199+ Social Work Research Topics [Updated 2024]

In the vast and dynamic field of social work, research plays a pivotal role in shaping interventions, policies, and practices. Social work research is not just an academic pursuit but a powerful tool for effecting positive change in communities. As aspiring researchers delve into this realm, the journey begins with a crucial decision – selecting the right social work research topic.

In this blog, we will explore the significance of choosing the right social work research topics, provide insights into the selection process, highlight popular research areas, discuss emerging trends, offer tips for conducting research, and share valuable resources for social work researchers.

Significance of Choosing the Right Social Work Research Topics

Table of Contents

Impact on Research Quality

The choice of a research topic significantly influences the quality and relevance of the research conducted. A well-chosen topic enhances the researcher’s ability to contribute meaningfully to the existing body of knowledge in social work.

Alignment with Personal Interests and Goals

Selecting a topic aligned with personal interests and career goals fosters a sense of passion and commitment. This alignment not only sustains the researcher’s enthusiasm throughout the process but also increases the likelihood of producing impactful research.

Contribution to the Field of Social Work

The right research topic has the potential to contribute to the broader field of social work by addressing pressing issues, proposing innovative solutions, and advancing our understanding of complex social dynamics.

How to Select Social Work Research Topics?

  • Understanding the Scope of Social Work: Social work is a multifaceted discipline that encompasses various domains such as mental health, child welfare, community development, and more. Prospective researchers should explore the diverse scopes within social work to identify areas that resonate with their interests and expertise.
  • Identifying Personal Interests and Passion: Passion fuels research endeavors. Researchers should reflect on their personal experiences, values, and interests to identify areas within social work that evoke a strong sense of commitment.
  • Considering Relevance to Current Social Issues: Social work research gains significance when it addresses current societal challenges. Researchers should evaluate potential topics based on their relevance to contemporary issues, ensuring that the findings can contribute meaningfully to ongoing dialogues and efforts for social change.

199+ Social Work Research Topics: Category-Wise

Mental health and social work.

  • The impact of community support on mental health outcomes.
  • Examining the effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions in social work.
  • Exploring stigma surrounding mental health in diverse populations.
  • Integrating technology in mental health counseling: Challenges and opportunities.
  • The role of social work in preventing suicide and self-harm.

Diversity and Inclusion in Social Work

  • LGBTQ+ inclusivity in social work practice.
  • Addressing microaggressions and bias in social work interactions.
  • Promoting cultural competence in social work education.
  • Exploring challenges faced by immigrants and refugees in accessing social services.
  • Intersectionality in social work: Understanding and addressing multiple identities.

Social Work and Community Development

  • Evaluating the impact of community gardens on neighborhood well-being.
  • The role of social workers in disaster response and recovery.
  • Strategies for combating homelessness and housing insecurity.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of community-based participatory research in social work.
  • Social work’s contribution to sustainable community development.

Social Work and Child Welfare

  • Investigating the long-term outcomes of children in foster care.
  • The impact of parental substance abuse on child welfare.
  • Exploring cultural competence in child welfare services.
  • Innovative approaches to supporting kinship care families.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of early intervention programs for at-risk children.

Global Perspectives in Social Work Research

  • Cross-cultural perspectives on social work ethics.
  • Human rights and social work: An international comparison.
  • The role of social work in addressing global health disparities.
  • Social work responses to forced migration and refugee crises.
  • Comparative analysis of social work systems in different countries.

Technology and Social Work

  • Ethical considerations in the use of artificial intelligence in social work.
  • Online therapy and its implications for the future of social work.
  • Integrating telehealth in social work practice: Challenges and benefits.
  • Cyberbullying and the role of social workers in prevention and intervention.
  • The impact of social media on social work advocacy.

Policy and Advocacy in Social Work

  • Analyzing the impact of welfare reform on vulnerable populations.
  • Social work advocacy for criminal justice reform.
  • The role of social workers in shaping healthcare policies.
  • Addressing disparities in access to education through social work policy.
  • Environmental justice and the role of social work in sustainability.

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Social Work

  • Harm reduction strategies in social work practice.
  • Supporting families affected by substance abuse: A social work perspective.
  • Exploring the intersection of trauma and addiction in social work.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of drug prevention programs in schools.
  • The role of social workers in opioid addiction treatment.

Gerontology and Aging in Social Work

  • Aging in place: Examining the role of social work in supporting seniors at home.
  • Social isolation and mental health in the elderly population.
  • Addressing elder abuse: Strategies for prevention and intervention.
  • Palliative care and the role of social workers in end-of-life care.
  • The impact of dementia on families and the role of social work support.

Education and Social Work

  • The role of school social workers in addressing student mental health.
  • Inclusive education: Social work interventions for students with disabilities.
  • Bullying prevention programs in schools: A social work perspective.
  • Examining the impact of teacher-student relationships on academic outcomes.
  • Social work support for students experiencing homelessness.

Human Trafficking and Exploitation

  • Human trafficking prevention and intervention strategies in social work.
  • The role of social workers in supporting survivors of human trafficking.
  • Addressing labor exploitation through social work advocacy.
  • Intersectionality and human trafficking: A comprehensive approach.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of anti-trafficking policies and programs.

Family Dynamics and Social Work

  • Impact of divorce and separation on children: Social work interventions.
  • Foster care reunification: Challenges and success factors.
  • LGBTQ+ parenting and the role of social work in family support.
  • Domestic violence prevention programs: A social work perspective.
  • Blended families: Navigating challenges and fostering resilience.

Health and Healthcare Disparities

  • Social determinants of health and their impact on vulnerable populations.
  • Access to healthcare for underserved communities: A social work perspective.
  • The role of social workers in supporting individuals with chronic illnesses.
  • Reducing health disparities among racial and ethnic minorities through social work interventions.
  • Palliative care and the psychosocial aspects of terminal illness.

Human Rights and Social Work

  • Social work advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Promoting gender equality through social work initiatives.
  • Indigenous rights and the role of social workers in reconciliation.
  • Advocacy for the rights of people with disabilities: A social work perspective.
  • Social work responses to human rights violations and social justice issues.

Disability and Inclusion

  • Social work interventions for children with developmental disabilities.
  • The impact of inclusive employment programs on individuals with disabilities.
  • Accessibility and social work advocacy for people with physical disabilities.
  • Autism spectrum disorder: Social work support for individuals and families.
  • Inclusive recreation programs: Enhancing the lives of people with disabilities.

Veterans and Military Social Work

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the role of social workers in veteran support.
  • Social work interventions for military families experiencing deployment stress.
  • Transitioning from military to civilian life: Challenges and opportunities.
  • The impact of substance abuse on veterans and social work prevention strategies.
  • Access to mental health services for veterans: A social work perspective.

Community Mental Health Programs

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of community mental health clinics.
  • Peer support programs in community mental health: A social work approach.
  • Social work interventions for reducing stigma around mental illness in communities.
  • Integrating mental health into primary care settings through collaborative care approaches.
  • Social workers’ roles in school-based mental health initiatives.

Immigration and Social Work

  • Social work responds to populations of immigrants and refugees’ mental health issues.
  • The effect of immigration laws on social service accessibility.
  • Community integration and social work support for immigrants.
  • Advocacy for immigrant rights: A social work perspective.
  • Family reunification and the role of social workers in immigration processes.

Social Work in Rural Communities

  • Access to healthcare in rural communities: Social work interventions.
  • Substance abuse prevention in rural settings: Challenges and solutions.
  • Community development strategies for promoting rural well-being.
  • Addressing mental health disparities in rural populations: A social work approach.
  • Social work support for families facing economic challenges in rural areas.

Trauma-Informed Social Work Practice

  • Integrating trauma-informed care into social work practice.
  • Addressing childhood trauma through school-based interventions.
  • Trauma-focused therapies and their application in social work.
  • Vicarious trauma and self-care strategies for social workers.
  • The role of social workers in supporting survivors of sexual assault.

Social Work in Schools

  • School-based bullying prevention programs: A social work perspective.
  • Social work interventions for students with learning disabilities.
  • The impact of school social workers on academic success.
  • Mental health support for at-risk youth in school settings.
  • The role of social workers in addressing the school-to-prison pipeline.

Criminal Justice and Social Work

  • Reentry programs for formerly incarcerated individuals: A social work approach.
  • Juvenile justice and the role of social workers in rehabilitation.
  • Addressing racial disparities in the criminal justice system: A social work perspective.
  • The impact of incarceration on families and social work support.

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

  • Principles and applications of community-based participatory research in social work.
  • Engaging communities in the research process: A CBPR approach.
  • Evaluating the outcomes of community-based interventions using CBPR.
  • Challenges and opportunities in implementing CBPR in diverse settings.
  • Empowering communities through CBPR: Case studies and best practices.

Social Work and Environmental Justice

  • Climate change and its impact on vulnerable populations: A social work perspective.
  • Environmental justice and community organizing: Social work interventions.
  • Sustainable community development and the role of social workers.
  • Access to clean water and sanitation: A social work advocacy approach.
  • Indigenous perspectives on environmental justice: A social work lens.

Human Services Administration

  • Leadership styles in human services administration: A social work perspective.
  • The role of technology in improving human services delivery.
  • Strategies for effective human services program evaluation.
  • Addressing burnout and promoting self-care in human services organizations.
  • Social work ethics and decision-making in human services administration.

Social Work and Artificial Intelligence

  • Applications of AI in social work practice: Opportunities and challenges.
  • The role of chatbots in mental health support: A social work perspective.
  • Bias and fairness in algorithmic decision-making in social work.
  • Human-AI collaboration in social work: Enhancing service delivery.

Crisis Intervention and Social Work

  • Social work responses to natural disasters: Lessons learned and best practices.
  • Crisis intervention strategies for individuals experiencing acute trauma.
  • The role of social workers in emergency shelters and disaster recovery.
  • Trauma-informed care in crisis intervention: A social work approach.
  • Collaborative approaches to crisis intervention in community settings.

Social Work in the LGBTQ+ Community

  • LGBTQ+ youth homelessness: Social work interventions and prevention.
  • Supporting transgender and non-binary individuals in social work practice.
  • Mental health disparities in the LGBTQ+ community: A social work perspective.
  • LGBTQ+ inclusive policies in social service organizations.
  • Social work advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and equal access to services.

Social Work and Aging

  • Aging in place: Social work interventions for promoting independence.
  • Social work support for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their families.
  • End-of-life decision-making and the role of social workers.
  • Social isolation among older adults: Strategies for prevention and intervention.
  • Exploring innovative housing models for aging populations.

Faith-Based Social Work

  • The intersection of faith and social work: Ethical considerations.
  • Faith-based organizations in community development: A social work perspective.
  • Pastoral care and counseling: Social work support in religious communities.
  • Addressing religious discrimination in social work practice.
  • Interfaith dialogue and its role in fostering social cohesion: A social work approach.

Social Work in Substance Use Prevention

  • Social work interventions for preventing substance use among adolescents.
  • The impact of early childhood experiences on later substance use: A social work perspective.
  • Prevention programs targeting high-risk populations: A social work approach.
  • Social work support for families affected by parental substance use.
  • Community-based strategies for preventing opioid misuse: A social work lens.

Global Mental Health and Social Work

  • Cultural considerations in global mental health: A social work approach.
  • Collaborative approaches to addressing mental health stigma globally.
  • The role of social workers in disaster mental health response internationally.
  • Integrating traditional healing practices into global mental health interventions.
  • Comparative analysis of mental health policies and services worldwide.

Social Work and Human-Animal Interaction

  • Animal-assisted therapy in social work practice: Applications and benefits.
  • The role of therapy animals in reducing stress and promoting well-being.
  • Animal cruelty prevention and the role of social workers.
  • The impact of pet ownership on mental health: A social work perspective.
  • Ethical considerations in incorporating animals into social work interventions.

Refugee Mental Health and Social Work

  • Trauma-informed approaches in working with refugee populations.
  • Social work support for refugee children in educational settings.
  • Addressing mental health disparities among refugee communities.
  • Cultural competence in providing mental health services to refugees.
  • Resettlement challenges and social work interventions for refugees.

Community Resilience and Social Work

  • Building community resilience in the face of adversity: A social work perspective.
  • Social work interventions for promoting resilience in vulnerable populations.
  • Resilience-based mental health programs in schools: A social work approach.
  • The role of social workers in disaster resilience planning.
  • Collective trauma and community healing: A social work lens.

Technology and Social Work Ethics

  • Ethical considerations in the use of social media in social work practice.
  • Privacy and confidentiality in the age of digital record-keeping.
  • Ensuring equity in access to technology-based interventions: A social work approach.
  • Social work responses to cyberbullying: Prevention and intervention strategies.
  • Ethical guidelines for the use of virtual reality in social work practice.

Social Work in Sports

  • Sports-based youth development programs: A social work perspective.
  • The role of social workers in promoting mental health in athletes.
  • Addressing substance use and performance-enhancing drugs in sports: A social work lens.
  • Inclusive sports programs for individuals with disabilities: A social work approach.
  • Social work interventions for preventing and addressing sports-related violence.

Social Work in the Arts

  • Arts-based interventions in social work practice: Applications and outcomes.
  • The role of creative expression in trauma recovery: A social work perspective.
  • Using theater and performance arts in social work education and therapy.
  • Arts programs for at-risk youth: A social work approach.
  • The impact of the arts on community well-being: A social work lens.

Social Work and Foster Care Adoption

  • Social work interventions for successful foster care reunification.
  • Addressing the unique needs of LGBTQ+ youth in foster care.
  • The impact of foster care placement on child development: A social work perspective.
  • Post-adoption support services: A social work approach.
  • Cultural competence in transracial and transcultural foster care and adoption.

Social Work in the Gig Economy

  • The Role of Social Work in Addressing Mental Health Challenges in the Gig Economy
  • Exploring Social Work Strategies for Supporting Gig Workers’ Financial Stability
  • Gig Economy and Social Work Advocacy: Ensuring Fair Labor Practices
  • Navigating Occupational Hazards: Social Work Interventions in Gig Work Environments
  • Social Work’s Contribution to Promoting Work-Life Balance in the Gig Economy

Emerging Trends in Social Work Research

  • The Impact of Technology on Social Work Practice: Examine how technology is influencing social work practices and service delivery, considering both advantages and ethical considerations.
  • Ethical Considerations in the Use of Technology in Social Work Research: Discuss the ethical challenges associated with the integration of technology in social work research and propose guidelines for responsible use.
  • Cross-Cultural Studies in Social Work: Explore the significance of cross-cultural studies in social work research, promoting a deeper understanding of diverse cultural contexts.
  • Addressing Global Social Issues through Research: Investigate how social work research can contribute to addressing global social challenges, such as poverty, migration, and climate change.

Tips for Conducting Social Work Research

Developing a Research Question

Craft a research question for social work research topics that is clear, concise, and aligns with the chosen social work research topic. The question should guide the research process and contribute meaningfully to the existing literature.

Choosing Appropriate Research Methods

Select research methods that align with the nature of the research question and the goals of the study. Consider whether qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods approaches are most suitable for addressing the research objectives.

Ethical Considerations in Social Work Research

Prioritize ethical considerations throughout the research process. Ensure informed consent, confidentiality, and respect for the dignity and rights of research participants.

Resources for Social Work Researchers

Journals and Publications

Explore reputable social work journals and publications to stay updated on the latest research, methodologies, and findings. Examples include the “Journal of Social Work” and the “British Journal of Social Work.”

Professional Organizations

Joining professional organizations such as the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) provides access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and conferences that enhance a researcher’s knowledge and skills.

Online Databases and Research Tools

Utilize online databases like PubMed , Social Work Abstracts, and Google Scholar to access a wide range of social work research articles. Additionally, familiarize yourself with research tools and software that can streamline the research process.

In conclusion, the journey of selecting the social work research topics is a crucial step that requires thoughtful consideration and reflection. The chosen topic should align with personal interests, address current social issues, and contribute meaningfully to the field of social work. 

As researchers embark on this journey, they have the opportunity to explore diverse areas, from mental health and child welfare to emerging trends in technology and global perspectives. 

By following ethical guidelines, employing appropriate research methods, and leveraging valuable resources, social work researchers can make significant contributions to improving the well-being of individuals and communities.

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300 Social Work Research Topics & Questions for Papers

Social Work Research Topics

Table of contents


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Social work research focuses primarily on studying problems experienced in social work field. The research, in this case, talks about challenges that caseworkers go through in their practice. Social work research topics cover various things, including problems in welfare work, and indicate how research can be used to gain a deep understanding of the issues. Have you been wondering how to develop an intriguing social work topic and possible areas to discuss in your research? Don't worry because this article by our online paper writing service covers all your concerns. The blog post will provide some social work research topic ideas that you can consider for your social work research.

What Are Social Work Research Topics?

Social work research topics are areas of study that involve applying research methodology to comprehend sectors that are challenging for social workers. These topic ideas concentrate on addressing some problems that caseworkers go through both in their lives and their field. Research topics for social work may vary. However, like any other research paper, writing social work research topics deals with application of related theories and concepts, as well as understanding the entire casework aspects. The research involves applying cause and effect, analytic, survey, and experimental procedures to find ways to address welfare challenges. The purpose of welfare work study is to understand the efficiency of various interventions used to address challenges people develop due to welfare deprivation.

Characteristics of Good Social Work Topics

As an individual seeking to conduct research in welfare work areas, you need to know some of the features that make social work topics to be of great value. Below are characteristics that will make topics for social work research incredible.

  • A good topic covers modern trends and incorporates the ideas in the social field.
  • The topic should break specific stereotypes using reasonable evidence.
  • It must also be supported by various studies that are peer-reviewed.
  • Topic chosen must be related to practices in the welfare field.

How to Choose a Social Work Topic?

A plan to decide on excellent social work topics to research starts with a general orientation into social work field. Here are some steps involved when choosing a social work research topic.

  • Pick a sector with research potential or simply the one you like.
  • Start with “why” and “what” questions and expand on them.
  • Read data on faculty’s research interests.
  • Read a proper research paper that find interesting and focus on literature review and background sections to gain insight into various issues.
  • Identify and browse journals that relate to your likes.
  • Lastly, you can look online for research topics that are ready and skim through them to gain new knowledge.

Once you pick a topic, don’t hesitate to contact our proficient research paper writers . Our experts are adept in many fields and can complete a research paper on any topic.

Social Work Research Topics List

Social work research topics cover various concepts and challenges related to caseworkers and their fields of practice. Below are comprehensive research topics in social work that are compelling to explore.

  • Parenting and how it is affected by drug abuse.
  • Hardship and benefits of teenage adoption.
  • Dealing with suicidal thoughts.
  • Societal view on mental sickness stigma.
  • Adverse impact of displacement on street kids.
  • Homelessness and associated psychological effects.
  • Managing PTSD among veterans.
  • Adolescents and associated clinical depression.
  • How group therapy helps to better the lives of foster residents.
  • Family role in reducing or increasing depression.
  • Effectiveness of anti-depressants.
  • Impact of death on wellbeing of a family.
  • Effects of divorce on lifestyle and health of children.
  • Ways to address military troops' suicidal tendencies.
  • Causes of suicidal thoughts in society.
  • Impact of disability on lives of parents.
  • Ways to address stigma associated with disability.
  • Children with autism are socially excluded.
  • Impacts of bullying on children’s wellbeing.
  • Complexities around child labor.
  • Debate for and against abortion.
  • Maltreatment of children in foster care.
  • Change in societal reaction to HIV/AIDS in the 1990s and now.
  • Rape and its psychological impact on the victim.
  • Ways to reduce human trafficking.

Unique Topics in Social Work

There are scholarly research topics in social work that draw extra attention from readers since they are unique in nature. Such topics often concentrate on issues neglected in society. Below are unique topics for social work research.

  • Is wellbeing therapy sustainable?
  • Teenage girls’ menstrual experiences in foster homes for the first time.
  • Poverty and how it impedes growth in the American Deep South.
  • Negative impact of conversion therapy on LGBTQ society.
  • Influence of inclusive healthcare system on ensuring good welfare lives of people.
  • Interracial marriages and their associated problems.
  • Effects of diversity on children with disabilities.
  • Effects of physical abuse on spousal intimacy.
  • Pornography as a primary contributor of incest in families.
  • Increase in violence against children and women.
  • Activism role based on culture in Native Americans ’ lives.
  • Sexual addiction of women to men.
  • Disparity in health services for immigrants.
  • Challenges experienced by people diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
  • Living with a spouse with memory problem.
  • Power issue in divorce mediation.
  • Issues related to having many partners.
  • Reintegration of those who survive substance abuse into the society.
  • Employment initiatives for women.
  • Dynamic systems applied to nations in war situations.
  • Transracial adoption and identity issue.
  • The hidden trauma in young counselors.
  • Ensuring access to medical services in villages.
  • Lowering the gender pay gap.
  • Reducing racism and antisemitism.

Controversial Topics in Social Work

Presently, there are several controversial issues in social work that may give rise to social research topics. Listed below are some controversial social work research topics.

  • Societal reaction to euthanasia.
  • Myths on adolescents’ substance abuse.
  • Societal groups that are most vulnerable to substance abuse.
  • Ways to deal with drug abuse in orphanages.
  • Ethical issues associated with human trafficking.
  • Family support role in reducing recidivism.
  • How imprisonment affects mental health.
  • Gender difference when dealing with imprisoned individuals.
  • Juvenile delinquents and reeducation strategies.
  • Whose role is it to develop resilience in social work?
  • What are strategies to build resilience among welfare workers?
  • Benefits associated with social health education among incarcerated women.
  • How unreported cases of abuse propagate violence.
  • Does constructivist therapy offer anything new to social work?
  • Should caseworkers support hypnosis use?
  • Who is responsible for misdiagnosis?
  • How does misdiagnosis affect lives of mentally ill individuals?
  • Health benefits associated with hypnosis on an individual.
  • Should parents be involved in preventing dyslexia?
  • Ways to address panic for both adults and adolescents.
  • Challenges faced by the LGBTQ community.
  • Do traffickers suffer psychological consequences of human trafficking?
  • Welfare workers’ roles in civil wars.
  • Various strategies to help anti-social students.
  • Was confinement sanctioning by the court a good move?

Interesting Social Work Research Questions

Before you start your research, it is essential to develop a social work research question that guides the type of information you will gather. Some of the social work research questions examples that talk about various interesting social work topics are listed below.

  • How can the US solve the rise in obesity cases?
  • How does taking student loans impact them psychologically?
  • How can America curb increasing addiction cases?
  • How do we help adults with learning disabilities?
  • How can we improve lives of pregnant incarcerated mothers?
  • What is America’s racial disparity prevalence?
  • How can PTSD patients receive support?
  • Does poverty have psychological effects on children?
  • What are workplace violence indicators?
  • What are strategies to ensure work-family balance?
  • What does society believe about divorce and its impact on children?
  • Do you think substance abuse can be regulated?
  • What are consequences of living with HIV/AIDS?
  • Do you feel traumatized living with dyslexia?
  • What are causes of bipolar disorder?
  • How does society treat those with bipolar disorders?
  • Who is more vulnerable to divorce?
  • Does the US criminal justice system play its role in reducing juvenile delinquency?
  • What are problems minority kids face at their foster homes?
  • Does substance misuse lead to alcoholism?
  • Role of police brutality in increasing transformative change?
  • What is the appropriate strategy to help patients with bipolar?
  • How can we avoid re-incarceration?
  • What does religion say about LGBTQ community?
  • How does ADHD affect children in foster homes?

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Hot Topics in Social Work

There are various topics in social work that a researcher can explore to address current hot issues such as COVID-19 pandemic. These topics are important since they help determine current and future solutions to an issue. Here are some social work issues topics that you can consider.

  • What are effects of Russian-Ukraine war on society?
  • Impact of COVID-19 on welfare workers’ psychological health.
  • Issues that arise in households with adopted children.
  • Social workers’ attitude towards older people.
  • Importance of religion in reducing stereotypes.
  • How building emotional intelligence helps caseworkers.
  • Demands that residents in a foster facility make.
  • Challenges single parents experience.
  • Support strategies for single parents.
  • Strategies to help sexually exploited children.
  • Factors leading to homelessness in the US.
  • Forms of abuse elders experience from young people.
  • Media role in shaping antisemitism stereotypes.
  • Approaches to working with elderly people who are cognitively impaired.
  • Parental role in shaping sexual orientation of their children.
  • When should a child be removed from a setting?
  • Child neglect and its effects on victim’s academic performance.
  • Psychological effects of children watching domestic violence.
  • Grief and its associated symptoms.
  • Methods for assisting kids who have seen domestic violence.
  • Ways to encourage domestic violence reporting.
  • Technology and addiction treatment.
  • Suicide prevention protocol in different localities.
  • Risk factors associated with secondary traumatic stress.
  • Ways to increase cancer screening rates.

Human Services Research Topics

Human services topics are important since they deal with human existence and ways to make it better. Human service topics focus on how social workers help to satisfy individuals’ and communities’ needs. Generally, social workers’ primary aim is to ensure people live in the most comfortable way possible. Some of the human service research topics are indicated below.

  • Adverse impact of unemployment.
  • Ways to deal with anxiety and depression among small children.
  • Reducing number of incarcerated individuals.
  • Impact of juvenile delinquency in the US.
  • Relevant ways to breed love in foster care.
  • Integration of dyslexic people into society.
  • Government intervention to enhance welfare conditions.
  • Importance of food banks for the US citizens.
  • High school bullying prevalence and impacts.
  • Factors leading to family violence.
  • Impact of homophobia on LGBTQ+ community.
  • Drawbacks of the US correctional system.
  • Effects of mental illness misdiagnosis.
  • The move to invalidate bullying in high schools.
  • Causes of panicking in kids.
  • Interventions to reduce unemployment rates in the US.
  • Strategies to show concern for individuals from communities with low income.
  • Challenges of homophobia in the UAE.
  • Social workers in reducing child abuse cases.
  • Strategies to enhance resilience among welfare workers.
  • The need for psychological therapy among welfare workers.
  • Important household policies that can reduce domestic violence.
  • Shortcomings of America’s carceral system.
  • Interventions for children raised in abusive homes.
  • Ways to improve learning experience for disabled children.

Best Social Work Research Topics Ideas

Social work plays a huge role in our daily lives. Therefore, exploring research topics ideas for social work will help us to understand welfare workers’ role in making our lives better. This section discusses various social work topics for research papers. It is categorized into subsections, starting with research paper topics, thesis topics, and dissertation topics. Here, you will also find social work capstone ideas, topics for discussion, essay, and presentation topics. Details for each subsection are provided below.

Social Work Research Paper Topics

As an individual in social work field, you will write several research papers and essays. Social work paper topics you can cover depend on your interests, trends, or any other factor. Some interesting topics related to social work you can consider include the following.

  • Social workers' perspectives on elderly.
  • Causes of people's unwillingness to take advantage of mental health care services.
  • Problems that foster children face that prevent them from completing their college degrees.
  • Welfare workers’ role in drug abuse prevention.
  • The significance of cultural awareness in casework.
  • Facilitation of prenatal and postpartum care for surrogate moms.
  • Assessing how PTSD affects psychological wellbeing.
  • Adoptive families face unique difficulties and concerns.
  • Benefits of play therapy interventions for school counseling.
  • Hemodialysis patients' mental health and the methods used to help them.
  • Importance of leisure pursuits for Alzheimer's patients.
  • Damages of psychological violence.
  • Trauma and adolescent transition among LGBTQ+ kids.
  • Understanding the neglect-syndrome of foster kids.
  • Understanding trauma for caseworkers.
  • Foster parenting's advantages.
  • Role of foster parents in violence prevention.
  • Domestic violence and its impacts.
  • Foster homes’ role in creating a safe space.
  • How diversity helps in social works sector.

Social Work Thesis Topics

There are several thesis topics in social work to research during your master’s program or PhD, which can vary depending on your interest or occupation. Below are some of the social work literature review topics that you can look into.

  • Effectiveness of group therapy for alcoholics.
  • Mental health services’ effectiveness for pedophilia survivors.
  • Inaccessibility of mental health care for members of underrepresented groups due to language barriers.
  • Prepartum depression and connection to expecting mothers.
  • Relationship between codependency and emotional unavailability.
  • Strategies to handle fatigue among welfare workers.
  • Burnout causes among social workers.
  • Challenges associated with child birth and labor.
  • Depression and the perception of welfare mothers.
  • Prevalence of mental health in the US.
  • The use of an integrated system in various foster homes within America.
  • Nurses’ commitment level and how it is associated with health outcomes.
  • Impact of legalizing abortion in some states.
  • Comparison between displacement in foster homes and war sites.
  • Analyzing displacement and associated challenges.
  • How immigrant families benefit from parenthood?
  • Issues that visually disabled students face at school.
  • Essence of welfare work sector diversity.
  • Learning about depression from the welfare mom's viewpoint.
  • Ways to improve healthcare system.

Social Work Dissertation Topics

Dissertation is a crucial part of your education life as a social worker. Therefore, dissertation topics in social work have to be properly framed and specific. Here are some of the dissertation topics for social work to consider.

  • Coping strategies of men during violence at home.
  • Rape and how it affects victim’s psychological development.
  • Acceptance rate of addiction by addicts within the US.
  • Vulnerable groups and government’s role in improving their lives.
  • Justification of gender pay gap in America.
  • Addiction to substance abuse and its role in the contemporary world.
  • Prevalence of homosexuality in the US.
  • Naturalizing human needs as a way to break down taboo and barriers.
  • The association between stigma and drug abuse persistence.
  • Drug abuse and how music increases its prevalence.
  • Rate at which American citizens care for their forefathers.
  • Technological role in shaping our sexual preferences.
  • Reasons why men and women commit suicide.
  • Existing protection policies for children in New York State.
  • Investigating US women who have experienced child sexual abuse.
  • Assessment of healing strategies for drug abuse survivors.
  • The role of parents in supporting their children’s ambitions.
  • Volunteering and its impact on self-satisfaction.
  • Therapies used to treat effective disorder in an American youth.
  • The need for sexual education among young girls with mental health issues.

Social Work Capstone Project Ideas

As a social worker, you should consider some social work project topics for your capstone project . Capstone project social work research topics are highlighted below.

  • Impact of domestic violence on marital satisfaction.
  • How does government support minority groups?
  • Media role in ensuring public safety.
  • Causes of child neglect.
  • How juvenile crime affects the US.
  • How government ensures food security.
  • Enhancing public safety in minority communities.
  • Problems associated with criminal justice system.
  • Social integration of individuals with Down Syndrome.
  • Role of school administration in reducing bullying.
  • Bullying and victims’ academic performance.
  • Trauma experienced by social workers.
  • Parenting and its role in children’s sexual orientation.
  • What causes panic in schools.
  • How child support is essential in divorced couples.
  • Child neglect and its causes.
  • Damages caused by psychological violence.
  • Trauma of adolescent transitioning in LGBTQ+ children.
  • Understanding foster kids’ neglect-syndrome.
  • Causes of increase in reincarceration among youths in America.

Social Work Topics for Discussion

Highlighted below are some social work discussion topics to consider.

  • Root causes of domectic violence.
  • Location-specific suicide prevention and crisis protocols.
  • How does drug dependence influence parenting?
  • Public policies for and against LGBT community.
  • Ways of providing support for bipolar patients.
  • Prenatal depression in expectant mothers.
  • How to cope with imprisonment stigma.
  • Ways to improve living standards in foster homes.
  • What are the best community service strategies for refugees?
  • How can backyard farming be used to empower women?
  • Utilizing gender sensitivity to help the LGBT community.
  • Cultural importance of generation gap.
  • Secondary traumatic stress: symptoms, risk factors & ways of managing.
  • How to motivate women to report family violence.
  • Various ways in which unemployment influences immigrants.
  • How peer service providers confront reproductive health issues.
  • The major problems faced by welfare workers.
  • Detrimental influence of alcohol and drug on adolescents.
  • Effectiveness of the prohibition of liquor.
  • Key reasons for heightened crime rates in modern society.

Social Work Essay Topics

Here are some of social work topics for essays that you should consider in your writing.

  • Global challenges faced by deported women.
  • Street hawking opportunities for teenagers.
  • Main factors that lead to incest.
  • Positive and negative effects of health care reforms.
  • How environmental welfare work is undertaken.
  • Care strategies for immigrants.
  • Impact of corporate social responsibility on community wellbeing.
  • Does welfare scheme affect worker’s performance?
  • The impact of sexual violence on adolescent girls.
  • How does diversity affect various communities?
  • Effect of play therapy interventions in school counseling.
  • Influence of poverty on children’s development and education.
  • How should welfare workers deal with pedophilia victims?
  • How should caseworkers prevent burnout?
  • How to establish a high school service-learning program.
  • Elder abuse: most prevalent forms.
  • The central issues associated with special education.
  • Personal perspective on the obstacles faced by vulnerable populations in search medical help.
  • What is the greatest risk of fetal alcohol exposure?
  • Ways to enhance caseworkers’ mental health.

Social Work Topics for Presentation

Presentation social work topics for research discuss different aspects of the field of social work. The research topics have to be practical for them to be presented well. Below are some good research topics for social work presentation.

  • Strategies to ensure equality during job recruitment.
  • Autism and its risk factors.
  • Causes of depression in kids.
  • What are risk factors of PTSD among victims?
  • Ways to reduce suicide cases in society.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of rehabilitation centers.
  • Community initiatives to cater for the elders.
  • Effects of misdiagnosis of mental illness.
  • Ethics of abortion.
  • Importance of early cancer screening.
  • Strategies to reduce unemployment rate among minority communities.
  • How foster parents can help in countering youth violence.
  • Euthanasia and how various religions view it.
  • Compare societal preparation to COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS.
  • Contemporary ways to substance abuse.
  • Eating disorder and its causes.

Research Topics for Social Work Students

College students also apply social work research topics in their study of related subject, which covers various aspects in the field of social work. Here are some of social work research topics for college students.

  • Resident’s experience in long-term care facilities.
  • Strategies to handle life when both parents suffer from Alzheimer’s.
  • Pregnancy experience among immigrants and how they approach it.
  • How does death affect the collective wellbeing of the family?
  • Enhancing digital literacy among immigrant students.
  • How socioeconomic disparity affects the old.
  • Social and mental effects of loans on students.
  • Social problems that autistic children face.
  • Conversion therapy’s negative effects on the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Impact of science on cancer treatment.

You will find a lot of topics in different fields on our platform. If you are looking for  topics in laws  or mental health research paper topics , just go to our library and find what you need.

Bottom Line on Social Work Research Topic Ideas

Feel free to choose a topic of your choice from the social work research topics examples recommended above. Apply appropriate topic categories during the process of choosing topics depending on your needs, knowledge in the field, and the type of paper you are writing. Practice using the provided examples will make you perfect.


In case you need a personalized research topic, or require a complete social work research paper, you can buy research paper online from StudyCrumb. Particularly, our writers will help you choose social work research paper topics, write papers for you, and proofread the work to ensure there are no grammatical errors.


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206 Interesting Social Work Research Topics You Should Consider

social work research topics

Many students struggle to find suitable social work research topics. This field has many subjects that learners can explore in their dissertations. The simplest social work definition describes it as a set of functions that enable you to improve other people’s lives. A social worker helps children and adults cope with daily issues, personal issues, family issues, and relationship troubles.

Considering the scope of this field, selecting an ideal social work research topic can be challenging. Learners have many pressing issues that they can cover in their papers. Nevertheless, choosing an interesting topic is essential in writing a winning dissertation.

Social Work Research Paper Outline

Once you’ve chosen a topic for your social work dissertation or research paper, the next step is to outline it. Your outline should highlight the components of your work, incorporating the argument. Also, identify your stance on an issue, tying up the other parts of the paper because it will enable you to create a thesis statement. Here are the key sections to highlight in your outline.

Introduction: The intro should present your study’s background while providing relevant details of the problem. Use a strong opening phrase to grab your readers’ attention and engage them so they can read the rest of the paper. The introduction should present your study’s context, formulate its primary goal, and end with an effective thesis statement. Main body: This section should feature the main arguments. It highly depends on your research type and the methods you use. It may include a literature review analyzing other scholars’ findings and identifying gaps in previous studies. Also, this section explains the methods you use in your research, results, and discussions. Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the findings and wrap up the dissertation. You can restate your thesis statement to remind readers about your position on the issue and your goal. The best approach is to reward the thesis statement persuasively while encouraging readers to think about the problem. Also, you can recommend further research explaining why the topic is worth exploring.

After drafting an outline, you can proceed to research and write your social work paper. Edit and proofread the work or seek professional assistance to ensure its quality.

General Social Work Research Topics Ideas

Maybe you want to write a thesis on general topics in this study field. In that case, here are ideas you can explore in your paper.

  • How substance abuse influence parenting
  • Teenager adoption- Happiness and hardships that come with it
  • How to address the inclination to commit suicide
  • Should society question the stigma surrounding mental sickness?
  • Foster homes and group therapy- Is it effective?
  • How does the lack of child support affect childcare
  • Investigating autistic children and social displacement
  • How does clinical depression affect adolescent children
  • How does continuous mobility influence orphan toddlers
  • Analyzing the stigma surrounding depression
  • How to manage intrinsic PTSD for medical veterans
  • Exploring the stigma surrounding disability
  • How homelessness influences a person’s psychology
  • How does displacement influence aggressiveness among street children
  • How the works of several agencies affect child protection
  • Exploring perceptions and attitudes of oppression between the community and health professionals
  • Addressing cultural perspectives- Transiting to social work
  • The social worker’s role in deciding to end life
  • Lifelong learning model- Exploring evidence-based practices
  • The reflection law- a learning model or self-indulgence in social work

These are general ideas worth exploring in your social work dissertation. Nevertheless, please select any of these titles when confident you will be comfortable working on them.

Common Social Worker Research Topics

Maybe you’re searching for something your readers can quickly identify with when reading your paper. If so, this section lists some of the best ideas to investigate in your social work thesis.

  • How to create dyslexia patients’ awareness
  • Analyzing similarities and differences between ADHD and dyslexia
  • How alcoholism affects personal, family, and social lifestyle
  • How a family can exacerbate depression
  • Why academic and social integration matter for kids suffering from down syndrome
  • Investigating the social exclusion of kids with down syndrome
  • The effectiveness of anti-depressants- A clinical study
  • How alcoholism affects a person’s psyche
  • The positive impact of sponsors on recovering addicts’ lives
  • Investigating family support and its effects on alcohol recovery
  • Why group therapy matters for foster home children
  • How clinical depression affects teenage girls
  • How the lack of support affects child care in America
  • How ADHD affects foster home children
  • How mental illness misdiagnosis affects people
  • How to address suicidal tendencies in military units
  • Why social interrogation matters when dealing with stigma surrounding mental illness
  • How parents’ bipolar affects their children’s lives and parenting
  • Is childhood displacement the cause of antisocial lifestyle among foster children?
  • The joys and struggles of teenagers’ adoption
  • Investigating the undisclosed rape violence cases among military women- How it affects their service and lives
  • How substance abuse affects parenting
  • Child-parent separation- Investigating the stigma it brings
  • Positive impacts of divorce on children’s lifestyle and health
  • Addressing substance abuse issues among teenagers
  • How death affects a family’s well-being
  • Family support study- Is it a viable option for alcohol recovery?

Most people will identify with these topics because they touch on issues with which they are familiar. However, investigate the matter you select carefully to develop a winning dissertation.

Exciting Social Work Research Questions

Maybe you want to answer a question in your thesis paper. If so, consider any of these questions as a topic for your essay.

  • How can you support an adult living with a disability?
  • What are the social and psychological impacts of student loans?
  • What are the psychological, physical, and emotional effects of incarceration of pregnant mothers?
  • What challenges do minority children face in foster homes?
  • Transformative change- Can police brutality enhance it?
  • How can society deal with the rising obesity in America?
  • How can we support bipolar patients?
  • What are the effects of incarcerated individuals’ entry into the community?
  • What is the percentage of incarcerated adults among minority groups?
  • Does substance misuse increase alcoholism cases?
  • How does community violence affect LGBT lives?
  • What is the difference between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2?
  • Can trauma inform children’s education in foster homes?
  • Can protesting police brutality promote transformative change?
  • Does divorce affect all children’s psyches negatively?
  • Does foster homes’ trauma cause kids’ disappearance from the facility?
  • Can implementing learning curriculums with a positive impact on dyslexic students enhance academics?
  • Does trauma-informed learning reflect parenting?
  • Do food and house security affect foster children throughout their lives?
  • Has the criminal justice system failed social lifestyle in America?
  • What are the primary workplace trauma signs?
  • How can society address workplace violence?
  • How do scarcity and poverty affect young children’s psychology?
  • How can you identify depression in a teenager?
  • Has the American healthcare system failed minority groups?
  • What are the risks of kids-parent separation?
  • What are the impacts of living with dyslexia?
  • Is depression a mental disorder?
  • What are the effects of racial disparity?

Any of these questions can be an excellent title for your dissertation. Nevertheless, consult various information sources to write a high-quality paper.

Human Services Research Paper Topics

Human services is a part of the social work field dealing with issues related to human services, factors affecting them, and how to address the challenges. Here are ideas to consider in this category.

  • How to address panic, anxiety, and depression in young children
  • The psychological impact of human trafficking on victims
  • Psychological effects of child trafficking
  • Similarities between adult incarceration and juvenile delinquency
  • How unemployment affects people
  • Factors that increase depression cases among the youth
  • Police system- Defunded, reformed, or abolished?
  • How the carceral system in America affects minority and low-income homes
  • Social integration of dyslexic and down syndrome patients
  • Effective ways to enhance welfare conditions
  • Food banks and their adverse psychological effects
  • The benefits of food banks on American lives
  • The impact of home violence on children
  • The result of high school bullying
  • Why welfare workers need support groups and therapy
  • How to enhance love in foster homes
  • Resilience practice among social workers
  • Juvenile delinquency impacts in America
  • The shortcomings of America’s carceral system
  • How to address the homophobia issue in the U.S
  • How homophobia affects LGBT+ adults
  • What causes family violence?
  • How to address spousal violence
  • How family cruelty affects lives
  • Undiagnosed bipolar cases and their effects
  • Impacts of misdiagnosed mental illnesses
  • How to enhance LGBTQ+ kids’ support systems
  • The result of home insecurity on the homeless
  • How to bridge the gap between community members and formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Incarceration- Abolished or reformed?

These human services topics are worth investigating in a research paper. However, take the time to research your chosen title to write an exciting piece.

Controversial Topics In Social Work

Some social work essay topics are controversial. Some people find these titles controversial because they provoke public interest. Here are some of them.

  • Flood and hurricane survivors and their hidden trauma
  • How hurricanes affect low-income neighborhoods
  • Trafficking- How it affects a society’s social well-being
  • Unreported abuse cases in homes and how they promote violence
  • Social, health, and psychological implications of the abortion ban for rape victims
  • Why the community should enhance awareness of AIDS stigmatization
  • Therapy continuous cycle- Why a therapist requires therapy
  • The unnoticed and hidden trauma among therapists and counselors
  • How court-sanctioned confinement promotes mental illness instead of facilitating correlation
  • How to address violence- Is it a social problem in the correctional system?
  • Sexual health education- Is it vital for incarcerated women?
  • How social media affects a person’s mental health and well-being
  • The effectiveness of different types of therapy for treating mental health disorders.
  • The prevalence of Eating Disorders in developed countries.
  • The role of family dynamics in the development and treatment of Eating Disorders.
  • How do different cultures view mental health and mental illness?
  • Is there a link between creativity and mental illness?
  • Does psychiatric medication use lead to higher recovery rates from mental illness?
  • What are the most effective interventions for helping people with substance abuse problems?
  • How to deal with grief and loss?
  • How can we better support people with chronic physical health conditions?
  • Drug abuse- Is it increasing in low-income neighborhoods?
  • The negative impacts of incarceration on the imprisoned people’s psychological well-being
  • Reasons to investigate confinement and its dangers
  • Ways to help addicts facing high drug vulnerability
  • How cognitive-behavioral therapy enhances the relationship between social workers and their situations or environments
  • The health benefits of hypnosis on individuals
  • Why treatment is essential for less represented groups
  • Distinguishing undiagnosed depression and clinical depression
  • A qualitative investigation of dyslexia among adolescents
  • How empathy can enhance the social work sector
  • Why qualitative examination of foster homes for peace and child safety matters

These are controversial topics to consider in this academic field. Prepare to take a stance and defend it if you pick any of these social work project ideas.

Social Work Topics For Presentation

Maybe you want to include a presentation in your paper. That’s because social work is a practical field requiring some displays. Consider the following titles for your essay if you want to include a presentation.

  • What are Stockholm syndrome and its effects?
  • How to understand syndrome victims better
  • How incest affects homes
  • Investigating sexually violated kids
  • Why free healthcare matters in foster homes and low-income neighborhoods
  • How adult incarceration and juvenile delinquency affect society
  • Juvenile delinquency and trauma
  • LGBTQ+ children trauma and adolescent transitioning
  • Foster kids and neglect-syndrome
  • Why diversity matters in the social work sector
  • Social workers- Understanding their trauma
  • Foster parenting- What are the positive impacts?
  • Do foster homes create a safe space?
  • Foster parents and their roles in preventing violence
  • Social workers and their role in preventing drug abuse
  • The effects of domestic violence
  • Psychological violence and its damages
  • How spirituality affects techniques in social works
  • Social works and their historical development
  • Social work and its importance in schools
  • Why teenagers’ therapy matters
  • Exploring the challenges facing social workers in the forensics sector
  • Investigating the struggles facing the minority groups
  • Studying abuse and violence in middle-class homes
  • Why finance matters in social works sustenance
  • The impact of compassion fatigue
  • Modern social workers and their challenges
  • Drug abuse and its effects on children
  • Why inclusivity matters in social works
  • Same-sex relationships- Why they matter to a social worker
  • Why high schools need drug sensitization
  • Investigating depression stereotypes

Pick any of these ideas and use them to draft a paper that includes a presentation. Nevertheless, research your topic extensively to prepare a winning dissertation.

Interesting Social Work Topics

Some issues in social work draw more attention than others because they are unique. Here are such topics.

  • The impacts of pregnancy on teenage mothers
  • The increasing pressure and effects of social media on teenagers’ lives
  • How welfare systems relate to low-income neighborhoods
  • Why are rehabilitation centers are essential in America than carceral systems
  • How cultural beliefs and gender roles affect marriages
  • Low labor and its role in workplace abuse
  • How the increasing housing cost affects young millennials
  • The part of abortion bans on psychological issues
  • How birth control roles affect society negatively
  • How are teenagers, the general community, and school related?
  • Analyzing first-time menstrual experiences and their impact on teenage girls within foster homes
  • Wellness therapy and its sustainability
  • Investigating poverty prevalence in the American Deep South- How it prevents the growth
  • The implications of relationships on social workers’ interactions
  • The negative impact of conversion therapy on the LGBTQ+ community
  • How an inclusive and functional healthcare system enhances social growth
  • Shelter homes women- Investigating their life experiences
  • The prevalent racial disparity in food bank systems in America
  • Understanding social relegations and stigma of welfare mothers
  • Client-therapist relationship- Investigating psychiatric therapists and their work

These topics address relevant issues that society often neglects. Pick any idea in this category and explore it further through research and analysis.

Social Work Thesis Topics

Educators will ask you to write different papers when pursuing social work studies. A sociology thesis is among the documents you might write when pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. studies. Here are topics to consider for these papers.

  • Investigating expecting mothers’ postpartum depression
  • How interdependency differs from codependency among youth adults
  • Emotional unavailability in homes- Does it enhance codependency?
  • Codependency- Is it a displacement feature?
  • Foster kids and future attachment methods
  • Social work and disability disparity
  • Disability challenges facing the healthcare system
  • Compassion integration in social works
  • ADHD- What are the most common myths about it?
  • How emotionally immature parents affect their adult children psychologically
  • Drug addiction and treatment plans
  • Addressing challenges facing visually impaired students
  • Investigating foster homes and child abuse
  • The emotional impact of a transition into a nursing home
  • Exploring immigrant families and parenthood
  • The intricacies of child labor

These are exciting topics to consider for your social work thesis. Nevertheless, prepare adequate time and resources to investigate any of these titles to develop a paper that will earn you the best grade.

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Social Work Research Topics


Table of contents

  • 1 What is a Social Work Research Paper?
  • 2 Tips for Selecting a Good Topic for a Social Work Research Paper
  • 3.1 Social Work Research Topics for Beginners
  • 3.2 Social Work Research Topics for College Students
  • 3.3 Human Services Research Paper Topics
  • 3.4 Interesting Social Work Research Paper Topics
  • 3.5 Controversial Social Work Research Paper Topics
  • 3.6 Social Work Thesis Topics
  • 3.7 Critical Social Work Research Paper
  • 3.8 Disputable Social Work Research Topics
  • 3.9 Social Work Topics for Presentation
  • 3.10 Social Work Research Paper for Literature Review

With these topics in mind, you can explore further into the field of social work and gain a better understanding of how research can help shape our society for the better. Read on to learn what is a social research paper, review helpful tips to select one, and explore a list of the 100 best social work research topics ideas.

What is a Social Work Research Paper?

A social work research paper is a document that presents facts, analysis, and research findings about a particular social work topic. Students often find it overwhelming to find the best social work topics for their research papers. Also, it’s not always possible to buy research paper and avoid the investigation altogether. Researching and writing about these topics can help students understand the causes of social issues and how to address them best.

It also provides insights into how to improve services for those who are most vulnerable and in need of assistance. The most popular social work research topics are those that treat issues of this kind, and they can be excellent as research papers.

However, focusing on the most popular research topics for social work is not the only option. It is important for students to analyze the topic they like and learn more about it. Even better if the work can somehow help solve a problem in their community. A research paper with factually accurate data and information can help you make your project look more engaging and informative. But it can also have an impact right away.

For these reasons, writing a research paper on social work can be a rewarding experience for students. It allows them to expand their knowledge along with developing a sense of empathy towards the community. Furthermore, it is important to select a topic that is relevant to the field of social work and provides enough scope for further exploration.

Tips for Selecting a Good Topic for a Social Work Research Paper

There are many topics in the field of social work that are important for understanding various aspects of social problems, their causes, and effective solutions. Research in this area can take many forms, including quantitative studies and qualitative interviews.

To write an effective social work paper, students should learn how to identify and assess topics that can add value to their project. Selecting topics that allow you to develop evidence-based interventions and include the necessary amount of information can be helpful. When selecting a topic, consider the various aspects of social work, such as its history, current trends, legal implications, and ethical considerations. Generally speaking, choose a topic that is flexible enough to conduct research and analysis.

Additionally, look for topics that allow you to focus on one particular area without getting overwhelmed by the amount of information available. Having access to adequate resources such as journals and books that provide in-depth information about your chosen topic is also helpful. Also, don’t forget to interview a social worker active in the field to have first-hand impressions. This will make it easier to select a good topic for your social work research paper.

You can also consider getting help for your research paper from professional writers. They can help you manage all aspects of the process, including choosing a suitable topic. In some cases, you can also get a “ write my research paper ” option. This allows you to get the job done by a professional or get a piece that you only have to fine-tune. Another piece of advice is to do a quick scan of available resources, both offline and online. Moreover, choose a unique and practical topic that differentiates you from other students.

Here are some additional tips to help you select a good topic for a social work research paper.

Read Extensively. Reading widely about a general topic that interests you is crucial. Consider writing down the ideas, information, and sources that interest you the most. You can then review the notes to select a topic. Consider your interests and expertise in the field of social work. If you are passionate about a particular topic or have prior experience in it, then this could be the perfect place to start your research. Doing quick research on each potential topic before choosing one will help you decide whether it’s worth writing.

Select a Relevant Topic. Make sure the topic you choose is relevant to the field of social work you intend to work on or you’ve been tasked to analyse. An irrelevant topic that does not have any connection with the subject will fail to interest the readers. This may lead to a dull paper or, if you’re a student, to a low mark or a fail. Select a topic related to social work application theories. Think about the latest trends in social work and identify topics that are currently being discussed or researched by other people. Explore different current events related to social work and determine if there is anything relevant that could be best for your paper.

Choose a Specific Topic .  A research topic that is too broad or too narrow can make it difficult to carry out research. If the topic is too wide, you may end up writing in general and not including the information that is necessary. Selecting a specific topic will allow you to conduct detailed research and provide reasonable arguments and solutions. With so many potential topics to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices and select one. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make this process easier. Firstly, understand the context of your research paper and set specific goals to select a topic that is both meaningful and manageable.

Consider a Flexible Topic. Go with a topic that is flexible and allows you to conduct research and analysis. Find a unique topic that matches your field of interest and add value to your research paper. Choosing a flexible topic will help you provide real benefits to the readers. A flexible topic will provide you with numerous opportunities to explore different aspects of a particular issue or event. Additionally, by selecting a flexible topic that allows for multiple arguments and solutions, you can ensure that your paper is comprehensive and engaging.

Discuss With Others. Another great way to select a good social work topic for a research paper is by communicating with other students and researchers. You can also discuss it with your professors and learn about their opinions. By discussing with other students or professors, you can get different perspectives on potential topics and gain valuable insights. Moreover, talking to other people about their experiences in social work can help you discover your interest and select the best possible topic for your research paper .

Selecting a good topic for your social work research paper may feel overwhelming. With careful thought and consideration, you can find a relevant and appropriate one for the paper. To help you in this process, here is a broad list of social work research topics.

Social Work Research Topics for Beginners

Social work research papers are a great way to explain the complex issues affecting individuals, families, and communities. Newcomers can still write a persuasive research paper in this field by sharing their own experiences.

If you are a beginner, then the following research topics for social work can be best for you:

  • The impacts that clinical depression has on adolescents
  • Impact of alcoholism on family members and personal lifestyle
  • Hardships and happiness in adopting a teenager
  • How to become social workers? What are the legal requirements?
  • Why do we need more women leaders in our community?
  • Why it’s important to raise awareness to stop domestic violence?
  • The importance of women denouncing domestic violence
  • The effects of alcohol on a person’s behavior and sociality
  • Depression and society: stigmas and stereotypes
  • The best strategies for ensuring the health and basic education for every child

Social Work Research Topics for College Students

College students can benefit from performing in-depth research on a specific topic and applying theories, concepts, and principles of social work in their research papers. To help you select a specific topic of your interest, here are some popular ones in the field of social work:

  • Possible solutions to limit child abuse in society
  • How to fight the bullying of disabled children
  • Effects of domestic violence on family members
  • Raising a child as a single parent: challenges and strategies
  • Helping bipolar patients: effective strategies
  • How divorce impacts children’s lifestyle and upbringing
  • Reasons and prevention of the increase in suicide rates among students
  • Drugs abuse among teenagers: an insight
  • The impact of interracial adoption on children’s development
  • Fighting human trafficking: strategies and issues

There are a few common problems that may arise when writing a social work research paper, such as difficulty in finding relevant sources, inability to properly structure the paper or difficulty in staying focused on the topic.

Human Services Research Paper Topics

Students interested in delivering care and support to individuals or communities in need can select a human services topic for their research paper. You can find a topic related to helping empower people, providing guidance in their everyday lives, or offering resources to meet their needs.

Here are a few example topics that you may select:

  • An essay on homophobia
  • Causes and impacts of child trafficking
  • Effective ways to deal with depression and anxiety among students
  • Impact of unemployment on the society
  • How to prevent the most common causes of depression among teenagers
  • Gender disparity and incarceration: an overview
  • Effect of feminism throughout the ages
  • How does racism affect society?
  • The importance of freedom of speech
  • Social structure for disabled people

Interesting Social Work Research Paper Topics

While the following social work research topics list will help you find a good topic, communicating with experts in this field is also helpful. Consider choosing a topic that will make an impact on society and provide value to your audience.

  • How does parental drug use impact children?
  • Changing career to social work: what does it take?
  • The development of social work throughout the history
  • Women and alcohol
  • What are the benefits of free education?
  • Why should the educational system be accessible to everyone?
  • Abortion: history and modern thoughts
  • Is feminism a plot of modern society?
  • Effective ways to decrease criminal activities
  • The influence of war and peace on children’s minds

Controversial Social Work Research Paper Topics

It is important to note that the following research paper topics may be controversial and complex. Approaching controversial research topics with sensitivity and conducting thorough research before drawing any conclusions can help you write a good research paper .

  • Does the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy enhance the lives of jailed people’s lives?
  • What do people think about war in our peaceful times?
  • Racial profiling for criminal cases: is it really effective?
  • Impact of abortion on women
  • The importance of receiving family support for LGBT teenagers
  • Effects of community on the mental health of minorities
  • Depression: Major symptoms and causes
  • How the criminal justice system benefits from social workers
  • Preventing suicide in schools: understanding reasons and finding solutions
  • Does poverty affect your mental health?


Social Work Thesis Topics

A social work thesis is a research paper that focuses on a specific topic related to social work practice. A good thesis can demonstrate your ability to conduct independent research and apply theoretical concepts to address various social work issues and causes.

Explore this list to find a suitable topic for your social work thesis:

  • Conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ individuals: definition and effects
  • Use of medication in treating mental health disorders
  • How does social media affect mental health?
  • Immigration policies: Impact on families and children
  • Race and racism affecting mental health
  • Restorative justice programs in the criminal justice system
  • Police brutality on communities of color
  • The impact of climate change on vulnerable populations
  • Strategies social workers can use to address income inequality
  • Healing from domestic violence: Tips and advice

Critical Social Work Research Paper

If you want to focus on ongoing critical issues in this field then here are a few interesting topics for you:

  • Effectiveness of therapy and why it works for some.
  • Mindfulness and its importance in the process of recovery
  • The effectiveness of wellness therapy
  • Is mental health neglected in low-income and poor households
  • Social integration of individuals with Down syndrome
  • Everything about drug rehabilitation programs
  • The impact of psychological abuse in promoting low self-esteem
  • The current role of government in improving welfare conditions
  • How does stress response in children with autism work?
  • In-depth analysis of children raised in abusive homes

Disputable Social Work Research Topics

By writing on disputable social issues essay topics , you can explain the current state of society and an important way to raise awareness on a variety of issues. From racism to gender inequality, there are plenty of topics that can be explored in a research paper. Before you start writing, gain insight into why certain disputable problems exist and explore potential solutions.

Here is a list of disputable research topics for social work:

  • Why some people become shopaholics
  • Best ways to improve the participation of adolescents in the development of the local community
  • What’s the effect of welfare policies in fighting poverty
  • A report on AIDS caregivers and their experience
  • Best practices to improve the health system in rural areas
  • What is fuelling racism on a global level?
  • Couple therapy in building relationships: Pros and cons
  • Addressing workplace violence: Steps for leaders and managers
  • An overview of social problems faced by autistic children
  • How income and behavioral health are connected

Social Work Topics for Presentation

You can make your presentation more engaging by adding relevant graphs, charts, or images. Start by selecting and researching a topic that is relevant to your audience. The following list of social work topics to research can help you create an engaging presentation:

  • Child welfare and protection
  • Immigration and refugees
  • Community development and empowerment
  • Mental health services and support
  • LGBTQ+ rights and advocacy
  • Aging and elder care
  • Homelessness and housing insecurity
  • Domestic violence and abuse
  • Disability rights and services
  • Social work integration in healthcare services

Social Work Research Paper for Literature Review

A  literature review should be written in a way that covers the most recent and relevant research in the field. Here are some common social work topics suitable for a literature review:

  • Understanding the significance of poverty on child development
  • Evidence-based practices in substance abuse treatment
  • Nutrition assistance programs
  • Juvenile justice system
  • Research on the gender pay gap
  • Why do some people experience homelessness?
  • The importance of early childhood education
  • Benefits of career counseling
  • Educational achievements of childcare in America
  • Welfare programs for immigrants

One of the most pressing challenges of social work researchers is finding reliable and relevant sources for their work. Online essay writers can be a great asset in this regard, as they can provide reliable information backed up by research and data. Furthermore, they can also provide creative and thoughtful insights into the topic at hand, making them invaluable resources for social work research.

While selecting a good social work topic can be challenging, the above-mentioned lists can help you write a good research paper. Once you select a topic, make sure it is relevant, interesting, and appropriate for your task or purpose.

From researching existing materials on your chosen topic to considering the scope of the project in terms of current trends in social work, there are a few things that will make your social work research paper stand out from others. Now that you have a comprehensive list of topics, you’re ready to find the best one for your needs and write a convincing and data-driven research paper for your audience.

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Social Work Research Topics: 20+ Great Ideas for Inspiration

Author Image

by  Antony W

April 19, 2022

list of research topics in social work

This is a complete list of social work research topics in 2022.

Whether you’re in college pursuing an undergraduate degree or in the university doing masters or Ph.D. in social work, you’ll find this list helpful for coming up with a great topic idea for your research project.

Some of the areas of research in social work include employees’ skills, internal process, employees’ interactions with individuals, social concepts and theories, and principles in social entities.

Research in social work is about doing a systematic investigation of issues that affect social workers directly or indirectly. As a researcher, you’ll investigate the effectiveness of methods applied to identify, address, and solve problems that social workers deal with.

Because social work focuses on practical application, your research process should put more emphasis on the efficiency of the intervention methods that can help solve social issues such as deprivation.

The following are some of the social work research paper topics to give you an idea on how to come up with a unique subject to investigate in your research work:

General Social Work Research Topics

  • The pervasiveness of displacement and its harsh consequences for street children
  • An investigation of the unreported incidents of rape assault against women in the military – and how it affects their lives and service.
  • Why is social and intellectual integration crucial for Down syndrome children?
  • Parents suffering from bipolar disorder and how it affects their parenting and the lives of their children
  • How foster children’s early childhood relocation leads to an antisocial lifestyle
  • An examination of the distinctions and parallels between dyslexia and ADHD

Interesting Social Work Research Topics

  • A study and comprehension of the stigma and social devaluation that welfare moms face.
  • An examination of the societal consequences of adding sex education in high school curricula.
  • A case study of how a functional and inclusive healthcare system contributes to societal progress.
  • An in-depth examination of the effects of first-time menstruation on teenage females in foster care.
  • The increasing influence and impact of social media on the lives of adolescent children
  • How increasing housing costs in the United States are harming young millennial
  • Abuse in families, including verbal and physical abuse, and how it shows in the lives of children

Social Work Thesis Research Topics

  • The contrast between children displaced in conflict zones and children in foster care
  • Compassion fatigue in counselors and social workers
  • Differentiating between codependency and interdependence in adolescents and adults
  • The psychological effects of emotionally immature parents on their adult offspring
  • Navigating the academic challenges of visually impaired students

Human Service Research Paper Topics

  • How America’s criminal justice system disproportionately impacts low-income and minority families.
  • Why do welfare workers require treatment and support groups?
  • Understanding gender disparity in the context of incarceration
  • There are parallels between adolescent delinquency and adult imprisonment.
  • Minority groups at the cost of the American criminal justice system

Social Work Research Topics for College Students

  • Investigate the function of parent-child college dialogues as a moderator.
  • Investigate the variables that influence teenage usage of drugs and other substances.
  • Create a framework for assessing racial and ethnic disparities in the workplace.
  • Examine the association between cultural acclimation and teenage academic achievement.
  • Investigate methods of protecting pregnant women from being exposed to dangerous narcotic compounds.

Controversial Social Work Research Topics

  • How incarceration has a detrimental influence on detained people’s psychological well-being
  • How cognitive-behavioral therapy allows social workers to react to their surroundings and circumstances more effectively
  • An investigational research on the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy to enhance jailed people’s lives.
  • The negative consequences of legally signed child-parent separation and methods for mitigating it
  • Providing safe spaces for minorities and the effects of community on their mental health
  • Child poverty, food insecurity, and housing instability: how do these affect children’s academic abilities?
  • How court-ordered incarceration fosters mental illness rather than facilitating correction
  • The social and health consequences of a restriction on abortion for women in low-income communities

What Makes a Good Social Work Research Topic?

There are way too many social work research topic ideas that you can explore. But how do you determine which one to explore in your research?

Well, there are least four consideration to make before you conclude that a topic is worth further investigation.

First, do some preliminary research on the topic to determine whether there’s at least one published study that backs it up. We highly recommend that you look at peer-reviewed journals instead of daily news articles and blog posts.

Second, check if the topic is practical. There’s nothing wrong with theoretical research, of course, but practical knowledge and intervention would suffice better in this area of study.

Third, make sure the topic is current. In other words, the topic you select should align with the present tends because they give more significant advantages than topics that aren’t current by research standards.

Lastly, it would be great of the topic you choose can break preconceived notions about social work, as they to get more attention. Notably, these topics demand solid evidence, objective arguments, and substantial benefits. So if the topic you choose can feature the three elements, it can make a great fit for your social work research project.

Now that you have a list of 20+ social work research topic ideas, you should find it easy to identify a subject to explore in your research assignment.

If, on the other hand, you already have a topic to explore in your social work but you don’t have enough time to do the work, you can take advantage of research paper writing service by Help for Assessment and have the assignment completed for you in the shortest time possible.

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About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.


225 Social Work Research Topics For College Students – Ideas for College Students

Social work is an important job that helps improve people’s lives, families, and communities. Research is a key part of social work studies. It allows you to look deeply into social issues, understand different views, and contribute to the growing knowledge in this field. 

Picking the right research topic can be tough. That’s why we’ve made a list of 225 interesting social work research topics. These topics cover many areas, such as child welfare, mental health, addiction, community development, and social justice. 

This list is meant to give you ideas, make you think critically, and provide knowledge to help make a real difference in social work.

Importance of Choosing a Relevant Topic

Table of Contents

Picking a good research topic is super important for a few reasons. First, it makes sure your research fits with current issues and trends in social work. By choosing a topic that deals with challenges happening now or builds on existing knowledge, you can contribute to ongoing talks and help develop effective solutions and rules.

Also, a good topic increases the chances that your research findings will be helpful to social workers, policymakers, and communities. Social work directly impacts people’s lives, and by researching important matters, you can potentially create positive change and inform decision-making.

Furthermore, a well-chosen topic can keep you motivated and involved throughout the research process. When you are truly interested and passionate about the subject, you are more likely to approach the research with enthusiasm and hard work, leading to better results.

It is also important to consider if there are enough resources and data available for your chosen topic. Selecting a topic with plenty of existing writings, reliable data sources, and people to research can make the process smoother and increase the credibility of your findings.

Moreover, a good topic can open up opportunities to collaborate with organizations, agencies, or communities actively working in that area, providing opportunities to apply your research and further explore the subject matter.

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Top 225 Social Work Research Topics For College Students

Here is the list of the top 225 social work research topics for college students according to different categories; take a look.

Child Well-being

  • How foster care affects child growth
  • Adoption and its effect on families
  • Ways to prevent child abuse
  • Role of social workers in child protection services
  • Struggles faced by children in foster care
  • Importance of keeping families together
  • Impact of parental imprisonment on children
  • Strengths of kinship care arrangements
  • Role of social workers in addressing child poverty
  • Helping strategies for children with special needs

Mental Health

      11. How common is depression in teens, and how to treat it

  • If cognitive-behavioral therapy works for anxiety issues
  • How trauma impacts mental health
  • Social workers’ role in suicide prevention
  • Reducing stigma around mental illness
  • Culturally appropriate mental health services
  • Substance abuse treatment and recovery programs
  • Impact of social media on mental health
  • Addressing the mental health needs of LGBTQ+ individuals
  • If group therapy is effective for mental health conditions

Elderly Care

      21. Challenges faced by caregivers of older adults

  • Impact of loneliness on the elderly
  • Addressing elder abuse and neglect
  • Role of social workers in long-term care facilities
  • Promoting independent living for older adults
  • End-of-life care and advance directives
  • Caring for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Retirement planning and financial security for seniors
  • Benefits of intergenerational programs
  • Strategies for aging in place

Disability Services

      31. Accessibility and inclusion for disabled individuals

  • Job opportunities and challenges for the disabled
  • How assistive tech impacts daily living
  • Social workers’ role in special education settings
  • Advocating for disability rights and awareness
  • Housing and community living options for the disabled
  • Transition planning for youth with disabilities
  • Mental health needs of the disabled
  • Inclusive recreation and leisure activities
  • Disability and intersectionality (race, gender, economic status)

Substance Abuse

      41. If harm reduction approaches are effective

  • Addressing the opioid epidemic
  • Social workers’ role in addiction treatment centers
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • How substance abuse impacts families
  • Culturally responsive substance abuse interventions
  • Role of peer support groups in recovery
  • Addressing co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues
  • Prevention strategies for teen substance abuse
  • Impact of harm reduction policies on public health

Community Development

      51. Strategies for community empowerment and engagement

  • Social workers’ role in urban renewal projects
  • Addressing food insecurity and food deserts
  • Community-based participatory research methods
  • Sustainable development and environmental justice
  • Promoting social cohesion and inclusion in diverse communities
  • Addressing gentrification and displacement
  • Social workers’ role in disaster relief and recovery
  • Impact of community-based organizations
  • Addressing homelessness and housing insecurity

Criminal Justice

      61. If restorative justice practices are effective

  • Social Workers’ role in the juvenile justice System
  • Prisoner re-entry and reducing repeat offenses
  • Impact of incarceration on families and communities
  • Addressing racial disparities in criminal justice
  • Victim support services and victim-centered approaches
  • Diversion programs and alternatives to incarceration
  • Needs of incarcerated individuals with mental health issues
  • Restorative justice practices in schools
  • Impact of criminal records on jobs and housing

Immigration and Refugees

      71. Integration challenges for immigrants and refugees

  • Social workers’ role in refugee resettlement programs
  • Addressing the needs of undocumented immigrants
  • Cultural competence when working with immigrants/refugees
  • Impact of immigration policies on families and communities
  • Addressing trauma and mental health needs of refugees
  • Language barriers and service access for immigrants
  • Immigrant and refugee youth: Challenges and opportunities
  • Promoting inclusion and combating discrimination
  • Social workers’ role in immigration detention centers

Health Care

      81. Addressing health disparities and social factors affecting health

  • Social workers’ role in hospitals
  • Patient advocacy and navigating healthcare systems
  • Chronic illness management and support services
  • Addressing the needs of underserved populations in healthcare
  • End-of-life care and palliative services
  • Mental health needs of healthcare professionals
  • Promoting health literacy and patient education
  • COVID-19 impact on vulnerable groups
  • Telehealth and its implications for social work

School Social Work

      91. Addressing bullying and school violence

  • Supporting students with special needs
  • Promoting a positive school environment
  • How poverty impacts student achievement
  • Trauma-informed practices in schools
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ students and inclusive environments
  • Addressing students’ mental health needs
  • Dropout prevention and intervention
  • Promoting social-emotional learning in schools
  • Collaboration between school social workers and other staff

Human Services

      101. Addressing homelessness and housing insecurity

  • Social workers’ role in domestic violence shelters
  • Poverty reduction and economic empowerment programs
  • Addressing the needs of veterans and families
  • Natural disaster impact on vulnerable groups
  • Promoting financial literacy and self-sufficiency
  • Addressing food insecurity and hunger
  • Social workers’ role in crisis intervention and emergencies
  • Addressing the needs of the developmentally disabled

Social Policy

      111.     Analyzing the impact of social welfare policies

  • Social workers’ role in policy advocacy and lobbying
  • Addressing income inequality and wealth gaps
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of social programs
  • Ethics in Social Policy Development
  • Comparing social welfare systems across countries
  • Climate change impact on vulnerable groups
  • Social workers’ role in sustainable development
  • Impact of austerity measures on social services
  • Addressing the digital divide and technology access

Human Rights

      121.     Addressing human trafficking and modern slavery

  • Social workers’ role in promoting human rights
  • Addressing the needs of refugees and displaced persons
  • Promoting the rights of indigenous communities
  • Addressing gender-based violence and discrimination
  • Promoting the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Impact of armed conflicts on civilians
  • Promoting children’s rights and protection
  • Environmental degradation impact on human rights
  • Social workers promoting human rights education

Aging and Elderly Care

      131.     Addressing ageism and promoting positive aging

  • Social workers’ role in long-term care facilities
  • Promoting aging in place and community services
  • Addressing the needs of caregivers for the elderly
  • Financial security and retirement planning for seniors
  • Addressing loneliness among the elderly
  • Promoting intergenerational activities
  • Addressing dementia and Alzheimer’s impact
  • Promoting advance care planning and end-of-life care

Family and Marriage Counseling

      141.     Addressing domestic violence and partner violence

  • Social workers’ role in family/marriage counseling
  • Divorce impact on children and families
  • Promoting healthy family communication and conflict resolution
  • Addressing the needs of blended and non-traditional families
  • Promoting positive co-parenting strategies
  • Addiction impact on families
  • Promoting financial stability for families
  • Addressing the needs of military families
  • Promoting family resilience and coping

Diversity and Social Justice

      151.     Addressing racial/ethnic disparities in social services

  • Promoting cultural competence in social work
  • Addressing discrimination and promoting inclusion
  • Promoting social justice and human rights
  • Addressing the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals and families
  • Promoting intersectional approaches to social work
  • Addressing systemic oppression and marginalization impact
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in social work education
  • Addressing the needs of the disabled
  • Anti-racist and anti-oppressive social work

Community Mental Health

      161.     Addressing trauma’s impact on communities

  • Social workers’ role in community mental health centers
  • Promoting mental health literacy and reducing stigma
  • Addressing the mental health needs of specific groups
  • Promoting community-based mental health services
  • Poverty and social factors impact mental health
  • Promoting peer support and self-help for mental health
  • Addressing youth and teen mental health needs
  • Promoting mental health in schools and education
  • COVID-19 impact on community mental health

Addictions and Substance Abuse

      171.     Addressing the opioid crisis and overdose prevention

  • Social workers’ role in addiction treatment and recovery
  • Promoting harm reduction for substance abuse
  • Substance abuse impact on families and communities
  • Culturally responsive addiction services
  • Co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues
  • Promoting peer support in addiction recovery
  • Unique needs of women and substance abuse
  • Substance abuse prevention and early intervention
  • Impact of cannabis legalization

Social Work with Children & Youth

      181.    Addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

  • Social workers’ role in child welfare and protection
  • Promoting positive youth development and resilience
  • Addressing the needs of youth in juvenile justice
  • Promoting educational success and closing achievement gaps
  • Addressing bullying and school violence impact
  • Promoting youth empowerment and leadership
  • Addressing the needs of LGBTQ+ youth
  • Promoting family engagement and support
  • Technology and social media impact on youth

Human Behavior & Social Environment

      191.     Poverty and socioeconomic status impact

  • Promoting resilience and coping strategies
  • Addressing trauma and adverse experiences impact
  • Promoting positive identity and self-esteem
  • Discrimination and oppression impact
  • Promoting social support and community connections
  • Environmental factors impact human behavior
  • Promoting positive aging and life transitions
  • Technology and social media impact
  • Promoting cultural competence and humility

Social Work Practice & Ethics

      201.     Addressing ethical dilemmas in practice

  • Promoting self-care and preventing burnout
  • Social media and technology impact on practice
  • Promoting evidence-based practice
  • Addressing interdisciplinary collaboration challenges
  • Promoting culturally responsive practice
  • Addressing vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue
  • Social justice and human rights in practice
  • COVID-19 impact on social work practice
  • Promoting professional development

International Social Work 

      211.     Addressing global poverty and inequality

  • Promoting sustainable development & environmental justice
  • Armed conflicts and humanitarian crises impact
  • Promoting human rights and global social justice
  • Promoting community development and empowerment
  • Globalization and migration impact
  • Cultural competence in international social work
  • Promoting international collaboration

Research & Evaluation

      221.     Promoting evidence-based practice

  • Developing assessment tools and measures
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of interventions
  • Challenges in community-based participatory research
  • Promoting mixed methods in research

These topics cover a wide range of social work issues, allowing for in-depth exploration and analysis within specific niches.

Tips for Selecting a Research Topic

Picking a topic for research is an important first step. Your topic should be something you truly care about and want to explore deeply. Here are some tips for choosing an engaging and meaningful social work research topic:

Find Areas You Really Like

Make a list of the social issues or groups of people that you are most interested in. Think about personal experiences, volunteer work, internships, or classes that made you curious and want to learn more. Having a real interest will keep you motivated throughout the whole research process.

Look at Current Information

Look through recent journals, books, and reliable websites related to your interests. Note any gaps in knowledge or questions that come up from the existing information. These gaps can point you toward relevant research topics.

Consider Real-World Impact

Choose a topic that has the potential to inform policies, practices, or ways to help that can create positive social change. Research that can be applied in real-world situations is especially valuable in social work.

Make Sure Data Exists

Ensure there is enough data available to support an in-depth study of your chosen topic. This may include access to case studies, survey data, records, or people to participate in your research.

Narrow Your Focus

While social issues are often very broad and complex, a focused research topic is easier to manage and allows for deeper exploration. Narrow your topic to a specific population, geographic area, or part of the larger issue.

Get Input from Others

Talk to professors, professionals in the field, or experienced researchers for their insights and suggestions on potential topics. Their expertise can help you refine your ideas and identify promising areas for research.

Think About Ethics

As a social worker, it’s important to consider the ethical impacts of your research, such as protecting participants’ rights and well-being, addressing potential biases, and being sensitive to cultural differences.

Be Flexible

While it’s important to have a clear research focus, be open to adjusting your topic as you learn more from reading materials or encounter new perspectives during the research process.

Choosing a well-defined and meaningful research topic is the base for producing valuable social work research that can add to knowledge and drive positive change.

Social work covers a wide range of issues and groups of people, making it a rich and diverse area for research. The 225 topics listed here are just a small part of the many important areas ready for exploration. 

From child well-being and mental health to criminal justice and human rights, each topic offers a chance to examine complex societal challenges deeply and contribute to developing impactful solutions. 

As students start their research journeys, they have the potential to uncover new insights, challenge existing ways of thinking, and ultimately improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities. 

With genuine interest, hard work, and a commitment to ethical and rigorous research, social work students can make meaningful contributions that drive positive change in our constantly changing world.

How do I know if a research topic is relevant to social work?

A relevant research topic in social work addresses current societal issues, aligns with the goals of social work practice, and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the field.

What are some examples of social work research topics related to social justice?

Examples include investigating disparities in access to healthcare, analyzing the impact of systemic racism on marginalized communities, and evaluating policies aimed at promoting social equity.

How can I narrow down a broad research topic in social work?

You can narrow down a broad research topic by focusing on a specific population, geographic location, or aspect of the issue. Conducting a literature review can also help identify gaps and areas for further exploration.

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206 Social Work Research Topics

blog image

It is always noble and never useless to make efforts to contribute to society. One of the best ways to do that is to ace your studies first. For that, you will need to conduct good research. It would help if you had a solid social work topic to make your research impactful. Today is the first day of your life to come and  write the best research paper  in your class.

Table of Contents

Social Research Topics: Administrative, Elderly, Youth and More

If you are still looking for some  research paper topics  for inspiration, we are here to help. Today, we have 204 Social Work Research Topics to make your day and research a happy beginning.

Want us to do the job for you? All you have to do is contact us and say:  write my paper !

Social Work Research Topics For Administration and Management

social work research topics for administration and management

  • Initiatives to improve public life quality in rural areas
  • Organizing activities to enhance efforts to raise awareness about climate change
  • The roles of administration and management to control and manage social disputes
  • Influences of social support and stress on the public behavior
  • Exploration of knowledge relating to interprofessional  collaboration among graduates
  • Intervention models used by social workers for the improvement of social structure
  • Conflict management in organizations and workplaces
  • Conflict management in childcare center work teams
  • Community management in housing societies
  • Social representations of gambling and how to manage its impact on society
  • The decision-making process in stress-induced organizational environments
  • The specificity of social work within a multidisciplinary team in a school environment
  • The ancient art of storytelling. How can administrators organize such events to bring out social harmony
  • Social disaster management in localities and SOPs to help the public avoid panicking
  • Social management of a disaster: a multidimensional analysis
  • The identity construction of street youth
  • Social representations and public policies
  • Fight against poverty as a social responsibility
  • The case of  non-governmental organizations  and community groups
  • The role of social workers in civil societies
  • Influence of roads on the variance of reproductive success
  • The direct action of anti-authoritarian groups working in California
  • Privatization and Commercialization of Social security in the US
  • Role and contribution of medical social work in university hospitals
  • An exploratory study of social support. The process leading to accommodation for senior citizens
  • Duty to provide shelter, food and clothing for every citizen of society

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Social Work Research Topics About The Elderly

social work research topics about the elderly

  • The process of obtaining consent from older adults during social interventions
  • Building the well-being of seniors in the European territories
  • Housing and accommodation of homeless seniors
  • Various indicators of the well-being of the elders
  • The delivery of training and information sessions aimed at the well-being of seniors
  • Aspects of end-of-life well-being among older adults in The United States
  • Promoting the needs, protecting the assets and defending the interests of senior citizens
  • The offer of products and services that meet the needs of the elderly
  • Facilities such as insurance, senior citizen benefits and discounts
  • The representation of elderly members of society by governments, institutions and other groups
  • Non-profit agencies. Carrying out projects to identify and meet the needs of senior citizens
  • Resources for the welfare of the seniors
  • Studies highlight the importance of strong social ties among older adults
  • Adult education for the improvement of elderly citizens
  • Lower health and well-being indexes in older people without close relatives
  • The well-being of middle-aged adults and older people without partners or children
  • Seminars and events to gather the information and opinions of elders
  • Practitioners, policymakers and researchers to improve the health and welfare of the elderly
  • The development and evaluation of the  Mental Health Policy  Assessment Tool for
  • The mental health of elderly citizens
  • Initiatives to check policies and programs based on the values and needs of seniors
  • Understanding the values and concerns of seniors
  • Factors that may influence the elderly’s mental health
  • Importance of employing senior interns. They have more understanding of the world and experience of human emotion
  • Understanding older people as they have different needs
  • Examples of health care reorientation for senior citizens
  • Societal preferences and needs of aging populations

Looking for high school research paper ideas instead? 297 High School Research Paper Topics to Top The Class

Youth Social Work Research Topics

youth social work research topics

  • Sociology at the service of social work among young students
  • Debates about social work in schools and colleges
  • Social work through debates and discussions by raising awareness of social issues
  • Managing uncertainty and risk about child protection
  • Rights of students and the need to raise awareness in the regard
  • Issues and practices in expression and creation workshops in schools
  • Students working on social issues
  • The institutes that provide financial help to students engaged in social work
  • Environmental education and social work
  • Prepare students to do social work to become better versions of themselves
  • Encouraging youth to think about public service
  • Education of young women in underdeveloped countries
  • The involvement of students in social work. Students that have experienced a mental health problem
  • Immigration policy  and the economic integration of international students
  • Problems and Solutions Retained for international students in The United States
  • The cause of women over the centuries. Has their condition improved or gotten worse?
  • Quality of life and drugs. For young people dealing with post-recovery trauma
  • Youth court and child protection. Judging and decision-making in disputes among young people
  • Programs to prevent drug abuse and addiction among young people
  • Programs to inspire students and thought. Reflecting on the orientation of social work
  • A student’s journey from structured education to a model with social goals
  • Awareness and solution to the challenges for parents of teenage students. How can students help these efforts
  • Group intervention with adolescent clients of a social services center
  • Youth and social practices
  • Young people and social work
  • Being young and exposed to a technological disaster
  • Parental involvement in the context of youth protection
  • The point of view of workers working in youth centers on parental involvement
  • The experience of parents living in California with autistic children
  • Social functioning and coping strategies used by adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Social policy and regional development of students
  • Method and design of a home adaptation guide
  • The academic journey of university students diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder
  • Supporting the motivation of Aboriginal female students in their university studies
  • The effects of an internship. International students enrolled in an adult education center
  • Students with disabilities in the context of a university internship

Also related:  Argumentative Research Topics : Religion, Health, Economics, etc.

Social Work Research Topics Related To Mental Health

social work research topics related to mental health

  • The contribution of social work to the therapeutic relationship. The recovery of people with a severe mental disorder
  • Factors that influence recovery in older people with severe mental illness
  • Consequences of macro social catastrophes on psychosocial health
  • Environmental control, behaviors and feelings of the elderly
  • Factors that help or hinder intervention. Young people with one or more mental disorders
  • The perception of young homosexual people. The factors that influence their state of mental health
  • Post-disaster recovery, mental health and resilience: the role of public health organizations.
  • Impacts of floods on mental health in South Asian countries
  • The recovery process. People who have developed a mental disorder after being victims of violent crime
  • The relationships between self-stigma, self-esteem, self-efficacy and recovery in people with mental disorders
  • The practical initiatives in social work with mental health aspects
  • Role of social media in the rise of psychological problems. The endeavors to overcome the dilemma
  • Attachment styles, family context and severe behavioral disorders
  • Implementation of a support program: Parents helping young people with a mental disorder
  • People with severe mental disorders and their influencing factors
  • The experience of parents with an adult child with borderline personality disorder
  • Social awareness of Histrionic Personality Disorder

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Social Justice Research Topics

social justice research topics

  • Significant milestones in the history of social justice
  • Solid contributions to social justice by social workers
  • The standard of reasonableness through surveys on values
  • Anthropological elements that help social justice.
  • Role of philosophical understanding to promote social justice
  • Truth, Justice and The American Way: An original slogan or a sham?
  • The need for social justice on international grounds
  • Need for social justice to have a fair globalized environment
  • Social work in the global supply chains
  • The future of social work
  • The crucial role of social justice in international labor standards
  • International employment standards and the importance of social justice
  • What side of political economy serves social justice better? Socialism or Capitalism?
  • Use of the Word Justice and Meaning of Justice and its critical importance. Making the world a better and more liveable place
  • Social justice and the community structure
  • Economic analysis of profit and investment with moral strings attached
  • Cultural prejudice holding back social justice
  • Role of cultural understanding to improve the application of social justice
  • Social Justice, Civil Sense and Education
  • Social justice and rules of recognition
  • The universality of the humanitarian law
  • Moral responsibilities of judicial office
  • Evolution of social legislation in Europe and the Americas in the nineteenth century
  • Social Justice in Post-Revolution France compared to the monarch-era
  • Social justice and subjective rights
  • Public interest or humanitarian mission
  • On what basis can a sociological explanation base on the norms of justice?
  • Believing in justice: from psychological comfort to ideology
  • Religious values behind social justice
  • Importance of religion in improving human life
  • The action of the public authorities in matters of social justice
  • Different conceptions and perceptions of social justice
  • Economic and social inequalities and their evolution

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Social Responsibility Research Topics

social responsibility research topics

  • Building and implementing an action plan for restructuring the local community
  • Communities and local deployment
  • Risk management and corporate social responsibility
  • The need for social responsibility during the recurrence of a natural calamity
  • International Labor Organization. Importance of improving the work culture
  • What CEOs can do to improve work culture at a multinational organization
  • Social responsibility to stop employee persecution in underdeveloped and developing countries
  • The Green Paper on corporate social responsibility
  • The specificities of the European approach to customer services representation
  • The genesis of corporate social responsibility and evolution over the years
  • Elements and aspects of the concept of corporate social responsibility
  • Aspects and elements of the green economy
  • Layman’s duty to fight corruption
  • United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection: Importance and application
  • International standards for gender rights
  • Violation of gender rights in countries of the Indian Subcontinent
  • The values of influence of the practices in companies: The degree of responsibility
  • Corporate social responsibility and profit-making
  • Policy evaluation as a social process
  • Theoretical issues and evolution of customer service responsibility
  • Declaration of the International Labor Organization
  • International standards relating to labor law
  • International standards relating to social justice
  • International standards relating related to customer services

If you are an aspiring businessman: 260 Best  Business Research Topics  might pique your interest .

Social Work Research Topics: HealthCare

social work research topics healthcare

  • Group work, the health awareness initiative from the pupils in the universities
  • Situate the intervention of professionals in the health and social field
  • Discovering different professions and pursuits of social health studies
  • Using digital technology in activities in the health services
  • The first level of knowledge of the health and social work collaboratives
  • Questioning in health-social situated with the technological approach
  • Health and social sciences in the time of technological boom
  • Artificial Intelligence is helping health care on massive levels
  • Quality, safety and relevance of care
  • Social work to spread awareness on the prevention and control of viral diseases
  • Health and complementary health insurance
  • Child and adolescent health
  • Adult health and awareness about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Elderly health and aging: Care for the elderly in the post-pandemic era
  • Mental health and prevention and control suicide ratio
  • Financing and pricing of health establishments
  • Role of social workers to provide alternatives to conventional hospitalization
  • Evaluation of the national health strategy
  • Employment and income of health social workers
  • Conditions of exercise and work of health professionals
  • Training of medical social workers and health professionals
  • Topics to cover the areas of health problems in social sectors
  • Health and social matters: Need for the optional technological education

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Criminal Justice Social Work Research Topics

criminal justice social work research topics

  • Social work to enforce fair and honest criminal justice
  • Efforts to make a mentally better society to avoid critical crimes such as murder and assault
  • Role of social workers to improve the delivery of criminal justice
  • Research related to the effects of the conviction
  • Social responsibility to understand compatible languages. Science and justice in terms of a layman
  • Social work to improve the quality of Justice and Quality Standards for Analytical Laboratories
  • Role of social work in search of a new balance in procedural law
  • Social work activities. Efforts involving monitoring the performance of the criminal justice system

Talking of crime and punishment, we have some  legal research topics  to offer you.

Environmental Social Work Topics

environmental social work topics

  • Social vulnerability and crises
  • Environmental intervention in social work
  • What we know about the consequences of flooding in various studies
  • Social workers faced with the demand for environmental justice
  • Social professions put to the test the environment
  • Social work and consideration of “living” in environmental problems
  • Ecology and social work: Initiatives to save the planet earth
  • Importance of education and training: social work in the fields of environmental sciences
  • Socio-political debates for ecological sustainability
  • Transformation of social policies to secure the environment and control global warming
  • Environment-sustaining activities to perform on the event of International Social Work Day
  • Co-constructing a New Eco-Social World to leave a better world behind

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Social Work Research Topics List

June 16, 2023

Looking for inspiration for your social work research paper? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of social work research topic ideas to help you find your perfect research topic and start your paper . From exploring social justice and inequality issues to assessing the impact of social media on mental health, these topics are bound to spark new ideas and get your creative juices flowing. So, whether you’re interested in clinical social work or community practice, read on for inspiration and begin your research journey today!

Social Work Research: What It Deals With

Social work research is connected with collecting information and data on social issues. This process aims to identify the causes and solutions to difficulties that affect individuals, families, and communities. Social workers use the data collected from their research to make their clients’ lives better.

There are many different types of this type of research, including:

  • Qualitative analysis, examining behavior patterns in a group or individual through interviews or observations. The information gathered during these interviews and observations can be used to determine how people react to certain situations, such as poverty, abuse, or neglect.
  • Quantitative analysis gathers numerical data about a group or individual through surveys or questionnaires. The information gathered from these surveys can be used to determine how many people have certain behaviors or characteristics like drug addiction, alcohol abuse, or depression.
  • Professionals may also use other types of techniques such as ethnographic studies (observing behavior in its natural setting), secondary data analysis (analyzing existing data sets), meta-analysis (comparing results across studies) and experimental designs (testing one variable at a time).

How to Choose a Topic for Your Research?

Choosing a topic is one of the most challenging tasks for students. These topics can be chosen from various fields, such as human behavior, mental health, and social norms.

When choosing a research topic, you need to take into account the following:

  • What is your field of study?
  • What do you want to achieve by doing this research?
  • Are you looking for a career in research, or do you want to use this as part of your course requirement?

To make this process easier and help you choose wisely, use the best AI tool for academic writing . It uses current trends and how they relate to your field. It would make your college and research work more focused and efficient.

Social Work Research Topics for College Students

  • The impact of childhood trauma on mental health outcomes in adulthood
  • Examining the effectiveness of community-based interventions for reducing domestic violence
  • The intersection of race and poverty in accessing mental health services
  • The role of social support in promoting positive outcomes for individuals with substance use disorders
  • Understanding the experiences of foster care youth transitioning to adulthood
  • The effectiveness of mindfulness-based interventions for reducing anxiety and depression
  • Examining the impact of social media on adolescent mental health
  • Addressing health disparities in marginalized communities through social work interventions
  • The role of social work in addressing homelessness and housing insecurity
  • Microaggressions` influence on mental health outcomes for people of color
  • Understanding the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth in foster care
  • The effectiveness of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy for survivors of sexual assault
  • Examining the impact of adverse childhood experiences on parenting behaviors
  • Addressing the mental health needs of refugees and immigrants in the United States
  • The role of social work in promoting justice and anti-racism in healthcare
  • The experiences of older adults in long-term care facilities
  • Examining the effectiveness of restorative justice practices in reducing recidivism rates
  • The mental health needs of individuals with disabilities
  • The impact of poverty on child development and academic outcomes
  • Understanding the experiences of individuals with mental illness in the criminal justice system

Social Work Topics for Presentation

  • How do social workers deal with homelessness and housing insecurity?
  • The impact of social media on well-being
  • Self-care importance for social workers
  • The mental health needs of LGBTQ+ youth in schools
  • Social work interventions for supporting individuals with substance use disorders
  • Understanding the impact of adverse childhood experiences on mental health outcomes in adulthood
  • Cultural competence in social work
  • The role of social workers in promoting justice and equity in healthcare
  • Trauma-informed care in social work practice
  • The experiences of children in foster care and how social workers can support their well-being
  • Supporting people with disabilities in accessing services
  • Mental health interventions for refugees and immigrants
  • Addressing the unique mental health needs of military veterans
  • The influence of racism and discrimination on mental health outcomes for people of color
  • Social work interventions for addressing domestic violence
  • Supporting caregivers of individuals with chronic illnesses
  • Social work interventions for addressing bullying in schools
  • The role of social workers in promoting restorative justice practices

Social Work Research Interesting Topics

  • The impact of COVID-19 on mental health and social work practice
  • Mindfulness-based interventions in reducing stress and anxiety among social workers
  • The role of social workers in addressing racial disparities in healthcare
  • Trauma-informed care in promoting recovery among survivors of abuse
  • Social media and youth mental health and wellbeing
  • The role of social workers in promoting access to affordable housing
  • Peer support programs for promoting recovery among individuals with substance use disorders
  • The influence of poverty on child development
  • The application of restorative justice practices in reducing recidivism rates among juvenile offenders
  • The role of social workers in promoting access to healthcare for undocumented immigrants
  • The application of cognitive-behavioral therapy for reducing symptoms of depression among individuals with chronic illnesses
  • The impact of domestic violence on mental health and the role of social workers in addressing this issue
  • The effectiveness of school-based social work interventions in promoting academic and social success among at-risk youth
  • The role of social workers in promoting access to care for rural communities
  • The impact of parental incarceration on child development and the role of social workers in providing support to affected families
  • Group therapy for promoting recovery among individuals with eating disorders
  • The influence of homelessness on mental health and the role of social workers in addressing this issue
  • Animal-assisted therapy for promoting emotional wellbeing among individuals with disabilities
  • The role of social workers in promoting access to education for children in foster care
  • The impact of social isolation on mental health and the role of social workers in addressing this issue

Controversial Topics for Social Work Research

  • The effectiveness of faith-based social work interventions
  • The impact of mandatory reporting laws on the relationship between social workers and clients
  • The ethical implications of social workers engaging in political activism
  • The use of medication-assisted treatment for people with opioid use disorders
  • The role of social workers in the criminal justice system, including working with incarcerated individuals and advocating for prison reform
  • The use of seclusion and restraint in mental health facilities and its potential impact on clients’ mental health
  • The ethics of using deception in social work research
  • The potential bias in child welfare decision-making processes
  • The use of teletherapy in social work practice and its effectiveness compared to traditional in-person therapy
  • The influence of mandatory minimum sentences on humans with substance use disorders
  • The ethics of social workers’ involvement in end-of-life decision-making processes
  • The application of cognitive enhancers in social work practice, such as with individuals with ADHD
  • The potential for bias in social work assessments and diagnoses, particularly with regards to race and culture
  • The ethics of social workers engaging in conversion therapy practices
  • The impact of welfare policies on marginalized communities, particularly with regards to poverty and homelessness
  • The ethics of social workers’ involvement in immigration enforcement and detention
  • The potential for conflict of interest in social workers’ involvement in child custody and adoption cases
  • The connection between social work interventions and the family dynamics of persons with mental illness
  • The potential for bias in social workers’ involvement in the special education system
  • The ethics of social workers engaging in dual relationships with clients, such as with friends or family members

Social Work Research Topics in Human Services

  • The impact of human service interventions on the well-being of individuals experiencing homelessness
  • The effectiveness of social work interventions in addressing food insecurity in low-income communities
  • Understanding the barriers to accessing mental health services for individuals with disabilities and the role of human services in addressing these barriers
  • The influence of trauma on the mental health of refugees and immigrants, and the role of human services in providing trauma-informed care
  • The effectiveness of human service interventions in addressing the opioid epidemic
  • The connection between human services and improving educational outcomes for at-risk youth
  • Addressing the mental health needs of individuals experiencing domestic violence through human services interventions
  • The role of human services in supporting individuals with chronic illnesses and their families
  • The experiences of older adults in human service settings and the role of human services in promoting their well-being
  • The impact of human services on the social and emotional development of children in foster care
  • Addressing the unique mental health needs of LGBTQ+ individuals through human services interventions
  • The role of human services in promoting restorative justice practices in the criminal justice system
  • The effectiveness of human service interventions in addressing substance use disorders in marginalized communities
  • The impact of human services on reducing poverty and income inequality
  • The experiences of individuals with mental illness in human service settings and the role of human services in promoting their recovery
  • The effectiveness of human services interventions in addressing child abuse and neglect
  • Addressing the mental health needs of military veterans through human services
  • The influence of human services on promoting social justice and equity in healthcare
  • Understanding the experiences of individuals with developmental disabilities in human service settings and the role of human services in promoting their independence
  • The influence of social determinants of health on mental health outcomes through human services interventions

What Difficulties You Can Face Conducting Your Research

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Sociology Research Topics Ideas

Importance of Computer in Nursing Practice Essay

History Research Paper Topics For Students

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list of research topics in social work

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233 Social Work Research Topics: Helpful List For Students

social work research topics

Social work research topics deal with many things. They look into some of the problem generating areas within the social works field and the use of research methodology to understand these problems. They also try to sort these problems out and address some of the challenges encountered both in the lives of social workers and their primary field of practice.

Like every other research writing, writing a social work research topic requires the carrying out of in-depth research finding on the subject which requires the application of theories, the use of concepts, understanding the basic and advanced principles of social works, observing the intricacies within the field of study, finding ways to address these social issues through the use of experimental, survey, analytic, cause and effect researching procedure.

To craft an intriguing and compelling essay topic on social works, all of the aforementioned will need to be present as they help you not just in the topic formulation process but also in the research writing. Every research writing follows a particular style and writing on social works partakes in this process. Here are some social work-related research topics to put into consideration.

Social Work Research Topics

Social work as a field of work and field of study deals primarily with practicality. Even though the understanding of some of its underlying principles requires first the use and application of theories, social workers deal with practical applications daily. Writing a research topic on this field, therefore, requires that each topic will have undertones of practicality woven within it.

This is necessary as the primary goal of both social work research writing and the field itself is in carrying out investigations and the understanding of various issues that impact the lives of individuals and how they could be addressed. Research social worker research topics on it can look like.

  • The importance of group therapy for children in foster homes
  • Impacts of clinical depression on teenage girls
  • Lack of child support and its impact on child care in America
  • A look into depression and the stigma associated with it.
  • ADHD within foster homes and its impacts on children
  • The impacts of constant mobility in the lives of orphaned toddlers
  • Addressing the inherent PTSD in the lives of medical veterans
  • The social relegation of Autism children
  • Addressing the stigma surrounding disability
  • Disability and how it affects the lives of middle-aged parents
  • The recurring case of displacement and its violent effects on street children
  • How homelessness impacts people psyche
  • Misdiagnosed mental illness and its negative impacts on people
  • Suicidal tendencies within military units and possible ways to address them.
  • The need for the social interrogation of mental illness stigma
  • Parents living with Bipolar and how it impacts their parenting and children’s lives
  • How early childhood displacement amounts to antisocial lifestyle in foster children
  • Adoption of teenagers: the struggles and joys associated within
  • A look into the undisclosed cases of rape violence amongst women in the military and how it impacts their lives and service
  • Substance abuse and how it affects parenting
  • Understanding the trauma associated with child-parent separation
  • How divorce positively impacts the health and lifestyle of children
  • A close analysis of the myths associated with Welfare mothers
  • Addressing the issue of substance abuse amongst teenagers
  • Death and how it impacts the collective well-being of the family
  • A study into family support as a viable way for alcohol recovery
  • Alcoholism and its impacts on a person’s psyche
  • How sponsors positively impact the lives of recovering addicts
  • A clinical study of anti-depressants and their current effectiveness
  • The breeding of social exclusion of children with Down syndrome
  • Why social and academic integration is important for children with Down syndrome
  • Depression and how family exacerbates it
  • Alcoholism: it impacts on social, family, and personal lifestyle
  • An analysis of the difference and similarities between Dyslexia and ADHD
  • Creating awareness for Dyslexic patients

Social Work Research Questions

Social works as a field of study fall within the social sciences, as a result of this the field of study deals with the use of questioning as an approach to arrive at a conclusive and reflective answer (empirical evidence). This is why research in this field deals with data collection, data analysis, experimentations, investigation, etc. The research questions asked when researching within social works are important as it’s through it that informative research is carried out and meanings derived through it. Here are some social work research questions.

  • How does trauma inform the education of children in foster homes?
  • The protest of police brutality, does it have the potential of promoting transformative change?
  • Why does society insist that divorce impacts the psyche of all children negatively
  • Is informed trauma in foster homes the primary cause of children disappearing from foster homes?
  • Does the implementation of learning curriculums that positively impacts Dyslexic students improve their academics?
  • Is trauma-informed learning reflective of parenting?
  • Do house and food insecurity impact the lives of foster children for life?
  • How does community violence have effects on the lives LGBT+ community?
  • What are the ways the criminal justice system is failing America’s social lifestyle?
  • What are the signs of identifying workplace trauma
  • Workplace violence: how can it be addressed?
  • How do poverty and scarcity affect the psychology of young children?
  • What are the ways through which the American healthcare system is failing minority groups
  • What are the ways the misuse of substances breeds addictive behaviors?
  • How to point out the early signs of depression in teenagers?
  • Who is at greater risk of child-parent separation?
  • What are the consequences of living with Dyslexia?
  • Why is depression diagnosed as a mental disorder?
  • What are the defining differences between Bipolar I and Bipolar II?
  • How can bipolar patients receive support?
  • What percentage of incarcerated adults is from minority groups?
  • What are the results of racial disparity in America?
  • How does America’s racial disparity manifest in the healthcare system?
  • What are the challenges experienced by minority kids in foster homes?
  • How can the American government support welfare parents more?
  • How can addiction be controlled?
  • How does alcohol abuse affect college students’ academic performance?
  • What are the ways community reentry proves challenging for formerly incarcerated people?
  • What are the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of pregnant incarcerated mothers?
  • How can cases within addiction be curbed in America?
  • What are the ways to approach America’s carceral system?
  • What are the ways nursing homes can be better equipped for old folks?
  • What are the social and psychological impacts of student loans?
  • How can assistance be extended to adults with learning disabilities?
  • How can America’s rise in obesity be addressed?

Human Services Research Paper Topics

Human services research papers also fall within the social work research topics ideas to look into. This area of social works essay topics deal with issues which are primarily related to human service, how it’s being impacted, and ways to understand and address some of its challenges. Human services research paper topics that fall within it include.

  • How America’s carceral system affects low-income and minority homes majorly.
  • Social integration of Down syndrome and Dyslexic people
  • How the government can improve welfare conditions
  • The negative psychological impacts of food banks
  • How food banks benefit the lives of many Americans.
  • How home violence affects children
  • Understanding the effects of high school bullying
  • Welfare workers and why they need therapy and support groups
  • How to build love in foster care
  • The practice of resilience amongst social workers
  • The effects of juvenile delinquency in America
  • Understanding America’s carceral shortcomings
  • Minority groups at the expense of America’s carceral system
  • Addressing the issue of homophobia in America
  • Homophobia and how it impacts LGBTQ+ adults
  • Factors contributing to family violence
  • Spousal violence and how to address it
  • Family cruelty and how it impacts lives
  • Undiagnosed cases of Bipolar and its effects
  • Misdiagnosed mental illness and its effects
  • Improving support systems for LGBTQ+ kids
  • Home insecurity and how it impacts the homeless
  • Bridging the disparity of formerly incarcerated people
  • Understanding gender inequality when dealing with incarcerated people
  • The failure of America’s correctional system
  • Incarceration: Reformed or abolished?
  • Police system: Reformed, defunded, or abolished?
  • Factors contributing to increase in youth depression
  • Unemployment and its effects on people
  • Similarities between juvenile delinquency and adult incarceration
  • Psychological impacts of child trafficking
  • Human trafficking and its psychological effects on victims
  • Addressing depression, anxiety, and panic in little children

Interesting Social Work Topics

Within the field of social works, there are some topics and issues that draw extra attention due to their uniqueness. These topics often make for interesting research topics as they often draw on several relevant but often neglected issues or topics that are not paid due attention to. There are so many interesting social work topics that talk within this category and some of them include.

  • Understanding the experiences of women living within shelter homes
  • The racial disparity prevalent in America’s food bank system
  • A study and understanding of the stigma and social relegations welfare mothers are subjected to.
  • The challenges of living with both parents suffering from Alzheimer’s
  • A sociological and environmental outlook into the academic transition from high school to college and how it manifests in the lives of students.
  • An analysis of the client-therapist relationship of psychiatric therapists
  • An evaluation of the sociological impact of including sex education in the high school curriculum
  • An in-depth analysis of the emotional and psychological effects of induced child labor
  • Psychological, emotional, and physical effects of abusive parenting
  • Verbal and physical abuse in families and how it manifests in the lives of children
  • How emotional and psychological abuse encourages low self-esteem
  • A study of children raised in abusive homes
  • How physical abuse affects spousal intimacy
  • A critical study of the learning challenges of disabled children
  • How inclusivity in the social system will impact disabled children
  • Why there’s the need to encourage more flexible social structures for disabled people
  • A case study of the inherent challenges of interracial marriages
  • A case of study of how a functional and inclusive healthcare system improve social growth
  • How conversion therapy negatively impacts the LGBTQ+ community
  • How religion impacts social workers interaction with social issues
  • A study of the prevalence of poverty in the American Deep South and the ways it impedes growth
  • Sustainability of wellness therapy
  • An in-depth analysis of how first-time menstrual experiences impacts teenage girls in foster homes
  • The relationship between teenagers, school, and the general society
  • The negative impacts of birth control laws
  • How abortion bans are leading to more psychological issues
  • How the increases in the cost of housing in America is affecting young millennials
  • How low paid labor propagates workplace abuse
  • The impacts of gender roles and cultural beliefs in marriages
  • Why America needs more rehabilitation centers than carceral systems
  • The relationship between welfare systems and low-income neighborhoods
  • How teenage pregnancy impacts teenage mothers
  • The growing effect and pressure of social media in the lives of teenage children

Controversial Topics in Social Work

Social worker’s research topics also look into areas within the field of study that are often regarded as controversial. These topics are referred to as so due to their nature of occurrence which usually has provoked significant public interest. When writing on controversial topics in social work in this field, here are some of the topics that fall well within this category.

  • Rising cases of drug abuse in low-income neighborhoods
  • How incarceration negatively impacts the psychological well-being of incarcerated people
  • The dangers of confinement and why it should be looked into
  • Drug vulnerability and how to help addicts
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy and how it enables social workers to relate more to their environment and situations
  • Hypnosis and its health benefits on an individual
  • Therapy for the less represented groups and why it’s important
  • A clear distinction between clinical depression and undiagnosed depression
  • Misdiagnosis: how it’s affecting the lives of mentally challenged people
  • Understanding ADHD and the stigmas associated with it
  • An investigative study into the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy to improve the livelihood of incarcerated people
  • Understanding adolescents development about kids in foster cares
  • The social effects of living within an immigrant home in America
  • Social workers remuneration and how it impacts their dedication and diligence to their work
  • The negative impact of child-parent legally signed separation and ways through which it can be contained
  • A qualitative study of dealing with Dyslexia as an adolescent
  • Catering safe spaces for minority groups and the impacts of community on their mental health.
  • Child poverty, food insecurity, house insecurity: how they impact the academic abilities of children
  • Examining the use of empathy to facilitate the improvement of the social work sector
  • Why there needs to be more qualitative examining of foster homes for child safety and peace
  • The positive impacts within the foster home system and why it should be championed
  • Understanding sexual health education for incarcerated women
  • Addressing violence as a social problem within the correctional system
  • Court sanctioned confinement, how it promotes mental illness rather than facilitate correction
  • The hidden and unnoticed trauma prevalent in counselors and therapists
  • The continuous cycle of therapy: why therapists need therapy
  • The need to facilitate awareness on the stigma associated with AIDS
  • The social and health implication of abortion ban on women in low-income neighborhoods
  • The psychological, health, and social implications of abortion ban on rape survivors
  • The unreported cases of abuse in homes and how it propagates violence
  • Trafficking: the impacts of it on the social well-being of a society
  • Exploring the challenges of the hurricanes in low-income neighborhoods
  • The hidden trauma of hurricane and flood survivors

Social Work Thesis Topics

As a field of study on its own, social work will require you to write series of papers, research assignments and essays on a select topic of your choice. This is also compulsory if you are doing your master’s program or your Ph.D. You’ll be required to carry out evaluative or qualitative research on your area of interest. Some interesting social work essay topics to consider include the following ones.

  • The psychological impacts of adult children of emotionally immature parents
  • The treatment plan for diagnosed drug addiction
  • Navigating the challenges of visually impaired learners in the academia
  • Evaluating child abuse in foster care
  • The emotional effect of transitioning into nursing homes
  • A study of parenthood in immigrant families
  • The psychological weight of child abuse
  • Understanding child labor and its intricacies
  • Encouraging cognitive-behavioral therapy for foster parents
  • Trauma: Understanding the challenges of the foster kid
  • Abortion illegality as the increasing cause of teenage pregnancy
  • Understanding displacement and its nuances
  • The distinction between the displacement of children in war areas and children in foster homes
  • The psychological impacts of growing within a war zone
  • The barrier to working faced by formerly incarcerated people
  • Juvenile delinquency: how it harms rather than benefits children
  • Examining the American rehabilitation system
  • Examining the gender disparity in correctional facilities
  • The use of empathy: social workers in the discharge of duty
  • How to address compassion fatigue amongst counselors and social workers
  • The effects of structural racism on the welfare systems
  • Understanding depression from the welfare mom’s perspective
  • Myths associated with ADHD
  • Integrating compassion in social works
  • Building an inclusive system for foster kids
  • The disability challenges in the healthcare system
  • Disability disparity in the social works department
  • Future attachment styles in foster kids
  • Codependency: a feature of displacement
  • Home emotional unavailability as the rising cause for codependency
  • Understanding interdependency for the codependent
  • Distinctions between codependency and interdependency in youth adults
  • Prepatrum depression in expecting mothers

Social Work Topics for Presentation

One of the social work project ideas to look into while writing your paper is the possibility of including a presentation. As a practical field, social works research requires some level of presentation included. Here are some social work topics for presentation.

  • The historical development of social works
  • Importance of social works in school
  • Importance of therapy for teenagers
  • An exploration of challenges faced in forensic social works
  • Understanding the struggles of minority groups
  • A study of abuse in middle-class homes
  • Importance of finance in sustaining social works
  • The overall effect of compassion fatigue
  • Challenges of modern-day social works
  • Psychological impacts of child drug abuse
  • Importance of inclusivity in social works
  • Understanding same-sex relationships for the social worker
  • Importance of drug sensitization in high school
  • The abuse of drugs in low-income neighborhoods as an economic factor
  • Depression stereotypes
  • Effects and impacts of spirituality as a social works technique
  • Damages of psychological violence
  • Domestic violence and its impacts
  • Role of social workers in the prevention of drug abuse
  • Role or foster parents in the prevention of violence
  • Role of foster homes in creating a safe space
  • Positive impacts of foster parenting
  • Understanding trauma for the social worker
  • Importance of diversity in the social works sector
  • Understanding the neglect-syndrome of foster kids
  • Adolescent transitioning and trauma of LGBTQ+ children
  • Trauma and juvenile delinquency
  • Juvenile delinquency and adult incarceration
  • Importance of free healthcare for foster children and children in low-income neighborhoods
  • A study of sexually violated children
  • Understanding the impacts of incest in homes
  • The victim syndrome and how to better understand it
  • Understanding Stockholm syndrome

We have provided above a list of interesting social work topics that social science students, whether they are college students or master’s students, can choose from. But if you are hoping to meet up with your college or university essay deadlines, there are professional ENL US writers, including some of the best professors for hire online. They can assist you with fast and top-notch essays that will get you high grades all at a cheap rate. You will be provided with custom, amazing assignments that will attain you high grades.

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145+ Best Social Work Research Topics and Ideas to Use

What is the best research topic in social work.

Social work research determines and addresses various community problems and explains all the possible solutions as well as new innovations to improve services. Topics can range from mental health, poverty or substantial abuse. How do you develop an interesting social work topic and potential areas to discuss in your research? Don’t worry; this blog from our online research paper writing service covers your concerns. The blog post will provide some social work research paper topics and ideas that you can consider for your social work research.

Social Work Research Topics

What Are Social Work Research Topics?

Any Social work research ideas are systematic investigations of the issues that pertain to any social work field. It can also be defined as the application of research methods for addressing various problems faced by social workers in their practices.

The majority of the research topics include a study of the concepts, principles, and theories, as well as the underlying methods like the employee skills and interactions with the groups or individuals as an internal process.

Social work focuses on practical applications, and your research aims to properly understand the efficacy of various intervention methods to reduce people’s suffering. Our team has subject matter experts to offer affordable online case study reports in social work .

Where to Find the Finest Research Topics on Social Work?

The finest research topics for social networks can be the basic textbooks that are used in social work courses in social work research topics. A variation exists between the textbooks on any topic.

Some of these are comprehensive and indulge in the topics very deeply and on a more advanced level. This variation is due to the different needs for relevant instruction at graduate and undergraduate education levels of social work education.

Most of the instructors at the undergraduate levels of education prefer simpler and shorter text. However, some of them teach at higher education levels and prefer bigger tests.

Other spaces are as follows:

  • Scholarly articles

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Tips on How to Choose a Social Work Topic Selection

  • Skim through the literate study like course notes or handbooks that you have already studied. It would help if you went through it to visualize all your studied topics or even the sub-topics. You can also share your new ideas here.
  • Brainstorming can help you a lot in this process. Here, you can access your basic knowledge and get a few interesting educational topics that are stored in your mind to explore later in detail.
  • You can browse through the already published article topics in various social work journals. You can also study the newsletters on social websites. You can also search on the platforms for field-related news from many journals. Even if some of the article topics can be a bit complicated, these can be a good choice for you.
  • Browse the online data to find good research topics for your research paper writing . By skimming through these lists, you can get more topics with good copes. The broadness of these topics will bombard you with new related ideas.

Any good social work research topic covers all the modern trends as well as incorporeal male ideas in the social work field. The topic also needs to break the specific stereotypes by using relevant evidence.

Different peer-viewed studies should also support it.

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List of best social work research topics and ideas, controversial topics in social work.

  • Can euthanasia be justified?
  • Substance abuse in adolescents
  • How to deal with drug abuses in orphanages
  • Which Societal groups are the most vulnerable to substance abuse?
  • How to reduce recidivism with family support
  • How imprisonment affects mental health.
  • What is the ethical issue related to human trafficking?
  • Issues of gender differentiation in modern society
  • Juvenile delinquents vs reeducation strategies
  • Whose role is it to develop resilience in social work?

Check the mind-blowing list of the Top  140+ Controversial Research Topics for Students to Consider

Hot topics in social work.

  • Domestic violence among children vs teenagers
  • How to encourage women to report domestic violence
  • How to save families from domestic valence
  • Is it justified to change a child from his setting?
  • Effect of child negligence in life and career
  • How to provide testimony in a court by a social worker
  • How to invoke social work in the healthcare field
  • Grief consoling for families losing a loved one
  • How to relieve grief symptoms
  • How to help pains of domestic violence
  • Risk factors associated with deep grief

Best Social Work Research Topics Ideas

  • Importee of group therapy in children
  • Ill effects of less child support
  • Effects of clinical depression
  • Impact of ADHD in foster homes related to kids
  • Effects of continued mobility in the lives of orphaned kids
  • The best counselling session for people suffering from PTSD
  • Best social relegation for children with autism
  • How to address stigma related to disability
  • How does diabetes affect the lives of middle-aged parents?
  • Bad effects on the lives of children living on the streets
  • How does homelessness affect people’s psyche?

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Social Work Thesis Topics

  • Effect of alcoholic buses and excessive alcoholism in society
  • How to arrange for a good family counselling session to prevent alcoholism
  • How to analyze the trauma associated with parent-child separation
  • Analyze substantial abuses in society
  • ADHD vs Dyslexia- compare and contrast
  • How parent’s divorce affects the life of children
  • Define the uses of anti-depressants among people of different age groups
  • How to take care of children suffering from downs syndrome
  • The death of a family member affects the mental health and lifestyle of a family
  • How to generate awareness for the Dyslexic patients in the society

Social Work Dissertation Topics

  • How can domestic violence survivors get better job opportunities?
  • A study of females with sexual addiction
  • Reintegration of the rape survivors within the society
  • How to prevent juvenile recidivism
  • How to give proper juvenile justice
  • Examples of great women world leaders
  • Should health services be provided to immigrants?
  • Best housing options for the economically challenged people of society
  • Challenges of providing proper medical care to the senior citizens
  • Position of the HIV positive people in today’s society
  • Is customer satisfaction the ultimate goal of any business?
  • How Climatic Change Affects Social Work
  • Role of home care workers in our society
  • Why do people still hesitate to talk about sex?
  • Is sex education needed?

Choosing the Perfect  Top 250+ Dissertation Topics & Ideas in 2023

Captivating social work research ideas.

  • Role of Social Worker in Making end End-of-life Decisions
  • Effect of adolescence’s physical changes on the psyche of kids
  • How social work can help in preventing school and college dropouts
  • Effect of media on kids’ preschool behaviour
  • Effect of parents’ drug abuses on children
  • How the social workers can help in building the life and career of kids
  • Describe how to prevent stereotypes related to depression.
  • How social work deepen historically
  • Pros and cons of being an alcoholic
  • Cause and prevention of youth recidivism
  • Effect of bullying on students
  • How can social workers help in preventing teenage pregnancies?

Innovative Social Work Research Paper Topics

  • Preparing Educators for Multiple Settings
  • Support Services for Families in Need
  • Evaluation of the Impact of Innovation on Social Workers’ Performance
  • How to give the best support serves to the families in need
  • Social service to address Reproductive Health
  • The main issues faced by social workers while working
  • How to educate people having ASD
  • Issus of gender differentiation at school levels
  • How trump effect the adults and children
  • How can religion reduce stereotypes?
  • Effect of death on the family members
  • Can Evidence-Based Practice Affect life-long Learning?
  • Homelessness affects people’s psyche

Social Work Research Topics for Literature Review

  • How can the Multi-Agency Working protect children’s rights?
  • Role of Therapists in preventing child Abuse and addressing them
  • How to address kids who have gone through trauma
  • Causes and preventives of Recidivism
  • Role of social worker towards the school teachers
  • How the Adolescence Physical Changes affect children’s psychology
  • Reintegration in society for abuse survivors
  • Roe of social services to help students bond their own value systems
  • Role of social workers within the health care practitioners
  • How to cope with Intrinsic Cultural Perspectives
  • Explain the process of holding back

Engaging Social Work Research Ideas

  • Effect of unwanted pregnancy on teenage mothers
  • The pros and cons of social media effects on young minds
  • Explain all the welfare systems in the lives of low-income people
  • Explain the importance of various rehabilitation centres
  • How do cultural beliefs play a role in marriages?
  • Explain various labour laws related to social services
  • How the rising home costs affecting the lives of individuals and families
  • Explain the pros and cons related to abortion laws
  • Explain the sustainability of wellness therapies
  • How the birth control roles affect our society
  • Explain how the general community, teenagers and school are interrelated
  • Explain the impact of first-time menstrual experiences among teenage girls

Human Service Social Work Research Topics

  • Discuss various issues involved with juvenile justice
  • How to deal with homeless people
  • How to prevent bullying of physically disabled children
  • Explain the pre-natal as well as post-natal care for the surrogate mothers
  • Explain the increasing suicide among military personnel
  • How to improve the lives of sexually exploited children
  • How to add the dyslexia cases
  • Effect of interracial adopting all across the globe
  • How to build proper resilience by the social workers
  • What are the causes of child abuse in the orphanages?
  • What are the ethical issues involved with human trafficking

Learn about  Human Resources Research Topics

Social work capstone project ideas.

  • How can music heal a soul?
  • How to deal with pediatric mental health
  • Effect on chided by high conflict divorces
  • Explain autonomous self-care
  • Meta practices at the bachelor level
  • Explain Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Social Work Topics for Discussion

  • Community-Oriented Policing
  • How to teach anti-racism practices
  • How to reverse the wheel of oppression
  • Coping with trauma disorder cases
  • Explain Perinatal Substance Use Disorders
  • Explain the history of racial trauma of black people

Best Social Work Essay Topics

  • How to meet the Psychosocial Needs of online learners over social media
  • Leadership future of social workers
  • How the organizational leaders can play a role in employee self-care
  • Does racism also play a role in the life and work of social workers?
  • How to cope with active suicide rates
  • How to address Juvenile Sexual Offending
  • What are the keys to solving deep-rooted social issues?

Also, Check –  120+ Unique Evaluation Essay Topics and Ideas

Social work topics for presentation.

  • How addiction is changing the world
  • Elder abuses in the USA
  • Influence of homosexuality in the modern society
  • Is gender a definitive thing- explain
  • Invasive vs Passive Interventions
  • How to obliterate gender pay gaps
  • Are domestic abuses also applicable to men?
  • Effect of rape and sexual abuses on human development
  • How to treat the most Vulnerable Inhabitants of the society
  • Explain the Naturalization of Human Needs
  • Are hard work and modern music leading to more drug abuses
  • Role of politics to shape any society

Thus, writing an effective research paper on social work is a tedious task. Therefore, you always need the best online Social Work Research Paper Writing Help from a reliable provider. The is always the best choice for you.

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Best Economics Research Topics and Ideas for Student

181+ latest case study topics for students to think about, example list of business research topics ideas for students, 130+ best informative essay topics for students, 265+ good conclusion starters for the final paragraph.

list of research topics in social work

  • How we work

list of research topics in social work

81 Social Work Research Topics to Consider for PhD Research

Browse our collection of wide-ranging research topics for social work that can make your project stand out.

list of research topics in social work

Great Social Work Topics to Research: Signs, Features & Examples

The main thing to remember when seeking great social work research proposal topics is the need to focus on investigating actual problems. Major research areas are related to concepts, theories, and principles people use to interact with individuals and groups. Moreover, research also covers internal processes and functioning principles within social entities. The research helps to understand the problems better and find solutions.

Another important thing is that social work topics to research should be associated with the practice. Theoretical knowledge can’t be completed without a practical part. The research proposal topic should bring specific evidence, functional arguments, and tangible benefits. Your social work research topics should be revolutionary for the field and align with the latest trends.

research in social work

What Makes Qualitative Research Topics in Social Work Outstanding

Composing a proposal is essential if you need to conduct investigations in a particular field. Social work research proposals are required to outline your plan to study a specific area. In the research proposal, you should demonstrate impeccable knowledge of the field’s fundamental problems and an understanding of the research question set. It should clearly explain the social work research methods chosen and state the outcomes you expect to get.

The initial step in creating a proposal is finding an appropriate social work research topics ideas. However, selecting an exciting theme among myriads of options may be challenging, even if you narrow the search area. To simplify the process and provide you with the most valuable opportunities, we’ve collected some of the best ideas to inspire you for an excellent research proposal and further work.

Besides having a paper topic list, you may need an example of social work research proposal to complete the task successfully. This sample shows how the text is structured and how the information is distributed among all parts. Just look at how the research question is formulated here and how the author manages it to add more value to their work.

example of social work research proposal

Social Work Research Topics Ideas to Inspire You

Developing worthy scholarly research topics in social work is usually the hardest, especially if people must do it themselves. Without proper experience, it is sometimes difficult to assess the manageability of the study, the relevance, and the availability of supporting materials. To make the task easier, we present you with research topics for social work proposals that will inspire you and give you an idea of what to write a paper about.

  • Preparing Educators for Multiple Settings
  • Evaluation of the Impact of Innovation on Social Workers’ Performance
  • Support Services for Families in Need
  • Peer Service Providers in Addressing Reproductive Health
  • The Major Problems Encountered by Social Workers During Work
  • The Best Inclusive Practices on Education for People with ASD
  • The Impact of Gender Diversity in Schools
  • How Secondary Trauma Affects Adults
  • Importance of Religion in Reducing Stereotypes
  • The Impact of Death on the Collective Well-Being of the Family
  • How Does Evidence-Based Practice Influence Life-Long Learning?
  • How Homelessness Impacts People’s Psyche
  • The Best Social Inclusion Strategies for War Victims
  • Strategies to Support Single Parents
  • The Effect and Consequences of Mis- and Undiagnosed Mental Illnesses
  • The Cultural Importance of Generation Gap
  • Significance of Family Support as a Possible Way of Alcohol Recovery
  • The Impact of Alcohol on the Psychology of a Person
  • Proper Ways to Breed Love in Foster Care

Most of the ideas in this social work research topics list have a solid research base that you can use to conduct a detailed literature review and develop your own arguments. Reinventing the wheel is good practice, but the ability to find a worthwhile solution by examining an exciting question from a different perspective is just as good.

Controversial Social Work Research Topics List

As with different fields and areas, many paper topics relate to problems, situations, and cases that are worth discussing but often glossed over. Violence, trauma, and stigmatization are just a few examples of such issues that would seem better suited for psychology research proposals . However, these issues are no less important to consider in the social work context.

  • Exploration of the Effect of Poverty on Children’s Mental Health
  • The Impact of Student Loans on Learners Motivation and Well-Being
  • Helping Sexually Exploited Children
  • The Common Types of Elder Abuse and Ways to Prevent Them
  • The Major Stigma Associated With People Who Have Depression
  • Therapy and Support Groups for Welfare Workers
  • Coping With Imprisonment Stigma
  • Coping Strategies of Men During Violence at Home
  • Social Inclusion Measures for War Veterans
  • The Essence of Welfare Work Sector Diversity
  • What Are Disability and the Stigma Enveloping It?
  • Identifying the Practices Considered Neglecting Children
  • The Connection Between Divorce and the Health and Lifestyle of Children
  • Psychological Violence and Damages It Causes
  • Ways to Identify Trauma in the Workplace
  • Ways to Improve Living Standards in Foster Homes
  • Counteracting Bullying Aimed At Dyslexic Children
  • Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Community Wellbeing
  • Effects of Misdiagnosis of Mental Illness
  • How Home Violence Impacts Children
  • Challenges Faced by Minority Children at Their Foster Homes
  • Social Problems of ASD Children
  • Research of Social Reacts to Euthanasia
  • Undiagnosed Depression and How Family Exacerbates It
  • Ways to Control Addiction at Various Stages
  • Psychological Impacts of Child Trafficking
  • Sustainability of Wellness Therapy
  • Teenage Pregnancy Impact on Teenage Mothers
  • Negative Impact of Conversion Therapy Negatively on the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Spousal Violence and How to Address It

Research Topics for Social Work Students Who Want to Go Far

What do you want to achieve with your social work research proposal? Is it a common assignment you just need to handle, or will this project mark the beginning of your path to effectively helping people? Think about this when selecting a research proposal sociology topic, and consider choosing something that resonates with you personally.

  • Risks of Drug Abuse Among Adolescents From Disadvantaged Families
  • Negative Effects of Abusive Parenting
  • Investigation and Prevention Causes of Child Abuse in Orphanages
  • How Does Domestic Violence Affect a Family
  • The Strategies Put in Place to Encourage Women to Report GBV
  • A Study of Dealing With Dyslexia as an Adolescent
  • Trafficking: The Impacts of It on the Social Well-Being of a Society
  • Vulnerability to Drugs and Ways to Help Drug Addicts
  • Clinical Depression and Undiagnosed Depression
  • Therapy for Underrepresented Groups and Its Importance in Reducing Discrimination
  • The Dangers of Confinement and Why It Should Be Looked Into
  • The Challenges of Hurricanes in Low-Income Neighborhoods
  • Ways for PTSD Patients to Receive Inclusive Support
  • Gender Roles and Cultural Beliefs and Their Impact on Marriages
  • The Practice of Resilience Amongst Social Workers
  • The Protest Against Police Brutality
  • Sponsorship Impact on the Lives of Recovering Addicts
  • The Impacts of Constant Mobility on the Lives of Orphaned Toddlers
  • The Ways Physical Abuse Affects Spousal Intimacy
  • An Importance of Encouraging More Flexible Social Structures for Disabled People
  • The Greatest Risk of Fetal Alcohol Exposure
  • Transition to Social Work From Previous Employment
  • The Global Poverty of Modern Human Services
  • The Best Way to Establish a High School Service-Learning Program
  • How Mass Media Affects Educational Development
  • Factors Leading To Children’s Neglection in Society
  • The Effect of Mass Media on Childhood Socialization
  • The Best Autism Care Practices
  • The Generation Gap and Effect on Culture
  • How Family Cruelty Impacts Lives
  • Factors Contributing to Family Violence

To find more paper topic ideas, check out the social work research topics pdf and pick something to inspire yourself.

pdf icon

Download Here More Social Science Research Proposal Ideas!

What else does the choice of research topics for social work students affect?

  • Data Collection and Analysis

Ensure your chosen proposal topic has enough materials to create a solid theoretical framework. Also, it often influences research methodology. For example, by selecting a qualitative research topic in social work, you should be prepared to organize focus groups, develop questionnaires, etc.

  • The Whole Work Process

A social work research proposal is just a plan for your work during the next several years. If you choose a paper topic that doesn’t interest you, you risk burnout and failing to earn the desired degree.

  • The Outcome and Research Success

Most research topics in social work are related to significant problems humanity faces. Thus, your proposal ideas should be practicable and relevant. They also should have measurable outcomes and lead to improvements in your field.

Let Experts Help with Social Work Research Proposals Preparation

The selection of research topics social work is only a part of the process. Next, you will need to collect and analyze available materials, design your own research, and cope with it, which may not be easy. Luckily, our seasoned proposal writing experts can help you not only with great inspirational ideas but also with their realization in the paper. No matter how complex and comprehensive your qualitative research topics in social work are, there are field-related PhD researchers to support you. Just provide us with the needed requirements and research materials, if any, and enjoy your well-written proposal paper delivered soon!

Why wait any longer? Get full-service assistance with social work research paper topics from PhD experts in your field!

list of research topics in social work

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140 Amazing Social Work Research Topics for Students

Table of Contents

If you are a student who is pursuing a degree in social work, then during your course of study your professor will for sure ask you to submit a social work research paper. Usually, while giving the research assignments, your professors will provide a list of social work research topics for you to choose from. In case, your professors fail to provide the topics list, you need to explore and spot a good topic for your research paper. Basically, it is a challenging process to search and find an ideal research paper topic .

Therefore, to help you out in finding a good topic, here, in this blog post, we have added a list of excellent social work research topics and ideas along with some topic selection tips. In case, you run short of ideas, take help from this blog post.

What is a Social Work Research Paper?

It is an academic paper that is composed on any social work topics after performing in-depth research. Basically, social work research is a kind of investigation that is done in compliance with scientific methods. In simple terms, it can also be identified as the application of a research method that is primarily used to fix the problems faced by social workers.

The ultimate aim of the social work research paper is to widen the social work knowledge of students. Besides that, it also aims to identify accurate solutions for the real-time troubles that are present in society. Your professors will mainly ask you to write this academic paper at the end of the course to evaluate how well you have gained knowledge of social work concepts.

Social Work Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

In the research paper writing process, topic selection is the first and most important step. As the topic plays a vital role in the success of your research paper, at the time of topic selection, you should be more careful. Find here, some key topic selection tips that will help you in identifying a good social work research paper topic.

  • Always choose a unique and practical topic that matches your field of interest.
  • Give preference to a topic that breaks social stereotypes.
  • Go with a topic that is flexible to conduct research and analysis.
  • Select a topic that is associated with social work application theories and principles.
  • Pick a social work research question that allows you to generate reasonable solutions or arguments.
  • Give importance to a topic that has extensive information and many sources of reference and practical examples.
  • Avoid picking frequently discussed topics from the field of social work.
  • Finalize the topic only if it satisfies the social work research paper writing guidelines shared by your university or professor.

After you selected a topic for your academic paper, discuss it with your supervisor and get approval. Seeking advice from supervisors before you begin writing the paper will help you to improve the quality of your writing and get impressive grades.

See Also – Top Sociology Research Topics and Ideas for Students

List of the Best Social Work Research Paper Topics

Are you struggling to find a good topic for your social work research paper? Cool! Just explore the entire list presented below and spot a topic that syncs with your interest. In the list, you can find numerous social work research topics and ideas related to different trending issues that exist in our society.

Top Social Work Research Topics

  • What is the role of a social worker in end-of-life decisions?
  • Explain how social workers can prevent school dropout.
  • Discuss the influence of adolescence’s physical changes on the psyche of children.
  • Analyze the impact of media on preschool behavior.
  • What are the effects of parents’ drug use on their children?
  • Describe the role of social work in helping students to build their value system.
  • Explain how to prevent stereotypes related to depression.
  • Write about the historical development of social work.
  • Analyze the effect of being a workaholic on the family.
  • Explain the causes and prevention of youth recidivism.
  • Discuss the effects of bullying on preschool students.
  • Describe the role of social workers in preventing teenage pregnancies.
  • A study on women who have sexually addictive spouses.
  • Explain the role of social workers in handling children with disabilities.
  • Analyze the risks of HIV among women.
  • Measures to counteract condemning stereotypes with regard to depression (explaining and highlighting the biological mechanisms underlying it)
  • General Considerations for working with children with developmental disabilities
  • Most efficient re-education strategies
  • Attitudes of correctional officers towards the mental health of incarcerated individuals.
  • The significance of group therapy at foster homes.
  • Absence of child support and its impact on child care in America.
  • The social displacement of Autistic children.
  • Effect of clinical depression on adolescent children.

Awesome Social Work Research Ideas

  • Discuss the major issues juvenile delinquents faces globally.
  • Explain how to deal with people who are experiencing homelessness.
  • Suggest the best strategy to counteract the bullying of disabled children.
  • Write about the best pre and post-birth assistance to surrogate mothers.
  • Describe the challenges that single-parent face while raising their children.
  • Study the increase in suicide rates among people who are serving in the military.
  • How to meet the unique needs of sexually exploited children.
  • Explain how to approach dyslexia cases.
  • Discuss the effect of interracial adoption on the growth of children.
  • Explain how to build resilience in welfare or social workers.
  • What causes child abuse in orphanages?
  • Explain the ethical issues associated with human trafficking.
  • What are the major types of child abuse in society?
  • How does childhood trauma affect their growth?
  • Explain how domestic violence affects a family.
  • Ethical rules are important when working with human trafficking victims.
  • Inclination towards committing suicide- Method to deal with the issue.
  • Impact of alcoholism on society, personal lifestyle, and the family of the person.
  • The percentage of incarcerated adults from the minority group.
  • Best ways to offer support to bipolar patients.
  • Consequences of incarcerated people reentering their community.
  • Is there a connection between divorce and the health and lifestyle of children?
  • Analyzing the trauma of parent-child separation.
  • Discuss the concept of substance abuse among teenagers.
  • Identify the similarities and distinctions between ADHD and Dyslexia.

Interesting Social Work Research Paper Topics

  • Analyze the effect of play therapy interventions in school counseling.
  • Write about alternative social work practices.
  • How does diversity affect various communities?
  • Explain the impact of sexual violence on adolescent girls.
  • How should social workers deal with pedophilia victims?
  • Explain how to work with immigrants in social care.
  • How does poverty influence the proper growth of children?
  • Discuss the common types of elder abuse.
  • Analyze the challenges faced by deported women globally.
  • What is the greatest risk of fetal alcohol exposure?
  • How social workers should prevent burnout?
  • Explain the effect of corporate social responsibility on the well-being of society.
  • Study the problems faced by vulnerable people who get medical help.
  • Explain how environmental social work is undertaken.
  • Discuss the positive and negative effects of health care reforms.
  • Case study analysis- Inclusive and functional healthcare system improves social development.
  • How can death affect the integrated wellness of a family?
  • The role of a family in exacerbating the occurrence of depression.

High-quality Social Work Research Topics

  • What are the best social service strategies for refugees?
  • How can backyard farming be used to empower women?
  • Explain how the generation gap affects culture.
  • Describe the influence of unemployment on immigrants.
  • Explain the importance of peer service providers in addressing reproductive health.
  • Share the importance of gender sensitivity in helping the LGBT community.
  • Present the major problems faced by social workers in social work.
  • Analyze the effects of alcohol and drug abuse among young people.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of the prohibition of liquor.
  • Share the major reasons for the increased rate of crime in society.
  • Discuss the major factors that lead to incest.
  • Explain the effect of the welfare scheme on the performance of workers.
  • Present the central issues associated with special education.
  • Analyze the effect of street hawking among teenage girls.
  • How to establish a high school service-learning program.

Fascinating Social Work Research Topics

  • Investigate the experience of AIDS caregivers.
  • How should social workers handle gay and lesbian adoption?
  • Examine the health experiences of older women in rural areas.
  • Explain the roles of social workers in Palliative Care.
  • What are the factors that influence racism globally?
  • Share the importance of couple therapy in building relationships.
  • Explain the consequences of living with Dyslexia.
  • Discuss the effects of community violence on the lives LGBT+ community.
  • Evaluate the overall effect of social work in the USA.
  • Examine the living modes of stigmatized women in society.

Brilliant Social Work Thesis Topics

  • How does death affect the collective well-being of the family?
  • Share the effects of ADHD within foster homes on children.
  • Analyze the social problems faced by Autism children.
  • How to handle life when both parents suffer from Alzheimer’s?
  • Have a closer look at the myths associated with Welfare mothers.
  • Analyze the negative effects of conversion therapy on the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Explain how socioeconomic disparity affects the old.
  • How to address workplace violence.
  • Analyze the connection between welfare systems and low-income neighborhoods
  • Discuss the social and mental effects of loans on students.

Captivating Social Work Research Topics

  • Explain the effective ways to improve the participation of adolescents in the development of the local community.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of family therapy in a mental health setting.
  • Explain the development of successful smoking cessation programs.
  • Discuss the reasons why people become shopaholics.
  • What are the core concepts to be followed while delivering human services?
  • Analyze the successes and failures of drug rehabilitation programs.
  • Focus on youth development across different countries.
  • Examine the importance of illness burden on socioeconomic status.
  • How to enhance the academic performance of a student from a very backward community.
  • Investigate the relationship between income and behavioral health.

Awesome Social Work Research Questions

  • Describe the factors that cause family violence.
  • Examine the suicide prevention protocols in your location.
  • Analyze the risk factors associated with secondary traumatic stress.
  • How does substance abuse affect parenting?
  • Explain how homophobia affects LGBTQ+ adults.
  • Write about prenatal depression in expecting mothers.
  • How can bipolar patients receive support?
  • Explain how to cope with the stigma of having served in prison.
  • Discuss the challenges experienced by minority kids in foster homes.
  • How to encourage women to report domestic violence.
  • Review the undisclosed latest cases of rape violence amongst women in the military and how it impacts their lives and service
  • Analyse why social and academic integration is important for children with Down syndrome
  • Descriptive analysis of the difference and similarities between ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and Dyslexia
  • Discuss the risk factors of dangerous grief and how it impacts the future life of someone
  • How a social worker can undertake grief counseling for families that have lost a loved one?
  • Describe the most effective healing strategies for and ways to meet the unique needs of sexually exploited children and adolescents
  • Describe the best ways to work with elders experiencing any kind of cognitive impairment
  • Describe the impact of positive and negative attitudes of social workers on the old age people

Impressive Social Work Research Topics

  • What are the effects of the Russian-Ukraine war on society?
  • Explain the Effects of diversity on children with disabilities.
  • Discuss the power issues in divorce mediation.
  • Explain the benefits associated with social health education among incarcerated women.
  • Analyze the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community.
  • Explain the importance of religion in reducing stereotypes.
  • Discuss the role of the media in shaping antisemitism stereotypes.
  • Write about the damages caused by psychological violence.
  • Discuss the major problems faced by welfare workers.

From the list of ideas suggested above, feel free to choose any topic of your interest and craft an outstanding social work research paper. In case you need any other unique research topic or if you want expert help to prepare your social work research paper without plagiarism, then quickly contact us.

list of research topics in social work

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What are EBPs?

Evidence-Based Practice refers to the process where the practitioner combines well researched interventions with clinical experience and ethics, client preferences and culture to guide and inform the delivery of treatments and services (Social Work Policy Institute).

  • Evidence Based Behavioral Practice Training Modules Learn and conduct the steps of the EBBP process with a simulated client and/or community. This program has been reviewed and approved by the APA Office of Continuing Education in Psychology to offer Continuing Education (CE) credit to psychologists.
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Hierarchy of Social Work Evidence

list of research topics in social work

Synthesis/Summative: Meta-Analyses and Systematic Reviews

Systematic reviews usually focus on a specific clinical question and conduct an extensive literature search to identify studies with sound methodology. The studies are reviewed, assessed, and the results summarized according to the predetermined criteria of the review question.

Use the databases below to find systematic reviews of evidence for treating a condition, or for intervening in a population.

  • Cochrane Library This link opens in a new window Collection of databases aimed at gathering and summarizing health research.
  • Campbell Collaboration Library Systematic reviews on the effects of interventions in the social, behavioral and educational arenas.
  • Health Evidence Search for access to 3,855 quality-rated systematic reviews evaluating the effectiveness of public health interventions. We search the published literature and compile public health relevant reviews -- eliminating your need to search and screen individual databases. NOTE: This database requires you to create a free account with them.
  • Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database This link opens in a new window Evidence-based practice database with a global focus. Find systematic reviews, protocols, recommended practices, evidence summaries, best practice and consumer information sheets, and technical Reports.
  • PsycINFO This link opens in a new window Abstract and citation database of scholarly literature in psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences. Includes journal articles, books, reports, theses, and dissertations from 1806 to present.

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Synthesis/Summative: Clinical Guidelines/Best Practices

The databases below provide reports and information about the most effective programs, interventions and therapeutic methods for different variables or populations. Use these databases to find evidence-based interventions .

  • The Community Guide The Guide to Community Preventive Services (The Community Guide) is a collection of evidence-based findings of the Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF). It is a resource to help you select interventions to improve health and prevent disease in your state, community, community organization, business, healthcare organization, or school.
  • Evidence-based Practice Resources from Social Work Policy Institute The Evidence-Based Practice Resources section provides tools that can be used to identify EBPs, online resources that can inform the EBP process and a list of publications for further information.
  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
  • U.S Department of Veteran Affairs/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines Guidelines address patient cohorts, serve to reduce errors, and provide consistent quality of care and utilization of resources throughout and between the VA and DoD health care systems.
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) This link opens in a new window Government resource including broad coverage of: health topics, Evidence-based Practice Center reports, US government programs, research tools, data and statistics, grants, consumer health.
  • ClinicalKey This link opens in a new window Online collection of ebooks, journals, guidelines, patient education handouts, drug monographs, images, and videos focusing on clinical health care. Includes MEDLINE full-text.
  • UpToDate This link opens in a new window An evidence-based resource covering multiple medical specialties. Includes topic monographs, patient education, practice updates, drug interactions, guidelines, and medical calculators. To obtain CME, create a personal profile and log in.

Program Databases

Use the following databases and search engines to find example programs . These are programs that have been developed by clinicians and practitioners, and have enough evidence supporting their efficacy to be considered evidence-based. Use these tools when you need to find examples of programs.

KEEP IN MIND: You might have to find a program that uses a framework or method that has shown to be effective (like CBT or family therapy) but that doesn't target your population or clinical problem exactly. Oftentimes these programs are meant to treat a variety of disorders or clients using a particular method or framework.

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Qualtiy The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)'s programs offer practical information to help a variety of health care organizations, providers, and others make care safer in all health care settings.
  • CEBC: California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare Provides access to vital information about selected child welfare related programs. The primary task of the CEBC is to inform the child welfare community about the research evidence for programs being used or marketed in California.
  • National Registry of Evidence-based Programs & Practices A searchable online registry of mental health and substance abuse interventions that have been reviewed and rated by independent reviewers.

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Books on Evidence-based Practice

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Research Topics & Ideas: Sociology

50 Topic Ideas To Kickstart Your Research Project

Research topics and ideas about sociology

If you’re just starting out exploring sociology-related topics for your dissertation, thesis or research project, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll help kickstart your research by providing a hearty list of research ideas , including real-world examples from recent sociological studies.

PS – This is just the start…

We know it’s exciting to run through a list of research topics, but please keep in mind that this list is just a starting point . These topic ideas provided here are intentionally broad and generic , so keep in mind that you will need to develop them further. Nevertheless, they should inspire some ideas for your project.

To develop a suitable research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , and a viable plan to fill that gap. If this sounds foreign to you, check out our free research topic webinar that explores how to find and refine a high-quality research topic, from scratch. Alternatively, consider our 1-on-1 coaching service .

Research topic idea mega list

Sociology-Related Research Topics

  • Analyzing the social impact of income inequality on urban gentrification.
  • Investigating the effects of social media on family dynamics in the digital age.
  • The role of cultural factors in shaping dietary habits among different ethnic groups.
  • Analyzing the impact of globalization on indigenous communities.
  • Investigating the sociological factors behind the rise of populist politics in Europe.
  • The effect of neighborhood environment on adolescent development and behavior.
  • Analyzing the social implications of artificial intelligence on workforce dynamics.
  • Investigating the impact of urbanization on traditional social structures.
  • The role of religion in shaping social attitudes towards LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Analyzing the sociological aspects of mental health stigma in the workplace.
  • Investigating the impact of migration on family structures in immigrant communities.
  • The effect of economic recessions on social class mobility.
  • Analyzing the role of social networks in the spread of disinformation.
  • Investigating the societal response to climate change and environmental crises.
  • The role of media representation in shaping public perceptions of crime.
  • Analyzing the sociocultural factors influencing consumer behavior.
  • Investigating the social dynamics of multigenerational households.
  • The impact of educational policies on social inequality.
  • Analyzing the social determinants of health disparities in urban areas.
  • Investigating the effects of urban green spaces on community well-being.
  • The role of social movements in shaping public policy.
  • Analyzing the impact of social welfare systems on poverty alleviation.
  • Investigating the sociological aspects of aging populations in developed countries.
  • The role of community engagement in local governance.
  • Analyzing the social effects of mass surveillance technologies.

Research topic evaluator

Sociology Research Ideas (Continued)

  • Investigating the impact of gentrification on small businesses and local economies.
  • The role of cultural festivals in fostering community cohesion.
  • Analyzing the societal impacts of long-term unemployment.
  • Investigating the role of education in cultural integration processes.
  • The impact of social media on youth identity and self-expression.
  • Analyzing the sociological factors influencing drug abuse and addiction.
  • Investigating the role of urban planning in promoting social integration.
  • The impact of tourism on local communities and cultural preservation.
  • Analyzing the social dynamics of protest movements and civil unrest.
  • Investigating the role of language in cultural identity and social cohesion.
  • The impact of international trade policies on local labor markets.
  • Analyzing the role of sports in promoting social inclusion and community development.
  • Investigating the impact of housing policies on homelessness.
  • The role of public transport systems in shaping urban social life.
  • Analyzing the social consequences of technological disruption in traditional industries.
  • Investigating the sociological implications of telecommuting and remote work trends.
  • The impact of social policies on gender equality and women’s rights.
  • Analyzing the role of social entrepreneurship in addressing societal challenges.
  • Investigating the effects of urban renewal projects on community identity.
  • The role of public art in urban regeneration and social commentary.
  • Analyzing the impact of cultural diversity on education systems.
  • Investigating the sociological factors driving political apathy among young adults.
  • The role of community-based organizations in addressing urban poverty.
  • Analyzing the social impacts of large-scale sporting events on host cities.
  • Investigating the sociological dimensions of food insecurity in affluent societies.

Recent Studies & Publications: Sociology

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual sociology-related studies to see how this all comes together in practice.

Below, we’ve included a selection of recent studies to help refine your thinking. These are actual studies,  so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • Social system learning process (Subekti et al., 2022)
  • Sociography: Writing Differently (Kilby & Gilloch, 2022)
  • The Future of ‘Digital Research’ (Cipolla, 2022).
  • A sociological approach of literature in Leo N. Tolstoy’s short story God Sees the Truth, But Waits (Larasati & Irmawati, 2022)
  • Teaching methods of sociology research and social work to students at Vietnam Trade Union University (Huu, 2022)
  • Ideology and the New Social Movements (Scott, 2023)
  • The sociological craft through the lens of theatre (Holgersson, 2022).
  • An Essay on Sociological Thinking, Sociological Thought and the Relationship of a Sociologist (Sönmez & Sucu, 2022)
  • How Can Theories Represent Social Phenomena? (Fuhse, 2022)
  • Hyperscanning and the Future of Neurosociology (TenHouten et al., 2022)
  • Sociology of Wisdom: The Present and Perspectives (Jijyan et al., 2022). Collective Memory (Halbwachs & Coser, 2022)
  • Sociology as a scientific discipline: the post-positivist conception of J. Alexander and P. Kolomi (Vorona, 2022)
  • Murder by Usury and Organised Denial: A critical realist perspective on the liberating paradigm shift from psychopathic dominance towards human civilisation (Priels, 2022)
  • Analysis of Corruption Justice In The Perspective of Legal Sociology (Hayfa & Kansil, 2023)
  • Contributions to the Study of Sociology of Education: Classical Authors (Quentin & Sophie, 2022)
  • Inequality without Groups: Contemporary Theories of Categories, Intersectional Typicality, and the Disaggregation of Difference (Monk, 2022)

As you can see, these research topics are a lot more focused than the generic topic ideas we presented earlier. So, for you to develop a high-quality research topic, you’ll need to get specific and laser-focused on a specific context with specific variables of interest.  In the video below, we explore some other important things you’ll need to consider when crafting your research topic.

Get 1-On-1 Help

If you’re still unsure about how to find a quality research topic, check out our Research Topic Kickstarter service, which is the perfect starting point for developing a unique, well-justified research topic.

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

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Online Research Guide

students can use research techniques that increase the likelihood that they find material directly related to their ideas.

The internet revolutionized the way students conduct research. Most schools offer access to online databases that house primary sources and digital materials for research use. Additionally, many local public libraries offer similar access to digital information in addition to their physical texts. Using the internet makes research easier and faster, as it offers students new and effective methods to filter results and organize material.

However, with the abundance of new information available quickly and easily online, students should carefully consider the viability of each source. Plenty of unreliable and outright false information exists online, so students must use discretion when evaluating material. This guide walks students through social work online research and provides tips and tricks to ensure that they maximize their research efforts.

Using Google for Online Research

More than likely, you’ve used Google to search online. Type your query into the search bar, and you instantly receive millions of results. However, students can use research techniques that increase the likelihood that they find material directly related to their ideas. Altering search engine settings can help filter out unreliable sources and provide you with search results relevant to your topic. These examples specifically utilize Google, as it serves as the most commonly and widely used search engine.

Refining Your Search Results

Students can use things like symbols and search shortcuts to narrow down results. If you want to search within a specific website, you can use the site search feature on Google. Simply type “‘site:”‘ followed by the domain you want to search within — without any spaces between the colon and the domain. For example, if you want to search within the Council on Social Work Education website, you type “‘”‘ Those looking for something specific within a website can add a search keyword before this shortcut. For example, if you wanted to find more information on the accreditation of social work programs within the Council on Social Work Education website, you type “program accreditation”‘ You can also use this site function to filter a particular class of website, such as .edu, .gov, or .org.

You can refine your Google search results without any search shortcuts, as well. Google offers an advanced search option that allows you to input additional information to generate your preferred results. For example, in addition to a simple keyword or search phrase, you can also specify which languages you want and the timeframe of your results — say, 2010-2018.

Google Scholar

When looking up social work research topics, especially for academic purposes, students should choose peer-reviewed, scholarly sources.

Many post-secondary institutions offer students access to otherwise expensive academic databases. Thanks to Google Scholar, however, even students without access to these databases can still find quality sources. Google Scholar searches most of the popular academic databases and often allows you to access and read entire articles. Many list Google Scholar’s ease of use as its most attractive feature. On the main search page, simply type in your query and select whether you want to search articles or case law. Google then produces immediate results.

Additionally, using your Google Scholar Preferences dashboard, you can set up your account to automatically access any resources available through your college or university, save links and documents to a personal library, and link any public library access accounts you may hold. Google Scholar also offers a support page with search tips and details on getting the most out of the service.

Beyond Google

Now that you know more about the tools available through Google, you can also explore alternative search engines and databases. As previously mentioned, students can often access these databases free of charge. The list below contains some of the more commonly used resources for general academic research, as well as a few specific to students conducting social work online research.

For Social Work students

Evaluating sources.

When conducting any kind of research on the web, students need to ensure that they can trust their resources. While going through every resource to determine its legitimacy might seem daunting, source legitimacy should take priority in research-oriented writing. The list below reflects the tips gathered from Georgetown University and the University of Chicago Press .

Who is the author?

Make sure you can easily identify the author of the source. After identifying them, find out more about their background. They should hold a graduate degree or at least boast other publications dedicated to the field in question. The more qualitative credentials they possess the higher their authoritative voice.

What is its purpose?

Ask yourself about the article’s purpose and determine how it meets the concerns of the field as a whole. Does the author show bias or provide research, and to what audience does the author write?

Does it look professional?

Look over the article or website. Can you find several spelling and grammar errors? Does the content appear organized and formatted? The more professional the source appears, the higher the chance that a professional, in fact, created the source. A website littered with profanities, for example, probably does not count as a legitimate source.

Is it objective?

Look for any bias within the article. Students familiar with the given research can spot an article with clear bias through the content and purpose of the article — not to mention the organizational affiliations of the author. Consider whether the author interprets the given information in a fair and unbiased manner, or whether they betray a degree of bias.

Is it current?

Check for a date of publication. Work older than 10 years typically serves as poor research material — especially in the sciences and social science. When using search engines and databases, adjust your search to only show recent results.

What sites does it link to?

Sometimes evaluating a source means evaluating the sources within that source. Look at the external resources or links used by your author. If those sources seem reliable, students can probably expect the work in question to be reliable. This may take a little extra digging, but it adds an important layer of understanding concerning your source.

Organizing Your Research

Students should ensure that they remain organized throughout the research process. With so much information, organizing what you find decreases your level of stress. The tips below can help you establish an organization system.

Identify your keywords

Students should keep a list of useful keywords for their search. The more variety, the better overall results students will encounter. Typing the same keywords into different databases will probably not result in better material. Consider the use of synonyms to increase your odds of qualitative results.

Choose your databases

Decide which databases and search engines you want to use before you begin. Afterward, choose which one to start with and which one to end with. Not only does this set a unique timeline for your research, it helps you stay on track and remember the databases already searched.

Keep a list of researched places, keywords, and results. Any new research ideas should also get written down.

Keep a working bibliography

As you choose sources, cite them according to the appropriate style guidelines and place the citations in alphabetical order in a document. This will make creating your references page that much easier.

Use online tools

Students can use any number of digital tools and online resources to help them organize their research. The list below outlines a few of these and their unique interfaces and options.

Online Tools to Manage Your Research

  • EasyBib This bibliography generator pulls citation information from your sources, generates citations, and creates a working bibliography.
  • Endnote Endnote serves as a powerful organizing tool for students who want to keep digital copies of the sources alongside their citation information.
  • Mendeley Mendeley offers both a unique method for organizing your sources and research and a social network for you and other researchers working in the same area.
  • RefWorks This web-based tool allows you to generate citations, link to the source, and organize sources into folders and topics.
  • Zotero With Zotero, you can organize your research and sources, as well as share work and information with others through forums.

Citing Online Resources for Social Work Students

Students will likely encounter several citation formats, including APA, MLA, and Chicago Style. Most programs require students engaged with social work research topics to adopt APA style to document and cite their work. Science and social science disciplines commonly use APA style. Students use APA to format their references, citations, research papers, and presentations.

Learners enjoy access to a an APA manual that they can purchase or rent from their school’s library. Alternatively, they can use the Purdue Online Writing Lab’s APA guide to help answer any style questions. The list below includes citation examples of common sources used in APA.

Articles From Online Periodicals

What is a doi.

Originally, when citing sources from online databases, you would use the URL of the source. However, these sources now change too often to use the URL. The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) exists in place of a URL as a stable method of linking to the source.

Without DOI

Newspaper articles, electronic books.

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List of Excellent Social Work Research Topics To Use

Most students have a hard time when it comes to choosing the best research topics for their thesis or dissertation. As a student, you will discover that this is the first but most important step in your research work. Everything you do for your project revolves around the topic you choose irrespective of your area of study. Social work is just one among several disciplines that students are expected to work on a project.

social work research topics

Table of Contents

Where to find the best social work project ideas, interesting research topics in social work, top research topics in social work, things to consider when looking for social work research topics, feel free to ask for help.

Social Work is an essential component in our day to day life. Therefore, there is need for students and social work practitioners to undertake a lot of research in this area of study. Researchers have done a lot in this discipline but we still have a great unexploited potential in the field. There is no need to overdo the previous researches when we still have a lot of research topics on social work that require learners to work on. You can always get excellent social work research topics irrespective of your level of study.

There are several places that you can find top social work research topics for college students. First, you can talk to your professors to see what they have to say with regard to the areas that have been under exploited. They are better placed to advice you on some of the areas that have been overdone. You don’t want to handle a topic that everyone out there has been doing. You can also go through the previous researches to find some of the amazing social work research topics. Most authors will always provide recommendations for more research at the end of their report. Such recommendations often give new researchers an excellent platform for finding interesting social work topics. Some of these research project ideas are also readily available online. For instance, below are some topics that can form a stable foundation for your market research.

  • The Effects of Multi-Agency Working of Protecting Children’s Rights
  • Should Therapists Ask Victims of Child Sexual Abuse About What They Think on the Topic of Sex with Children
  • Can Social Work Help Kids Who Have Gone Through Trauma?
  • The Causes and Prevention of Youth Recidivism
  • The Role of School Social Workers to Teachers
  • The Influence of Adolescence Physical Changes on the Psyche of Children
  • Abuse Survival and Reintegration Back to the Society
  • The Role of Social Work in Helping students to Build Their Value Systems and Goals
  • An Exploration of Perceptions and Attitudes Between Polish Community and Healthcare Practitioners
  • Coping with Intrinsic Cultural Perspectives: Transitioning to Social Work
  • The Process of Holding Back: A Practical Application of User Service Empowerment
  • The Role of a Social Worker in End of Life Decisions
  • Social Working with Children with Specific Needs or disabilities
  • A Model for Life-Long Learning on Evidence-Based Practice
  • The Impact of the Media: Lessons You Can Get
  • A Study on Women Who Have Sexually Addictive Spouses
  • Can Social Work Prevent Sexual Harassment and School Bullying?
  • The Reflection Act: A Social Work Learning Model of Self Indulgence
  • A Review of Mentoring as an Essential Component of Social Work Training
  • The Challenges of Inter-Professional practice in Modern Day Social Work
  • Effects of Bullying to Pre-School students
  • The Relationship of HIV Positive Individuals
  • How Far Should You Take Client Satisfaction in Social Work
  • The Role of Social Workers in Preventing Teenage pregnancies
  • Psychological Intervention for Emotionally Disabled Children
  • The Policies of Coalition Government Regarding Social Work
  • Healthcare Experiences for People Who are Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
  • The Effects of Parent Drug Use to Their Children
  • The Role of Psychopathology in Drug Abuse Among Teenagers
  • The Role of Culture-Bases Activism in Modern-Day Native Americans
  • Social Work Interventions on Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Transiting from the previous Employment to Social Work: A change of the Career
  • Personal Safety Requirement for Social Workers
  • The Historical Development of Social Work
  • The Benefits of Social Work to Schools
  • Living with Compulsive-Obsessive Disorder
  • The Challenges That Social Workers in Learning Institutions Face
  • Teaching Tolerance: The Responsibility of Teachers or Social Workers?
  • The Role of Social Workers in the Adaptation and Socialization of Formerly Homeless Children
  • Can Social Workers Deal with Prejudice in Learning Institutions?
  • How Social Workers Help in Preventing School Dropout
  • Women and Alcohol
  • High Risk Drinking and Sexual Minority Women
  • Crime While Transiting to Adulthood
  • Women Leaders in the Community
  • Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy
  • Emerging Drug Use Disparities the Youth
  • Health and Education Among Racial Groups
  • The Impact of Media on Pre-School Behavior
  • The Risk of HIV Among Women

One thing you need to understand is that choosing the right research topic is the most important step in writing your dissertation, thesis, or research report. The kind of topic you choose will determine the level of success you will get. There is no need to choose a topic that will make your academic life so complicated. You need to invest a lot of time, resources, and energy in choosing appropriate social work topics for research papers.

The truth of the matter is that choosing research topics in social work is not as simple as you may think. There are some tips you need to put into consideration so as to choose a relevant topic. First, make sure you choose a topic that will be interesting to both you and the reader. Most professors want their students to deliver interesting social work topics before they can go through their work. The good thing with an interesting research topic is that it will grow your interest throughout the research process. You need a subject that will keep you motivated and create in you the desire to move to the next level. Interesting research topics makes the assignment to look more impressive and professional. Therefore, don’t select a topic that has the potential of developing boredom along the way. It will also create a desire in your supervisor to go through the project.

An excellent social work research project requires the student to go through previous studies on the subject. Ask yourself whether you will get sufficient information for your literature review. You need to go through what has already been done so as to establish the gap in the existing body of knowledge. It is the only way you will be able to contribute to the field of academia. You can find most of these research materials online while others are readily available in your local library. Do some research and make sure that you will get enough supporting evidence in as much as your research topic is concerned. The other thing you need to understand is that the best social work topics for research papers should neither be too narrow nor too broad. You cannot comprehensively handle a market research topic that is too broad. On the other hand, a very narrow market research topic will limit your research. Also, the best research topics in social work should be compelling, feasible, clear, and researchable. Be keen while choosing a research topic as it will influence your level of success. For more info, be sure to visit My Homework Done .

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154 Marketing Project Ideas

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This is really worth my time. Thanks for the good work. My MSW Topic: “Home Games and Video as Correlates of Aggression among Teenagers”

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64 Examples of Social Issues Topics for 2024

May 21, 2024

Writing assignments asking students to engage with social justice/social issues topics target skills vitally important to success in college and beyond. They require writers to demonstrate critical, ethical, and dynamic thinking around demanding topics that present no quick and easy solution. Often, they will call for some amount of research, building textual and media literacy and awareness of the research process. In other words, these kinds of essays can be valuable in teaching students how to think and learn for themselves. But another, underappreciated learning outcome of these essays has to do with their function as communication.

This last feature can be easy to overlook in the context of writing assignments. Questions of audience, authority, and impact seem less significant when you know your teacher must read your essay. However, taking these questions seriously can not only enhance your odds of writing an excellent essay, but could also foster skills instrumental to real-world writing situations.

This article provides a list of social justice topics carefully selected to demonstrate the range and scale of available subjects. It also explains how you might approach writing about these issues with an eye for defining them and understanding the audience. Identifying a great topic that interests you enough to write about is an important early step. But what’s equally or even more important is to understand how to write about it clearly, directly, and persuasively.

How to Write a Successful Essay Grappling with Social Issues Topics

Writing about social issues topics is best improved through asking questions about purpose, context, and outcome. Why this topic and not another? Who is the audience, what do they know, and where might they stand on an issue? What are the typical ways others address the issue? What knowledge, perspective, or plan of action has been missing from that conversation? Why is this topic important to think about? Why is this essay important to read? These questions are crucial to delimiting which social justice topics to focus on and the strategy for writing about them. Answering them in the process of selecting a topic and developing a writing plan can help achieve the following components of good essays:

1) Defining the Issue

A frequent problem with student writing involves tackling questions or issues that are overly broad or vaguely defined. When selecting from social issues topics, it’s actually a smart strategy to think small. Rather than purporting to solve world peace, essays work better when drilling down into more localized and easily defined issues. This will help to communicate clearly what the issue is, convince the reader of its relevance, and successfully indicate that a short piece of writing could meaningfully contribute to the conversation around the issue.

2) Finding and Using Evidence

In many cases, essays on social issues topics will require some amount of research. When incorporating secondary evidence, it’s vital to find sources that are relevant to the topic and signal their credibility. However, even if research is not formally required, it can help toward establishing the purpose of a piece of writing within a larger discussion. Looking toward how others typically address an issue can help toward understanding whether an essay should aim to fill a gap in knowledge, supply a missing perspective, or outline actions that have not been proposed.

Successful Essay Grappling with Social Issues Topics (Cont.)

3) understanding audience.

Student essayists are not overly incentivized to think about questions of audience. However, understanding audience can help toward both defining an issue and acknowledging the purpose of writing. The most important thing to reflect on is the audience’s reason for reading a piece of writing. Why should they care about this social issue and what the essay will say about it? Understanding the reason for reading will help toward envisioning the ideal reader. Then, the essay’s language and arguments can be tailored to what that ideal reader already knows about the topic and their likely attitudes and beliefs.

4) Making an argument

This step follows the others and builds upon each. After clearly defining an issue that is appropriate in scope, an essay should clearly state its purpose or position. It should then interpret relevant evidence to support that position or fulfill its purpose. Then, it should aim to convince the audience by organizing evidence and reasoning into paragraphs structured around topic sentences that support the purpose or position. As these steps make clear, the argument is the essay. Making an argument entails justifying the act of writing itself, as well as the reader’s decision to follow the writer in focusing on an issue from a unique vantage point.

The following list of examples indicates some of the range of social issue essay topics. When considering these or other examples, writers should consider how they can foster purposive essays that understand how they are entering and changing the conversation around the issue.

Example Social Issues Topics – Tech and Labor

Artificial intelligence and digital technology.

  • The environmental impact of emerging AI technologies and industries.
  • Whether AI is a paradigm-shifting revolution or part of a long, gradual history of technology-assisted creative or technical work.
  • The biases that exist in AI systems and data and ways of redressing them.
  • The emergent use of AI tools in modern warfare.
  • How a specific political movement or group of activists has embraced digital communication technologies to advance a cause.
  • How digital self-publishing has affected trends and systems in the publishing industry.
  • How social media algorithms promote addictive behaviors and their effect on minors.
  • A surprising or disturbing effect of government and corporate digital surveillance practices.

Social Issues Topics (Continued)

Economic and labor issues.

  • Causes and effects of unionization in industries connected to the gig economy.
  • Disparities in wages between men and women affecting a key industry like tech.
  • How changes in minimum wage policies affect other wage earners.
  • The impact of globalization on labor rights and standards in the film industry.
  • Comparing the outcomes of universal basic income and guaranteed minimum income as novel social welfare programs.
  • How faculty and graduate student unionization movements respond to shifting labor and ideological conditions at universities.
  • What geographical factors and/or trends in property ownership shape income inequality within a select area?
  • Job fields under threat by automation and AI and strategic responses to the prospect of job replacement.

Example Social Issues Topics –Education and the Environment

  • The effects of the COVID pandemic on textual and media literacy in children and young adults.
  • How educators are responding to the challenges and opportunities of generative AI.
  • Areas of learning affected by bans on “critical race theory” and LGBTQ-related topics in schools.
  • How digital culture has affected the attention spans of young learners.
  • The sources of increased student debt and its effects on the culture of higher education.
  • The history and educational role of political protest on college campuses.
  • How the end of affirmative action could affect the role colleges have played in promoting wide social mobility.
  • The source of debates around “school choice” and how it is changing the face of education.

Environment and Sustainability

  • Geopolitical tensions salient to the transnational effort to combat climate change.
  • Protest and advocacy strategies adopted by environmental advocates and different ways of measuring their effectiveness.
  • Solutions for the disproportionate environmental burdens on marginalized communities.
  • Whether mass consumer behavior or the practices of the economic elite are most responsible for climate crises.
  • Comparing the effectiveness of political optimism and pessimism in efforts to redress climate change.
  • Environmental challenges that result from destructive practices of modern warfare including ecocide.
  • Global meat consumption, its contribution to climate change , and proposed solutions.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of green capitalist and “de-growth” movements as radically contrasting approaches to combatting climate change.

Example Social Justice Topics – Human Rights and Geopolitics

Human rights and equality.

  • How the end of Roe v. Wade has changed the political landscape around women’s reproductive rights.
  • Whether cultural or legal solutions could work best to prevent violence against women.
  • The alliance between feminists and political conservatives that has emerged in the clash over LGBTQ rights.
  • How news media outlets have influenced widespread political efforts to curtail the rights of transgender people.
  • Tensions between private corporations and governments around diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • The effect of enhanced police oversight by civilians on the disproportionate use of force against minority communities.
  • Barriers to housing, employment, or health services faced by people with disabilities.
  • How exploitative work practices affecting minors exist despite legal efforts to curtail them.

International and Geopolitical Issues

  • How migrant crises have influenced new border and immigration policies.
  • How contemporary proxy wars differ from earlier methods of international conflict.
  • Tensions that exist between global humanitarian aid agencies and actors in Global South countries that receive aid.
  • How efforts to ensure affordable access to medicines across the world were affected by the COVID pandemic.
  • How globalization has changed the world distribution of wealth inequality.
  • Weighing the humanitarian costs of solar and electric energy production against those of the oil industry.
  • How cultural differences around gender and sexuality influence global movements for women’s equality and LGBTQ rights.
  • How authoritarian and/or religious political movements have become internationalized.

Example Social Justice Topics – The Legal System and Government

Justice and legal system.

  • Restorative justice alternatives to traditional carceral approaches in the legal system.
  • Efforts to eliminate cash bail and their potential effect on disparities in pretrial detention and bail practices.
  • Legal challenges that new technologies have created in terms of defining or prosecuting crime.
  • Methods of preventing and prosecuting police brutality and harassment.
  • How the locations of prisons affect local communities and economies.
  • Ways to combat mass incarceration through rethinking policing and sentencing standards.
  • Academic, professional, and legal services in prisons and their effect on imprisoned populations.
  • Mental health challenges present in the legal and carceral systems.

Politics and Governance

  • Methods of global governance that have emerged to address transnational challenges like climate change and public health.
  • Questions related to freedom of speech principles that have emerged in the digital age.
  • Mutual aid efforts that address areas of public need that have been unaddressed through traditional political methods.
  • How participatory media encourages broader civic engagement and government transparency.
  • Political solutions for addressing the phenomena of food deserts or food apartheid.
  • Responses of local governments to sharp increases in homelessness after the COVID pandemic.
  • The internationalization of culture wars and political polarization around issues relating to race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality.
  • Philosophies about the conflict between ideals of multicultural openness and respect for cultural differences.

Final Thoughts – Social Issues Topics

The above social justice topics provide a sense of the large range of urgent issues an essay might topic. However, it’s best to reflect on how a piece of writing can define an issue so as to make clear that it is capable of doing something meaningful with it. That could entail looking for similar, more niche issues to address. Or it could mean deeper thought about an issue for which the writer anticipates they could provide missing information, perspectives, or plans of action. While many readers care about many topics, it’s vital to understand how an essay can create a tangible relationship with an ideal reader. Only then can a writer spur others to think or act in novel and potentially transformative ways.

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  • 60 Senior Project Ideas for High Schoolers
  • 101 Topics for the Science Fair 
  • 100 Creative Writing Prompts 
  • High School Success

Tyler Talbott

Tyler holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Missouri and two Master of Arts degrees in English, one from the University of Maryland and another from Northwestern University. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in English at Northwestern University, where he also works as a graduate writing fellow.

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What is social work .

Social work is a broad and diverse field dedicated to enhancing the well-being and quality of life of individuals, families, groups, and communities. It is grounded in principles of social justice, human rights, and a commitment to empowering vulnerable, marginalized, and oppressed populations. Social workers strive to address social issues, promote positive social change, and advocate for the rights of individuals and communities. At its core, social work is concerned with helping people overcome challenges, providing support, and facilitating access to resources and services.

What do Social Workers do?

  Social workers work to increase social justice and resource access for underrepresented communities. They may work with youth, families, older adults, individuals with disabilities, people seeking health or mental care, those in recovery from substance abuse, low-income individuals and families, refugees and immigrants, veterans and military families, the LGBTQ+ community, and those in the criminal justice system. 

Social workers work in various settings and roles to help these populations, including hospitals, schools, community organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private practice. They collaborate with individuals, families, and communities to assess their needs, develop intervention plans, and connect them with appropriate services and support systems.

What type of social worker will you be? Take the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) quiz to find out! 


Why choose Social Work? 

Further social and economic justice.  Majoring in social work offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on individuals and communities by addressing social inequalities and advocating for positive change. This field provides a fulfilling career path allowing you to live your passion for helping others navigate challenges, fostering resilience, and furthering social justice.

Diverse career choices. Professionals may transition between different areas of practice throughout their careers, depending on their interests, skills, and the needs of the populations they serve. Social work is one of the most versatile, rapidly growing careers in the United States.

Above average job growth .  Job growth in social work is greater than most other occupations in the U.S. Between 2022 - 2032, social work careers are projected to grow 7-11% compared to only 3% for all other occupations. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

Washington state salaries.  Washington is the second highest paying state for Social Workers in the U.S. with average salaries of $82,220! In the Seattle metro area, salaries are 44% higher than the national average, with an average annual salary of $84,950. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)

list of research topics in social work

Explore Academic Pathways in Social Work 

Ready to learn more? Explore our degree paths in social work! We offer bachelors, masters, and PhD degrees in social work and social welfare.

list of research topics in social work


Our BASW program prepares entry-level baccalaureate social workers for generalist practice in a multicultural context that is rooted in knowledge and skills for understanding and solving complex social problems within the values of professional social work.

list of research topics in social work


Live your passion for social change with our MSW program, offering diverse on-campus paths tailored to your interests, and ranked No. 2 nationally for preparing graduates to lead and innovate in the dynamic field of social work

list of research topics in social work


Consider our Ph.D. in Social Welfare program, renowned for its focus on social justice, interdisciplinary excellence, expert faculty, and innovative scholarship.

list of research topics in social work


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Advancing social justice, promoting decent work ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations

Group of women doing hand embroidery

Forced labour is a severe violation of human rights affecting 28 million of men, women and children in all countries and all economic sectors. It is rooted in poverty, discrimination and lack of social protection, and it disrupts fair competition between businesses. The issue has been at the heart of the ILO mandate to promote Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, leaving no one behind.

Woman  holding corn stalks

What is forced labour?

a man with grey hair & dark skin

Data and research

Woman wearing a worksite safety helmet

Our impact, their voices

a man

Forced Labour Observatory

Facts and figures

men, women and children are in forced labour

of forced labour happens in the private economy

236 billion US$

generated in illegal profits every year

countries ratified the ILO Forced Labour Protocol

International Labour Standards on Forced Labour

  • Convention No. 29 (C29)
  • Convention No. 105 (C105)
  • Protocol No. 29 (P29)
  • Recommendation 203 (R203)

The Forced Labour Convention (No. 29), adopted in 1930, contains the definition of forced labour and provides that it should be punished as a crime. This is one of the most ratified ILO standards. 

  • Text of the Convention
  • Ratifications
  • Countries that have not ratified yet

The Abolition of Forced Labour Convention (No. 105), adopted in 1957,  deals with state-imposed forms of forced labour. This is one of the most ratified ILO standards. 

The Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention, (P029), adopted in 2014, requires ratifying countries to take effective measures to prevent forced labour, protect victims and ensure their access to justice. 

The Protocol complements the Convention No. 29, therefore only countries that have ratified this Convention can ratify the Protocol. 

  • Text of the Protocol

The Forced Labour Recommendation (No. 203), adopted in 2014, provides further guidance on how to implement the Protocol.

It is a non-binding document that does not require ratification. 

  • Text of the Recommendation

What can the ILO offer and how?

  • Eradicating Forced Labour: Partnering strategically with ILO
  • Good practices in addressing Forced Labour (forthcoming)
  • Developing National Action Plans on Forced Labour

FRI logo no text

The Fair Recruitment Initiative

Global Business Network on Forced Labour logo cropped

The ILO Global Business Network on Forced Labour

8.7 Accelerator Lab logo

8.7 Accelerator Lab

News and articles

Gabon Signs first ever Decent Work Country Programme

Landmark Agreement and Strategic Workshop Mark Successful ILO Visit to Gabon

Placeholder image

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announces that the United States is joining the ILO Fair Recruitment Initiative


Survey on tenant growers in Malawi’s tobacco industry

Nigeria Forced Labour Survey 2022

8.7 Accelerator Lab: Theory of change for the agriculture sector

Ship to Shore Rights South East Asia - Indonesia

Child labour and forced labour

Multi Partner Fund

Want to know more about Forced Labour? You can contact us at [email protected] and follow us on social media: 


  1. Spencer Foundation Naed Dissertation Fellowship

    list of research topics in social work

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    list of research topics in social work

  3. 233 Brilliant Social Work Research Topics To Use

    list of research topics in social work

  4. 100 Unique Social Work Research Topics To Consider

    list of research topics in social work

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    list of research topics in social work

  6. Social Work Research Topics

    list of research topics in social work


  1. Sociology Research Topics List || Sociology Research

  2. Social Welfare PhD Information Session

  3. PMS: Social Work Lecture-10 Paper-2 ll Social Research

  4. Pathways between practice and research in Adult Social Care

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  6. Latest Research Topics in Social Sciences


  1. 100 Social Work Research Topics and Tips on Choosing One

    50 Hot Research Topics for Social Work Students. Difference in approaching children vs adolescents suffering from domestic violence. Success stories in preventing child abuse in certain regions/states. Strategies to encourage women to report domestic violence cases. Damage to families with ongoing domestic violence.

  2. 199+ Social Work Research Topics [Updated 2024]

    199+ Social Work Research Topics [Updated 2024] General / By Stat Analytica / 28th November 2023. In the vast and dynamic field of social work, research plays a pivotal role in shaping interventions, policies, and practices. Social work research is not just an academic pursuit but a powerful tool for effecting positive change in communities.

  3. 300 Social Work Research Topics & Ideas 2023

    Below are comprehensive research topics in social work that are compelling to explore. Parenting and how it is affected by drug abuse. Hardship and benefits of teenage adoption. Dealing with suicidal thoughts. Societal view on mental sickness stigma. Adverse impact of displacement on street kids.

  4. Best Social Work Research Topics

    Social Work Thesis Topics. Educators will ask you to write different papers when pursuing social work studies. A sociology thesis is among the documents you might write when pursuing a master's or Ph.D. studies. Here are topics to consider for these papers. Investigating expecting mothers' postpartum depression.

  5. Social Work Research Topics [With Tips]

    A literature review should be written in a way that covers the most recent and relevant research in the field. Here are some common social work topics suitable for a literature review: Understanding the significance of poverty on child development. Evidence-based practices in substance abuse treatment.

  6. Social Work Research Topics: 20+ Great Ideas for Inspiration

    This is a complete list of social work research topics in 2022. Whether you're in college pursuing an undergraduate degree or in the university doing masters or Ph.D. in social work, you'll find this list helpful for coming up with a great topic idea for your research project. Some of the areas of research in […]

  7. 225 Social Work Research Topics for College Students

    Here is the list of the top 225 social work research topics for college students according to different categories; take a look. Child Well-being. How foster care affects child growth. Adoption and its effect on families. Ways to prevent child abuse. Role of social workers in child protection services. Struggles faced by children in foster care.

  8. 206 Best Social Work Research Topics

    Social Work Research Topics About The Elderly. The process of obtaining consent from older adults during social interventions. Building the well-being of seniors in the European territories. Housing and accommodation of homeless seniors. Various indicators of the well-being of the elders.

  9. Journal of Social Work: Sage Journals

    The Journal of Social Work is a forum for the publication, dissemination and debate of key ideas and research in social work. The journal aims to advance theoretical understanding, shape policy, and inform practice, and welcomes submissions from all areas of social work. View full journal description. This journal is a member of the Committee ...

  10. Social Work Research

    About the journal. Social Work Research publishes exemplary research to advance the development of knowledge and inform social work practice. Find out more. "The Air Is Being Sucked Out of the Room": Experiences of Social Work Students of Color with Antiracism Education in the Classroom and Practicum. LGBTQ+ People's Perceptions of ...

  11. Social Work Research Topics

    Social Work Research Topics for College Students. The impact of childhood trauma on mental health outcomes in adulthood. Examining the effectiveness of community-based interventions for reducing domestic violence. The intersection of race and poverty in accessing mental health services.

  12. Research on Social Work Practice: Sage Journals

    Research on Social Work Practice (RSWP), peer-reviewed and published eight times per year, is a disciplinary journal devoted to the publication of empirical research concerning the assessment methods and outcomes of social work practice. Intervention programs covered include behavior analysis and therapy; psychotherapy or counseling with individuals; case management; and education.

  13. 233 Brilliant Social Work Research Topics To Use

    Social works as a field of study fall within the social sciences, as a result of this the field of study deals with the use of questioning as an approach to arrive at a conclusive and reflective answer (empirical evidence). This is why research in this field deals with data collection, data analysis, experimentations, investigation, etc.

  14. 145+ Best Social Work Research Topics and Ideas to Use

    Best Social Work Research Topics Ideas. Importee of group therapy in children. Ill effects of less child support. Effects of clinical depression. Impact of ADHD in foster homes related to kids. Effects of continued mobility in the lives of orphaned kids. The best counselling session for people suffering from PTSD.

  15. Evidence-Based Practice

    Evidence-Based Practice. The term evidence-based practice (EBP) was used initially in relation to medicine, but has since been adopted by many fields including education, child welfare, mental heath, and criminal justice. The Institute of Medicine (2001) defines evidence-based medicine as the integration of best researched evidence and clinical ...

  16. 81 Exciting Social Work Research Topics to Choose From

    Controversial Social Work Research Topics List. As with different fields and areas, many paper topics relate to problems, situations, and cases that are worth discussing but often glossed over. Violence, trauma, and stigmatization are just a few examples of such issues that would seem better suited for psychology research proposals. However ...

  17. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research

    ABOUT THE JOURNAL Frequency: 4 issues/year ISSN: 2334-2315 E-ISSN: 1948-822X 2022 CiteScore*: 1.9 Ranked #500 out of 1,415 "Sociology and Political Science" journals. Founded in 2009, the Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research (JSSWR) is the flagship publication of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), a freestanding organization founded in 1994 to advance social ...

  18. 140 Amazing Social Work Research Topics for Students

    Present the major problems faced by social workers in social work. Analyze the effects of alcohol and drug abuse among young people. Discuss the effectiveness of the prohibition of liquor. Share the major reasons for the increased rate of crime in society. Discuss the major factors that lead to incest.

  19. Social Work *: Evidence-based Practice Resources

    The Social Work Collection address the fundamentals and core competencies of social work practice. Designed to augment classroom learning and prepare students for field placements, this curated collection of videos illustrates topics salient to social work via candid video footage of clients, social workers, and other mental health professionals.

  20. Sociology Research Topics & Ideas (Free Webinar + Template)

    A comprehensive list of sociology-related research topics. Includes free access to a webinar and research topic evaluator. About Us; Services. 1-On-1 Coaching. Topic Ideation; ... Teaching methods of sociology research and social work to students at Vietnam Trade Union University (Huu, 2022) Ideology and the New Social Movements (Scott, 2023)

  21. Online Research Guide

    This bibliographical database offers work from a wide range of areas, including human development and social welfare. Associated with the American Psychological Association, this database emphasizes research in the behavioral and social sciences ideal for students interested in social work research topics.

  22. Social Work Policy Research

    To assist in this effort, NASW proposes public policy recommendations for consideration by the executive branch and Congress. This research examines issues related to the work of social workers, including how to serve people who have complex needs and how public agencies and other organizations deliver health and human services.

  23. List of Excellent Social Work Research Topics To Use

    Social Work is an essential component in our day to day life. Therefore, there is need for students and social work practitioners to undertake a lot of research in this area of study. Researchers have done a lot in this discipline but we still have a great unexploited potential in the field. There is no need to overdo the previous researches ...

  24. 64 Examples of Social Issues Topics for 2024

    Economic and Labor Issues. Causes and effects of unionization in industries connected to the gig economy. Disparities in wages between men and women affecting a key industry like tech. How changes in minimum wage policies affect other wage earners. The impact of globalization on labor rights and standards in the film industry.

  25. What is Social Work?

    Social work is a broad and diverse field dedicated to enhancing the well-being and quality of life of individuals, families, groups, and communities. It is grounded in principles of social justice, human rights, and a commitment to empowering vulnerable, marginalized, and oppressed populations. Social workers strive to address social issues ...

  26. Forced labour, modern slavery and trafficking in persons

    Forced labour is a severe violation of human rights affecting 28 million of men, women and children in all countries and all economic sectors. It is rooted in poverty, discrimination and lack of social protection, and it disrupts fair competition between businesses. The issue has been at the heart of the ILO mandate to promote Fundamental ...