: Organize your ideas logically and plan the structure of your essay. Typically, an essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs (each addressing a separate point), and a conclusion.
  • Use Topic Sentences: Begin each body paragraph with a clear topic sentence that introduces the main idea or argument of that paragraph. This helps maintain coherence and clarity in your essay.
  • Provide Relevant Examples and Evidence: Support your arguments with relevant examples, evidence, statistics, or anecdotes. Use concrete examples to illustrate your points and make your arguments more persuasive.
  • Address Counterarguments: Acknowledge and address potential counterarguments to your thesis. This demonstrates critical thinking and strengthens your argument by anticipating and refuting opposing viewpoints.
  • Maintain Coherence and Cohesion: Ensure that your essay flows smoothly from one paragraph to the next. Use cohesive devices such as transition words and phrases to connect ideas and maintain coherence.
  • Be Concise and Clear: Express your ideas clearly and concisely. Avoid unnecessary repetition or verbosity. Use precise language and avoid ambiguity to convey your message effectively.
  • Proofread and Revise: Take time to review and revise your essay before submitting it. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors. Ensure that your essay is well-organized and coherent.
  • Manage Your Time Wisely: Allocate your time effectively during the exam. Allow sufficient time for planning, writing, and revising your essay. Stick to the recommended word count and avoid spending too much time on any one section.

By following these tips, you can effectively address PTE essay topics and maximize your chances of success in the exam. Practice writing essays on a variety of topics to improve your skills and build confidence in your ability to tackle any essay prompt.


Common Pitfalls to Avoid For PTE Essay Topics

Avoiding common pitfalls is essential for successfully addressing PTE essay topics. Here are some pitfalls to be mindful of and tips to avoid them:

  • Misinterpreting the Prompt: Read the essay prompt carefully and ensure you understand what is being asked. Misinterpreting the prompt can lead to off-topic responses and lower scores.
  • Lack of Organization and Coherence: Plan your essay structure before you start writing to ensure logical flow and coherence. Each paragraph should focus on a single main idea, with clear transitions between paragraphs.
  • Overly Complex Language or Vocabulary: While it’s important to demonstrate language proficiency, avoid using overly complex language or vocabulary that may confuse the reader. Aim for clarity and simplicity in your writing.
  • Failure to Address All Aspects of the Topic: Ensure that your essay addresses all aspects of the topic as outlined in the prompt. Failing to do so can result in an incomplete or inadequate response.
  • Neglecting to Revise and Edit: Allocate time for revising and editing your essay before submitting it. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors. Ensure that your essay is well-structured and coherent.
  • Lack of Supporting Evidence or Examples: Back up your arguments with relevant evidence, examples, statistics, or anecdotes. Providing concrete examples strengthens your arguments and makes your essay more persuasive.
  • Bias or One-Sided Argument : Present a balanced view of the topic by acknowledging and addressing opposing viewpoints. Avoid being overly biased or presenting a one-sided argument.
  • Exceeding Word Limit: Stick to the recommended word limit for your essay. Exceeding the word limit may result in penalization and can detract from the clarity and coherence of your essay.
  • Relying on Personal Opinion Without Support: While it’s important to express your opinion, ensure that it is supported by evidence or reasoning. Avoid relying solely on personal opinion without providing adequate support.
  • Lack of Clarity in Expression: Clearly express your ideas and arguments to ensure that they are easily understood by the reader. Avoid ambiguity or vague language that may obscure your message.

Mastering PTE essay topics is a crucial aspect of succeeding in the PTE Academic exam. By understanding the different types of essay topics, identifying key elements, and implementing effective strategies, you can significantly improve your writing skills and boost your chances of achieving a high score. 

Remember to practice regularly, seek feedback, and stay focused during the exam. With dedication and perseverance, you can conquer any PTE essay topic that comes your way.

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pte writing essay topics with answers pdf

PTE Writing Essay Topics: PTE test takers must stay up to date on the most recent PTE writing essay topics to construe well-articulated, coherent, and comprehensible essay responses. In this blog, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of the most prevalent PTE writing essay topics, along with their answers (PDF). PTE test takers can go through these topics to get a drift of how to write good PTE writing essays and score higher. That being said, read the complete blog to learn more about PTE writing essay topics. 

This Blog Includes:

Latest pte writing essay topics in 2024, pte writing essay topics: sample questions with answers (download pdf) , 5+ tips to ace your pte writing essays .

PTE Writing essays can be a huge obstacle for exam candidates. PTE essays generally need test takers to write well-articulated essay responses that are not just cohesive in structure but also understandable to readers. Keeping track of these prevalent subjects could help you score higher on PTE Writing Essays, potentially distinguishing you from your peers. Here are the current PTE Writing Essay themes for 2024 that you should be familiar with. Have a peek. 

  • Tobacco, mainly in the form of cigarettes is one of the most widely used drugs in the world. Over a billion adults legally smoke tobacco every day. The long-term health costs are high- for the smokers themselves, and for the wider community in terms of health care costs and lost productivity. Do Governments have a legitimate role in protecting citizens from the harmful effects of their own decisions to smoke, or are such decisions up to an individual?
  • In some countries around the world, voting is compulsory. Do you agree with the notion of compulsory voting?
  • Any new technological development in the recent years is a boon or curse for the society in general- 
  • It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  • Parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s acts. What is your opinion? Support it with personal examples.
  • Marketing strategy for big companies should be placed on offers and discounts, and in what ways this can impact their reputation.
  • What is the best invention of the last 100 years, the computer, antibiotics, the aeroplane, and explain why?
  • Do you think that the place where the person grew up influences his accomplishments? Explain with an example.
  • Dangerous activities like extreme skiing, bungee jumping etc. And whether u support them or not. 
  • Does television remove our loneliness or not?
  • Student travel to study is overrated, we have brilliant scholars who studied locally. Is travel really required for higher studies?
  • Some people believe laws change human behaviour. Do you agree with it?

PTE Writing Task Essay Topics: PTE test takers attempting the writing section of the exam must be familiar with the common topics and questions generally asked in the exam. That being stated, one should solve as many sample questions as possible to get a drift of the common topics and themes and how to answer them correctly. Here are some sample questions (with answers) for PTE Writing Essays that you should go through to have a solid understanding of the task.

PTE Writing Essay Preparation : Writing PTE Essays might seem like a hurdle, but fret not! With the right preparation and consistent practice, you can reach the summit and achieve stellar scores. Here are some of the best tips to help you ace your PTE writing essays. 

  • Don’t just focus on one type of essay topic. Look for practice prompts that cover argumentative, problem-solving, and discussion/opinion essays. This will help you become adaptable to the format used in the PTE test.
  • The PTE writing section is timed at 20 minutes. Practice writing essays under exam conditions to build speed and manage pressure during the actual test.
  • Strong vocabulary and accurate grammar are essential for achieving a high score. Brush up on your grammar skills and build your vocabulary by learning new words and phrases related to different topics.
  • The PTE essay should follow a basic structure: Introduction, Body Paragraphs (usually 2), and Conclusion.
  • Aim for a word count between 200-300 words. Going outside this range can affect your score.
  •  Before submitting your essay, take at least 2-3 minutes to proofread it carefully. Look for typos, grammatical errors, and clarity in your writing.
  • Familiarize yourself with the criteria used to score the PTE writing essay. This will help you focus on areas that will get you the most points. 
  • Make sure to include all the keywords from the essay prompt in your writing. This shows the examiner you understand the question.
  • Use transition words and phrases to connect your ideas and create a smooth flow in your essay.
  • Avoid using slang or informal language. Maintain a professional tone throughout your essay.

So that was all about the PTE writing essays. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

Ans. The PTE Writing section includes two tasks: Summarise Written Text and Essay. Both tasks in the PTE Writing part are computer-based, with you typing your comments on a keyboard. After reading the text, test takers are required to provide a one-sentence summary of the passage. Students should keep the word count of their PTE writing essays around 200-300 words. 

Ans. With PTE Academic Online, you can take your test at home, in an office, or wherever you have a quiet, private space. PTE Academic Online uses the exact same test content, scoring and format as PTE Academic in a test centre.

Ans: The overall score in the PTE ranges from 10 to 90 and is based on your overall performance in the PTE exam.

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20 Essay Writing Topics/Questions | C1 Advanced (CAE)

easy essay topics pdf

How to write an C1 Advanced (CAE) essay?


More than practice tests, c1 advanced (cae) essay: example topics / questions.

Below is a sample list of academic essay writing topics/tasks for C1-level (advanced) students. You can use them to practice writing English essays or to simplyy prepare for the Cambridge exam

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 1 | Advanced (CAE)

Your class has attended a panel discussion on the subject of TV shows that feature members of the public, such as reality TV shows and talent competitions. You have made the notes below.

Aspects of reality and talent TV shows

  • entertainment for viewers
  • influence on young people
  • effect on participants

Some opinions expressed in the discussion:

‘These programmes are just harmless entertainment and there is nothing wrong with them.’ ‘The influence these programmes can have on young people can be very bad indeed.’ ‘People who take part in these programmes can be damaged by the experience.’

Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the aspects in your notes. You should explain which aspect you think is the most important regarding these TV shows and provide reason s to support your opinion.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 2 | Advanced (CAE)

You have watched a documentary about what causes young people to start committing crimes. You have made the notes below.

Reasons why young people commit crimes

  • lack of control by parents
  • absence of opportunities in life
  • influence of friends

Some opinions expressed in the documentary:

‘Without firm discipline from parents, some children are likely to get into trouble.” ‘It’s not surprising that young people who feel they have no chance of a good life turn to crime.” ‘The bad influence of people they mix with can cause some young people to take up crime.’

Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the reasons in your notes. You should explain which cause you think is the most important for young people committing crimes and provide reasons to support your opinion.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 3 | Advanced (CAE)

Your class has attended a panel discussion on what are the greatest advantages of digital and computer technology for people in their everyday lives. You have made the notes below.

Advantages of digital and computer technology in everyday life

  • communication
  • access to information
  • shopping and services

‘Being able to contact anyone at any time in any place is obviously the greatest advantage.’

‘The fact that people can instantly look up something and find out about it, or learn something new, is the greatest advantage.’

‘You don’t need to go out or spend a long time buying or paying for things and that’s the greatest advantage.’

Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the advantages in your notes. You should explain which advantage you think is the greatest for people in their everyday lives and provide reasons to support your opinion.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 4 | Advanced (CAE)

Your class has been discussing whether school/college leavers should be forced to do unpaid work if no paid jobs are available. You have made the notes below:

Arguments for and against forcing young people into jobs that are not paid:

  • it gives young people the chance to gain valuable work experience.
  • it would benefit society if more young people worked for the local community.
  • companies would be exploiting young people as a cheap source of labour.

Some opinions expressed during the discussion:

“If the job needs doing the company should be prepared to pay for someone’s labour.” “Such a scheme would build confidence in young people who would otherwise be idle” “It would force young people into dead-end jobs”

Write an  essay  discussing two of the arguments made for and/or against making young people do unpaid work. You should explain which argument is more important , giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 5 | Advanced (CAE)

You class has watched a documentary about the need for nations to fund space exploration. You have made the notes below:

Advantages of spending public money on space exploration:

  • countries work together to further our understanding of the universe
  • we may discover raw materials.
  • possible new living space for the world’s growing population.

“It’s human nature to want to understand where we come from.” “We should stop exploiting natural resources.” “The world’s growing population needs further space to live.”

Write an  essay  discussing two of the advantages given for space exploration in your notes You should  explain which reason is most important , giving reasons in support of your answer.

engxam logo english exams

Get Your (CAE) Essay Checked!

C1 - essay topic / question 6 | advanced (cae).

Your class has had a discussion about the importance of the Internet in our lives. You have made the notes below:

Reasons why the Internet has become so important:

  • the opportunity it offers to buy and sell online.
  • the ease with which we can keep in contact with friends or relations.
  • its use as a study tool.

“Social media allows me to stay in contact with family members all over the country.” “You can shop around, read reviews and get good bargains on the web.” “The Internet offers me an enormous library to help with my studies.”

Write an essay discussing two of the reasons given for the importance of the Internet. You should explain which reason is most important , giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 7 | Advanced (CAE)

Your class has had a discussion about the negative effects of globalisation on local culture. You have made the notes below:

Effects of globalisation:

  • the dominance of the western music/film industry.
  • the loss of national identity.
  • the undermining of values of local culture.

“We don’t want to see the same culture wherever we travel.” “People are free to enjoy whichever music, films or fashion they wish.” “Young people are losing the sense of values their parents had.”

Write an essay discussing two of the effects listed in your notes. You should explain which effect is more important , giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 8 | Advanced (CAE)

Your class has watched a documentary about the decline in the number of local buildings with historic interest. You have made the notes below: Factors behind the decline include:

  • a lack of space within inner cities for commercial and residential developments.
  • the fact that these buildings are not seen as worthy of preservation by town planners.
  • insufficient public funds to support the preservation of these buildings.

“We need to preserve old buildings for future generations.” “Buildings with a local historical interest can be good for tourism.” “Some of these buildings no longer serve a purpose and should be replaced with modern alternatives.”

Write an essay discussing two of the reasons given for the decline in such buildings in your notes. You should explain which factor is more important , giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 9 | Advanced (CAE)

You attended a debate at a local community centre at which a proposal to launch a new local TV station was discussed. You have made the notes below:

What would be the benefits of a new local TV station?

  • community events
  • local businesses

Some opinions expressed during the debate:

“TV is dying. Everyone uses the internet.” “Will younger people engage with local television?” “TV service can’t just become a vehicle for wall-to-wall advertising!”

Write an essay , discussing two of the benefits in your notes. You should explain which benefit you think would be most important , giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 10 | Advanced (CAE)

You attended a college debate that discussed ways of encouraging more people to be more environmentally friendly in their energy use and production. You have made the notes below:

How can individuals protect the environment through their home energy policy?

  • Subsidised solar panels
  • Free insulation
  • Replacement heating system

“Governments should be doing this, not individuals!” “Heating old, cold buildings helps nobody.” “Solar panels take decades to pay for themselves!”

Write an essay , discussing two of the ideas in your notes. You should explain which idea would help protect the environment most, giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 11 | Advanced (CAE)

You attended a lecture at a local business centre where the advantages of working from home were discussed. You have made the notes below:

How can working from home be beneficial?

  • Effects on traffic
  • Less office space required
  • Happier employees

Some opinions expressed during the lecture:

“People working alone at home go crazy!” “Face-to-face meetings are crucial.” “Will everybody have this privilege?”

Write an essay , discussing two of the benefits in your notes. You should explain which benefit would be most important , giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 12 | Advanced (CAE)

You attended a debate at the town hall which discussed how new government money for the town should be spent. You have made the notes below:

How should the new government money be spent locally?

  • Reduce local taxes by 1%
  • More sports facilities
  • New books and teachers for schools

“We pay too much tax, a tax cut helps everyone!” “Having a healthier local population is more important than money.” “I don’t play sports, what’s in this for me?”

Write an essay , discussing two of the proposals in your notes. You should explain which proposal would help the town most , giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 13 | Advanced (CAE)

You attended a meeting at a local school where possible new additions to the curriculum were discussed. You have made the notes below:

What subjects can we add to our school curriculum?

  • computer programming
  • home decoration and repair

Some opinions expressed during the meeting:

“We need to consider those who won’t go to university.” “Learn Latin and you’re halfway to learning any other language.” “We need to prepare our children for the modern world they live in!”

Write an essay , discussing two of the subjects in your notes. You should explain which subject would help students most , giving reasons in support of your answer.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 14 | Advanced (CAE)

You have listened to a radio discussion programme about what can be done to increase participation in sports by people of all ages. You have made the notes below.

Ways of increasing participation in sports

  • advertising
  •  famous sportspeople

“Campaigns involving famous sportspeople are very effective because they are role models for young people.” “If people know what is available to them, more of them might take facilities” “What people need to get started in sports is enough free or cheap up sports.”

Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the ways in your notes. You should explain which way you think is likely to be the most effective for increasing participation in sports and provide reasons to support your opinion.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 15 | Advanced (CAE)

Your class has attended a lecture on what governments could do to minimise the use of fossil fuels, You have made the notes below.

Methods of minimising the use of fossil fuels

  • increasing taxes on petrol
  • increasing use of nuclear energy

“Is the technology for recycling adequately developed?” “Increased taxation will not be a sufficient deterrent.’ “Nuclear energy is too risky.”

Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the methods in your notes. You should explain which method you think is more important for governments to consider, and provide reasons to support your opinion.

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Get Your (FCE) Essay Checked!

C1 - essay topic / question 16 | advanced (cae).

You recently heard a discussion about the benefits of school uniforms. These are the notes you took.

Pros and Cons:

  • Shared identity.
  • Expensive for parents.
  • Discrimination

Notes on Opinions expressed:

  • Could give students a positive identity boost.
  • Some parents may not be able to afford them.
  • Students with cheaper uniforms could face discrimination

Write an  essay  discussing  two  of the ideas in an appropriate style. You should  explain   which  idea you think is  more   important , giving reasons to support your opinion.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 17 | Advanced (CAE)

You recently heard a discussion about the behavioural problems of some children. These are the notes you took.

  • Stricter teachers.
  • Parental responsibility.
  • Government action.
  • Teaching is difficult if too strict.
  • Parents should exercise control.
  • Government should introduce Laws to make parents liable for their children.

Write an  essay  discussing  two  of the ideas in an appropriate style, using 220 – 260 words. You should  explain   which  idea you think is  more   important , giving reasons to support your opinion.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 18 | Advanced (CAE)

You recently heard a discussion about the low level of reading skills in schools. These are the notes you took.

  • Extra reading work at school.
  • Reading time with parents.
  • Special teachers.
  • No extra time available at school.
  • Parents have very busy lives.
  • Difficult to organise.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 19 | Advanced (CAE)

Your class has attended a panel discussion about the ‘race to space’ and who should be funding it. You have made the notes below:

Who should be funding the race to space?

  • private companies
  • the government
  • we should not spend money on this
  • In the future, we will need a new planet to live on
  • The race to space is important for scientific development
  • It’s a waste of money to explore space.

C1 - Essay Topic / Question 20 | Advanced (CAE)

You recently heard a discussion about bullying at school. These are the notes you took.


Notes on opinions expressed:

  • Teachers should control their environment.
  • Students should be taught about the dangers
  • The police should offer protection.

Practice, Write & Improve

C1 advanced (cae) essay: download (pdf).

Download C1 Advanced (CAE) Essay: Questions (PDF)

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50 Essay Topics for Kids

50 Essay Topics for Kids | image: notebooks and paper airplane

Hi friends! A while back, after I did a post of story ideas for kids , I got requests for essay topics for kids. I thought it was a little out of my wheelhouse, though, since I’ve never taught children. But then I thought, wait a minute…I’m married to someone who used to teach middle school English! So I invited Mr. Donovan to guest post today. Take it away, honey…

For these, I tried to think about 5th and 6th grade writing topics, but the truth is, most of these writing prompts would also work for kids much younger, and some of them would work for older kids. If you’re a busy teacher or homeschooling parent, I hope you find good ideas you can use.

While this list focuses especially on persuasive writing, it offers a wide range of subjects. I think many students will feel strongly about them since they know about them firsthand, and they may have fun writing about them. Some prompts may encourage students to try to persuade through the use of humor and personal stories, while others may lead them to compare and contrast two things or use logic and/or ethical arguments to support their points of view. Hopefully, their strong feelings will lead student writers to experience persuasive writing as an essential tool for their success.[spacer height=”20px”]

50 Essay Topics for Kids | fun creative writing prompts for busy teachers and homeschoolers (image: stack of spiral notebooks)

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas

  • The three things I can’t live without are…
  • In the past year, I’ve changed in the following ways…
  • A close call I once had occurred when…
  • My favorite hour of the day is…
  • I once got lost for a long period of time at…
  • One thing I love to shop for is…
  • The best sporting event I ever attended was…
  • Here’s a time that I was scared but took a chance.
  • Here’s what happened when I tried something for the first time.
  • The thing I’m most looking forward to this summer is…
  • A decision that was very hard to make for me was…
  • The last time I laughed really really hard was…
  • A time I was really proud of one of my parents/siblings was…
  • Describe a favorite family photo and the story it tells.
  • One time when I was having dinner with my family…

Persuasive Essay Ideas

  • Why It’s Important To Be a Good Winner
  • How to Make Friends and Keep Them
  • To Be Successful, You Need To…
  • How to Disagree With Someone Without Being Rude
  • The Best Thing About This School Is….and Here’s Why
  • The Best Place to Live Would Be…and Here’s Why
  • Why It’s Important to Set Goals
  • How to Prevent Bullying
  • Students Should Be Allowed to Learn At Their Own Pace
  • The Best TV Show On Right Now Is…Because….
  • The Best TV Show Ever Made Is….and Here’s Why
  • My Favorite Superhero Is…Because…
  • Why My Favorite Sport Is the Best Sport
  • Students Should/Shouldn’t Have Their Phones at School
  • Our Country Would Be Better If We Passed This Law
  • No One Should Ever Watch More Than Four Hours of TV, Movies, and Videos a Day
  • Why It’s Time to Remove the Penny From Circulation
  • It’s Likely that Extraterrestrials Exist
  • Taking Photographs of People Without Their Permission Should Be Prohibited
  • Telling A Lie Is/Isn’t Always Wrong

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

  • Baseball and basketball have both similarities and differences.
  • Here’s what I would and wouldn’t be willing to do for a million dollars
  • The biggest differences between winter and spring are…
  • Ways I’m alike and ways I’m different from my parent/sibling are…
  • Cats and dogs may be very different, but they’re also alike in some respects.
  • My two favorite bands compare and contrast in the following ways.
  • Compare and contrast your two favorite superheroes.
  • My two favorite restaurants are different in many ways.
  • Though very different, the sun and the moon do have a few similarities.
  • While my two favorite classes have key differences, they also have much in common
  • Skating and running have a lot in common.
  • Parent teachers and classroom teachers are different and alike in many ways.
  • Poems and stories have some similarities and some differences.
  • PCs and Mac computers have less in common than you might think.
  • The book and movie version of my favorite story have a lot of similarities, but they’re different in some ways.

50 Essay Topics for Kids | image: Open blank notebook and pen

If you have other ideas for easy essay topics for middle school, let us know in the comments. And if you liked the list, please share them on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter—we appreciate it, and busy teachers might appreciate it, too!  Thanks for reading this, and have a great day!

– Gill Donovan

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11 thoughts on “ 50 essay topics for kids ”.

' src=

This is a great list for home schooling parents and self-paced learners. Thank you for sharing.

PS Please hit me back sometime with a comment on my blog

' src=

Hi! Thanks, Naomi! I’ll stop by your blog in just a sec.

' src=

These are so great! Thanks for posting Mr. Donovan! This list can also be used to connect with grandkids. If I answer some of these questions about my own life, the answers will likely be something of interest to my grandchildren and wouldn’t it be great to have them write on the same topics for me to read. Thanks again for your experiences with young people that make greater connection possible.

Thanks, Jessie! Interesting take on the list! I suppose I could actually use the list to connect with my own nieces and nephews.

' src=

These are fabulous! I often simply want my children to practice handwriting, but I’m at a loss when they ask me what they should write. This takes care of two problems with one awesome solution! Thank you!! 🙂

Hi, Lisa! So glad you can use it in this way. Thanks for letting me know.

' src=

as a mom of three boys, I find the list insightful into the minds of kids.

Good to hear this–as I was working on it, I kept circling back to try to decide whether or not the subjects would appeal to kids. So thanks!

' src=

Having taught thirty-one years in elementary school (many of those years in 5th and 6th grade), this is an awesome list. I would have used some of these for sure. Teachers are the biggest thieves.?

When we had creative writing time in my class, I always wrote too. I wanted my students to know that I looked forward to this time. Teachers set the atmosphere. After a time, the kids quit asking, “How much do we have to write?” and instead asked, “Mr. Springer, can we write about this?” Giving students time to share is another key to putting a value on the written word.

Thanks, Pete Springer! As someone who taught 6th grade for a year, I know what a fine achievement it is to bring students to want to write in class and to feel comfortable enough to share their writing. Sounds like you taught some wonderful classes. Great to hear you’d have used these.

' src=

I have a essay website in tamil language and iam nearly out of content ideas, you give me a new list of essays for my website, thank you

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Recent Writing Task 2 Essay Topics for IELTS 2024


18 min read

Updated On Feb 06, 2024

easy essay topics pdf

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Recent Writing Task 2 Essay Topics for IELTS 2024

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In the IELTS Writing section, candidates are typically required to write essays on  latest IELTS essay topics  and questions that can span a wide range of subjects. 

The essay topics for IELTS include areas like Education, Technology, Health, Environment, Traditional vs. Modern Medicine, City vs. Countryside Living, Pollution, Obesity, Unemployment, and more. The specific essay type and topic will depend on the task prompt given in the exam.

The IELTS Writing test is one of the four components of the IELTS exam, which consists of two tasks: Task 1 (Academic & General) and Task 2.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic

  • IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic is a task where you are given a chart, table, graph, or diagram and asked to write a report describing the information in the visual. 
  • You will be given 20 minutes to complete this task, and your response should be between 150 and 250 words long.
  • Line Graphs
  • Combined Graphs

IELTS Writing Task 1 General

  • IELTS Writing Task 1 General is a task where you are given a written text about a common, everyday topic and asked to write a letter about it. 
  • Formal Letter Writing 
  • Informal Letter Writing 
  • Semi-Formal Letter Writing 
  • IELTS Writing Task 2 is a task where you are given a topic and asked to write an essay discussing the issue. 
  • You will be given 40 minutes to complete this task, and your response should be between 250 and 350 words long.
  • Opinion Essay
  • Discussion Essay
  • Advantages or Disadvantages Essay
  • Agree or Disagree Essay
  • Problem and Solution Essay
  • Two-Part Questions Essay
  • Direct Question Essay

The IELTS Writing module carries 25% of the total marks for the IELTS test, and each task (Task 1 and Task 2) is assessed independently by certified IELTS examiners. The marking for the writing tests will be done on factors including  vocabulary ,  grammar , number of words used, and so on. 

Now that you’ve understood the basics of IELTS writing, let’s take a look at the  latest IELTS Writing Task 2 essay topics for IELTS  question types.

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Recent IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics 

The IELTS Writing Task 2 question types are constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. In this short note, we’ll take a look at some of the most  recent Writing Task 2 essay topics for IELTS . 

Let’s get started!

1. Opinion Essay

An  opinion essay  is an essay in which you have to explain the topic based on the opinion that you have regarding that topic. They are also called  Agree/disagree essays   or argumentative essays. 

Here are some latest IELTS writing task 2 topics for an opinion essay with answers.

  • Environmental Protection
  • Travel and tourism
  • Transportation
  • TV or Radio
  • Communication technology
  • Living in Campus
  • Illness and Disease
  • Mobile phone
  • Architecture and History
  • Economic Development
  • Food and Transport
  • Television and Children

Sample Question

Essay Type –  Opinion Essay


  • Paraphrase the topic of the essay and mention the view.

Body Paragraphs

  • The extent of problems faced by homeless people cannot be solved only by providing financial assistance.
  • Due to the unstable situation of homeless people, they might end up misusing the cash meant for their benefit or they might end up losing it.
  • Summarize the essay and state the final view on the topic

Sample Answer

The 21st century is marked by the technological, social, and economic advancement of human civilization. However, around most countries, especially third-world nations, the problem of vagrants is still a concerning issue. There are many suggestions when it comes to the upliftment of the homeless, and one of the most popular of these is financial assistance. Although monetary aid can help the destitute in several ways, it does not improve their condition substantially. In the following paragraphs, I will explore the topic in-depth and justify my views on the same.

The predicament faced by the homeless is much more complex than meets the eye. Most of the people who cannot afford the basic necessities of life are facing such hardships due to generational poverty or lack of proper education and thereby limited employment prospects. Thus, mere financial assistance in the form of cash is insufficient in ameliorating the situation of the underprivileged and unsettled.

Furthermore, due to the transient nature of vagrants, the safety of a lump sum amount is questionable in the hands of such people. There have been many instances where individuals have faced threats and mishaps due to the possession of valuables. Also, in many cases, homeless people end up spending assistance money on harmful and illegal items. Therefore, providing such people with monetary assistance can often put their lives in danger.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that even the slightest degree of assistance can significantly ease the difficulties of the needful. That being said, it is important to find a long-term solution rather than providing short-term support.

In conclusion, the plight of the homeless has been a complication for ages. Thus, to overcome this problem, more sophisticated measures should be taken than giving monetary aid.

2. Discussion Essay

In a discussion essay, you’ll have to discuss for and against the given topic. Following are some latest IELTS writing task 2 topics for  discussion essay   with answers.

  • Aging population
  • Dangerous Sports
  • International Car-free days
  • Education and Career
  • People and community
  • Economic growth

Essay Type –  Discussion Essay

  • Elaborate on the topic and mention the contents of the following paragraphs.
  • The benefits of online education and their impact on the future of education.
  • The values of face to face learning and how it leads to better mental development.
  • Summarize the essay and mention the final opinion on the topic.

Technological advancement is one of the highlights of the modern era. Today, online education has become so common that nearly all kinds of courses are available online. Preparation resources for every examination, along with video tutorials, are also provided via online platforms. It is believed by many that e-learning will replace the traditional ways of education. However, there is also a sizable chunk of the population that believes conventional methods of teaching will always be superior. In this essay, I will elaborate on the topic from both perspectives and justify why I think online education will be the preferred method of learning in the future.

There is no doubt that learning through online platforms has become a common approach for countless students. The degree of comfort and convenience enjoyed by students while studying on their personal computers is unmatched. Additionally, with the availability of numerous tools and facilities online, students can now learn in a more sophisticated and substantial manner. Also, students can access their reference material at any point in time without any hindrance when online education is concerned.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that classroom learning has its own advantages. The level of retention is remarkably higher when an individual learns a concept or a subject directly from a teacher in a physical environment. Since students are able to see and hear the lectures by the professor, they are able to understand and analyze the material relatively better.

Finally, the better approach to learning is greatly influenced by personal choice. That being said, with the pace at which technology is progressing, it is safe to say that online learning will be the primary mode of education in the future.

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3. Advantage or Disadvantage Essay

For this type of essay, you have to write about the positive and negative aspects of the given topic. 

Here are some recent ielts writing task 2 essay topics for  advantage/disadvantage essay   with answers.

  • Living in big cities
  • Youth and Community
  • Traffic and Accommodation
  • Remote Environment

Essay Type –  Advantages and Disadvantages Essay

  • Paraphrase the topic and state the view.
  • Mention the contents of the following paragraphs.
  • List the advantages of rote learning and how it is more convenient than other methods.
  • Mention the disadvantages of rote learning and its negative effects.
  • Summarize the topic and state the final opinion.

There have been many approaches to learning as education has evolved over the years. For the past few years, rote learning has become an inherent part of education systems and learning in general. Many students follow this method religiously for exam preparations as it is a very convenient method of learning. However, like any other approach or method, rote learning also has pros and cons. In the following paragraphs, I will elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of memorization by repetition.

Firstly, rote memorization is one of the simplest ways of committing information to memory. This is a prime reason for this technique being so popular. Since this method allows students to learn a particular topic without understanding the meaning of the concepts, it enables them to prepare for examinations in a time-efficient manner as it takes significantly less time to cover the entire syllabus using this technique.

Au contraire, this method of memorization can have problematic consequences in the future if used far too often. If an individual learns an important topic or subject with the aid of rote learning, they might be unable to apply the knowledge from that subject in real life. As memorization by repetition indirectly obstructs mental development and growth of aptitude, people might find themselves in a plight when a situation arrives where conceptual knowledge is mandatory. Additionally, this method of learning tends to become habitual and thereby hard to change.

In conclusion, I would like to say that rote learning has become a very typical part of the present education system. Nevertheless, we must understand that such an approach does not facilitate proper learning.

4. Problem and Solution Essay

In solution essays, the topic will be a problem and you’ll have to give a solution to the particular issue. Sometimes the question may also be posed as to why this particular issue happened, and you’ll have to present your opinions based on the issue. 

Following are some of the latest writing task 2 essay topics for IELTS  problem and cause/solution essay   with answers.

  • Environment
  • People and Society
  • Energy Resources
  • Birth Rate developed in countries
  • Child Obesity

Essay Type –  Cause/Solution Essay

  • Paraphrase the topic using synonyms.
  • Mention the contents of the subsequent paragraphs.
  • List the major issues caused by overpopulation.
  • Suggest possible solutions to overcome the mentioned problems.
  • Summarize the essay and mention the solutions in brief.

The world population has reached tremendous heights over the last few decades, and today the current estimate on the number of inhabitants globally stands at 7.8 billion. The global population is rising at an alarming rate, and concurrently, this has led to numerous hardships to the entire human civilization. The adverse effects of overpopulation have not only been seen by third-world countries, but developed nations have also faced the issues caused by excessive population growth. In the following paragraphs, I will explore some pressing complications caused by excess population and possible solutions that can be implemented.

To begin with, one of the most consequential problems caused by overpopulation is the depletion of natural resources. Fossil fuels are on the verge of being completely exhausted with the rate at which they are being used by human beings. At the same time, water bodies are becoming contaminated, and the natural flora and fauna of the earth are also being destroyed for capitalist gains. Also, the overall surge in population puts an enormous strain on the government resources, availability of food and proper sheltering, etc.

In order to tackle the problem of overpopulation, people have to be educated on various aspects and topics that are typically stigmatized in various societies. Indeed, the growth in population cannot be curbed immediately. Thus, to ease the dependence of mankind on fossil fuels, alternative sources of energy must be discovered. If global superpowers and wealthy nations work in unison against the issue of excessive population growth, only then will this predicament be ameliorated.

Finally, the issues caused by overpopulation and excessive population growth cannot be improved straight away. However, we all must work towards improving this situation in order to create a better future for coming generations.

5. Direct Question Essay

For this type of essay, the topic will be a question for which you’ll have to answer based on your thoughts and experiences. 

Here are some of the latest IELTS writing task 2 topics for  direct question essays   with answers.

  • Art and Technology
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Gender discrimination
  • Different medical tradition
  • Natural Resources

Essay Type –  Direct Question Essay

  • Paraphrase the topic.
  • Reasons behind traveling becoming common and frequent among people.
  • Benefits of traveling.
  • Summarize the topic and mention your answers in brief.

Visiting a foreign nation for leisure or work has become a regular affair for a majority of people in this day and age. Today, not going for a vacation at least once in a calendar year is considered outlandish and atypical. The global tourism industry has developed to quite an extent over the last few years. In this essay, I am going to explore the reasons behind this trend of traveling and mention what travelers gain from their journeys.

People in the present era travel for a variety of reasons. Some of the chief reasons for traveling are better educational services, lucrative employment opportunities and also higher standards of living. With the advancement of technology and accessibility of information by the internet, people can make their travel plans with accuracy with the help of reliable information from travel websites and blogs. Additionally, countries across the globe have recognized the importance of tourism as a contributor to the economy of a nation and therefore have relaxed the travel laws making international travel significantly straightforward.

Traveling can lead to a plethora of benefits both physically and mentally in the life of a human being. People are often engaged in full-time job roles where they dedicate most of their time and energy. Amidst such a tedious routine, travel can help people take a break from the monotony of work and recharge their energy. Travelling also presents an individual with better opportunities in terms of education, employment, and living standards which might not be available in their native country.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the rise in travel and tourism of people is a direct consequence of the development of human civilization. As we progress further into the future, such ventures are becoming more simple and convenient.

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Other Bonus  Essay Topics for IELTS

Here are some of the latest essay topics for IELTS Writing Task 2 questions types:

Discussions (Discursive Essay – Discuss both views)  IELTS Writing Task 2 topics

  • Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
  • Some people think that people moving to a new country should accept a new culture in the foreign country. Others think that they should live as a separate minority group with different lifestyles. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
  • Some people choose to eat no meat or fish. They believe that this is not only better for their own health but also benefits the world as a whole. Discuss this view and give your own opinion
  • Some people say art (music, paintings, poetry etc.) can be created by any human being, while others believe that only people born with special abilities can create art. Discuss both views and give your own opinion
  • The development of technology has caused environmental problems. So, some people think people should choose a simpler way of life, while others think we should use technology to solve these problems. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
  • The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising because it serves no useful purpose, and can even be damaging. However, others argue that there are still some advantages of adverts. Discuss both views and give your opinion?
  • Some people think that the news media nowadays have influenced people’s lives in negative ways. Others disagree and say that it is also positive. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
  • Team activities can teach more skills for life than those activities which are played alone. Explain the benefits of each and give your own view?

Opinion (Argumentative Essay – Agree or Disagree)  IELTS Writing Task 2 latest topics

Following are the list of writing task 2 essay topics for IELTS: 

  • Too much money has been spent on looking after and repairing old buildings. Therefore, we should knock down old buildings and build modern ones instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  • Some people say that subjects like arts, music, drama and creative writing are more beneficial to children and therefore they need more of these subjects to be included in the timetable. Do you agree or disagree?
  • The advantage of English spreading as a global language will continue to outweigh the disadvantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  • Many students have to study subjects which they do not like. Some people think this is a complete waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?
  • Sending criminals to prison is not the best method of dealing with them. Education and job training are better ways to help them. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Some people think the government should pay for health care and education, but other people claim that it is the individual’s responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion?
  • Many employees may work at home with modern technology. Some people claim that it can benefit only the workers, not the employers. Is it a positive or negative development?
  • The detailed description about crime will affect the people and cause many social problems. Some people say that the media should be strictly controlled. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  • It is more important for a building to serve a purpose than to look beautiful. Architects shouldn’t worry about producing buildings as a work of art. Do you agree or disagree?
  • Some people claim that public museums and art galleries will not be needed because people can see historical objects and works of art by using a computer. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Advantages & Disadvantages  Writing Task 2 topics

Here are some of the recent Advantages and Disadvantages Essay topics for IELTS:

  • Do you agree that the advantages cars bring outweigh the disadvantages?
  • People can live and work anywhere they want to choose because of improved communication technology and transport. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?
  • Food can be produced much more cheaply today because of improved fertilizers and better machinery. However, some of the methods used to do this may be dangerous to human health and may have negative effects on local communities. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • The spread of English as a “global language” is an issue nowadays. To what extent do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
  • As global trade increases between different countries, many daily necessities are produced in other countries. Such goods are usually transported a long distance. Do the benefits of this trend outweigh its drawbacks?
  • It is better for students at university to live far away from home than to live at home with their parents. What are the advantages and disadvantages, and give your own opinion?
  • Many museums charge people for admission while others are free. Do you think the advantages of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the disadvantages?

Problems/Causes & Solution Essay  Writing Task 2 topics

Let’s look at the essay topics for IELTS for Problems/ Causes & Solutions Essay Type:

  • The subjects and lesson contents are decided by the authorities such as the government. Some people argue that teachers should make the choice. What are the pros and cons of each method, give some solutions?
  • The speeding up of life in many areas such as travel and communication has negative effects on society at all levels— individual, national and global. Evaluate the effects?
  • In some countries, the rate of crimes committed by teenagers is increasing.  What are the reasons and what can be done to relieve the problem?
  • The major cities in the world are growing fast, as well as their problems.  What are the problems that young people living in cities are faced with?  Give some solutions to these problems.
  • In some countries, a high proportion of criminal acts are committed by teenagers. Why is it the case? What can be done to deal with this?

Two-part Questions  Writing Task 2 topics

Here are the most common essay topics for IELTS Two Part questions:

  • Some people believe they should keep all the money they have earned and should not pay tax to the state. What is the purpose of taxes? Why do some people refuse to pay taxes and explain the effects on society?
  • People find it very difficult to speak in public or to give a presentation before an audience. Do you think public speaking skill is really important? Give reasons.
  • Many people are optimistic of the 21st century and see it as an opportunity to make positive changes to the world. To what extent do you share their optimism? What changes would you like to see in the new century?
  • Many people say that we have developed into a “throw-away” culture because we are filling up our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To what extent do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you recommend reducing this problem?
  • With the increase in the use of mobile phones and computers, fewer people are writing letters. Some people think that the traditional skill of writing letters will disappear completely. To what extent do you agree or disagree? How important do you think letter-writing is?
  • In the past, buildings often reflected the culture of a society but today all modern buildings look alike and cities throughout the world are becoming more and more similar. Why is it the case? Is it a good thing or bad thing?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the essay structure based on the essay topic (E.g.: Education) or essay type (Eg: Opinion essay)?

The essay structure is primarily based on the essay type (e.g., opinion essay, discussion essay, etc.) rather than the essay topic (e.g., education, technology). Each essay type follows a specific format and organization, regardless of the topic discussed.

  • What should I do to write an effective essay?

The topics will be based on simple day-to-day life activities like news, sports, environment, traffic etc. Reading English newspapers daily and watching English news will help a great deal in writing a good essay. You can also use practice tests

  • I fear giving my opinion on controversial issues? How do I deal with this?

IELTS does not give controversial topics (Generally). But you need not fear to give an opinion. Your language matters and not your choice of opinion.

  • Will you be marked for the subject? What if I try to present great ideas with weak grammar?

You are marked for organization of paragraphs, logical flow of thoughts, grammar and collocations. Great ideas with poor grammar will definitely lead to poor scores.

  • How will the words be counted in the IELTS exam?

Some examples of how words are counted : 1. Aren’t – This will be counted as one word though it represents two words “Are not”. 2. day-to-day – This will be counted as one word.

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Janet had been an IELTS Trainer before she dived into the field of Content Writing. During her days of being a Trainer, Janet had written essays and sample answers which got her students an 8+ band in the IELTS Test. Her contributions to our articles have been engaging and simple to help the students understand and grasp the information with ease. Janet, born and brought up in California, had no idea about the IELTS until she moved to study in Canada. Her peers leaned to her for help as her first language was English.

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30 Writing Topics and Writing Prompts For ESL Students

When learning a new language like English, developing writing skills is essential. Many beginner ESL students find it difficult to write essays, especially if they have to come up with the essay topic themselves.

Providing ESL students with writing topics and writing prompts can help students to focus and start writing. As a teacher, it can be quite challenging to come up with many ESL writing topics, so we have put together this list of ESL writing topics and writing prompts to help you out.

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List Of ESL Writing Topics

Here is a list of ESL writing topics and writing prompts your students can write about.

  • Describe your dream house. Where is it? And What’s inside?
  • Talk about the best vacation you ever took.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • Write about three things you want to achieve this year.
  • What’s your earliest memory as a child?
  • What would you do if you had a million dollars?
  • What are you good at? What would you like to be good at in the future?
  • Write about the members of your family. What are they like? What do they do?
  • Write about how to cook your favorite food, step by step.
  • If you could meet anyone from history, who would you want to meet, and why?
  • Describe everything you did last weekend in as much detail as possible.
  • Write about something funny that happened to you this week.
  • What were the last three things you bought? Where did you buy them from?
  • Describe how you get ready for school every day.
  • Describe a famous person in as much detail as possible.
  • What is your favorite movie, and why?
  • What three things would you take to a desert island, and why?
  • Write about your happiest memory.
  • What makes a good friend?
  • If you could change anything about the world, what would it be?
  • If you could travel back in time, when and where would you go?
  • What’s your favorite game to play?
  • What is something you have done that you regret?
  • Describe what the world will be like in1000 years.
  • Write an essay about what you did this week.
  • Write about one of your memorable birthday celebrations.
  • Write about your exercise routine.
  • If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
  • Describe a person you look up to.
  • What’s your opinion about social media?

Tips For Teaching ESL Writing

Error correction.

Writing in a foreign language is hard, especially for beginner ESL students. Students will likely make many mistakes in the beginning.

Although it is necessary to highlight and correct students’ errors, it can be quite demotivating for a student to only hear all the things they got wrong.

To ensure students stay motivated, be sure to praise them and tell them all the things they did well, as well as point out any grammatical mistakes.

After correcting errors, give students an opportunity to re-write their essays and correct their mistakes. Once students have completed their final draft, be sure to let them know what you liked about their essay, and you can even share this praise with other students, teachers, and even the student’s parents.

To master writing in English, students will need to write a lot of essays over time, and if students stay motivated, they are much more likely to succeed.

Ask About Students’ Interests

Another great way to keep students motivated while writing ESL essays is to encourage them to write about things that interest them.

A great way to encourage this is to ask about things students are interested in and then tailor the writing topic to them.

Students are much more likely to actively engage in a writing assignment if it is something they are interested in and passionate about.

Provide Enough Writing Prompts

ESL students often find it difficult to write long answers to essay questions. Ask an ESL student to write about their favorite restaurant, and they’ll likely give you a one-sentence answer.

To help students write longer essays, be sure to give them enough writing prompts to cover the different aspects they should cover in their writing.

For example, if students are to write about their favorite restaurant then you could give them several writing prompts such as ‘where is the restaurant’, ‘what kind of food do they serve’, ‘how much is a typical meal’, ‘what do you usually order’, etc.

Giving beginner ESL students plenty of writing prompts will help them to flesh out their essays and write longer answers.

Structure The Essay

To help ESL students become better at writing in English, teach them a particular structure you would like them to follow when writing their essays.

A typical writing structure with beginner ESL students would include an introduction, the main body of the text, and then a conclusion.

Providing students with an easy-to-follow structure will help them to plan out their essays and develop their writing skills over time.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found some useful ESL writing topics and writing prompts you can use in your next writing class. 

Before you go, don’t forget to check out our FREE resources for teaching English, including  Activity Videos ,  Board Games ,  Flashcards ,  PowerPoint Games , and  Lesson Plans .

easy essay topics pdf


PTE Academic Exam Practice Material

PTE Essay Topics List – Latest Essay Topics for PTE 2021 – 2022

PTE Essay Topics – Hello everyone, we are sharing with you the PTE essay list which will help you in PTE Exam preparation. We have the collection of essay from the recently held exams. Our team also researched the following given PTE current essay topics and tried to prepare the best possible answer. Check out PTE Essay Topics with Answers and you will also get to know about PTE repeated essays.

These pte essay writing topics were asked in previous PTE Exams. Click on the following PTE essay topics with answers. These are intended to be the most important essays on latest topics which we have seen in PTE writing section on the repetitive basis. By practising these pte essays you can achieve robust grip in the essay. Students who want to go abroad need to work on PTE essay samples for a better score. We have added pte essay writing tips to enhance your essay writing skills.

[UPDATED] PTE Essay Topics with Answers

Here we are posting latest pte writing topics for PTE exam. We include PTE Essay Topics 2018 – 2019 and latest PTE Essay Topics 2020 – 2021. Now there is noneed to go anywhere else to find PTE Essay Topics with Answers for real exam. At the end of Essay Topics in PTE, we managed to provide PTE Essay Topics with answers pdf free download that will help you score well. Here is the list of PTE essays.

pte essay topics

New PTE Essay Topics

PTE ESSAY TOPICS 2021 – 2020 [List]

1. Company’s top level authorities should get their employees in decision making process pte essay

2. Do you think English will remain to be a global language despite globalisation pte essay

3. Positive and negative effects of technology through mass media pte essay

4.  Many young people nowadays are imitating celebrities in sports and movies. In your opinion, is this good or bad? Support your point of view with reasons and examples from your own experience. You should write 200-300 words on “PTE Essay Imitating Celebrities”.

5.  Environment danger pte essay

6. As global trade increases between different countries, many daily necessities are produced in other countries. Such goods are usually transported a long distance. Do the benefits of this trend outweigh its drawbacks? 

7. Women Empowerment Essay

8.  Some people think that governments should spend as much money as possible on developing, innovation, science and technology. Other people disagree and think that this money should be spent on more basic needs. Which one of these opinions do you agree with?

9.  The effective way to deal with unemployment is to introduce rapid urbanization pte essay

10.  Mass media pte essay

11. In developing countries tourism has disadvantages or advantages pte essay

12.  Mobile phones and the Internet are very useful for old people. However, this section of the population is the fewer users of mobile phones and the Internet. In what ways can mobile phones and the Internet be useful to old people? How can the old people be encouraged to use this new technology?

13.  Some people think that students benefit from going to private secondary schools. Others, however, feel that private secondary schools can have a negative effect on society as a whole. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

14.  Essay on migration pte essay

15.  Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships that people make? Has this been a positive or negative development?

16.  Without a doubt written formal examination is used widely as assessment criteria in most of the educational institutes for decades. The most question as to whether the formal written assessment is still valid?

17.  The only thing that interferes with my learning is toy education- Einstein. or Education is the biggest barrier in my learning – Einstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?

18.  Learning a new language at an early age is helpful for children. Is it more positive for their future aspect or have some adverse effects. Agree or disagree? Advantages or disadvantages?

19.  Positive and negative effects of mass communication pte essay

20.  The information revolution has changed the ways of mass communication and had some negative and positive effects on individuals’ lives as well as on society. To what extent you are agreed or disagree? or Communication has changed significantly in the last ten years pte essay

21.  In the last century when a human astronaut first arrived on the Moon he said: “Space exploration is a big step for mankind”. But some people think it makes little difference to our daily life. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

22.  The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Agree or Disagree?

23.  People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, or to increase knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

24.  Some developing countries invite large multinational companies to open offices and factories in order to help their economy pte essay

25. Xenophobia has accelerated rapidly in the western countries pte essay

26.  Foreign languages should be compulsory in the primary school pte essay

27.  People hold different views about the purpose of schools.  Some argue that schools should provide students with more interesting courses or activities yet opponents believe otherwise. Write an essay in around 200 – 300 words.

28.  Governments should give financial support to creative artists such as painters and musicians pte essay

29.  Globalisation pte essay

30.  With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly pte essay

31. A woman’s place is in the home – argumentative pte essay on gender equality

32.  These days, the issue of international marketing has grown its importance especially in the world of manufacturing facilities and even education overseas or across the globe. International Marketing PTE essay.

33.  Should the government spend money on art pte essay

1. Trying to save endangered species from extinction is waste of valuable resources, Do you agree or disagree?

2.  In some countries, the number of shooting massacres is on the rise because many people have guns at home, to what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

3. Many parents these days work in other countries, taking their families with them, Do you think advantages of the development outweigh its disadvantages?

4.  What are mass communications? What are the means of mass communication or what are the advantages and disadvantages of it? What is your opinion?

5. Children’s education is expensive. In some countries, the government pays some of or all of the cost. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

6. Whether university level students should stay at home or at school accommodation? Do you agree or disagree?

7. Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that develop the mind, such as reading and doing crossword puzzles, Discuss with examples.

8. Do you think consumers should avoid over packaged goods or it is the responsibility of the producer to avoid extra packaging of products?

9. Some people think that studying from the past teaches us nothing about today’s life, Others argue that the history is a value source of information, Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

10. Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold, To what extent do you agree or disagree?

11. Today more people are travelling than ever before, why is this the case, what are the benefits of travelling to travelers?

12. Some people think that human needs for farmland, housing, and industry are more important than saving land for endangered animals. Do you agree or disagree with this point of view? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

13.  Many people think that regions affect successful person. What is your opinion about native region and accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to.

14. Fresh water resources diminish in large cities in the world each year, What are the causes of this crucial problem? What are the solutions?

15. Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss.

16. In many countries, children are engaged in different kinds of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong, while others consider it a valuable work experience, important for learning and taking responsibility. What is your opinion?

17. In some parts of the world, it’s becoming increasingly popular to try to find out the history of their own family. Do you think it’s a positive or negative development?

18. Some people think that schools should select students according to their academic abilities, while others believe that it is better to have students with different abilities studying together, Discuss both views and state your own opinion.

19. Throughout the history, people dream to build a perfect society while they haven’t agreed how the ideal society would be like. What is the most important element you think to make a perfect society? How do people do to achieving an ideal society?

20. Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples.

21.  In many parts of the world today there is a profitable market for products which lighten or whiten people’s skin. Outline the reasons for using such products and discuss what effects they have in terms of health and society.

PTE Essays – Latest PTE Repeated Essays Solved Questions Answers 2021

Opinion essay.

1. Company Top level Authorities should or should not take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions. Discuss.

2. Some people think that zoos are cruel and should be closed. However, some people think that zoos are useful for protecting rare animals. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

3. Learning English at school is often seen as more important than learning local languages. If these are not taught, many are at risk of dying out. In your opinion is it important for everyone to learn English. Should we try to ensure the survival of local languages and if so how?

4.  Some people think job satisfaction is more important than job security. But others believe that people cannot always enjoy their jobs and having a permanent job is more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion?

5.  It is better for children to choose jobs that are similar to their parents jobs than to choose jobs that are very different from their parent’s job.

6.  Some people think that success is the best measure of intelligence, while others think that intelligence can be measured in other ways. What is your opinion?

7.  Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

8.  When a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and ways of life die out. It is pointless to try and keep them alive. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

9.  Blood sports have become a hot topic for debate in recent years. As society develops it is increasingly seen as an uncivilized activity and cruel to the helpless animals that are killed. All blood sports should be banned. Discuss the main arguments for this statement and give your own opinion.

10.  Logging of the rain forests is a serious problem and it may lead to the extinction of animal life and human life. Discuss.

11.  Genetic engineering is an important issue in modern society. Some people think that it will improve people’s lives in many ways. Others feel that it may be a threat to life on earth. Discuss both opinions and give your opinion?

12.  Some working parents think that child care centers provide the best care for children who are still too young to go to school. Other working parents think that family members such as grandparents will be better carers for their children. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

13. Everyone should adopt a vegetarian diet because eating meat can cause serious health problems. What is your opinion? Should we all become vegetarians. Write an argumentative essay on vegetarianism vs meat eating.

14.  Will modern technology such as the internet ever replace book or the written words as the main source of information?

15.  In some countries the average worker is obliged to retire at the age of 50, while in others is obliged to retire until they are 65 or 70. Until what age do you think people should be encouraged to remain in paid employment?

16. Should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they promote education first? What is your opinion?

17. Some people believe that children should never be educated at home by their parents. What is your opinion?

18.  Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

19. Parents should be held responsible for their children’s actions essay

20.  Men do most of the high-level jobs. Should the government encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women?

21. Should government intervene in family planning

22. Marketing strategy for big companies should be placed on offer and discounts essay

23. Computers have made life easier and more convenient essay

24. Do you think customer should avoid over packaged products

25. Should parents be held morally and legally responsible for the actions of their children?


1. Successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are a role model for youngsters. Do u support it or not? (Agree/Disagree)

2. Leaders are born or made. Discuss.

3.  Some people believe that government wastes too much money on space exploration and research while there are still many problems on earth. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the view.

4.  The older generations tend to have very traditional ideas about how people should live, think and behave. However, some people believe that these ideas are not helpful in preparing younger generations for modern life. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

5.  Nuclear energy is a better choice for meeting increasing demand. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

6.  There are social, medical and technical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. What forms do they take? Do you agree that the problems outweigh the benefits of mobile phones?

7.  Currently, there is a trend towards the use of alternative forms of medicine. However, at best these methods are ineffective, and at worst they may be dangerous. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

8.  Smoking should be banned in all public places. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

9.  Air traffic is increasingly leading to more noise, pollution, and airport construction. One reason for this is the growth in low-cost passenger flights, often to holiday destinations. Some people say that government should try to reduce air traffic by taxing it more heavily. Do you agree or disagree?

10.  Some people say that rich nations should help poor countries with their basic needs like food and education while others oppose the idea and argue that the poor nation themselves should try to improve their condition. Do you agree with the idea that rich and developed nations should help the poor nations?

11. Is education the single most important factor in the development and success of a country? Do you agree with the statement?

12.  The threat of nuclear weapons maintains the world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far out-weight the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree?

13.  The first car appeared on British roads in 1888. By the year 2000, there may be as many as 28 million vehicles on British roads. Alternative forms of transport should be encouraged and international las introduced to contrôle car ownership and car use. To what agree do you agree or disagree? Excessive use of cars and alternate form of transportation.

14. Sports classes should be sacrificed in high school in favour of academic subjects. Do you agree or disagree?

15. Do actions speak louder than words essay? Do you agree with this statement?

16. It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies

17. Books are losing importance as a source of information and entertainment

18. Students should be required to stay in school until 18

19. Does television remove loneliness or not essay

20. Nowadays tv has become an essential part of life

21. Role of native place behind successful person essay

22.  Nowadays, people spend too much time at work to the extent that they hardly have time for their personal life. Discuss.

23.  Imitating celebrities in sports and movies good or bad? do you agree?


1.-  Nowadays, sending children to boarding school is becoming increasingly popular. Some people think that it is beneficial for students to go to private secondary schools. What is the reason? Do you think it is a positive development?

2.  An increasing number of professionals, such as doctors and teachers, are leaving their own poorer countries to work in developed countries. What problems does this cause? What solutions can you suggest to deal with a situation?

3.  Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment. Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

4.  Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world. What are some of the factors in modern society that cause this stress, and how can we reduce it?

5.  Nowadays more and more older people who are looking for work have to compete with younger people for the same jobs. What problems does this cause? What are some possible solutions?

6. More and more people are becoming seriously overweight. Some people say that the price increase of fattening foods will solve this problem. Discuss the causes and effects. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

7.  Euthanasia is no longer acceptable in the modern society. discuss

8.  Tobacco, mainly in the form of cigarettes, is one of the most widely-used drugs in the world. Over a billion adults legally smoke tobacco every day. The long-term health costs are high for smokers themselves, and for the wider community in terms of health care costs and lost productivity. Do government have a legitimate role to legislate to protect citizens from the harmful effects of their own decisions to smoke, or are such decisions up to the individual?

9. Migration from villages to cities essay

10.  Overpopulation in most developing countries in Asia and Africa is a problem. If these countries do not try to control the population immediately, they will face serious problems. What are your suggestions to control population?

11. Roles of governments companies and individuals to combat climate change essay

12. Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today.


1. Nowadays TV has become an essential part of life. Medium to spread news & awareness and for some, it acts as a companion. What is your opinion about this?

2. In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move out of the cities and into regional areas. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

3.  Some people think that good health is very important to every person, so medical services should not be run by profit-making companies. Do the disadvantages of private health care outweigh the advantage?

4.  There is an increasing trend around the world to have a small family rather than a large family.What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a small family rather than a large family?

5.  Many men and women are making the decision to have children later in life. Why is this trend occurring? What are the impacts of this development on both family and society?

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of extreme or adventure sports

7. Modes of communication have changed drastically essay

8. Pros and cons of hiring foreign workers

9.  Some people think placing advertisements in schools is a great resource for public schools that need additionally funding, but others think it exploits children by treating them as a captive audience for corporate sponsors.

10. Increasing global trade products essay

11. Employee involvement in decision making advantages disadvantages


1. Mothers are better parents than fathers argumentative essay

2. Should libraries invest in technology or books essay

3. Right amount of motivation and practice can train better than classroom training.

4.  Are famous people treated unfairly by media.

5.  In some countries around the world, voting is compulsory. Do you agree with notion of compulsory voting? Or If Voting is compulsory in democratic society, what conclusions can we draw about ‘Nature of Democracy’?

6. What are the greatest inventions of the 20th century among medicine, aeroplane and computers, why?

7. Extreme sports argumentative essay

1.  The environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems. So who do u think Should be responsible to solve it? Is it the governments, organisation or each individuals?

2. Most people accept that we now live in globalized world but not everyone agrees that this is beneficial. To what extent is globalization a positive or negative development?

3.  With the development of technology and science, some people believe that there is no great value of artists such as musicians and painters. What are the things artists can do but the scientist cannot? Why should we encourage the art area?

4.  Many old buildings protected by law are part of a nation’s history. Some people think they should be knocked down and replaced by news ones. How important is it to maintain old buildings? Should history stand in the way of progress?

5.  What is the best invention of the last 100 years? The computer, antibiotics, the airplane, and explain why?

6.  You are given climate as the field of study. Which area will you prefer? Explain why you picked up the particular area for your study?

7.  Do the dangers derived from the use of chemicals in food production and preservation outweigh the advantages? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

8.  Should rich countries forgive poor countries debt?

9.  The more time people use the internet, the less time they spend with real human being.

10. Any recent invention that you think proved beneficial or detrimental to society. discuss

11. Should discrimination against older workers be made illegal essay

12. The average life expectancy in many developed countries is increasing

13.  Value added by travel in Education. Is travel a necessary component of education or not ? Will student sitting at home have more knowledge?

14.  The ownership of cars should be restricted to one per family in order to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

15.  Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.

16. Should English be the universal language? Discuss

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  7. 36 Easy to Write About Topics for Essays »

    Even More Topics for Essay Writing Ideas. Now, many students write essays about popular topics in the United States. These essay topic ideas include writing about: climate change, movies, smoking, the death penalty, cell phones, politics, healthcare, etc. You can also cover even more contentious topics such as:


    Wording such as to what extent also asks for an evaluation of an idea. Argue (or agree or disagree) likewise asks you to take a stand based on analysis of solid evidence and explained by clear reasoning. You will need to consider other possible viewpoints and defend your own in comparison. 3. To generate ideas from which you can choose the ...

  9. IELTS writing topics and answers

    IELTS writing task 2 topics (academic) often require simple ideas that are easy to communicate, rather than complex ideas with difficult grammar. Get the IELTS essay topics with answers pdf here . Extract text from PDFs, scanned docs, and images effortlessly.

  10. PDF Strategies for Essay Writing

    oConsideration of counterarguments (what Sandel might say in response to this section of your argument) Each argument you will make in an essay will be different, but this strategy will often be a useful first step in figuring out the path of your argument. Strategy #2: Use subheadings, even if you remove then later.

  11. 500+ Winning Essay Topic Ideas to Get You Started (2024)

    Here are some tips to help you select the best topic: Consider Your Interests. Start by thinking about your own interests and passions. Writing about a topic you're enthusiastic about will make the entire process more enjoyable and may result in a more engaging piece. Narrow or Broad.

  12. 101+ PTE Essay Topics [Updated 2024]

    PTE essay topics can generally be categorized into three main types: opinion-based topics, argumentative topics, and discussion-based topics. Opinion-based topics typically require you to express your personal opinion on a given subject. Argumentative topics prompt you to present arguments and counterarguments on a specific issue.

  13. 15 Example Essay Topics (PDF)

    C2 Proficient (CPE) Essay: Assessement Criteria. Your essay will be assessed according to these four criteria: Content focuses on how well the candidate has fulfilled the task, in other words if they have done what they were asked. to do. Communicative Achievement focuses on how appropriate the writing is for the task and whether the candidate ...

  14. Most Common PTE Writing Essay Topics With Answers With PDF [FREE

    PTE Writing Essay Topics: Sample Questions with Answers (Download PDF) PTE Writing Task Essay Topics: PTE test takers attempting the writing section of the exam must be familiar with the common topics and questions generally asked in the exam.That being stated, one should solve as many sample questions as possible to get a drift of the common topics and themes and how to answer them correctly.

  15. 20 English Essay Topics/Questions (advanced)

    An essay is the first part of the C1 advanced writing and it is obligatory. You need to answer the question with between 220-260 words. In the text, you need to analyse a question using different points of view. It is a semi-formal/formal text and should be impartial until the conclusion. What the examiner wants to see is a balanced argument ...

  16. 50 Essay Topics for Kids

    Ways I'm alike and ways I'm different from my parent/sibling are…. Cats and dogs may be very different, but they're also alike in some respects. My two favorite bands compare and contrast in the following ways. Compare and contrast your two favorite superheroes. My two favorite restaurants are different in many ways.

  17. PDF Preparing for the GED Essay

    organize an essay on any topic. One of the rating criteria on the scoring guide is organization. The five-paragraph essay is a pattern many writers use to organize their writing. It consists of an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. 3. You will learn to check your essay to see how well it matches the

  18. Recent Writing Task 2 Essay Topics for IELTS 2024

    In the IELTS Writing section, candidates are typically required to write essays on latest IELTS essay topics and questions that can span a wide range of subjects. The essay topics for IELTS include areas like Education, Technology, Health, Environment, Traditional vs. Modern Medicine, City vs. Countryside Living, Pollution, Obesity, Unemployment, and more.

  19. 30 Writing Topics and Writing Prompts For ESL Students

    When learning a new language like English, developing writing skills is essential. Many beginner ESL students find it difficult to write essays, especially if they have to come up with the essay topic themselves. Providing ESL students with writing topics and writing prompts can help students to focus and start writing.

  20. 100 English Learning / Writing & Debate Essay Topics PDF

    We are providing you 100 English Learning / Writing & Debate Essay Topics which will help you to learn english, writing essays in english and some debated topics. With the help of this pdf anyone can easily build their communication. As we have already provided complete tenses list or grammar guide and beginner guide to learn english.

  21. 101 PTE Essay Topics List

    PTE ESSAY TOPICS 2021 - 2020 [List] 1. Company's top level authorities should get their employees in decision making process pte essay. 2. Do you think English will remain to be a global language despite globalisation pte essay. 3. Positive and negative effects of technology through mass media pte essay. 4.

  22. Easy Essay Topics Pdf

    Easy Essay Topics Pdf: Our best editors will run additional screenings to check the quality of your paper. Writing. The experts well detail out the effect relationship between the two given subjects and underline the importance of such a relationship in your writing. Our cheap essay writer service is a lot helpful in making such a write-up a ...

  23. Easy Essay Topics Pdf

    Degree: Bachelor's. We are inclined to write as per the instructions given to you along with our understanding and background research related to the given topic. The topic is well-researched first and then the draft is being written. - Agnes Malkovych, Canada. 100% Success rate. Easy Essay Topics Pdf -.