Speech on Rainy Season

The rainy season is a time when the sky often wears a cloudy look. You can hear the music of rainfall and feel the cool breeze that comes with it. The sight of raindrops falling is a delight to every eye. The smell of wet soil adds to the joy that this season brings.

1-minute Speech on Rainy Season

Good day, everybody! Today, we’re going to talk about the rainy season, the time when the sky often puts on a dramatic, gray cloak and showers us with its blessings.

Rainy season is a magical time. It is like a big artist, painting the world with its watery brush. It turns the leaves greener, the flowers brighter and the soil more fertile. The earth wears a fresh, clean look after the rain washes away all the dust and heat.

What’s more, the rainy season is a time of fun and joy, especially for kids. Remember the joy of jumping into the puddles and dancing in the rain? The rain brings out the child in all of us, doesn’t it? It’s a time when we can forget our worries, open our umbrellas, and just enjoy the moment.

But it’s not just fun and games. The rainy season is crucial for farmers. The rains help the crops to grow. They fill our rivers and lakes. Without this season, life would be tough for many.

Yet, rainy season can also bring challenges. Sometimes, too much rain can cause floods, making life hard for many people. We need to be prepared for these situations and help each other when such times come.

To conclude, the rainy season is a time of change, a time of joy, and sometimes, a time of challenges. It’s a season that teaches us many lessons, like the importance of helping each other and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Let’s celebrate this beautiful season, while also being mindful of its challenges.

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2-minute Speech on Rainy Season

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today I bring you a talk on a topic that touches us all – the rainy season.

Let’s begin by painting a picture. The sky turns dark, clouds gather in a strong show of might, the sun hides away, and then it begins – the soft patter of rain. The earth’s dry thirst is quenched, plants spring back to life and the air is filled with a fresh smell, a smell most of us know and love. This is the magic of the rainy season.

Now, let’s talk about what this season means for us. For farmers, the rainy season is a time of hope. It is when seeds are sown, waiting to burst into a green sea of crops. For students, it’s a time for paper boats, splashing in puddles, and the fun of getting a day off when it rains too hard. For adults, it’s a time for hot cups of tea, the sound of rain on the roof, and the joy of a cool, clean world after the rain. Rainy season is a time of joy and growth for all of us.

But it’s not just about the fun and games. The rainy season plays a big role in our environment. The rainwater fills our rivers, lakes, and wells, gives life to plants and trees, and cools the earth after the harsh summer. It’s a time when nature gets to replenish itself. And let’s not forget the beautiful rainbows that come after the rain, filling the sky with color!

Now, let’s touch on the other side of the coin. The rainy season can also bring challenges. Sometimes, it rains too much causing floods. Roads become rivers, homes get washed away, and people face a tough time. It’s a reminder that while we enjoy the beauty of the rain, we must also respect the power of nature.

So, how can we make the most of this season? Enjoy the rain, but also stay safe. Use umbrellas and raincoats to stay dry. Don’t step into water-logged areas. Keep your surroundings clean to avoid diseases that come with the rain. And most importantly, lend a hand to those who need help during the rainy season.

In conclusion, the rainy season is a time of beauty, joy, and challenges. It’s a time when the earth gets a fresh coat of paint, when life springs back, and when we, as a community, get the chance to enjoy and protect our environment. So let’s cherish these rainy days, because every drop of rain is a drop of life.

Thank you for listening, and may you all enjoy the beauty and the blessings of the rainy season.

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By Penny Whitehouse

50 Ways to Play in the Rain!

Rain Activities for Kids

It’s so much fun to play in the rain. It’s wonderful!

I love how only a quick downpour transforms the nature around our house. It sometimes feels like we live in the middle of a rainforest with all those vibrant greens popping off the foliage.

Many of us stay indoors when it’s raining, but as you’ll see, there are plenty of activities to do out in the rain. Here are 50 to try!

Of course if there high winds or electric storms, best to stay indoors and watch the amazing force of nature through a glass window.

Wonderful ways to play in the rain:

  • Play out in the rain . Fully clothed or in your swimmers, either way it’s going to be so much fun.
  • Make mud angels. Yep, I said it. Get really, really dirty and make mud angels in the sopping, wet dirt.
  • Make a mud tidal pool. Find a puddle and with your hand or sticks, make it into a tidal pool. Then, float leaves in it and watch them get moved by the current you created.

Rain play for kids

  • Make a mud pie or stew. If you have plenty of mud around, mud pies are a must in the rain!
  • Raindrop races.   Place a start and finishing line on the inside of the window with whiteboard markers. Go outside and race raindrops. On your mark, get set… Go!
  • Make a dam.  Find a small body of running water around your house and see if you can hold it back by making a small dam.
  • Search for rainbows. The best time to search for rainbow is just after it rains. Can’t find any? Make your own!
  • Act like animals.  Pretend to be an animal that loves the rain. Frogs, ducks and snails come to mind but I’m sure you can think of more!

how to have fun in the rain speech

  • Sing in the rain.   Songs with a rain theme are perfect for singing in the rain. Try  Rain, Rain Go Away , I Can Sing a Rainbow or I’m Singing in the Rain!
  • Slip and slide. Get a tarp out and off you go. Slide from side to side. Don’t forget to add mud and grass too!
  • Jump, stomp and sit in muddy puddles. What child wouldn’t like to do this?
  • Take your bath toys outside. Play with bath toys out in the rain and in the mud puddles. Who says they’re just for playing in the bath?!
  • Look at a flowing creek. Go for a walk down to a swollen creek. It’s really interesting to look at when you’ve seen it at its usual size.
  • Make boats. Make nature boats and then float them in a creek or gutter.
  • Play games.  Play games like relay races, stuck in the mud and red rover.
  • Ingredients in bowls. Take some bowls filled with different ingredients like flour, sugar, oats and salt out into the rain and see what happens to the material when they get droplets of water on them.

Rain Play

  • Do some wet chalk drawing. It’s a different experience to draw with chalk on a wet surface. The colours are more vibrant and the chalk is easier to draw with too!
  • Bring out a waterproof camera. Imagine the beautiful images you would get in the wet! Cameras are just another way to help a child connect with the world around them. 
  • Paint with mud. Collect some different shades of dirt or mud around your home and then paint with them.
  • Rain dance. Pump out some nice tunes through a window and do a rain dance.
  • Jump over puddles. Rather than jumping in puddles, try to jump over them this time.

Paint in the rain

  • Write with rocks. Test some rocks to see if the rain helps them to become a tool you can use to write or draw pictures with. Try using a rock to draw on a larger rock or boulder.  
  • Homemade rain gauge. This is an excellent  rain gauge to make yourself!
  • Take your shoes and boots off. Squish those feet into the mud.

how to have fun in the rain speech

  • Make coloured paints from nature. Collect some nature, like leaves or flowers, and squish it with rocks in a container. Add a little bit of rain and the use it to paint sidewalks.
  • Watch the clouds. This will be a lot different from watching the white fluffy clouds that make shapes . Talk about why they look darker and more dense.
  • Play with sand.  If you keep sand around your place, like a sand pit or in a nature craft play space , bring some sand outside in the rain and play with it on the pavement.
  • Roll down wet hills. Rolling down dry grassy hills is fun, can you imagine rolling down a wet grassy hill?!
  • Let water fall on your tongue. Taste the water that’s come from the sky. This is usually something we naturally do when we’re out in the rain anyway.
  • Set up an outdoor water play space. I’d set up one just like these water walls .

Play in the rain: Take a shower

  • Blow bubbles into the rain . You could have bubble competition.  Which bubbles lasts the longest before it pops. This is best done on days when it’s just spitting with rain.
  • Toss rocks into puddles. See how big your splashes get by starting to throw small objects in the puddle and then larger objects in the puddle.  
  • Go to the beach and draw in the wet sand. Drawing in the wet sand is glorious! The rain makes the whole beach your canvas.
  • Go for a swim. If it’s not a cold day but it’s raining, go for a swim. Sometimes you can be surprised at how warm the water is.

Rain Play Music

  • Get arty in the rain. Get your paints and some recycled cardboard and paint in the rain . 
  • Water small world play. Take your toys and action figures outside in the rain and create a small world around puddles and wet foliage.
  • Have a rain shower. Take some soap out in the rain with you and lather up!
  • Plant some seeds in the garden. The perfect time to plant seeds is when it’s raining. Best of all, you don’t need to water them because the rain has done it for you!
  • Find other ways over that puddle. Find some large bricks or rocks and see if you can make stepping stones or a bridge over a big puddle.
  • Have a water fight.   Rain will be falling on your head and you’ll have to watch out for rain coming at you sideways too. How much fun will it be to have a water fight in the rain!
  • Become a mud monster. Cover yourself with mud, leaves and grass and become a mud monster. When you’re finished, all you have to do is hose yourself off.

Find mushrooms in the rain

I hope I’ve made you excited for the next time it rains. Why stay in? You have so many fun ways to play in the rain!  ~Penny

If you love this post you might love to see all the wonderful ways you can use leaves in arts and crafts

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May 26, 2015 at 11:49 pm

Great list. I have been looking for a little bit of rainy inspiration for this afternoon. Most resources I am finding are for indoor rain activities like cutting rain drops out of paper or making pretend puddles on the floor to jump on/over. Your suggestions are perfect for me and my 4 year old daughter to go experience the day.

' src=

May 27, 2015 at 6:00 am

Thank you so much Shannon. I really appreciate you taking the time to write feedback. I hope you and your little girl enjoyed some outdoor time in the rain together. Pen

' src=

April 26, 2017 at 3:02 am

Wow! What an awesome list!!!!

April 30, 2017 at 2:01 pm

You’re welcome Anu, so glad you liked them 🙂

' src=

October 10, 2018 at 10:40 am

Thank you! This list is fantastic and reminds me of so many things I enjoyed as a child about the rain I’ve forgotten as an adult. Can’t wait to test these out with my girls 🙂

October 27, 2018 at 6:57 pm

I am so glad they inspired you Tara xx

' src=

June 1, 2020 at 12:27 am

My mom used to do most of the stuff on this list with me when it rained. We pretty much stopped when I turned 15. I guess she thought a 15 year old boy is too old to play in the rain. I think it is stupid that we stopped because I had soooo much fun!! She always let me strip down to just my bikini underwear. I don’t know if my childhood would have been the same without her letting me play in the rain! Great memories for me!

' src=

February 13, 2022 at 4:22 am

Absolutely top list. Not many people suggest outdoor rain activities and there’s some excellent ideas here. Thank you

April 18, 2022 at 4:09 pm

Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. We love playing in the rain so it made sense to find more ways to enjoy it. 🙂

' src=

October 3, 2022 at 9:25 pm

such a great list I was looking forward to play in the rain and here are the perfect suggestions

' src=

April 13, 2023 at 6:24 pm

Thank you for these great ideas. The simple reminder of rain showers ended up bringing so much excitement and joy to my toddlers after the rain this afternoon!

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150 Enjoyable Things to Do on a Rainy Day (That Will Inspire You)

These amazing things to do on a rainy day will uplift you! Sometimes when the weather stinks, it can mentally throw us off. But instead of twiddling your thumbs, try self-care ideas and productive activities.

fun things to do on a rainy day at home, coffee with window when it's raining

And here’s the great part: these activities work well for any reason you are inside. So, if you’re inside on a snowy day or for health reasons, pull out this list too!

Self-Care Rainy Day Activities

First, one of the best things to do on a rainy day is to take care of yourself. So, start with a few from the list below before reading on.

1. Take a bubble bath.

2. Write five positive affirmations down. Say them to yourself. Now, stick them where you can see them.

  • Find positive affirmations here: Morning, Self-Love, & Bedtime Affirmations

3. Meditate

4. Make a list of things you are grateful for. We all need to be reminded of how much good is in our lives.

5. Have an at-home spa day.

This post contains affiliate links. See my disclaimer for more info.

rainy day activities pin

6. Make yourself a self-care kit for the future.

7. Workout inside. Youtube offers tons of free content: from yoga to dancing. Or sign up for a digital workout app like Peloton. (Or head to the local gym if you’re a member)

8. Do your nails.

9. Pull out an adult coloring book and get coloring.

10. Order or try out a new makeup product.

11. Make a cup of your favorite coffee and read a fun book.

12. Do a brain dump. Get everything that’s swirling out of your head.

13. Write in your journal. Describe your day, emotions, to-do list, blessings, or anything that comes to mind.

14. Take a nap.

15. Start a challenge that makes you feel great. The self-love and gratitude challenges are good ones.

16. Just SIT. And enjoy one of your favorite simple pleasures.

17. Call a loved one for a chat.

18. Stretch.

19. Cuddle with a pet.

20. Write a letter to your future self. ( Ask your future self these great questions )

21. Do a digital detox . Decide that it’s time for a phone break. And connect with yourself instead.

22. Listen to your favorite music. Or try something new like binaural beats .

23. Turn on your essential oils. It’s time to get that diffuser going!

24. Create a self-love list. Write 10 things you love about yourself.

25. Look at old photos. Indulging in past memories makes us feel good.

zen things to do on a rainy day at home

26. Make your own mini zen garden. (Or buy one HERE)

27. Create a list of inspiring people in your life and possible mentors . Schedule a get-together with at least one person off of this list.

28. Grab access to amazing self-care resources:

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  • 40 Anxiety Gifts for Adults and Kids
  • Epic Non-Food Ways to Reward Yourself

Productive Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Next, use this great opportunity to get organized, find clarity, and make your life a little brighter.

29. Read a book that helps you grow .

30. Listen to a podcast.

31. Listen to an audiobook.

32. Organize or clean out a room in your home.

33. Start the free “Get Your Life Back” Challenge to streamline and make life easier.

34. Plan your upcoming vacations .

35. Map out your goals. What do you want to accomplish this year?

notebook with goals: great ideas during Covid

36. Create a vision board for your life.

37 . Craft a better morning or night routine .

38. Meal prep something healthy. (Putting together a few salads for the week could be what you need to take charge of your health)

39. Put 2-3 of your favorite quotes around your home for inspiration . (See self care quotes, and growth mindset quotes for serious motivation)

40. Use this big meal list and weekly dinner planner to plan out your week of healthy meals.

41. Start a new family hobby or business.

42. Declutter your living spaces.

43. Pick a habit example from this list that you want to work on. Then, use the free habit tracker to keep track of your progress. Decide on a small reward when you follow through.

44. Re-stock your home’s main supplies. (Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, spices, anything you know you’ll need).

45. Start a small home improvement project. Paint the bathroom. Buy a hanger for the front entryway. Do something that spruces things up without a lot of effort.

46. Look over your budget. Pay bills. Organize any financial papers that need to be sorted.

47. Strategize how to save smarter. Make a plan. (Now that you have a clear view of your budget)

48. Organize your digital life. Delete old downloads. Back up your computer. And clear out the clutter.

49. Unsubscribe from email and social media that’s not useful to you.

50. Make yourself a sick kit.

51. Set reminders for upcoming birthdays. Purchase any gifts needed.

52. Put a few new books on hold at your local library.

53. Upgrade a skill. (For work or here are fun hobbies for women )

54. Plan your week ahead. The best way to follow through on your priorities is to have a clear schedule for them.

55. Schedule appointments needed.

56. Organize your workspace. Make it a clean, inspiring, and productive place to work.

57. Update your resume. Change the date and add new experiences. Make it easier to have it when you need it!

58. Declutter your papers. Go digital on what you can.

59. Pare down your closet to create a capsule wardrobe .

60. Research professional development opportunities in your field.

61. Learn keyboard shortcuts to make work easier. Here are some important ones>>

62. Organize and price for an upcoming garage/yard sale.

Fun Things to Do For Adults

Now, these are meant to keep your spirits up and add a little fun to your life.

things to do on a rainy day for adults at home 2023

63. Make a fancy at-home coffee .

64. Make a fun cocktail.

65. Try a fun new food recipe.

66. Do a puzzle.

67. Splurge on new takeout.

68. Send your partner a flirty text. Even if you are in the same place.

69. Make your favorite comfort food. Lasagna anyone!?

70. Learn something new on Youtube. We have spent a ridiculous amount of time watching these squirrels …

71. Do one new thing to get out of your comfort zone .

72. Create a postpartum gift basket for a new mom .

73. Make your adult bucket list to fit the season! (Find a list of helpful posts in the kid section below!) Or make one big life bucket list .

74. Plan your dream vacation. If you could go anywhere, where would it be? And what would you do?

75. Gather things to donate, and drop them off. It feels so good to physically let go of what you don’t need.

76. Make a fun music playlist.

77. Watch a movie or tv series you’ve been wanting to watch.

78. Write an appreciation note to 3 different people.

79. Clean your makeup brushes.

80. Swap out your seasonal decorations and candles.

81. Read your favorite blogs.

82. Re-arrange your furniture.

83. Start learning to play the guitar or piano.

84. Put positive affirmations on your phone that pop up during the day. (Seeing “You are healthy and beautiful” is a fantastic way to start every morning.)

85. Make a fun flavored water.

86. Start a garden inside. Plant a pot of fresh herbs on your counter or plan and prepare for a few pots outside when the weather is nicer.

87. Get ahead on your holiday gift list. Keep track of your gifts HERE>

Rainy Day Things to Do With Kids & Family

If you are home with your family or partner, these ideas are perfect!

things to do on a rainy day with kids

88. Bake to your heart’s delight.

89. Have a movie fort day. Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks!

90. Put together an amazing tea party.

91. Do some family bonding . Try these crazy fun questions:

  • Super Fun Questions to Ask Family and Friends
  • Best Clean Never have I Ever Questions for Kids
  • The How Well Do You Know Me Quiz

92. Paint your nails in different colors.

93. Turn up the music and have a dance party.

94. Play a board or card game.

95. Help your kids learn good habits (and help around the house more) with a morning routine chart.

96. Make a fun photo book of your family.

97. Print these reward printable coupons to motivate kids.

98. Make a card or small gift for a neighbor, friend, or teacher.

99. Make your family bucket list to fit the season. (See: spring, summer, fall, holiday, and winter bucket lists )

100. Start a new ritual or tradition with your kids.

101. Stick a few love notes under your kids’ pillows.

102. Create family goals.

103. Have a family meeting. Touch base on important things going on like the calendar, family chores to do , and the budget.

104. Make homemade jam or jelly together.

105. Start learning a new language together.

106. Adopt a new pet (or maybe just a fish) .

107. Introduce your kids to your favorite childhood cartoons. (Remember your favorite things! )

108. Start a fun read-aloud.

109. Create an indoor obstacle course.

110. Write a letter to grandma and grandpa.

111. Make slime. Find an easy recipe HERE>

112 . Learn origami. Because, why not?

113. Make a gratitude board or jar .

114. Do a seasonal scavenger hunt. See St. Patrick’s Day , Halloween , & Thanksgiving hunts HERE>

115. Make your own home video.

116. Create a secret family handshake or language .

117. Teach the kids to do laundry or another important chore.

Related Posts: The kids printable chore chart & bathroom cleaning checklist

And find more great activities to do at home with kids >>

What to Do on a Rainy Day With Friends

 group of friends on a couch

The following rainy day things to do at home are designed for fun with pals! (Or other loved ones too!)

118. Go bowling with friends.

119. Check out your local brewery or wine company.

120. Go out for a wine and paint night.

121. Leave a small gift at your friend’s door.

122. Schedule future plans. If you can’t get together today, put a date on your calendar!

123. Volunteer.

124. Have a “Pinterest” night where everyone makes a recipe off of Pinterest for the others to try.

125. Go on a scenic drive to somewhere you’ve never been.

126. Watch a comedy movie that makes you laugh.

127. Host a game night.

128. Start a book club.

129. Make a craft together. (I had a blast making seasonal wreaths with friends.)

130. Try out an escape room.

131. Visit a bookstore.

132. Try out a new coffee shop together.

133. Plan a party.

134. Watch an interesting documentary together.

135. Send hilarious memes to your friends.

Related Post: Fun Ways to Make Friends As an Adult

Good things to do on a rainy day with friends and family

Outside Activities When It Rains

And finally, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you HAVE to stay inside. Perhaps it’s time to challenge your beliefs and enjoy the rain instead.

outdoor activities to do in the rain, person with umbrella

136. Dance in the rain.

137. Splash in the puddles.

138. Enjoy a fun drink on someone’s roofed porch.

139. Practice mindfulness . Pick a spot where you can listen to the rain and just be still. Use your senses to hear, smell, and feel the air around you.

140. Take a rain walk . Bring a waterproof disposable camera with you. Then, snap pictures of nature’s wonders on your walk.

141. Catch raindrops on your tongue.

142. Make mud pies with kids.

143. Paint with mud.

144. Rescue worms stuck on dry land.

145. Host a boat race.

146. Start a water gunfight.

147. Search for a rainbow.

148. Go cloud-watching.

149. Draw in wet sand.

150. Take your shoes off and squish your feet in the mud.

What’s Next?

Who needs a bad weather day!? Just making this list inspires me to do them now or on the weekend.

Next, join the Family Connections Newsletter community and get our best family and self-care content sent straight to your inbox.

What do you like to do on a rainy day? Fun things to do

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Jennifer is the founder and chief editor of Healthy Happy Impactful®. She believes that living, loving, and connecting deeply are the foundation for a good life. She holds a degree in education and is a mom to 3 kids.

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Rhythms of Play

Rhythms of Play

Art, Crafts, DIY; Raising Creative Outdoor Kids

Rainy Day Activities: 123 Fun Things to do When it Rains

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Please read our Policies for more information. Updated: March 5, 2024 Published: October 11, 2019 12 Comments

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Rainy day activities don’t have to be inside; send the kids OUTSIDE when they get the rainy day blues with the play ideas on this list of 21 fun things to do on a rainy day!

Here’s a list of rainy-day activities for kids (and adults) with plenty of fun things to do on a rainy day, inside and out, to help you beat boredom and weather the storm. While indoor rain activities are fantastic, playing in the rain outside during the wet season can be even more fun! The best part about this list of rain play ideas is that it is filled with several FREE rainy-day activities.

So, if you have ever asked what can you do on a boring rainy day to cheer yourself up. Or how to enjoy the rain to beat the rainy day blues. Scroll down to see a list of classic indoor activities you can do at home, followed by a list of several fun indoor attractions that make a great adventure destination when bored on rainy days for young and old alike.

Next, learn how to dress children appropriately for wet weather and rainy conditions. Knowing how to dress for the rain makes it much easier to deal with rainy weather, especially when toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners are involved. Finally, get the kids outside with a detailed list of fun things to do OUTSIDE for entertainment on rainy days. You may also enjoy creating art on rainy days. For ideas, look through our lists of winter art, Valentine’s Day painting ideas, St. Patrick’s Day arts and crafts, and Easter art project ideas, for kids and adults.

20 outdoor activities for children on rainy days.

Related: 15 Open-Ended Toys for Pretend Play

Best Things to Do on a Rainy Day

One of the best activities to do during the wet season when kids start moaning the rainy day “I’m bored, mom” blues is to get OUTSIDE! There are countless learning opportunities and fun ways to play outside in the rain. For example, a few outdoor activities we enjoy in the rain are making music, rain art , engaging the senses, practicing gross and fine motor skills, studying nature , and so much more!

Of course, there are several other fun indoor rainy-day activities you can do at home. And even more rainy day adventures you can go on in your local city or town. Days when it rains offer an excellent opportunity to visit indoor amusements and parks, science museums, libraries, learning centers, historical landmarks, and other indoor attractions in your local city or town.

In other words, it’s a lot easier to get kids interested in going on educational adventures that might not particularly interest them if it weren’t raining. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the best indoor rainy-day play ideas to get you started. After a glance at the entertaining indoor activities you can do on a rainy day, we have an even better list of 21 outdoor rainy-day activities that will have your kids screaming for joy when it rains instead of crying, “I’m bored!”

Classic Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

Fun rainy day indoor activities to do at home:

  • Put together a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Play card games.
  • Enjoy board games such as Monopoly.
  • Practice yoga with the help of a FREE yoga video for kids.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Fold paper airplanes.
  • Play with toy cars and racetracks.
  • Enjoy an indoor picnic.
  • Set up a tent or build a fort in the living room.
  • Go on an indoor treasure hunt.
  • Create an indoor obstacle course.
  • Build a marble run.
  • Get creative with cardboard boxes and other recyclables.
  • Put on costumes get out the props and enjoy role-play activities.
  • Challenge the kids to an indoor scavenger hunt.
  • Enjoy a movie marathon.
  • Bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies (or your family’s favorite cookie or cupcake recipe).
  • Make slime.
  • Get out the play dough and cookie cutters.
  • Create new snacks to enjoy.
  • Or, do arts and crafts . Getting out the glue and doing artwork is fun on a rainy day.

Indoor attractions and adventure destinations for rainy days include:

  • Visit a children’s museum, natural history museum, art gallery, or other educational attraction.
  • Going to the arcade.
  • Head to the local gym or indoor pool.
  • Hit the bowling alley for a bit of friendly competition.
  • Play laser tag.
  • Go to a trampoline park.
  • Ride around in bumper cars.
  • Be cool on the skating rink.
  • Go to the library or a local bookstore.
  • Visit a yogurt shop or ice cream parlor.
  • Walk around an indoor mall.
  • Enjoy a live music show.
  • Find clues in an escape room.
  • Go to the movie theater or a stage show.
  • Visit your favorite local pizza parlor.

Fun Ways to Play in the Rain Outside

Even though there are many fun places to go and things to do at home, in addition to your local city or town. We think getting outside for AT LEAST 15 minutes, even when it’s pouring, is a must! Playing outside in the rain is a lot more fun than you might think. Once you get out there, we’re willing to bet you will want to stay A LOT longer. We always do!

When I lived in Vancouver, BC, while attending graduate school (one of the world’s rainiest places), I worked as a nanny. The kids and I had a lot of fun bundling up in proper rain gear to get outside and play in the rain. Because we had excellent rain gear, outdoor rainy-day activities were always one of our favorite things to do on a rainy day.

The Norwegians like to say, “ There’s no such thing as bad weather , only bad clothes,” and I wholeheartedly agree! For me, getting outside to play in the rain was much more fun than staying inside for weeks during the rainy months both as a child and as an educator. Scroll down to find a list of the best rain gear for kids.

If you are wondering what to do on a rainy day or how to play in the rain, children from toddlers to preschoolers and kindergarteners to teens love to get outside to explore the wet earth, jump in puddles, and play in the mud . Find more fun things to do in the rain outside with the list of screen-free rainy-day outdoor activities for kids on the list below our rain gear recommendations.

Related: Outdoor Learning Ideas and Nature Activities for Kids

The Best Rain Gear for Kids

Knowing how to dress for rain and having the proper rain gear on hand is one of the most important things you need to make outdoor rainy-day activities fun for kids. This makes rain boots (try THESE or THESE ) and a good rain jacket or a rain jacket and  rain pants a must if you want to keep smiles big on a rainy day.

Waterproof rain pants with a bib and straps that wrap under rain boots are best when kids get wet and muddy. Otherwise, rain boots are likely to fill up with rainwater no matter what you do.

Best Rain Gear for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Alternatively, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and young school-aged children can wear a one-piece rain suit . If you are looking for a single zip, one-piece rain suit for preschoolers and older children, try THIS one; it comes in a broader range of sizes. For a good laugh, try this super cute little ducky rain suit for toddlers!

Wear Breathable Base Layers

The likelihood of getting wet on a rainy day also makes it necessary to have children wear a breathable wool base layer top , a pair of wool pants , and, most importantly, wool socks to keep them feeling warm and dry. Children who wear a wool base layer are less likely to complain about feeling cold on a rainy day, even when they get a little wet.

Whatever you do, don’t allow children to wear cotton in the rain. Getting wet in a heavy cotton sweatshirt will make you so cold, it would make anyone want to cry! Have you ever heard the phrase cotton kills? I know it’s a bit overdramatic. But it’s true. Cotton absorbs moisture and gets weighed down when it is wet. This causes it to steal warmth away from the body on a rainy day. When it’s cold and wet outside that’s the last thing you want.

That’s why I’ve replaced most of the cotton in my wardrobe with a warm and comfortable collection of wool and other natural more sustainable fabrics for a variety of weather conditions. If wool is unavailable or overpriced for your budget, polyester fleece is the next best thing to wear on a rainy day. You might also like this list of my favorite must-haves for moms , teachers, and caregivers everywhere.

Rainy day activities - 20 things to do outside in the rain for kids

Related: The Best Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids: 27 Ways to Play Outside in the Rain

Wondering what to do on a rainy day? Rainy day activities for children from toddlers to teens don’t have to be inside; here is a list of 21 OUTDOOR rain activities for kids! Use the rainy-day ideas below to get the kids outside to have fun in the rain!

There are several fun things you can do on a rainy day outdoors. While indoor rainy-day activities for kids are great, children need to get outside and move their bodies daily. When it rains, outdoor rainy-day activities make it fun to get outside and play.

There are many fun ways to play in the rain and many educational opportunities that can be found outside on a rainy day. The list of rainy-day play ideas that follow provides an excellent source of free screen-free activities for kids. Give any of these outdoor rainy day activities a try to get the kids outside learning and having fun! When the sun is shining, you might enjoy this list of fun and educational shadow activities for kids .

1. Sing and dance in the rain.

Who doesn’t love singing in the rain? Like Gene Kelly, get outside to sing and dance in the rain. “ I’m singing in the rain , I’m singing in the rain! What a glorious feeling! I’m happy again!” Don’t forget your umbrella  to get yourself in the mood.

Kids playing in the rain laughing in a puddle with an umbrella and rain boots

2. Play with water toys in puddles.

Get the kids outside playing in the rain with some of their favorite pool or bath toys. Bath toys are fun for kids to dip in puddles and play with outside on a rainy day. My daughter has a robot fish bath toy she loves to take outside to swim in the rain. It is cute to watch it swim around in deep enough puddles. Give it a try!

3. Catch raindrops on your tongue.

Sometimes, the simple pleasures in life are the best, and catching raindrops on your tongue is one of them. Invite children to catch raindrops and sprinkles on their tongues for this fun rainy-day activity. I’ve never met any kids playing in the rain who haven’t loved trying to catch raindrops on their tongues! While they are at it, ask children to count how many raindrops they catch.

Kid trying to catch raindrops on his tongue in the rain - rainy day activities for kids

4. Rescue worms.

The lifeguard in me loves this activity. Whenever you see a worm in a puddle, place it back on the earth. Once the rain stops and the earth is dry, rescue the worms by taking them out of puddles and off the sidewalk or street and placing them back in the moist earth. Only hold on to worms for as long as you need to move them. Worms will die if held for too long. For more about worms, see Investigate Worms .

5. Make mud pies in the rain.

Children love to play in the mud on rainy days. Making mud pies is a fun outdoor rainy-day activity for kids. Children love to play with mud on a rainy day. The earth gets nice and soft when it rains, so it’s easy to dig. And it’s fun to decorate mud pies with flowers, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. Check out Mud Pie Nature Art for more ideas!

Child making mud pies in a mud kitchen

Related: 15 Ways to Raise a Helper

Fun Things to Do in the Rain: Rainy Day STEM Activities

6. become a scientist and use your senses..

Take a few moments to observe the rain. Notice everything about it–the sights, sounds, smells, touch, taste, etc. Record your observations in your Nature Journal .

Take this educational rainy day idea further at home or in the classroom with creative storytelling or writing. Once you go inside, ask your children to write or tell a story using the information they discovered and experienced in the rain. Ask them to practice using sensory language and feeling words to express themselves. This is an excellent educational rainy-day activity for homeschoolers!

Kid in rain boots splashing in a mud puddle with quote

7. Build a dam.

Use stones, rocks, mud, sandbags, or other natural items to create a dam wherever water flows. Building a dam is a fun and educational STEM activity for kids.

When building a dam, please ensure you don’t hurt the area’s inhabitants, the natural landscape, or the surrounding ecology. Never block off an entire waterway, and please ensure the water flows back downstream or into the creek or river before you leave.

8. Race leaves or boats in rain gutters and creeks.

Making and racing toy boats is another great rainy-day STEM activity. Racing leaves or boats down a rushing stream or creek–or in overflowing gutters is a perfect place for this fun rainy-day activity for kids. If you’re looking for a quick and easy popsicle stick boat  that children can make, click the link. The peg doll on top is super cute but optional.

play with boats - fun things to do outside in the rain

9. Measure the rain.

Children love to measure how much it rained. Measuring the amount of rainfall and taking rainfall measurements over time is a fun rainy-day STEM activity for kids. How much did it rain in an hour? In a day? In a week? Or all year?

You can make a DIY rain gauge by securing a ruler to the inside of a clear plastic cup or mason jar , or you can purchase one by clicking the first link. Keep a rain journal to check your measurements against those in your local newspaper or favorite weather website.

Related: How to Make and Keep A Nature Journal or Notebook

10. Make rain art on a rainy day.

Making rain art is a fun rainy-day activity for kids. Use markers to draw on paper, then put your drawings outside in the rain to watch what happens. Visit the Rainbow Rainy Day Art step-by-step tutorial for materials and instructions.

Rainbow rainy day art is a fun thing to do outside in the rain

Related: 15 Reasons to Climb a Tree and Other Benefits of Risky Play

Awesome Rainy Day Activities: More Fun Ways to Play in the Rain Outside

11. take pictures outside..

For another fun rainy day activity, grab a waterproof camera for kids  and head outside to take pictures in the rain. Taking pictures of friends and family playing outside without worrying about your camera getting wet is fun.

It’s also fun to photograph nature in the rain. Everything looks so lovely with drops of rain on it when photographed. It’s a great time to practice different settings on your camera to capture nature’s beauty in a new light. The rain and stormy days create different moods that are just not possible on a sunny day. Today, my husband and I love and use our iPhones because they are now waterproof!

12. Go on a nature walk or Hike.

Going for a nature walk in the rain is one of my favorite activities. Trails look and feel very different in the rain. When I lived in Vancouver, BC (one of the rainiest cities in the world), my Southern California family often asked if I got SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) from the neverending overcast skies and rainy weather.

Going for nature walks in the proper rain gear was all I needed to keep the dreary wearies away. Today, I share this rainy-day activity with my daughter, who loves it as much as I do.

When I lived on the island of Kauai (another one of the rainiest places in the world), I often just wore my bikini to run on the beach on a rainy day. The weather was warm enough most of the year to enjoy the rain without a single item of rain gear as long as you didn’t mind getting a little wet.

With that said, if you ever have the chance to go for a run or a walk on a warm day in the rain on the beach, do it. It’s an experience not to be missed. And don’t forget to build a sandcastle and go for a swim with the kids while you are at it! There is nothing like playing on the beach on a warm, rainy day.

Related: Go on a Nature Hunt

Fun things to do in the rain outside - go on a nature walk in the rain

13. Create an invitation to play in the rain outside.

Another fun thing to do in the rain is to set up an invitation to play. Just like we create invitations to play inside, we can also create an invitation to play outside in the rain. Set up a rainy-day play activity and invite the kids to try it.

14. Declare an outdoor water-fun war.

Whoever said water soakers and water balloons were only for hot days? A water war in the rain is a great way to get the kids outside to burn off excess energy. Especially if they’ve been cooped up for a while. Gear up , and get out there! (Please ensure that children pick up the water balloon pieces when they’re done to help care for planet Earth .)

15. Paint with mud and nature.

Painting with silty mud is one of my daughter’s favorite things to do in the rain (creek or lakeside). She calls them her mudder-nature paintings, pronounced like mother nature–lol. Grab a stick or some leaves and dip them in the mud. Then, paint your driveway or sidewalk with the mud and watch it melt away in the rain.

16. Play in the sandbox.

Playing in the sandbox is a fun rainy-day activity. The rain makes it super easy to mold the play sand in whatever way you choose. Just make sure you remove clothing before entering the house, if possible. Rain and sand make for quite a mess!

Related: The Best Backyard Sandbox Ideas for Kids

17. Make rain music.

Put out pots, pans, bowls, tin foil, or anything else you think might make a pleasant sound when raindrops hit it. If you don’t mind it getting a little wet, you can put out a xylophone and enjoy the sound of rain music, “Tip, tip, tap, tap, tap, ting!”

Or, create the sound of rain with a DIY rainstick made from recycled and naturally sourced materials. Click the link to learn how to make a see-through rainstick .

Rainy day activity for kids - make rain music outside in the rain!

18. Bodyboard down small grassy hills.

This was one of my favorite rainy day activities when I lived on the rainy island of Kauai, Hawaii. It must rain a lot to do this activity because the ground must be completely saturated with water to work. Grab a bodyboard and make for the hills! Think of it like tobogganing in the rain!

19. Feel the soggy earth.

If it’s not too cold, kick off your rain shoes and feel the soggy earth under your feet. This is a fantastic outdoor rainy-day activity for sensory development.

Related: Barefoot Health Benefits: 8 Reasons I Allow My Child to Go Barefoot

20. Go on a rainbow hunt.

The conditions might be right for spotting rainbows after or during light rain. If you can see the sun peeking through the clouds on a rainy day, go outside and turn your back to the sun to look for rainbows in the sky. Or, head out on a rainbow hunt with the sun behind you and pay attention; you might see a rainbow. This fun rain activity can sometimes be best achieved by driving or hiking uphill to higher vantage points with clear views in the opposite direction of the sun. Learn more about rainbow science HERE .

21. Observe wildlife on a rainy day.

Many animals are more active during and after a rainstorm, so it can be fun to observe wildlife behavior during these times. Birds, in particular, can be more vocal, and you might spot other wildlife that comes out to drink and forage under the protection of the stormy skies on a rainy day. You might also enjoy these birding activities for kids and adults.

22. Enjoy a fishing adventure.

Many experienced anglers say fish are more active and bite when it rains. The rain helps to oxygenate the water, and many fishermen and women claim the overcast conditions make fish less wary and more likely to bite. This makes rainy days the perfect time to go fishing. Best of all, you’re likely to have the best fishing spots for yourself. Call a friend, gear up, and throw a line out in the rain to see what you can catch.

23. Host a rainy-day scavenger hunt.

Going on a scavenger hunt on a rainy day can be a fun and educational way to pass the time. Create a list of items to find or tasks to complete that are fun to do in the rain, such as finding a worm, making a leaf boat, or looking for the signs of fall , winter , or spring ! Scavenger hunts provide a creative way for children to explore and engage with their surroundings.

24. Play soccer or football in the mud.

Playing team sports like soccer or football in the mud can be an exhilarating experience on a rainy day with friends. Not only is it incredibly fun, but it is messy in a good way. The slippery conditions add an extra challenge that most often results in stomach-cramping laughing fits and yips of joy. But please be mindful. Playing sports in the mud on a rainy day can also lead to injuries when participants are too rough or unaware of their surroundings. Be aware and play with care.

25. Collect rainwater for gardening.

Here’s an educational and eco-friendly rainy day idea for young and old alike. Set out containers to collect rainwater. It’s a simple activity that can teach kids about water conservation and can be used to water plants in your garden. Invest in a good rain barrel for even more benefits and learning opportunities. 

26. Enjoy a Muddy obstacle course.

Rainy weather is perfect for those who don’t mind getting dirty to enjoy the physical challenge of an obstacle course. Mud runs and outdoor obstacle courses become very different in wet weather. The rain transforms them into slippery and muddy obstacle adventures, which adds to the event’s fun, difficulty, and challenge. But again, please be mindful and use caution when playing in muddy, slippery conditions. Especially when events like obstacle courses are involved. Erring on the side of caution is always prudent and recommended. 

27. Jump in puddles.

Last but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite rainy-day activity, jumping in puddles! Enjoy the simple pleasure of making a splash in the rain by jumping in puddles. I like to save this classic rainy day activity for last because even with the proper gear on, you can get very, very wet!!

kid dancing barefoot in rain

Related: 10 Ways to Have Fun Outside with Fall Leaves

What to do on a Rainy Day: The Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy day activities don’t have to be inside; send the kids outside to play in the rain! There are lots of fun things to do outside on a rainy day. We hope you enjoy these rainy-day activities for kids and fun ways to play in the rain outside as much as we do.

After having fun outside in the rain, go inside for a warm bath, some hot tea or cocoa, and a big bowl of popcorn. Next, curl up on the couch with a soft wool throw blanket, light a fire in the fireplace (if you have one), and enjoy the sweet comfort of how great it feels to be warm and dry after a day of fun in the rain.

Once warm and dry, play a fun board game with the whole family, make paper airplanes, pop in a free yoga video , or scroll down and try some of the art and craft ideas for a rainy day on the list below.

Learn more about Rhythms of Play HERE !

children playing in the rain showing fun things to do on a rainy day

Best Rainy Day Art and Craft Activities for Kids

Creating arts and crafts is another fun thing to do on a rainy day. Try the rainy-day arts, crafts, and painting ideas on the list below the next time it rains in your neighborhood!

  • Fingerprint Art Ideas for Kids
  • Best Winter Art Projects for Kids
  • Christmas Art Projects for Kids
  • Flower Art Projects
  • Fingerprint Art Magnets
  • Easter Art Ideas for Kids
  • Nature Crafts and Art Activities
  • Best Fall Art Projects
  • Fall Nature Craft Ideas
  • Halloween Art Ideas for Kids

Bucket Lists of Fun Activities and Things to Do

For more fun ideas, check out our seasonal bucket lists. They are filled with several fun indoor and outdoor activities that children will love!

  • Autumn Bucket List of Fun Fall Activities
  • Winter Bucket List of Fun Spring Activities to Do with Kids
  • Spring Bucket List of Fun Activities
  • Summer Bucket List of Activities for Kids

If you Enjoy Things to do in the Rain, You Might Also Like

  • Household Rhythms: The Power of Routine in the Home
  • 10 Tips for a Safe Bonfire with Kids
  • Get Outside and Connect
  • Book-Inspired Rainbow Science Activities
  • Fun Gratitude Activities and Crafts for Kids
  • Outdoor Learning and Nature Activities for Kids !

Outside rainy day activities for kids

In case we haven’t met outside with the kids…

Hi, I'm Nell--My goal is to make parenting, educating children, and life, in general, a bit less chaotic and a lot more fun! Let me show you how to use the power of rhythm to plan your week so you have more time to enjoy life! Learn more…

how to have fun in the rain speech

Ready to put the to-do list on autopilot?

Learn how to create rhythms and routines that keep everything in order and help the whole family THRIVE. Opt-in below, and we’ll send the QuickStart Guide straight to your email inbox!

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Thank you for the fun ideas, but you forgot my favorite thing to do in the rain… rock hound! The rocks are naturally washed so we can see the beauty. I’m so hooked on rock hounding!

Great suggestion Barry! We love searching for rocks. I will add it to our list of fun things to do on a rainy day!

This is so much useful information for parents to do on rainy days with kids in this post. I so am happy that you have shared all of these fun rainy day activities. I never realized there were so many fun ways to play outside in the rain! Please keep sharing fun activities like this for kids!

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100 Things to Do on a Rainy Day for Adults (Boredom Busters!)

Last Updated on February 6, 2024

Rainy days don’t have to mean there’s nothing to do! You’ll never fall short of ideas with this list of a whopping 100 things to do on a rainy day–and these activities are perfect for adults. Yup, rainy day activities aren’t just reserved for the kiddos.

Table of Contents

100 Things To Do On A Rainy Day For Adults

Chill things to do on a rainy day at home.

  • Knit or crochet a cozy hat
  • Listen to soothing lofi beats
  • Build a blanket fort (doesn’t have to just be for kids!)
  • Plan your next vacation
  • Brew a warm cup of coffee or tea
  • Sing your favorite slow songs
  • Organize your desk
  • Do a slow, luxurious skincare and body care routine
  • Bake something yummy
  • Indulge in your fave comfort food
  • Get creative and do something crafty
  • Put on an uplifting podcast
  • Find a yoga routine on YouTube
  • Meditate while listening to the rainfall
  • Declutter that one area that’s bugging you
  • Write a letter to someone you love
  • Start a new passion project
  • Start a blog (check out my guide to starting a blog that makes money !)
  • Make a rainy day playlist

Free Things To Do On A Rainy Day

  • Watch a nostalgic movie from childhood
  • Read a library book
  • Play a nostalgic computer game
  • Binge watch your favorite series
  • Have a DIY spa day with what’s around the house
  • Journal by the windowsill
  • Play a board game
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Watch old family videos
  • Do some scrapbooking
  • Make a vision board for your yearly goals (or…grab my vision board planner to create a board that brings results!)
  • Go down a Google rabbit hole of a topic you’re interested in
  • Cuddle your furry friends (or stuffed animals!)
  • Write a gratitude list that’s as long as possible
  • Take photos and capture the beauty of the rain
  • Color in an adult coloring book (or, if you don’t already have one, print out some cute coloring pages online!)
  • Do a high-energy home workout to boost endorphins
  • Have an indoor picnic with what’s in your pantry
  • Find a random spot on Google Maps and explore the street view
  • Take a free online class or learn a new skill on Youtube

Don’t forget about these rainy day activities! Pin ‘em to come back the next time it rains.

places to go on a rainy day for adults

Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day Outside

  • Run around in the rain–just like your inner child would want! (My inner child workbook is the ultimate guide to reparenting your inner child, go check it out right here !)
  • Practice mindfulness of your senses as you feel the rain on your skin
  • Take a rainy hike
  • Puddle jumping (your inner child will totally love this)
  • Swim in the rain
  • Go canoeing or kayaking
  • Bird watch from your window
  • Go for a rainy run
  • Do outdoor yoga in the rain if you’re adventurous
  • Outdoor chalk art
  • Muddy trail running
  • Play park sports like frisbee
  • Climb a tree
  • Walk around downtown
  • Grab a tent or a canopy and have an outdoor picnic

Things To Do On A Rainy Day With Friends

  • Make your own DIY self care kits
  • Facetime your bestie
  • Have a cozy night-in/sleepover
  • Have a creative writing sesh and swap stories
  • Make a list of upcoming community events to go to together
  • Have an outdoor dance party in the rain
  • Collect rocks from outside and paint them
  • Start a rainy day book club
  • Host an indoor plant repotting party
  • Learn magic tricks
  • Make your own bath bombs
  • Make a fun little skit and record it
  • Learn calligraphy and make pretty cards for each other
  • Make custom candles
  • Make DIY natural beauty products
  • Draw your dream destination 
  • Create a time capsule
  • Host a glow stick party
  • Gather together for a friend-potluck with good food
  • Have a fun food night and Door Dash all your fave treats
  • Put on your own poetry slam

Places To Go On A Rainy Day For Adults

  • Go to the library
  • Study/work on your computer from a coffee shop
  • Spend a day at the mall
  • Bowl some strikes at the bowling alley
  • Grab a yummy soup at your fave restaurant
  • Go to the ice skating rink
  • Roll around the roller rink
  • Your local gardening store
  • Explore a botanical garden
  • Have a blast at a theme park
  • Go to an escape room
  • Go to a rage room (where you smash things for fun!)
  • Go out clubbing
  • Hit up a smoothie shop
  • Go to a murder mystery party
  • Art galleries
  • Your local bookstore
  • Indoor sports games
  • Cooking classes
  • A spa or massage clinic
  • Indoor trampoline park

There’s no better day than a rainy one to kickstart your self-care journey. Grab the journal that makes self-care doable, even for the busiest woman!

self care journal prompts

Life too hectic for self care? Not with The Busy Woman’s Self Care Journal !

Made by a busy woman, for busy women,  the goal of this journal is simple:  to make an effective self care plan that works for your unique needs. No matter how crazy life gets!

Get step-by-step guidance to create your personalized self care plan by…

How do I spend my rainy day?

If your rainy day happens to fall on your day off, you don’t have to let it limit you! I know how tempting it can be to crawl into bed, feeling bummed that you can’t go outside and enjoy some sunshine. Bad weather can really affect our emotions , that’s for sure!

But trust me, you can make the most of it (and you’ll be glad you did!).

I highly suggest you lean into the comforts of home: brew yourself a warm cup of coffee, do some yoga by the window, and meditate while listening to the rainfall. Activities like these are always my go-to way to spend a rainy day. They never fail to cheer me up, and I bet they’ll cheer you up too!

So with 100 ideas to keep yourself entertained when it rains, you’ll never run out of things to do on a rainy day again! Let me know in the comments: which rainy day activities will you be trying?!

More Self Care Ideas You’ll Love

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24 Unusual Self Care Ideas You Probably Haven’t Tried

21 Fun Self Care Activities for Groups That Adults Will Enjoy

Ultimate List of Self Care Hobbies: 32 Ideas You’ve Gotta Try


100 things to do on a rainy day for adults free

Founder & Content Strategist

Hey there! I'm Alexa, and I'm a self-care enthusiast and mental health advocate. At Ambitiously Alexa, I'm here to support women like you who are on a mission to achieve allll the things they're passionate about and make time for self care. I make this balance possible through journal prompts, positive affirmations, and self care ideas you'll love! Here's more about me, including my B.A in Psychology...

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7 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do In The Rain

  • June 25, 2023

Guest Author

  • Tips / Tricks

By: Beth Zabiegalski, Youth Education & Training Coordinator

We are all aware… it’s raining. But, if you’re like me, you still want to find a way to get outside! I’ve been thinking about the activities I’d like to do in the rain and compiled a list of seven fun things you can try at home.

1. Go on a rain hike.

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t go on a hike! Put on your rain boots and your rain jacket and pick a flat, easy trail you won’t be slipping up and down (unless that sounds like fun to you!). In the rain you’ll get to experience sounds and smells of nature that aren’t around on a normal sunny day.

2. Play, with your feet.

Most of us have jumped in some puddles in our lifetime. If not, take this opportunity to do it! If you’re feeling earthy, take off your shoes and walk in the grass to let the mud squish between your toes. That’s such a cool feeling that you don’t get to experience every day!

3. Make art.

Mud is a fantastic media for temporary artwork. Make a mudpie or make it a pet mudpie with sticks and rocks stuck all around your mud clump. You can also paint mud on your face and run around in the rain until it washes off. If that’s too much contact with mud for you, dip a stick in mud and draw on the sidewalk or driveway with mud, then wait for the rain to wash it away.

4. Find a new use for your pots and pans.

Experiment with the sounds rain makes when it hits different objects. Search around your house for things like pots and pans, plastic bowls, wooden objects, and arrange them outside in an open area. When the rain begins to fall, listen to the household orchestra you’ve just created on your own front lawn.

5. Put on your own musical.

Does talking about this make everyone want to “sing in the rain?” If you have the privacy, or if you’re not shy at all, put on some clothes you don’t mind getting all wet and let out your musical side! Twirling and singing in the rain can be so freeing and pleasant, even just for a few minutes.

6. Practice mindfulness.

For this one you’ll need to find a place where you can sit quietly and listen to the rain. It works best when you’re away from major roads and things that can distract you. Have a seat and close your eyes. Focus on what you’re sensing. What do you smell? What does the rain feel like on your face? What different noises does the rain make when it falls on trees, the ground, a roof, your jacket? Take a moment to slow down, take in nature, and appreciate this weather.

7. Help out some wormies.

After the rain has passed, you’ll see many earthworms all around on the pavement. Get some friends together to go on a worm rescue walk, quickly handling the worms and returning them to the soil.

For all of these activities, remember to have extra clothes and a towel ready for you as soon as you get into your house or back to your car so that you can get warm and dry quickly. And always go inside immediately if you hear thunder. These activities are fun in the rain, not in storms. Have fun, and enjoy your time in this rainy summer weather!

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75 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids Of All Ages

Posted on Last updated: February 2, 2024

Pinterest image - super fun rainy day activities for kids

If the weather is miserable outside and your kids are going stir-crazy, these rainy-day activities for kids will brighten their faces even with the gloomy weather.

These fun activities for rainy days are the perfect solution to cabin fever, with ideas for younger children, older children and even a few outdoor wet weather activities that kids will love!

With 75 creative ideas, this will become your go-to list of rainy day activities for all future wet weather days too!

Three young boys sitting on the window seat inside their house looking out at the rain

Super Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day With Kids

If you’re looking for the ultimate list of rainy day activities, look no further. There is no excuse not to have fun, even if the rainy weather ruined your plans for the day.

That’s okay because we’ve got loads of new ways to spend the day.

And they don’t involve spending the day staring at screens either! At least, not most of them.

These rainy day family activities are the perfect opportunity to make the most of the bad weather. So let’s get to it!

Indoor Rainy Day Activities For Home

When the bad weather arrives, most of us look first for the best indoor activities for rainy days.

And thankfully there’s a whole lot of great fun you can have at home and out and about that won’t involve you getting drenched!

The rainy-day indoor activities listed below include plenty of ways to entertain self-sufficient kids and mum and dad too.

1. Play Board Games

Have a little bit of friendly competition with the whole family! Bring out your kids’ favourite board games to start a match in the living room.

You can make things much more fun by giving hilarious consequences to the losing participant, like having to do a silly dance or collect everyone’s dirty laundry.

2. Indoor Dance Party

Connect your device to a speaker and select an upbeat playlist to let the indoor dance party begin! Turn your living room or bedroom space into a dance floor. Kids get to show off their fantastic moves and get some exercise while being stuck inside.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt throughout your home. It’s an exciting rainy-day activity for kids who love to solve riddles and puzzles. There’s a few ways you can do this.

Set clues to lead them around the house as they solve each one, perhaps with a prize at the end. Another way is to have a list of items they need to find or collect.

4. Science Experiments

For curious children, science experiments are the perfect rainy-day indoor activity. Find easy and safe experiments that you can do at home.

Depending on the nature of the experiment and what household items you need, this might need to happen on a covered patio area for extra ventilation. Safety first, always!

5. Play Card Games

Gather around to play card games to pass the time. Aside from Uno, your children will enjoy Go Fish, Old Maid, Snap, or Crazy Eights. There are also fun card games like Exploding Kittens , Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza and Kids Against Maturity .

6. Make Ice Cream Sundaes

The dreary weather is a great excuse to treat ourselves with something yummy and ice cream sundaes are always a good idea! Let the kids add their own fun toppings like sprinkles, syrup, chocolate chips and wafers.

7. Indoor Obstacle Course

Surprise your kids with an indoor obstacle course at home. This will work best if you’ve got an open space where you can safely set up obstacles. Have them climb through cardboard boxes, jump over cushions and weave between chairs.

8. Playdough

What kid doesn’t love playdough? And you can make your own playdough at home with one of these simple playdough recipes . Join them in moulding different characters and shapes.

Play dough is also a recommended sensory play idea, which also improves fine motor skills .

9. Make Slime

What do kids love more than playdough…Slime! There are various slime recipes that you can easily do at home if you’ve got the right ingredients.

Glitter slime, cloud slime, glow-in-the-dark slime… so may fun times and rude noises ahead.

10. Bake Cookies

A batch of freshly baked cookies makes even the most gloomy day feel a little more special! Plus baking skills are practical skills your kids will benefit from learning.

11. Put On A Puppet Show

Puppet shows are great rainy-day activities for kids! You can use store-bought puppets or make your own from paper bags, paper plates, socks, and other materials. Kids will have a blast performing their show for your family.

12. Make A Sheet Fort

Turn a bedroom or living room space into an enchanting and cosy sheet fort. It’s the perfect setup to avoid feeling too cooped up at home.

Younger kids will definitely love this idea but you might be surprised by how easily your big kids get on board too! I don’t think any of us ever really outgrow a love of building forts.

13. Have A Movie Marathon

Young son sitting with father on couch with a bowl of popcorn and the tv remote

Let your kids watch their favourite movies loaded up with snacks. A rainy day is a great chance to dig into a new film series, such as our personal favourite, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or to take a trip to Hogwarts with the Harry Potter films.

14. Look Through Photo Albums

Visit old memories by flipping through family photo albums. It’s nice to reminisce with your kids and tell stories about when they were younger. This is a wonderful time to share some of their family history.

15. Watch Family Home Videos

Apart from family pictures, moments recorded on video are always fun to watch back. Play old travel videos, family wedding videos, or playback memories you’ve recorded in your phone.

16. Story Telling

Have a storytelling session at home. This rainy-day activity can help your child hone their creativity and imagination. Take turns adding a sentence to the story for a hilarious series of events that will have you all in giggles.

17. Decorate Cupcakes

Most kids love spending time in the kitchen, especially when it involves baked goodies such as making cupcakes. You can bake cupcakes from scratch or buy ready-made cupcakes (or plain cookies) to decorate with frostings and lollies.

18. Hot Lava

The floor is lava! If you’ve ever seen the game show, then you know how this one goes. The rules of the game are simple: pretend that the floor is hot, molten lava. Your challenge is to get around without touching it and make it to your destination or a safe spot in time.

Use couch cushions and chairs to make your way across the floor to the safety of the couch or bed. So much fun!

19. Plan a Playdate

If your kid is an only child, or if you’ve been dealing with days of rainy weather, they might be craving some social time with their peers. Invite a friend or neighbour, or even their cousin over for a fun playdate.

Just having someone new to interact with is often fun in itself!

20. Virtual Playdates

Got no friends nearby? Set up a virtual playdate. Have your kids video call their friends and do activities together like playing games, watching movies or just catching up while they’re stuck indoors on a rainy day.

21. Hide n’ Seek

A common denominator between most kids is their love for hide and seek. Turn it into a whole family rainy day activity and see who the master of hiding is.

22. Hopscotch

Introduce your kids to a classic game of hopscotch. You can use washi tape or similar to mark out the hopscotch squares on your tiles or floorboards indoors. Or use chalk on your covered patio area instead.

23. Karaoke

Karaoke is always a hit with kids. Whether they’re big or small, belting out their favourite pop songs will never fail to amuse them and you! Download karaoke apps or YouTube videos on your TV and have everyone take turns singing (or screaming) their hearts out.

24. Make A Time Capsule

This rainy-day activity is a great way to document what life was like for your family during this time. Have each child create a page about themselves, draw a picture of their favourite toys, or write messages to their future selves.

Once the contents are in place, seal them up and pop them into the capsule. A shoe box or similar will work for this. Then set an agreed date in the future to open it.

25. Indoor Picnic

The rain is not an excuse to cancel your picnic plans! You and your kids can arrange a picnic setup in your living room with everything you planned to enjoy at your outdoor picnic.

26. Dress Up

Get dolled up with your daughters and sons and have fun styling one another. This could be an excuse to wear your finest outfit to the dinner table or put together the most outrageous outfits for some fun dress-up play from your costume box.

27. Play 20 Questions

Hang out with your kids by playing conversation games such as 20 Questions, Would You Rather? or asking them general conversation starters to learn more about what is on each of your hearts.

Solo Rainy Day Activities For Kids

You don’t have to be stuck indoors with your children all day. Give them some solo rainy day activities that they can do on their own while you take a break or get some things done.

28. Colouring Pages

Print out colouring pages for them from the endless resources of free printables available on the internet. Or have them pull to their colouring books instead and get busy creating.

29. Read A Book

Rainy days are the perfect moment to indulge in a good book while staying in bed. If your child is a big bookworm, they can pass some of the time by getting lost in a whole new world within the pages.

This is a skill you want your kids to continue developing throughout their childhood too.

30. Video Games

While you might not be keen for your child to have a heap of screen time , a little gaming time can be fine. In fact, there are lots of educational games out there that can help your kids learn and develop new skills.

Gaming can help promote fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills too, and games like Minecraft teach coding basics.

31. YouTube Drawing Tutorials

This is a favourite for my kids, finding drawing tutorials on YouTube for their latest obsession. This can keep kids entertained for hours, depending on the age of your child and their enjoyment of drawing.

32. Write A Letter To A Friend

Encourage your child to write a letter to a friend, whether they are a local friend that they can hand deliver their letter to or someone far away that you can post it to. This is a lovely way to encourage them to stay in touch with long-distance relatives too.

33. Scrapbooking

Compiling memories into a scrapbook is a lovely rainy-day indoor idea that keeps children busy.

Use a scrapbook kit with embellishments and supplies or repurpose a plain notebook or sketchpad instead. Scrapbooking is the chance to help them get in touch with their emotions and creative side.

34. Origami

Teach your child how to create different origami shapes and leave them to their folding, or have them follow video tutorials online to learn on their own. They can give their creations to friends when back at school.

35. Do A Puzzle

Little girl in white shirt sitting at a table doing a jigsaw puzzle

Encouraging your kids to complete a puzzle helps in cognitive development. This can be a wonderful mindfulness activity for kids as they build the image piece by piece.

36. Cardmaking

Cardmaking is a great creative activity for kids and teens. Kids can create cards for specific upcoming occasions or general birthday and celebration cards to give to friends and family later in the year.

If you happen to have a cardmaking machine like the Cricut Joy , you can teach the kids how to use it too.

37. Write & Illustrate Their Own Story

Give your child a pen, paper, and drawing materials and leave them to their imagination. Some kids might need a few writing prompts to get them started.

38. Gratitude Journal

Learning gratitude at a young age is an essential part of growing up. Through gratitude journals , your children will grow up with a thankful heart. They will learn to be grateful for rainy days and quiet moments almost as much as they will for the big moments.

These gratitude prompts are a great way to encourage your children even more, especially for beginners. 

39. Painting

Aside from colouring and drawing, your child might love painting as well. Set up a mini easel in the kitchen to let your child get creative. Different paint mediums can be fun to experiment with or stick with kid-safe water paints if you’re nervous about damaging any indoor surfaces.

40. Make Bracelets

Simple diy friendship bracelets - kids craft ideas

Allow your child’s crafty and creative side to flourish by making a friendship bracelet or beaded bracelet for friends and family!

41. Watch Favourite Cartoons

Watching a favourite cartoon show or movie is always great entertainment for kids for a couple of hours on a rainy day. Make some kid-friendly snacks, get them comfy on the sofa, and let them choose something you know will keep them happy for a while.

42. Rock Painting

Collect a few rocks from your garden or from a rock painting kit and let your child create their own masterpieces on the rocks with whatever colours, patterns, or designs they wish.

You can keep the painted rocks together as decorations or spread the joy by finding people to give them away to!

43. Sensory Bin

Create a sensory bin for your child with items like dried rice, dry pasta, shaving cream and other textured materials. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained for hours and it’s also an opportunity.

Depending on the age of your child, make sure you give them items that are play-safe for their age. You can find loads of sensory play ideas here .

44. DIY Sock Puppets

Create sock puppets before putting on a puppet show for the rest of the family! This creative activity will boost their artsy and imaginative side. Give them coloured paper, yarn, buttons and glue and let them have some fun with it.

45. Declutter Their Room

Sure, decluttering sounds like an awful chore to most kids. But if you give them a little bit of motivation, such as a bonus way to earn pocket money or the promise of decorating a space in their room afterwards, they might be keen.

46. Build A Lego Set

Set your child up to build a brand new LEGO set or encourage them to sort through their LEGO storage to put together one of their existing sets that have been disassembled.

For more ideas, check out these LEGO activities .

47. Paper Dolls

Bring back the retro fun of playing with paper dolls. Fellow 80s kids will remember the simple joy of this activity. Get some paper doll sets ready for your next rainy day and let your child become absorbed with some simple pretend play.

48. Write Poems

Being able to write literary pieces is a talent that kids can enhance at an early age. For younger kids, encourage them to do a simple poem, such as an acrostic poem, coming up with a word to describe them using each letter of their name.

49. Clay Figurines

If you have some air-dry or oven-baked clay, you can have your kids create their own little clay sculptures . Little mini play food for their dolls or tiny superhero sculptures. Wherever their imagination takes them.

50. Solitare Card Game

For older kids, teach them how to play variations of solitaire with a deck of playing cards and leave them to their newly learned activity.

51. Play Musical Instruments

Playing musical instruments is an activity that allows your child to practice their skills or attempt to learn from scratch by watching tutorial videos online.

52. Craft Kits

Encourage your child to get the creative juices flowing with a craft kit or a variety of craft supplies they can use to create something of their own design. Things like popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, pom poms, stickers, construction paper in different colours, and whatever else you can find.

53. Subscription Boxes

Kiwico atlas crate

If you subscribe to a kids’ subscription box and haven’t yet had the chance to dig into the activities, this is a great opportunity to do so. I always have a couple of extra kits from KiwiCo for days like this or for keeping the kids entertained over the school holidays .

Our favourites are the Atlas Crate and the Tinker Crate but they have crates for each age group (including teens and adults).

Places To Go On A Rainy Day With Kids

No need to hide at home! Head out to one of these fun indoor places on a rainy day and enjoy getting out of your potentially cramped quarters by spending all your time at home.

55. Local Library

A young bookworm will love a visit to the local library to borrow some books for home or join a library reading session. This is a great way to get them motivated for reading .

56. Local Museum

Your outdoor plans might be cancelled but local museums can still give your child an adventure full of historical and cultural knowledge. It’s the perfect activity to learn outside of school.

57. Trampoline Park

Bounce together at indoor trampoline parks! It’s a laughter-filled indoor rainy day activity both parent and child will love.

58. Laser Tag

Team up together or compete with one another in a friendly game of laser tag! The whole family can use all their pent-up energy from being stuck indoors together for days. Laser tag will keep everyone running around with laughter and possibly victory. 

59. Indoor Pool

Rain doesn’t always mean cold. The indoor pool can be a fun way to enjoy a swim, even if it’s stormy outside. Some indoor pools have water slides too for adrenaline junky kids.  

Your child’s boredom will instantly vanish at an arcade! Let them go from one game to another seeing which one they can master. This is a fun way to introduce them to your favourite retro games from your own childhood too.

61. Cinemas

Catch the latest release film you’ve been wanting to see together at the cinema. Popcorn, frozen drink and choc top ice cream are optional but highly recommended!

62. Go Shopping

If your kids have been saving up their pocket money for a while, why not head to the shops and let them spend it on what their heart desires? This is a change of scenery from home too, which can be exactly what you all need.

63. Indoor Playground

For a time of pure joy and play, take your kids to an indoor playground and let them run around with other children their age. Climbing walls, ball pits, slides and obstacle courses can be found at many indoor playgrounds.

64. Bowling Alley

At the bowling alley, they will get to enjoy some friendly competition among siblings or family members while having fun. All ages will love the thrill of trying to throw a strike or spare.

65. Go-Karting

Head to your local indoor go-kart centre for some zooming around the track. This one might be better suited to older kids rather than little kids, depending on the minimum age requirement.

66. Planetarium

Stars don’t show when it’s raining. But visiting a planetarium can still give your kids a chance to do stargazing on rainy days. This educational day out is a great activity to add some learning to your outing.

67. Arts and Crafts Class

Enrol your kid at an arts and crafts class of their choice. Let them explore their crafty side in pottery, crocheting, knitting, painting, and more, so they can add a little creativity to their day.

68. Indoor Mini Golf

Mini golf is a lot of fun for the whole family with challenging holes to conquer and each with a chance to be the reigning champion.

69. Indoor Batting Cages

Playing baseball may not be happening on a day like today but your child can still practise their skills at indoor batting cages.

Outdoor Rainy Day Activities

Small child wearing jeans and yellow gumboots jumping in puddles on a rainy day

Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean the kids have to be stuck inside all day. If you’re brave enough to venture outside and face the wet weather, then these outdoor rainy-day activities will help make the most of those downpours.

70. Jump In Puddles

Wear your rain boots and jump from puddle to puddle. It’s exciting to splash around without worries and enjoy the rain, just like Peppa Pig and her love for muddy puddles. Also, jumping in puddles is a fun exercise for kids to strengthen their legs and enhance their balance. 

71. Make Mud Pies

Children are naturally curious and that’s why it’s great to let them explore. Doing outdoor rainy day activities can gratify their curiosity such as making mud pies.

It helps them to learn how mud can be used for art and imagination. Making mud pies also serves as a sensory activity.

72. Jump On The Trampoline In The Rain 

Kids will definitely have so much more fun with your trampoline backyard during rainy days. It’s like jumping in puddles but they are bouncing on wet surfaces. Your backyard will be filled with contagious giggles and loud laughter despite the gloomy weather.

Our kids love putting the sprinkler under the trampoline on hot summer days so this is essentially a similar experience but letting Mother Nature do her thing! Easily one of the best outdoor activities on a summer rainy day.

73. Go On A Rainy Day Nature Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are a fun rainy-day activity for kids. Make it even more exciting by having them hunt for nature treasures like feathers, pine cones and leaves or wildlife sightings in the light rain!

They can write down their observations, in a journal, tick off a nature scavenger hunt list or create art with their findings.

74. Make Paper Boats for Puddles

Create some little boats using paper and see how they float. Find a puddle where they can launch their boats and watch them float along the water… or sink to the bottom.

75. Measure the Rain

Measuring the rain is an engaging and educational activity that can be done in various ways. The activity helps children learn more about the rain and how to create DIY rain gauges.

You can create one with plastic bottles or empty jars. The DIY rain gauge might also need a ruler.

76. Duck Race

Take the rubber duckies out for an adventurous rainy day trip. Your kids can make them swim in puddles and create a story out of it. Aside from gearing up their imagination, they will be cheering as they watch their ducks race one another. 

The best rainy-day activities are often the simple moments that have us making the most of our time together and reminding us to focus on the simple things. A rainy day stuck at home is a great time to learn a new skill or bond with family members, but don’t let the weather stop you from having adventures away from home too!

For more fun activity ideas:

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Pinterest image - super fun rainy day activities for kids

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25 Fun Rainy Day Activities

  • Christopher Olson
  • April 21, 2022
  • No Comments

“Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down” as The Carpenters once sang.  Well, for me they are half right.  The latter part on Mondays definitely gets me down!  I used to dread Rainy Days because that meant we weren’t able to get outside to release some of that bundled-up energy, however lately with these 25 fun rainy-day activities, my mind has shifted a bit.  

how to have fun in the rain speech

There are tons of items on this fun list that works well not only in the rain but also on sunny days too!  However, let’s face it…rainy days are dark and gloomy.  What better way to bring in some light than with fun, engaging, often hands-on activities to bring some sunshine to those rainy days!  I love #8, #9, and #13. I cannot wait to hear which ones are your favorites!

1 – Write the Room Activities

I feel like if you have ever read any blog of mine you will find two common themes… movement and social-emotional learning.  Well not to ruin anything, SURPRISE… you will be getting them AGAIN!  I am opening up with one of my favorite movement activities and closing this blog with my favorite social-emotional learning activity.

Write the Room has been my go-to activity all throughout Covid, rain, snow, wiggles, and more.  It is the true activity that fits every situation.  Allow students to work at their own pace with clipboards (aff) around the room. This resource from Education to the Core, not only has Kindergarten options as well as a First Grade set but also focuses on numerous ELA and Math topics!

2 – Flashlight Reading

What is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of a dark, gloomy, rainy day?  FLASHLIGHT READING!  It is already dark and cloudy outside, so I don’t have to shut the shades on our windows to try to make it dark.   Any reason to keep the lamps turned on in our room and bring the flashlights out – the students are all about it!

My students love to read in the dark!  Sometimes we read whole group together, but sometimes split up in pairs for students to read to each other with their flashlights (aff) leading the way!

3 – Directed Drawings

Raindrops falling down that window?  Don’t see that rainbow outside yet…draw one instead!  If a rainbow isn’t for your class this unit or week..guess what?  You have hundreds of other images to choose from!  Yes, I did say HUNDREDS of others!  With Volume 1 and Volume 2 , students will love the easy-to-follow directions on how to draw an image.  Educators will love that it also comes with space to write as well as vocabulary and grammar options for each picture.  Not sold yet?  Don’t just take my word for it, there are 10 Reasons to Try Directed Drawings in Your Primary Classroom!

4 – Play Board Games

One thing I have noticed in our Fearless First Grade, Fearless Kindergarten, and Fearless Second Grade Teacher Groups on Facebook is the interest in “old-school” board games.  You know the ones I’m talking about!  It is a flash from my past because I grew up with them as a kid (totally not age-ing myself though!)  Games (aff) like CandyLand ,  Chutes and Ladders ,  Trouble ,  ConnectFour , and more!  Educators are now altering the rules of these games a bit to make them even more academic in nature!  These educators are writing sight words on the  CandyLand  cards or real/nonsense words on the blocks in  Chutes and Ladders .  Let your imagination run wild with these games, or just let your students work on their Social-Emotional Learning skills the old-fashioned rules way!

5 – No Prep Centers

Are your students driving each other nuts while stuck inside on a rainy day?  Perhaps they need their own space to work on individual tasks with their own materials?  Don’t stress out because these are easy, no prep centers!  No extra cutting, laminating, organizing!  These are so popular and such a student favorite that we keep adding to these centers!  Be sure to check out some of the newest centers below!

  • No Prep Centers Volume 1
  • No Prep Centers Volume 2
  • Pop Its No Prep Centers
  • Base Ten No Prep Centers
  • Cards No Prep Centers 
  • Dice No Prep Centers
  • Money No Prep Centers
  • Time No Prep Centers

Print the activity mats you need that week, add in the manipulative, and be done!

6 – Virtual Field Trips

Don’t get wet running to the bus through the raindrops!  Take an impromptu adventure together.  Here is a great list of Amazing Virtual Field Trips for Primary Students. No bus ride or family permission slips are required!

7 – Transformation Stations

If you don’t have these Transformation Stations yet, run to get them!  Allow your students’ creativity to shine on the darkest of rainy days.  With 90+ pages of creative designs and guided instructions, your kids will think outside of the box in no time! Just hit print and let their cleverness burst through.

8 – Indoor Beach Party

Are Summer plans in your mind yet? Me too!  So let’s plan an indoor beach party!  You can plan some fun ‘beachy’ snacks.  Consider even bringing in an inflated pool (aff) or palm trees (aff) to fulfill the beach fantasy!  I love a good theme and like to bring in some odd materials to write with or in.  Consider filling some trays with sand (aff) during your beach party.  Your students can practice their spelling words, sight words, phonics, and more by writing in the sand.  This idea pairs so well with #4 in 13 Fun Ways to Get Reluctant Writers Writing!

9 – I Spy Activities

“I Spy, with my little eye”….something that is fun and engaging!  I Spy Math and I Spy Phonics is both the perfect rainy day activity.  These I Spy resources have built-in differentiation, flexibility, and comprehensive. Strengthen your students’ visual discrimination, while building their attention and focus while staying indoors on a rainy day.

how to have fun in the rain speech

10 – Guided Movement and Breathing Breaks

Guided movement breaks are literally my jam.  My students love to learn different yoga poses. My students LOVE to try animal poses or even Superhero poses !  Be sure to check out the blog on how to Focus and Reduce Stress with 30 Breathing Exercises for some great ideas to relax, focus and even energize!

11 – Spring Color By Number

This resource includes 20 ELA and Math color by code pages in two grade spans.  With a Kindergarten through First Grade and a Second through Third Grade option for you to choose from.  Educators can easily meet the differentiated needs of all your students. Make your spring a breeze with these no prep spring color by code pages!  Students won’t even notice that the rain stopped outside when they are so engaged with these color by number resources!

12 – Play Dough Day

Remember #8 above?  I love a theme day and here is a super easy one for you to plan with me.  A Play-Dough Day!!  Start off with this great Neon Glitter Play Dough Recipe that you and your students can make together.  Afterward, you can use this playdough to form letters of the alphabet . Spell their next set of spelling words.  Use it as manipulatives to solve math problems.  You can even use it to let your imagination roam and write about your creation!

13 – STEM Challenges

If you haven’t read my blog: STEM Challenges in the Primary Classroom, then you haven’t heard about my epiphany on STEM challenges !  Lately, I have been obsessed with these challenges and so have my students.  I LOVE incorporating a book into any lesson!  Once I plan a lesson I am looking to pair it with a text.  Wait, a second… ETTC’s STEM Challenge Stories does this already?!?  I’m fully in.  I took the plunge.  Quite literally a plunge, because my students and I completed the  STEM challenge: “A Boat That Floats” .  There are so many more challenges I am waiting to fit into my schedule, that I am hoping for a rainy day soon!

how to have fun in the rain speech

14 – Dance Party

You’d be surprised how many songs from the 80s and 90s your students will know!  Toss on your favorite mix of jams and have a dance party!  Let that rain pinging off of the window act as your rhythm to get students tapping on their desks while you set up the “DJ Booth”.  If you don’t have the energy to create your own playlist, just type in “80s classroom dance music-clean” or any type of music you want with the words clean and classroom on YouTube.  Pre-made lists are already populated for you!   As a heads up, you will have to keep an eye out for ads that may or may not be appropriate for your classroom.  Want to take it a step further?  Try out some black lights or strobe lights to make the dance party even more fun!

15 – File Folder Games

Are you looking for some fun hands-on activities to complete for your rainy day?  In a digital world, ETTC still focuses on hands-on activities alongside those digital moments! Students learn through play and they often need a lot of repetition and practice on many of these skills.  File Folder games provide that practice and repetition.  With 35 ELA Games and 39 Math Games, you will be sure to find something to meet the needs of ALL your students!  See??… this rainy day isn’t a complete washout!

16 – Indoor Obstacle Course

You can make an indoor obstacle course that is as simple or elaborate as you wish it to be.  All you need is a ball of yarn and some furniture.  I just tied one end of the yarn to a table leg and created a large web back and forth between all of the furniture in my classroom.  I did an entire unit on spiders and at the end of the unit, I had an activity where students needed to enter the spider web to grab a fact to place on the appropriate column of the chart.  They absolutely ate it up!  If this isn’t for you and your students, don’t skip over this idea just yet.  You can borrow some items from your physical education teacher!  Borrow some hula hoops, cones, pads, etc., and create an indoor obstacle course in your classroom or hallway.  Have students follow oral directions to complete various tasks.

17 – Flip Book Activities

Another great resource that Education to the Core has… or should I say resources are Flip Books!  With a variety of topics, students will be able to create their own flipbooks they can bring home to show off to their families!  What a way to review and practice skills than for students to be proud of something they could make themselves!

  • Phonics Flip Books Bundle
  • Alphabet Flip Books
  • Short Vowel Flip Books
  • Digraph Flip Books
  • Blends Flip Books
  • Long Vowel Flip Books
  • R-Controlled Vowels Flip Books
  • Diphthong Flip Books
  • Three Letter Blends Flip Books

18 – Create Your Own Sensory Bins

Here is a great activity to keep little hands busy on rainy days!  Sensory bins are surprisingly easy, and fun to make, and kids love them! The best thing about creating your own sensory bins is that you can grab some random objects beforehand or find things around the classroom.  Fill the sensory bins (aff) with beans, rice, play sand, and anything else you can find. I like to add letter cubes or beads as well as other small objects for students to find. Hair gel in a ziplock bag with glitter and beads is also fun to make too!  Be sure to tape up the ziplock bag so nothing is “accidentally” opened!

19 – Weather and Seasons Unit

Mailpersons aren’t the only ones working through “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night”.  Let’s cover ALL the weather and seasons with this amazing unit!  With over 50 adventurous activities included in this unit, you will be amazed at all the cross-curricular items inside.  My students were amazed at the Make Your Own Cloud  science experiment, and I am waiting for the next rainy day to have my students Build Their Own Rain Gauge !

how to have fun in the rain speech

20 – Indoor Scavenger Hunt

You may have conducted an Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt before.  Did you ever think about doing one inside of your classroom ?  Students can work together in pairs, small teams, or even individually.   I like to conduct indoor scavenger hunts like #1 on this list of Write the Room.  Grab a clipboard, safely and slowly work your way around the room.

21  – Interactive Notebooks

#17 inspired me to include these resources on this list as well.  I have a small confession to make.  I LOVE interactive notebooks that I use throughout the entire year…not just on rainy days!  Shhhh!  However, I wanted to include this because it truly is a great rainy day activity as well as a sunny day.  Phonics Interactive Notebooks and Grammar Interactive Notebooks offer a hands-on activity to reinforce a taught skill.  Here is another great resource for students to show off to their families as well as an opportunity to continue to reinforce those skills. It is definitely worth students having their own notebooks to add each activity in one notebook throughout the year.

22 – Reader’s Theatre

How do Reader’s Theatre and Rainy Days go together?  Why not?!?  Reader’s Theatre is a great activity and can be super fun for students. I would like to preface this activity with truly knowing your students.  Reader’s Theatre may not be for everyone; some students may experience anxiety and the thought of reading in front of a group may be intimidating for them.  Others may shine and love the opportunity to show off their acting skills!  Either way on this next fun rainy day, students can extend their scripts into other theatre aspects!  Consider allowing students to design their own costumes.  Have large rolls of paper for bulletin boards in your school?  Grab a roll and let students draw and design the backdrop of their play.  What better way to work on character development than by adding some special theatrical elements!

23 – I Have, Who Has Games

I Have, Who Has Games are a great way to get your students focused and engaged during these upcoming rainy days.  Practice new skills or review old ones.  45 skills are covered with this great resource and your students will have a fun whole-class or small group game to pass by those spring showers!  This is an interactive activity that is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s face.  You’ll have a bigger smile on your face because these are easy prep and ensure improving students’ listening skills!

how to have fun in the rain speech

24 – Play In The Rain

I’ve always felt a little jealous of educators that can take their classes out in any type of weather.  Whether it is snowy and you bundle up or rainy and you wear your rain boots – they are out playing in it.  Unfortunately, I am not part of that crowd.  Our district has some limitations and guidelines set in regards to weather, where they frown on taking students outside in the rain.  We also have temperature limits where we cannot have students out if it is colder than a certain degree.  However, there are definitely schools out there that you can be out in whatever.  So if that is you… grab those rain boots, and umbrellas and get outside to play and dance in the rain!

25 – Social-Emotional Learning

As I stated at the beginning of this blog, there are two passions of mine.  Movement and Social-Emotional Learning.  You read the movement aspect in #1 and others, now let’s close with the SEL side of things.  ETTC has a yearlong SEL resource for K-2 and 3-5 .  This resource covers the scope and sequence in pillars of Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, Self Management, Relationship Skills, and Growth Mindset.  Start each day off with a student slide that has daily check-ins, mindful moments, and other fun activities.  The educator’s guides have conversation cards, cross-curricular activities, book lists, read-alouds, hands-on activities, and printables.  This resource has it all and covers such an important topic and skill set for all students.

On a rainy day, I LOVE to bring out the parachute!  Work on some self-control/impulse skills during indoor recess by tossing some light balls into the middle of the parachute.  Have your students follow directions by lightly shaking the parachute so that the balls don’t fly off.  Other impulse-control games you can find in this pillar are red light/green light, musical chairs, and even some math and reading games are included in the educator’s guide as well!  That is just one category in one pillar!

how to have fun in the rain speech

Don’t let the rain get your down!  Keep your head up high and “the sun will come out tomorrow”.  Which activities from this list are you going to be bringing into your classroom making those rainy days fun again?  What are the go-to rainy day activities that you like to do with your students?  Be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

Written By – Christopher Olson

At  Education to the Core , we exist to help our teachers build a stronger classroom as they connect with our community to find trusted, state-of-the-art resources designed by teachers for teachers. We aspire to be the world’s leading & most trusted community for educational resources for teachers. We improve the lives of every teacher and learner with the most comprehensive, reliable, and inclusive educational resources.

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how to have fun in the rain speech

Welcome! I’m Emily, Founder of Education to the Core. We are all about helping K-2 teachers by providing unlimited access to affordable printables for every subject area.   

how to have fun in the rain speech

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44 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day at Home

Stuck inside? Try these fun things to do inside to brighten up a rainy day.

how to have fun in the rain speech

Stormy weather doesn't have to stop the fun. Even if your outdoor plans have been canceled, you can still find plenty of fun rainy day activities to do at home.

Keep this list of what to do on a rainy day in your pocket for the next drizzly (or snowy) afternoon—it has plenty of inspiration, from relaxing self-care ideas to games to play with the kids.

Catherine Falls Commercial/Getty Images

A rainy day at home is the perfect opportunity to start planning for the future. Plot out updates to your house or yard, start scrolling Zillow looking for your dream house, or think about what you'd like to do when you retire. Then go ahead and start figuring what you'll need to take to get you there.

Break Out the Board Games

Yosi Azwan /Getty Images

You know you have them all on a shelf somewhere! Whether you're into the classics like Monopoly or Twister, or the more recently mainstream games like Cards Against Humanity and Settlers of Catan, indulge your competitive streak and see who reigns supreme.

Try Out a New (and Maybe Complicated!) Recipe

We're all about real simple recipes that are delicious and don't require a lot of effort. But if you love to cook, a rainy day is the perfect time to break out the cookbooks and try out a new (or simply, a favorite) recipe that calls for a bit more effort. Think homemade bread, a decadent pie , or a cozy classic like beef bourguignon.

Make It Off Kilter Day

Start a goofy rainy day tradition by making it off kilter day—where everything's a little bit out of sorts (but still totally fun). Serve breakfast for dinner and vice versa, or start the meal with dessert instead of the main course. Wear your clothes backwards or inside out, and perhaps (yikes!) put the kids in charge for a while.

Stay in Your PJs

Brothers91/Getty Images

If you're cozy at home, make yourself extra cozy at home. There's no shame in staying in your pjs and slippers all day long. In fact, turn the whole day into a "sleep under," and set up cozy pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags in the living room so everyone can feel completely comfortable.

Try a PowerPoint Party

Hear us out: PowerPoint can be a whole lot of fun. Instead of sharing the latest plans for your company, use the presentation tool to create a weird and wild showcase of your favorite conspiracy theory, your

Host a Family Talent Show

Westend61/Getty Images

Let everyone show off their skills for an impromptu show as a fun rainy day activity. Keep in mind that the "talents" don't have to be the traditional song-and-dance if you and your crew can't exactly carry a tune. Whether they want to showcase their latest drawing, amazing nail art skills, or their lightning-fast texting talent, everyone has their claim to fame.

Have Quality Time With Your Pets

Your furry friends will always appreciate a little extra loving. So spend time snuggling with your cats, put together a little maze to entertain your guinea pigs, or whip up a batch of homemade dog treats for your puppy.

Three Words: Dessert for Dinner

Every day doesn't have to be a perfect day nutritionally. So maybe a rainy day at home deserves a little extra treat. Swap out the veggies for a fancy ice cream sundae board, a decadent cake, or another sweet treat instead.

Freshen Up Your Space

AsiaVision/Getty Images

If you feel like you're in a rut, shaking up how your home looks is a perfect rainy day activity. Fortunately, you can do plenty without spending a single cent or heading outside. You can rearrange the furniture; shop your closets and cupboards for baskets, artwork, or vases to swap out what's on display; or rearrange your books to an aesthetic by-cover color arrangement.

Host a Chopped-Style Cooking Competition

PeopleImages/Getty Images

Raid your pantry for a few ingredients, set teams, and see who can come up with the most creative (and tastiest) dish with what you have on hand. (Bonus: It might help you clear out some odds and ends that have been taking up your freezer or pantry space.)

Have a Styling Session

g-stockstudio/Getty Images

If you feel like you're wearing the same clothes the same way all the time, being stuck at home may be the perfect opportunity to experiment. Pull out your clothes and accessories and try them on in new and intriguing combinations to see what works—and perhaps even snap a shot or two so you can remember what you pulled together on those days when you're in a rush.

Pro tip: Keep a box or bag handy to stash anything you're ready to part with. Odds are, you'll find more than one thing that either doesn't fit your style or your body.

Pick Up a New Skill

You may not be speaking fluent French or knitting a sweater after a single rainy day at home, but it's the perfect time to search out lessons on how to do what you love (or what you've always wanted to try). You can explore YouTube videos to learn anything from cake decorating to basic guitar chords, or opt for apps like MasterClass to invest in a full-on class.

Find Your Zen

PeopleImages /Getty Images

Rainfall is an incredibly relaxing sound all on its own, so go ahead and embrace the zen vibe. Try out a new meditation or yoga workout , or simply daydream as you listen to the rain fall.

DIY a Dance Party

VioletaStoimenova /Getty Images

All you need is an epic playlist to get the party started. Fortunately, most streaming services will even provide one, if you just say something like "play party music," or "play dance music." Add glow sticks, sparkly accessories, and flashlight spotlights to kick it up a notch.

Give Yourself Nail Art Manicure

Anna Efetova/Getty Images

When you're stuck at home with nothing else to do, why not pamper and get your creative juices flowing at the same time? Give your hands the full manicure experience with a good soak, plenty of moisturizer, and a fresh bit of nail art.

Solve a Crime

DedMityay/Getty Images

A rainy day feels perfect for settling in with a good mystery. Listen to a true-crime podcast, catch a cozy mystery show on streaming (may we recommend Only Murders in the Building ? ) , or opt for a downloadable murder mystery game you can solve yourself.

Break Out the Puzzles

Dani Ferrasanjose/Getty Images

You can get the whole crew involved in solving a jigsaw puzzle or an online escape room , or download a fresh puzzle app to get your mind engaged.

Create Something for Someone You Love

Marina Dyakonova/Getty Images

It's fun to make something for yourself, but even more fun to create something special with a loved one in mind. Whether you opt to bake a treat to bring over the next day, pen them a poem or heartfelt letter, or design a photo book of your favorite memories together, your recipient will love it.

Upcycle Something For Your Home

ASIFE/Getty Images

Turn trash into treasure, whether you convert cool artwork from old greeting cards and calendars into coasters, or transform tin cans into cute planters with a little paint—or even give your vertical hanger hose reel a colorful makeover. (We've got a few crafty ideas to get you started!)

Start a Seed

Tetiana Strilchuk /Real Simple

All you need is water and a fruit pit or seed—like an avocado pit —some water and a few other things you have at home to launch your newest pet baby.

Spy on Some Cute Animals

JazzLove/Getty Images

Animal live cams can come to you from zoos, animal sanctuaries, wildlife centers, and your average backyards from around the world. Whether you love penguins, pandas, bird feeder action, or just cute cats, you'll find a live cam to tune into for all the feels.

Get Everybody Moving

Natalia Lebedinskaia/Getty Images

You don't have to be sedentary when you're stuck at home—there are plenty of fun things to do inside that'll keep everybody moving and active. (And they work for both kids and kids at heart!) Try building an obstacle course with pillows, blankets, balls, and old boxes. Play a game of The Floor Is Lava, where you parkour from furniture to floor pillows to furniture. And, of course, an old-fashioned pillow fight can be a perfect stress reliever.

Build Something Awesome

Martin Barraud /Getty Images

Building an elaborate domino or marble run, a house of cards, a Lego setup, or a cardboard castle will keep everyone entertained for hours.

Take a Good Nap

Antonio_Diaz/Getty Images

Most people are pretty sleep-deprived. (Are you getting the CDC-recommended seven to nine hours of shuteye each night?) So go ahead: take this day at home to catch up on your ZZZZs.

Cozy Up With Your Favorite Book

Jamie Grill/Getty Images

When you're looking for fun things to do inside, cozying up with a good book is definitely tops on the list. While you can always settle in with a new book , revisiting an old favorite is a guaranteed good time. So grab your coziest throw and your favorite book-reading beverage and settle in.

Host a Virtual Hangout

martin-dm/Getty Images

When you're stuck indoors, you can still be social. Enjoy a quick virtual catch-up over Zoom, whether you just chat or take the opportunity to play an online game. Take the time to reconnect with loved ones—especially those who live far away.

Create an At-Home Restaurant Menu

Combine meal prep with a fun activity for the kids. Start by asking your kids to help you open up your very own at-home restaurant. Get them involved in planning what meals they want to eat for the days or week ahead, and then have them devise a creative name for the restaurant and each dish on the menu. Finally, put those ideas down on paper (or a chalkboard), adding fun designs or food illustrations. Bonus points if you can get the kids to help with the kitchen operations too.

Have an Indoor Treasure Hunt

Children in the house? One of the most fun things to do inside is a treasure hunt. Make one set of clues for every player (try rhyming the clues for fun), with each clue leading to the next one and, finally, to the treasure. Seal them in envelopes marked with a clue number (i.e., 2/7, or "two of seven") to help the treasure hunters keep track.

Whoever solves the clues first and finds the treasure—a small toy, an IOU for a movie, maybe a cache of coins (regular or chocolate)—is the winner. Or have your kids play as a team to solve the clues and uncover the treasure together.

Make Your Own Bubble Bath

One of the best rainy day activities for adults is to slip into a soothing bath laced with your own moisturizing soap blend. In a clean container, mix ½ cup mild liquid hand or body soap, 1 tablespoon sugar or honey, and 1 egg white. Pour the entire mixture under the running water as you draw your bath. Honey is a natural humectant, which will attract and retain moisture in your skin . The egg white helps create stronger, longer-lasting bubbles for a nice, fluffy bath. For extra-dry skin, consider adding a tablespoon of light oil, such as almond or light sesame. (Another surprising bath booster? Apple cider vinegar .) And if you have essential oils, a few drops will add a little aromatherapy to the mix.

Create a Family Recipe Book

If you've got some keen little chefs on your hands and are wondering what to do on a rainy day, the perfect activity might just be to make a family recipe book. Here are the details:

What You Need

  • Unlined journal
  • Recipe cards (the more sauce-splattered, the better)
  • Wine or Champagne labels
  • Photos from family meals
  • Photo corners
  • Shimmery alphabet stickers (available at crafts stores)
  • Color copy all recipe cards, photos, and labels if you want to preserve the originals or make more than one gift book.
  • Compile the memorabilia by time period, holiday, or any other theme that inspires you.
  • Affix the items horizontally in the journal. Use photo corners for pictures and recipe cards and adhesive for labels and clippings.
  • Stick a title on the front of the journal with alphabet stickers (using a ruler helps), and finish off with a ribbon.

Camp in the Great Indoors

While camping may not be your first thought when you think of fun things to do when it's raining, who says tents have to stay outside? If you have a pop-up or small dome tent, setting up camp for your kids indoors is easy. If not, you can create a fort by draping sheets over the couch.

Make them comfy with plenty of airbeds, pillows, and sleeping bags, then follow through with an indoor picnic to be eaten "under canvas." (Don't forget the indoor s'mores! )

Invent a (No-Batteries) Game

Anne Libera, artistic associate at the Second City Training Center , recommends the following play-anywhere, no-props-needed, rainy day activities.

One-word story: Starting with "Once upon a time," go around the room and have each person add a single word to the story. Tip: Decide on a genre in advance―fairy tale, ghost story, etc.―and go from there.

Improvised poetry: One person says a line of poetry, and the next must say a line that rhymes with it, and so on. Let kids say the first line; it's up to you to find the rhyme.

Yes, and…monster! Invent an imaginary monster, with each person adding a new characteristic to the first person's monster description. Every new idea has to start with an enthusiastic, "Yes, and…" and build on what has already been described.

Deep-Condition Your Hair

What better time than when you're stuck inside on a rainy day to pamper yourself a little? You've been wanting to give your hair a deep treatment but just haven't been able to get to the drugstore or salon. Walk over to the fridge to find your solution: mayonnaise. Starting at the scalp, coat strands with ½ cup mayo. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Bake Up Some Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing cures rainy day blues like a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies . Dunk them in milk or eat 'em (practically) right out of the oven—a surefire way to happily weather the storm. Now, if you and your family fancy other varieties, that's no problem: We have 20 additional classic cookie recipes to choose from.

Organize Your Own Film Festival

One of the most fun things to do inside is to queue up some classics, old ( Singin' in the Rain ) and new ( Peter Rabbit 2 ). Let the kids add a few favorites—even mix in a few episodes of your latest binge—and have a marathon screening. Keep a cozy throw on hand to snuggle under, a big bowl of popcorn to dip into , and settle in to enjoy the show(s).

Hold a Mini-Marshmallow Popping Contest

Rainy weather might look a little bleak out your window, but the day can still feel sunny with fun things to do inside—like a mini-marshmallow popping contest!

  • utility knife
  • rubber bands
  • tape (transparent, duct, masking, or colored)
  • gift wrap or decorative paper
  • kraft paper
  • balloon, uninflated (1 per popper)
  • paper cup, bottom cut off (1 per popper)
  • mini marshmallows
  • Knot the end of the balloon, then snip off ½ inch from the top.
  • Stretch the balloon over the cut-off end of the cup so that the knot is in the center. (You'll need to hold the balloon in place when you "pop," or secure it with a rubber band for little hands.)
  • Place a mini marshmallow into the cup so it fits snugly in the knotted center of the balloon. While aiming the cup away from you (and others), pull the knot back, release, and send the marshmallow soaring. See who can pop marshmallows the farthest or get the most into a bowl that's a few feet away.

Host a "Tea" Party

One of the most classic things to do on a rainy day at home with kids is to throw a tea party. Dress up in fancy duds, set the table with the good china, and put on your most formal manners (remember, extend your pinkie and sip politely). On the menu: tea (for you), juice or cocoa (for your children), and easy egg or chicken salad tea sandwiches in fun shapes, courtesy of cookie cutters. Let your kids decide the guest list-and which of their favorite dolls or furry friends are on it.

Mend Old Clothes

Do you have a stack of old clothes you've been meaning to mend but never have? A day spent indoors is the perfect opportunity to go through your closet and pull out all the items that need repairs. Grab your emergency sewing kit and start patching up those holes, snags, or frayed ends—and make it fun by playing your favorite music while you work.

Pamper Yourself With a Skin-Softening Salve

Do a little spa therapy next time you need a soothing rainy day activity, and whip up a homemade scrub (this one comes courtesy of New York City makeup artist Gucci Westman ): Grind about two cups of oatmeal, a natural skin soother; add a few handfuls each of coffee grinds and brown sugar. Then stir in three or four spoonfuls of skin-nourishing honey and ginger. Before storing the batch in the refrigerator, Westman scoops out enough for a week into a jar, which she keeps in her shower, using it daily. "It smells lovely, and it's gentle," she says. "When my skin feels really dry, I add olive oil too."

Map Out a City on Paper

Got a roll of kids' craft or butcher paper? Roll a long piece down a hallway, use painter's tape (or heavy books) to secure the corners and edges, and let your kids draw a metropolis. Make roads, bridges, cul de sacs, and neighborhoods. Include lakes, playgrounds, schools, hospitals, shops, and restaurants. Or use Legos and blocks to construct buildings along the way. Kids can drive toy cars along the roads and make believe a day in the life of imaginary characters. Paper accidentally got ripped in one spot? Earthquake! And when the kids are finished playing this rainy day activity, crumple up the paper and toss it in the recycling bin.

Brush up on Your Mixology

Is your signature drink a glass of red wine? Are you intimidated by cocktail shakers and coupe glasses? Do you wonder what the heck bitters are ? (We do too.) Use an afternoon inside to master the art of the classic drink—we're talking Mad Men -era cocktails here—that you can serve at your next dinner party or pour for yourself after a tough day at work. Once you know the basics, you can alter the recipes to suit your taste. So grab some snacks—no one needs to drink Manhattans or martinis on an empty stomach—read up on the difference between bourbon and rye, and try one or more of these classic cocktail recipes .

Plan a Vacation! For Real!

OK, you may be stuck at home hiding from the rain, but you can still dream of a warm, seaside resort or gorgeous mountain escape. Even better: You can make a game out of it for an exciting and fun rainy day activity. A rainy day activity, in fact, that's a tiny bit educational (shhh, don't tell the kids).

Look at a map of the world, if you can actually swing an international vacation, or of the U.S., and let kids pick a location they'd like to visit. Have them research how to get there, where to stay, and what to do. They can create a budget based on plane tickets or house rental costs, make a plan of what sites to hit or local foods to try, and then sell their ideas to the rest of the family. At the very least, everyone will learn a little bit about a new city or country. At best, you may figure out your next family adventure.

If you'd rather make your time indoors feel more like a staycation, here are eight ideas to transform your home .

Host a Video Game Tournament

Get out the gaming system, pick a few favorite games (go with the classics like PAC-MAN, or opt for some new ones!), and play to win.

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Unusually hot weather in Britain typically results in a three-phase reaction. Firstly, jubilation: no one is wearing tops (or sufficient SPF), every outdoor pub table is occupied, and Instagram is inundated with sunny day snaps. Next comes exhaustion, as grey weather acclimated Brits begin to flag under the relentless heat. And finally: concession, as we admit, sweaty and sun poisoned and dehydrated, that we really quite miss the rain. Little wonder then, that recent rainstorms across the UK have been met with exhilaration. But why does rain make you happy ? Is there more to it than the cooling hiss of a raindrop landing on severely under-sunlotioned skin?

As it turns out, it might be more than the relentless heat encouraging Brits to celebrate the rain. Firstly, rain might actually impact positively on people with anxiety and depression. While it's far from a cure — anxiety and depression are complex, often chronic mental illnesses, and presenting reductive, over-simplified 'solutions' can be extremely insulting to those who live with them — it could help to relieve temporary symptoms, according to Vice's Tonic vertical.

Vice quotes therapist and anxiety and depression specialist Kimberly Hershenson, who explains, " Rain produces a sound akin to white noise . The brain gets a tonic signal from white noise that decreases this need for sensory input, thus calming us down. Similarly, bright sun tends to keep us stimulated."

how to have fun in the rain speech

The site describes rain as an example of "pink noise," or a sound "which has enough variables in frequency to engage the subconscious but not enough to distract or disturb." According to Vice, such pink noise can impact positively on sleep and memory — and the Independent reports that lack of sleep is not only a symptom of anxiety and depression, but a potential trigger of the illnesses too. Those with insufficient sleep are " less able to tackle negative thoughts and disengage with negative emotions than those who get a sufficient amount of sleep", the newspaper suggests, based on a study published in the Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry . Again, it's vital not to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression to a simple reaction to the weather — but it is possible that a rainstorm could provide a small amount of temporary relief.

According to the Guardian , rain might not have the negative impact on people's mood that we might assume. A study by Professor Franz Buscha, presented in 2015, " dispels the commonly believed notion that rain , or a period of bad weather, makes people moodier, unhappier, in poorer health or less friendly", the newspaper reported. After combining weather information from the Met Office and individual wellbeing data from the British Household Panel Survey, Buscha " found no evidence that the often assumed relationship between sunshine and happiness existed".

how to have fun in the rain speech

That's not to dismiss the very real issue of seasonal affective disorder, and other seasonal mental illnesses, of course — the Guardian reports, "The paper makes a clear distinction between daily weather and seasons . Buscha found there is significant evidence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) whereby individuals become markedly less happy during the winter because of a lack of light." Daily weather variations, however, seemed to have less of an impact — so perhaps it's not so unusual for the current spates of rain across the UK to be met with so much delight.

So there you have it: there could be more to your rain-induced delight than just sheer heatwave exhaustion. The inclement weather could, in fact, be boosting your mood, improving your sleep, or providing a little relief from your anxiety. Either way, of course, let's acknowledge the inevitable: it won't be long until Britain's complaining about the weather again.

how to have fun in the rain speech

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Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

It’s raining, it’s pouring! So, now what? When it’s rainy outside, you have two options: stay inside and let your kiddos run amuck, or get outside and enjoy some outdoor rainy day activities for kids! In my opinion, this isn’t a hard one – let’s go and play in the rain! We know that most rainy day activity posts are usually about things you can do inside, but that’s not our style! There is so much fun to be had when you play outside with your kids. Today, SarahRuth Owens , Creative Team member and Georgia homeschooling mom of three is here sharing her family’s favorite outdoor rainy day activities for kids (and toddlers, too!), as well as the gear and supplies you might need to enjoy these days the most!

Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Fun things to do on rainy days outside

While playing outside in the rain might not sound like a blast for parents, it’s so much fun for kids! Rain makes everything feel more magical and can turn ordinary adventures into extraordinary ones! Today, I’m sharing some of our favorite screen-free rainy day activities for kids. All of these rainy day activities have been tried and tested by my crew of adventurers and are sure to get your kids excited about the rain. Because there’s no such thing as bad weather! 

Best rainy day gear for kids

When engaging in rainy day play, one might ask oneself: to be wet, or not to be wet? A lot of factors play into this. Things like…how much laundry is already sitting in piles on your couch. And whether or not there are currently any crayons melted to the inside of your dryer (just me, eh?).

If you don’t care how wet they get, then just send them outside to play in whatever they want to wear. If t he weather is warm and your kids aren’t sweet enough to melt, let them out to play in the puddles and engage in rainy day play outside, getting as wet as possible. 

Doing outdoor rainy day activities with kids sounds good, but maybe you just don’t want soaking wet kids? If you are in the not-to-be-wet crowd, there is a great solution! Rain gear has come a long way in the past decade. It can be found in a variety of sizes, patterns, and even price points. We’ve got a huge comprehensive list of the best rain gear for kids and toddlers , if you’re in the need of new gear. 

When it comes to great quality rain gear for kids, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Mk Nordika sells rainy day gear in a mid-point price range. It is high quality and includes adorable and cheerful rainbow stripes! They have sizes from toddler up to adult. We own this brand and it is so easy to care for. You simply wipe it down if it is muddy. 
  • Oaki also has a great full-body rain suit that easily slips over kids’ clothing. It is lightweight and you don’t have to keep up with multiple pieces. They have toddler-sized rain suits all the up through big kids. 

Rainy play - screen-free rain day outdoor activities for kids

Safety concerns playing outside in the rain

While outdoor rainy day activities are fun, here are some safety considerations to keep in mind:

  • Never encourage children to play outdoors in a thunderstorm. Lightning is real and does strike. Teach children to come indoors and speak to an adult if they hear thunder and are unsure about safety.
  • Be certain your children have on the right shoes for their location. If they are headed on a hike, the muddy trail is different than the puddles on the pavement. Choosing the correct gear for where your child will play in the rain is important.
  • No swimming in storms, please. Remember when the lifeguard had everyone get out of the pool for half an hour when there was thunder? There is good reason for that as water is a conduit for electricity and lightning spreads over the water, impacting anyone in it.
  • If you’re near running water (streams, creeks, rivers), keep a close eye on the water level, as streams can rise very quickly in rain. You never know if it may have rained much more higher upstream, so always keep a careful eye out and stay in shallow water, away from currents. 

Be sure and keep safety in the forefront of your mind during outdoor rainy day activities! 

You don’t need anything special to do outdoor rainy day activities with kids

There, I said it. You don’t actually need anything special or planned or extravagant to enjoy rainy day play. You don’t need Pinterest perfect crafts or any special rain toys. The rain itself creates so many fun things outside. Rain makes everything ordinary feel different. It’s a full-body sensory experience that kids can’t get enough of!

So, what do you really need for outdoor rainy day activities for kids? A smile is your best supply!

free rainy day outdoor activities for kids

Go for a rainy day walk

One of my boys’ favorite things to do on a rainy day is gear up, bring umbrellas, and walk to town. Would you believe that they can walk miles in the rain? Without complaining! They can, and I bet your crew can as well. This activity requires absolutely no planning or prepwork. It’s something we could do at any time, but the rain makes it extra special and novel.

Things you can try if your kiddos do begin to get the rainy day blues on your walk:

  • Sing songs (Singing in the Rain is always a fun tune)
  • Jump in puddles
  • Have a contest to see who can save the most worms (this means put them back in the grass and off the sidewalk)
  • Collect nature items
  • Watch water go into a sewer drain (I promise this entertains children)
  • Cup your hands and see who can overflow their hands with rainwater
  • Play “I Spy” as you walk
  • Wave at passerby and vehicles

rainy day activities for kids - go for a rain walk

Outdoor rainy day activities for kids in the woods

Are you ready to unlock expert outdoor parenting level? Go play in the woods….in the rain! Let’s do this. Honestly, rainy day play in the forest is absolutely magical. Some special things happen when you visit the wet forest and see the changes happening as the flora and fauna drink in the rain. There is so much to do while in the woods on a rainy day.

I organized a forest playgroup for kids for years and rainy days in the woods were some of our favorites! Here are some of the best and favorite rainy day outdoor activities to do in the woods from our forest school excursions:

  • Build a shelter – bring tarps, some twine, etc. and challenge the kids to build a dry shelter
  • See if you can build a fire when it is wet outside
  • Go on a mushroom hunt (fungi love wet conditions)
  • Sketch the woods in the rain
  • Get in the creek – hey, you’re already wet, right? (be careful and cognizant of rising water)
  • Play rainy day hide and seek
  • Bring a ruler and a clear glass or cup and measure the rainfall during your time in the woods

rainy play

Outdoor rainy day activities for kids that use supplies

Ok, so you tried the rainy day activities without supplies (or maybe you didn’t…that’s ok, we won’t tell), but maybe you want to enjoy some structured organized fun like crafts and games. That’s great! I’ve got you covered!

Here are some fun outdoor rainy day games, crafts, and activities for kids and what supplies you need:

Rainy day bike ride

Clearly, you need your bikes and helmets. My sons like to have bike gloves because in the rain, your hands tend to rub the handlebars more. Try sloshing through puddles! We also like to have a manual bike pump on one of our bikes, and don’t forget to bring water!

Water-gun fight

This one is so much fun during Summer showers. Each person gets a water gun and you can go to town. I suggest having buckets of water on hand, or even a large rubber maid tub filled with water for refills. 

Water balloon fight

Yep, let’s do this water thing all the way! About 100 balloons usually works for our crew of 5. We like to prefill and place them in the fridge in Summer. This means that humid, warm weather won’t be an issue! Swimsuits are smart gear to have on during this activity. Also, be certain to clean up any broken balloon bits; they don’t decompose. 

Water table fun

You can create a simple water table at a mud kitchen, or even just at a table, by providing your kiddos with scoops, spoons, a colander, shovels, bowls, and cups. Sometimes simple is best. 

Bob for fruit

This one is so much fun in the rain. I cannot explain it, it simply is! Add some apples, peaches, or whatever round fruit is in season, to a big bowl or rubber maid container filled with drinkable water. Now bob!

Paint with mud

All you need is some mud, a few paintbrushes and something to paint! This could be anything from a piece of paper or cardboard to your driveway. It doesn’t have to be fancy. If you want more ways to play with mud, check out this post with lots of fun and creative Mud Activities for Kids .

Have your kids find natural materials (sticks, leaves, pinecones, etc.) and make a small boat. Then race them down the run-off water in the street or down a stream. This is a great way to also teach kids about engineering and what floats (and doesn’t).

rainy day activities for kids - bike ride in the ride

What are your favorite outdoor rainy day activities?

We want to see you and your kids having fun doing rainy day play. Use the hashtag #runwildmychild for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account!

how to have fun in the rain speech

About the author

SarahRuth is a homeschooling mother of three boys. She was raised in cities across the East coast, but now resides in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia where her husband grew up. Passionate about inspiring others to shift from the status quo of Western indoor life, she launched a local Free Forest School chapter in 2017. Her family clocked over 2k hours outdoors in 2019 and believes that outside time as a family is vital to a joy-filled life. She collects books, stray children, and as much coffee as her body will permit. When not foraging, chasing waterfalls, or camping with her crew, you can find SarahRuth crossing the globe from her laptop, teaching English full time online! She has two bachelor’s degrees in Education and is passionate about teaching children to love learning through outdoor adventures.

You can find more from SarahRuth in the following online locations: Instagram:  @kindle_togetherness RWMC posts:  SarahRuth  

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how to have fun in the rain speech

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how to have fun in the rain speech

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52 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day (the Ultimate List)

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This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Learn more

Pouring down outside? These things to do on a rainy day are ideal for a day of fun, laughs, and feel-good factor when you can’t go outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Things to Do on a Rainy Day (list of ideas 1-14 from the article).

After a long week of work, sometimes we just want to use our free time to enjoy ourselves. These fun things to do can all be done indoors, and are perfect if you just want to have a good time.

1. Plan Your Dream Holiday

how to have fun in the rain speech

Just because it’s raining where you are, doesn’t mean it’s raining everywhere! Use this rainy day to plan your next sun-filled adventure.

Download some apps, and make lists of your ideal destinations, hotels, and tourist activities. It’ll be summer again before you know it!

2. Take Personality Tests and Fun Online Quizzes

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to learn what kind of pizza topping you are, if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, and if you’re an INFP or an ENFJ.

Spend the day taking personality tests and silly quizzes – you might even learn something about yourself in the process. 

3. Throw a Murder Mystery Party

Get family and friends over for a fun-filled game of mystery and bluffing.

You can buy a game online or create your own – if you make your own, you can invent any theme you like: 90s, Gatsby, Wartime, or even themed around your local area. 

4. Eat Alone in a New Restaurant

how to have fun in the rain speech

We’ve all had the fear of eating alone in a restaurant – or rather, the fear of being judged for doing so.

However, eating alone in a restaurant is underrated: you don’t need to worry about splitting the bill with Mr or Mrs “I’ll-have-the-$100 lobster,” you can enjoy some quality alone time, and you can order whatever you want without judgment.

Next time you find yourself bored on a rainy day, head to a cozy local bistro and treat yourself. 

5. Start a Blog

If you’re always ranting at the politicians on television, taking photos of your cooking, or filling up a journal with your daily thoughts, why not start an online blog?

Having a blog is a great way to stay regular with your writing, as well as maintain your hobbies and personal interests.

Some bloggers even go on to make money from their blogs, so why not give it a try? 

Creative and Unique

Want to use your indoor time to try something different? These creative and unique ideas can help you use your creative energy and discover new things and experiences.

6. Break Out of an Escape Room

If you’re tired of playing video games on your console or phone, what about becoming a real-life video game character?

Escape rooms have surged in popularity over the last few years, and they make for the perfect rainy-day activity.

With one hour on the clock, try to find your way out of an enclosed room by solving a complicated – but not impossible – puzzle. Grab your smartest friends and head over to your nearest escape room venue.

7. Take a Trip Somewhere Obscure in Your City 

No matter where you live in the world, there is almost always some history to discover lurking in the walls and in the buildings; a history of war or bloody battles, of political revolution or tyranny.

Use Google Maps or a site like Atlas Obscura to pinpoint your local area and find some secretive, unknown historic sites you can drive to.

8. Take a Class Either Online or in Person

how to have fun in the rain speech

Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Italian, or learn how to paint, or take a class on French patisserie?

The magic of the internet gives you the opportunity to learn almost anything from the comfort of your own sofa – and many classes are free!

Spend the day taking advantage of new online courses – you might end up with a new skill to show off. MasterClass , for example, is a great place to learn skills from seasoned professionals.

Read more: Best Skills to Learn Online

9. Make a Home Film

Did you know that the hit UK series ‘The Office’ was originally inspired by two friends recording each other having a laugh at work?

While I can’t promise that your home films will have the same impact, use your rainy day to experiment with filming – you probably have a free camera on your phone after all, so why not use it?

Create something funny, obscure, or even frightening. Pretend you’re being interviewed by Ellen, or give your Presidential inauguration speech.

You can even pretend that you’re a news reporter reporting on the eventual zombie takeover of Earth in 2075. Who knows, maybe a Netflix series will follow!

If the rain is lashing down and you are confined to your home or apartment, that doesn’t mean a day of staring out the window has to pass you by. There’s still plenty of fun to be had at home, as these things you can do prove.

how to have fun in the rain speech

A rainy day at home is incomplete without the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the house.

Crack out the cookbooks and try your hand at cakes, pastries, and pies – you’ll be the most popular person in the house at the end of the day!

11. Watch a Series in One Go

That one TV series that everybody is always talking about at work or on Twitter, the one that you’ve never had the time to get into?

Now is your chance! Grab a streaming free trial and get comfortable on the sofa – soon, all the GIFs will make sense.

12. Re-Organize Your Living Space

Now is the perfect time to put your desk at the sun-facing window, feng-shui your bedroom, or attempt to turn your kitchen into a retro cocktail bar.

Spend the day reorganizing your living space and watch your mind re-energize along with it.

Related: Cool Kitchen Organization Gadgets and Accessories

13. Spa Day

Light a scented candle, pour a glass of wine, and get the bath running – you’re now on a spa holiday!

Pamper yourself with face masks, scrubs, and bath salts until you feel renewed. Bonus points if your significant other or flatmate can bring you snacks on the hour!

Read more: DIY Spa Day at Home Essentials

14. Write Letters

Revive the lost art of letter writing and send some nice words to old friends; people love to know that others are thinking of them.

If you’re not sold on the snail mail concept, an affectionate email will do the trick.

15. Create a Home Gym for the Day

how to have fun in the rain speech

Who says you need an expensive gym membership to stay in shape?

With cans of beans for dumbbells, water bottles for kettlebells, and a Harry Potter book as an aerobic step, you can turn your home into a gym for the day and kickstart your fitness journey.

16. Have a Clear-Out

Those jeans from 2008 that you’ve pledged every January to fit into again?

Whether you want to pop them on eBay to make a little extra cash, or simply donate them to a local charity shop, having a clear-out of your wardrobe will clear your head, clear your space, and give you room for new things!

Related: Best Desk Organization Gadgets, Accessories, and Essentials

Want to put that indoor time to good use. Get organized, learn a new skill, or exert some creative energy with these productive things to do.

17. Organize Your “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” List. 

We’ve all got a list of things in our heads that we’ll do tomorrow. Bills, emails, canceling that subscription, and replying to that text you’ve been ignoring for two weeks all quickly add up.

Put the kettle on and spend a couple of hours sorting through your correspondence and emails – you’ll feel better after, I promise!

With so much of our lives spent in the digital world both at home and at work, reading books is often one of the first things we abandon after a busy day.

A rainy day is the perfect excuse to curl up with a new novel and immerse yourself in a fantasy world!

19. Meditate 

Our everyday lives are often hectic and non-stop, leaving us little time to focus on ourselves.

Take advantage of the numerous meditation resources online and pick up a healthy new habit.

20. Create a Plan for Something You’ve Always Wanted to Do

A solo trip to Venice? A hike up the Himalayas? A fitness plan? A home renovation?

Whatever personal ambition you daydream about during your work commute, now is the time to create a plan to put it into action.

Crack out a notebook or download a planning app and explore your options. 

Related: 5 Bucket List Printable Templates

21. Make Sustainable Resolutions

how to have fun in the rain speech

New Year’s resolutions can be overrated: most of us realize by mid-January that “make $1,000,000 by summer” is a mildly unreasonable expectation.

Instead, use your rainy day to make sustainable resolutions: resolutions by the month, or even by the week.

Short-term resolutions are easier to keep – provided they remain attainable – and will help you achieve your goals faster.

Read more: Monthly Habit Tracker Printables

With Friends

Just because it’s raining outside, that doesn’t mean you can be with those nearest and dearest to you. Get your squad together in WhatsApp, and pitch them some of these great ideas.

22. Create a 90s Time Machine

If you’re stuck indoors with friends on a rainy day, cut the Wi-Fi and ask everyone to turn off their phones.

You’ve now been transported to the 1990s – try to have fun amusing yourselves without Twitter, Netflix, and YouTube!

23. Board Game Marathon

Go retro again, this time with a board game marathon: we’re talking Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble, even Twister! Add cocktails and pizza for an enhanced experience. 

Read more: 20 Board Games for Adults for an Evening of Fun

24. Cooking Competition 

Grab the contents of your food cupboards, pile them together and see who can make the best dish.

Assign one friend to be Gordon Ramsay, the judge of all your culinary efforts. As Gordon infamously says, ‘where is the lamb sauce?’

25. Throw a Dinner Party

how to have fun in the rain speech

Dress code: Formal The Nigella cookbooks: Cracked open on the kitchen surface

Expensive champagne: Flowing Dinner topics: Politics, Art, High Culture

Organize a formal dinner party with close friends, and try your hand at high-society socializing. Suits and dresses below the knees only!

26. Themed Movie Marathon

An 80s movie marathon, a Harry Potter-themed movie marathon, a black-and-white movie marathon, a musical movie marathon, a Western movie marathon; the possibilities are endless, as should be the popcorn!

Related: 100+ Movie Trivia Questions and Answers for a Hollywood-Themed Quiz Night

27. Indoor Climbing

Why go climbing outdoors and suffer the wind, the knee scrapes, the bugs, and the potential spontaneous falling boulders?

Grab some friends and head to an indoor climbing area for an adrenaline-packed afternoon.

On a Budget

Money a little tight? No problem! There’s still plenty to do when it’s pouring outside that costs very little, if anything. A little resourcefulness and an adventurous spirit are all you need for these rainy-day budget ideas.

28. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Many indoor attractions such as museums, libraries, art galleries, and local tourist attractions are funded by local authorities and totally free for the public to take advantage of.

Use the excuse of a rainy day to take a tour of these attractions, playing tourist in your own city.

You’ll most likely discover cool places you never knew existed, and maybe learn a little about the place you call home.

29. Listen to Audiobooks on YouTube

Audiobook subscription services are great but often expensive and out-of-budget for many. Luckily, many audiobooks are in the public domain and freely available in full on YouTube.

Choice might be slightly more limited in comparison with a subscription service, but many classics, both ancient and modern, are available to take advantage of.

Get cozy on the sofa and immerse yourself in a fictive world!

30. Local Events in the Community

how to have fun in the rain speech

Whether it’s a church, a school, or a community center, most local authorities run regular fundraising events, most of which are free or cost very little to attend.

Check online for the possibility of local bake sales, plays, or coffee mornings – perfect for a rainy day on a budget.

With a little creativity and imagination, entertaining the kids on a rainy day can be a hugely fun experience for everyone. These things to do should give you some great ideas.

31. Create a Blanket Fort

When the little ones are at a loose end, grab some sheets from the cupboard, hang up some fairy lights and let the kids create the pillow fort of their dreams.

Even better, let your own inner child shine and help build the fort yourself – with all the effort and exhaustion, you might end up taking a nap there yourself!

32. Faux-lympics

With some medals made from tin foil, YouTube playing the Olympic anthem, and a bit of space in the living room, it’s time to light the metaphorical Olympic torch!

Let the kids choose what country they want to represent and what activities they want to do; a Faux-lympics is a great way to get them exercising and enjoying some healthy competition – and sleeping well afterward, too!

33. Soft Play or Indoor Playground

A rainy-day classic – isn’t it a shame that there are no soft plays for adults?

If the kids are restless and you need a breather, head down to a local soft play / indoor playground, and let the kids enjoy themselves while you relax with a coffee and a magazine.

34. Make Pizza

how to have fun in the rain speech

Pizza is one of the easiest things to make at home and can be a fun introduction for kids to the joy of cooking.

Grab some cheap Pizza mix from the supermarket, and let the kids go nuts with toppings. No pineapple, please!

35. Scavenger Hunt 

Kids love exploring and going through the cupboards on any given day of the week, so why not let them have fun and enjoy a bit of competition at the same time?

Use the internet to print off lists of items and let the kids go off looking for them – meanwhile, you can take a breather and enjoy a coffee. 

36. Puddle-Jumping

If there’s not enough space in the house and the kids need to move around, pop on the rain boots and the raincoat and take the kids puddle-jumping – just make sure you’re not wearing your favorite pair of jeans!

37. Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies and Decorate Them

One of the best rainy day activities for kids, you can spend the entire day baking and decorating lots of cookies to enjoy and to share with friends and the whole family.

To get a little more creative, use cookie cutters to give your baked treats different shapes, sizes, and styles.

38. Afternoon at Kids Play

Ideal for younger kids when you’ve got the rainy day blues, kids’ soft play areas are nearly always indoors and are perfect for entertaining your children.

Look online for a nearby center, and see if they have a cafe onsite so that you can do some reading or enjoy a hot drink while they play.

38. Create Your Own Indoor Mini Golf at Home

Order a simple putting machine with a club and ball, and get creative around your home.

Use cushions, chairs, toys, and boxes to create a fun mini-golf obstacle course around your home, and see how many strokes it takes to complete.

39. Make Paper Airplanes and Decorate Them

Simple to make, you can use newspaper or colored paper, or pens and paints to design beautiful skins for your airplanes before you fold them.

40. Join an Online Dance Party in 90s Attire

Scour your closets for clothes that represent this iconic era for dance music, and let loose on an online dance party. Strut your stuff, and dance like no one cares.

41. Laser Tag

A great excuse to get out of the house and let your inner child run wild, laser tag is a fast and thrilling indoor activity that you can do with friends, or show up and join a team that needs players.

42. Watch a New Show in a Hot Bubble Bath

Get yourself a bath tray, and use it to hold an iPad or tablet. Pour a hot bath, filled with bubbles, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening with a brand-new show.

43. Go to an Indoor Rock Climbing Center

If it’s a dreary day and you’re suffering from cabin fever, give indoor rock climbing a try.

It’s great fun and done in a controlled environment on indoor climbing walls, so you don’t have to worry about braving the elements.

44. Download and Play Arcade Games and Childhood Classics on Your Laptop

Gaming can still be a lot of fun, without having to have a console and play the latest popular titles.

Nowadays, laptops and computers have the power to host classic titles from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Have a look online to see what old games you played as a child you can find, and delve into a little gaming nostalgia.

45. Create a Pin Board of Memories

Get yourself a felt board to which you can pin things. Go through old photos and old magazines, and find things of meaning, such as plane tickets, and create a memories board with these beloved items.

46. Host a Board Games Marathon

In rainy weather, board games are a popular go-to. If you don’t want to be stuck inside doing the same thing, however, bring more than one game into play.

Invite friends and family, and ask everyone to bring over their favorite board game to create a board game marathon.

Put a timer to each board game, such as a certain number of rounds or plays, and assign players points based on performance.

47. Host a Video Game Tournament

The beauty of this idea for rainy days is that you can set it up to best suit you. You can either invite people for some classic console gaming or host it online and play virtually together.

Either play a series of games, or focus on one, and put everyone involved either into a league table, or a knock-out format competition.

48. Play Card Games

As rainy day activities go, this is one of the easiest and most fun. There are so many card games you can play, and lose yourself for hours in good company and healthy competition.

49. Make New Cocktail Recipes to Fun Music

Spice up your cocktail making to some dance music, and let your creative juices flow as you pretend you’re a bartender in a luxurious club, whipping up cocktails for celebrities and society’s finest.

Related: Best Home Bar Gadgets and Accessories to Own

50. Go on a Museum Tour of Your Local Area

how to have fun in the rain speech

For an exciting day out without having to be outside, go through every museum in a drivable radius, and create a fun day out where you visit each one.

Most museum visits will be free, and this is a great way to get out of the house while still doing indoor activities.

From art to science, there are plenty of amazing things to see and do. Set a time limit for each museum, and run a whirlwind visit of them.

51. Take a Personality Test

Maybe you’ve got problem-solving skills not being fulfilled in your job, or maybe you’re not doing enough creative work.

There are plenty of free personality tests you can take, that can help you better understand your behaviors, and what you need from important things such as relationships, or your career.

52. Host an ‘Around-the-World’ Tea Party

Order teas from different countries, such as Morocco and India, and enjoy these delicious beverages with your nearest and dearest.

You can make notes about your favorite teas, let their aromas waft around the house, and dive deep into the history and story of these exotic teas if you use a tea subscription.

Read more: Fun Tea Party Ideas for Adults (Activities, Games, and More)

When the heavens open, don’t let indoor time pass you by. Even when it’s raining, there are so many places you can go, things you can do, and fun to be had.

Use our list to inspire you to stop staring out the window, longing for nice weather, and make great use of the time you have.

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Checked the forecast and saw that rain is coming? Keep this great list of things to do on a rainy day handy, by saving it to one of your Pinterest boards.

Things to Do on a Rainy Day (list of ideas 1-14 from the article).

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Rainy day activities – 12 brilliant ideas for Early Years

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Rainy day activities – 12 brilliant ideas for Early Years

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but don’t let that stop you having keeping busy and having fun, with these brilliant rainy day activities from Jude Harries…

Wet weather ideas

Mud printing On a rainy day, invite children to put on weatherproof gear, including boots, and go outside to play in the rain. Yes, let the rain be seen as a resource rather than a nuisance!

Encourage little learners to step onto the edge of flowerbeds and make muddy footprints on the playground or outside area. Can they create a trail for each other to follow?

Roll out lengths of lining paper and let children walk on it to create patterns of muddy prints. Splash in puddles to clean off all the mud before going back inside.

Rain soup Leave buckets and washing up bowls outside to catch the rain over night. Add small bowls, jugs and spoons and create a portable mud kitchen. Ask children to put on raincoats and boots and go outside to mix soil, sand, gravel and stones into the collected water to create rain or mud soup.

Can they find different natural materials to add into the mix, such as leaves, herbs, moss, feathers and twigs? Remind children not to eat the soup! Instead, go inside and have some homemade hot soup (see ‘Inside ideas’ below) for snack time.

Stepping-stone bridges Show the children some images of stepping-stones. Talk about how they can be used to create bridges across water. Go outside and make a collection of stones, rocks, pebbles and logs. Invite children to construct stepping-stone bridges across muddy puddles for small toys to walk over.

If possible, use bigger stones so children can try balancing or walking on them. Inside, make some stepping-stones out of paper or card, write letters or numbers on them and build bridges across the room. 

Ideas for cold days

Frosted art On a cold and frosty morning, help the children to wrap up warm in coats, scarves, hats and gloves before going outside to explore the frost. Look at patterns of frost and ice on the ground and on leaves. Take photos of frosty patterns.

Back inside, read Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara or look at images of Andy Goldsworthy’s ice sculptures .

Show children how to use blunt pencils to make patterns on Styrofoam blocks. Paint with white paint and print onto blue paper to create frosty patterns. Alternatively, make patterns with white chalk on leaf shapes cut out of sugar paper.

Snow painting If you’re lucky enough to have some snow, take the opportunity to play outside with the children, all wearing appropriate gear of course. Use found sticks and twigs to create canvases or frames for some snow art.

Make some snow paint using just three ingredients – warm water, cornflour and food colouring - or use ready mixed tempera paint. Try painting on the fluffy snow with brushes.

Pour some paint into spray bottles and spray the snow. Have fun stamping on the snow to make a flatter surface to paint. Paint a picture, take a photo and then move on.

Winter jewels Another Big Coat Weather activity! Fill some high-quality balloons with coloured water to create lots of different sizes and shapes. Tie them off tightly and then freeze outside overnight or in a freezer. The next morning, slide off the balloon casings to reveal different coloured winter jewels.

Make sure all the children have gloves or mittens before they handle their creations. Let them enjoy transporting the jewels around the outside area in wheelbarrows or on sit and ride toys. Can they build some sparkly structures? Do the ice shapes roll or stay still?

Suggestions for spring

Gumboot dancing Watch some South African gumboot dancing on YouTube.

This originated in the gold mines of South Africa, where miners worked in the dark and wet underground and communicated with each other by tapping their boots, stamping and clapping.

On a showery day, go outside with wellington boots on and try some gumboot dancing. Invite the children to stand in a line by some puddles. Have fun making up patterns of stamping, splashing, slapping boots, and clapping hands.

Pancake races This idea is perfect for Pancake Day. Organise some weatherproof pancake races outside using small frying pans, paper or cardboard yellow circles as pancakes and an obstacle course for the children to tackle. Use balance beams, steps, slalom cones, and a finishing line.

Can the children practise tossing the pancakes as they run? Go inside and make some real pancakes to share for snack time, with a choice of accompaniments such as lemon, sugar, fresh fruit and maple syrup.

Chasing raindrops When sudden rain forces you inside unexpectedly, read some books about rain such as Rain by Sam Usher or Singing in the Rain by Tim Hopgood .

Try some raindrop races. Invite children to find a partner and take turns to sit with their friend by the window. Each child chooses a raindrop to watch as they fall down the windowpane. Which raindrop will reach the bottom fastest? This game also works well on long car or coach journeys!

Inside ideas

Writing on the wall Create a wet weather writing wall in your setting for the children to use on a rainy day. Cover a display board or moveable screen with white or black backing paper. Provide lots of different pens and chalks for children to practise mark making and writing.

Let them access the wall by allowing them to stand on chairs, step ladders or upturned boxes (under supervision of course) as that will increase the attraction to write.

Den building Build a cosy den in your setting for children to enjoy after playing outside in the cold and wet. Use screens to make it enclosed, like a cave, and provide cushions, pillows, blankets, drapes, and comfy chairs for children to snuggle with.

Set up a reading corner with lots of books about the transition from winter to spring such as Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson or Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring by Kenard Pak .

Talk about the den being a hibernation hide and let children role play waking up after a long sleep or rest. Provide hot chocolate as a ‘hug in a mug’ and cookies for energy. Alternatively, go outside and build a den using pallets, crates, tarpaulins, plastic sheets and fastenings. Keep children on the move to keep them feeling warm.

Green soup Make some tasty green soup with the children to share on a wet or cold day. Pour a 500g bag of frozen peas into a saucepan. Let the children stir the peas with a wooden spoon and enjoy the clattery sound.

Peel four potatoes, cut them into small cubes and add to the pan with one litre of stock. Simmer for 10 minutes until the potatoes are soft, blend the soup, and stir in 2 spoons of green pesto. Make croutons from bread or fish fingers and serve with the soup for snack time.

More rainy resources

Don’t forget to use the rainy weather as an extra resource. Yes, puddles are for splashing and jumping in; but they can also be used for measuring.

Let children find different-sized puddles and select the smallest and biggest ones. Use tape measures and rulers to measure puddles and record the changes as they either dry up or get bigger. Measure depth by using chalk to mark water levels on wellies.

Make a rain gauge to measure daily rainfall using a clear plastic bottle: cut off the top and fill the first 2cm with pebbles to stop it being blown over, then fill with a small amount of water to cover the pebbles and use a Sharpie to mark it at 1cm intervals, starting with the water level as 0.

Finally, investigate the water cycle and find out where rain comes from by reading Drop by Emily Kate Moon .

Jude Harries is an author and teacher of music and drama, with experience of working with children aged nine months to 11 years.

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Parent's Academy › Activities for Kids › Holiday Activities for Kids › Rainy Day? Try 5 Indoor Learning Activities for Your Kids

Rainy Day? Try 5 Indoor Learning Activities for Your Kids

Myrah abrar.

Writer , London , United Kingdom

Jan 18, 2022 Rainy days can be pretty upsetting for kids, as they feel locked up inside and find it hard to indulge in games or be productive. Feeling stuck indoors for a long time can result because of heavy rains, school shutdowns, unexpected snowfall, etc. However, you can still make the most out of these days and keep your child indulged in productive indoor learning activities.


In This Article

Diy activities.

  • Bring Out The Good Old Board Games
  • Bringing the Outdoors In (Be As Creative As You Want) 
  • Science Experiments with Cooking Ingredients 
  • Readout Loud With the Kids
  • To Sum It Up

Outdoor activities not only help children establish a healthy physical routine, but has positive impacts on their brain development as well as mental health. It helps in strengthening imagination, helps with socializing and interacting with other people, and learning about nature. However, when kids cannot go out due to weather conditions, it becomes a problem for both children and parents. 

Engaging children when they’re at home can be stressful for parents, and often kids get involved in playing games on TV or other gadgets, which isn’t a healthy way of lifestyle. Here is a list of five activities to involve your kids while staying indoors.

But since it is not realistic to expect kids to have zero screen time, choose educational apps like Speech Blubs and limit the time they spend on screens.

Boost Your Child’s Speech Development!

Improve language & communication skills with fun learning!

how to have fun in the rain speech

DIY (Do It Yourself) activities can be pretty engaging and productive for kids of all ages. Depending on your interests and the ages of your children, you can make some DIY projects at home. The masterpieces that you and your kids create can be saved or even used at home, so kids feel appreciated. 

There are tons of DIYs available online, which include making toys, plants, painting pots, and much more, which all can be done with kids. Use all the markers, paints, and glues that you own and come up with unique creations that will excite your children. 

DIY children's project for vocabulary

You can start with simple things as well, like using paper cups to create a puppet or make a storage box using a cereal box, etc. This is a fun way to bond with your children and help them strengthen their skills in colors, aesthetics, designs, and crafts. Children who are encouraged in crafts tend to be more creative as they grow up.

Board Games

Another way to keep your kids engaged while indoors is by introducing them to board games. Age-appropriate board games are fun to play, and you can enjoy some good family time that doesn’t involve screens (win-win!). 

There are multiple ways that board games help children learn various skills, identify colors, count spaces, and much more analytical skills. Not only is it fun to play board games, but they help sharpen the mind, which is essential for the brain development of children. 

Some of the games also help establish good vocabulary, spelling, and English-learning skills as well. Board games also help develop concentration and better-focusing abilities. They help increase their attention span and turn-taking skills, too.

Bringing the Outdoors In  

So, your children cannot go out. But you can surely bring the outdoors in. If you want to have a little fun and relaxation time, think of setting up a small tent for the kids to camp indoors. 

Other rainy day activities for kids include making a fort using pillows, blankets, rugs, and fairy lights to make a cute cozy camping space for kids indoors. You can also bake cookies and have a tea party inside where they can play or watch a movie or pray inside during prayer times .  

Adding a few natural pieces can also make it more interesting for kids, like some pinecones, leaves, and pine branches to give a real feel to the camp. You can be as experimental as you want and make it just how your kids would like it. Many people tend to make these spaces cozy for their kids to read or play a game simply while having a little bit of fun. 

Science Experiments with Cooking Ingredients 

One of the most interesting ways to keep the child focused and engaged indoors is through science experiments. Not only are the experiments engaging, but also fantastic early-age learning about observation, experiment variables, etc. No matter what age, these experiments are pretty fascinating for children and adults too. 

These experiments are hardly difficult and mostly require items that are already in your home. Try to do the one that is fascinating for the kids and explain to them the process, so they remember and comprehend what’s happening. 

You can try making lava lamps , homemade dough, volcano, snow globe, invisible ink, homemade slime, a bean in a cup, etc. These are all learning experiments for kids and easily doable at home. You can also teach them and ask them to do it on their own, so they also learn while having fun.

Read with Kids

If your kids already enjoy reading, then you can try a reading-out-loud activity with your kids, where everyone takes turns to read the story. 

Love of Reading Children

There are multiple benefits of reading out loud with kids: 

  • It creates a lifetime interest in reading,  
  • It expands their attention spans,
  • Helps in language development,
  • Strengthens children’s imagination,
  • Comprehension skills are also improved,
  • Helps you become closer.

Rainy Day Activities vs. Passive Screen Use

These were five ways to keep your kids engaged in productive and useful indoor activities. Every passing day, children become more and more addicted to screens through smartphones, laptops, tablets, play stations, and other gadgets, which reduces their movement and productivity. Excessive passive use of screens can be harmful to kids of any and all ages, so it is advised that parents take extra care to come up with fun indoor activities for kids.

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how to have fun in the rain speech

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

A dozen ways to talk about rain in speech and language therapy.

how to have fun in the rain speech

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text says Speechie Adventures. Images of three mountains and bootprints

Weather Activities & Freebies for Speech Therapy

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Hi friends!

Check out some of the awesome winter themed digital and printable resources and freebies below!

> Weather Activities

> Digital Freebies

> TPT Freebies

> Online Activities

> Crafts

Mushroom in the Rain

Worm Weather

May I Come In?

Are You Ready to Play Outside

Tap, Tap, Boom, Boom

Little Raindrop

The Rain Came Down

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

weather activities

Mushroom in the Rain Book Companion (rainy weather)

Froggy Gets Dressed Book Companion (cold, winter weather)

digital FREEBIES

Raindrop Emotions Freebie for Google Slides

Story Elements & Sequencing Boom Cards

Interactive Weather Scenes Boom Cards

Weather Preschool Speech and Language Unit Boom Cards

Identify the Weather Boom Cards


Rainy Day Articulation Worksheets (pictured above)

Identify the Weather from ABCya!

Weather Chart from ABCya!

Weather Preschool Speech and Language Unit

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Craftivity

Weather Book

Interactive Weather Book

What's the Weather Flash Cards


Dress for the Weather on ABCya!

Cloud Memory Game

Crafts are a fun, hands on way to target a variety of skills like sequencing , sentence formulation , retell , past tense verbs (e.g. cut, glued, wrote, colored), core words (e.g. I, want, like, yes, no, get, me, etc.), temporal concepts (e.g. first, then, last), and spatial concepts (e.g. on, next to, under).

25 Fun Weather Activities and Crafts

Singing in the Rain

How's the Weather

Weather Song for Kids

Have a wonderful week!

how to have fun in the rain speech

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  • Thematic Activities & Freebies

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Halloween Activities & Freebies for Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Store

147+ Free Weather Themed Activities for Speech Therapy

Are you looking for weather themed speech therapy activities?

If so you’ve come to the right place with over 147 free weather activities for speech therapy divided by skill area for easy access to any weather themed speech therapy activities you might want.

Weather Themed Speech Therapy

This free list of weather speech therapy activities includes 16 different skill areas of focus.

  • Articulation: P, B, T, K, F, L, R, J, G, S, T, Z, SH, CH, TH, SK, SP, SL & Blends
  • Reinforcement
  • Following Directions
  • Social Skills
  • Language Skills
  • WH-Questions
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Multiple Meaning Words


Articulation: Weather Activities for Speech Therapy

Click the links below and download the free weather themed speech therapy freebie of your choice.

  • Rainy Day /R/ Articulation by Carrie Manchester is an articulation game with a weather theme that focuses on the R sound in all positions.
  • Free Initial /R/ Scene for Sentences and Phrases – Articulation by Cat Says Meow is a word loaded scene with weather themed words that focus on the r sound
  • Winter Articulation Initial R by WinterBee Speech Designs is a winter snowman themed flashcard set with word, phrase and sentence level for R articulation!
  • Winter Articulation No Print- /R/ Sample by Speech Tea is a fun, no prep game for students to practice articulation with a winter theme!
  • FREEBIE! Spring Time Say & Find Print & Go Articulation Activity by Mrs Stoos Speech Therapy is a spring themed, print and go game to practice th articulation!
  • Winter Articulation “TH” {FREEBIE} by Kristine Lamb is a set of 88 Voiceless TH cards for Go fish or Memory with a fun winter theme
  • FREE S Articulation Spinners – No Print – /s/ In All Positions by Simply Speaking SLT is a ready to go downloadable spinner with a bright spring and summer theme to practice articulation one on one.
  • S-blend SN “Snow” articulation [NO PREP] by Speech and Language Adventures is a way to practice sn articulation with a snow and winter theme. This is a print and go material!
  • Articulation Winter Craftivty: Build A Speech Igloo G FREEBIE by SLP Tree is a fun way to practice the ‘g’ sound while building an igloo!
  • FREE Winter Articulation Activity – Z Sound! by Buckeye Speech is a no prep winter themed articulation activity to practice Z in all positions
  • Free Snowplow Articulation Activity (T Sound) by Lil Mae’s Speech is a free digital game that has students drive a snow plow over the T sounds they see
  • Who Has a Scarf? An /sk/ Winter Articulation Freebie by Speech Sprouts is a great activity for activity centers!
  • FREEBIE BOOM CARDS™ S Blends Articulation (Water Park Theme): SP & SL by SLP on the Charles is a highly rated boom card deck that has students engaged with a winter theme park!
  • Winter or Spring? P, B, T Articulation edition for Speech Therapy by Let’s Talk Speech Therapy is an engaging game to practice p, b, and t articulation with a total of 66 cards
  • No Prep Articulation Coloring Pages for “sh” “ch” and “th” by Carly Fowler is a ready to print set of 7 engaging color pages with a fun spring theme
  • {Freebie} Articulation Lists for “The Day It Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond by Lindsey Karol is a great articulation activity that accompanies the book “The Day It Rained Hearts”
  • Freebie- Snowy Speech Articulation Packet by Heather PorterPhonology: Weather Activities Speech Therapy is a highly rated activity that has students complete a story, draw a winter scene, make up a snow day spell and more engaging and fun activities!

Click the links below and download the free weather speech and language freebie of your choice.

  • Compound Words Flip Cards: Phonological Awareness Activity by Jackie G  is a great activity to practice blending and segmenting words
  • Virtual Word Bag: SUN by Empower Learning Center explore word family relationships with a fun seasonal game in this free word bag activity
  • Snowy Phonological Awareness {FREEBIE} by Kristine Lamb is an engaging board game that prompts students to put two words together to make one word

Reinforcement: Weather Themed Lesson Plans

Click the links below and download the free weather activities for speech therapy freebie of your choice.

  • Snow Day Penguins Reinforcement Game by Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg is an engaging drill game for students with a fun penguin and winter theme
  • Spin A Snowman Reinforcement Game for Articulation, Language, or Math Activities by Big Hair Speech Therapy is a highly rated reinforcement game for students
  • Build a Frog & Friends – Rainy Day Rewards for Group Therapy by Tech ‘n Talk SLPs is an engaging reinforcement activity for drilling articulation or language activities 
  • Free Fireplace Fun Game! by Lindsay McFeeley is a 5 star reinforcement game that has students collect firewood to build a fire as they practice their language skills
  • Daily Weather Tally Chart by Joanne Beauchamp is a daily weather chart that helps students practice tally marks and counting by 5s
  • FREE Interactive Science Journal by The Wright Nook is a student favorite notebook that helps students gather information about weather and other science units. 
  • Sticker Charts – Summer Fun Edition (Editable) by The Speech Nerd is a cute summer themed sticker chart for positive reinforcement
  • Growing Flowers Open-Ended Envelope Game by Elizabeth Betancourt is an engaging card game that students can play after articulation drills to further their practice and understanding
  • Roll and Color – Spring and Summer Themed Articulation and Language Reinforcers by Mindy Stenger is a print and go game that has students engaged with coloring fun spring and summer mats JUST FOR YOU! We have created a weather themed First Word You See/Word Search with Wh-Questions, Conversational Prompts and Vocabulary Practice! Download it below.


Following Directions: Weather Themed Speech Therapy

Click the links below and download the free weather themed lesson plans for speech therapy freebie of your choice.

  • A-Z Following Directions FREEBIE by The Speechie Lady is a set of 3 worksheets and 26 direction prompts with a letter and weather theme!
  • Following Directions – Picnic Theme – Freebie! by DESpeechie is a freebie good for in person and teletherapy! Have students follow directions as they set up for a summer time picnic

Social Skills: Weather Themed Speech Therapy Ideas

  • Conversation Skills -modeling questions w/ answers Distance Learning w/ visuals by LittleLearners728 is a pdf with visuals to helps students practice and model conversations about weather
  • FREEBIE! I Can Wear Cold-Weather Clothes Social Narrative by We All Belong is a highly rated social narrative that walks students how to dress appropriately for cold weather
  • ESL:Holiday, Seasons, and Weather Vocabulary Cards for Primary and ELL Newcomers by Little Language Learners is a deck of cards with repetitive vocabulary for students to practice conversations 
  • Life Skills Daily Warm Up Worksheets FREEBIE by Adulting Made Easy aka SpedAdulting is a set of differentiated work sheets with weather themes for the whole year for your students practicing social skills
  • Weather Around the World Worksheet – Life Skills -Science – FREE Sample by Special Needs Circle is a fun activity that has students research and log weather around the world to better understand how to prepare for weather where they are
  • Elements of the weather (freebie) by Sue Gibbo is a work sheet for 4th-8th graders to understand the effects of weather
  • What to Wear in the Winter – social story for boys by Sped-Ventures is a highly rated social stories that walks boys how to dress appropriately for winter
  • What to Wear in the Winter – social story for girls by Sped-Venture is a highly rated social story that walks girls how they can dress in the winter time

how to have fun in the rain speech

Language Skills: Weather Speech and Language

  • Interactive Books – Weather! (FREEBIE!) by Chloe Elizabeth SLP is a picture book with 8 pictures that is perfect for practicing sequencing, labeling, identifying vocabulary, following directions etc
  • Cariboo Companion: Weather **FREEBIE** by KKnight Therapy has 15 weather themed cards and sentences strips to practice many different language goals
  • Preschool Concepts Activities: Busy Book! by The SLP Next Door is a print and go book for preschool students to help practice early language goals
  • Seasonal Picture Scenes Sampler Freebie for Speech Language and Listening by Mighty Voice Speech Language and Listen is a set of seasonal picture scenes that help target listening, comprehension, following directions and other language and syntax goals
  • Roll and Color Raindrop Printable by Lemontime Speech Therapy is a printable that prompts you to add your own words/sounds into the raindrops to practice a variety of language goals
  • Weather Report for language skills by Speech Tree Co is a worksheet that has students create a weather report 
  • April Showers Fill in the Missing Letters for PK, K or SPED / Autism by Joyful Expressions Digital Resources is a fun spring themed worksheets that helps students practice letter recognition and sequencing
  • FREEBIE Weather Preschool Language Unit (+ BOOM™ Cards) by Itty Bitty Speech is a highly rated boom card set with a weather theme that targets multiple language goals
  • BusyBee Sentence Worksheets Weather FREE SAMPLE by Pink at Heart is a set of sentence strips to practice sequencing
  • Weather Unit: Exploring Weather Through Puddles NGSS Aligned Complete Curriculum by All Circles of Learning is a highly rated weather unit with 10 different engaging language based activities
  • Super Duper No-Prep Therapy Activity – April Showers by Super Duper Publications is a no prep activity that targets language and fluency goals
  • Homework {FREEBIE} by Autism The Teen Years is a homework packet that practices months and the common weather within them
  • Weather Reading and Writing Printables (FREE!) by Lime Rock Academy is a print and go activity that practices weather and sequencing
  • Splat the Cat The Rain is a Pain by SpeechSpiration Is a print and go activity that coordinates with the book Splat the Cat the Rain is a Pain. It includes sequencing, wh – questions, categories and a dob and dot page

WH-Questions: Weather Activities Speech Therapy

Click the links below and download the free weather themed speech therapy ideas freebie of your choice.

  • WH Questions with Picture by Speechie Worksheet Station practices WH Questions with a summer picture scene
  • FREEBIE! Winter Vacation! Picture Chat!- Vocabulary, ‘wh’ questions & discussion by Katrina Bevan helps students discover and observe picture chats
  • Winter WH Questions Picture Scenes-FREEBIE by Ms Toni’s Speech Tools is an engaging picture scene with coordinating WH Questions
  • FREE WH Questions Winter Themed Speech Therapy | Digital and Print by Allison Fors is a set of 10 cards with WH Questions focusing on a winter theme
  • Winter “WH” Questions for IDD by Shelley SLP is a set of 20 questions for each WH word
  • wh question winter game board by SLP Tools is an engaging winter themed board game that gets students answering WH questions
  • No Prep Winter “wh” Questions Freebie by The Intentional Speechie is a print and go worksheets that has students practicing WH questions
  • No Prep Summer WH Questions Freebie! by Ms Gardenia’s Speech RoomCheck List targets summer themed vocabulary and Wh Questions
  • WH questions for “The Snow Storm” by Heather Amery and Stephen Cartwright by SLPactivities is a set of WH questions for early elementary that pairs with “The Snow Storm” book
  • Sequencing & WH Questions: There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow by Tamara Anderson is a no prep, one page reading companion with sequencing and WH- Questions. SEE ALSO: We have created a weather themed First Word You See/Word Search with Wh-Questions, Conversational Prompts and Vocabulary Practice! Download it below.


Crafts: Weather Themed Speech Therapy

Click the links below and download the free weather speech therapy freebie of your choice.

  • Weather coloring page by Sara’s crafts is a set of print and go weather themed coloring pages
  • Weather cutting activity by Sara’s crafts is a highly rated activity that prompts students to cut and paste with a winter theme
  • Weather matching cards by Sara’s crafts is an engaging set of matching cards for students to cut and color and then play with, with a weather them
  • Happy, Fluffy, Stuffed Cloud FREEBIE Craftivity & Printables by First and Kinder Blue SKies is a great extenstion craft to a rain and cloud weather lesson
  • Rainbow Mobile Craft by DyerTyme is a fun and easy weather themed craft for your early elementary students
  • Spring Craft by No Time for Naps in Teaching has students write their favorite rainy day activity and place it on a character with hats/boots/raincoats etc
  • Cloud Craft {Freebie} by Jenn Alcorn is a minimal prep, engaging cloud craft
  • It’s Raining Homophones by Sarah Ratliff is an engaging craft activity that focuses on homophones
  • Make a rainstick. Fun 3D Craft Art. FREE by Fun Educational Art Projects is. a guide on making and decorating a rainstick
  • Winter Craft! How to Make SNOW SLIME! by Bilingual Speechie is a student favorite with clear directions
  • FREEBIE- Snow Globe Ornament Craft by The Creative Teacher’s Toolbox is a simple and fun craft that is great for a parent gift with a winter theme

how to have fun in the rain speech

Sequencing: Weather Speech and Language

Click the links below and download the free weather activities speech therapy freebie of your choice.

  • Nursery Rhyme FREEBIE – Rain Rain Go Away | Distance Learning Packet by Little Learner Toolbox is a set of mini books that are great for sequencing
  • FREE Spring Sequencing Cut and Glue Worksheets by Communication Window is a print and go sequencing activity with 3,4 and 5 step sequencing to cut and paste

Vocabulary: Weather Vocabulary Activities

Click the links below and download the free weather vocabulary activities for speech therapy freebie of your choice.

  • 59.4 cm x 42 cm Poster Weather Cheerful Lined Illustration Flashcard Sheets by SMART EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS is a great print and go activity to practice weather related vocabulary
  • Weather Vocabulary Word Search Seek & Find Puzzle by The McGrew Crew is a print and go word search with weather themed words
  • FREE Interactive Printable Mini Book – Weather Vocabulary Themed Sample by Raise the Bar Reading is a highly rated mini book with clear and engaging weather samples and vocabulary
  • FREE Weather Task Cards for Weather Unit, Science Vocabulary Activities by Promoting Success is a great add on to your weather units to practice vocabulary
  • Seasons and Weather Vocabulary Words by Apple Bottom Beans is a fun worksheet to practice season and weather vocabulary words
  • WEATHER Words and Pictures Vocabulary Printable Distance Learning FREE by KidSparkz is a distance learning activity to practice weather vocabulary
  • ESL:Holiday, Seasons, and Weather Vocabulary Cards for Primary and ELL Newcomers by Little Language Learners is a highly rated set of cards with a weather and seasons theme. Use these for memory or go fish to keep your students engaged!
  • Free Weather Vocabulary Cards by Preschool Printable is a free and highly rated set of cards that are engaging for younger elementary
  • Weather illustration Flashcards by worksheet art by Noor use these cards to color and practice weather vocabulary
  • Weather and Climate Vocabulary Activities by Bow Tiee Guy and Wife is a set of weather related word searches, word scrambles and vocabulary matching games
  • Weather Vocabulary Student vs Student Powerpoint Game by Teacher Gameroom is a highly related weather game for your students that is no prep
  • Free Weather Vocabulary Book by Peas in a Pod is a great print and go vocabulary book to practice with your students
  • Weather Vocabulary and Bingo by Lynn’s Learning Curve is a favorite game for elementary and middle students to practice weather related vocabulary
  • Vocabulary Card FREEBIE – Weather by Lovee Speech Therapy by Betsy use these engaging weather cards to helps your students practice weather terms
  • Weather Vocabulary Cards (color) by JRQ Teaching is a highly rated set of coloring cards for students to practice weather vocabulary
  • I Have-Who Has WEATHER vocabulary game by Differentiating Fifth is a favorite weather vocabulary game that is simple and engaging
  • Weather Vocabulary by MozoLessons is a printable with weather vocabulary
  • Secret Code Words- Weather & Seasons Vocabulary by Haley Lane is a fun game that prompts students to guess weather based on descriptions
  • Weather Practice Worksheet – FREE! by Linguaphile is a print and go resource to practice weather vocabulary FOR YOU! We have created a weather themed First Word You See/Word Search with Wh-Questions, Conversational Prompts and Vocabulary Practice! Download it below.


Categories: Weather Activities for Speech Therapy

  • Categories: *FREE* *BoomCards* by At Home Speech is a highly rated set of boom cards that practices sorting into different categories including weather
  • Springtime Categories: Build a Flower Activity by Paige’s Speech Page is a fun game that has students build a flower as they practice categories with a spring themeDescribing: Weather Themed Speech Therapy Ideas

Describing: Weather Activities for Speech Therapy

the links below and download the free weather speech therapy freebie of your choice.

  • Outdoor Speech Therapy Worksheet by Peachie Speechie is an engaging outdoor activity that has students describe the weather they see
  • Core Vocabulary for AAC Users & Nonverbal Students: Unit 3 Weather by The Speech and Language Backpack is a highly rated weather unit that prompts students to use the voabulary they have learned to describe a weather scene
  • Describing Weather – Pairwork activities for ESL learners by Inspirations for ESL is a simple and fun activity to practice describe different seasons and weather
  • Weather Description Jamboard Activity by Jillian Weeks- ENL made easy is a favorite of students to practice describing weather
  • ESL Weather Descriptions Poster by Jillian Weeks- ENL made easy is an activity that prompts students to make descriptions of different weather on a poster format
  • Weather images to describe it by Andi Arias is an engaging activity that gives students weather images and has them describe the image with a list of words FREEBIE FOR YOU! We have created a weather themed First Word You See/Word Search with Wh-Questions, Conversational Prompts and Vocabulary Practice! Download it below.

Synonyms & Antonyms: Weather Speech and Language

  • Snowflake Antonym Memory Match – FREEBIE by DESpeechie is an engaging memory matching game that has students match opposite weather
  • Rainbow Sensory Bin: Opposite Concepts Freebie by Kari Radovich is a digital resource that helps students practice opposite concepts with a bright weather theme
  • FREEBIE!! Snowman Synonyms by Island Speechie have students practice synonyms with this engaging snowman activity
  • FREEBIE It’s Raining Antonyms by The Digital SLP has students practice antonym in this print and go activity

how to have fun in the rain speech

Multiple Meaning Words: Weather Activities Speech Therapy

  • Free Multiple Meanings Personal Dictionary by Janet Rainey is an engaging freebie that has students practice and write definitions for their new words
  • Multiple Meanings for Spring {Freebie} by All Y’All Need use this spring themed freebie to practice multiple meaning words with a spring theme
  • Springy Multiple Meaning Words by kinixie is a short packet to teach multiple meaning words with a spring theme

Verbs: Weather Themed Speech Therapy Ideas

  • Weather Verbs by Jillian Weeks- ENL made easy Is a print and use poster with weather themed verbs
  • Spring Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives by Kelly Lynch use this worksheet with spring themed words in your classroom
  • {Freebie} Warm Weather Words Task Card Set by Amber Socaciu these task cards are a great way to practice verbs with your students
  • My Weather Book (FREE) by Super Power Speech is a print and use engaging book that practices weather language skills
  • Parts of Speech Posters (Noun, Adjective, Verb and Adverb) Weather Theme by Alice Macnamara is an engaging poster that outlines verbs etc with a weather theme
  • Is it a verb? A cut and paste activity by O Lab Online Learning is a highly rated print and go activity that has students determine verbs with a weather theme

Boom Cards: Weather Activities for Speech Therapy

  • Free Snowplow Articulation Activity (T Sound) by Lil Mae’s Speech is a set of highly rated winter themed boom cards to practice the T sounds
  • Mystery S-Blends | Boom Cards for Speech Therapy | Winter Snow Theme by PlayLearnTalk is a student favorite to practice s blends with a snow and winter theme
  • Dinosaur Snow Day FREEBIE Roll-A-Snowball Fight Boom Cards™ by The Talking Fox SLP has students throw snowballs at dinosaurs as the practice articulation
  • Ed. Resources– Vocabulary Builder and Beyond (Boom Cards™) Teletherapy/Digital by Target Every Goal Speech Therapy is a highly rated free resource to help students build vocabulary
  • Weather Forecast – Symbols Typing Boom Cards FREEBIE by Adulting Made Easy aka SpedAdulting is a highly rated boom card set that helps students learn weather symbols
  • FREEBIE BOOM CARDS™ S Blends Articulation (Water Park Theme): SP & SL by SLP on the Charles is a fun boom card set that has students play at a winter water park as they practice SL and SP articulation
  • Visual Weather Board Boom Card for Preschool Virtual Circle Time by Errorless Learning App is an engaging and clear way to practice weather for younger students
  • Weather: Word to Picture Match Boom! Learning Cards by TheCoralSeahorse has students match pictures to words with a weather theme
  • Boom Cards™ Weather Theme: Counting Correspondence 1-10 by Meaningful Sped Teaching is a boom card set that has students practice counting with a weather theme
  • Identify the Weather FREEBIE – Digital Activity for Special Education by My Special Learners- Kayla Coffman is a favorite activity that has students identify weather
  • Morning Message BOOM Cards – Digital Task Cards by Cuppa Special Tea is a highly rated morning circle time activity that incorporates weather
  • Counting Raindrops Count to 10 BOOM Cards™ Digital Task Cards Distance Learning by RoJM Teaching Resources is a student favorite as they use raindrops to practice counting to 10


Grab your speech therapy weather themed activities master list, <<fill out the form to download our weather word search, wh-question, conversational and vocabulary bundle>>, weather first word you see/word search bundle, want more free speech therapy ideas and materials.

Be sure to check out the following topics for more ideas!

  • All-in-one interactive PDF around the theme of Nature.
  • 257+ Free Fall Speech Therapy Activities
  • 81+ FREE Speech Therapy Halloween Activities.
  • 89+ Best Halloween Books for Speech Therapy
  • 141+ FREE Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Activities
  • 207+ FREE Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy
  • 285+ FREE Spring Speech Therapy Activities
  • 51+ Ocean Theme Activities for Speech Therapy
  • 219+ Free Winter Speech Therapy Activities

100 Screen-Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day

100 Screen Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Image Credit: Joshua K. Jackson

If it's the school holidays, a Bank Holiday or just the weekend, it always seems like there is a pretty good chance it will rain!

If you are scratching your head for an idea of what to do and need some great ideas of things to do when it is raining, here are 100 ideas for things to do without resorting to putting on the TV or computer.

100 Screen-Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day

  • Put on a Play
  • Try to take a Pet Portrait - trying to get a picture of the Cat or Dog could take hours!
  • Have a Dressing Up session.
  • Make an indoor obstacle course.
  • Pretend that you are a spy and write secret messages .
  • Make music with whatever instruments you have; grab a tambourine and shake it along to your favourite song if that is all you have!
  • Make a Puppet Show.

A Cardboard Box. The unlimate plaything.

  • Find a big cardboard box. Your children will know what to do.
  • Read a Book
  • Build a pillow den.
  • Play The Name Game
  • Crank the radio up and dance, dance, dance!
  • Play Simon Says.
  • Play Hunt the Thimble - or hunt any item small enough to be hidden fairly successfully.
  • Do a Jigsaw
  • Start writing a diary.
  • Read a book aloud.
  • Play Charades.
  • Have a room tidying contest to see who can tidy their room the fastest. Yes, they may fall for this one, but only once, so save it for an emergency!
  • Make Sock Puppets
  • Do a Wordsearch
  • Play Hide and Seek
  • Learn to do some magic tricks. Here are some easy magic tricks for kids to learn .

Science Fun

Science Fun for a Rainy Day

  • Plant a Cress-Head in an eggshell.
  • Make a tornado in a jar .
  • Build a LEGO Egg Decorating machine . This is awesome.
  • Make Saving Foam Mountains
  • Make your own Indoor Volcano
  • Make a Flying Dragon - an exciting STEM activity.
  • Find out just How Strong is Spaghetti .
  • Discover how plants absorb water with this cool Celery Stick Experiment .
  • Make a Paper Bridge
  • Make your own Lava Lamp . So Retro!
  • Do these experiments to find out which side of your body is dominant .

In the Kitchen

Rainy Day Ideas for in the Kitchen

Image Credit: Taylor Grote

  • Have a Posh Tea Party. Get out the best china (depending on your kids age) and enjoy the finer things in life. Crustless sandwiches? Earl Grey Tea? The choice is yours.
  • Make some Slime
  • Let the kids play with their food as they make Edible Finger Paint .
  • Bake a Cake.
  • Make popcorn.
  • Make something in 3D with Salt Dough Modelling
  • Make no-bake refrigerator biscuits.
  • Try these Wheels on the Bus cookery ideas.
  • Decorate biscuits.
  • Make Ooblek
  • Have an Indoor Picnic
  • Make your own playdough
  • Make crayon muffins from old broken crayons.

Crafty Ideas for Rainy Days

Craft Ideas for a Rainy Day

Image Credit: rawpixel

  • Make a Pinata
  • Make your own Carnival Mask
  • Write your own newspaper or magazine.
  • Make a Friendship Bracelet
  • Make boats out of old margarine tubs - add a lolly stick mast and paper sails.
  • Make a firebreathing dragon from a toilet roll.
  • Make a pasta necklace.
  • Teach your children to knit
  • Try some origami. For example you could learn how to How to Fold Paper Ninja Stars .

Free Printable Letter From Santa

  • Make some Postage Stamp Crafts

Arty Ideas for a Rainy Day

Image Credit: Tim Arterbury

  • Paint a Picture
  • Try making some Coin Rubbings .
  • Draw a really big picture - use a roll of cheap lining paper from a DIY shop and make a freize.
  • Have a go at Toy Car Painting
  • Make a card for a friend with a birthday coming up soon.
  • Make a Falling back in Space Portrait.
  • Make Bubble Prints
  • Have a go at Pebble Painting
  • Have a really good colouring session. Colouring Pictures
  • Draw your own comic strip
  • Make a Leaf Collage

Craft Ideas with Recycled Materials

Crafts using recycled materials

  • Make your own bangles from a plastic bottle .
  • Make a wind turbine from a coffee can for when the rain stops.
  • For older kids - Make a Duct Tape Wallet . This does require some use of a craft knife, so must be supervised.
  • Make a Tree out of newspaper or cardboard.
  • Build your own Dinosaur Island from Papier Mache.
  • Make your own Soup Can Bowling Set
  • Make and wear a Newspaper Hat .
  • Make these fab Decorative Storage Containers from Cans
  • Make a Toy Parachute
  • Make Egg Carton Turtles

A child playing with toys

Image Credit: Markus Spiske

  • Play paper and pencil games - Noughts and crosses, Heads bodies and legs, hangman or battleships.
  • Have a Board Games afternoon.
  • Make your own playdoh and make some models with it.
  • Teach the kids a new card game.
  • Make a LEGO Fidget Spinner
  • Create an indoor Treasure Hunt
  • Play "I Went Shopping and I Bought....." How long can you remember the list of items?
  • Find every piece of LEGO in the house and build a massive building. (Bonus - the kids will have tidied up all their LEGO!)
  • Make a pretend shop.
  • Have a Letter Sounds Scavenger Hunt
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Invite all your toys to a pretend party.
  • Play I-Spy.

Brilliant Places to Visit on a Rainy Day

how to have fun in the rain speech

Image Credit: Daiga Ellaby

  • Visit an Art Gallery
  • See What's On at the Cinema
  • Go Roller Skating
  • Visit a Museum
  • Go to an Indoor Trampolining Centre
  • Make mud pies in the rain.
  • Go to a Hands on Science Centre.
  • Try out Ice Skating
  • Go to the Theatre
  • Go to the Library - it's not just for books remember, there may be special events during school holidays.
  • Visit your local Indoor Soft Play Centre
  • Go Swimming

So there you are, 100 things to do on a rainy day. I hope that has given you lots of ideas for next time it rains!

100 Screen-Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day

More Ways To Keep Kids Busy

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Stacy Crouse Speech Language SLP for Teachers

Stacy Crouse

Digital tools and ideas for busy slps.

  • Apr 28, 2021

Rain and Water Cycle Themed Activities for Speech Therapy and Teletherapy

Sometimes I really stretch my imagination to find the most riveting and intriguing themes for my teletherapy sessions. And sometimes I use more everyday themes. You know, like... water.

That's right. Water. I mean, why shouldn't the most abundant molecule on Earth receive its own week in speech therapy? But don't worry, you don't have to sacrifice any excitement when using this everyday theme. Keep reading to hear more!

Water Cycle Virtual Experience for Speech Therapy

This digital discovery is one of my favorites... it's packed with language about water! Where water comes from, how we use it, and so much more! I'll be honest, I learned a thing or two while creating it, so even your older students will be intrigued. You can really make the activity and goals as simple or complex as you want.... the clouds, errr I mean the sky is the limit!

Speech Therapy Activity for Spring Water and Rain Themed

Rain Themed Boom Cards for Speech Therapy

You know I love an activity that I can open first thing in the morning and use ALL. DAY. LONG. That is totally this deck of rain-themed Boom Cards ! With 8 activities included, you can really dive into the theme.

Spring Rain Activity for Speech Therapy using Boom Cards

Effortlessly target language goals such as verbs, directions, adjectives, figurative language, and more. Like an old friend, this deck is always there when you need it. Which is basically every session at this point in the school year, am I right?

Rain and Water Cycle Themed BOOKS for Speech Therapy

Search the following book titles/authors wherever you access digital versions of books (your local library, YouTube, websites, online stores, etc.).

Fiction Books About Rain

In the Rain by Elizabeth Spurr

Worm Weather by Jean Taft

Splat the Cat - Rain is a Pain by Rob Scotton

Rain by Sam Usher

Rain by Linda Ashman and Christian Robinson

Non-fiction Books About Rain

Weather Watch: Rain by Jennifer Fretland VanVoorst

Rain by Grace Hansen

How are Rain, Snow, and Hail Alike? by Ellen Lawrence

Rain and Water Themed VIDEOS for Speech Therapy

Scholastic video about the water cycle

What is rain? Explained for kids by Carl Cloud

Simon's Cat April Showers

Songs such as Rain, Rain, Go Away , Singing in the Rain , and The Itsy Bitsy Spider , It's Raining It's Pouring

This video explains water treatment plants, and how they get clean water to people.

Rain and Water Themed Games & Activities for Speech Therapy

This is a cool website where you can manipulate a map to see current clouds and precipitation in real time!

The Natural Water Cycle is a fun gamification of the water cycle.

ABCYa's Hydro Logic is another game that teaches the water cycle.

Online coloring:

Walking in the rain

Rain Themed Activities For Older Students

This Tween Tribune article tells ways in which people have tried to improve the umbrella in recent years. Bet your students never thought about that topic, but they will now!

This Tween Tribune article discusses the distinct smell of rain.

This article from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on ReadWorks is all about precipitation.

Weather memory game matching words with definitions

And last but not least, you really can't go wrong with creating a funny rain-themed fill-in-the-blank story. Page 10-11 of my Spring Speech Libs is a great activity for mixed groups or to fill a few minutes at the end of a session.

Spring Speech and Language Activity for Older Students

So, have I convinced you that even the most mundane of topics make great speech therapy themes ? Since a field trip to the water park is probably out of the question, I'm pretty sure this collection of water-themed activities is the next best thing!

Find more themed therapy blog posts here , and be sure to add my FREE lesson plans to your Google Drive!

📌 Got a speech therapy board on Pinterest? SAVE the love ❤️

  • SLP Lesson Planning
  • Digital Resources for SLPs

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Using Themes in Speech Therapy

Earth Day Activities for Speech Therapy and Teletherapy

Garden Themed Speech Therapy Activities for Spring and Summer


Chalkboard: Youth Philanthropy Council; Party in the Park and prom photo request

School- and youth-related news.

how to have fun in the rain speech

Youth Philanthropy Council

Some of the students who were part of the Community Foundation's Youth Philanthropy Council.

STAUNTON — Hanna Spencer had volunteered at the Verona Community Food Pantry last summer. Spencer is a senior at Stuart Hall and, when talking about that experience with one of the school's deans, it was suggested that maybe she would be a good fit for the Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC).

"I am so happy to have done it," Spencer said. "It was really fun."

The YPC is a program through the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge. Formed in 2008, the YPC gives area high school students a chance to practice philanthropic leadership skills. This year 22 students were part of the council that met regularly at the Staunton Innovation HUB to learn how nonprofits function and about current challenges in the community.

The students are asked to steward $30,000 and, using the information they gather, establish funding priorities, create a grant application, review grants, and then corporately decide fund distribution. 

On Wednesday night, the students invited the grant recipients to a ceremony to award the money.

One of the nonprofits that received funding Wednesday was the LIFEworks Project, which operates the River City Bread Basket, a free and client-choice food pantry in Waynesboro.

"We are very grateful anytime any organization, especially one as important as the Youth Philanthropy Council, takes the time to look at what we're doing," said Adrienne Young, LIFEworks executive director. "If any community organization is going to last it's going to need the recognition of youth because they're the next leaders."

Young said the Community Foundation does a great job of getting young people to think about what they are doing with the money they are entrusted with granting and where that money can do the most good.

Sydney Troxell is a sophomore at Wilson Memorial High School. She said the River City Bread Basket was one of the organizations that really stood out to her as doing good work. It was Troxell's first year on the YPC, a group she heard about from a coach at Wilson.

"It sounded like fun," Troxell said. "I learned about a bunch of different perspectives and about a lot of issues in the community."

Sabrina Burress is the executive director of the ARROW Project, which works to bring mental health awareness and support to the region. Since YPC is made up of area youth, the ARROW Project wants to use the grant money to help youth. One thing the nonprofit is currently working on that the funds will help with is identifying neurodivergent youth groups. The money will also go toward substance-use prevention.

"Those feel like two really important areas that are youth specific," Burress said. "We can use those funds to bring folks in and they won't have to pay for those services at all."

Emma Trauner-Coady is a Stuart Hall junior. She really enjoyed her experience with YPC this year.

"I really feel like I got a lot more insight into what's going on in the community," she said. "I just learned a lot more about what's going on."

2023-24 YPC members

  • Santiago Berrizbeitia
  • Carson Biller
  • Ellary Bond
  • Manny Chapman
  • Brenna Collins
  • Lydia Daley
  • Anthony Davenport
  • Fiona DeVito
  • Chloe Emurian
  • Quinn Franklin
  • Bethany Lang
  • Kevin McCoy
  • Estrella Montano
  • August Schwaner
  • Laurel Shelton
  • Hannah Shiflett
  • Hanna Spencer
  • Emma Trauner-Coady
  • Sydney Troxell
  • Jayden Zimmerman

Nonprofits receiving YPC grants

  • ARROW Project
  • Brain Injury Connections of the Shenandoah Valley
  • The LIFEworks Project
  • Martha's Meals on Wheels
  • Mental Health America-Augusta
  • Neighbor Bridge
  • New Directions Center
  • Shenandoah LGBTQ Center
  • Valley Children's Advocacy Center
  • Valley Hope Counseling Center
  • Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry

Staunton City Schools' Party in the Park

STAUNTON — The fourth annual Party in the Park will take place Sunday, May 5, at the bandstand in Gypsy Hill Park. The event runs from 3-7 p.m.

Every band and choir from Staunton High School and Shelburne Middle School, as well as singers from Bessie Weller, A.R. Ware, and McSwain elementary schools, will be performing throughout the afternoon.

There will also be five food trucks on site: Blue Ridge Pizza, Sweet Baby Cheeses, Valley Pike BBQ, Smiley's Ice Cream, and Perk Place Coffee. 

The event is free and open to the public. Friendly pets and yard games are welcome. In case of bad weather, the rain location is at Staunton High School. 

Prom photos

It is prom season for area high schools. The News Leader would like to publish prom photos from the Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta County area.

If you wish to submit photos to be published on newsleader.com in the coming weeks, please email them to [email protected].

Bridgewater College announces commencement, baccalaureate speakers

BRIDGEWATER — Oskar Scheikl, former superintendent of Rockingham County Public Schools, and the Rev. Wilfred E. Nolen, a Bridgewater College trustee, will serve as the college’s commencement and baccalaureate speakers for 2024, respectively.

Approximately 285 undergraduate students and 35 master’s students are expected to receive degrees at the commencement exercises, which will take place on Saturday, May 4, at 10 a.m. on the Campus Mall. Scheikl will deliver a speech entitled “Self and Service” to the new graduates.

The College’s Baccalaureate service will be held at 6 p.m. on Friday, May 3, in Cole Hall. Nolen, a retired administrator in the Church of the Brethren, will deliver a speech entitled “Washing Feet: A Symbol.”

More: Seeking compromise, Virginia lawmakers and governor agree to scrap budget, start anew

More: Sports roundup: Alger leads Gap softball to win; Ride with Pride 5K

—  Patrick Hite is The News Leader's education reporter. Story ideas and tips always welcome. Contact Patrick (he/him/his) at  [email protected]  and follow him on Twitter  @Patrick_Hite . Subscribe to us at  newsleader.com .


Forecast calls for Rain: A Tribute to The…

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Things To Do Music and Concerts

Forecast calls for rain: a tribute to the beatles in cleveland, focusing on ‘magical mystery tour,’ act will perform at playhouse square.

The members of Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles perform on stage. (Matt Christine Photography)

John Landes is quite familiar with the concept of straddling two worlds.

For more than three decades, the Philadelphia native singer-guitarist toured the world portraying John Lennon in Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles , which returns to Cleveland for a show April 19 at Playhouse Square’s KeyBank State Theatre .

In fact, the last time the outfit was in Northeast Ohio, the band members made their way over to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, where they immersed themselves in the exhibition “The Beatles: Get Back to Let It Be,” celebrating Peter Jackson’s jaw-dropping docuseries.

“The exhibit was incredible,” said Landes, calling from California. “I kind of stood right in between rooms where I could look at the rooftop concert footage and look at the instruments that were being used and the clothes that were being worn, and then at the same time kind of peek over and see those are the drums, that’s John’s guitar and there’s Ringo’s red rain slicker that he was wearing.

“Just to have that kind of tangible, that physical presence there while you’re watching what otherwise for us Beatles fans is kind of like an almost magical peering into that history that we can’t quite touch, it was just breathtaking.”

John Landes portrays John Lennon during a performance of Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles. (Richard Lovrich)

Perhaps that’s why Rain has transitioned from its last tour’s recreation of the iconic rooftop concert to focusing on the group’s 1967 double ,“Magical Mystery Tour.”

Landes noted that Rain — which fuses historical footage and television commercials from the ’60s while the outfit plays note-for-note performances of all things John, Paul, George and Ringo — is having a blast performing songs such as “I Am the Walrus,” “Penny Lane,” “Strawberry Fields” and “Magical Mystery Tour.”

“These are all part of the soundtrack, so focusing on that album is almost like playing a little bit of a greatest hits,” he said. “As Beatles fans, it feels just as relevant today as any other music that’s out there.”

Raspberries tribute act The Razzz returning to Music Box Supper Club

Speaking of relevancy, last year the world was turned upside down when artificial intelligence helped to finish a new Beatles song, “Now and Then,” which became a global hit.

Landes said Rain doesn’t plan on adding the song to its setlist, which also doesn’t include cobbled-together post-Beatles breakup songs "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love.”

“That almost feels like sort of a different story,” he said. “Our show is sort of a theatrical retelling of The Beatles story from the time they got together to the time they broke up — and all of that music.”

The members of Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles perform on stage. (Matt Christine Photography)

And Four fandom doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Even Landes admitted over the last few decades he’s questioned whether Rain indeed had a shelf life related to waning interest among Beatles fans.

"Every time I thought, ‘This is kind of winding down,’ something comes along that reminds people of how great The Beatles are,” he said. “We’re seeing it again with the ‘Get Back’ series.

“Not only does it reinvigorate the Beatles fans that stepped away for a little bit, but it reminds them how much The Beatles meant to them. It also brings on new fans. So it ebbs and flows just like anything else. And the cool thing is that it gets handed down from generation to generation.”

Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles

When: 8 p.m. April 19.

Where: Playhouse Square’s KeyBank State Theatre, 1519 Euclid Ave., Cleveland.

Tickets: $29 to $59.

Info: 216-241-6000 or PlayhouseSquare.org .

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Notre Dame College OL Carson Heidecker commits to Ohio University

Notre Dame College OL Carson Heidecker commits to Ohio University

With no glaring needs, Browns would be wise to take a guard at 54 | Jeff Schudel

Cleveland Browns | With no glaring needs, Browns would be wise to take a guard at 54 | Jeff Schudel

Tiger Woods shoots his worst round in a major championship with an 82 at the Masters

Tiger Woods shoots his worst round in a major championship with an 82 at the Masters

how to have fun in the rain speech

Pam Grier Says She Was Singing With John Lennon Before a Fight Broke Out

Pam Grier describes what happened when she was at dinner with May Pang and John Lennon that caused him to get into a fight. She reveals that she and John kept singing I Can’t Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles and they wouldn’t stop. Before she knew it, they were asked to quiet down by the Smothers Brothers’ manager during their performance, a brawl broke out and she hid underneath the table.

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The 16th Chef

The 16th Chef

The Big Stink

The Big Stink

Ariana Madix Reacts to the Podcast: "You Didn't Care About Me"

Ariana Madix Reacts to the Podcast: "You Didn't Care About Me"

Lindsay Hubbard Was Relieved to Have Some Alone Time While Carl Radke Was Out of Town

Lindsay Hubbard Was Relieved to Have Some Alone Time While Carl Radke Was Out of Town

Bravo's Captains Pay Homage to Lee Rosbach

Bravo's Captains Pay Homage to Lee Rosbach

West Wilson Asks Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula for Advice About Ciara Miller

West Wilson Asks Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula for Advice About Ciara Miller

Lala Kent Calls Going the IUI Route More "Pleasurable" Than Sleeping With Her Ex

Lala Kent Calls Going the IUI Route More "Pleasurable" Than Sleeping With Her Ex

Brittany Cartwright Reveals the Last Time She Had Sex with Jax Taylor

Brittany Cartwright Reveals the Last Time She Had Sex with Jax Taylor

Your First Look at the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 After Show

Your First Look at the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 After Show

Ariana Madix Discloses Her House Counter Offer: "I'm Including All Furniture"

Ariana Madix Discloses Her House Counter Offer: "I'm Including All Furniture"

Scheana Shay Thought Tom Sandoval Would "See the Humor" in Her New Song

Scheana Shay Thought Tom Sandoval Would "See the Humor" in Her New Song

Jax Taylor Tells James Kennedy That Katie Maloney Is "Coming After Him"

Jax Taylor Tells James Kennedy That Katie Maloney Is "Coming After Him"


  1. 50 wonderful ways to play in the rain!

    how to have fun in the rain speech

  2. "Ducks Like Rain" is a fun, highly engaging song to use in speech and

    how to have fun in the rain speech

  3. A Simple Guide to Understanding Telegraphic Speech With Examples

    how to have fun in the rain speech

  4. A Dozen Ways to Talk About Rain in Speech and Language Therapy

    how to have fun in the rain speech

  5. 18 Fun Rain Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

    how to have fun in the rain speech

  6. 18 Fun Rain Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

    how to have fun in the rain speech


  1. MAN vs RAIN 🌧️

  2. Come have fun rain or shine

  3. how to have fun at a festival in the rain

  4. [Ryan's vlogs] Rainy day Let's get wet , 下雨天

  5. Rainy day Fun |kid having fun in rain| Fun on a rainy day

  6. The Rain Song + MORE Learning Videos for Toddlers & Nursery Rhymes


  1. Speech on Rainy Season

    2-minute Speech on Rainy Season. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today I bring you a talk on a topic that touches us all - the rainy season. Let's begin by painting a picture. The sky turns dark, clouds gather in a strong show of might, the sun hides away, and then it begins - the soft patter of rain.

  2. 50 wonderful ways to play in the rain!

    Make music. Take some pots and pans outside and let the rain make some music. This activity's best when the rain is really heavy or where big droplets are falling onto the pans. Get arty in the rain. Get your paints and some recycled cardboard and paint in the rain . Water small world play.

  3. 150 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day That Will Inspire You

    Make a cup of your favorite coffee and read a fun book. 12. Do a brain dump. Get everything that's swirling out of your head. 13. Write in your journal. Describe your day, emotions, to-do list, blessings, or anything that comes to mind. 14. Take a nap.

  4. Rainy Day Activities: 123 Fun Things to do When it Rains

    Classic Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day. Fun rainy day indoor activities to do at home: Put together a jigsaw puzzle. Play card games. Enjoy board games such as Monopoly. Practice yoga with the help of a FREE yoga video for kids. Have a dance party. Fold paper airplanes.

  5. 100 Things to Do on a Rainy Day for Adults (Boredom Busters!)

    Start a rainy day book club. Host an indoor plant repotting party. Learn magic tricks. Make your own bath bombs. Make a fun little skit and record it. Learn calligraphy and make pretty cards for each other. Make custom candles. Make DIY natural beauty products. Draw your dream destination.

  6. 7 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do In The Rain

    Twirling and singing in the rain can be so freeing and pleasant, even just for a few minutes. 6. Practice mindfulness. For this one you'll need to find a place where you can sit quietly and listen to the rain. It works best when you're away from major roads and things that can distract you.

  7. 75 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids Of All Ages

    Watch Favourite Cartoons. Watching a favourite cartoon show or movie is always great entertainment for kids for a couple of hours on a rainy day. Make some kid-friendly snacks, get them comfy on the sofa, and let them choose something you know will keep them happy for a while. 42. Rock Painting.

  8. 25 Fun Rainy Day Activities

    9 - I Spy Activities. "I Spy, with my little eye"….something that is fun and engaging! I Spy Math and I Spy Phonics is both the perfect rainy day activity. These I Spy resources have built-in differentiation, flexibility, and comprehensive.

  9. 44 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day at Home

    Burcu Avsar. One of the most classic things to do on a rainy day at home with kids is to throw a tea party. Dress up in fancy duds, set the table with the good china, and put on your most formal manners (remember, extend your pinkie and sip politely). On the menu: tea (for you), juice or cocoa (for your children), and easy egg or chicken salad ...

  10. Why Does Rain Make You Happy? It Could Be Deeper Than Soothing ...

    According to the Guardian, rain might not have the negative impact on people's mood that we might assume. A study by Professor Franz Buscha, presented in 2015, " dispels the commonly believed ...

  11. Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids • RUN WILD MY CHILD

    Here are some of the best and favorite rainy day outdoor activities to do in the woods from our forest school excursions: Build a shelter - bring tarps, some twine, etc. and challenge the kids to build a dry shelter. See if you can build a fire when it is wet outside. Go on a mushroom hunt (fungi love wet conditions)

  12. 52 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day (the Ultimate List)

    10. Baking. A rainy day at home is incomplete without the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the house. Crack out the cookbooks and try your hand at cakes, pastries, and pies - you'll be the most popular person in the house at the end of the day! 11. Watch a Series in One Go.

  13. Rainy day activities

    Rain soup Leave buckets and washing up bowls outside to catch the rain over night. Add small bowls, jugs and spoons and create a portable mud kitchen. Ask children to put on raincoats and boots and go outside to mix soil, sand, gravel and stones into the collected water to create rain or mud soup. ... Have fun stamping on the snow to make a ...

  14. Rainy Day Activities for Speech and Language

    Check out these fun rainy day activities for kids that will promote good speech and language skills. Written for parents, great for teachers and SLPs, too! ... It's springtime and the snow is giving way to rain! It's best to be prepared for those rainy days with some great rainy day activities that will encourage speech and language ...

  15. Rainy Day? Here are 5 Indoor Activities for Kids

    Jan 18, 2022 Rainy days can be pretty upsetting for kids, as they feel locked up inside and find it hard to indulge in games or be productive. Feeling stuck indoors for a long time can result because of heavy rains, school shutdowns, unexpected snowfall, etc. However, you can still make the most out of these days and keep your child indulged in productive indoor learning activities.

  16. A Dozen Ways to Talk About Rain in Speech and Language Therapy

    Talking about rain was such an easy way to target speech and language goals in my early childhood and younger elementary aged speech and language groups. Below are a dozen ideas for using the rain theme in your therapy groups. 1. Rain by Robert Kalan is a nice predictable story. Print and laminate the story props from Kizclub and use a spray ...

  17. How to have Fun in the Rain!

    Subscribe to Shammi Uncut here 👉 shammiuncut.comFollow me on Instagram 👉 https://www.instagram.com/shammi_ltd/Other Youtube Channels:Shammi Vlogs 👉 https:...

  18. Weather Activities & Freebies for Speech Therapy

    Digital and printable weather themed resources and freebies for speech and language therapy sessions! ... Mushroom in the Rain Book Companion (rainy weather) Froggy Gets Dressed Book Companion (cold, winter weather) ... Crafts are a fun, hands on way to target a variety of skills like sequencing, sentence formulation, retell, ...

  19. 147+ Free Weather Themed Activities for Speech Therapy

    Click the links below and download the free weather themed speech therapy freebie of your choice. Rainy Day /R/ Articulation by Carrie Manchester is an articulation game with a weather theme that focuses on the R sound in all positions. Free Initial /R/ Scene for Sentences and Phrases - Articulation by Cat Says Meow is a word loaded scene ...

  20. 100 Screen-Free Things to Do on a Rainy Day

    Find a big cardboard box. Your children will know what to do. Read a Book. Build a pillow den. Play The Name Game. Crank the radio up and dance, dance, dance! Play Simon Says. Play Hunt the Thimble - or hunt any item small enough to be hidden fairly successfully. Do a Jigsaw.

  21. Rain and Water Cycle Themed Activities for Speech Therapy and Teletherapy

    Rain and Water Themed Games & Activities for Speech Therapy. This is a cool website where you can manipulate a map to see current clouds and precipitation in real time! The Natural Water Cycle is a fun gamification of the water cycle. ABCYa's Hydro Logic is another game that teaches the water cycle. Online coloring:

  22. Write a short speech on how to have fun in rain

    lovingheart. report flag outlined. There are many ways to have fun in run. We can take bath in rain and play with our friends. We can play various games in run such as football and playing football in the rain makes this game more interesting. We can make paper boat and play with it. In rainy days we can invite our friends and enjoy hot and ...

  23. Chalkboard: Youth Philanthropy Council; Party in the Park and prom

    Staunton City Schools' Party in the Park. STAUNTON — The fourth annual Party in the Park will take place Sunday, May 5, at the bandstand in Gypsy Hill Park. The event runs from 3-7 p.m. Every band and choir from Staunton High School and Shelburne Middle School, as well as singers from Bessie Weller, A.R. Ware, and McSwain elementary schools ...

  24. John Akomfrah: Listening All Night to the Rain, Venice Biennale 2024

    John Akomfrah's new commission for the British pavilion at this year's Venice Biennale opens with a confident, wrong-footing intervention. Suspended before the building's imposing 19th ...

  25. Chaos in Dubai as UAE records heaviest rainfall in 75 years

    01:24 - Source: CNN. Dubai, UAE CNN —. Chaos ensued in the United Arab Emirates after the country witnessed the heaviest rainfall in 75 years, with some areas recording more than 250 mm of ...

  26. Cleveland forecast calls for Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles

    Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles. When: 8 p.m. April 19. Where: Playhouse Square's KeyBank State Theatre, 1519 Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Tickets: $29 to $59. Info: 216-241-6000 or PlayhouseSquare ...

  27. Watch: Fire engulfs Copenhagen's old stock exchange in 'Notre-Dame moment'

    A fire hit Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange on Tuesday, one of the Danish capital's best-known buildings, engulfing its spire, which collapsed onto the roof in a scene reminiscent of the 2019 ...

  28. Watch Pam Grier Says She Was Singing With John Lennon Before a Fight

    Pam Grier describes what happened when she was at dinner with May Pang and John Lennon that caused him to get into a fight. She reveals that she and John kept singing I Can't Stand the Rain by ...

  29. Reading University denies causing flooding in Dubai

    Dubai had a year-and-a-half's worth of rainfall in one day Credit: Christopher Pike/Bloomberg. The University of Reading has denied that its cloud-seeding technique was to blame for extreme ...