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100 Words Essay on A Trip With My Family

Planning the trip.

My family and I planned a trip to the beach last summer. We packed our bags with essentials like swimsuits, sunscreen, and snacks.

The Journey

We drove down the scenic route, singing songs and playing games. The journey was as fun as the destination itself!

At The Beach

We built sandcastles, played volleyball, and swam in the sea. The salty air and the sound of waves were relaxing.

Returning Home

As the sun set, we packed up and headed home. Tired but happy, we promised to plan more such trips.

250 Words Essay on A Trip With My Family


Family trips are an opportunity to create lasting memories and strengthen familial bonds. Last summer, I embarked on an unforgettable journey with my loved ones that not only brought us closer but also broadened our horizons.

Our destination was a quaint village tucked away in the heart of the mountains. The journey was as enchanting as the destination itself. As we drove through winding roads, the panoramic views of the lush green valleys and towering peaks were a sight to behold.

Experiences and Learning

The village was a treasure trove of culture and tradition. We spent our days exploring the local markets, tasting exotic foods, and interacting with the warm, hospitable locals. The trip was a stark reminder of the simplicity and serenity that is often lost in the hustle of city life.

Strengthening Bonds

The evenings were spent around a bonfire, sharing stories, and playing games. These were the moments that strengthened our bonds. Without the distractions of technology, we were able to truly connect with each other.

As we headed back, our hearts were filled with a sense of contentment and a newfound appreciation for our roots. The trip was a testament to the fact that the journey is indeed more important than the destination. It was not just a trip, but a journey of self-discovery and familial bonding.

500 Words Essay on A Trip With My Family

Traveling is an integral part of human life, and it becomes even more valuable when shared with loved ones. A journey with my family is a memory that I always cherish. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of shared experiences, learning, and bonding. This essay narrates one such trip with my family, an experience that was both enriching and enlightening.

The Destination

Our destination was the picturesque town of Shimla, nestled in the Himalayan foothills. Known for its colonial architecture, historic temples, and panoramic views, Shimla is a place that promises a blend of cultural wealth and natural beauty. The decision to visit this town was driven by its historical significance and the opportunity to experience a different climate.

The journey to Shimla was as exciting as the destination itself. We chose to travel by train to enjoy the scenic landscapes. The train chugged through verdant fields, bustling towns, and winding rivers, offering us a glimpse into the diverse Indian landscape. The journey was a lesson in patience and adaptability, with unexpected delays and changing weather conditions.

Exploring Shimla

Upon arrival, the cool mountain air and the sight of snow-capped peaks welcomed us. We visited the famous Christ Church, an architectural marvel of the colonial era, and the bustling Mall Road, the heart of Shimla. The Jakhu Temple, perched atop a hill, provided a panoramic view of the town. Each place was a lesson in history, culture, and architecture, broadening our understanding of the world around us.

Family Bonding

The trip was also an opportunity for family bonding. Away from the daily grind, we spent quality time together, playing games, sharing stories, and exploring new places. The shared experiences brought us closer and strengthened our family bond. It was a reminder of the importance of family in our lives and the joy of shared experiences.

Lessons Learned

The trip was not just about sightseeing; it was also about learning. It taught us the importance of adaptability, patience, and understanding. We learned to appreciate different cultures and respect their traditions. We learned the value of time spent together as a family, away from the distractions of daily life. It was a reminder of the beauty of our planet and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

In conclusion, the trip with my family to Shimla was a memorable experience. It was a journey of discovery, learning, and bonding. It taught us valuable lessons about life, culture, and nature. It reinforced the importance of family and the joy of shared experiences. As I look back, I cherish the memories and look forward to more such journeys with my family. After all, life is a journey best enjoyed with loved ones by your side.

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The Unforgettable Vacation with my Family

How it works

My family and I had been preparing and waiting for this to happen and I was extremely excited to be leaving the next day. The thought of being so far away from home occupied most of my time. I was eager to leave the country and finally see my family again. The awaited day was finally here; a day I was going to experience a new adventure. My mom woke me up exceptionally early because she didn’t want us to miss our flight.

As a result, we didn’t have time for a full breakfast and had to get ready immediately. My mom was double-checking everything – the tickets, passports, and everything else we needed for our trip. We arrived at SFO around 8:30 a.m., and our flight was at 10:30 a.m., which gave us about two hours to get to our gate. Upon arrival, we checked three enormous bags and went through airport security. We reached the gate just in time to board the airplane. Five long and monotonous hours later, we were in Chicago. Everyone was tired and dreading the forthcoming nine-hour flight. The first thing we did on arrival was search for a place to eat. With limited choices, we decided on McDonald’s so that we wouldn’t go hungry. Soon after eating, we made our way to the next gate.

Upon reaching our gate, we had to wait a while because of a delay due to the weather, but it didn’t bother us too much. We finally boarded the plane around 10 p.m. and we were exhausted. I couldn’t wait to lay back and watch TV. As expected, I watched a multitude of movies until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer. I finally fell asleep and woke up to the hot sun shining in my eyes. With great enthusiasm, I anticipated landing. In about half an hour, I took my first steps in São Paulo, Brazil. My excitement knew no bounds as I saw my uncle who had come to pick us up. The city was beautiful. It was extremely tropical with palm trees outside, hot weather, and a bustling crowd. Our journey to my grandma’s house was about an hour by car but I was so intrigued by the people and lush trees that I didn’t mind. Being there felt so different and it was absolutely amazing. On arrival, I was overjoyed to see my beloved grandparents. I had missed them tremendously and was extremely happy to be reunited with them. I was thrilled at the prospect of spending Christmas and New Year’s there. The following day, we took a long drive to my uncle’s farm where we were going to spend our holiday. It was outstanding, boasting a large pool and a beach right next to it, with a variety of animals like chickens, horses, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, and sheep. I was exhilarated to see all my cousins and have a fantastic time playing games and swimming.

On Christmas, we stayed up until midnight and opened presents. I got so many, but my favorite one was the chance to be in Brazil with all of my family. I think that was probably one of the best gifts of all. On New Year’s, we went to a nearby beach and watched the fireworks go off. It was a new and fun experience to celebrate New Year’s the Brazilian way. This trip was filled with exciting new experiences. I got to ride my horse, Ella, whom I hadn’t seen for years; I was overjoyed to find that she still remembered me. I also got to play numerous board games and watch the stars late at night with my aunts and uncles. The sight of countless beautiful stars shining down on us was unforgettable. I will always cherish this vacation, and I hope to go back soon.


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Tips for Writing a "What I Did on Vacation" Essay

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Are you required to write an essay about your summer vacation or your holiday break? This can be a tough assignment to tackle at first glance. But if you think about it, there are lots of interesting things that happen on your vacation that others might enjoy reading about. The key to success is to zero in on the experiences, people, or situations that made your vacation unique.

Summer vacation can be busy or lazy, funny or serious. You may have traveled with your family, worked every day, fallen in love, or coped with a difficult situation. To start your essay, you'll need to choose a topic and tone.

Family Vacation Essay Topic Ideas

If you traveled with your family, you may have some great stories to tell. After all, every family is crazy in its own way. Want some proof? How many Hollywood films have themes about family holidays or trips? Those films are popular because they enable us to glimpse inside the crazy family lives of others. Alternatively, you may have a more serious story to tell.

Consider these funny topics:

  • Why I'll Never Go Back to (insert place name)
  • How (insert name) Drove Me Crazy in Five Days
  • Traveling to (insert city) Then and Now
  • The Hazards of Traveling With a (person or thing)
  • Why You Shouldn't Take a Dog to (insert place)
  • I Left (insert city) But My (lost item) Stayed
  • Why I Couldn't Sleep in (place name)

If your family vacation involved something more serious, think about one of these topics:

  • The Love I Left Behind in (insert place)
  • Saying Good-Bye to (insert person or place)
  • Exploring (place's) Secrets
  • An Emotional Trip

Summer Job Essay Topic Ideas

Not everyone gets to spend the summer having fun; some of us have to work for a living. If you spent your summer at a job, chances are you met a lot of interesting characters, dealt with complicated situations, or even saved the day once or twice. Here are some ideas for summer job topics:

  • The Boss's Day Off
  • The Customer From Hell
  • What I Learned from My Customers
  • Why I'll Never Go Into the ___ Business
  • Six Things I Learned on the Job

How to Write the Essay

Once you've chosen your topic and your tone, think about the story you want to tell. In most cases, your essay will follow a typical story arc:

  • The hook (the funny, sad, or scary sentence that grabs the reader's attention)
  • The rising action (the beginning of your story)
  • The climax (the most exciting moment in your story)
  • The denouement (the aftermath or ending to your story)

Start by writing out the basic outline of your story. For example, "I started cleaning a guest's room and found that they'd left behind a wallet with $100 in cash. When I turned it in without taking a single dollar for myself, my boss rewarded me with a $100 gift certificate and a special award for honesty."

Next, start fleshing out the details. What was the room like? What was the guest like? What did the wallet look like and where was it left? Were you tempted to just take the money and turn in the wallet empty? How did your boss look when you handed her the wallet? How did you feel when you got your reward? How did others around you react to your honesty?

Once you've told your story in all its detail, it's time to write the hook and conclusion. What question or thought can you use to grab your reader's attention? For example: "What would you do if you found a wallet loaded with cash? That was my dilemma this summer."

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  • What Did You Do This Summer?

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My Favorite Vacation: a Journey to Paradise

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Words: 871 |

Published: Sep 16, 2023

Words: 871 | Pages: 2 | 5 min read

Table of contents

Destination: bali, indonesia, embracing nature's wonders, exploring a rich culture, relaxation and rejuvenation, connecting with the locals, a journey that continues.

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my favourite vacation with my family essay

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Narrative Essay: My Favorite Summer Vacation

my favourite vacation with my family essay

Each summer is beautiful for me because I spend it with my family. I am well aware that people my age spend their summer vacations with friends, partying all the time. But, after an entire year away from my family, I must admit I would always choose to spend a summer vacation with my family rather than friends. After all, my friends are what I get back to when the vacation time ends.

If someone asks me to choose one perfect vacation that is better than all the rest, I’d have to choose my trip to the Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes, Washington. The place was perfect for a modern camper – combining an Airstream trailer rental, canvas tent and log cabins, and surrounded by three marvelous lakes.

But, this is not my favorite summer vacation just because of the location. We have visited so many wonderful places during the summers, I am pretty sure some even looked better. What I do remember is the fun.

This is probably because of the three lakes, but the choices we had for activities were so many, we couldn’t possibly do everything before we went back home. I remember how much we fought over what we are going to do. My father wants us to do group activities when we go on summer vacation because ‘’It wouldn’t be a family vacation if we don’t stick together’’.

So, if you came and watched us on our family vacations in the summer, you would see two very bored parents just sitting next to their children when they are doing some kid activities. You could also see us trout fishing with them because my dad loves fishing.

This year that I am talking about, we fought for a long time about the trout fishing activity. We wanted to do canoeing, so we agreed that they will come with us on his, and we would go fishing with them. As it turned out, we had more fun on the fishing expedition than we had canoeing. For our dad, it was the opposite.

We fell in the water because this was our first time canoeing and we had no idea what we were doing. Both my sister and I were soaking wet because we fell exactly eleven times. Since my dad has done this in the past, they had a blast!

When the time came to go fishing, we were devastated by the idea that we’d have to spend an entire day looking for trout when there were so many things we could do. I honestly preferred just sitting near the fire pit on a picnic table all day, rather than waiting for a trout to catch my father’s bait.

However, luck was on my side that day. Fishing turned out to be such a fun activity, I am now convincing my dad to do it every summer. My dad was not so lucky. He spent over five hours just waiting and waiting, got sunburned and therefore had a fever all night. After a couple of hours of no fish caught whatsoever, he kept moving towards me in the hope that he will get lucky, too. But, the fish just seemed to run away from him and catch on my fishing rod instead.

The next day we decided to be a little less active since my father already had a tough night with the fever and the stress. We stayed near the cabin and joined those organized activities like cooking on a campfire and making tie-dyed shirts. We didn’t separate for even an hour and had the times of our lives.

This was way before I left home to go study in another city. For a family who cannot stand each other and fights all the time at home, it was a miracle how well we agreed and how fun our summer vacation was. Every summer we spend together is like this now, but now it is not such a strange thing. After over half a year of being separated and not living together, we would be happy if someone put us in one room for an entire month. That year, this was the strangest and most unexpected twist.

I will always remember that summer with my family. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting about the other places and vacations, too, but this is the summer when I understood that there is nothing more important than family. Whenever a friend jokes about my summer vacationing when I tell them I won’t be joining them this year too, I just remember that summer and everything seems right.

I don’t think I’ll ever envy my friends for spending their vacation partying. I will pity them for being away from their family once again because holidays and vacations are best spent with the people you love most. What I do know at this point is that when I have my own family, I will take them to that same spot and set the same rules as my father. I hope my fishing experience will be terrible as his, and they will fall in love with it.

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Personal Narrative: My Favorite Vacation Essay

My Favorite Vacation I sat at the resort’s buffet with my mom, grandparents, and my brother, while we were relaxed and we enjoyed ourselves. I could smell the salt from the seawater of Gulf of Mexico, it was a rather odd smell, it smelt bitter, fresh, and clean all at the same time. The smell was somewhat pleasurable, and was very distinct. Every morning, in the resort, I woke up to the smell of it, which was something I definitely get used to. When my brother and I had wakened up five nights ago, we got a pleasant surprise. We would be headed to Cancun, Mexico.

This was the first time I have been on vacation near the Gulf, and it amazed me how beautiful it was, and how we got there in the first place. My mom wasn’t the one to do surprises, but when she did, it was a great one. After my great time in Cancun for five days, it was a very sad day. Although we were very relaxed at the buffet, my whole family was dreadful because this was the last day we would be on vacation in Cancun. The day had started off great. Every night we left the window open, so we could hear when the waves crashed against the sand, which is made me feel like I was in paradise because of the great sound when you’re asleep.

I was the first person up, so I decided to go outside and sit at our patio and watched and heard the sand roar against the fine white sand. In the distance, my eyes had started to fixate on something. I went inside, trying not to be loud to wake my mom and brother up, and grabbed my binoculars. I had hoped that whatever I saw had not disappeared. Luckily it had not, and when I saw what the object, I was amazed and shocked all at the same time. I had seen a dolphin! I freaked out because I had never seen something so cool like an animal in its natural habitat.

I rushed into the hotel room to wake up my mom, because I knew she would love seeing it. After about two minutes of her making excuses to try and not get out of bed, she finally budged and went out to the patio. When I handed her the binoculars, her jaw dropped. She said she has never seen something so beautiful, and that she was glad I woke her up. About five minutes later, my brother woke up from all the noise that my mom and I made, and we had gotten a call from my grandparents saying that they were ready to go eat breakfast, and that they were going to the buffet and would meet us there.

Besides the great weather and the views that amazed me, the buffet had been one of my favorite things during the trip. It had some great food, and also, had seats outside without windows, so we could enjoy our food while we looked over everything else happening at the resort. When my brother and I walked throughout the buffet, we could hear and smell all sorts of things, like kids screaming when they jumped into the pool, and the smell of delicious breakfast foods hit my nose with delight. After the five days, I learned that the resort just seemed to have a great environment.

My family and I then went to go eat at a table outside, so we could all the exciting things happening around the resort. After we settled down, we started to eat our food in peace. After we ate, we started talking about how fun the vacation has been so far. The amazing views, the great food, and the things you could do in the resort and out, like golfing and basketball, and you can’t forget, seeing the dolphin! There was so many interesting during this vacation, we couldn’t even remember them all. Then, after our great conversation, some bad news came.

My mom had told us that this was the last day we would be staying here. After hearing, that I became very upset and sad at the same time, it was not news I wanted to hear. My mom said, “Although we’re leaving, this vacation has been great. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere exotic. ” My grandma then said, “I wish this vacation didn’t end and that it wasn’t the last day. ” I then said in a sad tone, “One day down the road, we have to do again. ” A few hours later, we started packing up our bags, and got ready to head to the airport for our flight back.

I wasn’t in the best of moods, but after I boarded the plane, I thought about the vacation, and how great it was overall, and that I shouldn’t look at the downside of leaving. This day has been a big part of my life. It has ultimately been my favorite vacation so far, even though we couldn’t stay the rest of our lives. I also learned by being there how important family is, and how important it is when you’re with them. I don’t think I would have wanted to go with anyone else.

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Narrative Essay Sample about My Favorite Vacation

My favorite vacation was when I went to Yemen. But on the way there, we had a layover in Jordan. So what my family did was we went to Jordan because it is closer to Yemen.

And it's closer to America than Yemen. so when we got to Jordan we got a nice hotel room.

My cousin, I went to go swim, but I didn't know how to swim so I always go to the shallow water because I am not trying to drown. The weather in Jordan was hot. I wasn't ready for that because I live in Michigan and it's mostly cold there but in Jordan, it is hot and humid. They have palm trees all around. And a kid from Michigan, I am not used to seeing palm trees and lizard's dessert.

So after we went swimming we went to eat because I was hungry. We went to a nice Jordanian restaurant that had a lot of customers and we enjoyed our meal. Everything we ate was spicey it's true they love their spices. That's where my family gets it from. By the way, we love spices. We grow some in our backyard. one more night in Jordan before we leave and go to Yemen the whole time I was in Jordan, I was culture-shocked. because I wasn't used to their culture and their way of living is different there. The way of life is a different one of the big differences. They have different types of toilets. Their toilets look like a hole in the ground and the way you use them is to squat and your Thing. 

After we went for breakfast we went to the airport to go to. Yemen to see my family and celebrate my brother's wedding. My mom made me wear a  suit in a tie. I didn't want to because it was so hot. It's hot in Yemen because we are on the equator so we get more heat from the sun. When we arrived I met a lot of my cousins for the first time and some I haven't seen in a long time like my uncle and his kids. 

When we arrived it was night. I met my cousins. They seemed pretty chill. I met my grandma and I met my aunties and their kids. I met my uncles and their kids. I ate fruit that I never had before. It was good and it smelled better but the look of the fruit was different than I used to see in America.

For sleep, I had to sleep with my cousins in one room because there was no room in the house. After all, all my cousins slept over. We stayed up all night watching random videos that asked me to teach them English and I was confused about what they wanted to learn. We played games and then they fell asleep.

I was awake all night, And then when the sun came up I fell asleep. And then in the morning, my dad told his nieces and nephews to wake me up I and by the way, I got NO sleep and these kids were pulling me pushing me and I got so mad I started fighting them because they would let me sleep I came from a long trip with no sleep and they kept on bothering me I was so mad so I just waited till they left and then fell asleep. That afternoon I got to know the people of Sana, Sana is the capital of Yemen,

So I finally met my cousins to spend more time with them. My older cousin was my favorite because he bought a lot of stuff for me at the zoo and bought me all of the fireworks for some reason. I got a ride on a motorcycle for the first time. It was great, it was really fast. I felt like I was gonna fall and die.

I saw mountains for the first time in Michigan. In Yemen, there are no mountains, just trees, and farms. Yemen is cool. I like how their farms are built. They look like a bunch of huge steps. And another cool thing is that they have houses on the edges of the mountains. And there are roads and mountains like highways. I get scared when I look down from a height, which is called acrophobia.

I also visited the biggest mosque in Yemen. It's called al saleh mosque and it's in Sana. It's big, it's so beautiful on the inside and the outside, I saw types of people from every nationality and race. This mosque is on my top list of the places I would visit again. It's a great experience. And I also went to the biggest amusement park in Yemen. They have two that I have had a lot of fun meeting new people.

After I went to the capital of Sana we went to my dad's home country to visit his family and my mom's side of the family. But we were going there. Because my older brother is getting married. In a week there. I got to see where my dad lived and my mom's house. They kinda lived in the countryside where there's a lot of agriculture. My dad had a farm with cows and sheep. After the first day, my dad bought me and my little brother baby goats. They were so cute I thought we were going to keep them as pets but when they grew up my family ate them, I was really sad.

At my brother's wedding, they had a big festival where they had a big tent full of people just vibing, talking, dancing, and singing. There is this thing we Yemen's do at a wedding: we have a big car parade. When I say big I mean BIG. We were driving on mountains, hills. You can see that the roads are filled up with cars honking and putting music on. All those people are friends of their family and they all come from faraway places. 

After a week the wedding ended and we had a big feast to celebrate. We ate a big bull with rice on the side. After that my brother and his new wife went on a honeymoon. My dad and my little brother went back to America. My mom went to the u.k to stop by to see her mom and dad and her brothers. When I went back to America it was fall and we were in 2nd grade and lived my life.

What I loved about Yemen is that I met new people and went to new places and experienced my culture. I experienced an actual Yemeni wedding that lasted a week. I ate new types of food. I wore different clothes. I experienced living in a hot area with mountains. and I went on a plane for the first time. I would go to Yemen again if I get the chance.

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My Favorite Vacation with Grandparents: Timeless Bonds and Memories

Significant experience of my favorite vacation with grandparents.

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I got remarried, and I'm raising 3 boys in a blended family. Kid-free travel helps us bond as a couple.

  • Sara Lyle and her husband both  went through divorces and now have  shared custody of three sons with their exes.
  • They let off parental stress by getting away without the kids — a tactic recommended by experts as well.
  • Kid-free travel allows them to reconnect as a couple and counteract the demands of blending a family.

Insider Today

Last Christmas, my youngest son got me a "Wonder Mom" coffee mug from his school's holiday fair. It's red and blue with yellow stars and makes me smile whenever I see it in the cupboard. While I appreciate the sweet gesture, the gift didn't come with any superpowers. If it did, they would come in handy on school days. Allow me to explain.

My husband and I are raising a blended family with three boys — 8, 13, and 15 — who each go to a different school with slightly different start times. We have one car, so ensuring they arrive before the last bell rings requires Swiss time-keeping precision.

To beat the clock, I get up at 6:30 a.m. and head downstairs to cook breakfast for the five of us while my husband takes care of waking up the kids. Most mornings, I make a few variations of breakfast because we have a mix of picky eaters and food allergies to accommodate, and I want to make sure they have something healthy-ish in their stomachs before leaving. There are medications and vitamins to remember, school IDs and water bottles to pack, and the dog needs to be fed, too.

Once the boys are off, my husband leaves for work, and I get started on my to-dos from the home office. After school, there are pickups, extracurricular activities, dinner, and bedtimes to juggle. My husband and I finally take off for the night around 9:30 p.m., assuming there isn't any last-minute laundry to do.

Parental burnout is on the rise

We aren't the only ones with a schedule like this — to say nothing of dealing with work, financial and other pressures — which is why it makes sense that parental burnout is so high .

A 2023 study by the American Psychological Association found that parents of children under 18 reported a significant increase in stress levels compared to pre-pandemic times. To be exact, 33% of parents now rate their stress between 8 and 10 on a 10-point scale, a 9% increase since 2019.

The APA also looked at the impact of parental burnout and recommended various strategies to "enhance resilience in parenting" such as going on vacations without the children or simply taking "microbreaks" throughout the day. This can be as simple as listening to a guided meditation in the car after running an errand.

While the microbreaks idea was a new one that I might try, my husband and I were already well-acquainted with the relationship-strengthening remedy of getting away sans kids. It makes me a better mom, too. Here's what I mean.

A balance of family vacations and solo getaways

Since my husband and I blended our households last year, we've been intentional about doing activities and outings with all three of the boys to create family memories and build some lifelong bonds.

So far, we've gone on some fun ones, including a long weekend in Colorado Springs for our wedding with the boys last summer. This fall, we're looking forward to a Caribbean cruise for a nephew's wedding.

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However, between orchestrating the travel logistics to refereeing flare-ups along the way, it can feel like we need a vacation from our family vacation when we get home.

Then, there are the realities of reentry: unpacking everything you packed before, washing the dirty clothes, putting away the laundry and luggage, and catching up on all the other stuff you missed while you were away. For us, multiply that by five.

Getting away as a couple ? It's a comparative breeze. Even just staying for a Friday or Saturday night in nearby Denver allows us to reconnect and recharge, making us better able to handle the ups and downs of modern-day parenting.

We weren't together, pre-kids

My husband and I were never a couple before having kids; we were with other partners. Now, because we share custody with our exes , there are times we are without all three of our sons. Missing them can be tough, but we cherish the opportunities we have to be as "cringe-y" as we want — a term used by our youngest regarding too much PDA — and have some non-parental fun.

Spring break this year was a blast, for example. We spent half the time soaking up the Florida sunshine, seeing family and friends in our shared hometown. Then, we hopped over to New Orleans to enjoy the French Quarter revelries and basically eat our way around town — minus any dietary restrictions from the kids.

Last fall was another adventure, hitting the streets of my old stomping grounds in New York City for five days. Stay up late, wake up late, rinse, and repeat. They don't call it the city that never sleeps for nothing.

Sure, there are heart-twinging moments when we think about the boys — what they might enjoy or find overwhelming about where we're visiting — but we wouldn't trade our kid-free trips for anything.

We learn about ourselves

One of my favorite things about travel, in general, is coming back a whole new person. Getting out of your comfort zone can transform the way you think or see the world. I have experienced this phenomenon in varying degrees at different times in my life, from the summer in high school when I stayed with a friend's family in France to the seven years my son and I lived in Singapore and had the chance to travel around Southeast Asia .

There are so many places my husband and I want to visit together, and we're eager to cross them off our now-shared bucket list.

Speaking of the list, we realize we probably have fewer years ahead of us than behind us, and we aren't waiting for retirement to enjoy the here and now. It's also wonderful to know I can explore the world with my favorite person at my side, holding my hand.

Traveling without our kids is not about abandoning ship, it's about refilling our cups. Child-free vacations might not be an option for everyone, but even a staycation can do wonders.

Got a personal essay about living abroad or parenting that you want to share? Get in touch with the editor: [email protected] .

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